SOS #43 Does the Laity Have Any Business Wrestling With Scripture?

SOS #43 Does the Laity Have Any Business Wrestling With Scripture?

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Oh. You. You. We. Want you to talk to us in our chat room we. Want to hear your comments. And your, questions, so. Get your dinner and your, Bible ready for, tonight's, show. I'm, your announcer Gary, Givens, we're, here in our studios, in Big Sandy Texas and, here. Is your host for, start, our Sabbath, rest. What. Good. Evening and welcome to our 43rd. Start, our Sabbath we're having some technical issues, tonight and we're, actually broadcasting, on cellular. Right now so this is going to be interesting. The crazy mixed-up. World yeah the, internet is really messed, up tonight because of, the we. Think it's because of the cold weather or, all somebody in internet, land is drinking, too much schnapps, over, there at the control panel but anyway we're. Giving it a shot down seeing what happens, and. Talk to us in the chatroom if you have any sound problems, or any kind of issues we. Need to know because, we're here alone so we, don't have a cameraman well anyway that's right we're going, in it we're, winging it good evening and welcome to our 43rd. Starter Sabbath were the show that doesn't put you out of the church for asking the wrong questions. Or, even, for asking the right questions, with, a bad attitude attitude. That's right we're, so glad that you decided to join us tonight we're looking forward to spending in the next hour fellowshipping. With you. And, talking about Christian, things and we, pray that the love of God will be here tonight with all of us we. Hope you removed all the cares of this world from, your mind and you're ready to think about God's ways in his seventh-day, Sabbath. Of rest and please remember that we really want to hear your comments, and questions in, the chatroom we're not just saying that that's, right absolutely. This, is our this is your show, we. Do it for you and, you, make the show better when you talk to us so talk to us in the chatroom we've already had our pizza, so, we're ready to rock and roll we're locked and loaded mixing. Metaphors again. Okay. All right as usual what says way too much, material for us to get into and, that's but, as we promised once is gonna finish out the story about Andrew, Duggar Sabbath. Versus Sunday debates and Nancy's, gonna talk about Xena, Warrior, Princess and. Wes is gonna talk about whether or not you have any business, wrestling. With the scriptures and, we hope to have enough time to start our discussion on whether or not angels, can marry human, women I don't, think we're gonna have enough time no not for all that we've, got Carl knock tree out in North Carolina, working the YouTube, connection, we understand. Yeah. And we understand, the Carl's been a little bit under the weather so I hope, you'll all be praying for Carl to well get better yeah I hope you having, a great night and I see where we are live on YouTube. So that good going but as well and, we've got Mimi zhurqi who makes sure West. Gets SOS, weekly, promo. Out there on Thursday, because he forgets are, you sure you're saying Mimi's, last name correctly how, does that pronounce Turkey, I think so you know if I, were a woman and I had a last name that was that hard to pronounce I think I'd get married so I could change that well.

I Think that's exactly what Mimi has in mind anyway. You've got bill listen hi out, in California. He's gonna participate on tonight's show and we really appreciate, Bill being with us he's always got good stuff, to say I've been following bills social, media posts. Bill. You're breathing in the phone okay I believe, modeling bills social, media posts for decades, and I really like the stuff he comes up with one, of these days I've got to tell you about the first time I ever read a bill lesson, post loosen, high post it was back in the 80s or. 90s hi, Bill how are you tonight well. Welcome to everyone, here on starter, Sabbath, they, cleaned the visitors, from the. Seventh-day Sabbath, keepers page. Joining. My good friend and, Nancy white. And. I. Will be discourse you with all of you in the chat room with the unique feature of earlier. We. Also want to thank bill for posting. His, show we've got it up on the screen, seventh-day. Sabbath. Keepers, you. Haven't joined bill seventh-day, Sabbath, keepers Facebook group you should it's got really good material, out there and again it's called seventh-day, Sabbath keepers it's got like, 17,000. Followers and there's a real good reason why it's got 17,000. Followers, oh I know because bill puts a good material on that page it's, the second, largest independent. Sabbatarian, Facebook. Page out there that's right no Nancy. I got to tell you that once again I keep getting flak from some church people about the way I eat I, get, flack about my eating habits from church people all the time they stay and you, should, you. And your buddy Shetty aren't terrible, when it comes to junk food well what about people in the church I mean they've got their hang-ups about health food no person. Who's very careful, about my diet, so. I don't I don't think I agree with that well I mean let me tell you about this let me tell you how it works I mean if Jesus, were to come back tomorrow and feed thousands, of people with a couple of loaves of bread and some fishes. He'd, get pushed back some, people would look at the fish and the bread and they'd say oh I can't, eat that of, you. And. Then some would say has that fish been tested for mercury, alcohol and, then other people would say who's that bred butan free. Okay. What you said is probably, true, but I really think that people should eat more healthy, especially when it comes to snacks oh right like eating almonds. I suppose right, almonds, are really good for you sure all those are good one you want to have a healthy snack and, also if I want to stop having, $12. Good. Point almonds, are expensive, and I try, to follow my doctor's orders I was just there a couple weeks ago he gave me some instructions on my diet like the doctor told me to eat more Taco Bell no. No that, is not what, he said he didn't say that no what. He actually said, was eat less. McDonald's. Oh well. You say potato I say potato okay, okay. That's all right our. Father in Heaven we thank you so much for this show that we're able to do tonight we ask for your blessing and all the people who are assembled all around the world listening, and participating, we. Thank you for your love and we ask that your love be here present, with us as we talk, about your word and we talk about our, Christian, lives and all our responsibilities. As Christians, help. Us to be obedient in, your law in your law is a wonderful, thing we love it we, thank you for Jesus Christ who sits at your right hand and we. Ask, for your help and everything, that we do please put your blessing on the technical, problems that we're having and, we ask all this and we give you praise and thanks in Jesus name Amen amen.

Okay, Nancy. What have you got for us on the chat room tonight man we got all sorts of people here in the chat. We. Are so grateful because, we had all sorts of difficulties, yeah but we're here now Sharon, Lewis Ron Griffin. John black Scott, Gilbert, Amy ho hurts rod. Koosman, says it can hear us boy we are grateful for that bob. Petty, Amy. Her heart says sounds good. Michael, McCarty Oh. Sharon. Lewis is in Jamaica right now that's great all right full Beth Lane me says Happy's, habits, from frozen Illinois. Oh my. Bill. Says breaker 1-9. YouTube ill-fate. Brown is working, very walk from watching, I don't know if she's not working he's keeping the same watching yes Marion. Young Perkins, Dan Krantz says good Sabbath from Phoenix. John. Black is in central, Ontario. Canada. And he said the video sound is good I think that's my favorite province. Ontario, I think all right but Newfoundlands, nice and. I love Prince Edward, Island, yes, okay never mind we need to praise God for for the technology, working at its face so he says yes even O'Hara, says happy Sabbath everyone, happy. Sabbath Kevin from hospital, barb. Shank says happy Sabbath to all from, Danville, Illinois. Emily, scotch watching, and Edie lamby, no says happy Sabbath everyone, from the Philippines, great. Roger. Brights watching. Brandi. Webs watching. Wait. A lot of people watch when there's no box. We. Don't care okay we'll take it anyway we get Dan Christmas, could be the schnapps all right, my. Read hurting Brad will says happy Sabbath have stay. Safe and warm, let's. See me. Me me. Me's with us say. Anything about changing their last name I think, that's yes please, a little. Heart was about that. Let's. See. Olivia, Doyle from Stony Creek Ontario. Doreen, Boyle E let's. See, Priscilla Hawkins, with us Jeffery, Flum says happy SOS, seventh-day, Sabbath keepers treaty. Cranford says happy Sabbath and remember to share it if you're on Facebook. Karo posted. The link to youtube, so you can share that as well as just sharing the post course, over mites with us horse we're quoting you tonight so that's we are -. No forget it or misquoting, so either way of course you're gonna be talked about horse says it's 70 degrees in Keene late today thanks, ru yeah.

Let's. See. Wesley. Davidson's watching, Deborah, Killeen says, happy Sabbath from tea gardens, in Australia. Australia. Excellent. Excellent. Okay Doreen wants a link to the seventh day Sabbath page bill that you put it up there yeah, help us out bill. Um. Denise, I'm. Not sure I said that malesko. Happy. Sabbath guys happy. Sabbath to you even. If I mispronounce your name. Roger. Loves us more than bods it's okay Roger if you love us both David. Lynn says hello, happy Sabbath from Snowy southern, Illinois and casseon, Robert, says pleasant Sabbath brethren from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, we, are truly an international, program I need. To be SOS, I start. Our Sabbath intern yeah there you go. Okay. I don't want, to short the people on. YouTube. So let's talk, about me. Me and Carl being here treaty Cranford, Rick. For says happy Sabbath presents, brethren, and tree Cranford, says hugs, let's. See. Paul, Shaw Texas, says happy Sabbath day Paul. Burgett. Sellars is with us, Robert. Murphy is, with us, Al, Bundy 59. Says hello and, I. Berger. Says Victor almonds, from the baking aisle and, they're. Cheaper that way white right Bergen right Bob Peggy says it's got a deep freeze snow in Minnesota, boy I am glad I am not there no kidding, all right before we get into our first segment tonight I want to talk to Bill about people. Who contact, us and ask us to tell them where. There's a sabbath-keeping, Church, in their area bill talk to me would you please. I'm. Sure we all agree that. Whatever. Sources. They're attending it be good citizens there and all right, because. Of this outreach your, outreach and my outreach on centerpiece. And. Having, the, vice-president, of the Bible Sabbath association, and have a sabbatarian. For 43, years I had. The pleasure of editing, the. Association's. Book called, the directory, of Sabbath observing, churches. And, I've, attended and, visited, many cemetery, churches, across the denominational. Spectrum, said, that they had been a searches, a Baptist. Dirty dog set up day and, white, varieties, of cherry. Encryptions of God I they were all. These groups. Just. Maybe a single iconic, leader or something. God. Is a broad one and encompasses, many. My. Hope is always for people to find churches, where they can be fed and in turn also. Have the opportunity to grow and to find service in, the delivery of the gospel, to the world so all we're certainly, on seventh-day, Sabbath keepers and certainly here at start. Our Sabbath, if you need, a place to attend, you don't have a church home write. To us and we certainly will do our. For you. Yeah. And we don't have, any interest. In this we don't have any axe to grind we don't get any fees or anything like that this, is only we do this just to serve you this doesn't benefit, us, at all no in, that regard to what bill said I want to read you something that's in the current edition of the Sabbath, Sentinel which is published by the Bible. SAB Association, that bill just talked about the, Sabbath, Sentinel is edited, by our good friend Kelly Macdonald, and I want to tell you about, how in the latest issue kelly.

Has A really, good article about spiritual. Warfare and. And. Kelly's, not going to steal your thunder tonight sweetie even though you miss your right I am going to be talking about spiritual, warfare that's, all right don't worry about it because, he's going to come at it from a different angle okay all right his article, is called The Forgotten weapon. Of spiritual, warfare and Kelly talks about the importance, of fellowshipping. With brethren. On the Sabbath and here's a really good quote from Kelly's article he, says quote envision. Attending, church as an opportunity. To grow with other believers as we, worship together, he says attending, Sabbath services, is an opportunity. To bless other people, in the body of Christ and also, to receive. Help, in our, time, of need end quote now. As you know on SOS, we don't try to tell you that watching this show is the same as being with brethren, in person on the Sabbath we encourage, you if you can to. Go to Sabbath services tomorrow absolutely and we don't care we're just go again and. We know that it's not possible for some of you out there we get that but if it's at all possible for. You to attend church tomorrow please go to church, Nancy. And I we're going to go visit with the Church of God seventh day here in Tyler, tomorrow, yeah and finally, on, this point regarding the Sabbath I want to read an email we got from horse over my promised divorce this, last week I appreciate, your approach that this horse I'm quoting him we I appreciate, your approach regarding. How to present the, Sabbath for some time I've used the analogy regarding. Gifts to explain how, I see the Sabbath I tell others who asked about my beliefs at the Sabbath and our gifts, that God has given to mankind he, skips our blessings, to us only if we open, the gift yeah Christians who do not open these gifts are missing out on those blessings, just like any person who receives a gift but leaves it sitting on the corner unopened, does not enjoy whatever the gift might, be useful for thank, you so much her source, we really appreciate, that all right let's go into our first segment tonight we, got three segments it's our first one I want to start off by talking about, wrestling, wait, no please not wrestling, why not what are you saying why not rip what so, many times I hear you on the phone with your friends shut see the two of you are talking about wrestling, I can hear you guys going on and on and on about Hulk Hogan and the Von Erichs and, gorgeous, Jimmy Garvin and.

The Free bird oh man the free birds are so cool wait wait wait a minute that's not what I want to talk about tonight but you said you're gonna talk about wrestling I am that stuff you just described as wrastlin RA SS Li n I'm, going to talk about wrestling, WR est. Li ng oh. Okay. In Genesis. 32 we have this curious, incident where Jacob wrestles, with an angel or he's, wrestling, with God not everyone can agree on who Jacob, is actually, wrestling with and if, you have some thoughts on this please share them with us we want to know what you think tell us in the chat room and in, this Genesis, 32 passage, it's, fascinating, to us because how, does one wrestle, with, an angel or with God angels. Are much more powerful than we are God, is, even more powerful he's all-powerful and we, as humans, were nothing were fragile were, weak like, the lilies in the field so how, did this wrestling. Match even, happen, and these. Are just some of the reasons why Bible, scholars, and theologians have, been debating, this section of Genesis, 32 for years again it's, a fascinating story, and I don't believe we've got a full understanding, of these verses and we won't until Jesus returns and, in, Genesis, 32, we find that as a result of this all-night, wrestling. Match Jacob. Receives a blessing and a, new, name. Previously. His name was Jacob, which, which. Meant he. Planted, or, supplanter. Of God or God protects. I've even heard some people say that Jacob means heal but, then after, this wrestling, match his, name is now Israel. Which means overcomer. Or triumphant. With God, probably triumphant with God because it's got the word yelled in there he'll the name of God and we, know that these Genesis. 32 verses, have, to be important, because when, God pronounces, a blessing, it's. Important. God. Promises. Several. Blessings, in the book of Genesis, and, I think that one, of the most I'm, going to digress son blessings and we're gonna get back to this Genesis, ok Genesis 32 I think. That one, of the most misunderstood. Blessings, pronounced, in the book, of Genesis is the one that we find in Genesis. 12:3. Where. God says to Abraham I, will. Bless those, and bless them that bless you and curse those. Who curse you, and notice, this verse isn't just, a blessing, it's, a two-edged, sword, there's, not just a, promise of a blessing, this verse also includes.

A Cursing, and and. When we look at that scripture, today and believe, that this blessing, and cursing we, believe that it applies, not just to Abraham, but, also to his, descendants. So. To. Many Christians today when they read Genesis, 12:3, they say I would. Never curse, the, Jews and, this is good and and. They say I only, say good things about, the, Jews and this, is good I think, that anyone who curses, the the Jews could. Find, himself in some danger but. Notice that this promise, was. Not made, to Jacob. This. Promise. Wasn't, the this. Promise wasn't made only for, Jacob, and Jacobs. Seed, if this, promise, had been made to Jacob. Only you could say well this promise. Only applies to Jacob, and to Jacob seed but this particular promise, that. I will bless those that, bless you and curse those who curse you it was made to Jacob's grandfather. Abraham, and. And, if you believe this, blessing, and cursing principle. This, applies. Only, to, some. Of, Abraham's, seed I want, to warn you to be careful because. I personally, believe that this verse applies, to all of Abraham seed and not, to just do one portion. Of Abraham, see because this, Abrahamic. Blessing, was, not the same as the blessing, that was given to Jacob. Or Israel after. The, wrestling match and at. This point someone says well the Jews were the only people to come out of Abraham's, loins no, you, would know that if you watch the previous SOS, yeah right overall read the book of Genesis. Remember. That Abraham, had three wives his. First wife Sarah, had one, son Isaac. And the, majority. Are the, major blessings. Of Abraham they, went down through, Isaac, and down, through Jacob, or Israel and. It's, through this line the, line of Israel that salvation, comes to all mankind in the form of our Savior Jesus but. Abraham, and Sarah also had another set, of descendants, through Esau. Isaac's. Other son these. Descendants. Are with us today and, Abraham. Had descendants, to his concubine, Hagar, those. Descendants. Are with us today, and Abraham. Had to send us through the the, wife that he took after Sarah died that, wife's name was cateura, and, we find it I'm, not making this up this is not some kind of Jewish, mysticism. This, is in Genesis, 25, you, can read about cateura Genesis. 25 and and, most people don't care about this history stuff but I think it's important, anyone Abraham. And cateura had four sons and a daughter, and those. Descendants. Are with us today. And, I believe that all of these descendants. Because, of Abraham's, great, faith, have. All received, blessings. From God and, I, think, that we need to be careful not to curse any of these people and. I know a lot of Christians do that today they say some really, bad things about some of the descendants, of Abraham and. And that's their right okay. If, I tell you not to do it I have no business I'm just saying it's something that, if you really want to do it go for it but. You've been warned. Be careful, next, time you want to speak evil of any. Of the descendants, that main Ram for. Your own good I ask you please think, about it all right let's get back to the wrestling because, it's it, seems like Genesis, 32 just might possibly be, making a correlation. Between this wrestling, and blessing, doesn't. This section of Genesis started to seem to say that Jacob received a really cool blessing, because he was so persistent, in the wrestling match and and, there are several references. To wrestling. In other, parts of the Bible and I'm not gonna go, through all of them tonight because that. Would be what I call a concordance. Study, and, I don't like concordance, studies that are done when, we all get together as a body of believers you can do a concordance. Study when, you're alone and that's cool and you should but. I contend that a minister really, doesn't need to do a concordance, study with, the Brethren now what you say what's a concordance, study a concordance. Study is when you go to your Strong's Concordance or. Your Young's concordance or, even, Google you. Type in the word wrestling, and then you talk about all the incidents, of wrestling in the Bible that's a concordance, study or concordance, sermon and you don't need me to do a concordance, study you can do that by yourself I'd, rather talk to you about concepts. And principles, and. I think this is where we need to go in Bible studies and sermons, trying. To to do, these exegetical. Studies where we glean concepts. And principles all, right right. Now I think that it might be helpful for us to talk about wrestling. With, the Scriptures yeah. Wrestling. With descriptions, because that's, a really controversial, topic. Within the, ekklesia, right, now rightly.

Or Wrongly the. Concept, of wrestling. Similar. To what we see Jacob doing in Genesis, wrestling. Is something, that can be done with Scripture and it is done all the time because there's. This thing of taking Scripture, and delving. Into it. Dissecting. It for examination. Trying. To drill, down to its meaning trying, to find an original intent. Trying, to copy, exactly. What the writer was, meaning, when he wrote these, god-breathed. Words. And, in. The Equus eeeh we have two different approaches, to understanding. And studying God's, work right on, one, hand we have the Sabbath keeping groups that encourage, wrestling. With the scriptures or at least the allowance, of wrestling, descriptions, on, the other hand we have the Sabbath keeping groups that forbid, people the. Great unwashed, you. Know people, like you and me who don't have standing. In the ministry we're not supposed to be wrestling. With scriptures now, I believe the church God's seventh day is really open to their brethren wrestling, with the scripture this was my personal experience. When I was part of church God said the day for like five, years and I, believe that other groups out there are open, to wrestling, with the scriptures like the Hebrew roots people the, Messianic, Jews I think and. If I've got that wrong let me know but that's that's my understanding and I believe that the groups that came out of the old WCG, are divided. Some. Of the groups either allow or encourage. The brethren to wrestle with the scriptures while others say don't. Worry your pretty little heads, you. Know about what, the scriptures mean they say those, of us who are in the leadership of the church will tell you what you need to know about the Bible and then, they say if you come up with a different point of view than we teach we, may just put you out of the church now. I'm not familiar enough with the seventh-day adventists, to know how, they feel about this business of wrestling with scriptures and some, of you out there and over Seventh day Adventists. Maybe you, can enlighten us and tell, us what that's all about because I have to confess my, ignorance in, this area and and let's be clear on something that's totally different if. A church says we're, not going to allow someone to come into our church and start bad-mouthing. The Sabbath, that makes perfect sense or if. A group says we're, not going to allow someone to come into our group and start denying, the sacrifice, of Jesus that. Makes perfect sense this. Is what you need to do because we, need to draw lines in the sand on certain, doctrines on the. Other hand we don't need to make minor, dot minor, doctrines, a point. Of fellowship. And you, know how church people love. To major, in, - you've heard that before and and let's acknowledge that, we don't always agree on which doctrines, are major in which, ones are minor, that is which, ones are the deal-breakers and, which ones aren't so it's, not always easy to make, the, demarcation. On this, point I get that the. Important point is this. Christian. Love needs. To be stronger, than any minor, doctrine, let me say that again Christian. Love needs to be stronger, than any minor, doctrine. And, and we don't always get this right so let's. Work on doing this better is, that a fair statement to make let's, work on doing better yep now, with that being said let's, be very clear about where we stand on SOS, regarding, the issue of wrestling, with the Scriptures we're. Absolutely. Positively. For. It we. Say that. Our job is to point you to Christ our. Job, is to teach you the scriptures as best, we can. Our, job, is to show love to everyone who wants to interact with us but. It's not our job to come between you and your Creator by, telling, you what, you must, or must not, believe about the Bible and why. Not what. Why is that not the case that we don't want to tell you what you have to believe what, you can't believe about why not and we've, said this over and over and over on this show you're probably getting tired of hearing me harp on this we. Say that because you've got to work out your own salvation, with. Fear and, trembling. And if you didn't weren't, able to say that with Wes then you haven't watched enough and watch the show enough when, you stand before Jesus, and you have to account for your life your, actions, your beliefs I'm not going to be there with you your ministers, not going to be there with you you're totally on your own so, you'd better make your decisions, today.

Based. On your being judged, by your Savior, tomorrow, not, by us not by us but by your Savior work out your own salvation with, fear and trembling okay, let's talk more about wrestling, with scriptures I want to mention something from. History surprise. Surprise yeah, I would have thought that I'm gonna talk about history, okay super mystery because I think you'll find it interesting. And really, helpful even and I think this you. Might might like this as we ponder this but when, studying, the history of the Jews you find that many times in European, history Jews. Weren't allowed to own land just. About all the countries of Europe, have had some, anti-semitism. In, their history they've, had varying degrees of anti-semitism. At different times for example in many, European, countries Jews. Weren't allowed to own land and as, a result, of Jews not being able to own land in Europe they had to go into other professions. Like shopkeeping. Merchandising. Banking. Music. Medicine. And even. Today not, rightly or wrongly I could be wrong on this but even, today when I'm told about a Jewish person, who's successful, in its profession, I never, think about the possibility. Of him being a farmer now, that may be my bias okay the. Reason. Is I've never known a Jewish. Farmer, in my whole life and I'm sure they're out there I'm just saying especially, in Israel you know they're in it in this country I don't think I remember no more so. This whole discrimination. Thing I bring this up about Jews not, being allowed to own land in Europe in times past has. Caused Jews to be somewhat, different, than Christians, or, Gentiles. When it comes to vocation now. Let's look at the religion. Of the Jews compared. To Gentiles, four. Great big chunks, of Christian, history the. Christian, religion was, hierarchical. It. Was very common for Christians, to be in churches, where they were told what to think. Catholicism. Anglicanism. Puritanism. I mean if you lived in Europe even your secular, King told. You what, you were supposed to believe when it came to your religion, and it was also, displaying in many of the original colonies, in America you, live in our colony you've got to believe in our religion, got a practice and we talked about this, wasn't it a week ago two weeks ago about Puritans.

And Pilgrims, okay back. To Europe if you, lived in Spain or France you're. Expected, to be a Catholic because that's what your secular, King demanded, if, you lived in England, after Henry the eighth your, king expected. You to be. And if, you weren't part of the Church of England, at best, you could be discriminated. Against at worse, you could be persecuted, or killed or killed that's part of the persecution, so this, was so typical of Christianity. In our Western history but. It wasn't that way with the Jews after, the destruction of the temple, and after. The Diaspora. Of the Jews from the Holy Land 2,000. Years ago this. Top-down rule, of how you were supposed to think didn't. Apply to, the Jews within their religious culture, the, Jewish communities, had no centralized. Authority. To, force them to believe a certain dogma, and as, a result, their, synagogues, evolved. In different directions, when it came to theology now, sure they all believed in the Sabbath they all believed in the high gates they believed in clean and unclean but, they had a lot of freedom within the Jewish community to. Wrestle. With the scriptures, we're. Talking about for the last 2,000, years 2,000. Years the, Jews have, a long history. Of, wrestling. With the scripture. There's. A guy named Peter ends, Enns, he writes in his book the, Bible tells me so you can look this up quote. Peter, and says the, history of Judaism is a lively. Tradition. Of wrestling, openly. With Scripture, and coming, to diverse. Conclusions. About how to handle it still, quoting he says more, so than Christian, nutrition, Christian tradition. Judaism. Embraces, debate, as a vital, part of its faith he, says, disagreements. Are preserved. Not. Silenced. Or marginalized. End quote, isn't that approach there's, that fact. I love this alright here's another cool quote in Walter. Brueggemann. Book, maybe. I need bill to help me pronounce that it's, called the, unsettling. God the heart of the Hebrew Bible he says I, suggest. That a Christian, reading the Old Testament, requires in the, present time a recovery, of the Jewishness, of our. Wages of reading the text and quote, no we don't agree with that statement totally. Because. We don't see, first. Century, Judaism, as being, the religion, of the Old Testament we, talked about this last week where we pointed out how first century Judaism. Was, actually a deviation. From the Old Testament religion and Jesus, that's what Jesus spot with those guys about not about the law but, about the traditions, of the elders and. The additions, first, century, Judaism had, a lot of unnecessary, and burdensome additions. To the law again, you can watch that on SOS, number four don't go now don't go now. But we agree with Bruggeman. Sediment. That, we've got to throw off the self-imposed. Burden. That we have where. We view the Bible through the eyes of being either, Catholic. Or Protestant or. Western or American, or European the. Old Testament, is a is an Eastern, book that, promotes, an Eastern. Religion, oh and. Let me interject something what. Promoted, me I'm. Sorry what prompted, me to, study. This stuff over the last week was a post on a website called banned. By hwa, and this post was entitled, why, the co G members are not allowed to wrestle. With Scripture it, was a really good post you may find it interesting anyway one more final. Quote I got from the internet it's from the website and it's, called internet and monk and here's, what it says it's quote Jewish. Scholars. Have always, always. Seen. Our. Interpretations. Of Scripture. As, provisional. Not, final, there's, always more to the text or quoting he, says my view may be challenged, and I welcome the challenge as a means by which we all learn more in the process of interpretation, he.

Says We wrestle, with the text and we recognize, the value of continuing. To wrestled in the pursuit of wisdom he, says Jewish. Biblical studies have a different, dynamic than do Christian, biblical, studies he says they have much more of a willingness to tolerate, differences. In tensions, within, the Jewish community in other words he says so quoting reading. And studying, the Bible ought to open and encourage, conversations. Not. Shut, them down and close, again. Within. The ekklesia we. Don't want to do away with the sacrifice, of our Savior we. Don't want to do away with it's law but I think we need to have more, of an openness, about what the Word of God is saying to us and let. Me interject another, really important point just just so you know where we're coming from on this show we got a new a lot of new viewers. Tonight, my background, is both the, church got seventh day and the Armstrong, Churches of God and the, doctrinal, positions, that I have held for the past few decades is, now really. Really close to that of the Church of God seventh, day it's. My personal, belief that hwa. Got some great doctrines, from church God seventh day but, then he added some, not, so good doctrines, to those things that he learned from church, got seventh day some things like you know Church eras the, banning of interracial, marriage, top-down, church government, setting, dates that never came the primacy, of Peter 2nd, and 3rd time all those things I've, rejected most of those additions to church not seventh-day doctrines, and I think right, now I embrace, just, about almost. All of the doctrines. Of the church got 7 day but. Really west, light is not important, what I believe is not what's important what's important, it is in the Bible I only mention this because I know I'm going to get questions on where, I stand on doctrinal, issues and I think that what I just related, encompass, it encompasses. It in a quick nutshell let's get back to resting I confess. That I. Enjoy, this. Fake sport, called professional. Wrestling, it's. Entertaining. To me in the same way that the Three Stooges are. Entertaining, I love a boat and, there's, a lesson that we can learn from fake, wrestling really a spiritualist. Ankle or wrestling okay, we have these big wrestling, organizations. Like the WWE. And the NWA, okay they create these storylines, they. Determine, which guys are the good guys and which guys are the bad guys and they, predetermine. Who's going to win each, match it's all fixed I see.

This Same formula, in many church organizations. The. Ones that discourage, their members from wrestling, with scriptures, these. Organizations. Are in the same category, as the WWE and, the NWA, because these church organizations. Set, up these fake Bible, studies where, they make themselves out to be the good guy and they, say that anybody who disagrees with him is a bad guy and then, they predetermined. The outcome, of the Bible study so, that their side always wins they. Rigged the match by. Only presenting, their side of the argument on any, particular doctor, I was at some of those, for. Years well, you know like, even if somebody brought up a valid point it was always brushed aside or, not talked about or, yeah whatever you know like well. We. We, don't do that on SOS, we, try to give you all sides, of an argument and, in the end we, tell you where we stand on the debate we. Don't leave you hanging but in the end you, got to make your own decision, on where you stand and, work out your own something, did, you read the script you just stole my punch line well you very soon I know but I love this ok. Read the script ok and you. Got to make your own decision, on where you stand, and if, you disagree, with us we don't make fun of you we don't ridicule you, for, taking exception to what we teach and why, don't we tear into, you for not agreeing. With us Nancy, already said it stole my thunder say it again Nancy, because you have to work out your own salvation with. Fear and tremble, you so much your timing is impeccable right let's, let's conclude this thing it's, my prayer that you. Loved the scripture so much that, you don't just listen to a sermon in church on the Sabbath and then forget about the word of God for the rest of the week it's. My prayer that you meditate. On God's Word all day long no matter where, you are no matter what you're doing it's. My prayer that you, set aside time to study God's Word on a regular, basis, it's, my prayer that you're spending more time in prayer Bible, study and service, to others than. You do on worldly, things like sports, politics. And entertainment, please. Don't, miss out on your chance to, receive a blessing, like Jacob. Did wrestle. With the Scriptures in the same way that, Jacob, wrestled with God drill. Down into them you. Don't have to be a Greek scholar or a Hebrew scholar to understand, God's well there's simplicity, in Christ salvation. Is available to all no, matter how smart a person is or isn't just. Don't take other people's words. For what the scriptures are saying, study. Yourself, to be approved. Rightly. Dividing, the word of God wrestle. With the scriptures so. That you might receive a blessing, okay. I know. You're gonna have something that you want to add on this subject.

Good, Stuff thanks Bill now, before we read, some of the chatroom comments, remember that on SOS. We never ask you for money we don't want your money we refuse. Money that's sent to us we send it back but, we do ask for your prayers and we. Ask that you hit. The share button if, you, find any value, in this show please share. With your friends because they, just might find value, in a two so please hit, the share button now before, we go into the chatroom with Nancy I want to go to the mailbag and here's, something that we received from Bill Evans laughs, I. Thought yeah and he says I'm, gonna quote Bill Evans he, wrote to us he said the approach some ministers take to this business, studying, the Bible sounds like catechism. To me he. Said, I once, suggested to a group I attended that they have a weekly Bible study the. Minister reluctantly, agreed but here was his approach, bill. Says he wanted us to memorize Church. Booklets, allow and I suggested, that if we're going to memorize anything, we should memorize, scripture, and just, use the booklets, for reference, and Bill says he did the opposite, he insisted, that we memorized the booklets, and used, Scripture, as reference. He said I declined, to attend, I called, that class what it was, catechism. Okay. A little we're gonna go to the little chat room just a minute got a couple more things from the mailbag, Olivia. Doyle writes to us and says good topics, lest she says question when, is teaching, not teaching, the, answer when, discussion. And questions, are not allowed, when, that happens, it's just a lecture, and it's a really good point Olivia now we'd love nothing more than for these studies that we do to be truly interactive. But we can't quite do it that, way since it's, all electronic, on Facebook and YouTube so we try to do the next best thing by encouraging, your, comments, and questions which, we love and we love to read them we're reading them now Nancy's, gonna read some more right well finally we have a real good question from, rod Koosman, he says what. About translations. Wesley, he said some translations. And I, think he's talking about the King James he, says are difficult, to read but many modern. Translations. Are, easier to read but they're by Evangel, evangelicals. Who, believe that to, translate, is to interpret. Always. Remember there's, a difference between translating. And interpreting and, I like that question all right let's, deal with this no not tonight we, don't have time all. Right not tonight all right I'm gonna add this topic, to our to-do list for a future show okay in the meantime I want to hear comments from the Brethren on the subject of what Rob please, talk to us about, different, Bible translations, send me an email which, translation, do you use as your primary Bible, study and why, send, me an email o WD. White 49, at Write that down please because we always want to hear from you WD y 49, at, and let's. Start with rod, I hope you'll send me something on this topic rod all right Nancy chatroom, go for it okay so we had other people join us Roy. Starr. Roy walnut, farm. Let's, see, Lisette. Arruda, I wanted, to know if we, were jewelry and several people have answered her there obviously I do. Let's. See Bryan Bernard says, Sabbath, blessings, and. Let's. See, ke, Ellen, O'Brien, is with us from, Ohio. Mimi's. Welcoming, everybody as they get in here we have a, praise. Report from, Dan Krantz, whose mom, 77. Had a bad mammogram, and then so Luke 18, tells us pester, God this. Kind of a translation, of what it says yep, he did in prayer he went back to her she went back to her follow-up and no, problem, whatever it was disappeared, take your problems, to God in prayer be persistent, our Father loves us who, said that dan Krantz dan Krantz, thank you Dan we want to hear more stuff like that, we've got so much to be grateful for we, want to hear about it and sure, we want to hear prayer requests when you're sick or you got a problem you, know we want to hear about that but one hear the good stuff too because we want to praise God when God does so much for us, korto.

Join Us Marian, Young Perkins. Says you're right in got, to be persistent. Josie. Gonzalez is watching. And. I. Had some comments here I do want to get to. Having. Internet issues come, back dan. Says don't we all wrestle with our human nature yeah on a daily basis, I don't know about you but I do that's. My worst enemy, my worst enemy is me and my human nature. Okay. Then. They, said you know some. People with the spirit are being held back. Okay. Let. Me go right here. Birgit, reminds, us that there's a lot of analogy. Or, to, farming in the Bible can you think of any scriptures, that go with that like he'll. Put his hands to the plow and looks back is the story. A. Very good point there so there's a lot of Bible metaphors. In the Bible about about. That as, a mere scent hope says one of the reasons they denied the Lord our God everything. He said and every answer he gave they, could not debate or. Be, avoided. We do not have a power against the truth but only for the truth and interesting points the only debate between people, should in foot reinforce, to the truth right exactly. You know. John. Black said he's experiencing, something very similar in the church with the attends, bill. Pentecost, is watching, poeta. Gusto. What. Day is the Sabbath sir the. Seventh day of the week. Dorothy. Lunz go ahead Bible, is very clear and if we run I'm, afraid we, don't. Want to cut into your time so we're going to continue okay. Dorothy. Lund says the word is the lamp to my feet and a light to my path yes. It is Saudi is watching, us tonight. Mehgan's. Cheers, watching, us for Stila Hawkins, says I know this, is a praise report I invited a bunch of folks and I know for, them turned out tonight great, excellent, thank you I mean me as a prayer request would appreciate focus, prayer, on a hernia. On. The right of her abdomen, so. We turn put her on you okay, so. As I said before when. You're talking to God's people you should have a piece of paper available in your pocket, and when, somebody asks you to pray about you need to write that down please, and then, when you go into prayer and Bible study you can pull that out otherwise you might forget pray, for Mimi's health write that down please yep okay. Um, know it's somebody else's, or somebody else we, are we, are afraid, of Mimi's yeah okay xaviar Saint hope says there's two audio are options, on Android, get, the word a promise so. That's. One and faithful version Bible okay um Carl. Barefield from Alabama. Rhod Koosman needs us to repeat your, email. Address it's WD, white 49. Not just wd-40. 9 WD, white, 49. At, when. Somebody write that in the chat room please not you Nancy but somebody else me me or somebody WD. White 49, at put, that in the chat room ok edmondbina says great topic for discussion definitely. Need to be reading, ok, very good ok. Nancy. What have you got for us tonight in your presentation. All right we talked about Xena Warrior, Princess alright. Although I've probably only watched a handful, of episode, years ago Xena, I always liked Xena Warrior Princess.

I Loved her image she's so tough and looked great in that short weather outfit, she even had inexplicably. Great, hair in the midst of a battle she, had great skill with the sword and, she looked really good on her pure white horse the. Storyline, is that in order to redeem herself for killing innocent. People. Previously. She, fought for good especially, for the less fortunate with. Her friend and helper Gabrielle. Every. Christian is drafted, into service into, God's army to do battle for the sake of redemption, women. Too unlike. Xena, we don't do battle for the purpose of being redeemed, we've, already been redeemed Jesus. Has already paid the price for our Redemption so, we have a different, purpose for being warriors, we are all meant to be warriors though, all of us yep now whenever this topic of being warriors comes up too often people's. Thoughts jumped, you know directly, to the time when Christ returns with, a holy army of angels to fight the rulers of this world physical. And spiritual but, it's more than that we're, in a battle for good in this world right now right, now someone. Says well what war are we in right now and how do we fight it I'm glad you asked that question. Well. Our greatest battle of course is a 1 in our own hearts and mind, our. Fight to drive out the old man for the sake of victory in the new and while, in Christ we, already, have the victory it's just, that our carnal nature's haven't, yet fully surrendered, at least mine hasn't and we. Know our enemy Satan is not going to give up fighting, against us until we're dead and can no longer reach us so, when we put on the whole armor of God and stand to fight and head out to battle as it tells us to do in effusion sticks we, must think about who and what we. Are to be fighting in contrast. To knowing what battles to leave to God I believe we can easily make the distinction this way we. Fight the inner battle we let God fight the, outward battle let, me explain the distinction, first, the inward fight that you are I are, to be fighting is the one for our own minds, emotions, and actions, we, find this in 2nd Corinthians 10 3 through 5 especially. Verse 5 that, says bringing. Every, thought into captivity to. Obedience to Christ. Every. Thought is cut when every thought is captive to God our words and deeds automatically. Are captive, to. 2nd. Corinthians 10:3. 3/6 me me write it in the chatroom for me because it can't do it now 2nd, corinthians 10:3, search success for. Though we live in the world we do not wage war as, the world does the, weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world on the contrary, they have divine, power to demolish strongholds. We. Demolish arguments, and every pretension that, sets itself, up against the knowledge of God and we take captive every thought, to, make it obedient to, Christ and, we will be ready to. Punish every, act of disobedience. Once our obedience is complete, let. Me share few. Ideas on, capturing, our thoughts and making them prisoners, of war first. Thoughts, may be influenced, by the things that we spend time with like TV, or books or music or social media so, the fight might start with unplugging. A little more and by using those things more wisely there's. Some good informative. Fun, and sound, and educational, stuff on TV in books. And on the Internet, there's also a lot of stuff we have no businessmen sleep messing, with or spending time with amen we know you, know we're - we're told to metaphorically, cut, off the things that cause us to offend in word or deed that's. An important use of the sword of the Spirit that's part of our armor, second. We, should spend dedicated. Time with, a great commander-in-chief, of our lives God. And with, our battle, leader Jesus. Christ. We do this through Bible study prayer, meditation. And while, the Sabbath has made it was made especially for, these things each and every day is also an opportunity to, consult, with these, chief strategist, of ours and, number. Three finally, we should spend time with people who are a positive. Influence, and use, that iron sharpening, iron thing to sharpen our swords of truth so, we are sharper. When it comes to fighting those inner battles yeah, you're, referring, proverb to proverbs, 27:17. I believe where it says as iron. Sharpens, iron so one person. Sharpens, another yes I am and you know we can go back to your talking about having, these studies. Where you actually wrestle, with the scriptures it kind of you, know goes here because you're talking to each other you're wrestling with the scriptures you're sharing what you know and iron sharpening, iron so it kind of goes together well. I don't know about you but fighting my own carnal, nature is a full-time battle. My sole attest to it with the enemy coming at me kind of from all sides sometimes.

Thankfully. Then the second, point is that we let God do the outward fighting we're so busy fighting you know our inward battle, we let him do the outward fight there, are many places where the Bible says the, Lord will fight for you one, of my favorites, is Exodus, 14 13. Through, 14 write that down Exodus, 14 13, through 14 where. It says and Moses, said to the people do, not be afraid stand. Still, and see the salvation of. The Lord, which he will accomplish for you today, for, the Egyptians whom you see today you shall see no more forever the, Lord will fight for you and you, shall hold your peace I like. It because Israel, did nothing. On the fighting front they, cried to God to be free and then when the time came they, ran away like the devil himself was chasing, them there. Is no scripture that indicates, we New, Testament, Christians, should go on the attack on anything, besides, our own human nature in fact, I believe the scripture actually indicates. That we should even we, shouldn't even fight when someone brings a battle to our front doors for, example, we are told that if someone slaps us on one cheek were to offer the other and to agree with our adversaries, quickly, in order to avoid a lawsuit, God. Tells us to trust him, to do those outward battles, with bosses. And co-workers and. Family, and other, 501. C 3s and the government, etc, sure. There will be times when you have to stand up for what's right but, that's not the same as attacking, there, will also be times when we see the father has just opened up an opportunity to run and we, run as, fast, as we can, far away from those who would attack us and, I. Admit that doesn't, sound very warrior-like does, it nope but, it should, because. We're to focus on the victory, over self, no matter how that's accomplished, fighting, our own human nature is hard, and it should feel awesome when we win against the tendency to do what. We want you know to tendency, to want to go to war, with another person, that's a human tendency our. Human nature fights, against a call to hand over the, external, battles, to God this, is also a battle with our own pride, and human, nature that thinks we, can, do it ourselves or we must do something so, when we set down our weapons or simply, walk away we, need to see that as a victory - whether. We win an internal, battle over something like the tendency, to gossip, or whether God intervenes, with the boss over getting the Sabbath off as recently, happened with a friend of mine praise God praise God it's still a battle won we, have the benefit, and blessing of knowing that, we're on a winning army, there's, no doubt, about the, ultimate. Outcome God. Is a great general, he sets out the battle plan you, and I fight our nature's we. Take the inner battle we, take on the he, takes on the world and fights the outward battle you're, battling human nature in Satan's, world right now and God, is fighting for you too although, there you may at times be, bloody, scarred, and sore your victory is Shore and the crown is yours so, take up, your armor and fight on my fellow warrior, princesses, or, princes I always. Welcome your thoughts and you can write me in the chatroom or email me at Nancy, at dynamic Christian. Ministries, org. Now. One final note question, for you before we go to Bill I need your, latest. Or I read your latest blog entitled. Mama, said there'd be days like this right, the, Xena thing that you did tonight it kind, of dovetails in with that blog doesn't it yes it does you're right but, just, so you know tonight's, Xena, segment, was written almost a year ago that long, doesn't God work in mysterious ways interesting, bill. Tell us your, thoughts on this business of weaponry. And the spiritual warfare. Well. I think that. Any occasion six weeks, for the armor of God. Is. Defensive. Yeah. Helmet. Breastplate. Shield. There's. Only one offensive. Weapon and that, is the Sword of Truth yeah, excellent, and to tie this into our previous, of ago we talked about wrestling, the. Same chapter, speaks, our enemy, as a Christian, warrior in Ephesians, six verse 12 it. Says. We. Wrestle not, against, flesh and blood but. Against principalities and. Powers. Of. This world against. Spiritual, wickedness in, the high places and, it. Sports it's well known as well. Was. Right very good thank, you, okay. Let's go into our third and final segment, we're running out of time I hope we can get through this it, looks like we're gonna go a little past an hour tonight I hope you don't mind. Let's. Let's. Go into this this third and final segment last Friday on, SOS. 42, we spend a lot of time talking about how the, New Testament, is not a, standalone. Book, any more than, is the Bill of Rights a standalone, document we. Pointed out that just as the, Bill of Rights has. To be viewed side-by-side and equally to the original, seven, articles of the Constitution well. A New Testament same way it's got to be viewed side-by-side. And equally. To the Old Testament, or what we call the Hebrew Scriptures so, if you missed SOS, 42.

You Can go back and pick it up on my Facebook page or, you can get their YouTube replay at dynamic. Christian, ministries org and we, talked about this. The picture okay I think you're gonna find this story interesting it's about a guy named Andrew Duggar got a picture of him here Andrew, Duggar was an evangelist, in the Church of God seventh, day in the early part of the 20th century Duggar. Traveled, all over the United States especially. During the 1920s. And 1930s. Raising. Up sabbath-keeping. Churches of God all over the place and Duggar. Had many ways of preaching to the unconverted, and one, of his most effective, tools was. The Sabbath, Sunday. Debates. Duggar. Would go to some city to arrange a debate with a minister, a minister, who believed that the Sabbath was done away with and that, the Lord and that Sunday replaced, it as the Lord's Day and Duggar. Was brilliant. In this exercise, and, here's, what he do weeks. Before the debate he'd advertised, a debate in the newspapers, and on the radio. Didn't, have internet. You. Back then and and, the, sunday-keeping minister, would also promote it and remember. That people back then they didn't have as many forms of entertainment like, we do today you know they didn't have to table TV, video. Games and all that so people, would show up to these debates by. The hundreds, sometimes, there'd, be a couple thousand. People at one, of these events I bet it was great entertaining, great entertainment. Now, a good debate and I talk about this all the time a good debate is not when two people just, get together and argue, that's, not debate, not anime no too many times what passes for debate, in society. Today ends up being a pooling of ignorance, okay, Duggars. Debates were well done they were simple, they were nice. To each other unlike, the debate, Corning quote that we see in society today, the presidential. Debates in the last election were awful all right here's what would happen in a typical Duggar debate, each. Guy was given a chance to ask his opponent, some, yes-or-no questions, and and. The opponent, had to answer the question either yes or no and then if he said yes he would have to read a scripture, to back up his yes and this, is usually, where, Duggar really, shined in the debate and here's, some questions that Duggar, would ask his opponent, and sometimes. His opponent, he'd get all frustrated at the question and he'd start babbling and the moderator, would, have to cut him off and say well you can't just talk you, got to answer either yes or no you got to read a scripture quit this commenting, okay here's, the questions the Duggar would ask the sunday-keeping minister, that, drove them crazy and, these questions have to do with Sunday, okay.

Question. Does, the Bible say that God blessed the first day of the week yes, or no well, you know the answer to this no, matter how you slice it and dice it you can't answer yes to this question and, again this. Question really tripped, up Duggars, opponents, because the answer is clearly no and, they didn't want to say it and they didn't want to say no all, right next question Doug Irwin asks does, the Bible say that God hallowed the, first day of the week again. It's no, you, can't say yes, and then read a Bible Scripture you can't do it all right then Duggar would say does the Bible say that the God commands, keeping the first day of the week. No. Does, the Bible say that God rested, on the first day of the week no does. The will stay that God calls the first day of the week a holy, day no no, does, the Bible say that God offers, a reward for, keeping the first day of the week does. The Bible say that the first day of the week will be kept in the kingdom of God Oh does. The Bible say that it was Jesus, custom, to keep the first day of the week Oh does. The Bible say it was Paul's manner to worship on, the. First day of the week no. No, so, you can see how Duggar would score a lot of points on, these quests. That other minister was just so frustrated, based on what I have heard about these it would drive these these ministers crazy and by the way these questions that I'm reading tonight they're. In a booklet, that I wrote for church got International know. About. The Sabbath, or you can contact church, got international, it's free so, I want the free booklet written by Wes white about the Sabbath so contact him you can find him at CGI or okay. All right now now Duggar he continues, to make and he reverses and he makes a minor change in the wording of these same questions and he would ask these same questions and instead of using the first day of the week he, would say the seventh, day of the week Oh now let's hear these questions, just, with the minor changed okay ask the question does, the Bible say that God blessed, the seventh day of the week we. Know the answer is yes yeah and what scripture would we read to back up our yes answer or Genesis, 2:3 or it says and God blessed.

The Seventh day and sanctified it, because in it, he had rested from all his work which God created, and mate right right then Duggar would say yes, or no does the Bible say that God hallowed the, Sabbath yes, what. Scripture backs that up Exodus, 20, verse 11, for six, days the Lord made heaven and the earth to see in all of us and him rested, the seventh day wherefore, the Lord has blessed the sabbath day and hallowed. It maybe, I hope you're keeping up with right these go people. Like I don't wanna well they're just gonna have to go back and watch this right alright then Doug Irwin asked does, the Bible say that God commands, the keeping of the Sabbath yes. Where again. Exodus, 20:11 we, just read it then, it Duggar would ask does the Bible say that God, rested, on the Sabbath yeah. Where Exodus, 20:11 where, it's us in six days the Lord made heaven and the earth and then he rested the seventh duggard, asked question, and I love reading this this is so cool you can just imagine Duggar, standing, there with, the moderator, in between and the other minister, who believes in Sunday and he's asking, these questions and, you can just imagine how. People in the audience were, reacting. To this and some, of them were just mobbed up afterwards. And say you, got to tell us more about this Sabbath, thing yeah because they said they saw from the debates that the Bible does say keep. The seventh-day Sabbath all right another question from Duggar I'm getting off topic does. The Bible say that God calls the Sabbath a holy, day. Where. I say a 58:13, if thou, turn away thy foot from the sabbath from doing that pleasure on my holy, day. And, call the. Sabbath a lot of delight the lord says. Honorable, and honor it not. Doing your own ways your own pleasure or speaking your own words Duggers. Next question does. The Bible say that God offers a reward, for. Keeping the Sabbath yes yes thank you yes. Praise God for that we just read it in isaiah 58:13, then. He. Would say the. Next question he would have does the Bible say that the Sabbath will be kept in the kingdom, of God yet, Isaiah.

66, 23. You, can see you can't say no to any of these questions cuz Duggar had, the verses, to back it up that the answer was yes and here's why I see it 6623. Says and it shall come to pass that from one new moon to another and from one, sabbath, to another shall. All flesh come to worship before me saith, the lord this is an endtime prophecy. And all flesh and I use, not, just the Jews right next. Question from Duggar he says does the Bible say it was Jesus custom. To keep the Sabbath I know that one you know yes very. Good I'm surprised, you do I'm getting 100 where, does he say it Luke 4:16, and it says and he came to Nazareth speaking, of Jesus where he had been brought up and as, his custom was, he went, to the synagogue on the Sabbath day stood, up to read alright and then the question Duggar, would ask, I wish, I could have been there and you know it's in exciting, it would have been exciting, and you know I um, I took a oratory. And rhetoric, and all that from these those speech. Professors, when I was in college and they, said one of the greatest crimes against, humanity, is that, we didn't have tape recorders, when, Daniel. Webster, spoke because he was such a great orator, and it's a sin that we do not you. Know here have these recordings to hear what what Daniel Webster I think it's a sin that, we didn't have our iPhones. And video cameras, and all it to record this thing with Duggar this had to be just brilliant okay finally. Question, I'll s

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I am not in favor of the term wrestle with the Scriptures.... Wrestle comes from to wrest, as in 2 Pet.3:16..... If we are not careful in our studies we begin to "wrest" the Scripture by contorting them to mean what we want them to say..... This is how idea babies get started.... I have been guilty of doing that in my early days and still have to be on guard against it....

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