Smart Funnelz Review - ✋STOP✋ Don't Buy Without My CUSTOM Bonuses!

Smart Funnelz Review - ✋STOP✋ Don't Buy Without My CUSTOM Bonuses!

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Hey how's it going it's Samuel from Samuel Zion, and welcome. To my smartphone, oz review, okay so I've had access to this software for the past week and I've gone through it I've tested, it out seen what it actually does and what it can do and now, I'm in a position to give you my full review on it now in addition to that I'm also been gonna be is giving, you a custom. Bonus, pack that I have created and I, kind of believe that this bonus, pack is a must-have, for, any, person, picking up smartphone. Also if you are interested, in picking this up you, need to take a look at my custom bonuses because they go perfectly and they, actually enhance. This offer. Greatly. So you want to take a look at them okay and I'll be showing you them that, all that stuff very shortly but in addition to my in my review I'll be showing you the inside the members area showing you the software itself showing, you what the sales page says and if it actually lives up to what it's saying on the sales page and all, that stuff so that all that stuff is gonna come right here right, after this video intro. Okay. So before I jump into my custom bonuses I want to give you a quick brief overview. Of what smart, funnels is in case you don't already know so, smart funnels is a cloud-based, web, app it, has two very important, key elements, now the first element, is that allows you to create is very easy to make but very attractive-looking, quizzes. And online polls and you can use these quizzes and polls to you know generate, more leads you know build your email list as you, know quizzes, and polls are known to be like the one of the best ways to build your email list because, the idea is that someone comes in and you give them this survey this quick, poll and if they're going through that survey or poll they're already really interested, in that niche they're interested, in whatever that poll is about and at the end of it to see their actual results. They have to put in their email address so you can send to them and in that process you captured their email lead, okay so that way it helps you build. Up your email list but in addition to that the second, aspect, of smartphones. Is that after, bringing in your email address and getting, your results, it, instantly. Takes you to a what. The lenders, like to call a money page and this money page you can you know show any affiliate, offer you. Can show your own offer you can just you know show, some video there's so much stuff you can do with it but the general idea is you will probably want to have some type of affiliate offer afterwards, where you can actually make some money from so, it's pretty amazing it's just like a normal list building funnel but it incorporates. Quizzes, and polls and, it makes it super easy this web app lets you do everything sets everything up for you it's, all integrated with PayPal, and your autoresponders. It's, all in one place basically and I'm gonna be going with much more detail in a minute but now that you have a main general, idea of it let's, jump into my custom, bonuses, all right so for my first custom, bonus I will be giving you three ideas, for lucrative, campaigns, using smart funnels okay, so I will tell you one idea for each of the three quiz pull options, so there's three different types of quizzes you can make a trivia, a personality. And a, normal poll and I'm gonna be giving you money. Generating. Ideas for campaigns, in each of these categories, so you have one for everything and, not just that by eye I'm. So gonna explain, each idea, in a lot of detail on video, for you and give, some ideas to make instant, money off of those campaigns, now this will give you a massive, advantage, over anyone else buying smart funnels as you, will already know exactly. What you need to do to make money you have these three ideas that you can go in and incorporate right, away and you can just get it all set up and start you know generating, money without you know thinking about what you want to do this, is gonna be super powerful guys no one else is really offering this level, of value, as a bonus, and that's what I just wanted to give you guys in.

Return For you know picking this up through this page now, the second, custom bonus I'm offering is a super, effective free traffic method for smart funnels and no traffic strategies, are included, in the main smart. Funnels software, app so, all you get is the software, itself and along with some basic training on how to use the software itself but, however in this custom bonus, I will personally, show you my top, free, traffic strategy, for, any one, using smartphones, and this is gonna be, this. Is something I use when I used to admit you don't do quizzes and polls in my lead list, building campaigns, and whenever, I do it I use this as a free traffic source it works incredibly, it's free so it's gonna be perfect we nearly friendly I think you guys are gonna really benefit, from this okay so this is my second, custom bonus now. As my third bonus I'm gonna be giving you my premium, course 48-hour. Income, system and this, is a course that's already being that's still, currently being sold at $13. On the warrior plus marketplace, and it's. A case study of one of my friend Jeff Crowe who on how he made five hundred dollars in a single day with a special method he uses for all of his affiliate, campaigns, and this, method multiplies, his commissions, every single time and it's all revealed, in this course in a clear step-by-step video, format, and this, course, is gonna be it's. Gonna allow you to once, you build your list with smart. Funnels and it's gonna allow you to make your affiliate, campaigns, much, more profitable it's a really good course you should really take a look at it and you're gonna get it for free as a bonus, for picking up smartphones through this blog post now blog. Exclusive. Bonus number four is traffic, takeover, now this is another course. By these same creators. Another knock horse but another software, app from these creators and in. This software app it's called traffic, takeover, it basically. Solves, all of your traffic problems, that's very very cool it sends you lots of lots of free traffic over, to whatever your campaigns, and stuff like that is and it's, actually, currently still being sold for around $40. But you're gonna get this absolutely free. As a. Bonus to smartphone, also I'm happy to be able to do that for you guys as well bonus. Number five is how, to make $2,000, in 20 minutes with Facebook, groups and this is a very powerful case study that I, got rights to give away tea ice and it's that Brendan mace he's along the top vendors, on were your plus and he shows how, he made, $2,000. In 20 minutes with Facebook, groups and this. Is an amazing fast, cash technique that could be done by anyone at any, level in internet marketing okay, so that's my bonus number five and finally, bonus. Number six, is glen coe skis info, product, vault, okay so, this is an ultimate, goldmine, guys and I'm so happy that I'm able to give this to you guys so, this is a whole product, wall of the top in four product courses, out there by, Glen Koski again there's 17, different info. Products in here and I'll tell you exactly what, they are here's. An entire. List of each of them you can take a look at each and every one of these and you're gonna get access to each and every one of them and all of these seventeen courses, at some, point have been sold at the warrior plus marketplace and they've all gone in deal of the day so their top courses, and they're just, great, I do get lots of strategies, methods and techniques to make money with you know CPA.

Affiliate. Marketing, traffic strategies, and so, forth it's a great great whole, product wall that you're gonna get a 17, courses, as a bonus. For just picking up smart, funnels through, this page okay so those are my custom, bonuses I have, all, this stuff that you're gonna get as a custom, bonus for picking up smart funnels through this page okay, so now let's. Get on to my actual, smart phones review, and a, whole in-depth go, through of a whole, software, okay so. First off let's go, on to the sales page and the sales page basically says that a new breakthrough soft, we're leverages, free, traffic to get you more lead sales and Commission, in record, time okay, so then they go on to talk about, tired. Of you know complicated funnel. Making, tools. And stuff like that you know to build stuff like and all that sort of stuff and then they go, ahead and talk about funnels. And smartphones. So basically. Quizzes. And polls that's, what you'll be making something like this you know is you can see here says think you know your burgers take, part in this quiz to find out whether, you can really identify American. American. Loved burgers, and win, a free burger, win, some free burgers, if you get the right answers, so, basically someone who's interested in burgers and you know fast food they'll, come onto this page they'll be interested in winning some free burgers so they'll go through the quiz and and they'll, just be interested, in it as, well so once they get into the final question, then at that point you, can actually you know say that in, order to get your results just put in your email address and we'll send you your results, so they do that the author is also an option to skip that if you want so, they can skip it and then head over to, an offer, page, and this offers where you can actually make real, money from, this, survey and I'll give you an example of this here's. A demo. A, demo survey, quiz right here and as you can see it says the best movies of 2018, participate. And have a chance of winning two thousand dollars in Amazon credit and this is actually created with smartphones guys okay so you hit start and then it says in solo a Star Wars story who plays the title character of han Solo now, you pick, whatever the, answer is the answer was wrong this time okay, so then it goes on to the next question, Incredibles. - who voices the character of, frozen. Okay so then, I would say you know I'm, actually I'm sure okay. There we go that answer right and, as. You can see this is really fun to do is that it gets a lot of interaction, a lot of people, come on here and actually complete the entire thing so let's, just go with this one again I got it correct again. Who. Wants all the Infinity, stones Thanos does there. We go you need the answer to that question. Yep. Senator block there we go so, now I'm getting a lot of these questions correct, and now you get this type of squeeze, so it says how well did you do to, find out free and for, your chance to win $2,000. Credit to spend at Amazon just enter your details below so, majority. People are gonna put their details below to see how they did and they're gonna submit and go to results, but they can also skip it if they want so we're just gonna skip it right now for the purpose of this video and then, it says I got. 80 as a score so you save the world you are a top-notch, movie, buff who watches and then instantly like while they know the results, it gets taken it you get taken to an offer so, now initially, these they.

Join This quiz in order to win the $200. Amazon credit but, now as you can see it's available to them so they're obviously gonna click it and they're, gonna fill out the form and this is actually a CPA, offer as you can see here so, they're of course gonna fill this out to get their information but this is actually a CPA offer now they, that, you know Amazon or, some other site, is offering. And in every time someone fills out this form here you. Get a commission, so as. You, can imagine everyone's. Gonna do this right so this is good this is a great way to generate some nice income, and this. Is exactly how this works I'll show you a to the inside, of the actual, software, this. Is where you're gonna go once you make, your purchase and it's going to be much more elaborate when you pick it this up there's another page that has a whole, list. Of training videos that you, know explain, this entire software to you and teach all the parts to you but, I just went straight to the software to show you the purpose to, show you the actual software so, this is gonna look at there's give me a welcome video showing you a quick demo of it there, is gonna be a part where you can look at your own funnels you can edit delete duplicate. Them okay over here and. Then. If you go to the, autoresponder settings, and here, you can integrate, whatever, autoresponder, you have so that whole part where you have to put in your email address you or you have like a squeeze page you, don't have to you know traditionally. What you would have to do is copy the whole HTML code, from your autoresponder put. That into your form here set, that up it just takes a lot of time all you have to do is just set up your, autoresponder. Here. And then just authorize, and I'll get integrated, immediately. You don't have to do anything else you just select exactly, what list you want to want to go wanted to go to and that's, it no you, know copying, all the signup, form HTML code, putting. That in there making it all work this is all easy newbie, friendly okay, and, then on the the next part is the subscribers. List so anyone who subscribes their entire information will be available here you can just export, it as a CSV and put it on your autoresponder and it immediately goes onto your autoresponder as, well so if you just need it for the, sake of having it you it will also be here as well if you want to put it to like you know as, a custom. Audience on Facebook or, whatever okay and then, finally there's an option for an upgrade so if you pick, up any of the upgrades which I will be showing you in a second you just put their license keys inside here and then those features also unlock for you okay so, now let's go inside and actually create, a funnel, okay so you click this part and you have three options here a pull a trivia, quiz and a personality, quiz so, a poll is basically just you know getting. Your opinion, not will be there's no right answer in it a trivia, quiz would have a right answer in it so the, one that I just did right now over here was, a trivia quiz then, there's also a personality, quiz, where you can actually assign, points, so you, can. Have a court you can have a quiz on like what, Hollywood. Actor are you right and then there's gonna ask you a bunch of questions and then you'll each, of those questions are gonna a lot points, to a specific, person and at. The end of it whoever has that whatever the most points associated. With whatever person, is what, person they're gonna say you are so it's more of like a personality, quiz it's, a bit more cool it's really really easy to set up for sure but it's another option that you have there okay so there's three different options, and I'm gonna be showing, you in my custom, bonus number one a campaign. For each of these three options so this that's what I was actually meant but I mean I was talking about it campaign, for three of each of the three quiz pull options, so I'm going to be giving you an idea, for. One, of each of the three options okay. Now. Let's, go and actually go and set up a poll for example. So. You come into here and immediately, you can add your images if you want to add any images as you can see in our example here, they, have a lot of images so they that always looks nicer so you can just click on this and it opens up a field where you can add. Add images. And clicking, it opens up the opens, up the the. The. Field on top of where you can also do is just. Grab, I'm, just gonna quickly grab. An. Image here so let's just grab this image throw that on there and as you can see it's already, the. File was successfully uploaded. We, can use this image for the front and then we know write a title now one when I was just testing one out I did how well do you know I'll throw your marketing, and then I had a whole quiz, that I had with that it was really cool so, that's what I'm that's what I'm gonna use an example here so you add a bit of a description let's say then you go on to the next part which is the questions, so, that's gonna be part two is actually just being blocked, by a my but.

Every Time just gonna move this over for a second next, step. Okay. And the. Next step now is just adding the question so you know question number one you can click on this part right here is. How. Much money, I. Don't. Even know what I'm saying right now but anyways the point is that you would write something as a question, here the, single then you can have an option to have one column of questions so going down like that you, can have two columns, so two separate columns, like that or three so, you let's say we have two columns and then, for the answers, I would just put like. Yes. Or, no. For the sake of this example, and, then done not one question is done you, just add another question another question another question four questions for example it, would go through that and then, you. Go to the next step which. Is the. Which. Is the. Opt-in. So you can add, and take you can see something like. Your. Results. Are in. Okay. To. Find out, how. You, scored. Click. Put. In your, details. Below. So. We can send, you, the, results. Okay. Now people want to know what they just gone through the whole quiz you want another results, so they're gonna put in their email address at that point no, matter what your opt-in rate is gonna be through the roof okay, so that's what you're gonna put there and then at the end you can add some image if you want to and you, can integrate your autoresponder right, here so you can select whichever, one as you can see I have not integrated, anything yet but, you can integrate your autoresponder there, and then you can tell exactly what, you want just a name with the name or the email stuff, like that and then you want to go to the next step where, you have your, results, okay so this is the results page you can say whatever you want here with a however this scored now, let's go to the next page and this will is the very important, part that separates. Smart. Funnels from, your typical. Quizzes. Builders, and stuff like that so this enables. Deno because these guys are in, the internet marketing niche they know internet marketing they, specifically, have a money page set up and on this page you can do a whole bunch of things so you can create a simple econ, type of page where, you can you know give some type of offer. You. Can redirect them, to us, any affiliate, offer that's what I actually did I redirected. Them to one of my courses, so, I went there and I you know if someone buys that I make money of course you could put like an affiliate product here or you, can you know do a whole bunch of other stuff you can put an opt-in page here again a video and an image page or, a download, page if you want them to like I just got the results you got you usually want to build your email list that's it maybe I would. Recommend that you of course send them to an affiliate offer make some money off that but let's, tow your choice but the options, are there and then you go on to your settings where, you can edit a whole bunch of other options and stuff like that and this is basically smartphones, I personally.

Think It's super powerful to, build your email lists and a whole bunch of stuff like that this. Is another demo that they actually showed here and yeah. I might use good this demo is actually available on my blog here, if you guys want to just check that out it's. Gonna be right over here. And basically. In this, example. They, actually set up a quiz, on what, what, think if you know your burger so if you know what type of burgers, they're. Gonna show pictures of different burgers and you have to guess which, type of burger that, is and at the end of it they. Say that you could you have a chance of winning some free burgers from some local fast-food restaurants, ok and so, that obviously someone, who's a burger lover they're gonna go through that they control, the details, they're. Gonna and they're gonna take part in the poll and the quiz and at the end of it they're gonna put in their email address to know the results, and then rate after that right after that look what they do so this is actually taking that to the actual quiz so. Now with the quiz is made so as you can see they're going through it all what, burger is this McDonald's what, burger is this Burger. King Wendy's. Stuff, like that and at the end of it it says, look I'm. Just gonna let this go, hello. Burger fan to find out your results and how to win, free burgers just enter, your details, below ok, so they enter the details this hit submit and go or they can skip the step whatever they want right and then, you need to eat more burgers and, you can either retake, the quiz or, after. That you can set a delay of how many seconds so let's say there's a delay of 3 seconds this, comes up then okay so would you like some free burgers and then of course someone's gonna click free burgers and then, it's taken to an offer where. You can fill out a form to win in McDonald's. Free burger voucher and this is a CPA, offer so they make money off this so that's amazing this something, you can literally. Use effectively. In any, niche so you know literally, I've showed you like three definitions right now the internet marketing niche and this works for a lot of different nations ok and I'll actually be helping you data all put all that out in my, custom bonuses, so.

That's A basic overview and, idea what smartphones is I hope you've got a good idea of it my, and I'm, finally just gonna go through the one-time. Offers, that you have as an option after picking. Up the main product, and then of course after that I'll let you make a decision and if, you want to pick up smartphones I just want to recommend that you pick it up through this page because, of, my, custom bonuses, ok but, anyways let's go on to my upgrade number one man upgrade number one is done. For you so the upgrade, one for surgery as smart. Funnels is done. For you funnels now done for you funnels are is what is, basically gonna be. You're. Gonna get access to done for you come funnel, is completely, complete, with the quiz funnels and money pages with. A click of your mouse so these funnels are pre-made with highly, engaging quizzes. That are proven to get opt-ins, and sales so, basically, they're gonna give you a couple, of done. For you quizzes, already, and made for you with the actual money, pages as well that you can simply set up and start using to make money so just like that burner one just like that. The. Movie, star one you're gonna get a couple done for you all set. Up and ready to go so basically all the technical, technical, work off the quiz, building is gonna be done for you you, can have some examples, some stuff that you can set up all you have to do is just set up your autoresponder with, it which, is literally two minutes and set up your paypal details, which, is also integrated into the actual software I'll show exactly, how that's done so that's our upgrade that I have really recommend that you pick up now. Upgrade number two is smart, funnels platinum, and this, is a platinum version of the software which allows you to create unlimited funnels. And unlimited money pages okay, so in addition to a bunch of funnel templates included, as well so you're gonna get a bunch more templates, and, you cannot be allowed to create unlimited funnels. And money unlimited, money pages as well, and this is the fastest way to make even more money by having more photos online and there's, also additional training. Included, in this as well now, up rule number three is smart. Funnels titanium. Money pages now the titanium. Version of the software includes. Five ecommerce, money, page templates, that aren't included in the front end versions these are going to be templates, for, the money page part that you can literally click and it's all set up for you you don't have to design it at all setup anything it's gonna be all done for you and this for the money page part okay and this is specifically. For e-commerce so, if you are looking to do something like that's, some sort of EECOM selling so that could be break here as well, now. Countdown timers, and your Facebook Ads pixel, can. Also be added here so yes you'll, be happy you'll have the chance to add your Google Ad pixel. Your, Facebook comments, if you want to add that to you can elect no comment so people, can actually see how this scored and stuff like that you, can add countdown, timers, and you can also add your Facebook Ads pixel, there, will also be some advanced, training included. As well okay so that's some additional something you can think about now upgrade number four is something that I really, really like so you want to listen to this one so, for this you get done-for-you traffic, for your smart phones okay so you with, this offer you will you will be able to put your big. Facebook, pixel. And Google Ads pixel, on all of these guys's sales pages and also. The smartphone, will sales page as well and then, training is included, on how to set everything up also training is included, on how to use the traffic on demand to run into your quizzes for.

Insane Amounts of leads sales and commissions so they're gonna teach you exactly how to use that traffic but. Basically, you're going to be able to leverage the buyer traffic, that comes onto the smartphone, sales page and all their previous sales pages as well and of course these are buyer traffic buyer, leads because people. That already have these buyer leads are sending them onto the smartphones pages, on to all their other pages and you're, gonna be able to leverage that traffic, okay so, that's upgrade, number four upgrade. Number five is Rhys alright so with this offer of course I'm sure you know what Lee resell rights are you'll, be able to sell smart funnels and keep a hundred percent of profits but, in addition to that you're, also gonna get a series, of traffic, videos to help you sell smartphones, as your own product, and you're. Also gonna get access to Glen, himself, the creator of smart, phones via. Facebook, and Skype for any future help as well okay so that's a pretty amazing offer there and that's gonna be with resell rights update, number five now, upgrade number six is something that I don't recommend personally, unless you know you. Do, have some type of use for this so, with this you have the opportunity, to use smart funnels on behalf of your, own clients, and create, funnels, for local businesses, other online marketers, etc, so you can create, as many accounts. For your clients as you want and let, any level, price you want so you can go out and sell. The. Smartphone. Also the whole thing for, so. At any price you personally, want four so you don't actually have to send. It to the sales page you can sell this. Set, up that's software. For any client, at. Any price that you choose so that's pretty amazing but I don't think that's something you'd probably be. At a level if you are by, all means you can go for it but, that's probably something any newbies, would probably, not want to go for because they don't have any clients okay, so that those are the six upgrades, are options. Of smartphone, OS and the main smart, funnels offer is gonna be going at 1995. So $20. Only, and. If you compare, this to you know what I have used in the past I used a. Quiz. Building, software called respond, suite and our response rate is currently going for $300. So as you can imagine that 1995. Offer is pretty amazing okay now, it. Is 1995. But that's at the early starting point of the laun so near the end of the launch the price is actually gonna go to $40. And after, the launch I think it's gonna be I think's gonna be 40 dollars that's the final highest price that's gonna go to for right now so, you want to make sure you come in early you come in at the earliest time and I don't know when you're watching this but, if I can tell you anything at the $40 price point as well I have, paid 300, to 400 hours for similar, quizzes. Chris off, tours and. Even. At them didn't, have those monies money page feature in that they only had the. The. Chance to make the actual quizzes, and that's it after that you have to do your own type of thing they didn't actually have that integrated, in it so this is as newbie friendly as it gets I highly recommend it and along, with my custom, bonuses, as well it's a pretty amazing, deal you're getting here so make sure you, come up and click on any of these active, links so what you want to do is click on the video description right, down on YouTube once you click on it you'll, get taken to his blog post go over the review one more time if you want to read over it then. Click on any of these active links so this, one right here this one right here there's the throughout the page click, on any of them and you'll get taken to the actual sales page which, will look something like this and this is where you can actually make your purchase so as you can see I'm gonna click get instant access and you.

Have Two options here the lite version or, the pro version and the, lite version has. Almost. Everything. Let's see what the pro version only has so, you get additional, quiz, templates, additional, money page templates, and access. To their VIP training, and the. Money-making bonuses. So the, the, lite version is gonna start off at $15. And the, pro version is gonna start, off at $20, so obviously, I highly recommend, you to spend that extra $5 and just go for the 1995, offer because, I really want you guys to take advantage of that VIP training, and have, some, templates, at the start so, you can get started right away I don't want you to start with nothing so I definitely recommend you go for the 1995, option, okay now, this goes live on September. 11th. September. 16th, at 9:00, a.m. est so make sure you. Come in quick if you had if that time has not passed already if it has passed click, on the active, links on my blog you, get taken here and right after making your purchase these bonuses will be instantly, delivered to you right, under your axis, where we gonna click to get your access to your product after making your payment it's gonna be right under that's gonna say bonuses, by Samuel, you'll, be able to click them and you'll get access to them on a nice, neat, page okay, so that is my smartphone review, I hope you enjoyed it take, action, pick it up through this blog post you'll get access to all these custom bonuses and I'll. See you in the next video, review.

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Smart Funnelz review & Custom Bonuses:

Let me know if you have any questions!

Great and informative review! Thanks! Definitely buying it!

Thanks Edwin!

Awesome! Such an informative review. Liked and subscribed :) A quick question, where can we find your bonuses after making the purchase?

Hi Gulriz, appreciate the kind words! My bonuses can be found right under where you would access this software in JVZoo.. Right under it, there will be a button that will say 'Samuel's bonuses". If you have trouble finding it just let me know :) actual well presented review...I am suprised, thanks. Are those funnelz only in the cloud or can I get a fully working funnel onto my Wordpress site that would work even if smart funnelz disappear one day ? If not, is it at least possible to add it to a personal wordpress site for long term google search engine listing ? I know this might not be what its for but I still think it would be interesting.

Thank you very much :) As for your question, Smart Funnelz is cloud hosted with it's own members area. It also hosts your quizzes for you. I didn't see any mention of any sort of 'exporting' options, nor did I see that while I was going through it. So I would think not. However I've reviewed Glynn's offers in the past, and never had any issues of him not supporting his softwares. Hope this helps :)

Hi again, I liked your review and bought via your link and 3 upgrades. I would like to present some of my problems with their readymade smart funnelz: It seems a bit buggy to me and I am not to happy so far. Might have to refund.


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