Stellar Lumens BREAKOUT (XLM) Dec 6 2017 ⭐ BK Crypto Trader Technical Analysis | Earn Free Bitcoin

Stellar Lumens BREAKOUT (XLM) Dec 6 2017 ⭐ BK Crypto Trader Technical Analysis | Earn Free Bitcoin

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Oh s--- a Bitcoin. The crystal, crypto, is your boy BK and if you're like me you, must not like money thank, you for joining me everybody it's December. 6 as you, know. Bitcoin. Is pushing. All-time. Highs. Right. There at twelve. Thousand. Eight, hundred. Fifty, six dollars you. Know me Marcus. They open seven days a week so. Every time I speak. I'm. Trying to bring my crypto, profits, on, fleek, I don't. Even know if that works is, that how it work hopefully, can I get profit, can can the profits be on fleek. Is. Your first time congratulations. Baby you are now rocking with the best my, name is became my friends know me as the crypto, trader and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out again. If there's no first time tuning in you, are officially. A part, of history. We are syndicated. Ladies and gentlemen live broadcast. And live stream in facebook, live 17,000. People YouTube. 18,000. People Twitter. 6,000. People, the boy is building, an empire brick, by brick and I thank you but, joining me every. Date my grace this microphone will my voice is another day you get to profit, as a result, and, today. Is no exception so. With that being said we're gonna get straight into our, Facebook, community right. Now if, you've never been come, check it out the doors are always open it's called the number one Bitcoin group in the world where. 17,000. Of my best friends come together seven, days a week, to help each other stay, empowered. And in profit. When it comes to this cryptocurrency, shout. Out the Miss Barbara and in - ICO shout out to my man with the with the bore a class is over there looking like you, know a tourist over there in France what is that the French flag behind I don't even know yo say and they say it money don't sleep over, there over their own own own Oh quick. Krypto. Some yet. Who. Else we got who else we got ah. That's. My auntie shout out the missed hemorrhoid, and a. Big film. There. You go it's, all family here we are family Young's, in in in. Bkbk. Low-. Woods, so. Again number one bitcoin group in the world type it in doors are always open let's go ahead and get somebody. Paid, right, now all, you needed to do is share, this, link. Right there at the top and if you are seeing, this after, the fact and you want to try, to win some money tomorrow just, make sure you click the bell right up under to subscribe, window right there on youtube, or.

You Come in on facebook and. You. Know you would come come come try to win money tomorrow i give away money every single time i come on the air. So. Here we go let's, pick, somebody. Yes. And I am giving away some free. E/b. Reom. So. Here we go there's. Make sure we got everybody, loaded up. Go. Front, back. Side. The side. That. It we, had to have morning now. Here. We go. Make. Sure last time it took a couple seconds to like a little bit. Hmm. All. Right, yeah. Yeah. If, you have privacy settings, again make sure when. You do these contests. You, just turn, them off real quick so I can you. Know see, everybody. But, that's cool here. We go let's just do a random number I'm pick number eight from the top one two three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. BAM, my, man big blade, bringing. It home. Right. Here you are our, winner of the. Day oh man. Now I loaded everybody up. So. What. We'll do like we'll, keep you as a winner and we'll just do two winners today. We'll. Keep you guys winter Blake cuz I don't wanna you know I'm saying I'll, just do two up make. Sure everybody load it up up in here okay there we go. That's. Better. We. Just had to pull them. And. Then with a 12-6. A 1 plus 2 plus 1 plus, 2. 3. Plus 6 is 9. So. Let's go with nine from about one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight I, am. Like. What I, saw, that just maybe universe want to do the way of Blake so go ahead and shoot me your aetherium wallet, and I will. Send you a couple bucks. ETH, I was talking my appreciation, thanks for joining us again everybody. I give, away a little. Bit a little bit of crypto, severy. Time i come on in here so make sure you subscribe, come. In to our Facebook, group the, doors are always, open. In. Addition to that I do have, a, page. On trading, view BT, Kelly 1203. A link, is in the description, for everybody, on a, human. Facebook, live, that's. The link right there, let's. See, oh I see you Blake there you go BAM, yeah, so make sure you don't shoot me a message I got you. Come, on the double whammy right, and so one of the things I try to do is like once once a week usually, I. Post, a chart that I just think is a setting. Up to be a really really nice breakout. Right. Sometimes. The energy is just really clean and I can you. Know kind of see how different. Things are happening behind, the scenes and ultimately, hopefully allow, you guys. To see. That information as well and be able to profit from it so this was a chart I put up back November. 14th. Where, I said the drought is over. It's, L M stellar. You. Know stellar. Lumens will be illuminated. By the Sun for a nice break out here in the near future and on, the fifth cycle see it was one two three. Four, on. The. Fifth cycle BK. Said let. There be profits and the, sky opened and the, green candles, followed and this. Was good I. Made. This chart guys no joke on November. 14 and, I put like the little Sun with its rays, of energy and, you can see BAM, hit. Him over the head with it. Autumn. Green candles, that bout all that. Money, that, came raining, from the crypto heavens down. Into our the, humble population, and we. Received, it greatly, so. Here you go stellar was a legit. It was setting up for a long time I'm glad it finally turned around hopefully you were able to make some money from it and so. Now, with. Today's. Video I want to try to show you guys how. We maximize, that run and how we you, know look at the market and a real-world scenario. And, how, do we how do we you know, protect. Our money you, don't want to give it back to the market now we just made a hundred seven percent you, know I made this video back here when this. Thing was a few pennies right, for fifty I think it was right now, it's up you know 1200. 1300 so, that's. What we're gonna do on today's video let me go ahead and get that get that turtle thumbs up tell us pretty good charge yet yeah, so, yeah BT Kelly 1203, on, trading. View in addition to that I do uh speak a little bit about some, of the other coins that I do really like on. The new vlog that, I have um it's, called BK and Cole, if. You're, new, to, our, community and you haven't seen it yet just. Click that link right there and check it out she you, know I think one, of the people said that it. Was. One coin I talked about in particular on our. Walk through woods. Happy birthday Bitcoin I won't tell you which one it is now but it's one chart that I think is set up probably to break out more, than stellar just fiood, and. It's. Gonna be doing pretty amazing, things and that was actually my favorite coin that I mentioned, on this, video number five right there. So. Check. That out if that's something that interests you again BK, and cold. Just giving, you more resources and reference to hopefully, help you make some, money so, this is what we're gonna do guys we're gonna go straight into these, charts, right, now again. My name on trading, view BD, Kelly. 1203. And. The method, that we're using is called. The boss method. This thing is, patented, intellectual, property, that I designed, exclusively for.

The. Benefit of society so, if you are profit-seeking, entity, you. Do not will not ever have my express written, consent to. Use it if you are a person use it and use it abundantly, it works quite well it. Allows you to buy back your freedom and make, some, money in the process. It's called the boss method, -. Simple simple simple rules to, set, two moving averages simple, moving averages a, seven. And a seventy seven the seven is white and the. 77, is blue and, when, that white goes above the blue. You. Know what to do and that's by because. This thing is ready to run when it goes below it get, out sell it you, know get out of Dodge the. Candle. That we use is a 343. Again. It's all fractal harmonic, so it had seven times seven times seven but, if you don't have a paid. Account then, you can easily, use a four-hour, candle, that works as well, right. So again try to be calm, 1777. White and blue for. Our candle, and you. Will that's all you really need to make money right. So. Let's check out what this thing looks like on, a long scale, look. At that, that, is pretty beautiful. I. Really. Don't care, specifically. About what just happened here, in the, past two days right. It just made of a bunch of money what. I want to show you guys is, you. Know. The opportunity, of these altcoins. This. Was your buy single, right there white. Above the blue. What. Price was that at. 488, Satoshi's. Right. Right. There 48. So. Now, this. Thing has, gone all. The way up look at where we're at now. 13:27. Right. Right there right, there no joke, how. Much money is that. That. Is a hundred and seventy, percent. Bitcoin. In two, weeks I am. I'm. Dancing, in my chair right now cuz, I got in back here. I'm. On a road this out of road is right all the, way to the top flop. Oh. That's. What we doing up top right now right. Okay. Okay, bring it back so. Now we've made this money locked it in huh. Now. We want, to protect it right, we don't want to give it back to the market and this is why people that say hold on for dear life, don't. Understand. Economics. What goes up must. Come. Down at some point if, it, ever want to keep going up right, just. Supply and demand basic economics, so it's much to our advantage especially, if you've been in it all the way back there if we. Roll this thing all the way on up it's, much, to our advantage to at least remove, a portion, of our. Holding up there, to, an intern, remove, the risk because. It's not about profit anymore because we made that we made 170. Percent in 13, days you, cannot show me a chart, where, that has been sustainable. At, this. Level in this market right, so. Right now we're gonna bet the only thing that we're betting is that, steller does what, every single coin before, it did forever, when. It broke out 130 percent in 14 days and that's. The. Goal now right. So. Again. If, you're in it and this is this. Is where we have, our different, psyches. Person, number one right. We'll color your line. Light. Blue. So. Person, number one got. In, early. You're. Gonna be light. Blue. And. Then you'll be able to see when, this chart comes out how to different, psychologies, come together. And. Then, you can decide which one works best for you, given, what, person you are so. If your person number one and you got in early, hmm I'll just like I'm, gonna leave that up there i'ma fade it out a little bit because I need, to be able to see but I was just leaving border up there like look at that money, hmm, a hundred, and thirty a hundred, and seventy, percent. So. Person. Number one, you. Got in early you made 100 plus percent good job highlights. Boy ha ha money, teen what's up and, now, that's what we're looking at right, so. Now we need to lock some of this money in, how. Do we do that, how. Do we do that. This. Is how it happens. Let's. Fake this out a little bit so it's not as harsh on the, ice. Right. First. Things first, somebody, in the chat earlier said, that it looks a bit overextended. They, were absolutely, right this thing is uh even. If we do white to blue that, spread, right there is almost 40% that's.

Not Natural you. Can go on any chart, any timeframe especially, on a. 343. Which is a four-hour candle. When. You get over 30%. Spray. It between that white and that blue that, thing has to come back down so, what uncomfortable. With I'm comfortable, selling, right now let, me let me look at the 21, and now, we jump down to the I'm comfortable selling just on that alone. Because. We've made a hundred, and seventy, percent and this. Thing already has built in a forty, percent correction, so. We can just take bed slide. It up to the top and that's probably gonna give us the level that we fall to. Which. Just happens to be. The. Double confirmation at the top right there and this, is gonna be the area to the chart where. The ceilings, become. The. Floor. You. See that, that's. That's that's that's that boss magic, right there you know I'm saying I'll teach that on Forex the he'll teach that in Wall Street that's that boss magic, where you just move a little bit of lines understand, how this energy flows and you're, able to to. Lock in a hundred, plus percent. Inside. Of one, trade right, so, what I expect, this thing to do right now over. The next, cycle. That's. Gonna be a strong floor for us it's, not gonna go there right away, but. I do believe, it will need to get there eventually, if we're. Gonna keep going up because remember when, when some when a chart goes up and this is kind of where that Elliot, waves thing, comes in right. But. That's what we measure already, just based off how, we do it I'm gonna jump down to a 77, maybe you know highlight. It a little bit better look at that look at that look at that look at that look at, that mmm, that's, pretty yeah. So we're selling up here and we're gonna buy back in down there even. If we don't touch, it for another month that's, okay because, we got in early, we made our money right. So for person, number one we'll, got in early.

We. Can sell it right now come. On clocking. In, you. Know a hundred seventy percent so. We sell it at, one three two. And. We've looked good buy. What is this 900 and. You just see what we did. Okay. That's. How that's, how you do it right, we bought it at 450, I bought, mine at 450, you guys mighta gotten around 500, I bought, it at 450, I'm, a lock it out at, 1320. And then. I'll buy some you know down. Here if. I get a little bit antsy I could, jump in up there. So. We can do that. Because. You see what's happening behind the scenes wherever, you see these cans candles, like make a little little, top at you. Know right. There right. There right there. That's. Basically, like. Resonance. In the turn that, that's not an accident that's not an anomaly that's, not you. Know uncertainty. It's, more or less the chart. Confirming. That that area is, significant. Right, so, and the exact same thing is happening now where, we're at right now right. So, as opposed, to gambling and, saying, we. Expect, this chart to break all to. Break all-time highs once again to. Defy logic and, market, market uncertainty, and, continue going up let's not be greedy just like the end $100 one hundred seventy percent you. Know let's play the odds and say it it will need to correct and let's. Look to buy it down. There at. One of those levels right. So. Bet is person. Number, one you, just made a one hundred and seventy percent we got in early, congratulations. That's, your reward for. You. Know coming, on coming on YouTube with, the boy BK bottling, me on a. Train. Butte you, know we, make money together, ain't. No fun if the homeboys don't get none so right now we all party the family right so, we sell it up here but we're gonna buy it back down there 900. To. 1050. Right. That's a good buy that down for us. And. Bam all. Right. Now. Let's check out the, next person. And. Then just to show you guys I, am, really about that life I'll, put mine on the market right now so this. Is 13 - you. Know I chose, your home you know some. Of y'all think I'm out here playing games, I'm, playing no games that's for six did I show you my bar right there and that was a limit, by which. Means it was actually higher than that price but I told the market I'm only buying it under 470, so. I put it in on 469, it field and that thing bounced right back up so I got about 20,000, right now old board 70. I'm. Gonna put up half of it, cuz. Then and I might do. Another video or something to. Where I show you guys how to move, the rest of it so. I'll put up half of it. And. We always do. It. We. Always do limit. That. Way it locks us in at this current price what doesn't like kick us out on. Some BS under, sale right. So. There you go. Well. Let's. Check it out next. Person and, you can see when you put the bid in it feels it pretty quick so that's always good to do next. Person. Got. In, wait. This. Sucks so. For, the first person we'll, put you. All the way down there cuz you got in early. Right. So that's gonna be like your circle down, there. Next. Person got, in late let's. Say you got it in up there that's. Not good. That. Hurts. There's. A lot of people out there that got in got in late you know. So you bought it. Let's. Just say you bought. Above. A. Thousand. Let's, just draw, the line right there that. Was relatively, pretty high you could pretty much missed away. Right. Now you. Need to look, to sell right. And, we'll change your color to like orange.

Or. Something. Make. Sure I'm good and. It's chat and everything. I'm not doing, say fix today, I don't plan on doing say fix probably, ever so, if I see someone else in the chat asking me to do say fix you will get blocked I just, blocked like two people one dude said he was bored so he got blocked too and. Me request is safe XO if that's what you're looking for just, click the red button it's not happening. Person. Number two like. I'm just spending 20 minutes talking one chart on three different scenarios you, can see I'm not good I did made money right, so, if this doesn't interest you and keep it moving, please. Person. Number two got. In late bought above a thousand. That. Means you're. You. May have made a little bit of money but now you're probably, gambling. Wanting. To gamble, hoping. That it goes up right. You're. Hoping that he goes up. Right. So, you're down here you bought in down lirik somewhere made, a little bit maybe, if. You bought up there. Definitely. Didn't make nothing but. The fact that matter is this thing especially. Wants people like me start. Cashing out. It's. Downward, pressure on it. In, addition. To that I guess, if we just look at the macroeconomic I, should have did this first instead, of drawing all those little bitty lines so I apologize, about that. But. Let's look at the macro real quick what, I'm gonna do is. I'm. Gonna bring out my 21. Because. What. We can do we did this on the chart yesterday, but when we do the. Intersection. Between the 7 and the 21. That'll. Give us the Fibonacci. Extensions. Of the candles, on this very cycle. So. All I'm gonna do right here is just draw a quick Fibonacci. Extension. From. This. Breakout. Did. That breakout. Where. Is it. 3:43. So so let's try seven so. Yeah. That's better. So. Because, we dropped it down to a 77, we're gonna try to whiten blue. This. Turn those off for a second. That. Should be better. Yeah. Yeah. It's crazy but basically. You. Can see that our Fibonacci, basically. Homos. Identifies. The exact, lines that we drew in there, already. Right. Which. Is pretty amazing I've actually never done that before but. We were drawing it on a, 77. Or 21, we were throwing it on the 343. But. Our Fibonacci from in 77, almost lines up perfectly, to it so that's pretty cool. So. Basically that confirms, that the levels that we're using are very very, very significant.

And Once, we break under this. To four we're. Gonna come consolidate. To the 1 6, but because the 1 6 is a natural. Consolidation. Level, it, hit its head right there, on the 1 6 that, means more than likely it's, gonna bounce off the, 1 6 so, again that's gonna be our buyback zone. So. Again if you're in that second, wave and you, got in late and you, bought it will, change your color to like yellow or something because. You're not Hazzard you're just kind of chillin chillin, inside lines you, got in late. And. You. Uh you, know, looking. To see what's gonna happen now. This. Is what we expect it's still to your benefit. You. Can kind of roll the dice both ways. If. You break above that candle, then. We're. Still going up so. It's to your benefit to keep it with. Me I'm good, with locking. In the money that I've already made but. You can kind of play it both ways you can protect a little bit or you can gamble. A little bit I normally. Don't recommend, gambling whatsoever. But, I do understand, your situation and, this. The. Only reason I say that is, because this, big rate this big green candle, right here shows that there is still a little, bit more momentum, inside. This chart. If. I were you I would, maybe write this candle up and put a limit cell right there at the top just. To get a little bit more money to make your margin, a little bit better, and. Then, basically. Still played a wave going down right, but that wave is very very prominent. And confident, right, but, you might get something to where it bumps up a little bit but, even still at the end of the day to four. It's, gonna take a lot to keep, going all the way up to that 3/2 and, even up to that for seven for, two. So. If you bought in late I would, say wait it out see what happens you know later today, but. If we drop, below you. Know twelve hundred you, shouldn't be holding it you definitely should have gotten. Rid of it we drop below 1250. You, know you probably need to look at selling, just. To lock in whatever little bit of money you can keep right. Cuz. After that you, know this thing is basically top-heavy. And. Sooner. Than later it's, gonna want to come back down to the natural support areas, big shot thanks man I appreciate man, you don't saying God let let, these people know man hold it down in the chat funny you, know I'm multitasking over, here right. But, that that's, still not a bad situation to be in person, number three I think, actually, has the best opportunity of. Everyone. Um cuz again when you're not committed. To any. Trade you. Can put your money anywhere. At any time alright, so, person, number three. Didn't. Do anything. Not. In at all. That's. Where, we want to sell it, we, wanna sell. Stop. Loss at 12:50, just to make sure you lock in something, because it sucks to have equity.

In A coin that goes up and then you still and. You see the money go up but then it all disappears, I had, that happen to me one time and I had a coin for like 90%. And then didn't, even check it for like two three days and came back in and it broke out like the day after I bought and all that money was already gone you know so that's a thing the market will swallow that money up real quick so you don't want to leave it on the table. Because. The longer it's on the table you, know, the. More likely it is that it. Can disappear. Especially. On these quick breakouts like that person, number three year ninety and it all will. Give you like a little light color like that right and. So. You get to pick right, and that's why I say you kind of got the best of both worlds because not only do, you understand, the mechanics the, the knowledge and the inside, of personable, and person number two but, you kind of get to pick what person, you want to be in the. Future, right and that's where the opportunity, is it's not so much the money that you already made it's more so playing on the money yet, to be made right, and so for you I would recommend really, looking at it 343. Taking. A step back seeing the bigger picture and this is what I do all the time you, know I very. Rarely do. You see me on. Individual. Candles, see that doesn't it though that doesn't even fit in my world I'm normally person number three only come my money is on the table is when I know I'm about the hit blackjack, that's, why I was on the table down here at 450, I hit blackjack, got my three and a half to one and now I'm up you know that's it that's all I need so, this is you right here so now we go back to the 343. And what does the, chart tell us the chart says that this thing, is overextended. And it should be correcting, so if I was person number three which I am now, cuz, I'm not in this thing you, know as far as this chart is concerned I got ten thousand on it but that ain't nothing you know I might want to put some more on itself amount must my state of mind I'm not and I'm looking for buying opportunity, where, is a buying opportunity. Down. Here at this one six looks pretty good given, the. So. That's a 1050. By so. What I would do if I was person number three is put, a limit, by. Right. At, 1050, right, and, maybe I don't do my whole stack maybe I'll just do a half order, limit. By a 1050. Because, it might sit, there for, a little bit and then, you when it sits there for a little bit normally. Before it does something like that you get one or two candles. That, pop down like, that wick right there so, I might do another half order, you, know like we had the barbecue shop we'll get a half slab on 1050, you know when we back it up and get another half slab. 100. Right, so, now our overall. Buy. Is right. There in the middle right, at 10000. Or I'm sorry 1000, you. Know which nobody will be in at so we'll have equity, on both sides so that's kind of how you split it down the middle and this is why I love, being person, number three because, you can take a step back see, the entire, chart. And. Understand. What's, happening, on the, whole plan field when you're only when you're in the game you're literally drawn, into the perspective of that one position, but, when you're a coach when you're a spectator you can see the whole field you.

Know And decide what position, you want to play that's, the biggest opportunity. I think. I. Think. Is available you, know for a lot of these charts, it's for people that don't have their money down to really decide when they want to put it down and. How they want to write the mechanics at a market to make them more money. So. Hopefully that's helpful guys a lot, of these coins you know I've been following, for a long time I mention I got his own a disc. Or channel I, forget, what it was but will promote it on one of the upcoming things maybe you could walk me through it if you like we, can make a little side video for that. But. Yeah soda, that's, basically stellar you know this is a this is a big big big money chart some people are speculating, that, it might replace ripple, you, know 440, uh. B2b. Transactions. That the banks finance. Maybe. It will maybe won't I don't know even. If it does at some point. It will have to self adjust, and self correct and given, this chart right now today from today's perspective that. Level, is gonna be a one six now if we see this thing jump up to the three two and live up there for a few days then obviously that's a different situation but, to be honest I don't see that happening, given the fact that it's already, 33%. From. Its. Natural. Span which. Is a huge huge huge amount right, so. There you go that's the inside of a chart man that's how you chart like up bumps. If. You appreciate this kind of content guys give me a thumbs up I do appreciate, that. Last, thing I wanted to go through boss of Bitcoin. Dot-com. These, are the three products we do have available um if you're just getting set up not, really sure what coins to pick these. Three lists, will definitely, help you point you in the right direction the. First team first one is called the profit package, these. Are kind of some kind of like the gold, medal medal winners you, know they've been around the block for Wow got a couple championship. Rings you know sitting up in a trophy case at home little. Kids running around and they just they just post they good you know top ten top 20 coins that are literally. Established. And set up so it's not a lot of. Uncertainty. In these coins it's just a matter of when, they come back to be dominant. In the market, again next. Up is the dream team this is kind of like the next generation hundred two hundred three hundred million dollar ICO coins, that. Are just now starting to, come into their own this, is really the next generation of greatness a lot of these coins are still very very very undervalued, and, so much that you, can buy the entire list. With a twenty, dollar bill, every. Coin is either one or two dollars to, prove to you guys that you don't need a lot of money. Power to, have a lot of profit, right, and, one. Of the coins that just broke out 80% this, week guess, what is on that list draining, voxels. Own necklace. Right not. Been pumping by so I've been telling you guys opportunity, to get by so for about a month now you. Know so hopefully you, did Creek. Topless. This, thing is building a future you guys I'm, gonna change that to Sofia right there but that's that's Sofia brain right there yeah a yacht, in tail and, this 10 these 10 coins are literally, rebuilding.

Civilization From, the inside, out, and, is, definitely a major major major buy an opportunity, a lot of these coins will ultimately, be on the, profit package but they're so new that the land, is yet to be foreseen, by. Everybody, right, so, they're a little bit you know more confirm than the dream came just a simple fact because they have so much potential, inside, of them one of the other coins I think it was number six you know does there's some crazy like sixty seventy percent this week you, know so a lot of these coins are coming around and. That's why I come on air every day just to stay up to date with it to let you guys know how this money is flowing and where the profit, is going it doesn't always go, up forever, in, order, to keep going up at some point it has to come down you, understand and so that's what we do with us like we're surfing with, this money we just ride the weight well you take us one way we don't try fighting just ride it just right you, know surf a lot better we when you write the wave and they'll fight it. And. If. You purchase the package online it, should have an automatic download. Link where you can download it on Google Drive if you didn't get that shoot, me an email or message me on Facebook, and I can send it to you directly, with. That being said if you are in the chat right now doing. Your favor shout your country, out even if you in the Facebook group let me know where. You coming in from let's see we got about 30 40 50 people on Facebook, right now we got a couple hundred on. YouTube, it's pretty amazing. 183. People rocking out with me, right now on YouTube so let me know where. You're at. Coming, from in the world again, be Kate and Cole, we. Post in a new blog I think a, couple, days two days so check it out miscellaneous, and wondrous things. It's. Pretty cool it's pretty amazing the energy once, you once you actually tap into the energy it's it's kind of. Enlightening. How the, energy taps into you so that's just something to you. Know stay informed and up-to-date on, let's. See what else we got we got the resources Facebook. Tradingview BAM that's it that's all I got I gotta get up out of here man go get some lunch get some food I just locked in you know I'm saying some, money wit with Excel Lim. That's. All we got that's all we got, here. We go West Virginia. USA Lexington. Singapore, Australia site. P was, going on Sactown, boss, walking, on the west coast Brazil, Madrid, Ironmen. Cancun. Mexico Colorado. Springs. In the house BAM. Texas. Ato Dallas. Blue. Over white saying good night. Ba. Not. Bad. Roma, right thanks for sharing we appreciate, it appreciate it. Best charting video for BK just type in YouTube chart, like a boss, that's a playlist that I update almost every, other day with. The best content for you just to get started Montreal, England, Morocco, Malaysia Colorado. One, mo. St.. Pete Tampa. Area. And. Colorado. Springs. Portland. Boom. Drop. The mic, exit. Stage, left what, that mean say guys it's that time of the day signing out this though both your. Boy became, no. Matter where you stay from Brazil to Bay in California all. The way back out dude jerk, money, good, night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time, I certainly, do appreciate it, shout out to my two people Jeffery in divine USA. In California in the facebook chat you know do me a favor guys uh if. This content, helps you if this video helps you make some money I'm. Not asking you to get to me let's, pay it forward copying copy this video takes the URL to somebody you care about somebody you want to see their lives change right I'm sick and tired of everybody being sick and tired so if all I could do is help a little bit of people make a little bit of money you know that's what that's that's my mission, right, um.

Do. That for me if you appreciate, mine till we meet again, stay. Cryptic y'all eggs.

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