STOP WASTING HEALING CDS! Better Manage your Raid Cooldowns (Guide)

STOP WASTING HEALING CDS! Better Manage your Raid Cooldowns (Guide)

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Hey guys Chris Potter here and today. I'm gonna be doing a little talk and demonstration, on how to properly, assign healing cooldowns it's. Something that I get asked about a lot and I. Think it's something that, those. Who do know it may seem obvious to but those who are not experienced, and maybe they're you know the kind of new to mythic progress rating this, can be really helpful they, can learn a lot about certain cooldowns and how cooldowns work exactly so hope, you guys enjoy this video let's, get into it okay, so before, we can assign cooldowns, really, need to understand how these cooldowns work so. Obviously. For, most of us at the top end we obviously, are, very familiar with these cooldowns and it may seem a bit obvious but maybe, some really great leaders out there who haven't healed to aren't. Really, familiar with all the spells so I'll quickly go through them, because. It is important, to understand, the, benefits the good times and the bad times you choose spell before you assign them obviously the. First of all one set of cooldowns are healing, through put cooldowns okay so that's things like avenging, wrath, a130. HCD with vision obviously, we have vision, of perfection nowadays, so it's, important, to take that into, consideration and, usually, paladin's will be playing with vision majors so 1:30. Cooldown if. They're for some reason not playing it is two minutes wings are a very high fruit per over 30 seconds, 25. Seconds, if you don't have the trait movement. Is not a problem at all you can get the full use out of wings while running, around this. Raid being stacked does make it better well. It's not mandatory you don't need to be stacked to make the good, use of wings I, did. Say that movement, is not a problem but it does require that the. Paladin is able to mail a something while. Wings is up so running, is not a problem as long as you're running around. Something, you can hit you know you could run in circles all day with wings up and do good healing you just don't want to run out of melee range. Evangelism. Also. One minute 30 cooldown, but. This obviously doesn't need a vision or anything vision, doesn't affect it it's just baseline one minute 30. Really. High fruit per after, you breast avenge and you go schism penance I think that 15-20. Seconds a really good trooper. Obviously. Does required a good ramp before and it. Does need low or no. Movement, but, to get the most out of this for the full throughput there. Is no benefit to being stacked so it's completely fine to use if the radius spread as long as they're you know in range of the healer completely. Fine you're gonna get the most out of this and the. Frupa is kind of dependent well shoes with it so most. Importantly shadowfiend, is the 3 minute cooldown that means, every second evangelism, you're. Gonna get the biggest pump for healing. Title who, in, its 15 ish CD revision, and three minutes about by. The way the reason why the ish is because the cooldown obviously, depends on your neck level well that's why I put ish it can be higher or lower depending on neck levels but that's kind of a way you know that's a good benchmark to hear anyway. Healings are high, fruit or the 10 seconds it's up because. Of shaming mastery so they're really good who out to use when people's elf, is low it, also scales well with haste, so you, know if you have plum I'll stop it's a really good one but there are obviously other called good cooldowns let's go with haste like wings and evangelism movement.

It's Not a problem at all obviously it's a one button press press. The button done and there's, no need to be stacked to get the most out of this your raid can be completely spread as long as they're in range of the healer f, will be fine to use, tranquility. 3. Minute cooldown baseline. Is, where it gets a bit messy, if. You just use vision it's 2 minutes 15 ish if, you use inner peace it's 2 minutes if you use inner peace and vision you can actually get it to 1 minute 30 ish well, generally, most, people will just play this as a 3 minute cooldown but. It's good to know your options you know if you want to change the cooldown around feeling, better and. Use those things there but generally the best frupa is for them to play 3 minute and not have to use inner peace and not have to use vision as a essence. Angle. D is a high throughput that, has a lasting, effect over, 10 to 15 seconds even though the initial cost is not that long it changes depending on pace it can be anywhere between like 4 & 6 seconds I think it, does apply a hot on the, place that it Hills which. Backs up and stays over time and that healing is not only directly, the hot the hot from tranquility, is also, giving. The druid mastery, increasing, their healing even more so, don't think of Tranquility as this burst you know six second healing shroom and it stops it, does do most of it in that first you know in the first channel but. Afterwards, it does have a lasting effect so it's good that can cover ten to fifteen seconds good cooldown problem. Is you must be stationary, this. Is not legion anymore you can't move, around while casting tranq you need to stand still one caster, the. Raid being stacked can increase the frupa of it by, spring. Blossoms efflorescence, increasing, the healing from the tranq but, it's not a massive deal if people are spread triangles still gonna be good. Revival. 3, minute cooldown, 2. Minutes 15 s CD with vision there's, also a trade uplifting spirits that is often used so with vision and uplifting spirit so you can get it to about 2 minute cooldown it's, an instant hero everyone knows revival i think but, it's not very strong here with instant hill it's okay but, it's not gonna, give you the same healing as any of the other cooldowns. Movement. Is obviously no problem, you can run around jump, around do, whatever you want and press revival and being. Stacked or being spread makes absolutely no difference so. It's good that you that, is an instant hill movement. Doesn't matter o stacking. Requirement, but. It is a very weak here will commence the other hills. No. Surprise i mean if you just after. I've read all these grounds out maybe you can see just from seeing these cooldowns why the, healer meta is as it is and it's. Basically not. Taking monks and rarely taking druids, but. Anyway define, him 3, minute cooldown boo. Minute 15 ish CD with vision really. High fruit that has a lasting effect of over around 15 seconds because the marsh read because the healing increased buff that it gives so, it's not again like, with tranq it's not just that healing, while it's channeling it has a lasting effect for a little while afterwards mush. Remains stationary, just like tranq and there's no stacking requirement, at all though, to find him very similar, to tranq you can kind of look at them as interchangeable, when, assigning crowns in my opinion last. Cooldown holy word salvation, boatman. A cool-down ends up being between 4 to 7 minutes realistically, that's, very a lot though depending on how he played you're really trying to get it down you can get it a bit lower and if, you're really lazy with it or the fire is finding, some way it can be longer but, I would say maybe like five minutes cooldown as your average maybe, like 5:30 go down it really does depend it's, hard to really put a number on it so.

Generally, You're only gonna get one use of this in a fight unless, it's a really long fight and if it's a really long fight then, you want to assign this very early so you get another one at the end because it is quite. Longer than a normal treatment in cool-down you know like I said four or five maybe even six minutes, absolutely. Huge instant hill, it's, kind of like a revival, and a, divine, hymn combined, that's kind of how I like to think of it at the end of the really short cast know, what is it like a 1.5, second castle something boom, big hill like a revival, and then there's kind of a Trank or divine hymn effect added on to the end of it because. It applies a bunch of news a bunch of Prayer amending and obviously, the holy priests masteries adding a whore on from the initial hill needs. To be stood still but, just the initial course but obviously the lasting effect is lasting person issue car so it's, not as bad as I think it stands doing cause the trunk and, being. Stacked will spread again, makes no difference so. That's the healing free but cooldowns but that's not all that there is in the game it's. Not all about HP s it's also about damage. Reduction cool let's. Go through the damage reduction grounds for a mastery, three minute cooldown 20%, damage reduction within 40 hours of eight seconds there's, no stacking requirement, at all and it. Can obviously be used while moving it isn't cast very, strong cooldown, area. Is kind of similar 3, minute cooldown slightly. More damage reduction 25%. Damage reduction within. The barrier for 10 seconds, the, last 2 seconds longer as well but, it obviously requires the raid to be in the barrier and not you know running all over the bathroom, though. Barrier, is kind of the stacked. Version of or mastery and because. You're being stacked they give you an extra 5% damage reduction building, totem again. 3 minutes only 10%, damage reduction but. The key word spirit link is obviously the health share a. Lot of people actually don't even know about the damage reduction they just think of it as the healing spirit but the damage reduction can, be really important when assigning cooldowns don't, forget about that the health share is, obviously just really, good can save people's lives it does require the rate to be stacked obviously and you, can't be running all over the place due, to the hazard traits spouting spirits it's, also does a burst of healing usually depending on how many traits you've got if you have three of the spouting spirits traits it actually does a really nice person feeling when he plays this a really. Versatile, cooldown, into them ages. Of light the properly cool down it's not forget about other, you. Know non healer cooldowns again. Three minutes twenty. Percent damage reduction behind, them requires the rate to be stacked removing. Darkness. Three, minute again 20, percent chance to avoid the damage events for eight seconds and requires, to be stacked. And not moving this. Is quite unique there's, not really many smokes like it when. There's whining cooldowns I don't like to rely on darkness, on its own I would never assigned darkness on. A thing on its own to survive it because, you're just rolling the dice and you never when, you're assigning grounds you never want to be. You, know relying on luck or bat or hoping, not to get bad luck you want something consistent, that every time you pull the boss it's gonna help you live here so, Doug this is quite a dodgy one I would never assign it on its own I always pair it with something else as kind of a buffer to help out a bit a good, example of that is a cool, where, we have dreads coming during the second. Phase where people have a lot of dots or I think it's technically the third phase when, the dreads come everyone. Also has a high amount of the stacking. Dot which. Means that putting, a darkness down is actually gonna average out to do you know it's it's kind of reliable, because it a verge that to so many dot takes that you know you're always gonna get some value from it so that's a good place you start least there with, other things we also use a rally there usually but.

That's I just want to make that clear with that let's never rely on it on its own, the, survive you know big hits really. Want to pair it with other things you don't wanna get screwed over by bad luck or rely on good luck that's my point okay and, lastly hope increased cooldowns that. Is rallying, cry fifteen, percent max health 3 minute cooldown 10, seconds no stacking requirement, there obviously, some instant cast no, channel or anything a totem. 5-minute. Cooldown 10, percent increased health in 20 hours of totem or until, were player dies when the totem a safety. Net of being able to have a player ank if they died is really the key here and what makes an totem so special, I think everyone know, that's what makes any time special but again don't forget about the 10% increase self you can't just use this as, a red white 10%, increase out of which we actually do often on ours as a cool farm again. So cool a. Boss that requires a lot of CDs on dreads, that. Tempers and health is really nice and we. Use it on one where we get, in the last phase and we may have some stacks left over on us still when the dread comes and that. Anchor. Fact is really good safety net you know if we don't if we just leave someone a little bit too low and they actually die on that dread having the ank effect is a really good safety net so. Now we know how the cooldowns, are gonna work what, we need to do is look at how. We. Assign, those cooldowns and first step to that is looking, at when we're taking damage when we actually need to put the healing cooldowns Waccamaw. Flux is really good for this you can also use videos and just. Watch the videos and like look at the time stamps of when the boss is casting, abilities and when things are happening I woke up vlogs is definitely the best way if. I choose ahsoka so mythic here obviously. If you're still progressing a boss you might not have a kill log so, you can either look, at another guild who killed it and their timings or, if, you're early, progressing, like we usually are and. What. You need to do is just look up until you wiped on the log and take the timing from now like, I said let's look at this ogres are mythic main thing we focus our mythic is the arcing right, right, event. Is the best way to say it so we go to events and then. Nick is he here post Carson 145. 115. 145. Do. 20 and I think he's ruining me to say matter of why this freedom is, like three didn't pass by it so it doesn't really matter which one did he use you see they're all happening at the same time they, see the boss does the initial cast and then that does off the initial cause it'll go on on. Each other ones which is attacking to the players but you can just take this initial causes perfect they. Can see here it's happening around 42, seconds or. Minute 12 etc, etc what, we can take from that is you can, obviously use a calculator, and work out you can see it's happening every 30 seconds so. Let's say you're still progressing the fight you might not have these ones down here right these last three or four rows because you're still progressing but. The point is you can look at these gaps and you can already plan it out though. Now let's see that now we know the timings how that would look on a spreadsheet, so. You can see here that we actually multiple, splits and the comps, always changing, so that's. Why I actually have four different cooldowns, assigned here let's, just look at the first one up here to blue see what I've done here is I put in his app timing so as we took vows 145, every 30 seconds apart you see 30, seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds 30, seconds, 30 seconds 30 seconds but. Now. On this fire obviously that's not the only time I listen we know the owner goes over from playing the fight. There's, also constant, damage going on with the top that. Means you can't just have cooldowns here on the PSAPs you also need them in between. That, by the way is of C are concurrent so, now, that we know the timings we've all up to mapped out like this we need to add it onto here so let's just take excuses. Bottom right one here okay let's delete this fresh. Timings, here and let's. Just pick a random he'll come okay but, let's choose a resto druid. Now. The rested rid a. Rest. Of Shaymin a shoe. That's not one of everything kind of renders over this freeze and let's have a holy paladin, so. The, best way to germinate so in cooldowns is the work backwards, the furthest if you go in the fire obviously I know we've killed the fight we know all the times at the end but if you're still progressing go.

To The hardest part of the fight you're at and assign your most important cooldowns there and then work backwards oh let's. Say or. Arguments. Example Dawn's ab7, even, though we don't really play a SAP 7 anymore cuz we have too much DPS this, is where you wanted your strongest cooldowns okay this, means that for this bit here you want wings up and because. Wings as we know it's a 30 second cooldown we can actually use the wings earlier in this, gap here which will be around 3-3 and it will still be up here oh this. Is a good time here to assign in some wings. Because. It's gonna cover this what else is really important about the end avange okay we want an avenging this. Last step that's gonna help us a lot as well as a Devo but, maybe we put a Devo here and we. Put an advance and here you need to kind of do a bit of math so because, we've used Devo here at 3:45 it's. A 3 minute cooldown and this is what I mean by working backwards he need to go back 3 minutes to 45 seconds, if you, want to use that Devo again the earliest you can use it is, on the first lap that's, where you'd put it avange again you work backwards if, you know you need an advantage it is the hardest part of the fight for you need. To work backwards 1 minute 30 I would put you at 2:15, we know we can also use that same avenge, here, and then, we go back 130 again that puts us at 45, seconds or if we wanted to in theory we. Could advantage the first zap obviously we know the first SAP isn't that dangerous so, bettors, actually does not use an evangelist and you, know they can just hold the advantage of the way to here it's fine you don't need it this early but. Now we know we've got it. And the most important, part and. Hardest. Part before this that you can use it is that for but. Now we need to look at the cooldowns oh you have wings here we also put wings. This, is 3:30. Obviously. It's between 3:15 and 3:40 five, so 3:30 would be here wings is with vision which everyone does my vision it's about one minute thirty okay again, we got back one minute thirty from 3:30 will put us two, minutes which, is here. We. Know that here we can have that same wings again you, see how it lines up now. We work backwards here if we using it at two minutes when's, the earliest we can use wings before that we go back one minute thirty thirty, seconds, but that means we can actually use wings for the first SAP okay, oh you. Know let's say actually put it in here you put wings here but that's how you do it you put them where you need them the most and you work backwards and then once you've done all of them which we'll get to and. We have to kind of juggle it around to make sure it will make sense no, I say fear now we. Got a wings in between here at, six we're gonna need something what haven't we used a tired oh let's, put getting. Tight there okay, there. We go let's say for argument's. Sake that you also have a warrior, in the raid and a. Demon, sir one of each looking, a better tie dear that. Means that we can also tie it on pause we want to except. For they might be playing vision and this is this is where it gets more complicated nowadays, because people, might may only playing vision and that's. Kind of a cool we need to make as the healing officer or with your team whoever you want to use vision let's, think if we use a tide here when. Could we use. A vision on it right though. If, we use vision it's two minutes 15. Ish that, would mean we could use one at one minute about here oh it. Makes sense that they actually play vision and they, can use one here now this little gap here is really safe and by the way this wings that I put at play seconds obviously. If there's no damage is the thing about wings it can also be used as a DPS cooldown it's okay to put wings where there's actually no healing required, just. To get more wings in because, you can just use it for flat-out DPS, and especially on a fight like all goes over having, more dps in the first phase it's actually gonna make the entire fight a lot easier okay, now.

We, Have a little gap here yes, in my opinion is a good place for a darkness, and you. Could even do a dog miss and a link you, haven't used the link yet from the Shaymin let's, do a darkness. Link at this three-minute mark they're, both three minute cooldown so it means we're only gonna use them once but that's fine they're. Gonna go there then. We go to the next place we need we all find up until here you see how we're working backwards it's all about working backwards when you're responding Krauss it's, at five two minutes 45 what happened we use that we can put here this, could be a good place for a tranq well, let's do all, right. And if. We wanted to we could put a rally here as well because this like bottom, row here these last three zaps this is where the most damage is right oh this. Is not a bad place but. Maybe put the rally let's put it there for now let's see how it works out again, rally a 3 minute cooldown you're not gonna get another one that's probably okay let's, see what else we have maybe we can fit something else in we haven't used a cotton maybe. Betweens. That before ends up 5 is this. This apps looking a little weak right now right it just hasn't avange it's like a band is good it's okay well. We might be a little low afterwards, right we might be a bit scared but, why not as the. Zaps coming we place the anchor on him we, know that ank totem lasts 30 seconds right, it's a really long cooldown which means if we place it on zap 4 it's gonna stay up all the way until SAP 500, good place to use the anchor it doesn't like this, ank. Totems obviously a 5-minute cooldown we. Can't use it again right we gonna get one in in this phase and one of them is fight really so I told. Him sir that. Free ends up too we have nothing we, don't really have anything free this. Is when you kind of have to use, your brain a bit and do a bit of bling, around you, probably gonna have at least one shot of Rhys right so you can have 1 times at. A place for vampiric, personally. This is the area that I use done Prix in the main rate because vampiric. Is actually, you can talent it for 1 minute 30 gram which is really good what, you can do is you can use a vampiric, 1:45. And it's gonna be up here, 1 minute 30 later right. Here which is really good now zap 6 also very safe like if you look at this these bottom three zaps they all really, safe trank rally buck, miss link in between I didn't, embrace wings comes up which is huge you have Devo and Evangeline that are side like you're really safe here where. It's the hardest this bottom row which is piling, on the CDs and working backwards. There's, that free band break and braise is that - I don't think we're really gonna have anything there what, you could do is juggle. The, wings. Around a little bit like we could move tied here and then played, here the.

Best Thing to do would, be just to put personals, here the. Very early zaps it's fine just to you, don't have nothing then O'Berry, oh I can believe forego that barrier I put. My mind Wibbly break I was thinking we were missing something and that's. What it is like a barrier Oh what. We can do instead, if, we move wings back thirty Seconds that's completely fine because. Then wing just goes back to zero, zero see. How we're using a 130 now it's one minute I go down we still get an extra wings in on the pool for DPS perfect, with levers and stuff that's great then we have this gap here we can put the barrier here now. Barrier, is a cool-down that it. Scales with the amount of people in it right so the more people doing damage the bigger barrier is so. Ideally, we actually, don't want to use a barrier here but we need to see if there's actually anywhere else we can fit it in missing. Link at the same link. Doesn't exactly scale with more people it's actually fine, to use it with less people so what. You could maybe do is swap, this Lincoln barrier right, this is this change makes sense because barrier. Is, 20 people are standing in it it's actually doing 20, times as much as if just one person standing in it with the debuff link, is. Not doing 20 times used. Like the damage reduction okay. He's doing 20 times the damage reduction but the damage rocking is only 10% the big part of link is also the help sharing which, does more when, less people have taken, damage I mean, you guys not howling waves right so if there's there's. Five people in link that a low health and the rest of the wealth it's gonna do a lot bigger difference than if everyone's already low health so that's. Why it makes sense that we swap the link here okay. To have nothing on this up - like I said we can just put personals here and that. I would say is actually a really, really, good.

Healing Cooldown set up for bezoar and you, see how I just did this completely fresh this is probably better than the Serbs already have for for, a group that had these healers like I said there's loads of themselves here for different clumps, depending. On what we take in each group but for this he lit up this is actually a very good if you're playing as up seven usually in our groups, we're not playing as up seven because we. Just have so much DPS we face the boss around lap 6 well. I hope this is giving you a really good example of how to assign, Ian cities this is just one boss this was all a, really, simple, signing. Method here but, from the hardest part and work, your way backwards like. What the cooldowns are up on the back which also obviously need to think I was said earlier when I was explaining the red cooldowns how they need to be used can't. Use a barrier on a zap it, gives during zaps you need to be spread, okay. Well, obviously you can't just put a barrier on a zap, and. Come rally you, can be spread it's fine so you put them on as that and then you put things like darkness barrier link, in between and. I hope like this really makes sense it's, quite intuitive, if you know how the cooldowns work this. Makes a lot sense item. Is one of those where you need to be in that Hank totem to get the effect but, I'm totem is actually really large it is an area you need to be in but it is quite, big so it's okay to drop it on his lap and especially. As the point of this was that it's actually carrying over into this gap here you know it's gonna be down. From, that forward to zap five even, when you're completely, psyched again so that's, a fine place you static totem I would, love to hear questions this is kind of a topic that I can debate with all day you know I'd love to help people this kind of thing maybe. If you have any suggestions, maybe you think I'm doing something wrong I would love to hear honestly cuz it's, always good to improve yourself but I really. Think that for most people they haven't quite got this concept of working backwards and, it. Should really help people if, it's finding their cooldowns in the raid. I've. Been Chris Potter thank you so much for watching this video guys hit the like button hit subscribe, let. Us know in the comments like I said any feedback you have I hope people found this helpful if, you need any help looking up tooltips for the healing, spells everybody could place the elm information is on our head actually really, useful, oftentimes. When I'm looking for a spell for another class and I can't quite remember the exact, you know yards, of it or the, duration. Of it or something Wow head is where I'll check it out so make sure you do that guys and yeah. Bye guys. You.

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The actual weakness of mistweaver is the mana cost associated with their healing throughput. They are the healer with the most prevalent mana struggles on healing intensive fights like Orgozoa. Yes like you said, they can just heal regularly after the nice healing kick from revival, but they are just converting more mana into healing during that time. While a druid channels tranq for a few seconds or a holy channels Hymn, they are actually recovering most of the mana cost of that CD. Secondly healing cooldowns are unique to regular healing as they usually cover all 20 players all at the same time. Regular healing spells don't do that most of the time, while healing spells that hit everybody don't create much throughput or require the raid to be stacked (e.g. refreshing jade wind and holy nova). Regarding the ramp time: Every fight follows a mostly set schedule. You know when to ramp and if other healing is required during that ramp, while also ramps are not periods of 0 throughput. Disc, Paladin and Druid all are already healing while they are ramping up. During a 4 tick console on Azshara P4 a holy priest with salv into hymn does 4 million healing in 10 seconds. Revival with some luck does 1.2 million. So you would have to pump 2.8 million with regular casts to do the same job. That's not going to happen obviously. Same goes for Barrier + Evangelism, Tree + Tranq, Devo + Wings and Tide + Link. Monk only has Revival + nothing. And lastly monk sadly has nothing special to offer, when revival can't be used to dispel something meaningful. Their external is hot garbage until the 8.3 buff and they have to be in melee for underwhelming DPS. They also can't gear for DPS as they usually need Essences for mana recovery and healing Trinkets to match other healers throughput. While their mobility is top tier, it's also not nessecary to be super mobile as a healer in EP. Tigers lust had some use on Ashvane for a soak-tank on the 3 phase strat, that nobody plays nowadays and mystic touch is simply covered by a brewmaster.

Thing is if disc times it properly that ramp up window is happening while there isn't much other dmg going on. Revival definitely is the weakest throughput cooldown and on top of that has a terribly long CD. As a tradeoff MW has good consistent healing outside of big CD's, but that rarely is what you need.

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@Aetolos Spring blossoms is not in the same talent row as tree.

Is it worth going with ank on 5m CD over a 1m CD on earthen wall totem?

Would love to see a breakdown on how you approach something health % based where the timings change with raid dps, but loved the explanation!

Hi from team MERICA, great guide thank you for sharing.

I have a huge Excel with this kind of things... Kind of outdated but it allowing to say when you try to put " Wings at this time " it will tell you if you can or not. If someone want it i can share it. It's kind of overkilled but it was usefull, the difficult part is to get timing more or less.

All considered well done. Since it appears that the target audience are beginners/raid leaders who don’t heal/.., the inconsistency of changed cooldowns by traits/whatever might be a bit confusing. Some could be said about some of the wording (i.e. salvation - instead of “huge instant heal”, “huge initial heal” would be a bit more clear). Keep up the great work! :)

Shaman is best healer. Change my mind. Lol

@Punker or your healer dps >

Except disc and pala also bring DR. Monk brings nothing but throughput, and they're outclassed on that.

Good video, tho needs more Josh.

It's implied

Gotta say it is great to see the best guild in the world releasing this information. I know most high level guilds understand this information, but for people knew to raiding or trying to understand it more in depth, this is great!

Essence font is essentialy a dps heal cd lol

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