Sister Penny Does Her Own Makeup & Hair for Business

Sister Penny Does Her Own Makeup & Hair for Business

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Hi Sharon, Danni here with another two-minute tips although, this week it's a little bit longer my, sister, is going to demonstrate for, us how she currently, does her makeup after learning, a few, tricks from her older, and wiser sister. So here we are with. Little, sis penny McLean and, she's a former, student and I, thought I'd show you how after. She's practiced, a lot of the the tips, and tricks we've talked about how. Her getting. Ready for, her day, at work goes, so. What, have you done so far penny were telling me about using, a toner on your face now well the reason I used a toner is after, I've washed my face, mm-hmm. Before, I put on my moisturizer. Sometimes. My face dries out by. The time I get ready to do that so, just moistens my face a bit moist. You're in and, I, now use a. Tinted. Moisturizer, and. The reason I do is. I. Find that not only does it keep my face moisturized, it doesn't, sit on top of my skin it's. A moisturizer, yeah. So. Ladies whether you are using a tinted moisturizer or. A moisturizer. It's. You, know I just. I like it it's a good product and. People. Will ask you what it is it helps. To keep. It. Helps to make my complexion, look. What would you call it keeps my palate, clear. Mm-hmm. Keeps. Your skin up and it works very nicely with the Burrell and, you've, been using the inv, for, your lashes correct, yes, and you're, very happy with it and it's. Yeah. Now, you, gifted me with that and I've been using it as instructed, but I still have two bald patches on my on, my lashline and one, on each each. Lash. Too and I I really think the older that we get things. Start stopped, developing. Or working quite. Like they did when we were younger so I, think, that because you're ten years younger you will get more, out of the inv, perhaps, and I well, least. That's my, my. Assessment. At this point and I'm sticking to it until something changes my, mind. Well. I did have a bald patch and it has filled in well that's great so oh that's great so it's working very well for you and, what, are you applying now the dual. Finish powder do a finish powder Oh. Number. 42, 42. Yes now, for those that are asking I use, thirty-one, because, I'm a, bit. Slightly. Pink undertone, and I'm neutral, to pink and Penny's neutral, to warm now, I could go either way too you. Know that they, are truly more neutral than they are more. More cool and our skin color is different because you've.

Got Some in your sister, your sister from a different mister. Yeah. We're sticking to that story right. So. Not, really but we're not and I use a sponge. Applicator sure. And dry I don't use a brush yeah. And. When. I'm done all that. Then. As instructed. Yes. Because. God forbid I vary from that I'll tell you she films it and then critiques. Me I. Use. Number, 40. To. Do my eyes in, that, triangle area yeah. And the reason I like this mirror the. Way it is, is. Because I can flip it back and forth so I can see the big version and do it yeah and then flip it and Chuck did I get it right, yeah so, that's. That's. Why I stick, with that yeah, and. Then so that I don't make too many big mistakes, I use a brush just for my eyes yeah. Just. I find that if I do that. Then. My eyeshadow, stays on better yes. We. Should try and find it before picture, somewhere just, don't want to see it before. Now. What you girls should be doing is. Sending. Sharing private messages, to tell her how important it is that she should put my makeup on for me every day. That. Would make my life a lot easier yeah it, would me do. And. Then like. You said see, me see shape yeah. And. I find sometimes because. I travel a lot different. Lighting is. Problematic. So. What you think looks good and one light doesn't look in another and, like. I was saying to sharon yesterday, the. Beauty of having a technique that, you can just count on is that, you can go through the right motions, and know, what's gonna be okay no, matter what mirror lighting, so don't try to adjust oh this, looks a little light I'll put on more. Just. Keep, with the regime so. I have, my blush. Your. Foundation my foundation, and my highlighter, and then, from there one. Swipe of. Eyeshadow. Penny. Was our model for the hooded eye approach. Cuz. I'm on the graph. And. What color is that you're using kind of like a Coquette, it looks like to me I don't. Know it's one you gave me. All. I know is when it runs out I'm in trouble. But. And. So, I just I just do though like one swipe in the pen and do, pretty much my whole life mm-hmm, and blend. And blend and blend yes. You've. Been a good student so far. Now. Comes, the complicated. Stuff or maybe not so. And. Let's see your palate yes. Isn't. It the best, it, absolutely is now. Sharon. Doesn't know this but I used her dining room table, to, put my little. Drop of sealant. Damn. Tell. Her. Because. It's a glass table so glass theater yeah and. I, use black with. A flat angled, brush that's. A, little, on the soft side and, we, make it pretty, liquidy now watch I'm gonna goof this up today right. And. I do my eyeliner and. You, get right close to the lashes right, right. In there right in there move right inside, and. With the hooded eye approach, your, lash line is, more important, than it is for a deep set eye. Because. That's, the only place you're going to get strength, from. Your eye because, your idak will be sitting down. Very. Close to your lash, line or, on top of it in some cases so you want to make that nice and strong which you, do so, I've got the top done and then, I. And. I keep, this pretty liquidy because, then it does I don't get pulling lines or crepeiness mm-hmm. And then, I. Do, the under eye and I really push it up. So. You use it like a for. The waterline yeah, yep. This. Is same brush same products. Once. You, know just on the top and the bottom side that cuts jime down having, to drop tools pick up a different tool and a different thing and. Less. To wash yes, the. Islanders seen it really does seal well doesn't it well, it does and. There's. Tricks with it. Now. I'll put. Links. To. The. Eyeliners treatment of my my. Favorite one is cinema, secrets what, are you using penny did you get it from Sephora. From. You got. It from me okay it would it be it would be then a cinema, secrets, we're. Doing this in real time ladies. I. Thought. You're gonna edit out all my goofy comments. We'll. See. You're. Going to you're doing a seminar today on mental. Health right yes, mental. Health first aid actually. And. I teach straight for. Seven. Hours. And. I don't get breaks, yeah. And, so. This makeup needs to last you.

Well. For, eight or nine hours right absolutely, it has to. Know. What I'm doing my under eye yeah. I also put, a little bit right on my eyelashes, mm-hmm. To lift them up yeah. And don't. Make the mistake I do occasionally, I get too close to my waterline mm-hmm. And you, don't have to do that you, just have to. Just. On the very underside. Of the, lashes and that I can tell when I look in the mirror that I've I can't, see any white good, yeah. But. It doesn't go right to my eyeball, yeah, and. That's, where a good brush, makes, all the difference doesn't, it oh, gosh. Yeah. There's. No question. That's. That baby done with. Then, I. Take. A little bit with, a smaller brush a little. Bit more of a shadow and, I. Just get, in there a little bit more I'm a little bit out to the side, yeah. Because. Yeah, not. A lot, but. Sometimes, in here it's a little whiter mm-hmm. With. My eyes doesn't. Look so great I hear. You yeah. So. There's that if. I was just going out for the day I'm not. Teaching. I probably, I could end it there and say it's okay mm-hmm. Eyebrows, okay. So, this is where I use, a tiny little dome brush I. Use. A tiny, bit of sealant, and. I use a dark brown I've tried all different colors, but. The, trick here is to. Wet. It a, little bit but not have it really watering right otherwise, it'll go on too dark and too. Too. Strong gotcha. You've. Been a good student m'dear. And, gone, are the days of credit cards, and. Lines. Like, that, kind of stuff I don't I don't need to do that anymore there, they were good in the beginning to, help guide. It right or, to help me pluck my eyebrows, I would, draw it on very, strongly and then. Take. Away what what do you belong yeah exactly. But. Now that you've been doing it for some time you know just, by, rote where to go yeah, and so that has cut down in your time oh absolutely. And. Switching. Up the color a little bit mm-hmm. And. Taking. The reddish tones, out yes. I'm. Happy with that and, then so that's that, brown done not too dark and then what I do is I do have a pencil mm-hmm. Just to do that fine, little. Correcting, mm-hmm, and the, pencil, mixed, with the powder helps. It stay helps. It stays longer yeah, pencil. By itself ladies, just as a reminder it's.

A Wax-based and it will melt in. Very. Humid weather whereas powders, won't and because. Penny has. Used. The dual powder over, top of her eyebrows, it also acts, as a as. A support, a sealant and Lord, can I tell you the times when I've just done one. Thing by itself and then. I look at my eyebrow halfway through the day and it's, got polka dots on it or not different things going on and it's it's embarrassing. It, is what it is right yeah. And. I've. Gotten over that thing of that, my eyebrows have to be identical, yes. Yes I can't, do that I can. Only do my best mm-hmm. My. Goal is not to scare myself or others yeah. You don't want to look like an AI although. Sometimes you. Could. Be mistaken for that because it's a perfectionist. Perfection, but I hear, you it's, um, but. The goal to ladies, is not to not try to get them to look symmetrical. Penny's, worked on this for a long well. Not, a long time but she's worked at it, diligently. And practiced. And honed and, so now she's at that stage where, if. It's. Slightly, if. It's slightly different it doesn't matter and I can correct with the pencil yeah yeah. See, that's just a little bit too heavy. We. Try to get a little closer here. And. And, there's that little spooley on the end mm-hmm. That I can use if, it's looking a little dark and. It's. Not looking exactly the way I want so I can go in and crack. Good. Enough for the girls I date. If. Anybody gets any clothes, that have to look at flaws they're too close to me right and. Then I can say back up yeah. Way too close yeah. It's. The advantage of losing your eyesight right, yes. And. So. That's that, done now I'm. Gonna do my under. Lash, which. I use the same brush for my eyebrows in the same color okay, because the block is a. Little. Too dark you you're under liner should always be a couple of shades lighter than your. Liner. Anyway. And. That's why I'm. Having, just a little bit of sealant on. The bottom, can keep it lighter, mm-hmm. Look. At me with my mouth open it works better if your mouth so heavy last, few videos I've done I I keep, meaning to say that when you're putting on mascara, or, you're, doing certain, I things when you open your mouth somehow, it just goes on there. It's. A universal, thing we all do. Well. It's like when you're trying to fix something sometimes, it works if you stick your tongue out right yeah. Kids. Know that yes, I saw. Um, mascara. Uh-huh, I do that next and last. And I. Use this I don't. Know you can explain in it's the. One. With the black primer and the, mascara that goes over top is it L'Oreal L'Oreal. Yeah yeah and. Just. A hint what I did cuz one sides primer one sides mascara, yeah and I can't see without my glasses, yeah so I put a little bit of tape on the primer yeah so that I can pick it up without even looking at it even I know that's the side and, I do the same with my brushes ones, got tape on it that's right oh one, doesn't, that's her base right, just. Kinda makes it faster for organizing, tricks yes. But. What I found is when I go to a party I don't. Have to do anything different, to be honest yes, I just might dark you know it's, lipstick, and maybe, a little bit maybe, a little. Bit slightly, darker eye shadow yeah, in the in decides yeah. So. This is the black primer which i think is the smart ideas, compared, to using white primer yep. Well. Just for obvious reasons I, use. A very light touch on the bottom and. I. Can't. Talk while I'm doing this yeah. Well. You've got your lashes, back, since. You've been using the IND, and. I don't know if you have pictures of my, non-existent. Eyelashes, but I have, a much stronger lash line now with. This stuff. And. On. The weekends, I often don't even wear mascara. I. Just. Use a little bit of my eyeliner to darken. My lashes yeah, yeah you can do that for sure that's. One on on, the, senior senior. Makeup. Look or no. Makeup makeup days, I, just, use eye shadow just. To. Yeah because my lashes are so, gray. And they've, lost all their colors. Using. Me just. The, eyeshadow will just just give. Them a little bit of a. Take. Away that way too should look and give them a little bit of, strength.

You Know. Any. Fuss at, all. And. I think the other thing that two other things one is I, could. Keep q-tips, in business yeah. And. That's for, a couple reasons one is I don't want to cross-contaminate my, eyeballs in. Case there's a problem too. Like I made a little boo-boo there. With. My mascara, I can just touch that up with a tiny bit, of power mm-hmm. That's. It and, then because I've been. Plagued. With cold sores this fall. Which. Tend to come out when I'm stressed or overly, busy which is pretty frequent, I. Use. Frankincense. And peppermint oil mm-hmm. I'm. Just putting on a, little. Dab on that on, one that's just it's it's gone but it just helps to heal it mm-hmm, and I have to stick away from lipstick. Which. Is too bad but that's, it is what it is mm-hmm, and so. I just use a straight, petroleum. Jelly mm-hmm. And. Again, a q-tip always on a q-tip yeah and I. Never stick my fingers in my eyes I always. Use a q-tip. And, you never have trouble with dry let's do you. Um. I'm. Not sure if you're having, the cold sores but. You know what I'll be honest sometimes I you, know I get busy, I don't drink enough water mm-hmm. Right water. And yeah and vaseline, at night just makes a huge difference. Now. You know that you can take a little bit of blush and add it to that vessel Matthew and I've done that you've, done that it's just. Not. Today yeah and with your dark hair to, having. A lighter lip with your dark hair it's, fine now if you were great. You. Need some. Color to you then I just a little bit of white yeah right. Here yeah. And. Here and. There. In there. Uh-huh. Broadens the eyes. Beautiful. Sis and. The. Most important, thing is for, me some. Days I look and I go oh crap. You know oh yeah, other days it's like. So. It is what it is and if, I use the same technique I, know what generally looks the same yeah, and I don't strive, for perfection I give myself permission just. To be the best I can, without, beating myself up cuz you know what that is a heavy. Burden to carry so. That's. Me done I just have to do my hair and I. Have this tiny little bag because. I'm traveling. Every. Last little thing goes into it. That. Pallet, is. The. Bomb and, I just put a little a stick on it cuz I'm traveling right now so I put, the elastic on just to make sure that it. I. Put. A little elastic on it to make sure it doesn't open up though and that's my makeup. Yes. That. Goes right into my purse I don't even have to put it in my suitcase, mm-hmm. So that's good and then, my. Lip. Care stuff in a little, thing. Like that, because. I might apply that later in the day that's. It just. A little just a little and it snap. Shut yeah and then it I've got mine, all. My little voodoo, potions, for, my lips right and. That was in my purse as well I've. Got a little, tiny bit of garbage that's. It I'm, done okay, so, now. That you've seen the before and after I defy. Anyone of you to, come to me and say I should not get up in the morning and spend, 15, minutes looking. My best. Makeups. Worth it it's, not half doesn't, have to be a huge, instrumental. Thing but, it's taking that time to invest in yourself so that you can put your best face forward. You.

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Hi Sharon, I too have a life-long problem with having cold sores on my lips when I am stressed. Tell Penny that if she will take a daily dose of L-Lysine 500mg, she will likely never have another cold sore on her lip. This is an essential amino acid that is sold in the vitamin and supplement section of any pharmacy, Walmart, etc. L-Lysine is taken on an empty stomach with a full glass of water each and every day. I use it and said goodbye to those stress-related sores on my upper lip!

I have only used L-Lysine once I've got a cold sore...never thought about just taking it on a daily basis....Thanks for the tip. I'm going to do this (especially in the winter tine).


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