Solopreneur Strategy to Grow a Business from 0 to a $300k Monthly Revenue - with James Smiley Ep2

Solopreneur Strategy to Grow a Business from 0 to a $300k Monthly Revenue - with James Smiley Ep2

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Are you ready to scale and outsource your business okay, let's go. Welcome. To the outsourcing and, scaling show I'm, your host Nathan, Hurst a show, where we talk about everything, Amazon shopify, ecommerce and, digital, marketing, let's. Get started, hey, everyone welcome back to outsourcing, and scaling I'm your host Nathan, Hersh we are here with a special guest James, smiley, James how are you hey. What's going on appreciate, you having me here hello hello so. I'm gonna read your bio and it's awesome, James, has been recognized, as one of the most innovative and in-demand entrepreneurs. Under 40 here's the lead 0, to 20 million dollar growth for not one but two different companies, fed part of a Silicon Valley software. Is a service IPL, and get sold it for three of the Fortune ten companies James, has been behind the scenes paid advisor to over 560. Executives, and entrepreneurs. His primary specialty, is helping entrepreneurs with, rapid. Revenue, acceleration. By leveraging online automations. And his proprietary digital marketing, systems pretty, cool James, hahaha. I appreciate it man it's, funny I consider. Myself just a normal dude so my, dad always told me the moment that you don't put your pants on by. Yourself then you made it but until then you're just a normal dude so go to work that's my dad told me so. I. Always say when you get too hot or when you get to the top don't get too high when you get to the bottom don't get too low you got to stay that even keel but. Yeah take us back before, before you were an entrepreneur what were you doing you always want to be an entrepreneur give, us a glimpse into the past that, the previous life, yeah. I mean I am I grew up really poor the inner-city in Seattle on a place called Rainier Valley Beacon. Hill if anybody looks it up and I. I. Don't, know I just had this knack for making money even I was when I was young I used to work multiple, jobs multiple. Paper routes things. Like that I learned, how to double the revenue on a paper route then I got another paper route and double the revenue that one I, did, simple things like I just knocked on every door and just made an offer like, it was so crazy I just like you'd be surprised how many people don't even know a paper is, in their area and they got these marketing teams and all these people trying to figure out how to market and it's like if you just go knock on the door, people.

You Know I mean just go knock on a door put an offer you leavin on a cell but if you can put your offer out there people. Will buy like people wake up more than ever before in history, wanting, to buy something, they just don't want you to sell you. Know so yeah, I mean that's kind of how I started. What's, ball denied peeling a software company my 20s made my first six figures when, I was 20 years old and then I that allowed me to get, recruited to a software company and we were the first Google. Maps essentially. As well we were the first Google Maps, so, that went really well and then from. There I just bridge, that and leverage, that to just do consulting, for hundreds. Of companies, and and just coaching programs stuff I've been doing the executive coaching and entrepreneurial, coaching for over twelve, years and it's been really awesome fun, it's my passion to how people grow the revenue so. You work with a lot of different businesses small startups, coaches, influencers. Larger companies, what's, your favorite, and why do you prefer that the smaller people getting off the top you prefer, people that are already established and, taking them in the next level, yeah. I really focus on the solopreneur. Right now and I think that's that's gonna be the big thing so, I made that shift about two years ago two and a half years ago, because. I really realized that. Capabilities. Were at a place that, were. Unprecedented, and that it was only gonna get more, there's. Gonna be an increase, in capabilities, for. The average human being so if you have a phone and internet access. Well. You. Can do now you couldn't, do five years, ago or definitely, not ten or twenty years ago so you know if you can dance on you're, a kid you, can make three to five thousand dollars a month getting. Sponsors, to dance on Instagram, or tik-tok or whatever right like, and. So, like back in my day m38. Back in my day when. I was teenager people, told you you're dancing on the street like you go get in life go get a job go you know anything like so, if. You're good enough and you can provide content that people want. That. The capabilities, are there like never before for you to you. Know serve, you your market serve the world make money whatever it is you, want to do and so I realized that shift, was happening, about, seven or eight years ago I realized that this was this era was coming about because of social and things like that. And so I you. Know I've always tried to move my expertise. To where the leverage is the highest because then for. It because at the end of the day you only have a certain number hours you can work right. Like Gary Vaynerchuk or, Steve Jobs doesn't. Have more than you or didn't have more than you and Elon, Musk doesn't have more than you like you actually have the same amount of hours they do so. The question is how do you leverage what, you're doing and one of the best ways to do it is to, be in a highly, leveraged. Of Bowl if that's where highly leveraged of all market like social, media internet marketing those kind of things where you, know you, can do one-to-many, and you know there's all these, capabilities. That are available, you know I I believe there's so you know economists, in. Politicians. And I think, you know they'll, tell you that doesn't. Matter people left write it up down whatever they are believed like like economists. Will tell you a lot, of people tell you that you know things are gonna crash things III believe, it's the opposite they. Might think things are gonna crash but that's because fortune 500, brands I believe there's gonna be more fortune 500 brands crashing, the next five to six years than, ever before in history and we've already started to see that, but.

That Doesn't, mean that there isn't an uprise of, millions. Of people like us you know and so I saw. This wave coming, in and I knew that I could, be a part of supporting, and enabling people, so. Let's talk about the sole entrepreneur where, do you see people struggle, the most and, how where. Can you make the most impact the, fastest. So. It's interesting there was a study. I believe by Carnegie Mellon came, out two years ago and it really, specifically, studied. Entrepreneurs. Who were using the Internet and. It said that now, it's you know typically in entrepreneurship, 8 out of 10 businesses fail and on, the internet it was 96. Percent, so almost 100, percent like almost everybody in some way is not, doing, what they wanted to do or we're not doing their dream on the Internet and, when that survey, said that the number one reason that people, will, check the box and said this is why I'm failing. Wasn't. Money it wasn't they didn't have skills, it, wasn't the typical things it was the word overwhelmed. And. Overwhelm. Specifically. Means you, know what to do you've, read the book, you've, you. Know you know the nomenclature, you, just don't know what to do in what order right, yeah I mean like you hear there's so much to do you feel. Feels like you. Just you can't get the right things done and so you end up failing. So, I think you know having really, good systems, being. Really, good at namely people with automation. In. Teaching, them how to leverage their time and their money and. Everything, their data, their, resources, what they know like, all that stuff can help make them money, and. So, you know uh you know although I'm really good at funnel sales copy and all those, things. I find, you can have an amazing funnel, amazing, sales copy but a bad business, system and a bad business process, and never actually, get your business off the ground you. Know you look at all the to comma Club winners are all these people who crush it and click funnels or whatever they, are amazing. At running, their business their business models, are really efficient and so, so. Many people just don't have that and that's what we provide so they could have stability of growth and, in automation, of freedom and those kind of things yeah. I think you're right I mean you mentioned never before her people had so many opportunities well, with those opportunities, just comes a lot of things to do a lot of lessons, or people, saying, hey do this do this do this and and it really comes down to the prioritization. So, if you're someone let's, say there's someone listening who has struggled to prioritize, do you have any tips for them. Yeah. If you started to prioritize I think the number one thing we all need to do is figure out what's, the you, know the core. Whatever. You wanna call it the core purpose of course skill, look for your, destiny, from God whatever you want to say like, what what is your thing you, know and if you don't know. There's. A couple ways to figure it out one what, do you enjoy you. Know the you can write down a short list of that number. Two what other people think you're good at that's kind of easy to figure out like people will tell you and. Another. Good way is like what, what can you do to make money you. Know and, not that the world's about money but money will open up a lot of doors and get you places and help you you know if you want to build, wells over, over, in third, world countries money, is how you do it you know I mean you can't do it with just talking about it though, so. I think you know kind of figuring out what you're good at and, then figuring out how do I spend 80% of my time doing. What I'm good at that's, the key is like, you know. And. That's. Tough when people don't have money they don't know how to outsource or whatever but, once again capabilities.

Are There more than ever before so you can hire people. Like. Like for me I am you, know we on any given year we're gonna do, some around a million dollars our, goal is really about a net profit margin of, over 80%, and. So we. Can, you know I can, do, 800. Grand and make more cash, flow into my bank account than, friends and I know that do two or three million so so. It really just depends on the giving year what. We're doing sometimes you know we're way over a million or more. But. But it for, me it's about cash flow about, leveraging, that cash flow, and. And. One. Of the really cool things is you know like like I have I really have to so kind of you know the contractors, wife who were involved in my business and, then we on any given month we're gonna pay between 6 and 11 people, that are contractors, depends. On what we're doing so, we could scale that back on, months, we could maybe. We're doing all the more, but, but those capabilities, were never there before you, know uh uh I mean, for a company, my size to be able to do that we wouldn't need an office, and you know all these things and now with technology. And. Communications. The way they are is, unbelievable. You know what's, possible so. Let's talk about hiring a little beiieve i viously, hired a lot of people you've helped people hire other people we. Look at your videos back you've, helped people hire a lot of people um what, do you look for when you're hiring someone I'm sure you've kind of figured. That out a little bit by now that's. A really good question so, so. I have a little bit different philosophy than most but, my idle mind works really really really well so, the one that we teach is, you. Know we teach you, know you want, to, you. Know try to hire and, with it within a process or a system where. So. This is really in the kind of virtual assistant. Kind of kind of world where, somebody's, not coming. To work with you every day it could be us it could be abroad wherever, but. Really. What we're gonna do we're. Gonna put a really good application out there that, the, Matt talks about, we're. Looking for the ID you'll, candidate, we're not looking for people who are good we. Know God bless those people and whatever but we need like people, who are rock stars we want the best of the best right if, I'm hired a salesperson, it'll, say like you have to be able to how you have to have the abilities, and the capabilities. And the skills to do 150, grand or 180 grand or more per year if, you don't have the skills for that do not apply and. So it doesn't mean everybody that applies is gonna be that rock star but, you're gonna get a certain mentality a, person, who has a that's to apply to that so. That helps you a lot the second thing we'll do is in. There it will tell them exactly what. To do so the this. Is how you gonna figure out can they self manage themselves because. That's ultimately what their job is their. Job is about you know doing, a repeated, system over and over and over again without you seeing right without you knowing. And. We. Do not check in with them every day there's. People out there who have, huge coaching programs who teach that I, have. Found you do not need that if you know how to bring, them in on board them right and. And. And. Manage them by results, because, at the end of the day I can see if the social media posts are going up I can see if the videos are being edited right like, so I don't, need to like. Like we have very few meetings in our in our company, our company was extremely efficient we. Might have one or two total, meetings maybe one meeting I'm a week. Like, we very, rarely have meetings I don't, like meetings because it really ties up a lot.

Of People's time so if we're having a meeting it needs to be really, efficient, it needs to be about productivity. Right. In, like like you think about pulling five people together I mean the amount of money and resources they're being spent there isn't is incredible. In. Corporate America people have meetings all day long they're in. Boardrooms. And conference, rooms meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting and basically all people are doing is talking about problems no one in the room actually knows the solution you, know I mean and that's why companies are inefficient. So. So. To kind of loop back so when, we look to hire somebody we will give them, process, of exactly, how to get hired how do you beat everyone else we. Will literally tell them that you, know we'll tell them the scent of video this is really important, well tell them to include your favorite color or something weird and random this. To see if they pay attention you know I mean and and. Just to see if they can follow a process we will we might give them a link that's somewhere out there on the internet and we'll type it in there and say this. This they'll write the word dot and then we'll write the rest of the URL because really long and, we'll just see like do they realize this is a period not the word dot you, know I mean like because there's spaces in between that we're not we're. Trying to see like what's the intellect well like can this person solve a problem on their own do they need to message me do that you know and, then, they'll send me a video and so typically you might get you know 50, applications 100, applications, but, you're really gonna get five or ten videos and. I mean that's how you you, you just you, created a tremendous amount of leverage. In. Automation. Around a process, where now I've got the ten best candidates right in front of me in my inbox and. Will look at those and then we'll take the best people out of there we'll give them a specific task. So, this kind of next level is if you get the task you're one of like the three or four more people and, use a lot of times we'll pay people, for that because we want them to do the tasks we want to see what, they're gonna do and honestly it's not good doesn't cost you that much to have three, people do a two-hour task but, that task is gonna send them all over. The internet I mean it's gonna be like Google search this will find an article posted. Here, start, a. Dropbox. Account for, free go, over here and do that like in they've got to solve problems, and it may not have anything to do with their job if they're a video editor it may say take find, a video on YouTube, about this download, it edit here I need 16 seconds of this then go here and get some. Royalty-free this and get of music, and do all this and like I mean they've got a huge process, and thing to follow and basically. I'm trying to see like can, they follow 21, steps and. They literally look at a video pause it don't do it then because. That's that's, gonna be their job you, know, and. Really, you're gonna come down to one or two people every. Time you're. Gonna it's like you're gonna down to one maybe two people who are actually gonna do that task and do it right, most people. Will not do that task you'd be surprised IV at 10:00 half. Of them won't even turn it in so. The, people who do it right and do well now. I've seen how they can perform what they can do it doesn't matter if it's a sales call, whatever like I'll tell them you. Know find somebody, do, a mock call, recorded. On this app I mean literally because, I want to see how they are in it you know in live and then, from.

There What will will, usually hire, them and what, we do is we. Apply a lot, of pressure in the first week okay, unless I know for, sure like maybe it's I'm hiring a friend's, assistant, or something like that but, if I don't know them we, are gonna apply the max amount of pressure in the first week almost so where they're gonna be like man I'm out of here like, we don't want that but we want to know how do they perform under pressure and can they actually hang with us because the last thing you want to do is, figure that out in six months, everybody. Knows them now you're gonna look like you can't hire, people you, know I mean like it's. So if you can figure out the first week and. You know sometimes we can get my severance or something we'll keep paying for the rest of the month like if they're, nice and, they didn't you know they tried but we're, gonna put a lot of pressure on that's what we personally, do but. But if they make it through that hell we they're their goal, talk. To us about the, the. Strategy. That comes behind just, growing a business from one to five million because that that. Process from zero to 1 million okay you hire a few people you figure it out and you've helped people take that next level from one to five and what works from zero to one doesn't work from zero to five you have any insight into that. Kind, of business owner. Yeah. So the first thing I would say is you have to have a. You. Have to have a reality check on where you really are today okay I can't. Tell you how many people come. Into the programs and we do or coaching or whatever and they're they're posturing. Right, they're trying to impress, me or press someone else and, it's. Like if you tell me you're fast at running the ball and then I give you the ball in the game and you're slow well that's your fault you. Know I mean like people are gonna tackle you like, you, know so. I you, know I can't, there's, no one can prepare you if you're if you're if you don't actually have. Where you really are and if you can't communicate that then, you're, you're in trouble because of yourself so, so. So. The reality is okay a, lot, of people we work with we're, one of the only coaching, programs that do this we will work with people over pre-revenue, most. And, back. Almost all big high ticket programs they will literally tell you and they they tell people like me do not ever work with people or pre-revenue do not work with small companies well the reality, of that is those people even though they're good even though they're smart even though they have a talent, they're. Cool people but they don't know how to coach those kind of people that's, the bottom line is. They. Don't know enough, to coach those people we. Don't have any problem doing that. So. The, first goal if you do if you're not there is you need to get to 10k a month yeah, I promise. You you will never hit a million dollars unless you hit ten cama there's no mathematical way to do it right so let's not even talk about a million and that's why I tell them like let's get to a 10k right, let's figure that out once. You get there then, it's about duplication. Duplication of, processes, eliminating. It's real so. So the. You know you everyone heard this this phrase, now 10x, right, like. Grant Cardone ones made it big for. Grant Cardone 10x. Was actually from another guy who. Taught, what's called the ten times business. Growth theory so. He called it ten times and then grant was in that program grant, called it 10x and like made it big but, the, ten times theory. Is. Not AB not what grant teaches, actually grant teaches 10x your revenue okay ten. Dexing revenue, is truly, a small company strategy. There, is no fortune, ten that will 10x, the revenue this year zero, that, is a small company, startup. Strategy, so. It sounds really good it sells really good but, it doesn't implement okay, the, real 10 times strategy, that that started out with is the best one which is how. Do you ten times, productivity. How do you ten times how. Do you get ten times more the lifestyle, that you want out of your business so that could, mean that. You double, your revenue, but. Do. 50, percent less work this year, now. You, know I mean like that, is the real 10x, mindset, the true, authentic, and, that's what we teach is like like. For. Some people 10x, in revenue is where they need to be because they're at 10 K there at 2 K hey so. That's totally fine but, you, know when you get to like a million 10x, in a million it, is, extremely, complicated. So, the first place you know realistic, in recent, plans is how do we get to each into 10,000 a month once. We get you there I mean. We've had we just had a girl Sonia Lee she did 54, grand in her first month she's from California ed, board he did a hundred and six grand in his first month like we have people who can crush it in the first month yeah, these.

Are People go 0-2 that by the way they're not like bringing in revenue they're going to zero from that to that and. Then. From. There my. Next, strategic goal, is the, plan around how do we get you to a thousand dollars a day okay. A thousand, dollars a day is achievable, might, be seven thousand a month depends, on what you sell but. But, it's it. Ends up being about 30k, a month okay, if, you, can get there, okay, here you're close, to being a one percenter, one percenters, four hundred twelve thousand dollars a year okay. You're, a 300. 350, 380. To, 280, or somewhere in that range okay. At. That point. You. Can make in cuz, I've taken a lot of businesses to that point you. Can actually make. A logical, decision. On. Love. The kids. Love. Them so. At, that point okay at 300, grand whether, you're a 10-man, operation. 59 one man one woman doesn't, matter at. That point you can actually make it do, you know how to acquire. Customers you've, got a sales process down you, know how to support them like you've got enough in your business to, actually say do. I want to create a million dollar business here because you could actually look at ours, effort. Energy all, these important, things that you need to track. And go do I really, want to 5x, my time do, I want to spend five times more, five. 5x. More time in the business. Or. Am i okay, a lot warmer is my goal gonna be the 2x the business and do the same amount of work right like you like when you get to 300 grand it's, like a magical, number where. You can make a very realistic, prediction, of what you want to do you. Know and sometimes like a million dollars, people like dude I don't care about a million I just want to you, know I just want to make a hundred grand a week, or, a month or whatever you know they set a goal and. So. At, that point. One. Of the best strategies ever okay, I've done this from a lot of companies is. Spending. Like a hundred, grand and bringing, in a, top-notch. Operations. Person, somebody who can get a little bit equity they'll. Work, for 80 grand or something like that but they they, are a. Operations. Genius. You get these people from big, companies. They'll. They'll take a lot less pay than they make now because. They're into, the entrepreneur, thing and. I. Mean, you can get people that will take. Your sales, process for. X the amount of revenue for X amount of leads you're getting take. Your support. Double. The support so you can handle that double. Up accounting, like, you know I mean like you like it's literally a mathematical, equation they're literally like right out in a spreadsheet and you'll see it happen so. You. Know at that point, that's, one of the smartest ways to grow, from that point is to you, know you could do it yourself too but, I can, tell you if you bring on one of these people that. That is their life like they know it, cuz truly, it is a mathematical it's, more of a mathematical place than executing, on that, you. Know once you get to about 300, how. Does someone make that decision because I've always been in the mentality it's okay we hit 1 million let's get to five we hit five let's get to 10 and and for me taking a step back and maybe that's because I don't have a big, family and I'm kind, of all focused, and maybe that'll change when I get older but how does someone make that decision whether okay, let's try to 10x or or let's really just organize, this business and take a step back and have or about lifestyle, business I. I. Think it's it's, really. Based on what the person wants to do you. Know what really, makes them happy yeah you know for me. Like. Like my, business, can run Monday, I'm sorry Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday we have, all our meetings all our coaching you. Know Monday and Friday. Is, kind of a buffer day like if we need to have means we can, I. Love. My business so much I pretty much work seven days a week like it's not work you know I mean like yeah so. In. It, but but see I like, it because I've set it up so I have that flexibility, like if I don't want to work for two or three days I really don't have to you, know I might need to check an email every now and then I've got, my you, know one of my right hand people she'll, tell me you know hey you need to look at this and, I'll just look at some things here there but, I'm really not like hustling. You know not balling out for like three days in a row when.

I Want to take a time off I want to go, out to the ranch or, ranch and do some hunting or fishing with the kids or whatever like you, know I have, that flexibility, so. So. Yeah it really just depends like for some people they, don't want it they don't care they don't own any outdoor, equipment they don't own a boat they don't you know they just they don't have kids or whatever, they just want to they, want to just see what they can do and that's, the cool thing about business, like the neverending. What. You can do you know and there's no. Unethical. Like well if you make more than 10 million then, here honest I there's no such thing you know I mean like you can go do whatever you want make whatever you want as, long as you're you know not doing, something wrong you know I mean like I mean. In the beauty, is especially. If you want to help people. I'm. Telling you it has been proven, more. Than ever before it used to be 10 years ago 20 years ago people say well if you want to help people don't. Make money don't, be an entrepreneur, just just go try to raise money and put out a charity you know pal and but, I'm telling you you. Can put out and I'm not against I get money the people who put out the charity buckets you know but like like. You can put out a charity bucket and put it on, 10,000, grocery, stores, or. If, you work for input the guy who works for five years and crushes, it will smoke. All those people in one year he'll smoke what they do kanoon 20 literally. In 20 he. Was that one person in one year with smoke what they can do in 20 years and, that's been proven that's why all these guys make all guys and gals make all this money and they, now become the philanthropists like, the new cool word and. And. Some people make fun they like well if you really fly another piss you would have been flying suppose this whole time but it's like you, don't understand like what they're what they're saying is they have like, like, they. Can do and one like Bill Gates can, do and in one, day what. A huge, charity, would take them 30 years to, do you. Know because people think like can you give these charity people call start a 501c3 all this stuff when you have no money well, what you don't understand okay it's for every dollar you give to one of those kind of broke and I'm not making fun I'm just saying most 501, C these are really, broke when. You give to a broke 501c3. 90%, of the money goes to the operations, of that business so your money is not hitting the field or hitting. The well or whatever it is you're trying to do you, know I mean like you're given $1 only 10% of that actually goes towards building a home or helping a child or whatever it is so, but. But when, you give to the Bill Gates Foundation or, whatever it's like a huge, percent of that money goes, out you, know plus he's giving his own money so which. Is a hundred percent of that money goes out so anyway, um yeah. I mean it's it's it's endless, what you can do, it's. Really about what what you want to do what you feel called to do. Man. This has been great any last, tip or advice to, the entrepreneurs, out there listening, well. I mean the one, thing I would say number one get. Used to failing get. Comfortable, with failing there's like five big, failing, lessons one is like there's like fell, early fell fast they'll cheap just, fail like you gotta be you gotta fail so much you can finally get to a win that's, how it is when you start and, so don't feel like oh man I did, those leads it didn't work I sent those emails it didn't work I did the sales call it didn't work good you're just like everyone else luckily, you're, exactly like all the winners all the players like you are finally at first base this is where we all were you know so. So. You know like don't don't feel bad about that and get, really used to failing but learn how to do it cheap is.

The, Key that's why my business partner Kevin Harrington, from shark tank always tells me and the. Other thing I would say and this is a big, thing I really believe it's like if, you, have a dream, or something. In, your like heart. Or whatever it is in your mind where you're just like I, got. To do that I got a I got a develop, that I got to sell that I got a I. Got, to be this person I want this freedom whatever, that like weird. Dream that be there like you, never really tell people because, like if you told them they probably think you're weird you know like, they don't get it so, you very rarely tell people if you, have that thing okay in, that, dream that idea like it doesn't stop and. It's here again it's here today it's, there when you go to bed you wake up and it's there you're, sitting there listen spod Casas there I am, telling you that is, your, ultimate. Most. Real, most, like, physically. Tangible, confirmation. That. You are supposed to do that. Okay. Because I won't, go into all the psychology, of it but like I'm. Not thinking it Nate's not thinking it you're thinking it you, know I mean like the, way even if you might say well hey we'll bunch of us are agency owners well you live in a different area like the way you want to do the way you can do is different the Nate or me or someone else and so. Let. That be the confirmation and the confidence, that you need to go out there and do it and take risk and take chances and people. Like Nate is here, to help you I'm here to help you whatever you need, but. That's the beauty of it you know whatever, level, of learning you're at if you need to make millions, or, thousands. Or hundreds, the. Capabilities, are there more than ever before so don't, be a victim don't, be a complainer just go out there and get it done and and. And I'm telling you if you just put your head down you'll. You'll be surprised, at how far you can go I love. The word weird-ass entrepreneurs. We're all weird James. How can people find out more about you. One. Of the best things to do is just look, me up on Facebook somebody friend request or PM me whatever. And then James, smiley org is where all the cool stuff is so you can get you know free, playbooks on stuff free USB drives with. All the masks like thousand dollar masterminds, that we knew you can get that stuff for free if. You want to join a coaching or something like that there's a bunch of programs and stuff they're at every level so. Yeah. Whatever whatever you guys want to do if I can help you in any way let, me know but appreciate, you having me on here I appreciate all your all your followers to of. Course visit it's Jane smiley dot org check it out he's got a really cool offer a free USB that'll send you with a ton of great content, on it thanks so much for coming on really appreciate the time appreciate, him in. Hey. Everyone thank you so much for watching, did you enjoy this content if so, click like leave, us a comment and subscribe to our channel so we can continue bringing, you great content all about, higher.

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