Stanford Graduate School of Business Diploma Ceremony 2018

Stanford Graduate School of Business Diploma Ceremony 2018

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Graduates. Please be seated. Graduates. Honored. Guests. Faculty. Staff. Family. And friends. Welcome. To, the 2018, graduation. Ceremony, at the Stanford, University Graduate. School of Business. I'd. Like to begin by recognizing the, people around us who have played a pivotal role in the experience, of our graduates, the. Faculty, that sit behind me have, led our students, on a transformative, journey could. I ask the faculty to stand for. A moment Effects. Around. The pavilion our staff, from the MBA the, MSX, and the PhD programs, whose, dedication and, effort have. Helped make the journey meaningful. And enjoyable I ask that our staff, stand, and be recognized. For. Many of you who are graduating your. GSB, education, has been a team effort your, families, and friends have been there to listen to, support, you and to advise you let's, take a moment to recognize our. Families, and friends. Now. I would like to say a few words to you our, 2018. GSB, graduates. Earlier. This year I read. A, biography, of. An American author Laura. Ingalls Wilder. Now. Laura, Ingalls Wilder grew. Up on the American frontier in the 19th century and she. Went on to write many books about her experience. As a child on the frontier. Including. Little House on the Prairie and, and. And a number of others in that series and some, of you may have read those books I read them as children and then I read them to my own children, several. Times in fact and. She. Lived a very remarkable, life, but. What, struck, me in reading her biography. Was. The way that the world changed. During her lifetime. In. 1880. At. The age of 12 Laura, Ingalls spent a winter in Dakota Territory her. Father worked, for the railroad company. The. Nearest neighbor was. 37. Miles away unreachable. In winter, snows. There. Was no telegraph, no, telephone no postal. Service no, radio no means, of communication, her. Family was completely, isolated. She. Recounted. That winter 50. Years later when she became a writer. This. Was in the 1930s. By. The time she wrote about that winter there. Was electricity. There. Was indoor plumbing, there, was long-distance communication. She. Drove, with. Her daughter from Missouri to California and eventually. She flew on an airplane to, New York. Between. The winter that, she spent, in Dakota Territory and her, death in 1957. Standards. Of living in the United States more.

Than Doubled, twice. Those. Changes, in, a single, human life are. Extraordinary. And they. Have continued, a child. Who was born in the year that she died that is 1957. Has. Lived to see the invention, of the transistor. Genetic. Sequencing. Access. To information become. Instantaneous. Life. Expectancy. Which, was 37. Years in 1880, increased. To 80 years and billions. Of people around the world lifted from poverty. Those. Of you who are graduating today, will. Have careers, that, last for a long time perhaps. 50, years or even more. What. Innovations, will occur and how will the world change it, is. Hard for us even to foresee that. What. Is possible, to foresee however is that. Many of those innovations, and many of those changes, will. Come from business. Because. The story of the modern world in many ways is the, story of advances, in technology, and trade. And communication. Brought. About by, private enterprise. It. Is the fact that those advances. Have. Led to dramatic, increases, in human. Living standards standards. That. Is what makes business, a noble, enterprise. What. Is also possible, to foresee is that. As today's, graduates. You. Will be in position to help. Shape and guide the changes, that do occur and you will, do so at a time, when. People are questioning, whether, business, can be relied upon. Whether. The innovations and the changes, of the next, 50 years will. Ensure. Inclusive. Opportunity. Dignity. Of work and shared. Rewards. You. Will have an obligation as, business. Leaders to. Help answer these questions, affirmatively, and to, help guide changes, in the world, responsibly. You. Will be well prepared. Years. Ago Laura. Ingalls journeyed. To the American frontier, she, went in a covered wagon. Most. Of you came here by airplane, but. In a sense you made a similar journey, you. Journeyed to a modern frontier, of knowledge, and discovery. You've. Taken classes, you've studied together you've learned from extraordinary faculty, and leaders, you've. Traveled on global study trips, made. Friends, from around the world heard. Their stories, and created, new ones in, a. Short time you will be Stanford graduates, and we. Will walk out onto, the GSB campus, in the. Break California, Sun to, celebrate, but. What you have learned and the, relationships, you have formed will stay with you as. Alumni. Do. Your part to keep the GSB, strong stay, close to your classmates return. The calls of other alumni, provide. The help to future students, that you have received from those that preceded you, as. Our. Representatives. In the world, I am. Confident, you will be leaders who. Act with. Courage with. Empathy and with. Responsibility. I am. Excited, to see what you accomplished, and how your influence, will ripple outward, in, the world I know. You will make everyone here, today and all of us at the GSB very. Proud. Congratulations. Class of 2018. And. Now. It is my great pleasure to introduce Carlos, Brito. Carlos. Brito came to Stanford from Brazil and he. Graduated in 1989, with an MBA he, has made extraordinary, contributions. As a business leader. Brito. Is known for, his business acumen his, clarity, of focus and his vision of building a company that inspires, pride, in his, employees, his customers, and their communities. He. Has made bold strategic moves, to grow a B InBev into, the world's largest Brewing, Company and one, of the world's top five consumer, products companies, the. Company employs nearly. 200,000. People in more, than 50, countries if. You've. Had a Budweiser a Corona. Or a Stella, Artois those, are just three, of the 500, brands, owned by ABM dev. What. The numbers do not convey, is Britta's ability to bring together people from very different cultures and proud traditions, just. Try. To imagine bringing. New ideas of, that beer to st. Louis, or. To Mexico or. To Belgium or, to Germany, or. To Canada, or. To, Australia. Brito. Has paired business, strategy, with a focus on investing, in corporate culture and to connecting, to customers, in their communities, he. Sets this tone personally, and through his company's policies. His. Commitment, to use renewable energy, and to support diversity initiatives, are. Salient, examples, of Britos vision of a sustainable future it. Is my great, pleasure to welcome Carlos, Trudeau back. To Stanford. Good. Afternoon everyone. Good. Afternoon the, 11 did, emeritus Joss, fellow. Members of the Stanford board of trustees, and the GSB Advisory, Council. Distinguished. Faculty, and administration, thank. You for having me here today. It's. Always a pleasure to be back at the Stanford, GSB I. Can't. Believe it's been almost 30, years since I graduated I. Remember. Sitting with my. Classmates. I remember. Hearing our commencement, speaker, I. Do. Not however remember, a single, word that person, said. So. Just. In case any, of you following, my footsteps, I'll. Start, with the most important, part. Congratulations. To the class of 2018. I. Also. Want to acknowledge a, few very, special people in the audience, in.

1989. My parents, were. Not able to come from Brazil for my graduation, well. They. Are here today alongside. My, wife Belinda and my four kids. So. The. Special moments like these there's. Nothing better than being surrounded, by people you love most I'm, sure. It's a feeling I share with so many of you right now so. Before I really get started please join me in giving a big round of applause to all the parents family and friends of the, class of 2018. Now. About. Ten years ago I was. Giving a talk no, I don't like this one only, I was dressed very differently. And, there. Were not nearly as many people, instead. The audience was a group of trainees Global trainees from our company. ABM have I gave. My talk I did. Some QA, I said. Well. Time. For one last question and. That's. When his hands shut up I said. What's. Your name. Just. Said Ludmila from Ukraine. Okay. Ludmilla what's your question. Brito. What would the world miss, if, our company did, not exist, I. Was. Like holy cow. And. Then. I did what you do when you need more time, they. Said what's, your name again. Thinking. Why. Are you from again, Thank. You Kiev. Well I've been to Kiev beautiful. City. Thinking. Finally. I said them that my colleagues, and I would, miss our company culture and that. Our consumers, would, miss our brands. But. Later I came to my top people and said guys, made. To think more, about this one. Class. Of 2018. You. Leave this campus prepared, to succeed. But. You didn't come to place like Stanford just. To be successful, you came, here because you want to be exceptional. So. As you begin the next chapter I want to challenge you with a question that probably, never came up in class a version. Of the, question I was. Asked about the decade ago and. That. Is, what. Would the world miss if you did, not exist I, don't. Mean that literally, of course every. One of you is tremendously, tremendously, talented. And, surrounded. By people who care about you I posed. This question in a global context. Why. Is humanity. Better off because, you. Are here. No. Matter what field you enter tackling. This question, is going to be one of the most important, things you ever do. What. I like to do is, suggest a few ways of approach in the world, simple. Habits I learned at this university, and throughout my career that. Can help you address this question. I'll. Begin by telling you about how, I I arrived, here I was. The only Brazilian accepted. To this Stanford GSB in my ear I badly. Wanted. To come, only. One problem I couldn't. Afford it but. I, knew there was a businessman, in Brazil who. Owned an investment, bank and sometimes. Gave loans to his employees, hoping, to get MBAs, abroad I was. Able to meet him, I was. Not one of his employees but still I made my case and this. Businessman, Georgia, agreed. To give me a scholarship for my first year not. From his bank but. From his personal, account, I said. Georgia. I won't be able to pay you back anytime soon. He. Said no no I don't. Want you to pay me back I want. Just, three things. One. Keeping. For me keep me informed about your classes in your progress to. Help. Somebody in the future the way I'm helping you and three. Before. You accept, a full-time, job offer, come talk to me. Fast. Forward two years I graduated. Stanford, with seven or eight job offers like everybody, else in my class, they. Were all. On fancy. Letterhead. My. Salary, training. Period, bonus. Everything. Right in front of me. But. I had made a promise to talk to Georgia and. He also made, me an offer. Accept. His, offer was made, over the phone, no. Paper no fancy, letterhead, and, here. Was the offer he, got ready. Moved. Back to Brazil by, the time when, nobody. Wanted to do that and everybody wanted to be in the US or Europe. Accept, the job without knowing the job description, and take. A pay cut of around 80 percent. Compared. To my dad's offer. So. That. Didn't, make sense. Except. For the fact that at the time when Georgia decided, to sponsor my, first year he. Also invited, me to come for a two-week internship. Where. I met his partners and learned about his business and more, importantly, about the. Culture, at his bank, this. People were very different than people at other companies where I had worked before. That. Left me with the deep appreciation for, the quality of his partner's their values and how, fast-paced the. Place was. The. Was a place I could see myself be not just for two or three years but for a long time. So. I decided to bet on Georgia, I took, his offer, my. Dad almost, killed me and, that. Was before he found out about the eighty percent pay cut. 29, years later Georgia, Paula lemon is one of the world's most successful business, leaders and, I'm. Still the same company where accepted, that first offer just, a much bigger company. Graduates. Throughout. Your life you. Have the chance to bet them job titles on salaries. On. Job offers and fancy letterhead. Here's. My advice, don't. Bet on things. Baton, people, instead. Join. People you admire you.

Respect, People. That inspire, you with. Whom you, share the same values, and from. Whom you can learn, you'll. Never regret, it as my. Former professor, here at the GSB Jim, Collins would say, first. Who than. What. My. Second piece of advice also, begins with something I learned here at Stanford. See. Growing, up I was used to being top of my class. Then. I got here and there. Were people from all over the world and guess what they. Were all at. The top of their classes, too and I. Was intimidated, to, participate, in Kay's discussions, because. I was not a native, English. Speaker in, language. Was a barrier. But. By the second quarter I learned how to deal with it a little bit better then, by the second, year I started. To talk I started, to think hey. I can, do this. Getting. Through the GSB was not impossible, it, was just really hard I. Later. Realized, that that place not. Impossible, just really, hard turns. Out to be the best place you can be. Because. That place not impossible, just really hard takes. You out of your comfort zone. Human. Beings can learn only so, many things each day. If. You stay too long with it within your comfort zone you. Fall into some sort of routine, and your, learning curve flattens. If. You go ten years without learning anything you'll. Be able to learn ten times as much in year eleven to compensate, it. Doesn't, work quite like that a. Good. Way to think about this is the high jump if the. Bars never moved higher there's, no reason for anyone to perform. At, a higher level as. The. Bars pushed higher we have to improve to. Remain competitive, by. Being challenged, we, all learn more about ourselves, about. Our inner potential, and about. What we can realize. We. Live only once and, it's a waste to go through life without ever realizing one, one's. Full potential. The. Way to learn about your potential and put it to work is, to remain challenged, and stretched. In. Other words you. Cannot, let yourself, be. Too comfortable for too long, push. Yourself off out of that situation into. A not impossible, just really hard situation, your. Learning curve will. Against deepen and you'll, continue to grow as an, individual, and professional. My. Third and final piece of advice is. Based on something I learned at a conference 20 years ago. This. One speaker, was a renowned, performance. Psychologist. And. He was talking about motivation in, what. Drives people to perform at their. Highest level. His. Talk was about your inner voice that allows, you to perform at levels that seemed, unattainable, before. Here's. What he said. Imagine. You have two. Tall. Buildings. Someone. Puts a plank of wood between, them and says, you. Get a million dollars to cross that plank but, if you fall you die. And. Now you probably say okay, only 1% will fall but. What if that 1% is me mom. No. Worth it. But. What if instead your brother is, up there and, he's about to fall off that building and, you, need to cross that plank to save him, you're. Gonna cross that plank. Your. Brother's life is a much more powerful reason, to perform, in walk, the plank than. The million dollars. In. Other words, when. The motivation was about only you and the, potential, to make a million dollars it. Was not strong enough, when. The motivation was elevated, it now became about your brother and his well-being that. Made all the difference a. Higher-order. Motivation. Is not only about you, but. About other people, in the world around, you. If. You want to accomplish something extraordinary. A big dream you. Have to choose that higher order of motivation. A motivation. That's strong and durable is, essential. If, you hope to perform at, your highest level. It. Will give you the courage to take risks it. Will give you the drive to overcome naysayers. Or doubters. And that's. Not all a higher. Order of motivation, will provide, you a North Star a reference, point that will. Get you down the right path and. Make it easier for you to do the right thing even when. The right thing is hard. So. As you enter this new phase. Make. Sure you have a measure a test. That's. Bigger than just you. For. Me that, test has always been the people around me family. Friends, colleagues, at work. Listen. To this it's, a great gift, to have people, you care so much about that, you don't want to disappoint them. Am. I excited to tell them about my work will. They be, proud of my decisions, 10 or 20 years from now. That's. The kind of motivation that lasts a lifetime and, it's, the kind of motivation I hope you'll all seek out. Which.

Brings Me back to that auditorium, 10 years ago in a, question, I couldn't, quite answer, what. Would the world miss if our company did not exist. Trying. To tackle this question has helped us become a better version of, ourselves. We. Realized we should strive to do more than just sell our products, we. Should be truly indispensable. To our customers, consumers, and to. The communities, in which we. Operate. That. Mission, that, dream, informs. Everything. We do today. My. Point is simply that thinking. About this question ask, yourself. Why. Humanity, is better off because you're here that. Will, get you motivated to, go down the right path to, take the high road to, do the right thing and when. People with, your talent, and drive find. That path when. People like you it's, Drive not just to be successful, but exceptional. It, really does change the world. Every. Day GSB. Alumni are. Rebuilding, new industries, from the ground up, bringing. New life to iconic companies, restoring, our faith in public, service. Rethinking. The way we. Fight poverty, eradicate. Disease, combat. Climate change and, educate. Our kids today. You, join. Them. And. If. You bet on people as the, GSB and your parents have bet on you. If, you strive to keep your learning curve steep, just. As you have just, as you have over the last two years and, constantly. Seek out that higher, motivation. Like. The long line of graduates, carry on the GSB tradition, then. You, too will, leave your, mark on the world. Even. If, you don't remember a single word, your. Commencement speaker said today. So. Thank you again for this honor and congratulations to, the class of 2018. It. Is now my great honor, and pleasure to, introduce the. GSB. PhD. Class of 2018. Our. Ph.d. Program is, small, and exclusive, with an admission, rate well, under, 10%. These. Individuals. Came, here as students. Dedicating. Themselves to, two or three years, of coursework, followed. By an intensive. Research apprenticeship. In their chosen fields. Having. Become true, experts, they leave us as colleagues, setting. Out on a path to, create new, knowledge which. We know will help change the world of business and management for. The better. Today. We formally celebrate. The transition, of these individuals. From, students, to future, intellectual. Leaders after. Their. Advisors place the hood of the Stanford Graduate, School of Business on them they, will join us on the stage as we welcome them as colleagues. Into. Our profession. Diane. Lee the, executive, director of the ph.d program will. Now read, their names and, their dissertation. Advisor will. Hood them. -. Ah-ah-ah Sava. Dasha. Studies, sources. Of innovation and, the, choices established. Firms, researchers. Entrepreneurs. And venture capitalists. Make when, pursuing innovation. Dmitri. Are can jet ski. Dimitri. Studies causal. Inference, methods. Matthew. Steven. Corot, or. Matthew. Studies, how, organizational. Culture, helps. Drive, innovation and. High, performance. And companies. Jennifer. Daniels. Jennifer. Studies, how individuals. Perceive, social, norms in small, groups and teams. Nick. Do, chenko. Nick. Studies, econometric. Methods of, causal inference, with, a particular, focus on the use of machine, learning methods and economics. Kurt. Harris. Key. Current. Studies how companies, communicate. Financial, information to, investors. Justin. Huang. Justin. Studies economic. Incentives, for, content, creators in online, platforms, and marketplaces. Arthur. J, go. Arthur. Studies, how organizations. Use, technology. To signal, values. Jinyoung. Hyung. Jinyoung. Studies, the interplay, between government. Policies, and international. Financial markets. Lu. Xiaoning, xiaoning. Studies, patterns, of investment, and incentives, of participants.

And Collective, investment settings, such, as venture funding. Evening. Ma. Yi. Ming studies. The systemic, risk created. When banks intermediate. Loans on behalf of other banks. Charlie. McClure. Charlie. Studies, how accounting, regulation, affects, firm decisions. Babak. Moalem e. Babak. Studies, how participants in, online marketplaces. Behave, strategically. Jim. Wynn. Jewel, studies, white-collar. Crime, enforcement. And finds, that the diversion of government, resources from. Traditional, criminal investigative, priorities, toward, counterterrorism. After, the 9/11. Terrorist attacks led. To a significant, increase in white-collar, crime in the years ahead of the Great Recession. James. Goon whoop cake. James. Studies, how the market, competition affects. The rate of innovation in, the semiconductor industry. Carlos. Adolfo. Sanchez. Martinez. Carlos. Studies, partisan. Discrimination. In court and he, shows that individuals, who file employment. Lawsuits, are discriminated. At trial, according to the employers, partisanship. Young. Saeng. Young. Studies, scale, of mutual, funds and skill, of fund managers and, shows, a significant. Mismatch between mutual, fund skill and scale. Sara. Stein. Sara's. Studies, culture, language. And hiring. Elise. Tuck. Elise. Studies, how employees, performance. And evaluations. Of their performance, are influenced. By their workplace, environment, such, as the quality of their peers or managers. Christina. Zhu. Christina. Studies, the effect of alternative. Data such, as satellite, images, and consumer. Transaction, data on the, stock market, and on corporate, managers. Julian. Whose lattice. Julian. Studies, when, and why people, decide to volunteer and. Give money to charity. This. Is the first class to graduate with, the new version of the certificate, in public management and, social innovation, founded. By the late dean emeritus RJ. Miller 45. Years ago the, certificate, program educates, leaders. Who understand, societal, issues designed. For and evaluate, impact, and understand. The specificities. Of the management of social organizations. Both, in the private and public sectors. Today's. Certificate. Graduates, really do embody the spirit of our GSB, motto change. Lives change organizations, change. The, world and as, they'd like to add for, the better they. Participated, in a wide range of Social Innovation courses. Covering, topics such, as healthcare innovation. Education. Reform. Sustainable. Energy markets, poverty. And inequality and, leadership. And diversity they. Explored roles with high social impact such as corporate responsibility. Nonprofit. Board governance, philanthropy. And civic, engagement, they. Operated, the GSB s impact, fund they. Travel, to disadvantaged, places, both in the United States and abroad to, take a deep dive into entrenched, social, and environmental issues, and see, for themselves how, social innovators, address, them some. Of these students have developed their own social, enterprises. And are, ready to launch them right, upon graduation. This, year we have, 131. Recipients. Of the certificate, their. Names are listed in, the commencement program, I, now, ask the students, receiving, the certificate, to stand and be recognized. Congratulations. Good, afternoon. On this, festive and beautiful day. It. Is my pleasure as director. Of the Stanford MSX, program to, present this year's graduates, who will receive the degree of Master, of Science and management, the. Mission of the MSX, program is to provide experienced, leaders men. And women who have spent at least eight years in professional, and management, roles the. Opportunity, to prepare themselves for increasingly, senior positions, and organizations, they will lead.

The. Program is a full-time year-long. Course, of academic, study giving. These students, an all-too-rare chance, for reflection, and growth in the midst of an already accomplished. Career. Simultaneously. They bring to the GSB a perspective, shaped, by experience, with, difficult organizational. Challenges. Enriching. Our academic, community as, a result, while. Studying at Stanford, these, students, carry the title of Sloan fellow a tradition, that dates to the year the program was founded in 1957. This. Year's 103. Fellows came to Stanford from across the United States and thirty-one additional. Countries, many. Are sponsored, by their, employers, others. Will be joining or creating, innovative, new enterprises, after, graduation. Having. Completed all the academic, requirements of the program this. Year's graduating, fellows will join the worldwide family, of Stanford, Business School alumni. On behalf. Of the administration of the program and the faculty who have taught them join. Me in wishing each of them great fulfillment and success in, the next phase of their careers. Now. Among. The previous, Dean's, of the GSB one is also a graduate of this program in fact, he is a graduate, of all three GSB, programs, that offer a degree today, Robert. Or Bob Joss, began. A Stanford journey as a Sloan fellow in, 1965. He. Then graduated from the MBA program in. 1967. And the, ph.d. Program in 1970. Like. Our graduates, he had an accomplished, career in business and government then. Returned to the GSB as dean in 1999. For an impressive decade, of institution, building literally. Institution. Building is this included the planning and construction of, the knight Management Center in, honor. Of Dean Joss's service and dedication the. Top 10% of the MSX, class ranked, by academic, performance, are, designated, as Robert Joss scholars as we. Read the names of the graduates we will also announce if they have achieved the distinction of Robert Shaw scholar. It's. My pleasure now to read, our graduates, names while Dean Levin presents, the diplomas. Michael. On. Daichi. Amake. Christina. Arbol. Ayahs. Per. Day not to Baba. Mohammed. Ramzi Babji. Jose. Bets, in Yanni. Lindsey. Morgan who, Cheryl. Kirsten. Nelson Johnson. Byron. Matthias. Carl. Edward. Joseph, Carroll. Clemence. Joss. Andre. Kesaji, Neto. Jing. Bao Shan, Robert. Josh scholar. Mickey. Rachel, shettrick. Andrew. Li Chang. John. Hill, Collins. Sarah. Catherine, Craig. Matthew. Grouchy, Robert, Shaw scholar. Alvaro. Del Sol. Luca. De Muro. Garth. Edwards. Been. Elbaz. David. Fool on. Goooo. Jinghua. Ricardo. Gutierrez, Robert. Just scholar. Chang. Myung hung. Schewe. How, Robert. Josh scholar. Stephen. James hey more. Daniel. Herrmann. Ahmed. Abdel, Hamid Aneesh. Andy. Hoch house. Aditi. Joshi. Gobi. Gamourai. Edward. Carbo, Okoboji. Tarp. Guru whore carton. A. David. Rowe cosa King, bow. Amit. Kumar. Valentin. Kootenai Soph. Soon. On Guildford, law Robert. Shaw scholar. Andrew. Lloyd Luis, jr.. Don. C on Lima. Richard. Cho hey me lonsdorf. Robin. Lancelot, Lumsden. Jason. MA. Yima. Year. May Magali, ice. Islam. Mohammed, Sayeed, Mahdi. Yusuke. Ed Matsuda. Bruno. Manish. Ravindra. Nice tree. Deepak. Mittal, Robert, Shaw scholar. Murillo, Machado, Maura. Nons. Mulchand, on e. Ma. Sakuni Nagaoka. Sheetal. Mariani. Anna. Never, Oba. Killian. O'Connor. Jaunty. Markby, Anson, olive Cooper. Rahul. Pelage. Aaron. Pan. Jhon. Park. Diego. Jose, banana, PL grandia. Roberto. Perez. Ariana. Pitching. In. Dave. Prakash. Satya. Deep Prasanna. Pune. Puri. Banchon. Ganesh. Ramakrishnan. Nyan. Romani. New. Maratha Rastogi. John. Bishop Ravenel. Robert Shaw scholar. Jalil, Regis. Francisco. Reynoso. Annie. Reilly. Alessandro. Rinaldi.

Nicoletta. Rule. Madhavi. Sahai. Smita. Syringe, n. Oj. Sir oh he. Parul. Sharma. So. Hey Chino, Mia. Patrizia. Soriano. Emit. Street hair on Robert, Josh scholar. And. Etan, Robert. Josh scholar. 1f. Triola, sample, Robert, Josh scholar. Died. Um. Pablo. Jose Valenzuela. Masculine. Aaron. Ban bore. Mike, van Wyk. Teodoro. My neck. David. Marcus, bulls. Mandeep. Singh Warrick. Sonny. Em web. Erica. Misako Welch. Ryan. O'Melveny, Wilson. Near. Yahav. Nobo. Hiko yamamoto. Yi, yang. Angel. Zukowski. In. Chi chow. Veronica. Ciao. Among. The, Robert L Joss scholars, one, student's academic achievements. Places. Them at the top of the MSX, class, this. Student is awarded, the. George G C Parker, Prize named. In honor of GSB. Faculty, and former. Program, director, George Parker, the. Graduate, receives a, certificate a, cash, award and, the name will be on a plaque displayed, at the GSB. The. Recipient, of the. 2018. Jouji, see Parker prize is, soon. On Guilford, law. Distinguished. Guests. Faculty. Members. Staff. Families. And friends. The. MBA students, gathered, before us today have engaged in. A transformational. Experience. They've. Acquired solid. Foundation, in general management and, have. Pursued deeper, study in their areas of interest. They. Have engaged in personal, growth and built. Relationships that. Will last a lifetime. They. Have helped the school and the community in, many ways, they. Are an impressive group and are. Ready and worthy to join the ranks of our illustrious, alumni. Therefore. It is my great honor and privilege to present to you the. Stanford, MBA class, of 2018. As. You leave I hope, your memories, of the GSB will, remain fresh and, that. You will stay involved. With the school, our. Alumni played, an important, role in your academic. Experience. Ranging. From serving, as judges in the executive, challenge to. Acting, as mentors in intrapreneurial, courses. It. Is my wish that you too will engage with the GSB academic. Mission as alumni, and give.

Your Time and experience. Generously. To future classes. Your. Class has already demonstrated. Its desire, to stay connected to the GSB and to support the school in a meaningful way through. Your participation in. The class gift campaign. You. Will leave your own legacy and play a part in bringing the GSB experience. To, future, generations, as other. Alumni, have, done before you. At. This time I would like to ask the members of the Student Association Senate. And the, members of the SA. Committees, to stand. These. Are the, elected, leaders of the student body the. SA has a profound, impact on the academic. Extracurricular. And social. Lives of students and serves. As an important, conduit between students. Faculty. And staff. Serving. On the SA is a tremendous. Amount of work and is the foundation, for much of the students experience. Please. Join me in another round of applause for, this committed. Now. I will, ask the. Al-bakr. Leadership, fellows to stand. The, Arbuckle, leadership. Fellows Program plays, an integral role in the GSB, leadership, curriculum by, bringing together second, year students, to support the leadership development of, the, first year class on. Behalf, of the school I thank. These seventy students, for the tireless, work and dedication, please. Join me in another round of applause. I would. Not like to ask the student leaders of study trips global. Seminars, and the, Stanford Chinua exchange, program, to stand. These. 92. Outstanding. Student, leaders, partnered. With the school on a critical, component of the GSB education, the, global, experience requirement. They, served as peer educator, for more than 600. Students, traveling. To 24, countries helping. Them discover how, business skills are relevant in, a wide variety of industries, institution. And context, for. Acting as ambassadors. Of the GSB and for, their indelible. Impact, on the students they led we, thank them please. Join me in another round of applause. In. The next few minutes we will begin reading the names of the graduates in alphabetical order, and we will invite them. Forward, to receive their diploma, names. Will be read by Margit, Hayes assistant. Dean of the MBA program and by, Kirsten Moss assistant. Dean of MBA admissions and, financial aid. Graduates. Will receive their diplomas, from the eleven all. Of you here have, undoubtedly heard, of RJ, Miller, RJ. RJ served, in the US Air Force during, the Second World War and was later once one of the so-called whiz kids who, revolutionized the. Ford Motor Company. R.j., became president, of Ford and then later the much admired fourth Dean at the GSB, from. 1968. To 1978. His. Sterling leadership. Of the school is legendary, and he. Remained, involved, with the school and his passing, at, the age of 101. Last. November. In. Honor of Dean Miller's service, the top 10% of, the class, ranked. By academic, performance, are designated. As RJ Miller scholar. As. We read the names of the graduates we, will also announce if they have achieved the distinction, of RJ. Miller scholar. In. The case of John degrees students, who are walking today but. Not graduating. We will identify those, who are currently in the top 10% of, their class. Margaret. And Kirsten, would. You please begin. Laura. Obeah. Laurence, Jeffrey, Abraham. Eddie, Ackerman. Rebecca. Winter, Ackerman. Tolu. Lotte a De Aza. Ruth. A do doc Oh. Matthew. Allen a li. Animesh. Agrawal RJ, Miller scholar, a. Luba. Shagun Ajay. Daniel. Aqua Carranza. Sara. Oh Bona. Adam. Alcock. Stefan. Our talk. Subo. Me eluc Oh. Catherine. Alvarez, tirado. Okara, on Doc. You. Chef Mukesh Ambani. Dhruv. Ameen. Yen. And. In. The, old Anderson. Kaelin. Charles, angered. Marissa. Rachel, ash. By. Issa as fat. Djuka, Avellino. Alex. Avery. Jeremy. David Cooperman, avens, RJ, Miller scholar. No. A you. Antonio. Beza. Jessica. Kathleen, Olivier, buyer. Nicole. By on Landa. Chuck. Barrett RJ Miller scholar. Kathryn. Barrows. RT, M bar sykov. Bizarre. Bizarre, in. Louie. Padron. And. Gardner. Bell. Tobin. Binion. Vasundhara. / Gotha. Lauren. Elizabeth Blake, RJ, Miller scholar. Jordan. Andrew blasek. Steven. Philip Blanc RJ, Miller scholar. Natalie. Boddington. Erin. Deal booth. Jason. Bornstein. Blanka. Bolete Bensel. Charles. I'm Bradford. Ashley. Jane brazier. Alex. Justin, Ratman RJ, Miller scholar. Tatyana. Brezina. David. Marquette Brooks. Jeremy. A brown. Luke. Carol, brown. Janna. Marian, bubbly. Jessie. Buckingham. Jonathan. Embolic. Brian. Larson, Butler. Thomas.

Callahan. Ryan. Calvert. Thomas. A Campbell. Evan. Cantor. Mark. Bryant Cassidy. I'm. Say Catholic. Celine. Shalu. Trisha. Chandi, Romani. Patrick. Abbot chase. Laura. Cho. Stella. Binging, Chen. Shalu. And, RJ, Miller scholar. Shoptaw. Who might see guru body. Lime. Choi. Fernanda. Causa. Nataly, Ashcroft, Clark. Scot. Cleveland. Ro. Ito and. Marion. Cone. Henry. Cole. Cake. Coming. Yan. Contreras, Ortiz. Deanna. Corona. Danny. Cotter. Stephen. James Crawford. Albert. G and Reese we. Stephen. Zimmerman. Madeline. Dangerfield, sha. Sha. La -, Neely. Devon. T Davis. Lisa Dora played the smae that came out wrong. José. Luiz de latina Elizondo. David. And rude Emrys. Hollander. Boss. But. Team at deco. Tamdan. RJ. Miller scholar. Natalie. Knock doe. Far. Shift on to potty. Matt. Doty. Katie. Michele dove. Annalisa. Tragic. RJ Miller scholar. Brian. Thomas, Dudley. Caroline. Reed Duffy. Jason. Dunford. Lauren. Dunford. Aisha. A dupe Avanti. Yasmine. L Bailey. Kyle. Engelmann RJ, Miller scholar. Savannah. Gene English. Matthew. Allen and Tobin. Begum. Aired on. Paulo. Mariota. Mariah's, Macedo. Laura. Rose, fair. Jake. Felner. Jaesi Fisher. Claire. Louise Fisher. David. Fisher. Marshall. Fisher. Peyman. Bruja. Andrew. Philip, Fowler. Michael. Phu. Arnaldo. Gabaldon. Nicholas. Cachero. Billy. Gallagher. Diego. Galvez, database. NAT. Garden, swartz. Flora. Gautier. Maria. Gavrillac. Robert. Stewart George. Joseph. Go Brio RJ, Miller scholar. Lucas. Giannini's. Mendoza, Abreu. Dana. Mark, Gingrich. John. Go back. John. Get, hurt RJ, Miller scholar. Becca. Goldstein. Alberto. Goatse. Jill. Greenberg. Margaret. Jasper, Greenberg. Joshua. Ryan, Tim baaga Griffin. Christina. Whoa. Comanche. Gupta. Rish. Gupta. RJ, Miller scholar. Sadhna. Gupta. Jihad. Hazuki. Wen. Han. Tyler. Punished. Adam. Gordon hen Oh. Paulie. Muraki. Jeff. How. Anna. Ho. Catherine. Elizabeth, Susan, Hayes. George. John, Jordan. Thomas, Aquinas, Hayward. Connor. Edwin, heard. Robert. J, helbling. William. Douglas Morris. Helfen. Charles. Henrickson. Ray. Hernandez. Sara. Sara, and think. This RJ. Miller scholar. Michael. Joseph Dean's, Hobbs. Supriya. Hobbs RJ, Miller scholar. Yuni, hope. Ryan. Scott, Hollander. Megan. Holston Alexander. Jessica. Fulton. Hanna. Hanzel. Zachary. Horrid. Dayna, Xiao Xiao ho. Ryan. Nicholas. Houston, RJ, Miller scholar. G. Ha wine. Benjamin. Hughes, RJ, Miller scholar. Lauren. Humphrey. Charles. Huey. One. Yet, see. Scott.

Michael, Things. Samuel. Alexander. Berg Jackson. Paita. Johnson. Benjamin. Jones. Candice. Paige Jones. Matthew. Jones. Matthew. Calorie, oh. I'm. Sorry, Andrew, kaha, Larry. Magdelena. Karla, RJ Miller scholar. Jennifer. Victoria, Kamara. Michael. Jason. Pat sir. Hector. Key RJ, Miller scholar. Geordi. Healin. Carolyn. Marie Kelly. Devon. Michael Kelsey. Amanda. Carol, Kent. Mallika. Handle whoa. Mark. David. Kannan. Yeah. Yeah kocha. James. Kim, RJ, Miller scholar. Satara, potala. Shirin. Crawl. Multi. Creamer. Matthew. James creme er. Sonny. Kumar. Kristinia. LaMarca. Eric. Xavier lakin. Nathan. Lamb. Olivia. Pope lang. Naomi. Yoshinari, Laporte. Justin. Larkin. Cristobal. Alcalde, layout. Benjamin. Patrick, Lee. Edward. Lee. Nicholas. Done lepre. Jeffrey. Allen, Livia. Nora. Leoben. Anthony. De Barros link. Kari. Whitman. Sharon. Lowenstein. Thomas. Lost, us. Benji. Loney. Where's. Lewis. Jeff. Lion. David. Ma. Shalyah. MD, ma. Aiming. My RJ. Miller scholar. Maria. Alexandra, Christina, Rufino, Maceda. Jamie. McFarland. Sir. Be Maheshwari. Arthur. Martin's, Costa Malcolm. George. Malkin. Timmy. Mal Coon. Natasha. Multani. Who, named mod via RJ, Miller scholar. Carlos. My nati. Nikolas. Marino. Danielle. Jacqueline, Marshak RJ, Miller scholar. Andrew. Martin. Cristina, Martinez. Lauren. Our Leigh Martinez. Jack. Marzulli. RJ, Miller scholar. Kelsey. Mason. Carlota, Matthew. Caroline. Matthews. Ryan. James, McGuigan. Vincent. Paul mcphillip. Jen. McPhillips. Me. Here meta. Name. It meta. MD. May take. Michael. James melody. Alexander. Menke. Sophia. Messier Arriola. Robbie. Michnik, RJ, Miller scholar. Brian. Alamo, Carew. JV. Manu. Andrew. More. Ted. Murphy. Sushma. Thought in the new room. Cameron. Naps. Nicholas. Naranjo. Raphael. See me on the top. Mike. Nara. So. Me I can get to me. Aaron. Newman. Robert. Hardy, Newell, RJ, Miller scholar. Michelle. When. Tim. Nichols. And. Rude. Know. Agnes. 10 de manera Omega. Diego. On Tamara, Benavides. Itamar. Or or trigger. Olivia. Pop-up. John. Leavitt, paradise. Joshua. McKinstry Parrish. Jenny. Common, park. Sola. Park. Ah. Kaleesh. Party, party. Jamie. Patrick. Theo. Michael Pat salos Fox. Robin. Pirani. Karolina. Perez. Marcelina.

Perez. Daniel. Pets. Deanna. Danielle, P. Annabelle. Pookie. Barbara. Wilson Cova. Marcin. Pokhara chef Sookie. Kaitlyn. Rebecca Pomeroy. Stu. Paws lands RJ, Miller scholar. John. Powell, RJ. Miller scholar. Rushan, Prakash. Shaniqua. Deuce. Sara. Ramen. Nikolas. Ryan resinous. Taylor. Ray. Megan. Elizabeth Raymond. Lee. Morris, read, the third. Toby. Writes RJ. Miller scholar. Chase. Elliott, Richard. Max. Richards. A Tony, mo wreath Cole. Gloria. Reso, Elias. Jordan. Scott, Ridenhour. Habib. Miss Kayla. Annie, Robertson. RJ, Miller scholar. Manuel. Romero. Bruno. Russa, Rosa. Adam. Rosenthal, RJ, Miller scholar. Benjamin. Rau. Martin. Rudy GA. Josephine. Ruiz Helie, Lee. Over. You. Just. Insanity. Anthony. Salamone. Kate. Summer dick. Neha. Some Daria. Aaron. Else annuals. Robert. Chauffeurs, aniele's. Anna. Martin's, least nur. Ali. Schmidt. Patrick. Williams Nick. Chelsey's. Shut. Eric. Nathaniel. Schreiber. Christopher. Schwartz. Tomer. Schwartz. Joseph. Tanner Scott. Steph. Scott. Stephanie. Morgan, Scott. Dhruva. Shah. Cooney. Nitin, Shah, RJ Miller scholar. Ruchi. Or shot. Sejal. Nunda. Kumar Shah. Brittany. Shah. Archie. Chef, Shaw. Angela. She. Audrey. She. Jacob. Schiff. Surrender. Sing. Karen. Sinha. Nikolas. Sinton, on. So. Hail Caesar. Michael. Austin Schneider. Nicholas. A soraka. Kelly. Elizabeth soul. Andrew. Sparks. Michael. Barratt speaker. Maxwell. Spear. Ignacio. Spinney ACK. Peter. Spradling. Naveen. Srivatsa. Aaron. Stommer. Annie. Stan, cliff. Jessica. Stephan's. Brianna, Stein. Risa. Danielle. Lair, Stein. Deny. Staring. Tall. Stephanie. Rose Stillman. Matthew. R Strauss, RJ. Miller scholar. Andrew. Collins Stutz. Carroll. Peter. Sullivan. Emily. Sunderland, RJ, Miller scholar. Shrishti. Sundaram. Lauren. Renee schwartz. Meesa. T'Challa. Naoki. Takeda. Jessica. Talbert. Yin. Tong. Ryota. Tashi. Iman. Taylor, Lindsay. Matthew. Tessar Freud. Polina. Toba, DRL. Dan. Tom, tram. Derrick soy. John. Randall. Tyson. Zachary. Ola. Carlos. Manuel Oh Peggy, Acharya. Sophia. Valencia. Taurus. Camille. Van Horn. Nina. Dawson. Anika. Mary Verghese. William. Anthony, Vernon, RJ, Miller scholar. Jennifer. Via top, 10% of current class. With, virgin. Downey. Tibia. Fish wanna. Go. Sing, Ling. Manuel. Venki. Anthony. What gotcha. Samantha. Pocketing. Way. Rachel. Wallach, van poor time. Frances. Where wine. Rebecca. Boyd. Weidler. Ali. Weiner. Catherine. Benner, Weinmann. Evelyn. Den heart Weiss. Megan. Welch. Read. Westwood. Paley, white. Forrest. Wilkinson. RJ, Miller scholar. Tom. Wait, a sec. Dan. Whoo. Doh. Whoo. Jennifer. Shaw. Michael. Yaki MA. Michael. M yang, RJ, Miller scholar. Matthew. Yoder. Joe, yuan. Marcello's. Zambrano. Orlando. Raphael Zambrano. Katherine. Jane, Zealand. Peng. Zhang. Joy. Zhang. Tong. Zhong. Sophia. Jung. Cecelia. Joe. Cindy. Zoo. Yulin. Zu, e. Shuang. Helen. Though. Nominated. And chosen by their peers the. Recipient, of the Ernest. C Arbuckle, award. Is. The second, year MBA student who. By their active, participation. Initiative. Leadership. And personal. Integrity, his. Judged, as having contributed the most to the. Fulfillment of, the goals of the Stanford Graduate School of Business in.

Their Actions, both. Within the school and in society. We. Are delighted to have Susan Arbuckle, the daughter of Ernie Arbuckle with. Us today to deliver, the award. The. Recipient, receives a. Cash prize and also. Has their name on a plaque on display at the GSB. This. Year's recipient, of the award is. Celine, Shalhoub. The. Alexander, a robber check student. Achievement, award in finance, was. Established, to honor professor Robert, Jack's, outstanding. Contribution, to the, teaching of finance at the Stanford Graduate School of Business from, 1960. Until his. Death in, 1978. The. Award is given to an MBA student selected. By the finance, faculty for. Outstanding, achievement, in the finance, courses, the. Recipient, receives the, award and, also has their name on a plaque on display, at the GSB. This. Year's recipient. Of the award, is. Robby Michnik. Among. The RJ Miller scholar is, one student's academic achievement. Places, them at the top of the class this. Student is designated, as the henry ford ii. Scholar and, receives, along. With the miller scholar scroll, a cash. Award and the name on a plaque displayed, at the GSB. This. Year recipient. Of the, award is. Jack Missoula. Honored. Guests, faculty, staff. Families, and friends, we have reached the conclusion, of our ceremony, I, invite. You to join us for receptions, at the Nate Management, Center. Graduates. Please. Stand. What. A journey it has been. Congratulations. Graduates. You. Are now, alumni. Or will be tomorrow morning alumni, of. The. Stanford Graduate School, of Business.

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