Spending Fame Credits, Tomes, and Learning Points in Albion Online

Spending Fame Credits, Tomes, and Learning Points in Albion Online

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swole binji here just wanted to show off that it  is uh 4 20 a.m on 4 20 20 21 and i have 69 420   fame credits that's right today's episode we're  going to be spending those fame credits yeah man   and two days later i have finally decided what it  is that i want to spend it on yes it has been two   whole days since that last clip so here's  what i'm doing if you remember my ganking   video where i wore the mage cowl the crossbow the  scholar robe and the specter shoes where you can   stealth right up next to somebody and then just  instantly kill them and take all their loot well   that's what i'm deciding that i'm gonna max spec  on and then whatever i have left over i'm gonna   dump it and finish off crossbows crossbows are  already mostly done here so i'm gonna be i have   69 420 still because i haven't been playing i've  been playing minecraft but anyway before you leave   the video because i said minecraft it's actually  you know i haven't played it in like five or six   years anyway let's get into it this is what we're  doing so i'm actually going to spend all of my   learning points here 784 i'm not gonna bother to  use them on my gathering skills all my gathering   stuff is tier 5 or higher i have of course tier 6  on skinning and tier 8 on lumberjack and i don't   really plan to gather and to be a gatherer or  do get any gathering until they fix the problem   so here's what we're doing we're just going to  get right into it and we are going to use our   first home just a little fiddly thousand and the  reason why you see on the right side we can see   how close we are to leveling up everything that  we're wearing so inspector shoes is one percent   now crossbow is 90 i'm going to click this and  then use my learning points to advance it to level   61. now i know what you're thinking so benji you  did the math your learning points are worth 17 000   experience each if you're in level 95 or higher  but at level 60 or higher they're only worth 14   000 well i i did the math and it's only 3  000 fame which is like one mob to me and i   kill hundreds of mobs a day so i'm not really that  concerned about losing that piddly amount of fame   to level these two 95 plus i would have to  buy these and then use the tomes it's just   a pain in the butt so i'm going to do it my way  i'm going to do it the lazy way because i don't   really care enough my skull robe is only level 11.  it's gonna it's gonna take some time to level up   and magekal is only level 13. um oh wrong button  okay so there we go and now let's uh let's uh  

i want to do the small ones into the big ones  because it's going to cost more and more each time   so let's use about five of those and see if  any of them are 20 nope so we'll do 10 now   all right so mage cow hits and and we're going  to do this all the way to 100 guys this is this   is how you level up stuff in the big boy leagues  and you've been playing for a while and you have   a fortune and massed up all right so now we can  what was that 15 about one two three four five   seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirty fourteen  fifteen and uh the boots boots are ready there   we go armor and helmet are about ready we'll do  two more helmet is now ready armor is ready very   cool isn't it now i could use uh some of these  you'll notice that my favorites went up it was   69 420. now it's 69 449 because mastery is giving  me more combat or fame credits at the cost of   my silver which i started at 22.1 million it's  still at 22.1 million and let's keep going here i want 20 that time got the armor  need one more for the helmet and we're just blowing through  these learning points boys   that's uh that's what they're there for uh one more there we go we don't want to go over  20 because that's a waste of our tomes right   maybe after this episode i might be a little more   thankful for those tome chests in in  dungeons right oh we we went a little   over at 23 there so we do we did lose a  bit and 25 for the armor so oops my bad 1918 21 and 20. there we go and we're just gonna  use our tomes and our learning points until we  

can't anymore and then we're gonna use all of  our tomes up with what we have equipped because   i have everything equipped that i'm using my  tomes for that's how this works my there's   no maxing capes or bags with this method this is  only for gear and i want a way over on the shoes   get the element there get the armor there and uh  my hp will not update until i take this gear off   and put it back on so i'm at 1930 hp right now so  we're gonna see how much i go up when we're done   all right uh we're i mean zero  thirteen zero and zero okay 17 10 11. my eyes are over here where my cursor's  at just doing the learning points   one more should boost those at 20 and there  we go still need a bit more in the crossbow   and these are only 1 000 famed homes we still  have the the 2000 famed homes uh the 10 000 of   the 20 000 and the 50 000 which you get from  referrals and i think it's just referrals   i'm not really sure i don't remember it's been  oh no you get them from the challenge rewards you   get them from doing this stuff and opening these  chests that's right where are we at now so eleven   zero zero and one so we can spam out a bunch of  these right 16 19 and 20 on the boots there we go   now these boots they don't really do much right  they uh all they do is put you in stealth but the   higher the mastery the more mana and health you  get and i need every bit of mana when i do those   games all right so essentially this is the dream  ganker cheap set and i wanna i want to min max   it as much as possible so for a new player to  be on the same power level of this gear set   they can buy flat tier 8 and they will be just  as powerful as i am when i have max spec with   4.1 that's that's how the power works if you're  wondering how power scaling is so let's keep going   and learn and don't worry i'm gonna run out of  learning points soon way sooner than i'll run out   of tomes so this this part of the video you know  it'll take some time because i want to min max it   and i'm sure you would want to min max it  too if it's your character get the most out   of your points which obviously i'm going over  20 so i'm i'm trying to rush it guys i'm not   i don't want to be boring for you but we're going  to run out of learning points already down to 604   and then we're just going to spam out the tomes  and then we'll use our pain credits and yes i   know these alerts are going to get real annoying  real fast there is a trick all you have to do is   log out and log back on and the alerts will go  away like if i was just hammering out these 50   000 famed homes this thing will just pop up for  the next like 20 minutes it'll get really annoying and look i'm down to 21.9 silver now   right see look we've already got this to 43.  don't worry this does get a little slower

and we are just powering up we're getting  strong lats we're getting very strong   and this is how you do it my crossbows were  already at 60 when i started this by the way   and i'm kind of curious where they'll be  in just a bit the armor was like what 11   or the helmet was 11 or 13 and it's now 25 so  yeah that's why you save up tomes for the set   like i don't want to run dungeons in this set  that would take so long that would take forever   and also do note that every point into specter  shoes i know some people are gonna say it's a   complete waste every point inspector shoes gives  me point one item power so every 10 levels is   half of a level on all the other shoes which is  really nice because i use leather shoes a lot   alright so back to it lads back to it one more  for the cross maybe one more three more wow   there we go crossbows boom now crossbows are  getting a little expensive on those learning   points they're up to 31 per level now so  like i said i'm gonna run out of learning   points here pretty soon you get 20 learning  points a day when you have premium by the way   if you didn't already know that oh i went  way over in the helmet ouch and the armor   that's okay you know i'm not perfect i'm not  i don't really care the mid max these points   too much i've got seven days left a premium  and if you haven't watched my previous video   the premium that i have right now for this  month for these last series of videos was um   ecourt had a little contest on history he live  streams on youtube and he had a little contest   and i happened to uh snag a code as fast as  possible because he like he posted it on his   screen on his live stream and i typed it in  faster than anyone else and got it so big   thanks to e quart for the 30 days premium which is  really interesting because sbi they gave a lot of   codes out to content creators and me being well  according to analytical tools i have the highest   reach for this game albion online and they didn't  give me nothing man i didn't get nothing from sb   i even emailed about i emailed him about it and i  got one reply from one of the game masters saying   that uh i'm not getting a code for my fan singular  they said that i only had one fan like really   really bros y'all y'all gonna do me dirty like  that that's messed up even other content creators   that have like 500 subs 300 subs they get like 10  views on their twitch they got codes to give out   imagine a twitch stream with 10 viewers which  is pretty damn good for twitch i'm gonna admit   gets codes for their fans but me i have what i'm  20 000 subs thanks for the 20 000 subs by the way   uh i don't get any codes no codes at all   like ouch man why y'all do me this way why  y'all hate me so much even one of the freaking   moderators in the discord was dogging me the  other day saying that my videos recommended to   newbies or no they said that like they talked  to a newbie who had done my bolt caster guide   and then the newbie was stuck with my bolt casters  like do the mods even play their own video game   when you're done with bolt casters you sell  them i don't own a pair of bolt casters   okay i don't own a pair of 8.3 bolt casters i have  these for chad gamer ranks which well i did have   them for chad gamer ranks in the discord um this  guy didn't repair his so that's ouch i'll check   the logs later see who did that but i don't own a  pair of 8.3 uh bolt casters because i've already   leveled it up and i've already soldered those they  sell very quickly the thing the great thing about   this game that people don't understand is that  when you buy something you don't you don't own   it forever if you don't want to this mount that  i've used for a year and a half for gathering   i could sell it for 2 million it's just as  good as the day i bought it it's not like it's   it's not like it's used or you know suffers  some sort of permanent durability loss it is   forever this bore never dies and say i don't  want to use bores anymore i could sell it and get   my money back so every single piece of property  that you own every single piece of equipment that   you own in this game as long as it doesn't get  severely nerfed into the ground will always have   value so when one of the moderators on discord  says that i tricked a newbie into buying bulk   casters and that they're stuck with it they're  completely wrong they're com absolutely wrong it   makes no sense what they're even talking about  like are you kidding uh and then like a lot of   people they gripe about the price like oh a newbie  can't do this guide because they can't afford 8.3   8.3 bolt casters will take you three to five  hours of dungeon grinding which you're going   to do anyway you're absolutely going  to be doing those dungeons anyway man   so like so what are you doing we're down  at 277 we're at 69 876 you can see it go up   uh and did i have anything else to learn yes i did  so i wasted a few times there that's okay that is a-okay i mean it's like what why do  they why are they a mod for a game   they don't play i don't understand  what are they what are they doing it makes no sense and then some people are like  well you just wasted all that time specking up   bolt casters and bolt casters aren't used in  zvz bulk casters aren't used in uh what is it   hce's hardcore expeditions um you can use a bolt  casters and zvz if you want stop bending the   knee to your shot callers who demand some some  spec that they've never even went on the test   drum and actually mapped out the dps you know  like play whatever the heck you want to play   if you want to have one of the fastest dungeon  clearing early game builds on a new account you   go bolt casters if if i had to play this game on a  new account like if i was being forced at gunpoint   in a gulag somewhere i would play bolt casters  until i had the high specs and the high monies   and then i would start maxing out the rest of  the crossbow tree which is what we're doing in   this video we should have enough learning points  in tones to do it i know you've been watching me   just blast through tomes and use learning points  this whole time and it's about to speed up don't   worry this is just the painful part and yes i  am left clicking this because it's way faster   have you seen the use all button on tomes if for  those that haven't i'll show it to you right now   i'll show you we're going to click use all and it  doesn't just suck them up it has a little cast bar   it uses them like one one one it's really slow  it's really slow when i could just do this and   just use my high apm from starcraft you know  back in the starcraft pro gamer days which uh   i wasn't very i didn't really get too far in that  but still i still have i still had like 280 to 300   apm i didn't have no 350 but i for those that  don't know apm is actions per minute that's how   many times you you're put pushing buttons on  your keyboard and clicking your mouse around   but some people inflate it by just spam clicking  so that um they can keep their hands warmed up and   in you know like a professional competition  health is still in 1930 whenever like i said   whenever i unequip and re-equip everything  my health will update and i don't want to   do that till the end damn i really forgot to  that one got to 35 it kind of snuck up on me just kind of use five at a time  there it's like five thousand eleven eleven eleven and zero they're all eleven  that's kind of funny how that like lined up eighteen 21 we have 34 learning points left  we are about out boys let the spam begin and i can't even learn this i don't have  enough learning points so so crossbows are now   well we're still going to spend  it on other gear on our other gear   pieces that are a little cheaper  like the boots here that's seven   and the helmet is five and the armor is ten  so we could do like one more armor piece right and yes we're almost through the first stack  of one thousands okay okay there's my five   and then how's my armor is my 10. we got it  we got to do the helmet and then i'm down to  

two learning points but i just hit 70 million  in credits from 69 420 if you remember right   so we've gained like 700 000 fame credits 1.4  million fame all right let the good times roll bam that was i don't know how much  that was but look at my silver oh god   he just dropped a million oh  look at my silver just getting   murdered dude look at my silver just get  drained oh oh it hurts oh my poor silver oh no oh no oh geez um where's my crossbows at 77 so we  got 17 levels so far that's pretty good 55 on the   armor you can you can see how the scaling starts  there was one other thing that i wanted to do too   and i have a whole bunch of these tomes waiting  for me via faction warfare points and i think   we're gonna do it because that's kind of the theme  of the video and honestly i don't think i'm gonna   play this game long enough for reals to grind all  the way to myrmidon to unlock the tier viii baby   moas and then have to grind countless farms to  breed and raise the moa birds uh the baby moas   the terror birds whatever the hell they're called  that that's like the best money currently for your   faction points but i don't give a [ __ ] if i want  money i just do farms herb farms and i do dungeons   whoopty do all right where are we at um we still  have two points i kind of want us there we go two   points boom now we're at zero we're at complete  zero on our learning points all right uh these   tomes are non-tradable i have 104 regular tomes  this is worth three million i'm about to burn   it all and it's gonna burn my silver let's go  ahead and burn these now this is gonna hurt 19.3 oh god my poor this this is literally like half  a subscription man this is i don't recommend you   i don't ever recommend people use this but i'm  doing it for the means i'm doing it for the video   so i just burned through three million  and what four that'll update shortly here is any of my stuff maxed crossbows 79 68 60 and  59. oh boy let's burn through more oh jeez and   no we're not using the use all button now the  silver uses it all immediately but like i said   when you use it it starts a channeling animation  that just slowly fills up and yeah it's easier   on my fingers but hey i'm good man don't worry  about my fingers i got the stretches down you can   kind of hear them clacking in the background  autistic finger flapping okay there you go   uh you can complain in my videos that  you can't stand the the finger flapping   i'm not gonna i actually hit the microphone there  when i did that it's fine it's absolutely fine but   the the tome use is not over yet okay because  uh can i combine these yes 500 let's go all right um this is what 500 000 fame oh okay i'm switching  i'm gonna i'm gonna brace the mouse with my left   hand and then freaking spam it with the tip of  my finger look at look how fast we're doing this   yeah man can you hear the rapid fire action  we're machine gunning this sucker down   right getting it done we've been doing this for  19 minutes we've been rapidly clicking these for   19 minutes and 20 minutes actually because it's  the second part of the video oh my wrist oh god   okay small break okay small break well i let  the auto the auto cast just give me a stretch   just give me a sec raising my arms up high like  a goku channel in a spirit bomb you ever you ever   at the gym and you just start thinking about  like dragon ball z and stuff and it's like   you're lifting your weights and you're  just like you're getting all powered up   that's uh well maybe i just do that  maybe because i'm weird but uh yeah   you've got to do the stretches you know when goku  raises his hands up high uh i read a comment and   it said shout outs to quantum goku so yeah man  you made two videos dog i like the name it's funny   i don't know what quantum exactly means i know  it's like a sciencey term all right okay damn my   wrists are burning this is this is a workout man  who knew that playing albion was a workout okay 82   64 nintendo 64. 63 72. i was hoping one  of them would be 69 you know okay so now   this is the part where we're gonna make a  little bit of money back but really this   is a huge money loss because we're not buying  hearts it's gonna go to the action vendor here   and uh you know why am i not flagged up  whatever and uh just buy 40. oh my points now  

if you there's a couple other youtubers that have  already covered that buying these are not worth it   but hey they com they contain tomes all right  and as much as i complained about tome chests   and dungeons you know it's kind of it's kind of  weird isn't it uh where's my silver at 17 000. 74.8 you know it's climbing it's climbing okay  we're just like this is going to fill up my   inventory pretty damn fast but see like this  gave eight right and uh this one gave eight   so that's 160 000 uh fame right there  being applied to my gear that's literally   like a free level up and and some so we're  just gonna no we're not gonna use all how many   well yeah you know because it's gonna fill  up my inventory and i don't wanna like   lose a bunch okay so it channels it cool so  when my inventory fills up is when i'll stop you getting some random crap all right let's stop  real quick because i don't i don't know how it   works all right let's see how much value we got  so far 1.595 million and throw that all in there now other youtubers have already done this  where they've opened way more like 900   000 points worth 300 000 points worth etc and uh  i only have 12 left okay and none of them profited   but they didn't get a lot of tomes and that's  what we're after we're after the tomes right   because i'm maxing this tonight today on video  booyah let's go put those back in get in there   and uh let's see we're at 1.95 million in the  chest now it's at five so we made four million   that sucks wait wait we have that we have the  bags the silver bags so that's uh 590 000 so   we'll just uh use all there 590 000 cool  now we have 300 of these bad boys that is   three million three million fame i think   ten thousand times three hundred right maybe a  hundred thousand yeah it's like three million oh   all right we're pumping wrists or burning hands or  shaking but i'm still clicking i'm still clicking   the tone of insight uh short break 67 and 84. cool  uh whoops there we go let's uh crank these out   just bang them out look at my poor  silver it's gonna dip to 16 million   gosh we spent like what seven million so far  eight million plus the 3 million in tomes it's   like 11 million all right all right i gotta i  gotta rest a sec my wrists they're not built   for this they're not built for uh office office  wage tasks here uh ouch man all right back to   it we're only 10 more let's go let's do this boom  where are we at now boys we're at 86 72 71 and 78.  

all right it's time to master crossbows we're  at 77 million 284 fame credits and we're at   16 million silver uh so so that's all the tomes  i've got it's all into the fame credits now so   first things first crossbows boys how much to go  from 86 to 100 it's 5.7 million which is like 11   it's like 15 is that it's 11.4 million fame  essentially and there we go crossbows are done   yeah man now go to the scholar robe 71 out  of 100 is going to cost us another 5 million   that's done the mage cow we're maxing that out at  a 2.5 million that's done and our boots this one   hurts because i i never expected i'd i'd master  these shoes but after that big lips mcgee video   and my previous video that that shows me one  shotting a gatherer with low specs on this stuff   we're doing it at least 61 million remaining  which i think is maybe enough to max out   my crossbows so we're going to just  go with heavy crossbow and crank it   12 48 yes so um maybe i don't know  we might be short 12 million on oh   i'm gonna be upset if i'm short so i'm gonna use  the energy shaper more than the other so i'm gonna   max that one first just in case now it comes down  to the siege crossbow and the weeping repeater   oh that's it that's only 12 million yeah 12.3  million boom maxed it and then boom max that so   we have seven out of 700 spec and crossbows lads  and i still have 12.5 million remaining yes so at this point look at my  look at my leather armor here   at this point i'm gonna max out these two  hunter jacket because check this out under   jacket from level 27 to 100 is going to give  my other leather jackets 15 bonus item power   okay but if i were to level up say uh the royal  jacket i would only get five and it's it's   about the same cost seven million versus seven  million so i get double the amount of item power   applied to other jackets if i go hunter  jacket and assassin jacket because these two   are regular non-artifact items and the reason  i'm maxing out these is because specter jacket   becomes more powerful which means i kill faster  now this this specter jacket it's getting nerfed   it's getting nerfed whenever the next patch hits  because it will no longer hurt players for true   damage it will only hurt players for one percent  of their max health which will not scale with your   damage this is purely to clear  group dungeons easier and faster   if you've watched my other videos i explained  dps and how the spectre jacket works   so how much would i what i have to pay to maxis  so that's 7 million 7.8 and then eight that's like  

15 60 million i don't i don't have enough to max  these but what i have to do more grinding i guess   and you want to know why if i if i didn't max out  this armor or this helmet or these boots yes oh   speaking of let's take them off and my health did  update to 2000 something and let's put them back   on 2141 so we were at 1 900 something health  and we went to 2141. so yeah i wish i would   have showed off the damage crossbows like like  if i just shot at a rabbit and killed it uh but   hey we're 700 out of 700 how much does a flat 4  hurt a rabbit uh it's it's gonna be a bunch did   i kill all the rabbits on this island are they  all gone are there even rabbits on guild islands   there's one look at this little this little  rabbit he's running oh he's running and splat 544   i don't know what the damage was before that but  that's a flat four uh 700 out of 700 spec crossbow   damage on a rabbit anyway so that's that's pretty  much the video that's that that was the video   uh oh i guess i'll i'll show you um the  specter jacket here let's let's just uh   real quick throw this bad boy on give them the damage passive  actually i need the royal shoes   but the damage pass there there we go  now we have a full damage pass upset   uh and let me show you the damage of spectre  jacket with all this stuff on and then we're   going to level up something so boom 366 right  cool 366 is how much damage we just did and   hunter versus assassin it's harder to for me to  level the assassin jacket so i'm gonna i'm just   gonna freaking max that out there we go and then  we'll go with hunter and then as far as we can   which uh 4.5 million damn i'm like 15 short so  we'll go to 83. all right and now we'll take   that off and take it back on as you can see in  our combat log we did 366 damage to a rabbit so   now let's find another rabbit if there's any left  on this island these poor rabbits they're probably   you know they heard their friend get  all crispy nice and nice crispy rabbit there's one there's the last remaining  rabbit on the island and he's about to   be the victim of our damage test and now it is 377  so we did 11 more damage and uh i didn't think i   didn't see how much health we got three one one  four three one yeah health updated at some point   uh you'll have to rewind the video to see how much  more health i got out of that i don't know because   i didn't look anyway that's the video that's uh  that's me maxing out crossbows we're maxed out   we are the crossbow chads i'm gonna go buy an 8.3  energy shaper and just kind of delete people on   faction points now it takes like three or four  hits to kill a regular tier five or six player   um and then even less if i'm fully charged  up or have an arcane staff zapping me   i just i would need a cam lan mace chad to  group everyone up and bundle them into a nice   little ball so i just melt up with my space lasers  anyway i'm so [ __ ] thanks for watching as always   be a pro and stay swole and these notifications  won't go away um and i'll see you the next one

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