Spectre.ai Risk Management & Speculative Trading Demo

Spectre.ai Risk Management & Speculative Trading Demo

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Good evening, everybody it's at Olivia here from. Blockchain, blonde and. Just. Want to let please if you're in watching. Me live can, you just let me know that you can hear and, you. Can see me and everything is good to go. It's. Just scroll. Through I've, got a few comments, already coming. Through. So. If you are watching please do tell me whether. You can see me and everything is good to go let me just check my phone I'll just check that everything, is okay. Okay. Are. We alright I. Can. See myself. Not. Sure I can hear it. Richard. I can see that you're watching Tracy I can see you watching can you hear me okay, yet. Loud and clear welcome wonderful Richard thanks for that over. In Canada. So. Yeah, I've I've. Done a few of these Facebook, lives I've done some with them bill Papakura Olympus, and, one. With my done. A few on my own I'm now coming through from my phone at the same time so. And. We've. Got a lot of new, users new account users, we've got people joining our support, group all, the time and there's various questions that keep coming up so. This is for those, people and also for those of you that have not taken out an account, and wondering what the hell I've been talking, about what's, all about I'm. Gonna explain that too because there are questions coming in all the time loads. Of different questions and I, am going to also show, you the, Spector. Trading platform I'm going to go behind the scenes and show you exactly, what. It is how it works, and how simple it is to use. Okay. So I'm gonna go through some of the questions that have already come through and. Then if you've got any questions guys can, you please. Comment. Below add. Your comments. And. And. Then also obviously if you're not watching this live please, put your comments any questions that you've got and I will, I. Will, also, get, back to you and and. Yeah. So, none, of your questions will get answered and. If I can't ask them now I don't know all the answers to all of the questions but, I know a lot of people that do got. Regular contact, with. Management. Team so, I. Can I can get questions and the support team I can get questions answered pretty quickly so, anything. You've got to just comment below. Okay. So. Now. You might what. I'd also like you to do guys if you haven't done so already is, like, my blockchain, blonde page because. It's all red a whole host of videos on their webinars, for you to go and watch and to get a greater understanding of, what this is all about. And. What. I'd also like you to do is share, this as well share any of the any. Of the lives that I'm doing with any people that you think. Would. Benefit, from this I keep getting this all the time people, saying so-and-so, is gonna love this or this group that I belong to they're gonna think this is fantastic and it is because it is totally unique there. Is nothing else out there like it so. Once. You start understanding it, and please do share it with other people don't just keep it to, yourself. Okay. And, so. That that's basically what I'm going to do answer, some questions have already got show, a bit of a demo and then, answer, any other questions, that you've got at the, end so. For, those of you you don't know what is Spectre all about, well Spectre, is the world's first broke, Alice speculative. Trading platform, and. Spectres. Vision is to eliminate broker. Fraud. Completely. And utterly, it's. Going to empower traders, to create a level playing field which, they have not had before so. That is their vision. The FBI, is, too estimated, ten billion, dollars are stolen, each year in the binary options, which, is a huge, huge problem problem, I mean it's a massive industry it's.

As Biggest trading. Is the biggest industry, and the. Fraud within binary options is. Is enormous so that's, their vision they want to get rid of that eradicate, that completely. So. They've got, a new asset class it's called Smart options, it's completely like binary options but, it's it's actually on the blockchain, using. Smart contracts. Okay now if I'm talking complete, and utter gibberish and, you don't understand a word I'm saying which. Quite. Frankly not, so long ago I didn't understand what I was saying either. There. Is so much information as, they already on my page, but, also. If. You, click. My link which is. Www.cristoeosenhor.com. Keep saying this is broken this trading platform, it's a speculative trading platform, is what. Is the advantage of ever having no broker people can't get their head around why. You wouldn't, need a broker and if you don't have a broker how on earth are you going to trade so. With a broker, and. You have complete conflict, of interest, when, you win they, lose and when, you lose they, take a hundred percent profit okay. So, the broker does not always honor the withdrawals, and their, counts can be manipulated, prices can be manipulated. It is, rife. With fraud. Okay, so, by taking the broker out of the equation, we. Can eliminate fraud. All. Right, now. People, also don't get their head around. Deposits. Now when, you're trading, with on, the not in the normal a normal binary options, you. Deposit. With. The broker okay. The. Broad you going straight into the brokers account okay, and. With. Specter. You are, trading with your own wallet, okay. You will have your own wallet, it'll, be, theory. Um in your wallet that you'll be trading with and we'll show you exactly how to. Use your own normal. Debit card to. Transfer. Money into your theory and want it but, the no, money is deposited on, the Specter platform at all alright, and. That is something really really, important, to to, understand. Okay. So, it really is it's um it makes it so safe it makes the platform so safe but as a disclaimer obviously with any trading. You. Can't you should not trade, with anything that you can't afford to. Lose. All, right it's, a risky business you don't want to be putting at your house. You. Know trade your house or anything ridiculous keeping, your trades small until you understand exactly what you are doing so, anything. That we talk about on the webinars and on any of these live videos it's education, its tips its ideas, but, it's not financial, advice all, right you, need to do get your own education. There is a lot of educational, videos on the platform I'm going to show you that in a minute and we will do be constantly, doing webinars and I will also give you a. To an. Education, platform if you want to. Educate yourself even further which I highly recommend but. It's. It, can be a risky business now, the great thing about this and again what I get asked all the time is can you open up a demo account you. Can indeed you, can have a demo account and you. Can have that demo account for as long as you want so. I'm using my demo account on a daily basis. Whilst. I'm getting used to the platform, and I'm gonna show you that in a minute, now. For, us in the UK. We. The license hasn't come through yet it's expecting, any day now when. I. First. Got opened it opened a demo account which was about three weeks ago we. Were told it will be July. Ok, so July has now come and we it should be sort of only any day hopefully, within the next couple of weeks we, will go live in, in. The UK it's not available in the you, can't trade, if you're in the US but, anywhere else in the world so all my Canadians, and, news, anyone from New Zealand Australia. Anyone. In Europe anywhere, basically India. The lot you can all use. Suspect to platform to trade ok. So that is why, when. You're doing the KYC, which is to know your customer, form, which everybody, needs to do in order to get a live account so once you go from a demo to a live account you, will need to do the KYC, know your customer, and in, there there will be a drop down as to which country you were born in so at the moment it won't show, Great.

Britain Or UK, because. At the moment we can't we, can't actually complete. The KYC as soon as we can don't. Worry you, will be the first to know I'll be shouting it from the rooftops as. Soon as we as soon as we can, so. Hopefully. Answers that question about, the, demo. Account and the KYC. Ok, what other questions have I had how. Much time do I need now those, of you that know me know me I know I'm an extremely, busy, person, ok, I work from home I've been working from home for four years now and I. Have a very successful e-commerce, business. And a. Support. Group that I support. Helping. Others to grow their e-commerce business. Okay, I also help others to grow businesses online with. Marketing, things like that so I am a very busy person. But. I, when. I saw this I could see that I could fit it into what I'm doing now I'm not gonna bore you with why, I got started because there is a I've, done a webinar on that already, I've done a video, on that and when you opt into my list that's the first one, the second video I think you get just to understand, why I got involved. So. I'm a busy person how much time do I need what, all I've done is I had this on in the background while I'm working and I. Get a little bell when there's a signal, and I, make a decision whether I take a trade or not okay. And the more you do the, more you understand, the more it makes sense, so. If, I want you to turn it off completely I can do that if I only wanted to trade once a week I could do that if I, wanted to be trading all day I could do that too. So it really isn't something people. Say yeah but I'm focused, on this I'm focused on that that's absolutely, fine this is something that can sit alongside, whatever. You're doing if you want to have. The opportunity. To earn some, extra money alright, and. Learn about trading, and it's exciting, it is it's interesting. I've. Learnt, so much the, infirmity, the words are now starting to make a lot more sense so that's to. Understand how much time do you need. Do, you need to be an expert you. Don't need to be an expert but, the, more the educate, yourself the. Less, chance. You are of making big making, mistakes okay, so, I, highly, recommend that you do educate, yourself as much as possible. We've. Got let me just put, this up on. Hang. On let me just add this. Hopefully. You can see that that's, blue sky binary calm, that's. An education platform. And they've. Got a free trial for, a week so, go and have a look at that if you want to but, again I'm going to show you the simple education, that you will get on the platform, and.

We're Actually doing, bills. Doing a webinar, bill popcorn, for those, of you that know bill will, be doing a webinar, very, very soon I think when the next couple of days or so so soon as I hear about that I will let you know and he's gonna be showing his tips and tricks on how he is using the platform as well, okay. Right. What else about being asked. So. What. Support will I get well. I've covered that a little bit, we. Have got a support, group Facebook support, group that's being, set up and. It's. Just open, to account holders only. But. It doesn't mean you have to have a live account you can have a demo account and you'll have access to the support group and there's, a whole host of videos in there we've. Just put some new. Video in there about the. Utility. Token, and how you can enhance that. Get, so many benefits using it with the utility, token so Bill's done a video on that and. How to use. Holcom. Which is gonna help you connect. Your theory. On wallet to your and get money out of your debit card and transfer money back and all that sort of stuff all that's in there so, you. Don't need to worry about that so, any questions that you get asked and we get asked any feedback, we'll, just speed it back straight to the company, because. Their say, their vision is to. And. Enable. As many traders, as possible, to trade with trade in a safe environment it's. In their interest. To get as many people trading, where, they make their money unlike brokers, is it doesn't matter whether we, win a trade or we lose a trade they. Take the same management, fee so, obviously the more volume the more people trading, and we're, only going to be trading if it's successful then. It's. In their interest, to educate. And make things as simple as possible for us so, anything. That we feel that we need to feedback we, are feeding back all the time and the support has been fantastic. Immediate, response, we've.

Had Them on our webinars, and and. Lives and things like that so getting. You. Know straight immediate. Support. From, the company and I, think that's really really important. Okay. So. I owe that would. Be a trade. That will signal that you will have heard there so I'm gonna just. Share. My screen and. Do. Okay. So. Hopefully, guys you, can see my screen I'm just gonna have it split there can I'm just gonna see in the comments below. Can you see my screen. You. Know what some of you I think oh, no here yeah right. Tracy Richard, can you see my screen sue. Please. Let me know. Yes. Well Richard, George spot-on okay, right so let's um. Get. Me out of the way, and. Go. Over to my screen okay. So. This. Is my Spector. Back office, and. As you can see these are the trades that I've taken, in. The. Last, 24, hours so these two were done this morning, and then these were yesterday so lost, one. There and. And. A couple of one there okay so that's in. The last couple of days that I'm trying to make this as simple as possible for. Myself. So. What, I have, done is. I've gone to my settings. And. I. Have, gone to trade ideas, and these. Are the signals that you get and I have just turned on one, signal, okay. So. That I'm concentrating. Just on this one and understanding. The, charts. The. Videos the, information, and. The. More I do it it seems, to be working so that's, what, I've decided to do again this is just my tips, this is not financial, advice, but. That's what I've decided. To do so, just to master one and then I will move on to another. Okay. Let's, get rid of that, and. Then in, addition. Okay. What's happened there I've, just lost the platform okay hang on a second okay. Back. In the account settings and. The. Other thing that I've done is I, have, gone to where, is it. Chart. Settings yeah. And the. Assets I've put that I've chosen that I want is you can choose up to eight assets, coming through the. Pairings, I have chosen that these pairings here okay, so you can choose any. Pairings. That you want but. That's what I've decided to do again to keep things as simple and, as easy as. Well, okay, don't know why I keep clicking, on the Save button now, what is really, really important, is that. You. If. That goes off again I do apologize, this. Could be my signal. Just. Gonna double check in the comments, and everything you can see if there's no problem yeah. I can see there's nothing coming. Through you be shouting at me if there was, okay. So. In. Here. I. Have. Changed. And haven't I, don't if you those of you who got accounts of how to play around this but this is really important the risk management. Now. I've got my settings on a high risk at the moment and that's because, whilst. I've got a demo account open, I don't want to have any restrictions. I don't want it stopping me. Depending. On how many trades I take or how many losses. That. I do because I actually did switch it I switched it to. Medium. Risk and I, switched it to. Stop. Me after I've made three losses and it. Then stops. You from trading, completely, and, which is no good to me at the moment whilst I'm practicing, I don't want to be stopped I want to keep going but it will be really, really useful once. I'm actually trading, with real money so, really. Important that you you get that you um, you change your settings here but. What is great is once you've changed them you cannot, change, them back for, a week. So, it's, you know and this, because. Your. Emotions do take over when. Trading, or. You know when you're doing any anything. Like this emotions, take over and it's really important, you can just take yourself away and this will stop this will stop, you're, making rash decisions so. You, put your settings in and they, will stay for a week you can't go, back all right and I think that's really it's. That's quite innovative and, not, available on many other platforms so, I believe, so I think the risk management strategy, here is brilliant, ok, let's close that down, right. So, how. Do you take a trade well, over here you have got trade ideas so this is the one trade idea that's coming through for me at the moment and this is a signal it's just come through so.

I'm Going to look at the chart and. As. You can see this, is going up at the moment so. I'm going, to. I've. Been looking at looking at the patterns here it goes up and then it comes down so, as we're right at the top at the moment. My. Eye would actually go down with, this trade so I'm going to actually just click on that and. Then. You, put the amount of etherium that. You're going to trade with and it, could be, the. Colors you want to you I've just put 474. Worth, of aetherium and I'm, going to trade it for, I'm. Going to trade it for I'm. Gonna do it 10 minutes that you can I'm actually just super 5-minute so it actually comes through but. Normally, what I would do I was to do that for about 30 minutes. To. Half an hour I wouldn't do a fight for me I wouldn't be doing 5 minute but so I'm just going to do that you can see what happens and you, click on it, and. That's it the, sound says it's telling you that you've. Taken that, trade, and then. It will show you down here what. Is happening alright, so. That, will just be doing in the background so, on here you've got. You. Click on here. You'll. Get the information about signal, and you've got a video that you can watch I'm not going to click on that now because, of the the, internet, delay but, you get any information here, go through the video and then the last. Paige will, go. Through all the bullet points. That. You need to take into account okay. I had, to watch that countless. Countless. Times, and, I. Also. Googled. A lot to, understand, the terminology and, once. I did and kept going with it and practice and practice and practice I, now, understand. What, it's talking about does it mean I get a trait they win, every time absolutely, not it, doesn't work like that but, the, majority of time it's, coming through okay. Now. You can see here the different assets different pairings and. You. Couldn't see here you've got an enhanced. These. Are the returns that. Fought, if you win the trade this is what you will get you've, got enhanced. Returns. Based, if you go. For. The utility. Token I'm not going to go through that's complicated. And we go through that in the support group but you can see the different returns click. On wallet here all right so you can see the different returns on the different pairings. Here, all, right. Then, the other thing to take into account misses something we talked about in the support group this morning, is. You've. Got the time zones here, so. You. Know if your particular times of the day that you know you're not going to be around to trade then, just make sure that the pairings that you've elected. Are. Going to be in you're. Going to come. Up in the tighten the times they're going to be right for you so you've. Got all different time zones there and the. More you learn the understanding, of when to take a trade and when not to take a trade, dependent. On what, time of the day it is and. Which. Markets, and then you've got the calendar here with all the news so, if there's any major breaking, news that, will appear, up here and, you. May not want to take any trade at all because whether, the market. Is them volatile so you're, getting up-to-date information. Or. Within the platform I hope. It will that make sense okay. So. Have I got any let's go back to oh here's, the other thing to say to a tube this is a little quiddity ball so, this is what you're trading against as, opposed to trading against a broker, this money is not, held with inspector, this is. This. Is all done with smart contracts, on the blockchain so, this money is not. Is. Not spectres. Money its tokenized. Its investors, have invested, and get, dividends based, on the investments. That they've made all right, and all those investments, made with smart contracts. Okay, I'm not going to go into detail with that but that's. What it's but it's see that's very different as well since when you you're trading with a broker with, a broker, you're.

Not Going to see their balance sheet here, you can see exactly what, the balance. Is within the liquidity pool okay. And this is just my balance of my demo account alright. You. Can see along here Oh bills, Bill's been looking. And trading and doing stuff but guys if you don't want your information up here that's not a problem you just put that in your settings whether you want that to to, come across the top or not and I think most people, do. Keep that private but. That's. Up to you okay. So hopefully that. Just. Giving you a bit of an orientation. As. To how, the trading, platform works, and how simple and easy it is and I hope it's all starting to make a little bit more sense. Okay. All. Right what else did I let me get rid of that. Okay. So. I'm back in the room on my own, and. I. Just want, to have a look here. At some of the other things I wanted to tell you about. Okay. Sue, you mentioned. Earlier. About let, me get rid of this call, to action as well I'll hang on just a sec. I'm. Gonna hide that. So. Sue you mentioned. Earlier, let me just. See. Where your where your question is about the affiliate. Scheme. Oh. It's. A big long question I think if I put that on the screen it'll cover everything and Sue, happens well, there you go. Regarding. The affiliate link click, on your link showing the affiliate link watch the video logged in let's find my affiliate link but confide, it in the back office whoa, I've just won a trade guys we'll go back and have a look at that in a minute. Okay. Let me hide that because I can't. Read. And. Do. It all the same time so basically. Is. This a business that you want to promote is, it is, this an MLM absolutely. No way there is no other MLM, structure, it's not a Ponzi scheme or anything like that it's just all it is is a trading platform but, like anything online now, there's. An affiliate link so. If, you do want to share it with anybody you know you've got an affiliate link that you can use now the affiliate, link so that you. Would have got it, then. Allows you to go on to your affiliate platform, and it's a completely different login so you said you couldn't find your affiliate link in your back-office that's because you've, not logged in to your affiliate platform, two separate platforms all right so. Hopefully that explains, that. Too, just go back to the login for the affiliate give me if you don't know where, that is I will. Send that to you later okay. But. Say rest assured guys because. That's not something I'd want to get involved in an, MLM a Ponzi, scheme or anything like that it's just not me at all don't want to get involved too. Much too busy with what I'm already doing. Okay. And. See. If there's anything else coming through. Okay. That's me for now I've. Given you a lot of information guys, is there anything that you, didn't. Understand, specially, if any of you are new on, here. Or. Anything that you want me to explain even further, are. You finding the group useful, the, support group. Speak. To me. So. I know you're funding a little bit or a bit a little bit confusing, is it, starting, to, to. Make a little bit more sense. If. You've gotten quiet on me or can you not hear me anymore. Nothing. What's. Occurring. Okay. Listen. No, worries if you've got any comments. Anything else you don't understand, then. Do. Put them in, down. Below and I will get back to you and explain, anything further I can see something it just comes through and.

I. Hopefully, you have found this useful as soon as I find out from Bill when, he's doing his webinar. Because. I think that's going to be great seeing. Exactly how he does his trades I think you gonna find that really useful. Then. I will let you know so make sure that you are you've. Opted into my. Opted. Into my page to set up your your demo, account and. And. Then you won't miss out on any news. From, me, at all all, right I will add the link actually the links already in the description, so you can get that link so. That you're not missing out on anything that's all, okay. Richard. Yes it's recorded, it's um it's, alive so that means that it just remains on my. My. Facebook page but blockchain, blonde it will stay there so, anybody. That's missed it no problem you can go and watch it to your heart's content and I, will be uploading it to my YouTube channel which I know that you have subscribed to and guys, as far as YouTube's, concerned, if you go and. Search. Specter. AI. And. Subscribe. To the suspected. Channel there are a whole host of great. Interviews and webinars, on there I have. Learnt so much just from that from. Inspector channel, itself. But there were some webinar, unlisted, and those the ones that I can I've got access to and, have. Been able to share, with. My with. My group so. Okay. Can. You send this recording, to my friend oh she, has to join facebook, now so what I'll do is I'll upload it to YouTube, and you. Can share the youtube, link so, not a problem at all, Oh. Morgan. You're saying it's quiet at your end no sound. While. I'm assuming. As Richard, and Sue and everybody else has not told me they can't hear me it's your, end. So. Watch the recording. So. That shouldn't be a problem with, the recording, you should be able to hear it so apologies. You can't hear at the moment and even me talking now yeah, and got a clue what I'm saying. Okay. So you've watched the shutter one again and it makes more sense now I love that webinar, so. That's, the one that really helped. Me massively. So. Yeah, really really good and, for, those of you that are on my list it's the webinar. That I sent you, about. The orientation, so. If you, bypass, that, which I know quite a few people did it's. An hour's webinar, I thought that it wasn't going to be everything, that they needed guys go and watch that webinar again it's absolutely, fantastic really, will help you, and. If I've. Also put a link to that is in the comments. Below so go and have a look there, as well but it is it's a really good webinar. Yeah. Learning as we go takes, time but it's great stuff it is it's. It's refreshing it's doing something I've. Always wanted to get involved in and but, I wanted to do it in a safe environment so, for me it's taking, all the boxes. If. I go to spec today I'll click Affiliate from menu that's what I did okay so listen I'm going to send you a link. For that so that you're you're okay on the affiliate. Side okay. Brilliant, Oh Morgan, we're. Back in the room you can now hear me fantastic. Alright. Guys thank you for spending a bit of time it's, been half an hour so I'm going to, respect. Your time and I, will love you and leave you speak. To you very soon, take care, bye for now.

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Hi Sacha   I have a doom count when I put a tread it is telling me to wait can you tell me what I am doing wrong ?

Hi Ron - I am not sure without doing an investigation further - if you could do a screenshot or use loom to do a quick screenshot video I would be happy to take a look - just send me a private message on my dropshipblonde page https://www.facebook.com/Blockchain-Blonde and I will be more than happy to help

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