Single Girl Tries The 100 Baby Challenge In The Sims 4 | Part 37

Single Girl Tries The 100 Baby Challenge In The Sims 4 | Part 37

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Welcome, back to, Todd mageddon how do I let this go so wrong don't answer that. Hey. Everybody I'm Kelsey, I'm single, and we thought it would be funny if I tried the 100, Davey challenge, it's a challenge in, The Sims 4 where you have one matriarch, and they're supposed to have 100. Children all with, different parents, there's a lot of rules to this challenge so if you're interested in those the link will be below last. Time, I reviewed. Some, of the. Significant. Others that you all submitted for, Casey there, were so many good ones 90s. Leonardo. DiCaprio, and pregnant, Casey and Wow are we feeling, fantastic. Let's, jump back in and hope. That I unlike. The Titanic, don't, sink you've done this so many times Kelsey, you've got this you, and Casey are the dream team we got to plan our victory first Dustin. Dustin, looks a little sleepy he's gonna go straight to bet Harry he looks, like he's already kind of raring to go, Caesar Caesars. Looking great just a little bit hungry but mostly fine he's, working, on his thinking I believe Romeo, very. Upset, needs, to use the potty Jake is fine ever will. Sad ever just keeps morning, Chelsea and then Casey, embarrassed. Cuz she peed herself, it happens all right everybody's, learning skills it's fantastic. We're. Gonna have him go back to it once he's done eating go here we go here we go in the time that it took him to walk over to the blocks, he, became very tired wow if that's not relatable, oh my gosh wait he was so close, no. Romeo, back on that potty. Shirt, you know I want to wake him up and have him, finish that we were so close there you go you're done now go to bed all right he's good to go all right Caesar why don't you fit it up what did I just do finish that Caesar oh I. Got, a present, that I think is dumb I want. To treat it with a friend or give it back no, be, grateful, that was such, a little, snot-nosed. Thing to say all right you're almost there Caesar come on come on yo, okay you can go to bed now Caesar is so close to childhood. He just needs level 3 I'm thinking and level, 3 on potty so. We're, we're really believing, we're pulling for Caesar right now all right everybody, in bed everybody, in bed everybody in bed everybody's, in bed all right Casey why. Don't you, I, kind of want Casey to like work out a little bit but she's pregnant isn't she so she can't really do it actually. Got to go to bed all the impeaches maids are gonna be in bed in three. Two. One. Go oh my gosh this never happens. Who's gonna wake up first. Oh it's. Jake, he. Needs to pee oh it's Monday, he's, gonna be so good to. Go for Monday for school I'm so proud of him got students like kind of okay so we're gonna wake Dustin up what do you need Dustin, everything.

He, Says all, right let's just have you work on this first. I. Can't wait to see what they look like as teens they're gonna be such cute teens oh oh. Oh, oh it's happening they're all waking up they're all waking up this is not a drill get in there buddy. No don't you make a mess there. Is a serving, right here for you oh no they're all waking up at once oh this. Is upsetting Oh No. Luckily Harry's, still in bed what are you doing don't go to school don't be late for school, what are you doing go to school why, are you getting in the bath great, okay so Romeo, what, are you up to little buddy okay, you need a potty time and then while. You're doing that why, don't you actually play. With shapes cuz I think that goes faster. Oh no Harry's up it's. Okay it's okay it's okay it's okay don't be sad Harry don't be sad I know you're hungry that's why these are here wow they ate all of them all right so you need imagination, so why don't you play with a toy play. With mr. blue bear butter why don't you, teach, Dustin. To potty all right Harry what can you do you, can babble, to. This little bunny right here Casey did you just like put him on the potty and then bounce. I didn't, know that was an option these they're kind of needs to potty okay see go teach. Him how to potty teach him how to potty teach him teach him how to potty teach, him had a potty teach him teach him had a potty yes Casey why are you sad you're fine play, with the toy just play with the toy play with tentacle Tom he's a great guy all right you're all you're all gonna be great you're all doing amazing, Caesar can now use the potty chair on his own, like, a boss as usual, Caesars the grumpiest, in Peter Schmidt child great, good job Harry he's, level through communication, now why don't you go and play with, Chompy. Yeah. Just play with a toy for a sec here Harry you're gonna be a kid before you know it you know they always say don't grow up too fast I, want the opposite, might be time to feed them all again yeah eat a grilled cheese sandwich when, you're done you, also need some food, what's Caesar up to, he's. Going in there to eat his grilled. Cheese apparently, Romeo, reach level 3 oh my god he's double, 3 of imagination, all he needs left is hottie jake has returned home with a school project and, is, a B student and, Everson. A student boom ever can age up I'm not even gonna wait pull out those candles baby I need. Some help around the house who's this guy she have a romantic relationship oh he's like a former lover you just ignore him kids just ignore him Casey's gone into labor whoa. Okay. Okay. Okay everything's, fine everything's fine we are not ready for this baby I'm. Gonna watch this kid age up first though ever aged up okay, this is a lot at once pick a number one through 12 it's four. Okay, so deviance. Pick, a number one there two she. Wants ever wants to be a, Public. Enemy she, wants to be a famous criminal but she's good, okay and she's, a foodie maybe she's gonna be like Robin Hood oh I like that that's her story ever wants to be Robin Hood when she grows up she wants to steal from the rich and give to the needy oh. Happy. Birthday at, birthday candles nobody, touch this cake thank goodness all right let's, uh have her baby at, the, hospital all, right we at least have one teen in the house I like that these ghosts, are there. Living in their afterlife but they're still going to work if I were a ghost I'd be like cool I did my time I don't need to pay for room and board I'm a ghost, we're, walkin with this v pregnant, Casey popping, out more kids let's see if this kid is blonde like her like the baby daddy it's. A boy. Okay back, at it again we, gotta be looking in the comments, for your guys and suggestions, for baby names as always. If you're interested, in leaving those baby names make sure to leave them in the comments, of these very videos oh my god well this one's quite funny, this person suggested the name Leo for a boy I kind, of like that it would just be Leo jr. so we're gonna have Leo jr., thank you so much dragon flame little, baby leo. Okay. She's. Gonna go home now all, right why don't you go get some food whoever, acquired, the comedy skill that's a surprise she needs to go out and meet some new people tomorrow, I think even though we can't technically have a baby until we move this baby out Leo. Jr. is very hungry and needs to be a Feder Leo, jr. sleeping, through his hunger pains all right oh wait don't change the diaper you need to just do a super. Sufficient, baby care super. Efficient, whyever finished. Her homework and so did Jake Jake you're doing an amazing.

Good, Job, baby boy also, I want you to maybe do some extra credit work oh he's. Sad oh he's, so sad I'm sorry that you just keep partying, why don't you eat that girl cheese sandwich, after. This body you're so close, though you're so close to being, level. Three geezers, doing okay he's. Almost to level three for thinking Oh a Caesar reach thinking level three good job Caesar all right Casey what, why don't you I, guess sleep while you have the chance for now you're hungry aren't you. Cook. Little. Garden salad for yourself it's been a while since we've had a garden salad also clean up, not, that Jake's, doing his extra. Critic, cause he's an extra, good boy. How is Caesar oh he's mad all right Harry go to bed Oh No, Oh No. She's. Hurting herself ever, be, careful, with that knife House. Dustin doing Dustin's, fantastic. Let's wake Dustin up and have him work on some stuff I don't you babbled, some more just keep babbling Dustin. That's arguably, what he does the show a lot of he's uncomfortable but, you will have fun very soon once you finish your extra credit she feels accomplished. Because she made her first garden salad Dustin. Is level two on communication. He is gonna be a great student, why don't you like work on that how are you doing kid he's. Sad all right all right all right I'll fix it I'll fix it I'll fix it hold on why did you go all the way upstairs did you make a mess in here dude. No. Don't wake up your sister let. Her sleep she. Was trying to sleep no go back to sleep yes go to sleep dusty, and Robbie. Is very hungry aren't you going he's getting food right now he's my good. Dustin. Yes. Communication. Level 3 now he's done so on to the blocks, okay. We have a baby we, got a baby situation, got a care for that baby efficiently, my darling and then get some food for yourself you need more, potty okay well why don't you just. Go potty a couple times just keep going potty, you. Will be a kid so, soon. Dustin how you doing he's fine he's, moving level three all right we're just getting. Through these we got this I've got this we're, fine we're fine I'm fine everything's fine Oh, everything's. Not that good with Romeo, right now honestly, he's very, sad, all right why don't you give. A bubble bath to. Romeo, right now give him so fun he's, so focused she's doing such a good job he's.

Real Tired though you, go to bed after this Casey, did you not give your baby a bath give a bubble bath to Romeo why did I just say she's, like I wanted to talk to my older children yes jake has rich creativity, level three that's not who I was hoping for but it's fine yes Justin has reached, imagination. Skill level two that's, amazing why don't you go to bed buddy he also puts his, toys, away like. A boss, okay. Romeo is getting the attention and. Bath. Time that he deserves he's, really, hungry wait, what do you mean that wasn't fun was that not fun enough for you bro don't meet your new sibling just eat a grilled cheese all right eat that grilled cheese in Mom's chair, that's over here that I forgot was over here everything. Is oh okay. I, am, a good mom. Sometimes, kind of not enough, arguably. So close to being a kid they're, so close Romeo you, did, it good job buddy, he's so proud of himself he's like I freaking. Made. This mom. Look. At me now what, are you doing girl don't you clean up some stuff Oh school, starts in an hour for both of these guys Cesar is up and angry okay, all, right I understand, buddy I understand. Buddy why don't you grab, a serving, of that salad wow, they're all grabbing salads, I'm really glad that I did this but also this was a lot what do you need nothing you want for nothing literally, like everyone, is hungry needs a bath her. Give. Dustin, about first because, he's like not. Doing something whereas. Cesar's eating, a salad right now they're all are late for school I am so frustrated yeah. Too. Much going on Evers off to school okay, good, Jake is off to school that's also good Leo's real sad but, honestly, I don't have the time. To. Worry about you, right now. But. I will immediately, after. This okay, o8 a friend ever spread has a study for the big exam today since she's singing earlier in the day she could easily I don't, think you should help because that is. Cheating. Kinda how are you doing over here Cesar he's, a little, sad cuz he's grubby, but honestly, he's still really proud of his progress towards, potty and towards, adulthood, aka childhood, Casey why, are you why are you being called Oh quiz, miss plan everyone's, caught using her phone to look up answers during the quiz today ever. I just told you not to cheat, failed quiz don't. Cheat Romeo still sleeping, Caesars getting there he's. Getting there Harry, is getting, that you, know one-on-one attention he, craves, all right Harry's acquired the potty skill which. Is fantastic oh, yeah I remember when, like. Casey was gonna go out to like meet people today and, instead I'm just like having, her. Work, on her children's, needs. How's, Ceaser, doing he's so close oh my gosh is, this it is this, our first of the Todd's to, get out of Todd dumb come on Caesar, you, can do it please. Please. Be, the hero that, does. All, right next one next one all right quick quick will cooks he do dude so. Now he is very mad as Caesar, is as usual, but. Casey, can, now help. Blow out candles, with. Caesar, making. Caesar officially. A child, come on he is like leaving a stink trail because, we did not wash him yet but, it's Caesars, birthday, Caesar. Aged up pick, a number one through four, so. Caesars gonna be a social, butterfly and, lazy. That's. Adorable. A little social lazy boy so. Cute Oh, miles. Sincere wait. Miles. And John why do they look like old. Jake, is an A student yeah, Jake can age up but excuse. Me I need to look at something really fast, why is Natalie. And peaches may an elder Andorian. Is it finally happening and miles and niya, and cooper. And Tristan, and John and Aria get old man Jamie oh my, god they're, all gonna die why. Did it take so long first, off I don't know what happened with my game that it took so long but secondly. I don't want any of the kids to die I don't think I'm supposed to turn that off but that doesn't change the challenge, but what if my kids start dying I have to warn my children, I wasn't. Expecting, this I'm just gonna let my kid age up so that I can have two teens I am in denial Jake, and Pete reesh may blow out these candles buddy.

All Right let's celebrate Jake's, birthday I need something to celebrate right now my fabulous boy, happy birthday Jay. Oh he's, now gonna pass out don't pass out it's your birthday what are you doing. I've. Never seen that before I've never had a sim try to blow out the candles and then pass out before they get older well there he goes he's back at it okay back to the birthday happy. Birthday Jay, I. Can't wait to see you as a teen. Age. Pick, a number one through 12 it's three three he's gonna be a creative pick a number one through four, it's. Four so he's they're gonna be a painter extraordinaire, he's, outgoing and he loves bugs. He's. Handsome. She. Was feeling pretty solid, so I'm gonna have her do some homework oh. My, goodness how what what grade are you your a B student, that's excellent so tomorrow at school she, can age out we can get pregnant again which means that Casey needs to go meet someone it's, 4:00 p.m. you, know what Casey's going out on the town she's feeling good we're. Gonna go travel our Casey is gonna go to. The nightclub I've, never met someone at the nightclub but here we are we're going to the nightclub. Hoping. To meet some, potential. Bays where, are the people that I just moved in, Naomi, I think Naomi, was one miss Naomi except. Naomi, Naomi can, only be our friend all right we'll make friends with Naomi, anyway, heartfelt, compliment, be, like you look great you're. Such a pretty girl you, kind of remind me of my mom wait, there's some people out here ah two, of them are related to us, I realize either related to us or can't impregnate us or wasn't made by you guys all right maybe I will visit the gym all right, maybe. We'll find someone here meanwhile, she can kind of do, a little little. Work. Out here is it ladies, night at the gym what's going on here, it's the ladies that can I'm pregnant last night who's this guy we've not met him before, don't think you guys made him though well, let's introduce ourselves I don't want something you guys made you guys made so many cuties, do we need to like go into their house she's, like hey get. To know it's, a little awkward shoot. It's. Awkward because other people are listening in to my conversation. With this dude while, we're trying to flirt we'll just be nice while, we wait for someone to arrive. Okay maybe we should just like. Travel. To their homes Kasey's baby makers are mostly home and more. I do like that more, girl maybe, we'll go visit this more girl get, to know her at, her empty lot okay. What's. Her name, Serena, let's have a little flirty introduction. Here too Serena the. Cutest. Purple, Queen oh, my. Oh. My god oh. She needs to go to the toilet, again alright, this is off, to. A disappointing. Start here, cuz we're only gonna last so long could ask about her day how's. Your, day going. You. Know my favorite color is purple oh my gosh does she have freckles too oh, she. Does, she's, so, oh my god she's violet eyes and little braces, she's so cute, she's cute. Sam she's super unique. Which. I think Casey would be really into. And. She's cheerful. Her. Ask. About her day. I. Don't. She's. Like talking about her hair and how much she likes it I've kind of forgotten that she's really tired and really needs to pee I hope that she doesn't pee in front of her complain, about the rain it's really coming down on us and you don't have a house these girls are just getting along like a house on fire she's.

A Cat lover that's so cute. Oh she's. Showing her photos of the kids she, loved them, she. Thought they were cute I. Think we're gonna have to go home after this I think I think she's about ready, to burst we're gonna walk away oh and she's working out, girl. After KC's heart okay Casey go, to the toilet take. Shower get, some food don't worry your kids will take care of everything shake. Jake. Why don't you okay, take care of yourself. Why are you don't, go swimming what, are you doing, Cesar what are you doing are you in the pool for your hygiene, boy. Listen, you are now a kid, you can take care of yourself and take, a shower, alright and then you need to do your homework cuz, you're going to school tomorrow he's really, hungry why is he so hungry. You're hairy I'm gonna I'm gonna get you a salad, Chelsey's playing video games but, Harry only, needs Wow. He only needs to get to level three on a lot of things how, is Romeo. Doing though Romeo, needs. A little bit of fun but. All he needs is level up, on potty so I think he should just keep going potty honestly, Chelsea, I I. Don't, care that you, are the type of gal that's going to clean up after you make a mess like. That's. Really shady of you Chelsea, leo Junior's up why are you asleep in the shower, Casey. He's, feeling pretty good after he gets, his stuff, together I know you're stressed about homework and writing on the table is really not gonna help buddy but clearly, that's a good Romeo, how you doing oh my gosh he's getting close he's. Getting, close. I. Know it's not fun, life isn't always fun that's the hard truth of it you need to learn the hard truth before you come again you knees are good and. Then we're gonna wake Casey up and have Casey help, blow out candles too. Romeo we got a new kid in the house, why. Did you change into that excuse. You Casey, excuse, you. Chelsea. Celebrating. With Casey, that. Is so cute. Oh my. Gosh Romeo, aged up pick a number one through four it's three three so, Romeo's a little motor kid and, he's, mean. Why. Don't you just eat, oh yeah I like it I like its little mohawk, he's going through a phase and then maybe, do your homework when you wake up okay everyone, set Romeo gift which is great Casey's. Just, crushing. It why don't you get something to eat Casey and, then, I want you to kind of work out again have you done your homework not, started. All right you should do your homework and, then. Get your skill up to level three which is gaming, right now I guess feeling, for Loren nobody likes me no one will ever like me why bother with anything anymore I'll always, love, you people. Like you look around people, like you, you're fine, Jake, is doing, amazing. He shoes to get skill to level three I don't know we'll have her have a swimming. Laps maybe skill, ever acquired, the fitness skill like her mom oh she's, feeling good, she got a workout in she's feeling nice okay, what, are you up to now buddy Oh a balanced, meal so once that eating dirt was okay, no it's unhealthy.

Don't Don't don't eat dirt are you okay Dustin, why. Don't you go to bed dude, he's pretty tired too honestly, okay, okay, okay okay. All my kids are rebelling. Against, me I understand, why don't you eat a garden salad buddy, I need you to. Cook up just, like the garden salads grilled cheeses are great but I think there's a special place in my heart for that garden salad mostly because I eat salads, like every day and I don't eat grilled cheese now she she, is not level 3 of anything soon we'll have her swim laps after she's done eating your homework is only 75%, done and you're not able to do it which is very weird and your needs are fine like perfectly. Fine oh he's gotta go to school go. To school buddy everybody, go to school all of you study hard Oh Leo's, upset, okay super efficient baby care of that baby and go back to bed okay now I need you to take a shower and then, you're, gonna invite over, to. Hang out at the current lot your, new, BAE Serena, this little boy is up and Adam, why, don't you eat those chicken nuggets my man oh she's, in such a good mood that she's singing in the shower, she's, like when I come over Oh, Serena, more does want to come over here, oh my god she's here no it's Blair all right Blair you can come on in give. Her a residence Keys whatever where's, the girl that we invited over oh there she is Oh Serena. Okay. Serena's. Here oh my, gosh tell her a funny story, compliment. Her outfit, I love your outfit, I'm also wearing purple everything, about how. Important. Color is in your life like I have a bright blue and purple house I don't know if you're into those things I feel, like you might be based on your hair and then we're, gonna get into a little bit of flirt oh here, each movie level-3 you let's. Go he just needs do you thinking how is it going over here Casey yes, oh it's being playful ooh flatter, her be, like oh you're, beautiful. Yes. We. Are getting in there, Oh. Gloria. Kiss maybe is that too forward, okay, Jake is a B, student. So a Caesar and Evers a beast you two everyone's, feeling pretty good but they're coming in on mom getting getting, a little hot and heavy with their new friend and they're like oh, she's, such a good B student but she needs to get a skill to level three okay we need to get this girl scaling, up I know you're, really mad but, I really just need you to work out like until, you die so you get that skill up oh look, it's Tegan Tegan tears oh, my god he doesn't know Tegan introduce, herself Casey oh my gosh Casey what is happening oh my gosh why don't you give a bubble.

Bath To, poor. Harry he really needs it house Caesar Caesars, having fun he needs to go potty, and, then I really think you should do your homework Caesar they're all fawning, over him this is so funny and he's like I just want a bath okay once I think you're done with that why don't you kiss her hands. A little sexy pose just get your flirt on Harry, is very hungry oh no oh, he's eating the chicken nuggets at last she just needed to go all the way around because the door I need to fix that I'm just gonna fix the door it. Was bothering me though that like people oh no our girl is leaving Oh Leo jr., oh no Leo, jr., super, efficient baby care that baby they're, both working on homework together. This. Is so cute they're all hanging out how. Are you doing Harry oh he's so hungry Harry, Harry Harry I thought you were getting chicken nuggets evers doing amazing, she's not having fun though she doesn't like working out nearly as much as her mom but you're almost at level two there. Oh no, she's not and. Then after that get your hunger on get your fun okay, how's Romeo doing he's doing fantastic. Meanwhile Casey's just like yeah I'm going in all my kids are mad at me what, else is new jakey is so close come, on Jake come, on come on come on come on come on come on you're almost there you're almost there yo let's, go okay you're done he is so, close, to being an A student and so is his sister all she needs is that skill in her homework Harry are you okay sweetie, you don't need to cry to her please don't, Herring's just looking for attention cuz, he never gets it which is very accurate, no no no no no, no no no no no no no go practice yet oh okay you need to go take care of your baby she needs, hygiene. So, she should take a shower and, then she needs fun I wonder, if like at the dance, do you like the little dance video I think the dance video might be work out and. Fun, hopefully. How are you doing Harry oh we. Used to sleep go to sleep bad you want a shower I understand, I want, a lot of things too oh he can't go potty on his own dusted, okay are you done pushing, the limits yet your kids need you she's, having so much fun though look how happy she is why don't you actually give, a bubble bath to Dustin, oh so. Cute, hopefully. That all helps her fun I don't know if it will though oh Romeo, its creativity level three wait that, helps with this creativity level I didn't even mean it she, just. Cooked herself, a garden salad but she's really tense which honestly I don't, blame her cuz I have been putting her through the wringer this evening she's still not as finished. With her homework or gotten. Her skills up her funds going up luckily, finally, Oh Dustin, reached level three of imagination. Use just dude all. Right he's got everything but thinking, and potty Cesar keep going Romeo. He can do whatever he wants, oh it's. Harvest Fest oh my, Oh ever, is a foodie I don't know why I ever made ever do fitness I should have made her do food stuff you know should you want to try something new like her mom and maybe she didn't love it but now it's a little late for that he's got like school so. Soon no way it's harvest Festa there's no school today ah man. Thought I was gonna age up a kid so we could get Kacy pregnant, but she's gonna keep aging isn't she days until age up three she's gonna have three days until she becomes an adult so should it be halfway through her part of the challenge that feels fast, but, what can we do he's all sad why, don't you teach him thinking, she, can like help him with blocks I think why is he uncomfortable.

He. Had a poorly, made food all right drama queen you're fine. Cesar's, almost, done, but he really, needs to go. Leo. Leo. Junior why, don't you change that dirty diaper be, a help to mom good, boy okay. Cesar's done she's teaching him those skills. He's, uncomfortable because it stinks in there you need to calm down ever. Why, don't you go to bed ever Dustin's learned so much oh my goodness, justin is hungry. Every five seconds, oh my gosh, he, was so close. Casey are you okay I think you're sitting, in the pool, alone. In the rain it's, a little weird in, the fall but, I, mean if you're into it she's, having so much fun by just swimming, in circles it's so cute, oh no Harry's super hungry oh no, put this in the kids. Room Harry. Yeah. Grab you a salad you're okay while you cook a holiday. Feast, a grand meal it's 1:00 p.m. so yeah we'll probably do a turkey dinner how you doing she's so she's still mourning Chelsea. That's. So cute. I'm hideous my face is a mess and I can't go anywhere looking like this what should I do it's fine don't overreact, try some light makeup I do want to raise this responsibility, so I'll just be like try some light makeup but that's just so funny, Caesar you're fine or no Jake sorry Jake you're fine give Harry a bubble bath when you get a minute Jake I was hearing he hasn't fully finished his salad but I think that it's probably as good as we're gonna get with him anyway can, we do it can we go from four Todd's to know Todd's in one episode I believe in us. Jake's. Grades, are up he's an A student how did that happen he didn't go to school this, glitched but I'm not gonna question it Jake is moving out of the house so we can get pregnant this is happening, right now I am so excited all right happy birthday buddy. Oh wait, no. I don't. Want to lose you I, love you so much you're you handsome charming lad, look. At his little like face. When he got me and. He's responsible I did a really good job raising him and he's ambitious, he's, gonna make like the best art in the land. Oh happy. Birthday. Okay. Now we got to move them out I'm so sad actually we're gonna go back into the impeach Rashmi household and we're gonna invite over a special friend, all right well KC I feel like maybe you should change your hair color just, for fun all right we're changing her hair color we're inviting someone over we're, making a baby boom. Should, she have purple hair like her BAE and. They'll just both have a purple actually I kind of dig it that was the easiest decision I've, ever made and create a sim invite over to hang out the current law Serena. Also. It matches our suits so, well it looks so good. Oh baby's, upset baby's, upset let's, play with the baby there she is she's running here, to, see our new. Hairstyle, it'll, be kind of weird though could you imagine having. Went on like a couple. Dates with uh someone and then coming to their house and their hair was dyed the same hair, color as you and they're, also wearing, purple you know I think actually, I hate this oh my, gosh this is so funny. She's, like flirting up a storm she's, like do you like my brand-new, hair Oh.

These. Ladies, are a new, each other I'm, like whatever man, kiss those hands. Sweet. Talker. Kissing. The rain that's where I'm at Oh what are you doing out here Harry, Harry, no no go inside hear it go inside whoo whoo might observe Ettore get in there girl Archer no we're a little busy right now and what is he doing here, McCoy, yeah go, home to your wife and child this. Guy will not leave, her alone, okay, there go they went in oh they. Went back out no, wait, try, for baby Trevor baby Trevor baby everyone sent Leo jr. a gift what does that mean wait, Leo. Jr. aged up okay, well. Let's. So randomize it he's clinging, amazing. He's fine so, maybe we'll have him you know start on start, on some fun babbling, did, you whoo-hoo. Or not I missed the entirety, because. I keep missing things you did it whoo-hoo, observe, no don't observe this guy try, for a baby in the observatory, what are you doing go, make me a purple, haired baby dang, it okay they seem very pumped, about it please just do the deed. Naomi. Wants to I'll come over and hang out now you owe me we would love to be your best for good okay, you know what we're doing it in the bed I can't believe that these girls have, tried like so many times there we go all. Right let's make a pair of purple haired baby I'm very, excited about this what oh that's terrifying. They. Just arrived take, a pregnancy test. Okay. Let's see oh my, gosh is, it. A baby yes. Eating for two, Casey is officially, pregnant. Another. Baby for the family. Hopefully, it's gonna have light, purple hair just. Like these two ladies I'm super. Stoked, congratulations. To Casey you're at 46, babies so make, sure to keep letting me know in the comments of how we should celebrate I'm very. Excited to see if we're gonna have a purple haired child I really hope so.

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Girl: Celestia or Lula Belle( my grannies name) Boy: Helios or Leon Idk why but Ive always loved those names

Oh no! I hope Olive is still alive!!! Baby names: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross.

Ellie’s boy baby name list Apollo Walter Reed Otis Louis Dexter Winston Declan Caleb Simon Hunter Alistair Percy Leo Henry Ellie’s girl baby name list Clementine Rosemary Rose Mary Daisy Molly Ollie Juliet Names Otis Reed Declan Apollo Clementine Rosemary Daisy Juliet

If you have a purple haired boy, please name him Barney if its a boy (aka the dinosaur; or Ursula if its a girl (hopefully she wont be mean)!

Names: Skyler, Tyler, Isla and Lila

I'm sorry but how in the world did a GIRL impregnated another GIRL???

Boy names: Lucifee, Amenediel, Daniel Girl names: Chloe, Linda, Mazikeen, Ella

Girl: snow Girl: Autum Girl: Reese

Baby-Names Boy: Niall, Derek or Timotheus Girl: Marlene, Jane or Amanda

Girl:AMY Boy:Cody Or Peyton,Payton

Purple boy names teddy, jake Purple girl names violet, lilly

Girl:Mikyla(my name) Boy:Mike/Michael (It fits to my name)

let’s get a spin-off with jake???

Angelica Peggy or Eliza for a girl and Bailey for a boy

Episode 36???

Baby names: Boy:Dylan,Alastair,Tom Girl:Phoebe,Jessica,Daisy,Emily

whats up with this random dramatic music ? xD

So for girls: Victoria, Marilyn, Jasmine or Roberta Boys: North, Damian, Matthew, Sam and Dean (from Supernatural)

Twin boys Zach and Cody Boy Daniel

*_RIVERDALE NAME PICKS_* BOYS:Archie , Jughead ,Sweet pea Girls : Veronica , Jellybean , betty

You have a Romeo, so how about a Juliet?

casper for a boy micaela for a girl

Girl sophie boy ben twin girls summer and autumn and boy twins tony troy

Also I miss the OG vegetarian kids and their garden salads

Pleaseee call this purple haired baby Alice cause if she is a she , she is clearley from wonderland

Can you name a girl Laura? She‘s a friend of mine and LOVES your videos. It would be such a great suprise for her

If you like ples name Babies Grils : Lisha, Skye, Lia, Lexi Goys: Alex,Leon, Nick

Since your next baby is probably going to have purple hair can you name him/her lavander


Watching this while eating a garden salad

The baby won't be born with purple hair! But chances are they'll have purple hair when they grow up to teenager. Children don't have unnatural hair colors as options... unless you have mods. Which you don't seem to have.

Okay literally I know you don’t see this till like 3 episodes later but I need you to stop the OG kids from aging because I have anxiety

could you name that next child Violet if its a girl and has the Purple/Pink Hair

Boy- Justin and Peter. Girl- Emma or Olivia❤️

Boy:lance, keith Girl:allura, pidge

Or Alan


Girls names: Cortney, Rosie, Sonya, Jade, Ella, Rhiannon, Nora Boys names: Gareth, Matthew, William,

If you have a baby girl please name her Dany and for a boy Drogo

Please name your purple haired child Violet!

For a girl can u do Asher she's my best friend & for boy can u do Bowen that's my brother

NAMES. girls: Yrene, Aelin, Manon, Lysandra Boys: Rowan, Chaol, Aedion, Fenrys

Can you name a baby Lilly because it was just my birthday??

Girl: Hermione, Simone ( my daughters name) Boy: Theodore ( my sons name)


Serena is my OTP with Kasey! Baby names For a girl: Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst For a boy: Steven, Lars, and Greg

Girl name : VIOLET :))

Girl names: Maia or Mia Boy names: Noah or Peter

Did she know that Ever and Leo had the same birthday he was born she had a birthday

You should do an 1 hour special

Love watching your shoe all the way from out back Australia! Aussie themed names! Steve (as in irwin) Chris (Hemsworth) Bindi Miranda (Kerr) Kylie (Minogue) Margot (Robbie Hugh (Jackman) Heath (Ledger)

Baby names✨ Girl: Zelda Boy:Link

:Luke :jake and jack if twins :Max and mason :Zion :jazzy and Emma

Girl: Zina, Samantha, Diane, Sandra Boy: Isaac, Blaze, Axl, Andrew

Baby boy names: Niall, Sawyer Baby girl names: Elizabeth, Luna

Lanphin for boy or a girl my nickname as i love dolphins but I'm on land so lanphin Lupus for a boy as means wolf in Latin Please pick mine Also I'm a poet on YouTube as well

Please can you name one of the rainbow children a colour Like: Aqua, Indigo or Violett if a girl Or Topaz, Rubi if a boy

I think Morgan,Maya,Monique and Matilda are nice baby names

Hey Kelsey! Could you please name 3 of Kasey's kids after me and my siblings. My name is Daisy, my brothers name is Nelson and my little sister is Blessing. It would be really cool if you could, because the names actually rhyme... Daisy | Nelson | Blessing

I think Maya would be a good baby name

Also I think Olivia would be a good name to

Kelseyyyy! You’re forgetting Olive!!!!

Rosie and Sophie or John and mark

What is it could I want to download it

13:56 it took long because Chelsea was still alive. When you had control Of Chelsea, they couldn’t be older than her because the game doesn’t Allow that. So basically they were just young adults forever until she passed

My favourite name for my sims, when I played the Sims 2 was Enlightenment.

Purple (MY FAVORITE COLOR) themed baby names: Girl- Lavender or Mauve Boy- Perse

Boy OR Girl name: Jesse!

Please name the next baby Noelle id its a girl and Ayden of ots a boy I will ne happy if you pick these names

Could you name a girl Alyssia, Faye, Laura, Siobhan or Katharine A boy Tony, Julian, Isaiah or Daniel

You should have them eat more garden salads instead of grilled cheese. Grilled cheese increases heart attacks, overweight situations And sometimes even more hunger hours

What about some Narnian baby names? Caspian? Edmund? Susan?Lucy? Peter? Eustace?

Girls: Hermione or Luna Boys: Draco or Neville

Boy:Noah or Cam Girl:Morgan or Daisy I love you Kelsey

Baby names Girls :- Isla, Luna, Katie Boys :- Ace, Katio, Freddie

For the Purple haired child: Boy: Indigo Girl: Violet

If you have a baby with a redhaired guy can you name the baby either Boy: Vincent, Chuckie Girl: Meredith, Ariel

Boy names; Shane, Ryland, Andrew, Garrett Girls names: Morgan, Trisha, Emelia

Means Olive ist death

Can you name a baby girl Hermione please

Baby girl name - Shelly

Baby name!!! Girl - Kisses boy - Ervic (my brother)

It sounds like “KELSEY” our moderator needs a vacation from this game! Maybe just 50 babies if you’re this sick of it?!

Can u say how many kids u have had in the beginning of every episod?

It would be super cute if you named a set of twins Artemis and Apollo

Baby names FOR THE PURPLE HAIRED BABY: Nynphadora if it's a girl, Teddy if it's a boy I usually also ask if it can be named after me but it doesn't matter this time :3

Kelsey's could you please name it Tyrone if it's a boy and Bethany if it's a girl going to sound bias but I love me and my brothers names sue me lol good luck x

Brody or maddi or drew

Baby name suggestions Violet for a girl Jackson for a boy

You should do Angela if it’s a girl because that’s my name :) and Dalton for a boy

"you need to calm down" Me: Your being to loud!! Like if you love the song

If you have a purple hair baby. Girl: Violet, Iris, or Magenta Boy: Tyrian, Raven, or Hunter

I really like the name Jasper, boy or girl

Living for Kelsey’s reaction at 15:04

Heyyy! Can you name one of the girls either Saige or Kade? And for boys you can do Jace or Bryson And neutral names are: Blake and Parker TYYYY!!

If it is a boy name it Brody my name!!!

You should name the purple haired baby Violet

How do you get so much money

Please name you next baby boy after my best Bayo (it’s said like Bio)

I haven’t been able to watch since the house change. The colours really bother me! Haha

If you have a girl can the name be Ellie

There are a couple skills the kids can learn. Why not get the kids working on them after they finish the basic skill? Get a head start on teenhood.

Sloan (my name) and some Grey’s Anatomy names like Meredith, Christina, Izzy, George, Derek, Mark.

Do you sell the gifts? Or is Chelsea's mailbox just crammed with baby toys? I need to know.

Still no 'Z' names! Boy: Zachary Girl: Zoe

Can you name one of the girls Olivia in honor of Olive if she dies? I hope that’s not soon tho we love Olive

Baby name: -Ileana -Lily -Lilith -Elena -Nana

11:17 same

Names: Girl - Makenzie or Cadence Boy - Cameron, Gavin, Ethan or Beau

Girl: Adelaide, Aurora, Pippa, Ivy Boy: James, Elijah, Axel, Tobias

I’m such a huge fan of your show (and sideshows) it actually made me buy the sims and many of its packs. I would love to see a girl named Kit, Or a boy name Apollo.

I have some name ideas! Boy: Benji Girl: Echo

You should name a girl either Lilla, Harper, or Marian. That's me and my sisters. And a boy Andre. That's my brother.

Name a girl Harper, lilla or Marian. It’s me and my sisters names and we love to watch your show together.

I'm her sister lilla and please do this!

Name your daughter "Aldriana" she'd be unique Ferman for a boy ;)

Boy Names: Sean, Jameson, Duncan, Lex, Kyle, Cory and my Favorite Shane. Girl Names: Samantha, Jade, Delilah, Lexy, Krissy, Camilla, and my Favorite Ava.

Girls:Jane Daisy Nancy Boys:Yosef Kian Kerick. Plls

Girl Names: Violet, Izzy, Maddie, Grace or Libby after me I’ve been watching since part 1! Boy Names; Indigo, Jack, Luke, Angus, Remus- (Harry Potter Reference)

baby names: boy: griffin girl: griffyn

gurls: celaena, paris, layah bois: chandler, apollo, chaol

my name suggestions if the baby has purple hair: male: Hyacinth female: Violet

Name a girl Natasha because Natasha backwards is “ah, Satan”


everybody in bed, everybody in bed, okay everybody's in *_bread_* me and my unhealthy hearing

In Bullet Force on freegames66, why I can't set password while creating match?


Can you name the baby Pearl if it's a girl?

Could you name a girl Rose, after my daughter who watches these episodes with me? She would LOVE it if you did and it would also go well with the hair colour, pinky purple and Rose!

girl-eleven (el for short) boy-jonathan

Girl names (mine and my friends names) Elle, Olivia, Niki, Ella, Carol

Can you name Reese for a girl and if its a boy Gregory love your vids Kelsey♥️ (been here since episode 1)

I feel like the next matriarch should be a red head

Purple hair baby should be Serenity if it’s a girl cause it’s the longer form of Serena For a boy Lance

Names: Girls: Crystal, Sam Boys: Aiden, Tommy, Isabel

i meant isabel for the girls

Bertha for a girl because my grandma's name is Bertha and she died last week

If it's a girl you should call her Sakura, like Sakura from Naruto!! Ps You are so awesome, much love

I really hope we don't see Olive die next episode D: Names i hope youll lose; Boys: Alphonse, Sebastian, Anthony and Xavier. Girls: Scarlett, Isabella, Octavia and Annabelle.

I think there must be kids with Buffy names: *Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Oz, Tara, Anja* or with Angel Names: *Angel, Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn, Fred (Girl), Doyle, Connor*


How many babies so far ?

Purple haired baby = Josefine!!

Baby name Girl: Hermione Boy: Ron

Is it because Chelsea died and that triggered for the children to start aging at their adult point? I don't play Sims and this is the only YouTube series I watch. But I assume this is why??

I just realised she will watch all her siblings die and she will be the only one left because she keeps having babies wow so sad lol

ヾ(^∇^) AUBERGINE or AURELIA pls if its a girl RAVEN or ASH for boy

Pls can you name Girl: Chanda Boy:Lionel



Can you please name a: girl: Violet boy: Felix

My son and I watch this together every week. Could you please name your babies Natasha or Tyler.

"GO MAKE ME A PURPLE HAIRED BABY DAMNIT" i love you kelsey, please never change

Also I think Makoa has 2 kids lol

And he still wants Kasey

Girl names Mona ,Saira and Jayde Boy Christian

Call one kaya

Some names for your babyssss Girls: Emily, Alisa, Ebby, Minou, Malina Boys: Nick, Billy, Colton

For the purple haired baby... Girl: Lilac, Violet, Lavender Boy: Indigo

excuse me, how to install this game on pc without spend any money?

Name a baby girl tate because tatum dahl actually watch this show and I freakin love her

Can you please call a baby girl/boy Louis?

The 50th baby should be named Kelsey :)

Umm I suggest EVA for a girl, and KAY for a boy. They are such sweet names. Also u are great, lots of love from Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Boy names:Mason , Henry , Levi Girl names: Aurora , Megara ,kiara zoe

Can you name one of your children Frieda? The same name as my dog?

Hi Kelsey.

Baby names suggestions for Kelsey :) If you have a boy you should name him Calvin (after my boyfriend!) and if you have a girl purple haired baby you should name her Violet.

I going to suggest my future kids names ❤ Girls

*Baby names!!!!* Girls: Katniss, Lily, Iris, Fern, Orchid, Zoey, Audrey Boys: Shawn (reference to Shawn Mendes), James, Hunter, Eli, Jordan, Phoenix, Dylan Also, could you please name you’re last matriarch Kelsey?

I don’t know if you have Wattpad, but if you do, would you mind reading some of my stuff and telling me what you think? My Wattpad account is Corpsemangle. This is not neccessarily directed at just Kelsey.

Name a baby neel

Baby names: Girl: Indiana Boy: Anthony

Ryan for a boy , October for a girl

Please do Sidney, December or June as girls. I have watched your videos since the very beginning.

If its a boy Harlow And a girl Taylin

Please name a girl Maggie(my name) Or for a boy Marc (with a c for uniqueness)

Also I love u Kelsey

Or violet or Matilda for my sisters name

How about Momo for a girl? :) And pleeease give Kelsey a mouse pad ♡

Girl: Drusilla Boy: Drew... I guess

HONESTLY CAN"T KEEP TRACK OF ALL THE NAMES, SO SORRY IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THESE NAMES BUT PLEASE PICK ON OF THESE: For a boy: - Noah, Mason, Hunter, Freddie (ME) & for a girl: - Juniper, poppi, Daisy, Bonnie.(Neve and Elise if you have twins)

Have vampire kids!!!

Name a girl Bekah after me please!!

Disney Princess names: Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel, Ana

Make Serena moore a small shack with the basic needs

Please name A babyGirl TATIANA AND SHORT FOR TATI!!! Please

Tonks or Teddy if a boy


I think you are really awesome and you have a really nice personality

I’ve been watching since the start with my sister sybilla and Lauren are our names

Sybilla or Lauren or Avalon if it’s a girl or AJ or moon or sun if it’s a boy

My baby names Posi, Lila, Emmi Thomas, Ben, Cade

If a girl you should name it poppy or piper!!!!

If boy Giovanni if girl gennivive

How many did we have? Are we close to 100??

It's part 36,not 37

If a girl: lilac or lavender

For girl:Abigail and for boy:Hudson please!!!!!

Girl: Helena, Eleanor, Charlotte, Lyla, Lona, Sloane, Valda, Asena, Thea, Wren, Avis, Landry, Lana, Saya Boy: Reed, Parker, Forrest, Vale, Luca, Kane, Elliot, Gavyn, Blake, Hayden, Aiden, Ethan, Cameron, Beck

Okay but Kelsey hyping up the purple haired girl is mood

Can u name ur daughter Violeta? And for the son it's Violeto. Thanks. More powers to ur 100 baby challenge.

Girl: Lottie Boy: Thomas

For the purple haired baby: use “Tonks” like from harry potter, bc she has purple hair!!

1:48 I make that noise constantly

Girl: Jessica, Kristen, Lauren, Allyson Boy: Connor, Calvin (My family’s name)

Name suggestions: -Girls- 1.Angelina!! (I'd die to have an Impiccishmay named after me ) 2.Marcelene -Boys- 1. Zach 2.Owen LY!

Mac for a girl. Eden for a boy. Please choose this, I love you!

You shoul call the next girl *lavender* !!!!

Boy: Darcy or Lewis. Girl: Kathryn or Jennifer

Her purple daughter should be called Violett

If it’s a girl you should name her Nymphadora or Tonks. If it’s a boy maybe Teddy like Tonks and Lupin’s son.

Girls : Addilyn, Alina , Aliyah, Bryleigh, Kaydence, Lillie , Jenna , Brooklyn, Jayde, Caylee , Isabella, Scarlett or Wynter-Rae (the name I'll use if I ever have kids) Boys : Brently, Jaxon ,Rhyker, Asher or Jase. Name inspiration comes from my nieces/nephews/baby cousins.

If it's a purple haired girl she could be called Lila :D

How about Jade for a girl and Lucas for a boy?

Or Billie for Billie ellish

girl: Jill boy: Jack

If you have a girl name her mal Alyssa or uma or evie from decendants and a boy Carlos(cameron Boyce rip)Ben jay chet or ethan

Hi. If you have A girl : Aria, Sky or Afrodit A boy: Tom, Robin or David.

ever was in your barhroom. maybe you should lock the other door too..

Why is it the girls will age up curvy, yet the boys never do? I’ve yet to see one with a paunch. In honor of us curvy girls: Carly for a girl Chris for a boy-like Chris Farley

Some names for your babies Girl: Charlotte or Ella Boy: Deklan or Samual These are the names of me and my 3 siblings can you please use these names

Romeo and Caesar is my favorite set of names so far! Hearing them always makes me happy

Girl:Dennise (my real name)(Di-niss) Boy:Dennis(my real father's name)(De-nis)


boy: thistle girl: violet, orchid, lavender

Can you name one Girl: Nala Boy: Simba

Boy: Sam Girl: Sam

Love old fashioned girls names- Edith/Edie, Gwen and Nora

I actually have purple hair so name the purple haired baby Katie!! Or Kat for a boy maybe? I know a guy who guys by Kat so it’s not odd?

Spooky name idea : October for a boy or a girl, Tobie for short!

pls make harry a wizard using the new expansion when he ages up!

If you have a purple haired baby I hope you pick one of these names. Girl: Violet or Plum Boy: Morado (boy name inspired by the color purple), or Indigo.

The new baby should be named Violet if it’s a girl and if it’s a boy it should be named Hue

NAME SUGGESTION Girl: Raven, Aura Boy: Arsen, Armel (from the word caramel)

PLease name the baby, VIOLET or Lavender

Can you name a baby Quinn please? It can be for a boy or a girl! It’s my middle name

Briar for a girl!!!! Like Bry-er.

If the baby turned out to be a girl please name it Luna ♡

This new purple haired baby should be named Tonks! =D Works for a girl or boy and keeps the Harry Potter Fandom strong in this household. #hufflepuffpride

the baby won't actually have purple hair because it's not an option for tods or children :\

Has anyone commented on the kids not having privacy when they poo? Something tells me they don't want to sleep next to a poopy potty trainer or have all their siblings watch them

Potential purple haired baby should be if a Girl: Petal or Posie

Girls: Amber(after me!), Ariana, Alyssa, Demi Boys: Paxton, Sam, Camden, Drew

So I can't think of any cute purple boy names, but Violet or Mauve would be cute girl names!

Lol she doesn't like her fat children

I've read that to get twins buy watching lots of kids tv and having my sim read kids books.  Also you could try getting a fertility massage if you own Spa Day and I believe there's a fertile trait you can buy with aspiration points.

michelle, liam, tyson, tyler, Jemma, jazzy, rosie, dylan, justin, kimmy, jimmy, lilac, darci, lynne crystal, ams, ellie, elijah, slater, estar, aleeya, alyah, donna-joe, stephanie, ramona, jaxon, thommy, max, william, angus, music, juliet, jenna, alexa, katie, legend.

baby names! Girl: Violet, Lavender, Amethyst Boy: Periwinkle, Berry

Get another 2 cowplants

baby name if its a boy or girl with purple hair: Sugar Ferry Plum

girl names: Lili, Liliana, Abigail, Miku boy names: Jacob, Oliver gender neutral: Ari, Luka, Harley

Wait, isn't it part 36?

Please chose mye name Girl: Nala, Olava or Kindy, Ariel or Yasmin Boy: Mica

If the baby is a girl, Lira and if a it's a boy, Draco. I really like these names✨

Baby names! Girl: Piper or Peyton Boy: Zack or Collin

girl zoe boy brayden ,riley or thomas

Boy should be max or saver and girl charlotte or mae

Name a baby Gus after my bambino!

Name a baby Jaxon in honor of my 2 month old!

so no one’s going to talk about how harry has weird, big, and crazy hair??

Marvin Marvin for a boy Very for a girl

Please name a girl either Violet or Mia and a boy Sam and Dean (for Supernatural)

Boys: Cody, Zach, Maxx, Dan (the members of my favourite band XD) Girls: Janine (my name^^)

I still love this challenge so much

Baby name Girl: Nessa

Psssst Kelsey if you have your kids do those school project boxes in addition to homework they'll get extra credit and skills so that they can age up faster! You can find them in buy mode; you don't have to wait for them to all come home from school with them. Also, in honour of spooky season and my favourite spooky characters I'd like to suggest the names Wednesday, Sabrina, Ruby, Jack, and Casper. Happy simming!

Name your next child if its a boy, Barney because of the puple dinosaur.hahah or for a girl, Violette. or Raven for raven of teen titans purple hood. hope you choose these names!!

Name your next girl Henna! After me of course but it'll add more name diversity!

name the baby violet if its a girl ♥️

If a girl name her Valerie or violet if a boy name him Noah or Sekai I hope you see this

name a boy dalas because it’s salad backwards! name a girl olivia or lydia

Girl: Lily, Amelia, Caroline Boy: Malcom or Roman

If you find an alien it’s a small chance that you can get pregnant with an alien

Can you name a girl Maddex or Dylin ( Mina and my sisters name)? And for a boy Ryder?

Names for kiddos Girl! Maddie ( my name ) or Maddex ( also my name) For Boy: Hayden or Huxley!

Could you please name a baby boy Chester? Its my son's name and he's totes adorbs ;)

If it's a girl, please please PLEASE name her Violet!!!! And Finch if it's a boy

get a roomba for every floor in the house that cleans up spills and stuff so you don't have to!!

Girl: Cassandra Boy: Sebastian

If you have a girl name her Girl: violet or periwinkle If you have a boy name him Boy: Indigo

Just heads up babies/todds do not have unnaturally colored hair it's not an option for them in game. You can however change it when they become kids.


Baby name for a purple hair baby girl.. Violet !?

Girl:Anna Girl:Emma Boy:Joe Boy:Shawn

Does it bother anyone else that she never ages the twins up at the same time anymore?

Can you name your next boy after my dad? He had 23 brothers/sister himself! Kenneth!

Names Boy:Xavier Girl: Ellen or mai

Does anybody rewatch this for endorphins you get?? Just me?

Rosalina for a girl Grayson for a boy

Can you name one Amanda?

Next time you have twins can you name them Artemis for the girl and Apollo for the boy cuz I love Greek mythology and other mythology. love your vids and Channel:)

If the purple haired baby is a girl: lavender, violet, indigo or amethyst If it’s a boy: rasin, eggplant or boysenberry

Names girl Charlotte Leah boy hunter bob

BABY NAMES !!! NOTICE ME!!! Boy names: Roman, Virgil, Rowan, Quinton Girl names: Amira, Cassie, Ebony, Vixen, Zarah

Baby names Girl: Harper Boy: Ryder

Baby names Girl: Harley, Presley, Sage, Carter Boy: Elliott, Noah, Kayden, Xander

Can you name you baby Emily or diego after my best friends

10:39 - A true motherhood mantra, lmao!! If you have twin boys, could you please name them Julian & Patrick? Those are my boys, IRL

girl: vanessa, bailey, star boy: star, sky, robin

as a Norwegian it's very pleasing to hear "Dovregubbens Hall" being used in this

You are a Bean

Hi! Girl : Kaira ,Cailyn , Karenza ,Kezia ,Kelly ,kayla , Claire , dita ,Jeaneth , Marcellina Boy ! : Grayhans , Darren , Melvin , Nicholas , Nathan, Jarred , Jasson . Marcel i hope kelsey see my comment

Boy # NOAH , Benjamin Girl# DAISY, Posey

When my todds' needs are so freaking low, I go out and send them to daycare and when I come back, they are all fine

Plzzz have a baby with Santa, I know that it’s weird but the baby will have SUPER POWERS.

If the purple hair baby is a girl it would be funny to call her Violet


Can you name the next one Lucy please! Xxx

You should name girls: Linda, Tina, Louise boys: Gene, Bob, Teddy


Name a Girl Amber. Or Olivia. And a Boy Felix. Or Sebastian.

Boy:Jackob or Tate Girl:Caitlin or ava


For this next child perfect name would be Purple Impiccishmay!

Baby 50: Bon and 51: Jovi Cause your 1/2 way there

Please call your next child Nina, Sofia, Sunny or Violet for girls and Ariel, Francis, Klaus or Craig ❤️❤️

Indigo for a boy or Lavender for a girl seems appropriate for the baby ^^

Boy- Lucas. Mike. Steve. Jonathan. Will. Finn. Noah. Joe. Caleb. Billy. Dacre Girl- Eleven/El. Millie. Sadie. Maxine. Nancy. Natalia. Cara. Karen. Winona. Joyce LOVE STRANGER THINGS❤❤

Girl: Airleah Boy: Sean

For the next baby can you name it Mikaela please its unique and you haven't used that name before MIKAELAAAAAAA

please name a girl Nicole!!! for a boy, please name Stephen ❤️

Girl- Mary Beth, Caroline Boy- Benjamin, Scott, Ron

boy names: Luke, Stitch, Jaxton Girl names: Lilo (my kittens name, and a disney character)

When you have 50 kids you could celebrate by having a quick montage of all the kids!

I love this series! Thanks for new episodes every week. I’d love it if you could name a baby after me: Gabi Or after my brother: Austin

You should name a Child Violet

For a boy guy and for a girl gal or Gail

Girl :Kaylie and boy : Keion my actually kids name but my keion a jr and he not here yet gotta wait five more weeks to meet him and I’ve been watching since day one love all you let’s play video

Hi Kelsey. Can you name a girl, Elizabeth, Ella, Zoe, Izzy. For a boy. Mikey, Andy, Jakie. Das it

Girl names: Piper, Annabeth, Zoë, Bianca, or Hazel Boy names: Jason, Percy, Frank, Nico, or Will Btw these r all from a book series I read

Name the baby violet or lavender if it's a girl Indigo if it's a boy

Girls name: Megan, Melanie, Whitney Winnie, Kat, Katherine Boys name: Ryan, Rober, Randy, Scott, Sam, Samuel These names are mostly from my own family lol xD

Girl : prudence , essence , Kadence , iris , periwinkle Boy : muave , sable , jasper , juniper

You should name one baby Georgia or Molly

hi for a boy can you name one Joe or Lennon and for a girl can you name one Cloe or Lee

Baby Names: girl: Aurora (after the Northern Lights) Boy: Rain or Forrest

please name a girl anne-claire or mary-claire! hyphen names are the! for a boy beckett is a cute name :)

For a boy: Marco, Ax, Tobias, David and for a girl: Rachel or Cassie

Where is 36??

hi i hope you see this I think you should name a Boy: Grayson or Gray Girl: sawyer or Chantelle

I've been watching since day 1 and I eagerly wait for ever episode! Love everything you put out Kelsey! Boy: Brian Girl: Bri or Brianna

I will literally die if Olive does

Boy Brody and girl Isabella

Baby names: Gracie or Gracyn

Purple hair baby should be name Lilith or Lyla or Lila

Can you please name one of you babys either chandler from friends if boy or maliha if girl love ya

For the next episode if you have a girl name her Sabrina or Penny and for a boy Joey or Sebastian :)

for purple haired babies girl-lavender, violet, lilac,plum,periwinkle

can you please name a girl Eli or Aaron? I think it is such a powerful name for a young woman to have!!

you should name a Boy: Angel Girl: lyla

Girl - Kiera Boy - Kieran

Could you name a girl Anna after me

Name your baby girl as Dasha, its my premature babys name.


I'm fairly certain you can't have crazy colored hair babies/tods/kids?

you should give kasey a tattoo

Name your baby Girl as gem stones Amethyst, Pearl, Ganet, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Peridot, Lapislázuli, Bismuth And name one after me, name her Limber

Boy Names Suggestions: Lincoln Ajax Phoenix Girl Names Suggestions: Anya Domino Ophelia

Girls name - Linda , Laura, liz or Lizbeth, Boys name- Emery, obby, Cloe,

Hey Kelsey, can u Please choose my names?! Girl: Julianna Boy:Julian

name a boy lavon,rayjon,jo,kamron and girls shanda,judy,layla and lena i love you kelsey

Haha cook a salad! I giggled lol

Heres some names I havent seen yet: Sophia, Annette, Annabelle, echo, willow, Jupiter, rein, lafollette, J.J or Jay, kent, Luke, levi, Jordan for a girl, gage.. those are cool.

If it's a girl: Rue, Dodi, or Lady If it's a boy: Gavin, Dannie, or Tori

Pls name a child Mary!! Or Norah!! Or Gwen!! Or Pip!! Or Kelsey...?!

I am a family with uniquely-spelled girl names so for a girl name: Vyolet And if its a boy: Elwood (thats my son's name

Girl names: Anna or Jenna Boy names: Logan, Toby, or Carter.

You should name a girl Vanya and a boy Klaus like from the Umbrella Academy!

Names for purple baby: Mauve, Indigo, Plum, Aubergine, Violet, Amethyst, Lilac, Magenta

Please name a baby Brooklyn or Aiden or Lilly or gus or eleven

Girls-summer,winter, Boys-Christian,Scott

Please name a baby Brooklyn or Aiden or Lilly or gus

Girl : Brooklyn or Lilly Boy Boy :Aiden or gus

Can you name a baby girl Marguerite! I love this series!!!

Riley for a boy or girl!!!

Please name the next baby Tonks!

Watching with my mom. Would like to share some of HER comments. AHEM! 100 babies is fine if you can kick them out as fast as you can pop them out. The girl playing is single?! How? I trapped one I know she can! *tells mom about toddlergedon* Im usually against those baby leash things but in that case how else do you not lose a wobbler? (what my mom calls todds) -End of video- Christ I Need a drink.

for a boy Louis (pronounced Louie) or Edward for a girl Lottie or Gemma

PLEASE NAME YOUR KIDS THESE Boy: Liam, Brayden, Tyler Girl: Maya, Jacqueline, Montgomery


Has anybody ever noticed how thiccc the girls Kasey has when they hit teen hood like the bottom half of them are THICC

could you name a boy Zayn, Cameron, Dustin, Asher, Noah, or Caleb Or girls Ash, Annie. Clare, Scarlett, sydney, Zoe, Layla, or grace Luv your vids!!

And here’s my list of random baby names Lola,Stella,Roxanne,Mason,Lilly,James,Julie,neon,Omar,Avi,Tess,Ethan,Ian,Maddy,Mae,Elizabeth,Prince,Alec,William,Nate,Misha,Henry,Lucas, Caleb,Shelby,Nifadora,Nora,Reese,Malia,Pearl,Juliet. That’s it for now

try cooking a grand meal once and a while it keeps the toddler more full instead of the salads! Baby names- Boy: Nolan, Logan, James Girl: Gia, Gianna and Lauren

Boys: Zane,Peter,Liam,Robert,Jonathan,Colin,Gareth,Markiplier,Bobby,Zack,Tracy Girls: Cassandra,Rhian,Cait,Julianna,Justice,Abigail,Autumn,Naomi,Lacy,Stacy Tracy Stacy Lacy.......The Aceys

Hi these are some names I was thinking about Girl: Jules or Evie Boy: Jason or Pierre

Evelyn please please please for a girl. Gideon for a boy

I don't remember all the baby names that have been used so sorry if some of these have been!

Please name a baby girl Luna after Luna Lovegood and a baby boy Shamus after Shamus Finnegan I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!! I just finished the last book

Please name a baby Michaela!!!!

It came up at the end with the videos of part 1 and part 36 and just the looks on Kelsey's face explain it all hahaha! PLEAAAAASE name a baby Michaela!

So, as far as the Auto-Age option, you can technically turn off Auto-ageing for underplayed sims for this challenge, you just have to leave your sim lifespan to normal so your played households, Kelsey's will age normally. I always leave this setting off because I tend to focus on one of my sim households for a while and then may go back to my legacy sim family but obviously don't want them all to age up if I'm not actively playing the other household. Also, for baby names, If your a fan of the Tell Tale game The Walking Dead:\ Girl: Clementine Boy: Lee or AJ

Can you name your next child Nicole (for my name

Kelsey, take up gardening (or open the seed packets you receive at Harvestfest), and fill each toddler's inventory with fruit and vegetables. Toddlers can eat these things standing up, without the need to find a seat, so it's very quick. Three snacks of that kind fills them up, but even just one is enough to buy some time for Kasey to get proper food organised. And finally, the toddlers gain happy moodlets from eating vegetables. I've used this solution both in the Sims and similarly irl with my toddler. Works every time. If you could name a baby Dora after the toddler who gave me this idea, that would be very sweet.

baby names: Angela& Cameron

could you pleeeeeeaaaase upload 2times a week

I've always loved the name Hedwig!

How many babies does he have in sims rn ?

Love that you have a Romeo and a Leo who just so happened to play that part

Girl: Lorenna, Eva (eh-v-uh), Alaïda, Raïne, Clara, Anna Boy: Kash , Ryder, Jace , Cairo , Mason

Boy: Steve, Tony, Clint Girl: Natasha, Wanda, Carol

Girl: skylar, breanna, Delilah Boy: Edward, Freddie, Andy

I love watching your videos Girl:jade Boy:brandon

Baby names! Boys: Kai, Ray, Max, Tyson and Izzy (from OG Beyblade lol), Will, Ryo and Dee (Hannibal and FAKE), Idrissa (after Idris(sa) Elba), Raylan, Boyd (Justified) Girls: Aliyah, Anissa, Amber, Fox, Elisa (Couple from Gargoyles), Ororo or Storm, Juana, Aline(3%), Alita (Battle Angel), Knives (SP v. TW), Spike (BTVS) lol I meant to make this a boy name, but there's a female Spike in Sir Terry Pratchett's Going Postal!

Hellot baby names are Taillianna and Tiqilian like the are named after Tiqila but of twins name them both lusm ,❤️

Baby Names Boys: Liam, Iver, or Gus Girls: Louesia, Laura, or Ella

girl: lacey, kate, Chloe, Nicole(me) boy: Thomas, Lance, Ollie, Tim(my brother) p.s. i love your videos  please pick my names

Boy name -Trask- it's my cousin name

My son is called Chase and he loves watching this so much if you could name a baby after him he would be over the moon! Or if it’s a girl after his new baby sister Blossom :)

should name the purple haired children violet / lavender

why is jake my dream man?

Name for a boy: Jaxx, Braxton, Holden Name for a girl: Louise, Jazzabelle, sunni

you should get more stranger things names is there! Mike Lucas Will! Barbra! Joice! Jim!

can you name on of your kids Magnolia or Mark my fav names on earth thx for reading love ur videos!!!

Girl name ideas: Violet or Violette (purple in French), Penelope, Primrose, Lyla. Nymphadora (Lol), Boys: Eli, Ezra, Indy/Indigo, Zane, Ziggy, Ronan, Hendrix, Tonks

Baby names: Girls names: Halley, Dasha, Camille, Milely, Lavey!! Boy names: Haden, David, Craton, Mike, Luke!!

I have found my latest bingeworthy series! Netflix who? I'm currently on part 16, so I am behind. Give it a day or 2 and I will be on track! My 4 year old actually jumped in on the binging as well! So, I think in spirit of your youngest fan, I think the next baby girl should be SERENITY!- if there isn't already a Serenity. Like I said I am behind

For a purple haired girl Heather, Sakura, Magenta(Maggie for short) For a boy .....Todd

Please name a girl Lainee (pronounced laney) its my name and a boy Jensyn for my son! Please! I love your videos!

Ñame a girl Frida And a boy Diego Or my name Fernando

Please name some kids for your Detroit Becoming Human series- Alice, Connor,Marcus...

You better name that purple haired baby Lilac. Boy or girl

if the baby is a boy name it: Rin, Charles, or Jet if its a girl name it: may, Mariah (my name)

Faye for a girl!!!!

Can we see Kasey become a bodybuilder

Baby names ideas! Girl: Madelyn, Susan, or Tonks (for a purple haired baby) Boy: Marc Anthony (to go with Cesar)

Girl: Lyla or Lilly Boy: Micah or Kyle

Could you please name twin girls Liv and Maddie? Especially if they're blonde.

Girl: June or Cassidy Boys: Carson or Max

You should do babies with rainbow hair! Red names: Ruby or Maroon or poppy Orange names: Amber or Carmelo Yellow: Daisy or Sunny Green: Emerald or Peridiot Blue: Azure or Ocean Purple: Violet or Amethyst or indigo Pink: Rose(not Rosé) or magenta Black: Luna or star White: pearl or snow Thx love you videos! Plz do a blue haired mermaid named Ocean!

Girl Alice boy Rowan

Baby Names For the new baby, they are very unique in their own way. I hope you like them Girl: Phoenix, Estella, Oakley, Cora Boy: Oscar, Clyde, Ashton, Felix

Baby Names! Boy- Walter or Thomas, Girl- Suesette or Morgan

I LOVE THIS SERIES! Could you please give me a spin off of Eric, the evil sim!

I don’t want olive to die she’s the best

If the child comes out with purple hair name it Teddy or Nymphadora.

Lily or violet

KELSEA, PLEASE LOOK! LOL For a girl, Ava (my name) for a boy, James (my Brothers name) lol

or Alexzander

this is so weird cause my name is Serena too, but you should name your next girl Serena or if its a boy name him Alex

lily for a girl ben for a boy

For a girl Kansas for a boy Alex

Can you name that purple haired baby Sophie

can you name a boy Austin and a Girl Cassidy

Please name a girl "ANGELICA" I'm not the only one who has asked.

If boy:jasper If girl:clark

Why is Natalie old? She was a vampire

Please name a girl Scarlett after my daughter and if it’s a boy Asher that would’ve been her name if she was a boy. (Or if the next baby turns out with purple hair Violet for the purple)

Baby Names: Girl: Laura Boy: Daniel

Hey baby name suggestions Girl: Chelsea, or Sky Boys: Caesar

Baby Names: Girl: Ellis, Lily, Amethyst Boy: Raven, Tyrian, Garnite

Girl: Ocean or Zoe Boy: Virgo or Jackson

So, because her surname is Moore I'm thinking girl names Demi and Mandy

Please do my name Lilly or Elodi

You should name your baby your next baby Cyrus

pls name shannon


or can you do shannon that would be funny

sorry i meant mike for the boy and cole for girl pppppppppppllllllllllllsssssssss

Hi Kelsey, I love your videos so much! Please please PLEASE name a baby after me, Sally, my sister Kathryn or my cat Alice


A boy name is: ben, or benny A girl name is: Jenny, Rosea, Zoiey, or Lisa

You could name girls Aine pronounced awnya or Kiera Boys could be Liam Any gender could be Riley or Bailey

Name a girl Ashlynn because there aren’t many of us out there

Please name a baby Piper you know you love me!!!

How was Kesley able to get pregnant with another woman sim without having the sim as part of the household???? I feel like I missed that somewhere in the previous episodes...

name for a girl: madelyn name for a boy: kaden

Can you name the baby violet

You should name the child Logan if it’s a girl

Emma, Elinor, Eliora

You should name your next child Rhemy. Male or female.

For a Girl, name her Rhemy! and for a boy, name him Rhemy! because it's gender neutral! :D

If its a boy name it Clayton and for a girl Morgan!


Hey I would really like if you give a girl name Alannis and a boy name Robert please

Girl child: Avery or Farrah Boy child: Kash or Angel

Any purple hair girls should be Lavender or Violet, I think. Yes, it's a little obvious, but I think I like that.

you the best

Can you please check that Olive is ok?

ive watched every single video names- boy- maxi kyle, Jonathan girl- rosie, jessica, makayla, violet

I want u to name a baby rhyker or axle or Lincoln if it’s a boy and Emma or Rebecca if it’s a girl

Baby name suggestions Girl: Jayleigh,lilian,anna,gabby Boy:Westin,Ashtin,Max,Brakly

girl Sara Ashly

It would be cool if you could name a boy Bryson

hi i am so sad can you plz do this baby name kaleb for a boy Emma for a girl thank you

For a girl Kelly Amelia or Madison and for a boy Manson Wyatt or Dylan

Love you Kelsey!!!! Baby names: Boy: Criag jr., Sam, Bob, Fergison. Girl: Riana, Mia, Darci, Linndy, Jennifer(My moms name) Both: Ashton, Triston, Jaylynn(My name). Twins: 2 Girls: Samantha and Savanna, Hannah and Harley, Bri and Bree. 2 Boys: Dale and Gaston jr., Graisin and Gairik. Girl and Boy: Sam and Sanna, Grace and Gracin, and ya. Heart You!!!

Here’s some baby names: Girl - Skylar or Destiny Boy - Peyton or Damien

If its a girl nam it dionne just like me

I really like the name Sebastian for a boy and Melody for a girl

I love the name Ava for a girl, and Ash for a boy ♥️

for a girl:christina for a boy:jake

Kaelie~ Girl Jace~ Boy Alec~ Boy Isabelle~ Girl Clary~ Girl Magnus~ Boy Chelsea~ Girl

A girl: Skyria A boy: Comet

Girl: Katlin Boy: cisco From Flash

You should name the baby Leilani if it’s a girl. Purple is my favorite color it would be amazing plus we need those unique names

Please name a baby girl Senna and a baby boy Twan. The names of me and my Twin brother

Shamelss suggestion lol, please name your next baby/ies after me and my partner. Thank you

I miss playing sims

Pls call a baby layla

Love the purple hair so much

just saying but if it's a boy and it has purple hair, you gotta name it tommy from rugrats, that's the rule

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease name the next Boy Sue! And a Girl Named Sasha (after me/beyoncè)

Maybe you could name a girl Eleonore like my mom

Hi! Boy name: Lucifer (because it is such an awesome show! And well.. children are devilish ) Girl name: Astrid (from How to Train Your Dragon)

can you please name a girl Lucy (Lucy loo) or a boy luiss (lui)

BOY:Alex GIRL:Ellie

WAIT how many kids are there?

I still can't get over the house she chose oh my gosh

Please name Girl:Ayanna Boy:Joel

Please choose one of these names Name girl Matilda after the movie or Millie Boys Tom Jack

Boy : Eliott or Lucas Girl : Jessie or Maggie

I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but the baby won't have purple hair. I know this from experience. The game just kind of glitches and the child has a random hair color. My last child in the Sims with a purple haired father and blonde mother had red hair as a toddler and then for some reason it changed to black hair as a child.

Boy names: Justin, Ayden, Tony, Jayse, Caleb, Vinny Girl Names: Anna, Libbi , Livi, Lilac, Lyla, Delilah Either: Hayden, Riley, Kris, Rae, Sammi, Mason, Macon

Is there any interactions you can do with the car?! You picked the house with the garage I feel like we should utilize this.....

please name Girl emma! and boy zack!

Can you name your next girl Zoe?

Does anyone else wish it was possible to do a search in the comments?

I'm in a muppet mood so can you name some kids Janice and Floyd?

If Kasey has a girl, please name her violet to go with the purple hair!!

Hi could you name one of the kids one of these names? For a girl: allyssa or ally, Nicole, Lucy, Dawn, or samantha Unisex: Sam/Sammy or Peyton For a boy: Samuel, Austin, Aj, kris, James, or Levi

Girl Name: Asia, Amber, Dani, Frankie Boy Name: Roman, Harrison, Jackson, Jordan

if Kasey has a purple haired baby girl could you name her Magenta plz?

baby names girl: Annakate, Estelle, Carley boy:Ethan John lewis

BABY NAMES! girl: Dominique, Evangeline, Lilith, Rayne boy: Viktor, Baelfire, Eggsy, Braxton

so BASICALLY what I'm hearing here is that Romeo.... would fall under the jock stereotype...

Kasey *sits in pool. alone. In rain.* Kelsey “kasey are you ok?” Kasey *has 4 toddlers at once*

I hope you choose the following names :) Boy: Demian Girl: Scarlet

Abby for girl josh for boy

Ashlyn would be sweet Or for a purple haired rebel Rae

If you actually have a purple haired baby , you have to name it after Nymphadora Tonks.

Kelsey I love you sooooo much!!! Please name one of your kids after my siblings.... Bryn (me), Drew(my sister), Frank( my little brother), Ben(my dog) thanks again!!

Baby name suggestions... Girl: May, April, Autumn, June, Summer Boy: August (goes by auggi)

In the new Realm of Magic game pack you can make a huge batch of Mac and cheese in the cauldron to feed the whole family!!!

sam if boy zharia if girl

If I made a Kahoot! Quiz over this series so far, would you play it?


oooo please Kelsey can you name a baby Christina??

Charlotte Michael plz I I'm so excited every Saturday

Marian for a girl would be great :D

Girl: Luna, Juniper

Please name a baby the name Girl Maryellen Boy is Liam

being Bi Queens runs in the family

For a girl, can you do Amour(a-more) because it means love in French and it’s my name For a boy can you do Ryder cuz I like the name TYSM love ya!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Has no one noticed that since she has been feeding the Sims kids on grilled cheese when they age up they're chunkier than they were being brought up on saladddddd

The Sound of Music: 100 baby style Girl names: Liesl, Louisa, Brigitta, Marta and Gretl Boy names: Friedrich and Kurt.

For boy:

For a girl : Aixa,Yeraxi,Jalexi For biy,: Nimalon ,Jonithen,ilian


The purple-haired baby NEEDS to be Violet. I don't care about its gender. Its name will be Violet. You can all fight me.

B A B E Y (I spelled it wrong on purpose) NaMeS!!!!!!!!!!!! GIRL: LiLo BOI: StItch

Name One Hayden or Robin!

Baby names : Katie or Eve for a girl Tyler or Jaxson or Laurence for a boy!!

I would love it if you'd name of the children after a semi-precious stone! Girl: Jade, Ruby, Emerald, Amber or Opal. My favourite is Opal! Boy: Jasper, Onyx, Jet or Kyan (for Kyanite).

Girl : Jazmyne Boy : Joseph. Btw I love theses videos ❤️

girl-marissa boy-andy, eric, kristopher

SERIOUS QUESTION, can i change the traits (and phsyical apparence) of my new matriarch? Lol

For a girl: phoebe For a boy: Trevor

Girls Riley, Lily, Ella Boys Connor, Mason, Jake

Hey, one question, do u know if u can change traits of ur new matriarch?

Girl names Jenna Malia Bella Lily

Hi Kelsey, I'm new here but just wanted to say I love this series; it makes me smile so much and I've just spent the last two days watching every episode back to back so I could catch up :D As for baby names... For the next baby (Girl) : Amethyst, Dahlia, Iola (purple in Greek) And for a boy, the only purple-related one I have is Indigo. For future baby boys: Logan, Elijah, Thaddeus, Cullen (continuing the Twilight theme :P ) And future girls: Fleur, Thea, Rosina, Sapphire, Sariah, Mercy (because that's what you'll be pleading for when she becomes yet another whiny tod in a house full of tods

A boy Kennedy a girl Lea

Please name a child Karen, we need more Karen’s in this world

If you don’t record a Pokémon song with all your baby names when you reach 100 babies, I’ll be so disappointed... “Gotta birth’em all!”

The Sims 4 with all DLC's is available on: *sims4download . club*

Serena Moore becoming the new Craig like

Kelsey don't you remember the invisbale homework, it started with Jamie

Can you name a baby sofia

Baby names: Lina, Rosa, Talia,and Jessie for girl, Carter, Howard, Adrien, and Austin for boy

Girls: Artemis, Piper, Athena, Hestia, or Persephone Boys: Apollo, Zeus, Hades, Percy, or Jason

If you turn the wagon around they will use it

WAIT!!!! if all of those kids are elders.... what about Olive???

Girl: Christine Boy: David

Okay okay it's fine everything's fine I'm fine your fine just name your matriarch s next baby: Teal Perfect boy or girl name :) Teal and Maggie would be so cute

Baby names Girls: Hailey Quin Lindsey Sophia Lilly Kendra Gretchen Eliza Jane Elizabeth Boys: Grayson Thomas David Fred?

For a girl tyya my name PLZZZZ or alayia for a boy ace,david,simon

Hi Kelsey!! If you have more boys you should name them Louis, Liam, Zayn, or Niall! (We already have a Harry!)

Girl: Savana

Girl: Chloe

You are so good at this. Children taken:0

Please name your next baby boy Bentley and girl Eva after my two children! We love you!

Baby Names: Girl: Evelyn, Nikki, Jasmine, Gabby, Harper, Piper, Rachel, Dianna Boy: Dylan, Cameron, Ethan, Mason, Rian, Jace, Kenneth, Daniel

For the grilled cheese I give you Boy: Colby, Niolo (Nio) Girl: Olivette, Brie, or Fontina Enjoy your little Muensters

You should name a child peter for a boy or for a girl Jasmine

Girl:Cleo,Lavril,Jane,and Cecilia Boy:Clause,Leo,Mitra,and Chase

Is.. is Olive dead?

I really like the name Takara for a girl. It's Japanese for Treasured. For a boy I like the name Newt I love watching these videos! Thank you!

boy: chase girl: luna

Can you name a boy Salem (after my cat)

Here are my kids names! Girl: Prentice. Boy: Rhydian.

For a baby name can you name it kamden

Hi please can you pick me!! Girls: Caroline, Kopelyn, or Abbie Boys: Jack, Ben, Sam Please use my names

Samantha, Bridget and Sarah for a girl. Lyndon, Brandon and Micah for a guy

Girl: Can you name a girl Evie (pronounced Eevee) after me? Or Gen (yes with a G) Boy: Jack or Bruno? Btw I love u and ur vids so much so it would mean a lot to me if u named a girl Evie!!!!

please name a girl Maisie x love you

Hi Kelsey! I have been watching since OG and I really want you to name one of the babies to come just like my brother and sister: Boy: Orion or Mattis Girl: Mara or Hera

Call the baby Apple if its girl and Rain if its a boy

What happened to part 36?

Jake ages up. Kelsey: “Jake is handsooooome.” Me: #Kelseyisnotsingleanymore

I love your vids Girl: Irina Lucy Boy:Lucas Luis

For new purple hair baby: Girls: Lilac or lilla Boys: Indigo or Indy for short.

If you have a purple hair girl call it Tonks like in Harry Potter

Name girls Ruby and Millie and name boys James and Zakaria

Can u please call a girl Evangeline or a boy Canyon

plz name two girls Ruby and Millie as that is the names of my twin and I

Girl names - Chloe, Faith, Ally, Lily Boy names - Jason, Adam, Lucas, Luke P.S. love your videos

Girl:Zoey Boy:Adam

Boy justice, aiden girl mia

Baby name, Nymphadora Tonks ( the purple haired character from Harry Potter Dalas (salad backwards)

I think Callisto would be a cool name for a girl

does anybody ever feed the fish ?

Magnolia, Gracie, Faye, Brentley

Need to name some of the kids Rand and Nance

Hey you know how one of the kids got klepto and good? how can you do that? i wanted to but it wont let me because they contradict each other.

If chelsea will have a baby Girl: Miya Cristal Mimi Sam Boy: Leo Micheal Cristian James

For twins Twin girl name : Justice Twin boy name Justin

Girl names: April May June July

Kelsey Girl names:lia raylene Boy names:Aaron jaeden

Can you name a girl Elizabeth or a boy Jackson

Please name a baby girl Lillian, I’m naming my unborn baby girl Lillian. For twins boy and girl Phil and Lil from the rugrats.

I stopped watching after part 18. How many kids does she have now ?

B A B Y N A M E S Girls Aneliese(me)Juliette or lume Boys Lume Liam and jack Thank you

Pls put some charles from malibu barbie plants

Here are some names I like- Girl Sky Astrid Maxime Alexina Boy Jett Nick Kall Cody

Love these videos! Can you name a girl Penny and a boy Carson

will you please name one isabel? much love❤️

Please name the girl Hanna, if it’s a boy, name him Ezra☺️

Serena is Kasey's OTP! Hit it off right away!

BABY NAMES girl: Grace, Elizabeth, Tina boy: Robert, seristian, Hugh

Can you please name one Ashlyn after me??

Girl: Max and Mary for me and my mom

Could you do Girl: Lucy or Dezi Boy: Jude I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!

My future kids I was thinking of the names Jayla for a girl Kayden for a boy

Is olive dead?

or Neveah because its heaven back words

can you name the purple haired baby mackenzie for girl because thats my name or for boy diago or indago

Bebé names!!! Girl: Valentina Boy: Hercules

Could you name a baby either Diana, Carol, or Kara because I absolutely love your cosplay of those characters

Can you name a boy( Luka)

Boy name: Lincoln, Bruno, Sebastian Girl name: emma, Ella, Maria, alexa, I love this series so much I look forward to it every Saturday. I always watch it exactly when it uploads. Thank you for doing this! You make my whole day

Boy: Avi, Mordecai, Nathan Girl: Marceline, Reverie, Layla

Wait what about olive!?!? We havent seen her in a long time

I was dreading the time when all of Kasey's older siblings would start getting old and dying off... She's gonna be so sad all the time mourning her siblings

Call the kids Naomi for a girl and Travis for a boy

Whats the baby count

Here are some baby names Girls:Ciara(my name), Ashlyn Rose, Jewel, Diamond, Candy Boys:Patrick, Rob, Tom, Emilio, Brad

Please name a girl Samantha or Sammy a boy Alex or Connor

For a boy Roman or Max or Tanner. For a girl Charity or Tamara or hope

Hi Kelsey ! Love your videos, you always make me laugh. Sabrina and Zelda could be great names for your next set of twin girls ! ✨

You should name a girl Stella!! (From the rice Krispy treat)

More names:Violet,Lavender,Yolanda,Amethyst,Lilac,Mauve,and Lolanthe

Boy: Milo, Philip, Julio Girl: Malia, Pinny, Jessica Hope you like them

girl name: angeline!!!! please!!!!

purple haired girl: Orchid or Dahlia Purple haired boy: Mauve or Tyrian

Here are some baby names! Boy: Apollo, Victor, Declan, Wyatt Girl: Mia, Abby-Rose, Chloe, Sophia

name one tula after me.tula pronounced toola

Name a girl Stella after the 100 cereal rice krispy

I can’t remember if you have had a Luna. But I think Luna would be a pretty name~ Others: Girls Violet, Vi, Estella, Nora Boys Victor, Winston

Girl: Marielle, or Lina Boy: Marco

Girl:Dakota or Viloiet Boy: Jacob or Oliver

name a girl Elise or McKenna and a boy Jameson or Kayden

ava or riley or stella or olivia or ashley or carmen or haylie or grace or parker or danielle or nikki or annavaeah (anna-vey-uh)

Baby names: Girl: Ida (my name, i am norwegian

could you name a girl anna? my cousin was named anna and she committed suicide and i’d like to see her live again.

I am so behind on this series. What happened to Chelsea?

ryan for a unisex name

For a boy kevin or masen for a girl baily(me) Or lainy

11:25 Caesar's eating a Caesar salad XD

Can you use Rosanna for girl and Franklyn for a boy

*LIKE SO SHE SEES* You know you can edit the holiday to have a school day on the holiday?

Baby Names Savannah, Shelby, Brady

Can you name a boy or girl Sam and also for 50 kids you should go on a family vacation

hai i love these series i have been watching ever since the series started here are some baby names!!!!!! boy: Axel, Xavier girl: Avalynn, Matilda

Girl Ashlyn,Mia.Lia,Ashley boy Ashton,Christopher,Isaiah,Adam please pick one of mine

Izabelle for a girl

Jonathan for a boy and for a girl Lana (lah-nah)

How is she still single

I would love to do what u do Kelsey

Boy names: Elijah, Luke, Nikolai, Jonas, Riddick Girl names: Rebekah, Jade, Alexandra, Ivy, Pandora

Some names I thought you'd like : Frankie , Millie and Lucy Sebastien , Sage and Luca Love your vids ; )

For naming babies: Girl - Luna, Everest Boy - Dan, Ned,

If you have a girl name her Isabella/Issabelle, Georgia. If a boy name him George, Jack. Or for either gender Rae/Ray

You should name the next baby Pilgrim, that's my weirdest friends name

Try this name for a girl: Olivia

Single.... (>¿>)

Please call a girl Beth and a boy Jordan

Please use my daughter's name :) Juniper if she has a sister she'll be Ivy, Luna or Cleo

Can Kasey use aspiration points to help with needs?

Boy: Waylon or Rhett Girl: Adrienne or Taryn

Name the new baby CeCe or Gia because you know Gia is great

please do a mermaid challenge

For a girl: Charlotte or Addison after my daughters For a boy: Collin after my son










The baby should be named rain, because of the purple mothers :D

Girl - lexi, Pearl, violet, tayler, Lilli Boy - levi, harley, alfie, hunter, leon

Names:Galaxy,bel for girl

baby cute name’z!&! ^~^girl:Kayla,Shirley *+*boy:brodi, Jonty

Do an episode about opening presents from their siblings

Name triplets Ed, Edd, and Eddie

Girl Hannah

it would mean so much if you named a girl baby Caleigh said (cal-lee) or if a boy Cameron

How about Kiarra for a name?? I'm named after Kiara in Lion king 2. So if ur a Disney fan it's great name for you!!!!!!!!!

You should totally name the purple haired baby violet

kelsey have you ever counted all the babies because i lost count

:boy oli :Girl Olivia Because you like Olive


Name a baby leon

Romeo: *Gets in bed* Kelsey: Shirt

Stop with all the grilled cheese lol kids are lookin thicker than a snicker

Could you please name a baby girl Lily/Lilyana like me Or a boy named Brock

Soren (boy) or Soryn (girl)

Boys:Esaú Jimmy Girls:Jade Mia Layla

Hopefully when this challenge is over she’s not single anymore :P


at 15:04 kelsey casually falls in love with her son...

Girl: Mackenzie (because it’s mine lol) Boy : Kayden (that’s my sons name)

12:28 - currently my life with a 12 week old lol you think you are going to get out and do things, but you end up just staying home all day and get nothing done other than feeding and changing diapers :p

For a girl lily, Olivia/livvy ( my name) or Emma

If you have a girl I think you should name her Madi or Ava and if you have a boy what about Noah or Logan

Kelsey keep up the good work!!! Please name a girl child Anja pronounced Anya (named after me) Or name a boy name Jonathan (named after my brother

Why is there rainbow above Jake's head?

Baby names Girl: Lizzy, Harriet, Zara, Zalya, Penelope, summer, Gucci, Mandy, Britney and Lucy-Anna Boys: Elliot, Henry, Gummy, Dunwoodie, Ben, Alex, Oliver, Daniel, potato

Baby name ideas for Kelsey!! Boy Names: David or Michael. I believe they haven’t been taken and they’re really popular boy names. Girl Names: Aubrey or Audrey whichever you prefer and Amy


Twins or brothers Travis and Conner!! Like if you get it

For a girl: Kiersten after my name :) For a boy: Jackson after my brother!!

I have some baby names! Boy Names: David, Xavier, and Oliver Girl Names: Sophie, Rachel, and Ivy Thank you if you choose this :3

Can you name the next girl Kenzey

if you have a girl can you name her christina, isabella, lexi or merideth im a huge fan of greys antomy and if its a boy derek, Mark or andrew

Jimmy for a boy Keighley for a girl

Baby names For a girl: Alina (or Ali), because that's my name :) For a boy: Alex (that was supposed to be my name if I was a boy)

Could you name a baby Angelica ❤❤

boy:mateo girl:sienna p.s.i-love-u!-and-harry-potter-as-well!!

NAME SUGGESTIONS!! Girl: Molly (me lol), Elizabeth, Crystal, or Lilac (for the purple hair) Boy: Morado, Blu Both: Raven LOVE YOU SM KELSEY!

I wanna buy baby names is Luna thanks if he chose it and it's a girl name and I love your videos

wai. is olive DEAD?!

What about... Fernanda or Fernando! A latin name would be so cool in the family haha

Pleaaase name a boy Wesley or a girl Mara


You have to name the baby violet regardless of its purple hair!!!

Hello, my mom loves ur videos and we watch them all the time to bond more and if you have a girl could you name her Mary after my mom please thank you

I swear Chelsey lasted way longer as a young adult

If you give Chelsea a residence key she will stop breaking things

Will serina be her Craig?

Omg they are all old

For a girl- Rhiannon For a boy- Emery

Open the gifts !

For a girl- Lily For a boy- Levi #love your vids!

Girl: Ligska (unknown origin pronounced “leesha”) Boy: Elska (Icelandic name pronounced “Elsha”)


Babe name: boy: Otto, Gael, Fier Girl: Amelie, Marina, Nina

I hate buzzfeed, but I was too curious about what this video would hold.

Girl names ❤️: Tahlia or Amara Boy names

I totally ship Serena as Kasey's Craig Slater..

Also if it's a boy can u please name him after my baby joash and if it's a girl angeline

Lol Cesar is it a salad.....a Cesar salad

Baby names Ethan Emma Erik Kelly kaylynn Charlotte James alissa . I been watch the 100 baby challenge since day one

Girl: Violet Boy: Slate

Names girl violet boy mark


Girl:Iris, Savana, Chloe

Name the baby violet!!!

For a girl zoe Angel julie Judy Spencer and isa For boy Alex Jordan Kevin George Luise and logan

Hey Kasey some names Boy:Max Girls:Molly,Sky,Amy or Katryn

Girl : Skye Boy : Niven

zac for a boy Zoey for a girl

Names for girls: Lily or Lillian, Gabby or Gabrielle, Hannah, and Kenzie Names for boys: Brady, Luke, Kenny, Jacob, Bryan, and Kenny

Girl: Cassidy (my name), Keri (my moms name), Nikita Boy: Cole, Conrad, (my brothers), and Jax

So tomorrow is my birthday and I wanted to know if you could name your next baby after me if it's a boy. Boy: Peter Thank you and love your videos!

Can you name a baby girl Luz like me? It means light in Spanish

Names!! Boy: Davey, Rex Girl: Lily, Lilliana, Lila, Josie

Roxanne ! :) for a baby name

Yayyyy! Kacey being brunette & the purple hair are both my fav

I love your videos and if the baby is a girl can the name be gabby but if the baby is a boy can the name be Jonathan

I love this series! Girl: Kennedy, Gia Boy: Jack and Matt

Plz plz plz call a girl Angel or Zelda or even Kiera (keara) plz call a boy Sammy Arnie or Bobby

Girl :Maxine, Audrey, elsa,anna ,Azaria ,Asia Boy:Max ,Alex ,Elliott ,Axel,Azariah, Maxwell

Kelsey : teach him how to potty teach him teach him how to potty Me:Every body potty every every body potty

Pls can u name some of Chelsea’s children Lily or Tommy. Thx for the appreciation!!! Luv ur vids ❤️

For a boy:Dylan For a girl Savannah (named after me) btw my favorite color is also purple

For a girl:Savannah For a boy:Timmy

Can u name the purple haired baby SAVANNAH And I love watching this whenever I have free time I watch it and I love all ur shirts there so cute

Great series, impressed you're still going it's been a long series and you're nearing the half way point! Congrats Please name a baby girl Alice for me or a baby boy Jack for my new husband

Ahh, I'm really glad you like Serena!! I had a lot of fun designing and making her, and the original plan was to have her name be a play on my name entirely, but I think you can see where the last name would have gotten a bit confusing...

You look like you permanently have the big eye Snapchat filter on.

Hey Kelsey! You can put earbuds on them to bring up their fun. That way they can do two things at once. Also... If your sim is ever really sad from bereavement... buy a sleeping pod (I'd your can afford it) and make them cry in it. They'll be happy as soon as they come out. I figured this out when I was doing a Black Widow gameplay.

Was hoping for a baby named Serena, but a parent will do I guess!

Baby names Boy: Rysen Girl: Rallinda

FYI the kids grow up "thiccer" if you feed them greasy foods (aka grilled cheese)

Trevor and Annie

hey hope u choose mine for a girl zyla and boy Derek

If you have a girl name her JoJo (After my daughter) And if it's a boy name him Ian (After my son)

Name a boy asher and a girl molly

You should name a child Jillian because that is my name

is olive still alive

boy: easton, abel, pike girl: coral, lillith, cove

Please name your child Margaux if girl like me or Mario if boy please!!!

you should name a baby Sage (boy or girl)

The kids gone be fat if u keep giving them grilled cheeze

Baby name: (Unisex). Parker

Jonah for a girl Jacob for a boy

girl:Ariana, Skye , masie ,miya, eve, rylie, Lana Both: Camron, Blayke, parker Boy: Jack, James, Gavin, jay

BABY NAMES For a girl: Makayla, Dahlia, Jo For a boy: Liam, Alexander, Jackson Thank you so much ❤️

Please feed the kids with garden salad, they're so chubby xdd

Please name one of them norah

There was a pair of twin boys in my class last year so if you get twin boys you could do Brett and jake

boy: Dalas Declane Dean Jamie Chance Rocky or Colby girl: Jill Jade Ryann Cameron or El (like stranger things)

Baby name for boy:eli or Jason and for a girl: Jordan or jazzy

And if it's a boy plzzzz name it butter

Please name a child Brynn or Eleina

Celebrate by giving everyone a makeover and inviting the family over

Gabe for a boy, Gabrielle or Ashley for a girl

I just recently learned if you have a floorlength mirror the Tots can talk to themselves and learn communication.

Kasey needs to make a YouTube video

What happened to Olive??

can you change evers outfits please

Boys: Demetri, Sebastian, Tybalt, Alastair Girls: Tala, Genesis, Giovanna, Miliani

Is olive still alive ? And if she is why did you forget her ?

Pls name Leo’s baby jack

Dallas for a boy cause its salad backwards

Would be kind of cool to name a purple haired baby Mal after Maleficent's daughter in descendants

Name a baby iris or Barry im a big flash fan and 100 baby fan

Pleeeeeeesase make Serena like Kasey’s Craig. Serena is so cute! I want her and Kasey to get married when they get old!

girl: anna, Hannah. Boy: luke, Ethan .

I feel like there's really a connection between Kasey and Serena that I haven't seen with other Sims, I know it sounds ridiculous but I have hopes for these two, like Chelsea and Craig.

Plz stop feeding them grilled cheese Stick to garden salad or they will be chunky

I thought you could only have a baby with a guy, can we please explain. Did the rules change?

For a girl: Josie or Sophie For a boy: Parker or Blake

Plz plz plz don’t overlook this since it’s at the top!!! Name a child KENDALL or BRAXTON plzzzzzzzz

12:26 Harry Potty

name a baby "Firstname".....

Hi Kelsey please please please make one of your children a mermaid named Aqua or a witch/ wizard from the new pack called Hermione or Ron

Hi Kelsey please please please make one of your children a mermaid named Aqua or a with/ wizard from the new pack called Hermione or Harry

Girl. Rosanna or April boy max or Logan

If you have twin girls name them Everly & Posie

Remember you can make the toddlers talk to each other for communication

Could you name a girl Asia, Angie, or Alyson, or a boy named Drake?

Boy: Thad Girl: Trina

If a baby boy is born name him Victor or a girl Victoria because 50 is a lot and those both mean victory

Baby names Girl: Elesse pronounced Elise Boy: Zachariah or Zach pronounced Zack And you would be mourning your siblings

If you keep making them fail quizzes their not gonna age up as fast

For girl Ashanti

For a boy is emon

Can you please name a baby girl baby

Plz do lilanna

lol I love how Jake is dramatic and Ever is an aspiring Robin Hood, iconic

Please make sure that Olive isn’t dead. She might be an elder by now

Can u name a baby boy Reggie or Archie and a baby girl Betty or Veronica from riverdale

please name a boy Todd cuz of all the tods

Steph did it better

Could you pls name a girl Kenzie or a boy Ken?

You should name a baby Kira for a girl

Baby names! Oakleigh for a girl Collins for a boy! I love ur challenge!

Hi can you please call the next girl Millie or Katie because that would be me and my cats name or bonnie and Clyde

Hey Kelsey.

Girl names: Cara or Libby

Bye the end of this challenge I think it will turn into 100 graves

They could move close to the beach that would be fun

Girl names: Lani, Luna Boy names: Noah

Would please use the zendaya or angel for a girl and for boy Cameron Conner

Baby name suggestions- could you name them Blake if theyre a boy or Joy if they’re a girl, after my two Doggos

It's 2019, it's fine

name a girl Minerva! (from minerva mcgonagall)

hi here is a boy named Timothy and here a girl name Telisha I love you please pick me

Please name a boy axle Jacob saline jenston Dexter And a girl Alish Blake Coco Dalia or Esta

U should Have a baby counter

a girl: zoey

Girl name Abcde

My moved out kids kept dying and then everyone would be SAD for two days

Caesar is the grumpiest toddler? Ok. We should totally just stab Caesar

you should name a baby Zen you should name another baby Bebe those are the best two names on it and I'll beg you every single video

bro good name choices

How did I miss TWO weeks?! I clearly need to get on youtube more :O

If it’s a girl can you name her after me? Ana Elisa

is there a fine counter?


Have a giant party with all the babies and as many dads as possible with Chelsea’s ghost there

youneed a mod so your unplayed sims have reletionships and have kinds by there own... your whole pupulation is dieing xD but I guesst it doesnt mattr for this challange

WHERE IS OLIVE!!!!!!!!????????? Is she still ok???

You should name one Donald for Trump because he should be IMPEACHishmay’d.

Yeah it took your kids forever to age! Mine have been dying off one after another for ages now. The whole house is sad all the time! One thing that helps is to hang a bunch of paintings with high environment scores.

Love your vids! :) And some baby names heree GIRLS: Alina (after meee, it's a russian name btw), Tessa, Jade BOYS: Richard, Calum, Elijah

can you pretty please name a BOY or GIRL REESE!!???

*Baby Names* Boy: Percy, Minho, Newt Girl: Lindy, Annabeth, Teressa

I miss olive

for a girl: Astrid for a boy: elijah

If u have twins that r a boy and a girl name them Girl: Rhianna Boy: Zane That’s mine and my twins brothers name

Reese for a boy OR girl

for a girl: Erin for a boy Lukas after my nephew love ur videos xx

Boy: Luca Girl: Lena

I’ve just realised how sad I’m gonna be when this challenge is over

Chelsea and Ever hug at 19:32!!! It's so adorable!!!

Harry is the cutest tod you’ve had

ELISA FOR GIRL(my name ❤️

For a boy: Mac For a girl: Ashly

Hold up if Jamie nya and other are elders WHAT ABOUT SWEET BABY OLIVE

I have a twin brother and i would love to see Boy: Alex Girl: Sophie

Girl names:Ella,Alex,Rachel,and Liliana. Boy names:max,Jonas, Bruce,and Treyton


When you have kids with Loki you should name them after the actual children of Loki from mythology

For a girl: Sammy For a boy: Brady

Girl - rebecca boy - alex

Please name a boy George: as my nephew or girl: Amelie cause i love this name. (i love the name Brayan too)

Hi, I love you and the series so so much!! I would be the happiest bean if you named one of your children after my grandma whose name was Rosemary ❤️

iris for a girl leon for a boy

I have some baby names for you For a girl: Esme( ez-may), Lilith, Cora, Aspen, Celestia For a boy: Roman, Noah, Wyatt, Lake, and of course Zac and Cody. Hope you like them and choose one or more. Thank you.

For boys Max & Cash there are my sons names

Kelsey are u ever not single ?

She called kasey Chelsea when she was giving Harry food

Sully for boy because it's cute and Alli for girl because it's my nickname and its amazing!

Timestamps: (spoilers) (seriously) Part 37 0:02 Todmageddon 5:34 Ever aged up: Deviance, Public Enemy, Foodie 6:32 Baby Boy: Leo Jr. 13:18 Caesar aged up: Social Butterfly, Lazy 14:47 Jake aged up: Creative, Painter Extraordinaire, Loves books 20:03 Romeo aged up: Motor, Mean 28:59 Jake aged up: Ambitious 30:52 Leo Jr. aged up: Clingy 30:32 Woohoo: Serena Moore 31:47 Pregnant

Potential Baby Names: Disney Edition Princesses(Girls): Penny, Jasmine, Belle, Tiana & Aurora(Please?) Princes(Boys): Phillip, Chip, Eugene, Arlo, Adam & Gus

THE ROAD SO FAR Chelsea {1} ~Girl: Olive {3} ~Girl: Brielle ~Boy: Jaime {6} ~Girl: Alexis (~Boy: Miles ~Girl: Renee) {7} ~Boy: Charlie {8} ~Girl: Hazel {11} ~Boy: Eric (~Girl: Niya ~Girl: Natalie) {13} (~Girl: Rosé ~Boy: River) {15} (~Boy: Flynn ~Boy: Cooper) {16} ~Girl: Addi {20} (~Girl: Ellie ~Boy: Dorian) (~Boy: Theo ~Boy: Tristen) {22} (~Girl: Willow ~Girl: Ginny) {23} ~Boy: Bran {25} (~Boy: Jon ~Girl: Arya) {27} (~Girl: Nova ~Girl: Freya) {29} (~Boy: Sirius ~Girl: Stacey) {30} ~Girl: Tegan {32} (~Boy: Taylor ~Boy: Tayler) Kasey [34] {2} (~Boy: Tegan ~Boy: Archer) [37] {5} (~Girl: Blaire ~Girl: Brooke ~Boy: Brendon) [39] {7} (~Girl: Hope ~Girl: Bella) [41] {9} (~Girl: Ever ~Boy: Jake) [43] {11} (~Boy: Romeo ~Boy: Caesar) [45] {13} (~Boy: Harry ~Boy: Dustin) [46] {14} Leo Jr.

Recap of Episode 36 Outfits for Kasey Gameplay starts Ever aged up: Mental, Good Jake aged up: Creative, Outgoing Romeo aged up: Angelic Caesar aged up: Fussy Baby Boy: Harry Baby Boy: Dustin Bella aged up: Noncommittal Woohoo: 90s Leonardo DiCaprio Not Pregnant Woohoo: 90s Leonardo DiCaprio Not Pregnant Woohoo: 90s Leonardo DiCaprio Pregnant Glitch Dustin aged up: Clingy Harry aged up: Angelic

~~~Celebrating Special~~~ Maybe celebrate with a themed party!! Or a formal occasion get together maybe like a reunion!!! ♡ * * * Baby Names * * * ♡ ● Jade Lin (it was almost my name actually) ● Geraldine (female version of my late grandpa's name) ● Tonks ● Minerva For a girl ●Jorge (my husband's name) ●Jaeden ● Gerald (my late Grandpa's name) ● Ollivander For a boy's name ☆☆ Twins!!! ☆☆ ● Jade Lin (girl) and Jaeden (boy) ● Robin (either gender) and Williams (boy) ● Dante and Rufio (actor Dante who played the character Rufio in Hook, both boys) ● Jade (girl) and Opal (girl)

Boy or girl name: ~Finnley~ Was the nickname of my bestfriend who passed away.

Kelsey: where’s seasur? Oh eating a salad

Plss plsss pik thes names Girls: Dallanie alana megan sofia julia samera yonlie morgan elena luka emmie charlotte josie Boys:Ricky skye aron quinn lukas wayatt gabe or gabriel aden mitchel asher kai fisher al mason genisis

Remember when kelsey wanted twins so bad for a wile---? Well Now she is having sooo many..

Can you make a boy named lorsen

23:33 that voice crack tho

Serena is Kasey's Craig pleeeaasseeee

Boy: Mikel Raife, Hector, or Andi Girl: Emi, Sloan, Ryan, Alex, or reilly

Have a baby with a dragon or a robot or a dog

you know what they say " don't grow up to fast but i want the opposite.

Boy-rodney Girl-Milee

My name is Ana Belen, if you have twins can you name one Ana and the other one Belen...

Jake is a ravenclaw

In honor of baby 50 Boy- Victor Girl-Victorie (means victory and a Harry Potter reference) or Victoria

A female named Leilani

What happened to Casey’s beautiful natural dark brown hair...

Baby names cast of henry danger edition Girl:piper,charlote,bianca and chloe Boy:henry,ray,schueze and jasper Sorry if I didnt add all the names

Kelsey I would like you to name me next baby after me Isabella and heard some other names like Robert Rosie you know something like that I really have. All of these names Sarah like Emma because I've been thinking about this for a long time and I am a really big fan please name your next baby after me Isabella thank you

Please name a girl Baeleigh after me (Pronounced: Bailey)

Girl Ana Boy Jackson

Girl jaedin Boy jayden

The rainbow over a sim means they are gay. I just wanted to let you know this so the kids can find some love interest ❤️.

Sol for a boy and Luna for a girl

Baby name girl Hailey boy Dusty

girls: Kaitlin Elena Aniyah Alana

When I saw the living room and teens bedrooms I was like wait what house are we in and then was like ohhhhhh it’s just because she always shows the toddler room and kitchen

you sould name one ellie may

name twin boy and girl ALEX and ALEX | v casual throwback to the TAYLOR and TAYLOR moment

“lAd” quit saying lad wisbshsh

¡¿¡Names!?! Girls-Iris, Kimberly, Luna, Lynn-Marie Boys-Caspian, Philip, Tanner, Corbin

Plese name a baby boy max,milo,alex or tommy baby girl quinn ,jaden or charlie

Hi Kelsey!! I think you should name a girl Jessica and a boy Sam!

OMG! 100 babies

I loved “teach him how to potty”!!!!

You should do a spin off of giving the kids that's been named after characters a makeover to make then look like the characters

Name a baby if it’s a girl Alice

baby names: Girl: Charlotte, Sophia Boy: Lucas, Oliver

For a girl: Lilo or Nani For a boy: Stitch


Eloise and Elliot are really cute for the kids

Kelsey if you have the next 7 kids and 6 of them are boys and the other one is a girl name them after the Wesley kids

If a girl Olive,Ashley,Isabell If a boy Jack,Ayden,Israh

okay but can I just have a cute moment about how my name is Serena and my hair was actually that length (and still kinda is) and was also purple. i love this too much and i want her as my sim, props to whoever made her! (oh and also i had braces for like a year in high school (': )

Home boy is a stalker!!!!!!!!! Lol

Chloe for girl Jake for boy

could u please name the baby Girl: Tonks and Boy: Lucios

Names for babies: boy: Ronald (because we had Harry), Luke and Jess girl: Musa, Mischelle and Erial

I IOVE this show it is the BEST Here are some names : Chloe,Cole Melissa,Madison

It finished and I was like Nooooooooo

Imagine leo is watching this? wow

Woohoo with a ginger and if you get twins PLEASE call them Fred and George


Have you realized recently Kelsey has not been messing up children’s names! Except for today lol

Can you name a girl Genavieve after me and if a boy name it Chris?

everybody's in bread ? Lol

Leave me a bunch of baby names for my 100 baby challenge!!

Wait what does she mean turn that off? Can you turn off the aging thingy?

Bro, serena is fr fr Kaseys soulmate.

Boy names: Trey, Terrance, Zion and Zayn for twins Girl Names: Chantel, Chanel for twins or Veronica and Vanessa

Baby names: girl Chloe or Haven boys Dexter or Justin

Every body in bed, Every body in bed, Every body in bed, Every body in bed, every body in BREAD

Can you please name your next girl Emily and your next boy Jake I love your vids

Baby names

When the thing came up eating dirt is good for you and she pressed no it is unhealthy I’m thinking dirt is healthy in the Occassion grilled cheese is unhealthy

What happened to the headphones? It helped Chelsea/teens with their fun level, you can do other things while they listen to music, two birds with one stone.

Can you name a girl Emerson or Emme and a boy Emory or Cameron because i am Emerson and Emme is my nickname i was going to be Cameron and if i were a boy i would be Emory

Girl. Isobella Boy. Rider

Listening to the earbuds ups your sims fun btw!

I love Celestia and Erika for girls and for boys I wanted them named after my brothers cash and Torrey thank you so much

For your next baby boy name Kristopher that is my sons name or Kenneth that is my dad's name

You should name a boy Makoa, after your sim stalker

teach him how to potty , teach him teach him how to potty ! chicken noodle soup, chicken chicken noodle soup xDxDxD


Kelsey: *locks Kasey's bedroom door* 5 minutes later: Romeo is eating a grilled cheese in Kasey's chair Love that

Other news