Smith School of Business 2019 Winter Commencement

Smith School of Business 2019 Winter Commencement

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You. Ladies. And gentlemen, please, rise for the singing of the national anthem, performed. By, one of our outstanding graduate. Students, Katherine. And. Bombs. Bursting. That. I flag. Was. Still. There. Oh. Say. Does. That. Star-spangled. Banner. Yet. For. The. Hand. Of, the free. And. The home. Please. Be seated. Presiding. Over these exercises. Is dr., Ritu Agarwal, interim. Dean of the Robert H Smith, School, of Business. Good. Afternoon graduates. Of the class of 2019. Good. Afternoon, family. And friends of, the class of 2019. Good. Afternoon to our distinguished, guests, and to members of the Smith School faculty in administration. From. Each of us sitting on stage, from. Every professor who taught you and every. Staff member who made your Smith experience, possible. We. Offer a well-deserved. Congratulations. Give. Yourselves a round of applause. You. Should be proud, you've. Graduated from. One of the preeminent business. Schools in the world at. The Smith School, the. Best students. The, best faculty and, the. Most challenging. Problems of our global interconnected, society, come. Together in, ways that are transformative, and, far-reaching. We. Are a center of collaboration. Innovation. And, fearless, ideas and. Each. One of you is a fearless leader, every. Day Smith, ideas, and Smith leaders, are, moving, beyond the labs and lecture halls to, make an genuine, and positive, impact, on our economy our. Society, and the, entire world. Today. You. Become one, of those people, you. Will go out into, the world armed, and ready to, live. Lives of meaning and purpose to, create. Value, for your organization's. And, impress. The heck out of everybody you meet. The. Occasion of your commencement is a time to celebrate journeys. To. Celebrate, beginnings, and endings. All the amazing things that happen in between. Today. We, will look back on your journey and look. Forward to, your future. Some. Members of the platform party will, be introduced, as the program proceeds, at. This time I would like to introduce other platform, participants. Please. Hold your applause, until everyone has, been introduced. And let's, see if you can follow the script. Professor. Martin Loeb chairperson. Of accounting. In information, assurance. Alright. Flubbed, that one. Professor. Frank alt academic. Director of the masters in business analytics, program and, representing. Professor, michael foo chairperson. Of decision, operations, and information technologies. Ok. Professor, pro te da steed are representing. Professor, k Bartow chairperson. Of management, and organization. Professor. David goddess chairperson. Of marketing. Professor. Martin gresner chairperson. Of logistics, business and public policy. Professor. Sarah Kroenke, representing. Russell warmers chairperson. Of finance. Professor. Shree Burton lele assistant, dean of the full-time MBA program. Professor. Paolo Prochnow, assistant, dean of part-time, and online programs.

Professor. Philip eva's assistant. Dean of undergraduate, academic affairs. Christopher. Dax assistant, dean of development. And alumni relations. Professor. Liu yang academic. Director of, masters, in finance and, masters of quantitative, finance programs. Professor. Ilya Rijo of academic, director of, the master's in information systems, program. Professor. Emmanuel, sewer academic. Director of the Masters an accounting program, and representing. Rebecca Hahn assistant, dean of PhD, programs. Professor. Thomas Corsi academic, director of the masters in supply chain management program. Professor. Michael, true Soph academic. Director of the Masters in marketing analytics program. Sylvan. De Lele representing. The association, of doctoral, students. Sean. Whalen representing. The part-time, MBA Association. Thank. You Lou, representing. The Smith master, student association, and, phyuck, serger representing. The Smith undergraduate, student Association, now. You, can give everybody, a big hand. This. Platform is not large enough to contain all, of the people who have played an important, role in making this day possible in. This. Regard a special. Debt of gratitude is, owed to, the outstanding, faculty of, the Robert Smith School of Business and, to. The dedicated, staff who have given so, much of themselves to. The graduates, and to ensure, that you've had a fabulous student, experience. Please. Give them a big round of applause. At. This time we, respectfully, respectfully. Request, that all attendees, remain seated throughout, the. Entire ceremony in order to provide full recognition to all graduates. Let's. Begin by hearing, from members of the class of 2019. Dr.. Michael ball senior, associate dean will, now introduce our first student speaker. Dr.. Ball. Thank. You Dean Agarwal. I'm, now pleased. To introduce our, student speaker on, kitte chef, who, is graduating. Who. Is graduating with a Bachelor, of Science in finance and, a minor in human development and, education. On kitte. Distinguished, himself both, academically. As an, aunt and as an entrepreneur at the Smith School he, was part of both the Honors College for, entrepreneurship, and innovation, and, of the prestigious, quest. Multidisciplinary. Consulting. Honors Program, throughout. His college career on kitte, has connected, his passions, with. His coursework and then, has gone on one. Step beyond to connect his coursework, with his ventures, he. Participated, in the quest Honors Program in. Order to develop his consulting skills and then. Founded, Maryland. Consulting, Group hosting. Workshops and, creating, recruiting, databases. To help students, access careers. And strategy, he. Is also the founder of an organization, that helps students with goal-setting. And is, the co-author of, a research paper on minority. Inclusion, in the classroom, that, will be published in the American, educational, research Association. Journal. Despite. His challenging, schedule on kitte also, found time to DJ. A live. Radio show on. WM. You see, navigating. Ambiguity, and to, serve as a Smith ambassador, helping, introduce prospective.

Students, To the school, upon. Graduation, on kitte will join Bain & Company as, a consultant. But, before his full-time charge, starts he. Will be interning. At a logistic, startup in Nairobi, doing, growth strategy, work while, also traveling. Around Kenya, please. Join me in welcoming on, kitte chef. Graduates. Family. Friends faculty. Staff, and all, those who could or couldn't make it today congratulations. We. Did it all. Of us we all did, it the, Diploma can only have one name on it because, if you were to write everyone. Who helped us get, to this point we've, run out of paper and worse. It. Wouldn't be environmentally. Friendly. Each. Of us have different names we would write on our diplomas, and rightfully, so this. Is an incredibly. Diverse group of people with, different backgrounds. Values beliefs. Demographics. And so much more but. We. Have at least one shared experience, and, it's a big one the. Past couple years at Smith, it's. Impossible, to describe this experience in, any amount of words but. I'm gonna try to share the feeling a feeling. Of walking into class on the, first day and seeing, more and more familiar faces every. Semester it's. That feeling of sitting at Rudy's doing. Work a bit distracted, by the wafting, smell and a, friend randomly, joins you better. Yet they, share their french fries. It's. The feeling of anxiously waiting in OCS before an interview only. To realize that the interviewer is an alumni used to be in the club with it's. The feeling of walking out of lecture confused, for. Finding solidarity. At office hours from. A line of students with the same questions, you had it's the feeling of pride when, you see fellow students pitching a really really cool startup idea and thinking, wow this. Could actually work it's. The feeling of being excited to make an impact in future endeavors a feeling. When you realize you're making an impact now. Feeling. When you're challenged, but, you know you have the people behind you to, figure it out. All. These emotions and dozens more are what I'm going to miss the most and hope, to find in my future adventures but. This this. Adventure, I, maybe different from the rest at.

Maryland, I had the privilege to. Study in an insulated, space this. Privilege, gave me the ability to critically analyze the world around me without. Much of the noise in the world today I'm so. Thankful to, have been given this. Space to think and question. And, challenge. The. Way things are but. Protected, by the title, a student. Being. A student gave, me access to others with the same title you. All, of you who. Have big dreams and even, bigger questions. Well. I no longer will have this title formally I'm confident. That this education, will. Help preserve that title. Informally. And indefinitely. Students. I am so happy today, so. Happy, College, was really, hard but, here we are today. This, graduation the funky hat it. Means something different to everyone and, that's amazing, I can't. Wait to hear the stories and successes. But, most importantly, about growing, and continuing. To connect with the people who, wouldn't be able to fit on a diploma, the, people who support, challenge. And above all love. Us congratulations. Class of 2019 thank, you. Thank. You Ankit I, am. Now pleased to introduce student. Speaker bojong Wan who, is graduating. Who. Is graduating with the Masters and information, systems, bo, came to the Smith school after completing his undergraduate, degree from Villanova. University where. He majored in accounting and, management information. Systems. Bo. Has been a very active member of the Smith's community as a, master, student representative. In the Ascend leadership, Club and the, vice president, of finance in the Information, Systems Association. He. Took advantage of opportunities. To develop his skills by. Participating in. The Deloitte data thon Case Competition. The. Rate. To all business, Case Competition and, the, International, Finance, Corporation process. Optimization, project. During. His time in the program he worked as a technology. Project intern, with, Amtrak, assessing. Obsolete, technology, usage to, help reduce. More than a million dollars in operating expenses. And Bo. Provided, an important, community service, as a team leader and volunteer, with, the Smith Schools volunteer, tax assistant, program which. Helps members of the local community file. Their local state and federal taxes, so. Tax season is just around the corner you might want to grab him before he leaves the graduation. Upon. Graduation, but, will join Espeon company a CPA, firm based, in the Baltimore, metropolitan area, as an. IT auditor, please. Join me in welcoming Bo, on. Thank. You for that and. Congratulations. To the 2019. You've. Made it and. Let's. Have a round of applause to, thank our friends, FEM, members, and faculty, for. Always supporting us, all on our journey here at Smith. We. Have accomplished, a major milestone in. The journey of her life and, this. Is a major step should be recognized phrase immense significance, so. My time at Smith had changed me a lot from, a person who, used to be afraid of socializing, and voicing on piƱas even in front of a small group to. A person right now that is more outgoing, comfortable. Speaking. In front of a crowd like today. So. I'm here this morning to not only congratulate. You on your sex but. To also share three useful lessons that have learned from my life, be. Persistent, be. Kind be. A good listener. First. Don't. Be afraid of failures, you. Should always be persistent, on the journey of pursuing your dreams the. Life sometimes, disappoint, you throwing punches and, trying to knock you down for. Those of you sitting here today that. Has struggled with your academics, that. Happen to know for most of their job applications. But still manage to achieve their success I want. To say congratulations, and. For. Those who, have yet to achieve, your goals, don't, be deterred because. I was a great example. As. I start on my college senior year I was the only one, student see all of my accounting classes who didn't receive a full-time a job offer and, during. That year I kept questioning. My abilities, my, career choices and even. My playing my introvert, personality. Yes. It is true that I was extremely disappointing. At that time but. Because of those disappointments, I gained. More clarity, and. More, conviction, about, Who I am and, who I wanted to be and, I. Was able to realize my goal through, my time I smooth by, working on my weaknesses believing, myself and pushing, myself out of my comfort zone you. See graduation. Is now the final destination, of your journey, it's, one, of the labors, for your bigger and brighter futures, and by.

Doing What I've been doing keep. Pursuing what being looking for at some. Point in time your. Opportunity, will come. You will shine, also. Along this journey you'll. Also be meeting people needing, your help and remember. You, should always be kind and give, back to our local communities, as a Terp as. A, student, born and raised under, Chinese, culture. I was. Quite influenced, by a Confucius, ideology, called self, which. Directly, translated. Into filial, piety, it. Means a virtual, to respect. And give back to our parents, after we grow up and I, believe this idea can also be manifested. On a social level but, giving back to ours local, societies. So. Last spring I volunteered, with the mat many other peers from different master programs to, help more than 500, residences. And on-campus, students, with their tax returns and this. Invaluable less, experienced. Enlightened, me that. Helping, others doesn't, always require money, but. A good passionate. And dedicated heart. And that, big smile from the faces of a client has always, motivated. Us to do a little more. So. Maybe at this moment that, you're not that wealthy, to make a get big contributions. To that leave the profound, changes to your local communities. But. Remember you, can always have, those baby steps as, to. Help others with our use of our knowledge as each, step matters, in warming, other people's heart and matters. Is spreading, love and drawing. My. Volunteer, experience, also brings me to my third and, final point be. A good listener that. During my volunteer, experience, are becoming, a more, compassionate. And respectful listener. Embodied. With the idea of becoming a true global citizen. That. The diverse and inclusive environment at Smith school has, given us tremendous opportunities. To get to know fellows dude and the friends from countries, all over the world and. For. Example I can, work side-by-side with many, others while making friend with them outside the classrooms, and talk, about our, respective. Culturally, culturally. Related topics. Like, Super Bowls Chinese. Food and Bollywood. Dance moves. And this. Experience, has helped us better adapt to this increasingly. Global. Society, as you, will be talking to many others coming from a more diverse cultural. Backgrounds, ethnicities. Religions. Etc. And, that, it. Is our responsibilities. To put ourselves in other people's shoes and appreciate. Their opinions, and value standpoint. The. Very end of my speech I'm more. Than confident, that, all of us sitting here today was. Sail over our life challenges. And changes. Peacefully. And remember. Be. Fearless leap persistent, be. Fearlessly. Kind, beer. Feelers good listener, and amazing. Things will happen in your life again. Congratulations. To the class of 2019, and, go Terps. Thank. You Bo I think. We can all use a little more perseverance. And better listening, and kindness. Appreciate. Your words. It. Is now my privilege to welcome today's, commencement speaker. Jose Antonio to, hurry no or simply. Tony as he is to us Tony, is president, and CEO of the Hispanic, Heritage Foundation. A national. Nonprofit, organization. Focused. On education. Workforce. Leadership. And culture. Tony. Has been a fierce and passionate advocate. For diversity for. Human rights for immigration. For, creativity, and youth empowerment, for, 20, years and has risen to national, prominence as, an, important, and critical voice, on these very critical, issues, as. A proud immigrant, from Nicaragua, who is now an American citizen. Tony, founded, the American project, the, we Dream America, campaign and the. Reid or refugee, education, and development, effort. He. Co-founded the, dream lead Institute, for daca recipients. And helped. Produced, OMA. With imagination. Stage to tell the stories, of migrant. Youth, he. Was recently recognized. By the bipartisan. Organization. Forward. Us for, his extensive work in, support, of refugee, families, on the border and featured. On the cover of Latino, magazine, as those. Who make a difference. He. Has been an extraordinary, supporter. Of the University of Maryland, and, particularly. Of the Smith School and our students. He. Serves in the Smith School Board of Advisors, and was recently appointed to the University, of Maryland system foundation, board he.

Has Also worked with Dean Victor Mullins on diversity, initiatives, at Smith, and recently. Hosted a, Charla, turned, the mic over to the students, event during, Latin X Heritage, Month, I. Hear. He refers to himself as, Tony, Terrapin. Abbreviated. Tony, Terp, it. Would take too long for me to list all the awards and recognition, that tony has received, but, I must mention the prestigious, Utley, award the. Highest honor given by the Mexican, government to, someone outside of Mexico, the. Lifetime, Achievement Award. From the National PTA, the, Vision. Award from, the Silicon, Valley Latino. Leadership and the. Brilliantly, award from the National Society of Hispanic, MBAs, among, many many others, I am. Proud to call Tony a friend, I can, think of no finer role model, as you begin, your career journeys, please. Join me in welcoming Tony. Terp to the stage. Thank. You very much Dean root - and thank you to the faculty staff and fellow members of the Smith advisory board for inviting, me to take part in your celebration despite, having been a journalism major I don't know if you mentioned that they. Would have been like why is this guy here it, was funny was I was driving on campus it looks so different than other places feel, the same and you'll, come. To that conclusion. Years, from now as well but, I went by testudo, and I was talking to Jessica and I said I remember rubbing that thing's nose as if I wanted a genie to pop out of it and say you got an A and. Of course I had a professor, at one time walk behind me and say try studying harder kid. Save, your wear and tear on your hands I also want. To thank Jessica. Davies and Victor Mullins and Chris Dax and others for always, making me feel as if I'm a part of something bigger when I come here to Maryland and, also, thank you for not making me have to wear one of those hats the Tam's I always. Feel like I look like toad from Super Mario Brothers, and one of those things but, it looks good on you guys. More. Importantly thank you to, all of you for allowing me to share in this space with, all of your brilliant minds and your beating hearts that will impact the future of business, congratulations. To all of you the Smith School class of 2019. And. Congrats to your supportive, families, partners. And friends who played a role in your tremendous, achievement. I remember. My graduation here, at Maryland when my mother hugged me so proudly and then snatched my cap put, it on and said he ho this is my graduation -. She. Actually had an eighth grade education and, never, had the opportunities, I had and yes, she truly shared that moment with me she, actually passed away a few years later and to. This day that picture, of her wearing the hat smiling, sits on my desk at work to remind me to. Remind me of a lot of things to. Remind me that I'm a person of color to. Remind me that I'm an immigrant and a child of immigrants, I take. A lot of pride in being an American, immigrant and a. Big part of this country, and there's. Nothing better than when a feeling, is backed by actual data this. Past year a study from the new American economy found, that nearly 45 percent of all fortune 500 companies this country had at least one founder, that was an immigrant or the child of an immigrant I happen, to be both these. Fortune 500 companies, were, getting it done these, fortune 500 companies founded by new Americans, were responsible, for more than six trillion dollars, in revenue, and employ. More than 13 million workers, worldwide, these. Companies would be considered the third largest economy in, the world based, on their combined GDP, in. Addition, more than three million immigrants, the United States run their own businesses. It's. In our nature I don't. Care if you drive, by somebody, that just got here from Guatemala, and they're selling flowers in the middle of the street, it's. In our nature to be entrepreneurial. Yet. Hate crimes and hate rhetoric, against immigrants have increased and there's, a movement afoot to repeal birthright, citizenship. Even though it's in the Constitution, there's.

A Movement to limit access to social services for immigrants, to and akha, bans. On, Muslims. From coming into this country to curb refugee, entry to, eliminate, temporary, protected, status or, TPS, to, separate, families, to, increase the deportation, of non criminals, whose only offense is to provide a better life for their children, which. Goes all the way back to, my mother and your, parents, partners. And friends, who, are here to support you, please. Give a round of applause I know you just did it but do it again because they deserve it to all the parents. Families. Friends supporters. Share. This moment with them the way I did with my mom and the, way that continues, to, inspire me every single day and actually. Let's take a moment to reflect on your journey enriching, this pivotal moment and. Close your eyes for a moment take a deep breath. Take. In this moment. Think. Of what you've overcome, and what you had to deal with to get here, reflect. On all that hard work the. Long hours of studying the. Doubts the. Financial, challenges, your. Own personal, challenges, that you faced during, your time at the Smith School. Don't. Ever forget those challenges. Give. Yourselves a round of applause now because, deserve it yourselves. Around the applause our project. But. When you thought of those challenges, don't. Ever forget those challenges, because. They're gonna be more useful, as a reference, point than any of the case studies that you studied, learn. To embrace and leverage adversity, going forward. Supreme. Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, once, said there are uses to adversity, that they don't reveal themselves, until tested. Difficulty. Can tap unexpected. Strengths, it's. The same thing in business I remember. When we hosted a summit for investors, and entrepreneurs in, Silicon Valley and a VC investor, telling, a group of young entrepreneurs what. They look for in a startup to invest in and made it really clear that if they hadn't failed before they. Weren't interested, do. You imagine that being a criteria, of making. You worthy of an investment that. You failed before they. Wanted to make sure that you were able to pivot from problems, and that you've learned from your mistakes that. You're resilient, and that you took chances because. If you don't take chances, that's. One way to not fail it's. Also a way to the gret have. A lot of regrets you. Have to be bold fearless isn't, just a tagline. It. Really is a philosophy. And by. Going through that adversary', it means you've. Actually built grit and have a comfort, level in adjusting, and creating pathways to success in, the worst of circumstances. Here's. An example in terms of this. Court. Where, University of Maryland plays I, mean. If they only play being a head they would panic and fold if they were ever trying to overcome a deficit, to win a game they. Wouldn't be mentally prepared for the comeback you. Have to learn how to be able to play from behind as much as playing ahead and considering. All the factors that you're gonna have to deal with they're gonna be out of your control that. You're gonna face when, you're at a company or running your own business you, need to learn how to be comfortable in crisis, it's. Not all about vision and hard work a lot. Of people say hard work overcomes, everything I. Don't. Know I came. Up here and I stopped and I saw construction, being done on campus and there, was a man that was busting up comp creep without letting, up just, constantly, busting up this con creet anyone. Think they're gonna help work that guy. In. A lifetime I don't. Think so. What's. Gonna give you an edge and distinguish, you will be creativity. A, few. Years ago there was a Newsweek stories entitled, creativity, crisis, that said for the first time, research, shows that American. Creativity, overall. Is in decline. According. To the Adobe state of create global. Benchmark study, 80%, of people feel that unlocking. Creativity is critical, to economic growth and nearly two-thirds, of respondents felt, creativity. Is valuable, to society an. IBM. Study of top CEOs from around the world identified, creativity, as the most important, leadership, competency.

To. Support these findings I recall. What an iconic American immigrant. Scientist named Albert Einstein, who, said imagination. Is more important, than knowledge knowledge. Is limited. Imagination. Is endless I'm. A strong believer in the strong link between imagination. Creativity. And innovation, and, we. All need all of you to be fierce fearless. Innovators, in changing, the landscape of business, finance, entrepreneurship. Going forward I'll. Coordinate this. One from Syria named Steve Jobs who once said innovation, distinguishes between, a leader and a follower, we. Need everyone here, that's graduating, to, be leaders in, addition. To being creative you, also need to be resourceful and being. Resilient and being agile, taking. Chances not being a being, afraid to fail as we talked about and being positive in any, situation, and question. Everything, be. Curious. Look. For answers. Anywhere. You are chances. Are somebody else is asking those same questions and, one, more things. Having. Been in this role for a long time and having worked at different companies as well. Here's. How you, can define leadership and, get. People to follow you. You, take the blame when something went wrong and you. Give credit when something went right. It's. Tough to do sometimes and leadership. Is not for the weak of heart. It, starts with, you believing in yourself even when others don't I've. Always said that the greatest motivators, in my life have been somebody believing, in me and somebody not believing, in me they, both work just as well. So. You have to know your value and please, know you've earned a place at the Smith school you. Earned this graduation. You'll. Earn your, next job and in. That job your input will be valuable your. Perspective, is valuable or you wouldn't be there don't. Be shy when you're in a room full of other people don't, defer when you have a point of view you. Don't have to wait your turn. The. Minute you got that job or we're invited into the room it became your turn and don't. Compromise your values all. Of you will be in rooms with great influence, and, you. May be the only one like you in that room, always. Remember, what and who you represent. Chances. Are you'll need to represent those. That aren't in that room and your. Conscious matters your values matter including in a business setting and more. And more companies are going to understand that companies. Are very aware that they have a direct impact on society, and the environment and they. Know you as valuable employees, can hold them accountable and hopefully, provide guidance, beyond just. The strategy finance, marketing, and operations that you learned here at the Smith School it's. A lot more than that and we're, counting on all of you to define another bottom-line to. These businesses, a social. Responsibility. Bottom line that, needs to be met at this time when our values are being trounced, for Faustian deals of all kinds. Remind. These companies that being socially, responsible is a branding, opportunity like, my neighbor who found it honesty. Consumers. Like my family who will opt to buy products, that demonstrate, a social, conscious these. Companies need to understand, that social good is an effective way to engage retain. And lift the spirits of their employees which are you and that'll. Lead to greater productivity and, to, be relevant to the another generation. Your. Infant influence, can be felt in fact. In a recent Deloitte, survey, it was found that 70 percent of, Millennials say that a company's commitment to social responsibility in, luhan's their choice of where to work, according. To Millennials, in the workforce. Eighty-four, percent of Millennials believe, making a positive difference, in the world is more important, than, professional recognition. You. Have a say in making sure that these companies moral, corporate, compass is pointing in, the right direction not, us, you. And we're. Counting on you I was. Asked during an interview recently what advice I have for look for millenials and Generation, Next and, I think I took the interviewer by surprise when I said I don't give advice to Millennials and Generation, Next I get advice from Millennials. And Generation, Next and. I know some of you are rolling your eyes and some of you're probably saying okay boomer, but. Don't worry I don't take it personally, I have. A daughter who says it's me all the time and I think Vanya Beltran, and and Angela, angel. Diaz are up there somewhere and, she's actually a Smith School grad and said it to me this week but, just know that these boomers are counting, on all of you and know.

That Your responsibilities. Go beyond your own interest, you, don't have to be a woman to take issue with sexism, you. Don't have to have to be lgbtq+. To, take issue with homophobia, you. Don't have to be african-american to take issue with racism, you don't have to be Latino Asian, disabled, indigenous, Muslim, Jewish atheist, or, financially, challenged, to take issue with bigotry. Of any kind, you. Have a voice in and, out of the office. And. You. Have a reputation that. You are building right now, and. You, need to define curate, and protect, that reputation because, there's Warren Buffett says takes, a lifetime to build a reputation in five minutes to ruin it think. About that as you. Move forward in your careers, please know that leadership, is service and there are a lot of others that can greatly benefit, from your attention, your, guidance, and your belief in them just, like you have benefited for many of the supporters that are here you. Can be role models and sources of inspiration to, youth and your communities, in this school at the Smith school and in the workforce anytime. You can help someone you're, in a position of privilege, Martin. Luther King once said everyone can be great because everyone can serve as. A Smith School graduate, you're in an even greater position, to, serve so. Make your presence felt thank. You again for allowing me to spare share the special moment with you and your supporters, go, Terps and represent. Thank. You Tony for this incredibly, inspiring, words and just. To make sure that, the studio is always, on Tony's mind. A. Professional. Photographer will be taking each graduates. Picture as they receive their envelope, in order, not to obstruct, the view of other guests, family, and friends are asked not to enter, the floor for four, photographs, also. We remind all attendees, to, please remain seated throughout the entire ceremony in order to fully recognize all, of today's graduates and. Now. Senior. Associate dean Michael, Ball will present, the Doctor of Philosophy graduate. Well. The candidate please rise. Dean. Agarwal, I'm pleased, to present the. Doctor of Philosophy, recipient. Completed. All requirements, for the Doctor of Philosophy degree. You, H and, whoo major. Marketing. Hood. Er David, goddess. Dean's. Professor, of marketing. Dissertation. Title, deriving. Happiness from. Consumption. Towards. An understanding, of enjoyment, in consumer. Consumption. Dr.. Wendy Moe associate. Dean of masters, programs will present, the candidates, for the master's, degree, will. The candidates, for the Master of Business Administration. Master. Of Finance, master. Of quantitative. Finance and Master. Of Science degrees, please rise. Dean, Agarwal I'm pleased to present the. Master's graduates, I'm. Honored to recognize these, graduates, who have successfully, completed all. Requirements, for the Master of Business Administration degree, the. Master of finance degree the, master of quantitative, finance degree, or the, Master of Science degree. Well. The graduates, please be seated. Dr.. Geelong Chen or, canned, corporation. Professor, of management, science, dr.. Kis Leia Prasad, research, professor, and academic, director of, the center for global business and Rebecca. Winner executive. Director of marketing communications. Will introduce the graduates. We. Will now recognize the Masters, graduates, who are members of the platform party. Katherine, Fisher, Master. Of Science in business and management. Bojan. Wan Master. Of Science in information systems. Will. All the masters graduates. Please remain seated, until directed. To the platform, to receive our, congratulations. You. The. Following students, are Master, of Business Administration degree. Candidates. From the, College Park campus. Mario. Martinez. Also. Earning a Master of Finance. Benjamin. Zeidler. Jesse. Guercio. Romi. D Patel. Sheena. Patel. Test. Neehoff. Torian. Isom. Dimond, Reynolds, L'Amour. Kelsey. Balance, Hudson. Molly. Rhymers. Andrew. Draper. I'm. A king. Captain. Kay Robinson. Derrek. Lee Marv Benson. Kyle. And T Carlson. Patrick. Tobin, the. Following. Students, are Master, of Business Administration, degree, candidates, from the Baltimore campus.

Erin, Bold. Stephanie. Corona. Robert. Would she Legion EUR. Garcia. Oscar. Andrew. Schreiber. Timothy. Hartnett. Ashley. Layman. Kelsey. McCone. Bridgette. Cheek. Jennifer. Lip trap. Michelle. Vivoli. Alyssa. Rittenberg. Lauren. Faulkner. Adam. McFarland's. Christopher. Cope. Philip. Brooks Bolton. Danya. Zhu Zhu Li. Charles. Gaines. Joshua. Sax. Joseph. Neewollah. The. Following, students, are Master, of Business Administration, degree. Candidates. From the, Washington, DC campus. James. Ford, also. Earning a master of Finance. Lois. Corey. Michael. Kleinschmidt. Joshua. Tan. Betty. Hi Lulu. Serena. Um young. Alexander. Blas. Catherine. Would. Laura. Cosenza. Mara. Daniela de Silva. Shaolin. Catherine. Balsa rack. Randy. Zmuda. Jeffrey. McIntyre. Rosaline. Palacios. Vashti. Joseph. Alexis. Boa Chi Don quoi. Maria. Xiang. Sarah. Lisa devil. Anse. Mita. William. Huffman. Christopher. Nuts. Dhara, Vaziri. Yosh. A long. Amandine, chog Bing. Katherine. Montgomery. Deana. Bebe. Avram. Ibrahim. Fiona. Machado. Joseph. Kearney. Mary. Katherine Mar. Carolyn. Kolb. Abbey. Marie. Williams. Stone. Curtis. Cunard. Zachary. Hargrove. Jake. Lee. Christopher. Simeone. Griffin. Cole. Michael. Baden are. Chris. Mullin. Matt. Leave. Andrew, Callaghan. Grant. Pop us. Bryant. Edwards. Karl. Prozac. Jeffrey. Howard. Philip. Fordham. Allison, Hawkins. EEB, son you didn't. Samuel. Phelps also. Earning a master of Finance. The. Following, students, are Master, of Business Administration, degree. Candidates. From the, Shady Grove campus. Off. Shawn Mizrahi. Erick. Granado's. Tiara. Brooks. Zoey. Awful. Amanda. McAndrews. Amanda. Lee Barber. Laura. Silva, bin Edson. Sarah, Bhutto. Maya. Gardner. Bridget. Harrison. Jonathan. Sour. So. Following students, our Master, of Science in accounting. Degree candidates. Camden. Farley. Soo-dong. Chun-ning. Chang. Shoo. DJ. Tongue. Show. Yes son. Jared. Allen. Quan. Yin Tong. Ginger. To. Jerry. So. How. Your tongue. To. The your tongue. Tongue. Wong. Ecola. Was, him. Mesa. Rezac. Landon. Western. Sanja. La llegada. Roberto. Morales. Diana. Sotas. Jeannie. Leo. Seaming. Fang. Nimah. You. Fight so. Turn. Tongue. Ray. Who. She. Eat oh. Yeah. Right wrong. Genius. Seeing. Tongue. Yentl. Show. Me leo. Ling-ling. Tai. Chi. Precious. Clean. Oh go. Chicken. Ala add ammonia. Linda. A tubular. Choice. Rowana. Showings. Piece. Wrong. Evil. Way. Ting. Ting Tong. Shall. Chair shall. Shout. Only. When. Yeah no way. Mei. Ji Fang. Charlotte. :. Yes. Mean Cong. Wafaa. Casa. Sharon. Harmon. Eating. Young. Urine. Talk. Schenley. Memeing. Hung. Ching. Cha. Ching. Ching. One. Who. Peach. How, to. How. Le. Wave. Is. Yeah. One. Shall. We time. Mighty. Lu. Dings. Sheave. Anyone. Cherishing. Changing. True. Why. Being, tight. The. Following, students, are Master, of Science in marketing, analytics degree, candidates. Yeah. Hm. She'd. Only. One. Year tour. Cinto. Leo. Su. Yin, Tong. Chantin. Tae. Yong. Li. Li Ling. Soo. Jung. Mong. Ain't here. Yaman. Wang. Ling. Show fine. Reaching. Tongue. Eatin. Him. Eating. Law. In. True Wang. Ling. Soo come. En. Ting. Su. Bacopa. Roshini, king shrimp. Fam. SE kya. Sir. Yi, Guan. Ying. Yo-yo. Channeling. Lea. Carita. The.

Pero. En. Tongue. Yo. Paulie. 2-tier, tongue. How. Turn, ye. Some. Tongue. Shall. Share. Way. Tongue. Auntie. Em. He. -. Young. Leo. Hold, ya ya. Cheatin, tongue. So. Foreign students. Are massive, science degree candidates. Master. Of Science master, finance, degree, candidates. Can. Is hurry. Devil. Patel. Tom. A. Wait, only. In. Wat. O5u. Tongue. -. Way. To. Li. Chachi. Wong. -. How long. Easing. Li. Wang. Ling yeah. Whom. Da Huang. William. Huggins. The. Foreign students, are massed of quantitative, finance degree. Candidates. Liang. Hi. Kyle. Ison. Humic. Jong. The. Following, students, are Master, of Science in Business Analytics, degree. Candidates. And. Sony February. Brandon. Judah, massage. Change'. White. Satin. Chicken. Leo. T, anyway. Tong. Tong, Tong. Tong. Tong. Motivo. Change. Onco. Tran. TiVo. Solution. Heroin. One-lane. Hey ho. Main. Function. Ya. Yin, Tong. We. Hate a. Gentle. E. Ng. Co. T. Le. CR. Tone. Yeah. Yeah. Nene. Mo. Time. Song. Way. Yo Ma. Saran. Liang. Jing. Wang. Cheating. Houghton. P. En. Radio. Li. Jiang. Haoyi. P. JY. Man. Terming. Tongue. Long. Shank, in. Your. Houses. Gingerly. Tongue. Horton. How. To. Sushi. Liam. CTA. Sang. Ranger. Young. Way. Tongue. Waving. Hi. We. Pantry. EFA. Fine. Pingu. Lousy. We. Price. Cheese, eyes. How. Wrong. Yan. Qing, Li. Leaning. Tongue. Hi. Wang. Jing. Li oh. Gee. It's leo. Li. Chen. Pei. One-to-one. Jarton. You. Unit, young. Lu. Han yung. Jing. Horton. By. Shaitan. Faith. Fine. Go. Home turn. Ye. One tongue. One. Taeho. The. Following students are Master of Science in Information, Systems degree. Candidates. Qing. Yi Wang. Xin. And Jung. Van. Geen. Nigeria. One. As. Shin, range she. You. Hang Jang. Lay. Punk. Lee. Joon young. Grier. And new. Pink. Way. Giochi. A tank John. Poachin. Min. Qiang go. Royally. Zachary. Broderick. Michael. Michael. I Barranca. Janta, great a. Mohel. Gupta. Younggu. Yuting. Jung. Chang. Way. Plan. A punt. Mori. Abandon, loopy. Aamir. Kulkarni. Punia, Mishra. Mohit. Go ducky. Divya. Chhabra. As. Maternity. Care. Britta. Patel. Exceeded. Jet Li. Merlin. Manga lot. And. You. Jacob. The. Following students, our Master of Science in Business and management degree, candidates. Skylar. Green. The. Following, students, are master, of science, in supply, chain management degree. Candidates. Merrick, Zayed. Heckum. We. Shanley. Sunil. Chuckling. Um. Charlie. Oh. Reitan. Shi. Zhang. Quan. Oni. Oni. Saw. Mingling, I. Think. Champ. Jasmine. Swami. Who. Ling. Ling. Ho ho. Isaac. I do. Fidel. Calamy. Ition. Chang. Jing. Portion. Jenson. Lee. In. A song. Er, UT. Horn. I li. Dr.. Victor Mullins, associate, dean of undergraduate, programs. Will present, the class of, 2019. Graduates. Well. The candidates please, rise. Dean. Agarwal, I'm very pleased to, present. The. Smith class of 2019. Graduates. Dean. Mullins, I'm honored, to recognize, these graduates. Who have successfully, completed. All requirements, for The Bachelor of Science degree. Go. Dopes. Well. The graduates, please be seated. Rebecca. Winner executive. Director of marketing communications. Will introduce the, graduates. We. Will now recognize a graduate. Who is a member of the platform, party, on. Kita, chef. Majoring. In finance. Graduating. Laude. Will. All graduates please, remain seated until directed. To the platform, to receive our congratulations.

The. Following students, are finance. Majors. Sarah. Abu, Faraj. Giri. Who. Christopher. Collins. Zachary. Potosi. Matthew. Ferraro. Kaylee. Tillman. Mitsu. Patel. Sanjana. Near Ramallah. Simran. Beer Cana. Abu. Shake Suresh. Jason. Summers. Jacob. Burden. Michael. Kiske love magna. Laude. Take. Him. Kiernan. Keller. Jason. Shim Raj. Alexandre. Nezu. Brandon. Smith. Ali. Jawad. Hong. Lou. Norah's. Otte a Brahmin. Grayson. Hours. Nicholas. Smith. Max. Barton SH lager. Bradford. Dietrich. Esther. Kim. Austin. Duffy, a. Meet, sing Kumbaya. The. Following, students, are supply, chain, management, majors. Jacqueline. Wilton. When. Yong. Chi. San Juan. Jessica. Isabel, Samaha. Jeju. Seaman se. Aiden. Mackenzie. The. Following, students, are international, business. Majors. Nicholas. Broughton. The. Following students, are management, majors, which includes, students, in the Entrepreneurship, track. Kelsey. Ridge. Hailey. Martin. The. Following, students, are accounting. Majors. Kimberly. Michael ik. Errand. Agenor. Christopher. Schooley. Scarlet. Guzman, Pineda. Madison. Gorman. Liza. Marcos. Alejandra. Hagen's. Vanessa. Herrera. Genesis. Herrera Lopez. Colin. Nolan. Morris. Howell. Scott. Horowitz. Wei. Zhi Shu. Yingling. You. And. Young. Jang. Shi. Eun Shane. Jarrod. Cannabis. The. Following students, are marketing, majors. Animal. Ardh. Madeleine. Dixon. Ashley. Deer hog. Shiloh. Peers. Terrence. Davis. Hey. Suz k Harris Cespedes. Emily. Gauri. Laude. Tyler. Barron. Ariana. Kasi matches. David. Moshav. Benjamin. Lee. Yoo. Chang Chen. Esther. Kim magna. Laude. Melky. Diaz. Daniel. Makarewicz. Katherine, Sorenson, magna. Laude. Marc. Pankowski. Benjamin. Ramey. The. Following, students, our information. System, majors. John. Rogers. Naima. Lee. Dexy. Ostomy, see. Psy. Krishna, kala. Sofia. Lopez Pimenta. Natalie. Yeah Zuri. Alwyn. Joy. Shah. Nawaz Ahmad. Mitchell. Marsden. Anisha. Goswami. Connor. Sullivan. Mark. Downey. Dennis. Regan. Malik. Diallo, a. Mil, kar Romero. The. Following, students, are operations. Management, and business analytics. Majors. Anna. Cheng I. Need. A cruise. Trade. Dutton. Babatunde. Oh. Qilin. For knock. Daniel, Wilson. Laude. Once. Again, let. Us all congratulate. Today's graduates. Graduates. Of the Robert H Smith, School of Business it's. Been a real pleasure to speche to share this special day with you. My. Congratulations to. Each of you on the accomplishments that have led to this day. We. Also honor, the people who supported, you who believed in you and who. In many cases paid. For you the. Parents, of this class of 2019. It. Is with great hope, and optimism. That, we at the Smith school send. You out into the world. Today. Reminds. Us. Why. What we do is so important, for, everybody, in this, auditorium, and for everybody in this world. I'm. Certain, you will lead fulfilling in accomplished, lives I know. You are happy to have your classes behind you this. May be the end of college but it is not the end of learning as you. Continue to learn I hope you will share your knowledge your insights, in your experience, with us because. We too are lifelong, learners and I. Hope that your life will lead you back into this learning community, to. Mentor students, to, be a Terp helping, Tubbs to serve on a committee to. Speak to a club or to, continue your own education. Graduation. Is a significant, achievement. Made. Possible, by your own hard work but. Also by the support, of your friends and family members. As. You. Graduate I also offer you the Smith School in courage mental support. You're. Now one of us you're part of the family take. Advantage of our alumni networking, opportunities, as you pursue your careers.

Stay. In touch with us and we. Will stay in touch with you, we. Hope you have a long and mutually beneficial, relationship. With the Smith school, every. Member of the Smith community is, so proud of your achievements. We. Wish you well in the journey ahead. We're. Incredibly sorry, to see you go but we know you will come back I, look. Forward to hearing many, good reports, of the, successes, that you will experience. In the years to come. Congratulations. I wish, you all the very best. Well. Graduates, and guests, please be seated and remain seated until the platform party, has, recessed, once. They have recessed graduates. Are asked to please exit, through the rear of the arena in addition. We ask that all guests, and graduates please, exit, the arena immediately. Following the Smith school ceremony, in order, to allow guests, arriving, for the next ceremony to take their seats thank. You for your cooperation and, please, enjoy, the rest of your day.

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