Stock Market Prediction News May 7 2018

Stock Market Prediction News May 7 2018

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Hello. My, fellow stock trading masters, this, is a. Stock, tree. All. Right guys what. Week. Of horrible. Trading, but, but. Alright guys here's what's going on I'm having. To mix up the strategy alright, the, strategy, of buying large cap stocks Apple, Amazon Microsoft. Facebook. And, then. Maxing, out on leverage, and then, just trying to swing trade them isn't, working, why isn't it working well. It's, not working because if, you look at the S&P 500 it's been chopping out and going sideways I mean why, by Apple, why by Amazon, why by Microsoft, why, not just buy an an ETF. That tracks the SMP 500 I mean it's good to basically, do the same thing okay. So obviously that's, not gonna work for us it's. Back and forth sideways, we, need to make money and we need to make it fast, guys that's, what we're here to do right okay. So. New, strategy. What. I'm doing is I'm taking low. Liquidity stocks. Okay. Very. Small. Number of outstanding, shares. Buying. Him and in, waiting, for the. Pop innum. Okay. Definitely, a risky. Strategy yes. At. Times you're. Gonna have to sit there and wait more and be patient, okay. And some traders like to jump, around all the time and so. They're not able to do that but. Case. In point a stock that I'm in right now I'm holding this in the next week because I just. Like it guys in fcc. This, is NF energy, and they're, a Chinese, company. Check. Out what the price action did on. Friday. You. Know we've got this parabolic, SAR buy signal, big move, up I mean this thing was smoking. Hot and and. It happened, on no news that's. How these low liquidity stocks. Roll. Guys. Right. So when you find these stocks it's like okay and look, at, you. Guys can see, I really like about this look, at how. High, it ran up back here then, look at how high I ran up here and here, and here, and. Then. On Friday, it has. A history of every. I'd, say what is that every, one two three four you, know every two weeks or so it spikes. Up so. Now we're offering underneath, a parabolic, SAR by signal. Notice. On the daily volume look, at that huge. Volumes, are jhana Freddie now Fridays are typically, lower volume, days. So. That's, pretty awesome. To, see the volume shoot. Up that much guys look. At the MACD, I like it you've got a higher, low put in we could draw a trend line across. These. Bottom. Lows. Okay. So, that's. Trending up and look at the. Ztm. Awesome. Guys right, it's. Crossed into this green area and this green area is an, uptrend, now, how long it will hold it we don't know I mean you could see what this doc does, right. And we could get a move, like, this on Monday. And then. You, know it chops, out for a week or two but. Then we should get another, you. Know big, spike, up. Okay. And so. This is what I recommend you know put in your limit, order to sell right now so, if you're, in this like I am and Premium Members know when I got into this. My. Buy actually, was not very, well timed. I'm. In about right up in this level, okay. So you know you have to adjust this for your cost basis, but. And. Then. Just place a limit, order put, in a limit order to sell at, a price that you think is good a hit based upon these previous. Highs. Right go. Back look at this kind, of figure out all, right well when this thing runs up you. Know what. Are these levels. Like and where. Do I think on the next spike, that it could possibly hit, now. Everything, change for this company back around, March, 18th. Right in here and what. Basically, happened, is that the company came out with, some pretty big contracts. That, they, landed. The. Company's got some pretty awesome. Quarter-over-quarter. Revenue. Growth like it's up I think about 90 percent, from, the previous year so, again, the play is just a you know try to get a good entry but, then just sit back and wait, for the next pop put in a limit order to sell now that. Way your your, order is automatically, executed. When, it hits that price, if you can't sit there and watch it the whole day and not very many of us can. So. Looking, at the intraday. Chart, on in FEC. You, could see exactly what. I'm going for here you have this huge, volume, surge, here. At market open I mean this was, unbelievable, folks we. See if I could zoom in so you guys can see that a little bit better. Okay. Check this out trading. Just starts off and you, know again, it's a low, liquidity.

Stock, Somewhere, in the universe out there somebody, maybe, pumped, it something. Happened, and just. A little. Bit of volume can. Really, move this stock so, that's the main, criteria. That we're going for our low. Look, liquidity. Stocks that can be sleepers, but then suddenly just wake, up and kaboom, and that's, what happened, look at the how this thing just took off I mean folks, that's profits, that you'll never see profits like this in Apple, Amazon, Microsoft they. Don't they'll never those. Stocks will never, move, like this. You. Have this trading at about a dollar 20, per. Share and literally. Within what is this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 maybe. 15 minutes, it was up. $2. A dia share. Unbelievable. You know what. Is that like a 60% move. In just. A matter of minutes. Chi-ching. Right. And. Unfortunately. I did not see it this early I, started. Tracking it when. It pulled back a little bit right in this. Area, and ultimately, I watched it go up and then it hit this, resistance. Area and came back down a second, time and that's when I decided to go ahead and take an entry, I took an entry off of this moving average, line and. Pretty. Close to the V whop line. You know when it looked like the V whap was gonna hold and started to lift off of it that's when I took an entry I got a partial feel, at about, 150. But. Then the rest of my order filled at like closer. To 170. So with, my cost basis, I'm closer up to 170, so not. A really, great entry, I think I could have done better but still you. Guys see the play here, and then. Over the course of the day I mean it's Friday right so, it ran all the way up to 190. At, one point I mean it literally went from what is this 120, to 190. Guys. It's unbelievable. And then the volume dried up like we often get on Fridays, as you can see and then it went back into sleep mode, granted. It's consolidating. At a level that is. Higher prior. To the move I would like to see this level hold but, if it doesn't that's fine what, I'm trying to do is capture the, next, massive. Move up this thing can go up 60 percent a, hundred percent. In. Less. Than a day guys. Because. It's, a low, liquidity. Stock, and it's got so few outstanding, shares and. Traders. Know that and so traders come back to stocks like this over. And over and over again, and, that's why you see, in FEC. Do, these spikes. To, the upside every, few weeks so. If you could enter in off this 130. Level. I think that's pretty, darn awesome and then, the idea is to immediately put in a limit order to. Sell at a higher level that way when it pops whether you're watching it or not boom, it shoots. Way up. You know and does those long upper, shadow. Candlesticks. Boom, your order gets filled. But. You have to be patient those. Of you guys who are not patient, don't even attempt this strategy, because, you're gonna lose money if you can't be patient and just sit back and wait, and not panic, and freak, out because you're way underneath your cost paces in your oh no, I'm down twenty thirty percent under my cos paces oh no then. Don't even try this trade, because it's not gonna work for, you you, have to be patient, wait, for the stock to come, to you wait for it to do what you think it's going to do. The. LIBOR rate favors. The Bears. The. New york stock exchange percent of stocks with the fits a moving average is at, fifty. Four. Point one eight percent. Neutral. Rating. The. Percent of stocks above the 200-day moving average, is at fifty, three point, two percent again, neutral rating. Transports. Look very, weak or at the bottom end of the range that it's currently been trading. In folks I mean it's just basically, done this gigantic, sideways. Pattern. On the chart we're, operating underneath, a, Arun. Spiked, up a red Arun spike up which is bearish the, MACD, is still negative although it may be turning, up a little bit here, but. Overall very weak. Chart, on the transports. It. Gives a slight advantage to. The Bears. The.

Sp500, Did. A hard, bounce off the, 200-day. Moving average, line here absolutely. Awesome, I mean that's where he would want it to bounce Thursday. Was very ominous folks, with that break underneath the 200-day moving average, but maybe, this little cluster, move. Underneath the 200-day moving average, kind of looks like this cluster, move here and ultimately. The. Sp500, went back up again so that looks like what, is taking, place. Or. In a sigh. Ways or, neutral. Rating. On the CTM. It's. Good to be interesting to see what happens off that 50-day, moving average as, well, as the parabolic, SAR. Resistance. Level. So. I think that's what we're looking at next week let's see what happens off that fits a moving average the 50-day moving average is slightly, falling, we've, had these repeated, head fakes of these, breaks above the 50-day moving average that have not panned. Out, okay. So. To. Me there's no reason to assume that we're. Suddenly gonna get a break this time and it will pan out we've, been in this giant, sideways. Pattern, since. Early, February and that's, when the market changed, right everything. Changed, back on February. 1st and the markets never been the same since. So. It's the new reality. Of the market that were in and the faster, that you can adjust, to that market, the, better folks so. You, could see from this chart exactly. Why the. Maxing. Out your, margin. And buying, these, large. Caps that has, worked for so, well for so long you. Could see why it's not really, working now because, the market completely changed. On February. 1st the. TSI. Is still, extremely weak, it's not even above the zero line I. Give. This chart a sightlines. Rating, the Bulls and the Bears are just too evenly matched this. Chair does not favor either group. Looking. At the. 60-minute. Chart and. The reason that we look at this is that we're tracking. The swings on the, crosses. Here so we had a bearish cross here. We. Had a bullish cross here, but. Man, I mean I don't know, I mean, that. Was more like a almost. Like a head fake guys and then it rolled right back over and went back bearish, again. And. We took a wicked drop, with. The low, breaking. The. April. 25th. Low. We're. Also, forming. These. Lower. Highs too and this. Quite possibly looks. Like a lower high as well. We're. Coming up to a possible, bullish. Break. A Polish cross but. Look at the MACD. I mean the, MACD. Is already. Starting. To head down a little bit you. Know this huge move up and now it's kind of starting to roll. Over. Granted. This is just an hourly, chart so we're trying to time the swings. Here. But. Overall with the lower highs and the lower lows I, think, you know we just have to follow this really. Sideways, pattern we do have the 200. Hour moving, average. No. Longer dropping, and just kind of chopping, out and floating, sideways. Here, okay. So the. One-hour, chart gives. A slight, advantage to, the Bears. Equity. Put/call, ratio, was still elevated, it. Came. Down a little bit on Friday. The. Skirt favors the Bears. QQQ. We have a. Parabolic. SAR by signal. The. MACD. Looks like it's doing a double pump to the upside it's getting strong again the, force index, has gone positive. QQQ. Has crossed, above its 50-day, moving average, on Friday, but. It crossed above the 50-day moving average back here and this turned out to be a head-fake it, also broke, above the 50 back, in here and this. Was a head-fake and here. And this. Was a head-fake, and here. This, was a head-fake right, I mean I'm sure we, go back to you, know February. First when it broke and then it came back so. I think each one of these, breaks. Of the 50-day moving average kind, of is detrimental. To the Bulls. Psychology. Because. It suggests some real doubt, as to whether or not a break about the 50-day moving average is really. Good to just lead to a. Head-fake. Just, a short-term, move up and then a drop, back down. Overall. We. Have just a giant, sideways. Pattern just, like the S&P 500. So QQQ. Does not favor either the bulls or the bears. Russell. Mm, same thing giant, sideways pattern does not favor either the bulls or the bears, the. Home construction, ETF. I mean. It's going absolutely, nowhere. Guys, I mean maybe even down I mean maybe where you've been getting close to it the 50-day, crossing, underneath the 200-day. It. Closed right on top of its 200-day, moving average. On Friday but. Very, weak looking folks not indicative, of a market. Where oh the housing market is so great. Socks. Parabolic. SAR buy signal, nice. Bounce off the 200-day, moving average. The. PPO, looks, absolutely, beautiful. Although. The PPO looked pretty awesome back, in here and that, just turned into nothing but a head-fake. Still. The. Green. And the red, lines. Are crossing, at a lower level than they did back here, which. That's more, bullish. So. Overall folks, I like socks I like this setup I think we run back up to test the, 50-day moving average, this, chart gives a slight advantage to, the Bulls doubt, transports, volume advance decline percent, index.

Parabolic. SAR sell signal, breaking down broke. Underneath April. Support. Chart, favors the Bears. Nasdaq. Advanced, decline issues chart. Going. Sideways, opera. Underneath, a parabolic SAR sell signal, but really. Just going sideways. No signal, S&P. 500, advanced decline percent chart. This. Chart was, our holdout this is the chart that was looking so good for, so long and really, gave us hope that the market could rally I don't, like this weakness that I'm seeing now in this chart with, this parabolic, SAR sell signals, because, we had a break in here. It's. Almost like here's your swing up now. We're on a swing down. Just. Like back in here, swing. Up. Swing. Down. So. I I'm. Gonna have to give a slight. Advantage, to. The Bears not. Only has XLF, been a major, dud, and all the analysts, got it wrong I mean why even watch CNBC, and, listen to all these analysts, and subscribed. All these analyst ratings and tip ranks, track, your favorite analyst when. They're all so. Unbelievably. Wrong folks, about. XLF. About. Fight. Financial. Stocks this chart, looks horrible. Look at this lower, high. Lower. Highs. Breaking. Underneath the 50 the 50-day is falling, it broke underneath the 200. Granted. That's a very bullish candlestick, with that lower shadow, but. Still, guys, I mean it's barely holding above its 200-day, moving average, money. Flows negative. PPO. I mean. That's pretty close to the zero line but I'm, gonna give it a slight advantage on the PPO to to. The Bears we, got a parabolic, SAR sell. Signal, now I mean. This is rates. Are rising, this. Is supposed to be leading. The market higher right, they. Go back and they look in previous, rate hike cycles, banking, stocks did so well we're not seeing it at all in fact we're seeing the opposite. The, opposite. The. Exact, opposite, of what every, single analyst told us what, we were following CNBC, so closely what what do the analysts, say what is what is the smart money say but. Look at the price action. Talk. About a giant scam. Man. How. Could these guys be that wrong. If. They were following their own advice, and so many of them said how great banking, stocks were then. XLF. Would have to be up right. Because like 80%. Of all analysts, said yeah buy this so, if they were doing, what their lip service was then, this thing should be going up so, you mean to tell me that they just told us all that as a lie and secretly, they were like I ain't buying bank stocks yet. Okay. Okay, so now that we know that that, should be a huge. Yellow. Flag maybe. Even a red warning flag what, do they know what. Do they know that we don't about, the banking, sector. About. Banking, stocks to. Where they, would be so wrong about how banks are such good buys, yet. They're not actually doing it they're telling us that but, they're but they're not doing it what do they know, probably. The, flat inverted. Yield curve is coming that's probably, it and don't. Send me stuff about how this. Rate hike cycles different, and how the, yield curve could be flat or inverted it's, not different it's not different and also guys don't send me emails about how Trump. And his. Policies, are hurting the crabbing industry, and other, industries, because, it's. It's, he's, not there's, not as much work visas, so there's no people there to do the work and so, these, businesses, are gonna have to close I don't want to hear it okay keep. In mind a truth, all. Right and so maybe I'm the only guy saying this so you guys listen, up there's. No such thing as a, labor shortage a, labor. Shortage, is. Stupid. The concepts, dumb it's, not it's nonsensical. There, is no such thing as a labor shortage.

What. Happens, is that you're not paying workers, enough, if the crabbing industry wants more workers then raise wages, you're. Not going to be able to get these work visas, and get people in there from Mexico, working, in these crabbing. Plants, right. You have to give up some of your profits, as a business, owner of a crabbing, industry. And you have to raise your wages, to attract, American. Workers. Right. There this this idea that there's some kind of magical, labor shortage because there's, not as many work visas, and so there's and, so the, and so there's nobody else that wants to do the work and and. Americans. Are just too lazy and spoiled, and they don't want to do the work and blah blah blah blah blah you think that about your fellow citizens, man why don't you go move to Russia, well. Why. Don't you go live in China I mean I don't, want to hear your BS. Look. At the trucking industry, okay. That's a horrible job trucking. Divorce. Rates are the highest in, the trucking industries, because, you know and it's usually a man driving, and he, never sees his wife he never sees his kids, okay. I mean talk about a horrible, job where you're just always on the move but. It's. A good-paying job, right. It makes a lot of money and so there's still people willing, to do it all. Right so that's the wage. Mechanism. So, in a free, market I can't believe I have to even say this guy's you, guys got to stop listening, to the economists. If you, subscribe, to the publication, called The, Economist. You're wasting, your money they're a left-leaning. Group okay. You have economists. That are left-leaning and right-leaning okay. Give. Me a break, those. Guys are idiots, right. They they bring in politics, just like anybody else and they're stupid all right there's no such thing as a labor shortage, in. A. Free market, when. What, do you think is gonna happen the government's giving out less work visas and all these businesses are crying we, don't have enough workers, what have enough workers raise, your wages, then. Right. There. Is no such thing as a labor shortage if you're willing to pay enough money you. Will find workers, in a, free market it's perfectly. Acceptable, for. A business, to. Have a labor to, to not be able to find workers because. He's posting, a job and, the wages are too low that's, a perfectly, acceptable outcome. The, fact that these businesses, can't. Find, a worker is part. Of the wage. Mechanism. Adjustment. In a, free-market economy. Okay. So it. All. Makes sense Oh guys please. Don't don't send me stupid. Stuff I should. Make a mandatory, requirement. That, unless if if you're gonna talk economics, to. Me then, I want to make sure I want you to show me a certification. That you've Regan through economics. Courses within the last three to four years I want. To see a certificate. Of, completion. Right. And then I'm not even gonna talk to you about economics. Until you show me these. Certificates. I had, to do it right. You can't economics. Is like that it's constantly, evolving and, changing you, can't take an economics, class back in college. That you did 10, 15, 20 years ago and then think that you still are so smart when it comes to economics. You're not you, need to go back and refresh, and take another course. Anyways. Guys okay thanks, for letting me vet let's move on Espie.

Retail, ETF. 50-day. Moving average just, chopping, out sideways, TSI. So weak sidelines. Rating 10-year, Treasury yield it's kind of dropped down over the last week, it's. Let the market run a little bit but. It. Looks to me like previous. Resistance, back. In here, is acting. As support. Back. In here. Which. Is to what what is that two point, nine five so. This is still very bullish, folks, which, favors, the Bears for. The week money, came out of stocks and it went into bonds, that favors the Bears looking. At the last week worth of market action once. Again once. Again the, u.s. up here, at the US dollar okay. Clearly. We, are losing in the currency wars for another week and the. Winner is. England. And the. British Pound. Also. The euro this, perp. Now. We've even got China in on the action. Devaluing. Its currency. So. Clearly the u.s. is losing in the currency wars and that's, part, of the reason why the, stock market, is still so weak. The. Russell 2000, closed above its pivot level that favors the Bulls S&P. High low index little. Bounce here on blue but, not enough of a bounce to, negate this previous downward, move no, signal. The. Percent of stocks with the Fitzie moving average with our EMA envelope, lines, just. A hair above the, EMA envelope lines that, favors the bulls, the. Top-performing sector, for the week was, technology, and that, was largely you, know Friday really, helped. The tech sector and, Warren. Buffett and doubling. Down on Apple. The. Weakest performing, sector was consumer, staples this gray line the. Second best performing. Sector is this blue line and. That's just and. That's consumer, discretionary z' so, the sector rotation last, week gives. The advantage to. The Bulls big. Bounce on Friday but, you could tell on the zigzag chart that after, an extended, move downward. Which. Gave the advantage, to the Bears we're. Now chopping, out sideways, like we're trying it's trying to start a new trend. But it doesn't know which way it wants to break first.

It's Up then it's down now it's up again from Friday's, action, I'm not willing to say. That this favors the Bulls that high. Beta stocks are outperforming, lower volatility, stocks, right now while, we're chopping out and going back and forth on this so we're, gonna have to punt to another week to, get a more. Of a trend, to see which way this is gonna break, so no signal, PP. O on s py neutral. Rating, note does, not favor either the Bulls or the Bears, VIX. Short-term. Futures. Underneath. The 50 EMA. Line. Still. Operating, underneath a parabolic SAR sell signal. But. Really just chopping, out sideways folks. Unable. To break underneath, that. 39:45. Area. Also. Unable, to rise above. 46. Looking. At our one-hour chart, for you. Know timing, the swing trades, folks. My rating for trading next week is sidelines. The market is too evenly matched between bulls and bears for, us to get any kind of trend the, Sophie AI also, says that the markets fairly valued, and it gives a rating right in the middle of an. Oversold, versus an overbought, market, so that kind of that, kind of fits in with a, sidelines. Kind. Of neutral, balanced. Market. You.

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