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Small Business Development Expert | Art May Interview

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All. Right true, here with drew T Jackson coaching speaking and training podcast. And if. You're looking at me then you are on my youtube channel and, I'm. So happy to have someone. Here that I consider a friend, a, man by the name of art may not art let me say this about him real quick art is is, an, engineer, by training, a. Leader. By nature, and a business owner by, choice I came up with that all by myself are you know that it's. Awesome I love that but. You you are the kind of guy that that when when you start talking people start listening and it's. Something that you carry it's it's it's. Really that experience. That you embody and. You're. Not in a rush you're not you. Know what you had to say carries, weight and, I noticed, that from the first time that I met you a couple years ago and so. Art would you just go ahead say hi to to, the listeners and viewers good. Morning good afternoon actually, everybody and I am so, honored when, drew, asked me to join, you on his podcast and, drew. Thank you it's been an. Honor and a, privilege to know you see. Your growth not only as a, pastor, but, as. A entrepreneur. And. Building. Your own business and so, thank you for having me this afternoon, absolutely. Absolutely my, pleasure well, I do want, to read for. Everybody your bio so they can get a little idea and then I'll ask you some questions about it. Art. Is the, president, of harvest, business. And leadership development he's. A professional business, coaching, and training, company. He's. An executive director, and certified coach with the John Maxwell, team and he's, also trained. In the area of neuroscience, and. Human, dynamics, and we're gonna get to that in a, minute and he's certified through market force. Which. Is a business, execution, training company now. As a building, and design industry, leader with over 30 years of experience in developing, and leading multi-million. Dollar companies, in 20. Plus years developing, and leading, ministries, art is uniquely, qualified to lead individuals, companies in juice from breakdowns to breakthroughs, by developing, a leadership foundation, for sustainable, personal. And professional growth, helping. His clients to achieve their vision goals, and dreams for the future as. A world-class organization I, think that is that's, awesome. And and I hope the listeners that you understand, like I'm bringing, you the cream of the crop right here these are fantastic. People, that are. Really. Doing it in in, the business community and so art I promise, everybody I would ask you a question, about the. The neuroscience. And human dynamics, so please absolutely tell, us about that give, us an understanding it. Piqued. My interest go, tell us about that sure from. A neuroscience, standpoint it, was something that much. Like you've piqued my interests, several years ago as, a senior. Partner of a development, company I was looking for somebody to, come and speak at our annual, meeting and I was, introduced to this gentleman by the name of Tony Cooper. From market force and, he. Came and spoke and, the. Topic. Of human. Dynamics. Just. Resonated, with our staff, and Tony. Then asked me it was something that I had loved and I you know I had been coaching you know as I've been building companies, throughout. My career and as an architect and developer, but. This. This area human dynamics, is very interesting, it's, too many companies out there and too many individuals as leaders, of companies. Fail. To, develop their, human dynamic skills and what I mean by that is as we. Look, to, hire. New people into, our companies, and as.

We Try to grow, our staff, in our companies, we, sort of focus on two key areas and that's business, skills mm-hmm. We, learn from school, or. Training, it in collagen, and in, other areas and then, we. Also focus, on our technical, skills those, are might be skill. Sets that you've developed by going to conferences, or classes, specific, to your current, position that. You might have mm-hmm, but we forget to, talk about the human dynamics skills. Okay and it's very interesting we hire and, we fire. Excuse. Me we hire based, on technical, and business skills but, we fire on human dynamic skills but, nobody develops their human dynamic skill and, the whole idea behind human, dynamic skills is how, do we relate to one another how, can we better communicate. How. Do we find ourselves we're. Sort of wired and, naturally. From. A survival instincts, you, know there's three layers of the brain you know you have the neocortex which is the, reasoning, part that separates, the human from, every, other animal life on the planet and. Then then. You have the limbic system which is is the, emotional, part of our brain okay and that has a lot to do with other mammals that have, the limbic system but. Then there's this very small part, of our brain called the amygdala, that is. About the size of a walnut and. Every. Animal in every, reptile. Including. Humans have this amygdala. Hmm, only. The. Only. Reason. We have that or the only use, of that is from. A survival standpoint and. It's very interesting when in the animal kingdom, you, know when. Their lives are threatened, it's. A survival instinct flight or what you've, heard of all about that well, when. We're. Under pressure when. We're under stress and, it could be in in in our workplace, or just, in our our. You. Know our normal, life. We. Tend to resort, to, that, amygdala, all, our other brain functions that in the neocortex, shuts, down, and. We we go straight into it but what's interesting where. The animal, kingdom, that deals with this nyada's, amygdala, and the survival. Strategy is really, life and death situation, that we face but in, businesses, it's. Not life and death but. It's, either actual. What we see in the animal kingdom or it's really perceived, and that's what we see in our businesses, it's, all around our, identity. And what's. At risk is my identity and so we. Re. Very. Similar, to the animal kingdom when we're under pressure Wow. Yeah and so that's, that's, part of it and it's it's getting a grip on what that trigger what triggers me more. Importantly, what triggers other people, that you're working with how. Do you develop your teams and what we do is we come in and work with teams and executives.

Helping. Them understand, and we identify, key, Styles that will be miles from. A human dynamics standpoint and we. Help them understand, that understand, how. Others. Are reacting. And, we have everybody's. Heard of the Golden Rule treat, others how you, want to be treated well, if I did that I'm gonna be wrong 75%, of the time not, everybody wants to be treated like I want to be treated that's, good we each, is the, Platinum rule yeah, reading others how they want, to be treated that's, great we, help organizations. Identify. Styles. Be. Able to identify. Styles, of others, when. Meeting it, has a huge impact on how, reducing. Friction in our workplace, or in our organizations. Creating. Greater productivity, and efficiencies. Just. By this this. One to this concept of, understanding. Or survival, instinct, Wow, so it's it's a great way it's a gear. We. Work with a lot of small. Companies one you know with, small. Entrepreneurs. And then we as market, force work with larger, companies we've worked with Alaska, Airlines and, CBRE, Wow, eller Williams, Starbucks. And, so. A lot of these large, companies are. Seeing the benefits of human. Skills. To make a difference in their in their companies, well. And, I mean who what would small, business owner operator large business owner doesn't want greater, productivity efficiency, look. Like you were saying and then, I was reading something the other day that said. If. If, you. Talking. About turnover, and if you fire a $10, an hour employee that costs you $12,000. In. The in the firing, and the the, retention process you know letting someone go hiring, someone new and. Most. People are getting paid more than $10 an hour so you can multiply, that number for any business out there if. You, fire based on these, human, dynamics, like you're talking about this. Should be a no-brainer. Not. To make a pun with the neuroscience, stuff but a, no-brainer. On on if, you should go ahead and investigate, this stuff and find, out more about how.

How. Art can help you messed up that's great art thank, you thank you for schooling us giving us a science lesson and everything right. Here on this this small business, podcast. That's fantastic, yes it's it's an amazing it's. An amazing science and you. Know as people, develop their companies and want to grow their companies and as as you're saying yeah it costs so much when we lose this a staff member and. Thinking. Back on Jim's, Collins, books did, great he. Talks about having you. Know the bus and the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus more. Importantly, the right people in the right seats on the bus yes, that's sort of what we do and helping people understand their styles and dealing. With this area of you know dynamics is you, hire as you bring on we talk you know a lot of leaders want to just jump out there and set. The vision for their company and let's go yeah, and they. Forget about, looking. From him dynamic, standpoint and looking, at who's, on the bus do, I have the right people and. You really need to start focusing on who, do I have on my, bus before I just set the vision for, the direction of the bus wow. That's. Great that's great well. Okay, so obviously, you've, had a full career, obviously, you didn't get to where you're at today where you have this breadth of experience, and you, can come into an organization you, can, intuitively. Read some things you have these skill sets that you've you, have gained over the years you have trainings, that you can do but. You didn't you. Didn't start here, where you're at how did you share with this kind of that journey that that journey. Of being. The art you are today. As a business person sure. You. Know it's, been a different. Journey and I think, I've been fortunate enough to have experience. In a lot, of different areas. Initially. Really. Feeling call. Into. Ministry I'm thinking ministry, was going to be the area. That I really, wanted to set foot and then at, the time I, was, a senior in high school really feeling called into ministry and at, the time I go no you know I really, want to be a fireman and I want to get into the fire department, and so. I went that route went through the Academy and got on and unfortunately. Had a. Small. Birth defect in my back that. Didn't. Allow me to be. Able to pursue that career and my, dad was an architect, and, during. That time when I was working in the fire department goes you, know what are you doing you're only working twelve days I'm up and. But. So. I went back to school for architecture unfortunately. That. Panned out when everything. Sort of went south with the fire department I was working with Disney at the time you, know where, Disneyland and they. Actually interviewed me, for a junior. Designer position that's, how I started my career in design. As. A designer for the Disney organization. Which was a great, great, long time experience, right, and. Then, so. I continued. To grow my field. Of architecture and. And. Then also doing ministry as, well I. Was, a lay. Pastor at. Saddleback Church and in Southern California overseeing. Small group ministries, and new believer ministries, and and, really. Feeling led there and, but. At the same time I loved, the leadership, component. Utilizing. A lot of you. Know John, Maxwell stuff even, in their early days when he was writing, books and still pastor, at Skyline Church. In San Diego, and. So. I was always using that always developing. I loved developing, people that, that sort of has. Been a gift, and has. Been. That. I think truly God's led me to how. Do I develop and be, able to develop people's, skill sets and. Just. Help them to be able to grow and find their passion, there why yeah, why, they've been put on this earth and so, 30. Year career in in. Architecture. And development, building. Several different companies as. A senior level. Management person, partner, in, firms, and. Again, just filling. I love. Leading. I love. Growing people yeah along, along, the way a. Lot of people said this is your ministry, is, your workplace and and, what you do with the written you know your your staff and yeah means, and it, was awesome it was great and. I. Spent. 23. Years in development. The. Last 23 years in development and. At. Certain points to again feeling God calling me server banging on that door.

About. Ministry, yeah and being selfish in a lot of ways I'll be on totally, honest and transparent I was selfish I had a great job great paying job you. Know had, the, great house and office, and everything else and and. It. Was about three years ago that. A. Friend. Approached me and solve, some of the things I was doing from a leadership development standpoint, he said why aren't you doing this full-time. Sort. Of got, me thinking a little bit and just just. Really you, know prayed. About it a lot and yeah and. With my wife and. Decided. To to. Take the leap and check, out some some. Opportunities, in coaching. And went. Back to London and met with sure laws large, international, coaching. Company wow I didn't know that had, an opportunity to you. Know initially. To. Look at working them and just didn't feel the right that, was the right position, for me and if John. John. Maxwell team kept on coming back so I thought okay oh. I'll. Go through their certification, and see if that's really where I belong, and yeah, and that's when we met not yet and I. Came. Away, you. Know two years ago now from. That conference, feeling. Like this is exactly where I need to be yeah. Utilizing. My talent. Experience. And. Gifts, to impact, people's. Lives in, the business and ministry, yeah, standpoint. And. I was ready to jump. In and got. Back from from, GMT. And at, the International Maxwell conference and shared, with my wife going okay, you. Know I've never been more assured. That. This is really the direction that. I need ahead. Unfortunately. Four days later I found myself in the hospital. And. Thinking. I was having a kidney stones never had one of those so. Only. To find out that they, found a mass on my kidney and being. Told. That. I had, cancer, and, probably. Half. A percent chance of walking out of the hospital with my kidney and walking down the hospital cancer-free. So. Seven months and six, surgeries, later. Truly. By God's grace I'm, cancer-free, I'm just my, kids son just. In a different location. But. After. That we, really. Laurie. And I came together and just said it's. Time and. Really. Feeling an opportunity, in a, leading, and, doors. Started opening up. So. I decided to retire. Early. From. The, company I had been with for 22. 23 years and. Decided. To do this venture of coaching. Speaking, in training. Wow over. The course of you, know many years I've you. Know I've done my JMT, as you mentioned and also, market. Forces mm-hmm. Program. And, home neural chemistry neuroscience, it's been something that's just excites, me yeah, see. The practicality, and the, difference, it's made in in my companies, that, I've worked with and be able to utilize it and. So. Having an opportunity to do that so it's I'm. Excited, you know we yeah really. Started, the company really. January, but really got a kicked off, retired. In August and. Staying. In somewhat of the lines of, architecture. Engineering design. But. Also bleeding. Over into other. Areas as, well, finance. Mortgage and then. This fall small, business, entrepreneur, yeah. And in, mentoring, them. Through their, business growth and development standpoint that's. Great that since. You mentioned it I do I did want to ask you a question about that so you had this. Life. Altering, you this this mass. On your kidney and you've. Got this health, I. Don't. Just want to call it a scare but emergency I mean this this crisis. How, did that you said it was subsequent, to that that you and your wife came, together and said we need to go for this, how.

Did That, event. Play. Into, your, decision, did. It in any way I'm curious, no. It. Definitely did you know as, I sat there in. The hospital. Going. Okay why. Me you know yeah, what caused this. And. Why, am I going through this here here's I, was. Ready to jump in God, and. I. Think. It was a time to. Help me. Have. Greater reflection. On. My career, greater. Reflection, on, how. God really would want to use me yeah, a lot of times before we move forward we. Got a look back reflections. A great. It's. A necessary time I think in our own personal. Growth that. We need to take time to reflect back it, allowed me to do that and it allowed me to really during, this whole time you. Know never you. Know having to trust God completely, through this process yeah, only. To walk out like I said with it you know still with my kidney and cancer-free the, doctors were baffled they're going this doesn't happen you, have less than half a percent chance, of that ever happening, and you don't see it, but. It just it allowed us to really, look at that and really you know, what's important, yeah, in, our, family what's what's, important for our family what's important for me, and. How can I be used in. A greater way. And. Use, my talents and skills rather than designing, a bunch of new buildings and apartments, and homes how. Can I use that skill set and, you have people's, lives bring, you to them. That's. Great that is that is so good because I think. Anybody, out there that's a small business owner operator. Maybe. You've gone through a challenging time or you're in a challenging, time and, you. Hear what art is saying and take the lesson that art took out of that is is. Take. Time to reflect and. Determine. What really, matters. And I think if you're a small business owner you. Do want to use, your full potential I think all of us should desire that to use, our full potential and use it to. The, best of our abilities, and shatter. Any lids, that or perceived lids that we have on our own life and and. Thank. You for sharing that because. Taking. Advantage, of the. Opportunities. You, know that, life. Hands us sometimes, in the challenges, that come our way and saying. How can I grow through, this how can I learn and take, a lesson a life lesson out of this. That's. Just that's fantastic, and that is so good thank you for sharing that heart what a poem from. Well. Let me let me ask you this. What. He's been would. You say it has been your greatest challenge. As a. Small. Business owner and operator I. Think. For me and just. For. Me and I think as I've been coaching other business leaders. And small businesses. For. Me it was all around the sales aspect, what. Are people gonna think you. Know not feeling. Questioning. My. Skill set or questioning. My capability. To. Really do this, and. You. Know I've had some people really. Speak into my life. That. Know me very well. That. Have seen me both professionally and personally and. Having. That to. Speak into me and go. You. Are designed, to do this and I think business. Leaders. It. Can be a lonely. Journey and you. Know you're sort of solo at the helm of your, ship you. Really, need to bring others. Around you you know developing your business developing. The direction you want to go it's, bringing those people around you, that can support, you that could aid you, moving. Forward. That, you can collaborate with, you. Know I've had my own architectural. Practice design practice, for a period. Of time early in my career and, sort. Of one. Person, and I missed, the, collaboration, that I would have with other designers another is just talking about things and so, you know we formed, a group of a bunch of solo, entrepreneurs, but.

Having That you, know for me it's it's it's the ability to have that confidence and be able to go out and sell, and ya know that, I can bring value to. People's. Lives and businesses yeah I think for most, leaders most business, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Recognizing. That value that you bring yeah. And. In, surround yourself with with, great people to to help you in that journey that's. Those are two huge things community. And then, sales I would I actually was. Talking to a. Gentleman, last, week and. He. Said the same thing he said sales is an, area that gets. Overlooked. And I think it might be like the the reluctance, thing it's just like I, don't want to be perceived as this. This, you. Know, salesperson. Salesy, person, or slimy. Person, when, in reality I. Was. Told recently that the the root word for. To. Sell is to serve and for. Me that revolutionized. My whole thinking, on it which, is, hey, how can I best serve this. Client and if I can't serve them being honest with them and saying you know what that's not really an area of expertise, for me but, I can tell you about a friend of mine that they, they would do a wonderful job for you and, serving. Them and if that's my heart and that's my intention then then I should have no problem, sending, the invoice and saying look I'm confident, that I can, serve you and serve, you well and help, you you know achieve. Whatever it is that you're looking to achieve and, move move the ball down to court so that's. Great yeah. One of the biggest. Pieces. Of wisdom. That I got, was when yes, please share yeah, when you when you are selling you know you're exactly right yeah I don't want to be perceived as that used-car. Salesman, or you know always trying to you know pound, the pavement and pound you know the. Potential client, here's. What I can do for you people. Don't want to hear, so. Much what, your skill sets up and. In, that you know what you can do for them the. Key there is when you're meeting with people give them an experience. Mm-hmm, you, know be able to you know understand, listen to them the key is all. Around that is be, able to really be a key listener, ya mean what are some of the cues of the language they're, using and, and. Be, able to reiterate. That back to them but, giving. Them an experience of what you do yeah, not not an education, of what you do mm-hmm. Variance, of what you do and, you'll have greater success people, you, know like. We were talking earlier about the. Twenty one laws that you're doing yeah, you, know with John's videos, people that's, an experience John yet and people. Go. I need, that I want, that and I want to have that in my you know part of my life in my business first. Is trying to sell them on who you are in, the education that you bring I have clients that I give an experience and they're on board then that's like early. On I'm going well let me tell you about myself and, why I can, do this for you they're not interested they're all about the experiencing, good on I have, total confidence from that standpoint it's. So cool, don't. Yeah don't, give them education give, them an experience given, that is fantastic. Someone. Who needs to hear that besides, me I need, to hear that that was great but there's someone listen to this.

Well. Tell, me this how. Has personal, development, and. Continued, learning I mean you shared so many things with this but, how do you do, you think that how. Has personal development, been, a. Part. Of your journey as a business person and, how, have you implemented, that in your own life you know. Personal development, for any business executive. For any. Entrepreneur. As a leader, you, should always you, need to be grown if you're not growing you're gonna be stagnant and. From the personal, development is, is, key, to. To, me be able to better, serve, as you mentioned earlier I serve. My clients yeah, and, so you know personal development is a part, of my. Daily. Routine ya, know if it's if it's diving into a book. Or material, if it's. Going. Through and creating, some new, curriculum, that's gonna stretch me a little, bit from, maybe teaching. It yeah. It's. It's. Surrounding. Myself as I mentioned earlier surrounding, yourself with a. Bunch, of people John has a great expression you. Know if you're the smartest one in the room you shouldn't be in the room you know yeah you. Should surround yourself, with people. That are smarter faster or bigger, and. Everything than you are so, that you can be learning yeah, and I try to do that you know I have. Hired a personal coach, even, though I'm coaching I have, a personal coach that. It. Asks, the tough questions and really. Helps. Me to have a time of reflection. Keeps. Me accountable. We. Strategize, you know we work together on things but that's. That's been a huge component of keeping me growing. So. That I could be a better. Version of myself, yeah. That's. Great. Accountability. That is so key as well what you mentioned there having someone, we all need that we all need someone in her life and so the, small business owner operator, out there accountability. Is key I was just listening to a lady yesterday, share. How she said, if I could just have someone in my life that. That. Kept me accountable for what I already know I need to be doing and. I thought a great comment, right I said, I'm here. I. Can, do that and so, that's. That's, funny. Well hey art tell us something that you're working on right now what are you what are you excited about what are you working right now you. Know I'm excited there's some I'm, finding. Myself not. Only working with business leaders but. With. Something in, ministry. Working. With a couple different pastors and one, in, particular that is launching, a new church and, I'm sort of acting. He's. Brought me on as his coach but I'm sort of acting as his executive pastor, he's, awesome, in the front end of. Setting. The vision and sharing. The message but. He's. Definitely not one to set up the structure and. Implement. Everything so I'm been working on that with him and, looking. Forward to seeing that church launched, with him and having, a successful ministry. There's. Some new programs this, whole area. Of neural chemistry. Neuroscience. Looking. At the material, that we do teach to, businesses, but, sort. Of reshaping, it reformatting that. Opportunities. To have, to, work with Church and. Impaired. Church organizations. You. Know I've, been working, I've worked with different organizations. Church organizations, utilizing, it yeah it's great material and even and you. Know from, a ministry standpoint that works really well but just, sort of reshaping that. There's. A huge goal in my life and it's. Right now a three-year. Goal and that's to, write a book you know. So. That's, that's, on my hit list starting, you know this year just to start pulling things together and and looking, at how. I could be in a position in three years to be able to publish my first book, fantastic. Well we will definitely have. You on we'll have to have you on before then but what we have to have you on an interview, again when the book launches and so. I got. To get a. Commitment. From you today so when the book launches I want to interview you am I on the list okay okay okay your, first good all right I'll take it well. Hey how can people connect with you because I know after seeing this they're going to want to find out more about all. That you do how could people connect with you and find out about your services sure, you, know there's a couple different ways our, website, which, is harvest. BLD. Com. On that, is some of our services talks about, coaching.

One-on-one Coaching, training, also, talked, about speaking I do a lot of speaking engagements. For. In meetings, and conferences. In. In, a couple. Different areas of leadership of. Neuroscience. And neural chemistry, so. They can go to our website, Facebook. Look. Up you know just it's under my name art, may LinkedIn. Same. Thing be, able to look at myself, and has. All our information so, or. Call me direct at nine. One six eight seven eight nine eight one nine I would love to have the opportunity to be able to talk further with some. Of your viewers. And be. Able to have an opportunity to share more, with them and, be. Able to help them move, forward in in their journey as a business. Entrepreneur. Absolutely. And we will for. All the listeners and the. Viewers we will have all of those links in the. Show notes below, so you can find all those there and click. On them and find, art, right there hey. You got time for a couple of rapid-fire. Boys, your router's yes, okay, right so I switched. Him up so these are some would you rather so. Would. You rather always be ten minutes late or, always, be twenty minutes early. Absolutely. Twenty minutes early I'm right there with you all, right would you rather lose, all your money and valuables, or all of your pictures all, the pictures you've ever taken. Wow. That's a great question um. Can't. Replace memories, right, honey you always could, remake. Your money so I think losing. The money and keeping the memories there, you go there you well, I was thinking sorry reread it again it said or lose all the pictures you've taken I'm thinking you know what I haven't. Taken the. Best pictures, you know I'm usually on the other side of the camera with the best so I don't know maybe I'd, have to I'd have to really do some research before I final, this is like. Good. Drew. Okay. Would you rather be able to see ten minutes into your own future or ten. Minutes into the future of anyone but your. Probably. Ten minutes into my own future you know, like. I said earlier you know reflection, is a great thing but looking. Forward and where, you're going so you might be able to course-correct. You. Know knowing what's ahead of you that's. Great that's, great, okay. This. Is okay this was a good one Wow would, you would you rather be famous, when you're alive and forgotten, when you die or. Unknown. When you're alive but famous after you die. Gosh. That is, Wow. I. Don't. Know that is a tough one I. You. Know while you're alive. Having. The opportunity, to communicate. And impact people as you move forward but what. A greater, thing than having, a legacy, that. You leave when. You know after you're gone of. Impacting. People too so, that's, a tough one I'm not sure I know okay, here's. One for fun. Would you rather your, shirts be always two sizes, too big or, one, size too small. One. Size too small. And. Then. Final one would you rather live your entire life in a virtual, reality where. All your wishes are granted or, in. The real world. Absolutely. The real world, and that I just I, think. You have a greater opportunity. To. To. Grow in the real world and having. False assumptions, and in, false, dreams you know, virtual reality texting well. There you go and this, is the real world this is the real art, may that you just got to listen from. Learn. From and listen to thank you so much everybody for for. Listening to drew to jackson, coaching. Speaking and training podcasts. Or viewing our youtube channel catch. Up with us at drew t, and once again we have all the links for art in the, show notes and we will see you next time bye, bye straight talk to you soon.

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