Stanford Graduate School of Business Diploma Ceremony 2019

Stanford Graduate School of Business Diploma Ceremony 2019

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Please. Be seated. Graduates. Honored. Guests, faculty, staff. Families. And friends, welcome. To the 2019. Graduation. Ceremony, at the Stanford, University Graduate. School of Business. I. Would. Like to begin by recognizing the. People around us who have played a pivotal role in the experience, of our graduates. The. Faculty, that sit behind me have. Let our students, on a transformative. Journey could. I ask the faculty to, stand for. A moment of facts. Around. The pavilion our staff, from the mba MSX. And PhD, programs, whose, dedication and, effort have helped make the journey meaningful, could, I ask our staff to stand and be recognized. We. Are joined by families, and friends, who have provided support, advice. A friendly, ear and most. Importantly, love. Let's. Take a moment to recognize our, families, and friends. A. Stanford. Graduate School of Business opened. In 1925. It. Was the brainchild of Herbert, Hoover a Stanford, trustee. Who. Was soon to become president, of the United States. Hoover. Was concerned. That, talented. Young business people were, leaving, California, for. The East Coast. He, proposed, that Stamford start a business school on the west coast the. American, frontier, it. Would, have a regional, focus and blend, teaching and research, he. Estimated that launching, the new venture would have a total cost of. $50,000. A year. From. Those beginnings, a great deal has changed. If. You. Look across this, arena you. Will see students, from across the country and across. The world who. Speak more than 70, languages. We. Are today vastly, more interconnected. Technology. Is vastly more advanced. Management. Continues, to evolve, we. Have a broader notion of how Business School can educate, leaders for. All types of organizations and. Careers. You. Our graduates, reflect. Those. Changes. Yet. Elements, of Hoover's vision remain. Stanford. Still, sits on the American frontier, the. Frontier, of innovation. And discovery in. Coming. To Stanford you have journeyed to that frontier. You. Have learned about what the future might, hold, the. Way new ideas and technologies, will reshape our lives the. Way business and society, will need to adapt. You. Have learned about the human aspects, of organizations, in leadership, how. To work with others how, to build a culture how. To listen communicate. Inspire. As. Leaders. Of the future you. Will have to be attentive to. Both technology. And people. You. Will need to think beyond yourselves, about. The impact your organizations, have on the world. Leadership. Is about the people around you and the. Strategic choices, and consequences of. Your decisions. Maintaining. This breadth of perspective, the. Micro, and the macro. Will. Be essential, in realizing, your collective, potential, I. Am. Confident, you are well-prepared, you. Have learned from extraordinary. Faculty. You. Have made friends from around the world heard. Their stories, and created, new ones you have. Developed a range of talents, from. Entrepreneurship. To investing, to, public speaking to. Musical, theater. This. Afternoon, you walk across the stage and graduate but. Your GSP connections, will continue, you. Will remain an important, part of the school I would. Like to finish with a story about, those connections, and how, they persist, in unexpected. But meaningful ways. Some. Time ago I was visiting China is, it a hotel in Beijing with a few GSB, alumni. Talking. To a group of Chinese reporters, a, fellow. Walks past and seeing. Stanford, GSB on the door walks. Into the room, it. Turns out he's from Mexico he's. In China for, his wedding anniversary and he's, a GSB, alum. Naturally. The reporters, immediately, asked him about the GSB. I'll. Admit I'm a little, nervous I. Thought. This fellow before he's. Just wandered, into this hotel conference room I'm, wondering. What he's gonna say about the school that will show up the next day in the newspaper for, 1.3, billion potential, readers. So. He tells a story about, being a student at the GSB and having. A beer with a classmate who's, decided, to move to Seattle to. Join a brand new computer company. The. Story unfolds, turns, out the classmate is Steve Ballmer the, company is Microsoft. The. Stories about technology, and human, connection. The. Reporters, are impressed. Then. Our alum who's, just happened on this meeting thousands, of miles from homes as actually. That's. Not really the main point I.

Graduated. From Stanford 35, years ago I've. Worked in many organizations, and, many industries, what. The GSB taught me was. How to change all of them for, the better I. Am. Impressed. Class. Of 2019. Wherever. You go, may. This place always be with you and follow. You in all your endeavors and be, a home for you when you return I, am. Excited, to see what you accomplished, in. Your lives and in the world I know. You will make us proud. Congratulations. Grad. Now. It is my great pleasure to introduce Lord, John Brown. Lord. Brown grew up and was educated in Great Britain, he. Joined British Petroleum, while still in University and worked in exploration, and production around. The world in. 1981. He was a Sloan fellow at the GSB. Graduating. With an MS and management, John. Returned to British Petroleum, rising through the ranks and maintaining, his close connections, with the school through, executive programs, and as a member of the GSB is Advisory, Council. In. 1995. John became chief executive of, BP and led, the company through a golden decade of expansion, and diversification in. One. Of the defining moments of his tenure John. Returned, to Stanford in 1997. And gave a landmark speech recognising, the importance of climate change and the need to address it he. Was the first CEO of, a major oil company to do so and. He subsequently, sought to rethink ep's future beyond, petroleum. John. Stanford speech is credited, with helping the shift global politics and set the stage for the passage of the Kyoto Protocol in 1998. Since. Stepping down from BP John has been a member of the UK House of Lords a government, adviser the, president of the Royal Academy of Engineering and, the author of several business, books these. Include beyond business the. Glass closet about coming out as LGBT, and the importance of inclusive, corporate cultures and most, recently make. Think imagine, engineering. The future of civilization. John. Has a remarkable. Perspective, on global business on. Corporate culture and unperson, 'el leadership. It. Has been my pleasure to get to know him and learn from him and I'm delighted to have him back at the GSB please. Join me in welcoming Lord. John Brown. Dean. Levin and ladies and gentlemen. The. Year was, 1969. And, i was contemplating my, future my. Father's, advice was, very clear, go. And get a real job. He. Meant a job in industry, british. Petroleum that sponsored, me as an undergraduate, and paid, me to work there during the vacations, but.

I Was much more interested, in pursuing academic. Research and in. Any case, industry. Was frowned upon inside. The ancient walls, of the university, of cambridge. So. I told my father I do, have, a real job it's. Called research and, with. Apologies to the members of the faculty here today my. Father replied, no. I mean a real job. So. I relented, agreeing. To join BP, on the condition, that they sent me to the United States and on the assumption, that I would only be there for a year or two before, returning, to Cambridge. As. It turned out I found, myself, 200. Miles north, of the Arctic, Circle working. In Point Barrow Alaska. This. Was not quite what I had had, in mind. But. This didn't stop me from staying at BP for, more than a year indeed. For a career that, would span more than four decades. Fast-forward. To California. In 1997. When. I joined the board of directors. Of Intel, Corporation, the. Company's, CEO at, the time was. The late great, Andy, Grove who. Was one of my great mentors and. Inspirations. Like. Me he, had Jewish relatives who'd, fled the horrors of mid-century. Europe, and like, me before. He became a businessman, he trained as an engineer. And. He once told me that as, an immigrant, who spoke terrible, English he. Chose to study engineering, because. He thought it was the only subject in which his examiners, would, assess him fairly. In. Other words and, he believed engineering, to be a rational, subject, will, the bridge stay up or, fall down does. The computer program work or, does it crash, with. No room for value, judgments, there, will be no room for prejudice. Or, bias. But. Even with the best of intentions, we. Build our human, biases, and flaws into. The fabric, of our creations, we. Forget that. The technologies. We introduced in the into the world will. Have unpredictable. Effects on the, lives of real people, for. Example, opioid. Painkillers. Can relieve suffering but. Can also cause, addiction. Hydrocarbons. Lift people out of poverty, but. Their use is dangerously, altering, the, Earth's climate and new. Levels of connectivity, have, made it possible to communicate with, anyone, anywhere, at any time but. May have destroyed privacy. These. Innovations, are all products, of engineering, but, their impact on society is. Determined. By the way in which they're used so. Andy. Grove was, only half right, engineers. Can't. Be assessed through rationality. Alone because. Everything, they do involves. A value judgment, and a. Choice, about whether, and how to, innovate and, in. Any case I soon. Learned that no engineering, solution is complete unless it results, in something practical, that. Humanity. And the market wants. This. Naturally, led me into, business, and here. To Stanford I. Arrived. Here when, almost every business person was, obsessed, with, shareholder. Value theory. This. Told us that, the duty of business leaders was, to make as much money as possible for their shareholders, without. Going to jail. It. Reduced, business, to a mere process, an object. Of rationality, and, it. Contributed. To the damaging, impression, the, company's are driven by self-interest. And indifferent. To the needs of those around them. But. Stanford, helped, me understand, why that theory, was incomplete. Guided. By an incomparable. Faculty, I saw. The business could not be conducted in isolation, from, society, public. Policy, and human. Feelings. Business. Turned out to be a wonderful weave, of numbers. And people. Like. Engineering, it was, about much more than mere rationality. So. Where does that leave you as business leaders it. Certainly makes your job much, more difficult you. Cannot simply muddle, through by, managing, the status, quo. Business. Is about much more, much. More than administering. The advent, of the inevitable. It's. About exercising. Judgment and. It's about putting people and society, at, the heart of every, decision you make. These. Were my ambitions, as a CEO, there. Were moments when I succeeded. And moments. When I failed and. I once shared two of those moments just. Now the. First took. Place here at Stanford, on a scorching. May morning, in, 1997. I delivered. A speech in the, frost amphitheater. In which I became, the. First big oil CEO, to, acknowledge, the link between. Anthropogenic. Carbon emissions, and climate change I announced. Our decision, to go beyond, analysis. To. Seek to suit solutions, and to, take action. We. Committed to, invest in the development of alternative fuels. And energies, and we pledged to advocate, and advance big global solutions, such. As a carbon tax. Now. That speech opened, BP, up to attack from absolutely. Every, direction. Environmental. Lobby groups thought, we'd not gone far, enough while. The American Petroleum Institute said. That BP had left. The church. But. Within a decade the. Oil and gas industry, had stopped denying climate, and BP. Had led the way, the.

Strategic, Shift was, the product of almost a decade of listening to bait and persuasion, we, spoke to, President. Clinton Governor. George, W Bush NGOs. Such. As the Pew Center and, the world's leading scientists, and experts one. Of my closest confidence, was, my expense then. Dean of the school who. Provided, the most valuable sounding, board and we spoke to BP employees, to who, of course were also consumers. Voters, and parents. Concerned, about. Their family's, future. By. Taking a lead on climate change we, changed the way people thought about BP. We, attracted, a new, group of leaders who, would never have considered a career, in the energy industry and we created the, foundation, of a successful. Renewable. And alternative energy. Business. We. Focused, on developing, relevant, solutions, to new challenges, we, put people, society. And the environment as, well as shareholder, value at, the heart of our business. Two. Decades later, I regret that there is still much to do the. Probability. Of an existential, threat to humanity is rising. Renewable. Energy is supplying, a growing share of global, energy demand but. It will not replace fossil, fuels certainly. Not in my lifetime, and possibly. Not even in yours. This. Means that we must use technologies. Such as carbon, capture and storage to take the carbon out of hydrocarbons. We. Know how to do this we. Have all the technologies, we, need it's. Now a question of getting the right policies, the, right behaviors, and the right incentives, so, that solutions, can be deployed globally at, scale. And ever decreasing, cost. Above. All it's a question of harnessing, the, power of business to, deliver what is good for, society. So. Bp's experience, with climate change was i believe an example. Of successfully, changing, direction we. Leaned in to, a great upheaval. In science, engineering and, behavior. Which, is still taking, place. But. In my personal, life in. One very important, area, I fail to keep up with, the pace of change. My. Mother an Auschwitz, survivor, gave. Me two pieces of advice. The. First was that when. The going gets tough the majority. Always, hurt the minority. So. It's better not. To be an identifiable. Member, of a minority. The. Second was, not to tell anyone, your secrets, because. They. Will surely use them against. You. This. Advice was, born from her own painful, experience. Applied. To my own life it. Meant that I chose to keep my sexuality, a secret. It. Was easy at first I had. Two lives a private. Life and a work life it. Was exciting. A bit. Like being James. Bond with. A legend. And a reality. In. Some respects, this, painful, separation taught, me something I was, good at reading people and, sensing. Danger, but. As I rose up in the ranks of BP, I became, more recognizable. And this, behavior became, riskier. I was. In meshed in conservative. Corporate and political cultures. And was worried that, any, disclosure, would, damage business. Relationships. So. My, work became, my life and BP. Became, my extended, family. When. My mother died I lost, my closest companion, became. Very lonely I foolishly. Thought that. Rather than openly. Openly, seeking, a partner that, would be safer, to, find one secretly, online. That. Was my first mistake and, it.

Was Followed by several further. Serious. Errors of judgment, in. 2007. I was, outed by a British newspaper. And then. I decided, to resign from B be a. CEO. One, of my primary, responsibilities. Was. To lead through inclusion. That. Means creating, teams in which, everyone, has a stake in the future, it. Also means instilling, self. Belief in people and. Demonstrating. To them that. They can be included, while, being themselves. The. Ways in which our workforce, changed, while I was CEO suggested. That we were doing something right. But. The practice, of inclusion. Is. So, much easier when, you have role models who. Demonstrate. That, it's possible, to succeed while. Being yourself. By. Remaining, in the closet I failed, to be a role model when. It when it came to a personal, and authentic, leadership the. World around me had changed, and I'd not recognize that change. These. Big experiences. Demonstrate. Two, things. The. First is that we don't have to be passive, when. Faced with a world which. Makes us feel lost, and powerless. There. Are things we can change, even. If it takes time. On. Climate, change public. Debate, has shifted dramatically. In, the past 20 years it shifted. Because people, said that. What they believed and worked, hard to convince others, I'm proud. Of being part of that process, and I, only wish it had moved more quickly. Attitudes. To being gay have changed, too because. People stood up and had, pride in themselves and, in, who they are I, regret. Not being one of those people sooner. My. Second conclusion, is that, being different is a strength. Business. And indeed, any other walk of life is. Not populated, by robots, programmed. To think and act in a standardized, way a. Successful. Business is a company, a group. Of different people. With different experiences. And skills that. In an inclusive way who. Come together for. A common purpose. Difference. Is. What the world expects, of every Stanford, GSB, graduate. It. Expects, you to challenge norms. Rather. Than to obey them it. Expects, you to be yourselves, and to shape and reshape the, world rather. Than to conform, to its expectations. It. Expects, you to think deeply act. Boldly dream, widely, for. These are the qualities, of great leaders and great. Organizations. Ladies. And gentlemen on behalf of all GSB, alumni I congratulate. You and wish, you a wonderful day of celebration. Thank you very much. It. Is now my great honor and pleasure to, introduce the, GSB, PhD. Class of, 2019. Our. Ph.d program is, small and exclusive. With an admission, rate well under 10%. These. Individuals. Came here as students, dedicating. Themselves to, two or three years of coursework, followed.

By An intensive, research. Apprenticeship. In their chosen. Fields. Having. Become true experts, they, leave us as colleagues. Setting. Out on a path to create new knowledge which. We know will help change the world of business and management for. The better. Today. We, formally celebrate. The transition, of these folks from. Students, to future, intellectual. Leaders who, will play an important, role in shaping, our understanding. Of business and. Management, after. Their advisors place the hood of the Stanford Graduate, School of Business on, them they. Will join us on the stage as we. Welcome them as colleagues. Into. Our profession. Diane. Lee executive. Director of the ph.d program will. Now read their names and, their. Dissertation. Advisor will. Hood them. Yeah, booze atcha. Colin. Yahoo's. Studies, the influence, of emotions, on consumer, behavior. On. Yui. Ways. Research, focus, on, focuses. On over-the-counter, financial. Markets, specifically. How dealers trade bonds, with customers, and with, other dealers. Nathan. Atkinson. Nate. Studies, how, legal rules can be designed to better align the interests of corporations and, society. Melanie. Brooks. Melanie's. Research, focuses. On how to structure, idea, generation, activities to. Maximize, innovation. Thomas. Chose. Thomas's. Research, models. The emergence, of ambiguities. In the, text of laws enacted, by, legislators. Robert. Donnelly. Rob's. Research. Provides, improved. Models, on learning how consumers, make choices when. Faced with a large number of options. Kristian, Fong. Christiane's. Research, focuses. On congressional, leadership, and rules. The. Jad site. Dad's. Wade's research, focuses. On how investors, allocate, their attention, and how, that impacts, the functioning, of markets the. When, how. When. House research. Explores, how quantitative. Easing policies. By the Federal Reserve affect. The US banking system and the broader economy. The. Child. Jazz, studies American, politics, with a focus, on campaign, finance. Giorgio. Martini. Georgia. Studies, how to design markets, where information and preferences rather, than money determine. Who gets, what. Joshua. Morris. Josh, examines. How, the pain associated, with, parting. With money affects. A person, spending, budgeting. And investing. Decisions. Roy. Roth. Roy's. Research. Identifies. Imperfections. In the market, for venture capital financing. Such, as excessive, optimism, and misaligned, incentives and, explores. The effects these have on funding patterns. Shen. Yuan yuan. Yuan. Ones research, focuses. On engagement, drivers. In a lending marketplace. Brian, shoe. Brian's, research, explores. How corporate, decision-making, and public, finance policy. Affect, household, labor market, outcomes. Doyoung. Yoon. Doyoung. Studies. How to optimally, schedule, medical, appointments, and design, treatment, policy to, significantly. Reduce patient's. Worst case life, years. Jessica. You. Jessica. Studies consumer, behavior, in online markets. And its, implications for platform, design. Good, afternoon on this festive. And beautiful, day, it. Is my real pleasure as director. Of the Stanford MSX, program to. Present this year's graduates, who will receive the degree of Master. Of Science and management, the, mission, of the MSX, program is to provide experienced, leaders men, and women who have spent at least eight years in professional, and management, roles the. Opportunity, to prepare themselves for increasingly, senior, positions, in organizations, they. Will leave. The. Program is a full-time year-long, course, of academic, study giving. These students, an all-too-rare chance, for reflection, and growth in the midst of an already accomplished, career on. Behalf. Of the administration of the program and the faculty you have taught them join. Me in wishing each of them great fulfillment and success in the next phase of their careers. In. Honor. Of the service of former GSB, Dean Robert. Joss who, is himself a Stanford Sloan fellow the. Top 10% of, the MSX, class ranked by academic, performance, are designated, as Robert Shaw scholars, as we. Read the names of the graduates we, will also announce that they have achieved the distinction of Robert Shaw scholar I. Will. Now read the graduates, names while Dean Levin presents the diplomas, a. Set. AB do I leave. Anoosh.

Agarwal. Karun. On. Jason. Han Wei Bay, Robert Shaw scholar. Rohit. Bala Robert. Josh scholar. Nick. Blasi. Jack, sigh. Adriel. Cha. Sahra, cheery, Mar. William. Chong. Felipe. Corsi me Mota. Amir. Dodged emoji. Felipe. De moosie. Dwan. Chalet. Judy. Dunbar. Sarah. June, Ericsson. Umberto. Oscar peeny. Mota's. Bakri. Fabien. Galvo, Garces. Wen. Dong. Megan. Elizabeth Goering, Robert, Shaw scholar. Sri. Gandhi. Miguel. Cravat. Mohnish. Iike Gupta. I. Mean. Howdy big. Samantha. Hagar. Bomber Robert, Shaw scholar. You. Hear, Yama. Henry. Xiang. Jeremy. James, Joseph. Carlos. Roberto, Hoebel. Ghujiya. Mike. Kearns. Max, Kendrick. Chin. Song John, Kim. Robert. An hour. Mansingh. Lee. Phil. Lee. Lee. Lee. Zhi. Hao Lin. Hui. Min Liu. Ji. You. Looting. Je. Ma. -. Mona, mapa, loose, Mariah's. Darsh. Preet Singh. Mondeo. Co Maruyama. In. Knowles, Nick Milan. My. Aunt Miss Robin. Aki. Mia Sokka. Matthew. Napoli. And. Win. A. Beer. Not nosh made. Victor. Awesome, it's. Joon-young. Park. Jitka. Guha. Quake. Court a. Israel. Rana. Diego. Saraiva. Yosuke. Sassa Jima. Damona. Shibata. Again. Kenny, shintani. Sumeet. Sinha. Neal. Spackman. Oriana, Straubel. PI, and ton robert shaw scholar. Ian. Taylor. Tiffany. Jane Chen. Eric. Michael juicy, wits Robert, Shaw scholar. Frank. We pert Robert, Josh scholar. Brett. Wilson, Robert. Josh scholar. Thomas. Wilson. Karen. Whoo. Xander. Whoosh way. Lamia. You said. Hi. Hi UN. Bowen. Jang. Joey. Zou. Jaggi. Jew. Is. Now my pleasure to introduce senior, associate dean Yossi. Feinberg. Among. The. Robert, el Josh scholars. One. Student's, academic achievement. Places. Them at the top of the MSX, class. This. Student is awarded the George, GC. Parker, prized named. In honor of GSB. Faculty, and former. Program, director. Professor George, Parker, who, is here today, the. Graduate receives a certificate, the. Cash award, and the, name will, be on a plaque displayed, at the GSB. The. Recipient, of the. 2019. George. Parker, prize is. Brett. Wilson. Distinguished. Guests. Faculty. Members. Staff. Families. And friends. The. MBA students. Gathered. Before us today, have. Engaged in that transformational. Experience. They've. Acquired solid. Foundations. In general management and have. Pursued, deeper, study in their areas of interest. They. Have engaged in personal, growth and. Built. Relationships, that. Will last a lifetime. They've. Helped, the school and the community in, many ways. They. Are an impressive, group and, are. Ready and worthy to. Join the ranks of our illustrious. Alumni. Therefore. It, is, my great, honor and, privilege, to present to you the. Stanford, MBA. Class. Of, 2019. As. You leave I hope your, memories, of the GSB, will remain fresh and that, you will stay involved with the school, our. Alumni played. An important, role in your academic, experience. Ranging. From serving, as judges in its executive, challenge, to. Acting, as mentors in, intrapreneurial, classes. It. Is my wish that you, too will. Engage, with the GSB academic. Mission as alumni, and, give. Your time and experience. Generously. To, future classes. Your. Class has, already, demonstrated. Its, desire, to stay connected to the GSB and, to, support, the school in a meaningful way, through. Your participation, in, the class gift campaign. You. Will live your own legacy, and, play, a part in bringing the GSB experience. To future generations as, other. Alumni, have. Done before you. All. Of you have, undoubtedly heard, of RJ Miller. RJ. Served, in the US Air Force during, the, Second World War and was. Later one of the so-called whiz kids who, revolutionized, Ford. Motor Company. RJ. Became President, Ford and. Then later the much. Admired fourth. Dean of the GSB. In. Honor of Dean, Miller's service, the, top 10%, of. The class ranked. By academic, performance, are. Designated. That are as RJ, Miller scholar x' as, we. Heard the names as. We hear the names of the graduates we. Will also announce that. They have achieved the academic distinction of RJ, Miller scholar. In. Case, like. Every pulse in the GSB those qualifications right. In. Case of joint, degree students, who are currently walking. But. Are. Yet to graduate, we will identify those. Who are currently, the top 10% of, the class. The. Late. Did. Miller is, also. Founded, the certificate. In public management, and. Social innovation program. At the GSB. The. Certificate, program educates. Leaders. Who. Understand. Social. Issues. Designed. For and evaluate. Impact, and understand. The, specificities. Of the, management, of social organizations. In. Both private, and public sectors.

Today. Specific. Certificate graduates. Take the spirit of our GSB, motto change. Lives change organizations change. The, world to. Its full potential. This. Year we have a hundred and nine recipients. The. Names are listed, in the commencement program. Graduate. Names will. Now be read by, Margaret, Hayes, assistant. Dean of the MBA and MSX programs, and by, Kirsten, Moss assistant. Dean of the Emmet MBA admissions and. Financial aid. Graduates. Will receive the diplomas, from. Dean Levin. Margaret. And Kristen. Please. Cave, Abercrombie. Jessica. Have known isola a Depot Jew. Matthew. James, Agnew, a. Poor. Of agrawal RJ, Miller scholar. Alejandro. McGee De. Marco. Alban, otago. Collude. All the ball. Jane. Elizabeth, Alexander. Justin. Amaro, at mesquita. Cavort. Amir Jan jaan. Nicole. Appleton. Kristen. Archer. Julio. Armand, RTS, Castillo. Ruben. Long Arnold. Benton. Atchison. Julia. Rose nd Ava buck. Gabriel. Benjamin, avens. Morgan. Bear. Robert. Bailey. Turab. Oshawa. Annie. Baldwin. Top 10% of, the current class. Blair. Janssen, bollard. Deepak. Bonsall. Crotch. Evanthia. Steven. Donahue barber. Mohammad. Berk Ashley. Kate. Bartlett. Hilary. Susan, Bartlett. Steven. BAE. Jamie. Beaten, RJ, Miller scholar. Ryan. Scott, Beck. I'd. Hoop change that bellacor. Yasmine, Belarus OGG a. Mercedes. Bent. Marissa. And Berta rally. Stephen. Barriner. Eric. Davis Bloome entrants. Leon. Borma. Emily. Booth RJ, Miller scholar. Pierre. Bouvier. Anthony. Browser, andia. My. Apprentice. Mark. Brenson. Buhari. Ave Odin Rossi you. Eleanor. Buckingham. Marry. Buckland. Nicole. But since key buyers RJ, Miller scholar. Jeffrey. Calder RJ, Miller scholar. John. Anthony Cardozo. Michael. Andrew, Karen. Christopher. Thomas Carper. Mauricio. Carbajal. Elya. Chain. Daniel, Chernov. Malcolm. Piles jalaja. Jacqueline. Chang. Jian. Chen. Sasha. Chen. Sophia. Chen. Elena. Chen. When. Chain. Race. Chain. Stacy. Christensen. David. Chung. Daeun. Cinnamon.

Caroline. Clark. Ian. Clark. Samuel. William Clayman. Deirdre. Clue. Andrew. Cohen. Kate. Cooper. Callie. FAFSA. Conrad. Carl Joseph, coaching you. Tomas. Crew RJ, Miller scholar. Haley. Chase crown. Daniela. Kunio. Ainsley. Daigle. Ross. Darwin. Robert. Davies. Patrick. To pray Gallagher. Shawn. Davila. Chin. Chandi. Shiro. Delano. Jean-paul. Bricker Dillard. Sheriff. Nemer, DZ. Amanda. Donahue Hansen. Natalie. Burris Doyle. Benjamin. Ross Dre. Matthew. Herndon, Dugan. Samuel. Henry Dula RJ, Miller scholar. Samantha. Camille Ely. Charlotte. Hersh Edelson. Alexandra. Edmonds. Sarah. Ecozy. Yawn. Eifler. D. Metal mosh muck. Parker. Ends. Mariya. English. Rosario. Ara suddha, sattva gotta. John. Tyler injure, RJ, Miller scholar. Cody. Evans. Ran, fan. Kenneth. Quinn song. James. McGinnis, Harbor. Erika. Feldhausen. Josh. Feldman. Sam. Fisher. Edward. Benjamin, Fishman RJ, Miller scholar. Li. P ja Fishman. William. Justin, foils. Rhea. Forbes. Andreea. Fox. Dan. Freeman. Robert. Walker fuller. Tomas. Garcia, squared Oh. Mahat. Sumanth, guard. Joseph. Gargery ah no. Joan. English, gas. RIA. Gaius, seen. Catherine. Joan guess Gorman. Caroline. GZ. Alam. Khiladi. Noga. Go, long. Jennifer. Goldman. Sarah. Michelle. Goodison. Massimiliano. Gory. Christopher. Grant. I. Greenstein. Jake. Evan Greenstein, RJ, Miller scholar. Christina. Susan. Gogo. Nicholas. P.m.. Annika. Gupta. Joseph. Daniel, Gutierrez. Daniela. Lute Lansky. Rodolfo. Guzman. Fernando. Guzman, Elizondo. Jase. Hoffner. Rahul. Michael, Hajjar. Emma. Francis, Henley. Jennifer. Lee, Harris. Meredith. Holton, posi. Trent. Posi. RJ, Miller scholar. EDA. Bell, temple. Talia. Elena. Hernandez, Duran. Dionisio. Era. Namu. Kaaba pillow. Sarah. Hoffman. Doug. Colin. James. Edward fault. The second. David. Charles, Hoyt. Ciao, poit. Catherine. Yellen, Wong. Nicholas. Lyle, peppered. Yvette. Houston. Achmed. Ibrahim. Nelson. You gonna lock. Jeremy. Nicodemus. Intel. Moe. Islam. Lauren. Nicole, Jackson. Ah hey. Jane. Are. You Jane. Today. Yeah James. Nicholas. Andrew, Jankowski. RJ, Miller scholar. Julia. Yes, carska. Alejandro. Paso. Jonathan, jean-pierre. Matthew. Jensen. Desertion. Jim. Cameron. Octi. John. Larson. Jones. Sam. Jones. Daniel. Raymond, Jeff. Lewis. Conrad. Chug. Kadoya. Yoshitaka. Ah. Fishy. Samir. Taji. Roland. Called, tuff RJ. Miller scholar. Engineer. Sink, and Ola. Katrina. And Cardus. Aqus. Late. Cavanaugh. Kendra. Koala. Ian. Patrick. Nichols, Kelly. David. Benjamin Royce, Kemper. Say. Leap a cat, loon. Alicia. Pies. Sophia. Salma. Khalifa. Schramko. Jin. Yong Kim. Nicole. Kim. Charles. Kitzinger. Katrina. Baron. Klein. J. Piniella. Jeffrey. Tucker. Koecher. RJ, Miller scholar. Anna. Conan. Aras. Constantan. Edie's. Joshua. Kornberg. Brian. Richard, krump. Matias. Lanos. Hi. Me Lorraine. Louise. Last, Corrine. David. Lee. Raffaelli. Lai Chi RJ. Miller scholar. Andrew. Lewis RJ, Miller scholar. Then. Len. Helen. Lee. Ten. Belly. RJ. Miller scholar. Ginger. Liao. Ami. Lefland. Helen. Lynn. Q, Lin. Ellen. Lu, RJ Miller scholar. That's, blue. Mimi. Ung leo. Liara. Lockhart. Francisco. Lopes. Mara. Luckman. Scott. Robert, Lowenstein. RJ. Miller scholar. Tawanda. Michael. Meharry. My. Aunt Mehrotra. Bob. Mann Frieda RJ, Miller scholar. Tess. Manning. Swappi. Man, Oh Robbie. Sara, and Catherine. Philips Martin. Andrew. Benjamin. Matunga, txc. Airman. Mattia. Bridget. Meanie. Evan. Mian. The. Meta Mensa. We'll. Miller. Julie. Mints. Daveed. Nero yo. Piss. Josh. Met Roni. She. Um Yogesh, Modi. RJ. Miller scholar. Chad. Monroe. Talley. Murphy. Austin. Murkland. Rant. Nellie, mussalam. Jen. Nakamura. Anuraag. Nama potty. Zana. Manisha. Gabriela. Neder. Miette. Newman. Jennifer. Nye. Cute. And win. Shall. Tune me. Julian. Nix. Siddarth. Kalpana, mahendra, Anisha RJ, Miller scholar. Justin. Gregory, Norton. Née. Boss Nanta. Nancy. Crystal, a Casilla adoro. Johannes. Elena. Tyese. Elevator. Aundrea. Almost, Nakamura. Naomi. Walling. Juliana. Jasmine, Ortega. Henry. Oars in ski trap no. David. ASEAN, day. Julia. Isabel.

Osterman. Casey. Hughes, Oswald. Elizabeth. Pan. Luke. Patent. Jessica. Renee Patton. Devon. Pence. James. Payne RJ, Miller scholar. Danielle. Pence at. William. Edward, Pirozhki. Simone. Gabrielle. Peron. Anna. Pino Mariana. Yada. Pia Pia, jomkwan. Kevin. Manuel Koehler. Joanne. Poon. Huge. Party. Been. Project. Andrew. Sidney preeminence. Trevor. Slocum, profit. Alexandra. Robert, prudence. Lauren. Christine, prize and. Veronica. Poutine. Simon. Chin RJ, Miller scholar. Joon-kyu. Will. Quinn, McMahon. Alison. Rejewski. Karolina. Rakolta. Begone. Ramen. Neethu. Vaisala, Mirage. Vineet. Rajan. Rodrigo. Ramos. I. Did. Your run Jenny. Luna. Jia Xin chào. James. Philip, Roth Mel jr. RJ, Miller scholar. Courtney. Lynn ready. Xavier. Redondo, a less true 8 RJ, Miller scholar. Charles. Rice. Dane. Renner, Michelle. Renta. Immersion. Ray RJ, Miller scholar. Sam. Murray. Well. Alexander, Ritter. Katherine. Maria Rivera. Patrick. Robinson RJ. Miller scholar. Victoria. Rodgers. Shawn. Rosenberg. Betty. Ilana Rosenfield. Jacqueline. Claire Rahman. Dawid. Rukon, z. And. Katherine. Rutherford. Michael. Joseph Ryan, RJ, Miller scholar. Camille. Amin Mohammad, Sayeed. Servyse, Anka. Aylmer. Santos. Adriel. Saporta. Camilla, que sabe Hoshi. Christopher. Carl Scheer. Daniel. Schiller. Mark. Schiff ski. Patrick. Thomas schneller. Sean. Arthur, Schroeder. Michael. Schwartz RJ, Miller scholar. Mitchell. Scott. Brian. Scullin. Taylor. Siva. Harine. Vijay, Shah. Mallanna. Hostile, Shapira. Sam. Shapiro, RJ, Miller scholar. -. Bianca Sharma. Noah. Matthew Sheinbaum. Valoración. Top. 10% of current class. Dennis. Sure I. Dust. Nursing. Tanya. Sofia. Cisco, saggy. Tyler. Johnston, Paulie Smith. Samantha. Smith Epstein, er. Helen. Hosanna. Solomon. Michael. Joseph Solomon. Alice. Song RJ, Miller scholar. Juyeon. Songs. It's. Gay son mas. Patrick. Stuffer. Yelling. Stern. Jacob. Stern. Tanner, Strickland. The. RICO Sucre. Anderson. Sue Marley. Ethan. Son. Rachel. Lauren, Sussman. Jan. Late, acasi. Rio. Tani, RJ. Miller scholar. Raji. Terry Gopala. Elana. Teitelbaum. Peter. Triple, lock. Hannah. She, knew a TN. Norris. Lead on tea. Hero. T and. Radhika. T molten. Katherine. Sydney topper. Eric. Track. Brian. Prescott. Triana. Salo. Francelina, Trista. Vinay. Trivedi. Karen. Underwood. Ray. Hannon, Vasily. Tucker. Patron, benek, and RJ, Miller scholar. Ellen. Vanessa RJ. Miller scholar. Juan. De, Vargas. Lopez. Sebastian, Velez. Agneta. Then, put ramen. Adam. Marcus, they're hustled. Derek. Walker RJ. Miller scholar. Have. Walters. April. Bowen, Wang. Chris. Wong. Night. Changwon, you. Benjamin. Ward. Andrew. James Wardle. James. Wang. Kate. Owens Wharton. Kevin. Thomas, white RJ, Miller scholar. David. Williams. Tylar. Willebrand. David. Whiner. Aaron. David, wind God. Alison. Was Nevsky. Daisy. Whoa. Ashley. Woodruf. Gram rookie. Phocion. Whoo. Owen. Words, bucker RJ, Miller scholar. Samya. Yada. Sahil. Yak me. Katie. Yang. Lakshmi. Chitra. Yaar, ligado. Andrew. We, don't, you. Take. June, you, RJ. Miller scholar. Bruno. Yoshimura. Terry. You. Go. Rozlyn. Yo. Jim. You. Ian. Hollis. Pablo. Zapata, era, rambu.

Paulo. Anna. Is like saya Tina. Eric. Zong RJ. Miller scholar. Julianne. Jay-z. Song. Zy. Joe. Ray. Song. Steph. You, Chen Zhong. Li. Or Asha Z Chrome. Hilary, rosen jack Simic. Arielle. Zib. Nominated. And. Chosen. By. Their peers. The. Recipient, of the. Ernst C. Arbuckle. Award, is. The second year MBA student. Who. By their active, participation. Initiative. Leadership. And personal. Integrity. Is. Judged, as having, contributed. Most to the fulfillment of, the goals of, the. Stanford, Graduate School of Business in. Their actions, both. Within, school. And, in, society. The. Recipient, receives. A cash prize and also, has their name on a plaque on, display, at the GSB. We. Are delighted to have Susan, Arbuckle. The. Daughter of Ernie, Arbuckle. With, us today to deliver the award. This. Year. Recipient. Of the award. Is. Julianne jay-z's. On. The. Alexander a Rabi check student achievement, award in finance, was. Established. To, honor professor orbit, checks outstanding. Contribution. To the. Teaching of finance at the GSB from. 1960. Until, his, death in 1978. The. Award is given to an MBA student selected. By the finance, faculty for. Outstanding, achievement, in the finance, courses. The. Recipient, receives the, award and, also has the name on a plaque or display, at the GSB. And. We are delighted that mark Robert jack professor. Robert Jackson is here today to deliver, the award. This. Year recipient, of the award. Is. Owen wood, Parker. Among. Their. RJ Miller scholar 'he's one. Student, academic. Achievement places. Them at the top of the class. This. Student is designated. As. The Henry, for the second scholar and receives. Along, with the Miller scholar. Scroll. A, significant. Cash award. And. Their name on, a plaque displayed. At the GSB. It is, a musical isn't it. This. Year's recipient, of the award. Is. Jeffrey, Tucker culture. Honored. Guests, faculty. Staff, families, and friends, we have reached the conclusion of our ceremony I. Invite. You to join us for. Receptions, of the knight Management Center, as. Soon as the, ceremony. Ends, gred, which. Is now. Graduates. Please stand. What. A journey, it has been. Before. We walk out one last time into. The California, Sun and celebrate. Let's. Have one more round of applause to recognize, the GSB class of 2019.

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