Spectre.ai Review & Live Q & A -Broker-Less Trading Explained

Spectre.ai Review & Live Q & A -Broker-Less Trading Explained

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Excellent, okay we, are live so. If, you can, hear, us it's solid yard here and bill, Popeye Carol um plus I got. That right did I bill actually. Rather. Than a group yeah, okay brilliant okay, now it's just getting rid of this so I can see okay. So I, never. Got a few people coming on so. I, just want to cover a few bits off from yesterday's. Live. That I did before, I probably. Introduced bill and explain who Bill is why he's joining us tonight I. Just want to cover up a couple of points that I, raised. On the on the call last night and people. Have been asking. Questions about, today. So if. You didn't watch the call last night then I really highly recommend you do. Because. Some of this might not actually make any sense to you and also. What I want you to do is to see why I've decided to. Fit. This into my busy life because. For those of you that know me I run, an e-commerce business and, marketing. And I do have a busy life but this. Is perfect, for me as well so I just want you to watch that and understand. Why. After, quite a lot of deliberation, why. I am, doing this so. Do. You go and head and watch that right okay so we have got some viewers, guys, if you are watching can, you just, put. A comment in say hi and say that you can hear me you can see me you can see Bill. And. It. All is OK. And hunky-dory. Don't. Be shy. Okay. So I'm just gonna get up just. To and, if you can see. Scrolling. Along the bottom of the screen, that. Is the link to. This. About you. Can watch a demonstration but. More importantly, at the moment, is that. You can make sure that. You subscribe to my email list so, that I keep you fully, updated with, what's going on because so much happening so much changing, and that's. The best place for me to contact you so you've got that scrolling, along the bottom so. So. Okay. Rob's here I can, see him hi or good well well done don't drop I know you did I don't think you were. On live the other day but hopefully you've managed to see the recording, so, what. Specs are all about it's the world's, first broker, less trading. Platform, okay there is no broker, involved it's very simple, it's very easy to understand, and even. I can, do it and I am a complete, and utter novice. At this I did. Have a little brief. Encounter, I would say a couple of years ago. With. Options. And I, just found it all way too complicated, didn't. Have enough time for it didn't, really have the money to get started with it and I. Put it to one side so. When Bill mentioned this to me, first. Of all alarm bells weren't going on oh here we go again but. When he explained it properly and I could see how simple and easy it was I thought yeah well this, is going to be fantastic. And we're going to explain some of the reasons and some of the things that have changed and, why it is so different to. Anything that you've experienced, before it's completely and utterly unique.

Okay. So I, say go back and watch the video from yesterday and a lot more will be explained. So bill, and I have worked together for, quite a few, years now I mean I've known of Bill for. Over four, years we started the same company about for you to go but. We've worked a lot more closely together in the last couple of years and he's, been a great inspiration. And. Source. Of information to, me and a lot of other people and Bill is based out in Greece so you want to say allo bill and introduced so because there will be a new audience view tonight some people won't, know who you are yeah. Of course and thank you so much Sasa for hanging today, in your facebook life I would, like to apologize if you hear some dogs barking, okay it's, 33, degrees, Celsius right. Now 9:00 p.m., so, have everything open for, a little breeze inside so sorry for that anyways. Again. Thank you for coming here, it's, a pleasure to meet your audience as well because. What we have started now with Spectre, it. Will be like e-commerce. With, DSD. Infinite five years ago a total, GameChanger. Some, people and let me clarify. That the, Europeans sauce as I've said also to. My English, subscribers, some, people confusing. For, example say the cryptocurrency. MLM. Type of opportunities. Out there of, what, we're doing here, first. Of all I, also. Saw that you have also bring, some people inspector, there's no membership included there's, no multi-level. Structure, Hotel, meetings all that stuff that, me included wanted, to avoid. Yeah. From my point of view because I'm also like you very busy I'm. Doing several things with. All the combine is with e-commerce with coaching several stuff Specter, including I wanted. Something so, I can do it let's say an. Hour per day in maybe 30 minutes per day so. I can, let's. Say for example make a side income and the. Reason, I'm talking about that is because when they come aside like we're talking the other day, on. The e-commerce side if you are let's say drop shipping or if you're doing e-commerce maybe, more professionally. And you're, living outside the, country of your customers, that. Means you're exchanging currencies. On, daily basis I know. From experience on, for example someone in Greece has a euros, if someone's, selling on the other way of the plant overseas in the US they. Have to change the mind they received from USD. Two euro and then all the way back to pay the customers, receive the money from PayPal itself from Amazon, to their bank accounts, in euros so, there are a lots of exchanges. Involved, and that for you at, least on minimum 5%, losses. Of your. Total directions, this is future if you are let's say doing, a. Couple, hundred thousand, of. Revenue. Per year we're talking about salesmen here, that goes to banks. Paper all that guys and their CEOs so, what we found here is an opportunity, for everyone, out there non-experienced. Like, like me like you don't, go there myself an, experienced. Trader I'm an amateur I'm keep learning like like like, in school so, like. A student always so. I've we found a way so for me let's say 15 minutes per day you can easily take, a portion, of that money or your savings or from your savings. Whatever, you do online. Or you don't do or you can simply do it do that that, not only not being any commercially let's say and put. It'll works meaning. I. Wouldn't. Say invest, in, cryptocurrency, but, have, Beckett. Of currency, work for you if you have ever worked in options, for example a binary, options. Or, simple. Forex transactions, online do. So like to see the comments below your audience that also, have a minimum let's experience at least one time have done a binary option let's say euro. Versus, USD within. Five minutes it will go up or if, it will go down it's that simple guys even. A ten-year-old. Watching. A five minute video can. Easily, do that but. The thing is we're. Talking here about the theorem and in. Order not to make it that long let, me close with one point so you can ask me also whatever you want or your, your. Viewers. When. It comes to let's, say the blockchain, technology. Most, people think. That it's a complicated, and, then in the doctor I PhD, no no that's not how it works it's, actually very simple very simple let me explain if. You can see if you have seen let's say on. Discovery. Channel whatever, how the brain works with, the neuro cells imagine. It like that, system an, environment. That has. More than 20,000. Ability 22,000. Servers globally, and this is the blocks in technology, and it's completely.

Human. Free there, is no human, let's. Say interaction. Inside so, that security first, of all so, you invest, in you, use your affair, room let's. Say sort of critter. Currency. To, do this options, and this, way Specter. Has. The feature not to interfere like, the normal broker because. Believe, it or not if you have done options. Forex whatever, out there, the, main pain of a trader is the broker and I remembered but in the past you should about options domination saucer, I was also in binary options for a long time about more. Than a year. My, biggest thing was when I wanted, to make a withdraw from, my earnings, or from not on capital I was waiting I do, not, name the company we, don't care actually I was, waiting more, than three months, for. The broker to, approve, they, withdraw, so it must happen let's say. Something. You. Need to pay for example although there is a situation your housing units are money now and you can go through your own money so this is not the case here this is why you, correctly said it's the first broker, less platform, and. Anyone. Can do it simple, as that well, that was one of the biggest things that. Concerned. Me right at the beginning a. Long, wait the fact I thought I needed quite a bit of money but, it was having money tied up and the, fact that you can withdraw immediately. Virtually, can't you so. There, is no problem, with that whatsoever so. I mean there was a whole host of problems of having brokers, involved and we. Might touch. On that with a few questions that I've got for, you later just why the other thing to just, to mention the, connection, that we do obviously we work within Vinnie I the. Chief marketing officer, for Spectre. Is attached, and so, those of you that are within in Vinnie I that's where the connection is Kevin, doesn't own the company bill doesn't have owned the company we. Are just all the same as you are and, trading. On the platform, but. I've had a very close, contact. With the company with the owner of the company at all and. Some. Of the guys over here in the UK and they've been supports, been absolutely, fantastic and it's. Great to have that immediate. Contact with them so, I just wanted to mention that, and. For, those of you that are in the UK not. To panic. It is a couple of weeks before we will be able to start trading against, boats write all about that today. So. You will find, when.

You're Going, through the step-by-step process in, order to set your, account, up for trading and. You need to again click on my link and you'll get a step-by-step process and how to do that's very very simple took me about five minutes to get to get it all set up, you. Will find that there isn't. United. Kingdom in the drop-down list. For, country, of birth said that won't be there until we can start trading but what it also means if, you're actually not resident, in the UK but you were born in the UK just for now just in the next couple of weeks you won't be able to start trading but, as I say get on board get inside. Get. Your account it's completely, free, and I've started to playing around with it and I'm. Going to show you that now. If. You can let's get rid of you. You. I. Am. Just wondering guys you probably didn't hear any of that if you didn't hear any of that can, you just let me know, ah. You. Didn't hear any of that okay, I do apologize. You. Should be able to hear me now and I am gonna put bill, back in now I'm gonna put bail back in in a minute just so that you can see that screen so, can you see this can you see the, photo. Of the. Of, the trades that I took this. Morning. Okay. Can. You see it Oh. Sue. Saying she can't hear anything right okay. There. You go you should be able to hear me now can you hear me now. You. Should be able to hear me now. I'm. Gonna put the bill back in. Okay. Bill I think I lost sound of a while can you hear me yes. Loud and clear. People. Didn't hear what I was talking about so. Can. You hear us now guys just to be double, sure I can still see yeah we can see it you can see it can you hear. Slight. Technical problem. Yes. Brilliant, wonderful okay. The. Yet. So the trades I took this, morning on my demo account and. What. I needed to do was. I got it I got a bell, it told me to take the trade he told me to watch a video I watched the video it told me what to do whether. To go up whether to go down how long to take it for and, I. Could, have done it for five minutes I could have done it for an hour so. I listened listened some recommendations, did what it was trying to telling me to do and they, see I, want all four trades now that doesn't happen all the time I'm sure but the wind rates about 71, 73 % bill. Yeah. Yeah, actually and there. Are some assist there are some systems in place inspector. So, you can, easily. Increase. Your, winner. As you're up. To your pet will pay out maybe, sometimes, more than close, to or more than 80%, but, we're going to discuss that Sasha, on a. Train, we, are going. To cover on Friday. For. The, active, users regardless, if, they fire in demo or they have done the KYC, will, do some live trade so the system around like an orientation style, so, I final advice or your view your, viewers even. Even if they are looking in the UK to, open the demo account so. They can participate in orientation, webinar, and see.

The System in action if they have some questions but will be a good opportunity to ask them brilliant. Because that was going to be one of my questions I know you have some training coming up and I know there. Was gonna be people that in the UK each need to get on the training, and so, that's really good excellent. News, okay. Still. Would like someone to tell me they can still hear us there's, the last comment I've got from Rob is saying no snow, sound ah. Sue. Is definitely listening to me did they do it on a demo account yes sue. So no money no, money exchanged, hands but it's all complete live trades it's. Exactly, exactly. The same process I have money or not what, I actually put some money in just, so I could see what I would get out at the end of it and. I just did five dollars each. Trade, so. That was that and so. Yeah. It honestly, it's very very very simple just, need to watch, it and watch it a couple of times the first time I watched it didn't quite understand. It. So, but. I watched it again and then it all made a lot, more sense okay. So, just keep playing with it all, right. Okie. Dokie, I had a comment just Rob, just come down in the meantime I'm gonna ask you another question. Okay. So we mentioned about the. The. Training we've talked about the old binary options that we were doing previously. So. What. Would you say is, the real benefits, of what we're doing now as, opposed to what we used to do apart from not having a broker, you know, some of the other benefits and, it's a obviously the. We. Were talking about being able to withdraw your money but. I do know and I've heard some horror stories of them the, brokers. Canceling, accounts, if you're actually winning too much. Yeah. Let. Me say, some points on that because we have also faced it with. The. Previous. Forex, on binary options companies. We did the. Thing is in order to trade online we, needed the broker shell because, there were no cryptocurrency, no, a ferryman involved to do the smart options, as they called in the, case of Specter so, the, other way around, you need to depend on a broker, and that, was the thing and you can publicly, say it as also the CEO of Spectre, told. It in the YouTube webinar, they did that. With binary calm the. Previous year in, 2016, late, 2016. Because. Of our win rates in binary. Options system we, used to trade back then we, had more than 60. 60, to. 65 % I remember, win rate and if, you multiply that by. Close. To 5000, users back then. Vanakkam. Couldn't, help the payouts because. In binary options and on any option. Style broader. They. Make money they, make them the big money when you lose so. On the, one side it has to be the winner and on the other half of them so them to be the loser so, if the amount on the losing side isn't enough they, cannot pay out the winners it's, simple, mathematics, so, here then. There, is no such case so you don't need to be afraid if the, broker, because there's no broker actually. The traditional, broker style to. Pay you the, money that you've just won in let's say four, in a row trade, do you just it like in your demo account and. The second thing I would like to say. It's about them, on, the. User side how, these are friendly it is so. You can simply go, to your dashboard it's, a one-page dashboard, everything, is there for you the, trades, that the system suggests, for you to take if you click on the one trade that will show that, will teach also and show you in the training on Friday you, can easily show the, nodes what the trade is if you are inexperienced or, if you are an amateur like I am as I've, said in the beginning you can see a short video three, five-minute video how to take the trade it's that, simple. No, BS no universities. No, 34. Our webinars, train order to understand what what. To do it's simple, as that. I. Know. There's a lot of people that have actually just gone. Out and bought you. Know cryptocurrency. And just, holding. Out until it. Either goes yeah. Obviously they're hoping it for it to go up and. What. Do you say to that sort of that strategy. Which. Is so much better doing this than just going out there and buying a bit, of crypto well. When, it comes to mining and all that stuff I was. Watching a Bitcoin. Marek, much. Closer much closer since, late. Last year when, it reached over, the cup of 20,000.

You. See what happened the last days it. Went away I believe lower, than 5,000, so, if, you have cryptocurrency if you have crypto coins or have a wallet in Krita right now in Bitcoin or in, any other altcoin. Whatever but. Mostly Bitcoin and have. It there for example in your wallet sitting without, doing. Anything for. This coin to work for you you lose money that's. Like, the banking system if you keep depositing money or bitcoins. In an account, sitting. There eventually. Long. Term are. Going to, lose value, so, for, all of you that may have some Krypton, hunt for examining your wallets and know, what to do them or waiting for the price to do a skyrocket, to sell it like, it did for example last December with Bitcoin but, we saw what happened after the, months following the, first semester of this year simply. Put, it in works take. Let's say a portion. Of that that you can, afford to lose let's say like we don't trade in we don't risk mining of course but, we cannot lose that that's, the, unwritten law and, put. It in, a system like ours with no broken included, so, you can make let's, say a 10 15 or even 20 percent return of investment it, is as that, and of course I have to say so a disclaimer, all. Results. Are depending. On the user's and there are no guarantees but. Bill the system we have groups of many, from many of our students, and users that, it can be easily done and it, can be easily be, profitable, for everyone okay. Now the other thing that's brilliant thank you Bill the other, thing I know a lot of people be saying, I've, been opening up accounts, recently that we have had a promotion on I'm, not sure it's still going the hundred dollars. Promotion. Yes, yes, yes I also received many members, many. Emails, and messages from our members but, although, they. Did the KYC, KY seeds then know your, customer, application. It's, a simple uploading. Of free documents you write your passport, and if you take to be laughs proof address in one, in manipulated, to go but, because they did not they. Did not do it on time for example they left weekend, and Monday. Was, now and because, the application, takes, about 24. Hours they, lose they, lost the. Hundred, dollar in a fairy value. Promo. For the light trader account. Parentheses, for the UK guys as Susan, said you meet wait for the following months in days to. Officially open their but, for any of you the. Problem, was and let, me express that because I believe you may have people not, maybe, not. In the UK but. Exactly. For. Example if you are good like me your, national, ID or your electricity, bill may be in Greek so, there is a note in the KYC please read carefully in. That case you, cannot upload it so. Simply send an email to Spector of this three, documents and in, less than 24, hours on working, days you'll. Be ready to go so for all of you for, all of you that, did the KYC, let's, say if you are sore yesterday, and. Did. Not receive, 100. USD. In ethereum, value promo. All. Inspector. Needs, is sendin, your user, ID your, email and saying, out the light please my, hundred, USD. Prom and you'll, be ready to go but. Also there, is a time constraint then don't do that let's say on. Friday do. Not now because, the you're spots left you need to hurry yeah, but for those of the UK don't panic you're not going to miss out. Doing. Something as soon as we we launch in the in the UK but as they don't let that stop you again your account set up because. You're going to be ready, to be up and running okay. Well, I think. I've probably gone through most of the questions I just want to see if there's any questions from the. Anybody. That's watching at the moment apart. From telling me there was no sound, goodness.

I Hope we haven't been talking for the last 20 with it without any, compound. At all we'll be doing this again otherwise. Okay. So sue. Said did they do that on a demo account so I did did answer after, that one, so, yeah just put that there so yes oh I did that on a demo. Account and, that's. Highly. Recommend, so, that you really get to grips because it can you know somebody's never done this before has, got not a clue you. Just want to. Really. Be, comfortable, with it before you put any any money and you know I'm not a gambler I don't gamble, I do match betting, which is something completely, different but. I don't gamble and so. I'm very very careful but. This is with well within my comfort so, and so I feel you know very very comfortable with it okay. So. Yes. Sue. Are. So should we be able to get it in a few weeks then, do. You mean the incentive. Do you mean the ability to trade, or do you mean the ability to get an account sue so, just put what, you're actually asking there, as. To what we will be getting in a few weeks. Okay. See, if I've got any others I'm just going to scroll down, if. Anybody, else has got any issues, at all I, don't. Think so I think we've been pretty comprehensive, did, did this make sense guys yeah give us a thumbs up do you, like you what you see those of you that have already opened up your account have you started playing with it have. You started using the demo account. And. If, I've got anybody, live that's, not based in the UK. Then. And, has, actually started trading then do let me know and I, always know we look when we do these lies we've got people all over the world a lot, of people and. Be doing this for gonna be still asleep so, you, know to come on board and you've got your account just put a comments in below and, I'd love to hear how you're actually getting on so, let's. See sue asks. Ask. A lot of questions yet the hundred dollars incentive, okay I have, no idea whether it's gonna be $100, incentive when. We do this in two weeks time ah I, can see Rob's, actually commenting on another what, and, I'll come, to you in the second Rob but basically so we don't know what the incentive, will be I spoke to a tall who owns the company today, and we'll, put something in place for UK because obviously we're missing out at the moment what. That will be I don't, know but. I'm sure it would be similar to what we what, we've been doing at the moment so, if you are commenting. Elsewhere. Because, I've got this streaming in various different places I won't be able to see it, so. I'm. You need to really put your comments in the. Facebook. Page Sascha Lydiard and then I will so if I've missed anything I do apologize. I, can. Both. Myself and Bill. Can go back into the comments will put any replies, to any of your questions so that you're none of you are in the docs I think I've seen Robert Bob's face pop up and down quite.

A Lot but I don't actually see any questions so Rob apologise I think you could be asking elsewhere, that you, dropped off this one and to see what was going on elsewhere when you couldn't hear so, apologize. About that if I can quickly look and see if there's anything. Questions. It could be. Hang. On a second. Ah. Right. Okay I have Rob. So. One of these questions is it auto trading, or manual. I. Can, answer that book I'm gonna let you answer that one bill no. It's, fine yeah I know that some of you may. Have experienced, do the trading system had in the past thoughts also in the works as Spector. Has in their, Q&A, in the commonly asked answered. Questions, but, as for now it's manual. It's very easy plus we have the there is the feature there to, schedule, your tray you're trading there so, you can simply set up that boundary, but you need for example the, trade to heat and the duration which. Is actually, pretty safe and on the Friday's webinar, no not to make this life long on the, fry this webinar I will send you the, link for, the, users, send. To your own users. Salsa. Will, explain, everything there, plus I so the question from. From. Soo there, are some short videos if you go to your back-office there, is the Settings, button under there. Is a video library. Also for it straight lets or video explain, what, the trade is and when, to take the plate ok. And I, said I mentioned also on. The webinar on, the live last night that. If you go up at the top and click, on videos, there's. A one and a half hour webinar on, there which is brilliance got loads of Q&A to, some novices, and even myself I, had to had to listen to the webinar twice it didn't make any sense the first time but, it did start to make a lot more sense the second time so. Yeah. Don't, go, and have a look at this as well but sue will help you honestly once you once you look, at this you'll think why. Was I worried why, I'd actually don't need a lot training because it's actually really quite simple, but we'll. Get on that webinar on Friday and, and. Get some, more as well so that should be useful right I know I'm not gonna keep okay. Are there any trading, fees I know the answer to that one but I'm going to ask you anyway bill. Yeah. Hard. Work guys and this was the main question how, specters, make money okay. We're not of, course we the users need to know how, spectra, makes money and how it's different from the.

Brokers Out there because. The main, difference, here between, spectre, and the broker is that, Spectre is not making money when I lose a trade okay, that's. A hundred percent. Validated. Spectre. Is earning. 2%. Out. Of, the, trading volume within the, platform for example, I take a 50. USD, valued trade ok then, the, 2% okay we'll go directly to. Spectre and from. That, 50%. Of their own fee that, 1%, goes. Directly, to, their affiliate, so, another webinar of another, life with, us also can discuss about the affiliate program instructor. And his auntie suspects, ok. Fab hopefully Rob that answered, your question as, well okay I have used, up so much time bills time and he is three, or four hours ahead of me it is bedtime for you mate no. Yeah. It's. Pretty late and so. But. I'm really really appreciative that you gave. Us a bit of your time and it's. Great to work on forward I need to get you doing a webinar in my Infineon group as well so they, won't have been on I said, bend your ear that what did I say bend your arm I said last night on the video and I meant to say, bend. Your ear and so, I'm saying bend your ear they want to bend your ear anyway, right enough. I'm waffling. Now okay. I'm gonna win the broadcast, I'm gonna say goodbye for now just, make sure guys you, clicked on the link you, subscribe, to my email and you're not gonna miss out on any of the news and as soon as I have any more news you'll be the first no I will, speak to you soon take care bye for, now goodnight.

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