Single Mom Builds $750K Amazon Business - and Something Else Even Cooler

Single Mom Builds $750K Amazon Business - and Something Else Even Cooler

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You. Hey. Everyone, Mike McCleary here with amazing calm, with another live, session. Welcome, to this call here and I'm just excited, to have everyone, watching us again today we have an awesome guest, for you that I'm gonna bring on in a few minutes here she's, an amazing, mom an awesome. Seller on Amazon one, of our super, successful amazing, selling machine members, and also, has a really cool story, about other things that have happened for her after. She started building her own brands, and selling on Amazon, however. Before I bring, Tiffany onto the call here I want, to remind everyone that if you enjoyed this interview we, have several, other interviews that we've done and also several other training, sessions that we've done right, here on the amazing comm Facebook page feel free after, this Facebook, live to check those out in addition, to the interviews we also have some live workshops, that myself and Matt Clark and Jason katzenback, and rich Henderson that have hosted we walk you through finding products on Amazon and suppliers and, how to get them made and shipped to you and then how to launch those products on anima. So feel free to check those videos up and in addition, to that we, have a full four part video training, series on amazing. Selling machine comm. Where we go in-depth, there's, four videos the first one covers product selection, next, one covers, fighting, your suppliers, and those products shipped to United States or whatever you're selling the third one covers how to launch and rank your products on Amazon, and then the fourth one covers, how to automate. And really jumpstart this entire business now before I get to those videos I will, talk, about them a little more detail at the very end of this call but, before I do that I want to bring in our guest Tiffany, she's. An awesome person I got a chance to meet her at one, of our live events that. We had and, she's just done an amazing job of building her own brand boast both her products, on Amazon and building, herself up as well so Tiffany welcome, to call and thanks so much for joining us. Awesome. Tiffany so I know you're an amazing selling machine member, I know that and when, did you actually start selling. Your first products on Amazon. Tene I, was. Pretty. Close to the end of my pregnancy my daughter was due in January. And I. Knew that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom or as close to it, as I could be so. I basically said, from November, to January it's, how long I had to. Somehow. Make a business for myself to be able to stay home with her so. I started in November, I actually asked, for a laptop for, my birthday and, got. A laptop and that day I started, working on it my, dad actually had purchased a SM course so, I used. His course to well, I was working, for him he, wanted me to do his listings, and things like that so, in the meantime I was using the training to start my own so. November 20th I started, and then I actually wrote down November. 30th, I had my first organic, sale so, ten days of, just, focused focused focused focused by, the time and stuff got, there actually, you know maybe say like 10 days that.

That's, Amazing, so. You, know I was gonna ask you what you were doing before and. You were giving, birth so, uh like. What was your what was your like life or career before selling, an Amazon then so. I had, just, a little bit of like, a personal situation that, landed me as a single, mom so. I was living in California and. I had a job I was actually working for the same company believe, it or not as Athena, and Ari so, that's how we all know each other um so. I was working at that company he came here to just basically be with my family and stuff like that and so. I. Took. A job in the meantime working, for like a telemarketing, company, so, it was making bare. Minimum, ten twelve dollars an hour just, enough to pay for my son to be in daycare and basically, food and. On my lunch breaks is when I was actually doing a SS. We've. Heard that story before so not. How many kids do you have you. And hold, are they now seven. And three okay, wow that's, awesome. So, you, were starting. This off for your dad's business basically so you're kind of working for him I get your first sale within ten days did. You guys start with just one product or did you launch mul products oh man. I don't remember I think I, know it was multiple, but not very many, now. I would say probably like three or four okay. Excellent. And then, so, we made your first organic, cell within ten days but. I mean that was heavy pretty exciting said happen right, I. Was the person who updated my seller about every second. So. Now did you know right away that when, you were doing this for your dad's business that you also wanted to do it for yourself all as well yeah, I knew. Actually. Before even, my dad purchased it when Phillip Jepsen introduced, us to the course I was, very skeptical. I just was like there's no way when people were saying their, volumes, I there's. No way that's possible that people could be making that much money and I. Was like I was paying attention and, I was really watching I was following ASM on Facebook in all social media and I, was watching more people I knew more people I knew more people I knew successful. And so, I was just like this is my only shot, first of all I know that. It works I have no doubt about that after, seeing as many people as I knew successful. I knew it worked and it wasn't a matter, of that it was only a matter of having. The time and the dedication, and making happen so, well. If you're doing it over lunch time you certainly have the dedication I don't know at the time but. So. You, guys started making a sale within like you know a few weeks after getting a product live do, you remember like how long it took before things started taking off where you realize wow it's more than just one sale I'm making, multiple, sales a day. Maybe. None the next day 1, then, 2 then 0 then. 1 1 and then and then like it was like. A level, and it would just keep doing that where it would maintain drop, maintain. Up you, know and so then Holly I, don't remember exactly, I know in December I did, pretty. Like consistent. Even if it was small I'm still consistent, but, I do remember that, bite at the time I was in labor don't. Judge me I was checking my sales so cuz I was like no this is the damn have good sales and, so I was checking when. So by then I was doing three hundred dollars three hundred and twenty seven dollars I remember I did on the day I was in labor Slee 26th, of January, so by then three hundred dollars today not sure what that comes out Jim month my math is horrible but that was my January, Wow that's about 300, hours a day is about almost ten thousand dollars a month that's pretty. Awesome after that short of time. So, was your dad excited. About this too I'm assuming yes. My. Dad. And my brother. Always. What are your sales that what did yourself that was. So. Think, of back to then like what what. Do you find was working for you back then were you like focused on sponsored, ads I'm, just like optimizing, your listing, good. Customer service do.

You Remember the types, of things you were doing. As. Many. As. Possible whether. You could get people to buy them or at a discounted, rate whatever you could do the more units, that you could get your. Friends and family or whatever to buy bit better you would rank so that was really the thing and finding. You know any way to get your company name out because just even that one word would help you rank better on that one or, whatever it was so it really, the even. If they were discounted. Sales, you know if you gave them to your social, media following or your friends our family for 50% off and maybe you didn't make money and maybe you even lost a dollar on the sale, just. If you could get to that point and then watching, how the rankings, just got better and it got easier and easier so I would say that okay. Awesome I'm gonna take a quick little pause there we'll explain a little bit more about we're talking about giveaways but I want to welcome everyone again if you're just joining us we're already up to about 80 people on the call the, numbers continue to go up welcome. To another Facebook live I'm Mike McCleary I'm here with Tiffany just an awesome person mom's, seller, on Amazon human, being and. We're, here just sharing her story about how she got started selling on Amazon, and what, her life has been since, then if you don't mind please like, and share this video I'm. Gonna do some shout outs I see, Alain Athena, you just mentioned her she's, online Caroline. Michael, Shannon hey Michael Michael and, I met in st. Lucia, last year for the first time what an awesome guy John. Kavika. Bison, Sean Miller hey Sean what's up Tami Diago. So many people are online all giving you great shout outs by the way too so um if you guys have any questions for, Tiffany feel free to ask them here under the video and then at the end of, the in prob about 15-20, minutes I'll feel, free to hit, her up with all kinds of questions that you might have so post them here and we'll get to them so back to you Tiffany so like us said back, then the name of the game was just giveaway, products. But, I'm imagining you know over the, past couple years as you've grown your business you've had to focus on other things now as well so like now what do you think's working for you right now on selling, your products. Yeah. I, mean. I try to focus on honestly. Is pay-per-click, that's Amazon's. Pay-per-click, that. Changes. Like on a daily, basis so I try, it - at least once a month go in there now buy now I have a lot of products, so it's a little bit more challenging, but, I do try, once and let's just go in there and check everything, and make sure that the spend is okay not, spending too much for this one word sometimes they'll, spend money on words and not get any sales so much those don't go wild all kinds of stuff like this so my main focus right now is pay-per-click, and.

Honestly. My, life is, spent being, a mom and doing, my own social media for you know my my other stuff but you're gonna talk about but. So the time that goes into this is very. Very minimal so that's really one of the, only things that I do and, it's minimal, hours oh no you know that was good my questions for you is you know how much time you really put into this and I know you, know I'm a father, of two I. Have. A full-time. Wife. That helps take care of the kids and they still have no idea how like how you do what you're doing cuz I feel like I'm crazy all the time so hats off kudos to you for being able to run this business and raise, two awesome young kids as well so. You know one, thing I want to point out I asked you this - I did get a chance - you're talking about pay per click which is and we call it Amazon sponsored, ads it's a built in advertising, system any seller. Selling, products in a minute Amazon can use it you. Are you know pretty good at it you're able to do it in a short amount of time but, do you have any experience doing this before you start a song on Amazon. That's. What I figured and have you sold physical, products before online. In. Person okay all, right so but but again like so here's, Tiffani myself, included. Never, you know sold had a brand a product sold online never. Did any pay-per-click, for products online and, you're doing this you know in a little bit amount of time that's that's awesome. So, the, other thing I want to talk about too is that. You know you have, recently started, expanding, your, your products and brand so originally. When. You sourced, your first products with your dad's business did. You follow the ASM criteria for those first products. No. I, tried. My, best but, obviously, you learn a lot as time goes by so, looking, back on it no but I tried what. I really realized what was important, for me is that. To. Not this. Was my biggest mistake and, to, not try, to take a product and aim, it to everybody, so. The, niche it's really. Really important, if you have something, that you are selling, that to one, type, of person so. Here I go with my nose. So. One type of person so if you're going to sell a pencil. For instance, that, you're not gonna try to sell a pencil, to everybody, you're gonna try to sell a pink pencil to. A woman, right, so it's specific because, then those people can find you easier, and then your conversion, rate is higher so, um it. Ripped that finding. That out and doing that which is actually one of the things I learned from my brother it's. Really what makes, or breaks the, situation, because yeah, you think, that a lot more people will see it and that's, true but not a lot more people will buy it and then that's really what that lesson was that's. Awesome so you really, learn to focus on your target audience to make sure you have the best product for them that's, that's great advice right there. So. Do you have any idea like how many how many products, you guys are selling right now um. Well. You know I have my own brand my dad has okay, so just. Mine I think excuse, wise because we have variations. Um it's. Probably close, to, 30. 40, by now that's, all you know and I and I I know. It sounds funny like I know people watching this video right now are probably, wondering hey. When you asked Tiffany how many products has why, doesn't she know right away I'm, the same way I couldn't. Tell you exactly how many SKUs like once you start launching, and building a brand you. No longer keep track of exactly how, many products, right I mean is that right for you, yeah. You start focusing on the brand you think of the brand you don't think of the product individually so. But that's a great number to have 20 the 30 is awesome. And so, let, me ask you listen so what's your criteria or. When. You're ready or when do you feel like you're ready to launch another product is there something does, it have to be a product, jumps out at you or do you feel like you kind of have your existing products to a certain point or you can take on that additional work I mean. Right now it's, more of when I have time because. I can launch new products all the time but. When I get a chunk, of time because focusing. With the kids in school and when they're off and all that I just need a set, a block of like four or five hours where I can find, a product make, sure that the search volume is good because at this point it's not find a product based on criteria, it's, find a product now that's going to go with my line so. If I have a line of all this you know a line of pencils I'm not gonna go try to find a line of cups or whatever it is so right, now that's what it is and finding products that go well with my products, so if it's pencils and finding erasers, or whatever like in the situation so.

That. After. A certain point almost limits you but, it's okay because then you also get to focus, more into the products that you have going, and so that's kind of where I'm at right now I am actually in the middle of launching another product right now I'm. Going, through some stuff with Amazon and trying to get it there well, it hasn't met and whatever but. So. Now that's a great point you bring up because you, know we teach an amazing selling machine and our ASM the short version of that we, teach a certain criteria for finding products but, really that's just to get you start and so later, on once you're selling you, no longer have to like fit yourself in that criteria, you're able to find, your own products that fit your own criteria is that right, because. You have an audience. People. Who search for your. Brand specifically. So now you get to sell to them and not just Amazon, so. Are you finding then that's, another question I was gonna ask you once, you've built up your current customer base and you're launching new products is it, easier now because you have existing customers to sell to yeah. I mean I haven't, done the. Job that I should have done on building, them but they still go to my website and subscribe. Obviously. If you chase them a little bit they do a better job at doing that or product, inserts, or whatever you do to get them to go subscribe to your list but. A lot of the customers that I have do tell me that they won't use another product besides mine so then I have that going from you as well so I don't have to go chase them there, they're gonna come to me regardless because that. Was the other thing that I actually didn't answer your question in the beginning what was the thing that you mainly did and I said giveaways I it. Was really important. To me that I had 100%. Customer. Service that I did the very, best that I humanly, possibly. Could do if. A customer wasn't happy it and argue I didn't say but our product is this and I have noticed this from other people that I've tried to help is they, want to say but my product is really good and it never matters, what matters is that that customer walks, away regardless of their experience happier. Than happy if you have to give them an extra five dollars you know whatever you have to do to, make sure that customer, is happy that's really important so commenting, back on the review if they leave you a negative review or, the feedback or anything like that making sure that every customer walks away happy so that they never you know go and tell other people don't get this product because you know I had this experience it didn't, work for me but, it could work for you you, want every customer to be as happy as they could possibly be, that's, awesome, advice now you mentioned customer service and sometimes people kind of freak out thinking I'm, not going to start my own business just to answer the phone you know eight hours a day when. You say customer service how long is that really take you to do. Yeah. It really is because because, Amazon, is doing. All the work for you they're doing the storing. Your products, they're packing, them shipping the customers, they, take refunds. For you they take refer returns, for you what Tiffany is talking about is going above and beyond and. Really making sure that they're cut her customers, are happy. So. I am really fortunate that I don't, have to deal with that as well I know companies. Who would be doing this volume would be answering, phone calls all day if it was outside of an Amazon business but I'm lucky that to not even necessarily get a call or two a month so, yeah. That's awesome you know I'm the same way we get I would say maybe one, phone call every. Day which. You know it's just easy enough just to call back and we have a goat we have ours go to a, voicemail, service that. We don't actually have to be there answering, it we just call them back once you know we have time to do that good. Feedback now something. Else do you know one of the reasons you know not one of the reason I want to talk to you but you have a really cool extra. Part of your story as well like I know that you started off with your dad sales. Took off pretty well you built your own business. You're. Doing extremely well, I, think like what, is your your most you've done in a month right now I'm, 65. That, you, say that with like a 65. That's. $65,000. In a month that is fantastic. If. You extrapolate that out that likes well over seven hundred thousand, dollars a year in sales you're looking at I'm, assuming your profit margins are pretty good too.

Now. What. Other thing I want to talk about is so in addition, to just you know building your own physical, products, on Amazon, building your brand you've. Also started you know marketing, yourself as well is that right so. Tell me a little bit about that like so what what happened to you in the past couple years it's been another change for, you in your life so. Because. Of the whole emotional situation. The. Second time I. After. I had her I gained, so, much weight and I ended up at 230. Pounds and, I was just really, struggling and I'm like I have, this awesome business and I'm doing these awesome, things I have two kids and I was able to do that so why am i struggling, so hard with, myself I should be happier. I should be feeling better, what, so I decided, one. Day that, I was going to, lose. My way I've been overweight my entire life, since I was 7 years old I just bad. Diets, did everything, and it just never panned out so, I, decided one day when I woke up in the morning I could do that I can do this if I could make that go right make myself go right so I started, working out at home and. Changed. My diet, to, a dairy-free and gluten free lifestyle, and then, I decided, to document the whole thing because obviously when you're doing it then you think about these kinds of things anyways, right let's share this story with the world um so. Yeah I decided to, post my my first day my first workout on Instagram. And I. Just posted every day what I was doing and I got up to like a thousand, followers something. Like this in like a year nothing big but. It was really cool a lot of people you know started their weight loss journeys and stuff because of me and I was really excited about that but then, I, went, to the sm live event, oh man. I remember. Know many people know this if anybody, but I remember, going, after. The event in bawling, my eyes out, because I was just like you know what I don't. Know what. I've been doing, like I even. Though I related, all that to my Amazon business I also related, it to me in myself and, there. Was another youtuber. On there I don't remember his name, the. Bald guy he's like. Yes. If he was there and he was talking about everything and I'm just like you know what I need to be. Focusing. He's like the hardest thing that you can do is build a brand that's the hardest, thing you can do build, people who trust you who, love you and who want to do you have done and that is the hardest part right and if you have that, you, have everything. And, I'm like what am i doing, like I love my physical. Products business I love it so much and I've dedicated my, life to it but like I accomplished. Something that, I've been trying to accomplish my entire, life. And the whole world wants, to know how so. I need to. Focus and learn what, I've learned at this is my, event to, apply that to my Instagram, life on YouTube life and this whole thing that's, gonna help so many people so, I focused, and I focused, and I focused, and I learned what I use at the live event Ford that when I should have been doing it for my own, business and. I. Am now up to almost forty thousand followers I, have almost, two million views on my youtube channel of, people. And. Who. Are changing, their lives every day I've lost 40 pounds I've lost 50 pounds I've lost this I've done this my, husband. We have a better relationship my kids are doing better we exercise, now all of these things because. Of. That so, yeah I mean and, now I basically. They don't ask me to write up you know what my diet is or how I did it and so we wrote up me and my boyfriend actually wrote up a meal plan because he's a personal trainer and then. That is super. Successful as, well so it's like none. Of this regardless. Of anything, would be possible. Without ASN so I mean you know you guys you hear this all the time and I know because people tell me on a daily basis how I lost so much weight and it's all because of you and after you hear that 10 times a day you know it's like yeah, it's really amazing good, good job but like seriously and truly like I wish I could make almost a video.

Oh That's, you guys could see what my life was like my family, doesn't even recognize, the person who I have become so. At. The end of the day it's because the day of Sam I was able to exercise, I was, able to eat right I was able to do all of these things because my business, would allow me the time to do that at the same time of taking care of my kids so, that's. That's amazing you know and thank. You for like you know giving ASM some of the credit but. You but, because you've done this all on your own it is it's amazing. We. Have so many people saying you look fantastic by, the way Angie. Kavika, some of the people Marci. Wants to know what. Is your Instagram, account name, so they can follow you. All. Right my, adventure to fit on Instagram so absolutely, follow Tiffany on there, you, you've, done an amazing job growing. Yourself personally, growing your business I. Have, not heard many people say they've taken you know what they've learned as far as ASM, and building a physical product and brand, and changing. Their personal, life the way that you have it's. It's just amazing and now, you mentioned that you. And your boyfriend so sorry all the people wonder if she's single she's, not she has a boyfriend now. But. You and your you and your boyfriend put together some. Like I guess like eating. Plans that like you've been following okay, and you would mention are you actually gonna start like taking what you know what they am and launching, those this product as well yes. I want to be able to you, know launch like apparel, and stuff like this and again I don't have to try to be quiet about it because I am a brand and when you're a brand and people know you you, don't compete, right because people are coming for your stocks like Nikes not afraid of competitors, or whatever so yeah I'm gonna do like t-shirts and stuff like that and I'm gonna be able to sell them on Amazon so people can get them in two days so I don't have to ship them because as, a mom of two kids I don't want to have to be packin up t-shirts all day and sending them out being. Able to send them to Amazon and having Amazon take care of it and do that and different things that, can help people I'd like to be able to create maybe a fitness brand of some things that I have used personally. In. My journey and, do. That as well again my audience, might be smaller it might not be Amazon's, audience, but I will be able to sell my products, without having to do all the shipping and everything like that awesome. Yeah so for, those who just joining we. Easily, surpassed the 100 viewer mark will get thousands, of people watching us afterwards those you joining I'm on with Tiffany today who's, one of our successful. ASM, members of the, thousands, we have who. Has an awesome personal stories taking what she's learned as far as building a physical, products, brand and also building her own brand and not only are you super, successful you're, changing, lives with it too which we love to hear about that's that's got to be really rewarding for you as well. So. We, do have some questions other, than people just telling you how great you look a few, proposals also. We have a Jay saying I want a sm8 Jay, feel, free to check out amazing selling, machine comm, I'm, gonna talk a little bit more about that later on what you can get there for free free, training to figure out this is really if, you want to be able to do what, I've done and what Tiffany's, done we, have like lots of free training there to kind of get you started and then some ways to jump start that process but, some other questions, for you to Tiffany if you know I'm gonna ask let's. See. Shh. I have. Mary's. Asking, I've seen, that you have to order products and stock, it is this, right or wrong I think they're wondering if they are selling, the products do they have to like keep that inventory themselves. Or someone else do that for them. Decided. To fulfill it yourself which nobody wants, to do because you're not going to get as many sales so.

Yep. Absolutely Amazon, does all that for you they do all the customer service - you pay them a small amount to do that but it's it is really worth it. Okay. So then, let's. See. I'm. Wondering, david, Kazakov, is asking how, do you check FDA certificates, from suppliers are legitimate, and. Does Amazon have a list of products that need to be FDA, approved, I don't know yep you have to deal with any kind of FDA approval. Yeah. Okay so what. We recommend, David is don't. Start off with a product requires FDA approval you can but. I always like choosing the path of least resistance so, if, you want to as, a matter of fact on amazing, selling machine comm, under. Our training, video 1 which again I'll get to after this I'm probably gonna get have ahead of myself here we, give you a list of product categories that are the easiest to start with so they don't require you to go out there and get FDA certification or, kind of a need to deal with that start, off so, something simple and then, once you know what you're doing you can expand, your personal, brand and yourself, later on oh. Sauna, has a question for you is it, ok if you don't have your own website when you launch your first product. Yeah. So yeah definitely you don't need to have that later, on you can launch that but I don't, know about you Tiffany we get 95%, of our sales if not more on Amazon. How about you. Yeah. Excellent. So. Mary's. Asking also in order to find those customers, for. Your giveaways, it takes a long time did. It take you was it hard for you to find customers that give away your products there. In. The beginning I used my mom groups that I was in, and we, just contact the admin of the group and say hey I'm giving away products, for free or. Whatever, it was for two dollars for. The lower price items, is there any way I could promote this in your group and they pretty much always said yeah and so then I did that and that's where I got my products, were geared towards moms so, that's what worked for me, awesome. Also. We, have Facebook now Facebook. Is unbelievable for. Finding. People with detailed, targeting, that you want so it really I don't, know I Tiffany. Have you started doing a lot of Facebook advertising yet. Actually, try it no for the purpose of Giveaways. It. Was. Okay. Are. You going to the live event. Okay. That's okay well next, time I see you we'll talk about Facebook advertising because there's I mean when, so we. Get, a ton of sales off a Facebook advertising so when Tiffany said she's not doing a lot I don't, look at that as a negative thing I look at that as a whole nother world of potential, that she has for growing her business I have, I basically. Tell people I've scraped into 1%.

Of. What, I've learned and what there is and, I am I'm, picking. The lowest, hanging fruit and if I focused, the way other people focus, on ASN and did. Put the hours in on a regular day to do that I would have a whole, different game but I prefer. Being a mom to my children, that's what I that's my goal, right now so when maybe they're a little bit older and in school and stuff like that then it will focus but yes I do realize I'm sitting on a goldmine. That's. Awesome but you know what a great testimonial to, how, different, people with different goals can run this business if you want to do millions, a year, some people do millions a month there's. The potential out there but if you want to keep your lifestyle, focused on what's really important to you like your kids you, can do that as well yeah. So how much time for. Your Amazon, business how, much time do you think you spend a week on the Amazon business right now it's F&E. She. Puts in pretty much a half an hour a day just. Do, the. Amazon. Messages. You know they have to be answered within 24, hours and I don't want that obligation, because if my kid has a fever I have to do this or that I will probably forget, it so she works a half an hour pretty much a day so. That's the majority of what happens and then I will, go in there and check, things every, other day and make sure my listings are up and everything is good nothing crazy is happening no, emails from Amazon stuff like that just a few minutes a day and then I try, in the first of each month to, spend about 2 or 3 hours to do my pay-per-click so. Embarrassingly. Little amount of time and I hate to say this and, I feel stupid a little bit but again I choose to. Basically, be a stay-at-home mom, so no. I don't feel stupid at all I think that's amazing it really is. One. More question did, you source your products from the US or from overseas. United. States ok awesome. Have you considered, or is, it just not a need to even find products overseas yet. About. How to do all that I. To. Be completely honest with you did not graduate high school not the smartest, when it comes to a lot of these things hate, to say it but, so I'm not like exactly, sure about full communicating, with them and stuff like that so again if I paid attention and of course they would know how to do it but I'm a little like shy to, you, know talk to people in China and, I don't really know what you say, I. Am going to go there but I think. That's so endearing and you are yours lot smarter than you like to think of yourself you're you're amazing, lots. Of people on here are same exact same thing as well last. Thing is kvitko, wants you to sell him that pencil, that you actually, used as an examples. Maybe. Uh maybe. Kavika, if you follow her one. More time what's your Instagram account. My. Adventure to fitness maybe, you can convince her to, give, away that as a prize. And. Then last last question I'll let you answer this one too before we kind of close this off favorite. Philip is asking are the, pay-per-click you're talking about an Amazon anything. Similar, to Google, Ads. No it's Amazon's. Own advertising. I haven't reached into Google okay. Yeah and it's it's a lot simpler I have. Used Google Ads just you know favored the, Amazon system is so much simpler you little if you want to you, can use what's called automatic, targeting of you guys use automatic targeting also right now yeah. You. Guys I keep saying well I figure your kids will be brought into the business at some point so so. Yeah so it's very simple you can you can set them up manually when you target the keywords favored or you, can start off and what we do what Tiffany does use both run. Some automated ads where Amazon figures out the keywords and then you also focus on the keywords you know works for you. Alright, so, that's. It for the questions I think we covered most of them we gotta kind, of move them along here Tiffany. I want to thank you once again for being on the call you're, awesome you're amazing, your, story is great you as everyone here saying you look. Fabulous so you absolutely haven't done an awesome job on your your own personal, self and brand too so thanks, again for joining us today. And. Now anyone else watching if you guys want to learn more about, how. I got started at how Tiffany, got started selling, on Amazon and it's kind of definitely it definitely has changed her life feel free to check out amazing selling. Machine comm, we, have for, absolutely. Free training, videos on there like I mentioned before the, first one's gonna talk about how easy it is to get your own account set up and how to find products, to sell on Amazon, you can private label for yourself we even give you a list of a hundred hot product opportunities, just to show you how easy it is to find products to sell on the second training video talks, about finding, suppliers for those products so it's no good if you find a great product but you have to go on your basement and build that product we don't want you doing that we want you finding someone else to make those products for you and you can do it like Tiffany does in the United States you can find suppliers, or you can find products being made overseas and we show you how to do that then in the third video we show you how to launch, those products on Amazon and get them ranking, in the top pages on Amazon so people that are already, going, 176.

Billion People. Million. People a month go, to Amazon looking for products so, we're gonna show you how to get your products out there in front of those buyers so, that you can make start making sales from day one and then the fourth video shows you how to really automate, and jumpstart, this entire business to, get selling up as quickly as possible so feel free to check that out also you do have the option to join the amazing, selling machine it's the course that we have the full-blown, eight-week, course it's all covered on there as well the, free training it's absolutely what I say it's completely free if you want to take it to the next level and join our community where myself and Matt, and Jason and rich Henderson, and Tiffany, live and thrive and get to know each other feel free to join that as well check it out at least I highly recommend you do that go, there also if you want to check out more interviews like this one with, other people I know Tiffany knows Angie, we've had her on these calls before - we've had Erik 2e on these calls several other people like that they're, friends of ours friends at Tiffany's we've all met at live events or masterminds. Feel free to check out the other interviews right, here on the amazing calm, Facebook page as well so, that's all we have for today, I want to thank Tiffany once again awesome, to see you again I know, you won't be making it to our next live event which, is Selleck on in April, but, hopefully I'll see you soon at some other event, so. Thanks so much. So if Mike McCleary here from amazing, selling machine I don't thank everyone for joining us today Tiffany thank you we hope this.

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