Stock Market Prediction News For Week of April 30 2018

Stock Market Prediction News For Week of April 30 2018

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Hello, my, fellow stop, the training masters this, is Len strips and the, stark raving, dodge. This. Is a, very, wicked, market, to try and trade. Folks that you have to, be careful. I, feel. That I've. Had it just an excellent, trading, record. It's. Just it's just pretty awesome guys right, so over the last month in. My training account I made about 2 grand and I used about 1 grand of it to. 2, that, I pulled out and paid. Some bills sometimes. You got to pull money out to pay, bills right to, live life okay, but. Just, awesome stuff so, you. Guys that are premium members you know the way that I've been treating this very, cautious, I think. We need to keep that strategy, in play the, big thing to watch out for is, the. Trade wars and next, week we could get some more clarity we'll find out more coming. Into China we've, got May 1st when the steel and aluminum tariffs, kick, in unless they're, extended. Out further, we. Also have, NAFTA. That will be coming to. The. Front burner either. Next, week or the week after next week so. These, trade. War catalysts. Have the capability, of really. Negatively. Impacting, markets. Equally. So some, good news on the trade war fronts, with, some deals being reached could. Actually help. The stock market to now. Because, I have done more, shows. During, the week I don't, need to try to cram into to. The this, weekend show. Everything. Right, so. You guys have actually gotten you know two or three hours that you've already watched of me this, past week so, that'll let me focus more in on the charting, and the. Prediction, for trading next week, let's, get after it no. Institutional, buying or selling was, detected, on the tick the LIBOR rate continues. To rise that favors the Bears the. New York Stock Exchange %, of stocks but the Fitzie a moving average is at, fifty, four point. Three, sent too, close to 50% to favor either the bowls or the bears no, signal, the New York Stock Exchange % of stocks but the 200-day moving average, is at fifty.

Five Point, one percent, again. Too close to fifty percent to favor either the Bulls or the Bears no signal, on the, transports, we watch the transports, as a leading indicator you. Could see that we've got, this. A rain, spike, up which is a bullish signal, it's, the first time that we've had in a room spiked, up since. Around. March 12th, or shortly. After so. Definitely. Kind. Of polish there folks. MACD. Negative. But it's really right, on that zero line so there's no clear signal there we're. Coming in to the bottom of this. Sideways. Range and really. This is just basically. Done. Nothing. But really, go sideways so. The poles and the Bears are just too evenly matched we may get a swing, move up next. Week to, kind of test this, 66. Dollar level, but, it's still within a sideways, channel, does not favor either the Bulls of the Bears no. Signal on the, S&P 500, we. Had a key test of the, 200-day, moving average, this last week the. 200 a moving average held, but, what concerns me is the very weak, TSI. That TSI, is extremely. Weak folks in, fact it's underneath zero, it's having trouble getting off of the deck the, CTM, is. Within. The. Sideways. Color, band is this yellow band, we're. Operating underneath, a parabolic, SAR. Cell, signal, we've, had almost this giant. Descending. Triangle, where. The market has been making, these, lower. Highs. While. The. Bottom trendline. Is about like that so. You. Guys note that yesterday, I looked at the large players volume, on s py and the large players volume did not show a lot of buying off this, 200-day, moving average, line in fact it was a lot less buying by large players than, we saw back in here and also. Back in here. Nevertheless. You. Know we're trading at almost at the exact, same level that we, were at back. In. February. And. Right. Around the. Early February, market, crash that came plunging, down from the January highs so, this markets really gone nowhere it's like a giant, consolidation. Pattern as the market waits the outcome of these major. Trade. Deals and possible, trade wars we're. Coming up to test this 50-day, moving average this, blue line we. Have to see what happens off that level even. A break I think has to be suspect, because we've, been getting head fakes above the 50-day moving average only to have the market fall, right back in and you. Can't even say like a confirmation. Day too because here, you, know one or two days of confirmation, would have helped here. Maybe.

Not So much, so. You you, these these are wicked. Breaks. Above the 50-day moving average that really don't have a lot of rhyme, and reason I will, say though that they, appear, to turn, down within. Here's, one day here, we have a red candle within one day and here a red candle within one day so if we get a break of the 50-day moving average next week then, wait one day and look for a red candle if we get a red candle that next day that, may call, into, question the. Break of the 50 moving average I would certainly be more cautious and it's. Like when that when it broke above the 50-day moving average here, on this v-bottom balance everybody was like yeah you, know buy the dip okay. Then. When it broke about the 50-day moving average here. And. Only. To fall back like the previous time, everybody. Was like okay well there's our you, know double, test it formed all a higher, low let's. Let's go long and then and then they got killed again and, then, we broke above here, and this was a head-fake and they got killed again and and, each, time you know we're getting these lower highs. Put in fact you, know the previous high was way up here back in January, so we got these lower, highs so, bulls. Are getting beat up the bullish sentiment, is being slowly lost and drained from this market and I. Think we're seeing that in these 50-day, moving average breaks, but it all depends upon the institutional. Traders the, institutional, traders are the ones that make the trends. So. Anything, is possible folks. But. Until we get a test of that 50-day, moving average, and we get resolution off that 50 moving average this, market has to be a sidelines. Rating, the polls and the Bears are just too evenly matched to. Place. Your bets with either group now, looking at the one-hour, chart and we do that because so many of our trades are actually. Short-term swing trades. You'll. See that the 13. Hour. Moving, average crossed above the 30 hour moving average back in here that was a beautiful buy signal, then. The third then the 13 hour moving, average broke underneath. The. 30 hour moving average back in here and that was a beautiful sell signal, well, look at what we had on Friday. We. Have a bullish, Cross of, the. 13. Hour. Moving, average crossing above the 30 hour moving average. That's. A very nice short-term. Buy signal. Again. This is an hourly chart so, you know these cycles, here this cycle was for one two three four five days this. Cycle was for, one. Two, three, maybe, three three, to four days. Okay. So now we're starting a new cycle so. To, me this definitely, gives the, Bulls a upper, hand I think you have to be careful though with the signal because the 200-day, moving averages. White line is still, falling so. The longer excuse me not the 200-day, moving average, the 200 hour moving average this white line is still falling so the larger trend is still down, although. We do see maybe it flattening out a little bit in in here the. MACD, is positive, although it is coming down and we're, getting the CTM. You. Know it broke into this green area which would be an uptrend, it's, faded a little bit but to, me this almost looks like a consolidation. Pattern, here right. So. I, mean that bullish, cross folks, is pretty awesome of the 13, hour. Moving average crossing above the 20. Hour moving average that is pretty awesome the Sophie AI indicator, also says that the market is currently, fairly. Valued if. It said the market was overbought I think we'd have to be more cautious if the, market was oversold, well that would be sweet and we don't have that we have a fairly, valued, market, which, is kind of right in the middle of an overbought and oversold market. So. Taking. Into account everything. Folks, I mean I'm actually a little bit more bullish, on the market this week because of this moving average cross I mean I assume. That this moving average cross is suddenly going to fail right. Now granted. And exogenous. Event. Comes along something. With a trade war maybe. The 10-year yield keeps running up we. Have you know the the yield, curve flatten further spooks, markets. Russia. Strikes back in. Syria. The, actors. That stage the last gas. Syria. Attack. Decide, to do it again. To try to draw in the, US the, UK and France to try to draw us in and do, more military, strikes, I mean, all of these things these big worrisome, things could hit the markets folks and then. Quickly, tank. Things I mean you you have to accept the fact that we're in a different market than we were prior. To January. Of this, year, it. Was Trump, so good for the market all but tax cuts he's gonna be good for business and you know on.

And, On and on and this year it's all about more, trade wars and the. Negative impacts that it's going to have on Wall Street this year it's more about the Fed hiking, rates and the. Yield curve going flat. So. It's a very, different. Market and so you can't expect this market to go into an uptrend I don't know what this bullish cross means the, last time the bullish cross meant that we, were good for what 1 2, 3. 4. 5, days and then it topped out so. This. Could suggest that we get a. A better. Week next. Week with. With a run-up, here and maybe to come back and test you, know this, 2715. Area, hi that, could be what this signals. So. Looking at this chart I'm gonna give a slight, advantage to. The bulls equity. Put/call, ratio flatlining. Still. Somewhat, elevated. This. Favors the Bears, QQQ. It's come up and it's testing. Its. 50-day. Moving average line until. We get some resolution off, that 50-day moving average line and really the. Parabolic, SAR. Resistance. Level, I think, you have to stay out of this marking up stay on the sidelines and the safety of cash the reason is that we're, back at the exact, same lows that we were back at in February. This markets gone nowhere. That's. Something very different than we've seen in previous. Markets. Folks you, know where where, you have just a sidelines rated, market, very. Different, that we would go on for this many months and get as sidelines, rating. So, that tells you that something is going on the institutions, are not in there buying. The. Large players are not in there buying yet they're waiting, they're cautious. Interest. Rates are rising as, the Fed, moves. To combat, inflation. But, more, so than combating, inflation, I believe that the Fed is hiking rates just. So that they have ammo to, lower rates when. The next recession. Hits so. That's very different than previous rate, hike cycles, where things. Were going really gangbuster. Things were really hot and the Fed was hiking rates to cool things off we don't have that inflation, is not that much of a problem right, now now tariffs, could change the inflationary, picture but again your hiking rates, to. Combat. Inflation and. Is, it demand-pull. Inflation, or, is, it cost-push, inflation I. Would. Think that it's cost-push, that. The tariffs. Are raising. Prices and the prices are being raised up not from consumer. Demand. Which would be more bullish for the market but. Instead because costs, are rising. Because. We're no longer getting cheap goods from, China, getting, cheap. Manufacturing. Labor from China and then ups and then marking, up the price and selling it here into this market, instead, we have to produce, those, products, here in this country and while, that's good for jobs that's, gonna raise the price of everything, so, the prices are going up not because demand. Is increasing from consumers, the prices, are going up because the costs, are increasing. So. That's a much more bearish. Picture. Of rising. Inflation, that we're seeing. So. What the feds gonna be hiking rates to counter. Cost-push. Inflation. Just. So that they have ammo, for. The next downturn. Yeah. That's good in really well and so, I think you have this very cautious.

Market, This very sideways, market while, all of this is going on, so. If if, the institutional, traders were cautious, we, need to be cautious to tighten. Up your stops tighten. Up your profit, goals go for a quick 1 2 percent 3 percent profit, and then jump out quick those. Who are in my premium service, don't wait for me to give the sell signal if you buy and you're up them sell, and take some profits. The. Russell 2000, is a little. Bit more bullish, than the. Other major indices, because it's actually above its 50-day moving average and it's bouncing, off of it and it hasn't broken underneath, it yet, granted. We are operating, underneath a parabolic SAR sell signal like the other major, indices, but this this. Is following, its 50-day, moving average up, if the, Russell 2000 can stay above its 50-day moving average and then start to lift off of it that would definitely be bullish, for the market folks so. Because. We're in close to such close proximity to, the 50-day moving average I'm not gonna you. Know trust that we won't break underneath, I'm. Not gonna trust that will bounce up we just don't know it's too close to the 50 moving average so let's, wait for resolution, of the 50-day moving average. This. Market gets a sidelines, rating, us. Home. Construction. ETF. Looks. Extremely. Weak folks for all the good news and hype about homes why. Is the home construction ETF. So. Blah. I mean, you, know ever since the January, plunge. And since February, this markets just done what other major indices, have done it's, done nothing but go sideways, so. This is once, again we've got this sideways market. The. 50-day moving average is dangerously, close to the 200-day moving average, and we could get a bearish, cross. The. MACD, run at the zero line no signal, sideways. Rating. Bulls. And bears are too evenly matched no signal, socks. Bounced, up above. Its 200-day, moving average, but then it fell back, down. To. It on Friday the pair of the. PPO. Is negative. Socks. Is way underneath it's a 50-day moving average line operating, underneath a parabolic SAR sell signal, is, chart favors the Bears the. Dow transports. Volume advanced. Decline. Chart its falling back down to test its parabolic, SAR support.

Level No, signal, the, Nasdaq advanced. Declines. Issues, is operating underneath a parabolic SAR sell. Signal, giant. Sideways, pattern no. Signal, SNP. 500 advanced, decline percent chart. Just. Like last week this chart was a bit more bullish, of our. Market. Breath charts. You. Can see that we're offering underneath, a parabolic SAR buy signal, still. Holding up here very well we've. Got a, series. Of higher. Lows, that. Have, been put in here since the February plunge. The. Rest of the major indices, and charts, that we're looking at would be down in here right it would be going, sideways from, February, well clearly were up here. So. You've got this very, gradual. Sort. Of upward. Slant. To, this chart so. I give a slight advantage to, the pulse, XLF. Big. Disappointment. From what analysts, were saying everybody. Was wrong didn't. Pan out things. Were going gangbusters in, January. And then, you have the big plunge. And just like most of our major indices, I mean, we're down at this level here folks, okay. We've, gone absolutely nowhere since, early February but, in a rising rates environment. The feds hiked rates then you would think that at. Least everybody was saying that bank stocks were good and bank stocks were gonna go up because they make their money from loans well, that's, not happening and the money flow is also. Negative, and the, PPO, looks, like it's headed, down although. It is still, positive. Sideways. Chart. Does, not favor either the bulls or the Bears S&P. Retail. ETF, we've. Got a parabolic. SAR. By signal, on Friday. But, the last time we got a parabolic, SAR by signal. This. Market really didn't do much right. It had the big signal, day but. Then it really went sideways. Right. We. Are above the 50-day moving average though so that's polish the turn day moving average is still signing up that's bullish. The. True. Strength index, is rising, it looks actually stronger, than the S&P 500, we've, actually broken above the zero line but, still it's so, weak. Folks, I. Mean. How do we know that this, is not a. Resistance. Level or maybe, this, or maybe, this. Right. There's a lot of resistance. Levels coming up that this would have to clear folks. This has a slight, bullish, feel to it but. Until we clear. The. 4650. Resistance. Level I think, we have to give it this chart a sidelines. Sideways. Rating, the ten-year yields had. A big, surge. This last week so, this turned out to be like this gigantic. Flag. Like, pattern, and then we got the breakout and we, ran all the way up boom now we've pulled back a little bit you could see what happened is that when we ran up here. The. 10-year, yield went up and the. S&P, 500 went, down I mean clearly you can see what's going on that this 10, a yield rate is now worrying traders. Were back in here it wasn't, so much boring. Traders, it was at 10-year, Treasury, yield what was at a low enough level and, rising, so, that the S&P 500, was able to rise to well, that relationship. Is currently has clearly, ended, because, the 10-year yield has risen so much, so. This chart gives, a slight, advantage to, the Bears for. The week money. Came, out of both stocks, and bonds. Barely. Out of stocks but but, it did slight. Advantage to the Bears looking. At biotechs. IBB, very. Dismal. Performance. Coming. From biotechs, here, is our. February. Early February, low and we. Actually are, underneath, that level that's pretty, shocking folks, okay that's. Pretty shocking. We're. Way underneath the turn day moving average the 50-day, moving average, looks, poised to do a burial. Cross and break underneath, the 200-day, moving average, money. Flow negative, PPO. Slightly. Positive. That. Would that would be bullish, this, is bearish, this, price action is clearly bearish.

IBB. Gives a slight advantage to, the Bears looking. At countries. Currencies, and the currency, war. Over. The last week the, u.s. once again is losing, in the currency wars, okay. Our currency is up, 1.3. 1%. And. Everybody. Else is down nowadays this could be a relative. To. How. Weak their currencies, are and their their stimulus plans, but nevertheless and, the currency wars were, currently, losing, the. Country that did the best in the currency wars last week was, the, UK. Via. Their British Pound this, gray line here, so, the fact that the, US were losing in the currency wars again this. Favors the Bears pivots. On the russell 2000, the russell 2000, is barely holding above its pivot level that, favors the bulls S&P, high low index red falling. Favors, the bears S&P. % of stocks but the fitzy moving average with our EMA envelope lines, to, bub the EMA envelope, lines this. Chart gives a slight advantage to, the Bulls the. P/e. Ratio. Of the, sp500, has. Fallen to twenty. Four point zero two, that's. The lowest level since, June. Of. 2017. The. Weaker performance, from the sp500, and, rising, earnings, is what's, pushed the p/e down, some, the, top-performing sector. Last week was utilities. Which. Is this white line, the. Worst-performing, was. The financial. Sector, which is this orange line. Technology. The green line was the next performer. Utilities. Defensive. Sector. Chart. Favors the Bears our. High beta to, low volatility, ratio chart, we're, currently operating, underneath a this. Downward move here as seen by the zigzag, overlay. This. Downward move. Favors. The, Bears it means that low, volatility, stocks, are outperforming. High. Beta stocks and that's, a risk off market. The. S&P 500 with, a PPO, the PPO is right at zero no signal, the. VIX, chopping. Out sideways. Really. Close. To the 50-day moving average. It's. Seems. To be forming like a base in here. No. Signal. Looking. At the VIX, one-hour. Chart, with, our 13. Hour 30. Hour and 200, hour moving average lines, we're. Currently operating, underneath. A bearish. Cross. This. Gives a slight advantage, to. The Bulls, VIX. Midterm, futures, chopping, out sideways no, signal, folks. My rating for total. Is. Sidelines. The, markets currently, fairly. Valued. So. We do have the clear for. Swing, long trades, but. With the sideways, chop, out market, you. Need to get those profits, quick and jump. Out and into, the safety of cash, all right you guys thanks, for listening love, you and talk, with you soon. You. You.

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