Smart Strategies for Growing Your App Business with Ads (Google I/O'19)

Smart Strategies for Growing Your App Business with Ads (Google I/O'19)

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Hi. Everyone my, name is Belinda Langner, and I am a product manager here at Google working. On our app ads products, and today, we're to talk a lot about smart strategies, for growing your business with, ads. It's. Really, great to be back here at i/o and see all of the amazing things that you're building I love, this time of year because it really energizes. Me to see how you are all throwing. Your businesses, and what kind of cool apps you're, developing. Technology. Really offers, an opportunity for, us to live more, fulfilling. And balanced, lives and for. Me personally apps. Really helped me unplug. After my daughter was born exactly, a year ago today but. No worries I'm not gonna make you sing happy birthday to her she, won't understand anyways right. So. One. Of the things that like was really important to me about apps was. As becoming, a new parent I really wanted to learn more about how to be a really good parent as a first-time, mom I really, wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong and so, as a natural. Person. Who's really curious, I wanted, to read up on all the possible books to learn how to sleep-train my daughter to figure out how to get her to eat properly you, know all the basics in life right and. So the Libby app helped, me borrow ebooks my local library so. That all the cool books that people are recommending to me I could read up on it help me sync my bookmarks, across all of my devices so. No matter where I was I was able to just. Take a quick look at my apps and see, what was going on and ever, even let me be my books to my Kindle. Also. If you've ever had a baby you. Don't get a lot of free time and so, but. You know you kind of want to cool off every so often right and so, I also wanted, to unwind by playing golf masters, and the, nice thing about this game is that and there's, such quick rounds, so that I was able to get a quick round in and. Just play, different, courses really quickly while my daughter was sleeping. And. So. With, billions, of users like me across the world engaging. With, collapse the opportunity. For you is huge, and, competition. Is heating up users. Have higher expectations. For your app so you really need to find a way to stand, out while. Growing quickly and profitably. And, you. Want to find the right users, you.

Want To find those right customers, and convert, them effectively. And you need to create engaging user. Friendly, experiences. So. This, means that both your app and your, advertising dollars have to work really, hard to set, you apart it's. A lot to think about. The. Good news is that technology. Can handle a lot of the heavy lifting of your, business with ads and today. We're going to talk a little bit about how Google smarter. Growth and monetization. Strategies, make, it easier for you to grow a more profitable app business. So. I'm gonna kick things off about talking, about some of the few launches that we're doing both. For. Google app campaigns, formerly known as UAC, we'll. Talk a little bit about some of the partnerships, that we're creating and then. Duke, is going to talk about the latest AdMob. Innovations, that, make sure that you help find. Smarter. Monetization, strategies. So. What are we waiting for let's dive in because this is what you're all here for right. Building. A profitable app business is not just about installs, and daily actives I see a lot of head, shaking so, this really resonates, with you guys you all know that it takes smart, growth strategies, focus. On converting, high value users at the, right time, and at, the right price. But. Today it's, not easy to find advertisers. And users that. Will engage and transact, with. Your limited resources how, do you acquire new, high. Value, users to drive your business forward and, how. Do you keep their attention we're, so busy these days right, it's so hard to make sure that you even set aside time to sit in this present tation to, read, up on the latest news to hang out with your family so how do you keep people's attention so that not only install. But, use your app trans, after your app and come, back time, and time again. So. We, built google app campaigns, to help you reach users who, really want to use your app in more, of the moments, that they're ready hanging, out in our, machine. Technology. Helps. Handle the hard work of helping, you find the right users, across all, of. The Google properties, including. Google search Google Play. YouTube. And the, 3 million sites, and apps, in our network all. In, one, campaign. And. We. Come to IO every year to listen to your feedback and we're working on unlocking, even, more valuable. And. More. Value, for you and the developer, community. So. There. Are two things that we need to understand, in order to put our machine learning to work for you first. We, didn't know which users matter the most to making your business profitable. When. You think about that perfect customer, what, are they doing, are. They just installing, and using your app day, in and day out are. They getting to through the tutorials, really, fast are they getting a certain game levels really fast are, they. Making a purchase. Knowing. These critical, moments that these users and actions are teasers are taking helps. Drive value for your business and helps, us find, more users who are similar, to them, and. Second. We, want to know how, do you want to show up to new users with your ad creatives, what. Do you want them to remember about your app, users. Are discovering, apps in more, ways than ever before, how, do you want you to interact with your ad where. Do you want to find them. Different. Users also, want different things from your app having. The right inputs, helps. Google deliver the, most relevant ad in, every, possible. TuneIn me that a user is looking for because, we're all different and we all want different things from our apps. So. Let's, go ahead and jump to answering that first question how. To find newer users that matter. Today. In app campaigns, we offer two bidding strategies, to. Help you find the right users and this really depends on kind of what your goal is we.

Have T CPI or Target, cost per install which. Lets you bid on users who install. Tell. Us how much you want to pay for it each user who's going to install and then we handle the rest. Going. One step further if, you, want to focus on specific actions, we have a bidding option, called TCPA, our target. Cost per action. This. Lets you bid on users who not only install. But, also take a specific, valuable. Action within your app. Once. You tell us - which conversions, matter to you whether it be, subscribing. Whether, it be making a purchase, get into a certain level spending, a certain amount of time in your app Google. Can now find people, who are likely to complete, these actions, in the future. So. To recap if you're simply focused on finding installs. Then. We have tcpi, bidding, to help you find more users at a certain cost for install if your, business model though depends, on acquiring users. Who. Will take certain actions within your app then, use, TCP, a bidding or target cost for action. So. I don't. Want you to see here it for me so I'm gonna actually gonna show you a success story from maven and our, early car sharing, and rental service from GM has anyone used them yet, no. Well. Maybe, you'll try them later for, maven. The valuable, in-app actions, they were looking for our registrations. The, first steps that users take to, becoming, really, active, members and this. Is because maven recognized, that, they need acquire not just any use, but. Users that will help them grow a very. Loyal, base. Let's. Take a look at the experience bidding with TCPA and, how. They use that to optimize their ad campaigns. Maven. Is an on-demand car, sharing service, we launched in 2016. We launched very quickly with eight markets in eight months one, of the biggest challenges that we've had was, understanding, who are going to be the right people to target to talk to in order to have them actually become a member register, and then use our service these, days and install, our download, isn't, enough we're really looking to find those high value. Members. So. We partnered, with Google to, address, our need, of finding high value customers, we've, been able to increase, our registrations. By 51%, while. Decreasing our, cost per registration. By 74%. One. Of the benefits, of using an, automated campaign, is that you get to be more of a strategist, being able to look at it from a, 30,000. Foot view and, understand. This is the campaign as a whole it gives me a lot more line of sight of what's in the future instead of what's just immediately on the horizon, it does all the hard work for us with machine learning it's. Constantly, optimizing, so that we can focus our time efforts, and energy on finding, other ways that we can continue to connect with our members. This. Partnership, has done, really well in addressing, our business challenges, this is where we're looking to continue to find the high value members, we know that Google, will, allow us to continue to drive and grow our maven business. As. You. Can see and as you heard we do our best here at Google to make this process effective, and simple, for you those, are some amazing metrics, so. We really want to make sure that you can also take advantage of these opportunities. Choose. The action, or the actions, that you want your newsrooms to take as your, bids and. Creatives. And let's. Get going. But. Sometimes, it's. Not easy to know what bid you need a place or start. With in your tcpi, or TCPA campaigns, it might, take some experience, so to. Help guide you we have bid landscapes, and these are available globally. Today so, make sure to log into your AdWords campaigns. And take, a look. This. Is a new app campaigns, feature that, shows a bid that you should place for your CPI or your, CPA campaigns to. Reach the scale that makes sense for you to help you make the right trade-offs, for your business. So. You can visualize, the trade-offs that you should consider between, both cost and reach, and compare. Your performance of your app against. Other similar, apps. And. As. You can see in this example the, higher the CPI the more installs you will get duh. But. Bid. Ad landscapes, help you in to estimate, the incremental, reach that, you get for a particular increase, in bin. It's. A great tool to guide your decision, to adjust your bid at any, stage of your campaign, make, sure that you're achieving the returns that you need and that you can always make the right trade-offs. Sometimes. You. Might actually be a little bit boring flexible, though with your bids let's, say you have a new app launch or there's.

A New seasonal, event that you really want to take advantage of maybe, you're really focused on making sure that people are buying those last-minute Mother's Day gifts huh, hint hint. To. Give you that flexibility, we. Announced GDC, in March that we are able that we are also beta testing, a third, bidding, option, mass. Conversions. With. Mass conversions, you, can actually get as many in sales as possible, within your budget. Developers. Like huge games already using max conversions, and it really helped your advertising, dollars go farther faster. This. Bidding strategy, actually helps huge games drive a. 300%. Increase in download. Volume for their huge games and it really helped make them impact in the markets, and the categories, that they care about finding. More users, that we're going to engage with their app. With. Max conversions, and bid landscapes, you now have a simple, and clear, way to expand. Your base of a few sirs, but. We. Know that for many of you installs. And even, conversions. Don't, tell that full story. While. They're a really great starting point you want. To grow your app business so, your focus just, shift towards the revenue, that each of these users are generating, it makes. Sense that you would pay more for someone who spends 50 dollars than, someone who spends 5 dollars these, are basic, things that we learned in math class and. That. Is why you will soon be able to bid on the target, return, on adspend are, the tier OS for. Each new, acquired, user, tier. OS bidding lets you bid, dynamically. And pay more for users. Who are likely to spend more and pay, less for users, likely, to spend less making. You more, effective, and. So. To, use tear OS you'll need a report, conversions, and conversion values. Through Google Analytics, for firebase, and. For. Any given time frame you can now specify the return, that you want to earn from. Customers, relative. To how much you pay to acquire them, in, other. Words when, you set your tea roasted you're telling, Google what. Average value. You want to get back for every dollar that you spent, so. Let's take a look at an example if, you're. Looking for users that want to spend that, will spend twice as much than at a tip as, they, cost to acquire you. Can now set. 200%, as a return, on adspend and that, would be the multiplier, for your TOS big and it, will help you find users accordingly, who, will spend twice. As much as, it, as you as, you cost so if you were to spend if they spent $50, you're, only paying 25. Tier, ah spitting will be available, in the upcoming months for app campaigns, on both iOS, and Android. So. Make sure to be on the lookout to take, advantage, of this really great opportunity, so. I've, talked, about some of the really great bidding solutions, to help you find more of the right people at the right price, but. Today's. Consumers. Are have. More choices than ever before just. Like you guys had many choices of which talks to come to. Consumers. Have many decisions, on what apps they want to download and so, how, do you make sure that they're coming to your talk oh whoops, how do they make sure you co downloading, your app right. Even. If you reach the right people how, do you win and keep their attention. So. I'm, going to take you through some of our latest ad creative. Innovations, which help you do just that. Think, back to the last time you saw an ad for an app unit no. Giving. You some time to think about it here. Did. You where. Did you see it. What's. It. Instagram. Okay yeah you've seen it in the apps that you're playing with some. People probably saw it on a website and some. Of you might have been watching a video right. What. Interested. You about that app what, piqued your interest. Chances. Are there was something about it that captured, their attention making. It easier for you to take action and, it. Was relevant to what you were looking for. But. Different people have, different tastes, and different, goals we're, not all the same, so. What may be the right elements, for you. May. Not be the right elements, for the person sitting next to you it. Takes a lot of time and resources to create versions of the apps and. Ads that, are relatable to everyone let, alone reaching, them in the right places in all, the ways that they can discover, your app. To. Empower Google, to do a lot of this work for you it's important, that you provide all the, different types of assets, that we ask of you so.

It's. Good to make sure that you have at least four text, ideas, videos. In both the portrait, and the, landscape, mode and. Images. In both the portrait, and landscape, modes, as well. These. Assets, alone make, sure that you are ahead of the pack in, terms of your creatives. And to. Really maximize your success we. Suggest, you upload, as many high, quality, assets. As possible. In the dimensions, outlined, and what. Do we do with them well machine, learning of course we. Stitch them in to creatives, and we find out which combinations. Resonate. The best with, our users. By. Including diverse, ad assets, and formats, Google. Can help you deliver more. Of the relevant, ad ads, to. The right people in more of the places that people are looking. And. YouTube. Is one of those places as. The. World's, largest video platform. YouTube. Is where people go to hang, out and watch, content, that they care about and. We've. Opened, up a new reach opportunity. On the Google on the YouTube homepage, feed and you. Will, able to are able to get more scale, and more, value, through your image ads. Simply. Upload a landscape image to your app campaigns, and, you're. Eligible to reach more users, on the front door of YouTube if, you. Have a landscape, image well, you can just lean back and enjoy all the extra, reach that you're already getting because, you got this automatically. We. Even take care of the extra formatting, to, make sure that it looks really snazzy and catches. Everyone's. Attention. This. Means that you can drive a lot more impact, through your app campaigns, with, very little, extra effort. Another. Way to make sure that you're engaging with your users, and catching, their attention, is through video ads this. Is a great way to catch, people who are in the market and really ready to take action. We've. Introduced, full canvas, in-stream. Video ads on YouTube all. You, need to do is upload, your video assets and we, automatically, create a panel, underneath. Your ad to. Show users, more. About all the amazing work that your team has been building. The. Panel, automatically. Opens, once that video ad begins to play allowing. A user to browse through, while. Watching your ad. This. Gives a lot more room to communicate, your call to action, and to feature. All the compelling, images, of all, the neat features that, I know you guys are working on right now and. We pull this information directly from the App Store listing. Both. Of these YouTube formats, are fully, available, today, and we're working to bring you even more innovations. In the future. So. Once. You've pulled your ad in front of potential users the, next step is to show them why they should install, and engage with your ad and to. Do that we've already been talking about how we need to make sure your ads are as engaging. As possible. So. To help us see this starting. This month we are launching ad groups for, all app, campaigns. Within. A single campaign, now you're, going to be able to set up multiple ad, groups to, house the creative assets and the group distinct. Themes, together, to, tailor your marketing, message to, different groups of customers and.

This Seems pretty abstract, so let's go ahead and walk through an example. Let's. Say that your head space a, meditation. App. You. Can now create an AG remediation. Meditation. For sleep offerings, and a second group, focus. On sort of your ads stress, relieving options, in each. Ad group you. Can add images and, videos, specifically. Catering, to people who, want to unwind before, bed something, I know that I can totally, get behind and, told, the appeals to me, or. You, might want to have an ad, group focus, on finding ways that people can take many many. Meditation. Sessions on the, go. You. Can also create another ad group for your generic ads with an image and a video promoting the general benefits. Of relaxing, the mind I'm. Sure we can all get behind that one and, no. Matter what your vertical, ad groups, gives you the creative control to pique your users interest, with hooks that they can relate to. Now. You, may think this. Is a lot, of new tools for creatives, a lot of control, and these, all present, really great opportunities. But. They also mean, that now you have so much more information that process, and you. Have a lot more decisions, to make this, is a lot, to take in, to. Help you navigate this, we, are supporting, an open, ecosystem of. Amazing. Creative. Agency. Partners, that, can work with you to develop assets. Capture. And act, on all the insights, that are reporting, offers to you and. Amplify. Your success, with all of the goodness that we just talked about so. Today, we. Are so excited to, announce a formalized, partnership, with our app preferred. Creative, partners. They. Include, after, Minh consumer. Acquisition. Kaizen. Bamboo. Quite. Sue created. Web. Pals and vid, mob. Every. One of these app preferred. Creative, partners can, create assets, across the entire, spectrum. Of Google, ad formats. And as. You can see they have locations all across, the world so. They have both the global and the local insights. To help you and guide, you if you're looking to expand, your current set of markets. Or if, you're looking to expand, into new markets and, regions, you. Can rely on these partners, to, build the best assets, to, leverage, the innovations, that we talked about let. Us and. Then help, you get the most out of your ads and you. Should, focus on building the best apps that you can so, that you can come tell me next year about all your cool launches. So. I've shared. A few new ways for you to grow faster, with both bidding, and creative. Optimizations. And innovations, and the partnerships. That can take your app campaigns, the next level let's, give a work warm, welcome now to Duke who's gonna talk more about monetization. Yeah. Thank. You Belinda nothing, is more excited, than growing your user acquisition. Except. Maybe. Monetizing. Them, to. Support the livelihood of the. Developers, and this amazing ecosystem, that we have globally it's it's a critical, component so I'm Duke Duke Ellis I lead. A product. Management for apps across AdMob, and across. Google. Ad manager, our ads monetization. Platforms, and I'm gonna talk to you about. Some things that we're doing to really simplify. How. You can make money and make it easier overall. Okay. So. We, all know about IEP. What. A lot of developers, don't know though is, supplementing. IEP, revenue. With, ads is. A great way to grow revenue overall. And/or, even seen in some cases is actually driving higher, I ap. Okay. Now we looked at the Google games, on. Play are that games, overall on Google Play and we. Saw last year thirty, four percent growth in games, that have both IEP, a nuts okay, so something's working here, they're, finding ways. To. Put these together to drive better revenue overall, so. We.

Know This is here but we also know it can be hard it, can be hard to add in ads to. Optimize, and so it really. Think about how can we make this as simple as possible for everyone give, time back to you to create to. Focus, still on making great games and apps. So. Really. When it comes to ads monetization. The growth hinges on a positive, user experience okay. So we. Got to start with choosing the best formats, every. Apps different, there, is no one-size-fits-all. So. That's. Why we offer four rich, formats, interstitial. Banners. Rewarded. Ads and. Native. Ads and, you. Know let's, walk through these one-by-one real quickly because it's, so interstitials, these fullscreen takeovers, they, have static, they, have video both. Like, these are really popular in, apps. That change screens a lot and it's, really important, than you you find those natural, transition points, because you want to minimize disruption. And. That. Will help you also grow, revenue, overall. Okay. Secondly, banners. Typically. We see these as anchors on the bottom. And. This. Really works well on these single screen apps where you have the ads visible, the, majority, of the time and. These are these, are quite easy to implement and, we see them across all different, categories whether. It's games, or news or utilities, okay, okay. Third rewarded outs and these are opt-in these, are most recent and this. Is about giving, the user something in exchange for their time you're giving them an in-app, something. And these. Are a great option for. Developers. To really try to offer the semi, premium, experience. Because. A lot of times that user is probably. Like. They can't or they, won't, buy. Right. Now right. So how do we give them that. Flavor. Give. Them that semi premium, experience and they might come back and convert later this. Also drives more engagement, because they're getting more invested, as they go and this is particularly, popular in, games. But. What's very exciting is, we're starting to see this crop. Up in a number of other categories. Yeah. And lastly, native ads and these are these are they. Really let you customize that, look and, feel and this is great for the developer, who, really. Wants to go that extra mile to make that add blend, in. To. Feel like a natural. Extension, of the app and we. See these great and feats in particular, where it is really just it feels like a a natural. Part the, look and the feel are consistent. Now. All of these formats, allow. You to choose video. Static. Or both. Okay, so videos oftentimes and overlay, in this but that gives you a lot of options and you've got a lot of options here in some, apps we see different formats some some all of them some just one of them but you can really choose what, is best for. Your app to get to get the best monetization. Yeah, so, you got the right formats good. Okay. So next step is making sure that your users are having a safe experience. Yeah. You want that audience to feel safe it, includes, showing only high quality ads. And. Safe. Like, appropriate. Ads, for. Your particular audience, and you, know when that unwanted ad does appear you really got to get to it quickly. Manage. It so it doesn't have an impact on your audience so, we've got a unique set of tools that. We've been developing here to make this faster, and simpler for you so first I want, to talk about and. Introduce, that, this, new tool called AdMob, image search so, this lets you upload, a, screenshot. Of. The. Ad and. We. Can immediately identify. The. Ad and, all the variants, across, size, and, rotation and campaigns, so. Instead of having to search through hundreds or thousands. Sometimes. Tens of thousands of ads that are going out to users we, make this instant.

And Automate it for you so we can block those ads. Second. Piece is add, content, ratings and something are very proud of when, it comes to brand safety. And. I, will say this as a father of two girls said nothing, is more important. Than making sure. We're protecting, kids, experiences. Now, with AdMob. You. Can set this maximum, add content. Rating to. Whatever you want so that could be g. PG. Teen. Or, mature. And these. Settings can be customized, at. An account level overall, they. Can be set, at, an. App level and both, of those can be done with a simple checkbox, in the interface you don't need to recompile and, push out. Now. If your app also, happens to serve a combination. Of adults and kids. You. Can also add, a per impression, level, request, different, ratings based on who your, audience is okay that. Can be done at an impression level with our SDK. Okay. Okay. So you've got your ad set up you've. Got your protections. So. Now let's think about. Running. Your business and that requires, actionable. Reports. And analytics. And, unlike, many other platforms. We. Offer insights. Into both, ads. Performance. And. Also, user. Metrics all, in one place and we can put the data together and make some really smart decisions and. We do this without needing, to integrate, an SDK, an. Additional, SDK so this can help you optimize a lifetime, value, of your customers overall by merging these and getting some good insights so you, can find out things like what. Is my total revenue across, ia. P, and. In-app. Purchase and, ads on iOS. For. Example or. How. Are my daily average users, looking, what's. My average session time what's happening, there and now let's blend that together and, let me show you an example here, so this is our new rewarded. Ads report. Okay, so. With this report you'll have you, get instant, access to this it. Helps you track how changes, to what you're doing with rewarded, ads are impacting. Your, metrics, overall, so this is really the best way to understand, how am. I doing with my rewarded. Implementation. And you. Can answer some really interesting questions here so. Did. Adding that rewarded, add did that increase, my session, time hmm. Did. Increasing. This. Frequency, of when I give people a reward add well did that drive, my IEP up, or down. I'd. Like to know and like what percentage, of your daily, active users are actually using rewarded. And, how does it look with them. Like. These are all good. Questions that. Merge a lot of these pieces of data and. They. Help you have. Actionable, insights, you can immediately go, change your revenue immediately. So these, user reports, these at the, rewarded as report they're all part of the a dough out of the box solution you don't need to do anything to set these up they, just come you, instantly, get access to that no extra work, okay. All. Right so the last step I want to talk about here is you. Know when we're really talking, about business, success its, you. Want the highest value for your ads every. Impression highest, value and without. Spending a lot of time optimizing. So. So that's where open bidding comes in now we announced. Open bidding last. Year, the, idea here is is quite simple we let all the networks. That. Participate, bid in to, a single, auction. In real, time and the. Winner wins it's, that simple so unlike, traditional mediation. Which is how a lot of the industry works today instead, of having to take average. Historical, data and then, use that to prioritize. A bunch, of different networks and. Then. Call. Them in sequence, so. Instead of having to work through all that we're. Taking all the networks so we're calling them at one time you. Get the bids and they. Compete in a single, unified. Auction. So. That means for any given impression, whoever, is willing. To pay the highest wins. That's. It because, all these networks are competing, at exactly, the same level at the same time.

Same Priority, even, Google okay. Okay. So not only is open bidding gonna drive higher, revenue, because everyone's, competing for, each of those users on a in a real-time one by one basis but it's, also gonna decrease a lot. Of the extra time and effort that's gone into trying to set, this up previously. So with, open bidding you, don't have to implement all these SDKs. Instead. A lot of them are sending the demand directly, through through. Google at. Participating. In that in that way. Secondly. You. Don't need to spend a lot of time managing, all the waterfalls cuz if you recall this. Is one auction, now so, you don't need waterfall. At our waterfall you're getting the best price right. Away now. Yeah. Also because. We're. Getting all of that to compete in one place and you have all the data from the different networks the, report, has, all of the competing networks in one spot so you're gonna see that in one dashboard, with, completely, accurate, information and, not. Have to go to a bunch of different places to get, that collective, picture and then. The last piece here so payments, so. Instead of having to go track payments, across a bunch of different networks. We've, worked with them so for, almost all networks, we handle, all of that the payments for you so you'll get a collective, check right. Away so we really, simplify, that and make it easier for you okay, so. Today, open bidding we've got eight partners, they're. Live and bidding so I want to call. Out we, have Facebook. Audience Network app lovin, and tap joy. They've. All recently, joined and that they're now bidding, we're. Seeing great momentum, on this initiative and by, bringing together some of the largest most, diverse app, networks, globally. We. It's, just driving more revenue. For our app partners, okay. So. You. Know it our partners, are actually, pretty excited, about this the. Industry I would say as a whole is really looking, forward to this because it just does everything much, much, more efficiently, and it's, good for developers. And, Vidya, Balan so, he's the head of. Salute. Publishers solution partnerships at Facebook audience Network and you know here's, what he says. Bidding. Is important. In creating a fair and open ad ecosystem, so we're excited to work with Google to make this happen this is about the real-time bidding in one, place in a fair auction yeah, with. That unified auction, developers. Less, time more. Money okay. So our, developers, are pretty excited about what they're seeing so we've got dozens of partners, right now dozens of publishers that are.

Joining. The beta they're. Seeing meaningful, impacts already, including. So let me spotlight, sticky, hands here so there's a Korean app developer. Sticky. Hands so, mini Kim so he's try this out he's seen fourteen percent increase, in revenue just by implementing, open bidding okay. You, seen 15 percent ARP now increase. Okay. And he's. Saying that the revenue impacted, it's already it's, already impactful. The. Revenue left and. We expect, it to keep, getting, better as we continue, to add more partners. Into, that single auction, so. The momentum is continuing the results are already starting to show. Alright. So as you've seen today. We're. Really invested, in helping, you. Do. What you need to do, to. To. Build your growth and to build your monetization, so, Belinda talked about a few, things here setting. The right bid whether. That's with two, euro as or with the bid landscapes, and about. Putting your best creative, face, forward, with, the new opportunities, on YouTube the. Ad groups and. With. Our preferred creative, partner program and, on. The monetization side, we're really trying to help simplify and, drive higher, revenue, here, but. Simplify things like protecting, your brand with. The age ratings, or with the advanced. Creative search but. Also to drive, more revenue through, open bidding and through, better reporting, and insights you, can take action on yeah. Now these smart. Smart optimizations, we're doing here we're really trying to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you so, you can just keep, continuing. Making. Amazing, apps okay. So thank you very much.

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