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Sitting Down with Samuel Leach

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Hey. Guys welcome, back to my youtube channel and episode, 11 of ultra, nose talkin t got, an awesome guest with us and that, is Timothy. Sykes. Thanks for joining that hey thanks for having me yeah good so. For. Those that don't know you which isn't too isn't, too many before you might know you one on our channel and give, a brief intro about yourself sure um you. Know I trade low price stocks which the whole world hates and I love they, made me a millionaire many times over I started with twelve thousand dollars now, I made roughly five million but. It's a small niche so I have scalability, issues so, I'm. Never gonna make a billion dollars and I'm fine with that I go back to 12 grand every year to, show my. Students now how to grow, their accounts so, now I have thousands. Of students in over 120, countries I love teaching my, top student has turned fifteen hundred into, eight plus million but he might be a robot or a clone, sent, from the future back in time when, I'm like theoretically, richer and I would send someone, back in time to prove that my stuff is real wrote. The theory that roll, of the tongue so. Make. Sense if I'm more successful in the future in cloning, and time travel or possible, I would theoretically, send. Someone back in time this, is that couple right, now I mean it's just this. Is reality this is realistic, I mean time travel is real right endgame is like a documentary. That's definitely debate, this needed with Elon, Musk Joe, very good, I'm. Just saying like my top student fifteen hundred to eight million is not like, possible. For humans it's somebody, from the future or a robot, or clone or something Crazy's. Going on because he is a bad guy this guy was, it am i right I'm profit leaves I Superman, or Superman, is there to yeah he's made a few million but this is Tim Brittani, literally. I took, him to the Maldives one time just to celebrate like his first $100,000. Profit and we're getting drunk and we're celebrating and like literally he's just, watching this screen and I'm like trying, to close the laptop and he's like get away from me and this is at that point he was only up 100 grand and he was so focused and I was like scared. FA he's just so I completely looked in yeah not doing that yeah and now he's married with a kid is beautiful, so so when you said people. Don't like you, know low price penny stocks what why is that have you seen the wolf of Wall Street I have heard about what happening string slips have you heard of Jordan, Belfort, or the Commission's still the same name yeah, so you, know there's no 50%, Commission's anymore Pink Sheets are pretty much dead it's. Just a lot of low priced stocks that, are scams, and they have one or two products, they're very sketchy they have very little in the way of public, filings anything they do file, you, have to take with a grain of salt so they're very sketchy, you know and for, me I don't care about their fundamentals, they just expect, the worst out of every company and you're never disappointed but. The patterns are very predictable, because mutual. Funds hedge, funds big-time traders don't trade this niche because like I said there's scalability, issues so it's a bunch of idiots trading, these and you're. Competing against, idiots like I make. The comparisons, like competing, against midgets in basketball have you ever played a midget in basketball oh definitely. No play division if you want to play basketball who, would you choose if you want to win the game do you compete, against like LeBron James or a midget. Good, question a midget correct.

So For me I'm competing, against mental midgets in penny stocks okay. I love that analogy very politically, correct yeah. Yes, I'm very, introverted I'm trying to work on night speaking, my mind more thank. You for helping me graze actually an intervention yeah. Okay. Wow where do I go for that. Question okay, fine so my. Mental images is of, midgets, Bob I'm gonna have to do a video sometime doing, this yeah show it but it's true like that's what it is it's like there's, not much money, comparatively. I mean I've made a few million dollars my top students made a few million you live a great life in a few million but, you know in some of the niches that you trade like you can make a few million in like a day or a few hours so, it's, just different stuff but, for me that's why it's good for you. Know the average person with like two or three thousand dollars I don't think they should be trading Google. Or Amazon. Like, you know or Starbucks, like CNBC, would have you believe because you're, just not gonna grow your account yeah much and is, that something that so. That was gonna bring me on to the question of what what made you so when you started did you initially start with penny stocks or did you let's start off with the blue chips and did you start off why, not maybe FX, commodities, yeah what made you steer in that diary no so I started off with blue chips my account just wasn't going anywhere you know I twelve. Thousand then like next month was like eleven thousand nine hundred then like twelve thousand two hundred I'm, like this is like my, numbing. Yeah and, then I tried a little option to try a little Forex it's just not for me so I gravitated. Towards, lower, price stocks and I got really good at it I'll, tell you my first pattern, you'll laugh at how simple it was my. First year trading, 1998-1999. Senior in high school this, is when the internet was just beginning, companies, would add dot-com, to their corporate name right, yeah sportsmen, guide they, sell camping equipment online they're still in business, they, changed your name from sportsmen, guide ink to sportsmen,, right, big, press release the stock tripled not in one day or one hour but over three or four days as the news spread and more, and more companies started adding dot-com to their name and I, would just buy the stock at the end of day one and then, sell into the spike on day two or day three and I was like this is I mean, I would win every time and now, 20, years later that exact, same pattern popped, up with Bitcoin, and crypto, when companies, would merge, with Bitcoin or start like a Bitcoin, or crypto, subsidiary, stocks, would triple quadruple, over three or four days and I'm like mind blown, 20 years later different, hype different, kind of stuff yeah it wasn't there there was a stock was now is it I mean what market was on they they they, did it was like Long Island, Long, Island iced. Tea yeah yeah. Yeah yeah, they. Say that's getting. Kodak. Kodak was coming out with Kodak coin in the end when the thing quadrupled. So same, kinds of patterns and then they all crash and burn all the dot-coms crash and burn all the Bitcoin stocks crash, and burn so I haven't even traded Bitcoin, itself but I've traded a lot of Bitcoin, and crypto related stocks yeah, so for me there's, just an inefficiency, there like you know if you're trading crypto, or FX, like if these are basically like commodities or 24:5.

24/7. Like I don't want that I get too little sleep already, for. Me with Penny Stocks because, like we, talked about my core like I mentioned very politically, correctly I'm competing, against, idiots so they, hear about the news not in real-time they don't use real-time scanners half the people on penny stocks don't even have real time quotes okay, this is just to show you. Incompetent they are that's definitely over YouTube title competing, against me, it's. Just I mean it's true like these. People literally, like I get emails they're like oh my god I just lost like five grand I didn't realize my quotes were like twenty minutes delayed and, I'm like how are you trading on delayed data like they don't even know so I'm just teaching, these people like bare basics, but it helps them and. Okay. So in respect to that do you think that the whole pattern side of things Jared, you reckon that that's gonna be the same audience in that market forever just because you. Know funds aren't gonna get involved in that so, varied but it's always gonna be idiots who need education, and. I say that lovingly but. A lot of financially. Naive people need education, that's why I got into becoming a teacher I was in this TV show Wall Street warriors that was like a big hit because I was drunk in every episode and you. Know I have, a big mouth as you can tell but. People. Started emailing me like how do you turn a few thousand into a few million years and I saw the need because again most, people who teach in my niche especially, are just fakes they're frauds they, don't make millions, of dollars they never have they never will so, for me I have, I continue. To and I just have to show it step by step even when I'm wrong like today I sold my stock way too soon before I came here to see you I made a few trades I made like 1,200, bucks sold, way too soon stock, is now up even more everyone's, like why are you like selling. So soon you know if I can make a thousand dollars a day that's that's a good living, yeah no, no how does that make sense I've seen this a couple of I'm off top my head too though I know there's some ETFs. And stuff like that in the UK that invest into small cap I'm not so sure about you have a small cap like trying to like micro cap or nano cap, there's no ETF.

No One gives a about my niche it's interesting it's crazy to me yeah like they don't most, people think like when they hear about me or penny stocks they're just like oh it's a scam you, know he's just pumping up these penny stocks like they don't realize that trade with a small account I donate all my trading. Profits to charity I'm trying to show the, process like you talk about just with the dot-coms, in the Bitcoin that's one pattern but I have dozens of patterns and, you see the patterns repeat because it's idiots, lots, of idiots who just have no money or very little money and they need. Do you think that things that are moving these stocks are such the you know like press releases are. We may, find oil, we. Found this we. Found a billion, barrels of oil we, found the biggest gold deposit, ever and these companies put this stuff out with, little disclaimers, at the bottom that you know the financially, naive don't even read the disclaimers, yeah they're, being marketed to with you know press releases and, analyst. Reports even though it's not real analyst it's just people who are getting compensated, in cash or stock and, they just get suckered again and again the sad way that I find a lot of my students, is they lose half or all their money on some, scam they, start googling, and they see a blog post that I wrote about the scam six months ago warning, them but they didn't know about me yeah so then they've lost all their money but then they're like oh, that's time-stamped. So for me I have 8,000, blog posts, like a hundred thousand tweets and I just timestamp, everything so you can see that like I'm trying to warn you ahead of time but, people still fight me that's, all I tried I tried doing that personally, because I do some contribution, on Forbes and so, all of mine with timestamps got, them more blue chips like 30 to 40% moves over. A few months so very, much you know lower. Percentage. Moves than what you're looking at but I think it's important to make sure everything, is time-stamped with your change. Everything okay if you look at like some people who are on TV there's an ugly bald man who says bye bye-bye and he's right about 35% of the time if you look at his stuff like really, you can roll the dice and be better than him they won't be as entertaining, okay. So on, Ultra Authority we try to get, 5, tips I'll, try to get them out of you throughout the throughout, the whole interview say sure say tip, 1 what would you give to aspiring traders.

Is Something that they should take into account before they start their journey so rule, number 1 lesson number 1 for, me it doesn't matter if I'm competing against medical midgets it doesn't matter how sure I am you, like that analogy, it. Doesn't matter what, the trade is or who I'm competing against rule number one cut losses quickly, ok I can be wrong on any stock I don't care what my research says I might short sale ask am i short sell a lot of these stocks because I expect them to go to 0 yeah sometimes the scam can last more weeks, and months than you expect, sometimes. I I see a company, that has a good technology, spider. Silk is new technology, KB lb is his piece of little penny stock and I've been buying and they, have this spider silk and I'm picturing like millions of little spiders like making. Silk and it's ridiculous, yeah but, they partner with polar tech which is a multi-billion, dollar company and CEO of polar tech put, out a good press release but, the stock wasn't acting well so I got out I made about 3 grand and I was just like I really, had, conviction, in this idea but it the price action wasn't good two weeks later the stock tripled so I was on the right track I was off on my timing doesn't matter rule number one get, out when you're in doubt, for cut losses quickly, I had a profit on that one so it doesn't have to just be a loss but if the stock is not doing what you want just get out you can always get back in so that's number one yeah, cut losses. And. Get out get out yeah when in doubt cow good terminology, ok, so that's, that's, mega sale see you started what kind of actually got you into, trading. Stocks in the first place what what why did you go down that route why didn't you go down there you know I'm not gonna say, it's a bad thing go down the hole 9 til 5 get job after, you finish or I mean this was high school I was a tennis player I had surgery on my arm so I, had, Tommy John surgery they take something out of your other arm so I'm walking around school like Robocop, and I, couldn't play tennis, I was already into college early admission so my parents gave me controlled my bar mitzvah money and, they thought that I would lose it all they thought that it would be a good lesson for me this is like my parents like tough love and, instead I turned the twelve thousand into a hundred thousand senior.

Year Of high school and then a little under 800,000. Freshman year in college and then I was hooked like my you know, I'm Jewish so my greedy genes took over yeah and I was just like I want more money because that's what I was born to do okay. Great. Great relation of how you go into said. The lesson that you were supposed to learn, you didn't, really learn you just kind of found your feet of way I became, obsessed with, patterns, and this is you know lesson, number two for you guys whatever. You study you have to become obsessed, you have to be addicted, to it it's not about like having a like work-life, balance like, 9 to 5 then you clock out like if you want to learn something and you want to master something I've, made a few million dollars in my life it's not even like the biggest thing for, you, know trading, purposes but for penny stocks is pretty good but, I became obsessed. Learning, and, if you want to make the most money you have to first get, as much knowledge as you can I understand, a grapes like I said, all the time about Elon, Musk the hundred hour workweek of, just constantly paying so much more time in it something, along the lines of what would take you a year yeah it, would take someone two and a half years to achieve you can do it any year you're doing hundred because, they want us to do in 40 but you don't want to burn out too so it's there is a little bit of a balance where you don't want to ruin your health like I get a lot of people are like yeah I believe in it a hundred percent like, I didn't even sleep last night I'm like calm down why did you go through that facia so um, I mean I've pulled all-nighters before, like when a lot, of the time when I'm writing like blog posts and I'm exposing, these stocks and I'm like oh I'm gonna get these guys oh my god yeah, and like they basically say that their scams in their own SEC, filings, which people don't read you know cuz again people don't even know the SEC would have been a bit tougher, on that well, they don't say that they're doing anything illegal but they say like we have no cash we're gonna be out of business in the next three months unless we raise a lot of money you. Know we hope that there's gold but there's like a point zero zero seven percent, chance and these, are in the legal filings then compare, that to the press releases the company says we are gonna find gold Mike yeah so people, read these one-pagers, this is lesson number three, don't.

Just Look, at what management says or what a press release says always. Expect, them to be, basically, like cheerleaders, like they're never gonna tell you the truth the day before Bear Stearns collapsed the CEO or CFO was, on CNBC saying everything's fine the, next day bankrupt, like, there's. Never gonna admit down so legal, filings, might. Be long but, they're worth reading especially when you see like the ugly grim reality, do, you and you find the obviously short selling on, a stock do you find it sometimes hard to get that kind of borrowed to be able to do correct so this is part of the reason why I became a teacher otherwise I would just short scams and you know run some giant fund out of the Cayman Islands and not tell anybody but. There aren't that many shares, available too short on a lot of these penny stocks I have a whole music video called no borrow no cry alright, this, is my kind of creativity, and just too much time on my hands and too much money so, you. Can link that we're gonna link that no borrow no cries we're gonna laugh, no cry' have four music videos just because I'm bored, with, life what. About penny Stokes yeah they're all a little penny stock analogies, I spoofed, this Rihanna video and it was like this, girl was trying to trade and she gets frustrated she, throws the laptop, and like and, she gets undressed in a Jacuzzi I don't know I just I go with it okay fair. Enough so obviously, you've got all this going on you're. In a limited market and, you've, got your students, now that you're dedicating, your time to to help increase. Their. Earnings, their revenue, you, post your trades don't you so that the other guys can see them right yeah that's all full transparency you can see my income tax returns audits, trades. Again. I trade with a small account so it's not like I'm being, that brave like I'm not showing like a 20, million dollar trading account yeah but, for me it's the process like how do you make $100. Or $200, in a day on a two or three thousand dollar account that's useful yeah, no especially, consistently, not just once yeah, you know like I want something that's gonna win six, maybe seven maybe, eight times, out of ten it, doesn't matter if one time it doesn't work or two times it doesn't work it's. Like what can make you more over the long run and how can you manage your risk, some people like just want to make as much money as possible but they can't manage, the risk they can't cut their losses so.

I Would never take that trade you your risk is unlimited yeah especially with short selling some of these penny stocks yeah I understand, get out say for the guys that don't know where, can they access that information just. Google Timothy Sykes okay, it's. Google. Me literally eight thousand, blog posts, like I have literally. A hundred thousand, plus tweets I just looked the other day I was like that's gee that's a lot of tweets yeah that's I, like posting, all this stuff I have a lot of posts. And links and you know I've written for Forbes and Inc so you have articles there and then I have a thousand. Plus YouTube videos on, my youtube channel, too so a lot of people think I'm full of BS so I'm like okay here watch, all this stuff for free yeah okay what. About your charity why are you doing because that's something that caught my attention okay that's really awesome I've been keeping up so yeah but, for the guys that don't so, this is what's interesting so I have all these free videos on YouTube but because they're free people don't place much value in, them so I'm like I how, do I get people to learn I have all this stuff where you can pay a little bit of money for video lessons or alert, you're watching stuff like that but some people are like no I don't want to pay I'm like okay here's free videos they're like no no it's free there's, no value and I was like all right so you don't want to pay you're, not gonna watch free what do I do so I created this guide if you go to how to make millions calm, yeah it's three hundred dollars thirty five hours, of a guide all goes to charity and. That way people pay for it so they're invested. In it but I don't get the money so people who hate me still don't, feel like they're enriching me so they're fine with that and, then they've learned so I'm fine with that so we've this one stupid guide for my haters, yeah I'm has raised over three million dollars now, and. It's. It's fantasy and it's a very useful guide it's everything that I've learned and, now, this one, guide started, my charity of the Timothy Sykes foundation, and started, donating my own money my, goal is to build a thousand, schools around the world we built 52. Schools so far then. We started getting into animals we just came back from South Africa, and, a whole campaign to, save the Rhino we did a documentary that. We got 30 plus million views so that kind of went viral right now we're working on a new documentary called save the reef so, in about a month, month. And a half we're gonna have a big documentary, on why the coral, reef matters you, know why the coral reef matters gahafer, do, you know anything about the coral reef no no too much nice so did you know that the majority of oxygen, we breathe comes, from correct, there you go so you know do. You know is go. Like. It's just trees yeah these represent. Roughly forty forty five percent it's marine life 60, 65, 70 percent, of the oxygen we breathe and we don't even know we haven't even explored, much it's like crazy and, it's dying yeah well, another three or four degrees and temperature to go and then it's gone 100 percent a UN report just came out like yesterday, saying like there's gonna be a million species, that are gonna be basically extinct. And the claim rates yeah they're working I think on at the moment trying to go, I'm. Like a hybrid algae, to survive yeah the temperature that's they're hot I mean well we'll try anything but it's not even just about that like there's stuff that people at home can do like with sunscreen right there's, some to chemicals, oxybenzone, oat and something else that I can't even pronounce but if you have the sunscreen with the stuff on it and you go in the water it basically kills the reef and kills a lot of the marine life even, if you don't go in the water you wash it off in the shower it's still a vent he finds his way to the ocean yeah, so what, can I wear that animals.

Charities, Coral, reefs. How. Much times you spend doing that like well, you know that's proved something these guys are probably wondering you know you're saying don't burn yourself out and everything like that you've got your you've, got your trading you've, got your education. You've got your research, to your trading and, then you've got your traveling, and then you've got traveling, so like 122. Countries now any, other countries, from I it. Goes back to doing what you love and focusing, on what you love and being obsessed. I couldn't. Just build. One school when I built one scores like I need to build more and then I need to build more and then I tweeted it because it wasn't doing well in social media so, I was like alright retweet. This I did a video of my first school opening in Bali and I was like retweet this and for every retweet, I'll build another school right normally, my charity posts get like two, retweets so I was like oh maybe I'll get like 20 and it's gotten like 8000, now people. Are like yo you better delete that tweet and I was like yeah it like when they pin it so now that's my pin tweet and it keeps getting more retweets so I'm on like the hook for you know 8,000, schools which is gonna take me a while but yeah as well do it no, that's, a serious go let's just go so. What's, hips we got to you now we run like I think I think we're on like three something along those lines and so. What. Kind of what's, next like is this is this it now for the four that is Timothy, Sykes for the for the rest of for the rest of your life now it's it's building. The schools it's doing the charity work and growing. Educating is there anything else that's. Not. There's not no you're not doing whatever. Comes, up like I mean I didn't, expect. Saving. The reef to be important. I don't even like putting my head underwater like, I'm you know that's not my kind of thing but it came up, swim. In Aegina I don't do that so literally, it's fantastic. I actually love this cause the most because I can focus on trading and I take all these big groups out and they're all swimming and they're all like diving, and filming and I was like you know do your thing I'll produce this, documentary, I'll pay for it all in like a quarter million dollars in screw. It why not but I get to do work while they do that and I get to you, know take part in the final product cuz I'm editing it I think. Life is. About specific, things or limitations, like you should just try. Everything, and see how it feels and if you get rich you have more freedom to try more stuff so, it's good to be rich. You. Go get them you got more options of what you can do my most. People hate, their jobs if you look at studies 75, to 80 percent of people under the age of 30 hate their jobs and you spend the majority of your life at, your job so, the majority of your life doing, something the majority.

People Hate they're. Just miserable that this is why pharmaceutical. Companies are doing so well like you, know like we need to get more, people rich, but it's not easy to get rich everybody wants to be rich but they don't really want to put in the time they're busy playing Fortnight watching Netflix living. In these fantasies, why are fantasies, so popular why is endgame, so popular why is Game, of Thrones because it's fantasy because it's not their life yeah it takes them away from the currents so what. If we focus, on our current circumstances what if we focus more on education and, bettering, our planet in that way you, know we can live the dream life we don't have to go, you, know look for some mythical, superheroes, do you think do you think that, it. Comes into this it's just a it's, a lack of knowledge. Of knowing that they can do or do you think there's actually, limiting. Beliefs and psychology. Behind it a base, level it's a mix you know definitely. People don't, believe that it can happen to them like, I'm just a normal guy I'm from a small town in Connecticut I didn't really believe that it could happen to me until it did but, when I saw it happen to me and now it's happened to several of my students, I'm like, oh wait there's something here yeah and, one of my you know newest top students Rowling he started with 4,000 I think he's up to like 800,000. Now in like 2 or 3 years and he said I only. Got into this because I started seeing more of your other students, doing it and then some other students were like I saw a role in doing it so the more that you see that this stuff can happen it's not everybody, you know if you look at industry stats 90%, of traders lose money so you. Need to recognize that it can happen but in order to do that you're gonna have to grind you're gonna have to work so hard like this is why I have 6,000 video lessons yeah you know some people were like can I play them at double speed I was like shut the up play them at half speed like, punish yourself, I'm like David Goggin oh yeah.

That's. When you run more so. You need, to like you, know figure out that like, pain, is not the end of the world, it's, your, kind, of fear, and your, laziness. That really. Hurts you in life, and your future yeah it's like Tron is trying, to shift a culture change at the same time right that's a mental shift to like a. Lot. Of this is just mindset, you know I'm like you you, don't think that you can do it so you don't do it and then you don't do it and you're unhappy it's like a vicious cycle right, but if you can start to believe wow wait a minute I do believe, I can do this yeah, and then you start maybe, seeing a little bit and obviously like there's ups and downs like no one just makes all the money right away like 90%. Of traders lose but a hundred percent of traders lose right away at the start but you're learning what not to do like that's how you learn so, you need to have patience let's. Talk let's talk so that's amazing let's, let's, talk about the overall industry, because I I'm a strong, believer that in this industry it's a very I. Don't. Know there's a lot of misdirection. I think that on misinformation exactly. And I think it's a massive, struggle there's a lot of people pretending, to be people, this, whole thing with binary options as a joke yeah and it's, kind of got out of hand so. As. An influencer, as well in the sector, what, do you feel that you. Can do we, can do that could actually kind, of cut. Through the noise cut through this stop them and kind, of keep them at bay I don't think you can stop them there's you know this is the internet it's like the Wild West back in the 1800's, like you know people, and like magical. Medical, cures and they really just put like cocaine in your coffee yeah, anything. Can happen in this industry but, I think, that again the more that you study someone, the more that you see their trades you see their process, like, anyone can just like rent a fancy, car for the day but do they rent it or they actually buy it like how, do they buy it what money, did they use to like get, that car like are they showing their trades like this is why I'm fully, transparent you can see 20 plus years of my, trades it's ridiculous, like I show some of my trades like I make $25. And you can see the details of from, like 17, years ago so. Transparency. Is good and then, also like you just again, is. A cynical approach but with Penny Stocks like you, have to expect the worst out of the companies expect. The worst out of everybody in trading and you'll never be disappointed like go in thinking like this person is a scam and they have to prove, that they're not like they're guilty before proven, innocent and that's the sad reality but at least that way you can you know not. Be fooled like you look at like the biggest scam in history Bernie Madoff he was chairman of the Nasdaq right, and, he was a total fraud and he's chairman, of like one of the biggest, so if that, can happen anybody. Can do this any fool people for decades. Yeah so, just expect, the worst you know look, somebody in the eye and be like you're a, scam but. I'll give you a chance to prove that I'm wrong yeah okay. And then we'll see what they can do having. A lot of YouTube videos having a lot of real students, like people, use making up names like like, oh yeah I'm Joe I made a million dollars following. This stuff like yeah yeah who's Joe like yeah use real names a lot of people are shocked that I use like my students, real names like real photos real videos I'm like this is them I have some students who have made a lot of money they don't want to be on the Internet that's fine yeah they make a lot of money privacy, concerns I get that but I you. Know for me this is like a battle, between, good. And evil like real versus fake yeah so when I say, like look here's a student like this is a real person this is not a made-up name or an actor like some people are like oh you're top students those are just paid actors and I was like first of all a lot of my students are introverted as, if I was gonna hire an actor, I would have hire somebody who can actually speak, not it's so weird robot, guy I. Don't. Hire actors. Talking. About this how if we've been filming a series of where, we take a teen Ram juice with no background in the forex markets basically and then, we teach, them how to trade Forex and we. Then give them capital, to trade and we're saying that the winners with the feedback that we're fully expecting this to say that those guys I'll pay back. What. You it's a. Most. Successful, traders that I know have, no like. Ability. To communicate like, they're like aliens, or clones or from the future something like that they have some some, issue you. Know they're. Basically autistic. Like the Mo's the best traders that I know it's like, Rain Man so, that's.

Another Problem with like who's really good and who's not do, you think they could step up on like regulation. And stuff like that because that's something that we talked about transparency, verifying. In your starts. Being. Regulated and, making, sure that you're like top of your game do, you think that's something that should be you, know these guys should count down more on in the regulatory you. Know I may. Be but, again like he's just like put penstocks there's always gonna be another like, sketchy penny stock or another scam popping up it's like whack-a-mole right, it's like that game and there's always gonna be something else what. We can do is educate the public and talk about this stuff more the, beauty and the gift in the curse of the Internet is that like you're gonna have good eggs and bad eggs there's always gonna be somebody new always, gonna be something you can't regulate out everybody, but, you can educate everybody and if more people learn to read disclaimers. And they read this stuff like a lot of these pay stocks is laughable. Like you read a 15-page. Analyst, report and then at the bottom is like this is not an analyst report this is paid marketing, we've been paid $300,000. And people don't read it yeah they're just believing. All. The right wording as well like potentially. Yeah you. Know we're potentially, we were fine it's a best-case, not, really, some of my twitter fights I'm coming I'm like fighting, with either like promoters or like these mental midgets like I'm like look, at this you, moron, like this is a promoted, email, and they're like no, you're just jealous the technology, is great I was like no, I'm looking, at it here's the disclaimer, and they're like that doesn't matter what matters is the technology and this press release how am i I give, up like I've I, fought, against, so many morons. On Twitter who, sadly, go down the tubes and then six months later a year later they're like you were right and I'm like I don't want to be right like, after you lose all your money you just understand. I'm trying to help you yeah so if you create a business based. On helping people like I might be a little crude in my definitions, but I'm just trying to like wait people the up all right I'm like Jewish Morpheus. Which. They don't come, up with these technologies, like. Right. That one's good. Yes I was gonna say Jew feeis but. So. I'll tell you what guys if you, want stivity, sites to come and educate, you in London at some point click, this fun thumbs up on the video and. Let's. Try and get as many lights as possible to get Tim back. To London to come and talk to you guys do you have any events planned in London or anything like that no. Too. Busy on sushi, yeah, like eating sushi so that's what I'm doing, you have a lot of good sushi here in London I'm actually, pleasantly, surprised, but, I just have meetings and you know I'm meeting with people like I'll come back I love this time zone I've been in Asia a lot like you know it's a tough time zone to trade from I'm only the u.s. stop. He says from New York time like in the middle of the night I'm like I'm crazy by the end of that um but, I love Europe it's fantastic, the stock market opens in the afternoon I woke up today like at noon I'm like yo this is great yeah you can see obviously everything. Yeah. Again you get you get your lay in and everything you get to start like the tight tight tight unfroze was, pretty good I don't know I think whew that would have been again, that would have been much later what when, you're straightening tree, palm wearing stuff like that it was rough I. Love. You but, you know I'll try and trade from anywhere like I literally, just bring my laptop laptop, lifestyle, for life, or. Maybe some new invention, coming out do you find that is it do you think it's easier to trade penny. Stocks in, the u.s. if you're predominately in the US or do you think that the, access, and the availability of information. Is, now you, know anyone, in the world can, get, access this can get the right trade bouncing, its global I mean anybody can do this like the internet makes. It all available to everybody and this is the beautiful thing like Wi-Fi. And new technologies, are only any get faster the computer is only a faster. It's gonna get easier to do this we're all tapped into this probably, all destroy us in like 2027. Like, when you know AI is to, everyone, I talk to you in interview about a I, everyone's, just I mean it's true is.

Getting Smarter and smarter if you read some of these books like 2027. Cuz that's when yeah I think. It's like I think you're not far off I think it's around that time 145, is supposedly the singularity, we're gonna be able to live forever except, to a I will probably kill us like all I know is that get rich and. Enjoy while we can until, we're all like, slaves for the machines and, then we can't do anything then we can't get rich we can't enjoy we can't even think on our own so that should motivate, people, even more to study now rather than later like, Netflix, will probably kill us we don't even realize that Netflix is probably going to be like the king of everything or Amazon, if they saw that down, you. Know, they'll. Wipe out the dead the robots will figure it out with some crazy algorithm. They're gonna take like a penny off everybody's, order do, you think that that's something that could be a future threat to Penny Stocks is AI is in, in the marketplace, like what you're doing right now do you think that someone. Could come along I love algorithms, myself, but do you think someone could come along look, at the pattern that you're analyzing. Build. Something that's automated around that or do you think because you're digesting that the press releases no I had hoped when I first got started teaching I had hoped to collapse, all the patterns I was like all right I'm gonna make them so popular that they're not gonna work anymore and, I'll get fantastically. Rich teaching people well I've gotten rich or teaching people but the patterns are the exact same it's. A gift in the curse because I like when. I see a good pattern like, my whole rest of my life shuts down I don't care if I'm that beautiful, Streep on wall it doesn't matter I don't, move from the computer because I know that the odds are so good on my go to patterns, and, so it's a gift and curse I miss my college graduation for. A stock trade and I can never get that back I made several thousand dollars it was good but, you, know sometimes you have to live and for, me I feel guilty missing, these good traits cuz they don't come about every day yeah like you say like how do I do all the stuff I'm, not like a Forex, trader or option trader or something like where there's always something moving every day some days I just don't trade yeah some weeks I don't trade when there's no great setups, so.

I Wanted. It to stop I still want it to stop I hope that I can get more people taking. Advantage of these patterns there's just not enough money the, problem is like even my best students they make maybe one or two million a year all the smartest people like don't give a about a millionaire too so, the smart people look, down on this and I'm compared. I'm forced, to compete against, idiots surely the more people they let for example that are getting involved this so safe example short-selling yeah the less likelihood that someone. Else is going to be able to get that fill in that position so. Is what's interesting so it's kind of like like. Oil right like if you like try to like stamp out oil it creates like new little bubbles right, and this is what's happening so I have a lot of people who believe, in my patterns and a lot of people who think I'm just full of so, literally. Like it creates a whole bunch of Long's and a whole bunch of shorts and it creates more liquidity, and more, volatility, like right now a, lot of my DVDs are based on short selling I very rarely short, in this market because the past few years has just been a strong bull market so for, me the risk reward has changed where I don't think it's good for newbies, to short sale penny stocks because before. Penny, stocks would go maybe best-case. Scenario they go from like 50 cents to like four dollars like eight times your money in a few days yeah best case yeah but because so many people became, short sellers based on my DVD guides doing, so well and they're, primarily short, sellers so now a stock that goes from 50 cents to four dollars everyone's like oh I know this pattern let me short it yeah, and then it doesn't go down and they get squeezed and it goes to 20 and, so now the. Pendulum has kind of changed and, now it actually is beneficial, to, go along so the. Patterns haven't ended they've just mutated, a little bit and for, me this is why I don't, teach people to memorize patterns I want them to learn like what is a short squeeze why is it doing this yeah like I have a pattern that's first Green Day I like to buy stocks like. The dot-com names buy, at 350, 350, 5 p.m. Eastern sell, the next morning as lots of idiots or, lots of like, late, comers see the news overnight they, put in their order yeah but now the idiots, have gotten a little smarter, so, now they're, not buying the next day they're buying into the clothes because they say oh this is Tim's first green day so, now I'm buying, it at 3 p.m., Eastern and selling, at 3:50, p.m. when. Everybody, else is buying yeah so the pattern shift a little bit and that's like I mean it's not good or bad it's just it is how things smoke do you think me a bull market do, two trunks and stuff like and I, you, know I thought the bull market would end I've been playing it so safe the past few years and I missed out on like especially 2019. The run-up I did, not see that coming, yeah I've. Just learned to just go with it and you know enjoy it and tell Isis which the next company is I mean it's just like the machines have to kill us like you know we know that it's coming you don't know when so are the machines gonna kill us in 2027, 20:57. 2097. Yeah, all, we can do is live until we die, right. Sound. So pessimistic. I. Trade penny stocks I've seen more scams and more fakers, and more frogs than anybody, you, can't worry about when it's gonna end like yeah I want it to end I would love like a year off if I could if you offered me like three, wishes right if you were like a Latin for a day and they're all blue and Will Smith and weird okay, who's Smith and Will Smith is a lot of it oh it's gonna scare you it's gonna haunt you there's a Latin and, he's blue, really.

Messed Up but, he grants you know yeah so, if you could grant me a wish I would say take, a year off from this bull market or two years off let, me get organized, cuz I just keep pounding more video lessons there's, more trades more watch less more students and I'm like, and, when does it end, in a bear market there's, less plays for me which I'm grateful for and, I've been waiting for this bear market that, just hasn't come I was so excited at the end of 2018, when everything's crashing, I was like yes yeah. We. Bounced right back to the highs and I just like yeah. So yeah just can't say that into account I don't try to guess the market you know let's, try and get one more tip I'm conscious, of time yeah one more tip for guys. Aspiring, traders. That are going into the markets one more tip for yourself what about girls girls. As well do, you have a lot of girl students, to. Be fair tonight we're probably you know what that's one thing that we feel that we try to work on the whole equality side in in our, student base we probably I would say 10%. 15%. Tops. Is female. Yeah I'm like 5% I think a lot of the jokes I just offend them or something I don't know yeah. If. You look at stats like females are actually statistically better, like you know the. SEC Capitol, lawsuit where the guy was taking like growth hormone, pills to try to be more like a female. Stuff. That happens um one, more tip you want yeah. Have. Fun with this you gotta have fun like somebody were like it's in like your jokes are so wrong like you give a creek you give cream cream looking. At little flickering, green and red my entire, life I lost my mind like seven years ago maybe eight years ago at this rate you. Just got to have fun like life is too short to be all worried, about this snowflake generation, and pissing people off like I say this all in good fun I'm grateful, for all the opportunities I'm, grateful for all the students I'm grateful for all the mental midgets like, you know I invite mental midgets to come to me and I'll try to make them taller mentally. Okay. Guys. I'm. Super you on the most craziest, interviews. We've done. Okay. Training very, serious. Yeah. Mental. Everyone. That's to be slightly if they want to get a hold of you or reach out to you just Google to f you Sykes on. The Instagram. Myself. Google is Timothy, Sykes a scam that's the first thing that I want you guys to do them Google, those videos actually this is. I. Did, a whole video camera, a scam like. Mi, a scam here's the argument, for me being a sworn against, ID against. Is a twenty minute video you know, I'm like okay maybe maybe, they have a point but then I'm like ah I am Timothy Sykes I'm not a scam so yeah like show that but no my first millionaire, student, literally, I found him because he wrote a blog post and said Timothy Sykes is full of BS is still up there yeah, I was like who is his mother so I'm going back and forth in the comments with him there's like 60 comments, he finally gave my DVDs a chance he's made now 2 million dollars my. Godfather to his baby like it's beautiful so if you can turn your haters into, fans or turn them into millionaires, like that's fantastic. The. Blog post is still up you should read it you know give. It I'll give it a go yeah I'm C fantastic, story everyone. That's Timothy Sykes and thanks for joining now thanks, for having me man I'll. Try to be more extroverted, next, time and working on it I'm taking acting lessons hey. Tim Sykes millionaire, mentoring trader thank you for watching my videos I hope that they help you I want to share everything, but I've learned over the years you can check out more videos right, over there and also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos get, that knowledge and become my next millionaire, student.

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What did you learn from this video? What would advice would you give to new traders?

just get obssesed with your work, thats it you will get it. Thankyou for being a teacher.Each one teach one-mankind ideology

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What I learned from this video is to cut your losses short, find the right patterns, pay attention to legal filings, and also remind yourself stocks can be shitty. Side note

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I am going to give you the advice tim game me if you got no money watch all his free youtube video buy his book the complete penny stock course and start from that point

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I am going to give you the advice tim gave me if you got no money watch all his free youtube video buy his book the complete penny stock course and start from that point

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A lot (as usual). I just need to write (or type) everything down and actually retain it with repetition. These are my notes: (I'll be updating this as I watch through the video, but plan on coming back and rewatching but these are from the first watch through) 1. "Cut Losses Quickly" (loss), "When In Doubt, Get Out" (loss or gain) "When in doubt, get out. You can always get back in" 2. Whatever you study, you have to become obsessed. You have to be addicted. You want to learn something, you want to master it. You have to obsess. Get as much knowledge as humanly possible. (this one is 'obvious', but reminders are required for some things, such as this, in my case and I'd imagine many others) 3. Don't just look at what management says or what a press release says. Always expect them to like cheerleaders. They're never going to tell you the truth. Everything could be "fine" one day, and the company is bankrupt the next. Whatever keeps your interest, they'll do. Never for you, always for them. Side note: You've mentioned it in other videos (one in particular where you just went in on people [which was fucking hilarious] and others as well) but the part of the interview where you talk about the psychology of 75%-80% (under 30) hate their jobs (I'm one by the way. 23yo demographic), and then linking that to pharmaceuticals was really interesting. Along with the movie bit about fantasy, and the Fornite, Netflix chunk as well (which I fall into. Not Fornite, but Xbox [and now PC] as I've been playing since 2001 with Xbox specifically, and even before that with gameboys, Nintendo 64, etc. Something I've grown up on, have way more experience and knowledge than most do on it (I'd argue), but realize that I'm not benefiting monetarily from it and only benefiting from it as a distraction. I don't even enjoy it much anymore (as gaming has gone way the fuck downhill, and everyone from devs to communities following dumb trends are to blame for that) so I'm looking to but it way in the back of my mind and really focus up on trading. Currently Paper Trading, but obviously looking to trade real stocks in the near future using actual capital. Also found it funny how 34:32's "fuck" was bleeped out... and I think that was the first bleep the entire interview haha! 4. Have fun. Don't be a snowflake. :D Lots of info learned in between points 3-4, but those are my main takeaways as of right now. Great interview, and interviewer! You guys bounced off each other's point really well, and credit to Samuel for making everything easy to listen to. No pointless debates, no major interrupting, etc. Stuff that you see at major conventions a lot of the time (got one interviewer in mind, but won't say his name because honestly, I forget it [his info and interview was that meaningless] lmao)

Knowledge facilitates growth and performance and freedom. Money is the byproduct of studying and efforts.

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