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We received an email from a person from Junosuando, a village in northern Sweden, that strange things are happening in a house along a road where heavy ore transports take place. The house was built in the 50's and consists of three floors. The basement was formerly an active hair salon. And the interiors are the same as when the business was shut down. Are deceased customers still visiting this salon? And are they the ones they feel and hear walking in the house? There are plans for the house to be demolished. to widen the road that ore transports need. That is why they want us to go there and do an investigation, before the house is demolished.

Then we're here in Junosuando, a village south of Kiruna. Here we have received a tip from those who own this place, that fantastic things are happening in here. There are steps in the stairs and there are steps not only down to the basement but also up. This front door opens and closes by itself. And you feel observed in several places here in the house. So we'll see what happens tonight.

Join us on our paranormal journey through Sweden. Then we have entered the house here in Junosuando and we will run an emf sweep. There are three floors to walk through. So I think we start down in the basement, then we go up to the middle beam, then at the top.

We also run the LaxTon app and this measures in microtesla. So we will be able to see if we get a result on it very clearly. We also have a melmeter, which measures mG. Also temperature so we can see temperature differences. We'll have a little check on it tonight, in case it sticks out. That it gets colder, for example. In some room or somewhere.

But we're starting. Let's going downstairs. We go into this old hair salon then. It's two degrees colder, 17, 3 here. High emf again. When we got here in the hair salon. It already indicates 76 .. 16.8, it gets colder. 16.7.

The lamps yes .. 0.4 mG too. Should we try to put them out? Let's try. See if it disappears. No. Down here it's not them now, but it was just now.

It's up. What's up here? The kitchen? Yes it is. I think so.

16.7 degrees. 70.72 Here's an old tape recorder, or whatever it is.

It sank, do you see it? 44, 45. 16.5. 38, 37. Look. There are quite large variations. Do you see? 27,26, 20, 18, 17..13, 12, 11, 10 look!

Very low. From being 70, check it out here now! Now it's going down again. We have never seen such variations before. Have you seen that power? Within just one meter.

Now! 70 right away. And now down to 30. 40. 50. 40. 60. 70. 75. Is there anyone left in this salon? Can you go to this meter then? What is it? Can you back away? Back away completely.

That was strange. We've probably never had it like that. Can you come back again? You who were here recently and sat in this chair maybe. 76. 77. Something affects it. As you can see here, the phone is in flight mode.

And it is not the melmeter that does it. So it's damn interesting down here. There we got a little spike again. A little warmer here. 0.1 mG per melmeter as well. It's really strange emf here in the basement Sure, it can be some radiation from up here, but since there are such large variations is very interesting as well. There are 18 microtesla on the LaxTon app and then just quickly up. If you move 20 centimeters, it goes up to 70.

And begins to indicate fairly high emf. We'll see where this goes. I think we're moving on so we do not get stuck in this room. We will keep track of that sound. Yes, I heard that. When walking up the stairs. 60 emf. 17 degrees.

17.5. 67 microtesla. There it came again. It's like it's coming from above. But nothing on the melmeter.

It's a little warmer here. 20 degrees. 67 microtesla. 70. Here it goes up again. 75. 68.

It was from below that we had high values. 64. 65. 66. That is not true then either. If you think, up there it was 70. That it indicated that it comes from above as I said. Here it was not at all the same variations. 60. Except here then. Is anyone sitting here? Are you sitting ...

There's an emf lane there. Melmeter takes nothing? Melmeter takes nothing, it is the same temperature. 21 degrees and 0.0 mg. But this one on the other hand. We get indications that it is a field right above. Which goes pretty high sometimes. Here you see, 77. 78. 79. 80 microtesla.

78. 79. Did you see? Up to 6.5. 20.7. It was a damn spike that just came and went, on the millimeter. Test all three cushions.

Nothing. What happened now? Now on the melmeter 0.3. 0,2. 0.0.

Now we get results directly on emf, on the LaxTon app. Recently it was even higher. It was all the way up to the ceiling. Now it came again here. It's like emf changing levels. Like it's circulating around and around somehow. Now it's back again. This.

That's the part then. Nothing on it. So that's the part .. If you think then, the entrance is behind here, where they hear the steps, which come up that staircase. And down in the basement.

And, the lane..we need to check in the room above then too. Then we go to the kitchen then. Here we have bags, we have started to unpack a little. We also check out the kitchen.

20..here we have it again. 75. Now we're above the hair salon.

78. But nothing in the middle. It's off.

No registration there. Here we have a charging station, so it's stupid to take there. Then we have one floor left. I do not know how to interpret this correctly, these are very strange emf values. If you look at how it moves and how it behaves. That it comes and goes very close.

And we try to locate the lanes and as we understand it is at least what we saw, here where we were. We have little in the living room. At the couch. So we go up and check and see if we have high values ​​there too.

It was cool, it flashed on the whole scarecrow. * what Niclas saw on the camera did not affect the recording, so this phenomenon is not captured * I will look at that later. I do not know, it was like it turned black and then came back, a microsecond.

We go up then and we'll see. 68, 69, 70, 72, 71 microtesla. 20.4 in temperature. Here! 76.

It's interesting, it's these lines they talk about that they hear steps, where we have high emf. 64. 67. 20 degrees in here. Nothing. 60, 59. This is above ... no ..

Yes, it will be above the sofa. It's high, but not so high. We move on then. 68, 67 microtesla. We're going in here then.

70, it's going up a bit. Anyone in this bed? 65. 60, 70. Nothing on the melmeter.

72, 70. So now we are above .. The kitchen. About 60, 70 and 20 degrees in here right now.

67, 68. This wardrobe, they say is also bit uncomfortable. And you felt something there before. Yes on the leg. Anyone here? * evp is recorded * "Here I am" 80. Can you come back again? Here is quite special to stand I can say.

It feels static. The hair stands straight up, when you stand here inside the closet. Go in there. See how it feels. We can use a handheld kinect there. * something is interfering with the microphone on the camera when Niclas is filming inside the closet * If there is someone here, can you move something? Old clothes.

We're done with the emf sweep here in the house. And we'll close this door, because it can be opened, they've told me. So we close it so we have control. It is completely closed now. Let's sum this up. Yes, it was perhaps one of the strangest emf sweeps I have ridden in any case. I do not know what you think Niclas, but it was really so that it jumped so much and varied so much in so many different places.

I do not immediately find the cause, because it was so irregular and in such strange places. What I think stands out, is the sofa downstairs. That we get a spike on the melmeter of 6.5 mG. While the LaxTon app has up to almost 80 microtesla. You who may be wondering if it is high or low, these emf values, it is usually said that it is usually between 30 and 50.

So it is just over. But enough to indicate that there are stronger emf fields. So it's very interesting. The temperature is fairly even. Down in the basement colder, 16.5 degrees more or less. Up here about 21. Quite naturally. But we will keep an eye out for such spikes. That it gets much colder when we're up here. And the closet here is interesting. It feels like there's a static field in there. I think we should try setting up a parascope to see if we can indicate any movement. I think we get started and put out some tools. That's how we start.

I'm thinking a little bit about what it feels like with this house. I can not really put into words what it is .. It feels like an ordinary house. In a way. At the same time it feels like a cottage ..

But I think it's a strange house..I do not know how to say, it sounds very strange. It feels like there is something special about it. We talked a bit about it before, it feels like something exciting could happen tonight. And why I have that feeling I do not know. But it started very interesting with emf values, that they stick out. Let's go down. Then we are done with the emf sweep so I think we will put out some equipment. There has been a lot of movement in the stairs so we take a movement detector and set it up on the second floor

and one down in the basement. And then we place a pmb both in the basement and up on the second floor. We start by going up. I got a little uncomfortable when I got up here. Right when I got up, it felt like someone was standing here.

And waiting for me, here. When I came up the stairs and stood there, it felt like someone was standing and waiting here. It was a little difficult to explain, it felt like someone was up here You know when you walk into a room and there is already someone there. Such a feeling. Now the question is where to put the motion detector. Shall we have it against the wardrobe? Put it against the closet.

Or the pmb. The Pmb is probably better. This is the one they have seen opened and closed as well.

We will place the pmb against the wardrobe But before that I just want to check if we have any emf values ​​left here. I open the closet because here we had quite high spikes here. I understand the discomfort they feel here. Then what it depends on, I do not know yet. But no emf right here anyway.

We're closing. And then we activate the pmb. What we do now too. Which staircase should we focus on?

I think we'll take .. Is it in this staircase they entered? Yes, they go down to the basement We will put the LaxTon app on motion and then we put a camera there and we will see if it registers steps. This is very smart, because then we will be able to see as I said. If someone is moving in the stairs and the gopro will film that movement in that case. Now we have everything set here, I put it on motion.

And get started. We can show when you go.. Yes, now I walk past here. It registers directly. Perfect.

We will also document the second staircase, which have had some movement. So then we have both the one that goes down to the basement, but also up to the second floor. There we see the reactions. So please, those energies that are here, that usually go up this stairs and down to the basement. Run, walk as much as you want, remove the camera Remove what is in the way of the stairs. If there's someone in the bedroom, can you open the door? * bang * Bang again.

So it feels like something is grabbing my neck, something like this ... and keeps me up here now. It's not how it hurts, but more of a grip as well. If you're in there ... can you make a loud noise? We have a motion detector in there, so we'll see if it starts, then we know. Shall we put a detector inside ..

Against the sofa where we got high emf. We check with the k2 meter as well, see if we get any results here. Here we had on melmeter, that it made a peak. Nothing.

Nothing here at all. There were no registrations on the k2 meter here now anyway. Shall we put some motion detectors in here? Or should we place some other type of equipment here so we know? We can not, "furnish ourselves in" so to speak, because there are not so many rooms. No, but if we put one against the couch where we got the indications. What? That motion detector. Then we go back to the kitchen.

Waiting a bit, listening. Then we know where to focus, then we have at least put something. We do it.

* evp is recorded * "Woman saying something" Wait! It sounded like a woman was talking. It was scary. What did you hear? .... something .. It's been captured on film. There we go. Then we know about it too.

So then we know, one up there, if it's a little dull. And one down here. High emf and static fields. As we found in the house in different places during our emf sweep. What grabbed Tony's neck during the deployment of tools? And who is the woman Tula, who came through and said her name? We want to find out more and start a spiritbox session. This is a communication tool used worldwide. Will Tula talk to us again? Is anyone with us here? You who usually walk here on the stairs.

Or enter through this door. "Hi" It sounded like a laugh far way. "..go down" Anyone who's usually here? An old customer of this hair salon. Is anyone up on the couch? Anyone in here? The laundry room? Pretty much nothing. A little bit in the hallway, it sounded like a little laugh. We'll have a look at that. But down here it's completely quiet right now. The discomfort is still there, but nothing on the spirit box.

Can you say your name, you who usually come down this stairs? "Not" This is exactly where she comes in, but I do not hear what she says. "Can stop if you want" What did it say? Stay if you want. What a strange dialect, I've heard it before..it sounded .. Here in Junosuando it should not be such a dialect ..

I thought I saw a face..what was that I saw? It was a reflection of something. You who said that, can you say it again? "Nane" I do not hear what it says. "Hello to you" Hello to you. It was a man's voice.

Hey! My name is Tony, this is Niclas. What's your name? Say your name. "No" Can you say your first and last name very clearly? Is it okay for us to be in this house? "Go" That's very clear. Shall we leave here? "everything..and go" "Kill them" There were quite a few shivers here, I do not know how you feel. It feels a little uncomfortable to stand right here. We have down to the left, we are standing right here by the stairs.

Can you say your name, you who said go? "Out of the house" House..it sounded like a Finnish accent ... house. If you want us to leave here, say go again. "Stay both of you" It sounded like stopping. Can you get ..

* bangs that start to be heard somewhere in the building * It's something like .. Where? It's something that's banging, do you not hear? Yes. Where? Is that the element? Yes, that's the element.

Good. Then we know. We're just going back a little bit. Can you say your name once, you who stood at the door? Or are you down here? There. Follow us up to the living room.

Or do we have some other energy in here? "Growl sound" Wow, did you hear that? No. It sounded like gurgling. "Hello" I hear you. "Hear you" Who are you? "Is" Is it a child? "Child cry" I get such damn shivers, which come and go.

Do you usually play here? With the dollhouse here. "I'm small" "Many children" "By you" "Go away" We go up to the second floor as well. Then we use the spirit box up the stairs. Now we come to you here. In this staircase where you hear many people walking and hearing footsteps. Is anyone here? "Imagine" "Come up" Go up..or did it say something else?

Is it okay for us to be here? "Go" I just think we get go..go .. We will come up to you. Can you knock on any of the doors here? Say your name out loud to us once, and we'll know who's here. "Always" "Hello" Do you know you're dead? If there is someone behind the closet there, can you get it to open? It is cold here. I feel that too. On my right side it got freezing cold.

I feel it on my right hand. If it's you we feel here, can you stand in front of that door then? Or throw something in here. Or just walk up the stairs for us. Because if you go upstairs now ... up to us, we promise to leave this house immediately.

Nothing? No. We continue. "Dead" We enter a bedroom here.

Do we have anyone in here? It still feels like it's mostly up the stairs. Right now anyway. I think we'll go down again. And switches communication. When we use that, we do not hear the others.

No, but we can also run a session where we just sit down and listen. And see if we hear anything, we can take a short one. Then I think we change communication and we go around again. Can you just tap here once? Let's see if we can get those knocks back .. Yes. As clear as I do like this..that it will come back. yeah.

Just missed an orb that passed. Pretty clear. Pretty low there by Nicke, by the table leg. Here? I did not have time to press rec, typically ..

I think emf the field we had, which the LaxTon app took .. absolutely incredible. I think it even knocked out the drone so it went into a tree. I'm standing here driving the drone, taking it down and changing the battery. Gonna drive away, the drone takes away ..

I have no control at all and it pulls straight into a tree down here. Never seen it .. We get up and start the motion detector. . We have not turned on the camera ...

so we get movement in there. When we were filming up there and it said Hello ... did not get recorded? No.

And just that it indicates after the door is closed, that someone was there. But it was not filmed. No. And now you got a light phenomenon and the camera was not on either.

No. We may have been lucky that it caught it. * the light phenomenon was not captured by this camera * But I saw it very clearly through that camera. When I was aiming it. Now we're sitting here. We have two motion sensors running on our phones.

Through the LaxTon app, motion. Which is being filmed with gopro right now. So it's quite interesting if we hear something, some bang. We focus a lot on motion now, if something is heard from the app that registers motion, but also motion detectors. And the pmb. And in this kitchen, I think those who live here, have sat here and heard knocks on the walls. We are sitting right here right now, where they are sitting and hearing this.

They are here or they are inside the living room. And we have actually shielded everything now, with instruments. That's damn good. Because now we're sitting here..it's really like sitting and fishing, man, where does it start first? The hooks are out, so to speak. We have towards the sofa, down to the basement, the stairs and the second floor. Can we experience what those who live here have experienced? Do we have anyone who can go upstairs? That said, if you go for us here in this house, we will leave the house immediately.

You had a sense of static up there. That's if we should..we have another camera, should we put it on the sofa? Start checking out static there? What I do now is lay out the parascope. The handheld, which should feel. Then we lay out Then we lay out this grid, which can feel heat and cold against that place on the sofa. Somehow it feels like a hotspot.

I thought I heard footsteps from above. Are you sitting still? Yes. Did you hear steps? Something dull .. What was that ?! What was that? I do not know. It sounded like a gopro fell.

Not that? You heard steps. Yes, it's down. Then the question is, was it natural or .. but you heard the steps before, that's what was interesting. You heard steps and then ..

I pinch it again. Do it. So those here are stuck. Should I light? No.

But it was interesting that you heard steps before, then .. * Niclas feels that something is right by him * Hello? That gopro might have recorded the sound. Yes, I'm shutting down here. I'll check. Were there any steps before the bang? Yes! It does not show where they come from. Yes! Damn, look! It's steps before. There's the gopro, when it landed.

That's probably what I heard. Damn cool. Either it was one step, or two steps. But I see that it is a little higher, then the gopro goes. You see how I push it down. I can not pull it loose ..

Absolutely unbelievable. We're running a new session on this one then. It was me. Check that everything works.

That was interesting. First one step and then it goes down. Just that you hear steps .. Yes, I'm standing in here. I mean, if it had been bad suction plugs, then it would have tipped for a long time as well. They sit rock hard. Okay, go ahead and do what you was about to.

It sounded like someone was moving the lamp, did you hear that? No, but I filmed it if it happened. What I should do now .. We put the handheld parascope here too. Since you felt static, we'll see if it shows up.

The natural thing about these energies, if the house is as original as it seems to be, is the natural passage here. The kitchen is usually the point that is very .. A meeting point. Yes, this is where you sat.

I set this, pointing in here and we'll see if something starts to climb inwards. And this will start to indicate .. Static! It just passed, red and green. Filmed..no we have nothing there .. No, I just saw ..

Good! Push it down, please. Was it red and blue? Red and green. Do we have anyone here? We change direction on this camera. We'll take this Tony, you can come back! A real passage of energy there. Just as you have felt, static. We are not allowed to document it. No.

Another thing that happened. That's what we're doing now. No surveillance, small places. To just be as intimate with the energies as possible. I'm afraid we'll lose what can happen if we have too many cameras. But now we will see if we can succeed in documenting this. So damn cool with gopron, it's rock hard. I can not tear it off.

Just that you say before, that's what's interesting. We start a grid pattern here, you see it sends out a lot of lines. So if something passes, we will see it on the meter. Now it is done calibrating. So the energies that are here, can you come walking to us, please? We have coffee here.

I saw it blink when I said that. So the energies that are here, do you want coffee? Now it starts to indicate blue. Good, take all the energy there in the room. Those who want to come in here. It's done. It's getting cold.

You wanna have a coffee cocktail? Two pieces of blue, did you see that? Do you want a coffee cocktail here? Are you up there now? Two blue dots. Good. Shall we put an Ovilus between us here? We are also trying an Ovilus, some communication here. At the kitchen table. It starts to indicate more blue. Is it heavy? The word heavy came up here.

Can we have your name once? Did you see? It flashed blue, all..there! It was the blue that moved there, that left Lady Okay, we have a lady here. Good, we see you're moving here in front.

Good, manifest there now! If you do, then one thing will start to shine over there. It's nothing dangerous. Blue. It's starting to ... gather now. What's happening now, these blue dots have indicated that something cold is moving in front of it.

We see a hell of a lot of blue dots now. Good! We see you're on your way here. Can you run up the stairs once? As soon as we talk about the stairs .. Have you passed ..

What did it say? Assault! We now see that you are starting to approach us here. You have gathered so damn much energy now that the surrounding heat .. I want you to make a loud noise. Can you knock anywhere? Very much there ..

Can you make a loud bang so we know where you are? Was it you who overturned the camera? Very blue. Now we see, they are manipulating two instruments so far. And we have had..the motion detector started. What did it say? Wrong. Did it say wrong? We need to get the PRP out as well.

Can they affect a PRP as well? Then we have tested everything. We have tested static, hit directly. Children. We saw a light phenomenon that was quite low.

I'm shivering all the time here. Let's put och a PRP in the hall too. Now you have to do something else because we see that you are here.

Is there a child running up the stairs here? Can you do the same thing again with the camera on the stairs, that you remove it? We know you're here. Again! Right when I said, I know you're here. Which was it now? Same again! So I said to it, can you do it again? With the camera, and so it does! It came quite timely if you understand what I mean.

The probability that it will happen so quickly after you ask such a question .. Okay we do this now, we close it. I put the PRP here. Should we put it at the beginning of the stairs? Put it in the same place there. Exactly that..I asked it to do just that. And so it does .. Then we put the PRP on the edge here Does it work? What we do now then, we remove it, because it can overthrow them.

* knocks * Wait! * knocks * Okay, let's go again. We remove this, because they want to remove it. You see, this is solid stuff, we've had it sitting on the car. A lacquer staircase, it should not drop. But anyway, the other one is sitting. Now we'll see if they can overturn it. We leave it at that. But we have a PRP on the stairs so we'll see if they can affect it.

So if you see that lamp on the stairs, can you try putting it down then? Then I know you're very strong. Or if you can..the one in front of me .. I will sit here again then. We will get up. We will go upstairs.

But we'll have to wait a bit, because this is our tactic we have now. We decided this and we understand that this is what we have to do. That tactic is to experience what the owners experience. Because we also have to see if there is a logical thing. We found the element.

The element had a bang that we heard. So now it has been quiet. But other things happen. We get that static you feel. It's out there now. As you felt up there, we've got it. We got it confirmed there. I saw it, of course, but we never had time to document it. Can you do the same with what's on the stairs here? Overturn the camera that is filming.

We bring Ovilus, we bring the grid. We leave this camera on the couch there. We'll bring that camera up. And then we go up to the rooms and see if we can get any movement up there. The less noise we have now, the more we may hear the PRP, the more we may hear the motion detector. We're heading up, but we're closing this now.

Look, we have no movement at all here, in this staircase. What has been felt so far, is actually this track here. Up here, it's been a bit on the stairs here, but .. Shall we knock and see? We have a motion detector in there. Hello? Hello? Can you open the door? We start here. We check the PMB.

We see if the door is open or not. It looks closed. Yes. And it's on. We take it here, go into the room over there and place it on the floor. This detects 360, with a sensor. And this will indicate if there is anything next to it.

So we'll hear it. We will see a lamp rotating. If something passes, it will take it. Do you see it on camera? Yes. As you can see, it is scanning there. I'll remove the nightshot so we can see better.

I'll pull the laser grid that way too. I zoom in a bit here, and you see that it stands and scans around, around, around. If something stands out in front, it lights up with two white dots.

That's good, then we have motion detectors, we have the PMB. Now it's calibrated. Strong said it directly. I started Ovilus and it says strong.

And we have a PMB that takes here. We ask the energies to come out, open the door. We have this one that sees if anything passes. We'll see if I pull my hand in front .. That's how it knows. So we have the PMB starting to play over there. We have the 360 ​​there in case something breaks in there.

In the room over there we have a motion detector, so we hear. In the stairs at the bottom, a PRP. And on the couch down there, also a motion detector.

So we now go a little on those hotspots the owners said and where we have felt. Can you come to us here? You do not have to be afraid of us. Emelie, come to us here now. Or those energies here, come to us.

It said Emelie and now it says walk. Can we hear the steps that people have heard here? Can you get out of this closet? I'm knocking here. Hello? Completely different here.

I think so too. We also see this on the meter. Everything is completely quiet here. Nothing on that meter, if you think about how it was down there.

There was much more. There's much, much more down there. We've probably been here for a while now. We just got Emelie and walk. The wardrobe door has not moved, the PMB has not played. The motion detector has not done anything either. If there are energies up here, those who have been here before ..

Who have slept in these beds, or lived here. Can you come in here? * parascope indicates on the ground floor * It had been so damn interesting to get those steps. Now we have tried to document them with motion, but we only get that it overturns the camera. A little before possibly then .. But that it comes at the same time as we talk about it, it was interesting.

And every time I went into the living room alone, the camera went off. But you hear, the PRP is completely silent. He does not touch it. Not her. Or that energy.

I do not know why I want to say She. You feel drained. Damn drained .. But we've still been in the house for a couple of hours now.

I do not know if they feel it .. Well, maybe. The owners you mean? Yes. Yes, you feel very tired.

There's a hell of a difference between this floor and the floor down there. I think so too. You sit in the kitchen and think all the time that someone is coming in. You get that feeling.

Here it feels like no one wants to come up. Did you hear that? There was sound from that staircase in that case. Good, come up here! It sounded like a step like this .. I did not hear it ..

It's out there everything happens. That's what we have to focus on, we try to document what is moving down there. * we take a break before we run the next session, we let a camera record * Parascope, parascope! It points towards the sofa.

Just when we are standing here preparing the kinect. This is how the parascope begins to indicate. I have no focus .. Well come on! Thanks! There it disappeared. I did not really have time, but I got a little. I had no focus here before.

Can you do it again? You who stand there. What you saw was the kinect behind me .. The one that flashed to the bottom corner ..

What we are going to do now, I was standing and preparing the kinect, we are going to walk around now and see if we can document and communicate with it, with this. To see if there's any energies here. When I stand here, I see a red light in the living room. And then the parascope starts.

That's interesting. We're gonna start in the living room, from there, we're gonna bring the handheld. Then up, open the attic and place it down there to check for static fields. So we start here, go in there, bring the handheld parascope and place it down in the wardrobe. Are you sitting on the sofa? We'll bring this upstairs. I think we start up there.

If you're up here, come towards us now. Is someone in here? No indication. We'll shut this door so we won't walk into it. Is there someone here? Noise from there.

What? Is there a door here? It's probably a bathroom door. There was a sound from inside. I'm opening. It's just a bathroom. Hello? Do we have anyone in here? Nothing there.

Okay, shall we try? Yes, I'm opening the closet.. See if we can get an indication. I can't see where the door handle is.. Hello? Is there anyone in there? Just a damn cold. No indication. Nothing? Let's do this...if this works

It stays there? I'm putting my hand in. Because you said you felt static here. Let's try. Is there anyone in here? See? Is it blinking? Yes, it lit up right away. Your feeling was right. Yes, I see now.. Can you come closer to me again? It disappeard..there! I have to remove the night vision, or else I can't see it. There, your feeling was right! Good, I can tell you're here.

I have to remove night shot.. Dubble. Coolt. You said you reacted to static fields.

It's gone. Good. Look over there. Yes, static field. Why is there a static field there? That energy there, can you come towards us? You don't have to be afraid.

We have a few items here, so we can see you.. Can you come out here? There! Someone came up.. Great! Thank you very much! It's not big.. It's a child! Keep in mind I have half the door here.. Right. That small energy we see, you don't have to be afraid of us. Can you see the small lamp on the floor over there?

Can you knock it over? It's not tall at all.. I'm sitting on the floor and I have an indication like a.. Three, four year old..

Can you come towards us? It's just standing there. Yes. It disappeared. Did you see?

Yes. Can you come back? The little child here.. It (Ovilus) said children too. Yes. Down in the kitchen.

Static field. *bang in the room* It was a bang. Yes. Thanks! If you did that, can you turn the small lamp on, the one on the floor? Can you stand next to it? Or can you close the door if you wanna be left alone? We said we didn't feel much up here, but as soon as we opened the closet.. Then things really happend.

We get such concrete things, I mean the kinect sees something. And static field. That confirms what you have felt before. Even what the owners have been talking about. About the discomfort in the closet. Right. But a child in the closet.. So why a child? It's a small child..

Who's the child who hides in here? We have to leave that for the owners. Nothing again. It's gone. All the static is gone. The kinect sees nothing either. That's quite cool.

Two components, three components, because we got a bang too. We have to hand that one over. A child in there, I have no idea.. No. Because this was a hotspot. The discomfort with the closet being open now and then. Nothing has happend in the other room. Just a bit discomfort in the other, where we had the motion detector, but wasn't able to record.

We were upstairs before, the PMB has been standing there the whole night, nothing. And what we did now was the right thing to do. We listened to Tony's gut feeling. He said there was static fields in there, so a spike right away and the indication of a child. In the closet when we opened it up.That was interesting. And a bang. And the bang, right. We're gonna go down to the hair salon now and see if there's any costumers left there.

If you're down here, can you show yourself to us? Can you make a bang down here? I thought I saw an indication. Me too, down on the edge. Have you been sitting in this? Have you been sitting in this chair? Static. The static is back again. Can you do it again? If you've been sitting in that chair.

You, who sat down and looked at yourself in the mirror, can you do it again, so we can see you in the mirror? Can you show your face to us? Just once, then it disappeared. No indication in the kinect either. It feels more calm in here too.

It's the path over there, and in the living room. And kitchen. Should we check the boiler room too? Nothing here either. You don't feel any discomfort in here either. No. Is anyone in here? No indication.

Then the theory is right, the one we had. Focus and sit down in the kitchen. We decided that right away. Let's do what you're supposed to to in these small villages, you gather in the kitchen. You wait for someone to come in.. I didn't lock the door, just to keep it as identic as it is in these communities.

If you're at home, you don't lock the door, then the neighbour will come over And the child upstairs, that was cool. So the theory is right, like we said. Sit down in the kitchen, wait for the energies when they start to move around. Let's go upstairs again.. *we go upstairs and starts to pack our things* *Tony closes Cam 1 and let's Cam 2 roll* *Tony places 360 Motion Puck in the hall where they have heard steps* What we do now, we put a 360 over there to feel around it. See if it can get the energies moving in here.

So it's scanning now. We have had something moving in the living room. Right! We were packing, I turned the lights on for me to see, there's so much stuff in here. I don't want to step on something, it's pitch black. You're getting tired, we're been doing this for many hours now. When I stand here, Tony hears a sound and sees some blinking in the hallway.

We have had movement. We have bad movement in the room we knew..it dissappeard now, but.. I saw the indication, straight into the living room. Where we have had parascope. Everything fits so damn well. But here's the thing, we're born and raised in a villige like this. We know how it works. We're tracking the energies so damn good here right now. That energy that just moved here, can you come back here again? Come in here and say Hi to us. Damn cool.

This is scanning in 360 now, and it has felt movement in the living room. Just like we...it's so damn cool! We're gonna put this lacergrid down the stairs. The one who senses hot, cold and movement. We'll put in on the staircase, remove the PRP and let this camera record. And I think we should move from it. We're not gonna stand there and watch.

The battery went down from half to one bar. We have to change the battery. Alright, lets do that before we go down.

I put the light out now. We're gonna place this to aim downstairs. We leave the camera on it. We're gonna shut it down in the hallway now. And the battery is changed. When you get close to it. I'm turning it off. You know what, we put this down here in case someone..

Is something hanging from the cieling? I have no idea. Damn, it was like someone was pushing..I walked into a cable.. Spiderweb? No, a cabel. A thick material. We have a cable in the basement, I know that, just where you come in. It was like I walked right into that. We start this one. Let's just see so it gets the right values..

There we go. Let's remove the PRP then. Perfect. The energy who's down there now, that usually walk in the staircase, come up to us. Shall we sit down in the kitchen? Despite several attempt to document more, the activity stopped as fast as it appeared. Had the energies said what they wanted? Or did they withdraw after the intense activity they created? Movement in the staircase, movement in the hallway, static fields in the building.

Bangs and an indication of a child in the attic. That's just a few of those events that stands out tonight. I heard steps from upstairs. The whole things is blinking blue. There, there it is. We managed to document activity on every hotspot that the owners was talking about. However, we got something that have never happend before on our investigations.

The cameras, wich was supposed to document steps in the staircase, didn't tip over just once, but twice. Was this a way for the energies to tell us they didn't want us to document the steps the way we wanted to. The strongest memory from the investigation, is the energy of a child coming out of the attic. This child can be connected to an event near by, but for respect of the family, we can't talk about it. We don't know the future for the house in Junosuando. But we think the energies in the house is that strong, that even if the house is being torn down the location will still be active.

And who knows who will stand along the road when the ore cars is passing by.

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