Spring 2019 Smith School Undergraduate Commencement

Spring 2019 Smith School Undergraduate Commencement

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Ladies. And gentlemen, welcome to the May, 2019. Commencement. Exercise, of the Robert H Smith, School, of Business to. Follow today's proceedings, please turn to page 24. In your commencement program where. You'll find a ceremony, guide followed, by a list of graduates receiving, The Bachelor of, Science, degrees as well, as additional information about, the Robert H Smith, School, of Business, leading. The academic, procession will be over 800. Graduates, of the graduating, class of 2019. They. In turn will be led by two column, marshals, following. These graduates, will be representatives. Of the Smith school's illustrious. Faculty, and staff led by Dean Alexander. J tree antis and senior. Associate dean for faculty and, research Ritu, Agarwal. Note. That the leaders of each group will be carrying maces, since, the middle ages University. Processions, have been preceded, by the carrying, of the mace a symbol of, the university's authority, to govern itself and grant, degrees. Ladies. And gentlemen, please welcome the, graduating, class of, 2019. Ladies. And gentlemen, please. Rise for the, singing of, the national anthem, which, will be performed, by decadence. Featuring. Graduating, senior, Aaron, Kaufman. Or, the. Lenovo. Please. Be seated. Presiding. Over these exercises. Is dr., Alexander tree, antis Dean, of the Robert H Smith, School, of Business. Good. Evening graduates. Of the class of, 2019. Good. Evening family and friends, of the class of 2019. Good. Evening to our distinguished, guests, and to members of the Smith School faculty, and administration. I. Welcome. You to the commencement of, the, Robert, H Smith school business so. That together we may honor our graduates, who have completed the requirements for, The, Bachelor of Science, degree, from. Each. Of us sitting on stage, from. Every teacher who taught you and every. Staff person, who made your Smith experience, possible, we, offer a well deserved congratulations. Give, yourselves a round of applause. You. Should be proud you've, graduated from, one of the preeminent, business schools in the world, at. This. At. The Smith School the, best students, the, best faculty and the most challenging, problems of, our global interconnected. Society, come. Together in, ways, that are transformative. And far-reaching. We. Are a center of collaboration. Innovation. And. Fearless. Ideas. Every. Day Smith, ideas, and Smith people are moving. Beyond labs and lecture halls to. Make a genuine, and positive, impact on our economy our. Society, and our, world. Today. You, become. One of those people you, will. Go out into the world ready. To create value, for your organization's. Live. Lives of meaning and purpose and, impress. The heck out of everyone, who meets you. Many. Of you are wearing cords, and multiple, stoles today in recognition of your activities, and academic, honors.

One. Such chord I'd like to point out is rose. Gold in color and designate. Students, who contributed, to the senior class gift it. Is a special, person who will give back to their school prior. To graduation, and I, would like to thank you for your generosity and, leadership. If. You're wearing a Smith philanthropy, cord please, stand so that we can recognize you. The. Occasion, of your commencement is a time to, celebrate journeys. To. Celebrate beginnings, and endings. And all, the amazing things, that happen, in between. Today. We will look back on your journey and look. Forward to your future. Some. Members of the platform, party will be introduced, as a program, proceeds. But. This time I would like to introduce other, platform, participants. Please. Hold your applause until everyone. Has, been introduced. Chris. Tax assistant. Dean of development, and alumni relations. Phi. E sagar. President, smith undergraduate. Student, association. Professor. Martin gresner chairperson. Of logistics, business and public policy. Professor. Michael foo chairperson. Of decision. Operations. And information, technologies. Professor. David goddess chairperson. Of marketing. Professor. Sarah Kroenke, representing. Professor russell warmers chairperson. Of Finance. Professor. Martin Loeb chairperson. Of accounting, and information, assurance, and. Professor. Mark Wellman, representing, Professor K Bart all chairperson. Of management, and organization. This. Platform is, not large enough to contain all who have played an important, role in making, this day possible, in. This regard a special, debt of gratitude is, owed. To the outstanding, faculty of College Park in the Robert H Smith School of Business and to, the dedicated, staff who have given so much of themselves to. The graduates. Also. This time we respectfully, request that, all attendees. Remain, seated throughout, the entire ceremony in, order in order to provide full recognition, to, all of our graduates. So. Let's begin by hearing, from a member of the class of 2019. Dr.. Ritu Agarwal, senior, associate dean for faculty and, research will, now introduce our, student speaker. I'm. Now placed to, introduce, our student speaker. Abigail. Sir CLO who. Is graduating with, a Bachelor, of Science in Information Systems and, a, Bachelor of Science, and operations, management and business analytics, and a. Minor in sustainability. Abigail. Distinguished, herself as, both a scholar and a fearless leader during. Her time at the Smith School her. Academic, honors include, being on the Dean's List every semester during. Her college career and receiving. A Presidential, Scholarship, she. Participated, in the prestigious, social, innovations, Fellows Program, at the Smith School which, immerses, students, in entrepreneurship. To drive social change. Her. Leadership activities. Included, serving, as presented. Director. Of social activities, for, Alpha. Kappa see the, professional, business fraternity and, as. Fundraising, chair, for a Terp service alternative, Spring Break to Chicago, Abigail. Didn't have too much time for classes she. Also served, as an impact ambassador, for the Center for social value creation a consult. Your community, business, analyst, and a student ambassador for, the Smith School. Abigail's. Impact, was recognized, when she was inducted into a macron Delta Kappa Sigma circle a prestigious. Honor Society for, students, who demonstrate. Holistic. Leadership, at the University. Despite. Her challenging, academic, schedule Abigail. Also, took advantage of, the global opportunities, that the Smith School offers, spending. A short-term global, study trip in Prague at the Czech Technical University. Focused. On data-driven, smart, city development. Upon. Graduation, Abigail. Will join. PricewaterhouseCoopers. As a technology, consulting, associated. Associate. In the New York City headquarters. Please. Join me in welcoming, this, incredibly, talented young woman abigail. Sir clo. Thank. You dr. Agrawal for, the kind introduction, and good, evening to all the fellow students, families. Friends. Administrators. Faculty and staff here tonight congratulations. To, the class of 2019. I'm. Honored, to share yeah. You guys get a round of applause let's do it. I'm. Really honored to share this monumental, accomplishment with, all of you and wanted. To send a giant thank you to the people in this room for the endless support to help us all stand in our caps and gowns this evening, it's. Hard to believe that just four years ago most. Of us took our very first steps in band munching hall to attend our freshman year classes.

Looking. Back to my own freshman, year I took, a course called introduction, to information systems with. The energetic, and brilliant dr. cocky as did, most of my fellow students in the room. Twice. A week in that course we explored the concepts, of big data, communication. Technology, and networks learning. That over 90%, of the world's data were generated in the past three years alone. Then. In my business analytics, courses at Smith we, investigated, data sets to uncover patterns between variables, to find out what makes an optimal outcome, you. Do not need to go very far these days to hear that analytics. And statistical. Measures are crucial, in the business environment and we, constantly are looking to quantitative, analyses, to. Predict future events and make decisions. So. In alignment with my studies here at Smith I decided. To take a look at our graduating, class from, a numbers perspective, the. Class of 2019 is, truly, unique and is made up of approximately 900, students, from, eight majors, and two minors, together. We represent a gender breakdown of 58%. Males to 42%, females. And come, from 17, states across the country. 36. Percent of students, in Smith studied abroad and 1/3. Of students explored, in each area of business in the 14, fellows programs, offered. 84%. Of, the graduates in this room today completed, at least one internship and. 86. Percent of students, secured placement, plans for after rajma graduation. I. Could. Go on and, on about the impressive statistics, behind the class of 2019, however. One key item that stuck with me from my analytics, courses is that, it, is, not only a science, but also an art behind. Each of these statistics lay, immeasurable, characteristics. That brought the class of 2019 to their successes, and where, we all stand today at graduation. Now. What you cannot account for in the data is moments, in the office of Career Services, preparing, for interviews and polishing, our resumes, it, does. Not account for the professors, and faculty who, went out of their way to provide, students, with professional, connections, that they felt aligned with our desired career paths. It. Does not take into consideration the experiences. That a broad students, face as they learn about new cultures and perspectives, or the, value that comes along with the team project made up of students with diverse backgrounds. Most. Important, though beyond. The number of club meetings we attended, the total, internships, we completed or even, the average GPA that sits atop our resume, is the. Relationships. That we built here in Smith with one another, the. Strangers, we sat next to in our classes, quickly, turned into our fellow group project members then, to our roommates and now to our best friends and biggest supporters. The. Relationships. And camaraderie that exists, among this group of graduates, is unrivaled. And I'm. Sure each one of us here tonight have many of our friends and peers, to thank for encouraging, us to find our passions, and helping. Us grow to become the best versions, of ourselves as. I. Said before the, class of 2019 is. Truly, unique from, both a quantitative, and qualitative, perspective, but. No confidence, level could ever account for how certain I believe that the people in this room will go out find. Success, and disrupt, our world. Congratulations. Again to my fellow graduates of the class of 2019 I wish, you all the best of luck in your future endeavors, thank, you. Thank. You very much Abigail, for that very nice address. It's. Not my great pleasure to, welcome today's, commencement speaker. Lisa Kidd hunt, Lisa. Is executive, vice president of. International, services, and special, business development, at Charles. Schwab & Company where. She leads global, products, and services, with four broker dealers outside, the United States and drives, strategic.

Initiatives, For the firm. Like. You lisa is a proud, Terp with, an undergraduate degree in finance, she's, risen. To senior leadership in, an industry that has historically, been very male-dominated. Lisa. Has worked in the securities, industry for. 33, years the, past 27, with Charles Schwab she. Has an outstanding track record of success. Driving. Profitable, long-term growth for her company while. Creating meaningful outcomes, for clients, including. A variety of roles and strategy, product, development, general. Management, and employee development. Her. Career at Schwab has taken her from an individual, contributor, role to, a leader of Schwab's global, business. Lisa. Was the 2018. Chairperson. Of the, board of directors, for Smith. MA the securities, industry and financial. Markets. Association, which. Is the lead trade association. For the capital, market system and financial. Services, firms globally. And continues. To serve on their board, she's. Also been an incredible, resource to, the Smith school serving. On our Board of Advisors, and next, year will become the, chair of our board, Lisa, is a principled. And committed, leader and I'm. Proud to also call her a friend I can, think of no finer role model as you begin your career journeys, please, join me now in welcoming Lisa. Kidd hunt. Thank. You Dean tree honest I appreciate, the the kind and warm words and yes I I consider, you a friend as well you. Were not my Dean when I was here that is why, to. The distinguished, faculty as, well the. Distinguished. Speakers to all the parents, grandparents. Siblings cousins, that are here and to a few of you that I am sure are sitting in the audience wondering. Why you did not come up with a quicker excuse, why you were busy tonight welcome. To the graduation, and, most. Importantly. Welcome, to, the graduating, class of, 2019. Congratulations. To you all. I'm. So humbled, to be invited, to speak at this graduation, tonight it really is a celebration, of, a culmination. Of years of your hard work and accomplishments. And I hope you all are very proud of what you have done I'm. Actually a third-generation. Terp. Well, I'm part of three generations, I should say my, father bill kid who is here tonight up there hi dad thanks, for coming to a graduation.

That I'm not even graduating, from, he. Graduated, from University, of Maryland in the 60s, and my, daughter Emily, hunt who is actually not, here with me tonight she, graduated, last year she's. In Indiana, right now because she has a job yayyyy, jobs and is. Working so, m's we we, we know you're watching from afar it. Is really an honor to be here and I truly mean that not, just because I am in awe of everything. That you accomplished. Before you graduated. But. Because my experience, here at Maryland was a little bit more about the present, when I was here and not so much about my future, I would. Argue that my path was a little bit different than yours back in the day but, no less impactful. I'm. Gonna give you an example, one. Of my proudest, moments as a freshman, here at Maryland was getting a C in calculus. You. Probably think that's great right well. It took me three, semesters. To get that C and, in, fact my parents are here tonight this, the first time they're hearing it so truth, the truth is finally out I figured I'm old enough now I can't get in that much trouble I. Majored. In finance with a minor in economics and I think I was always destined, to have a career in financial services I grew. Up in the 70s, and back then there were really only three, television. Stations to watch on TV and Friday, nights were a big deal there, were two hit shows The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family you've. Probably never seen that but hopefully, your parents remember a bit of those those, were big watching, on Friday night I also. Grew up in a family with only one TV, set I know that's probably hard to believe but back in the day we had no computers, no phones and. You couldn't really watch what you wanted to watch when you wanted to watch it you had to wait for it to come on so, we always waited, for Friday nights, unfortunately. My, father managed, the TV channels, and bill kid he was an armchair stock, trader so, on Friday nights we, didn't watch The, Brady Bunch of The Partridge Family we. Got to watch Wall, Street, week with Louis, Rukeyser a. Scintillating. Show that. Had talking heads that shared last, week's performance. In the stock market, and future. Predictions, for the weeks to come needless. To say after, several, years, of watching Wall Street week with Louis Rukeyser, with my father I was, hooked on the capital, markets I headed. Off to college at University of Maryland Wall, Street was king greed, was good opulence. Was what you strived for and I, was hell-bent on getting a job on Wall Street, I know, that's kind of hard to believe sitting, here and knowing how much you focus on doing good things for other people that really wasn't the culture and environment when, I went to college I. Graduated. From Maryland, and went to work on Wall Street as a bond, trader I learned. At that first job really. Quickly, that a job was a lot more than just work. And a set of tasks, all. Jobs, come, with, a culture, and. That's probably a lot more important, than the work that you're actually doing looking. Back I wish I had actually figured that out much sooner than I did. Unfortunately. I stayed, at that job for, over 80. I was. More afraid of, taking a risk in changing that job than I was focused. On how miserable I was at that job, when. It was too much to take I actually made a switch and went to a work for a company called Charles, Schwab back. Then it was just a fledgling, discount, brokerage firm, certainly. Didn't have the cachet, of the big Wall Street firms that I had strived, so hard to work for but. I was married, newlywed, with a mortgage, and I needed a paycheck, so I took the, job at Charles Schwab I came. There with the idea of really staying for a few years learning a few things and, moving, on to a better firm, I've. Been at rob as Dean Triana shared for over twenty seven years now. I'm sure as you're sitting out there in your 20s imagining, working at the same company, for longer. Than you actually have lived is, unbelievable.

To You but, I can tell you this in those, 27, years I have. Felt, like I have worked for more than ten different, companies because, of the evolution of the firm and I've. Also had more than a dozen different jobs, but. More importantly, I made, friends, and I worked at a wonderful culture and I, have been fortunate to work for a company, where. I have, made friends that I could have never dreamed of and every, day I get to be part of something that's bigger than myself, I've. Had the opportunity to be a part of not only an evolution, of a company, but, to work for a firm who has led a revolution, in the financial, services, industry I started. Out there at an entry-level position, working. On the phones and I, did almost anything, anybody. Ever asked, me to do in those, early years I've. Worked my way up through the firm being, an individual, contributor, and as Dean shared I'm. Now an executive and I lead our. Global businesses, I work. With just a few, dozen other, EVPs, at our firm that really lead our business strategy, and I'm one of only four, women executives. So. As a thank-you, ladies we can all cheer for that. So. As a business executive and. A woman who has spent more than three decades in financial, services but. Also as a mom to a daughter and two, sons salmon. Will who are here with me tonight I thought. It would only be fitting that. I take a few minutes to give you some of my advice, maybe, it's mom advice maybe, it's career advice maybe it's a little bit of both I'll. Be honest with you I don't really remember my commencement speech at all like. Many of you I was sitting in there thinking, who the heck is this person, speaking I've never heard of them before and, I'm, not sure I really care what they have to say I say. That tonight although I there's two exceptions, Spencer, gaashah and Garrett. Snell who, I know both Know Who I am so they the. Hi hi gentlemen congratulations. So, I know they know who I am, so. I don't I won't really fault, you if you tune out like. You I was multitasking. I didn't have a cell phone with me at the time but I was thinking about things like gosh I hope, this speech doesn't last too long and we're. Having a party later and, I hope my mom and dad aren't mad I invited, 45 extra people, so. You, may do the same and I won't really blame you if you tune this out but I hope you'll take a few things away and even if you don't do that please, take, the memory, of this moment with, you it is huge, and you deserve to remember, it. I thought. I would frame this advice. Around. What each of you are, fearless. We're. Terrapins after all the most fiercest, of all college mascots, that there have ever been so. When I looked up the word fearless. In the dictionary. You'll be surprised what it said fearless, is defined, as lacking, fear yep, lacking. Fear why can't a question like that be, in the SATs, but. Fearless. Is also synonymous with a few key and interesting words bold. Brave. Courageous. Intrepid. Confident. Gutsy. Spunky. And dynamic. So. With that in mind here. Are a few thoughts around, how to measure up to those very lofty, attributes. First. Each of you are about to make the biggest transition. In your lives sure. You've already moved away from home and into a new environment here at University, of Maryland but, this next phase of your life is a big step, most. Of you will live on your own for your freedom, for the first time and by, that I mean you'll, pay your own bills. And for. The parents in the room it, means off the, payroll. So. All of a sudden your financial, decisions will have real, consequences. There. Is nothing that can prepare you, for a, solid, 40-hour work, of week and I, mean forty, hours every. Week every week. For, the next 40. Years, yay, jobs. There. Is no. Month of January, off no. Several. Months off in the summer it's, a bit of an eye-opener trust, me and you. Should be prepared to be greeted on your first day of the job with stacks and stacks of, papers, things. Like 401k, plan decisions, insurance. Packages, lease agreements, and how do, you make your mark as you begin to truly live your own life and become the person you, were always meant, to be it. Will be exciting and scary all, at the same time you. Will have periods, of exuberance, but also periods, of self-doubt, and second-guessing. And you. Probably won't have time to, come to campus and lay an offering at the foot of studio to help you out either. Remain. Confident, in your decisions, but, don't forget to leverage, your friends and family, as you make those decisions, asking. For help and input is not, a weakness, it is smart, be. Brave in those moments of self-doubt, confident.

In Your decisions, and maybe, even a little bold with your 401k, try. Putting away 10% to, start you won't really notice it but when you're 50 you're gonna be happy you did. You. Are starting your careers at an amazing, time technology. Is everywhere. And enabling. Access, to everything the, internet, smartphones, you, know they actually made phones that all they did was make phone calls, that's that. Wasn't that long ago you have her you have Amazon, we, are truly on and, connected. 24/7. But. At the same time the, ease of everything, also makes us so easy to feel the pressure of comparison. Social. Media while connecting, us all can. Also have the effect of giving of giving, the the opportunity, for us to second-guess, ourselves or. Give us a feeling that we are missing, out I think, it's called FOMO, or, not where we should be at any particular point in time one. Of my favorite quotes is from a former, President, Teddy Roosevelt I, was not alive when he was in office and he, has said. Comparison. Is the thief of, joy. Comparison. Is the thief of joy and, you know what it really is try. And spend less time comparing, yourself to your friends what job they have what car house they have and more, about what brings you true, joy and high, engagement. Use. Your head always but. Also follow, your heart find. A company or a cause that gives you true, passion, and don't. Be afraid to stick around for a while maybe, not 27, years but stick around for a while make. It a career, and not just a job I told. You about the job I had right out of college bad, culture bad, fit i I. Had, what I call slumber, party stomach, every, Sunday, night you, know when you were a kid you'd go spend the night at your friend's house so you eat too much junk and, around midnight you, sick to your stomach and you want to call your mom and have her pick you up so you could sleep in your own bed, that, slumber party stomach I had that every, Sunday night knowing. I had to go in and spend five days at the. Job. Not. A great way to spend your first years and out of college I can. Tell you that for the last 27. Years while, I go home on a Friday night excited. To spend the weekend with my fat friends, and mostly my family, on Sunday. Night I cannot wait to get back into the office and make, a difference. I almost. Didn't take the job at Schwab because, I was afraid what others would think about working for a discount, brokerage, firm but, I'm so glad I pushed past that, forget. The trap of what will my friends think and be, authentic be yourself, it's, the one thing you are guaranteed, to get an a-plus in every. Day of your life. You. Are, unique and the world needs you not the reality version, of yourself we. Get to choose what we assign, meaning to in our lives no one else does, here's. A gutsy idea, maybe we can all practice gel, mo the, joy of missing, out you can quote me on that. Here's. A guts my. Next piece of advice and this will feel a little cliche, is to. Be grateful for the opportunity to, fail I failed. Early and what it taught me was to embrace those failure, failures, and learn from them I shared. With you and now my parents about my C in calculus, after. A few attempts, that was a huge wake-up call for me I came, into Maryland as a straight-a, student out of high school high school was pretty easy for me and that's, that, first not a it wasn't just an on a it, wasn't even a B or a C it was a D and it was humiliating, and, until. Now I. Look. Back on that and I don't think I fully appreciated. How important, that wake-up call was I, can. Also look back and think about all the other failures and see what a great gift those really, have been it. Gives you the ability to learn from your mistakes to pick yourself up and persevere. And still. Succeed. At your goal, that's. Far more gratifying, than always getting it right I promise, there. Will be many times in your career when you don't get it right you don't get the promotion that you want you don't get the job that you were hoping for you don't get your you.

Don't Make the right decision, in a business meeting or, you don't make the right call when it really counts, I can, tell you now in those moments how, you act, and what, you do next is far, more important. Than the actual failure, people, remember, more about what you do and how you act and how you handle, yourself preferably. With humility grace, and poise than. What you did to fail, now. Let's talk a little bit about courage. Unfortunately. This might be the hardest to, really master it's, the one leadership attribute, that I really admire the most and it's, taken me decades, to feel like I really truly have it courage. Is not being about being confident, or arrogant, but about having the commitment, and conviction. To make the right decisions, or, to call others out when they aren't making those right decisions it, is sometimes hard to speak up especially. When it's your boss or your boss's boss who's, pushing an idea or an approach or decision, if, you think about the worst cases in business in the last thirty years they have happened mainly, because of, broken, cultures, or a lack of leadership in addressing the real issues it. Never ends well people get hurt jobs, are lost brands, are damaged. When. You compare the worst stories in business to the best you almost always see a stark, comparison and, contrast, in, culture and leadership and the big difference there is courage. Schwab. CEO Walt Bettinger and sharing a lesson he learned from his father describes. This well almost, anything, can be bought or sold except. Your reputation. You, only have, one. There's. A good reason for all of us this is a good lesson for all of us to remember especially when we are in situation, and need to make a tough decision making. The right decision, isn't always easy and that's, where courage comes into, play I, congratulate. You all on making, one of the best decisions in your lives already the. Decision, to come to the Smith School, but. I'll tell you a little secret. Where. You go to school or what, you major in. Won't be the most important, decision you ever make, how. You choose to live your life and who, you choose to live it with or not will. Be far more impactful. To your next 50 years than the decisions, you have made in your last 20, I, hope. I hope, is you thank you I. Hope. Is you reflect, on your years here at the Syst miss Cole you are filled with not only pride for your accomplishments but. Also experience, you have been given the friendships, you have made and the relationships, you have cultivated. One. Of my favorite, movie lines comes at the end of Stephen King's classic, stand by me where wil Wheaton's character Gordie, says I, never. Had any friends later in life like I did when I was 12, Jesus. Does anybody I would. Substitute the age of 12 for 20 for, me those lifelong, friendships, were formed in college, and I bet you have made some of the best friends you will ever have right, here at University, of Maryland through your classes clubs. Sports. Or, the Greek system I'm a proud cap Alpha Theta thank you it, will be hard to find the same kind of unconditional, friendship you have forged here cherish, these people that you've spent the last four years with, they've, helped you hold. You through those tough all-nighters, and probably. Spend a couple of hours debating, world. Crushing. Ideas, like is the dress gold. Or white or blue, or black. If. You work hard at it these people will be your friends, for life tonight. Here at my graduation is, my husband, Jim who was also a Terp and who I met here yes. At a fraternity party, and also. Here tonight are a few of my dearest friends who I met when I was 19, years old, Jana Brian Whittington, and Mitch Mets Minh we. Have been friends for over 30, years and, experienced. A lot together the highest highs and the lowest lows and I. Know they are great friends because tonight they're here at a graduation, ceremony where, they don't know any other graduates, that's. Friendship, these. Types of lifelong, friendships. Might, be worth more to you than the actual degree, so. Let me get back to the 20 year old person who wanted to be a broker on Wall Street, she. Graduated from the University of, she went to work on Wall Street and realized. That she hated the culture and she hated the job she. Made some bold and brave changes. With the company and, found one that had similar values to her own she, had the courage to ask for stretch goals and opportunities, to learn and grow and found.

Herself Doing things she never imagined. And staying. At the same company - for 27, years it's, okay, to have a career plan but, don't be surprised, if it diverges and, diverges. A lot, well. Commit and be thankful, be. True to yourself and don't be afraid to take some smart risks, remember. There's no failure you can't overcome if you learn and grow from it and never, forget, where you started, who, your friends are and how important, every relationship. Is and oh. Yeah one other thing as we. Say in the business buy low and sell high I'm. Kidding you shouldn't do that you should never do that but. There are a couple of words of wisdom I would give you as a financial adviser, put. The maximum in your 401k, as soon as you start working don't. Live above, your means your parents are tired of paying your bills and you're. Never too young to have a financial plan and once you do stick to it you, won't regret it, so with that in closing I'll. Be rooting for you and watching as you implement, all your fearless, ideas and set the world on fire. Congratulations. Smith, school class, of 2019. Well. Thank you very much Lisa for that inspiring, talk. And you were talking about the most, fiercest. Creature in the world our Terrapin, so, we have her very own Terrapin, right here. A. Professional. Photographer, will be taking each graduates, picture as they receive their envelope, in. Order to not obstruct, the view of other guests, family, and friends are asked not to enter, the floor for photographs. Also. We remind all attendees, to please remain seated throughout, the entire ceremony in order, to fully recognize all of today's graduates. Dr.. Victor Mullins associate. Dean of undergraduate, programs, will present, the class of 2019. Graduates. Well. The candidates, please, rise. Daintree, entus I'm, very. Pleased to, present, to you the. Graduates, of the class of, 2019. Will. The graduates, please be seated. Dean, Mullins, I am, honored to recognize these, graduates, who have successfully completed, all requirements, for The Bachelor of Science degree. Dr.. Rebecca Radner, associate. Dean of academic affairs, and, Rebecca winner executive.

Director Of marketing, communications. Will introduce the graduates, we. Will now recognize graduates, who are members of the platform party. Abigail. Searcy. Elam. Aaron. Kaufman. We'll. All other, graduates, please remain seated until directed. To the platform, to receive our congratulations. The. Following students, are accounting, majors. Daniel. Moskowitz. Andrew. Cohen. Lindsey. Strauss. Grant. Cohen. Jacob. Allen. Taniya. Henry. Basile. Casa. Trevor. Harris. Bradley. Patrick. Laude. Heinrich. Bakudan. Mario. Miller. Jared. Earhart. Luke. Cordell. Matthew. Anderson. Lance. Goldman. Isaac. Lerman. Jonathan. Jung. Edward. Song. Martin. A cabeza. Robin. Richards, Holmes. Edmund. Li summa, laude. Henry. Her soul. Michael. Vetter magna. Laude and. Rude. Son, magna. Laude. Joseph. Lim. Key. Jung Jae min. Julie. Cara Custer. Maya. Oscar. Mendez. P. Dylan, Paris. Richard. Shibui. So. Peck um. Earvin. Gonzalez. Jason. Mu. Max. Gorman. Daniel. Russo. Jordan. De Virgilio. Jessie. Clark. Jessie. Yates, laude. Jennifer. Aesir, ski. Tyler. Weiss. Michael. Lee. Julia. Clem check. Elizabeth. Melgar. Joe. Boni Gonzales. Trejo. So Ruchi Dahal. Erik. Alvarez, Aguilar. Aldrin. Valina. Band. Thin. Farshad. Missoni. Jennifer. Lopez. Matthew. Stafford. Benjamin. Ascari nom. Readership. Area. Angela. Mukha. Jessica. Lauren. Julia. Peacock. Akanksha. Agrawal. Milla. Par. Arvind. Ravichandran. Zen. Wands fa. Delilah. Will die. Jazmyne. Carrera. Emmanuel. Jimenez. Matthew. Bradford. ELISA. Misko. Caitlyn, seen. Amanda. Wag saw. Riel, Greenspan. Laude, Arielle. Samantha. Quinn. Abigail. Grossman. Dave. Purdue. Nicholas. Soglin, Benny. Jason. Rekt. Michelle. Weinfeld. Nay, Hammett Apollo. Alyssa. Hugginson. And. Regression. So. Manly. Caleb. Wilson. Andrew. Hitz Alberto. Jeffrey. Gamboa. Jassu. Hey sue. Martin. Tran. Jun. Jin. Elizabeth. Christi. Hamza. Yaya. Misbah. Khan. Kareena. Alisa. Zou. Hatari. Laude. You. A Kim. Kwai. Gwion. Sang. Jaejeong. Nicky. Kumar. Michelle. Cho. Wafaa. Karzai. Kelly. Gret, skin. Yeah, hi Ron Morales. Jessica. Ridgewell. Nora. Stuart's. Megan. Brown. Sungkoo. Chu. June. Wong. Alyssa. Leigh. Hanna. Kim. Nicole. Young. But. You a hyung. Aaron. Loup. Natalie. Stiff. Steven. Hartman. Bethany. Shearer departmental. Honors. Minion. Kim. D. Win daung. Vanya. Beltran, summa, laude. Kathryn. Medina. Key. Asia coats. Jackie. John's. Adam. Whitesell. Katrine. Gubin, magna. Laude. Yes. Mean Khan. Rita. How Tov summa, laude zachary. Oman. Christopher. Graves. Rachael. Wallach. Katherine. Oh har. Julia. Gibson. Bridget. Vasa. Kaylie. McCarthy. John. Lombardo. Paul. Garber, eeny. Bradley. Rogers, magna. Laude zachary. Shane. Justin. Tarkin. Alexander. Plotkin magna. Laude. Gary. Sandler. Katherine. Dens. Megan. Donna Lee. Amanda. Bitting. Katherine. Bachmann. Marco. Tortilla. James. Heim Sethe. Sonia. Rodriguez, buttress. Hayley. Garak. Alexis. Ross. Jennifer. Hofmann. Rachel. Miller. Andrew. Flick. Billy. Van. Rigs. And cell drone. ESO. Mohammed. Tadesse, a. Francois. Amaya. Brittany. Kuznets, magna, laude. Jan. And Lewandowski. Bridget. Lavelle. Eden. Ciroc. GI. In song.

Tianyu. A Jew. Pingping. Ma. Chau. Eng. Hing. Wang Yao. Shinu. Liu. Yuan. Dong. Yu, a pond. Daniel. Trebek. Laude. Mamadou. Sim, para. Jing. Ming Juan. Jacala. Tesla, Maryam. Simran. Manga. Johannes. Add masu. Chandler. Bryant. Kamiya. McGuire. The, following, students, are. Information. Systems, majors. Stephanie. League laude. Kevin. You. Brian. UN. Kevin. Cartwright. Kamali. Rami. I'm. Rita. Mitra. Zachary. Beard. Bay. In Alba, dureena. Jay. Cho. Jerry. She. Nikhil. Deepak. Nash. Prasad. Dario. Ciprian ovitch, magna. Laude I. Marilyn. Ezra. Akshaya. Cayenne. Boo. John. Stefano. Alison. Converse. Katherine. Harmon. Nicholas, Ghana canto, magna. Laude. Lauren. Black. Alexander. Tran. Daniel. Climb. Williams. Engelstad. Colin. Crap Minh. Daniel. Zip codes. Pablo. Rubio. Adam. Stein. Matthew. Bratzman. Hannah. Farness. Zachary. Azrael. Lauren. Dare. Omar. Bagged. Muhammad. Usman. J. Fo got. Mary. Lee core let's. Jimmy. Kim Gong. Kai. Jones. Gregory. Rice the, second. Johnetta. Roto yay. Sydney. King. Michaela, Jackson. Daniel. Stub. Edward. Loom. Christopher. Beak. Thomas. Liu. William. Lu. Debra. Lee. Juancho. Ana. Su. Lila. Lin summa, laude. Z. Chan Lee. Onion. Go. Quando. Jia. Jiang Cheng. Mu. Tong Zhang. Jia. Jie. Asher. Giegi. Jacob. Or back. Evan. McGann. The. Following, students, our operations. Management, and business analytics, majors. Matthew. Murphy magna. Laude. Benjamin. Johnston. Sylvia. Caceres. Romina. Montes, Rodriguez. Zachary. Nathan. Santiago. Avila, Rodriguez. Alexander. Coudl, each. Austin. Home. Tahina. Moi's. Elena. McCracken. Ian. Hutchison. Mark, do chief departmental, honors. Griffin. Shaw departmental. Honors. Elizabeth. No less. Sydney. Go Wyler. Cristiana. Casey. Madison. Rajal. Robin. Pitt Liske. Emily. Blanchard. Lindsay. Johnson. Rachel. Goldfinger. Michelle. Li you. Stacy. Aronowitz. Julie. Cody. Mukti. Patel. Liam. Mercer. Laude. Matthew. Berta, Shaw. Abigail. Nyman. Shiri. Hoover. Nikolas. Gianna Scully. Jacob. Lozinski. Chelsea. Jackson. Holmes. Ahmed. Farid. Abdallah. Clarence. Simpson. Guys, the, following, students, are marketing, majors. Samantha. Marcus. Lauren. Roach. Kristin. Whoo summa, laude. Gillian. Edwards. Laude. Jeana, Gail Auslander. Lucinda. Zhang. Juliet. Carnevale. Chase. Logan. Tests. Simonson. Erica. Sandage. Samantha. Delgado. Abigail. Waters. Arielle. Sang. Elizabeth. San. Sabrina. Collins. So. Jung Choi. Stacy. Shin. Deanna. Qian. Laude. Cynthia. Chen. Whoo ball. Chloe. Jones. China. Sukira. Nicolle. Natoli. Safran. Gelbart. Holly. George. Olivia. Esposito. Angelina. Cole. Anthony. Gargan. Andrew. Forrest. Kelsey. Grande its key. Molly. Keller. Taylor. Rosen, swag. Noah. Klein. Casey. Steiner. Ryan. Chess, arek. Daniel. Door a. Brennan. Erikson. Leonard. Scar pizza. James, hackler. Zachary. Missy, Kia. Caleb. Shen. Jared. Load holt. Jacqueline. Flores. Stephanie. Fink. Maria. Mackenzie. Arianna, Saunders. Emily. Miller. Morgan. Craig's men. Christopher. Lee. Nathan. Lester. Janae. Griffith. Gracie. A row house. Rosalyn. Tapia. Me. Rapunzel, and. Alexandra. Coria briseno. Stefan. Ana Valencia. Asher, Moloch. Jia. Cheng, Wei.

Cameron. Teats. William. Trot. Apex. ARP. Abigail. Ness poor. Robert. Newman. Melissa. Kurtzman. Alexander. Barrett. David. Dixon. Jayden. When. Mia. McIntyre. Kiona. Jones. Perry, Fingerhut. Maria. Viera magna. Laude. Kelly. Stipa. Laude. Danielle. Moyer, magna. Laude. Martha. Bitch Ibiza. Diana. Budman. Joe. Teasing, Hall. Richmond. Thomas. Carl. Boatner. Jesse. Bixby. Rebecca. Ins. Jack. Singer. Lauren. Abrams. Adam. Frankel, magna. Laude. Thomas. Galvin. Nick. For Nelson. Johanna. Mac magna. Laude. Matthew. Fin law. Brendan. Canon. Aaron. Schiffman. David. Nakute ollie. Josette. Melina. EDA. Hi Lou. Avi. Schneider. Jacob. Must la vie. Marade. Sapele. Dduk. Whore, mega. Alexandra. Akins. Katherine. Brewski. Samira. Polavaram. Ooh. Kara. Gordon. Katherine. Kiros. Alexander. Jerome. Amanda. Tang summa. Laude. Kevin. Lee. Parsha. Kavoussi. Connor. Woodside. Savannah. Holt's. William. IV. Tyvon. Scott, Parker. Alastair. Fog on e. Matthew. Zimmerman. The. Following students, are finance, majors. Jenna. Alexandra. Hackerman. Mona. Abu talib. Mary. Miller come, loading. Adam. Hurts. Jared. Hadlock. Johnathan's. Paul. Campanelli. Clark. 'la Dean. Richard. McKenna. DeSean. Stove. Jana vaq. Avon. Co. Leoben. Cush. Patel. Noah. Miller. Laude, nicholas. Borscht. Evan. Smith. Laude. Timothy. Baker magna. Laude. Kunal. Verma. Broish. A glutton. Kevin. Donk. Gurveer. Maan. Garrett. Snell, a. Heron. Garrett. Jeffrey. Zhao, laude. Timothy. Chen kun, laude. Jennifer. Ty. Dakota. Oggy aura. Aidan. Van Giessen. Kevin. BOSU. James. Cahill. William. D'Angelo. Samuel. Saul Berg. Adam. Kaplan. Chase. Lynch. Miles. El-masri. Michael. Webber. Keegan. Berry. Michael. Slaven. Andrew. Carlin. David. Horowitz departmental. Honors. Spencer. Got Shaw. Jack. Miller. Michael. Lieberman. Andrew. Minkin. Blake. Jackman. Julie. Havlicek. Rachel. Gunning. Grace. Hayes. Hanna's. Odo. I need. A enoch bina bar. Kirkland. Bryson. Eric. Could, do. Daniel. Siminoff, ski. Michael. Garrett's. Olatunji. Oni Bonzo. Ryan. Case. Gavin. Adams. Fernando. Cavallo. Austin. Wichman support, mental honors. Kristina. Kearns. Terrence. Walls. Brandon. Lee bo. Tucker. Fuhrman. Brendon. West. Zachary. Preble ski. Madison. Craig s'en. Avery. Edwards. Matthew. Olivera. Sarah. Novak. Jessica. Goldberg. Faith. Bergman. Dairy. Dairy. Is a Slav ski. Mei. Chen. Megan. Young. Curtis. Fox. Max. Rosenthal. Claudia. Hersa, corn. Blake. Hinkley. Colin. Autry. Christopher. Court AZ. Peter. Johnson. Zachary. Ginsberg. Matthew. Lieberman, magna, laude. Bruno. Van der Laan. Victor. T luck Singh. Nicholas. Lako. Kia, Shirazi. Ivan. Chang. Anthony. Kwanzaa. Sri. Rajan, d departmental. Honors summa. Laude. Andre, Pimenta. Julio's, Hernandez. Carlos. Diaz. Hakim. Nori's on. Alexander. Hedren. Marx. Eluga. Friends. And long. Jacob. Weber. Thomas. O'Farrell. James. Brady. Christopher. Richter. Hungarian. Elizabeth. Butterman. Georgie. Kirsch. Gabrielle. Antonelli. Michael. Bresnik. John. Burke. Marc. McMullen. Whoo. Mitchell. Cooney. Stephen, Petrillo. Allison. Me serve. Brian. Fake. Laude. Noah. Polanski. Adam. Lublin, ER. Matthew. Goldblum. Zachary. Schaeffer. Michael. Wittmann. Eric. Marie. Brandon. Cuellar. Manure. Hasan. Kajol. Kaushal. Shannon. Zhang summa. Laude. Daniel. Ava. Gabriel. Castro. Byron. Corden. Lalitha. Chi ravu magna. Laude. Alexander. Johnson. Robert. Hunter. Ryan. Goldsburg. Ruben, Pomerance. Keith. Cotter summa, laude. Shannon. Clark. Marilyn. Curie Anthon. Shivani. Manchanda. Ayana. Willis. Fatima. A thief. Some. Rodney Shinde. Syndulla. Paula. Lauren. Noble. Brandon. Goldberg. Laude. Robert. Asked us. Justin. Donnelly. Kamala. Campbell. Parker. Wrists summa. Laude. Kyle. Hurley. Jacob. Lapidus. Anita. Aiya Swami. Emma. Metzler. Honnest. OPAC. Adam. Abdi. Taylor, Joyce. Wilson. Matassa. Christopher. Paul ting. Samuel. Myers. Derek. Xiao. Laude. Joseph. Cipolla, departmental. Honors. Samuel. Mensa. Emma. Henry. Laurens. Insky. Mariana. Avila. Nicole. Miller. Avani. Cotta. Aaron. Nadler. Benjamin. Taragan. Jeremy. Jacobites. Mink. I shoes, summa, laude. Praveen. Galati. Adriana. Baca Stila. For, a Coulibaly. Kevin. Child's. Peter. Laughs IANA. Sam. Keith. Thomas. Bach. Brian. Krause. Kyle. Brinker. Joseph. Bergman. Laude. Sanjay. Co. John. Healy. Julian.

Colicchio. Jason. Goldstein. My. Collegues house. Melanie. Nunez departmental. Honors. On. A shoot. Benjamin. Bush. Alex. Kirschenbaum. Nathan. Lee, laude. Talia. Weidman. Know'm. Tobin, has. Evan. Weinreb. Zachary. Wahlberg. Austin. Adamson. Ashley. Kim. Matthew. Bishop, magna, laude. Andrew. Steele. Ryan. Thornburgh departmental. Honors. She. Won't Chung, laude. Zuleika. Easter Mohammed. Brian. Demick. Bradley. Schuler. Joseph. Castelli. Vincent, Stice. Daniela. Cerebellar. Alessandra. Cerebellar. Sharad. Qatari. Thomas. Walsh. Olivia. Depandi. Jakob. Donek. Jordan. King. Michael. Race. Jacob. Cool. Daniel. Makris. Christian. Tringale. Connor. Paskoff. Robert. Burton. Tyler. O'Connor. William. Columbia. Austin. Grey. Kevin. Bergman. Joseph. Halfway. Joey. Wong. Wrenchy. Lin. Huang. Rong. Lauric. Let's. Tania. A home. Ratana. Son. Jacob. Pollack. Zachary. Bloom magna. Laude. Noah. Weiss. Jared. Hunger. Knee. ARMA Hammonds. Why. Some et. Brendan. Kenny. Justin. Karras Tia. Show. Aber qureshi. Marc. Bouwer. Paul. Donald, summa. Laude. Kamyar. Dastan. Ec1. Shoe. Sam. Lange. Samuel. Berman. Dylan. Turin. Linda. Hang. Stanley. Seat. Kevin. Coffee. Vignesh. Krishnan. Travis. Woods. Christopher. Yo. Rodrigo. Trevino, magna. Laude. Gabriella. Figueroa. Sujin. Ichi Kim. Heather. Chen. Amy. Zhang a. Seam. Peshwa. David. Smith burger. Zachary. Foster. Joseph. Fat singer. Thomas. Riff. Brice. Osler. Edward. Taylor. Nicholas. Louie. Jacob. Bray Hawke. Nicholas. Track us. Lyza. Curcio, Rudy. The. Following students, are supply, chain management, majors. Aaron. Yang. Mega. Ready. Laude. Elizabeth. Gilliam, summa. Laude. Molly. Walsh. Laude. Candice. Date nur, laude. Nicole. Car yuccas. Brandon. Lane. Margaret. Pollitz. Rachel. Lisen, laude. Laura. Knox inferred. Cecilia. Cobell ski. Lexie. Brown. Joanne. Kardia. Laude. Margaret. Keller. Holly. Smith. Ali, Dorn. Spencer. Schenker. Adam. Lore. Carrie. Desmond's. Shira. Sigler. On. A freedman. Elizabeth. MRA. Kayla. Swick. Daniel. Chamberlain. Matthew. Verba. Brandon. Stave. William. Parks. Darren. Young. Cecilia. Mamola, hoes. Victoria. Gone. Daniel. Zamora. Nicholas. Minerva. Jake. Samson. Michael. Harrison. Samuel. Sweets. Catherine. For lace. Chen, we young. Sha. Wan Yan. Ryan. Boyd. Harrison. Prior. Your. Ghost carmina's. Bryan. Hughes. Anthony. Rodriguez. Nathan. Holloman. Michael. Garcia. Paul. Kalamarez. Nicole. Score, Vanek. Annalee. Mackenzie. Miller. Julia. Schultz. Anthony. Busan, Ian. Benjamin. Johnson. Jake. Kelly. Lucia. Tarantino. Jill. Gelinas. Nathan. Rubin. Zachary. DeLeon. Dario. Jakku. Boots. Lily, jiang. Lynette's. Li. Kevin. Conti. Max. Zissou. Connor. Brown. Ross. Harrison. Berman. Me. Read Russell. Some. Earth Shah. Nima. Kashani. Katrina. Wong. The. Following students, are international, business. Majors. Natalia. John Rowe. Kirk. Pierce. Richard. Wathan. Nadine. Ellis, Ely. Jocelyn. Esparza, Balthazar. Kendall. Davis. Daniel. Sullivan. Matthew. Binder. Joseph. Sis any. Kelsey. Talley. Chara, mo many. Matthew. McNeil. Briana. Wheatley. Shannon. Pignataro. Sydney. SH Ivor. Karema, Mustafa. Olivia. Table. The. Following students, are management, majors which, includes, students. In the Entrepreneurship, track. Danielle. Spikes. Kristin. Rinella. Number. Ahmad. Julia. Audits. Blake. Buckler. Hannah. Stein. Aviva. Briar. Camille. Paul. Maxwell. Kaylie. Rick. McCool, Asst. Evan. Katsu. Zachery, car girl. Julia. Hurwitz. Jamie. Fan are off. Jack. Quinn's. Camille. Sambora. A Jovi. Hongseong Lee. Brandon. Weston, Morris. Bianca. Lozano. Katie. Barrios, Beltran. Bryan. Birla Coleman. Deeksha. Ranch and run, oh. And. Sheriff. Christian. Thema. Michael. Lynn. Maricela. Vasquez. Elena. Do Denko. Angel. Whoo. Jackson. Leonardi. Felipe. Rodriguez. Thiago. Alves. Dakota. Brown.

Alexander. Sent nor. Brandon. Juan. Harry. Fom. Mohammad. Johansen. Isabel. Osorio, Gerardo. Pavel. Osipov. Caroline. Lapidary. Lisa. Townsend's. Eric. Phi L. Sloane. Momsen summa. Laude. Alex. And ler. Justin. Feldman. Colin. Smith. Griffin. Chichi. Tyler. Wilkes. Ryan. Walsh. Zachary. Joyner. Ethan. Parker. Brandon. Lucas. Olivia. Garcia. Oh crikey, follow. Quaking. Peter, Conlon. Bar Itzhak. Jesse. Laughs you see. Jacqueline. Mel. Benjamin. Howard. Alex. Barclay. Krishna. Garadi uh. Angel. Rivera Chavez. Elizabeth. Row. Olivia. McClure. So. Isla. Conner. Burke. Samuel. Moskowitz. Ashley. Winter. Angelita. Pollard. My, mouths are not will move. So. Only, at a business school graduation. Would somebody throw money up here on, stage. It. Was a behavioral experiment only, two people picked it up. I'm. Not sure if we've taught you well or not. But. Once again let's all, congratulate today's graduates. Well. Graduates. Of the Robert H Smith School of Business it has been a real pleasure to, share this special day with you, my. Congratulations to. Each of you on the accomplishments, that led to this, day, we. Also honor, the people who supported, you who. Believed in you and who. In many cases paid. For you the, parents, of the class of 2019. It. Is with great hope and optimism. That. We at the Smith school send you out into the world I am. Certain, that you will lead diverse, and accomplished, lives I know. You're happy to have your classes, behind you but. This may be the end of college it is certainly not the end of learning as you. Continue, to learn I hope, you will share your knowledge your. Insights, and your, experience, with us and I. Hope that your life will lead you back to this learning community to, mentor, students serve. On a committee. Speak. To a club or continue. Your education. Graduation. Is a significant. Achievement made possible, by your own hard work but also by the support, of your friends and family members as you. Graduate, I also offer you the, Smith School's encouragement. And support. You. Are joining a powerful, community, of more than. 66,000. Smith alumni. Take. Advantage, of our alumni networking, opportunities, as you, pursue, your careers. Continue. The great tradition. Of Terps. Helping, Terps, stay. In touch with us and we. Will stay in touch with you, the. Alumni Relations Office, is already making plans for your 1 year reunion. We. Hope you have a long and mutually beneficial, relationship. With the Smith school. Every. Member of the Smith community is very proud of your achievements. We. Wish you well on the journey ahead and I. Look forward to hearing many good reports, of your, successes, in the years to come. Congratulations. I wish, you all the best. We'll. Graduates, and guests, please remain, seated until the faculty has recessed after. The faculty, has recessed graduates. Are asked to please exit. The arena by any of the stairways, or exits, from the floor thank. You and have a great evening.

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