Sparkle Bill - How to Use Divine Energy, Heal Your Heart

Sparkle Bill - How to Use Divine Energy, Heal Your Heart

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Alright, so. Sparkle. Bill. Let's. Go, ahead and, talk why don't you share with us what. You do and then also why you do, it, okay. What. I do is. Teach. People. How. To go. Through and, release. The, old stuff. That limits, them and what they're able to do what they're able to feel in, their hearts. And. These. Are the things that hold us back, when. I, first. Woke up I had. No clue how. To do any of this and. I. Was blessed to find a couple of teachers that showed me how to feel the energy in me and. Then. Another teacher showed. Me how to get, rid of the stuff that. Holds me back and. After. Releasing so. Much, of. All that old history. The. Energy. Flowing, through me the love and the joy of just, being. Every. Day. Change. My, whole life, and. So. What. I really, want to do. Is. To teach people and. Give. Them this gift. So. That they can have the same kind of. Beautiful. Amazing life that I have. One. Of the things that I feel, very. Driven. When. I first started you. Get all these teachers than they would say okay, bring, up your energy. And. I'm sitting there in my chair and I'm going. And. I really. Want to, teach, you how because I have a way that works. And. So. I am. Getting. Started. And. This. Is. And. So. What I want to do is. First. Off. Teach. People how to feel that energy I. Call, it love feels. Like that's, right there. And. Having. That in. You, so that you can feel it you just, let. It grow let. It grow and. Then. You, could take that and use that energy. In you, to. Go through and get rid of all those. Things. That we did to, keep us safe when, we were little and. No. Longer serve us but they hold us back. So. There's. Kind of two things that I -, one. Is to teach people how to feel that energy, and. The other is to release. That stuff from them. So. That they can, move. Forward without. Holding. Back. Two. Years ago. I was. A very frightened, man and. Terrified. Of people. With. My mentor, we did an exercise. Where. We went in and we found that, little tiny thing when, I was a little boy. That. Created. Terror. We. Got rid of it and. Now. I could talk to people good, I could go to the mall I could. Just. Be. Who, I am and, share. That with, everyone I show. Them you, can have these two. What's. The so. What would a normal. Appointment. With you look like. We. Would schedule about an hour to, an hour and a half and. Generally. Depending, on what's. Going on in you the thing that you want to release. We. Would talk. About that, so I can get a feel for, what. That looks like in you. And. Then, I. Bring. Up my energy and. We. Bring up your energy and. We. Bring, in your little one that little. Child, who went through that experience. Made. The rules that. You're. Living under. And, we, go back to that event or, those, events and. Release. The energy around. That release, the promises. Sometimes. All. It is is letting that energy go, because its job is done. Sometimes. There's. A forgiveness, piece that needs to take place and. Encouraging. Your, little one that, she. Or he did nothing wrong she did great job. Look. At thee with insurmountable, obstacles. That they had to climb and. They. Did it and they, kept you safe now. They've. Done such a wonderful job. And. So. We, take the energy out of, that. Event. And. Return. It back to source. And. I fill that space with love. Beloved. From within you, we. Integrate, your little one into your heart. And. Generally. That takes care of that issue. It's. Amazing. And I, get. To. Connect. To your heart and. See. Kind, of like a little movie where you're going through and that helps guide the process. And then. When the release comes, you, could just, feel. It, so. Much joy, love. That just an expansion. So. That's my treat. Yeah. That. That. Is. Permanent. Unless, you wish to recreate, it for some reason. So. That whatever you're. Working on is no longer holding, you back in, my one. Of the examples, is well, I couldn't talk to people I. Just. Couldn't, do it I was the guy in the office that would bite your head off. And. Now. You, know I could. Just start, a conversation I. Could. Talk to people and never bet, have. No safety net, of a safe. Thing. To talk about, I.

Don't. Need that anymore. And. It. Is and. It's. It, can. Happen in an instant or. We, could go through some stuff, a, lot. Of times, when. You're bringing that energy up, there's, a. Motion. And. So. You. Get the current. Those, are all perfect. Because. That's what you need to. Get you, to the point as the. Clan that. You're ready to do that release, and. Then. We. Release it. I. Have. One clan, who, takes. That energy and throws, it into a bonfire, and. Then this look really. Sit back this or she likes. Other. People, you could just take. It and off. It goes you, watch a lot of clouds of, the girl off the source. But. I like to take that and send, it off to SourceFed just, release it. It. Feels. To me when. We send it back to source that that takes that black. Energy. Out. Of, the world, so. It's not lying around for somebody else to fall into. When. It's kind of sending it back to be healed right I mean when you send an Altima. Tough there's nothing else that can happen to it I. Have. Total. And absolute healing. And. It's not there for somebody else to pick up and go through and repeat that cycle so. Then. The. Space, the, dinah energy occupied, in you. We. Fill with love so. There's no place for it to come back to. Mm-hmm. Right no more vacuum. Yeah. And. That. Really. Feels like it completes, the process for, me so. That, we've. Gone. Through and. Released. That event we fueled your child. Which. Is very important, so many of us are walking. Wounded. And. Healing. Each of those little pieces puts, us back, together. And. Then. Releasing. That energy sending. It back to source. Filling. That space with, love. And. Then you can, stay in the energy for a while. Feel. That sometimes, there's a conversation, you need to have with your little one. And. Then. We're pretty much finished. Depending, on how. Things. Go and, and how heavy that energy is. It. Can be a short. I've. Had some, releases, that, are as great. As 20 minutes. Others. Have. Taken the full hour and a half. And. It. Depends, on the person. We. Were in training, last year one, of the girls had. Picked. Up an energy about. A young man who had died at sea, and. I. Just sat with her for a few minutes being, this. Love energy, and. We. Brought up her energy we brought up the energy of the young man then. Started, a conversation. And. That. Released. All that energy from her. And. It'll took like three minutes ended. It's. Amazing. How. Fast this, can work. So. When you're ready to let. Go. Then. It's. Easier. We. Go through the processing. We. Take the energy out of the world and, replace. That in, you, with. Love, but. That that energy from your divine, spark. So. That there's. No place for it to come back. What. Do you what is your favorite. This. Is gonna be hard for you to answer okay, what is your favorite. Part about what, you do. My. Favorite, part I. Know. I. Do. It all. When. That. When. I'm working with a client. And. We're, connected, hard tart. And. That. Breakthrough. That. Release, just. Opens. Up the world for them, and. I get to feel that like it's, like a tidal, wave of. Joy. And. That. Just, sends. Me flying. And. Then later on you. See them, and they're. Not the same person that you. Were working with. Afterwards. As they were before they. Have. That confidence. That have that missing, piece and. There. Is peace within them. So. That. Gives, me joy, that. I was able to help bring, that to, them. I. Love. That you I love, that you just said missing, piece and then. Use the word piece again, in a different way I almost, feel like that's just a really. Cool I don't. Know that's almost like a good way to describe what you do, or. Like. A question to ask somebody, are you missing, piece I do, how do you have a missing piece and then spell, it p EI c e as that. That's very that's, very very cool. Like. Right now we're wandering around in this labyrinth, of walls. And. This, process, takes, those walls. So. That. We. Have that freedom to be who we are. That's. Very cool, that's freedom yeah. Well. How are how. Are able, has good grief how are people able, to, reach out to you and work with you, I, have, a website called. Sparkle. Build calm. There's, a contact, form on there and, I have a little gift. One. Of the things as I mentioned, it's very important, to me is teaching. People how, do you feel, that. That's. And. So. I. Put. Together a, gift. Video, that. Was recorded in, Sedona, Arizona. On. And. That's. Basically, the process that, I started. That. Enabled. Me to feel, this wonderful. Energy. And. To. Let that girl. I'm. Working, on a, couple, of things that will. Be available from, the website later, a. Little. Class. Some. Guided meditations. On how, to feel. That love and, feel it grow and. So. Those are things that are coming up into your future. On. On, your website can they get on your mailing list so they know when those things are available yes. The. URL is sparkle. Slash. Free. Gift all one, word. And. That will, let you put in your email address and, then, you'll get an email with a link to, the video and. That puts you on minister. There, you go, that's, exactly what you guys need to do if it.

Set. Up an appointment with him if you want to work with him right now and, if you want to know the things that are coming down the lines you, need to make sure that you get, on his email list so you're able to see that stuff too because this. One is this one's on fire this one is doing some really, really cool stuff in the world so yeah, it's really fun, and I'm, looking forward to starting. A few group. Coaching sessions, and. One. Of the things that I feel is very important, is to have a men's only current. When. I go to events there's like 60, women and three guys. We. Have so, many afters. But. To give ourselves a, space. Where. It's just us and we could let those. Have. Does. You. Know stay in the coat closet for. The moment. And. Be us. Is. Important, to me because there aren't very many. Opening. Up to this. What's. The name of that group it's a Facebook group isn't it bill I. Actually. Haven't, started. That yet oh it's not yet okay I'm sorry but. I'm. Planning on starting a group coaching. Secrets. Just for guys, so. That we can. Have. That space for ourselves and, learn. To, be. In. This energy and. Then. Decide, whether, or not. And. It's, not something that you really have to hide. Most. Of the very, successful. People. Out there they're. Already. Putting. This energy, out there. Just not talking. About mm-hmm. Yep. That's. Exactly it, that's exactly, yet there was the movie called the secret and it's. A secret it really and people don't talk about it they don't talk about this thing that helps them yeah. Well. Thank you very much bill thank, you so much thank. You and. Everybody. Needs to work, with Bill okay, if you are looking, to, feel whole, again if. You're like if you're missing, piece right, like what he said that's. That is exactly, why you would need to work with somebody like him go ahead and get back into your space of love right, so then you can you, can then work from that space, if ice gets so much easier when. You work from a place of love it's just true it's, just that it's beautiful. My world is full, of sparkles. Yeah, not just the glitter I put in my hair I. Love. It well, cool thank, you Bill and have a good day okay all. Right good thank you bye, bye good. You.

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