Start you own Solo ads business with Coaching?

Start you own Solo ads business with Coaching?

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Welcome. To, traffic. Domination. Podcast, where. Entrepreneurs. Come for traffic, answers and, here, are your hosts, Rob, Reese, and, Wayne. Pro. Hey. What's going on guys Rob Reese here, along, with your host with the most Wayne. The, man crow, how are you my man wonderful. How you mate. Listen. I am awesome. It's been a busy week I'm working, on so, many, different, things it's absolutely. Unbelievable, I need. More time in the day I know that that, is the cry, of every. Single, marketer, out, there, that we all need some more time. But today. We. Got something special we're gonna be talking about we're gonna be talking about how, you. Can. Build your own solo, ad business that is the business that Wayne, is in and, he's. Gonna give us some of those insider. Secrets. The, secret sauce to building. Your own solo, ad business so when you are engaging, in like, affiliate, marketing, network, marketing MLM. Any, of those types of businesses everybody. Needs, traffic. And who. Would they want to go to why. Not it have, it be you that's, a great idea on how you can actually, do. Even more income. On the, side so but. Before we get to that Wayne. Let's. Just let's, just see. How everybody's, ooh we've been away for a couple of weeks I know, that, there. Has been some stuff going on with you but, let. Me tell you I am, so. So. Busy I'm super excited I've been reading this new book, that. Everybody. Should get the boron, letters it's gonna teach you things. Just about life and you know what you, should you know do as an entrepreneur in, order to become a better writer but, it. Really amazed me because it talks about how important. Your health is you know after all if you make all this money and you die early, what, good is it right what good is it saying. But. Wayne, we are back. And we. Are gonna be talking about something that everybody. Loves to talk about which, is earning. Extra money. My. Friend Wayne tell, us a little bit about when. You actually got started with, building your solo ad business before we get into all the juicy stuff sure. My and it was full. Yeah. Four years ago when I started. At. The time I was actually an e-commerce I, had staff. And everything else and. Realized. I didn't like it so I. Everyone. Went where, did you where did you hate it what. Was it about you calm and, slim. Margins. I got it differently to everyone else dropships, okay. So and, it's, money in his money in e-commerce of course it is a profit, and e-commerce everyone. Drop shipped I actually had a massive, warehouse, I had. 27. Staff at any time I had, the logistics, the management, I was an internet marketer, that's, what I do I sit behind my computer and I, and.

That's What I do and and. Of course I I fell, into the. Brick. And mortars business of managing people. Or you, know sort out all the parcels some, days we, were sending thousands. Of parcels per, day and it was just I decided. That's not what I want that I was working 16-hour days and. That. Just wasn't I wondered that's not what, we work too hard for we work, so hard and think ah in six, years I want to be working 16-hour, days with next, its next, two new margins, and have all these staff, and so, yeah, that was a kind of route I I taken. So, you you, were making a ton of money and weren't, able to do anything with it is what you're saying I weren't able to do anything may honestly. You. Know a tourist. That, comes down to like me. Thinking, our e-commerce will, be fun instead of looking at what business, I wanted to kind of get into and what, see with me and, that's where sue I kind, of put my ears up is. You. Know you think wow I don't, really need staff or connects or for finita can do it from home I can. Have that freedom and. You. Know it uses, the skills I like to use, analytical. And it's. Really about statistics. It's make good copy and, they're the things I really, kind. Of I always, improve, and coffee always improvement. Copy you and that's one of my still one of my weak areas but, my analytical. Mind and he's. Perfect, for solos and. That's how I got into it so. So. Numbers. Are key, it sounds like when it comes to this. Particular side. Of the business when when considering, getting into solo ads and and and that route, what. What let's, just say I'm a brand. New person who's interested, in getting in into you, know building, my own solo, ad business what what is all. Involved. With that what are the first, initial. Steps to. Get going, in that what are some things that you need to like consider a need and things, like that so, when, you when you first start these tons of things to consider the, first one is whether, you do, it on your own you. Get coach your mentor and and. That's. Something you really have to think hard about because, so many coaches, mentors teach, different, things there's. A lot of kind of white, hat techniques there's, a lot of gray hat techniques did a few black hat techniques. There's. A lot of you, know nasty. Squeeze pages ain't there there's, different things as well like and, you, do, you want to just both mother solo and sellers or do you want to focus on fresh traffic, them will. Be better which such as Bing media. Buying real-time. Buying you know all these different things where you can buy all these or get all this traffic from and, or.

Do. You want to focus on the easy route, which, is buying from other sodalite sellers and building your list that way and, you've. Also got to think of how much funds you've got again, that. Really, does play a part and if you've got someone you can speak to a good coach they'll advise you the best way to go because, you can start a solo ad business with very little money if you know what you doing and. Then. You've got I think is that something you really want to do again don't be sold into so people you often hear the adage, and $1, per subscriber, it's. Not. Often the case when you start especially if you both mother solo ads, that. Is kind of not true if you get from other traffic sources you understand, the traffic source you. Know how to monetize, it you're building buyers lists, and all this kind of thing then it can be true but when, you start you've, really gotta think about what direction you want to get going and get the voit advice in the first place. Wow. So let's, just say somebody, is interested in getting into it, what is really, the minimum. Investment. They should expect to, use upon. Entering, the the. Venture of building a solo ad business and. If, you get the ROI and. Instruction. You, can do it for next to nothing and, but. If you get the wrong, instruction. You can waste a hell of a lot of money when, I started, I started with $1200, um and. I've. Had six-figure, months to, give this like this is, that per month and. Perm. So, the idea is to become. Profitable as, fast as possible, and and. With all the different models, there, are so. Like. You hear people talk about this hundred percent ROI funnel, with solo ad traffic, okay, once you got that people think they're made up but that's just. That. Doesn't give you an, edge anymore having, that understand are the low funnel with silhouette traffic if you want to be a silhouette seller because if you, can get a hundred percent ROI funnel, other people can see you've gotta then look at newer traffic, sources better, traffic sources, and you've, got to sell the traffic you generate there's all these things, that, you, really have to think about and, that. You don't think about when you're new just, really, dealing. With someone and it. Could be a friend it could be someone in so life could be a coach that. Knows all, the pitfalls know knows, the things you're going to come up against knows, about business, as well so one. Of the biggest mistakes, I see people, make, is this, is in any niche made any niche because I mean other niches as well do other things as well is. They don't treat it as a business they don't understand, cash flow projections, they, don't show they don't understand difference between profit and loss which to. Me and you that's the most simplest thing the, difference between profit and loss is daylight. You say that mean but, 80%, of new people don't even understand, the difference, between profit and loss and it's, doing much more in depth with that, so I run a daily. Cash flow every day first. Thing I do in the morning is update my cash flow and that is what I get, my students to do so they can kind of see where the hidden instead. Of stick, the finger in the end just kind of waving around. They're. Gonna get there and, and. Another thing is not, to, people. Have this thought in their mind that if they far enough mud at the wall some, other little sticks and by that I mean people. Think they'll build on this big enough and it will just pay them forever, it doesn't work like that it just people, have kind of got understand. The whole concept of solar. Lights and, building. Your lists effectively. How. To segment. Using. The right traffic sources, selling. Solo ads in the right way there's. All these different things you really need to think about that even 90%, of solar I had sellers, themselves. Do not understand. That's. That. I mean that that's really, the difference between, running a business and. And. And really trying. Out a hobby is whether. Or not you're tracking these things and, are able, to see exactly where. Your money's going and how much is coming in because if you can't even tell.

You, Know what, your what, your expenditures. Are and what's coming in how, do you even know if you're if you're profitable. At all I mean this is just basic, 101 business. So all, right perfect, now we, we know that that keeping, track of these things is important. Being able to tell. You. Know different, sources now media, buying is a whole different animal obviously. I'm just now, getting into. You. Know the whole solo ad education. As. Far as the business side, of things when. It comes to media, buying my. Previous. Mindset. Was always, I find. Some, type of traffic vendor, I give. Them some money I get, some traffic, give. Us a little bit a breakdown, of what, it looks like if you're gonna be building. A solo ad list to sell. By. Using media buying what are the things that we need to consider the. The Moose it doesn't matter what traffic, source we've been touched on a bit it doesn't matter, what traffic, source, okay. You're dealing with okay, you've got to understand, the, stats how to track it and hope. Understand, the status of people and in. Situ lanes for example they want to break. Even straight away. Hardly. Anyone, that, I know measures. LTV, lifetime, value, so, all. That, all the traffic sources to me are pretty much the same in you. Know where as keywords driven banner driven, and doesn't. Matter what it is it's, all. Similar. It's just hanging you track it and hey what you want to track and what, your goal is with that traffic so you might, find a fantastic, source. Of traffic and you might have to pay $2, per, click let's say okay, and, you and it's hard to make that break even on a funnel most of the time you can't make a break even but if you, admit a lifetime value that might, be an active sort of subscriber, the last year three months do you see I mean six months a year they might keep buying from you and, forever. So it's understanding, how you track. That lifetime value, and track and accurately, so you know every. Dollar you spend you. Get money back and, that's. True with Bing I mean AdWords, I've spent three. Hundred thousand pounds I don't know ways and dollars that was when I was in e-commerce. And, and. I know how. Much that money that made me just, that mean so I couldn't track everything I know, how much that original, amount may, move the light on value of the customer let's. Really understand, a new kind of stats that separates, like. You say the hobbyists, from, everyone, else and I think once you learn to LEDs and you understand, it gives, you a really good understanding the, biz op niche engine, or pit up and in their marketing in general if. You give them two slightly, different, stables. If you like and but. It gives you a really good overview of all the good. Stuff out there and all that crap, a there as well. And how are sold and what. Things work with Sewell and traffic what, things do what. Things work with all the different types of traffic out there and, really. Create, a really good understanding of, and, biz up and make money online in general now. With, the, segmenting, of the. Nicias, that, we're dealing with what are what, are things that we need to really. Think about when, it comes to building up these lists, and segmenting. It based on opportunity. So. You. Segment, by, your before. They even meet your list in Tunisia's, so I'm a bit. Odd blessed isn't, you don't separate, bids off weight lost inside. Your list okay proper, market and the way you am. Do it properly is you, target with your marks and otherwise you're just it's. Too wasting money yeah, you're just going to waste money because, and, there. Is some instances, where you can segment maybe in your funnel in your list and. Like. That in Tunisia's, when you've got more generic. Traffic, source there. Are some instances, you can use it and but. They're kind of not, general, everyday traffic, sources like being media buys that sort thing they're more when you can buy data and, you. Might watch segmented, Ain segmenting. Inside your list you can do you can see been openness buyers and you can take them in down, into, sub niche as if you like find, out what they're interested in. You. Can even segments. You send follow-ups, quickly it's all sort of segmentation, you can do once they are in your list. Now. Now. Now when, you're doing. That right, and you're and you're finally. Saying, okay I'm branching out into multiple, niches. How. Long does this process really. Take for, it for somebody brand new to actually, start.

Seeing Some. Real. Results to where they're able to start selling traffic, what is a a I guess a number, you, should shoot for per, nish in order. For you to start selling, clicks and. Again. Not depends on your, kind of business model in or what, you, want to take this different, route so there's the route where you can sell to other vendors you. Can literally, start selling. Funnel, traffic strat, wait okay, so if, you imagine you yep got, a hundred percent ROI funnel, okay. You buy from another vendor for example, and your. Funnels are hundred percent so. You literally, someone traffic route while you're building your list for free the. Problem, with that is a lot of silhouett sellers, do that. But. It's not the best way of building okay. The real skill, comes in from all these other traffic, sources and. Understand, how to use them so, when, you start now you might want to do that because it is fairly, easy you. Get results very quickly you can start selling splat way you will generate sales you. Will make money and you you. Know you should be able to make. Money from your list with a song the traffic that's the real key, and the real thing you should be aim for not just to sell traffic does that make sense. There's. No incentive otherwise, at, that point you're just you're. Just selling traffic. Just to sell clicks at that point it sounds like yeah. You just that's, exactly you don't want if you can hold but you don't want pigeonhole, yourself into. That because if you can't sell traffic, you've. Not got business, you want to be able to monetize, your list monetize, the traffic you can generate and and. Kind. Of decide do you want to become a solo ad sell or do you want to be then, it's, an internet marketer so it's kind of and. Somewhere. In between you, want to try, and fit into so you can charge a good CPC, if you clicked you can give customers and clients good results, but, also if, you're not making sales it doesn't matter you're building a nice buyer's list you're. Sending them offers you're really kind of trying to understand, what your audience wants you can keep sending them similar. Offers then you can sake men take, me into different offers and different. Sub niches where you can target more specific, offers term. Now. Now. When, it comes to the. Initial, steps and. Doing all this how long is it really take to, to. Get educated, on the. Process, to where you can then start doing so because. Because. Obviously. Probably, is it listening to this and they're like man, there's so much that goes on, to. This, but. Obviously if there's if, it's a business it's, gonna be a little tough and you've got to be able to stick it out so what's, a good, time frame. For. Somebody to start actually, seeing, you, know results, if they've got you know the.

$500,000. To start with and. If. You, start with $500,000. You can't it take it's obviously gonna take time and when. You do it with no money you have to put the timing okay so if you if you come in with $10,000. Let's say you. You could, get results quick you can also waste the $10,000, pretty quickly building. Your list and so. It. Depends on the person 'moosa Thomas, the same as every other niche it depends on the person some people get, up within 30 days and, I. Had one student literally. He'd been in surah a while he want recoge and he got to ninety seven, thousand dollars in month two or three four. Things. Yeah that's, turnover, not for football and but. You can then and. Obviously. Have people who can do for a year and, barely. Make any money so, a lot of the time depends, on on the person, it depends on the couch a lot. Of people see lenses are funny nice you're kind of you've got a lot of people that talk exactly same technique okay, so they got a couch they, all thought the same technique they've got new individuality, the probably even got same funnels, they use the same emails, and it's, like that's not really a business that's just a way for the coaches to make money if. That makes sense so you've, already got you've, really got kind of. Same. As any business if you are try. And stay ahead and it you've gotta be ahead of everyone else you got I think hey can I do things differently how can I make it better and how. Can I sell. Differently. Hey there's so many different things to think about that. You, know just being with a couch for a week a month, isn't, enough it needs to be an ongoing thing and someone, who understands, everything you've gone through if you, get a coach, now. You. Buy in traffic, you're bringing people into your funnel what's a you know good amount time to have people. Go. Through a sequence that you've built like what's a what's a typical average good. Number. Of, emails. That you're sending per, day how. Many you, know how many. Autoresponders. Are you sending them and. Then of course the. Broadcasts. Thereafter. Would. Count it depends, on your. Traffic, source it, depends on a lot of things so your traffic source if you're using a traffic source which. You just. Churnin you're just getting through the traffic source you know it's pretty much unlimited you. Can send to you three times a day some people do send more and if, it's one you want to nurture and you want to and kind.

Of Look after you, want to be sending at least once a day you don't want to some people for some reason got this in their head they should send every three, days four days once, a weeks they don't want to annoy other people but. The, more you sing to people the more they, actually get used to it and if. You leave it a week between, sings, people actually forget they signed up and they'll unsubscribe. Hit the complain bumps you want to be we're clearly regular, with this engine um and. Just. Let people know you're there and just keep saying you got I think people's inboxes are, getting fuller and fuller and fuller as. Time goes on and you're. Constantly fighting, for attention if you think of Mike, Chaney and three. To four times a day he's, kind of what he does and his emails are fantastically. Written and which. Is why his kind. Of things Dave I love, it yeah, these emails are awesome and they. Are awesome and that's the kind of thing some people will write a four line email some. People will go. Into a lot more depth think about what the voyant thing about the subject line really, think about the subscriber. Um and. A. Very, good soul and seller will obviously write the email. Around. Your offer as well to make it more congruent. Okay. So now. Now. I've brought them onto a list right, the, the, autoresponder, sequence. Is in place you're. Sending, them you know a couple of emails per, day how. Long typically. Is, an. Average. You, know. Email, address good, for, and. As an average if, you. Depend. Haze how many times a day but I'd say three mum she's probably the only some people obviously drop off straight away and. Some. People will be on your list for a long while so, I'd say the average is probably about three months. Well. Okay. Now. Now, obviously. There. Is so. Much. Involved. With this. Type of a thing and there's. Tracking. That needs to be done there's there's, you. Know split testing, that needs to be done there's nurturing. That needs to be done there's education, that needs to be done what, are some of the tools that, people. Need, in order to really get involved, with this business. So. Obviously, all the sponder, you. Can't forget your responder, and Aweber. He's. Kind of King you got, other ones get. Response you can use things like Constant, Contact if, you really get it right and swipes they don't like kind, of zoom lads in general but if you get it right and swipes you can use those there's, a whole host of all wander they you need a track until, all. You need to be able to track everything. And the, most mu, cheese weighs probably clickmagick and you've, got smaller, ones smaller, smaller. Tracking software similar, to those that. You can use as well but click magics probably the kind of biggest. One and, really. You need something to host your pages hooks, you squeeze pages your funnels you, can use tools like which loop you, can use HTML, leadpages. You can even use click. Funnels or use click funnels for some of mine some. We've made alarm products, so use. Click funnels for those and to deliver them so but. You don't have to have those you can use HTML which, if United it's free and. So. You don't really need a lot to get started, and a. Lot, of tools to get started, one, of the biggest learning curves is just learning what's. A track and how to track, as, well that's, probably one of the biggest things that you learn if you starting from new if you can't use your internet marks and then you no you. Need to track, everything split. Test and analyze everything, then you kind of go, straight into when, you knew it's. One of the harder processes, to get used to all. Right so we've, covered, really. Quite. A bit here what are some. Considerations, that, haven't, been brought up yet in this conversation, and. The. Biggest thing I would say when you get into any niche is is, it something you really want to do that's, that's what. I tell everyone is it something you really want to if you want to do YouTube you.

Do YouTube. Don't, be sold into, something, you don't want to do if you do a copyright, and Sue lands can be really good and if. You could if you like stats and data there's, many other things Bing, and it's. Fantastic, I love being because it's just all beta different people think us from keywords but really it's all about the data and. To. Really choose if it's what, you want to do you can make good, profits from you can make really good profit on you make good money for it but. To. Be successful. Anything. I think you've really got to enjoy what you do to make, sure before, you start you don't just get sold on it's something you wanna do. Wow. All right so Wayne. You, have a. Special. Gift that I couldn't believe that. You have been doing tell. Us about this special, gift you have for our listeners so. The sulla lads guide. Again. We I mean, the feedback, we got from that's been fantastic really, a lot of things we talked about here like tracking and. Improving. Your soul results, for, products. You sent them to it's. A fantastic, guide and it, took me a while to put together but it's really in-depth and. People. Love it the free bag on again is fantastic. So you. Really need to download it if you're thinking about buying sole ads or you are a solo ad vendor you, need to think about reading. It as well you. Know. There's. Also one. Other thing that I wanted to mention that, Wayne is doing, he's a little shy about this. He's. Actually doing a free. A free, coaching. Call, guys. This, guy is, taking. The time out of his extremely. Busy day. The, guy the. Guy the guy literally you know on those sales pages weighing, when it says make. Truckloads. Of cash, today. That's. Exactly what Wayne is gonna help you do is make truckloads. Of cash today. And, I put it I put a little a stir it I put a little FTC. Asterisk. For. Entertainment, purposes only but. Guys, Wayne. Has, agreed, to do a 100, percent free call. With, you guys if you, go, ahead and register with, the link below, what. You're gonna be able to do is go to a page enter. Your information and, he will schedule a, private. Call. With you there's, no obligation to purchase anything he's, gonna help you. Find. Where, the, holes in, your business, are where. You can perform better make some suggestions, and help, you hopefully, get, to the next level this. Is by. All. By. All reasonable. Description. $1000. Call, at least, in value. Because. Because. You, can make X amount, more.

Exponentially. More from. The value that this guy gives I've learned so, much from Wayne, that, that, even though I have, his ear on these podcasts I'm gonna, go ahead and schedule a call with him so you guys better. As well. But Wayne is there, anything, else, that, you're leaving out for these wonderful, people, these wonderful, listeners of ours who need to know about the, solo ad business and, not. Many apart from this you, know these some, dark secrets, in in. And. Which. You need to kind, of stay, away from and. Sometimes. You get pulled into them and also on that free call just watch so it doesn't matter whether you're thinking of doing solo ads. Or your experience with semantics, for kind of most. Of my students, are experienced surveyed sellers. So. If you miss help. This. Guy is going, to really. Give you all of the dirty secrets from, his solo, ad closet, here okay because this, is this, is the equivalent. Of the solo ad Illuminati. Okay, all. Of. The rituals, and the blood cullings, and all of that that, gets done along, with the solo ad secrets and. Business. Secrets in general. Will be given to you guys guys. It was so much fun being with you make, sure you subscribe to us on Facebook, check out that traffic, domination. Page, on Facebook, go, ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel make. Sure you subscribe to this podcast we're, on stitcher, we're on iTunes, we're on Android, it doesn't, matter we are over. The world here, that's why we call it traffic, domination, we are looking to dominate this world. One. One. Email, at a time but. Guys thank you sir thank, you so much this is Rob Reese and your, host with the most Wayne, Crowe, and. See. You guys next time take it easy guys bye, bye.

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