Staying Inspired in Times of Tumult

Staying Inspired in Times of Tumult

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Warm. Welcome to all of you in a. Conversation. That, we're. Gonna have today about, staying inspired, in times of mouths I met. Andrew Bhadra a teacher, at. The business school here, at Columbia and. I'm. Grateful. For the opportunity to, have a conversation with you all about, a topic very close to certainly my heart and I'm guessing is something that you have been drawn. To as well you. Know because the way you are here. What. I'd like to do is just start by having us all. Really. Kind of like do like a quick sharing, as to how we're doing in times like this so. I'm, gonna ask my colleague Laura to just share the. First of two polls that I'm going to do just, to kind of like check in with you all right and so um Laura. If you can let's, put the pole up and. So. What I'm asking you here is you kinda like to tell, us like what's the level of motivation and inspiration that, you are feeling in recent days. Ok. Very good. We. Have about 80% of you already, answered I'm, gonna pause it now and. Let. Me share the results. So. What, you're seeing here is that. You know about 20%, of you are actually feeling even more motivated, but, at. The same time what 60% of you are feeling less motivated, than you usually do at a time like this which, is not surprising given the kind of conditioned spirit so. Let's, do this let's actually. Now, share, the second, poll with you, so. Here. It is. And. What. I'm asking you here is to for. Those of you who are feeling somewhat like less motivated, like what's you. Know what are the factors that are causing you to feel that way and if. There are things here that I. Didn't, put into the poor then. Feel free to use, the chat window and share, thoughts. And ideas there as well and, yeah. Let's, also use. The chat window for just saying hello and getting connected and. I'd. Love to hear from some of you and you know just share also where you're calling in from today since, even. While many of you might be current students and active, you. Know we're not necessarily all in New, York so, give. Us a sense of where you're all coming in from today. Great. Wonderful, I'm. Gonna put up the poll. Results. Now. So. Really. A. Large. Amount, of concern about uncertainty, about the future so. It's as though you born through the, brunt of what it is that we've gone through so far you know fairly, well but now you're really concerned about like when is this all gonna get resolved, right. And so that's like the big one that is keeping us you know not fully inspired and, there, are the things like the mix of personal and professional. You. Know a sense of like lack of hope. Things. That people forced to give up. Upsetting. Emotions that come and go you know those are the big ones, hey. Thank you and as I'm looking in the chat window again. Even, though a large thrust of this conversation, is for. Students who are very active in current today of. Course also, for alums. Like. Folks. Who have taken executive education with, us and this, recording, will also go to our alums overall so. I know we'll have ultimately, a very global audience but I'm seeing it to be quite global even today in terms, of a you guys not. Just hail from but where you are physically, located today. Okay. Great so. Thank you for that. No. Um while. Many, of us share the, kind of state of in a bit one called like seize your challenge, or this like grappling, with uncertainty, that we are facing today I also, want to recognize something, that a colleague of mine at my majora, Institute you know he said this. Is an institute through which video training, with corporations, or the kind of stuff I do at Columbia around personal leadership and his name is Raghu Krishnamurti. He retired last year as the CH ROG, he and. He said you, know we're, all in the same storm, but. We are in different boats and. I want to recognize that because as, I have this conversation, with you I have recognized, that here in your ward and I'm in my boards, and they. Might be actually at some level having, some very different experiences, you know in in in in, some cases some of us are actually you. Know lost the life of a loved one ah I I. Know I know people you know in that in that code right um in, other cases we are just deeply concerned you know about our own health you know or or the health of a loved one in some, cases we are, really. In a state where you know we are you.

Know Highly uncertain about our professional. Future in the near term and perhaps, even about our financial future whereas. In other cases we feel kind of blessed and protected you know along many of those dimensions, in some cases we're stuck in a small tiny apartment, under either quarantine, or some, form of shelter, in place and other cases we might actually, have a lot of you know access to you, know to the park around us and be taking great walks or maybe even you, know our you, know city or hasn't really hunkered, down closed down etc so didn't, in different boats and I recognize, that and yet. My aspiration, as best possible is to make this conversation, relevant for all of you right and also. To give. You certain tools and perhaps. Guidance, as best I can that could be a value, to those, around you as well all. Right uh let. Me first I just talked about why is it that we should be talking about staying inspired, right, and for. One thing I would offer that the stakes today are really, high. Small. Actions, that we take or don't take can have a strong impact on our health and well-being um you. Know to the extent we are part of a professional, sort of workplace you, know a business, might be retrenching. Restructuring. May be pivoting, in certain ways there's, been such gut-wrenching, change that so many businesses have been forced to confront with right now on, people. Might be waiting you know for you to take the leave people, at home who, are leaving on you for you, know kind of upliftment. Right or people, at work who you leave as a team or as a, key you know exactly in your organization, your. Home environment is as much a place where positivity. And, engagement. And inspiration. Is needed, as much as your work environment you know some of us are also just concerned about like okay what does this moment mean about. My, role in the wider world I'm seeing, people do right things beautiful, things well, am I called to serve in some ways and so what is you what is that goal that I have to play today which under. Normal circumstances, I may not really feel you know if necessary, and I. Would also offer that the stakes are really high today because. Whatever. It is that we are up to right now is going. To live on in our memory, all. Right is there, any doubting that right that this is gonna live on in our memory and that. We, will in the future look back at this moment and, the. More, intense, our emotions, are at a certain point in time the, more seared that, experience, gets into a memory, and to the extent we're all experiencing, intense emotions, today this, is gonna get seared four decades ahead and therefore. If we keep coming back to this moment it, becomes really important, that we actually, are able to look back and feel in many ways that we were inspired in this moment I would. Also offer to you is that when, you are inspired you, are in a position to play your best game with regard to all these challenges, right so the stakes are high you want to play your best game how do you play your best game well, the, more engagement, motivation inspiration. Calmness. Centeredness you have well. The research shows you're, going to be that much more able to deliver your best right, so, for, instance um if. You are consumed. By a certain upsetting, emotion like, depression. Or anxiety. You. Know or pessimism. Or anger. Frustration, you. Are more likely to have your attention get very localized, so that one provocation. That one thing that is triggering that and, you're also less likely to be creative there, is actually if you're in a position to like pull back from that and be, in a place to choose to be a little bit more inspired and motivated you'd, like me to have a broader perspective you. Like you to be able to see more options and possibilities you. Like it to be more creative you also like it to be more resilient, right so the more we're in an optimistic, frame the, more we are able to keep fighting the good fight despite them seen, a series of bad news that might, newspaper, everyday, they're. All so many inspired, mah clear about what it is that our purposes, we, are ma clear about a crowd leaves and therefore.

We're Able to focus on what truly matters rather. Than spread our attention, thing across, every, piece of news every, conversation, every meeting, every demand, on our time right as opposed to that inspiration. Usually, comes from a certain place, of purpose and then, that purpose guides you towards focus, you. Know one generally is just fundamentally. More fulfilled, when one has purpose and it's. Also an infectious, energy that, gets, to you, know really in fact the people around you so, that they, chew experience. A certain positivity, experience. A certain resilience, are able, to rise to their full potential and you, then collectively, as a family, at home or as a team at work are, able to do great, things and so. That was a little bit of a quick backdrop I wanted to give as, to why my colleague Kristyn and I when, we were thinking about like what session, can I offer and you know to all of you we thought about this, notion about how to stay inspired in times like this so, let me just pause there for a minute let's go back in the chat window and do a live interaction with each other um. How. Are you guys feeling about this. Topic and in particular the. Logic, that I've just offered around. Why it's really important, at a time like this to stay inspired I'm kind, of like almost saying that, there's, a shift of mindset, that on invite us all to think about here which, is that you, know often we think like things, are so bad right now I mean how do you expect me to be inspired how do you expect me to smile you know look how beaten, up I am look what's happening in this part of my family, let's, look what's happening in the uncertainty, how about my job, but. I would offer it's almost like the opposite which is like because, things aren't bad I need. To be inspired so. That I can have perspective I can be resilient I can be creative I became infectious, energy I can be etcetera. You know if that makes sense it's, like because, things are bad it, becomes even more critical for, us to be inspired.

Thoughts. Comments how are you feeling about this. It. Is good to have fellowship, in times like this people all over the world are feeling similarly, to me yeah that's that's beautiful, and isn't from that vantage point you know it. A big blessing for us to have this Columbia family that's Columbia community you, know I guess guys you know for me I get. So much you know from you. Know from yeah, from this community and I hope you do too and it's it's a beautiful blessing for all of us to have you know not not, everyone in the world has this. Okay. Great thank. You for the other comments, as well I. Think. It's making sense to all of us so let's let's, dive right in there I'm, gonna start with the story. This was shared by a student, of mine in my. Columbia. Class actually before I do that Jordans, raised. Jordan. You know I don't know you, yeah, go ahead Jordan I don't, know if you'll be able to kind of unmute, yourself but, if you can't then feel free to use the chat window. Monocles. Raised to had as well so go. For it guys laura is the reach you hear their voices or, so, okay okay, Jordan some are here yeah next time you have an accidental, haven't raised your don't be able to make you sing all right. Okay. So, similarly. Monica you as well if you need to inject. Something please with love to hear your voice. All, right okay. So the meanwhile yeah go. Ahead Monica. Was anything you want to say. Okay. I'm gonna move on so. So, the story that a student when shared the class one day she said that you know I was, having a medical. Emergency when, I was about 14 and I had to be taken to the hospital they. Had me under supervision, and oversight and, they said that basically in one week's time I would have to get a surgery it, was not gonna be life-threatening but I was still a surgery and she said that the next day this, position, walks into my room in the hospital ward and, he's looking kind of like trouble, and he pulls, my dad out you know of the room and I don't know what happened between them I learned about it a few years later but, this is the know what happened the, physician told my dad I have, two pieces of bad news for you the, first is that that surgery that we were meant to do in a week's time we'll have to do it today your, daughter's condition demands, that we do it she's going to be fine but, we need to do that surgery today and the, second is that you, know we will not be able to give her and in any anesthesia, because, the kind of blood type and complication, whatever we've seen with her it's, not gonna be you, know healthy, for her to have anesthesia and so you're gonna have to kind of just like you know help her get to be accepting, that and.

She Said that I didn't hear that conversation what. I know is that a few minutes later my father comes back into the room and he's beaming, with a smile on his face and he looks at me and says daughter, I have two pieces of good news for you the, first is you know that surgery that they were going to do in a week's time well. They're, actually going to do it today so, you, will be done with a surgery today you'll start healing from tomorrow before the end of the week you're going to be back home and the, second piece of good news they, have been watching you for the last 24, hours and you, are the most courageous, 14. Year old they've ever had in this hospital and so. Uh they, feel like you don't even need anesthesia so, you're gonna go through the surgery it'll, pain a little bit here and there but you will be fine at the end of the day even without anesthesia. And. She said that you know you wasn't, easy to, go without anesthesia, but, on the other hand I was gonna be a hero you know my. Dad, and I'd like convinced me that I was the most, courageous you know person I was gonna prove it I didn't want them to feel anything but that and so, I went through it and that capacity, that, that commitment, you express, that courage really, helped me through that moment I offer. The story to you because, in, that moment when you think about it was, that father, was, he living, or was, he leading right. When he made the choice to go, beyond his own state, of unrest, and pain, and concerned about his daughter to, a point where he said I'm going to be inspired about this and I'm gonna walk in there and inspire her about this I have. No choice, this thing has to happen what. Is the, attitude that I'm gonna bring to this moment and then. When, she responded, in the way she did the student what. She's living or was she leading, when. She made that choice you say you know what I'm not, gonna roll my eyes I'm, not gonna tell my father are, you crazy, are you not you, keep, saying like you know very radical, things I mean, this is a surgery, I need, anesthesia, I insist, on anesthesia I'm gonna make up until, I get anesthesia you. Know would be a blame there if she done that and. Instead she did what she did and all. Of us can look at her and feel like a sense of awe as to, the leadership, she showed in that woman to, take an inspiring.

Principal Message. Invitation. And walk, down that path isn't, that what great leadership is about and. Therefore. One. Of the conclusion, I wanna offer to you is that the conversation I'm having with you today is applicable. As much, to our moments in life as to a moments in leadership it really for me more. And more of the course my journey the last 10 ideas have been teaching this class and personal leadership there, is no difference, between life, and leadership many, of us are now, being kind of confronted, with that idea that, perhaps, it's just my human, self that shows out whether, I am zooming in the meeting and work or whether I'm interacting with my family a minute later or what-have-you it's the same cell so. Life in leadership as one um. We. Also might sometimes think but look this is who I am I'm feeling pulled down I'm feeling anxious you, know I do get depressed about these things I can't handle uncertainty it's whatever it might be that your frame for yourself is right. And I would I want to again show you that example right that we just went through in that moment as a father he could have easily said look I am a father I feel, my daughter's pain this, is however I'm loved I'm depressed. I'm gonna walk in there and I'm just gonna be like feeling so awkward and painful about this bad news he could have said that but. There. Is also the possibility in, you in me in, all of us to, rise to something remarkable. And special, there's, that potential, in all of us and stories, like this demonstrate, that there are these everyday heroes, and, if they can get there and we can get them right that's the thesis I want, us to allow, your can I have you have you keep in mind right. Okay. Cool. By, the way I've just been educated, by our. Team that you, guys are not able to unmute. You, know for the other, present conversation. But. Therefore. You know to the extent that there. Are things you want to kind of share or ask feel. Free to use the chat window alright I welcome, questions thoughts, comments from you and so, let's keep using the chat window for that okay. So how, do we get to this state. Of inspiration, at a time and we're kind, of like being, beaten up right I'm gonna do it in two parts the foundations, and then, the more practical kind of tactics, right so, from a foundation standpoint. Here. It's kind of like one minute think about life, and leadership which. Is to succeed, to do well to, flourish, in any, of these two arenas of life and leadership you. Kind of need a certain set of qualities, in our certain set of behaviors, and the, success, experts, might, tell you that you need to be decisive, but. Also the opposite you need to be patient you need to be adaptive. But, also the opposite you need to be tenacious, you. Need to be like a risk-taker but also a risk manager, you're very connected in today's age of social media but also very disconnected, in today's age your mindfulness, right very, visionary but also very pragmatic etc.

Right, And what, happens, is as soon as you start to really, compile. All the, things that are needed to get us to a place of mastery. Right over life, in leadership you realize that it, is an insane. Formula. But you have, to be everything and the complete opposite I mean. Just think about it the kind of behaviors, and attitudes and, styles, that might have made you flourish, like two months ago suddenly. So many of us are out of our comfort zones because we realize we need to be let's say for example I'm I'm an optimist, you know and I tend to be like very confident, and comfortable and that makes. Me a little bit of a risk taker risk. Taker in the age of coronavirus. In terms, of how infectious this, very invisible, agent is you. Know I really have to build that muscle of like, imposing. On myself a much more conservative, more, pessimistic sort. Of like persona. When, it comes to the choices, I'm making in, terms of social distancing and exposure. To the public or in a world outside you know because, of infections, and all of that, make. Sense Geoffrey, as you think what what you hear will not take you there so, we are constantly adding more arrows. To a quiver, in order, to become a more complete version of ourselves and. I would say that if the only way you approach that is from the outside is from seeking, to acquire and master another, behavior another behavior another be able it becomes, hard it becomes essentially. Impossible. But. There's another way to do it and the other way to do it is to, turn, the lens within and to. Start with the thesis that life in leadership begin. From, what I would call your, inner core and what. Is this thing that I'm calling you in a core this, inner core is this, space, within you from where your best self arises it's. That place from where you operate, like without ego without, attachment. Without insecurities. Without, peer right, and when, you are there you feel very whole you, feel very complete, you. Don't even, need to have anybody, else come in like save, you or complete, you or anything like that you. Are in your. Core you're. Very committed, to some kind of noble purpose you. Are very.

Curious, You're. Not just like assertive of other things you know but also curious about how in an ever-changing world. Always some something more to discover both, about yourself and the world around you you, are very, compassionate you know you really connected, with the people around you in terms, of their interests and their needs not just yours you're. Also very Eve I would say centered. In that, you're, able to operate from a place of great calmness and serenity and. Clarity. From within that, space is your inner core now, you. And I we might enter, that core and then we might sort of drift out of it from time to time right and maybe, some of us are eighty percent of the times operating, out of the core and some. Of us are 80. Percent of times operating, from within the pod you know those personal, variations can happen some situations, may put you back in the core some situations, take you out of the core this, is the space of your highest potential and I, would offer you that like, the leadership the, success, formula for life in leadership is to seek to approach them from, this core the. More we are disciplined. And have pathways another. Where or when we are drifting apart and then can reset, and bring us back to the core that. Is in some ways the greatest. Guidance. I can offer to you because, can I really tell you how to act in your situation without. Knowing the thousand, details of how, you lived your life what, is important, to you or not what, is happening the arena around you what trade-offs are you facing any, coach any, guy in any leadership, framework any life framework, that seeks to be exactly, that a formulaic. Framework, is gonna, get it wrong a large percentage of the times because everybody, situation is really different and so. To me this. Notion of how to inspire yourself and to be inspired and, how to learn how to act upon that inspiration, becomes, a very personal, choice and it becomes something that each of us has to arrive. At through. Our own, innate, wisdom. And. That. Wisdom can be accessed, when we are operating at our, best from, our inner core, the. Needs can like pause there for a minute and just ask, is this. Idea, of the inner core making, any sense, intuitively. If not practically, I mean I told you how to kind of like get there. And we'll talk more about some of those possibilities, but, you, know is this ideas as a. Foundational. Construct. Making. Some sense about. How it is that we should be seeking to approach the. Ever-changing, an increasingly, uncertain. Landscape. Of life and leadership. All. Right. Very. Good. Many. I I. Think. It with you right yeah many I agree with you you know it's easier said than done so keep that thought with you I'm gonna give you some practical tools I want to give you some practical guidance right, I, appreciate. That challenge, here you're giving me. Jonathan. Is saying yes focus within first, and then, attempts. To look on the outside I think, that's that's a beautiful way of putting it. The. Fiend yes the inner core does include your own values, and your mission absolutely, that's, one of the first of the five energies, that I really. Describe, you know as the inner core that. First Energy's purpose, so what is your direction setting, sort of like you, know kind of like path like what. Are the values what are the principles, what is the mission what is the purpose that you want to dedicate yourself to words. Okay. Very good. Great. Thank you all right so let's, let's, now can I use this other model for life and leadership this is you and this is the world around you this, is your family, your friends your colleagues, at work your, classmates, everybody, else right now when. I would offer to you is that when you enter this arena when you're interacting with any of them step, one or getting, to an inspired place is get, yourself really, I'm good, in your core because. When you're off base, when you're out of kilter you know when you're not. Acting. From your core you're gonna be frazzled you're gonna be insecure you're gonna have some kind of obsessions. And attachments, that take you down certain blindsided, paths and etc right so, start by anchoring, in the poor, then project. This core on the outside, operate. With this energy on the outside and. Then. Your, goal should be now. You know a class. Conventionally. On on things like you know power and authority and, influence. You. Know may tell us that like the purpose of this is to get us to.

You. Know influence, other people towards. The direction that we think is the right one you know for ourselves and for them but. I think more and more we're learning in the 21st century and leadership, thinking is starting to reward at the point when we realize that you know in many of these situations even I don't know what the right path is you know for my family you know for for for my organization, etc and I, mean need to co-create that, you know with with the collective, intelligence of my child and other people around me etcetera and to, that end I would offer you maybe a more illuminated. New model of leadership for us should be that, the purpose of you projecting, your energy outwards, is to, draw. Out the inner core and everybody around you because. When you're activated, at the poor and they're activated, the core then, you are bringing out the best in yourself and the best in them and then, you. Become a common, core a collective, core and that's, the moment where in that relationship, between you and let's say your partner or between, you and your family or between, you and your team at work in that, moment. Do, you see something that there is a there's, a feeling that you get that there's only one heart beating in this room even if it's a zoom room all right even, if people are physically distant there's only one heart beating because there's a deep resonance. And, the level of thoughts, and feelings, and values not. Just at a level of purely, like nodding, of heads and behavior on the outside and. That's what I call the. Collective. Core the common core that people are you, know really starting to activate, in their collective. Journey right and that's, what I would offer you is a, model of leadership and um. And the thing is like see, if I were to ask you think. About like you know the people in your life like who are the people who are kind of like inspiring, who are like uninspired, who are kind of like average right maybe, you put some people here and some people there right when, I find from like the great leaders of history right people, like an Abraham Lincoln a mother trees and Eleanor Roosevelt or, you know Gandhi or Steve. Jobs or you. Know Nelson, Mandela I mean none. Of these people may be perfect, but one, common theme I seen them is that they were able, to, draw, out the inspired. Quality. From, the, people around them right then, the quality of inspiration, they drew was, very unique to each individual. So in the case of Winston Churchill in the, Second World War he, really needed people to, practice what. Courage. So, he was able to draw a lot of gravy and courage from them in the case of Gandhi, he, needed people to be very peaceful so, they could engage in a non-violent. Revolution. Against. The British and so. He needed peacefulness, and he, was able to draw out peacefulness, from people mother, Theresa was able to draw out compassion, from people Steve, Jobs was able to draw out, creativity.

From People I'm not just kinda like making this up there is like really, powerful, evidence about people who interacted, with these individuals. And who talked about like how you. Couldn't walk away from Churchill, without. Feeling a little bit braver or when I was in the presence of you, know Steve Jobs he convinced me that I could do things I never thought were possible my, creativity just kind of went way up or a, study done at Harvard which shows that after watching just a film on mother Teresa people. Came out just wanting to be really compassionate, so. The. Thesis I'm offering you is that within each of us are these latent, energies, of courage, and compassion and creativity and, what have you and our. Role as let's. Say. Change. Maker a leader in, our, family, and in our community, and at work should. Be to identify what. Is that quality of the core that I really, need to light, a spark and a fire on you know today with my team with my family with myself and then, what do I do to get to activate that because, latent, in everybody is that in, other words in this, bell curve then you made some people see and some be and some in I would, say that everybody's, CBN, a the. Same person in certain moments is inspired now the moment is uninspired, and it, is for us to figure out how to draw upon the most inspiring, side, the, latent, uninspired, the latent, in spray, that, is there and everybody. Okay. So. Here, is one exercise. That I find very helpful that, we do at my Institute, at Medora, to. Start any you, know meeting right which is to seek, to help people, activate. Their core to take them a little bit closer to their best self and I'm gonna invite you to join me in doing this with, me you know right now right are you open to him lipoic. Are like a mindfulness, movement together. Do. You have your permission. All. Right let's. Let's, do it all right thank, you for opening yourself up to it so, I'm, going to invite you to. Sit. In stillness. Even. If it's a little bit sort of unnatural. Just, invite, yourself, to you go into that, space maybe a bit out of your comfort zone to steal your body and. Relax. It make sure there's no stress or tension in any part of your body.

Here's. One thing that will help us do that which. Is a few, slow deep breaths. So. I'm going to ask you to breathe. Slowly a, trickle. Of air coming into your lungs and. As. Your breathing slowly tends all parts, of your body. Once. Your lungs are full. Slowly. Exhale. And. As you're exhaling visualize. The, tension, leaving all parts of your body and relax all, parts. Of a body. Slow. Exhale and, relax now. Again slow inhale. With. Tension. Deep. Inhale, and. Then. Slowly exhale, with, relaxation. Releasing. All the stress and tension from any part of your body and. For. One last time slow. Inhale, with tension. Exhale. And relax. Get. Back into a still posture. Keep. Your eyes closed. Do. Not be distracted by other sounds, that. May be going on around you. And. Let. Me invite you to focus, your attention on your heart. Visualize. A small, sphere of light. In, your. Heart. Now. Fill that small sphere, with. A feeling of love. Experience. That feeling perhaps. The greatest feeling of love, that. You ever have, in. Life. Imagine. That love. Getting. Sparked in your heart I. Now. Start expanding, that sphere of light. And love. Centered. In your heart. Expand. It to. The. Point where you are fully wrapped. Your. Whole body is wrapped in that light and love and. Expand. It further. Until. The room you're in is, bathed. In light and, love. Center. In your heart. Expanded. Further. Until. Others in, your home and. In your neighborhood, are, all bathed in light and love. Centered. In your heart. Feel. That love expanding. Now. Include more in. Your community. Among. Your loved ones. Everyone. That you know. And. Even those in humanity, who have not crossed your paths. Visualize. The spirit, of light and love. Anchored. In your hearts in. Developing. All of us in. Its globe, in. Its care in. Its, love. Visualized. Our whole planet. Bathed. In light and, love. Centered. In your heart. Observe. That sense. Of slowing down that sense, of your being and. That. Little. Flavor of love. Then. You can intentionally. Activate. Through. A small little practice, like this. Recognize. For yourself that this, is merely a glimpse, of. Perhaps. The fuller potentialities. That. Lie within you and. Within. All of us. If. People to keep, progressing. In. A disciplined, way. The. Focusing, of our attention. The. Pinpointing. Of our mind. To. That aspect, to that quality or walk. Or, that. We wish to activate in any. Given moment. And. Now. For the last 30 seconds, of this meditation. I. Invite. You to continue. To. Feel bathed in that. Sphere. Of light and love emanating, from your heart. To. Feel that a sphere connects. All of us and. Therefore. To feel a, sense. Of silent. Connection. A silent. Bond. That. Unites us all. Now. As I gradually invite you to bring your attention back, to. The space in the room that you're in and. To. Our webinar. Let. Us strive, to just keep a little. Bit of our awareness. In. That. Space within an ionic core that. We have not yet in these last few minutes. Yeah. Thank you I. Appreciate. Your being open to this. You. Know happy to hear any thoughts or comments you have and. What. It's like to, just. You. Know step away from the fray from the battlefield, you know of, work. And life and. Spend. A few minutes you know watering, you know watering the inner plants to. Allow it to give. Us even more fruit in the, moments. Ahead. Okay. Free to use the chat window to share something about your experience, and. The meanwhile I'm just gonna also start you know keep going on. One. Way I like to think about it as as, a, metaphor, is like to think of it as a lotus flower you know the lotus flower blossoms, and all kinds of muddy waters and muddy conditions and, you. Know I find that to. Be a just a beautiful metaphor you know for how we. Can all seek to operate you know with law with, grace you. Know with, inspiration. You know even while the world me from time to time go kind of like crazy you know around us I I, believe so much in this metaphor that you. Know when, my wife and I were gonna have a child we didn't know it was going to be a boy or a girl because. We decided to do the more traditional, thing of this like telling the doctor don't tell us the general you kind of like just allow it to just happen and. Then, I remember, you know even walk you know we were driving to the hospital you know it was my wife I started to get into labor and we, were still debating what the name would be if it was a boy because like we hadn't figured it out but.

If It was a girl we'd, figure it out because we figured out for like you know six, months before you know the baby was born and the, girl's name she, was gonna be a girl was gonna be Lotus. Which, in Sanskrit, an Indian language is called, marina, Lani and that, is the name we've given up and if, it was low, and behold a girl and so, yeah so that's how much passionate, both my wife and I about this this. Metaphor of the Lotus you know it's just a very beautiful metaphor, okay. Yeah thank you by the way for the sharing you're doing about the UM about. The you know the meditation, that we've done together as well okay. So um that. Itself was a real practical technique, like I've said I find that as the, world is opening itself up more and more you know to these ideas there. Is a way to bring it into the workplace as well as you know many of you perhaps know and might have experimented, with and so, I'm certainly finding that something. Of it I've been doing you know maybe privately. In my line from maybe, 15 years right is something that now I can welcome, you know the forty people in my organization and, they're all very comfortable and open invested, in this you know as as, you see from this picture and we like to start every meeting by creating a certain intention certain. Inspiration, it is not as long as the one you and I just did alright this was richer. Longer, journey you know in, our case and a practical, meeting set up it might be just like fifteen seconds, twenty seconds sometimes thirty seconds if everybody really needs it and they're open to it and they want did maybe you go on for a couple of minutes but you know practice, like this can be done the family can, be done in business. You know context as well okay. Very, good so let's, get into the how-to part of. This and yeah please you know use the chat window to share more and discuss more with each other because I know I can do only so much justice, to, your collective, wisdom which. Should, flow at a moment like this amongst, all of us as well all right, okay. So who. Is your favorite hero right. Who. Do you just. Kind of like offer up one name who. Is your favorite hero. Thank. You Delphine, for being so candid. Yeah. Jonathan. Dr.. Pouchy is killing it. Gandhi. Is beautiful, here some of you talk about family members. Like. Seth and. You. Kimberly. Yeah. And. Jagannatha. Lennon as well beautiful yeah, and then and then you're mentioning some beautiful people, Jean. Would all just have put, out a message, I think about you. Know what. What lessons. There are for us to learn D I'm guessing you might have kind of like you know come across that in, the age of coronavirus, lessons from Jane below okay. Very good Batman I love it Oh mother-in-law, welfare, Ian, how. Beautiful. Okay. So uh well, here's a little story for you from Viktor, Frankl Viktor Frankl, was, a Holocaust survivor and, a remarkable, human being and a. World-renowned, psychotherapist. And he. Once shared the story he said there, was this boy who, was a teenager, and he, was told that, he had a terminal illness and would, only be, living for a few more weeks and, this. Boy in that moment paused, and, then. He smiled. And then, he said you know some. Time back I read this story about this. Man, who is like a hero and at. Some point the man realizes. That he only has a few days to live and. He approaches, that moment with, such courage, with, such grace and, this. Boy smiles said you know and now. I too have. That same opportunity, um.

It's. Uh it's. A really beautiful story because, to, me the lesson, from the story is that. Actually. Speaking the, most important, hero in our life is the, hero with that is the. Latent. Hero that is there in all of us and when, we watched a really inspiring film or read a really inspiring book or otherwise. Discover, the heroism in a mother-in-law and a father and a mother in Gandhi, in Batman, or whoever it is that is, your hero actually. Speaking what is happening, is that they're, not just uplifting, and inspiring us, from their life it. Is that we start walking in their footsteps and, we, feel so deeply connected to them that, their story becomes, our story because ultimately fundamentally. It's us. One. Thing and hungry. For, going on a hero's journey ourselves, and that. Is in some ways the first. Little kind of like offering I want to you know kind of like make to you that, when, you are feeling beaten up when, things are a struggle when there is uncertainty take. That as an invitation from, life to say you know what wake. Up so-and-so and let's, go on a hero's journey this, is your moment because, just think about it on an average day in, a good year when, it's, business, as usual how. Is that you're spent you. Wake up in the morning you brush your teeth you dress for success you go to work you slog it are you come back engage. Some you know connection with your loved ones watch, Netflix, go to sleep wake up in the morning brush your teeth Dress for Success go. To work do some great stuff come, back and get you the loved ones eat your dinner watch Netflix, go to sleep wake up in the morning I mean and at. Some point you start to gray in your hair and at some point you age and then you get dementia. And then you die, that. Is a life, in a modern normal sense of what all of us aspire for and. In some ways I would offer to you that. You. Know these moments of adversity, in trouble and uncertainty, and when they thrown out of a comfort zone they, give us so, much more possibilities, so. Much more possibilities to enrich, life and then use it with a certain sense, of greater meaning and purpose that, was Victor Frankel's message and that is what I want to propose to you one, great example of that is when Governor Cuomo here in New York let, out like a volunteer appear because, they just felt it needed a lot more medical. You know support, and. There, was a surge of you. Know people. Who were like coming out of retirement like, physicians and nurses, and other kind of medical help right and, who were like saying I'm here I'm gonna fly to New York to help you in, the, hot zone right, in the middle of the most intense kind of like virus, Center right across the world I'm gonna come in there I'm gonna sir why.

Why. Are these people walking, away from their golfing, and the comforts, right to do that it's, because within them, and within you and within me there is a summer for, like being in a position where at one point we look back and say like wow that was an amazing life that was a life well-lived not just because of all the champagne I drank but, because of how I've computed myself, in a moment where, the world needed me to step up to a new game here. Are the five things that it takes to, become, a hero in a, moment, of challenge adversity. And uncertainty, first, is create, real uplifting. Meaning. From the present moment if the meaning for you is like this is frustrating this is disappointing you know the. Last year's class is so lucky they were able to get like such great you know jobs and now look at kind of like how there's all this risk and all this uncertainty or you know I wish I'd started a company like you know five years ago I could have I feel by now no no no that's not an uplifting meaning that's not gonna get you you feel inspired, in the present moment you will find a way to say you know what, when. The going gets tough the tough get going this, is an opportunity for me to just pivot, for, me to think about what is the world critically, needing right now for, me to draw, upon my you know strengths, my values my purpose, all the things that I've been taught and that I've immersed myself in from my family, from my community, from I'm privileged, in this way this way in this way and here. Is how unsure here is how I wanna serve or here is the new strength I wanna build or this is the amount of all the free time I have right now and so this is what I'm gonna do with it because I have not had or I'm more at home now I don't have commuting hours I don't have travel to do and so this is what I can do with that sense, of seclusion which I've always wanted like to be on a retreat and now I'm one like a prolonged, retreat you know etc right you've got to find a way to create an uplifting, meaning you know this is something that great leaders have really intuitive wins, in church in the Second World War had, to find something uplifting about war and, you know until then most wars were fought on a basis. Of greed right, so past conquerors, take, even Alexander the Great they were all wanting like more and more acquisition. Of land and power and etc. And so, what Churchill said was like the Second World War guys then, I'm like sending you all and dispatching, you to like your own like potential, deaths I'm. Doing it because you, know what. Is terrible but like you, know if you don't have this world you. Know under Nazi rule we could all be slaves and slavery is worse any. Appeasement, of Germany is not a sign of military, weakness but, it's a sign of moral. Weakness we. Are the defenders of, civilization. And freedom. It. Is through messages. Like this that, he uplifted, the, country, to a higher sense of meaning and purpose which, is what I would offer to you that is, critical now you might say Mike but look my life right now has no meaning or purpose of this update you know there's no world war I'm just stuck in my home and just ordering delivery food and like what's the uplifting thing about that you. Couldn't find a way to find some upliftment, in that task right and so in my case for instance you, know sorry let, me give you story so this was again shared by removed me when he was chr of GE healthcare, he said that we had a moment of a billion. Dollar cost-cutting, initiative, as part of that we just like stopped bringing flowers you know into the office because, like it. Would be costly to have flowers and we were cutting out all the extra, line items and they, don't know is that they were these roses you know that somebody was bringing and putting into the main reception hall and after a while I found that it was one of the janitors who was doing that so, I hold her up I was like you know you're not supposed to that because we're not gonna be paying for these things and, she said I'm not asking you to pay for them I'm bringing them from her home and he. Was so - you like okay why are you doing that and she said well listen it's because you guys are doing all this hard work you're staying you know up late every night you're, kind of really kind of repositioning.

This Business you know and yet, cetera and meanwhile. You know I had a simple job and so, like you don't have any time to go out and smell the roses so, I decided I just bring some roses here into, the office for you all. Right so this was a person, who is able to create something really uplifting. From, her role from her job right, at a time of you know crisis, management in a turnaround moment in that organization, and I just would offer that up as like a way to think about sort of how to really. Be. Thoughtful about, crafting. Your, own meaning your own purpose, from a moment like this, okay. Then. Part of this hero journey is to. Visualize. A point in the future where. You're gonna look back at the present time and how. You want to when you want to view your choices, and how, you showed up at the present time right I'm, not talking about visualize. That, you, have succeeded at all your goals you, know maybe you have maybe you haven't who knows I mean can you or I even, guarantee, that you and I will be alive in one, month's time. There's. No guarantee. But. Assuming you're alive in three years time when you visualize going, back to this moment, what. Would you have liked to have, done today, how. Would you have liked to approach, this moment from your attitude, today how much energy in inspiration would you have like to bring in visualize. That and then use that as a catalyst, for making, the desired future your actual future rather, than the default future the default future says that if I just keep living, in this glum way or this depressed way or this way or that way if you're struggling with any of that how, would that turn out to me for me how would I look back at that in this moment in history in time for me and, the design future is how would I look back you know and I would have feel tomorrow and what would I tell my grandchildren right if this is the way I showed up the design way of showing up right and so, that, becomes very valuable as well in my case for instance you, know I am I I. Remember you know like a few weeks ago when, I was feeling a little bit kind of like you just all like you. Know that I like. Wow one, of the things I really want is in the future, that. My, daughter actually. Has. This, moment be, in some, ways an even more valuable education. Than, her academic. Education, she's 18 she's a graduating, from high school this year she's feeling bummed about cancellation. Of prom and cancellation, of commencement. And all of that stuff but, in the meanwhile you know I'm thinking. To myself after, thinking about this framework of an uplifting, meeting and of like a design future is, that if. I am able to help, her derive meaning and you. Know generate, a perspective, about. Going. On a hero's journey and think. About like what she's doing to help serve the world and feel, a sense of blessing about all the things that she has world and a lion and a sense of acceptance and a sense of strength from with him even, while empathizing. With her about the things that she's lost maybe. She's going to develop a sense of resilience. And adaptability and. Acceptance. And, capacity. To withstand, you. Know uncertainty. Which, will help her all through a life in the future right. And that's the desired feature that I want for him all. Right so, let me just pause there for a couple minutes what, do you think about the conversations apart how are you feeling about this hero journey how are you feeling about this idea of uplifting, meaning desire.

Default, Future. They. See sounds like you've written a book on this gradual, ations to you good, job and if. You like feel free to share the name of your book here so people, know what. Look for they're interested, in. Great. Thank, you thank you. We. Can break up life into small steps and we can with great intention. Craft. Each of those steps and when we do that we, gain mastery over life be. In mastery, of the moments of the life we. Feel, a sense of agency and control or what otherwise might seem to be like piei and complex. And uncertain right, keep. That thought in mind it's all about small steps the. Next small step is recognize. That you were a choice to make here which means that you have freedom you know, be freedom, is not just about like being able to walk outside whenever, you want to and go to any party you want you and any sports or you know you want you there's. Another kind of freedom which is like you know freedom and inner, freedom is about recognizing that, you have a choice to make I have. Found this to be very important, for me every, morning when I wake up I'm gonna step out of my bedroom and I know I'm gonna engage with the world I'm gonna engage with my family, and we're engaging the conversation by colleagues or something I realize. In the moment I have a choice am I going to bring a warm inspired, smile, as my, first touch point with the world or am I gonna bring like an indifferent. Distracted, self or am I going to bring like a glum self that is worried because as soon as a woke up I check, the news and then the number of deaths and gone from X to Y and etc right it is a choice me me and you know we can't help it from time to time difficult. Things are happening in the world perhaps, even to a loved ones perhaps even to ourselves, and I respect, that you know I respect that and yet, there is this power, that we have when we see a sense of choice in the baby show up in these moments because that, in that choice lies. What you might call the, hero's journey right, and so. Here is a beautiful quote from Viktor Frankl who as I told you had survived the concentration camp, and, look at him here he is observing, the best of the best in the concentration, camp right he's saying be you lived in concentration, camps can, remember the men who walk through the huts comforting, others he was in an all-male concentration, camp so that makes sense he's talking about the men who, walked through the huts comforting, others giving. Away the large piece of bread they. May have been few in number but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken away from a man but one theme the, last of the human freedoms to choose one's attitude under. Any given set of circumstances to choose one's own way you. Know there was a really powerful movie, that came out some time ago called twelve years a slave and, it. Was tremendously. Moving very. Painful, and at, the same time very educational. You. Know about that era in history right in American history and. This. This quote kept ringing in my mind as I was watching that film because, here were these people you know at that time the slaves right who, had been, stripped away of all, their freedom, but. This, man that you watch in his film you, know you see how he never, allowed, his, his, uh you. Know his owners. So to say right Oh obviously you. Own. His. Attitude his, attitude, from with him was, a matter of his own choice and he never allowed himself from there to get beaten up tremendously. Inspiring and uplifting, so. That's the number third part of the steps right the fourth one is when, I'm talking about an uplifting, meaning purpose and. It's gotta, be your journey do not borrow from somebody else's journey do not just start bringing roses, all right to your mobile workplace because, that's what that janitor there maybe that's. Right for you but, for. Each of us there is going to be the, right path and you gotta figure that out based on the resources, you have based, on the passions, that you have the strengths, that you have the, needs of the community, you know that you're a part of the, values. That you stand for your sense of purpose and I. Would say the most important thing what. Your, inner voice and your intuition guides. You, to do do. Not copy somebody else's meaning find.

And Discover your own but. Make it come from a deep place it. Cannot come from a place of like, emotional. Ferment. Or, impulse. You know or just some quick rushed judgment. It, has to come from a place deeply. Thought out from, within you right, and let me give you an example of that right on, the. Left you have Andy Grove and on, the right you have Mirada, horikawa, and. He, grew up from hungry hoorah cover for the Czech Republic, both, of them faced similar, circumstances. Having, barely survived, out of, the terrible, World War two kind of atrocities, to, find that the nation got caught caught. In the grip of a, communist, revolution and, ultimately communist, rule, and. He, grew up decides to escape, from it comes, to the United States goes. To, school. Here, in the New York area acquires. A PhD, and ultimately, thrives and flourishes, as employee. Number one and, ultimately the CEO very, visionary of Intel. Right and kind of like becomes a founding father of Silicon Valley mentoring. Mother among other people Steve Jobs and. On the right Mirada Arakawa. Facing the same kind of circumstances. In the Czech Republic decides. To stay there decides, to launch all kinds of protests, against. The rising, you, know force of communism. Within. About a year and a half of that gets. To be arrested, and gets, to be put on like a trial of treason, in some, ways falsely, so and, ultimately. Is killed. You know by the by. The establishment, right, that didn't around and so, she's gone and I, negro flourishes, for the next several decades in his room. Can. I actually claim, that one of them is a bigger hero than the other, isn't. That a very personal, choice, shouldn't. You and I like bow, to each, of these two for. The incredible, heroism they, showed by. Making the choices they made wasn't. That their, own purpose, well, they're not being true to their own purpose, and therefore. When I talk about a hero's journey isn't. That something that only you, can tell what it needs to be for you, a Negro was right and Noble, in what he did and so, was horikawa right, and that is kind of like the you know offering that I just want, to offer up to you right. That, you. Got to be able to craft this and make it happen from within, the. Last of the piece of this hero journey is that, make, it a credible, path by. Credible, I mean typically. When you are having. To stay, inspired through. Times of struggle and strife and uncertainty, well. Then there is risk there. Are possibilities. Of loss that, lie in the imminent future in the immediate future and you cannot ignore that in a Pollyanna, Quay by trying to go on some kind of like a path of positivity and optimism, and all love and what happening right that is not what this journey is about so, for example, right. Winston. Churchill faced some challenge, like that when, he realized that his people were not believing him when, he was asserting that the right thing to do for Britain was, to fight, the good fight and not, allow Hitler to, in any way. Make. Them forced. To negotiate, and reconcile. And accept, no, no no no no meanwhile. France. Was falling, Britain. Was beating. A hasty retreat, an anonymous. Retreat from Dunkirk, about 200,000, of its military they, were just not in a good place but he had to find a way to inspire them and so. The way he does it is that, he uses words like this I have. Nothing to offer but, blood, toil tears, and sweat you, know we have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many months of struggle, and not suffering, notice. In saying that he is establishing credibility, with his audience he sing believe, me trust me because like. You I'm also seeing a lot, of challenges along the way right, but. Then he also says if this Long Island, story of ours is to end that last this is another speech of is let.

It In wouldn't. Even eat you a slice choking. In his own blood upon the ground right, there was a sense of heroism in him he would say like what, is our ultimate goal victory, you know victory by, fighting this war on land and sea on, air and you know etc victory. Because they can not be any defeat and, so. That. Is the, credibility, that. Allows. You to ultimately, feel. For yourself and others, that, you are in, the right with regard to his vision you have for the future right by, the way in that hero's, journey you. Do not even need to be able to prove to yourself then, you will survive the journey materially, and physically, that you will achieve like, you know you. Know financial, success on the other side, you. Will you, know if conditions. Are right but. If the conditions are wrong you, will still be a hero as long, as you approach it that way so, what you can be guaranteed about, is the, heroic quest, that you're on just, like Andy, Grove was and Madonna, whore October was right but you cannot be guarantee the outcome do, not believe that inspiration. Comes when I can be guaranteed a, material. Witness the other side know, inspiration, is independent, or whether or not you can guarantee that just, like in the case of Churchill he's inspiring, his people, millions. Of whom we're gonna lose their lives, alright, now. The. Last little piece that I hid, from you when I gave you those five pieces of the hero's, journey puzzle, is the. Following, that, to really complete, this puzzle there is a missing, part of the jigsaw which is that you. Become a hero when you grow in, other words when, you use a spirit, of struggle, and adversity. To make you better not bitter there, is something, unique in today's, times, that. May allow you and me, to become a, new, version of ourselves that, we would have never been given this gift and this opportunity if, things had stayed smooth, through, January February March April and beyond 2020. What. That may be for me might, be different from what it may be for you all. Of us have started to more consciously, watch wash our hands all. Our, subsided, to you. Know in. Some ways a little bit like be more at peace with like hanging. Out at home on Fridays, and Saturdays rather than feeling the urge to, socialize. You, know go, out for a drink with our friends you know I mean there's. So many ways in which life is forcing, us out of our comfort zones and you just never know let. Me ask you this have any of you experienced, some. Tangible, growth coming from this period of uncertainty, and, challenge, and restraints. And you, know restrictions. How. Many of you know can you share in the chat window something. Something that you're all sort of like feeling is. Like oh wow you know I mean like yeah I mean, I've run in this way I mean. Give. Me some examples right and so, share. Some examples the chat window about how I like you so I'll give you an example of my side I've, been very drawn to intermittent. Fasting I was starting doing a little bit of it chrono. Virus now, with kernel virus for some reason I'm like you know home you know kind of bound and I'm, finding that I am really, finding it much easier to practice my intermittent, fasting routine, and so, that is becoming more of a habit now and I'm like really, exhilarated.

About It because I just I'm just like so inspired by wanting, to have this habit of like lighter, eating and I'm, getting there right and so. I'm hearing from you, here. Andrews. Wife is getting even to yoga. Jagannath, is working more as fitness as well as soon is doing more meditation, and. Is, working more on the dissertation wonderful. Great. Peter is like taking more bike, rides with the ice two daughters wonderful, I know, you started a company amazing, good, good I'm not able to do justice to all of what you're saying but these are beautiful comments sasha has talked one more journalizing more. Cooking you never know what happens in the post cram iris age in terms of a better humanity because. Of all that, is going on, wonderful. Thank you so uh. So. Let's. See. I also. Want to offer to you that in. Some. Ways another muscle that we all can build here is just, this muscle which is how to handle, uncertainty how. To handle the crisis, because, what I can guarantee to you is that, this, is not gonna be the. Only crisis, maybe hopefully. So it'll be the only like massive, global. Tectonic. Like, soon unlike crisis right that you and I face collectively. Right but. Individually. Is it not the case that humanity. Has been lurching, from one crisis, to the next, we. Lose our loved ones, we. Sometimes lose our job we. Sometimes gets literally. You know criticize, my, people we, sometimes are treated. Very unjust. Ly by the world we. Sometimes have. A partner, walk away from us we. Sometimes encounter. Really. Poor health, and. In some case with a terminal illness and, ultimately you and I and all of us will encounter our own, death, there. Will be other crisis you know the calm many. Of those crisis will have the, dark clouds of uncertainty, around them which is what many of you have shared is the, aspect, of this. Present crisis that, is getting, you to be really challenged about inspiration well. In the future you will be much more effective, at coping, with, uncertainty if you, build, some muscles some tolerance some, tools some, way to inspire yourself through, this in you know through this adversary right and so, I'm take, this as a moment as an opportunity, to grow this muscle as well. Okay. I. Want. To like close, out by talking, to you about a, little, bit of a you. Know different sign to a different side of the same coin right so so far I've talked, about inspiration. In a very positive way about something uplifting, beautiful, and the, hero's journey I also. Want to acknowledge that. Many of us struggle, from time to time with, anxiety, with vari with fear right in a time, like this what, is this gonna do to my health what is this gonna do to the health and loved ones what, is this going to do to my financial future I work so hard and now look at what's happening in the stock market its etc right, and so what can we do about the, static.

Of Fear that, sometimes gets to consume us and let me offer you three, or four different sort of tools for, a way to kind of approach this with, grace and with. Steadiness. Of heart, and purpose given. The kind of anxieties, and worries that otherwise consumers, um I. Just want to check in with you would that be helpful for you guys you. Know we've got about 20 minutes to go I can also take some Q&A b

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