Six Figure Business Part Two

Six Figure Business Part Two

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hello everybody i'm gonna get this party started here in just a little bit i like to start right on time so there's not a lot of lag in the replay here i know everybody's trying to jump on but uh when we do these facebook lives i don't like to take too much time because people that rewatch the replay you don't want to hear them you know waiting around they just want to get into it so we will be getting started in just a few seconds here i'll let some people jump on here and then we're off to the races very very excited um hopefully everybody can hear me okay if you can hear me and see my screen if someone would just throw in the chat i can hear you that'd be great if anybody can hear me just chat me up so i know you can hear me okay ah good all right perfect all right everybody what we'll do is we have the replay so people can come back and see the replay here but uh i'm gonna get started here and get rocking uh so everybody uh today uh we've done a lot of webinars and we have a lot of people very very excited about what they're seeing and if you are watching this for the first time i gotta do a disclaimer you probably will lose sleep tonight because this is a very very exciting uh business and uh once you see it and understand it you know good luck sleeping again okay that's all i got to say about that so let's go ahead and get this started uh just so you know i've been uh online marketing since about 1996. i've built massive teams out there i've been on the consulting side of the business and i've seen about everything there is out there and when i saw this opportunity my friend owns it he came to me and said hey look i got this software company i own i said man you don't even know what you own this thing is going to be absolutely mammoth and uh let's get into it and i'll show you why so first of all uh you've heard of google reviews uh before you probably read google reviews uh it's like one of the hottest things out there uh this is what our product is it's a real product okay there's not a business out there that doesn't need reviews every single business needs reviews wants reviews has to have reviews period okay and but here's the thing if you look at your city right now or other cities all around you um 99 of all businesses don't know how to get reviews okay they know they need reviews to get more customers they don't know how to get them so this is kind of like the the gold rush and there's very little times when you will get into something at the very beginning stages okay right now again 99 of the businesses out there want to need reviews they have no idea there's a piece of software that can give them reviews until now and i just want to get you pumped up real quick and just show you something real quick here here's some of the people that went out there uh within their first day within their first week within their first month and uh here's a guy on the left uh where he made over ten thousand dollars he started with a negative bank account okay now here's what's interesting about this graph right here is this most people out there or in most businesses you have to buy some sort of kit to get started okay you need to go out there and buy a kit that's the way you get started well here's the problem this guy if he had to buy some sort of kit he couldn't even join a company because his bank account was minus 230 dollars in a hole believe it or not this guy was a former top earner in a company and he was just so down on his luck he called me and said hey man you got anything that i can do and i said a matter of fact i got this if you're interested he saw it and went out in one day and went from a minus two hundred thirty dollars to ten thousand six hundred dollars okay you think that would change your life if you had a negative bank account and we've all been there you know we've been down and out before can you imagine ten thousand dollars none of that went to the company none of it okay here's a rep he shows two of his invoices here stephen he made 4 776 in one day atlee all he did was call people sat at home and called people and made thousands of dollars this first week he's absolutely crushing crushing it and this guy milan uh he he made ten thousand dollars his first week over thirty thousand his first month he was a uber each driver making about four thousand dollars a month in pittsburgh and uh found this got super excited about it and ended up making over thirty three thousand dollars his first month and bought a maserati his first month that's how excited he was but wait there's more massey here uh made 1900 with a funeral home and uh it's funny he did a video and he said man i didn't even have a haircut if i didn't have a you know if i can go out there in a haircut and flip-flops and make 1900 in a day anybody can do this business bob 2 000 bucks all up front and greg here uh he made over 30 000 in his first two weeks greg and angie his wife they were a career military okay uh out of atlanta career military and they probably made only about 60 some thousand dollars a year and he made basically half the salary in about just two weeks instead of working you know six months for that now can you imagine all this money that we're talking about here and no one had to pay anything to join okay free when he made this thirty thousand dollars in two weeks none of that went to the company so that's pretty exciting so what we do is we're gonna give you a business and a box here what you get you get a white label business that means it's your own business okay just set up it's all set up for you and you're going to keep 100 of the profits here okay you're going to like that making 100 and you keep it uh so we're going to show you the product and we're going to show you the money again our product is reviews we're going to go over that but here's what's really cool everyone these business owners know they need reviews because of amazon amazon has taught all of you and everybody else to read reviews okay most of you you don't get on amazon without putting something in your cart without reading the reviews first okay look at this so there's two sinks here okay they look a little bit different depending on what you like the look but here on the left is moen that's a pretty high-end brand pretty great brand look would they have a two star and only four reviews 89 look at this one 859 reviews and four and a half stars and only 55 bucks now i know it's depending on what you like of the look but seriously this is what we do we get on amazon and we see this every day so then when we need a plumber online we need an electrician we want to go to a restaurant we want to stay at a hotel we want to move into an apartment every single person reviews well not every person but 97 of all people read reviews before they choose a product or a service or a business that's a lot we're not talking two percent 20 percent 50 if you can seriously if you don't think there's money in 97 percent then you're crazy okay that is a whole lot of people right so we're going to get into this and real big of what we did here it's over an 81 billion dollar industry we just don't do reviews our software does reviews seo which stands for search engine optimization which means getting up higher in search engines show me a business that doesn't want to show up early and reputation management okay and again you're looking at the gold rush 99 percent of businesses want this product they don't know it exists so all of you on this webinar right now are in a position to go out there and make a ton of money now let me ask you if you could have bought bitcoin for 39 cents in 2010 would you have done it and all of you would have jumped on that now because hindsight's 20 20. well guess what businesses need reviews every business you're going to go to is going to be asking you for a review and you're going to wish that you were the person that set them up shark tank we all watch shark tank what is the product that makes the most money on shark tank it's the ones that have a solution to a problem you know there was a guy that made millions and millions of dollars he kept losing his glasses he made a little clip he stuck on his shirt it sold to me millions of dollars why because he was sick of losing his glasses he was sick of having a problem well business owners don't know how to get reviews and i'm going to prove that real quick and and show you something i got some files up and this is going to be a little bit different than some of the other webinars i've done i try to keep it interesting every time i do one hold on one second here i'm going to show you something how businesses need reviews i'm just going to whoop i'm going to just pop this up over here and let me move it over here this is uh this is a real picture that i took at an auto zone okay on autozone so let me ask you this this is how bad this is they want reviews so bad they're posting a sign on their door have you ever been to an autozone guys are changing their oil in the parking lot do you think any of those guys stop what they're doing going in there for a part and saying oh i gotta stop and give you a review you know what's wrong with this model they don't know how even if they wanted to give a review what are they going to do look it up on google try to figure out where to go try to figure out what to put in it's a very difficult process that's why businesses do stuff like this hang signs and say give me a review but if they don't have our software to make it easy for their customers to get reviews or reviews just don't happen all right i'm going to show you a couple other things that to prove my point how bad businesses uh want reviews here let me show you something here here is a dental office okay that's willing to give away a 300 dollar toothbrush just to try to get people to do reviews okay this is how hungry businesses are to get reviews let me show you another one here here's a uh it looks like an apartment complex or town homes uh when a dozen roses in a box of chocolates if you if you leave us a google review okay um that's how you know the brown valentine's day probably that was that let me show you this one roto-rooter pretty big plumbing service right you've heard of roto-rooter write a review get a refund okay do you see what's common here these businesses are so hungry with for reviews they're trying to bribe people into giving them give away an apple watch you could win an apple watch from a dentistry place if we're given a review you see how hungry businesses are they're doing everything in their power to try to get reviews you know why they're doing this stuff because they don't know how to ask their customers right to get a review okay i want you to think about this is why don't you give reviews and you might give reviews i'm just going to pass some of this stuff here you might give reviews if you're mad about something but not usually not every day i ask you this all the time how many restaurants do you go to that you really love that you like that you can't wait to go eat there but you have never given them a review and most of you will say all of them and i always say well why haven't you given them a review and here's the problem they never asked you if you go to some place or let's say you go to your barber or your hairdresser or the lady who does your nails and you really like their service and they said would you do me a favor and give us a review would really help us out most of you would say absolutely and do a review the problem is they don't ask they don't know how to ask and even if they did ask what do you do got to pull out your phone and try to find them on google and all this that makes it hard to do right so what we've done is we've made it easy software to get reviews now here's how uh businesses can get their customers to enter reviews first and foremost on the left we give all businesses a qr code and they can they can scan it so let's say you're in a barber chair a barber can literally hand you a a laminated sheet with a with a qr code say hey man would you mind giving me a review and you literally can scan it with your phone and give them a review while you're in the chair same in the beauty salon same in the nail salon okay or uh let's say you buy a car from a car lot the car dealer can go into their kiosk mode we have a kiosk mode and they can enter your name and your phone number or name and email and our system will either email or text a review right to their customers so they could just enter their customers they can also upload a list of their customers in the software and all our software then takes over and starts asking for reviews or we have what we call zap your integrations and what zapier is it's a piece of software that ties in with 3 000 pieces of software like stripe like uh square like quickbooks so let's say a plumber comes to your house and he gives you a quickbook invoice on his apple ipad the minute you fill that thing out it will tell zapier and zapier tells our service to automatically send a review a business doesn't have to do anything 100 autopilot and the system will just start sending reviews out to a business now let me show you what that looks like here so if they use a qr code first thing is is you're able to build on our system uh a site that looks just like them we take the businesses logo we take the businesses colors everything looks like their business so you know you're on the right spot the customer knows they're in the right position right so now um they fill out their name and phone number or name and email and it goes to this page here now if the business automatically entered that person already through the kiosk mode or through zapier they skip this okay because they're already entered they don't need this screen they go right to this screen and it says very easy rate is from one to five okay but here's what we do um if they rate a one two or three we have an option that you could turn on or turn off called review gating and what that means is that if the business is going to get about to get a bad review do you think they want that posted forever no the business owner probably wants a chance to make it right with the customer a lot of business owners are not in their business every day and sometimes they have bad employees and a bad employee can cause a bad review real quick and so what happens is if anybody if you have our gating system on and someone says rates at one two or three they just get an email that says thanks for the review and the business owner gets an email saying hey you got a customer that wasn't happy so now it gives the owner a chance before a bad review is posted on google to try to make it right and maybe turn it into a good review now if they write four or five that's a good review and then if they do that and gatings on we are we will automatically send them right to google or any of the other review sites so we have other review sites here like facebook yelp health grades avvo uh this and that so we can send to any open review site travel sites you name it so we even have people using our system to uh post uh reviews on trustpilot we had a spice company with 2.8 million instagram followers uh actually uh using our system to get reviews onto trustpilot how crazy is that now what i want to show you is is before i even get into this i want to show you what you do okay if you need something this i want to show you i'm going to go back one screen here um what happens is it's let's say you need electrician okay like for example i'm going to put all new lights in my garage i'm looking for electrician so i type in you know my city name electrician or electricians near me and then what happens is google comes up with this and this is called the map pack google automatically shows businesses at the top you don't even get down to the bottom you don't even bother reading the organic listings because they put a huge map pack here and most people click on more businesses now look it opens up now it shows all these companies in nashville and look as i roll my mouse over these little pins look what it does it says the business name how many reviews they got and how many stars they got why google owns reviews okay that's what they do they own reviews there is no yellow pages anybody looking for a business goes to google period you say google it this is how it works all local businesses here so you can roll your your mouse off and it shows you what they have now here's some people paying for ads okay that means they're they're paying to be at the top but as we scroll down here i just want to show you here you got to add 4.9 score 310 not bad 4.8 301 those are similar okay then this guy is 42 not a lot a lot of reviews there 25 52 4.3 28 4.3

19 4.3 okay as i scroll down here yes now i want you to look at this one in particular 6 000 reviews in a 4.8 score who do you think is dominating this map pack see here's what most people don't realize is if i type in nashville electricians a lot of these uh business owners don't realize oh that's about it wrong a lot of these uh business owners don't realize like in nashville alone over 10 600 people per month are right now looking for electrician okay in april thirteen thousand almost fourteen thousand people were looking for electrician in nashville so when these other electricians are on the map and they got 4.3 scores you know barely any any reviews okay they don't realize see i want you to think about this real quick how many times do you google an electrician for fun women you might google purses for fun or shoes for fun or spa is even for fun vacations for fun but you don't google an electrician for fun you only google an electrician because you need one and you are picking one right now so all those searches what they're doing is they're getting on here why would i get with a person with 28 you know this now here's what's embarrassing too you want to see something really embarrassing look at this this company's been in business for 25 years it only has 28 reviews you know what i would tell that business and a 4.3 score you know what i tell that

business why does no one like you they'd be like no why does no one like a yeah you don't even get what you're getting less than basically one review a year that's it no one is liking you on google and see business owners a lot of times here's the problem they're really good he might be a great electrician okay but looking at this list he doesn't look like it and there's 10 000 people looking at this list ready to pick one they're not going to call this guy has been in business 25 years and only has 28 reviews or 43 4.3 and only 52 reviews when you got an electrician that has almost 6 000 or here's one that's 1300 okay certain businesses get it okay and these are the ones mopping up all the money so all these business owners out there they want to mop up all the money they want to get all the money they can they want more customers than they know what to do with okay anybody in business wants that right here's the problem if they're not doing reviews right they're getting buried they're getting crushed and all the people are going to their competition and they don't even know it but when you show them this they're just going to say how much you know they're going to look at you and say how much same thing look at nashville let's say i needed windows that's a big thing windows if i'm looking at windows here now let's do a search here for windows and and you gotta search a little bit different but nashville windows it's not as much as electricians but let's look at windows uh about 3 800 searches for almost 5 000 searches in march for windows okay so now let's look at what we see here you gotta see this person is paying for an ad and they don't even get it they're paying for an ad they got a 3.6 go on google and 41 reviews they're literally taking money and throwing it out the window because no one's going to do that at least this american home design they're paying for an ad but they got a 4.8 and a 12 you know almost 1200 people that have scored them which one you call it if you need windows for your house you know that's a big thing that's a big purchase and not to mention people are coming in your home a lot of times when you have any business that people actually come in your home people are wary of that right they want to make sure you want you know someone's coming in your home here but you could look two points 265 4.4 how about window world of nashville anybody calling window world one review and a one star makes me want to pick up my phone and call window world right that's who i'm gonna use 51 reviews and only three stars okay nine reviews and only a 2.6 star one review

and a 2.0 star who do you think everybody's calling if you need windows right now because this is what you would do you would type if you live in nashville like i do like you would type in nashville windows i'm more than likely going to call american home design with a 4.8 score and 1200 people like them here's the other fact i always pull out my whiteboard if you see people that have under 30 reviews even if they're good reviews what you have to remember is there's a trust factor and most people don't trust it you know why because 30 reviews could be your mother sister brother cousins a couple friends all right it's not enough when you see someone with 1200 reviews you know they're not faking when you see somebody with 300 reviews you start to trust that more if someone's been in business for 25 years and they only got 30 reviews and half of them are probably family members that ever give them the review there's not a whole lot of trust in this and consumers these days are very smart because you know what amazon has taught you that when you see an amazon product and there's not a whole lot of reviews and you see another one that has a whole bunch of reviews which one do you order amazon has taught everybody so these people that own businesses right these people that own businesses if you don't get it okay if these businesses don't get it if you're not controlling the map pack you are losing all this money i like to tell business owners it's like this imagine there's a you're sitting at a table and there's tons of cash tons of money sitting on a table and all you got to do is pull off the lid and grab it would you do it yeah do it all day well that's what google's doing google has what we call these are called buyers in heat okay these people are ready to make a decision like if you google a dentist it's not for fun you google a plumber it's not for fun okay even if you google like a used car you're probably looking to buy a used car you're probably ready and you don't want to buy a lemon so you're reading the reviews everything you do is on google these days and this is the biggest factor for businesses to get more business now there's a lot of money in that and i'm going to show you exactly why there's money in that let me just go back here a little bit so here's one of our companies they started with 111 reviews we got them up to 2057 reviews now check this out reviews not only get rid i mean it doesn't only do reviews but they're getting almost sixty thousand dollars in free traffic on google because google keeps showing them uh towards the top of google because look page one keyword 703 see when people write a review they're writing it on their phone or writing it on their their email and they're doing it from separate i p addresses google recognizes that basically imagine if all your customers created you content that's how it works they can literally create content for the business and keywords do that and we have a joke where do you hide a dead body page two of google who wants to be on page two of google and so when people write reviews i want to explain that a little bit more you know let's say i wrote a review about a plumber i say a plumber came to my house on saturday my hot water heater was broken uh he came on time i couldn't believe he worked on saturday's the best plumber in nashville well there's a ton of keyword terms people just naturally write keyword terms as they're writing a review and those terms can actually rank the business higher on google so uh and and just so you know if you were to hire just an seo company one you don't see results on that for usually five or six months or so and two a lot of these companies charge anywhere from 500 to to three to seven thousand dollars a month for seo okay nothing wrong with that because we have a lot of seo companies that use us but they use us because they realize that that reviews get seo faster than almost anything so what we do is we white label our software to you and i'm going to show you i think i have a graphic here where is it at i'm going to pull this over here and blow this up so you can see it first and foremost you get to charge a business whatever you want okay because we wait label this to you so you get to charge a business anyone as much money as you want and we give you 50 locations now remember when you sign up you get to sign up for free we don't charge you any money for 30 days nothing okay if you just go get 10 businesses at 200 you're already making 2 000 a month you fill up all 50 locations and we show you how with because we have an awesome free trial that's 10 000 a month in your pocket if you wanted to charge 400 bucks that's 20 000 a month charge 500 bucks is 25 000 a month 300 bucks is 15 000 a month but i want to show you a little trick here so when you show a business what i just showed you with the keywords and showing them how their competition is crushing them they watch a video okay you don't have to know how to sell anything by the way i'm going to show you something here well let me just show you right now we have uh a page already built for you with a video that they watch and you could put in a free trial i'll show you that in a little bit but we also have uh businesses already done let's say you were talking we were talking about window reseller look at this we have a page that you can send them that's non-branded at all that talks to window resellers and shows you exactly what i just showed okay and a window guy can sit here and watch this video where i'm talking to him i'm showing him the screenshots of how many people are looking for windows showing him how much business he's missing by not having good reviews and by the time they're done watching this this video they're like i'm in okay this is what happens all the time they're like i'm in okay um so what happens is a lot of businesses then say well how much is it and so we have a little trick we show our reps that say okay on a monthly basis if you want to do it by month it's 3.99 a month if you want to do it on a six-month upfront basis uh we'll break that down to 299 a month but if you want to do one year up front a lot of these businesses can afford that uh we do 199 a month so you would just pay that all up front and what happens is almost probably over 80 of businesses now are just paying us up front and right there you would get a payment for 2400 and we actually take show you how to take payments on all kinds of different levels you can take checks you show you how to take credit cards and show you how to do all this stuff but how would you like to to do that just play a movie for a business they get so excited they can't wait to do it and by the time it's done you're walking out with twenty four hundred dollars and we give you 50 locations to do that what if you got every one of them to pay a year upfront okay what's that well over a hundred thousand dollars in your pocket uh not bad right uh pretty good so um i hope all of you are pretty excited now when i showed you some of those screenshots that's exactly what that's what's happening uh these people are making thirty thousand ten thousand the guy made ten thousand dollars got a roofer now here's here's what's also very cool about this and i'm gonna just draw this out excuse me i'm drawing on a white board i know it's a little messy he went to one roofer okay but the roofer had six locations and while the way google does it is by address so he had to sign up all six locations so he only went to one business but the guide paid a year up front for six businesses and made over ten thousand dollars on one off of one basically one business that had six locations now what's crazy is you could always get more than than the 50 locations okay we have this one company out of new jersey i think they've already filled up 950 packs and they're making well over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a month okay on monthly basis okay they got and they got huge car dealers they got mercedes-benz dealership at akra dealerships they do a lot in the car uh segment section and uh but they got you know a mercedes-benz dealerships using us okay you think mercedes-benz dealership doesn't want to use something of quality when all their cars are quality i own tool bins i i can tell you they don't want things that don't work well that's how we work okay hopefully you're getting pretty excited about this here and let me see where's my presentation at okay uh we're going to get into the affiliate program real quick too because the affiliate program is huge um i just want to show you some stuff okay so let me show you the affiliate program real quick because i'm going to get you really excited so first and foremost a lot of you have uh gone out there and you've done all kinds of home-based businesses before let's just take their typical mlm business okay usually up front you got if you want to join uh there's a kit i mean and so i want to explain this do you know what the number one question people ask in mlm the minute you say i got something awesome for you and we've even had people posting the comments on this group well what's it going to cost me that's the number one thing people say back when you show them something what's it gonna cost me and you get to say uh can you afford free and what do they say to that almost everybody says yeah i can afford free okay the other thing is a lot of the mlms are what we call me too a lot of them have you know products that are sold in stores or there's a lot of mlms that do the same thing okay how many mlm sell the same exact product and so you're not only competing versus maybe retail in the stores or whatever but you're also competing versus every other mlm okay guess what we have zero mlm zero zero people in the direct sales business have this product or the software none zero competition again how does it feel to be first how does it feel to be free okay uh it's a it's a big difference all right as far as comp plans go okay you want to make a lot of money in order to make a million dollars okay usually in mlms it takes 50 000 or you know plus okay i mean i'm talking residual not one time with like one time bonuses i'm talking you know enough money to make a million dollars a year residually us it's under under 9 000 people on a team and i'm going to show you that under 9 000 where that's a lot more so you want to do less work and make more money but here's the best the best thing out of all of this okay and this and what i'm going to tell you makes it super easy to build a team but this business is one of the only businesses i've ever seen where you can go out and make five figures a month okay with that with no recruiting and no downline okay if you just want to sell the businesses and let our videos do all the selling and i showed you how much money there is and you never build a team okay never sponsor one single person never build a downline you still have the potential to go out and make five figures and actually six figures a month when you get multiple packs going okay but when you tell someone hey i could show you how to make five figures you can start for free you don't even need a downline you need no recruiting guess what everybody says i'll tell you what they say sign me up that's what they say we just made it the easiest way for you to go out there and get signups because all when they see this they're like wow okay uh and most people can't believe it and a lot of you were probably skeptical too that were on this webinar and all of a sudden you once you saw it you're like oh my gosh this thing is crazy right so there's no reason why you can't bring a ton of people in here's the deal at 20 people just go get 20 people not 20 people a month 20 people total ever okay and if you can have people sign up for free we already have people that bring in 50 in a day 100 in a day so because you can sign them up for free right it's not hard 20 people get and they all do the same thing that's ninety three thousand two hundred dollars a month in residual okay that's if you want what's twenty five upgrades a week for a month what if it even took you six months to find your 20 who cares okay because it's not that hard and in the other people can too because when you're building a team for free you can build a massive team your people can go out and build a massive team their people can go build a massive team why there's no cost there's no resistance okay when you have a kit when you have a kid up front there's resistance what's it gonna cost me well it's you know 250 bucks right now it's 500 bucks right now it's a thousand dollars right now that's resistance okay people have to think about that kind of stuff they don't think about free they just join and when they realize that they join for free okay they realize that well shoot that was easy i could have others join for free now what i want to show you is this we already have here's a great crazy thing too and i'm going to pull it up in a different page here um we give you for the affiliate side we have six pages with awesome movies one doesn't have so five of them have a video one does not a lot of times when you join some company they give you basically like one page and everybody gets one page and you gotta do it no we have six pages that do all your telling selling and explaining and then once people go through the page they get to a landing page where we have all the videos like what i'm doing right now doing explaining and there's going to be a button there that tracks you we have tracking built in where you're going to put your affiliate link in and we'll track everything okay track all your free trials track all your upgrades everything as you get leads they're going to be right in your back office you're going to be able to see the leads name their email address their phone number this is just a demo account okay um and that's that's what you're going to do in your back office okay and let me show you uh real quick what we do for businesses to give them a free trial since i'm in the back office here first of all you're gonna take your own logo too which everything's your business okay we wait label it if i'm getting ahead of myself or i'm confusing everybody i'll answer questions in the end i promise um so we have this uh right here and we give you a a qr code that you can download it and put it on a business card put it on a flyer if you want or you can give people just the link but here it'll have your logo okay you could turn the video on or off okay um and then you can choose i want to give a business a seven day trial now i think i want to give a business a 14-day trial and then on the button that says seven we just come over here and change the button to 14 days save changes you could change the uh the button color if you want it's green right now if i want to change the button color let's say to red i can do that if i want to change the background color depending on what your logo looks like you could do that all kinds of cool things you grab a link but when a business fills this out they're going to go on a 14-day trial get this we we let you have unlimited trials you can give a business as any as many businesses as you want like we just had a gym go from 22 reviews to 66 reviews in three days they were flipping out they can't wait to buy the software okay so you can give it out and guess what happens you will find tons of businesses that are ready to pay you why it works they will watch their review count go up and up and up and they are so happy when they see that because all businesses know they need reviews they want reviews and when they see it starting to happen they have to have it so if you don't charge up front you can give away free trials okay as many free trials as you want and you know those will turn into paid people okay we watch that all the time where trials turn into paid businesses okay how exciting is this everybody okay we got everything pretty much already done for you and now we also have a training i added i built a new training site last night it has a couple glitches because i just built it we're working all that out but we have training so you get to the training and it says hey i want to just sell the businesses or i want to build an affiliate team so let's say you want to sell the businesses you click on the button and it will take you over and basically three easy steps find a business free trial or payment enter them in the software okay we have a video how to set up your back office and then we show you how to do keyword tools we show you how to find businesses we we show you all those business pages we talk about how you get free trials how to make business cards how to use our tool to get free trials we have all kinds of stuff look phone and email scripts okay you don't have to know how to do anything we have videos on how to use our software frequently asked questions flyers testimonials and let me just click on that real quick testimonials you know i showed you some pictures to some of these people now you get to hear from them live you can actually watch a video and hear exactly what they did okay we did some interviews so that's those are really really cool that you get to experience that as well but again we we go through here very easy you go to the next page we have so much training that can help you learn uh how to get guaranteed upgrades how to put them in google um how to what to give the business once you sign them up everything we have it all done nothing you have to figure out here and now let me just show you some of the affiliate side build an affiliate team we talk about what we are versus the competition the pay plan how to set up as an affiliate how to get your funnels set up how to get your links how to track your commissions all this is already done okay now i'm just going to up hit next here social media graphics let me show you something a lot of you mark it on facebook right look what we did if you click this button it's going to take you and we have all these graphics that you could just right click and save your computer and go post all over social media and with your links and get people very excited about that we have solo ad resource we have emails already written if you guys do any email marketing we have emails already written that all you got to do is throw your link in there okay copy and paste right um we have a craigslist ad we show you how to post on craigslist we show you how to follow up we have a a sizzle call that's 24 hours a day that people can listen to we have a webinar that literally plays every single hour of the day and you can do this and if that wasn't enough uh we even have we have a facebook group and we have a bunch of these webinars like the one you're watching and we have tons of them that you could go back and watch and share where we do all the telling selling and explaining for you so the biggest question i have is do you want to double dip because that's what we call our comp plan there's two ways that you can easily go out and make five figures a month here it's super easy to build a team because one we have a one-of-a-kind product it's free to do and people can go out and make five figures just selling the product without uh building a team at all and people get so excited about that and again we have everything done even frequently asked questions some people ask questions you know can you do a giveaway should you do a giveaway how do i delete a business how many businesses do i have left how do i set up a gmb all this kind of stuff adding different languages in the software we have thought of everything to make you a success okay so how you know a script we're calling businesses yeah we got it let me show you come over here to sell the businesses you scroll down and it says scripts you click on a script we even have videos how to email business how to get businesses off of facebook here's a guy from yelp that teaches you how to call here's mike doing uh live cold calls um here's some scripts phone script another phone script another phone script phone tips email scripts we got it all we got it all so again you got to tweet that to how you know what you want to do but everything is set up so listen this is a this is an amazing opportunity for you because it's very real okay we have people that have actually opened up brick and mortar offices and this is all they do okay you can't tell me that businesses aren't looking for reviews you can't tell me that you don't read reviews and reviews don't change your mind again you're going to call a 3.6 score when

it's underneath a 4.8 score and 1200 okay no you are not you are going to go with the best reviews because you want the best for whatever you're doing business owners are leaving tons of money on the table now here's what's exciting everybody why would a business owner do this because they're going to get more business business owners so whatever they pay for this service which is one a tax deduction but if they can go get tons more customers in their door they could be making thousands and thousands of more dollars a month that's what they see they see that we can make so much more money if we fix this situation because the thing is is all these people are on google whether they fix their situation or not and their business is going to go to their competition or the business is going to go to them who do they want to win and here's what's even cooler if you walk into a business you literally can whip out your cell phone and show them this in real time and here's my one of my favorite things i like to say to a business would you call you would you use you if you're clean at home improvement and i show you this right now and you got 41 reviews and a 3.6 score i would say clintard if i'm looking at this and i'm really looking to buy some windows right now and i got american home with the 4.8 score and 1200 reviews you think i'm calling you would you call you why and they wake up and say man how much i'm ready it's the easiest sale you will ever make in your life because they know they need to fix it and they want to fix it because the reputation is out there nobody sets up sets out to buy a business and have a bad reputation right nobody wants to have a bad reputation okay and it can be any business everybody you guys can post some questions right now as i'm showing you something nashville pizza okay let's look 4.3 7 71 reviews 4.3 900 reviews

4.5 4.4 look at some of these scores here 4.1 86 reviews okay all right and i can keep going and going and going 4.3 right 3.4 little chicago sounds good but

only a 3.4 score now if i scroll up here you know i can go to a 4.7 590 reviews a 4.6 992 reviews if i really want to try a new pizza place who am i calling which one am i calling this is the easiest thing to show everybody now what's really interesting too is when you can show somebody on the map pack look how close this is we got a thousand and nine and a f four point five eleven hundred four point one like so this guy has half the reviews of the ones right down the street you can literally 1700 reviews this one has 533 737 there's a 3.4 score look how close the 3.4 score is to a 4.6 probably not even a mile down the road there's even another one i think in there okay it's not even a block away okay look at this one 1700 reviews look how close this is and so this is that where do you find your 50 locations um so when you log in your back office see to this left hand side right here it will tell you how many locations you have left so when you click on add a new click new location here um if you use our trial thing your trials do not uh count against your actual location these are for paid so when you click on users too you will see when you first log in your back office you know it'll show you the businesses that you have put in this again this is one of our demo accounts that we use for webinars and whatnot it's processing right now so i could see see there's businesses here and then so it takes away from this and then you can always delete a business or reactivate so let's say someone took a trial and they weren't uh they didn't do it okay you can delete them for now but then you can go back and reactivate or someone might have paid for three months and then they they stop paying for whatever reason you can delete them or reactivate them so the software is very intuitive and we got a ton of training on that so if you're on our training site real quick let me just show you something uh go to when you go to sell to businesses here scroll down and click on if you click on how to use the software there's a video library about 16 very in-depth videos where we go over all that okay this is a quick start we we try to get you set up very quickly but then for you that want to go really really in depth and learn everything about the software mike does an excellent job on that okay and we recommend everybody watch it uh just so you're very familiar with it so good question bob anybody else have any questions for me hope everybody's excited because there is well we're paying out insane money in the affiliate program i can tell you that but also watching these people get businesses uh one girl on this group got a furniture store for a year up front she was only in the business like two days and i'm pretty sure she probably made twenty four hundred dollars like in her second day of the business where where do you see that anywhere else and guess what she hasn't paid the company yet she has not paid us one penny yet she went out made 2 400 bucks in a day you got to love it anybody else have any questions don't be shy i'll be glad to answer them if not i'll i'll end the webinar we'll do another one soon and then what i'm thinking about doing is uh maybe this week is doing a webinar uh for everybody that's signed up on making sure you got everything set up right showing uh make sure you got your funnel set up right making sure you understand everything we might do a webinar this week uh based on that as well but uh do you only load local businesses once they commit when you initially gain them uh no i mean uh gina if you want to set up a business prior it's kind of cool because you can literally set up a business on a trial let's say and then you can walk in and show them um you know like their logo and everything and you can walk them through the process of them rating them one to five and and then it shoots right over to google and when a business owner sees that you already got them set up a lot of businesses owners are like really excited about that and do that yep john you get to 50 locations once you sign up for free that's right that's what makes it so crazy because we're actually letting you go out and make a ton of money your first month without paying the company you don't have to wait to pay to get that uh you're trying to find uh george you're trying to find what link a link to sign up are you already signed up what are you what are you trying to find and i can try to help you with that get a little bit more specific george and i'll be able to help you and uh but yeah every one of you you get to 50 when you sign up for free so you can go out the same day and make a money uh and then we can also do our own research for the businesses low rate yes it's very easy to do that i mean google gives you almost everything you need to know uh this is called uh this this particular software is called keyword keyword tool io and i use another software too called uh d7 and all by the way uh when you join you can also send us an email and we'll send you some free leads to get you started um uh business businesses uh a list of businesses i should say um so this is a d7 lead finder is a as a tool we use and for example um someone was looking up some businesses here uh previous guest searches here so roofing in charlotte if i click on view leads let's see if it shows anything it will actually show i don't know if i'm going to show because with zoom it might take a minute but i could actually do a search i could search for anything in any city and pull up a ton of leads now here we go and it will show uh phone number email address it'll show social links and it'll show look the reviews right here in the software so this is a cool software tool uh if you get real serious about this business and you want uh something to run your business we recommend that we don't own this this is just a tool that we use um so it's really good here and george i'm still waiting for you to tell me what link you're trying to find uh i'm not sure what link you're trying to find here i'd be more happy to tell you how to get it if i know what you're looking for your affiliate links or your or whatnot if you're looking for your affiliate links i'll show you real quick here when you log in your back office to get your affiliate first of all you'll click on affiliate dashboard to sign up as an affiliate and they'll give you a link then you'll go to sales dashboard and then free websites uh you'll take the link that you got when you signed up as our affiliate you just save it here and then once you do that you just click on these and you'll get a link for our pages okay and if you want a link for your business page to get free trials that's under your settings tab you come over here and you go to settings and then uh once you're in settings facebook lives are always slow with uh pulling stuff up here uh once you get once you go to settings you get trials easy and you can just hit copy link here or download your qr code so that's it you're trying to find the 50 businesses well when you get an account it's there's no businesses in there yet so you would have to go to add a new location or use use our trial okay use our page to go give away trials and they fill it out or if you've got a business that's ready to sign up okay out of the 50 um you would click on add a new location okay and this is how easy it is let's say uh i was looking for a uh well let's go find one let's see let's say uh nashville pizza let's say dasano pizza baker they got a lot of reviews let's find somebody done here milano's pizzeria right so i come over here and i would start to go milanos and what you do is you want to type it in so here's one right here east milano's pizza house but i don't think these are right pizza rina there we go that oh here's one and let me well i didn't spell it right pizza pizzeria let me i'm just gonna check the spelling here over here e-r-i-a milano's pizzeria and then 2-2-1-3 pizzeria or iea that's a hard word to spell on it what is it hold on let me do this real quick p-i-z-z-a or p-i-z-z-e oh that's it e-r-i-a okay and then they are located um at two two one three elliston okay so then what i would do is i would just continue to try two two one three and then it comes up see our system actually finds what's on google and then i could click it and notice it fills everything out for me and then i could type in here the category restaurant and then i would type in the person's name and last name and their email address and create a password which they can change and then hit sign up and that's how you put a business in it's that easy okay or if you're giving away a trial just use our trial form let them fill it out and that's how that works uh bob this is not usa only we're actually all over the world we have people in england doing this uh we have people in south africa doing this we have people all over the world uh that do this so and yes this should be recorded uh for you also um just because you mentioned that we have a good training uh from a guy out of the uk i think he made six thousand bucks on his first deal and um where is that uh oh it's on the scripts here if you click on scripts uh this this video how to get businesses off of facebook this guy got a lot of businesses off of facebook he's actually from the uk and he has a great uh great training for you on how to find businesses on facebook and i think he made like 6 000 bucks on his first deal so pretty good uh probably worth watching all right all right any more questions for me if not i'll end this and then you guys could go find the person that sent you here and you guys could sign up and then maybe later this week i will do a more in-depth uh setup uh of this and this and that but uh where else you're going to find a business the questions i always like to end is can you afford free do you know anybody else that wants to make money that can afford free you know that's it uh do you have training on zapier yes uh jim uh so if you're looking for zapier mike has a great video so if you click on sell the businesses scroll down click on video library how to use the software it's going to take you here now we're going to change it later but if you if you scroll through these videos there is one video on integrations okay uh let's see right here on integrations and it teaches you all about zap here uh the other thing you can do is if you go to i'm going to show you something uh if you go to you can

actually scroll down they actually have a search so let's say i want to know if stripe is there and sure enough stripe comes up and works with and let's say i want to look at square and then you can see all the squares including square that comes up so zapier has a search for it now here's the other thing if you're working with a special pos that is not on zapier we can still our programmers still can work with certain apis so if they have an api we might be able to take their api and still work with it and so just because they're not as happier does not mean uh we can't connect with it depending on what their software is now there's certain software's that they want twenty thousand dollars for their api so most businesses wouldn't do that but uh you know we'll see all right any other questions that i can answer anyone hopefully you're excited hopefully you'll lose sleep because this is a powerful powerful business and it's so simple it's not complicated okay all of you can get this and all of you can make a lot of money i'm looking forward to all of your success stories keep this group keep pumping it out keep being you know bringing people to these webinars uh yeah just email us the api if you get it if it's on if it's on zapier it'd be million times easier but uh you could work with mike and mike can work with your company on the api issue okay so that's it all right everybody it's very different than most uh most home-based businesses that you look at it's very different than most mlms it's very different than most anything out there but hopefully you guys can see how lucrative this business is and how big this business is for the people that see it okay so that's good george said he can't sleep i like that gina's super excited that's awesome we are too all right everybody that's all i got for tonight we'll see you on the next one

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