Starting a New Business - Meet Vincent, CEO of HomeTread

Starting a New Business - Meet Vincent, CEO of HomeTread

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Thank you for joining us here today I am joined. By Vincent, from home tread he's. The CEO of that company and, we're excited to. Kind. Of dig into that a little bit to learn more about Vincent. And, we. Want to make this as kind. Of collaborative. As we can so if you have questions, comments, please share, that during the video and we'll, get to them as many of those as we can and if you have a different topic you want us to talk about be, happy to do that as well but, let's first just start off by talking to, Vincent, here I just, tell us a little bit more about what home tread is. Trade. Is in, on-site. Tire. Sales, and, installation and. Auto, maintenance, company. What. We do is we. Take all those tedious tasks. That require, you to take a car to a shop a, local, shop and we take care of all that stuff at. Home or work, clients. I. Think. That's the magic of it right, because you are literally, saving people, time they, don't need to schedule, a bunch of stuff in advance they don't need to go to a car shop, in sit, there waiting for the vehicle to be done they'd have to deliver the vehicle they don't need to return it and Oh. Ricky. Rafiki. From. Indonesia says hi hi thank. You for joining us today if, you have questions feel free to ask them during the event. Here, but. I love how, you have. Found a way to make, people's, lives better and the magic, is that, you have it at a price that's, comparable. To like, an actual, vehicle or playful repair, place I mean this idea seems, totally, like, life-changing, it was it was the main focus from the very beginning, is how to take the. Tedious, tasks, make. Them better, and make. Them convenient. While. Staying, comparable. To the traditional, brick-and-mortar so, our. Clients, if they. Need a set of tires and they, need them installed, if they shop the, brick-and-mortar and they get a price they may shop on trade it's the same price why, not get that done. While at. At home when it's convenient or even, when you're being, productive at work there, so being. Comparable, in price to. The brick-and-mortar was was, very key, from from from from very beginning it yeah and. And, I think it's been something. That, we've. Had to explain often, because when, people here that we come, to their homes and we service their cars that they they automatically, think it comes along with a premium and when they realize that it, doesn't. Yeah. That. Response yeah I love. You, guys have this like fancy. Truck that you guys have custom built to actually, repair the vehicle and so they drive this truck to your home and in it in a few minutes watch to show off a video, that we did will. Show that a little bit later, where. You get to see a little bit behind the scenes of what you've created to, make this all happen because this is not a simple. Feat, to get, a whole vehicle repair, shop on wheels no. It. Took over. A year development, and lots of conversation, to. Be able to set up that truck that truck efficiently. Ergonomically. For. That truck to be safe, for, our text, and. To be just a really comfortable. Platform. For our text to navigate, to, navigate, the area and. Get, to to, our clients home or work and be able to get that job done as, as. As. Quickly as possible and as efficient, as possible so yeah the truck is the truck has been our wheel. Of the truck Oh. Alyssa. Chimed. In here and mentioned how she thinks, the old Honda, and hit some work, done yeah we have an, old, Honda, that, is, not in great shape so maybe, at some point we'll get some help on that. And. We'll. Go through the process and, we'll. Figure, out what needs to get done we'll, get that done so, so. I didn't one of the interesting, questions you. Know for a lot of people, who, are thinking about starting their own business, and jumping, into being an entrepreneur, is what.

Was That like, taking. That initial, plunge to make that happen um. You, know I'd like to let everyone. Know you know I think I think you know I always talk to people though, ideas. And most people have, really good ideas and what stops them is. The process and it's. It's it's a lengthy process it's, a scary process. I've, been really super fortunate Mike. I've. Shared. My idea of ideas, with with people that have mentored, me. And contracted. Through the process, from. The very beginning and that. Was key to to. Where, I am today so. Finding. The. Right people to help give, advice people with experience, I think was instrumental. In, and what we what, we've done where we are and. Even moving forward, I have mentors. That have been with me from. From just sharing the idea to, where we are today the very same mentors and and I and I think, they're gonna be with me throughout this whole entire journey so it. Was, it. Was scary and, it's it's it's okay for it can be scary but, don't let it stop you yeah and so I. Made. The decision early on that I was going to see this through and they. Were there were lots of obstacles and challenges but, I think. One of my mentors said, it best. She. Said we, do things that others don't mmm. And so continue. To fight for word get the answers you need and. I always remember, that and so whenever we hit challenges, I always remember, I'm, doing something different and I gotta keep moving forward so that's, great I think that is one of the things just. Putting, yourself out there because you're making a claim you're saying hey I believe in, X, I believe in my business I believe what we're doing and, it's, terrifying, because you don't really know a hundred percent if it's gonna work long run, putting. Yourself out there right. For. The world to see, yeah. That. What. So, was, it the mentors, that really helped you. To. Encourage you to take that next step or was that just an inner strength to have it how, do I do that I I. Think I, think. Early from early, on when I needed to write the business plan I was, fortunate enough to have been, accepted.

Into A mentorship, at the University, of st. Thomas awesome. And I think it was there, that I, felt. Really. Encouraged. To move forward, when. Sharing, the ideas and seeing, the enthusiasm of. My, mentors and what I was trying to accomplish and after, doing so much research and getting cancers. And. Figuring. Out whether or not it was it was going to be viable or a good idea. Hearing. Their enthusiasm. For what I was trying, to accomplish was always food. For that, for. The energy to keep going forward and so like. I said just a couple of minutes ago I've been really fortunate to have really, good people around. Me and, and that and for that I'm always, grateful so so. What tips do have to start up a company right. So. And then, the follow-up is did you have investors, so I'll start with the first one the first one to, start it right I. I. Needed, to write a business plan and I. Don't. Consider myself a strong writer I didn't. Write well so I needed to get help and, I was fortunate enough to have applied. Over at mentorship. Over. At the University, of st. Thomas and. It. Was kind of a snowball effect there it was really, it. Was really great the way it happened in, developing, the. The. Business plan we, got to a point where, my. Mentors, felt you're. Far enough where you need a good lawyer and. We. Reached out to an, alumni, from, University. St. Thomas. Who, heard, what. I was trying to accomplish, and. Has, been my business lawyer. From, day, one so, today so. You see how having. The right people is, some is key so. It really sounds like a networking, I'm, connecting. With the right people it's. Laying, out a clear, plan, for what you're gonna do how you're gonna get sales that's, always a big challenge we're, gonna do that later. Finding. Investors that's going to that how did you go about finding investors, well I you know I I. Was I, took an organic, approach I, wanted. Home. Tried to be, like. I just said organic I kept, it away from friends and family and, I went out and I tested I put myself on the line I gave. Presentation. After presentation so. Did you just call random people off or did you go to networking events how did you find these people through, my mentors oh really, mentors. Would know people who knew people and, we would connect, and it's it's the whole networking, game yeah you know I've heard it said that the. More people you have rooting, for you and your business the way more, likely you are to succeed, so. I think the people and connecting, with people is so critical, in those early days you, know if it were not for the, outreach, of certain, people which, I think may, be lent, I. Think. People. Felt like I'd, like to hear about this yeah, went. Out and and if. It were not again for the networking of the, mentors and the people that that, were around me we won't be, as far then I'm gonna keep saying that I think throughout this message because it has been so. Instrumental and, it's, you know till today I. Eternally. Grateful for for, having those people so always talk about I think I always refer back to to, them so.

How. About new. Hat how did you go about networking. So as mainly I hear the, University, of st. Thomas and, their program. Yep but, did you do anything else did you go to networking events did you how did you meet other people well, you know I. It's ended a couple of networking events and a. For. Some reason I, did. Do well with them and so I stayed. More on on on, a personal, side and. Did. The. Extra legwork and worked with mentors. And people that I knew, so. That process took a little longer because I was meeting less people where you go to networking in groups tons. And tons of people lots of people I took. Again, I think more of an. Organic approach to what we were doing so it, was through it was through the word of the, people that I knew that we're helping and, understood, what the focus was, to. Find those people to say you know what we want. To want to be part of this and, so it's. That's interesting you brought up so he went to networking events and it was a struggle for you I know I know it's so hard when. You go into an event and you know nobody, like, to stick out your hand and shake and say hi to someone especially if, they're in a group talking, to each other is just terrifying. It was, especially. That, I went to, networking. Functions, and I didn't, have anything in common. Most. Of the people that were there so. We're. Doing auto repair, maintenance right, we're doing tires and, whereas, you know business as a whole right there are certain principles there are certain disciplines. That are meant hold true um, it, was difficult. To find commonality. With a lot of the people that were there you, go to networking, groups and you hear a lot about IT, you, know technology, healthcare. But. You seldom hear about. You. Know the, service industry which I was hoping to go into yeah, and so. Finding. Common. Ground was, always a challenge, in that setting. And so, I think that when. When, the setting became more personal where, was a one-to-one, whether. That person was an IT healthcare we were able to differently. And, so see the better with the one-to-one. The one-on-one interactions. Because regardless of what they were doing everyone. Owns a vehicle right. And we were able to spend that time and really connect, where, is where, as doing. Network. Functions. You. Don't really have. There's. There's. So much going on, that, you don't really. So. Let's jump into so, you, decide you're starting your business you find some great mentors you beat the idea, up and then you finally decide alright I'm going to do this how. Do you go about finding, your, first customer. Well. I. Have. Very. Little marketing, and advertising, experience, I. Relied. Heavily on. People. That I knew so I jumped on Facebook my. Network through Facebook, friends. I worked. Prior, to, to home track so I had a professional, network that I reached, out to us and hey I'm starting my own business and that's. How it all started, and started, with hey, you know we worked with Vincent, on this end and he started his business and if you need tires, give. Them a call and it has it's snowballs, from there because, we, have an amazing, referral. Rate and so we, get tons of referrals, from our, clients, who will then talk to a family member or a co-worker or, someone they, know they'll, hear it and say oh I know a guy and and, somebody, will call me and say hey you did this, person's, tires, and you know we think we need something yeah it starts, the relationship, and that's. How it's happened, so far and. It's, been great I love it. So this is a big key there which is just providing. A fantastic. Service because, you wouldn't get those further referrals, unless. You did a great job what we are doing what's, your satisfaction, rate what people are saying so you, know I would. Venture to say that we have pretty close to 100% satisfied, while right now our. Clients, rave. About the service I think when realize. After. The. Process, I think the. Clients are really happy with with. With, with the overall process you know I'm being able to being. Able to relax and stay at home or to, be able to stay nice. In. Your work, environment while, these while. These. Tours. Are. Being done I think I think, my client but I believe, my clients where we love that and so, yeah.

So. We have another question coming in how, do you be a wise leader to others especially employers, having. A positive impact on them that's. It's it's a really good question as a matter of fact we we just bought on another, tech so. I've. Always I've always thought about that and, here's. Here's. Here's. Knife a lot my theory that is you, know culture comes from us and it moves from the top Gaillard, so, I. Need. To be able to operate, in a certain way and influence. That across. Across, the organization, and so I. Take. A very personal approach to, what we do and I. Would expect that everyone and everyone. Involved with, home Trent will, always take a very personal, approach to what we do. Singular. If you're dealing with a client that's all that exists, work. With the client make sure that, that. The task at hand is, done. To. The best of our abilities, and, more importantly, communicate. Communicate. What's, happening. In. A job and, make, sure that we. And. There's a there's a couple things I would add to that you. Know I was actually at an event yesterday, that, talked. About this very point it was a writer who. Wrote about having. Like. A respect, a deep respect for your employees, having putting. Their interests, above. Your own and. There. Was two different groups that kind of segmented, one was sort of the, employers. And leaders who thought that whatever, is legal is okay, and let's. Just get this business to be the best it can be and then there was this other group that really focused, on like how. Do we, put. The attention and focus and energy on our employees and the, group that focused, on employees. And putting. Them first and, really giving them their, heart they're, those companies, grew so much faster, and did so much better than the leaders who, kind of put somewhat almost of their own to, some degree themselves, first so. I think there's, a lot of tangible, things that can be done to improve how. We focus on employees things, like you know at our company we do one-on-ones, which, is a weekly, meeting with each one of our employees and the supervisor, we, have weekly, meetings with the team to connect together and there's a specific process behind that we. Do different, events like we're doing a Halloween event that. One. Of our people, and our construction team, brought. Up and so that group is going out there have some fun there I. Those. Are just a few little things what I didn't you're just starting out because this is your very first employee. Right so what what, specific. Things have you done to really build, that relationship with, them to make him feel important, in the business I think I think. The. Farthest, idea but I, wanted. A company. Of owners. As. Opposed to traditional, employees. Yeah so. He's. Coming on board and what. I would like to do is put. Together a structure for him so that he, has a sense of ownership and. When you have a sense of ownership he. Is going to he's. Going to operate differently, than, just. Their. Traditional, I got to come in at 9:00 to a set of ties and go home and, so I think that's. The way I'd like to set up the company and I'm. Testing a theory right now and, and. And. I hope that we're able to accomplish that yeah. So. The idea overall idea, is everyone. Has a vested interest in, doing the absolute best, job that they can do yeah so I. Know, how important, it feels. To me and if I can convey. That that, that feeling, to someone else and I think it's it's through ownership, yeah I'm ownership, and accountability and, saying hey this is yours this is this is what you're gonna do this, is a reflection of who. You are make, it happen and go. Out and let's let's tell, people yeah the time let's have the best time that we can that, we can have. Changing. A tire yeah, I, love, that and I think another important, key is, simply, listening, because. Our. Employees, if we're willing to stop and truly listen and not like be, angry at them instead, we're listening to them they'll, give, us feedback. On, the ways we're screwing up just. This last week we, did a book club meeting so we do a book club meeting with their leadership team once a quarter and we, sat down and we talked about things like employee engagement and during. That meeting it was raw. Because, a couple of the staff members were very open and honest about ways that I was failing and, it's hard to hear as a leader but.

It's So important, because that's how we can, improve and, really, show our employees, that we're willing to listen and change and make their lives better I think, I think that shows how strong. Of a leader you are to be able to accept that and say is there's. Something bigger happening, than me right it's a concept, and so we, look at home track the idea it's, bigger than me and I, want, to let my, partner know, that we're exactly that we're partners, in this concept, so the, focus is the. Focus is outside. Of making. Our environment, safe and efficient, and good. Is to, make sure the client, is happy so I'm, a tool I'm your tool right. Use, me, to make that happen. And whichever, way that has to happen I will have to look I'd, have to adjust yeah and so he has to you, know whoever gets involved with palm tree has to understand, that the way that I would position, myself is lateral of my team we're all we're all together yeah, let's, go Wow and let's make this happen, and so um that's. Just. I just saw one company, that turned the org chart of, the organization, chart upside, down so and so the president, being on top the, president, was on the bottom and the senior leaders were the second rung up to, really illustrate the point that the this, team doesn't serve the president the, president serves, the team yeah exactly I, like. To get away from your. Traditional, hierarchy. System. I'd like to get, away from. Certain. Terms. You. Know I I found, it hundred, but. I want to give it to everyone and so. You. Know I had a vision on on, how we can improve on an industry and I'd, like to give it to two, people who can go out and keep. It healthy. Awesome. So, this week we. Got together on Monday, and had. A little fun we. Hopped in your truck and got a little ride along to see what it was like experiencing. Home tread and. So. Our staff went a little bit crazy this, week trying to edit a video together. And. Luckily, they did we finished it up kinda at the last second, but I think it'd be fun to show everyone the video anything. Alright, well let's take a look at that video I am. Here with Vincent, from home tread he is a humble, guy who, has created an incredible, company where, they will actually service, your car at, your home and save you time in the process the, traditional, way of doing auto. Repair, has. In over, 100 years and so, as a company, we've looked at the processes, involved and we, decided we, can make this better and easier and, more convenient, and that's. The, whole point, well. Vincent we're about to head out to, actually test out and see what home trend looks like in real life you, ready to go let's do it let's do this. So. My. Father challenged, me to write a business plan and I've, never written before and, I don't write well. And so you. Know my father is a man of few words and he's never really requested, much with me so he says I think, they're sitting on something you got to put this on paper well I had.

To Go put it all came from. Hey. Jenna how are you doing this is Vincent from whole trip. Lift up a toy all we do is. That's. All it takes now we're taking notes. Oh. First. And. Now you take tire. New. Tire. This. Tire, so. That there's no vibrations. The. Machine has a laser that tells us exactly where, we need to put these weights. That is beautiful, when, the machine reads eros. Whole. Trend is doing is they're providing, automotive. Services, after a whole so. It saves you time but. At a cost, that's very comfortable, to, normal. Automotive, services and so, for, us as a company, ignore heart we, knew this is a company, that we wanted, to partner with because, they're ultimately, improving, the way that, people live seems that our companies fall, in line in the in respect to. Helping. And, it's that simple, yeah and, so we, can't change much, of the world but when it comes to auto repair maintenance we, can make a difference, but, we figure why not why not see if we can come together you. Know I. Just. Love that video that's so cool, my favorite, part is when you talk about. Your. Dad and how he really, inspired you, to put that plenty I want to tell us more about that here's some funny yeah he'll. Say today that he had nothing to do with it haha. We've had that conversation and, I'd look at my dad and look and just don't found it like are you kidding me like it was exactly, the motivation like, I specifically. Remember, you. Know my. Dad and I talking before you know starting. Home track and my. Dad oh and, mom always know I always had ideas and, I remember my dad sitting in the kitchen the same to me so any. New ideas anything you're working on I mean I you, know I said I'm not really just still have my tiger idea and he said Tiger idea I shared. It with him and I know I shared it with him before. And he acted like it was the first time you ever heard it and I'm like that, I you, know share this idea with you and he says so, we. Went through the idea and amazingly. He. Asked me a question that stoked. The whole concept, right. In that very Pharrell adverse ation yep and, he said and I looked at him when I said I never thought of that and he says well if you get an answer to that, you. Think you're, sitting on something and he says yeah and I specifically, remember, him saying you gotta get this on paper get, it on paper and get it to me and, I. Remember, when, mom and dad leaving. You, know thinking, wow, you know. And. So, that. Was, that was the beginning and I. Remember. It just like it was yesterday and. And. That's that was the motivation that was the that. Was the first step you know I gotta get this idea out of my head onto paper so I could give. It give it give it to my dad and so. So. But I would, say if you asked him today. So. I noticed, Rafiki mentioned, and brought in some. Really interesting points, he, wanted some a little bit of inspiration for, the kids especially for, him in Indonesia, I do have some. Inspirational. Words for, a kid maybe, in school who eventually wants to one day be an entrepreneur, and start his own company and be a CEO like you well. I. I. Don't. Consider. Myself an entrepreneur yet, I.

Make. A joke about it and I call myself a launch or Panola yeah. But. Eventually. I'd, like to get to that. Designation. Motivation. If. You believe I guess, if, you have such a strong belief in something. We're. Gonna fail more than we have a 6 mm. Yes. Right we're gonna fail more than we ever succeed, so, we have to be. Accepting, of that and. We have to continue, to move forward so um, just. Recently I've you, know I hear calm I hear motivational. Speakers, talking. About failing and not. Being afraid to fail yeah and I'm. Terrified. Of it as, much practice, as I've, have failing. It. Terrifies, me and what, I've learned in, the last five, years is learning. How to fail forward. Mmm. So so. We have to be we have to be mindful of what. We're doing and consider, things that we have because, if we fail and hurt. What. We've already done. Then, we should fear that so, in planning. And thinking and, making. That move always. Plan, to fail forward. And if, we're failing forward, then, eventually you're gonna get where you want to go so, don't be afraid of it just, you know don't be afraid to make, that move, failing. Forward. You. Know I've always heard especially younger growing up leaders. And speakers. Talk about not, failing or not being afraid to fail and. I was like okay that was sounds nice but the reality of it is so emotionally. Gripping because. When. You fail you've been just a little bit it just tears into you but, it is it's so true that successful. People realize, that it isn't a difference between just failing and succeeding. Truly. Successful, people realize that you fail, a lot of times on, the, journey to success and so. Like even, for me like we've been toying in social media even with this event and, there's. Been plenty of failures and I think one of my favorite is like. My. Twitter account at. One point I had like 37. People and that was down from 38 the week prior. So. Really. Not doing that great but the thing is you keep pushing keep putting new stuff out there and some things really will. Keep. Trying and something will, work out keep pushing forward you, don't know how many people I reached out to and, then I found you oh right. We found each other yeah we reached out we connected, there were so many. Attempts. Of outreach that went, unanswered. And if, I would have taken that then we wouldn't have been, able to connect, ourselves and, so you, know very small example what if you take it and apply it to everything else you're gonna keep going and keep going and so, believe. In what you do and go. Out get, the answers, how, many investors, did you have to reach out to before, you got enough uh-huh.

I Got a lot of Moe's yeah, I, got a lot of those. It. Was it was quite a few I'd have to say at. Least. So. That's literally 20, to 25 meanings, you sit down with somebody yes, and you have a heart-to-heart conversation. About your passion, or dream you lay it all out there and. They're like nope, yeah. Go. And. You know some. Some, were. We're very considerate, and would you know follow, through and say I think this is a good great idea. Just. Not for me right now the ones that were really painful were the ones you know you just go radio silent, oh you. Sit and then you start to question your. Presentation. You start to question maybe I should have worn something different, you know you start to question. You. Know that I see something wrong or you, know is this not right, and you, got to get past and, and, I'm gonna I'm gonna then go back like to sell yeah if it were not for my mentor saying you're doing great keep. Going you're doing great. It. Was discouraging. So. That's where you've got the strength to keep going as people beside you who've been there before, we, can tell you this is just part of the process absolutely. And and he didn't you know did it didn't it, didn't make it feel any better, yeah because. You. Know Victor's would say you, really had an accelerated, piece and I would say I really, don't feel like everything. At all this. Really hurts, yeah and so and, they were saying keep, going forward you don't you're really doing great and so if. I didn't hear that from them. And I think that would have made a lot harder so I. Get. The right people right we live in a world full of moments so, the. Right people have made a big difference, what. Are the biggest. What. Are the biggest challenges you see going forward is you look at taking your, small, new business to, something bigger yeah I think I. Think, right. Now we're, looking to develop a leadership team because. We. Feel that there's gonna be some significant. Growth here really soon yeah, being. Able to. Being. Able to communicate effectively, with our potential, clients there's gonna be a key for us ya know and so putting. In that, infrastructure. To be able to take care of people. That are calling for, service oh so. Right, now I think our biggest challenges, a, leadership. Team yeah, and so I've been, other. Than my. Mentors and advisory, group I've. Been kind. Of riding solo as far as operationally and now to bring in the, right, personalities, and help and active. To, get, this from that that small bubble to. That. Is a huge. Challenge I see if you is the it's. It's, the leadership team of three people in place and, what you guys trying to do is really scale it right, because you're you're. Growing, the, number of customers by a lot it seems like over us every month that seems to be growing a lot and how, do you, how. Do you be able to service all of those customers, with the same care and attention that you're providing, them now and that's always I think that's every organization's, a. Challenge. If you hear we're. Gonna have the same challenge, and I'm. Hoping, I believe, that having the right leadership team will be able to to, come in and develop the system that we need to be able to accomplish, and so I. Do, have ideas on how to do that and coming. Together with the right minds I think is gonna be I think it's gonna be the next step for all Treader we're really looking forward to it and I got a feeling that's gonna happen a little sooner than, we. Thought but that's it's a good thing and so we were the. Response that we're getting from our clients, and people it's just been fantastic. So, it's time to time, to get it out to our, group. That's, great, so, what's your hope for the next year. Five, years ten years what's your plan for the future. The. Next the next year, I would say, leadership. Team and, developing. The. Efficient systems. Five-year. Is. For. Everyone, to expect. Our kind of service I, think. I, think. In, five years I'd like to you. Know have 70. Trucks on, the road and. Long. Term. I'd. Like for there to be a home traction in every major city high. Since, II really think someday we're look back at this video be. Like wow that's where they started, now it, is like a nationwide, name, I really think that's gonna happen because this idea is so strong if you could execute on it I think three phenomenal, thank you very much I hope. To I hope to get to that to that part I. Can't. Wait to look back on the video, so. We had another question come in do detail, cars or never planned to yeah yeah we do, we right.

Now Putting putting, together a. System. To do, car washes, and, detailing, Oh interesting. And so, we're. Putting that together soon, the. Website is going to be revamped here real soon to show all the offerings, and. What we like to do is take a real into the individual. Approach to. What we do so we can call it a client, can call on us a you, know like their service their service their service and I put a package together and, help maintain their. Vehicle for the life of it so. What do you think are you able to tell us like when do you think you'll have the detail and service available you. I think I not, many people, get their cars detailed, during, the wintertime yeah, so it's, going to be in. Place, here in the next couple, months and then full-bore. Come the spring time when people want to get all that sold and get their car ready for the spring summer into fall so. But. We'll be able to do car. Washes and detailing during, the winter here so next couple of months we should be full. Well. One thing I love about Vincent. I've been getting to know him for the past couple months now we've met quite a few times and seems every week it seems you're, by, our office but. I, just. Love, the. Humility, that, Vincent has I. Think it, really comes through and you get to know him and understand, his real heart for really. Creating a better way for, people to live want to walk us through that like heart and passion for, helping, make people's lives better I you. Know I. Bringing. Many person, desmos some personal, experiences. That have led me to where. I am today, I. Think. I, think, I want to accomplish. Something, special. So. That I could, so. I could pass it on to my to my daughters and. That's really more, personal, motivation, is. Doing. Something significant. And. So I you. Know I look back at, at. My life and some, of the things that I've done and so, I, think. My. Biggest personal. And. Motivation. Is, making. A change and doing something significant. So my daughter's can. Did. Something ya know he made a change and so or, you know my dad was responsible for, that Oh my dad started that no that's. Personal motivation, for me and then you know I have daughters and. It, goes back to us being a woman centric, company. Want them going. Out and navigating, the auto, industry, and being, taken advantage of and, so I want, to make sure that they're safe. Within you, know everyone has a vehicle and they're going to need service, and any service often and, I want them to have a safe place to be able to get that done and so. That's. That's where we yeah. I just. Love that you've really created, a something. That. Changes, the industry, on its head and really improves, the experience, of. People, right by ultimately, saving them time and, hassle, and, that's why we're so excited as. A company, ourselves, to partner up with you because, like our purpose, is to create that better way to live your living, that out like, what, better way to then help provide our residents, ways. To get their, lives, their, vehicles, taken care of and ultimately to improve their lifestyle so I think that's big I think you know we all realize that we can you. Lose money you can make it up again you know but. You can't, make up time yeah, so you, know you lose you. Lose an hour in a radio room you can't, make that up and so, why not take care of these tasks, when you're in your environment and enjoying, either. Your home or. Being. Being, productive at work so. It, was really important, to be, able to offer all for, that that. Luxury. To our. Clients, is save. Your time do something, fun. With it let, us take care of this while. You're you're, doing something. Better. Yeah. Our cars have to get service. They need maintenance and so. So. We just have one last question announcements. And so if you guys the, audience have any questions, of us or want. To take the conversation totally. Different you got another minute or so to do that if. We don't get any follow-up questions after, my last one then we'll wrap up but again if you have questions feel, free to chime, in so. Vincent my last sort. Of oddball, question, he doesn't know this but what's one. Weird. Hobby. Or, thing that you do in your free time. Weird. You. Know I I. Don't think there's you know throughout my life I think in the last five. Years I know, this is kind of kind of sign oddball but, with, was so much going on I value. Being able, to sit on my couch. I. Value. Just being able to sit on you, know my recliner and, and just. Stop for, a couple, of minutes so it's, not too much of an audible thing but considering, the life that I'm living they don't work like all the time don't you do I I do I'm always, on the go and you, know four or five hours of sleep and so, being able to stop and decompress, for me right, now is an incredible, luxury which, to me I think to myself if I'd only have services, up there who can come. Should, move into one of our programs so. That. And. I really I enjoy, sports. Really. Just I'd love to sit down and watch.

A Sport, I'm, baseball. Is my favorite sport and what team are you from I'm originally, from the East Coast, yeah don't hold it against me I'm, a New York Yankee fan I'm, born and raised I'm. Black and raised my South Bronx you, know I grew. Up not too far from Yankee Stadium and so, I, love, watching baseball. I appreciate, all of it though I love. Baseball and, now baseball for. For me is finished. And. Now it's, watching football and I have to say I'm, a Giants fan first, but, I'm following, the Vikings and I'm room. For the Vikings I hope, I hit six I think I think the Vikings have an exciting future and being. Here what you sing it I think is kind of cool as well hopefully. Don't they don't disappoint, us like last year it's. A it's a you know 16, games is. It's. A it's very it's very difficult, to. The last team, Staxx, oh just, remember, there's only one team that stands, yeah. So. As long as they're failing forward. Dr.. Lyle says they're. Failing forward, we keep routing as in. Awesome. Well. Vincent, this has been a lot, of fun I really, enjoyed connecting with you and talking, about business and everything, that's going on so maybe. At some point we'll have you back to see how things that God would be great we'll do a follow-up and maybe we'll have some. Residents, who have used a service oh I'm so excited that would be great I want to get together and, talk, about it. Well. Think you've been said thank you to all of you who've joined us today I really, appreciate you taking the time and asking the questions this, has been fun and I hope you join us again next, time.

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