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Small Business Check  EXCITING NEW PRODUCTS  Studio Vlog

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hello and welcome to another studio vlog i've  actually just been on like a 15 kilometer bike   ride who even am i and it's only half past 10 in  the morning i don't make a habit of this i'm not   that kind of person but it feels good i'm happy i  did it today we are prepping new products mummy's   working for me today we've got a lot of like new  notepads to package and count and check and all   that kind of thing we've got greeting cards to  stamp and package and then i think we're gonna   figure out some sort of strategy for marketing and  like making sure we build up the hype about a new   launch i also need to kind of come up with a  date that i'm gonna release things because i keep   putting off i'm thinking like late june so let me  know what kind of like when is everyone's payday   i would like to know that because obviously i'm  self-employed so i get paid at different times   every month some people get paid on the first but  then a lot of people get paid on like the 25th   so let me know in the comments when you get  paid i don't know if that's a personal question   but i i'm gonna go downstairs i am gonna help  mom initially with the stamping and make sure   everything's okay and then i think we've got a  post office run we've just got a bit of a busy day   and actually this evening i'm going to an outdoor  cinema um in like a football stadium which would   be quite fun so maybe i'll film a little clip for  that but yes let's get going these are some of the   new cards this one's gonna be a second because  it's got a mark on it but i love them and then   we've got how many designs we've got all together  six i think so we'll show you them the others like   upstairs packed mom's going to stamp these because  we've got this new embossing tool it's really cool   so you like press down and it adds this onto the  paper how cool is that i feel very professional   we've also got the photography stuff ready to  go because we need to take photos of everything   i'm going to do some reels and then  i'll edit them together i'm sat here   doing at the moment designing stuff  editing the reels we'll do a time lapse   of mum doing this you're making your life  difficult doing it like that you do realize   you just realized what you were doing yeah yeah  she did this the other week to about how many   like 200 there was a lot she's out of practice  but you've only got like 30 more to do i think i actually want  to talk about this week's sponsor which is   curve i actually have a curve metal it  combines all of your bank cards into one   so you don't need to carry them all around you can  use this single card to make payments from any of   your cards you can see at the top that if i swipe  across i can pick between my personal account   my business account i've also got a credit card  and i've also got a joint account and rather than   carrying them all around or like forgetting one  and like having to transfer money between myself   curve has solved that issue and i've actually used  curve for like i think a year and a half now i did   mention this on a vlog a while ago you also get  like a virtual curve card so you can get cash back   so you pick like your favorite retailers and then  that's like actual money that you can spend out   of your curve account also with curve metal which  is the card that i have i get travel insurance i   get mobile phone insurance i get like discounted  access to airport lounges and also when you go   on the app so say i'm going to the post office i  would click the business card section and then pay   for something however there have been a few times  where i forget to switch it which is fine because   you can do this thing where you go back in time  so if i accidentally paid for something for work   on my personal card there's a option on the curve  app to go back in time so basically it will refund   the wrong card and then pay for it out of the  right card i mean for a forgetful person like me   this is just so good what i'm gonna do i will  leave a link in the description to curve so you   can check it out for yourself and also if you do  lose the card you can lock it and you also get   spending notifications you can keep track and it  categorizes everything into like merchants so if   you're spending money on food or entertainment or  bills curve tracks it all across all accounts so   you can really be like in control of your money so  yeah curve isn't a bank account it's just a really   innovative way to sort your finances out and get  you together you know definitely check out curve   raved about it for a long time now got mum on  the real filming all a new experience for both   of us but we're gonna try and these are one of  the new products so this is the note to self pad   so i figured like at the top like day or like  reference maybe it's like a a university class   you could write that in there and then just note  yourself stick it up on your wall whatever there's   a hundred sheets per one hardback you could buy it  with the magnets as well so you could stick it on   your fridge so that's that one and we've also got  two more designs which i'll show you in a minute   same sort of principle oh mum's going to get  them for me thanks mom same principle but   different colors and i think what we're going  to do is you can either buy them separately or   buy them together so there's a shopping  list so tick down either side write the list   and i like this feed the soul and then like  soul & fire and obviously this one says   be fearless which is my favorite one and then  this one which is like throwback to like school   paper i always remember having this paper with  the margin so to-do list with the tick boxes on   either side and then make it happen so you  could get them by themselves like i said or   a little trio so there's like a pale yellow this  is like a gray blue sort of color and then orange   so yeah i think they're really cute so we're  just packaging them up now mum's stamping the backs   with our logo and website and then we'll put  them in the biodegradable wallet thing and then   put the soul and fire sticker on so yeah work  in progress i'm very excited oh also finally   decided on when we're going to release things  so it's the first of july which i feel like   is quite a good day it gives us another like  four and a half weeks to get everything sorted   um i can order some new things i can get the  mirror decals sorted and i feel like it's a   good time of year you know so we'll see we'll see  how it goes hopefully you guys like everything and   i don't know you just kind of have to guess with  this kind of thing you can't really judge it which   is kind of scary considering how much like time  and effort and money and stuff you put into it but   that's the fun of it so yeah mum's still doing  that i'm gonna order what am i ordering oh the   stickers for the cards so that our greeting cards  come with stickers on i'll show you them from   the other ones so these are the stickers and  what we do is we like wrap them over the top   of the greeting cards because it reduces the  packaging i don't use the biodegradable plastic   sleeves for these because i mean they're  printed nice and you know i've never had   them get wet in the post whatever so i'm gonna  stick with that a bit more eco-friendly so i need   to order some new ones of these for the bigger  cards look at that satisfied so i'm doing that now so yesterday didn't quite go as planned i  actually not long after the last clip ended   up with a migraine so i had to go to bed and when  i get a migraine i can't look at the laptop or any   screens for like the rest of the day so that was  me done luckily mum continued so thank you for   that mum she packed up a bunch of the notepads  although we ran out like of the cello things   so i need to order them so we've still got some  tasks for next thursday i've done a little bit of   editing i'm working from my bed today because  i'm so tired i don't know what to do myself   we actually did go to that outdoor cinema thing  yesterday and it was so good we got back really   late the film didn't finish till like quarter 12  so a bit tired not used to late nights anymore but   i thought i could show you the cards that we've  got so in my previous studio blog i'll leave it   linked in the description and on screen i showed  you me designing these and they've arrived so i'm   going to show you so we've got seven designs in  total originally they were six but they actually   printed one without one of the details so now we  have seven because they sent me them again correct   um but like the first versions are fine so yeah  this is the first one so it's a little birthday   card it says happy birthday on the tag and then  you can see like the foiled parts bright colors   on this lovely like satiny paper obviously soul  and fire info on the back i love these let me get   the birthday ones out first actually so we need  to really organize this drawer but i'm running   out of storage very quickly in this room oh this  is the like misprinted version of that so it's   literally exactly the same actually this is  the second look because this is wonky but   it doesn't say happy birthday on it and they  were all like that so i don't really know   what happened there but i messaged them like yo  this is not what i ordered and they resent them   so that was good of them and then another  birthday one is this one happy birthday   with a birthday cake and the flames of the candles  and the writing is foiled i just think that's so   nice they've turned out even better than i  expected them to actually then we also have   this one which says you are my sunshine and i  thought this would be it could either be like a   friendship card or i'd send this to my boyfriend  for like anniversary or just like a thinking of   your card or you know like this is just i like  you as a person i'm gonna send you a cute card   um same kind of vibes they're all blank in  the middle too so you can write whatever   you want on them then i did a couple of home  cards oh wait there is another birthday card   i was a bit confused and i was like why have i  missed one so there's three birthday cards and   two home cards and one generic card  so this is the third birthday card   even though now we have four because of the mis print but yeah this one is just full gold foil   so beautiful the quality of these are insane  and then there's two new home cards because if   you don't already know i am moving house soon  and i'm obsessed with house things so i thought   it'd be rude not to do a new home card this  is definitely my favorite i want to frame this   i'm going to pinch one out of this stock and  frame it i think for the new house or i just send   myself it you know and it's got beautiful floral  elements and the foil home sweet home beautiful   and then there's another home card here so this  is the last card of the bunch and this one says   home sweet home again and it's got a little  house on it and quite blocky graphical design   i'm just very happy with them let me just  get them all laid out i feel like my mum's   packaged these neatly but then i'm just picking  them up and ruining them sorry mom i love you   this is the new cards this is the part of the  new collection which i'm very excited about um   it's been a long time coming i've been putting it  off i don't know why i get like imposter syndrome   and then i feel like i'm not good enough  and then i doubt myself before i'd even like   drawn anything but after doing that  previous vlog and seeing everything   come together i was like you know what we  just gotta give it a go i'm never gonna get   dropping them i'm never gonna get anything done  if i always think that what i do isn't good   enough so i figured just give it a go you know  so here we are three of the new greeting cards   i'm very excited for it they're all  getting released on the first like i said   in yesterday's part of this vlog so yeah i don't  know what i'm gonna do now i've got so much to do   i don't know where to start i'm also really  tired so i'm not having the most productive   days it's really knocked me having yesterday like  off unintentionally has really thrown me off which   is very annoying but i guess i'm going to take it  as like my body's way of telling me to chill out   which is very difficult for a workaholic but you  know i'm learning i'm learning and i am getting   much better you know i mentioned a couple of  weeks ago about me doing the time blocking on my   calendar i am actually still doing that i haven't  followed it as strictly since i've got back from   my holiday i've been on like a two-week break um  and i think it's mainly because i just need to get   back into the swing of actually working but i'm  really finding it helpful like blocking sections   of time off in my calendar and then when i do get  to this kind of mindset where i'm like i don't   know what to do i'll just look at my calendar  and it reminds me like what i should be doing   and i'm finding it really helpful the only thing  is because i took yesterday off i've got all the   blocks from yesterday afternoon and then an  entire day of today so it's throwing me off a   little bit i don't really know what to do about  it so in like response i'm just procrastinating   so yeah i'm gonna sit down um i'm gonna put a vlog  on and i'm going to i think i'm gonna plan some   videos i need to plan june's videos and the start  of july i like to be quite ahead and then i've   also got a brand video i need to film so i'm going  to prep for that so laptop heavy but let's go i've just sent off the design for a very exciting  new product which i might as well share with   you you know people who watch these vlogs get  the inside info so this has taken quite a bit   of back and forth because it is a completely new  design so what i want it to be or what it is is a   pencil case with like a custom screen print on the  front now i want it to be like stationary based i   wanted it to include the logo and annoyingly when  i first did it it was too detailed they said that   it wouldn't come out right that the ink would  bleed so i've had to send it back and forth like   i think it's like the third time i've sent it to  them now but i'm actually really really happy with   how the final like design has gone they sent me an  image of the proof and i've approved it so fingers   crossed it won't be too long these will also  release on the first with everything else i've   shown you today this is the design and in fact i  have a mock-up of it which i can show in a second   so basically it's going to be a cotton pencil case  so it's like landscape and the zip would be up   at the top and on it i like art supplies drawing  supplies soul and fire pen and i sketched all this   in procreate and i've been refining it and making  sure it all should print okay and in fact let me   find the mock-up so the mock-up actually has one  of the older versions on it that's a bit more   detailed but you kind of get the idea so this is  the mock-up so you'll see that it's got a little   bit more detail so there's like writing on this  paint there's writing on this pane and there's a   few more like brush hairs but other than that like  the design that i've now proved is pretty much the   same so this is the vibes we're going for i've  got um it's all getting screen painted basically   white ink black pouch it's pretty reasonable  size pouch i think it's like 20 centimeters   wide and like 15 tall or something i can't  remember the exact measurements but i'm very   excited to see how these go i've also ordered some  like swing tags now if you don't know what swing   tag is i don't have anything i can show you as an  example do you like when you get some new clothes   and there's like that hanging tag that comes in  it with like the brand name and the price and   whatever on it that's a swing tag so i wanted to  put a swing tag on those pouches just for a little   bit of like branding and that would effectively  be their packaging because they don't need like   cello bags or anything like that so i was like  how can i do this differently so i've actually   ordered some really cool tags let me show you  the design firstly so this is the design for   the tag this is where we'd punch a hole and then  the logo instagram website and then on the back   is instructions because it's a plantable  tag now i'm actually just gonna google   this plantable paper is paper that's got seeds  in it like i don't know if you can see on here   this is like plantable paper  obviously here it's starting to grow   but yeah you can get them in like different  mixes you can get like herb mix and then   obviously send it to a printer who will  print on it originally i was gonna do   it myself so i was gonna order that paper like  you can order it on there you can see um and then   print it here but then i realized that the ink i  have in my printers isn't like eco-friendly it's   nothing special it's just standard ink even though  that really annoys me i wish they did better ink   and trust me i'm always working i'm trying to  find better ways so rather than be printing   them myself even though that would have been the  cheaper option i've actually ordered them from a   supplier so i've ordered like business card sized  bits and then me and mum can like hole punch the   hole and i've ordered some like jute twine because  jute's like a really sustainable material and then   hopefully if you understand my vision hopefully if  you can picture like this bag with this tag on it   and i did the tags quite generic like it doesn't  say anything about it being a pouch or anything   it's not specific to the product itself because  it means that i can use them from like an array   of things i'm not restricting myself so yeah if in  the future i want to do like tote bags or whatever i   can use the same tag but i'm very excited to see  how this turns out i'm kind of worried about how   detailed this is because hopefully you can still  read it properly but i mean i just wanted to give   it a go so it was something different and i've  not seen anyone do that really before so okay so   what have i done so far i i actually had a salmon  cream cheese bagel for lunch very happy about it   i've woken up since that which i'm sure you  can tell i've also made my judgments on the   msi creator award entries i got the document with  all the like i think msi like narrowed it down   and then sent all the judges like a selection  of the entries and then we're grading them   on like a variety of different categories  so i've been through that document i've like   studied it all and graded everything i've not  yet sent it back i'm gonna have another look   at it tomorrow to make sure i'm being fair  and like the grades are like representative   of the work feels very weird i've never done  anything like this so yeah i feel i do feel a   little bit out of my depth but it's it's good  and i'm happy to be involved and i'd love to   do something else like this in the future if  um if it ever arises i'm sure i'd say yes so   yeah uh what i need to do now i have a client  job to start which involves like patterns like   making repeatable patterns which is really fun  i've never actually done a client job like this   before like a lot of my client work is just logo  design whereas this is literally purely pattern   design so i'm excited to give that a go i've  not done it for a while and i i love pattern   design i have done a few videos on it actually um  and then i need to make some new products so it's   another little bit of laptop time and then i'm  gonna do some sketches for some mirror decals   which i will show you and then hopefully we'll  get somewhere hopefully it's gonna be a more   productive day i'm literally gonna be sat on this  bed for the rest of my day so soz maybe when i   move house i'll have more to show you but for now  it's just this office and my face aren't you lucky

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