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This video is made possible by brilliance, you'll learn more about brilliant, later in today's video but if you'd like to learn more around them right now get a brilliant dog /by. Graphics, you'll also find a link in the description below. Socrates. Is considered. The father of Western philosophy he, was a man who questioned, everything, and, everyone, with no regard for how his opinions, would be received he imposed his views with a dogmatic, superiority. Thus eventually, sealed, his fate still. His great legacy to the world was the method of questioning, to arrive, at the truth which, is known as the Socratic, method, today on biographic, s-- we're going, to discover the man who was Socrates of. All. The great figures of antiquity, none are as frustrating. For the historian, as Socrates the, man never wrote down anything that has survived so the only records of his life come from secondary, sources the two main ones are from Plato his, devoted, students, and Xenophon. They contemporary. Of Plato these writings mainly consist of records, of conversations, that often included Socrates, himself discerning. The facts, of his life from such writings is a bit of a challenge, in fact this lack of solid biographical, information is, actually known as the Socratic, problem Socrates. Was either born in 469. Or 470. BCE, in a Greek village located a 20 minute walk away from Athens his father sovereign discus was a sculptor while his mother Feiner ata worked as a midwife sovereign, discus wanted his son to take on the craft of a sculptor so during, his youth he was apprenticed, to his father he apparently became an accomplished sculptor, with tradition, having it that he worked on a well-known statue entitled, the three muses, in their habits which was displayed at the Acropolis as a young man socrates devoured the writings of the Greek philosopher, and eggs a gross it is believed that he may have actually studied, under this master but this cannot be determined with certainty the, basic teachings all of Alexander, s were that, all things have always existed but, in their original form we're in tiny fragments, of their current form in Athens the Agora or public, square was the central meeting place for men who would discuss politics, art and philosophy, as he was Philly Youth Socrates, was not able to attend, the Agora instead, he spent much of his free time in the workshops, of the city's merchants, where he would engage them in philosophical, questioning. After some time working as a sculptor Socrates, went off to study under the philosophical, master arc Elias he studied mathematics and, astronomy and, became familiar with the work of earlier philosophers, according, to a third century biographer, by the name of Diogenes. Laetus, oculus, embarks, upon a homosexual, relationship with, Socrates a practice, which was widespread in ancient Greece at the time that Socrates began showing an interest in philosophy the, discipline was about a hundred years old the ideas that were being thrown around were largely theoretical barring, little, practical, application, Socrates, soon came to the realization, there the things that he was learning they didn't really have any benefit, to society he. Was far more interested. In addressing, the problems of everyday life despite, his curiosity, to understand, the world he was not, a scientific, thinker rather than questioning, the world to understand, how it worked he believed that we would be better off questioning.

Ourselves In, order to understand, how we work he adopted the quote which has often been wrongly attributed to him and that's, know thyself. With. The outbreak of the Peloponnesian, War in 431. BCE, Socrates, was recruited. As a hoplite, the equivalent, of a private third class he immediately stood, out among his fellow conscripts. Even though there is much discrepancy. About the details of his life there is one thing about Socrates upon. Which there is universal agreement, and, that's, that he was ugly he had a snub nose and, his hair was long and unkempt he also showed no interest in personal grooming and also rarely bathed, we know about Socrates military, service from the writings of Plato in Plato's work apology, he tells us that his master fought in the battles of Amphipolis, Delia and Potter Dyer another, chronicler, Alcibiades. Specifically, mentioned Socrates, heroic, actions, in the battle of Delian stating, that the philosopher saved his life during the fighting having completed his military service in 406, BCE Socrates, was appointed as a member of the bull which was a 500, member council which ran, the daily affairs of Athens, Xena form tells us that he was the overseer, of a debate that was held to determine the fates of a number of military commanders, who had abandoned. Their wounded in battle in order to pursue the Spartans the public were clamoring for the men's be put to death but Socrates he blocked the vote and he spared the men's lives. With. The end of the Peloponnesian, War in 404, BC there, was a period of upheaval in Athens that resulted, in the coming to power of a group known as the thirty tyrants these men instituted, a period of Terror marked by bloodshed and confiscation, of property after eight months the rebel, regime fell and was replaced with the Democratic, Greek governments, but that hardly meant that life was going to get better for Socrates in fact it, was about to get a whole lot worse Socrates. Was an opponent, of democracy, he believed that the people as a whole were incapable. Of self-rule. They needed a wise Shepherd to guide, them in their lives, he further claims that the ordinary citizen, did not possess any innate a virtue that would given them the ability to speak, on behalf of others virtue, he maintained was something, that is attained only by knowledge, and that knowledge was, beyond the scope of the everyday person these ideas they were sharply, at odds with those of the Athenian, society, in which Socrates lived, the, people cherished, the enlightened, right of every, citizen having.

A Voice in the assembly as a, result the ideas, of Socrates, were viewed, with suspicion if, not, outright hostility, things, weren't helped by there are the condescending, and arrogance, manner in which he expressed his views he was dismissive, of those who held views contrary, to his own this frequently, led to violent. Reactions, Diogenes records, that men set upon him with their fists, or tore his hair out faced. With this Socrates, bought all this ill-usage. Patiently. A fascinating, contemporary, view of Socrates is provided, by the Athenian. Comic playwright Aristophanes in. 423. BC he wrote a play called of the clouds in that play is a character, who is clearly, based on Socrates, this, character, the headmaster. Of a thinker II is presented. As a comic, buffoon who stalks, the streets barefoot. Looking down his nose at, the ignorant, masses and, for rolling his eyes at the unintelligible. Guttural, murmurings, that he hears Socrates, was apparently friendly, with Aristophanes, and held no grudge against such portrayals in fact Plutarch, quotes him is saying the following when they break a jest upon me in the theatre I feel, as if I were at a big party of good, friends, it appears then that around the four 20s, Socrates, was seen by most people as a, call audible, who was, slightly annoying but generally, harmless but, well, that view it, was about to change the democracy, that athenians so cherished, it was challenged, on two occasions during, Socrates, later years, during, a four-month periods in 411 - 410 BCE, Athenian. Democracy it, was overthrown, then in 404. BCE the thirty tyrants usurped, a democracy assuring. In eight months, of chaos, both of these interactions, were led by former students of Socrates, Alcibiades. And Critias relatives. Of Plato the first of these interactions, turns public opinion against, Socrates as the brains behind the coup with, the bloodshed caused by the seconds over three people began so you indirectly blame, the philosopher, for the carnage, with the coming to power of the thirty tyrants the former, leaders of the democracy fled to the mountains it was there that they plans their resistance, the elders of the new totalitarian. Government, did not directly, involve, Socrates, in the carrying out of their wicked act except, on one, single, occasion they, summoned him along with four other men and ordered them to go to Salamis, and apprehends. A learned man of, influence by the name of Leon, and then bring, him back to Athens to be executed, this man was an upstanding honest citizen, who had done nothing deserving. Of condemnation let, alone death Socrates. Refused, to do this dirty work stating that he would never perform an act that compromised, his integrity, however he didn't do anything to warn Leon of the impending danger as a result the other four men went ahead and apprehended, Leon and he was summarily put to death this, failure to proactively, warn Leon it would come back to Horn Socrates, at his upcoming trial rather, than being viewed as the local eccentric Socrates was now being seen by many as a dangerous, spreader of radical ideas that were leading, others to the most vile excesses, in 403. BCE, the rule of the thirty tyrants was over and the former, democratic, governments had been restored a General Assembly had been enacted which meant that no one including Socrates. Could be brought up on charges of, their actions during the eight months of tyranny, now just before we get into the downfall of Socrates I do want to briefly talk about today's, sponsor brilliant. And I know as always these ads in the middle less than awesome but brilliant are fantastic, for sponsoring this sort of longer content because it allows us to share these stories of some of the world's greatest historical, think, brilliant, or a science learning platform that allow you to learn through active, learning which sums up is basically, the opposite of that feeling of reading a bunch of complex information about, some principle and just, having it going completely over, your head and brilliant, don't just deal with the basics although they do cover, that as well they go all the way through to very complex, things like advanced. Statistics. Brilliant have a relatively, new feature it's called daily problems, and it's five minutes a day that you can use to exercise your brain and learn something new, each, problem provides you the context, and framework you need to tackle it that means you can learn concepts, by applying them that's that active learning this, sort of short daily practice can lead you from curiosity, to, mastery, in far less time than you might think I've been using brilliant, it's excellent, you should go try it out it just even, if it's just to see how quickly you can understand those complex, subjects, you can support this show by going to brilliant dog /by graphics, and now, let's get on with our exploration.

Of Socrates. Is life. Socrates. Was finally arrested in 399. BCE, by then the state has out of 4 years since the end of the last revolt to come up with some charges against him during that period Socrates, appeared, to be undeterred, by the return, to favor of democracy and the antipathy. Towards, those who espouse two views in opposition to it he continued, to deride democracy, and champion, rule by a strong leader when there was another attempted, overthrow in 401, the state at had enough of his revolutionising. Of the impressionable, youth it was now just a matter of time before he, was brought to account Athenian. Law allowed for any citizen to bring criminal proceedings, against another man a man, named mellitus, brought an oral summons against Socrates the summons required him to appear, before illegal, magistrates, who faced charges of impiety and corrupting, the youth the magistrate, heard out the applicants, and determines, that the were grounds, for a preliminary hearing, at that hearing the charges were read out and Socrates was given the opportunity to answer them a documents, containing the charges, was drawn up along, with the requested, penalty it read Socrates, is guilty of refusing, to recognize, the gods recognized, by the state and introducing. New divinities, is, also, guilty of corrupting. The youth the penalty demanded. Death the, actual trial took place of a period of nine hours in the Agora, in the center of Athens the jury was made up of five hundred citizens drawn, by lot the large number was standard, in ancient trials, and seemed to have been mainly to prevent bribery from swaying the outcome of cases after, the reading over the charges the three main accusers of Socrates, were given, three hours to present that case there, is no surviving, record of their testimony but we do know that the main accuser was not mellitus, but a certain, Anytus, who is also a politician who harbored ongoing resentments, against Socrates it is believed that the son of anita's was a student, with whom Socrates that, had a homosexual relationship something. Which greatly upset, the father it is likely that the main thrust of the accusations, was that Socrates was leading young people down a dangerous, political path, with his anti-democratic. Teachings, however in Plato's apology in, which he provides, an account of Socrates his defense considerable, weight is given to his defense of the charge of impiety piety.

In Those days involved not only respect, for the Greek gods but also for the dead and for one's ancestors, if, there was even one in, pious person, in the city it was a serious, matter as that once incursions, might bring the wrath of the gods upon the entire city even, though the Athenians, have no written scriptural, code and no priesthood, there was a significant, number of rituals, observances. And offerings. That were required, it is highly likely that socrates neglected, to observe the rituals of the gods that would have been expected, of him furthermore, he would have argued that the generally accepted view of worship, is being based on rituals, was wrong according, to Xena faun Socrates, had the ability to communicate directly, with, the gods this would have infuriated. Those in attendance at his trial including, the 500 jurors it is difficult for us to know just what if any religious, beliefs Socrates, actually, held throughout, his dialogues, Plato has, him referring to both one gods and also to plural, gods it has also been suggested that he viewed the word God is referring, to the philosophical idea, of goodness, a critical, part of the accusations, against, him had to do with his close association. With the, leaders of the thirty tyrants rebellion. Specifically, his ties to the leader of the revolt prettiest, in his defense socrates, brought up the time when he was ordered to go into Rath lien of Salamis, he claims that his refusal to do so was a clear indication that he was not in cahoots with the rebels and was indeed, a loyal citizen of Athens but, his accuser countered that a loyal citizen, would have done more than simply refrain. From the bad action, he would have warned, the innocent man and was therefore saved, his life, socrates spoke in his own defense for three full hours of the dozens. Of versions, of it that were made only two have survived down to our time those, of Plato and Xenophon. The versions agree that the master was defiant, in his tone almost as if he were inviting, an adverse, judgment as, part of his defense socrates, told the jurors that he was a hero he recalled his exemplary. Military service, he then extended, the thought with an analogy, telling them that he had fought for decades to, save the souls of young Athenians if teaching virtue made him guilty of corruption he said then, that he was guilty as charged. He then assured, his listeners with, the following men, of Athens I honor and love you but I shall obey God rather than, you and when I have life and strength, I shall never cease from the practice and teaching, of philosophy, in, the face of the charge that he was a Corrupter of the youth of Athens Socrates, stated that he never claimed to be a teacher he was merely a man who happened, to spend time strolling, around the city if he was asked a question he, would answer it to the best of his ability then. Pointing, to Plato and others of his followers in the crowd he pointed out that none of them had ever laid an accusation against, him those of his former students who had done bad he said did so because they corrupted, the things that he had set as, the marathon speech crew to a close it was obvious to everyone. Listening that Socrates had no intention, of stopping doing whatever it was that the people objected, to the only way to stop him we support him to death contrary, to normal practice, in such proceedings he made no please for, any mercy after, nine hours of proceedings, the jury of 500 were tasked, with making their decision unlike, today the jury did not retire to discuss their thoughts they simply, voted, by placing, a disk in one of two urns labeled guilty, or not guilty with the urn that held the most votes determining, the outcome when they had completed this task there were 280, discs in the guilty urn and 220. In the not guilty one but the jury's job it was not yet over they had to determine the penalty the accusers, of these rows and put forward their case that the condemned, umpires corruptor of the youth of Athens must, be put to death, Socrates, himself was then invited to put forward a case for leniency this, was his opportunity to win some favor with the jury perhaps by suggesting that, he be sent into exile, but true to his nature he refused to step down from his position of superior, integration. He should he suggested, to be rewarded. Rather than condemned, for his actions the court officials they were not impressed and he, was told to give a more realistic, alternative. Penalty, Socrates, then offered that he could be subjected to a modest fine faced, with these two extremes, of punishments, the jurors. They chose death. With. The trial now over Socrates, was taken to an adjoining prison cell according, to the records, of his final days penned, by Plato Socrates, was, given the opportunity to escape when he was visited, in his cell by his wealthy friend Crito this man had already laid plans to smuggle Socrates out of Athens, however the condemned man showed no interest in escaping, his fate the conversation.

Between The two men as Crito attempted, to persuade socrates to escape and the great philosophers, responses, present an important, aspect of Socrates, as moral code Crito. Afford three points, as to why Socrates should, escape from his death sentence, firstly, the death would be a bad reflection on the followers of Socrates's, people, would think that they'd abandoned, him secondly. All finances, involved in the escape were covered and furthermore, a comfortable, life in exile had been arranged, finally, his death would leave his sons without a father, in response socrates countered that a man should not worry about public opinion but only be guided by wisdom the only real question to consider in the situation, was whether or not it was just for Socrates to escape, his condemnation to, death he then spoke of the laws of Athens stating that to break one of those laws meant breaking them all to, go against the laws of Athens would be like a child rebelling, against a parent he argued if he dared to go against the laws of the city he asserted he would receive a harsh judgment in the underworld as, a result socrates, refused the offer of escape his fate it, was now sealed, Plato chronicled, his death in his work Phaedo in it he gives an eyewitness account from the viewpoint of the fictional character of fado according, to the accounts and came into the cell carrying cup of poisoned hemlock Socrates, turned to him and said now, good sir you understand, these things tell, me what I must do the man replied just, drink it and walk around until your legs begin to feel heavy then, lie down it, will soon act the, cup was then offered to Socrates he took it happily and asked if it was permissible for him to offer a pledge before drinking it permission, was granted and, he offered the following prayer, we, can and must pray to the gods that our sojourn, on earth will continue happy. Beyond the grave this, is my prayer and may, it come to pass at, this he drank the poison without hesitation, those, of his friends who were in the cell with him gave way to tears prompting, Socrates to declare you. Are strange fellows what, is wrong with you I send the women away for this very purpose to stop their creating, such a scene I have heard that one should die in silence, so please keep quiet and to keep control of yourselves, for, the next few minutes he walked around the room then, when his legs became heavy he laid down on his bed with a covering, over his face slowly, he, lost feeling first in his legs then moving up his body his, last words directed.

Crito Were Crito. We, owe a cock, to escape yes do, pay us don't. Forget this, seems a rather strange, request, but it makes sense when we realized that his creepiest was the god of good health the sacrifice, of a cock was a normal, offering, her thanks, for recovery from illness Socrates, believed that he was cured of the disease of life and was, as a result, not, frightened, of death, creature. Then asked him if there was anything else he wanted to say but, there, was no reply the poison had reached his heart and the, life of Socrates, was, drained away Plato, continued, his account with, these words this, was the end of our friends the best wisest. And most upright, man of any, that, I have ever known so. I really hope you found that video interesting, if you did please do give us a thumbs up below and don't forget to subscribe we've got brand new videos like this several times a week so, hit that subscribe button to find out about all of those also feeling there's something else watch right now why not check out my other channel today, I found out you'll find a link, to that in the description below and as always thank. You for watching. You.

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Soooo...Socrates was this dude who looked upon humans with derision, thought he himself was amazing, believed humans were too stupid to rule themselves and espoused tyrannical reign, and would be a card-holding member of nambla. But yet people think he's fabulous. What?


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looks good may watch, but never trust priests or physicists

Thanks for a well presented account of Socrates' life, I truely enjoyed it.

My ears bled as you were trying to read the greek names

Zeus next?

Socrates from assassin's creed odyssey anyone?

could you do michael collins?

I request a autobiography on Simon whistler

I think I might like this channel even better than TIFO. Keep up the amazing work, folks.

Wrong....Brexit is a great idea

Cheers for Real Genius quote.

Exactly. Thomas Jefferson knew this and warned against Democracies.

Y F really? I liked him. Sort of thought of him like that

Truly appreciate your posting here I cannot say how much I appreciate you educating the youth in a manner that's more fit for their consumption this is honestly the most well put most emotionally driven statement about Socrates I've seen on YouTube beautifully done sir

Socrates - The Original Dark Knight

Great video! I love learning it brings me joy! Good job!

he talked to gods too? i thought i was the only one

The Apology is a great short read, about 60 pages, IIRC. I read it about 35 years ago in my teens and it was interesting to be reminded as you recounted the gist of it. "Apology" in those days was more akin to "My Defense". It is the story of his trial as told by Plato. I do remember his audacity when asked for his sentence... he reasoned that since he had actually helped the youth, and thus the future of Athens, he should be rewarded with a great feast like the athletes in the Olympics... that didn't fly, lol. Also, how he reasoned that he should not escape bc he did not agree with the outcome of a system he was a member of. That really hit me deep, that if we choose to be a part of something, we cannot simply refuse the rules when we don't like the outcome. Obviously, that concept was lost on Hillary. ;)

He used lower case letter god not the upper case which suggest he believed in many gods. It was the Christian munks that changed it to the upper case.

I do not get what he did that was great or bad. What about him was interesting? I'm not really into philosophy but it is important.

10:15-10:25 wtf did he say!? Although I don’t claim to be the brightest crayon in the bunch i like to think I’m a little smart and at the very least, I know words. Yet still after rewinding and listening to it no less than 17 times all I heard was tadatay tippy tow sadatay

You don't know Socrates until you've read Kierkgaard.

Jim Morrison would be good.

I bet his enemies called him “Suckrates”.

Have you covered Frank Zappa yet?

Plato please!!!!!!


When your boy Alcibiades walks up and you don't even know whats real anymore.

"Corruped the things you have said"? Dude, you were literally the ancient equivalent of a Fascist compared to the Athenians

The indifference of good men paid in full

Where's the "to fear death gentlemen...."

I need water to live, I'm gonna die, air to breathe.... QUESTION EVERYTHING

Were any "decent" movies/films ever made based on the tales and histories of Socrates and/or Plato?

If this is sponsored by Brilliant, whay are others commericals doing here?

I agree, Question everything . But I can think of one event you can never question .

Amazing he fitted this legacy in while maintaining a top level football carer truly is....


badum psh!

Plato said socrates seeked death.. he is also have said to have wanted to teach his students that all philosophy was preparation for death. What id like to know, is why did he choose hemlock. Although its quite obvious anyone would rather have an easier death, but WHY HEMLOCK. Hemlock is said to be poison, you can ask any search result in google, yet how is something poisonous be used as medicine and a sedative? I wonder why WITCH doctors used hemlock as a natural anesthetic ingredient. Take out the word witch in witch doctor. witch doctors and priests were who you turned to for pain relief before anesthetics were introduced in the western medical field. Note that christians, it was thought that through sufferring you would yearn for God. This leads to the thought that before the 1800s, you'd have to make a deep, spiritual, concious decision whether you took the taboo, non-spiritual, dark method or the more common method in spiritual aid from the exorcist (yes, exorcist as it says) asigned to the type of pain. Keep in mind that when anesthesia was introduced, people were more intimidated about the term sounding the way it sounds more than the surgery itself. There are even accounts of an 80 year old grandma who preferred to get her breast tumor removed as not to be stupefied - so she said - sincr that is what they thought would be the results of accepting anesthesia. So what role does pain have in our concious-spiritual lives? And so why was it only witches who offered the simple thought of being sedated through anesthetics rather than everyone else who turned to God?

Again, why hemlock? What happens when youre under anesthetics? Are you asleep..? His last words were to pay back the greek myth god who was known to bring back the dead. Those under anesthetics are said to have thought they were not asleep but conciously existing in a different realm or plane. So what if "the man" who gave him the drink, who is said to have said (according to plato) that he knew just how much he had to put in the concoction (somewhat seemed as if he was assuring socrates), he should have easily known exactly how much not to take, if knowing how much to take. My assessment is that pain is necessary. Just as if you put your hand over a hot flame and you move it away, the same concept can be held in the bodys response to lets say spicy foods or the way you feel. You can also associate certain feelings to being painful, so what is the method for painful feelings? Love? Where is Love? In our hearts? Doesn't it say God is Love in the bible? And if physical pain allowed you to yearn for the after-life, is being in heaven not the ultimate goal? To be with God. Experiencing pain helps us realize what not to do and if you didn't know what to do back then, the majority would rely on God, not DOCTORS and the thought of being sedated or under anesthetics was not spiritually reliable and still should be considered unnatural if not using solely what the body produces, such as it is for animals, such is life. What makes it different now when we still don't have clear understandings of anesthetics?

"The 420s"

Could you do a video on Diogenes the Cynic!

Who else decided to see this biography after playing AC: Odyssey? It is unfortunate that the Socrates of the game did not seem to ever argue against democracy. I feel that it would have been an interesting addition, especially considering the story surrounding the cult...

From the words of a certain scientist in a post apocalyptic world *In the words of Socrates go fornicate yourself*

What movie displays this story. Cant keep up haha

Simon, please make a biography episode about karl steffanson Attempt #14

Diogenes next?

Can you do a Jesus biography

I agree with Socrates. why are you worshiping God and performing rituals, when you are God.

"Question everything". This shows that Socrates was VASTLY more intelligent than every left-winger out there (who swallow without question the socialist BS that they are taught - hook, line and sinker). Simon - how about doing a video on Rudi Dutschke - the scumbag German leftist who urged the left to mount a "long march through the institutions" - teacher training colleges, schools, universities, media. It is as a result of the left following his plan (and many people being brainwashed by leftist nonsense) that the West is in the mess that it is in today. He had a HUGE (negative) influence on the West and yet he is almost **unknown**.

Dontae Bryant: Definitely koo koo Aleister Crowley!!!

I have to agree with his views on the ability of the population to make political decisions, but power can easily corrupt, so dictatorships aren't preferably. Better educating society so that it can better make decisions is more ideal.

Very interesting video. Thanks.

Eduardo Dos Santos. Retired president of Angola

The qoute "Know thyself" come from the ancient Egyptians. This was the best presentation on the great Socrates I've seen. Your videos are accurate and precise. Socrates was a fearless sagacious man of impeccable moral standards and principles. He reminds me of the great Stoics.

Why am I even watching this? Byee.. See what I did there? I must be a foolofficer too!

Watching this makes me wonder WTH happened to Greece? Now it's just a poor almost 3rd world country. It's not known for original thinking now.


Very well done! Thank you!

History teachers: "Socrates was put to death because Atheneans found him annoying" Biographics: "Socrates inspired anti-democratic sentiment and the goverment was sick of it." *MMmMmmmmmmhhhhh*

Diogenes, any day now?

Plato's Dialogues are NOT a reporting of the conversations of Socrates they are an expression of Plato's thought he simply uses the name Socrates to express them. They have NO Connection whatsoever to the historical figure of Socrates. It never would have occurred to Plato to chronicle Socrates' actual thoughts, the idea of doing something like that didn't come into being until well after the death of Plato. Thanks for the videos, I REALLY appreciate your work.

This video is a video because it has inherent videoness

I always thought he had an a option for his death 1) Hemlock 2) A Greek soldier would pull his ❤️ out from his arse.... is this not true Simon ?

Could you please do something on Seneca

The walls in my bedroom are brick. One day I decided I was going to try to write a quote on every brick. There are a lot of Socrates quotes on my wall now.

The hypocritical side of human nature is that this man is now a celebrated figure in Greece but mostly in Athens. His own generation kills him, a later generation praise him. So is all wrong supposed to be forgiven/forgotten? No.

Do a video of martin hidiegar or george lincoln rockwell

'I THINK, THEREFORE I AM' That happened in those best moments of socrates when other philosophers were confused about what socrates is talking the end they realised that he was proving his existence. you are the legend socrates, may your soul continue to rest in peace. we love you! TODAY WE CAN THINK CRITICALLY BECAUSE OF YOUR WORK!!!

H-m-m-m, twice you mention homosexuality, but not his ideas of love, nor the struggles with sophistry. Dozens of times you mention antidemocracy but not his democratic methods of gaining knowledge. Nor his antagonistic attitude at his trial saying Athens owed him free dinners for life. Nor the forms, nor.... This rundown falls short, redo ur emphases! Truly pick more of the essence of his remarkable examinations!

I read political science at university, and yes, trust nothing , investigate everything, and never trust politicians, bureaucracy or so called press news, most is just padded out bollocks !!

Rene Descartes mate

Can you make a video about Alan Watts

I was about to subscribe, but I absolutely can’t stand this presenter. He knows feckall. He reads from a cuecard and can’t even get his pronounciations rught. Good bye

One the greatest thinkers of his day. Newton was smarter imo

if he believed in questioning everything , he should have questioned about the existence of underworld as well , accepting death punishment was just foolish. He created his own version of moral code and was dogmatic about it. Sounds more stupid to me than an intellectual free thinker.

I know that I know nothing. Prove me wrong.

04:35. You forgot to mention that the military commanders were killed anyway lol

Athenes 404 B.C.E democracy not found

Dogmatic? Not at all.

Το βίντεο λέει πως ο Σωκράτης ήταν δογματικός ενώ στην εποχή του ΔΕΝ υπήρχε η έννοια δόγμα,και πως ήταν ομοφυλόφιλος,ενώ ο ίδιος ξεκάθαρα είχε εκθέσει άποψη ΚΑΤΑ του φαινομένου αυτού.Λιγξ έρευνα ΔΕΝ βλάπτει,άχρηστοι μοντέρνοι.

Poor old Socrates ,My impression of him is good ,But,All people who talk of alternatives to the status quo get knocked off,Even today

So...we not talking about how these statues all look like a black man? Just wondering. You know, elephant right there in the room...

for some reason I fell in love with Socrates the first time I learned about him in western civ and this just solidifies that

...kinda had a thing for the melodramatic, didn't he?

I first misread one running title as The Thirsty Tyrants, which I've decided I prefer to Thirty.

There used to be honor and social order and naturalist perspectives. Now there is decay and degeneracy.

My main man, Socrates! Observe everything. Believe nothing. Don't take it personally. A life well lived.

You look familiar

You mean to tell me Socrates was a gay hobo-smelling nerd? Well aight

Very valuable information, but the author talks way too fast. Slow down, we're not dying yet

Simply Fantastic ! He and his fellow seekers of knowledge and truth were the first steps in the path that lead us to today in the western world the richest and beneficial pinnacle of human achievement, so far.

if less is more...would not a complete absence of something be considered a decadent excess?

all we are is dust in the wind dude...

Question Everything Then Question Every Answer You can find real truths or lies mostly behind the answers. And of course ask about them later to dig deep.

The most important thing people need to know about Socrates is that his philosophies and hypotheses can't define how I be droppin' these mockeries.

please stick to BC/ AD!

i enjoye your videos, but what is wirh this BCE?

So crack rates

omg vsauce

Please do Plato

Nashville Dude low taxes

Nashville Dude yeah, the trains also ran on time. FYI, dictators are dictators whether they be communist or whatever political system. Stalin, Hitler, Saddam Hussein et al are all bad. Trump is a dictator wannabe.

Amazes me you put Trump with Hitler. Whats wrong with low taxes and more jobs?

Gave us the richest economies in the world also. Communism gave us Stalin.

That ads decent; I love the logic games

Socrates himself was permanently pissed. Yes, Socrates himself is particularly missed, A lovely little thinker, but a bugger when he's pissed!

Socrates an original rebel.

I like how he roasted fake peers for assuming the things they were simply regurgitating as facts were not knowledge, and the knowledge that there is stuff we all are intentionally left not knowing is all we can say we know of for sure through life. Everyone else was too affraid to speak up and lose everything they bluffed and lied through to get up to that point, and he on principal alone knew he didn't make them worse, he made them more capable to challenge oppressive society despite all bodycount and policies stacked against him, even RUEing him for questioning a stability of opulence. That is someone so concerned with loop breaking for the better and all for an ungrateful society too experientially inept to realize at the time.

" I bomb atomically, Socrates philosophies and hypothesies can't define how I be dropping these mockeries, Lyrically performed armed robbery, Flee with the lottery, Possibly they spotted me." Inspectah Deck - Wu Tang Clan

It's not possible . In the Ancient Greece story, the Spartans burned and vaporized Athens to the ground in those Peloponnese wars. Socrates's papers would not have survived.

Please make a biographic about Archimedes

The unexamined life is not worth living.... and the unlived life is not worth examining.... You freaks suffer from both of these lackings as does the ass on this video you are watching.

Lilith/Lucifer/Genevieve/Socrates/Joan of Arc/King Arthur/ Alistair Crowley, etc, etc. These are several personal archetypes of one category, or 'human family' thats loooooong.

Arrogant is only if your wrong... He was right, he was a better thinker, he did have the knowledge. Arrogance is to believe you have position or ability you dont! He did! He wasn't arrogant, idiots thought he was arrogant whilst being arrogant themselfs. Why do people get the use of the word arrogant so damn wrong!

Can someone explain to me why people with ability are considered arrogant, Whist those judging without ability aren't?

Summary: Old man smart-asses himself to death.

Greek democracy was based on free trade which required ethnic and religious tolerance. But Greek democracy could not protect itself through entire Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. Greek free trade entirely was suffering out of lack of a centralized power against Persians and Phoenicians. Socrates, Plato and Xenophon were after a system of power that not only maintains the necessary protective power for free trade it also can maintain ethnic and religious tolerance within entire inhabitants of the Asia minor, Black sea and Mediterranean coasts. Xenophon with ten thousand Ionian cavalry joined the movement of Cyrus the younger against his brother in order to revive the system of governing that rendered the political power to Cyrus II ( called the great ). What happened in Ecbatana (Hagmatana - Now Hamedan) in year 549 B.C.E was a general social revolution with leadership of Kavi the head of black smiths against Astyages Key ( King) of Medes after 35 years of his reign. Astyages was son of Cyaxares who concurred Neynava the last remnant of mighty Ashur. Astyages was exiled to Hircania for ten years. In Book of Shahnameh, Cyxares plays the immortal figure and head of all Heroes of the book. After The overthrowing Astyages, Cyrus II was elected by a revolutionary council to take the throne. After death of Cyrus II, the revolutionary council elected his younger son Smirdes ( Bardya ) to take the throne but Cabujia the elder son of Cyrus II killed him and went to concur Egypt. Darius I was from Arioramna family that had autonomous region south east of Elam under their control. Darius I carried the bloodiest and cruelest coup of ancient human civilization against new Medes system of governing which kept the ruler to obey some certain rules that was implemented by a body of councils. Xenophon and other ten thousand were not fighting as mercenary force for Persian army in this battle. Please study Cyropaedia of Xenophon to find out about his totally involvement and dedication to the cause which should not be considered as a mercenary act. As far as we know, Xenophon did not participate in that movement for wealth and money. He had a different purpose for it and Plato and Socrates were encouraging him to take part in the movement. The movement however was suffering of the lack of strong leadership and Cyrus the younger was not experienced enough to lead the movement to victory and personally caused his own defeat but the entire movement was not based on two brothers competition for gaining the political power.

0:26 I seriously doubt Socrates was anything like "Impos(ing) his Views w/ a Dogmatic Superiority" LMFAO

Funny how people so non chalantly describe an entire society which engaged in sexual abuse of children....

No one said children. Young men. Last time i checked a young man is someone roughly around the age of 18 to 30. In those days though maybe 15 to 20 :)

I didn't realize Socrates thought he was above anyone. Or that there are no records of anything he wrote. Very interesting video.

You should really consider doin one about moebius!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!¡!

I know someone called Socrates

Recently I found a play script in my fathers things called The Irony of Hemlock. Dad worked for 20th Century Fox studios kn the 50s. I believe that the play was about Socrates. Need to read it!

Should add King David of Jerusalem to the list. He heard God speak to him and was told of jesus's coming. His actions definitely changed the world we live in today. I would imagine there is quite a bit of information documenting him whether it be accurate or not that's probably up to the researcher to decide.

Socrates is a hero.

I really like this channel's content but could please put someone else in front of the camera?

Harsh. It’s my channel. So, no.

Yes, that's right, by the time of Socrates the discipline of philosophy 'was 100 years old'. Never heard of the Vedas?

Tyrion Lannister seems somewhat based off Socrates

Sacrifice of a cock huh?

@biographics, I love listening and learning from you. I also -REALLY- LOVE- your accent

al/ ce/ BI/a/des; ur welcome

"Pleb bitch? I'm toxic like a hemlock sip!"

Similar to Christ

Indeed! When you think about it, we are all truly part of the same divine energy that makes up the Universe. In a sense, you are the Universe experiencing itself.

Assume the validity of nothing, especially on the Internet ! —-Socrates

Why not question everything? But what are we questioning all this for that's the real question of questions?

always following your work silently.from kenya here.goodwork.

I think you might like this book – "Yahweh Diaries" by Maverick .. Start reading it for free:

Once you know a few simple truths, you WILL question everything. Just like Jesse Lee Peterson (THE wisest man on the internet so far, I believe). His method is 100% Socratic. Check out his "savage moments". *And yes, I advertise another channel. And yes, I subscribe to BIOgraphics.

I have to watch this bc if I dont it's a whoop to my ass

Community guidelines? I question that? Only by knowledge will I know who is a idiot and not.. Freedom of speech! YouTube is turning into North Korea!

Why is this guy talking like he's mocking the British

I learned a few things here I never knew about Socrates. His military career and about his family. (so a like is in order)

victors make history his story

he wouldn't let all know only a secret few so got what deserved boom

Please submit your questions to me in writing.

This biography reminds me Stannis from GOT

I think Socrates would shout the whole faculty in any universities these days shots of hemlock to get back to critical thinking

Can you do the 5 dialogues of plato

Socrates: Question EVERYTHING! Me: Even Israel's undue sway on US Politics through corruption? Socrates:Question (Almost) EVERYTHING! Me: Gotcha...

So basically Socrates what a major crackpot.

Just long enough these vids with facts thanks helps my curiosity a lot

Simon, its pronounced so-crates just so you know ;)


Fun fact; both are Entp. It's mbti personality type.

Hmm, so Socrates wasn't really a fan of democracy, he seems to be a proponent for a type of benevolent dictatorship. Even though he didn't do anything, student under him were influenced and radicalize to over throw the democratic government. Makes sense Athens would want to get ride of him. He had ample time to leave the city but choose to be come a martyr.

Sorry but, are u talking fast or I have this impression because I'm not a native speaker?

With the astonishing amount of content you and your team consistently put out, with equal attention spread out over three extremely popular and educational channels; you have every right to put ads anywhere you choose. Because without those ads, you couldn’t keep enlightening the world with an incredible amount of knowledge at the same rate because you’d need some other full time job to survive. People can shove it if they have a problem with any ads because they can’t be bothered to use simple logic. You invested money into these quality productions and I hope the voices of appreciation are louder than the ones of ignorance and makes all of this hard work worth it for you. Thank you.

Hi Simon. I love your contains but please don't make overly dramatic.

Very nicely presented.

Well i am western one of my philosophy is come from terrel Owens wide receiver I love me some me. Love it man

Do the cock next.

Did asclepias get his cock?

How many are here after ac odyssey

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