Social Exchange Session #2 part 2 - the Ecommerce Whisperer

Social Exchange Session #2 part 2 - the Ecommerce Whisperer

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So. I met Alice like, that. Maybe. Let me do this so someone. That tells this night you. Sure good alright, so Alice. Has got a challenge, online because she is trying, to, tell. Anyone that she's a media business which she is but, she's also got some books to sell and, when you're trying to do two things, it's really hard. Why don't you put on the home page, what do you focus on so. We, left this up here because this, is the pop-up that that jumps on your site when, when. You first get there so, to be clear these. Things are okay with Google right now they. Are the best list building theme and you'll ever use no one likes them but they are particularly, effective, the challenge with them is every. One that sets them to find a plug-in that does this don't. Set them to, appear. The second I get there I walk, in the door of your shop don't. Slap me in the face, let me discover, something if. All, I'm doing when I first get your site particularly mobile is closing, things. Me. If I'm ever telling I want to buy so, pop-up. Email address captures are great for any kind of business ecommerce, services, you're an accountancy business whatever big, they're fantastic, this. One is just. Out of the box, the. Better ones, pretty. Picture, if, you're gonna offer it some kind of discount ten ten percent off for your first sale if, you can think of something created smooshed not X dollars off or X percent off you definitely have you, definitely have more pull through but. They are really good just fine ones now, Alice's. On, a move. On which is reasonable. Your Weebly, yeah. What your it okay. They're coming in the square square space scenario. When, I talk about good platforms, and bad platforms, there have been like hard most of platforms now are pretty good they're pretty reliable what. Makes them what, makes the better ones is all the things the ecosystem, that comes with it so your. IPhone. Right but, your iPhone by itself isn't gonna do much it's all the apps you put on it allow you to do things, platforms. Like Shopify. And, WooCommerce because. A part of WordPress, have lots more plugins, out there in. The old days 10, years ago when I was building those expensive, websites you would build sites, off either a, minimal. 30%. Of it was usable engine, or. What you would build them your code that from scratch what you do now as a web developer, is you. Pull in lots of components and you bolt them together so, if you're if you're a Formula, One car the. Tires are one plug-in the engine, is one plug-in the. Steering, wheel is one plug-in so what you do is you pull anything so web development does. Now they don't build sites, they, weave things together so. There. Are on the platforms, like Shopify, WooCommerce. Magento. There are lots more, plugins. That you can weave together so there's you, know for example on Shopify there's about I think there's 11 different ways you can have an Instagram feed display on WooCommerce, as part, of WordPress is the 250. Of them so it's the ecosystem, you're getting as well and generally, the. Better e-commerce, platforms, are upgrading, weekly, daily, and there's more bits there so, got. To close that for me please so, that's good redesign. It make it be prettier but. They're super effective. Yeah. Email capture, pop-up. Email capture, box. Yeah. Trying. To close this window, that was for the making sure. So. Love, this big, hero shot aspirational. Video - fantastic. It makes me want to stay I'm not, exactly sure what the hell she does yeah but I'm I'm going I want to stay here so that's a week now if especially if I've come here because someone sent me here and they don't know much about their business keeping. My attention until. I find out and and making me want to find out that's half the game so. Search. Is discrete, one, there's.

A Fair bit going on analysis site I like having a, more. Obvious search. Bar that's, too big balance weed it does on site and design, businesses. Like to have things a little bit more subtle oh I'd, be a little bit inclined to have a more visible box but super, small thing, lots, going on on the Navigon that's great the key with a business like this where it's, partly, publishing. But. I does. She sell anything does she not having. The word shopping as opposed to products, is really key now, they can you could have, products. Make me think okay, she's maybe, this business sells products but maybe they don't sell them online shop, tells me I can buy things online so, it's when I scroll scroll. Up so. Bit. Of wasted real estate here the home page is the most valuable real estate it, is someone. Make a place it is Park Avenue, it as Magnus Madison Avenue what's, on the front of your homepage is. Needs. To be again. Everything. You need on there, in terms of telling the, bits about your business to lure someone in I like. To have hero. Images, some, link sort of things and if I'm Alice and selling. Books is a big part of my business I don't know how big a component that is I would, put one, of those books as part. Of one of these tabs that, Moss maybe maybe, haddock standout where even, though it kind of breaks some design rules have actually the book as opposed to the square because, it captures my eye a little bit more and. Anything. Where it can just it almost disrupts. Without irritating, me I think is a really good things as a rule the, home pages are going to get to summer with a net cup of sites is. Hero. Image your video it's, a lot of what you do and, then. A couple of your best-selling products, maybe, maybe three, or so depending on how big the business how much you've got just just change these are rules of thumb that you can break really regularly but if I've got if I've got a small, product range I would put say three products on the home page across, two. Of my best sellers and maybe what I've got this new, putting. Your books bestsellers, up front is really key because if. I'm jumping forth let's say I've come back to Alice's site three times and I've come back to purchase, make, it one, less click for me to go through to purchase something you, don't know you, can you can rotate what you've got on the home page but home page in any business is key, so think about I've got here now where am I going to go regardless. Whether it's ecommerce it's a blog again into services business all. Right so let's click, on the book. Okay. So you want to scroll up a little bit, so. This there's. A few things you can do with with the site at an advanced level is, I. Want, to see really. An advanced level but I want to see a lot of product images having five, plus, product, images is. Well. One. Of the really easy wins, in e-commerce is, more, product images, equals more conversions. I've got to be high quality images so, what I want to see is I want to see that's. The front cover of the book I want to see DPX book in this scenario on, on a curve I want, to see some open pages of it if, you've got the ability to find a plugin that allows me to read the first couple of pages kind, of Amazon but, maybe in a nicer, format now, I'm, thinking this is a gift type of book so, and, I'm a guy and I can't wrap things so, when. I go to buying gifts, if, they can show me a picture in image number sixth of that thing wrapped that goes directly. To save myself a wrap on buying that over, something similar so packaging. If you've got great packaging, or if you even, if your your product comes, nude, ie without any any inner box packaging show. The way it would arrive to them especially. If you're selling into a male market, right you know busy, person market, knowing the package you can secure to come in makes it a rule we especially, if I'm buying, this book not, for me to come and give it as a housewarming gift if I'm sending it to my friend in the States, it's, already packaged, sort, of and, that might emit might literally be wrapped, in brown paper with, a ribbon and and if, you do handwritten notes you, know the option, of do you want to wrote a note with this but actually showing a nudge everyone's, in the checkout process has the do. You want to note written with this but actually showing a note plants, the see just cuz it's it's written there no one reads all the science if you can show something with imagery that's great.

Obviously. Fairly simple a simple check, out I would like to see some clinic reviews. Reviews. For coming, to forms, one. Is the, product itself, this. Product was I love, this book it changed, my Tasmanian, trip. Bought. For them given them for friends they are product reviews the, other form of review is service, it. Arrived in two days. We. Sent it to the UK and it was there in Bali or whatever it might be or. I had. To ask a bunch of questions Alex. Got straight back to me all, the things around service, and whenever. You're talking about reviews, and testimonials you, need both so. What. I would like to see down here is a DMM, of bagging in stone in spoke quotes, put a beautiful, review that's it's written along here and then a reviews tab that's got some other ones that show them there. Again. You know obviously obviously, this is not a full-scale. Ecommerce, site it's a pretty stripped back one first, thing to do though images so better. Imagery, and more of them show me some packaging. The. Other thing is - at, the, call-to-action button, so call-to-action, buttons anything anyone, that you anytime that you want someone to do something so join the email list submit. Add, to Cart. Check out, make. Those right. Standout colors, so Alice's this is on brand with, the imagery up here and. I'll this is fine to have these and, the same the same coloring here this, quantity box could even be blue but, make that a bright, orange or pink or something that's a complementary color it, so there's, a take away rule call to action but buttons, must stand out to, are the biggest things that fashion, sites always break is. Fashion. Want to have white backgrounds. With black headers and black background, and their call-to-action buttons up black. Just. It's costing, you sales let's find that balance between we've. Got an aesthetic that we wanted we've got a style sheet is our style book that's eighth you know kilos, heavy, but, you want to sell things online so all those fashion brands that with, black, call-to-action. Buttons didn't. Sell anything online they're all doing it now especially. The, ones that can stay black are the ones if you've got lots and lots of colorful products then, you can get away with having black as it actually stands out against really, colorful products let's. Go to. So. Skype, isn't she's lacking starting, to come but, she's kindly allowed. Us to to, review her site so this side is built on Magento. Which is one of the bigger platforms, it's, not a platform, that you'll be able to build on yourself, if. You can build on yourself, for the sake of your sanity I wouldn't recommend it it's some it's, a, Bronco. Lots, of the bigger businesses in Australia. Adore. Beauties on is on. Magento. Costumes. Doc Amedeo three. Of the last four years won the best boutique level website in the countries built on Magento, but, it is you need professional help you need you, know you're not changing the grease and oil on this UNICAMP so, be. Hero image I know what they do I. Like. This a search bar up here I like that arrow to be another. Color just to draw my eyes. Let's. Scroll down. Alright, there's a lot. These. Mix of tabs, there's. Actually it's a little bit overwhelming, about. I'd. Like to see these kind of breaking up broken up in some way but, also potentially. Maybe only have one. Row of them and then. Interspersed. Down here a little bit more kind of about the business, always. Remember people buy stories, and people, then they buy products, and if you've got a small business then you've got a good story I'm, a mum these are my kids I started this business because we. Were having parties, and we. Couldn't find the supplies or I, was, tired of I've, started making clothes my heats tell that story people wouldn't people go I can, it's. Straight, retail stuff I can empathize and that's.

Something I would have liked to have done good, on you for doing it it gives you a point of difference when there are lots. Of sites out there selling, you two clocks you need every point different you can give just. Scroll down some more. So. All, pretty good. Instagram. Feed is. Pretty good again the. Blackness it, all kind of fades in one, of the things that this site really needs is a footer down the bottom that has. Shipping. Handling, and. A little bit of detail with others and that footers. Are themes were still back for its this bottom be here or the header is the bit the net far enough that it continues on every other page of the song the. More you put in terms and conditions shipping, delivery. All. Of all the stuff you can do it any other anything that comes up fa cues that are. Standard. Ones or our top 5 f8 cues as a subsection, of that they're, things that Google picks up on and, some. People are going to go to you can make use what I still the search part of Google and have a little go to your shipping and go free, shipping or do the search for Express so if you bother you spaceship in have delivery. Underneath, that, shipping. Cutoff times a few ship mail business hall we're guaranteed if you ordered before two o'clock here to go out same day that's, not a big deal except, for when it's at, that time of the year in your, world or it's coming up to Christmas so, making, making, all of them look add-ons down there are gonna sharp in the way Google breaks down your site we you know you can go to sites in a week and you can be in the site search bar in Google before you go the actual site some, of those things become really critical especially around express delivery. All. Right let's. Click on one of the parks. Nothing, that decided, it's a little bit slow to load you, need to be two, to three seconds, and it's, these, guys are about to overhaul, this site and one. Of the things that this version of a Gento when. You've got when you've got a large, amount of SKUs it comes up it becomes a big having a bit of its slow so, click. On one. Of these products when, you've got big ranges, you need to have kind of searchable bars I thought you could job with that. Alright. So we've got a whole bunch of imagery which I like one, of the things if. You look at imagery, on a on, a product page you, need to show the product itself so with deep end image like this I want. To see happy smiley, faces I'm gonna see some, kids or whoever, that might be using. That or sitting on that or with that on their head I want, to see the packaging, it comes in any. Variation. On that if it's if there's a thickness to it and show me a side angle. So. There's effectively they've got lots of imagery here but it's kind of it's it's the, imagery is focused, on the different color themes so, this is a this is why the challenges, you face is do. I and, fashion brands have the same scenario do, i show each, jacket, as a different, product or do I show one, jacket in the most common color black and then have dropdowns to white. Turquoise. What so there's a few choices you can you can make around how you structure, it this. Is a this is a structure, that was probably on trend. Four. Years ago and now. Because. Of a lot of the bigger sites, that people are used to buying from a moved. Away from that it's. A little bit where, do I start how do I Drive it's like getting in a getting in a rental car I Drive, every day but what. Am i doing so it's, kind of its kind of leaning. Back to what people used to do in terms of those in. Terms of those product page layouts the other thing is here everything. Is black and white it makes it I'm not drawn, to any of the details one, of the things you face one of the real challenges you, face in e-commerce is you, put all this information online and people still call you going asking, your question where the information is still there what.

That Means it's a layout and of the design issue so, designing. And segmenting, the layout of your promote. We are facing, and retailers, will you've got signs that say. Where. This is what these are the in stock is it not but people still get lost in that stuff, we've. Got. Duplicate. Of the aid to bag small stuff down here again i want one1 sings and reviews can we scroll down. The. Review testimonial. Social, proof stuff. Even. Not obvious, having, next. To it saying it's in stock, even though logically. We're thinking well I wouldn't have it in stock if it wasn't in stock having, the word in stock and then a tick next to it is, remarkably. Effective, with, lots of things so pointing. Out the obvious is, consumer. Psychology got nothing to do with logic. The. Other thing here clinic pages I want to know shipping. His shipping. Is here and it's one. Of the best things you can do for your site used to uncomplicated, shipping. As best you can so having. Free. Shipping, these, Altarpiece the holy grail very. Difficult to do it at Tasmania, having. Free, shipping over $50, pretty, good free shipping over hundreds, pretty much a standard now machine the furniture business. Having. A clear. Scenario. With shipping, where, I don't have to read all that because the reality is people won't read all that so. Pricing. Of pricing, a product is a little bit disjointed in terms of the layout of it there, are if you go through Shopify blog, evil there'll be what. A great product page design, looks like and you can literally kind of work your way through that but yeah having shipping, clearly, put they're having at each stop it's probably only things and a lack of review, and then, that's sorry like a reviewers and then I'm, not seeing the image lifestyle. And damaged, so. Let's go to your, site. Come. On. A. Critique it's, generally. Well, the big jokes we've got is whenever we get permission to do, people's sites generally, someone always drops out they get nervous going, to the old time of day going I know I said we let you do reviews on, that day I want to do it all the, other thing that happens is if, we let them know too early that's been next two weeks fixing, their sights when I can be going we.

All Clean their house before the cleaner comes so just. Make time to go through this so. Just. Don't just got more products editor it's a bigger business the, first thing here it's a really really busy homepage, so I would like to see hero. Shot, along. The line to the last two sites with the last two sites we've seen so, there's this nice imagery, here but it's obscured - this is open making, making, use of a really, big, aspirational. Czar word this a little bit overused but making it this. These products are beautiful, and I, want to see a, little, bit of that shown in a really big corner open campus. Scroll. Down. Search. Bar when, you've got a lot of products on your site you have to have a search bar. Sometimes. They get lost if they people are used to seeing them. Used. To seeing them above the nav bar now, there's, a bit going on up here so, hard. To find where to put them but having search bars if, I was I probably have this over here somewhere above the brand in, a perfect world but, when, you've got a lot of products you just have to have a search bar and make it really really clear, scrolling. Down. All. Right so well the challenge you've got is if you and, this is a really common across lots of sites if you've got a product that's got a long product description, it froze, out the look and feel, it's. A bit like being the. Grammar police just, doesn't look awesome but, it's, it's hard to do when you've got when you've got product descriptions, of that sometimes. Two lines sometimes three lines, this. Is wasted, real estate year people generally will only login if, they are coming back to purchase something and that can be a really small bar so I'll get rid of this and dude picture. Of Jill picture. The story something. That's gonna that's something that's kind of, luring. Me in but I don't need to I don't need to do that cuz I'm not gonna do that here by the way is the test that is to is. To use one of the tools you can use is crazy gig which is a heat mapping it's a bunch of heat mapping tools which show you where people go around the site in. This case you. Can just figure out, crazy. Egg. Yeah. It's, something we, must say it's probably email that NAT and Jen will send out after this event we, have some links I think to some of the sites. Around the testing and stuff yeah I've, done a summary of some key points it's, actually a summary, it's 11 pages. I've. Got to be excited so there's bad things about testing site. Load speed there's a whole bunch of stuff you can do around those so, I would get rid of this these, this here is, the. Informations, there but it's not in it it's not presented, in a way that I'm going to click on it so not so great this is right, down here so live chat. Why. Chen is awesome it is the best thing you do no-one's hell. As. A merchant not so much fun so the good thing about large chat is from, a merchant perspective. Is, there are now apps to, plugins, that you can actually if, you're a one-person, show that you can, respond, to on your iPhone like it's iMessage. So. If you're trying to do this the thing, like most love is one that Jill's got I it's, got like, chat and - it's, got times, the. Worst the second so the worst you can do with with having this is words unmannered.

Doesn't Tell you which times it is man's so. Frustrating, don't put on your site if you can't man it you, just you, actually queue it's having people so, this is great the. The. Way this is designed I would say but, after hours leave us a message because it's kind of the, structure, this is kind of encouraging me to leave, a message and I'll get back to me later so, what. You want is to is, to maybe put this under. Here so. It's with a little prophets of correlation systems start. Talking to us or what, do you want to know or, whatever, the language and tone of your businesses, have something that prompts me to start and the, concept of leaving a message if it's after hours put, down here we want to leave a message I think you'll, get back to me later as opposed to a quick response right hey. Before I order is. If I ordered ten of these are they all in stock whatever whatever I'm going to quickly ask my. Chats huge and it's exploding. It's absolutely. Exploding, our because if, you're especially course if, selling to people. That under 25. Don't, forget fun they won't bring you business even. If you're selling to someone that's older, than. You, know in their 40s if they're at work I can't, be on a personal, phone call going have you got each product in stock where, they can be typing, from an open tab while they're suppose that working in this so live, chat is gonna grow and grow and grow if, you're an accept on a business where you are selling things alone or you want to be able to give quick, answers it's your best friend. Let's. Click on a price let's go oh. Well. We're here so these things here are called carousels. Or, sliders. So. These things were. All the rage in, the early. Tooth early, mid-2000s. Then, they went out of fashion they came back in and around the 2010. Time and I was I love, them I had lots of them on my websites they, are really. Bad SEO, Google, Google. Never was a huge fan of them that they kind of put up with them now, they. Can't, see, what's, in here so. Google. Can't see that's on your homepage and. So there's carousels. Or sliders. Get. Rid of them so whenever you're doing a site operator you're looking to build a new site there are no go zone aesthetically. They're quite beautiful and we like especially you've got B here are movies just going from one to the other but. One. Make one they can take up a whole of a space and and, the challenge, more space and you're realizing and, they can make it site quite heavy as well so slow loading, but. Yet carousels, and sliders. Okay. So one. Of the things that lots of really beautiful sites. Are doing now is having freeport images on their homepage and products and no text, like. Almost none they're having their footer put, some text tell a bit of your story on the homepage again. Write that text to be like, a human like a conversational. Ghostwriter, like you're a bot trying to get every keyword meta, meta, tag no the man in there but, have some text on your homepage. Having. Long scroll, pages, is is. A really, good thing especially if you've got a lot going on. There's if your business does three or four different things having. People. Scroll, once they get once I do that the first is well down getting.

Someone To do the first go-around is the hardest thing to do lots, of sites now seeing the little tiny arrows that prompt you to do that because, once what people know that things below then you can have infinite, scroll inference scroll really works so it's, a bit like pick your horse and go with it you're into a diesel car a petrol car so if you're gonna do infant scroll then do it throughout the site but, definitely on your home page. You. Need the, pretty pictures that we've talked about we, need it need to scheme by team in terms of the way that that information played out and you need some text about you around your business can. We subscribe, X I said it sorry scroll up to sit in that bhai game so. I've. Got a phone number I'm, not a huge fan of 1-800, numbers but you kind of need to have them they. One. Of the things that says you're local, and small is often is if you're a small you've got have a mobile number but a landline, a landline. Needs um there's. Something a little bit more intimate about it but, how, you do. What you do if. You've got a physical store, anyone that's got a physical store on your homepage I want to see the. Number of that store and I want to see the hours, that store is open and I. Need. To know that if it's a long weekend, and I'm down in Hobart that, those. Hours. Have been updated, for the long weekend, it's. If. I'm if, I'm um especially on mobile sites, where it's tricky, for us to go to mobile sites though they get crushed, but. You want to have a. Hero. Image of your brain you want to have a big search bar above that image and you want to have a phone, number if you want people to call you if you're running this business as a sideline then phone numbers not really an option but if I'm because, the Bears you've got online if, you have a visible store is that physical store they, might never come into it but, it's gonna encourage me to. Purchase. Tommy because it seems like your business has got some more substance, so show me that but the other thing is having your phone number have your hours and then have it linked off to an app if Nathan. Love. This but. It gets a bit missed. So. Message. Good delivery. Of message just needs a little bit of design I bought so just for the site that's got, everything.

On There it needs, a makeover that's what it needs I mean we haven't gone into the structural stuff it's some pro tip it and then click on one of these products and. We're. Just about to do a big. We. Were with Magento, that I had a breakdown. To. Tell you but your nose is ie is, particularly, tricky as a as a merchant, you go into the backend of Shopify, is emotion, you go on the backend of Magento which it looks like it's come from a hemisphere, that have been really really slack that's costing enormous amount of customers because of that they gradually upgrading, their usability and. They've been forced to shop before I have another product called Shopify, Plus which is there Magento. Competitor. So now I have a 99, bucks a month so it's medium, to enterprise level and it's for you know it's when you've outgrown Shopify. And you're. Doing big numbers and you want a whole or functionality, that it's--but allow. It's a smoother, process it does all the little 1%, things really really well so, again. We've we've talked about this is kind of a nap, bath sorry. Connor fuller it comes across with all of the pages. In. The redesign don't, have that there. It's. It's, a little bit distracting and it's not adding to that experience, while I'm in here so, we've got some products having. Having. Girl, Guide shower. Scrub. Having. Buffer. Something. Like one of those sweeping, testimonials. Are like getting. Rid of some of these getting. Rid of some of these kind of category. Tags that. Really need to be there, again. With these guys this, is these are plugins so you can find a plug-in that probably does a better job of doing, this. Some. Of the. Products on this site have reviews, some don't so. The challenge with with. Getting reviews on site is getting them out of people, the. Best way to do that is having. A set time two weeks after that purchase. Send. Them an email going. Saying, you've got it we senator of you don't sent too early don't. Sent to Lakers I've forgotten about it, it's a tricky scenario between. You, don't get a huge amount of taker I. Would. Suggest, sending. Personalized. Emails. It's. Laborious. To do but people will respond, to a personalized, email and a few especially, if you need your, first few reviews, having, it come from you means I would. More. Likely to respond there are automated, there, are automated plugins. That will call reviews, from your Google reviews in and have them on your site none, of them there, I've seen look particularly good so, the reviews. Are there they're just it, feels a little bit like this, so, reviews. Sending, personalized emails to get me this batch of them having, people not. Send. You an email back with the review as text having it as a Google review, if. You're in a service business having. It as a LinkedIn. Recommendation. Or whatever it might be have its lickable.

One, Of the things you can do is. Some. People people will put, up an image of them using, your product, on their Instagram. Feature. That I mean there's lots of brands have done Frank the coffee scrub brand they've, got people, with, a scrub on in the shower that's, a review of a different form if someone's taken enough time to to. Use the product then, you can incorporate, that, in. This. Description, block of text. So. That's why there's, a multiple, reasons one of them someone, emails you would yeah some of the monkeys back well, the challenge of reviews these people would assume that half of my flank people are sharing that your friends have given you those reviews so if you've actually got that's that's a real challenge even with the Google reviews but. Having someone give you a live linkable, review, wherever, that might be whether that's an inch square an image with some text underneath, that whether it is in Google reviews in restaurants, Yelp or, Urban Spoon orbit might be but having it somewhere, where it's linkable. There's. Nothing to say that it wasn't your friend that did it but if you won you've got 50, reviews, for a product and 200. Reviews for your service people then going okay they're not just their friends so. Getting, them getting live and linkable reviews, is key and then, a sprinkling, of like you mention having them sprinkle for you can. I just say something there about word of mouth please. Yeah we a the, reason we put word of mouth which is the worst most hopeless sight ever, unfortunately. It, keeps dropping out and this problems with it but because people believed, external. Reviews, they always believed external, reviews so for 30 bucks a month you can link to word-of-mouth it pops, up on the website it pops up on Facebook it harvests, all the things, and if we put 250, continuously. Added, to scrolling. Reviews on the third-party site so, they believe you because it's a third-party site. That, they have to physically, go to and, put, the testimony, out there. The. Challenges, they, haven't, Google. Was in the review business and also also boom got into the review business and. Because, you've already got a gmail. Account, you. Don't have to sign in to leave a review and, they instantly, capture, that market so Google reviews are. Probably the most half of one it still doesn't say it's not fake doesn't have the legitimacy, but, getting people to sign in to a third-party site when they've forgotten their password and leave a review is difficult, if, you if you can get people to do it great so, look reviews are hard they're just hard they're frustrating. This. Person they rang us they said they love their product you've seen that email you've dropped them a little text if you know them well and they still don't respond it's it's. It's really difficult but reviews. Of worth working for because, it's, the ultimate form of remember. You need to or the product, and service, all. Right let's go to. Thank. You for letting us do that. Let's. Go to the maze let's. Make it one feel back a nice. Two. Hundred fifty year old leather brain they selling $500. And Northwind, leather products must. Be the worst website of Emerson. To. Point and so. They. Are a 1.2. Billion dollar company and that, is just rubbish. So. Here we go taking a deep breath it's not bad. Let's. Go to. Bill. Roy if. You are a if, you're a brand and, you sell your, own brand so you're not retelling someone else's brand these. Guys. Okay. Photography. Is the. Most powerful thing you can you, can pay for in the early days of your business these.

Guys Sell for, different kinds of wallets and a and a little, small Philippines, this. Is one of those sites you go to and, you just get lost in it because, it's, beautiful, photography. It's aspirational in terms of the way they do things. They. Take really good care I've literally only got a dozen products, and. The. These. Lots of other people out there selling versions of leather you, click through what what does a leather wallet got to do with a guy standing on a mountain. So. They've got surfboard, ones it's like well I'm take up a wall to someone it doesn't matter it's just you you're buying into a lifestyle, very, aspirational they, do a phenomenal job of it and they this site constantly. Changes, the other thing is to people, often, have an attitude around websites is it's kind of set and forget or, will, update it next month this, changes. Weekly it's. Beautiful you can click through. I. Used. To be on Magento, that's. A half. A million dollar website not. Not. As much for the photography. Ball bill Roy there's a lot of ways you can still overseas. So, you can either do bill, wacom bill, wake up code on UK, billing. Code, that's ok in Japan what, these guys to do is to step everything comes off bill like are calm, so we're, slice like this I'm not what you're saying this is an iceberg I, speak. To the BBC above the water. Underneath. That there is this giant bit of ice underneath, this there is aging a bit of ice you're not paying for the pretty pictures in the layout you can this. What, you're saying here you do for 500 bucks and some good photography, one, what reality. What's underneath this is it's, got a warehouse management, system, called to it it's she's, pulling out of different databases from different countries. If. You go to their wallets if it knows it, doesn't my paycheck, and goes okay you're in Singapore so, when this shows you a wallet, that's open it doesn't show you a wallet with Australian, dollars in it it shows you a walk with Singaporean, dollars this. Is heavy duty these. Little kids come to play come, and. He's really, good mate of mine that runs his business he, comes from big surf he was a backpack, designer, it. Rip. Curl for, a while they. Have just built this thing over and over again if you weren't opening me to have Carrie.

Ology. Com2. I not. Sure. So. Before. Andy started building he's, gone okay. I'm gonna start a bag review, website. But not just boring reviews, so. These guys a, year before they started bill right started, Carrie ology, and. They. Built this list that, people that were high in bag, this is not Samsonite, this, is just guys. Doing it like with people that have. Butch. Walker's, that want that pocket, in that zip in there and that interior pocket. Has got some kind of material that won't get wet and so they, built this they built this enormous database, they became that go-to site, in there probably, 2008. Through, about 2012. So, high-end bag, reviews, and then, effectively, he's gone the hole in the market where that when you when you're hunting for all these different bags now, gonna be a bad company so. They the whole thing is about worrying to carry I've kind of coined this term but, they decided the real hole was in wallets and, for. The first two years I didn't and I know anything I didn't know this was his business there was nothing wasn't advertising, bill Roy it. Just, was this it was a standalone, product and now, they need to spurs and send, some some of their own stuff but it's a really really soft sell this is content marketing with. A really long game associated. With it so if you're if, you're going into a category and you're thinking I'm gonna kind of I'm really into it anyway I would, be doing these reviews for my own inches this. Is the next level of that so, these. Guys, really. Simple correct bill boys wallets but they are, building an aspirational, lifestyle around so this is beautiful, retail, in, the physical, sense people go a certain age can't do online there's a credit card smell and you can't touch but. You go to these sites and. It's. Phenomenal there's, a literary phenomenon. All. Right so honey. For George please. This. Is this is what Natalie's, next, email. Pop-up, capture will look like pretty, picture of one of her books, now. I'm sorry, yes. Thank. You the, other thing about this is it comes up. 15. Seconds. Maybe 30 seconds, after you get to the site if you finish at minimum, 45. Seconds, is great let, me have a look around again before you before you interface if, your, Google Analytics tell, you that people are only spending. 25. Seconds on your site before they go somewhere then, you've got it short you either put this increment before they leave or you make your site better so they'll stay longer putting. This in front of your site on better leave isn't probably, gonna help me that might help you that much so. These. Guys are, in a really interesting space they forty, percent of their sales is, their. Own product they've got a honey for George brand and, the other 60% is other home wares, so. They are on one level you, know Amazon, worried, them because, Amazon. Are gonna come in and sell sugar some whatever else but they're in a nice place they've got their own their own brand as well so. Beautiful. Photography and, not the standard, photography, you get from, the manufacturer, if you're selling some of the stuff they shoot all their own gear. It's. Beautifully, designed site, if. You want to scroll down. They. Categorize. Things without going, kitchen. Living room dining make. It really easy and they show you the, lifestyle, photography, of what that thing would look like in York. Mix, up video without being too distracting, on the I know. Some. Of the yeah yes, they. They're, really smart in terms of their half half, comments so they feature all their artists, this. Is a woman, that it's a painter they have a use they pulled in on the stuff off their walls and use their use their little pop-up just. Pop, up to the it's, the place in front of their their. Little warehouse in Richmond is a gallery so, they really supported, their artists they feature them in they feature them in their email newsletters, they do a little video series, where they go and interview them in their space they they, take that content marketing and really do it at a higher level.

Really. Mix a mix of the squares plus D pitch products a little bit what we've talked about before. Instead. Of talking about, going. With blocks of text I've got a kind of a nice little symbol. System sprinkling. Over some reviews. They. Won they. Won the best boutique website this year at the the, strong online retailer. People. By human so you get to see a little bit of meet the team so good thing about those kind of make the team things they in. Any kind of business is when, I if I do ring the business and most people don't like if I go to live chat then. I, kind. Of got I feel a little bit closer to who I'm talking to really. Works. So. I didn't interview series with these guys and will send your link to it afterwards one of the questions is so these, are the two sisters that started this brand this. Is Joe and, Joe. Has, a daughter called George and, they. Inadvertently. Name the business after here quick. What. He'd gone down they've taken off but they had a whole bunch of the media double America so. He's a he's a mix of that media stuff we talked about before cool. Versus, business so the weather broken that up, these. Are cool things. These are business he things hard to put the two in there nothing, cool about Ted toaster anytime soon but, it's separated, from the vogue that's really well done that's that's hard to do and that's where your main four design. Okay, let's go into. Doing. So. We've, talked about content marketing and what else do you do you've got you've got your product speech in and you've got to categorize. Okay. So these are 75%. Of the, customer, base with. No surprises, there but. Guys, buy, stuff. And, so that put all these little quirky, clues in here and. It's. Genius and so what this means for, them is they get media on that every, every major media play, that I know in, the design, space or in the small business or in the social space love, this eats it up so it's partly a media play but there wasn't the reason they did it it's it's, really smart all right I'm buying for the. Fight one is I've got a friend I want to buy for a girl I want a kiss as opposed to girl, I don't want a kiss it just puts things into really good character and they change all. The time so. Coming, up to Father's Day your changes coming up to Mother's Day changes, it's really really well done, this. Is a lot of thoughts and, a lot of down time thought, and then, I've had someone go and design that. So. Websites like this out like I did I play something five grand for it Eric's done so they've got I don't have an in-house developer, if you if you listen to that interview series, we feel questions from the audience goes into, the. Nuts and bolts of that a, website, like this is gonna cost you. And. Then. It's, probably gonna be spending. However. What. Is your staff wages in a retail store cost what. Is a retail store video think of it in those terms this, is a this, is a really small business, with five, staff. And an. Outsourced, developer, that does a lot of stuff for them they do their own in-house design, and, I do their own in-house writing this is a copywriting, business and it's one, of the best I've ever seen it. I was. Fortunate enough to listen to mostly played right into one, of the team, talk. At night from Starr and she. Has, given a whole staff but stuffing but a job of content, writing so. That's, a full-time job this. Is a this, is a full-time business that. They. Had marketed, as and it works for them started, with it me and she's, just nails, it every time, but. A full-time, content writer so instead of just paid someone to have ready a shot there, is someone writing all, the time all day long and hours a day you, know there's a bunch of interviews online will send me some links, Lucy. Talks about they, were two sisters and, then there were two sisters with her husband and a boyfriend and, they. Were all working in that in the roles and pay they grew from a really really tiny little business their, first web site they took it out they'd throw it out after six months because of rubbish they built the site they thought they wanted it until they actually build a proper one afterwards now we took all the mistakes they're, not that old as evidence I've, got a cracking job this. Looks this complete with a sauce. Or any of the huge sides it's better because I've done all, these little things here that, just, take really. What, is a customer, thinking about and what are the problems or the problem. Points it's really easy to buy from, they, they, also have they face some real challenges they they.

Sell, Furniture and. Furnitures, hard to ship as Lucy. Would know but. They've done a really good job in finding something. You can pick up stuff at they will ship they, made a really big decision warehousing. Everything, in their business so that everything, if you want to treat things that we've gone the same box and come to you would. Have been much easier them to try a drop shipping model early on but, I can't get the board and play the long game one, because they could write notes in the bags they could see it's. One thing about looking your data going okay most orders are coming in on Thursdays when you're there on Thursday, happen and all those orders are coming in you're seeing all those sections in front of you you make changes, because just seeing how that's worked so there's a outsourcing. Is a huge, term in small. Business startups, definitely, in outsourcing, as much you you'd. Make your backup, for someone else's front office's that turned me off in a year there's, a lot to be said for doing yourself in the early days if you can afford it or not because you learn about, that volume because it's right there in front I've. Packed a lot of satchels, bottles. I've chased. Australia. Post trucks I've missed at six o'clock all over Melbourne making sure that those bags were in there because things have to travel on a Friday because, they gonna connect we're gonna get them on Tuesday so there's a lot to be said you you get to have the senior business a lot more if, you're doing a lot of the grunt work no, fun, I'm, hey but it's this. Is the best stuff so this. Is um go, carry it will go a. Rush. Faster. Okay. This. Rush bastard is an example of a great e-commerce site they sell none of their own brands they sell all of everyone else's. These, guys have been rolling for 12. Years, it's. A business you probably haven't heard of and one of the reasons you probably haven't heard of it is they sell under category which is men's, bags and Men, on average in Australia buy a bag like the statue like mine every two years women. In Australia by an average of three handbags a year in the u.s. they buy seven, so. These are a good example of great, execution. They're in the wrong category they. Literally, are in an area which is barely, above and, I know these boys mate they literally is good at ecommerce as anyone I've ever seen we, go if you click through one of their products maybe. Something that's so, doing the pre-ordering, thing but, let's click through one of these guys. In. Stock, and ready to ship stands. Out it's written in green. We. Picked up bad, cause. It's bugger all let's go to something that's not new you can we go. These. Arms, are not in stock traineeship, is. There. Anything. Else like, I can get my stuff overnight for my supplies customer, can have it the next day in my store yeah. So. I this, is not I guess a joking. Out of there yeah. So. This is an example of you, don't have to have everything in it I'm not saying you have to have anything a shop and I'm saying drop shipping is the wrong model at best why you put your business what I'm saying it's Lisa these, what these guys are emphasizing, the things they do well and they're, also telling, you instead.

Of Just going well, it's. Not saying out of stock intense topics it's the. Obvious. Or not for their psychology but. It's making. You it's reaffirming. That they've actually got. Order. Within one hour eight minutes and five seconds for dispatch today like, they do everything well these guys are just in a category which isn't rolling. Fairly. Neat, what. Do you recommend sense, about that follow up, with. Those emails how's the service send us a review. ILike. The. In. A perfect world you would send a did. Just checking that you've either. Received, it or you like and we just send us an email you're doing two-for-one realities, within us if you ask them to do more than one thing that I'd respond. Anyone. That's in any email on sales monkeys assistant, government whatever it is you ask them more than one thing it just people forget the, other two things you've asked for so. Give. It a week send. Them one. Be. Upfront faster. Ask for that review do. Those a bit like we talked about before, stuff and satchels do it in an automated, way make it sound like it's human look, if it's too well scripted like. If someone. Called your store and said hey you just want to will, I get this for my. Husband. Robb's day. When, you buy the email back to them going had. It Rob liked it free birthday you will get a response to that you won't get it hi which saw you ordered, from us two weeks ago don't be a robot in, the automation, is great when, you get to the next level you're probably not going to go a great brain if you're automating everything straight away just there's. A human touch that people talk about. Stick. A fork in us we've done this, isn't your name. A. Place, really good who'd. Have ever thought labor, at our parents generation would come back its. Back I, been, a few variations of, after pay that. Had come along before. Good. Idea. Clunky. Execution, these guys have got it right it's actually good innit exploding, all the bigger sites that I track and, just look at every now and again because I'm thinking, what can I do for clients I've got all of them are adopting after pay. And. I just. Had a normal website for, like a catalog, yep I then had to get a Shopify, website just, so I could offer appetite, which. Now and my average silence, $500, don't think I'm gonna offer after pay yeah, as well until it's paid off and and the fact that people can do it, if. They wouldn't do it in store we've actually going to jump on the website even. Store to do it so it'll be good when they've got, yeah. The upping within you and so that piggies Shopify, it because that's the biggest horse for the fastest growth and stuff gone if. You're gonna build an app right now you don't do it for blackberry you've got it for iPhone first then go to Android then work through whatever else and so that that shop fight is the fastest quite over there that's what. The. Ecosystems, have you found that. So. The question is, yeah. The question is which. Which platforms, integrate, this with retargeting. Who wouldn't, who doesn't know what retargeting, is remarketing, so you've.

Never Cooked on a product and then the. Next two weeks every, website you go to that. Product comes up in the corner on the on the bottom floor of the banner that's remarketing. Or retargeting. It's. Still a bit clunky get used to it's gonna be everywhere the. Irritating one is if you buy a product. You've. Actually done the transaction, and then the product still follows you around the web you're like me, no I bought it buttons we're getting there with that they. Are that, it's it's. The quality of the retargeting. Plug-in so, it, comes back to the to, what we talked about before the. Faster, growth and they're more users of those platforms a Shopify, WooCommerce, they're gonna have more plugins and, better ones because the, builders of those who have. Retargeting, platforms, that's, where they can make their money so, if you want to really all come form like an odds commerce or X carpet, getting, up dated but getting updated, slowly, then, you're not gonna get much love out of all those plugins simply because there's no growth from their business and they're not gonna follow a team into it. You, have you or if you've already got one of them use what you've got unless you've got a complete budget also. So, change it so we haven't talked about this, is I guess, intermediate. Level in commerce so I be, split testing test. One homepage, for. Two. Weeks like. For like so make, sure it's a two-week period that's that's if, you're under securing, the school business don't. Test it school holidays and then a new page out of school holidays so, make sure to light the light period that you are testing over test. And see we're catching a better bit of, conversion. So traffic first check the Google Analytics and then, and then the next stage of that is to see what just see what sells better I like. It's. A product that I don't know anything about and. Its new, in, terms of its doing something you're putting you like it. Well those home devices. That I need to see how I can turn the lights off and then I don't have three different songs playing in three different rooms show. Me a video you're, not gonna be out explain that to me with words, in a be in a photo if you've got a beautiful photo, of, one of your pieces, of jewelry I think the photo is probably more powerful. Depends. On depends on how good the videos and look from a cost perspective it's change. Video. But. If you've got something that needs explaining in. Video jumps at the top and accusing this. I'm. Just thinking about number. Of. Posts, especially the Instagram and its turn this face, yeah. You, make sure bring you a setting up. Yeah. There are pits big challenging no Instagram is going through its teenage, years right now with lots of otago this guy died using the shot and, there's. A couple of interesting court cases coming out and states and lots of photographers of what you have to see where they go, what's. A while ago is I, was. It again three. Years ago it's a different base than it is now and and. So. Lots of the other ice cream truck operators, with whose trucks are switching were either not using it barely using it or using it badly yeah, the whole my kid does it we've, got, friends of got businesses like that so. I would go to them and go, hey be modify of cinema drug message can I use your can I use your pick and you. Want me to use a hashtag or anything with it so I head back to the you know the comment, hashtags, and. So inadvertently, I was hoping their museums to win and quite. Quickly because, there was no you, know global ice cream truck page or retro ice cream truck page they've got a decent little following and, I would send some traffic towards those guys so there was doing two things one it was yes it was using her image which. Is what I got from it but for them was, kind, of giving them some tips around Instagram by showing, them as opposed to telling them and also sending it in traffic that way so the, other thing was over a period of time I've got a really of the big private.

Instagram Group, with every cool ice cream truck operator, in the world and that's my, group, that all but use of it it's probably 200 them in there now and we all share information, so it's. A bit like the iceberg effect Instagram, everyone sees their pretty pictures, its. Drilling. Through hashtags. Fine stuff and, then what, happens in the DM is the. Real power of in strengthen me at this point I mean I'm on a bit of a lower back to fire up all things asking but it's something destructible and stuff so that, accounts not getting huge amount a lot but it's been what's, happening in the back channel so I've got guys. What. Percentage of your business in the States is wedding. Event, or film shoot all the guys no way it's all film ships and all, the guys in Madrid it's all the wedding business so you can you know forming, a community even. If you're new to that community, especially if you can give something to them it all comes st.. James and a lot of our social sites. There's more going on than from how, often to post. Find. The guy with, with that account I was posting morning, and evening 7 o'clock and 9. P.m. but for me my. That that means the inchworm utage from my ice, cream truck was my goal was I need, to build some numbers she need some numbers just, just, to show that you, know it's a decent, account and people following, it don't, buy followers. For all the reasons everyone will tell you and that's our gents pace than mine but, I, needed. Some numbers to show some, life there and then, of the. 14, thousand, followers but at, which two and a half thousand of them in Melbourne and they're people they're going to become potential customers but I wanted those, potential customers when they first followed, me on insta to see that, there was lots of comments and lots of likes comments being far, more valuable and. Real comments, not did not the spam bot stuff so. There was signs of life there in real life so that when my potential, customers come along the Melbourne base one that, was seen there was interesting enough so there was two strategies one get some numbers get, some love and then when, the crowd that I really wanted that I wasn't assaulted that I'm going to book at events and festivals and photo, shoots for sports girl and all the things you use an ice cream truck anything summer later then that's all coming to instance it's a big lead change with it so instead, whole game is for me has been types. Of hangtags fashion. Shoot photo shoot film. Shoot little film community my, ice cream truck will be on the next to the. Last couple of episodes of, offspring in this season, depending. On whether we make the color get start over and all that's come through inspire, and me hunting. Down production managers, which all, of them end up having a little site they're all like, journalists, are frustrated, writers production, managers are also frustrated videographers. And photographers, have, all got Instagram accounts doing stuff so chilling, to it that's the rule value insta. So. They a known artist about coming artists. Yeah. I, would, so the instagrams, changing, it the, algorithm has been it has been a huge change to it's harder to get the traction you got so that's getting people I think. If I was if I was not a known artist if I was someone that was doing especially, if I was doing something interesting, that had really been done before I would, be doing lots of I'd do a similar mix to what I did with the ice cream truck again broad, rule don't, know the artists none of the business done of the landscape so general, advice take it as you will I, would, do some.

Some, Finished, art the beauty of it I would show sequences, I definitely use my Instagram's stories to show me making it and, I would get some friends to show me. Actually making that it's a host of workshop the. Quality. Of imagery has got to be super, high but. I. Would, do. Feature. Some other artists, in that in that category it's always a win it's, people. Want you. Know paying, for influences, this pros and cons of it if you feature other people that are in the same category as you or, in, a non-competitive category, or maybe a little bit further up the tree than you you often get reciprocal, but don't, do it just to get reciprocal, do it is a genuine, you know it's. Amazing what comes or if he just featuring. Other people that you know around your space you're kind of learning together, it sounds a bit come by our but, from the people I know it's super effective when. You've got when. It is to sell when you actually got art you want to sell if. That's if, I've got a gallery and exhibition, they're definitely blending. Hey we're coming I want to offer main square people, Creek. Showing, it's a building event amounts of gives them some love that way if, you're selling online and, you don't have an exhibition then. Try try, create an event so try and create an online exhibition do something, where you're, sending their traffic somewhere so Instagram, is not an in-game instagrams, about sending. The traffic you've, got somewhere. To do something. Should be an email address send, them to a live event potentially. When you have a sale if you're gonna need product whatever it is otherwise. It's just a coffee table book that you're posting laughs but you know that's what your goal and that's fine as well but, know what your goal is because lots of people are just posting, twice a day. Getting. Spam. Comments, going great. And. They're finding themselves into believing that isn't, is where, it's all happening because I've reading posts about someone. Built a business on back, of Instagram 2013. Let's go p--'s to make a change, so. Last. Question. Horses. For courses widget market for me I didn't. Finish my story that I wanted, to build a bit of an international, audience first, because, so. Scheduling. Posts between 6:30, and 7:30 in the morning and after 9:00 p.m. I mean how I could get you of the US now, that I'm back in Australia that we care, as much then. It's probably the after 9:00 p.m. stuff special value because now I'm after event, planners, brides. Festival. Artists, is quite specific, we're. Checking your insights as well audiences. We. Could talk about this for hours if. There are any questions that you would. Like us to maybe. Answer, online, there. Is a. Little section over here where you can pop, in old-school, your. Question, and. Stuff. And I will get together later and. And. Go through them and answer them, in. The meantime we. Have gone a little bit over but, we. Will stick around for, a little bit, so. Just. A few things. After. This we have actually, video, this and all. Going well we. Will have it ready for you the. Early suit it. Takes a little while to get, all the and. Then. Eyes dotted. And t's crossed but, that, will come through to you via. Email will, be a link to that and. Also. The, notes that I have created a summary of what. Scott. Has shared. With us today. Also, as part of this, has been a pretty, already partnership. So, my, thanks to turn, app G and their digital. Ready crew for allowing this to happen and for allowing us to have events. Like this that are free. Part. Of the other elements of digital ready is that there are workshops so, we've got the. Third, visual content workshop coming up with a nationally Mendham that. Has just the third one in siscon life and that's in November via Eventbrite. We. Also have, digital. Ready coaches, one. Of whom I am and. They. Run between February, and November so. It's two hours of free, coaching mentoring so. Please avail of that and that's all via their digital ready, website. That. Leads me to really. Thank Scott for.

Such. A mega amount of information so, you, know allow all that to, to, process and. Do. Please connect with him online I have all the data all his contact details. On. Our notes and. Thanks. Scott, tha

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