Sky's Spiritual Playground - Past Life Regression, Time line Therapy

Sky's Spiritual Playground - Past Life Regression, Time line Therapy

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All. Right well hello, tribe finder. We. Have our. Member. Of the week it is sky. With. Skies spiritual. Playground. You, have heard all of the magical, things about her this week but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna let her talk. About herself talk about what who, she is what. She does and, then why she, does it um, while. She's talking I'm gonna take myself off, the screen cuz I'm gonna share to a couple of places so wink wink you should also share, to some places okay everybody. Watching, share this cuz it's magical. Okay but. I'm gonna take myself off the screen so I just straight up don't look like I'm not paying attention okay. So. I'm gonna do that sky, you take, it away and I'll pop back in whenever I'm able to okay okay. Great thank you so much Martha and. You. Know since this is the try finder, family, I do feel, so much more comfortable about talking. Really. About Who, I am and what has brought me to where, I am and a lot of it is the fact that I'm someone. Who's always been curious I've always kind of wondered, what. Else is out there I've always. Not. Just out there but within me you know and so I've always done, a lot, of studying. I I learned, Tarot early, on I learned, I doubled. A little bit in astrology, and then I realized, wow this is a lifetime. Learning so, total. Props to everyone, who has dedicated to their lives to that it's a huge, project and I just have so much respect for those of, you who have done that and. So you know I I studied, all kinds of different things chakras. Got into I actually, was blessed that my family. Were Yogi's, so at the age of 19, yoga, kind of started to spontaneously. Come out of me, so. My whole life I've always lived this very, spiritual. Very. Curious. Adventurous. Kind of lifestyle, which. Of course, brought. Me to psychedelics. You know I I wanted, to know what's what's. There and. Psychedelics. Definitely, a allowed me to see, other realms. Other dimensions. And, the. Thing about it is that I I, truly. Believed my experiences. In psychedelia, and I. Realized. That there was so much that we. Were missing as a society, and, one. Of the things that I think. Really. Allowed, me to grow, so. Exponentially. With psychedelics, is that. I came to it from such a humble. Place in the fact that, when. You're giving, lessons.

You. Have two ways to react, you can either be defensive, or, be. Humbled, by. The. Mere gift of the lesson right, so, there's always a choice to how you react, and. Ottawa's. Given such an. Overwhelming. Lesson. I mean it was just constant, lessons like I remembered, him this particular, experience. I was in, Disneyland. And you. Know very enhanced. And I. Was, going through a ride, and like you, know how the rides kind of like do that little mechanical, like little shift. And, every time there was a little shift it was a different, view and each view, was a different lesson and each. Time it was just like a, paradigm. Shifting like oh my gosh and then oh my gosh another. One another one right and, and. The. Lessons were so big and I. Just felt so humbled I was literally crying. From. The humility, and the beauty. That I could be given, this and that I could grow so quickly with. So much awareness, and like in an instant, and it, was really really funny because I remember a friend of mine right in front of me on the ride turned, around and he was all excited just from the ride and he's like so how was that sky and he sees the tears rolling, down my face, he's like guy, and then he says the big smile, spreading. Across he's like okay. I don't know what happened. And. Really that's just kind, of a perfect example of how my life has been you know it's just constantly. Questing, constantly. Bringing. As much aware, as is possible because there's moments of focus and moments of unfocused, it's just life, we can't always, maintain. This high vibration. You know it's, maintaining. A high vibration finding. That resonance, finding, where we can handle it and then moving up another level enough with another level, so. That's been my life you know and and, it's been wonderful and I'm grateful. For the path and. Recently. I. Had. A, breakup, that just. Really. Really. Affected, me you know and I knew. All the things that I needed to know like it, was, best that we'd go our own ways I, deserve. Better. You. Know we. Only come together for a certain time for as long as it's the beauty and love lasts. But. My heart wasn't there you know like the lessons, were here I could just accept, it as much but, the. Healing, hadn't. Touched here yet and, it. Was going through life and trying to do all, the, things, that I knew, how to do and bring awareness and, and you. Know I I focused. On the. Lessons, and creating. New nice. New avenues, of happiness, and. What. It was was me, just trying to fumble, my way through and be as whole as I could and. You. Know it, the. Path is always revealed, to you the way that it needs to be I, at. This, time got. Injured, you know like my heart was injured, and but. I was still going through the motions, you know like working. And and trying. To have like my friendships, and I was, just I really felt like I was on the wheel you. Know and I. Didn't. Really feel like I was really. Controlling, everything or even. Desiring. You know manifesting. Creating, and, and. Then, I injured myself I entered both my ankles. Sprained. Both my ankles by. Walking, just. By walking. And, really what that what. That served, was, a to, teach me to stop. And slow, down and, to. Allow, myself to. Integrate. The beauty, of what I was experienced. The beauty of my life you know we. Take so much for granted and, when, we're on that, hamster. Wheel it's, hard to look because, everything's, spinning so fast, so. That, really was a huge lesson for me to take it slower you know and, and, so I started. To incorporate that but. The big thing for me too was I was about to turn 40 40. Is a huge thing for me because in the spiritual, community 40, is like when you're matured, like that's. When you're at that stage. And. So for me I was like oh my gosh here's 40, like, the one year that is important, to me because I don't really believe in age but here's, one that I actually cared, about, and. Of, course I can't do anything about it right so, I put, it out to the universe I was like you know I can't. Do the things that I normally would do which would be being, out in the middle of nowhere lost, in nature, and. So I was like okay universe, cuz. I've already been playing with manifestation. I already know the possibilities, so, I was like okay I want. A paradigm shift I can't, have anything else I don't, have many good friends right now close, to me I, want. The universe, to show me it that I have love so, I want. A paradigm shift I want to be able to grow I want to continue forward and, then. I released, it because that's how men if a station works, you gotta just know what you want put. It out there with that strong, emotion.

And Then, release because, the, universe, doesn't. Like to be told the how if, you tell it this is how it has to come it's gonna be like that and I'm, not. And. Then. I came across. Like. What do I do for my 40th right and then I realized well I could do a training all. I have to do is sit there, so. I'd. Already. Found the wonders of hypnosis, before had dabbled, with it with that I was like Oh a, friend of mine is gonna go to this hypnosis training, I'll go, there not. Realizing, that they also trained, in other things and. I fell in love with the hypnosis so, much that. I signed up for their NLP, course and for, people that know don't know what NLP is it's neuro linguistic programming and, the reason that I was originally, attracted to it was, because, I I, was. Kind. Of getting into politics. Really. Believing. That once you fix what's in here it's kind of our duty to hear, hmm, and so I was kind of stepping into that political. Space from, a loved space, so. I was like oh neuro linguistic programming this, is perfect, now I get to talk to everybody, from. All walks of life and be, able to hear, them and have them hear me they just know important, in today's society so, that's what got me into the training right and, then. I found timeline therapy and parts integration. And, you guys I, have, been wanting to share this story because. It is really, what. Made. Me, devote. My life to this, to, this technique, so. Hearts. Integration. Is basically. Understanding. That there's different parts of your, personality that. Exist, to, help defend, you but. Once, they start to exist, they each, start, to pull in different ways, and so, then it starts to create conflict within, your personality. Right and, who. Wants to live in conflict none of us right so. Integration. Was created, so, that way you know that, you're always working. From this place of wholeness, and, also. With parts, if you have different, parts and you're not aware of it you could be healing one part and not, healing another and so. The healing isn't complete, so, it's really really important, to make sure you're you're starting, from a whole.

Place. So. The, fun part was when I got to do parts integration, because, of all the work that I've done before. I. Was, already integrated like, there weren't really different, parts of me so I was, blessed that I could work on the next level so, I was, told to do parts of integration. Integrating. My unconscious, with my with, my conscious. And, when. I probed my conscious, it said my. Unconscious it said that we were already merged, and this. This also happens for people who really really listen to their intuition. That's, where their intuition, is coming from so if you're someone who doesn't even like it, doesn't even hear in a voice anymore it's just more like an urging, you're like in the flow. You're. You're and you're, already connected with your unconscious, okay so this this happens, and it's, a beautiful blessing and Bravo, kudos. Oh. Yeah. So I got to the point where okay I'm already integrated there, so, then my. Partner. She. Said well why don't you integrate, your higher self with, your unconscious. And. I was like wow that sounds, like so much fun let's do it, don't. Do this one, oh. Goodness. I'm. So glad we're having this conversation. Huge. Being, it's. Not meant to live, in this tiny little body, okay. And. Luckily. When, we do these techniques we make sure that everything, is, healthy. Right, so when we do these techniques we ask the, unconscious. Mind if it's okay for us to proceed well. When we ask my unconscious mind I said no, and. I was like no no no I can't believe I said that ask again ask again and of course this time I verified, that I said yes so that was really my conscious, mind. You. Know this is the danger, of. Wanting. Something almost, two beyond your own good right but, here's the lesson so. I integrated. This huge being into, this little theme and it was painful it hurt guys like seriously. Everything. That, was an imbalance. In this body, suddenly. Became, so. Like. It was my. Essence, you know like, the. Sky. Disappeared. And the body was the vessel that was trying to incorporate this amazing, energy and, it, was locked in by all these. Limitations. Of the body and. The. Energy that it took just to sustain. Existence. Was. Exhausting. I mean, I'm. So, grateful for the experience, because, to know that, you, really do have another, higher, self. Like. Our old self, it's like the, angel version. Of us you know that, that. Um just kind. Of sees into the other dimension, for us and assists us you know helps, guide us and, so. Luckily, there were other people to help realize. What was going on because I couldn't even participate. In the class so. They had to come and have kind of bring me back down into, reality, and, and. They helped me to be able to drive I couldn't even like I couldn't even function guys um. But. Then when I woke up the next day I was back to myself, but. The, integration, had, happened, so, it's, like. What. Didn't. Integrate healthily. Was released and what. Did what could integrate, stayed. And. So the next day we learned timeline therapy, and this. Was what. Blew my mind so timeline therapy, allows you to to find the. Negative emotions. And limiting, decisions, the. Very first time that you experienced. It so and. This is where my past life, work came in that I created, a little log of most. Of you knows that I worked with that. So. You find that root, cause and you take it out from, your timeline from that route you route, it out and then you clear. Every, time from, that almost like a domino, effect just, clearing. That entire energy, hmm. And it's amazing beautiful. Right. You. Just you feel so much lighter so, different, I mean literally plucking, out all the things that limit us and bring us down and, it allows you to bring in so much light into your life so I, was really excited to do this technique right like yes I get to get rid of all my negative emotions and limiting decisions, yes, wonderful, and then.

I Go in to do it, and. They. Couldn't find I couldn't find any of my anger, why, because, I had integrated with my Higher Self anger. Was isn't, a part of, your higher selves. Doesn't. Experience emotion. That's, the little cell oh my, goodness. So I go to find anger, and it's nowhere and mind, you the people that are facilitating. The teaching, they, haven't experienced, this before you. Know so they're like so. They're trying to tell me all these techniques to find anger, right and so they're like okay go out into the galaxy go out into the universe search. For anger is there no anger, anywhere, in the timeline anywhere in the universe and I'm like well yeah I can see the anger, sprinkled, all around. But. I only. Feel compassion, and love. And. That. Was when they're like okay okay, there's, nothing for you to clear your good you. Did the exercise. And. The. Really really interesting, thing that I really, blew. My mind was you know. They're they're telling me to go beyond in my timeline, go. Really far back looking, for the anger and I, got so far back to, where. I start talking about the ancient wound, now, mind you guys when you're doing these techniques you're, talking, to the unconscious, mind so it's not like me just talking somebody. Has to pull this out of me, I can't, do these techniques on my own it's, like somebody like doing your own hypnosis. You would have to record it and even then if it's different, so. So. Yeah so when I said, the. Ancient. Wound it's. Like what's. The ancient, wound right, so. Then I asked, a person, to to, probe me about that because I was curious to what that is and. What. They pulled, out was that the ancient, wound was, when God. Decided. To. Gift. Us with, the blessing, of forgetting. Our divinity. I knew that was coming and my eyes were tearing, up before, I even came, out of your mouth, whoo. Sorry. Ain't. That some, stuff. Though, right, right. And so. Experiencing. That I mean, you know that, you're just, flying. Around and, learning some cosmic. Truths, and, I, mean. I just really really felt blessed, and and like. I was being privy, to some, really amazing. Realms. And places. Where we can just pluck. Out our, personal. Truths. That are gonna allow, us to just grow. And, and. Ultimately. The thing that I've found through, this is. That all the lessons, come. Down to love they. All come down to self, love because, we're all one and once. We learn how to love ourselves, we. Radiate. That to everybody else, girl, preach, I. Love. It yes. Yeah. Yeah. And I just from. That moment on I just absolutely fell in love I mean like I said I'm an adventurer, I'm a journey person, I love. To, go and quest the edges, of knowledge, and. Existence. In reality, and this allows me to do that and it allows me to take others, through. That and, experience. It themselves and. To, just breed more love joy. And health, into this world. Unless. What. Cuz truly, isn't, our job is, it.

Our Job. To. Bring us back to a love frequency, isn't. It to bring everybody back to. -. To. Love I mean that's what we started out as right and then and then, I, guess. The the. Universal. Journey started, happening or so far as humans. On earth are concerned anyway like that's we, we, we kind of get away right, and then and, and. The idea is to get back to that, to get back to that's it's the only thing that's real right I mean, that's everything. Else, is illusion. Everything, else is illusion love, is the only thing exist I mean one of my favorite things that I love to share with people is the. Beatles, had it almost right. There. You go. I need. To see a music video of you, doing that I need the whole song. I. Really. Must have it someday my, birthday is in July Oh. Master. The table, and figure out a table version, let's do it. I'm. Gonna see what people are saying real, quick oh man. Man. This is so freaking cool Lukey. Said. Yeah and I'm starting at the beginning here so was, waiting for this live hey Martha hey Wayne's. Here Megan's, here Ricky said sky is such an amazing soul which of course she is Eddie's. Here Emily's, here Angelique, crying, thank, you for your openness, my, soul here's all of this oh that's, amazing. Ruki, what you, are 40. Luca. You look 30 heck yeah you do Tanya's. Here hi Tanya Ruki age is just a number so true yeah, Ruki, I feel so happy watching, this angelique, haha yes Carol. Is here says hello, Chelsea. I learned about NLP, at unleash, the power within Tony, Robbins, so amazing, yeah that's what Tony Robbins does that says that's. Well that's what he started out doing anyway, he does a number of things I think now. Amy. Is here Stacy NLP. Is on my list of courses to take heck yes and, to, lick your face lights up when you describe, clearing, out. Rupees. Sky is so divine Theresa, is here Stacy, says well and Ricky, said hey my birthday is next month lol so roofie is also waiting for that music video looks like oh. Man. Well, let's, talk a little bit about cuz, we're getting, to the end already this half, hour goes by so fast um, but. Let's talk about what, so. If somebody, is going to work with you what does that look like so. So, if somebody like contacts, you on, to, work with are the, people that are really. Going. Through emotional. Trauma and I. Don't. Want to say that I love. Working with anybody who needs help obviously right. But this, stuff is so powerful. That I really love to work with the people that are, leading. That paradigm, shift for, example, I just recently had a client and mind, you guys I wasn't even ready to take on clients at that time like this, was right, after I had an accident, had a lot of stuff on my plate and, he, was approaching me like. I know you I know what you do I need, you and, finally. Like after the third time asking I was like okay let's put this time aside and. He. Was basically, I actually, didn't know how bad he was but he was suicidal, he had no desire for, luck for life no, passion he was just like what's the point and that's, why he was begging me he was at the point where he was just like either I have this healing with sky or. Something. Else drastic has to happen and. It, was. Amazing. The transitions. That occurred. So. This is basically what, I want, to work with are, the people that are really really needing, and wanting and. Willing to do the, work, because this work doesn't begin until you're. Ready to understand. That you, are in control of your life you, are responsible, for everything that happens, once, you're able to understand, that you are in control, then.

You Can understand. How. The. Programming. That you have, accepted. Into your life has. Defined. Your reality. And what as we go in there and we pull out the programming. So, that way like I'd like to call it weekly, or the slate, we clear, out the clutter all that, stuff right. And then, we. Find out how, to fill it back up with all the things that you truly are what, your true essence, is where is your bliss what gives you bliss, mm-hmm. And then we put in a plan for you to, live it so. And this all happens in a week guys, so let's one. Week it's ten hours, of actual. One-on-one. Time with me, four, of those hours, are literally, me. Just, listening, to you talk so. That I can define, where, your programming. Is, really. I want the people that that, are ready for those complete, transitions. So. Part of your life where, you know, you've. Been blocked, your whole life you've already done, the work you've already tried, you've already brought awareness to it but for some reason. There's something. That's. Not allowing you to move forward for, me originally. I wanted. To help people with breakups because I feel like that's the everyday, trauma that we all go through right yeah. PTSD. Like. I want, the people that really, need, that healing, I really, want to help people completely. Transform. My. Goodness. Brookey, said don't stop this is amazing, I am loving watching you both um. Okay. On that note. How. Are our people able to reach out to you to work, with you. So, currently. It's. Really either email or Facebook. Within. The next month or so I'm, gonna have easier. Methods, with my website. So. Really, just. Contacting, me through here or my email so my email is a sky. At sky spiritual, playground calm so. It's pretty easy my. Website is also Sky's spiritual, playground calm. Really. The name is, it's just because, this, can all be so much fun when you're really ready when, you're ready to transform, it's not hard guys it's, just making the decision, to own it to own your path to own the. Responsibility to, make the changes and then it's easy, seriously, it's. Seriously, all about owning it it's like getting the ego out of it and it doesn't have to be right right I mean like it's just that okay, I messed, up I like this this I did all of this so now I can undo all of this right um.

What. Was I gonna say oh you also have a Facebook, group so talk about that and you guys if you're if you're ready to work with her but maybe. You know whatever. You want to follow her for a little bit little bit which is what a lot of people do follow, her on social media and then tell him about your Facebook group that you have - yeah. So my Facebook group is just a place where I go to share all my crazy thoughts. Sanjit. You, know I there. Are so many things that I've studied and learned and embraced, and I, just wanted a place where I could share this and, also. Have. A place where other people, can talk about the, things that you, may not necessarily feel, comfortable about going all the way out there maybe in your own personal, Facebook I, talk, I do really like to talk a lot about psychedelics. And just just, the other realms, of spirituality, because they bleed, you, know and. Eventually. What I saw was sky spiritual, playground is that it would be where my offerings, would be like right now I do manifestation. Monday so every, Monday we do. A manifestation, practice. It's lots of fun really. Easy and. Helps. To keep you motivated and, focused. On dreams and goals you know inspired. Eventually. I'm gonna be offering free tapping there as well it's, just a place for me to offer all the things that I love you, know like, yeah. Yes. And. Also a place for me to start sharing all. These, messages. That are coming through I really, feel that I have a lot to share with everybody and I love that we have an avenue to do this with and. Everybody, and anybody is welcome to come share whatever mess that you feel inspired to share it's, really just a place to come play yeah. Come play come play. On. That note I, think, we're gonna call it because I love that I love the ending thing that we're going to play. Thank. You sky. This. Has been fantastic I love, hearing about you I know that everybody, else loves hearing about you and what you do you're just so extremely passionate about, the, transformation. That is. Very, tangible, for everybody, that that, can happen for everybody, um but. You're very right about people just needing to be ready for that change and doing the work right people. Can't do it for you you have to be ready and and. Yeah. Once you own it once you go through the pain of owning, it that's, it you're good it's. Really pretty good after that, but. That's. Awesome so everybody, have an awesome night Thank You sky and. Thank. You everybody for watching yes, have. A good weekend. Everybody. Bye. Bye. You.

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