Smith School of Business 2018 Winter Commencement

Smith School of Business 2018 Winter Commencement

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You. You. Once, again good morning and welcome to the December 2018. Commencement. Exercise, of the, Robert H Smith School of Business to. Follow today's proceedings, please turn to page four in your commencement program where. You'll find a ceremony, guide followed, by a list of graduates receiving the Master of Business Administration. Specialty. Masters and Bachelor, of Science degrees you. Will also find additional information, about the Robert eight Smith School of Business, leading. The academic, procession will be over 600, members of the graduating class, of 2018. They. In turn will be led by two column. Marshals following. These graduates, will be representatives, of the Smith school's illustrious, faculty, and staff led. By Dean Alexander. J tree antis and senior, associate dean Ritu, Agarwal. Note. The leaders of each group will be carrying maces, since. The Middle Ages University, processions, have been preceded, by the carrying, of the mace a symbol of, the university's, authority, to govern itself and to, grant degrees now. Let's. All please welcome the graduating, class of 2018. You. You. You. Please. Rise for the playing of the national anthem. You. Please. Be seated. Presiding. Over these exercises. Is dr., Alexander tree, antis Dean of the Robert a Smith School of Business. Good. Afternoon graduates, of, the class of 2018. Good. Afternoon family, and friends of the class of 2018. Good. Afternoon to our distinguished, guests and to members of the Smith School faculty and, administration. From. Each of us sitting on stage, from. Every professor who taught you and every staff person, who made your Smith experience, possible, we. Offer a well deserved, congratulations. Give, yourselves, a round of, applause. You. Should be proud you've, graduated from, one of the preeminent business, schools in the world at. The Smith School the, best students, the, best faculty and the, most challenging problems. Of our global interconnected. Society come. Together in ways that are transformative. And far-reaching. We. Are a center of collaboration. Innovation. And fearless. Ideas. Every. Day Smith, alumni, are moving beyond labs and lecture halls to, make a genuine, and positive, impact on our economy our. Society in, our, world today. You. Become, one of those fearless, leaders. You. Will go out into the world armed, and ready to live lives of meaning and purpose create. Value for your organization's. And impress. The heck out of everyone who meets you. Many. Of you are wearing cords, and multiple, stoles today, in recognition, of your activities, and academic. Honors. One. Such chord I'd like to point out is rose. Gold in, color and designate. Students, who contributed, to the senior class gift it. Is a special, person who will give back to their school prior to graduation, and I would like to thank you for your generosity and, leadership, if, you. Are wearing a Smith philanthropy, cord please stand so that we can recognize you. Thank. You. The. Occasion, of your commencement, is a time to celebrate journeys. To, celebrate beginnings, and endings. And all the amazing things, that happen in between, today. We. Will look back on your journey and look. Forward to your future. Some. Members of the platform party will be introduced, as a program, proceeds, but. At this time I would like to introduce other, platform, participants. If you. Could please hold your applause until everyone. Has, been introduced. Christopher, dax assistant. Dean of development. And alumni relations. That, was a test. Let's. See about the second time around. Professor. Martin Loeb chairperson. Of accounting, and information assurance. The. Other way. If. You could hold the applause until, we're all done. Professor. Michael foo chairperson. Of decision, operations, and information, technologies. Professor. Basu. Part-time. MBA program, faculty, director, for the Baltimore, and Shady Grove campuses. Professor. Paola Prochnow part-time. MBA program, faculty director, for the Washington DC evening, program.

Professor. Christian, desho, part-time. MBA program, faculty director, for the Washington, DC weekend, program. Professor. Liu Liang academic. Director of masters in finance and masters, in quantitative, finance and also, representing. The Department, of Finance. Amanda. Barber representing, the part-time, MBA Association. Dan. Yuan representing. The smith master's, student association. Phi, e cayuga representing. The smith undergraduate. Student, association. Professor. Schriever, don lele, assistant. Dean of academic affairs, for mba programs. Professor. Judy frell's assistant, dean of online, programs. Patricia. Reich assistant. Dean for career, services. Professor. Tom Corsi academic. Director of m/s and supply chain also, representing. The department of logistics, business and public policy. Professor. K, Bart all chairperson. Of management, and organization. Professor. Stephen Brown academic. Director of MS and accounting. Professor. David goddess chairperson. Of marketing. Professor. Ilya rice. Cough the academic, director of ms and information, systems. Professor. Frank alt academic. Director of ms and business analytics. Professor. Yogesh joshi, academic. Director of, ms in business, and management and, now, let, us apply. This. Platform is, not large enough to contain all, who have played an important, role in making this day possible in. This, regard a special, debt of gratitude is, owed to the outstanding faculty of. The Robert H Smith School of Business and to bear to the very dedicated, staff who have given so much of themselves to, the graduates. At. This time we respectively, request that all attendees remain, seated throughout the entire ceremony, in order. To provide full recognition, to, all graduates. Okay. So let's begin by hearing, from members of your, class a class of 2018. Dr.. Ritu Agarwal, senior associate dean for faculty and, research will, now introduce our, first speaker a student speaker. Thank. You Dean scientist. I'm. Now quite pleased to introduce student, speaker, Dalia Bowman who, is graduating with a Bachelor, of Science in finance minoring. In art, history. Dahlias. Outstanding. Performance, as a scholar has been recognized, with a number of honors and awards, including. As a sophomore. Wall Street fellow. Dahlia. Has also been, an incredibly, involved, leader, serving. Is the founder and president of the Smith schools Women, and Finance mentorship, program, which. Connects women finance, majors, with with women, alumni, leaders. From firms like Morgan, Stanley, City Credit. Suisse and Barclays. She. Also served, as co-chair of the National Hillel, basketball. Tournament, board, organizing. The largest, intercollegiate. Jewish. Basketball. Tournament, in the country as, vice. President, of the real estate fund, and as a fund manager for. The Tammet group. Daria. Will begin a full-time role with Goldman Sachs in New York as a private. Credit, analyst, in July please. Join me in welcoming Dalia. Baumann. Fellow. Graduates, faculty. Staff, family. And friends, it. Is an honor to be addressing all of you today. Congratulations. To my fellow winter, 2018, graduates, who, likely either came in with AP credits or still regretting adding, that second major during, junior year. Either. Way we've, made it we. Have survived freshman, year eight AMS, countless, research study participations. Where, they claim you get money but you walk away with a bag of mms and the, fried smell of Rudys seeped into our clothing we. Have grown and developed new, and important skills such as how to sneak through the crowd at the employ of the day desk grab, a doughnut and slyly avoid a conversation. How. To do everything in our power to, convince convince, our group project team that we don't need to meet in person and how.

To Consider Friday the first day of the weekend, sorry, to break it to you but it's not but. Seriously we've learned how to build a network manage. And lead groups of people build, Excel models run a business and so much more so, for that we should be proud and we should thank the professors faculty and staff that have helped us make it to graduation today. When. Beginning to write my speech I couldn't help but think what do I have to offer it to a group of my own peers we've. Heard all the classic graduation, lessons before we, all know that failure can lead to success that hard work pays off and that we must be passionate, in everything we do, so. Rather than share lessons that I need to hear myself I stand. Here before you today to use these few minutes for personal reflection in hopes, that you do the same my. Growth as a person a, student, a leader a Terp has, been tremendous, over the last three and a half years I came. In as a freshman determined. To succeed but, a bit lost a bit confused, and admittedly nervous I think, we all felt that way well. I was joining clubs left and right diligently. Taking notes in my BMG t110 class and just, beginning to learn the ropes of college I found, a group of upperclassmen that, put me on a path to success, these. Students, taught me everything I needed to know about Wall Street answered. Every one of my ignorant questions, introduced. Me to their contacts, but, most importantly, they, encourage me to push myself to, new limits. Instead. Of simply scrolling through news headlines they, advise me to read every article in a daily Wall Street Journal yes in paper form some of us young people still, know how to do that instead. Of simply remaining, a general body member of various clubs I was in they, urged me to take leadership roles in everyone, and rather. Than am for the positions, I thought I had a chance for they, pushed me to chase the positions, I never thought I could land I, can. Say confidently that, without their support and friendship I would not be where I am today these. People have become some of my closest, friends and some have even become colleagues, I know. That I'm not the only person in the room with a story like this and I'm sure that almost everyone, sitting here today can, think of those upperclassman. Mentors, alumni, or whoever they may be that have helped them get to where they are today, we. Have all worked incredibly hard to, accomplish our goals but we surely have not done it alone in, the. Spirit of high expectations, it wasn't, over once I secured an internship I had, an obligation to help those lost confused, and nervous freshmen find their way just, as others had done for me there. Was no true way to say thank you other than by giving back we. Have all experienced, firsthand this incredibly, collaborative close-knit. Community, of students eager to help each other succeed this. Willingness to help is what distinguishes Smith, students. So. Not necessarily, a lesson but rather a reminder, we, have been given an amazing gift the, gift of Education of support. And of community we. Must use this gift to help others succeed, we. May all be heading in different paths towards, different careers cities and even countries but, at the end of the day we are all Turks, as Terps. As graduates. Of the Smith School and as leaders we, must always remember those that helped us succeed so. Today I challenge, you the graduating, class of winter 2018, to, pay it forward the. Next time you find a passionate undergrad, or analyst, looking for guidance remember. Those people that have helped you achieve your goals and give back as the. Great philosopher, Denzel, Washington, once said at. The end of the day it's not about what you have or even what you've accomplished. It's about who you've lifted up who, you've made better it's, about what you've given back in, closing. I'd like to thank all the professors faculty. And staff of the Smith School on behalf, of my fellow graduates, we could not have done it without you I'd. Like to thank my parents for their willingness to trust me and allowing, me to find my own path no, matter how difficult it may have been so. Fellow, graduates, congratulations on, making it to. This incredible, milestone in, our lives I wish, this all success wherever we manned up Congrats.

Thank. You Dahlia that was incredibly, inspiring. I'm. Now pleased to introduce our, graduate student, speaker Marc, Costello, who is graduating, with a master's, in Business Administration. Marc. Began, his part-time MBA program, in Baltimore the, very first month he moved to Maryland he. Became an involved, an enthusiastic, supporter of the program, serving. As the track rep for his cohort, on the, part-time MBA Association, special, events committee and participating. In mock interviews, for his fellow students. Eventually. And, inevitably. He, became a Smith school ambassador, where, he represents, the school and helps promote the part-time MBA program. To, prospective students, at events like Super, Saturday and, throughout the year, Marc. Is a territory, manager for, iesson, a hundred. And seventy five-year-old metal, fabrication, and distribution firm. Please. Join me in welcoming mark, Costello. That. Introduction, is true but, it only talks about my success is not my struggles, what. Is missing from my bio is I grew up in the countryside of northern Illinois. With, no streetlights sidewalks. I never, even have a library card growing up I'm. An Eagle Scout black, belt and lifeguard, I worked. Full-time as, a swim instructor at, a place called itty bitty pool school, to. First put myself through Kishwaukee Community, College and then, through my undergrad at Northern Illinois University I, did. Not see myself living on the East Coast but from the cornfields to the big city of Baltimore, I have the privilege of standing before you today. It's. Hard to believe it is over but. Before the program started it's hard to believe I would make it through, didn't. I think I had the time between work, school and. My sanity I knew. There was a world out there worth exploring, sometimes. You need to leap and the net will appear. Good. Afternoon my. Name is Marc Costello and I'm receiving a master's degree in, the University, of Maryland Robert H Smith School of Business. So. Class of 2018, I'm, here to challenge you to maximize your time be. A lifelong learner and stay involved, now. We're gonna look at time management through the glass of a pickle jar some. Of you may have heard of the pickle jar theory before but. You empty out one of those large glass, pickle jars they kind of get from Costco and, that finite amount of space represents.

Your Day your, life you. Fill it up to the top of rocks representing. Your main goals for the day it's. Full right now. You, add pebbles to be the events and relationships. To fill up the cracks in between and you quickly realize, there's space you'd not see before, finally. You trinkle in some sand to fill up in the margins that are available, life. Happens, in the margins, I. Cover. Maryland, Delaware, and DC for my job so as you can imagine I, spent a good amount of time driving, we. Like to call that windshield, time which. Is a good chance to make phone calls or to catch up on podcasts, if, I knew I wouldn't have the time to read an article I'd, find the audio to - while driving so. Instead of mindlessly, scrolling through brunch pictures on Instagram, read. Or, get some studying done we're. All busy but if it is important, you'll find the time, my. Classmates inspire me we were all working full-time and, going to school part-time but, on top of that many, had families, at home started. New careers or even, works on multiple graduate, degrees at once, so. Instead of bragging about how busy you are try. Filling up your day your, life with, tasks events, and relationships, that are meaningful to you start. A hobby make a new friend read a book, just, maybe avoid case studies from Harvard Business Review for a little while. This. Leads me to my second point be a lifelong learner our. Finance professors, may have different ideas about the best investments, but, I believe the best investment, you can make is in yourself, now. That I've done with the program a lot of people been asking me mark what, are you gonna do with all your newly acquired free time honestly. I don't, know yet I just, know I do not want the newly acquired time to vanish into thin air and. It's amazing how much time you'll have not, sitting in class multiple nights a week or, an entire weekend, my. Nights used to belong to linear regressions, in Michael Porter but now the night is ours. My. Dad is a truck driver and the hardest-working man I know he. Always told me do something where you can work with your brain and that, is always resonated with me to help drive home the importance, of education, we. Live in an information, economy in, the working world you are no longer just compared, to your peers or, your neighbors we're, competing on a global scale. This. Year I had the opportunity to study abroad in Tokyo and Singapore, I was, the only Baltimore, student to go on the trip luckily. From attending Smith events I had met students from other cohorts, and campuses, the. CFO, of the part-time MBA Association, Christa, Witt even. Reach out to me asked if we could be roomies. So. I extended the trip with a group of students to visit Kyoto and Osaka. Global, Studies would have still been an amazingly, educational.

Experience, But, if it were not for those connections, that I made I would never have visited those places, this. Brings me to my final point stay involved. University. Of Maryland and specifically the Smith School have, a extremely. Deep alumni, network. Hopefully one day I'll be back in College Park walking, down Marcos Telo Hall but, for now I'll, settle for coming back to help with alumni mock interviews, so. Continue to stay involved stay, in touch and leverage the resources that are available to you when. We are all successful beyond our wildest dreams cruising, on our yachts so, we're morning to remember get back to your Smith community and always lead fearlessly. So. Congratulations to each of you parents. Grandparents. Significant. Others faculty, caffeine. And anyone else who helped us along the way, we. Should all be incredibly proud of our time here at University of Maryland we've. Got a world-class education and soon, we'll have a piece of paper to hang on the wall but, we also had some fun along the way happy. Hours ugly. Sweater parties sunset, cruises and more, happy hours but, parents despite all the happy hours I swear, we managed to make lifelong connections, learn. About ourselves and, hopefully make. You proud, you. All believed in us but, now it is a time we believe in our own power to make a difference in the world even if it is the slow pace of a terrible thank, you. Thank. You very much more great advice for all of us and we'll. Be talking, after this about Marc Costello Hall never. Too early to start. Well. It is now my great pleasure, to welcome today's, commencement speaker, Jason, Cohen. Like. You Jason is a proud Terp with an undergraduate, degree in marketing and finance, here, from the University of Maryland after. College, Jason, went on to work for Northwestern. Mutual Life where. He quickly became one of the top producing. Insurance, salesmen in the country, but. His true passion was for entrepreneurship. Not. Everyone, has what it takes to, launch a company, scale. It up and sell, it to investors. Jason, has done it seven times in, 15. Years. He. Co-founded mama. Says biscotti. In 1999. And ultimately. Partnered, with Kellogg's selling. The business at age 30. Jason. Quickly moved to his next project which. Was to make healthier, foods taste good the. Startups, flagship, brand sensible. Portions, wrote. A wave of demand for a new product called veggie, straws. It. Caught the eyes of Costco, BJ's. Walmart, Sam's, Club Whole, Foods and other outlets, driving. Revenue to a hundred, million dollars in five years and earning. A sale price of one hundred and ten million dollars. Jason. Then partnered, with an emerging startup called skinny, pop popcorn, and in, three short years the company went from 7, million in sales to. 1.4. Billion, dollar. IPO. More. Recent multi-million, dollar successes, have included, chef's cut beef jerky core, water which, just sold last month to dr. pepper for. 525, million dollars and mrs., Finster's, cookies. Through. It all jason has given back to his fellow Terps serving. On the board of the Dingmans Center for Entrepreneurship and the. Smith School Board of Advisors, and creating. A lead trust to benefit the Dingman Center, Jason. Is a principal, and committed, leader and a, loving husband, and father of two who has remained humble even. While enjoying tremendous, success and. Could I can think of no finer role model for you as you begin begin, your careers please. Join me now in welcoming the. Creator of veggie, straws Jason. Cohen. Alex. Look hungry. No. Eating. Thank. You Dean and thank. You to the faculty and staff for, having me here today. Congratulations. Class of 2018. Congratulations. To the graduates, but also to your friends and family and thank. You for that introduction Dean Alex I am, extremely, humbled by, your comments, I've, been looking forward to, this moment with my wife and kids Jordan. And Hayley as, they're in the audience and maybe. For. The first time they. Don't think I'm such a putz. Honestly. My. Wife is super smart, and. When I help my kids with their homework they. Run immediately to their mom to make sure it was done right. Maybe. Now giving this commencement, speech my. Kids can finally realize I'm, not such an idiot. In. All seriousness I'm. Sure some of you have been called a putz or an idiot but it's okay. You're. All obviously smart how, do I know because. I also graduated from, the Smith class of 1996. I'm. Positive, I graduated, because I checked the yearbook last night I'd. Be willing to bet that it's a lot harder to, get in today than, it was when I applied so. With even that, congratulations.

On This enormous success. Despite. Alex is overwhelming, introduction, I can assure you when, I was sitting in your seats I was, nothing more than, an average student but, I had big. Hopes and big, dreams, some. People say Jason you, really have amazing law. But. The truth is we. All make our own luck in my. First company, mama, says biscotti, we. Had sayings, tucked in the cookies one. Particular, one that always stuck with me was when. Your ship comes in make. Sure you're, not waiting at the airport. The. Point of this is that luck only happens, day after day when, you're at back. Sitting. At home complaining, or watching, what other people are doing is not being that bad, now. It's time for you to be at back and make. Your own luck. I've. Had the pleasure of interacting with, a number of students, and had the. Ability. To give out the Rudy awards over the last two years. I've. Even invested, in some of your ideas, I really. Hope those pay off, I'm. Sure they will. I've. Been at the cornerstone bar or. What's left of the vu and, for the parents in the audience that know what a front of the line passes, you, know what I'm talking about, today. When I go at my friends, and family my. Friends love going up to the bar and saying. Hey that guy in the corner he. Created veggie straws it, was part of skinny pop, it's. A very humbling experience because. I can honestly tell you I had no idea what. I wanted to do in fact. I couldn't. Get the right job when, I graduated, if. You told me I'd. Be standing, here today with household. Name brands be, the CEO of one of the hottest incubator, companies in the world or. Be a commencement, speaker I would, probably know. Definitely, think. You were nuts, so. The point of all this don't. Have graduation. Anxiety. It's. Okay not to know your path yet it's, okay to not even have a job but. I'm going to give you some advice to help you figure that out along, the way the. First piece of advice and this one's really important. Start. The morning with Owen. Based protein, drinks, eat. Veggie straws, cauliflower. Chips and skinny pop. Wash. It down with core water and don't forget to have some chefs cut beef jerky. No. I'm serious I, am. Some. People call me an inventor, yes I've created some new foods and changed, the way people eat but. As of today every, person in this audience is an inventor, what. Do I mean by this. You. Now have the opportunity, to create your own life's. Journey in, our. Company, we spend approximately four, years developing. A product sometimes. Four and a half sometimes three and a half so. Just. Like. You guys who spent the same thing four. Years developing, yours. Guess. What this. Already makes you an entrepreneur. Now. It's time to test your product in the marketplace the. Good news is you, could always modify, tweak. Or learn, how. To make your product, better over, time. You. Are the CEO of you you. Are the product, whether. That means building an empire, creating. A family or doing. Charitable work. So. Here's some more advice I've learned along the way, number. One, watch. Listen. And learn, I will. Never forget the look at my parents faces when, I graduated, this, fine University, and. Told them I was going into a life insurance business with no salary. Honestly. I wasn't sure I was thrilled myself, but, I decided I would use the experience to, meet and learn from. As many successful, people as I could as it. Turned out I happened. To be in the same office as one, of the top selling insurance agents, in the country. So. I decided, instead of going out and selling insurance right away like. The rest of the young recruits I would, shadow him for a hundred and twenty days, why. I really. Just wanted to learn what success, looked like, well. Everyone wanted to see what insurance sales look like I wanted, to see what it looked like to be successful. What. Does success look like how. Does it walk, how. Does it talk. It's. Getting to know the person across the desk and finding. Out what is most important, to them maybe. It's the insurance policy. Probably, not most. Of the clients are trying to keep their lights on or they're, trying to figure out how, to get more business, you. Wouldn't know those answers unless, you asked those. Questions. If. You can fill the person's, needs beyond, what you're offering you've.

Built An irreplaceable, relationship. And no, one can take that away from you, my. Mentor wasn't just selling life insurance he. Was selling solutions to people's problems and in, doing so he, was selling himself. This. Work. This. Works in finding a job as well most. People are hiring you in hopes. That you will be making their job easier, so, make sure when. You're on your interview to let them know that, don't. Show up in a hoodie, or. Put anything on, social, media that, you don't want your future employer to see and, don't, send out emails tonight leaving the bar, or. Ever see. One sits in cyberspace. You could never delete it. We. All have benefited, from texting, technology. But. It takes personal, connection, to build, a relationship. Every. Now and then send. A personal, thank-you a handwritten, note not an email. In. Fact do. It after every interview. It's. The personal, impersonal. Notes that, matter I, spent. Four straight days during the holidays, writing. These personal, cards, to, every single person, who touched me throughout, the life throughout the year, and. If I forgot you I'm, sorry I. Don't. Think I get more than one or two of those back and probably, 80% don't, even respond but. I know I am doing something genuine, and kind it's. Also good, to let people know how, important. They are to you. Relationships. Come in all forms I talked. To everyone and. One. Important rule of mine treat. Regular people like celebrities. In celebrities. Like, regular people, what. Does this mean talk. To everyone and remain, humble. I recently. Came out of a meeting in Virginia that. Went okay which. Means not great but. I didn't get exactly what I wanted, while, the rest of my colleagues ran back in the car, texting, their friends looking. At their email checking, their Instagram, I handed. The driver one, of our beverages and started, a conversation to. The airport, he. Told me my drink was great and asked, whether or not we sold that product, in the airports I told. Him we were having trouble getting it in and we didn't know that particular, buyer. He. Immediately said, I used to drive for the CEO of OTG. Which, is the largest concession, company for, the airports. Within. Seconds, he had that CEO, on the phone and told, him, he. Was in the car with the guy who created the best protein drink, ever and that he would kick his ass if, he didn't bring it into the airports. The. CEO started, laughing and long. Story short. Talked. To everybody, because. In February, our drinks are now going to be in all airports, you. Never know, thank you. You. Never know when your luck will strike so, be humble and talk to everyone your, uber driver on the way home from graduation, he. May have the solution to, your problems. Speaking. Of which you. Never know who's sitting right next to you right now. Today I want, you to pause for a second. Turn. To your right or left shake. The person's hand look him in the eye and, say congratulations oh wait. Well, you guys have voices you didn't do that through texting that's pretty cool right. Ten. Years from now maybe. Someone in this graduating, class is, someone, you wish you knew. When. I was in the undergraduate, program here, I was, running up and down the halls of Denton Hall selling. Selling t-shirts, there. Was another guy running up and down the hall selling roses, turns. Out that guy was Kevin Plank founder. And CEO of Under Armour I wish. I had stopped Kevin in the hallway maybe. He would have given me an idea for a t-shirt company. The. Person who you just shook hands with could, possibly be the, next Kevin before. You leave cornerstone, Bentley is our turf Tuesday tonight, inebriated. Perhaps, talked. To four or five classmates, you've never met you. Never know when your paths may cross and, you, don't know how that meeting they benefit, you in the future. Not. Every person here will start the next Under Armour or food conglomerate, it. Doesn't, matter I, think. It's good to also recognize. Failure. In. Fact my advice is to, actually highlight your failures it.

Means You know how to beat the odds you've. Overcome, adversity, and you've, turned a negative into a positive, I love. Hiring those types of people I know. My kids are going to hate hearing me say this because, they're straight-a students, they, obviously get that from their mother but. I don't love hiring, straight-a, students, because. They haven't learned how to fail and it's. So important, when you're going into those interviews, to. Highlight that you know how to deal with stress and overcome, adversities. So. Don't worry about your GPA, when. They hand you your diploma, there's, no GPA anywhere, on it it's. Just gonna have a different name, I'm. Hoping some of this advice will help you if. I can stress one more point a lot. Of you are here feeling, the UO obligations. To somebody else based. On what they've done for you, do. Not start, I repeat, do not start. Your path based. On someone else's ideas, of what is right for you. It's, okay to be selfish, it's. Your life and you, need to do what. You feel is right, it's. Your life now accept. Those responsibilities. It's, your diploma, not. Your parents, not your grandparents. Or anyone. Elses. Listen. To, yourself, who. Thought we needed another airline. I guess. The CEO of JetBlue did. You. Know who I listen to my, kids, one. Of my advisors, on my board is always a six year old I'm. Not. Kidding, in. My world things, have to taste great, when. A friend tells you they, don't like something they, say it's not so bad, but. A kid will tell you oh that's, disgusting. My. Kids have always been my taste testers, veggie. Straws would not exist without, Jordan, and Haley's approval. So. You need to find your, own audience, as well, you. Don't want a bunch of yes people around. You you. Want people who will inspire you and make, you travel the road less. Traveled, that's. A big part of being, an entrepreneur. We. Embrace risk, because. We believe we are going to change something about. The future and ultimately. Get compensated, for. Our sacrifices. And. Now. Is the time for, you to take risks at, your. Age you've, got less to lose. When. I started, mama says biscotti, at age, 26, my. Former, partner and I had put all our eggs in one basket, we. Put everything on the line and we thought everything was perfect, we. Signed up for one of the largest trade shows in New York City and just. When the show started. First. Person, who came by immediately, told us our pricing. And her strategy was too high and it, wouldn't work. We. Were devastated, we. Were just about to pack up and walk, away defeated, when, a chef came by and said, he was looking for something that would have melt on a pillow in the desert. He. Happened to be the chef of a new hotel called, the nation. Turns. Out we. Solved his problem, he, solved, ours we. Had a path to success we. Started making our, own luck, there. Are many other stories just, like this where, we seize the opportunity. Where. We made our own luck, just. When you think it's over don't. Give up, do. Not give up. So. My final advice is to, start your journey now, be. Kind, don't. Be afraid to ask for, whatever, you want if. You don't get it ask. Again. Above. All, believe. In yourself. Remember. To be humble, now. Go invent yourself and when, you do pay. It forward come. Back to campus, help. Another student. Mentor. Somebody. Enjoy. Every moment along the way you've. Deserved it you deserve it and that, includes enjoying, yourself, your family and friends thank.

You For having me, let's, go Terps. Thank. You so much Jason for, those inspiring words and we want to present you with a, Terp. Of your very own here, here, you go. A. Professional. Photographer will be taking each graduates, picture as they receive their envelope, in, order not to obstruct the view of other guests, family, and friends are asked not to enter the floor for photographs, also, we, remind all attendees to please remain seated throughout the entire ceremony in order, to fully recognize all of today's graduates. Dr.. Michael Falconer associate, dean of master's programs, will, present the candidates for the master's degree will. The candidates, for the Master of Business Administration. Master. Of Finance, master, of quantitative, finance and, Master, of Science degrees, please rise. Dean. Torrontés, I am pleased to present the, master's graduates. I'm. Honored, to recognize these graduates, who, have successfully, completed all, requirements, for the Master of Business Administration degree. The, Master of finance degree the. Master of quantitative, finance degree, or. The Master of Science degree. Well. The graduates, please be seated. Mr.. Dale Vander Waal assistant. Dean of strategic, operations, will introduce the, MBA graduates. We. Will now recognize the graduate, who is a member of the platform, party. Marc. Costello, Master. Of Business Administration. We'll. All the master of business administration master. Of Finance master of quantitative, finance and Master, of Science graduates, please remain seated until directed. To the platform, to receive our congratulations. Ms. Nicola daniel associate, director of the finance department will, introduce the master of Finance and master of science graduates. The. Following students, are Masters, of Business. Administration, degree. Candidates. Brenna. Self. Jessica. Sweet. Kenneth. Cole. Emmy. Rory. McIlroy. Richard. Hoggart. John. Peterson. Adam. Mahouka. Steven. Richard Sessa. Kim. Angela. Herman. Monika, Chandra. Shirley. An aqua. Ah sorry. Doreen. L again. Anna. Cristina. Leah. Stephanie. Page Don, Moyer. Whitney. Nicole, Jonah. Kenyatta. Tumor Barnes. LaShonda. Kidney. Victor. Polycarp. EO. Ryan. J Somerville. Adnan. Khalid. Samantha. Flax. Emily. Evans. Samuel. Oh - ah doomed. Brandon. Rule, off. Steven. Horvitz. Amanda. Bart, Asik. Alana. Nelson. Also. Earning. A Master, of Public Policy. Mylene. Muttsy bow. Safa. Rose, eggy. Emily. Valentino. Odd. Odd. Wha a day. Minta. Gillian. Mara, mean. Tracy. White. Macy's. Smith. Vinita. Kong. Hendrick. Khan. Melissa. Farzin. Jared. Rick's. Terrence. Johnson. Jerry. Candy. Aisha. Toussaint. Jenelle. Eden's. Julian. Williams. Puja. Sympathy. Jyothi. Sir, Donna. Katherine, Murphy Luba, wits. Amy. Tram. Stefano. Cassone. John. Cloth. Andrew. Sakai. Justin. Valerio. Christina. Dao. Dao. Cavanaugh. Livingston. Evan. Farhad. Christopher. DeWitt. Franklin. Phillips. Marshall. Right Junior. Andrew. Black. Matthew. Egg on. Vanessa. Graph. Alexander. Cong. Catherine, key. Samantha. Fallon. Max. Hedgepeth. Stephen. Sam Dora. Courtney. Martin. Dennis. De, checkov take. Check, caps key. Priya. Gupta. Ashley. Dellux. Natalie. Reward. Ian. Rozanski. Lindsey. Conway. James. Platt, key. Christopher. Weddell also. Earning a master of Finance. Elizabeth. Dow. And. Glad. Chuck. Jaclyn. Walkins. Adrian. Grasso, also, earning a Master, of Public Policy. Joshua. Hinshaw. Derrick. Davis. Rachel. Keeling. Emily's. Eggman. Michael. Maura powers. Hank. Scott. Martina. The, shy. Clara. Savage. Ian. Lyle. Rathod. Also. Earning a master's, of accounting. And. Once again MS. Nicola Daniel associate, director of the finance department will, introduce the master of Finance and master of science graduates. The. Following students, are Master, of Science in accounting, degree candidates. John. Among 10. Lu. Wei Jia. Wong. Jing Fung. Wong. Yang Lin. Chen. Yu Jie. Vivian. Shaba. Seyong. Jung. Glory. Iberian. Clarisse. LaVon. Monika. Chiang. Jae-hoon. Lee. Jonghyun. Park. Panzer. Chang. Jiang. Shi Austria. 1. Cydia. Lutein. Tian. Yong. Seon, Hwa. Yong. Chun. Ji Yoon. Su. Deity. Chayote. Jung. Yeo guat. Throw. It see. Huang. Wake. Lee, island. Song. Is in. Hmong. Even. Kwon. Ji-yong. T anger. Giorgia. How. India. So. You. Lease. Only. Lead. Here on. Chinese. In. You. Ninja. Chancellor. Jia. My. Drawer. A. Young. La. Dhyan. Singh. Wang. Lin. Quan. Yawen. One. Aunty. Lee. Urgency. New. Tae. Way. Jun-chan. Hyung. Ones, yell. Want. Only. UK. Genuinely. Trillian. Tell. You see. Joe. Roy Jung. Ji. Jia Liu. Kang. Hee Jun. Chiffon. Samuel. Richardson. Matthew. Leonard. Indian. June. She. Attending. Yah. -. Joey. Han. Huang. Jason. Question, see. Want. Christopher. Rowley. Leighton, Gibson. Yong. Yong. Yeah. GJ yva. Go. See us a. Four-day.

Data. Son. Demon ninja. Hayley. Smith. Ashley. Fire. Fire. Shrek. Johanna. Aragon. Shanaya, Williams. So. You shall. Gorian. Joey. At home. So. In, Shriya. John. Yachting. Jong. An run. The. Following, students, are master, of finance degree candidates. Tony. Giffen's. Also. Earning a Master of Business Administration. Raimundo. Carvalho, Cruz. Nicolas. Hostler. Wong. Shreds, in. To. Seek, a. Fine, benka. Young. Huge. Trend. Where. He. Once. Again. Joe. Way. Yi-jeong. Truly. Her. Seeing time. Sure. How, young. The. Following students, are master, of quantitative. Finance degree, candidates. Surely. One. Third Wei. Li. Certain. Jawara. Akbar. Lee. Jung-jae. Rule. In. Mushroom. You ma, sure you. The. Following students are Master of Science in Business and management degree. Candidates. Shriti. Ready, vote. Uh kuru. Lucia. Young. Andrew. Isaacs. The. Following students, are Master, of Science in Business Analytics degree. Candidates. Jacob. Ren. Allie. Sally. Lavanya. Rolla Bundy. And. You. John. Send. Upon data. Anuj. Putney. Layering. Lambing. Ray. War. Dinging. Toby. Chun. Aparna. Hanumanthu. Jong-gu. Wang. Xiao. Lu. Jason. Koshien. Lucia. Colleseum. Near. Monte. One. 'man. Jiang. Haoyi. Jana. One. Man. Mallya. Twin. Calc. I go. So. You're. Jeong. SingTel. Loading. Here. You. Gillian. Lynne. When. Shin-chan. Guan. Yi. Jung. Hwan once, in. How. Timing. Don't. Her. Jang. Each. Trolley. Wan. Jia Yu. Shu. Senior. Tan. Jin, Qin. Quali. So. Her. John. Te. Tansen. Shoot. Aha. Li. Xiaoyao. Salvation. Luanne. Chao. Transiently. So. The ashram. What. Ya. Shan. True, ciao. Wait. Ya. Yin's. In. Foreign. Yeah. Lord. He our. Mouths. Why, you. Leo. Qian. Liang. Shang way. Yong. Yong. Su. The mean. Once. A year. You. Pinion. Seal. In Leo. Hershey. You. Wanna. Auntie. Li. Hao, yen. The. Following, students, are master of science in information systems, degree. Candidates. Johnny. Home. 20. Are you. Untrue. Kadam. Sonya. Engineer. Soon-to-be. Tony. Leo. Michael. Look. Nicole. Chan. Chan. Yeah. Huija. Pain. Loose. Thank. You hyung. Cigar. Can. Walker. 1e. Yeah. So. Injecting. Wong. Low. Humming. Chen. Xiu. Qi Han. Han. Tae. Kwon. Do. Gao. Yao. Choo, choo, a Yi Chi. Chuan. Fun. Using. Shrinking. From. Tell, you. One. You. She. Yeah. When how. Each. One. Chan. Chan, phan. Chung. Ling Ling. Juncture. To. A. Road. Only sorry. Venkata. Suddeniy. Vijaya. Kanaru. Rashi. Tandon. Gotham. Ramen, Suba Rama. Neera. Johnny Anantha, Krishnan. Moksha. Muskaan, muskan. The. Following students, are Master of Science in supply chain management degree candidates. Alexandra. Mossy. Oak. Shruti. Srivatsa. Andrew, green. Agana. Non-money. Lindsay. Wilt. Sara. Al Juhani. Lynn. Way wah. Tris. A year. Min. Ji kim. Jong. Shin doin. 1. D. Li. Jing Yun. Chao. Wang nan. New. Moon's yeah. One. Li. De. La allah word. Pan. TNT, okay. Dr., Victor Mullins, associate, dean of undergraduate, programs, will present the class of 2018. Graduates. Well, the candidates please rise. Daintree, entus i'm pleased to present to you the. Class of, 2018, graduates. I. Am. Honored to recognize these graduates, who have successfully, completed all, requirements. For. The Bachelor of Science degree. Will. The graduates please be seated. Dr.. Rebecca Ratner, associate. Dean of academic affairs, will introduce the graduates, we, will now recognize a graduate, who is a member of the platform, party. Dalia. Baumann. Will. All graduates, please remain seated until directed, to the platform, to receive our, congratulations.

The. Following students, are finance, majors. Rami. Fattoush. Robin. Najjar. Jonathan. Chen. Brian. Garret. Christopher. Johnston. Nikolas. Rabinowitz. Carolyn. Ernst. Hee. Jin Kang. Anthony. Ferraro. Shan. Finkelstein. Nee. Choi. Don. Nuyen. Oh. Mommy. Begorrah, departmental. Honors. Christine. M's. Alexander. McCauley love ski. Benjamin. Sima. Masha. Kamel nikkor. Bradley. Cool come laude. Megan. Lippert. Korea. Ash car. Suzana. Hassan. Joshua. Hermann. Marika. No Lava. William. Hogan's. John. Waller, stet. Ami. Chung. Nish. Desai. The. Following, students, are international business. Majors. Asiya, brock. Manova. The. Following, students, are supply, chain management majors. Brady. Berman, Magda. Julia. Jen. Jason. Johnson. Thanh. Nien young. Garrett. Thrush, magna. Laude. Ryan. Makani. Fidel. Kwame, I. Na. Darlie's, s. Razor. Hernandez. Are now. Vu. Nuyen. Jack. Sotelo. So. John Kim. The. Following students, are management, majors which includes, students, in the Entrepreneurship, track. Matthew. Turner. Joshua. Davis. Samantha. Thomas. Megan. Fry nur. Ming. Yi wu. The. Following, students, are accounting, majors. Nima. O mu me. Jasmine. Chang. Jessica. Angel. Lee. Or Israel. Eileen's. A horse key. Diana. Saltos, Herrera. Rachel. Land. Patricia. Linares. Ellen. Palma. Caroline. Marella. Ashna. Rajpal. William. Leibler. Benjamin. Kornblatt. Fadi. Yosh car. Key. Wong when. Abigail. Key. Got men. Joseph. Kaley. Pablo. Chicka. Kata. Fom. Samantha. Lee. Kendall. Cogan. Shannon. Harmon. Kenneth. Hurley. Steven. Koch. Alyou. Giallo. Abdul. Adesanya. Julia. Delahunt. James. Garrett. Samuel. Patron. Nicholas. Santa Riano. The. Following, students, are marketing, majors. Sarah. On. Charles. Barton. Isaiah. D'Cruz. Eric. Elliot. Holub. Laskowski. Anna. Arrieta. Mayotte. Let up Keith. Karen. Who amon. Anna. O'Brien. Fiorella. Ramey. Yin. Yin liao. Christopher. Lucci. Taylor. Reed. Morgan. Herbst. Alexis. Walsh debtor. Daniela. Franco. Laude. Bethany. Lures. Ernie. Gomez. The. Following, students. Are information. Systems, majors. Arthur. Coleman. Jair. Coleman. Gustavo. Franco. Bret, Gill. Stanley. Lake. Justin. Lee. Ruben. Laval. Jake. Oten welder. Vincent. Tortilla. We. Knew yin. Min. Kyung shin. Kimberly. Fom. Jian. Park. The. Following, students, are operations. Management, and business analytics, majors. Margaret. Allison, summa. Laude. Kyle. Edelin. Caitlin. Findlay. Shefali. Singh. Well, once again let us all congratulate. Today's, graduates. Graduates. Of the Robert H Smith School of Business it, has been a real pleasure to share this special day with you.

My. Congratulations to. Each of you on the accomplishments. That have led to this day we. Also honor the people who supported, you who, believed in you and who. In many paces cases. Paid, for you, the. Parents, of the class of 2018. It. Is with great hope and optimism. That. We at the Smith school send, you out into the world I am. Certain, that you will lead diverse, and accomplished. Lives I, know. You are happy to have your classes, behind you. This. May be the end of college but. Not the, end of learning as, you. Continue to learn I hope you will share your knowledge your. Insights, and your experience, with us and I. Hope that your life will, lead you back to this learning community. To. Mentor students, serve. On a committee speak. To a club or continue. Your education. Graduation. Is a significant. Achievement made. Possible, by your own hard work but. Also by the support, of your friends and family members as you. Graduate I also offer, you the, Smith schools encouragement. And support. Take. Advantage of our alumni networking, opportunities, as you pursue. Your career, stay. In touch with us and we. Will stay in touch with you, the. Alumni Relations Office, is even now checking, your address, and the spelling of your last names. We. Hope you have a long and mutually beneficial, relationship. With, the Smith school. Every. Member of the Smith community is, very, proud of your achievements, we. Wish you well on the journey ahead and I, look forward to hearing many good reports, of your successes. In the years to come. Congratulations. I wish, you all the best. Well. Graduates, and guests please be seated and remain seated until the faculty has recessed, once. The faculty have recessed graduates. Are asked to please exit the arena by any of the stairways, from the floor in, addition, we ask that all guests and graduates please exit, the arena immediately. Following, the Smith School ceremony, in order to allow guests arriving for the next ceremony to take their seats thank. You all for your cooperation enjoy. The rest of your day and have a peaceful, and prosperous new. Year.

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