Start Your Own Online Business And Get Paid Every Saturday

Start Your Own Online Business And Get Paid Every Saturday

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that's right yes i saw that uncle jonathan congratulations how you doing sir it's probably kind of chill in the background i hope is network anyways welcome every one of you thank you very much for joining our meeting i know we've got a couple of new people on the call and we are excited to have every one of you on the call my name is delany atopley from ghana and um i'm going to be your host tonight um so joe i see you as well i mean the regular people derek hasn't i wouldn't ever forget to mention my awesome co-host how you doing sir absolutely absolutely awesome della wow same as uncle wilfred from this this part of the globe um yeah busy at work and then it's good to come in here and pick up the the great vibes back to you della hi uncle wilfred hi hi derek we are in ghana in spirit so yes indeed yes indeed yes sir awesome now thank you again um we're going to start asap so um the new people on the call this is a business wow the lights are going out oh no you see am i still audible guys 10 out of 10 yes you are okay my phone please let me share again sorry guys the lights power just sweet they lie in panama i can see the office in the background no yes they invite you we want to come with you not here thank you fred i'll definitely be there very soon okay now here we go share screen and okay all right so again um welcome once again for joining us um we are about to discuss a business opportunity that is setting everybody financial free all right financially free and um some people really use this system um pair the way they choose all right i am going to explain um the best way to dominate the system so from status this is not an investment company we are not an investment company um we are an educational company so this is an online business okay once we understand from the scratch it's very easy to i mean um grow through their business all right so from starters i'm saying this is an online business you can come in and use the system as atm that is how some people use it the system makes money for them they just take out and put in their pockets makes money for them take it out and bring their products others are building the business except this is a um i mean an online business where you can build it and make so much money out of it all right so it's very important i i start to be saying these things before we even proceed the presentation now the company name is cash forage group or cfx for shops before anyone joins the company they want to know studying details about the company when the company started operations how profitable the company has been over the period whether the company has a physical headquarters or physical presence are the owners of the company all right so this is the due diligence process i'm going to take you guys through and then after the after the presentation you take an informed decision whether you want to join us or not now this company started operations um on the 15th of july 2019 we are in november so we are 27 months old okay we are 27 months old now why cfx why are we making so much noise these are some of the checklists in the span of 27 months this company has over 400 000 members the company has paid over 750 million in earnings they also use a technology or a strategy called the always winning strategy aws which is 90 percent positive anytime you go out to make money now we are in over 200 countries oops i didn't um i forgot to edit this this should be 27 months okay november just started so i mean it is the consistency for me okay consistent profits for 26 months all right so these are some of the checklists now what are the products of the company if you understand the word leverage the rich normally leverage on systems technology or people to make money all right now this company is leveraging on the forex markets many people have been banned one way or the other through forex forex forex they've been burnt so many times but this company is your one time stop okay well your one time stop your last stop why because our concepts make so much noise we are not telling you to be behind your computer and be sending you signals and re-entering trades this company's traders that professional traders are going to trade mondays to fridays and then pay you every saturday okay so you don't do anything you wake up anytime you want i mean if you have your eight to five job you can be doing that every single day at the close of the day you get paid in your back office all right so the company is leveraging on the forex markets now i said it's an automated system nobody creates him so himself him or herself but there are going to be some set of people who would want to learn the skill sets i've been chatting with some people and they are keen on learning the skill sets we also have you covered we have the online university so you come to the online university which is the academy the e-learning platform i mean any package you buy you have access to the online university okay so you go there and start learning from the basics they are videos that will take you from basics to the through to the intermediate and then to the professional level if that is what you want but ideally majority of the people on the on the platform just make the professionals straight for them and then they get paid every saturday awesome now who i mean why forex out of all the markets in the world why forex is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world historically proven to be recession proof i mean irrespective of covet irrespective of whatever happens you'll still be in the comfort of your home and be making money all right this this um i mean it's it's also trades 24 hours five days in a week so the market trades mondays to fridays every monday to friday okay people didn't know about this market the fact that you know about this market doesn't mean people are not making money from this market so every single monday to friday we stand the chance to make money from the markets that is why we've chosen forex now if you are not going to trade who are going to trade for you who are the team of traders on your screen at the team of traders um over they have about 25 years successful trading experience just two days ago on saturday we had our end of month call and for the very first time guys i've been in the company for um about 14 months now for the very first time i have seen the traders in some of the events we've had over the period but doing zoom we've never had a traders join zoom and say hi to the community so for the very first time this team of traders joined us in our end of month call last week saturday and uh i mean they actually showed us the strategy not even the real strategy but they gave us a free style of what they have been doing at their closed doors behind closed doors okay the ais they are using the expert advices the proprietary strategies all these things are in-house built all right so it's a very good thing for us we are not using a third party too everything is in-house awesome now about about the group the core values transparency honesty and respect you ask anybody in cfx we are totally transparent you can track every dollar in your back office okay our purpose two purposes the first one is to provide education the online university for people who want to learn and then the second purpose is to provide an automated technology for people who are busy but wants to make money in the forex markets all right so i mean we serve every person irrespective of whatever you desire now our position for people want to learn when you go through the forex market you find basic trading concepts such that um when you go through the university become proficient in the forex market all right so if that's your take we got you covered as well now who are behind the company are there are the owners hiding are the owners out there and the owners known yes they are they are not hiding though they are out there they are on socials we see their life we see everything they do um they are they are on socials yeah so wasca is an entrepreneur a professional crypto trader a businessman um he has huge property holdings in different parts of the world all right he's a billionaire his own rights as such he has just created this platform to allow an average person like me tap into the financial independence world now everything about anything regarding to trading i don't have this your guy he's an engineer by profession he owns successful engineering friends in different parts of the world he's actually been described as a magician by the chief operating officer of our broker excuse me which are going to take a look in a very few minutes guys there's good news when some of us started this company we didn't have a physical office we just um anticipated it but last night september 25th we had a ribbon cutting of our headquarters at south america panama so the company has bought the entire 10 000 square foot facility on the ninth floor of the rbs tower okay so rbs simply means the royal bank of scotland rbs if you're in london you should be familiar with this um they have buildings in different parts of the world and our company has bought the entire ninth floor okay we had a ribbon cutting like i said 25th um september i'm going to show you the highlights okay if you really want to see detailed i mean we that wasn't that physically we joined through zoom there was a live presentation live session going from the streets into the office space into the um i mean the videos um cubicles okay it was awesome i'm just going to show you the highlights if you really want to watch everything go back to your sponsor you share the link with you and then you can appreciate um the video let's just listen to the highlights [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] amazing stuff amazing stuff so that's the highlights of the office space the ribbon customers had um i mean i had goosebumps all over when it was all happening right because it was just um great awesome now this is our broker um it's very important to understand that the forex market is not regulated okay the forex market is not regulated so any individual or company or an entity or institution can participate in the forex market but before you participate in the forex market you need to go through a regulated broker in view of that our company has partnered with ever effects so ever fx is multiregulated and they're also the official sponsors of servicing you guys can see the football club on the screen now to be able to sponsor such a club that means you should have deep pockets okay so we have so much confidence in our broker because to me i always tell people that they've done almost half the job of the due diligence for us all right because they would never ever partner with a company that is fraudulent so that they will lose their alliances or whatever so they actually employed cfx or made them go through three months compliance before ever fx accepted to be the broker of cfx okay that's a video showing all of that i'm going to show you guys the links now let's talk about risk every businessman is going to ask what is the risk involved i usually tell people cfs pegs works at three percent total exposure but the end of man's call we listened to just saturday edwin abbad the vp of trading himself said um okay what's john john said they always make sure they grow under less than three percent all right the risk on total exposure is always less than three percent so i mean behind very very safe hands risk management is key to the traders now what does this mean let's say you buy a thousand dollar account okay and then tomorrow wednesday we go out to trade we have our first trade position second trade position fair trade position all right the total trade positions is let's say hundred dollars now the risk is on the total exposure okay this three percent is on the total exposure what does that mean there's no day you're going to wake up and then your thousand dollar account will just vanish into thin air it hasn't happened it will never happen because risk management is keen anytime you go out to trade awesome now let me share with you our due diligence page it's just a one-page website so tcp i'll paste it in the chat box so that we can all get it please um after the zoom there are some visuals or videos here kindly listen to the videos if you really want to be serious about this business okay because once you watch these videos it's it boosts your confidence you actually know that these are visuals you're looking this is not google you are going to guys if you are new here don't go to google to do any due diligence you are going to see rubbish on google very very important i'm going to give you all the due diligence about the company all right that is why we do the zoom so we run these zoom presentations three times in a week awesome now the first video i'm going to say is richard moore richard mode started this business with 300 dollars now he turns 100 dollars to two hundred thousand dollars less than every three weeks okay less than every three weeks he has made so much millions on the platform he lives in london inside he's explained the business model on youtube so in any case if you don't understand anything i'm saying please watch this month's recording now this is the um chief operating officer of our broker everfx when we had our first events in 2019 okay november 2019 that was our first event um najib cassie is fleeing over 30 hours to panama to explain reasons why his company ever affects the broker has accepted to partner with cfx okay he also spells out the regulations the company has remember regulations are very important so please take your time and listen to this video now you can see the episode is banner behind this gentleman okay you can see savaya um christ also behind here so this man is called pablo milan he's the account manager at everfx we had a zoom within september last year and he equally confirms the partnership between the two companies he also um outlines how detailed they actually made cfs go through compliance before ever effects his company accepted to partner with them so please there are very very exciting words this man says so please listen to him now i said firefighters is the global sponsors of savvy fc there's another short video showing you the partnership all right and then the last video around pope okay so we have three companies i am mentioning the first one is cfx cfs having the technology cfs having the traders the live traders to trade but remember cfs would need a broker so the broker is ever effects every fs is multi-regulated now the third company i'm going to talk about is that conversion pros okay they are the brains behind our back office so they created our back office where we go to login so withdraw our money to check our trading profits to i mean see our business his company created it so there's no conflict of interest there are three distinct companies on their own so we are the zoom within also september last year the equality spells out um the five-year future plan of the company guys you are in a company and they are projecting five years i mean listen to this man in terms of security technology infrastructure i mean it speaks so well about all of these things so i mean we are a growing company and we should be scalable as such okay so this month's company handles all of that galaxy i'm muting you please don't know mute yourself okay when you are ready to ask a question all right thank you let's go back to the slides so i'm going to fast forward now so these are the awards or regulations ever fs has won over the period the fastest growing crp broken europe licensed by seisek the best new material sets broken europe licensed by fsa and then the best online cfd broker in the middle east licensed by simmer now our trading success guys it's been achieved with a combination of our professional live traders our artificial intelligence our expert advices our proprietary strategies for primary technology it's a combination of all of these things and the most important one is the management of these technology okay the management it's not a third-party tool like i said these tools have been built in-house so every single day they are constantly harnessing these tools when you listen to the end of man's call john one of the um traders made a very important um statement if you're a trader you would relate okay some people think um when he gets an ea then that's it years don't work forever and ever all right they can work per certain market conditions they can work for a number of maybe weeks or months if you don't understand the ea and you can't adjust it um subject to the market conditions then you throw your money away okay that is why we've left the work for the professionals to do all of that for us and then we just get paid all right now to also show you that we are trading the forex market we have something called the web tv so everybody's back office you're actually going to see the live meta trader for being traded live you're going to see the sell positions you're going to see the buy positions you're going to say they take profits you're going to see the stop losses you're going to see the lot sizes you're going to see all the parameters all right so we are not a bunch of people thinking that we are trading but not all right awesome now our trading success sorry our trading results how many percent do you make guys every monday to friday you sit in the luxury of your home and then you are going to make between five to there's a possibility you can make up to 15 percent in a week okay but i mean for the past year that i've joined the company we've been raging five to six percent proud to me joining the company the company was making i think the furthest they made was about 13 in a week okay and then covet came when coffee came i mean they had to be extra careful the percentages were being carefully um i mean the positions were carefully traded again um the ceo made a comment during the end of month called pertaining the profits and it makes so much sense you start small okay you have small capital you manage it well but as you grow as a company your membership is becoming bigger you are getting bigger funds your capital is becoming bigger so you need to minimize risk as much as possible even if you make one percent of a billion imagine how much that is okay so guys these people are professionals and what they are doing for us i mean it's it's amazing also now past performance does not guarantee future results trading on the global forex market is risky please only trade money you can afford to lose no trade results can be guaranteed in any type of real trading activity having said that am i saying you're going to lose money no nobody has lost money with cfs nobody will lose money with cfx why because again risk management is key now we are studying checklists why we are all putting our money in this online business the first checklist is the company is 27 months consistently profitable all right so this is a major checklist for me every businessman i want to see the profitability of the company before he actually put his money there now this company has 90 percent positive trade execution what does this mean for our business anytime the company goes to trade out of 100 percent they stand a chance to lose only 10 percent and always come out winning 90 percent so this another major checklist for me now we also have a 6.6 trillion dollar markets okay if you do a recent google search how much if anyone is free just type on google how much is traded in the forex market daily emphasis on the daily we are going to say 6.6 trillion dollars now what does this mean for our business it means there is continuity of our business our business will never come to a halt we won't wake up one day and we'll say we didn't make profits why because every monday to friday when the traders go out to trade we potentially can make money from the market so with these details or with this checklist we can say the future looks bright now i'm going to show you um how profit is declared at the end of each trading day so this is november 1st only yesterday so yesterday when the traders went on to trade we made 1.02 before 1.02 is declared the company is

going to take all positive trades take out all loosing trades take out the company's success fee or trading fee or service fee so their fees are taken out and then the next is what is shared among everybody on the platform so 1.02 is the next everybody made yesterday now how does this translate in our pockets all right so i mean if you're not in a group your sponsor should put you in a group we always send these shadows in our various groups daily shuttles weekly shuttles and then monthly strategies all right so if you're on a 300 account yesterday you'd have made two dollars 14 cents i am on a 10 000 account so i made 71 dollars 40 cents now uncle wilfred who is the big boy among all of us a gunner man a surgeon in the uk all right a surgeon who started with 300 dollars he started here guys he started here about 15 months or 16 months ago all right he didn't add a single dollar to his package he's now at one hundred thousand dollars okay he's now trading a one hundred thousand dollar contract after my presentation you guys are going to hear from him okay so um don't worry at all he's the is one of the managers in the company so uncle old friend made 714 dollars only yesterday all right so this is the shuttle we always post now let's take a look at the whole of last week so that is how every single day's profits come out and guys everybody who joins the company makes this profit you don't have to do anything you don't have to do anything once you choose a package you want to start with all right after 72 working hours your account starts trading for you the subsequent saturday you get paid so last week monday was october 25th the company made 1.14 tuesday 1.01 wednesday 0.97 thursday 1.02 friday 0.90

so saturday everybody got paid 5.04 depending on the contract size you have with the company excuse me how does this translate in our pockets so again 300 account holders made ten dollars 58 cents i'm on ten thousand dollars so i made 352 dollars saturday without me doing anything and then uncovered the big boys 100k made 3528 dollars okay imagine guys making weekly amounts of 3500 an average every week three five three five 100k accounts so this is the ultimate target this is where we all want to reach okay awesome now let's take a look at um last month last month october the company made 21.12 how does this translate in our pockets again 300 account holders they made 44. 35 cents without doing anything i am on a 10k so thank you i made a thousand four seven eights and then the big boys 100k accounts holders they made 14 784 dollars crazy money crazy money guys now let's take a look at um january last year the grenade last year the company made 37.18 february 37.09

march 30.76 april 23.84 may 25.97

june 25.88 july 30.65 so this is the month i joined the company my account can show you profits from the 1st of july so dates all right from the 1st of july to dates now august the company made 25.15 september 28.24 october 25.10 november 24.45

december 16.44 january this year 21.78 february 21.03

march 23.99 april 20.80 may 21.58

june 22.52 july 22.38 august 22.51 september 22.10 and then we've seen last month 21.12 so guys averagely we can say we are making 20 a month which makes so much sense to me rather than putting my money in the bank any bank i don't put my money in banks guys this is my personal thing okay i have my money working for me in different ventures so i mean keeping your money and saving it in a bank after 12 month period you are going to make zero points out there something percent but i mean if you put your money in this project every month we are making an average of 20 now from where i took you guys from we know the potential of the forex markets so with these percentages that i've shown you you shouldn't be scared you shouldn't be blown away because it's a 6.6 trillion dollar market we can make

so much this is just a tip of the iceberg okay awesome now the academy our online university again i'm going to reiterate we are not an investment company we are an educational company all right so we help people i mean we are preaching or educating people or creating the awareness of the forex markets providing education for people who want to learn and also training for people who are busy but i want to make money in the forex markets so those are our purposes if you remember now i said there are going to be people who want to learn okay those who want to learn this is your field the cfx academy it is an online university okay now any package you buy has specific trading curriculum so if you buy a thousand dollar package you get the curriculum for thousand dollars by 300 package you get a chiropractor for a few dollars so it's progressive as you progress you would get more education now the academy has been split into three series the elemental series advanced professional series and the supreme series i'm going to break it down for us now the elemental series starts from three hundred dollars to three thousand dollars guys please listen up those who are wondering how does the whole thing work this is where you need to pay attention so our ceo has created an online business or an opportunity for us such that we can all start with three hundred dollars okay starting an online business with 300 dollars accumulating gains on the platform when you make profits accumulated then you use the profit to build your 300 online business to a 500 business do the same here accumulate gains use the profits to move to the next package you can do that until you reach the final package remember i said the 100k is the final package i'll explain all of that later but just follow me closely okay so this is the business model you can start anywhere you guys have seen the weekly potentials of the packages if you remember so you can start anywhere but a risk adverse person we advise you start from the minimum and then build the business now i started from 300 july last year accumulated gains on the platform use the profits to upgrade galaxy please stop on muting yourself you are distracting the class okay don't mute yourself just listen to me please all right so i started from 300 less accumulated gains on the platform went to the next package five hundred went to thousand two thousand three thousand and like you guys saw earlier i am now on a ten thousand dollar package now this my ten thousand dollar package makes me an average of three fifty dollars every saturday okay this is only trading profits okay so my trading profits is an average of 350 every saturday without me doing anything now i've made over 27 000 on the platform okay i've made over twenty seven thousand dollars on the platform meaning out of the twenty seven thousand dollars i've made i've used some of the profits to grow the three hundred dollar business to ten thousand dollars now and then the difference i've been i've spent it so it has gone into my pockets so this is a business where you can live on the business you can spend on the business and you can build the business you don't have to work for anyone i don't work for any person i wake up anytime i want i wake up i'm on my phone i mean i was i was sending messages on an app today just on my phone i mean chatting at people following up and then um posting stuff all i do is social media okay so i work from home i don't work for anyone so you can start this part-time if you're already working for somebody just start this part-time let the online business be growing for you when you get to a stage where the business i mean you can actually forget about your boss and then spend for the business then you start doing that okay awesome now let's move forward the advanced series starts from three thousand sorry five thousand to twenty thousand dollars and then the supreme series starts from thirty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars again you can start anywhere you want now how do we get rewarded on the platform we have two types the bay capital and the blue capital anybody or everybody who decides to join this company immediately choose a package after 72 working hours your account gets plugged into the system okay and then we start trading for you now we are going to trade for you we are going to trade for you until you make two times the amount you start with all right so that makes you a better capital anyone who decides to pay or pay for a package automatically is a bad capital meaning we are trading we are going to trade on your behalf until you make two times your trade package value okay now who is a boo capita you started off as a bad capital we are trading for you you realize you are making money you want to introduce people immediately you start to introduce people the company will allow you to grow your team to make an additional two times your trade package value okay now the introduction is optional you are not mandated to introduce anyone on the platform before you make money very very important we understand that we are not here to um i mean you are not mandated it's optional if you if you introduce people you make the money if you don't introduce people to your trading accounts will always be making money for you and you get paid every saturday now let me break this down who is a black capital let's say i'm using someone among the participants so angela let's say adra wants to start with a thousand dollars all right adrian wants to start with a thousand dollars once she makes payments of a thousand dollars let's assume i am the person who asks andra to listen to this opportunity so i am her sponsor so once again pays a thousand dollars seventy percent goes into the trading accounts that is seven hundred dollars so this seventy percent will be traded for addre excuse me until she makes two times the amount you started with now when she makes two times her contract is done the company will say thank you very much ajuan you have three options the first option is take all your money you pay a withdrawal fee and then you can leave the platform nobody leaves their platform there's zero attrition if you want to leave the option is there for you i'll talk about the graphic later yeah now second option you've made two times take all your money keep the profits and then let the capital go another round so you renew your package okay this is another option now the third option when you make enough profits you can use the profit to upgrade okay you can use the profit to upgrade any time you want now we have split payments you start any time even if you have um just a little profit in your back office and you want to top up with your own physical cash you can also do that so that is called a split payment he went live just last last week okay last week wednesday or tuesday so split payment is also live if you don't know if you're already a member you don't know split payment is live so these are the three options you can take once your package makes two times or i'm about to make two times now where does thirty percent of address money go to the education remember we're an educational company so you need to pay for education so the thirty percent goes to the academy however our ceo again has given the academy to us for free how do i mean the entire 30 which is 300 in this scenario will be shared in the networking side all right so how is this possible fifteen percent this is broken into two so the three dollars is divided into two so fifteen percent which is one fifty dollars goes to the sponsor so fifteen percent of a thousand dollars comes to me for introducing android on the platform now if ajwa decides to introduce people remember i'm using the word besides because she's not mandated if she decides to introduce people she'll also be making 15 of any package the person starts with that is what we call the fast tax bonus okay so 15 of the package the person starts with goes into your pockets as the sponsor the other 15 goes into a structure called the uni level bonus i'll explain the uni-level bonus in the next slide now the beauty about this company is adrian coming in with a thousand dollars can potentially leave with four thousand dollars okay how she can fold the arms just allow her trading account to trade for her until she makes 2k or if she decides to introduce she will keep on introducing until she makes an additional 2k so these two bonuses she'll keep making them until she makes an additional two times the package starts with okay so that is it for ajwa again this company is giving us five to stream five to six streams of passive income i'm always making noise out there that i'm i am a i'm a fan of passive income passive income income that comes into our pocket without me doing anything you just sleep and wake up you've gotten money so i'm going to show you all the five to six streams again you decide which one interests you we've talked about a trading account every monday to friday you are going to make profits in the forex markets the second stream of passive income is the first tax the 15 percent you make is not a one-time bonus it also goes over and over again how i'm going to use myself as an example i started with 300 okay that means my sponsor will make what 15 percent fast tax automatically or immediately so 15 of 300 dollars is 45 dollars now after a period i made profit so i used a profit to upgrade my account to 500 this means i added 200 of my profits to my existing 300 package because i'm adding 200 dollars of my profit to my existing 300 dollars my sponsor again will make 15 of the extra money i am giving to the company which is 30 dollars now after a period i made profit again and i upgraded to a thousand dollars this time around i am adding 500 of my profits again my sponsor will make 15 off the 500 which is 75 and then guys i went to 2k this time around i'm adding only one key so my sponsor game makes 15 of the 1k which is 150 guys and then i went to 3k and then i went to 5k and then i went to 7k and now i'm on 10k so if i keep on upgrading my accounts all the way to 100 000 my sponsor will get paid 15 percent over and over again of the difference okay the difference i always used to top up that is what he's going to make 15 over and over again and now when i get to the 100k they are going to trade for me to make what 200k when i get the 200k i will take all my 200k and then come back with a whopping 100k now when i come back with 100k my sponsor is going to make 15 of 100k which is 15 000. guys just think about it uncle woofer just upgraded to 100 000 about 2-3 weeks ago all right so his sponsor has been paid consistently over and over again the 15 percent of the difference now that is 100k when he gets 200k he comes back with another 100k he spawns out there paid again so my question to you on the call is how many people can you introduce to this platform i personally have brought or introduced over 50 people 50 me alone i'm almost at the 300 mark i'm almost at the 300 mark i mean me and my team okay so i have personally brought 50 people out of the history but they've also brought other people so we are almost at 300 people everybody on the platform is making money nobody will say yeah he or she hasn't made money okay that is the reason why everybody is joining awesome now let's move forward now with um this is a screenshot of my back office so any package you buy this is where it's going to show so you can see my 10k package here now bull and bare capital so you don't need to do any calculation everything is go to meter if you come you don't introduce anyone you are bad capital so this is the bet you can see the red bar behind there so when you start this would be zero percent and then when we start trading you see that at the trading percentage you start one percent then you start accelerating okay so it will accelerate until it gets to 200 then your contract with the company is done now if you are the guy who wants to introduce people this is the bull if you want to be a bull so again the buu will start from zero percent and also start accelerating if we don't introduce anyone here will be zero percent and then only the trading pool will be accelerated okay now every monday to friday this is where you're going to see your trading profits in your back office when you log into your account you go to finance and then you go to trading pool okay you go to trading pool now when you go to trading pool you are going to every single day today some tuesday so i can only see the profits of monday all right so today's profits will come tomorrow when is this profit to come thursday so at the end of the trading day we get to see the profits the following day but at the end of saturday or friday this is how the profit shows yeah so um this is data for last two weeks or three weeks 18th october was a monday the company made 1.08 this is the amount in dollars and then tuesday wednesday thursday friday so you don't do anything i think it's just eaten all right so people who are wondering why this is seven thousand remember any package you are on seventy percent is trading for you so i'm on a 10k package so 70 of 10k and 7k that is why you are seeing the 7k here all right awesome now let's move forward the unit level how does the unit level work um anyone who starts is x anyone who starts is x when you introduce your first person the first person becomes level one when the one brings someone that someone becomes level two when level two bring someone level three and so on and so forth now the company is saying that um from level one to level four we are unlocking that for everybody so the people who come in from level one to level four you the sponsor who is x here you are going to make an additional ten percent of their sponsors fastest remember the first stats is the 15 percent they get for bringing the people in so their sponsors will take the 15 and you will take the 10 off the 15 if they are from level 1 to level 4. now we have ranks in the company the first round is executive rank i qualified for this in august and um we have conditions to qualify for it i'll show you later but when you qualify for that people come in level five and six you take twenty percent each qualifying for manager this is one goal friends so people coming in level seven and eight you take um five percent each then director level nine five percent precedence level ten five percent and so on and so forth so um that is how the unit level works here now let's move forward to the this is a very important slide our false matrix so guys we don't charge any monthly fees that is one amazing thing about this company when you come in you don't want to introduce anyone you don't want to be active you can be passive for your arms every single saturday you get paid okay every single saturday get paid so we'll trade for you until you make two times if it's gonna take you six months if it's gonna take you nine months even if it's gonna take you 12 months to make two times whatever you start with it still makes sense to me and the company won't ever charge you any monthly price all right the company will charge you monthly fees but we charge 20 withdrawal fee now before you scream none of the 20 goes to the company the company has used the 20 percent to create three other streams of passive income how i'm going to show you guys so that twenty percent is divided into two half of it which is fifty percent goes into the matrix all right it's a three by ten matrix meaning we can only have three people in level one nine people in level two and it goes down to ten levels all right so three by ten now how do we make money here when you look on the right side you have percentages on each level if you have a calculator quickly add these percentages you're going to get 100 so 100 of this entire 50 that has been broken down in percentages so i'm going to use figures so that we can relate let's say somebody is withdrawing a thousand dollars one king the company will charge a person twenty percent which is two hundred dollars now out of the two hundred dollars we only want fifty so we are going to divide it by 2 which gives us 100 so now the 100 represents the 50 percent which is going to feed the entire matrix in terms of the percentages so every single time anyone withdraws this calculation is done and then the 50 percent of the withdrawal fee goes to feed everybody in the matrix so now our next question is the person which will draw in this thousand dollars what level is here let's assume it's on level seven yeah so level 7 you are sitting on top here a guy at the top okay somebody in your team is withdrawing from level 7 you are going to make what 30 percent 30 of the hundred dollars which is thirty dollars okay the rest of the seventy dollars will be dispersed in the other levels per the percentages so the bulk hundred dollars is feeding the entire matrix okay so i mean this is map this is mind-blowing guys they've created passive income for us such that when people are withdrawing money they all get paid okay so when your people upgrade remember you talk about the upgrade when they upgrade you get paid when they withdraw money too you get paid and it's not anything you are working for guys so now that's the matrix now ten percent goes to matching bonus so what is the matching bonus you know they are sorry any person you introduce personally to this platform when they make a matrix check you make ten percent of it so the matrix check and the matching bonus are paid on the 1st and 16th of every month yesterday was the 1st of uh november we all got matrix check after the presentation if there's time i'll take you guys to my back office okay i want you guys to see how this works in real time where we go to log in to withdraw our funds where we go to access our funds where we go to see our profits all right so just chill with me and then um let's just go through the whole thing yeah awesome so forty percent goes to um our leadership bonus all right what is the leadership bonus you know there are these multi-level marketing companies they give their people cars wrist watches travel package when they attain a rank our company is sharing 40 percent of everybody's withdrawal fee into the leadership bonus so the withdrawal fee is not profit for cfx it is a a unique and deliberate strategy to create a constant residual reward for all our people okay so it's a deliberate thing they've done awesome now let's move forward now how do we rank up how do you become an executive um you need a minimum you need a minimum of a thousand dollar package you need three referrals you need 25 000 group volume within 30 days not more than 15 000 from one team how do you become a manager you need to have a minimum of a thousand dollar package 75 000 group volume you need to help two people become executives from two teams all right so it goes on and on for director president and so on and so forth if the leadership program is something you want to go through we have a detailed video showing you and explain how it works this is just a representation so i'm trying to run through the slides very quick okay awesome now when you achieve or you attain the executive position what does the company give you the company is going to give you an ipad pro the company is going to give you an ipad pro worth nine hundred dollars if you don't want that you take 75 percent in bitcoin this is what i'll tell everybody that deposit to the platform is funded by bitcoin any package you want to buy you need to fund it with bitcoin bitcoin in if you will draw profits you will drop bitcoin as well so bitcoin in bits went out if you don't have knowledge of getting bitcoin please reach out to your sponsor he should be in a perfect position to help you if it's not go back to whoever is above him otherwise i also have a youtube channel um showing people how to buy and sell bitcoin and um i mean when it hits me up i'll send you all those links okay awesome now here's a manager so guys um when you choose the cash prize i said you take 75 in bitcoin right so i chose 67 i chose the cash price and i was paid 675 dollars in bitcoin and this amount is not subject to the 20 withdrawal fee okay if you choose your cash price you get it you get paid in full now here the manager rank the company gives you a rolex watch worth ten thousand dollars and covford also went in for seven thousand five hundred dollars okay in full no twenty percent withdrawal hits the director will give you fifteen thousand dollars worth of travel package precedence you hit um you get a posh 911 worth 100 000 ambassador you take a ferrari home and then finally the global ambassador lamborghini so guys all these prizes are achievable okay i never knew i would hit executive it took me over a year before i hit executive remember i said i started july last year i hit executive just exactly august this year there is no risk with this company you move at your own pace there is no pressure at all this is richard murder i was talking about remember the due diligence website the video i sent to you so he actually hits the president's an out here and also he's an ambassador so he went in for the push when he hit the ambassador he didn't go in for the ferrari he went in for the cash because he already has this push in the garage okay so i mean these prizes are achievable guys also now um i will say thank you very much this is what i'll say we will invite questions i'll invite our girlfriend to take over and then after the questions i would share my back office and do a little overview of my back office so i'll go afraid if you are ready back to you thank you very much thank you for another excellent presentation hey guys um you really need to understand what an incredible business opportunity we have because cash fx is no longer a concept it's not an idea anymore it's been a tried and tested business model it has paid consistently for the last 27 months and i can say i am evidence if you need evidence i started from a 300 account almost 17 months ago and i used the simple disciplines that brown and roy were teaching and then as of two weeks ago i was able to achieve the 100k account now i didn't do this all by myself but i did it by helping other people get what they want from this system as well okay um now when you you heading for 100k it takes a lot of commitment it takes a lot of effort from 70k to 100k you need to accumulate 37 500 now that's an eye-watering amount i did that within two months and when you you accumulate 37 500 dollars there is a temptation to take it out and run isn't it but i thought no i'm gonna grit my teeth it takes a lot of commitment takes a lot of belief it takes a lot of trust in wasca and the system to put that 37 500 back in again so you can achieve a hundred thousand dollar account and i can tell you in two weeks that i have achieved the hundred thousand account i can see the difference now i have to take a back seat and the money just keeps rolling every every trading pool every saturday just from just from the trading you earn over three three thousand five hundred dollars just from the trading the network inside is different and then there's matrix payments as well this company just keeps throwing money at you okay and i'm not a beginner there are people who are earning five figure sums every week guys take this seriously you may feel it's a little difficult to start with and three hundred dollars but it grows it grows so just keep doing the simple little things and decide that this is what you want this is where you want to go and and and really make the effort to go for it learn as much as possible from this business come on these calls every time de la says does the presentation you pick up another little thing that might just help you along the way so my message to you is this company works the business model works and we just have to work it to get what we want so guys if anybody's got any questions please feel free to ask your questions because we're here to help you um the more 100k accounts we we get the more exciting this business comes so that's what we're aiming for okay guys let's go for it cheers guys we are inviting questions uncle everybody's ready to take all your questions and alfred is a surgeon guys the reason i admire uncle fred is he's a surgeon he goes to operate on people or with his eight to five but he'll come back home in the evening and come and join us all right and now he's at the edge of retirement and imagine retiring with 100k back it's not when you get to the 100k you don't upgrade anymore all you are doing is 100k to 200k you take all your 200k come back with 100k 100k to 200k so yeah you are putting your money in at that properties real estate at that tangible things you can see okay that is why we are all trying to quickly get to the 100k and then fold our arms and enjoy money and become financially free all right so this opportunity we have for you if you have any question don't be shy we are just a small team on meet yourself and ask before i do the back office um overview and please don't worry if it takes you a little bit longer not everybody's to take 17 months i mean bran and co took less than a year to do 100k contract but he's on his 400k renewals in the one year okay so um i i i think about this this way it took me seven years to become a doctor it took me another seven years to qualify as a surgeon okay and i was still not financially free it's taken me 17 months in cash effects to achieve 100k contract that's a solid that's a solid analysis i go for it okay guys so just see this thing in perspective you can narrow down you can shorten the period that you have to struggle to get what you want in life child cheers guys go for it i was going to say charlie like you're a guy guys let's go for it any question guys should i do the overview you guys are shy oh i explained it's detailed enough for everybody to understand [Music] the leadership program you are now on executive in achieving that level or you just introduced went on introducing people even though these 50 people so far as quickly as possible okay so um uncle wilfred i'll let you answer that first before i do i give my view um yes daniel you can have a strategy you can have a strategy if you come into this business knowing that for the first time you have an opportunity to choose your board of directors you you have an opportunity to choose the people you want to work with but in reality you find that the people you choose may not necessarily want this business as badly as you do so your timing could be off okay but yes you do the basics get the first three people on board because you need three people then get to that thousand dollar account because you need that as well then the rest depends on how the team builds and that becomes a bit a bit tricky i mean there was a time i was so close to executive a few times and i could cry because once the 30-day rolling period comes over you lose the volume and you have to start all over again and that's where strategy becomes either important or very very challenging because you're building a volume that's that's um 25 000 over a 30 day period you lose the the volume from 30 days ago and then you keep rolling on again and then again but then suddenly it all comes together you see so and there's an element of luck as well as well as your strategy but do the basics get the basics in place your own contribution you need three people signed up at least and when the volumes are building up at least fifteen thousand not more than fifteen thousand should come from one line so you always looking at what's happening in the business and where you want to focus your efforts to build i got lucky at some point when i was struggling to hit the executive position because i brought in some pharmacy friend and we did a zoom call with a group of his friends and suddenly they all got excited and they started throwing money at it but it was all down one line so i quickly shifted my focus to somewhere else this would catch up and then everything comes together and you execute it so it is it is strategy yes but then there is also an element of luck as you keep sponsoring people keep on sponsoring people until you find the one person who wants who wants it as badly as you do as well and then work with them to get together volume you want okay so if you know people if you know three people who are going to come in with thousand dollars each and they're coming within a 30-day period you're executive you see what i mean but if you don't and you have to sponsor people on three hundred dollars and that sort of thing makes a difference to how quickly that executive position grows so um yes strategy is by all means but then don't lose heart when it keeps falling back and you keep going forward a little bit and falling back again because it would happen eventually if that's what you want because you see it when it's about to happen the lie you could see it when it was about to happen eventually thank you thank you very much thank you yeah and uncle dan what i wanted to say too is um you see you need like uncle like kanka who first said the people you might bring aboard won't be so hungry as you are they might be also be dumb man so you keep looking keep looking keep looking until you look for people who are hungry another um another way to is you would also have to i mean if you know people who are heavily uh endowed asking financial wise all you need is 50 000 within 30 days which is 25 000 points okay so 25 k points and now this is you the first um requirement is to have three people so you can have one person here another person here another person now if you have those heavily equipped people you can sit tell this person let's say x x you come in with twenty thousand dollars x comes with twenty thousand dollars that is 10k points okay that's 10k points this person comes in with the same 20k that's another 10k points right and then the last person you know you can tell him to come in with 10k and that is what 5k points immediately this happens you an executive is like within a 30-day period you understand within 30 days but this is not feasible or it's it's not like it's this when you do this that means you've not built organically meaning after that 30 days if these people are not uh maybe upgrading with their own funds you don't become executive again but you you would take your money that's what one thing about cash adverts is when you hit the executive position you choose the money you take them and does it even if you fall back you're taking the money doesn't matter but i mean if you have a major team okay who is building this one you do not have the business to really benefit from the executive position that doubling you say that again you do not have a business down line to truly benefit from the executive position where you earn twenty percent on level five and six because you don't have a business yeah you see what i'm not gonna come in at that sort of structure yeah that's another good point so i mean you are you are going to continue to build until you find people who are also wanting to build and once they are all coming under your genealogy that is why we we talked about the family pack okay when you watch roy and brian and the other big boys they have experience in networking so they have just about four or five customer referrals everybody is coming under the first three so the points are like acronautical thingy it feeds the whole thing from the downwards to the airport i don't know what that making sense but i mean um get people get people to work and then it will come organically you understand and then um uncle dan please also go to the files page we have a video explaining detailed how the leadership program works okay okay let me go to the yeah awesome thank you very much all right you're welcome sir okay so guys um let me do a quick overview of the back office and then we say good night so this is my account like you can all see i've made over 27k i have um a balance of 5k 846.

um when you scroll down this is my package you can see the 10k pack you can see my trading profits so the per capita it's now 134. what i showed you earlier was an old one it was 100 and something and then you can see the boo capital is also accelerated okay now um let's go to the trading profits so go these are the different streams of income the five to six streams of income i said earlier first starts if it is due you want to click you see it's trading for every monday to friday if i click this now i'm going to see the profits for yesterday so let's just take a look again if you have any questions please unmute yourself and just ask okay we are um having a q a session now all right so all right so you can see yesterday 1st november the company made 1.02 like i showed you in the um the presentation and i made 71.4 40 cents so tomorrow's profits i mean today's profit will come tomorrow so i'll see it's lined up then wednesday thursday friday all right so that's the trading pool for you um let's go to the balance this is where you see all the streams of income okay so that's my balance five thousand eight four five somebody will be wondering why do i have so much in my balance and i have not withdrawn to spend just like uncle wilfred said there are periods where you need to accumulate the funds because you want to upgrade to the next package all right so i want to upgrade to fifteen thousand dollars hopefully by the end of um saturday by saturday i should upgrade to fifteen thousand dollars because i'm very very close okay i'm making trading pool of 350.

when you add 350 to this i should i should be very close i even have over 100 dollars in my uni level okay so i mean definitely i'm upgrading now when you come down here you can see the first starts this is someone this is second okay someone upgraded her um his account today lastly leslie upgraded from 300 to 500 dollars that was a two hundred dollar jump so i'm going to make what's 15 of the 200 that's 30 all right so that's [Music] uh has muted himself he wants to talk anytime joe sees my balance he's ready to comment joe do you have anything for me yes we are listening joke or your network is messing up again oh too bad all right so guys uh how do i let me do a search here for us to see the consistency in the trading pool joe your net your network is lagging yes i can hear you know oh joe has gone off okay so i've done a search trading pool last week saturday was 30th of october you guys can see i made 352 last two weeks 23rd october i made 351 last three weeks last four weeks last five weeks last six weeks last seven weeks it goes on and on and on and on okay so you can see consistent trading when you click on a trading pool you'll be able to see all the elements that the specific dates and the percentages and then the amounts this is what we call total transparency okay so we don't hide anything you can see everything from the very first day you started when we go to the last page you can see my first trading pool was what's 8.72 cents on the 4th of july 2020. this is what girlfriend was saying when you start with 300. you are getting small small dollars 10 15 you think it's nothing but i mean it's the belief okay you need to build it build the business so i made small small trading pool and then going forward you can see it's um i mean increasing and now i'm making an average of 350 dollars every month every week okay all right so that's the trading pool for you time has been very has been spent 9 30 so i think i'll just um keep it short today sunday i'll do more detailed um back office overview okay those who want to learn this is the academy they want to lane click the academy and then you see on the videos now if you want to see them trading live you go to resources and then web tv let's go and see what's out there i don't think it's been active lately joe has just rejoined hopefully he's got a better connection this time della yeah i'm just looking at him he's trying to join again joe welcome back are you on the boat now hello your internet can you game yeah i don't know what happens to me when i want to talk hello we can hear you go ahead please oh okay yeah yeah so i'm saying that yes you must agree quickly because you are a living testimony i know uncle girlfriend is a guy but then um i want you because you are just just a stone throw from my house so i won't living testimony around the people who can still know this is a living testimony for you to come and join do you get me so um for this i will say that me i am just waiting to upgrade i'm not going to even do any withdrawals i'm not just going to upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade and get to where i'm going for this and start enjoying it that's the idea joe go for it thank you thank you but we must meet uncle wilfred one day one day one day don't worry yes yeah one of these days soon thank you now that he's retiring we are going to have him to ourselves don't be in a hurry too do withdraw your money people can't wait to enter a hundred dollars as soon as you do that on a three hundred dollar contract you've slowed

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