Step by Step Checklist on How To Get Started with Online Duplication: Simon Says Ep. 1

Step by Step Checklist on How To Get Started with Online Duplication: Simon Says Ep. 1

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Hey. This is Simon Chan and my purpose-driven, life is, tough a positive, impact as many lives as possible and you're, watching Simon. Says. Hey. This is Simon Chan and welcome to Simon, Says the, online, duplication. Show where, you gonna build a successful business, online. Hey. You've. Got your questions and I've, got your answer and in this show I want, to help you how to track, online. Recruit, online and duplicate. Online as you go through the ten stages of online duplication, hey so for those who don't know me my name is Simon Chan I got, started and that will mark in 2003, I read a book go Rich Dad Poor Dad that, told me hey I need to start a business and, I didn't know what but through his book I read another book cash flow quadrant that, talked about network marketing and I. Didn't. Know what type of business right now was was Network rocking really it and that that's the same time I read a book of Purpose Driven Life where I realized God's purpose, for, me was to have a positive impact as many lives as possible that. More study network marketing I realized, hey this is business not about recruiting it for yourself or financial. Freedom is really if you want to get duplication, leveraged. And residual, income it's, about helping others so that's what attracted, me to the business. Believe. It or not no one approached me I knew, I was gonna do network marketing research. A bunch of companies put, that company name on Google this, website, came up I caught a guy and signed up with that guy and that, was in November 2003, and I was. Like immediately. Realize the power of online because. That guy I joined them because of what he even approached me and then was after that real so network rock is actually kind of hard to get people to join right. But I think a lot, of people out there looking for opportunities, that's what I realized, online, was really important and throughout. I built, for you know 10 years basically. Three major breakthroughs, authoring was using online duplication, strategies, one, was building the u.s. outside the LA area because that's where I live and then second was when we spanned the Malaysia of Philippines or using, online duplication, strategies, now, and this show I plan, to, help. You use, exact strategy, not only what I did but what's working right now you. Know in 2013, I had a different, purpose I decided I want to have a positive impact I realized God blessed me the ability to really be, a coaching, trainer so I went and do coaching training full-time yeah, I still have my million dollar business that pays me residual, income by winter forth. Time being a coaching trainer and then many of you know me in. 2015. We, started, em on nation podcast, which has been I'm super, thankful for you would listen to it the number one network marketing podcast, in. The world am I on nation and then for 2018. With a we gotta step out my game you know we just to give back in one way can we even make a bigger impact and that's what we came up with Simon Says really. Strategies, are buying used to create, a seven-figure, business and what's also working right now so. Let's, go to the show and eat shellfish is something funny and but, I want, to share, um. Some. Of my friends they'll be part of the show ready so here's some of my friends. I. Got a bus them out and show them so, we've got here. Okay. So. We have and each. One of these who talk about success, is about, what it's about becoming. Right, you, gotta be that, leader you've all heard ups you gotta, be that leader be before, you become and so. While. We're teaching online, duplication. That, the. Platforms. May be different, the things you use may be different but the principles. Of network marketing hasn't, changed it's, the same principles, but just using new tools you could be using like the faceball you know LinkedIn LinkedIn you know Instagram, wherever, you know Twitter, snapchat whatever, it is but, the principle is in the psychology, is the same and we'll go back to so I'm gonna talk about some prospects and come be and become some. Of my friends here the first one we have Wonder. Woman Oh, Wonder. Woman right Wonder Woman is the leader, mo. I'm leader we give weeper, up here that's Wonder, Woman right, there now for, the men you. Know. If you try new business you might as well give up you're not gonna make it make, it happen we, all want to be the leader like Yoda okay Yoda is that leader Yoda. You go back into your cave right there and. Um. Now. Those. Are the leaders. Worse. Do we have we, have needy.

Nelly, Nene. Nelly. Maybe, some of you need to know gosh you're. Desperate for people to join can you please join me okay please watch this video needy, Nellie, mm-hmm. That's no posture, don't want any needy Nellie's here okay no needy Nellie. Next. Is who, else do we have our friends here we, have now we. Have neither Nellie for, guys you. Got desperate, Duncan. Desperate. Duncan, are you so desperate then you have no friends left okay. Don't, be a desperate dumb because I'm posture, treat people respect no people don't have a problem with network marketing people. Have a problem with network marketers, and. We're, gonna toggle up out in the show but what you're posting online stuff. You put my facebook how you messaging people don't, be, a desperate, Duncan okay that's for Duncan go sit back here go. Stand back here there we. Have a couple of people up now we have a common. Question I ask is my, downloads, are sleeping, how do i wake them up how, do I motivate them, how. Many have a downline like that that is out. You. Want to wake them up wake up zombie say. You. Know what remember. This it's easy to give birth than to revive the dead zombies, ain't so zombie, Zayn's down lines we don't do much uncoachable let. Them be their, happy beings on bees let them be so zombies ain't go back to your bed stay, there and last, we have to prosper, when Chile were, supposed, to have two other friends, first. Of all never shows she's, prospect. Priscilla nice. Prospect, right, treat, her nice she. Says no don't be a needy Nellie I'm. Not interested in us no good time please join please join it's like no please, join please join no and she disappears, and they're like what, happened to my prospects. So. Don't be Dunedin Ellie okay, and then we also have another guy that he, is a prospect. Paul but, he didn't, show up believe, it not he's supposed to be on the first show and he's, late, seriously. Late okay. Um why. First. Show of something says wise I don't, know why so it's just like Jim Rohn told me don't, take that class. In a later episode he, will arrive in time but there we go think of the prospects you want to be the one woman to Yoda you have, good prospects, you don't be needing Nellie desperate, Duncan or, zombie. Saying okay, alright, so those. Are some of our friends the reason I want to point, that out is if you're teaching a lot of times visuals, are much, easier to teach than just talking about it okay every time you think about needy desperate or your.

Prospect Says no to you and you feel bad just ask yourself are you need to nail your desperate desperate, Duncan. Visuals. That's one of the things that helped me out always what you visualize that's, another concept we're gonna talk a lot about on the shelf alright, so before we go to the question so this show, everyone I just asked you a question we got one more thing we got the joke, of the day. So. There's a distributor, I was. At the stripper that. New. Disturbers, they're just joined he's excited, but. He's not coachable, he's. Excited he's not coachable so he wants to have us he, goes out there rents this office, in downtown, because. She's got this miracle product of a great pay plan everyone's, gonna join and, this. Up I said you got to talk to you know make your list go out to your Facebook, meet some friends now every, is gonna join so he opens, a store and he's sitting there he has a nicely decorated, first. And first, day nothing. Second ain't nothing it's up I said you gotta do the DMO, you, got do the IPAs, income-producing activities. No, no, no everyone's gonna come and join just watch and see so. He's waiting there third. Day finally. Someone comes in I, said. Wow cuz. I'm so sad I was sherry someone wants to join time left goodbye but. He said we you remember the one thing can remember from his up wines like you gotta have posture, if you want to be a desperate Duncan and needy Nelly you got posture, right so you can't be too eager don't, act really wanted enjoy so, you got act busy so, second well I'm gonna be busy I'm gonna work he, picked up his phone and, he's a phone there start making, talking. To imaginary, prospect, and he's talking about how great, the business, is how the life now he's got a nice apartment alive, that's awesome the miracle, product, he talks on and off for 15-20, minutes and that guy. Out there is a Queens who kills I think wouldn't even be off his phone to, finally here hangs up and goes and he's like excited, this guy's about to join a business he's okay so, sir how can I help you, and. The guys say. I'm. Sorry I'm, the telephone repairman I'm supposing, a story or phone service. So. There you go hahaha, okay I don't if you like that or not but, hey there's. A lot of lessons there working, on your IPAs never, do a storefront that, was a really tough to make and don't. Be that guy make, tough calls okay, make, the cost work on the DMOS and we're gonna talk about that so um, let's, go to the question, of the, day so, let's bring it on what is the question of the day. Angela. From Atlanta, Georgia asks, I want, to get started with online duplication. And build a successful MLM, business, online what. Are the first things I must do so, that I gonna attract prospects, online recruit. Reps and duplicate. Online all, right good question. So how do you, get started it with online, duplication. How did it get started, alright, so.

You're. New or you maybe you've. Done, it the old way you see what these leaders. Rockin it or maybe. You're stuck how do you get started online duplication, so, I'm, gonna give you a couple steps here. How. Do you get started, um the first thing before you get started with anything. Number one is. You. Make that decision, make decision. And. Visualize, it's, important concept, goes back to the book by the way you all gotta read this book Think. And Grow Rich it's, like the most read book by all entrepreneur, thinking Girish remember. Knows is that doing, courage first, at the thick encouraged. Things. Always happened two times first, in the mind and then in reality so, you have to make that decision you, are going to crush, it with. Our wine duplication, and, you watch this show every, episode are we gonna do three times a week you're gonna crush it and pie. Right you can make that decision and visualize, make. The decision and visualize. And. Think. About every day there's some of you for office this is what then does not mean does that mean like oh I'm not good at Facebook I'm not good online you, may not be good before but doesn't mean you're not gonna be good the future right, the past is history, yesterday's, history today. Is a mystery and tomorrow, is your legacy. Focus. On your legacy you, won't be an awesome i'll i duplicated or recruit tons of reps and duplicate online so you gotta make that decision I'm gonna do it I've go all out because, we've had that decision, if I'm gonna try, like Yoda says do or do not let's know try right, you you are going to go you're not gonna be successful so make that decision go oh I um, a couple, of things without I, would've, you never even asking this question you probably haven't, done much online. Yet, is I, would. Update your, Facebook profile, real quick a big. Facebook profile, now I'm, should I do Instagram, or, I should your Facebook, which one do what's you, know I wouldn't just give you Facebook Facebook, but do what's what. Fits for you perfectly, I think a lot of distributors they, mess up because they tried their Facebook here I want your snapchat I'm gonna do instrum do everything, and they all turn out the piece of a crap right to. Focus on one thing what. You what. Easy for, you will do what's easy and simple for you to do so Facebook simpler just work and crush it on Facebook first before, you go on the other platform it takes a lot of resources, and turn my time to do two to. Do it well so but you can do if you do it a little bit each day so just, update, your Facebook, profile and I'll see quickly. Quickly. Okay. Not spending, days, out. Days, weeks. Months, on it quickly, meaning, like what. 5-10, minutes a day okay. 5-10, minutes a day updating. Your Facebook profile. Now that what you know you want to do on one day great, do it in one day or five 10 minutes a day so some of the things you, can do is number one remove. Remove. Or references. To your company, remove. Company. References. Why. Because. We. Live in age was a very very smart guy that knows everything, about in the world and, his. Name starts of a G. Goog. Ie Google. So. People, and even though your company you attract I'll see what our gonna do a little Google the company and then think about it if you go to your company how much time are we gonna spend, how. Much time they're gonna spend. Looking. At a company web. Page. Minute. Probably. Not 10. Seconds, 5 is probably gonna be 5 10 seconds they click like maybe 20, seconds maybe, you're lucky and then you click off and they feel they know it all right. So that, you know the recruiting. Process we attract. And recruit online you want to create a some type of conversation, you could be a messenger, off phone but you want to create some type of conversation, and if, you have your company there's no curiosity and, instantly, you want to increase, curiosity. Decrease. Resistance if. You put your company just say you're selling vitamins, instantly, think God you must you invite your vitamin salesman you invited you peddling vitamins on your. Skincare selling skincare act so remove. Accompany, their, references. Okay no but you update, your cover photo I see. A lot of bad, cover photos out there uh you, know cover foods with nothing, or blurry, images, or these. You. Know what type of impression. Are you giving out so great tool you can use is canva. Canv. Al. Pepin in canva. Ok. Canvas, en VA and this. Great tool where you can use you, get free images and they will create the images in the Facebook specifications. As well ok automatically, for you so your cover photo you've got update that now you want span camera maybe spend don't, spend you. Know you're, not making like the Mona, Lisa piece of art here you're just, making something decent spend, 10 15 minutes no more then I put some images up just get this is getting started now you can always go back and refine it later, number three is your.

Profile, Pic. Right. Get a decent profile pic. Nowadays. With the new iPhones and smartphones you, can use a selfie, camera to get a good profile, pic but, it's clear and makes you look like, someone that people want to do business with number. And someone that they trust, as well, update. Your, work I've. Seen a lot of profiles, where they, don't have any work information, right. People, only join you if they know you like. You trust you just like in the offline world same, in online even. More importantly when doing online duplication. The only join if you know you like to trust you on their Facebook profile I know searching me too please do they know you are. Your father your mother are, your grandparents. Are you young, are you saying oh do they know you do they like you and do. They trust you right so this information we get them allow you to know you more before that conversation, is even. It even starts, no. No you can update your, school. Okay. School is important, too because people from similar schools connect better right. Where you live where you're from, to, where you were you born. Right. Because people feel connection, with people who born in the same place from the same place so for example I'm you know I live in Los Angeles but, grew up in Brooklyn New York anyone, from Brooklyn New York Manhattan, especially Brooklyn. New York instant, connection you know I feel like you, know we're kindred spirits right you know what I'm talking about people you haven't seen a long time or strangers, and this is especially true of haven't got an application and, you have happened, to have someone else that from the same city from real from right, even though you know you probably never see each other again you feel connection, boosts you're from the same place so. When you're born where you live and then put, three, or five pictures. About. Yourself pictures. Of you. Or. Your family. But. People only join, if they know you like, you trust you so. Put. Pictures pictures, is the way you know pictures worth a thousand words right so put them up there now I said, you only spending five ten minutes a day on this because, you can I don't want you spending hours, and not working. On well. I will talk about next to income producing activities, okay so you're gonna spend three to five myth 3, to 5 5. To 10 minutes put 3 to 5 pictures of your family as well not everyday just get them up and maybe you can add them on every. Single day so, I'm mixing we're talking about your daily, method. Of operation, DMO for our life that's why I don't want you spend too much time here what, I'm gonna show, you next, that's where you can spend the most of your day on ok so, let's. Erase this. DMO. Stands, for baby massive operation, just, like you know every, kid that goes to McDonald's, that works there a teenager they, immediately know the second they go that what they need to do but, it's a checklist, and this is your daily checklist so, this is your DML, and. I'm gonna keep it simple for you it is three five, five five, three see nice and symmetrical. For you okay three five five five three so first three, stands. For. Content. You're, gonna create. Three. Pieces of content a day now. You make Wow three a day is that necessary if. You want to crush it yes know what brush it maybe one or two still good but I want, you to aim for three, pieces of content okay, and three. Piece of content there's a three basic, types of content that really. Gets. People to share the follow like you has to be something inspires. Educates. And. Entertains. Okay. Inspires, educates.

And Entertains, so, what. Inspires, educate, entertain to the next question right so here's, the easiest, type of content, you can do is something. That teaches. Teachers. Or. Helps. Someone. So you can and we would talk more about this in the later episodes my Facebook groups so if I, was, building. The business I would join what type of Facebook groups out join our joint group said my passion, so for example I'm in. Literally. Baseball well my son right I would I'm very into base was a parent very involved I'll go join groups and now help teach any information. Any tips I'll teach, in their group okay, that's instantly, makes you an authority you're building easy to make friends that way so what type of content you teaching he should help and you could do that in the morning you just in the morning whatever groups you in go and their provide some value this is really providing, value. Okay. You teaching and help this one is. You. Are going to share. Part. Of a you, can share part of your journey right share your journey. And. Include, your vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities. Very important so it's something that you not, good at or you weren't good at but you've overcome, you've grown to be, different so, an example of that could be I see shit I was very very shy and introverted and a, lot self-esteem, issues, because English is my third language and. I speak fast, I have a Brooklyn accent a lisp and have, a low self-esteem and through, networking through consistency. That, I actually worked at it but I still remember my first training, I ever did only, invited. 30, mi dowling. Yeah. I mean Dallas 2530, people but only five. People showed up right. And at the end of the call only one person said something because I spoke so fast no one understood anything, alright I'll share that I'll share that so that is something that people. Get inspired one. Two. Things number one if. If. You kind of croco screwed up like the way I spoke, very fast I'll shy introverted, low self-esteem people. Still get inspired of that because look two reasons number one is. You. Are still working at it you're, doing something right.

The Fact that you knit that you're messed, up you have a problem but you're still working at it that's inspiring, for people to see that, another. Thing is if you've overcome. It ov you got him better we are that's even more inspiring. Right. So. I'll give you an example, specific. Another example, here just say weight. Loss so, just say you're overweight, and you're. Tired of it and you wanna do something about it because you've your company's products, that. Is inspiring, cuz don't what number would you emitted your problem, and number think you're actually going doing something about it just like every day you're posting something about it you posting it I hate exercise if I'm still doing it it's, inspiring, for people who say know that this, is weakness I'm screwed up I'm student doing something about it now. Once you have the weight loss you show the before, and after that is even more inspiring right people crap again attracts, curiosity. And decreases, our resistance and. You're. Not a sales person anymore because sales people everything, was great here you're not great you show that you were screwed up so this is content, that's very very popular and gets a lot of traction engagement. Number. Three the third type of content is something, that's inspire inspiring. Directly. Inspirational. So this one's indirect, this directly inspirational. It could be just posting an image quote. Okay. A very popular, post something that you learned that inspires you spiration. So, there you go okay three types of content soon and what. You can do is one. In the morning would an afternoon one an evening preferably. One of these should be a facebook life okay, that would really helping out one of them should be a Facebook client now the next one five okay. Five, is you, gonna invite five, friends a day invite. Five people, to look at, our, presentation, okay. Five people that means it's, not convincing to join invite to be simple as hey I'm rude working or something really excited would you be interested to take a look at it person. Says no great. Invite. Could be messaging, my old friend a we haven't talked in years I'm working something exciting, I lost weight I'm in the passion, too right now to help others have a better. Health would you be interested in learning what I do know. Great let's do you want to reach out to five people and focus. On the activity. And not on the result okay five next, five first, five is as you meet five friends. Okay. You meet five friends okay, five friends go out the Facebook groups in my five meet five friends okay, five friends online every, day if you're acting my facebook you're doing providing, value, you go to different groups look at many interests where do you like to run you like to knit you like to cook go to join different groups need five friends, and then invite, five to, take a look at the business next, five is five. Follow ups, you. Will follow up with five people you have anybody you talk to you these are people maybe you send a video out to or people like you invited, six months ago a year ago you, touch base to see whether they're open to taking a look again next. One three is sent. Three people to a video. Right. Or to, a three-way, call basically three people to see a presentation. So. Three five five five three right, if you, do that, you. Are gonna rock it in your business that's, so this is and. This is what you need to do right, so I'm gonna highlight, these with different colors you can see them number three three, is to create content five. Is to, meet, five friends. Invite. Five people followed, by five and send, three people do video I have three P look at a presentation, you, noticed, I didn't say about getting, results because if you do this you will get results, now. How. Do I get three, people if you're starting for day one, you mean that get three people to see a video but. Don't worry you do it for two three days you keep meeting friends you're gonna have tons of people to follow up and for people to send a video and if, you want to be top early know one of the things we I did top, earners do is every. Day with a consistent, schedule at different pockets of time where, we are working to hit these numbers 3. 5 5 5 3 that's, right before while sharing about we're, updating your profile I tell you don't spend too much time on it because if, you do you're not gonna have time, to do this make, sure you do this and fit in it and if you feel like you don't have time you, definitely have, time. It's. Your lack of time management which, you need not the lack of time so they have it this is why we do to get started with. Online duplication.

Make Sure you focus on the, DMO, thanks. Again for watching Simon, Says we get to track online recruit, online and duplicate, online, Hey we broadcast three, times a week every Tuesday Thursday Sunday. So see you on the next episode but, now is over to you how's. Your turn you got a question, I've got, pure answer, just go to mo nation calm you can submit your question, I look, forward to see you on the next show yeah thanks for watching and remember, we're. In the profession, to help others so go out there, impact. Someone's, life today god, bless you.

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