Splatoon 5.0 is looking great!「DDD Shopping

Splatoon 5.0 is looking great!「DDD Shopping

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Hey. There everybody. Hello. There. Greetings. So. I'm. Not sure if you guys saw the splatoon. 4.0. Update, the. Weapons look nice. But. You could tell that they were sort of running out of ideas we, could all tell that, splatoon was sort of running out idea it's like I knew subs and new specials, and stuff but you could tell that you know they're they're sort of running short on things well. I got a call, yesterday. From Sheldon and he, saw. Some. Of the creations. That. I have made on YouTube and he. Was wondering, if I. Could make some. Brand-new. Splatoon. Weapons. Because. They were running out of ideas, so, uh. Here. We go boys. Well. Good morning good, night or good afternoon viewers depends, on your time zone and this is Phil moats YouTube so. You've heard of Sheldon's, picks, you've. Heard of Sheldon's, picks well. He, right he ran out of ideas for them and he's contacted. Me to. Create some brand new weapons, for you guys and. We're. Just gonna be going, through and uh really. Just sort of really just sort of creating. Creating. A brand new style of weapon we're. Gonna go through it I have the I've access, to. Literally. Every single, every. Single like, weapon. Available. On, here, and all. We're gonna do is uh just. Do the same thing we've been we've been doing for the DVD things and, just. Make a real, I'm gonna go make a new folder, gonna. Call it weapons, and. You. Guys are wondering what's gonna be in the 5.0. Update right. You guys were wondering was gonna be in the 5.0, update have. No, fear. Photoshop. Is here. It's. Gonna be pretty. Much just, about just. About what you expect it to be. Then. Your epic as Epic Games I don't know god no please don't. No, I means. I'm terrible I'm just kidding hava games made a very successful video, game alright. Let's. Start off nice and easy here let's. Start off nice and easy the, same exact, formula. That we had before we'll see what, the movie for the $1 jack we'll, have to see if we have to, change. Anything specific. Here in order. For this to work out perfectly, well, we're gonna start with. Let's. See. We're, going to start, with. The. One. I just saved. Here. We go let's, blue sematic. Here. We go let's just start off with this guy, gonna. Be just about the same formula, as the d2 these streams and if you guys didn't see that then you know here we go pretty much I got this idea cuz someone after I'm sorry I forget who you were all see if I can find the name later they sent me an image of, like.

A Poorly photo he put a poorly photoshopped. Like. Auto bombs. Onto. Onto. A. Clash. Blaster, and I looked at it for a while I'm like god, this is awful I kind. Of wanna do these myself and so we're just gonna. Goes. What. Would you uh what, do you have to do this to poor day to do dated he's not involved with a stream nudity will be about a little, bit later on but. I thought it'd be interesting if. We took the same. Principles. That we learned with deep, shopping. And tried. It with weapons I, think. Here's the issue, the. Sploosh-o-matic. Doesn't. Have enough, range, that's. The main drawback, of the sploosh-o-matic so. How do we fix it, we. Amplify, it sure. One, sploosh-o-matic, nozzle. Is fine, but. Has anyone, ever, thought, of, just. Taking it and. Making, it feed into a slightly, larger nozzle. Like. It's. All fun and games until you miss your target so. I feel with this weapon, we. Will slowly, be able to whittle down the chances, that you'll ever miss your target, by. Making the weapon hit from, as far, away as physically, possible. Here. We go let's just make it a nice little divot. There, just. Delete all that, select. Deselect here, we go, this. Turn this back up to a hundred percent you. See, what I'm getting at now Chet you see what I'm getting at now maybe I ain't aiming, a little bit upwards help, out with that fall-off and everything. There. We, go now, it's looking alright I think, it needs a little bit more I don't. Think we're complete with this why I think we need to give, it a little bit more of an extra extra oomph. Really. Drive home to. The enemy what, we're trying to do here maybe. Give it a little bit extra length. Really. Hit from far away if we really need to. There. We go now we're reaching now. We're reaching some good levels, of power but. This this, weapon alone what, we've created here so far it, it, would. Make sense normally, if, it. Was just one tube you. Know pretty much what we have to deal with 1/2. Of ink has, to fire from one nozzle so, in order to make this. Nozzle or the, this this, this. Power this tube of power of, elimination. Juice the. Forbidden words uh. With. This much. Knowledge. Power. Not, really sure won't get up we're gonna make this too bigger I, tried. To save that sentence it really didn't happen but you know what here we are what. We got to do is gonna take this guy. Perfect. You let's go magnetic, lasso tool, and. We're just gonna. Remove. This, actually. Holy just like scale from, right here, where's. That like where's. That like uh. Content. Aware scale. Here. We go, uh. Selected. Areas and oh of course we're on the wrong layer of, course what am i doing a. Big. Fool I am high on I understand, all, right. Let's. Just do this. Give. Me some content, aware scale we. Just need to make this tube as. Maximized. As possible. To. Potentially, fit this weapon it's a little hold on we need to we need to like I think. It actually honestly we might need to stretch the entire thing in order. To make this work all right here we go here we go let's do this well. What what is my true undo. Why. Do I just wait but is swear, man these, hotkeys, edit. Okay. So I guess just step backward and step forward have just gone away into, the ether never, to be used again that's neat um. So. In that case can. We even like fully undo this we cannot neat. That's. Okay though if we could you know like I said before undoing, is for the weak-minded and for, the people who lack true creativity so, we're just gonna layer merge, that down it's. Gonna. Merge, that, down, instead. We're going to make the entire back, of this thing just something, that uh that, an inkling can hold, or. A knocking excuse me excuse. Me it's, gonna make the entire back portion of this a. Little. Bit, easier. To wield. There. We go now, can I just do the edit. Content. Worse I can, all. That just makes it so much easier, there. We go we're gonna need to make this. There. We, go. All. Right all right make. This a little bit thinner. This. Is good this is alright they can like hold this on their shoulder, if they really have to.

They. Can just wheel this on their shoulder. Then. We just got a select. Deselect perfect. Perfect perfect alright this, guy actually. Needs to go away a little bit we can just we just we. Can't just. Let's. Do this get. That smudge tool that's. Not the smudge tool smudge. Tool is like the best thing in this program I swear. Here. We go who needs. Graphical. Image editing capabilities. When you can just rub your finger on something am i right. Beautiful. Beautiful. But this handles, looking, a little small. Gonna. Be dead honest there's a lot of things wrong with this but this handle, is the, main source of all of them. We. Need to give this handle something what. Inkling is our octiline, but it's cephalopod, it's gonna be able to wield such a weapon with a handle as dinky is this we, need to do like. Here. Yes. Now. We are, talking we need a handle, to match the. Girth of the rest of this weapon. Beautiful. Let's, move that back into place right there, see. If we can if we can like align, that you know a slightly better way to. Erase it we cannot erase that all. Right but that's fine that's fine select deselect. We're, moving on with our day. Go. Over here. Smudge. Tool just just. Smudge. There. Yeah. Here. We go blend that in a little bit no one will ever notice the difference. Except. For the fact that it is just massive but. You know what I think. This is the I think this is this is the first. Acceptable. Gun on the. Shelf on the Sheldon philbo picks. Here. We go we're, gonna call this the. Dad. The, death of mattock the, death of mattock seems too straightforward, splat. Ematic nah I, don't. Know man I'm not. Entirely sure what what our naming structure should be for this guy what, do you guys think what, should we name this one. I'm. Trying to I'm trying to oh boy, oh boy, weapons. Getting a little bit of a little bit of a cut in the back there it's, trying to merge this background, a little bit to be a little bit more a, little more pleasing, on the eye. Because. Heaven forbid nothing, else in this images, you. Know what we're just yeah, you know what we're just gonna yeah. I think they get the point. Automatic. Moist. Moist, o matic, you. Thought the sploosh-o-matic was, weird nah man. This. Is the the brand-new, moist o matic. All. Right we're just gonna. Image. Export. Quick export the PNG. Moist. O. Matic. There. We go uh. And. Then we're just gonna go to. What. I put this again. Thumbnails, for some reason I save all these stupid things in the thumbnail folder. God. Help if this ever ends up in the front of a video um. Create. A new folder. Completed. Failures. Beautiful. All. Right Sheldon first. Weapon is done. Actually. What we need to do to just, just to bring it home real fast let's open up GIMP give it a crop give it a background removing.

Yeah. What weapon should we do this to next. Well. Weapons should we improve, next. There. Are a lot of bad weapons, in this game and it's up to us to fix them all and give, them the Sheldon for. The 5.0. Update. There. We go just drop, that over a moist o matic. Beautiful. And. Let's just make that. Twitter. Tweet. Here. We go make sure there's nothing weird on my front page because, heaven, forbid. Twitter. Is weird for like three seconds, don't. Check Mario Kart hashtag, I warn, you um. Well. Let's see let's, just start off take take our image moist O Matic. Alright, guys. We're. Back on, the. Photo. Shop. No. No let's, not even lately call it the photo shop let's let's keep up this Sheldon thing. Sheldon. Called, me up and, wanted. Me to make. Some. New weapons. For. Him. First. Off. The. Fail, boat. Lineup. We. Got the, moist. O matic. On. With. The goal of fixing. The. Sploosh. Oh, I screwed. Show Matt who named that weapon man so good blue so Maddox. Range. Issue. There. We go and. Then I'm just gonna add a link, to the live stream fail, boat dot. Live. There. We go. Look, look look, what what what what uh what, line of weapons should this be called, hashtag. Fail, line. Fill. Fill pics. Fail. Boats. Picks. That, works hashtag, fail boats picks all. Right Sheldon. Called me up in one I always proofread. Tweets more. Than other people do apparently, Sheldon, called me up and wanted me to make some new, weapons for him first off the fail boat lineup. We. Got the smooth o matic with the goal of fixings, our perfect. Done, tweet. Beautiful. Shell. Boat pics, I'm. Worried about that all right guys we. Got the sploosh-o-matic under, control, fixed resolved. What's. Up next. What. Is up next. Okay I have, an idea I, have. An idea hold on give me give me the original slosher, the deco is actually useful the, original, slosher, is never. Used the deco is good the, deco is it good that's, acceptable, it, has some good sub some good special, we need to fix the original. Bucket. As.

Too Many too. Many flaws too many problems with it so, we're just gonna create a nice new. Custom. Canvas. We're. Gonna we're gonna buff. We're. Gonna buff the bucket. Here. We go it's dry whoopsie, hold on for, some reason my Finder window, has a froze okay there we go we are back. There. We go just get the bucket to an appropriate, size all, right so here's the thing here's. The thing the. Bucket, it's. All right if fires ink it. Deals some damage hey God nerves recently, in the, new 4.0, update I got, a I got a big nerf to the damage I think, this. Weapon is just inherently flawed because, it fires ink. I. Think. What we shouldn't do, instead. Is. Fix. Its, fixed that problem. How. About instead of. Firing, ink. We. Make, it fire. Roomies. I think. If it, instead. Of firing ink just fires other Inklings. We. Might have a way better chance at killing the enemy. So. What we're gonna do. Just. Take this and. Add. Here. We go, give, me that magnetic, lasso tool. Now. I feel, if the. Weapon fires, other players. It. Might be a little, bit broken but that's. Okay, other, players, just need to adjust to it. All. You got to do is adapt we. Actually put a small, dent in the Inklings head to. Make them a little less aerodynamic. So they'll have a little bit more fall-off, when going into actual combat. That. Way the weapon stays not, broken, here. We go just go, right here and it's. Even my. Favorite part even color-coordinated. To already, match the. Way the bucket is designed, to look so. We can just go down here just scale this guy in hello. There we go scale this guy in a little bit. Perfect. Maybe. Go a little bit more down this way, all. Right. Now all we got to do this one's gonna be nice and simple Sheldon Sheldon's, going to love the efficiency, at which I'm grinding these out all. Right this, is take this guy. Grab. My. Magnetic. Lasso, tool. Here. We go, and. Then. Just. Go down here, intake actually. What we need to do is get this area yes. Here. We go. Right. About, there, and then this should, be an. Adequate. Cropping. This. Guy. Select. None'. Bump. That a pasady. Right up. There. We go, it. Could use some improvement could use some improvement that's okay. That's. Okay. This. Was I said that's a little bit too a little bit too far by race. There. We, go, these. Blueprints, are looking pretty good so far, I gotta admit. The. 5.0. Update is. Really. Gonna change up the meta. Because. Not. Anyone. Will be complaining, the game. The. 5.0, meta will change because no one will want, to actually play the game once. The update comes out. It'll. Be too scared. Of. The. Weapons to. Actually continue playing splatoon -, there. We go I. Feel. Like this is this looks like a DreamWorks, ripoff character, done I really. Think you don't, talk up DreamWorks that much. DreamWorks. Wishes, they could be on my level of character design. Here. We go Auto tone, okay, that's a little okay, that's a little all. Right I love. I. Love. How whatever we just did just made. It look more compressed, I, don't. Like it it, feels like we just deep-fried. It you. Know what we got to fix that up a little bit this little. Off the top a little, off the top that's. A lot more off the top that I intended, but here we are there. We go all. Right I. Like. What we got here I like what we got here who. Needs to fire ink when you can fire Inklings. Export. Quick export, we're already okay, what do we call this guys what we call this. The. Womb sure. The. Whoop. The. Whoop. Duper. Don't, know, what that name is but I love it so much. The. Whoop duper. It's. So perfect. Oh, where's. Our Twitter or. Twitter page all. Right god let's. See if anyone's if, anyone's already Oh God. Apparently. They can fire cats now. Interesting. Oh. God. We are we are already in it we are already any, aren't we alright alright alright.

No. I am NOT yo D alright. Let's. Do it. We. Back. We. Back uh. Hello. Everybody, that was that was weird. Oh Bo BS to straight-up gave me an error that's like welp you. Are not connected, anymore that's. The first time that's happened I think. That's the second time well. If anyone's watching this is a vaad the stream just went down and i just restarted you probably was known as the cut happened, or something like that anyway, uh. Back. To the tweeting. We. Felt that. Lobbing. Ink. Wasn't. Effective. For. It, so. We. Have upgraded. It. To just, firing. Inklings. Instead. There. We go and. We just add that, photo. From. Where. Is it. Here. We go here we go I had that photo. The. Whoop duper. Actually. Wait a minute wait a minute hold on we didn't we didn't crop it yet I forgot. A very. Important, step. A very. Important step in this whole thing. Weapons. Completed. Failures the woop duper, there. We go no. Idea what happened on that if, it happens again just give me a sec I'll pull the, screen we'll be right back as it usually is. Here. We go this one's nice and easy crop two BAM. Done. And done over at the wolf duper yes please. Alright. I. Had. Imaged the whoop duper. And. Just tweet that out for the world to see alright alright next up next up. We. Got that done what's, our neck what's our next weapon here. What's. The next weapon we're gonna bore gonna be we're, gonna be editing here. My. Wonderful chat. Let's. See. What. Else do. We have here, the, Luna blaster the. Luna blaster I see what you guys are getting at alright, save. Image as the. Luna. Blaster is, a, clickbait. Weapon. Let. Me just open up with that but Luna blaster is a clickbait, weapon. It. Does, not actually. Despite. Its naming structure. Contain. A moon and. I. Feel that hinders, the weapon I feel. When a lot of people pick up the Luna blaster, they're. Expecting. A little. Bit more power a little. Bit more oomph from. Their weapon. So. I think what we should do is, remove. The, stupid, clickbait and. Just. Straight up hold, on here we go here we go just, straight up take, all an entire moon and. Just. Give it the give. But. But, just, give it the power that we're looking for here we're, just gonna it's. Gonna take this. There. We go the, entire moon. And. Just sort of, position. This as it needs to be here what's gonna rotate this, guy a little, bit. There. We go well actually we I think the moon is not. This, big to scale I think this is actually just some propaganda, given, by the government we need to make this a little bit smaller, there. We go okay okay okay it's a, little bit different. Grab. The Luna blaster. Probably. Give it a little bit of rotation. All. Right all right all right all right that's step. One and then, what. Kind of color are we working with here let me just let me just make sure we're not messing up a tear or anything here color, picker. Where. Is a color sampler, tool I guess this will do this well this will do the job I actually, have no idea if this does not feel like it's gonna do the job whereas color picker. Photoshop. You've changed, maybe, area and maybe I'm just dumb 3d. Material, eyedropper, tool seems not. Like. What I'm looking for I think I shoes get it from the thing here right. Dude. I am what has been so long where, where's where, is. Where's. The color picker. Doing. Denton. Dirt, and then. Phil. Boat, has, know how. To edit, these things Denton. Could you please stop creating, points. I don't like them actually, at all uh. Where. Where. My beautiful chat. I drop. Her I. Am. Aware of this. But. Alas I do not see where the actual, eye dropper is. Surely. Someone in chat must have a faint idea. Okay. I'm just dumb it's literally right there. Look. We're, working on it. All. Right now, then. How. Do you tint an object, in this give, me like here. I believe, this is how I would do it in another program, how I would do it in GIMP, I would. Duplicate. Layer'. Then. I would. Use. The magic wand just. Like everything, but it. Select. Inverse. Edit. Fill. This I know it's, probably a little uh a. Little. Extreme. Foreground. Color, select. Deselect. Then. I change, the opacity. Between. To a different, a different oh oh, that's not that that's not that bad multiply. Is pretty good. This. Seems horrifying I'm not gonna lie oh I, kind of like overlay. Overlay. Gets the point across hard. Light, simple. Effective. We're. Not overlays, is the big cell color. Is good I think. Overlay might be a little bit better or potentially, the literally the exact same thing. Overlay. Versus. Color. Okay color is actually little bit better all right we're. Just gonna do that and then we're gonna merge. This, down. In just a second first we have to rasterize, this boy. There. We go and then.

Just, Duplicate. It. There. We, go, I. Feel. This is going to appeal, to. Splatoon. Players. Who, are brand new to the game a little, bit more this is sort of gonna get across, what. They were hoping to get out of the weapon to begin with that Nintendo you have is deprived them of also, we have we've run, into an issue is, there any like simple thing we can do to edit our canvas I do. Believe there is something we can do to that but I do not know where what. I feel like Dora the Explorer when have our placing do, you know how to expand. The canvas. Where. Where. Where's our I know there's a tool I've used I've I've, used Photoshop, before but why. Remember. Anything that I used I learned in college when I could just have the, 500 people watching this is a live stream tell me artboard tool I. Think, just like whoopsie. Okay that's. Not correct um. Close. But not there yet artboard. To our things. BAM. Hey, there. We go there, we go. Shrink. This a little bit I. Need. To use this more often I. Knew. There was just a tool that did this. Lets, couldn't remember how all. Right, well. Then I feel. We, are definitely. On track for something here let's. Just take the, moon. And. Is. There like an easy tint. Is. There something I can just make this like really, simple. Moon. Let's. See I. I. Think there's just a really cuz I guess this isn't like true white this is like slightly off-white. There. Must be a simple, way to tint. Tal, there's an artboard tool. Indoors. Whoa my, god. Uh I. Think what we can do at least start off with the correct. Eyedropper. Tool there. We go. What. The heck is going on I look there's. A lot there. Is a lot that's going on, we're. Just gonna. Duplicate. This layer we're, just gonna do it the old-fashioned, way. The. Old-fashioned. Way the tried-and-true practice. Method. There. We go, select inverse. Edit. Fill. Welcome. To my years of making thumbnails, all. Coming, back to me when I most need them, alright. Then. Just take this and let's see if we can get the. Exact, color we're looking for probably, we can just like lighten it a little bit and we'll be all good. Cuz. It looks like we're already kind of there not, gonna lie. We're. Already like pretty much there if I just make this color and then. Maybe, like. Or. You just put like normal, or something and, then like drop, the opacity by, a fair bit. Yeah. I feel this so it gets across what we're going for here all. Right all right well I'm satisfied with this I feel. We've we've very, thoroughly, upgraded. The Luna blaster. I. Feel. No I feel no one should have any any issues with this going forward. Let's. See, save this in my thumbnails. Area.

Probably. This just dude a bad organization on, my n completed, failures, what, about we're gonna call this the. The. Actual. Luna. Blaster. There. We go and saved. Bring. This boy over to Twitter. Let's. See what what. Do you what are we doing here. So. I took. Good long. Look. At the Luna, blaster. Gave. It some, thought and. Realize. At, least. Realize. It. Was a pretty. Click. Beatty. Weapon. So. Here. Is a. Luna. Blaster that. Actually. Fires. Moons. There. We go hashtag. Fail. Boats pix. Stream. Link. And. Then we just gonna provide, this, a real, nice. Here. We go the actual, Luna blaster. Perfect. And. Updated. I, don't, mind so much if you try and make a pun around moon but if you just randomly blurt it out you get a timeout I feel. Ya I feel ya alright. What's. Our next what's our next weapon here. Hmm. Wait. A minute I think, I have it I think I have it I have, okay one here I. Think. This is actually gonna be pretty alright the, Sorel umbrella. It's. Okay. It. Got a buff recently. But. I feel as though as a whole it's. Still, lacking, in. A, lot of areas. Alright. Ai-ai-ai-aight. But, this is one of those weapons I feel. That gave it the buffs. That. Are that. Are okay, but. I just don't think Inklings, are equipped. To handle them, I think. Inklings, are fine I think they're they're they're they're cool they're they're, delightful I think. In order to improve, this weapon, we, have to think a little bit more outside. The box. We. Have to think a little bit more outside the box um, we're. Just gonna do. Let's. See if I can I just find a nice image, of. Yes. Here, we go I feel the best way to improve this, weapon, is to. Abandon, the idea of, Inklings. Using it and just. Give, it to. An actual, human. To. Bluntly, use. To. Beat. Other Inklings, to death with I. Feel. Just straight-up, removing. The whole inkling, aspect, from it it's. A solid, step forward, for the weapon and. Just, giving, it to an actual guy. Or. An actual human, and. Then. Just using, use, using, them as. Your. Weapon it's. The only weapon in the game that, just straight-up changes. The player, I'm. Not, sure how the community, will feel about this but. Once they see there their. Win record. Skyrocket. To a hundred, and zero in every single game I. Think. I, think. That I think they're they're gonna have started enjoying it a lot more. Everyone. Want everyone likes winning and there's. Nothing. Better. And. Just a, dude in a business suit. Running. At you with. A special charge, that. Being the, special charge of this weapon is just a second umbrella. He. Just he just pulls out another umbrella. There. We go and just you know rasterize. This a. Feel. Were, really. Starting. To get somewhere with these weapons at first. I. Think. There would be something there would be a little bit of resistance to a weapon like this being, put in the in the family-friendly game. And. Our family friendly you, know splatoon game I think there would be of course a little bit of resistance to something like this.

But. I think, give. It enough time. Enough. Representation, in the meta we. Will really, start to get somewhere with this he's. Gonna make this a little bit taller. Let's. Bring this and bring this down a little bit. And. We're just gonna Photoshop. This into, his hand so. That way, Sheldon. Gets the idea, for. Further, for this weapon. Here. We go we're just gonna, go. In here, and then just you know. Probably. We're gonna have to be this a little bit lower on opacity, you know all, the best. Ways. Just. Removing. This. Section. Of it. From. The image. My. Passion is graphic design and, my. Goal is the. Destruction of, the world. Please. Hire me all, right um. There. We go here. We go here we, go this this this, just brings it all together all. Right. And. Then, we're just gonna quick, export, this. An. Actual. Human, who. Just. Swings. Around. The. Sorella. Under, cover. Briella. To. Splat. Inklings. And. Octolings. I like. That. Is the full PNG, of this name here. We go all, right yeah there the, full the full title of this here. We go let's. Go back on to Twitter. Run. That run that back one more time here. Let's. Just do. BAM. Open, this up, and. Just. Drag. That right in here let me just grab that grab the title of that one, more time the title of app hello there the. Title of this weapon. Just. Copy that. So. The. Under. Cover. Serella. Briella, is, okay. But. We thought it would. Be. A lot better, if. When. You picked, it, you. Just. Became. A human. Who. Smacks. The. Other. Players. Around. Walt, screaming. There. We go I. Mean. He doesn't know where he is, like. This guy would be freaked out. You. Don't like become the dude like you kind of become the dude but sort of like one of those things where you like pulling back through. History and he. Just like lands. In the middle of all this he. Doesn't know what's going on he'll get an easy few kills, just. To help him survive as a human. Fight-or-flight. Instinct, will kick in and he will get at least get a triple before, going down um. And, I'm we're just gonna drop. That, drop. That tweet there, we go all, right all right well. We're really moving along here Sheldon's gonna have a lot to work with going into this upcoming update, uh. Let's. See what's, our next what's. Our next element, here. What's. Our next tool. To. Be modifying, philbo. Explained, well we're just improving weapons for the use of splatoon, tooth next, update and the five pretty, much were just improving weapons. To, be to be buffed in in 5.0, all. Right. Let's. See let's, see what we got the Dynamo. The. Dynamo, here. We go, the. Dynamo, has, so. Many problems with it it's not fast. While. It covers a lot of area. The. The speed. Of the weapon, really. Just holds it back and. I. Feel I don't, know look I I've played a lot of video games in my time the. Idea of just something, that's really big and really strong. It, just gets kind of boring to me am, I the only one who just gets bored by. One big, weapon, that, just does a lot of damage on one hit. That. That's a boring concept. To me alright that's a very boring concept, to me so, I think what, needs to happen is. We're, just gonna we're gonna do a few different things we're just gonna take. This. Part, right here that of course the big old ink. The. Roller, section, of the ink take. All this. And. Every. Golem just remove this bit down here this is literally the shadow, don't. Worry we're not gonna be firing any Dark, Matter today. Today. And. Then we're just gonna cut, this type of I'm. An idiot I just need to rasterize, that first there we go okay now now. We're actually doing some good stuff well we're gonna we're gonna take we're gonna hold on to this we're gonna hold on to this we're. Gonna save that for later there's a multi-step, process so. Here's the thing one. Giant hit is boring. So instead, what we're going to do is.

Upgrade. This. Guy where's. My was my tool here we go and. We're just gonna make. This. Little section, right here. Alright. We're gonna take that little section right here and. Content. Aware scale it. Just. Like, here, you know what we actually have to we have to do a thing here like. Rotate, it. Yeah. There we go I'm not sure if scaling. Will actually work now and like a different way. It. Appears, like you will not okay that that's too bad that's too bad. Instead, what we'll have to do, not. Sure if that fixed it or not is. Just cut, that paste. That it's. Gonna be a little bit a little bit weird a little bit weird rotate. It. And, then. Yes. Just, stretch. That out a fair, degree. Rotate. That whoopsie, can. I like. Please. What. Is happening. Step. Backward, step. Forward why. Does it like stop not, liking. Photoshop. It's weird I don't get it I wanted, to stop. Take. That. And. Then. Rotate. It. Put. This right here. Whoopsie. Oh you can duplicate things like that lesson, learned and. Then. Take. This guy back and, I know you guys were wondering what was gonna happen with, this guy, well. Content. Aware scale it, I, think. It would be way cooler. Now. Oh what is that what, is this oh dude. Forget my idea I was just gonna make a bunch of small, ones let's. Just make it fire in a weird shape the, problem, with the dynamo rollers is is it's too easy to read it's so slow and it's so easy to read and, that's. What gives it some problems, sometimes. Creativity's. Got to come about through. Accidents. And boy, do I know all about that. Here. We go most. Things in my life are an accident, you know what. Take. Something takes a lot to get through that what, we gotta do is make. The, weapon a little bit harder, to just naturally understand. You, look at this weapon you think oh jeez okay, this, weapon is pretty straightforward pretty easy to read what. If we just made that entirely. Go out the window. The. Weapon is too easy to predict naturally, so. We gotta really, make, it just. Impossible. To understand. To. Anyone but the user, even. The user might. Potentially have no idea what's going on with this weapon even the use of the weapon, might. Have no, idea where this weapon is actually about to fire and, personally. I feel. Like that just creates better mix-ups I. Feel. Like as a whole. This. Will just make the entire, weapon a little bit like, more, fun, because, who doesn't like a little bit of RNG in their shooter games you know. Orangey. Overall. Is the number one. Most. Favored, mechanic, by. Newbies. Who have no idea what they're doing and like, to brag about their skills in a game and occasionally it kills on their older brother, and. We, are trying to appeal directly. To, that demographic, this. Part of the roller is just a twizzler. It's. Just a twizzler it's actually coming out of one. Of the other roller segments. There. We go. And. I, feel this, sort of brings home. What. We're going for here just. A whole unpredictable. Step. In in front of face miss, that's. The mix-up, they, never know where they'll have to stand sometimes. The safe area is gonna be right, in front of them sometimes. The danger area is gonna be in your spawn when it's being fired from their spawn you, know the, special, this weapon is that the weapon itself is special. That's. All we have to worry about with this one this weapon comes with no sub, or special. Instead. If you can just fire it and. That that's literally all you'll ever be able to do with this weapon is, just. Fire it. We're, just gonna get the paint bucket tool. Actually. You know what before we do the paint bucket to him I need the eye drop. - why is this all in the side bar the most effective, tools are all just the. Way, it. Does we're, gonna paint bucket fill oh boy. That was a little bit painful. It's, got paint bucket feel all this stuff. How. About we just you know merge. All these layers down. Merge. Visible. And. Then. Let's. Just do this real fast going so that's that amazing, smudge, tool. There. We go. So. To blend. This together. There. We go. Now. We're really. Thinking. Like. A game designer. Now. We're really thinking like a game designer this weapon has officially, been buffed I. Have. No idea if it'll actually be good. But. I really, think it will make people afraid and. You. Know what I think.

At The end of the day that's. All we can ask for. Let. Me just grab that paint bucket real, fast again here. Actually. I need to grab the eyedropper. Let's grab from the top of this which. This was went on like a gradient background or something, um. But. Now we can just bucket. Fill all this. There. We, go, okay now. We're now we're making some proper progress here now. We're making some progress on this whole little. Fiend. Fiendish. Fiasco, alright. It's. Gonna take this go to the artboard tool and. Just. Draw a nice big crop, around this guy right here actually we need to hold, on close close close close. But. Up above but up up alright thank you you. For the support guys, there. We go perfect. And. Just. Like that we can drop a quick export. What, what are we calling this. What. Are we calling this creation. Weapons. Complete, failures, okay cool. The. Dynamos rollers spelled like die, dinah, noodle, roller. Dinah. Noodle. Roller. It's. Perfect. And. Then we just gotta go over here, go back there. Open. Up Twitter. It what is Masumi what are you doing. I'm. Just gonna open, up a new tweet that's already 67. Notifications. I'm a little bit scared. Let's. Add that right there perfect. So. Before. The. 5.0. Update. The. Dynamo. Role. Or whole line that probably has it air, yeah my roller was. Just too, easy, to. Read. And. Avoid. So. Now. We've. Made. It, literally. Impossible, to. Understand. Where. The ink. Will. Fall. And. Then we're just gonna do a hashtag. Fail. Boats. Sail. Boats. Picks. You'll. Ready create your own feel boats picks by the way people. If. You guys if you guys are enjoying, these things, you. Know yeah. Introducing. The, Dyna. Noodle. Roller. Perfect. Alright next. Up an hour on our dock here actually let me let me just take a look at my notifications, they had separate. Tab. See. You see what we're missing out on here. Go. To my mentions, probably, confused, screaming, seems pretty good. Let, me just proof. Proof. My uh oh my. God there are some really good ones in here alright. Let. Me show my notifications. What. Do we got I love. This one I feel this one really really really. Gets across, what. We're getting at here um. Like. Though Jeff Packard, you kiss me, alright. Alright I. Like. What that I like that what that one's going on here the, smash real little blaster okay I see you, it's. A beautiful, night uh. This. Just scares, me I. Don't. Even know what's going on with this one. This. One is actually perfection. You're. Telling me this isn't the pinnacle. Of creativity. The. Pinnacle of just, comedy imagine. Running at someone and hitting them with the Doudna Matic. They'll. Be scarred for life never be the same woman again. Alright. Alright alright alright. Next. Up. Next. Up on the docket five. Weapons, is okay. That. Isn't all I'm looking for we need a little bit more the. Live stream but Dan reads chat so. A normal live stream hey. Fella remember on the guy I made the youtube poop about Mario Luigi I have no. Idea I'm. Gonna be completely. Honest, with you my guy I don't. Know what you mean by the about the mood the youtube, poop Oh Mario, and Luigi maybe, yeah I'd remember if I saw it. There's a lot of YouTube boots about Mario and Luigi I'm just gonna be dead honest with you uh. Burst. Mom the, burst bomb. You're. Entirely, correct hold, on. Can, we get like a list of splatoon two subs. Hold. On. Can, we just get. Hold. On, I, wonder. If we pull up like. The. Thing if we can just see ah sub-weapons, here we go here we go the. Burst bomb alright. The. Burst bomb is, okay. It. Does 30 damage. It. It's. Good for poking. It. Fires. Decently. Far, especially. With some sub up. But. You know what I think. Would. Make it, a lot, better. We. Already have the splat bomb that. Kills with exploding. Explosion. Radius in a single hit. So. I think it, would be a lot better if. We. Just, had, it so they throw a rock. Now. I know what you guys are thinking this isn't technically, a burst bomb it, doesn't. Burst nor is it a bomb. But. That's the mind games this game is all about mind, games and I. Think if they just threw, a rock at the other inkling, the, stun would be long enough for them to run up and splat them, so.

We're Just gonna call, it right there. Export. Quick. Explores PNG, this is just the brand new special. Lit, or the brand new sub literally. A rock. BAM. Save. Done, out. Literally. Just, a rock. Alright. Look. Main weapons. Aren't. All. We're. Good at making. Introducing. The. New sub. Weapon. Literally. Just, a rock. There. We go just. Drop that right in there. Hashtag. Fail, boats. Picks. And. Then the link to the stream. This. Is uh this, is coming together, this. Is coming together guys um. Well. We're. Going far with this we're going forward this what. Else what else should we go here. Put. DVDs face in the burst bomb maybe for other things something that's a we've. Already improved, the burst bomb the. Burst bomb is now completely, invalid. As well as every other sub. Hydra. Splatling. Where's. The hydra on here oh my, god the hydra. Perfection. No. Buffs needed, no okay. Hydra. Also suffers, from. A similar, problem. That. The, UH that. The Dynamo has. So. I feel we, should give it III. Feel, like we shouldn't give it this same. Lightly. Like the same treatment, if we give it the same treatment. Like. It's just not gonna it's. Not gonna vibe well with our players. So. I think. There's. So many ways we could potentially improve a weapon like this, so. Many so many possibilities. To me but hello. So I'm just deleting, it from existence, please come back Hydra, I need you for the skit. There. We go, perfect. So I think. This. Weapon also suffers, from that whole issue of just beating it's. Too slow it. Takes too long to charge up and most, importantly. Once. You actually charge. Up you. Can't move fast at all. You. Know what I mean like, once you actually. Like. Build. Up the charge you you don't go anywhere. And. I feel that, is its biggest drawback, so. What we're going to do is, we're. Going to give it legs, from. The fastest, creature alive and. I. Feel as a whole that. Will give the weapon a way, better chance at surviving, in the. In today's meta. Because. Sure. You can run around with your own legs but. What if the weapon once charged. Just. Grew a pair of legs. From. Which you could literally. Get carried by the weapon, they. Say that Bayeux carries, players this. Weapon literally, will carry players. Probably. Not to wins the weapon is still inherently, bad in the flawed in a number of areas but. I feel this will at least. Get. Players off the ground. To. Where they will hopefully stop complaining about the weapon. But. Then again I'm not Nintendo, you know I'm just I'm just a freelancer. Here. We go just create a nice little, bottom, for it there. And. Just drag, that. Right. On top now we just got to do the, grunt work the, the real detailed, image, editing, to. Make this look like a convincing blueprint. For Sheldon, and everyone else to. Follow, along with so, you know for the weapons full release, it's. Gonna. Just. Edged out as. Much. Of Sonic, as physically. Possible. Which. Frankly I feel this is better for everyone. The. Less sonic, we have in the world the more the the safer I can sleep at night, because. I know he's coming for me one day. He's. Already stocked one of my live streams before. One. Of these days sonic I'm gonna be dead and it will be Sonic. The. Killer will never be found, it's because he's been in your game system does the entire time he finally, came out of sonic boom and says hey why didn't you why, didn't your he finally came out of Sonic me and says hey why. Didn't you finish the game. Why. Didn't you finish a fail boat and. This. Is what he'll kill me with. These. These live streams go to a strange place. Every. Time you see another ddd live stream, or. Photoshopping, live stream you learn a little bit more about me. I'm. Not sure i'm a little afraid to put out to the world but you know what i, feel. Together, we. Can avoid therapy, classes for me and instead. Just. Give me a safe space to vent.

The. Inner thoughts in my mind out to the world. Here. We go just crop. That off the top. Film. Scene picks on discord i'm scared hopefully. There, are of this i. Mean. I'm sorry don't. Actually retweet, these images that people might consider them spoilers, for. The upcoming update if. You. Are if we do retweet, any of this stuff just be sure to spoiler, tag it. That. What that way people know what's up they are oh my god that's actually. Got. Any memes this actually looks just a little bit too scary for me alright so, uh now. This weapons off the ground in running it. I think. We can. There. We go, i'll. Up the ground in running we, can just, edit. Actually. Before we do the the canvas thing let's. Do the. The. Artboard, thing. There. We, go. Let's. Get all that. Perfect. File. Quick. Export. And. Then. What are we, calling. This. What. Are we calling this are. You just feeling the sins of these weapons I am, feeling. A lot of things right now to. Be perfectly honest. What. Do we calling this. The. Hydra, sprinting. That's. Pretty good I want, to see I won't see some other people say. Just. Just to get some other ideas flowing. Zum-zum. Hydra, hydra. Sanic ling. Hydra. Speedling. Double. Speed I think. Sprinting, is pretty good I think we started off with some gold right there. The. Hydra, sprint. Bling. If. I knew how to spell sprint. Sprint. Sprint. Wing. I wrote springing, there. We go also Pring ling is the first thing I wrote the. Hydra sprint link, just. A real good opener. You. Guys are the most creative people in this world you might be thinking is a fillable livestream what do you say now you guys are the creativity here I I'm just the the, means through which your, demonic. Ideas, reach Twitter. And. I steal all your likes muah ha ha alright um. Let's. See. Moving. Too. Slow. While. Using. The, Hydra. Looking. To. Get. Literally. Carried, by. Your weapon. Luckily. For, you. The. Hydra. Sprint. Ling. Does. All. Of that, and more. They. Are a yo, perfect. Drop. That one no hashtags, nothing. Beautiful. Alright. Let's do. One. More. One. More weapon. To. Close off the stream today. Maybe. Like two more maybe two more. Check, the nations oh i'm sorry i should be chained donation say for that thank you for the two hours from jack what, splatfest - Mehran that'll be modern, four.

Dollars From kenneth v mo brush next, please, give. Me one second there and then shiny pika. Gaming how a Maurice what a lovely name, I'm sorry I did not see, I did, not see let's combine those two ideas the, brush that. We will name Maurice, or. Maybe we maybe we can give it some other other potential, name there a V mo brush, I'm. A little. Confused by that nature we already have the octo brush it's quite. Literally a. Direct. Translation. Of that. BMO. Just means octo, in splatoon. Language. So. I'm a little bit confused by the statement. But. I'll do my best to try and make it work. So. The. Octo, brush, alright, hold let me just clean my glasses there's too much, too. Much regret, on them I can't see straight, there. We go regret, does wonders, for your lenses and that I mean they crack. Some it makes you never want to look at things in the world again okay um. Grab. This. Save. That right there. So. Look. A, V. Mo brush. Actually, you know what i'ma take this whole octo, brush idea I'm gonna, make this a little scares. Me every time it's like a jump scare every. Loads me up and makes me. Shiver. Okay. Um here's. The thing I'm. Gonna take this V mo brush idea I'm uh. I'm. Gonna make it I'm, gonna make it work I'm gonna give it some legs not literally like, we did last time I. Think. This. Weapon. Suffers. From, the same issue, that. One of our previous weapons, has. You. Look at this weapon and what. Do you think I. Think. It's okay, I think it's all right. Thinking. It could maybe be improved, in some areas all right you. Know what I look what I see what I think of what I see this weapon. Clickbait. It's. Another. Clickbait. Weapon, I thought. Personally. Nintendo. Was a lot better than this. Well. That does not seem to be the case. This. Is called the, octo brush. You. Despite, everything that I see I. See. One. Single, brush. So. Our fix to this weapon. The. Fix to mankind, that we've all been looking for here. Is. We. Are just going to give it. Eight. We're. Gonna we're gonna make this one weapon. Into. Eight brushes. And. Then. If you two. Want. To want. To give a shot at, playing this weapon. Then. All you gotta do, is. Pick. It up with. As much forearm, strength as you can muster. And. Really. Just give it your all, attempting. You know what okay look I like, the idea I like the idea what's in this hole I have, a better one have a better one why, can you not step backward, I hate this program. Why. Can't you not step backward it says I've undone. Don't. Get it I sincerely. Do not get hot by Photoshop, is just so bad. Photoshop. Is just. Like the worst program. Why. Does this not work well, I sincerely just don't understand the undo outside. Of all memes I just don't understand what the what the whole undo is, I'm. Just trying to simply, edit a layer why. Has it got to make it so weird alright, I. Feel. Like we were onto something there but. I feel like that's just gonna be it's just gonna be naturally. Too. Hard. To. Handle. Dealing. With a brush like that. Understandably. Is gonna have some, issues you. Know. So. Here's how we fix it. Whoops. Hold on hold on oh oh we've gone too far we've got too far try. That one more time here's how we fix it. We. Make it, so. There's. Only one handle. The. Idea was golden the idea was perfect. But. Now. This. Weapon. Will. Be. Remarkably. Easy easier. To handle. Since. There will literally only be one. Handle. We'll. Just. Very. Carefully. Not. A few, more here. There. We go this guy could actually probably be, you. Know you could, probably be expanded, upon a little bit more here it's. Giving a little bit more oomph in the back here. There. We go uh. Just. I'd. Say we're at four right now right yeah we're at four okay perfect. I'm. Just gonna. Don't. Understand this program. Close. Cuz I'm pressing alt. All. Right move. This down here. Here. We, go. It's. Duplicate, this guy Photoshop. Is something I'll tell you that much Photoshop, is something, one. Two three four five six. And. A. Little. Bit more. So. Here's the thing. Looking. Okay looking. Okay look a little bit intimidating, I feel. This weapon would. Benefit, a little bit more. With.

One. Coming. Out the back, that. Way it, covers, for flankers, -. This. Is a weapon that literally, if you stand in front of it you're dead and now. Also in the back. No. Longer. Will. The inkling, have to fear. Anything. This. Weapon will literally cover all sides, of them all, so hey new member coming through watching the stream and supporting, it to span, some Phil Harold's chap cos it's our cue and welcome. Bramble. Gambling, from, the fifthly crew to the filthy crew. It's. Beautiful, it's, perfection. It's. Also one of the most horrifying things I've created. But. It will also reshape, the meta in a way hello. I don't think anyone thought possible. All. Right it's. Gonna take that. BAM. The. True octo brush has. Been created. Then. We're just gonna take this quick export, that oh. Yes. Here that my neck just like broke. My. God, my, body's trying to off itself before I create anything else. Before. Sonic can get to me. Let's. Do uh. The. Actual. Octo. Brush. There. We go. And. Then we're just gonna pull. This open how you guys liking this this weapon stream so far. You. Guys enjoying what we're creating here today or, not. Enjoying, it I suppose both would give you the same dopamine. Factor, in this case all. Right. Let's. Just take this. Perfect. So. The octo. Brush. Suffers. From, the, same. Clickbait. That. The. Luminol, blaster, does. Does. Have. No fear. In. Patch. 5.0. That. Will, be, resolved. Beautiful. Um. Let's. See what we got here. You. Know. Penguin. Boy. You. Have the perfect idea to end this off. One. Last. Weapon. One. Last weapon. To. End off today's livestream. The. Dooleys, are good, they're. Fun and effective. But. There is an inherent, issue with them. No. Matter how cool they are, they. Aren't Dee Dee Dee's face. And so. To resolve. This. We're. Going to resolve it. Facts. We're. Just gonna, grab. The splat Dooley's put those right there. The. Dooleys are my main. Now. They're gonna be everybody's, mean. Put. Them right there. And. We're. Just gonna. Grab. Luckily. I have, the image already saved in. My DD folder. I, think. This. Face. Gets. Across what we're gonna be looking for here I. Think. This gets it across pretty well. We're. Gonna eat about this. Angle. Probably. A little bit larger. There. We go. Um. Until. In chat why did I mod this stream why did they come here I. Don't. Know. But. I am sorry oh and. Then. We're, just gonna whoops, uh boy hold on hold on don't allow her. Okay. Why is this rotating. Why. Is that rotating, the image I, am. Going for. Photoshop. Look I know, there's, I know you don't want me to create. This. But. There's. A time and a place for everything and. Neither. Of those places are here. This. Is not the time or place for anything. What. I'm doing it has no. Time or place. But. You know what that's. The goal of a youtuber. To. Take something that people love and. Make. It obnoxious. To. Ruin, someone's perception, of something. For. The sake of viewership I. Think. I fulfill, that. Fairly. Well in this live stream. Here. We go. Let's. Take this, delete. This. And. Here. We go all. Right it's, gonna, yep. So. Now here's the question. Should. This be one. Eye per, gun, with. A mouth that sort of floats, in the middle, or. Is it like to Dee Dee Dee's strapped. To the front. I'm. Gonna go with the ladder this. This is something this is something real special right here guys this. Is something real special. Just. Gonna. Yep. There, we go. There. We go. -, Dee Dee Dee's definitely, seems to get across what we're going for here. God. Bless those tools. There. We go this. And then we can just. There. We go. Yes. This. Gets. Across. Like. Exactly, what I was hoping. I'm, just gonna make. This one a little bit smaller for sake of perspective, you. Know and all that all that good stuff. There. We go. Now. I know it's about you know for. Sake of perspective, I think biggest. Perspective, on this entire thing is the. Perspective of never doing another stream again. There. We go it's. Gonna take this and just, perfect. And. There. We go the. Last the last weapon. To. Be added to. The to the 5.0, update you made me hate DDT. How. What. Part of any of my live streams. Would. Ever make you hate duty. Well. Part of any of my live streams would ever make you despise social.

Bless Creature. There. We go, we're. Just gonna export. This well up solo no we don't need to export that as anything frankly. DT. Looks terrified, I don't know he looks pretty happy to me both, of them. Know. We're just gonna, thumbnail. To. Be fair I feel more bad for, the guy that I do hate him yeah. Yeah. Now. We're just gonna call that the DD. Dealies. And then. It's. Gonna put that out to the world and, end, off today's live stream. And. The. Last, weapon. That, making. Tonight. The. DD. Dooley's. DD, Dooley's, r DD dealies I think. I like Dini Dooley's it's just nice it's straightforward. We'll. Call it the DB Dooley's on. Paper. But. The file name is dee dee dee Lee's. Sort. Of appeals to both markets. Dunh. Dunh. I went. To the world these images are um what in God's, name is this. And. Why is it the most perfect image, I will ever be added in oh. This. Is just what it actually is. That's. Just not even a lie I have, no idea what that is I guess, that's the VMO brush the. Bema brush that people wanted. All. Right I. Think. We're done for the day guys I think, we're done for the day it's. Only oh my knees only so many highs you can hit in a live stream before you gotta fall off at some point I think. We've hit the summit of what. We can of what we can produce on a live stream. Thank, you all for watching. You. Tell me the sub would be high tier. You. Tell me this would be the best weapon. God. An. Amazing. News special, -. God. This. Is. This. Is beautiful, man. This. Is beautiful. What. A live stream y'all here's some. Whoa. Okay. The. Bilbo pics are going weird here, oh my. God. Why. Have one tenth the Briella when you can just have an entire army of them block, off a country, why don't you who. Needs to block off the splat zone where you can block off the, entirety, of China oh. Boy. We're. Uh. Of. Course improve. The car patroller what else could make it better other than three, nice to use to stab the enemy.

This. Is. Potentially. One of the better live streams I've ever done. This. Is potentially. One of the better, live streams I have ever done. Thank. You all for watching. Today's. Live stream oh. Wow. Wow. Wow. This. We, hit, new we. Broke new ground today. With this one. We. Broke new grounds, today here. Whoo. Oh boy. We're. In do more of these in the very. Near future. We're, do more of these in the very near future. Well. Thank you all for watching let's. Uh, let's. Do a raid we got the we got 300 people out here. We. Got 300 people. Might. As well see. Who's playing splatoon too right now. You. Know just give it over to them and. Everything. That involves. Everything. Else here we go I believe. I've rated them before. Let's. See. I. Can. Drop a raid on. I'm. Done doing a little bit digging oh. Dude. This. Guy is soot look at this guy's layout, hold on. This. Is why I love raiding raiding channels and stuff because I love seeing like like nude layouts and then people, being creative itself look, at this boy's layout. He. Has the player cam in the splat oh. Dude. Let's, get let's give this guy rate let's give this guy rate I have no idea paint profanity or anything let's give this boy rate his name is left for cake, thank. You all for watching today's, livestream - next time whatever I feel like doing that. Statement has never been more true literally whatever I feel like doing with the streams like these you never know what comes next on the failable youtube channel they. Go for watching and I'll. See you around let's give this boy a big ol rady spam bunch of hearts ends chat some. Like that you guys already know what the framerate is like see. You around everybody. Whoa.

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I guess you could say failure “left for cake”

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Here's my explanations for some weapons! Spatomatic: Fires an insane range of ink at an octoling* Whoompdooper: Fires computer controlled npcs (up to 5) They despawn after a bit, and cannot be used it your team is in the lead already. Only one player per team can use it Actual loonar blaster: Depending on your pick, like a curysa from SPM, it can either reverse a player's controls, teleport them randomly, or lower their speed. Effects last 20 seconds. Dynamo: Covers a lot of area in a quick hit, confuses the enemy (and a bit of the player) You just can't intercept it, it may shoot out 5 feet away or behind you on a ledge, killing any enemy nearby without alerting them. Speedra: Has legs to carry you while firing tons of ink at a time, allowing a quick escape- and a snipe- Painbrush: You can cover as much as the dynamo in one quick swipe, along with any snipers in your backside.

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