Small Business Digital 101 seminar: Facebook.

Small Business Digital 101 seminar: Facebook.

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Good. Evening everyone and a wonderful, warm welcome, to tonight City of Sydney small business digital 101 tonight, we are going to put an absolute microscope, on Facebook we, hope no one's need to learn anything else cuz tonight it's all about Facebook, so, before we do anything else I've got one of the best local, Facebookers. Who, actually has starting to bring local government into, the lounge rooms, of many people and that's councillor, Jess skully she's, actually going to be doing a welcome but she's let me share with you some of the things that she does on Facebook because you're doing heaps you're, videoing. You're, like streaming. Your. Polling. Turns. Oh that's, the job fits not yeah welcome. Kelly, thank, you so much hi. Everyone, I want. To start out by acknowledging that we're meeting on gadigal land tonight, and to pay our respects to the elders past, and present of, the eora nation I. Am. A counselor on the city of Sydney and so for. Most of us we're, not quite sure how, local government works basically, I'm your elected. Representative, if you're a business, owner or, if you run a business or if you live in the city of Sydney local government area it's, my job to represent you but, it's also my job to be a bit of a conduit between you, and the. Services, that the city of Sydney offers so we, offer so much events, like tonight it's a fantastic, series all. Kinds of support, talks, and events and spaces, and grants, you name it, but. If you're a bit confused or if you don't have a great experience or if you think there's something that we could improve on it's, my job to help mediate, that process, and, be your voice in council as well so find. Me on Facebook I'm councillor, Jess skully, and. And. Actually, Facebook, has been one of the most phenomenal ways, that. I've, been able to connect with businesses and constituents. It here in the city of Sydney you know video on, Facebook, just cuts, through people. Are coming and talking to us about local, planning law and stuff that they, might never have, thought that they were interested, in before and. It's such an incredible tool to be able to target, people directly. To, talk to them and have a real dialogue about the stuff that matters so but I don't need to tell you that you're here because you, know that Facebook is the, golden ticket it's a key and. I have to congratulate you for two reasons you got here through vivid and, you ignored, everything, going on outside to focus on what's going on inside and, also because you're taking time to actually invest, in your business or your personal, practice as a sole trader. It. Is the first step you know Daniel and I were just talking before that, so, much in my career, and my creative, practice and my my own work as a sole trader and, has, all come about through personal, connections through, networking and through events, and it, is by coming to events like this that I've been able to make those connections and, I learn stuff, all the time I'm a total, talks junkie. Oh Mike problem okay I'm. A total talks junkie, and so coming to events, like this have. Been really formative I I say, though the one best thing that you can do for your business or creative practice is go to one networking. Thing a week and. I know that feels really hard to do or one talks event do professional. Development in. What you do and you, will find other people, who are motivated who have connections, and you have networks that, can support you in your business and so, check, out what the City of Sydney does, please. Do use us as a resource for you and your business and I. Want, to thank our special guests, here tonight who are here sharing their, expertise, Tanzer who is our Facebook ace and he's, going to come up here and share a whole lot of amazing, tips but, we've also got two local, business. Creators. Entrepreneurs. Who are going to share their story to mean, from what, is possibly one of the best gelato. And. Those interesting, adventures gelato. Profit. Doors in in the world I'm into, and I'm, Danielle from Bari yoga. Who is has, has undertaken, her own personal, journey and is. Navigating. This, world. Of how do we use social media to, build a community build, a following and build a brand so. Thank you all for being here sharing your journey it's incredibly, generous of you and we really appreciate, your time at. The city you know we know that Facebook, is such an important, tool and one, of our most important, campaigns, is a campaign, called Sydney. Local, it's. Hashtag. Sydney, local to be honest so I should say that and. It's actually something that could be really helpful for you it's, a way that we can help, share with people who come to Sydney as tourists, or people who are coming from broader, greater, Sydney or interstate, the, tips, the places, the businesses, and all of those kinds of experiences.

That People who are locals in Sydney actually, get to experience so my. Other piece of advice to you or request, as well tonight would be to say please, do, use, the Sydney, local hashtag there, is something in it for you we're promoting a whole lot of the businesses, and, experiences. That promote through, that platform, and, it's just a really easy, free. Way that, you can get the word out about your business or your offering. So. I. Will. Leave you to hear from the experts but I hope you have a fantastic time, don't forget to tweet don't, forget to let people know that this is being live, streamed on, YouTube which. Is fabulous and, look. Forward to hearing, the questions oh and don't forget to meet someone tonight, that's probably the best are the best thing that you could do thanks. We. Can't agree more we know that networking is a way for you to help. Start your journey continue, your journey or grow your journey so we do build an opportunity, tonight into the program for you to do just that we, know in fact answer might be I'm gonna still want a few statistics that, Facebook, could do a lot of research on the businesses they work with and they know that nearly, ninety five ish percent. Of the problems and things that you encounter, someone, else is also encountering, those problems so you might will find that something tonight that, you're struggling with someone, else around you sitting next to you someone, you might meet in coffee at the end may well have a solution for you so we do encourage you are towards the end tonight to do that opportunity, for networking so. How tonight is going to work is we are going to have a real focus, drill down into Facebook, we, are so excited that we actually have an. Expert. From Facebook here to share that with you turns. Is going to talk, to you about his role at Facebook, but most importantly, he. Represents. The small business arm of Facebook, so he'll be sharing with you all the tools all the ways the, Facebook Facebook, i should say can help you so, he'll pop up soon he's going to do about a 45 minute talk, then, we're going to conclude with his talk with an opportunity for two businesses, to talk about their story how, they've grown how, they've managed to accelerate, how they've managed to amplify their own business and very much through Facebook, so, you'll hear firsthand from them you'll get some tips and tools from them you'll hear some things that haven't worked some, things that really really have worked and then, we'll conclude the formal. Part of the evening in here with some opportunity for you to ask us questions and most, importantly. You've, got an opportunity tonight six. Of you in the room to have 15-minute one-on-one, session with a facebook so. Tanz has brought some of his team tonight and those people that stay in the room to the very end we, literally will be doing. A number generated, way for you to actually win an opportunity, for 15 minutes to focus on your business on your foot on your page and what you're doing and some tips and tools directly from some Facebook experts, so, please sit in your seat to the end of the night to take advantage of that opportunity so.

That's A little bit about how tonight is going to work it's. Really interesting to think about Facebook and where it began. And where it is right now and how important, it is for small businesses, it's. Really interesting to know that Australia is officially, obsessed, with, Facebook we, are the, number, one number. One user. In the world that, touches, it daily. So, we've out shown everyone, in terms of our daily use of Facebook so, if you can appreciate this 16, million people in Australia right now are on Facebook, well not right now but through. Their daily life are actually intersecting. With Facebook you can see the power so, if your business is, not using, Facebook you might find the missing out an opportunity for a conversation, tell. People about what you do the product that you sell or just to talk about who you are as a business so. Tans is going to talk a lot more about how you as a business can can really take advantage of all the opportunity, that Facebook has to offer so, I think tans are it's time to welcome you up here and to get, this show on the road. Hi. Everyone hey going. Firstly, firstly. I just want to say thank you so much for joining us here today I know a lot of you working owning. Your own small business or working as a small business employee time is very precious I'm, so glad to be joining. You, here tonight to run through the latest and greatest we have to offer. So. As Joe mentioned my. Name is Sansa and I'm an Account Manager in the small and medium business team at Facebook. Essentially. What I do is. What I work, with small and medium businesses, to, actually, help them grow their business using, our platform and our family of apps and services so. What. Does that actually mean what do I actually do so, we're, gonna run through three key areas today to, help you along. Your Facebook journey we're, gonna start, with the tools and resources that, are already readily, available for, you as small business owners and employees we're. Then going to talk to you about how, you can plan effective, advertising campaign. To know that not only extend, your reach but, drive your business objectives and, then, we're going to wrap up with a bit of a session on creative. How to actually create content, that's going to resonate with your audience. So. Before, I'm gonna start I'd like to get a good understanding of who I've got here in the room so, could, you do me a favor and put, your hand up if you've used Facebook, to promote your business for. Longer than six months. Great. What about for longer than two years. Five. Years. Ten. Years okay. Well that's good so. It looks like we've got some more some experts here in the room today and, that's the beauty of today's session right no, matter whether you're just starting out with Facebook and you want to learn the basics in the 101 or you're, ready to take that next step and begin advertising there's. Going to be content in here for you so hopefully we'll all walk away today having, learned something new, so. Look we're gonna start with the facebook, business pages, a, business. Page is essentially, where, people, can go on Facebook to, learn everything, there is to know about you in your business a, bit. Of the pieces of information that you can see at a glance is, your. Business contact hours and the hours that you actually open, a, description, of your business what it is you actually do. The. Different services, and products you have on offer and then a way to go, and visit you on your website as well this, is just a snapshot of what's available to, you if you have your business page and, it's a really good place to start to understand, what's actually available, to you to promote your business. One. Thing I love to talk about is, adding, a button so a button, is a really, good way for you as a business to, drive a specific, call to action, that's, in line with your business goals so.

For, Those of you that don't have a button, the best way to add it is there's a specific, section just. Underneath your cover photo which. Will then take you to a list, of the different call to actions you can have the. Best way to decide, what. Button you should choose for your business is have a think predominately. What are you trying to drive as a business, what is your overarching, business, goal and choose, a button that most closely aligns, with that so. A few scenarios here, you may be a, hairdresser and, your sole aim is to really drive bookings, through Facebook, you, could choose the book now button which. Directs people straight through to the reservation, section, on your, website, you. May work in real estate and. Really want to build your email database of potential, leads what. You could do is have the sign up button which takes people, directly to the sign up EDM, page of your website where, they can join the list for your weekly newsletter or, you, may be a local cafe or a restaurant and, the sole way that you take reservations is over the phone what. You can do is have the call Now button, which people can click on if they're on a mobile phone which, takes them directly to a call to you for you to take actual, booking so, just a few different scenarios of what you can do by. Including a button on your Facebook, page to really help drive your business organically. Another. Awesome, tool we have is, pages, manager and this is actually available to you in either the App Store or Google Play, what. Pages manager essentially. Is is an, all-in-one location, where you can manage your business on the go we know that time is very precious for all of you so what you can actually do, with this tool is. Share. Content of scheduled, content, whilst you're on the run you can, respond. To comments that people are making on your posts, or you can even jump into, insights, and have a good understanding of, all of the different actions people are taking on your page so for, those of you that haven't downloaded the pages manager app highly. Recommend doing that it's only gonna save you a lot of time and effort. Another. Awesome, feature we, have in another tool that you have available to, you is pages, insights, so. In a nutshell insights. Is where you can go to to, learn everything. That's happening, on your page and learn all about the people that are connected to you and your, page to. Get to the insights section, all you have to do is click on the insights, tab just, below your cover photo and it, takes you to a page which has a wealth of information now, I'm not going to run through everything, that's available to you in insights cuz we're here for quite a while but, this is just a quick snapshot, of the overview section which provides you really high level metrics about how, your page is performing, you, may want to see how many followers you've acquired over, a specific period of time you. May even want to see what that breakdown. Followers is what does that demographic look, like all, you may want to see how many people you're actually reaching, over, a specific period of time these are just some of the high-level metrics, you can gain by looking at insights, so. What, I'd actually recommend doing, is, have a play around with the overview section but, spend some time working through the nuts and bolts you have available to you if you have a business page. Next. We're going to talk about messenger. Now, I think, it's safe to say that if I asked everyone in the room whether or not they have a messaging, app on their mobile phone majority. Of people would put their hands up right so. Messenger, is a standalone, app, that, allows people to connect. With their friends and family but also connect, with businesses, that they really care about now, the, beauty of messenger, is even, though it is a standalone, app if you, have a facebook, business page, there, is an option for people to click on send, message and they'll, be directed straight, to a one-to-one conversation, that you can then own, with. That specific, customer now. A few, things I love to tell small and medium businesses, to keep in mind if you are going to really promote yourself and start owning those one-to-one, conversations. It's. Be responsive, and now by, this we don't mean having, to respond within minutes you can really set your own standards, in your own guidelines of, how quickly you want to respond to people really. Speak as your, own brand, understand. You know what you're trying to say the style in which you're trying to say it and just be authentic to, your. Own personal, story and let that shine through the conversations, you're having with your customers, and last. But not least messenger, is a really, great way to take, sensitive, conversations. That may be occurring on your page to. A more private personal. One-to-one, location, so it's a really amazing. Way for you to own that conversation, with your customers and really, drive your message home in quite a unique way.

Another. Awesome feature with. Messenger, is depending, on the guidelines you set around how responsive, you want to be the, audience can then see that within, the certain, feature there which tells them how, quickly you are in responding, and don't fear, you don't need to be responding, all the time in a very very quick manner you, can actually control and set your own guidelines and staff of how frequently, you want to respond to them. Next. We're gonna run through a scheduling. Tool so, another. Thing we understand, is you as small, business owners and employees may. Not have the, luxury. Of having time to post, every. Single day right so, the scheduling, tool is a way for, you to set, aside time, each week, to actually. Draw up content, for the week or two weeks or month ahead in, One Bowl and what, this does is it actually saves, you a lot of time in managing. The content and messages you want to get out to your audience so. For those of you that haven't tested the scheduling, tool you, can get to it by clicking on, the publishing section, of your Facebook page, click. Through to create, a new scheduled, post whereby. You're then prompted, to actually, create. The post and upload the the visual assets you have to go along with it and then, what you can do is actually choose, a time as to when you want that post to go out now, another, really nifty feature I like to tell small medium businesses, is within. The insights section, of your page you can actually see, when the majority, of your audience is, online and, that, will really vary on a case-by-case basis. Depending on who is connected to your business so one, thing I'd actually recommend doing, is jump into insights, try. And have a good understanding of. When your audience is online and, then just get try testing, a few different, timings, that you think will work well for them you, may have an audience that is mostly, online on the bus into work each morning you may have those who are surfing, Facebook when they're having lunch at their desks or you, may have an audience that like to surf Facebook, when they've put the kids to bed after dinner so, every audience is going to be different but have a good understanding of, how your audience is position, and the behaviors, that they take in terms of interacting with your page. So. We've, spoken a little bit around, the. Tools, you have available to you as a small and medium business and we're going to talk through a few more but that's just a taste of what you can use to really get you up and running across the platform. Sustain, that growth on your Facebook journey, now. That you've got an understanding, of what those tools look like now, we're going to talk a little bit around how you can actually go that next step further and start, planning effective. Advertising, campaigns, now. I'd love to get another poll of the room who here has tried, advertising on Facebook before. Awesome. It's really really good to see so. What I'm gonna do is run, through a really, few key things to think about when you've made the decision to invest in our platform and it's gonna cover four main areas. First. And foremost and the most important, thing is really understand, what. Action, you would like your users to take and I'm going to talk a little bit about what to keep in mind there next. We're going to talk about the audience, and what, you need to do in terms of identifying, who, your target audience, is online and a few of those different targeting options we have available we're. Then going to talk through ad formats, when you think about what this is this is the final product that people see in their newsfeed how do you want your message to be framed and delivered. To that target audience and then. Most important for you as businesses, how on earth do you measure success right, if you've made that decision to, begin, advertising with, our platform what, are some key things to keep in mind in terms of making sure it's actually successful, and driving your business goals. So. We'll start with the objective, a really, key thing to keep in mind when you're choosing your campaign, objective, is think about how your business is set up what are you actually trying, to drive once. You have a good understanding of, what that goal, is you, then need to best align it with the different campaign. Objectives you have available to you in ads manager so.

What We've got here on the screen is a bit of a is a bit, of a snapshot of the different objectives you, can set up when you're running advertising, campaigns, and I'm gonna run through a few different scenarios here just to help you understand, what, they can look like let's. Say from an awareness piece you, are a brand, new restaurant and you, really want to let people know that you're open, and ready for business you. Might set up a brand awareness campaign. To reach those in and around your. Bricks and mortar store location, let's. Say you are a small. And medium business marketing, company and you want to drive up warm leads that you can target later with some email marketing campaigns, you, may set up a lead gen campaign, to hit people that are more likely going to sign up as a lead for your business, lastly. You may be an ecommerce business, and, your sole aim is to drive people to your website to, actually purchase the products that you're trying to sell then, you might set up that conversion campaign, right so have a good understanding around. What, it is you're actually trying to drive as a business, and choose. A campaign, objectives that most closely aligns, with that. Next. You've got to think about okay I've chosen my campaign, objective, who, am I actually going to target and this, is a really good thing to think about when you're working out who your target market, is and we have a few different options available to you as small, and medium business owners in terms. Of, native. Targeting, options that's available to you within our platform you have a range of demographic interest. And location, targeting, so, demographics, are you going for a specific age group with your advertising that's aimed at a slightly older or slightly younger audience, you. Also have the option to choose specific, interests, what is my audience interested in how, can I closely, align my product, with those in such interest sorry, the. Best way to look at this is look. Into ads manager and, understand, how different ad sets can actually be set up so we've got another snapshot, of what, it looks like when you're actually in putting, this targeting, into ads manager the, beauty of these targeting, options is you can be as specific as possible if, you have a really good understanding of, who your audience is you, can plug that straight into, the ads set up and target. Those people directly, on Facebook you've, also got the option to browse things.

Like Different interest, groups to see if there's anything that exists, a segment, that exists, that most closely resembles who, your target audience is so. Highly, recommend you explore the different features that are available to you within ads manager in terms, of trying to find that right target audience. Now. We've got two more advanced, targeting, message methods. As well that. Go beyond, the standard demographic and, interest targeting options, we'll. Start with custom. Audiences who here has an. Email or phone number file, of some, of their customers. Great. You're, in a really good position to test, custom, audiences, for. Those of you that don't know what this is it's essentially, a way for you to upload an email file, of your, audience plug. It into Facebook where the data is hashed and then you can target those people directly, through Facebook, look-alike. Audiences, is a great way if you want to start to prospect, and find new customers people that haven't purchased your product before a look-alike, audience is the way in which it works is you will upload that custom, audience file and, a look-alike audience will then find, you another audience, that shares similar behaviors, and traits to. That original custom, audience file now, they may seem like slightly, more complex, targeting, options, if you want to learn more about them, there's a resource, at the end Forward slash business. Where you can start to learn how to actually use those, advanced targeting methods as well. Now. That we've understood the. Objective, we would like people to take the action would like people to take once they see our ads and generally, who that target audience looks like we, can start to look at the different ad formats that are available to us and remember this is the end result of what people are going to see within their newsfeed and we, have quite, a few I'm just going to touch on three key ones here, today, we'll. Start with the carousel, format, so the best way to describe a carousel, format, is it's. An amazing way for businesses, to showcase, a number of different products and services, in the, one post so. If you're a business that has three or four different services. You can actually set up the carousel, cards, to represent, each of those individual, services, let's. Say you have one service, for a number of different products there what you can do is upload, individual. Carousel, tiles to. Represent those, different, products and the, beauty of this is that what you can actually do is have a custom, URL underneath. Each of these cards, that direct. People to a specific, landing page on your website where they can learn more so. It's a really awesome tool, if you want to get a lot of messages across, in the one post to, give people an idea of, what's on offer for your business.

Next. We're going to talk about slideshow. And this is actually one of my favorite ad formats, so, a lot of businesses come to us and they say look we want to be creating, a lot more video we just don't have the resources to do so and the truth of it is if you have a number of different images in your library, you're in a great position to create some lightweight video already, how. Slideshow, works is you may, have five or six different products, that you want to create, a slideshow of you. Can actually upload them into the Facebook Ads manager and. It'll automatically, when selecting, the slideshow option will create a rolling slideshow, video that you can then serve to your customers, so a really good example of a business that's done this well is Stan's socks so they were using a lot of static imagery with their Facebook advertising, they, just wanted to take things up a notch and see how video would perform there and the, results were really out of this world they saw an amazing return on adspend and, actually, cost them half, as much to send people through to their website to learn more, so slideshow. Is an awesome, lightweight lightweight. Tactic. You can use to create, video in a quick and easy manner. Next. We've got video now look, it's no secret that video, is a huge part of what occurs on our platform, and it's a great way for businesses, to really take that next step and tell a bit more of a story with, their advertising, so. We're going to talk a little bit more about video in the next section but I wanted, to give you an example of a company that's seen huge success main, box is a US company that's our amazing, return on their spend when they compared, static images to, video and I'm not going to dive into this too much because we actually have a section to explain, to you just how you as a small business can set aside time and resource to create amazing high-quality video, content. So. Just. To recap look there's a few things to think about when you're taking that next step to actually. Set up a Facebook advertising campaign, and we'll do a bit of a recap start. With the objective, that most clonely closely, sorry aligns, with your business goals have. A think about who your target audience is, and how you're actually going to reach them across our platform, think. About the ad formats, you want to frame your message in and, then lastly have a think about messaging, measuring. Success sorry, so. In terms. Of measuring success I, want to dive into exactly, how you can look at your advertising. And actually, draw metrics. To to, have a good understanding of, how you're actually performing and a, really good app that you have available to you is ads manager another, one that's available in, the App Store or Google Play. What. Ads manager does, is it has it. Is an all-in-one location. Where you can dive in and see the performance, of your ads in any place in time so. What, will pop up is. Different. Graphs, of how your ads are performing the. Budgets, that you've set the results, that you're getting and, how, much budget you've got left in a campaign so you can see here this is just a snapshot of, the types of data and insights you're shown within ads manager so.

What I'd actually recommend doing, is dive in there have a play around once you've actually set up a campaign and start. To use ads manager to actually, fine-tune. Your campaigns, and build, upon them each and every time you start testing with the platform so again if you don't have ads manager as an app highly. Recommend you download it. Another. Great tool. You have available to you is audience. In size audience. Insights, is an amazing, way for you to get a good indication, of who's, on the Facebook platform as a whole what. A custom, audience looks like if you have that file ready to upload or the. Type of audience that's connected, to your page so. You, have access to all. Of the demographic, breakdowns, of who's, on Facebook in a specific location you. Can upload a custom audience to see what that breakdown, looks like and what they may be interested in or, you may plug in your page to say okay what does this actual, audience look like so another great tool for you to use when, you're trying to knuckle down and understand, which is the specific audience, you are trying to target. So. Again we've run through each of these four steps in terms of how to set up an advertising campaign and judging, by everyone in the room it sounds like we've tested a few different. Things, the, last key thing I'm going to touch on in the final piece of the Puzzle is creative. And what's, really important, to know is that everyone, in this room has the ability, of ability. Sorry to, put together really, high-quality creative. Content, and the, reason why we're going to focus on this is drilling down into what. We know we. Know that better creative, drives a better experience. For people and as in intern is going to drive better results, for you in your business now. This is something we get asked about quite a bit we have some advertisers that come to us and say look, we just really want to know how we can achieve cut through within the newsfeed how can we really stand out against our competitors and connect, with our audience and. One really key thing to keep in mind is that creative, plays into this right if you're creating, an amazing experience, for the user you're, in a better position to actually connect with them and resonate with them at a higher level and ultimately, that's going to drive better success, for you and your business now. You may be wondering great. Now how do we actually go about producing, those creative assets and this, is what that next section is going to touch on so. We're, going to take a bit of a journey as to how people used, to pull together creative, for their specific business pages, back. In the day you may have had to hire a specific, videographer, or photographer, to, come in and lock in a full day's shoot to get some high-quality content, that you could share across. All of your digital channels, then. Affordable. DSLRs. Came along and suddenly what used to be a very expensive piece of technology, was available to more so, you may have trained yourself up and taken understood. How to actually use these cameras, and take, high quality videos and images but then really. Not everyone, in this room owns a DSLR, camera the. Fact of the matter is anyone, in this room that has a smartphone, already. Has the ability to create high quality video, that they can share across, their Facebook page, not.

Only That but, after the smartphone, came the ability, to download, creative. Apps that are not only gonna allow you to create content. But, also create, it in quite an innovative. And unique way so we're gonna be talking about a few apps today that can really help you start to get those creative juices flowing, along, your creative. So. What, I'm gonna do is actually hand, things over to a lemur Fucci who is another small business owner based, in the States Aly is the perfect example of a business who started, with one really simple idea and, was able to take it to the next level does. Anyone here know the spiralizer, products, when I first heard about it it was very new to me essentially, what it is is, you, can have any standard, vegetable you plug it in to the spiralizer, and it makes very, very healthy spaghetti, it's an amazing product so. For, those of you that haven't checked it out highly recommend, it you might do some late night shopping and it might be an, unlikely purchase, but the fact of the matter is look Ali was able to create really high quality video. Content without, breaking the bank she didn't have access to a fancy advertising agency. She, didn't have enough money to pay someone to do a full day's shoot she, actually created, a really impactful, video for less than $20. In. Spiralized, so I only use a few simple tools when I'm taking photos and videos especially, when I'm posting them for ads or, something on social media I have. A foam, board that I actually bought. At a office, supply store I bought one at a grocery store and then I bought contact, paper online, and it, makes the illusion that it's marble which is a beautiful kitchen space, but really it's just costing a couple dollars and, then, I'll also use a, another. Foam board to bounce, light off so that it looks more vibrant and I always make sure to take all of my photos and videos near a window, because I get that natural light really beautiful, and then, I use a simple, tripod like this for, socially. For overhead shots or ones that I don't have a lot of space in my living room so I'll attach it it attaches really nicely I'll hang, it on a lamp. Or anything like that and then of course I use, my smartphone to do the video. What. I love most about Ali's, story is, she, took a really simple, idea and, just made, it happen really, all she needed to get that idea off the ground were, three things her, mobile phone and I think it's safe to say majority. Of people here in this room today would have a smartphone in their pockets some. Really cool apps that, really took that idea to the next but, what's most, important.

Was The idea, in itself and this is something I want to stress right we can arm you with the tools and resources you, need to, get that video off the ground but, in order to make that video really successful, the ideas are gonna come from you you, as small business owners and employees live. And breathe your business so, start to think about really innovative. And creative ways you can get ideas across and once you've got the idea getting. It off the ground is really the fun bit so. We're going to touch on two different ways you can actually turn those ideas into, really. Exciting, video content, there's two options you've got you can either remix. Your own assets or you, can shoot from scratch so. When I say remix, your own assets, it's taking, exactly, what you've already got, in your library of assets and starting. To put a really creative spin, on them now, we're going to run through a few different examples, and a few different apps just to get those creative juices flowing, and understand, how you as a business can start to remix your own assets, so. We're gonna start with this bowl let's. Be honest it's a very standard, bowl I'm not sure how many of us if we were scrolling our news feed after dinner would actually stop and click on it but. Using, the app called legend, and I'm gonna do a bit of a shout out any app I mention is gonna be in the resources at the end so don't stress you won't miss anything but. What you can actually do with the app called legend, is take a standard, image like this plug. It into the app on your mobile phone and, we, turn that bowl into. Something. A little, bit more exciting. I've. Gone too far. Into. A. Super. Bowl so. What you can actually do, ya see what I did there so, what you can actually I probably promised is my only cheesy joke of the night what, you can actually do is take a standard, image of your product you already have that may seem very very basic to you and you might be thinking how on earth am I going to turn this into something creative what. The app called legend does is it allows you to add some overlaid, text, to the standard image and you can spurt out around 15 to 20 different variations, of short form video that, you can then serve to your audience within an advertising campaign so. A really cool way to just take one standard image and turn it into something special. Another example I'm going to talk you through is pop-up plus so, pop-up plus is a really unique business. That, creates high, quality, innovative. Women's. Fashion, and. What they wanted to do was actually take, the static images they had available to them and take, things to the next level to actually make it pop and resonate with their audience so this.

Is The before shot raised similar to the bowl they had a picture of the model against, a white background and, what. They did is they took it through the same app and really just added, some really exciting, vibrant backgrounds. To it now, you might see this within your newsfeed and think gosh I don't have, amazing, fancy, photo. Editing software to create this myself, but the truth of the matter is you don't actually need it what you can do is use the app called legend, upload. The photo, of your product to it what you can actually do is cut, out around the edges and then layer it over some rights, approved backgrounds. To then make it pop that little bit more so, have a think about how you may do this for some of your products to really take your creative to that next level. So. There's some of the options you have in, terms of remixing. Your existing, assets now what I'm gonna run through is how, to shoot from scratch now, a lot of the feedback we get from small, and medium businesses is look we just don't know where to start in terms of creating our own content, hopefully you'll get some inspiration after. Seeing a few of these different options you've got available, baked. Is believe, or not it's a bakery that's based in New York City, and, they were really struggling to increase, footfall, in and around their bakery you know they had amazing products, they had amazing, food. That they were selling in their bakery but what, they were struggling with was just taking that next level and creating content that was going to draw people in so this. Is an image or a few different examples sorry, of the types of content that they were sharing and don't get me wrong it looks delicious, but, what they wanted to do is actually, have a think about okay we've got amazing products we've got amazing visuals how. Do we take it to that next level so. What they actually did, was use. An app called vid. Lab and what, they did was turn standard. Images, into, stop-motion. Videos to really create. Stopping, content, that was going to get people to actually kick through to their page and learn more about their business, how. Did they do this what, they did was they took their, iPhone, they took a stand, similar to Ali's and they, created a flat lay a rest and adventure, a had in their bakery and what. They literally did was, take photos, move, around the contents of the photo take another move, it around a little bit more and so on you get the idea so. It's an example of, how they took a really simple concept and really brought it to life with just their phone a stand, and the app itself. They. Even took it through the next level and started, to have a think about how they could create vertical, video so when I refer to vertical, video it's, anything, that's shot using a portrait, style, we. Always recommend if you, have the ability to do so shoot, your videos vertically. And the, best way to think about this is imagine you're taking out a full-page ad in the paper for, the price of a half it's a no-brainer right so, have a think about how you can create video that's going to take up large, real estate for that user as they're, scrolling through their newsfeed. Another. Example of what they did was they used a boomerang I know a lot of us probably use boomerang, for our personal Instagram stories, we're actually seeing a lot of businesses do it as well so. What baek's wanted to do was actually take, those images and, start to create some lightweight easy, to manage video, to cut, through to their audience so they use their phone they use the boomerang app and just really, easily created, some. Attention-grabbing. Videos, to highlight some of their latest range so really. It's not that hard it's quite a simple idea that's brought to life with a bit of innovation and creativity. Another. Example i want to run us through is pasaría, which is a restaurant, that's based over in italy and they had a similar situation to baked right they wanted to really take their static, images, and bring them to life their real selling, point is high-quality. Seafood. For a fraction of the cost so, what they wanted to do is start, experimenting, with new techniques. You can see here they've got their stand they've got their iPhone photo and they're, starting to get creative of how they can actually start to show some of their products a really. Cool thing they did was actually bring these images to life using. The layout so. The layout app allows, you to take standard, images, and just play, around with how they're laid out in a specific ad, so how they actually turned, what, really was just an image of their seafood product, and turn it into something special was. They shot the image on a phone and when you think about the subject matter really it's just a bucket of fish they. Then edited, it in layout and spin, the squares, around in a creative way and one thing they really kept, in mind was to keep the fish heads in there some people actually knew what they were looking at and all.

Of This was really done with was, with an. IPhone and app, and just an idea to do something new and, this. Is the end result right when you're thinking about okay, I'm a business, and my products might not be super, exciting, but I really want a way to have them jump out to the audience have. A think about how you can start to take images in a pretty exciting, a new way it looks like artwork to be honest this was all done using an iPhone and an app, but. Most importantly was the results for them on their opening weekend, they had a four hour queue all around, the block and they told us that a lot of this revenue was attributed, to their Facebook activity they ran leading, up onto the launch so. It's not just creating, amazing content for the sake of it actually, measure its success and. Remember, what I said about tying it back into your objectives, have a think about how this is actually going to help you as a business move. Forward. And. We've. Showed you the tools and resources all. Some of the tools and resources you have available to, you to really get those ideas off the ground but I want to recap again what's, really important, is making sure it's relevant to your audience now. What I mean by relevance, is you're sharing the right communication. Method what how does your audience want to be spoken to you're. Speaking, to the right audience to begin with is this my target market are they actually going to resonate with my content and slicey, serve it at the right time that's it just doesn't mean time of day but it could be seasonal, as well all these things. Are. Items to keep in mind in terms of making your content relevant, to that end user. This. Is a list of the top ten creative, apps some of them I spoke about so, you have an idea of the different, apps you have available to you to really get started on that creative journey now, as I mentioned this is just the top ten there are loads more out there what, I recommend doing is, download. A few have, a play around when you're next in the office and start. To think about different ways that you can really take that next step in terms of producing high quality video, content. Now. We've covered, a lot here today so we've spoken about different. Tools and resources you have available to, you as a small and medium business owner and employee we've. Spoken about different. Ways that you can plan for the platform and different advertising, methods you can think, about and then. Lastly we've spoken to you about how, to create content, that really pops and takes that next step right and. Appreciate it's probably a lot of information for you so I'm just going to run through a few resources you have available to, you to. Refer, back to if this is a lot of information in the one go, so. Starting, with Forward slash business, this. Is an amazing, resource and, it's effectively, an all-in-one stop, where you can go and learn, more about all the exciting features I've spoken about today you. Can start. To create ads you can see how they work but more importantly, we also do have support, options, if you run into holders along the way one. Really key thing is as Joe mentioned we have a massive community of small and medium businesses, who are similar, in a similar space in their journey to really, sink success in the platform if you have a question, that's relevant to your business chances. Ask someone else has asked it so really leverage this as a resource to help you along the way. Next. We've got Facebook blueprint. Facebook, blueprint, is an amazing, resource as it essentially. Is your one-stop, shop to learn all the different theories, and formats, and tools we have available to us to, really promote businesses, through Facebook so. This is an online learning, module, with over 50, courses and it's entirely free so if you're not certain, about certain. Things have spoken about today or you want to go that next step further and learn some, I'd, highly, recommend you, go to facebook-dot-com. Forward-slash blueprint. Book, market I have a bookmark on my own Chrome bar as well and have, a think about how you can, upscale.

In The certain areas that you don't feel necessarily, comfortable in and if you have anyone in your business that really is interested, and wants to learn more direct. Them to this resource, and have them understand, you know what is that next step they can take. Creative. Hub is a really awesome feature. Whereby, you can test all these new and exciting, formats you've starting, to learn about you. May have created a new video but you're just not ready to promote it you want to see what it'll look like with. Creative, have what you can do is upload, that that. Video send. That mock-up to your mobile phone so you can actually see, what it's going to look like as if you were that user you, can also use it for inspiration, as we have a whole number of other success, stories on there just, to get that inspiration and get those creative juices flowing, and. We've. Got mobile studio, so the section that I covered off last how can you actually create, high, quality efficient. Video without breaking the bank so, go to Slash, business /e. Forward. Slash mobile underscore studio to, have us think about how you can really start that process of starting to create some, amazing video, content. And. Guys that's it for me, I know again, there's a lot of information that's been passed over to you but. Look what I wanted to say is thank. You all so much for joining me I know it is a school night but, we really appreciate you coming down and learning everything there is to know and we really wish you all the best in your journey on Facebook, thank you. Thank. You so much tan sir who's feeling. Overwhelmed. Who's. Feeling like wow, the. Good news is we're now going to help. You see some of this content through the eyes of businesses that are doing it so I think that's a good thing but before we do that turn so what would be your, top, tips. If you take nothing away from tonight what would be your three things that you really want everyone to hear so, 45 minutes into three sentences, great so, three. Things I think to keep, in mind is look dive. Back into your business goals what are you actually trying to achieve as a business, and choose, a strategy, in a campaign that most closely aligns with that, second. I would think about really understanding, who your target audience, is how do they want to be spoken to and create. A content, strategy that, makes sense for them last. But not least just have a crack try, to test and learn with the different things you've learned today the, best thing you can do is start to test and learn what really works for you and your business without taking, that next step you're really not going we're not going to want to know so really, have a think about how you can start to do fun innovative, creative new things and just the first step is actually having, a go if, you're scared. Who's. Scared anyone. What. Do you start with first like if you haven't begun any, of this and I know from, those of you that filled out our pre-event survey that 50% of you are still not sure how. To launch into, promoting your own business through Facebook so. If you're, one of those 50% of the people what's one of the first brave things you can do yeah really really good question and the. Way in which I always speak. To people about this who feel they need to go away and spend hours and hours and hours doing all of this is think about quality over quantity right, you're, not expected to go away, and spend, all this time and resource because we know that is is quite precious for you have, a bit of a plan understand. Okay who is my target audience how. Am I going to reach them what does that creative gonna look like, don't, feel too threatened. Or scared to plan a bit of a strategy before, you then take that next step and start promoting for the platform because what we see is a lot of businesses go away and feel they, need to post a million times a day and just be really involved with the platform all you really need to do is have a bit of a plan, stick with that plan and you'll start to see some success when it all comes to light so one, of the most popular, questions of people from the room tonight that I gained thank. You for filling out your pre-event survey is how. Often, do I post, like, do I do it if I get excited do I do it like three times four times a day like how often is enough yeah, and we get asked this all the time for small and medium businesses right and the answer, is really, tied back into a quality, over quantity every single, business is different we don't have specific benchmarks, or guidelines of how frequently, or how. Subtly. You should be posting I understand. What works for you as a business and think about quality over quantity that's something I can't stress enough if you, really have something amazing to say then say it if you don't don't feel that pressure to think about how, you can actually frame your your messages, and think, about how you can plan delivering, that to your audience or a specific, point in time now.

I've Got one little question before, we introduce, our case study businesses. Do. Mine likes matter. Personally. No no no for my business do likes matter and how much do I take, do. I make do I think that's important, to my business how much do those likes matter and how much do people following me matter, another. Really really good question um this, is something we get asked about a lot and, what. You really need to think about is going. Back to my previous point around sitting. Down and understanding, as a business, what are you trying to drive, what are your overarching, goals, once. You have a good understanding of, that and I think it's safe to say everyone would have a good understanding, choose. A facebook, strategy and a campaign objective, that most closely aligns, with those business. Objectives. Some. Of our objectives. And features work really really well for some businesses and they love using that as a measure of success what. I would recommend is, choose a measure of success that. Makes sense for you and the best place to understand, what, those different measures look like jump. Into insights, have a play around with what's available to you jump, into your ads managers see what's available there and just have a think about okay what metrics are really most closely, aligned with what I'm trying to drive as a business. Fantastic. Thank you so, much and one other thing I. A word you used in the presentation, which some people may go what did that mean, EDM EDM. Yeah. Essentially. An EDM is a email, marketing so it's a way for you to reach your audience at scale so if you're sending out weekly newsletters, if you've, got an email database, where you update with them events that's essentially, what we're referring to right so when. I referred to it in terms of the call to action or the campaign objectives, if, you want to drive leads for your business you, can actually use some of those ways to really build up that database and have more people to speak to across other channels as well thank.

You So if you can join me on stage now, oh now. Introduce. Some of our key businesses so it's really really exciting, to have two, wonderful, businesses here tonight to share their story, so, we'll kick off with Daniel Bowen she's actually been in business for. Less than two years. She's. Going to talk about how her business, has become a major business in. What she does so here in the room loves yoga. So. Too does Danielle, and she, realized, that her life in the corporate world was not the world that she wanted she decided to link her passion of yoga, and her, passion, of color. And you can tell a little bit more about that dona when you come on up and link, make those two together and out came a brand new business focusing. On yoga, mats so. Coming up and we'll, learn a lot more about daniel's business in a moment, say thank you for joining us and our second, case study is min. Chai now, he is officially, called the top banana in, his business he's going to explain why he's given himself that job title, he's, from into extreme, gelato, and he if, you haven't tried one of his gelato as I urge you to do so because they're very exciting, but, he'll also share with you how his, business which is now nearly six years old has, actually been able to become a really substantial business, right here in the heart of the city through, engaging, with an audience online so again come, on up and we'll, learn more from min as we go through so, what we're going to do now is we're just going to learn a little bit more about their businesses, and then we're then going to ask those, of you in the in the room if you'd like to ask some key questions so, if I get head over first to you men can you tell us a little bit more about your business so. Before. Before enter, I will send in someone see accountant, so, for those who know. Like I basically. Bankrupt people and liquidate, companies, so. Needless. To say it's a very depressing job so. It's also the same time where actually, my mom got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, so, I, have to nurse her until she passed away British. Or span of time three months so, it was that time that got me thinking like you know life is short you need to do something you're passionate about. So, it, was then actually I was scrolling through my facebook page going like where, are my happy places and, where have I checked in the most and, they're, all like gelato. And, ice cream, and I thought you know what I'm. Gonna go into jolla business so, they. Just just anyone. In your family, know. Anything about ice cream and gelato not, at all anyone, you know know anything, so. Just it's. Funny because like, I, was. Going to my friends and family say. Ice. Cream shop and. They, looked at me and just got so, you have never worked in an ice cream shop no you, have never made ice cream in your life no and you. Are about to open an ice cream shop say yes and what, do you do for a living oh you. Are the person, that when someone needs to go, bankrupt, yeah. Good. Background, knowledge yeah, yeah so so, again. It's all passion, that that drove me and and yeah. In 2012. Open. Shop in winter actually of all time you decide yeah which is a good time to open shop so why. Not yep so it was good and and initially, when I started I was thinking, you know it's just an ice cream shop you know guys I'm, gonna have one I'm gonna retire in one and it. Just you, know when a bit bigger than what I what, I was suspecting, yeah so, for those of us who don't know what. Is, different, about what you do um, so, the difference is liquid. Nitrogen so we, use we make gelato in liquid nitrogen and it. Has been done before but. Only in high-end restaurants, and are not fully. Like, a gelato shop so, you, know being a counter. I ran some numbers and, just go like actually you, know this might well because it's actually the most expensive way, to make icecream you know you buy a machine you can make it for the rest 10 10 years of the machine but with, liquid nitrogen once you use it it's gone so these, are numbers sort, of work then you know the rest is actually history, Wow.

So, You knew numbers you. Knew nothing about, ice cream you're embarking on an incredibly, expensive, product. What. Was important, when. You started. Like. It. Was it. Was. Really. Passion, I think passion really drove it and funny funny, because like me being exocomp. In my, chef is actually X chemical, engineer my business partner is actually X law from. It from me why I think yeah so you. Know we became like a refugee kind, of. So. Yeah. I think it's all that passion and and this way we did a lot of trial and error, learning. From mistakes yeah. Fantastic well we're gonna learn a little bit more about how you've chosen your, path and how your success of your business in a moment Daniel, can you tell us a little bit about your business mmm. Yes, so. I used to be a television presenter. After. A while I realized, a, few things happen in life and I realized that was no longer what I wanted to do but, during the transition of making, my decision what, was I gonna do after I did a lot of yoga to cope the more I did yoga the more I connected with my heart the more I realized I was a little bit out of alignment, it. Took me a little bit to figure out to what to do so I experimented, with life I did, ballet, classes art classes, you name it but I still kept coming back to year ago and then one day I was sitting on the balcony and I just had, my watercolors out and then I was like why not make, beautiful. Yoga, mats everyone, had stunning, yoga pants but why not make yoga mats then more people will do yoga more, people connect with their hearts and then more people will maybe follow, their dreams that's the hope anyway and, so that was the idea behind it we launched, at one - last festival which, is a really big yoga, festival in Sydney and we sold, out within an hour so, after, that so how. Many yoga, mats did you take to that of it I think we took like 50, well, yeah and then we taking pre-orders okay, everyone just sign up by online we're like we don't even have any more mugs but. We. Haven't figured out how to make more but we'll do it anyway yeah so that was pretty much yeah, at the start fantastic. And did, you find that, what. Was with some of the most important things for you in that first, phase of startup. Awareness. Yeah. New business no one knows who you are and. So because we are an online business it was really really important that we pretty. Much had a massive presence online. Through Facebook through Instagram, because essentially. You have global, reach with Facebook so if you have an online business all, of a sudden you're not just relying on the people who walk down the street who see you you're then being able to reach out with anyone, right around the world so we, knew that and we knew that it was our representation. Of who our brand was it was a great way for us to tell our story and so we just honed in on it right away, fantastic. Dancer. Can I get you to jump, on in and can you share with us what from, from, a tool, application, and from how people are using Facebook and certainly businesses, what, are some of the features that into. Were using really well in men's team yeah definitely I've spent a lot of time looking at amazing gelato, images. Which. Is very dangerous look. What I love about men, in his business is just their ability to have that really, authentic, conversation, with their customers, right a lot of businesses are quite afraid to really open. Open themselves up to, posting. And interacting, with their audience but, what I really love about into. Is just the way that they really, own that conversation. Whether it's customer service whether. It's dealing with someone. Who's a huge, advocate or someone that may be disgruntled look they're just they, don't shy away from really owning that conversation. And making sure that they, really bring themselves out there and representing. Who they are as a business so I think Messenger is huge for these guys but also just the way in which they manage that community fantastic. And men from your own experience, how important is social media been to your business oh it's the most important, I think who. End to is be on social media so, when we started 2012. It's mainly Facebook. And Instagram and, that's how we've been sort. Of sort. Of driving like. Sales, and whatnot because we. Have a very small manual into we can only make like six flavors in flavors at a time so to, keep it fresh we have to change our flavors every week or two so, to do that we need to keep our customers, informed so, we, use social media we use social media to do that we just got our hey guys we've got a new flavor hey guys, valen

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