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Small Business Day + HOMEWARE HAUL   Studio Vlog

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morning let's just oh open the blinds so i  am at the peak of stress today i've taken on   probably a bit too much and i'm so excited for  the weekend but we're here we're gonna get it   done so oh also i have this new top on which  i thought was really cute it's from boohoo um   so i'm actually finishing up a big brand  job for a tutorial it's not going up on my   channel or anything but when it's live i'll share  it with you and it's taken me so much longer than   i thought and i stupidly left it rather last  minute i think i've been doubting myself so i   had like avoided starting and now that i've  started i've realized it's actually quite a   lot to do and the deadline is tomorrow so and it's  really not like me to do this like ask any of my   uni pals i was that person who got her work done  like at least a week early so this not ideal but   uh yeah i'm just about to finish not finished i'm  just about to record the audio for that video mum   is downstairs it's thursday and she's packing  up products so i'll go and briefly say hi to   her in a second i have just been downstairs and  then i'm gonna design new products i'm actually   looking into doing like influencer marketing  for soul and fire so i basically want to send   out gifted parcels to some of my friends in the  hopes that they would share them on social media   but with no obligations so i i want to put like  a pdf thing together of like pictures of what the   new products are and then ask people if they're  willing to like gift them you know not gift them   be gifted them so i'm gonna do that and i actually  also have i don't know if it's a podcast i don't   think it's technically a podcast but i have like a  recording to do it's like a panel i'm a member on   a panel it's all about how brands can deal better  with influencers so obviously i'm representing the   influencer side of things and it's very very last  minute we had like a pre-recording chat on monday   no it was on monday on tuesday morning and then  we're filming it today at three so i need to keep   my mic out and i need to be set up and looking  nice so yeah i've got my makeup on i actually   also need to film a clip of my face for this brand  video so yeah my head's just all over the place   but we're making progress with these products in  fact let me go and show you these i've literally   only just walked up here my mom's gonna be like  why are you back already not done it that quickly   but as soon as i've started vlogging let's go  down and show you so this is mum's handiwork   so far if you remember my previous vlog i ended  up in bed with a migraine so she did all of this   whilst i was sleeping it off last week and then  we ran out of the cellos so i ordered the cellos   again and we got them and here's your little setup  are you bored of doing this yet no i like tedious   jobs you do quite like jobs like this don't  you to be fair i do because it doesn't take   much brain power you just kind of do it on repeat  so yeah jobs like this are actually quite good to   do so yeah she's nearly done these are last boxes  remember those labels i showed you last week   they've arrived so these are those plantable  labels she's going to hole punch the top   and these are going on those pouches which have  yet to arrive i've still been waiting for the   printers but yeah they've turned out really  really nice and this writing on it isn't too   small i was quite worried about it being hard to  read but yeah we've got a big old stack of these   which i'm very excited about you're very noisy  sorry but yeah i am going to lock myself in   my office for an hour mom's got subtitles to  write for my blog um and i set her a big old   list of things to do because i knew that i was  going to have a busy day today and i can't like   be sat like over overseeing everything but i trust  her she's worked with me for long enough now so   back to it i need to plug my mic in and just  get this audio recorded i'm just stressed   about it i don't know why sometimes i think it's  because i know it's not going up on my channel so   i'm almost giving away some of the  control and then that freaks me out   because i feel like i'm not good enough for it   weird logic because there's a reason these people  have chosen me to make this tutorial but doesn't   stop the imposter syndrome you know right let's  get this set up and hopefully won't take too long okay we can do this i am a strong  independent businesswoman   i can do this why am i so nervous about this i  don't know i literally do this a lot oh okay this   the right microphone we've got a good angle let's  take a look at the design brief so we are fiori   hello bonjour hello my name is alice i think i  think that video is done it's really zapped all   my energy not gonna lie um i'm glad i'm wearing  colorful clothes today because at least that's   bright and fun you know i'm now just about to set  up my zoom i'm actually gonna attempt to plug my   mic into zoom because they want it like obviously  really good audio so i'm presuming this works   we'll see i'm gonna attempt to use my wireless  little earphones i've got so i can hear them   but the mic can't hear them you know so the mic  can only hear me not sure how this will work   but we're giving it a go probably need to put  some powder on my face because i'm a bit shiny   and i spill orange juice on my sleeve as i was  walking upstairs but we're having a good day so wish me luck and actually in a bit me  and mum are gonna go and stalk the house   because i've not been for a while and my  neighbor actually sent or my soon-to-be neighbor   sent me a photo of the front of the house because  she got really close to it yesterday so i was like   i'm jealous i want to get  close so i'm going to hope   that i get as close because there's  obviously like the fences in the way so   it's been tricky but yeah i'm gonna go powder  my face it feels weird having my vlog camera in   my bedroom i very rarely have you guys in here  now i'm getting much better at like separating   work from like general life also thoughts i'm  torn whether to start a vlog channel or not i   was swaying towards yes really heavily at first  probably a couple of months ago thinking about it   and then i had a moment recently of like but i  don't want the whole responsibility of another   channel and i don't like obviously  i've built up this channel a lot and   it's like starting fresh which is obviously quite  scary so i've had a lot of thoughts going around   in my head about whether to start a vlog channel  so i'd love to hear your opinion there's like pros   and cons to both pros of having it on the same  channel obviously there's only one to look after   i've already got numbers and audience on this  channel etc however most people that watch these   videos on this channel have come from like  some sort of creative designing background   whereas the vlogs are going to be  like lifestyle me tidying my kitchen   organizing redecorating the rooms so i think  it could very easily alienate a lot of people   i'm just thinking out loud here so i don't know  this is the process that's been going on in my   brain i do have the vlog channel made um and you  can subscribe to it if you would like i'm sure   i will come to a decision soon i mean i've got  to i'm moving house soon and i want to film   the process and i do kind of miss those like  chill vlogs if you follow me right from uni   you'll know that i had a vlog channel then  and i literally just vlogged anything and   everything and it was so fun it was just  like a visual diary to look back on so   today i am swaying to having a vlog channel  however it will probably be a different story   tomorrow and the day after i keep switching  between the two so i love your opinion also   cut my plants this one needs a stick in it because  it's got too heavy for itself but look at how many   new leaves have come out of here so i called this  plant polly i got her in july last year and she's   thriving so much so that that many new leaves have  come out of this stalk it's too heavy so i'm gonna   like get like a cane or something and poke it in  there and then i got this one which i called perry   this is a new leaf that's just unfolded  and then there's another one here look   very happy plant mum but yeah oh and then  i've also got this i've got this little   guy it's not even little anymore this  started like in one of those little tiny   ikea style pots and now it's huge it's  got watermarks on it though i need to like   clean it or dust it all i don't know but look  at me being a successful plant mum see these   are the kind of random things i want to vlog on a  vlog channel and i think i miss it so let me know it has been a whole week since i last picked up  this vlog you know what we're just taking it chill   these days vlogs are just what they're gonna be so  today is once again thursday and i'm in my comfy's   as well like this is different as always cycling  shorts and a long old top and we've got a long   busy day of work again i actually have a big  package of boxes that got delivered i need to   check whether they fit the new products  in that's one thing that i always   kind of forget about when i'm designing new  things i need to like consider how we're going   to send them to people so in theory these boxes  are like the same size as my a4 boxes but deeper   so we'll see i'm going to open them in a little  bit i'm also doing a little flash sale tomorrow   on the website so i want to make sure everything's  ready for that so i'll show you how i'm setting   up i'm gonna send emails i sent an email last  night to people who subscribed to my shop updates   and just letting them know that friday is the  day and then i'll send an email on friday morning   and then friday evening just to remind  them that it's going to run out soon   so hopefully that kind of drives some sales  we're just trying to clear out old stock so   we've got more room for the new stock because  i mean you can see i don't have much storage   and obviously everyone loves a sale  so hopefully it goes down well and   yeah we're taking photos of the new products today  i chased up the like pencil case things because   i've not heard anything and apparently they're  letting me know so i need to chase them up and   oh actually i can share with you another little  giveaway with craft labels so let me just grab   the bit oh god i wish i wish i had a bigger room  not long now hopefully so if you've been watching   my vlogs over the past couple months you'll  know that i've been working with craft label on   some giveaways craft label is a website that  offers a whole bunch of different things they're   actually selling the new cricut machines um if  you didn't know cricut have upgraded their cutters   so they've got their new machines on craft label  there's a whole host of like it's like arts and   crafts it's just like a hub of creative things  like card making scrapbooking all that stuff   really really well priced and they've actually  given me a bunch of things that you guys can   enter to win so i want you to comment down below  with the hashtag craft label creates and then   in a week i will pick a winner i'll get in touch  with you and you will receive this parcel so yeah   with your comment leave like your instagram handle  or twitter handle or something so we can get in   touch with you we have this cricut multi set  of gold pens so you can draw with your cricut   and these are all like different sized nibs also  have another cricut thing which is a huge stack   of paper there's quite a few different colors in  here i don't know if you can see that but this   is the cricut cardstock bulk 12 inch by 24 inch  sampler in the color sorbet obviously really good   if you're doing like a longer project then we have  some shaped gems so card making scrap booking all   that fun stuff we have a cutting mat and knife  set i love this like it comes together this is   the kind of thing i need ages ago i was looking  for a knife and like how do you even buy one of   those things how do you know what's good the fact  this comes together is great and then finally   we've got a4 double-sided glitter card i love  this stuff so if you're making like cake toppers   or bunting or something you could use this  and again there's lots of colors in there so   yes if you would like to be in with a chance of  winning these products comment with the hashtag in   the comments of this video and i will pick someone  out within the next week and yeah thank you very   much craft label definitely make sure to check  them out they like i said have a lot so um you   can spend a good hour or so on there scrolling  i know i did so yes right in fact i might open   these boxes i keep putting it off because it just  seems like a big test doesn't it but basically all   i want to know is if these are gonna fit both the  pencil case and i've actually placed my order for   some tote bags i don't think i've shown you  the the design for those so maybe i'll show   you that today too let me get some scissors  still obsessed with these like retro-esque   typo scissors who remembers that huge typo haul i keep getting their newsletter and i'm   really resisting doing another one i don't need to  do another one but i just love stationery come on   there we go okay all right it's  looking it's looking hopeful so far   i don't have the room for this help you're  on the floor with all the craft label stuff   oh [ __ ] let's try and figure  this out do you know what would   be great if they came with like  instructions on how to build them in that i'm gonna take one of these downstairs to  my mum and just see if she can fold them   because she doesn't have the best time  i'm trying to fold the boxes we have i have a hunch i've folded it backwards yeah i'm  talking about you i can't do it well i've never   done it and the test is is this  fit yes i measured it right   she fits i've just come down to our  second office and mom's collecting props what else have you got magnets magnet  i think i've done you think you've done   she's definitely going to collect more as we go  she'll probably make a cup of coffee or something   oh you've already made a cold cup of coffee yeah  nobody knows it's cold they do now and then we've   got the photo box up as always this was from  amazon and it's actually really simple to set up   so yeah this is so what we can take  product photos i will leave it linked   and then this is my spot where i work oh and  also this is my new barbecue pizza oven thing   where's this from lidl no yes lidl 35 pound yes  amazing so um i've got a barbecue pizza box before   i have the barbecue but let's just ignore that  because you can't say no for 35 quid you know we've got teamwork going on because  mum's trying to fit this very curled   paper into the cube you've done it  it's got creases in it oh that see   that looks nice that paper's literally  bang on by its eyes yeah look at that we've been doing a lot and as you've seen it  mum's been taking lots of photos so i'm going to   edit them later we've got some cards out and we're  gonna bundle them up and sell them in little packs   of six um and then once the sale is done that's  it you can't get them anymore so um yeah i don't   know i'm saying this on here because it's already  happened by the time you're watching this vlog but   this is the behind the scenes so um yeah i want to  show you the tote bags that i'm going to order or   i kind of i've ordered the samples i just want to  show you them because i'm really happy with them   and i've seen the bag themselves i just haven't  seen the embroidery on them yet so i don't know   i think they're cool home haul mum's still working  in the background so just ignore her um oh my god   i'm getting weird flashbacks of when who remembers  if you've watched me for a while when i sat down   here and did a haul for my uni house oh  that's a long time ago that's six years ago   mum's just called me an old thing that's not  very nice right so these are so random i've got   a lot of stuff packed up already um which  obviously i'll show you when we're in but   first things first very exciting i have this which  is a roll of sticky plastic stuff to protect my   carpets so that when we move in and we're going  in and out they're not going to get dirty so   yeah super exciting i think it was like 16 pound  for 50 meters of the stuff from ebay there's no   no theme actually no i have a bit of a theme  got these christmas tree bunting because it's   one of the first occasions that we'll be able to  celebrate in the new house and i also got this   both from the same etsy shop  i thought this was so cute   i'm trying to collect classy christmas  decorations then totally boring again   washing line so it's a double washing line  that retracts so dad you can put that up for me   yeah if i put it all we all know it will  fall down then i have this bag which is full of pegs for said washing line i got wooden  pegs because i thought i'll try and be a bit   eco um and they were really cheap so i got them  also found this in tk maxx the other day it's a   sink tidy so it like suction cups to the  side of your sink and you can put like   your brush your sponge and like a cloth there and  i thought this was just gonna look alright and our   sink is actually black so i liked it i have this  huge box of um it's like glass tupperware so it's   tupperwear you can put in the microwave or in  the oven or whatever there's two sizes so there's   like a smaller size and then a big size and we've  got 10 all together so five of each size because   there's going to be two of us and we want  to like cook for four every time we cook   so we figured obviously we want to freeze them  and then we can just put them straight in the   oven in that dish whilst we're in the kitchen we  went into asda for something completely unrelated   and found these so these are plastic like food  storage jars and they've got like wooden lids   i like that they're plastic because then we can't  accidentally break them i mean we could probably   break them but it wouldn't hurt anyone and then a  tall one so i've got two tall ones how many little   ones two little ones of these these were like i  don't know 2.50 3 pound 50 or something and then   two of these which are like killnar jars sort  of with a wooden lid and a little like chalkboard   thing with the chalk um we don't know what they're  gonna go we don't know what they're gonna go we   don't know what we're gonna use these for the only  one i actually wanted was this for spaghetti but   then my boyfriend was like i want all of them so  we got all of them a couple more things these last   three bits were all from jysk or jusk i'm not sure  how you pronounce it um but i've not been in there   for ages and it was so good so this is really  weird but we both liked it so it's a concrete   head i think someone on instagram named him  rick and i quite liked that rick the rock i'm glad you were as amused as i was rick the rock   don't you think it's a great name tickle the  now rick the rock so then also from juice also from jisc or jysk is  this vase and again well and again we didn't know which one to get so we  got one in each color there was also like a gray   colored one what we got the green and like the  like amber glass one so that's our home haul um   one day i'll show you the pile of boxes that  already exist in my dad's garage which he's not   happy about but they're not going to know what  to do with themselves when i move out because   i have so much more room oh mums just pass me  these i got these from tk maxx the other day too   just a little like for dips or whatever  cute now i need to go and get a box out of   the garage i also have a lot of like  flat pack boxes in the garage ready   i'm gonna put these in that box but yeah that's  i guess that's the end of the vlog i'm gonna   put on instagram that my new video is up mum  is almost finished with these um and then we   just need to add them to the website and then  we're sorted so probably another hour's work   and then i need to chill because my brain hurts  but yes i hope you're excited for the new products   thank you for watching as always and  i'll see you next time for another one

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