Single Girl Tries The 100-Baby Challenge In The Sims 4 | Part 5

Single Girl Tries The 100-Baby Challenge In The Sims 4 | Part 5

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Well it's business time, you. Know what I mean. I'm. So sorry mom and dad. Hey. Everybody my name is Kelsey I'm single, and we thought that it would be funny if I tried the 100, baby challenge, the challenges, you have a matriarch and that matriarch is supposed to have a hundred children with a hundred different dads there's a lot of rules so check them out if you're interested in knowing what all the rules are and if you're not interested you know feel free to continue, telling me how to play this game I'm ignorant. Without, using mods you can only have eight members, of a household and we're. Not supposed to do any mods that would help aid us in this challenge, so that means that I got to get those kids staged up and get out which, honestly I never, want all of to leave I don't think I'm emotionally, prepared to say goodbye to all of you let's dive in and see I, don't remember what state I left them in last time. Here's. Our sweet baby girl Brielle she's got a quite a stink face on I don't know what her deal is olive. Staring. Closed. Eyes at, the twins I don't think they're very conveniently, located so, maybe we'll move them that's good look at this wait, look I can see them up here wow, this. Is spooky, babies. And The Sims look like aliens. Apparently both Myles and Rene are upset. And, Chelsea's. Still embarrassed, because she peed herself at the hospital, don't be embarrassed Chelsey we've all been there I mean I haven't but I'm sure other pregnant, mothers, have. Done, that and the passive girls are like what is wrong, with these children. Oh of, course all of us being a perfect baby Angel and trying to distract Rene while, I, feed. Myles Jamie, as usual, is pissed. Jamie. Just. Go to sleep, huge. You're. Making your sister, sad she. Needs attention you. Just go to bed sweetie just go to bed go. To bed don't. Cry just go to bed oh why are they still sad. Twins. Is a lot no. Craig. Wants to go on a date with me yes Craig save me from this yeah we're going on a date. Oh. My. God, Chelsea's. Feeling very uncomfortable, but it's okay cuz Craig's here, great. Oh Mooney crust Branca I'm just gonna watch it unfold really, I. Mean. They. Can have their first kiss they, just embraced I did nothing and they're already vibing, true. Love I, shape. It so. Much. Now, she's talking about love like hey you want a kiss oh my, god names he's in the background waiting. To steal your man Craig, just said this day keeps getting better, what was all these people doing here also why did Craig invite us out on a date at 4:00 a.m. you. Know I'm not gonna think too far into this mimsy, get away don't, spook Craig we're, gonna Bush wait can we trap her baby to Bush so first I would rather Trevor, baby in a bush but let's let's romance him rush.

Okay. I really want this to meet. Craig. Because. This other dudes jumped, into our conversations. Trying to talk about garbage, dude. Back off all right smooth, recovery talk. About the cloudy weather okay, he's. Trying to go somewhere so maybe we should use our bladder Chelsey's just happily, thinking about Craig in the toilet why. Is that good. Get out anything is the party no we've, become one. When, to become, I. Hope. There's a door there there, is a door, oh good, lord I thought that, she, was straight-up peeing, with him in the room and a group of people let's just enjoy. Time. With Craig in between this dramatic. Celebrity, could we go to like a more you, location. Together have a deep conversation with Craig in this beautiful 6, a.m. range of bean slaw fish. This, is raw fish where, they're pros, if. You're hungry Craig why didn't you invite us to dinner we'll earth breakfast. Why. Did you bring us to a random, haunted location, I mean not gonna lie a haunted, house would be a very punting, spot I think brighten, his day and, then let's see if we try. For a baby in a bush, it's. Not the classiest but, you know a Chelsea's, not one to, like get hung up on that he. Said yes. Oh. Oh. They're, jogging in the rain too a bush, he. Brought it on Bella I. Mean, I wouldn't say this is like the classic, rom-com. But I'm feeling, it. Lucas. Is there. In sync - oh my, god they'd be perfect jogging, buddies together oh shoot Brielle, start school in an hour, did Brielle finish her homework. Homework. But. Chelsea's busy. Getting. Busy. Did. They even have wait did they not do, it he really needs to pee though so we're, gonna go home bye bye, Craig we're. Running out of a maze away. From him oh no Brielle stop just cool as you didn't do her homework. Did. At least our sweet girl Olive do her homework she. Did. Typical. If she's perfect, Brielle not, doing her homework but, I lose her at school so know how to deal with their needs for like a little bit both twins, are very upset, as is Jaime oh he's good at communication let's let's work on some imagination, he, needs to be a Mormon adjective. I. Heard. It - it was weird let's to thinking. For, our young who are you Alexis. It's Alexis. Kids. Name mom. Looks like she's pretty good so oh oh she's just gonna eat cake yeah. I support, it well our babies are sleeping, look. At ours waving, to answer, it man. Ope. Class Brielle's PE class gets to read laps lots of them to build their stamina and lung capacity she. Is mostly through the first lab when she notices the gap under the bleachers just the, right size for a little rest would coach notice as she sat out few lap yes. Keep, rubbing, Bri out the, pewter shades are not quitters realloc, lances around decides it's too risky but imagining, that cool shade helps pick her up her little speed yeah we. Were science ok real very, busy today at school it needs a lot of moms help in, lab, Brielle, science, experiment, exploded. And we think it made, a big mess along with frightening another student we think she did it on purpose academic, punishment, it seems right or no, real harm done I don't, think our Brielle would do that I think she's just tough.

No. Real harm done emotional. Control agrees is better responsibility. Decreases, she's advised Brielle school, how to do this, I'm sure it's fine look, at the kids they're just like she's. Ignoring, them while they just sit on their iPads we don't have exactly, the right amount of, birth, certificates, on the wall mostly, because one, kid we accidentally. Sent, alone, and, so. We, didn't get one so we're always gonna be one shy, which, is kind of annoying hey, we just got paid, we. Just got paid. Craig. Says heard there's someone famous over at the lounge want to go check it out Craig's really into us however I don't want to check it out Craig because I don't want to hang out with someone famous why don't you just come over here and, hang out with me and why are my boobs cranked all right we're gonna change your diaper then we're gonna sleep she's. Gonna keep sleeping cuz, their energy, is really low oh. I. Heard. That just congratulating. Her on her birthday. So. Cute, and. Then I want you to write, bolster, your heart her. New romance novel, I think. She should have your romance novelist, I think so just really fit Chelsea's personality. Oh why. Is G's, mad again, stop. Being mad go to bed yeah. Why. Is he always mad I don't trust this kid Brielle is a kleptomaniac, but I'm really concerned about Jamie, she's, being flirty it's the perfect time our babies, are crying, why. Do I so to ruin everything babies. Babies, they. Ruin everything, no I'm just gonna let him cry, for like a little bit they're fine, oh that's great sir I'm she's a piece student, we can age her up when she hits a three else stole. Wall at school. That's. Our Brielle just our baby, still crying. Stop, it babies, I need to surf lunch, for. Our family. Okay, Chelsea's finally, getting our hunger stuff up whoop look, at JB. To grab some food he, wakes up mad every, time I get it okay your needs aren't perfect, however look. At our children oh she's so stinky see aren't ia good pair I didn't make all my children eat cake. But. I am apparently ignoring, one of my kids. What. Is wrong with you oh she's asking, for a bath that is heartbreaking. All right just bathe Alexis, stop writing your work. Your life's work. All. Of us still sleeping she needs to get one skill level for she's, closest, with prolly creativity. How, does the kid get creative, maybe we need to buy something they can help her be creative Oh No, our. Toilet, is broken, man, who, else is sad alexis. Is sad wires Alexis, sad it's too scared, I put a nightlight, in this eight, years ago why are you sad let's. See if there's a better night light a night. Light in that, room. Defender. I think, this is it why don't you. Work. On your skills, Oh olives. Tense but. She's doing her homework anyway.

Oh Doing, no one can use the toilet. Until Chelsea, fixes it that's bad that's bad. Both, of the girls are doing their homework Chelsea's, gonna fix this and then fix the toilet because she got fix that toilet though, what. The. Babies aren't happy still oh my, gosh come. On babies. Seal. With, it babies. Are killing, me at least the toilets fixed one, fell asleep, they, didn't really need anything they were just crying for, no reason, oh oh, she really knows go the other go in the bathroom go live don't be yourself oh no if you pee yourself I'm gonna be very embarrassed. For you not. That your mom doesn't do it pretty frequently, okay it looks like the kids are like happy finally so we'll have her asleep so, she doesn't die now. As. Soon. As I said that that baby was like nah I, will just scream, bring, out. Finish your homework I'm so proud of you for yeah for. For you Brielle you go Brielle, she, oh she's done okay so she can be a B student but all it needs to get a skill up to level two and she, needs to get, her. Homework, done oh it's. Almost birthday. And, Renee's that means we have two more kids I don't care, I think, this is definitely gonna help with her creativity right, yeah. All, right yeah just keep playing with the cat what. Why. Did you stop oh the. Girls are having like a good chat oh, they're. Hugging. Lonely. Recess the last week recess, no end up wanted to play with me oh poor. Brielle maybe because you stole crap. From, your friend I just climbed around on my own if that happens again what should I do ask other kids if you could join in or, talk to a teacher Oh ask is up you can only join in I would, her emotional, control, decrease. Whatever. I'm cool with it honestly her, homeworks complete I wonder, if we could buy her like a violin, wouldn't. It be so cute she'd be like a little like a little. Creative baby why. Are you angry, why. Is Brielle, angry, she, doesn't want the new sibling. That's. So funny. This. Is unexpectedly. Horrible, but also really, funny so I'm kind of cool with it. Is. She cleaning up Brielle, are you also a good girl even though you're very angry all, right she's. Just gonna march her way to bed, she's, like, ready. To go, six. Days, I'm so tired I haven't gotten any sleep. She's. Like I'm ready to take on this day may. Be getting my child a violin wasn't my smartest. Move okay, can we right now I. Honestly. Take, Renee back I don't want running anymore, these babies, are gonna, kill me girls off at school bye. Oh no you're late for school, wake up wake. Up what is that outfit, it's jut God we gotta get a new wardrobe. For this girl she, looks truly terrible, I like this is very hungry up flap, okay okay I gotta feed my kids go servic I'm so sorry children, I forgot I had other children for like a hot minute an airplane, origami, all of his mastered the art of the paper airplane my. Queen and, can't, wait for to try her original supersonic, design that's my girl she's, Rhett already finished her work sheet and the substitute, is looking maybe now it's a good time throw the plane boy hurry wait for Risa she's a responsible beam. Oh she's, very into, this eating. Thing I don't blame her I'm also very into the eating thing yeah, I drink that coffee and my friend drink, it, wait. No no put it away that's, the that's, not what, it's for, that's. Not what it's for she's four. Cups of coffee she's, done this way the, kids are back from school, she, is excellent. So all she has to do is homework, she's a little tense, she's have some fun with her mom mom's having fun in spite of all the babies crying in the background, I like this get your butt back over here and. I guess, they can all interact. This. Is cute alright I'll let it happen she's. Dating even garbage oh, that's. A girl she's. Not the snappiest dresser, not. Quite like Brielle who, was like a very cute dresser look at that girl however. She's. The responsible angel. Baby that we all know, and love he, needs to, use the restroom can, he use it on his own now yeah. Buddy, he. Can burn. In an air oh. My gosh it's, your very first inaugural. Solo. Pee how, do you feel Jamie could. Her a little demon child we love him you can have a demon, child and still love them even, if they are a demon which, I'm pretty sure Jamie's a demon but. He's our demon, ah so. Quiet we haven't had a spare, moment to, think, about love.

Because. It's just been so stressful no you need to you. Need to invite someone over to hang out and that's someone gonna. Be Craig very calm. What. We didn't take care of our baby our baby's, still mad oh my, god both of your children are mad now Craig's, just sitting there like okay I'll wait I'll wait for you to finish up finish. Up with your like baby's stuff, no Craig wait. I'm. In love I'm in love with him Craig, you're. Everything to us you complete us okay, we have a baby together. Yeah. Oh this, is special, like I know we've had whoohoo. With five different men, but. This. One's really special, look. At it kill boxers. All. The children are sleeping it's, perfect. Timing she, really needed some fun. Since, right this is right she's feeling energized, it's like who wouldn't. Cancel. Twin, our chances, of having twins, are high I. Love, you all but we got to get you moved out so we can have more twins cuz I really want twins Craig she's eating for two possibly. More. Craig. Twins 2019. Leggo she's, telling him the great news, oh. I. Think. She should sleep, where. Did Craig go, he. Went on a run, that's. Our Craig bye Craig thanks. For stopping, by extra, credit complete, oh did, all of just do extra, credit and we didn't even ask her to. You. Were my everything in. Fact, I love, you so much we're gonna give you a makeover so obviously. We absolutely adore, her, choice of PJs, her. Day. Outfits, are just this, is horrendous oh my god isn't she beautiful I haven't like looked at up close to her for a little tacocat. All, right that's pretty cute yeah her hot weather outfit is weird like the purple maybe not this hat but we could you, could rock a hat if you really want one I love, it we could have given Chelsey a makeover, maybe we'll do that later since that dirty diaper it smells his birthday yeah. Get. It uh-huh, hey, Jeff hey Jeff these children, age them up and guess whose birth it is. Your. Smiles. Pick. A number between one. And eight its first independent. Miles is an independent, oh look. At that. It screams independent, to me good, job hurry. Pick. A number between one, and eight it's fun all right and they're silly oh. I. Kind, of love the twist oh look, at little Renee. Oh oh. Goodness. Jamie's, mad as usual. Our little demon our. Little, demon. Our, little, demon. Not smart, enough I've been trying to do homework for school but the, last assignments. Have felt really hard maybe, you're not smart, enough to it what do you think spend more time practice, makes perfect focus. On different topics or get tutoring from a classmate. I think. Spend more time practice, makes perfect I think you're gonna do it yeah she's got a little bit of a negative emotional, control but she's very responsible, which, honestly Brielle's, done, with her homework and got, all our skills up he's.

Eating. Right now so he's better oh she's, really sad I don't, want to give him cake but that's what we got my friend so we're. Gonna have her get leftovers why is he angry don't make a mess don't you make a mess no, no no bad, bad, boy that bad bad bad uh-uh. Parenting. Discipline. Recent behavior, strict. Don't. Make a mess. Miles. No. It's. In there drink our coffee absolutely, not miles no. Why, is our other kid doing it now. Briella. Uh-uh uh-uh, absolutely. Not, strict. Yell at for making a mess I oh. My god, there's, too much going on here one child is cleaning, up all the other child is making more mess young, lady you're. Gonna clean this up you're. Gonna clean that up yourself, and, then. Mom's gonna got, mom's gonna cook some more she's hungry and sleepy, she's, hungry so she had a slice of cake he needs to go so he's going to the bathroom he's. Taking, himself what. A hero, my, demons, sweet baby no no no no go potty go potty go potty go potty go, Khan go potty you got this you got this got, this I know he's hungry we're cooking right now all, right let's. Call everybody doing wheel oh wow. We got to repair that please. Don't kill any of my kids Chelsea, maybe. You should take a pause on the eating thing, and go fix that before any are your kids die please. She's, taking out the garbage -, yes, Brielle you. Be a little bit of a weirdo but you're crushing, it this kid is wearing. Sunglasses, to. Sleep miles. Is my hero. Mile. Mom. Is a really tired so mom should should go to bed even though she probably needs to take care of some of our kids it's my house needs two kids I have needs too it's, going to grade school bye, honey. Make, a choices. Taking. Stuff out and then she's going to school to buy, olives make, a choices, have fun don't, make friends just study hard so, you can become a teenager oh my god we for, toddlers, this, is just too many toddlers honestly. Oh she. And Alexis. Are bonding. That's. Great, our little bean here is cute, sleeping, in their sunglasses like, a boss miles, this, Lexus is just staring at Chelsea while she pees. Cool. Cool cool cool cool cool lunch of sadness some other kids threatened Brielle and took her lunch money she's, been crying in the office find. The kid or I will. She has to stand up for herself or give, a hug for me it'll be okay we're gonna have them find the kid we're. Aggressive, yeah. I don't care about emotional, control and my children apparently. That's. Cute, the. Kids just talking to himself like my, brother you probably should buy new beds for the toddler's all. Right well we spent half our money on beds. For, children, but that's fine let's potty trade miles there, comes a moment in every kid's life. Where. You gotta learn to potty miles, piles, is so cool, miles, was gonna be the coolest kid that Chelsea's ever had you know maybe she should just potty-trained, everybody. Yep, she's just gonna potty-trained everyone, hopefully, she doesn't pass out this is thrilling, great. Reputation. Everyone, loves attending, social events, that, Chelsea, hosts, it'll be easier to achieve gold-level, reward, why did she get this should. Chelsea be interested in dating a great reputation gonna help with that as well romantic, interactions, now have a chance of starting over in me a relationship up I don't know how she earned, this great reputation. But, I love. It it's nice. She's, just become good friends with all of her children just. By doing the bare minimum potty. Training them, crap. All of us an A student and. Brielle's, a B student, oh, my gosh I don't know if I'm ready all if you look so miserable but you're gonna be a teen, soon, Oh mom's, gonna pass out oh. Man. That's. Not ideal why. Don't you sleep I really. Want you to age up your kid Jimmy, imagination. In potty and then he can age, up so we'll just get him grinding, on those he's, so close to Jamie's really close to being a kid kid olive you can do whatever you, want because you will are so close to being a team you gotta study you go buckle down all, these little kids are so funny sleeping, in a row like this all. The little beans all, the kids are asleep, 5:00, p.m. that sounds pretty solid why don't we get Brielle to like chat, Nick it's chat room and up her, up.

Her Skill there she's, like oh popcorn, do you like popcorn I love, popcorn we, need to, cook. A. Chocolate. Cake. Nope. Ferb. Express. Your disappointment. I'm. Gonna have her clean it up, this. Is not how we do it he, is so, close to, the, final level of imagination. Okay. Just go potty again and maybe he'll be it'll be time for kid time for this boy oh my. Goodness. Wow. They grow so fast especially, when you force, them to he's, angry as usual, Oh cuz. He's tired, well he'll. Survive. We. Can age him up - all right we can age up to kids now so, we're gonna invite Marcus over to celebrate her, teenage, birthday, I think that's only nice right it's 9:30 so, I feel like Marcus, won't be like that mad okay. He'll be right over she's gonna sleep for like a hot minute before he comes over serious, okay. Marcus. Is here you're. Gonna say. You're. Gonna ask you just be friends, here share some big news what no comeback where did it go he's. Left. Man. All, right well we tried, can, she H herself, oh. That's. Kind of sad but, also kind of fun, she'll call her dad look, how mad she that looks all, right oh I got a age up all. Right, blow. Candles, all. Right here we go. Age. Teenage. Doom I can't believe our first baby is a teen pick a number between 1 and 12 the answer is 3 she'll be creative. Oh God. There's. Like three options, here take a number between 1 and 4 it's - its, - all, right so it'll be this one pick a number between 1 and 38, it's 36. Really. 3. 37, 36, okay. So. Bad. Oh. My. God all is hot. Olive. Is, the, hottest, him I've ever, seen. All is hotter than her mom also. All I put some clothes on oh my. God, oh. My god but that means she also could cut, she might be mean, but. I'm sorry olive. Doesn't. Matter and then we're gonna age up or a little Jamie here wake him up say, happy birthday Jamie, Jamie. As usual, is horrible. Alright. Whoa. She's just good so hard all right Jamie. My, little demon, baby boy. Let's, see oh my, god Briella. Stop. Ruining this moment and making it all about you, our little demon boy's aging up and. She walks away from him pick a number between 1 and 4 3 3 so he'll be a motor a motor boy and then. Pick, a number between 1 and 36, the answer is 9 9 he's a music lover yeah. What. A cute, and. He's super mad look, at our little demon, boy he's so hungry he's gonna serve himself he's like mom there's, such a bad mom oh. You. Just slam that door oh. The. Kids already took a piece all, of it is a gorgeous, human. As usual. Stop, it oh my, god I'm so mad at her I am so mad. At her, punish, her round, for making a mess we're grounding, her she has not learned her lesson the last several times for, yellow no. TV yeah. No, TV for you he's pretty good so. He can start oh my god he has to do homework no, oh.

I. Woke. Her up and, she, needs to go but she can Alexis, can go on her own right oh no. She needs help Oh. Potty-trained. Oh my. God everything's. Different now can she get a job find, a job. Wow. Oh my God all, of I love you. All. I've never leave us but also he believed she. Could do a. Job oh my god $40, an hour. 41:59, for, manual, labor yeah. I mean whoever, got a job he's doing. His homework in the, bathroom. That's. Fine I want you to clean up now I have so many children to. Force. Into doing stuff why, are you outside, what. Are you doing he's energized. Ah. Shoot. You fried, your mom's computer mom. Let's. See oh let's, do it the bad fashion here oh you. Could do so much better though serve. Brunch. What, are you going, are, you really gonna use that in there too okay oh she's, looking so pregnant. Oh my god she's hanging out with her team oh my god am i old enough to have a teenager, I, mean. I'm not Chelsea's, old enough to have a teenager, Dominic, wants to come over I guess that's fine. Sleep, in your mom's bed I don't have the, energy to, have. You sleep in your own bed why does he okay I guess he's gonna clean up our house that's not why you came over but. We. Can't control his his needs here, he came over to hang out with his daughter. Did, you kick that over who kicked to this over. What. Oh. God. Oh he's, picking it up what he didn't just kick that over again. You. Know what we're, gonna uninvite you to a lot of things sir Brielle loves you but honestly you're the worst Oh. Cute. All right I'm gonna let them kind of do whatever they want oh well. She's getting some mom skills there I think you should sleep I love that whoo who would Dominic, is still an option for her it's, still on the table first. Restroom, then sleep. Get, out of the bathroom while your mother's no. Don't. You get up to have a black are you kidding me you were on the toilet, and then you got up to have a bladder failure, I am so, annoyed with you right now I cannot.

I Cannot clearly. You're overtired do you want to wash. The twin. That. Would be. I. Love. Having teen was, he gonna clean that up he, is cuz he's such a good coud I, only, have great kids is, this, really your daytime outfit olive because I have not seen anyone anything else and it's kind of weird mom meanwhile, has just been sleeping, and not doing anything which, I feel like is heaven, like. I'm so happy that mom has, finally been able to, sleep. For a long period of time look, at those kids mopping. This kid's, washing. The other kid, these kids are self serving now we've done it that's. What true Parenthood is you. Know having, your kids be able to take care of themselves, without. You I did it Wow I just feel like I reach level 10 parenting, you know no, new babies however, I think that we crushed Parenthood, today hopefully we'll have more kids in the next episode. But thank you guys so much for watching as always, this. Is a challenge.

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Please can you name the next girl Shakira please it would make me so happy ❤️

Oky this may sound crazy but this video of someone in the SIMS4 cooking there baby and I was curios if it was possible.... So... Can u try? Not in this season tho, just like, try it.

Weird that you are single, you are so funny, smart and beautiful Btw my own name looks exactly like me when i was young

She'd be a perfect mom!


Alexis being mean is quite fitting actually... If I was the older sister to 99 little sh**s, I would be mean too.

Girls names: Lily, Camille, Hailey, Cherry Boys names: Nicolas, Zac

This is chaotic. I love it!

24:19 oh dear mingyu what are you doing here

GIRL NAMES Oakley Willow Harlow Marlow Joy Isla Ava BOY NAMES William Isak Jonah Corbyn Zachary Milano James

Can you call the next girl Lila!!! It’s pronounced (lyla) but spelt Lila

Isn't she the one who has kids already?

I'm so enjoyed and laugh when i watch every eps of this challenge

You called Renee, Miles

I've been waiting for this part forever

This episode was so chaotic

You make this game super fun, I like watching you play the game more, than playing the game myself

I didn’t expect to actually like this series but now I watch the whole thing

Can you make the kids have boyfriend

I'm worried about Kelsey!

Who needs the Kardashians when we've got keeping up with the Impicceshmays

She needs a better bed so she's not always tired, then she can get so much more done. Try selling all those stolen things~ or harvest random plants and sell that

I think and this my opinion you should give Olive another makeover also if the babys a girl can u call her Kitty or Ki thx

Sleep for 3 days then your in labor


Place the birth certificates on the walls

imagine 100 kids irl

i am sooo excited for part 6!!!



Miles is my favorite human ever fight me

Name your baby : Viona or Valerie

I totally love this series

Love this series :-)

Love the twins! Olive is so beautiful!

Olive is gonna be a horrible boss to work with


next baby name can be Paulina or winter

Name one of your kids Lana!

I like to try this out aswell but don't know if I have the patience to play the sims without cheating (':

I live for this series.

Make a name Siena please i would love it, best series ever

You should save up to by the mom a new bed, the better it is the faster it gives her energy so she won’t have to sleep as often :)

Baby name: Jocelyn

Kelsey how do you you get pregnant on the sims

please stay friends with craig. i need more craig in your sims life.thanks

Kelsey!!!! If you keep the bassinet you can have the baby at home instead of having to go to the hospital (If this is a rule im sorry but just tryna help)

Jamie is angry because he's the only boy

What if olive and dominic or kreg Do woohoo

Kelsey is beautiful. Wonder why she still single?

Who’s Minsy

Just stop screaming too much .... o.O

kelsey... gurl u need a wall mirror to change thier outfit

Name the next one Cristian

Who's your favorite child so far?

Part 6

I want to play tgis game badly but i cant afford it huhuh

You have to buy a teen bed for Olive cause she can’t sleep in a child’s bed any more

This series is getting quite boring to be honest. When she doesn't have anything to comment on so she comments absolutely every little thing that plays no significant role. And the fact that she takes care of the kids she already has when the challenge is called 100 BABY challenge is just hilarious.

It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. It will never end. So many babies.

I want to play this so bad! I tried to buy it from like 4 different stores they don’t sell it anymore....and I tried to download it and for some reason I can’t get it to work

I love this!! Your commentary is amazing!! Shout out from South Africa!

Why you sad ? I don't no, na mola I HAD TO DO IT sorry

Can you name the next twins Riley and Rosalie if it’s two girls or boy and a girl and if two boys Blaze and chase

Name next baby Mason if boy

I know it sounds weird but maybe Olive can start to make babies too..

do my name oneeta pronunciation: o-knee-ta

Just go on a date

There’s a trash can that pays you for throwing trash away and you don’t have to take it out it’s called the nanocan

I have a good baby daddy for you you should try and have a baby with a his..homework in..the...bathroom

When you go on a date... The kids go to day care...

I am always looking forward to this!

**tries to be a loving mom** also kelsey: Our little demon~ Our little demon~ He's our little demonnnnnnnnn

If Your Baby Is A Girl Can Her Name Be Jesslin

most entertaining thing on the planet right now I guess

Hahaha I love this

Have a baby named Ginger:p

such a cat lady

Oh nooo olive!!

Names: sarah, katy, mercy, tsunami , cathy, ariana, haley, imagen, Rose, bloom, vionica, cyetheria , nicky, liliana, Eva, eve and thats all :>

Do pregnant woman plays outlast 2

Idk why but I’m invested in this

i think this is my favourite part for now it was hilarious

Another girl is CC

This is the best 100 baby challenge video!

If it is girl name her lumina and if it is a boy then name him george

hahahaha nice one today love olives new clothing but its a shame cause she's mean

Possibly 3 not four for twins

Miles gonna be a stoner

So Olive is now going through her rebellious phase

And another boy is mat

Another girl is may

And another baby is dou name sam

My name is Heidi

The name shod be Heidi

never really gotten into sims, not a fan of pregnancies nor children but you Kelsey, you're amazing. binged the last episodes and can't wait for the next one

Went your sims r mad pot them to bed

I am loving this whole series so much hahaha

I am soooo invested in this series lol

"they grow up so fast especially when you force them to" if this wasn't the intro to my life

It just hit me that all the children are half sisters and brothers cause they all have different fathers

This is so entertaining! I love this series so much and can't wait for more episodes to come out :)

Olive is the best portrayal of the eldest child in a household. Responsible but emotionally unstable

Kelsey when the twins are crying: UGH. CAN I RETURN RENEE? Kelsey when Renee is a toddler: Awwww!

"I love having teens"- said no parent ever

This is absolutely hilarious

I’ve literally played The Sims for 20 years. I’ve been there from the start, lol, but I’ve never enjoyed it as much as I have watching you do this challenge.

i can’t wait for the next episodeeee

Please get your kids a table with could be a long one...give them more places to sit. Also I've been waiting a long time for you to empty that toddler potty!

I can't wait to see Brielle turn to teenager :

Have Olive work on gardening skill and plant things. It's awesome passive income. You just harvest once it's ready and put some time in weeding and watering.

With Ilive being mean, maybe it will be easier to kick her out?

i love these so much wow

Can u please put a door on ur kids room please

you are gonna have to remember a lot of names!!!

Let Olive also flirt. Maybe she can get pregnant too !! (-;

you should take them to the park 8)

I dont know why I'm enjoying this so much hahahahahaahaha

kelsey: cool coolcoolcoolcool me: * has b99 flashbacks *

"Brielle is a cleptomaniac, but I'm really concerned about Jamie"

Can we tone down the energy please.

I'm so obsessed with this series and I honestly love it


I'm gonna jinx myself .-.


Miles looks like Danny Sexbang

" wow brielle ur the best for finishing ur homework! * five min later* brielle i am punishing u and no tv! im such a good parent

this is amazing! you rock

I think you should start gardening especially with fruits and vegetables bc its easy money if you sell them and the kids can eat them

29:29 tho

It is so funny watching a video with my name in it lol so cool ... The kids are so cute ....

give them more rooms D; itd be nice to keep things organized and less stress on eachother lol i think lol

KELSEY! Please buy more potties, your kids need them! Also just more beds and toilets because with all those kids Chelsea is gonna have, it'll mean more accidents :D

if you ever get twin boys, name them shane and ryan!

Give them a makeover!

you should get jamie to play the violin

If a boy jj


Name a girl gabby

Kelsey, mate, I have never watched a sims video before stumbling on this series, now I’m addicted to your 100 baby challenge like it’s my fave TV show. ( olive never leave). But much like my fave TV show I wanna binge watch.... make you’re awesome content faster haha.

This might be late


Hi Kelsey! If you want to keep newborns quite just make sure to change their diapers and feed them, they don't need much more. Whenever they cry because their diaper needs to be changed, change it, feed them, cuddle them and they are fine for some time:) hope this helps! You go girl!

Hope You and your scared buddies get a chance to stream Resident Evil 2 remake.

Hey Kelsey, you made it into my country's national news:

Get more rooms

Can you have a baby with another woman?

I mean Chelsea. Mistake No.30

just keep olive when she grows up! she can help around the house


Upgrade her bed and then she will be rested more quickly

Oh yeahhhh

Omg , Kelsey , please stop being feisty

When does the next episode come out? I'm waiting so patiently but I wanna see another episode already this is great to watch

Name a boy percy And a girl chelsea


God this girl is annoying

Chara~ baby name~ It means happiness in Greek


Love u but just thought u might want to know that baby’s don’t need their nappies changed unless it says “change dirty nappy” Would just save you some time


You should get her pregnant from Santa :D

sup bois


Thank you for putting it on

“Look at his cute little boxers” Completely ignores the fact he’s wearing bunny rabbit slippers

Name one Denise

Really enjoying watching you playing this. Going to be really sad when Olive will need to leave the household.

"I'm so sorry, mom and dad"

you should sell what you have in your inventory you will enough money to help you build more bigger rooms and more beds

Unfortunately, you can't really have twins at the moment because your household only has room for one more person right now.

I love the "You have 1 new follower!" up in the right at 14:12

babies don't like lots of light. Turn auto lights on all lights it will save electricity and help all the kids sleep

Chelsea has the best kids

You should name your Baby linda

idk but why am i watching this series.

What's with the weird titles omg I am wheezing

ههههههههه hahahaahh

if there's a new baby boy name it jasper or carlos if it's a girl name it Jenise or Melody

Throughout these videos i dont think ive seen chelsea shower . Not once lol

I need part 6666666

Olive is a baaaaabe

HATE HATE Hope you were in the BF CULLING.

*Babies. They ruin everything* ~Kelsey 2k19~

This series os EVERYTHINGGG

#7 in trending for gaming

I need someone to clip this from 29:52 to 30:51 It is the best we've seen from her yet!

If you cook a grand meal it's a serving for 12 so will last much longer

I wan't/need more of this, i can spend aaaall my day watching this

Watching Kelsey play Sims is so much better than actually playing sims. She gets so much more into it than I do and I live for it

Great job! You might want to try to make a new room for the older kids, it might make spacing easier.

Waiting for a new episode here

39 on trending for gaming!

Olive and brielle the yin and yang

Selling the harvests in plants gets a lot of money really fast

Sorry, but this girl is an idiot.

Plant some vegetables. You can put things like apples and carrots in toddlers' inventories so they have something to eat immediately. They don't seem to go bad, there's a happy bonus for eating fresh food, and you can sell any extra. Gardening seems like something Brielle should get into....

what are all the babies names again? and whats the order?? like age wise?

What are these “Kelsey/Chelsea mistakes”? Like, she keeps mixing up her name and the character? Or messed up the game?

There are four creative aspirations!

can you please call one Catherine it would literally make my day.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii git a pet

Danny Gonzalez hates Craig.

I love how every episode of this just descends into madness

I feel like Olives just dead inside, her life is taking care of kids she didn't make. Classic Older child haha

Woah look at his hat! it screams independent

So based off the original rules you can actually hire a maid, repair man and gardeners just no nanny’s!!

This must count as gaming for BuzzFeed. Hehehe...

this makes me wanna play sims 4 but not do the challenge lol

I love watching these. Wish they would come out every day

When I did this I just had kids and left them with their dads

At the end jamie mopped the carpet

Do a home birth to increase your chances of multiples. You don't have to go with the number that the phone gives you. You can change it slightly, (Olive didn't have to be mad.)

I don't think you understand how much I look forward to seeing what's going on in this strange little family. My favorite thing on the internet right now

i dont have that hairstyle that brielle has on my sims

I'm obsessed with the series! I gotta make a baby daddy for you...i mean chelsea hahaha

"Olive put some clothes on" yup, Kelsey you are such a mom now

I once had triplets in the sims and they were easier than the twins

Does anyone know what all expansion packs are used?

pregnant sims don't age lolz XD

Can you get child support in the game?

If this a girl can you please put Emily

Use the name Amber please!!!


KELSEY!!! You need a new house PRONTO! But it’s now or never bc if you try to look for houses with 25 kids, it’s probably gonna be stressful

Theres a wall painting or something for toddlers to not have nightmares and the nightlight is for children

What do you use on your phone to choose numbers?

if its a girl name her chelsea but like with a ''y'' (chelsey) and if its a boy criss

At like 12:00 and on I’m dying laughing lmaooo

dreammmm.. daddy

Is it the parenting expansion pack that she has? I lowkey want it but don’t know if it’s worth it

no one noticed the ghost in the background

Olive wouldve been a great barista


ah, you're getting so good at this challenge! #KeepOlive #SendTheKleptomaniacAway


Gurl we need to pick up the speed

LOL Kelsey would make a great mom IRL 10/10 would wife

If u have a girl can you name it Angelina or if you have a boy can you name it nick


This is actually my favorite thing right now..the laughs are never ending

Omg I want more!!! Make more babies!!!! An army of babies!!! Baby power!!! If its a boy call it Lucifer

Girl... You need like a lot of nannies...

You can sell things that Brielle stole to get some money

You should make a room just for the babies and toddlers.

She responsible She adorkable But most importantly she emotional :)

how many parts are there gonna be? my guess.... 50

Get a garden! You make money way fast and you’re allowed a gardener per the rules of the challenge. All you do is go out and sell all each morning and make a couple thousand dollars once your plants start evolving.

You don't need a nanny if a grown up leaves the house in the Sims 4?

"I'm so tired I need cofffeeeeee.... wait, what is this doing in my hand, must sleeeeeep." "Coffee on the dunny is BEST!" Been there, Chelsea. Been there.

Why aren't you putting on the certificates on the wall?

You're such a good mum!

ᗰY ᗪᗩᗪ ᔕᗩIᗪ ᑎᗩᗰE Iᔕ ᑕᖇᗩIG ᗩᑎᗪ ᕼE ᗪIEᗪ 12 ᗯEEKᔕ ᗩGO.

you should call one of Chelsea's baby Summer

Yes, Kelsey? I can't b r e a t h e .You are so hilarious and such a mood!

I just love this. Please Olive cannot got, make Brielle grow up and send her away. Please upload quickly please

OMG that so makes sense , Olives emotional control was never good since you (Chelsea) focused on her smarts and responsibility xD so that totally makes sense why she's mean (although it'd make more sense if she was droopy, gloomy, or depressed)

I love your reaction and this series.

this series is amazinggg

Hahaha who else kept thinking” no what are you doing you need to be pregnant”

How about 1000 babies?

Did she just say slawfish?? Hahaha

Can your next baby girl have this name, Eleah

I think you should not be a parent

there's a bin you can buy that when rubbish is put into it (either by you or a sim) you get money, it's kinda expensive but it's worth it if you don't have loads of money for your household


How can you get Twins?

Anybody thinking of Chelsey creating the new big mom pirates

My name is Ebony! I think ti'd be a cute baby name!

*Best* laugh I've had *all* week!!!

nor this is funny AF

You don’t need to potty train any of the independent children

You should switch rooms with the kids.

"Why did Craig invite us out on a date at 4 am?" *zooms in on clock* *4:20*

I absolutely look forward to these episodes!!!

I did this and my sim had 54 kids

When's the next episode coming out?! I think you're so funny and one of the best to watch sims 4!

6:24 she mentioned her own last name. Impicciche

To find your missing birth certificate try this! I found this and it worked for me. > Hello, > Try checking the family household inventory and see if it may be there. > > If you would like a birth certificate, and you can't find it, you can find one in debug in build/buy mode. > Press cntrl + shift +C > Type into the cheat code box > bb.showhiddenobjects > then go to build/buy mode and type debug into the search box. Then look for the certificate,

I love this series sooooo much

Pretty sure no one plays the Sims except for good old fashion torture

jack boy name

You left them to have a date with Craig? Doesn't sims have a thing where it asks or stops you if you leave children without an adult supervision?

this series gives me anxiety

I like the twins the best

She probably earned the host achievement because of all the people that have been invited over lmao

Or you can name any child Noel

bye a bunk bed'

If you ever date Santa and make a child you should name the child Noel

Can a child die in the sims

take the kids to the park

HAVE A BABY W/ SANTA! PLEASE KELSEY . also much love hehe

28:12 omfg I started dying

Can you please do lulu

This is going to sound really weird, but she needs to put less care into each child's personal needs. If you care about each child less (as I said, sounds really weird), they are more likely to get there stuff done faster to age up. You should have them constantly working on improving their skills so they can get aged up faster. If you pay to much attention to their personal wants and needs, it will take forever to get them aged up. I'm doing this challenge (another weird sounding thing), and mare then half of the time I forget each child's name

Is this Craig from dream daddy?

The editing is gr8. The background music is super appropriate and funny

Legit binging this

Do part 5 now

lmfao why is mingyu in this

Name stuff! Girl: Emi (emee) Boy: Ethan

I should be doing homework right now

I love this series

Just type in motherlode and you will get a ton of money



A boy name should be Blake and a girl should be finley

Keep em comin

OMG, olivs HOT

You should name a baby Peggy.

you should name the next baby lemon and call it lulu

we love Olive

25:39 is what you don't say about your kids

I love watching the game

I need another episode ASAP!!!!!!!

Loving this series. Omg


Are u able to keep olive and let all the other ones leave since you can have 8 ppl in the household ?

Lmao sounding more and more like a real parent

You won't be able to have twins¡¡ You have 7 people in the household... AGE UP AND MOVE THEM OUT jk jk...

Kelsey, next time instead of wasting money to expand the kids rooms, switch bedrooms (put Chelsea in the kids old room and the kids in Kelsey's old room.)

u literally look like my art teacher breann gill omg doppleganger

Craig, smash or pass let me know :)

Who is your least favorite child? ♡

She's single and ready to mingle boys!

they should make it to were the little kids and babies can sit on the teens and tweens laps

I'm on baby #3 lol

props to the editor of this series honestly

Essie for a girl's name


I don’t know why but this series makes me laugh so hard

If she likes this game, she should learn to code.

Shannon :)

Baby name shay

I’m literally counting the days down from when the next episode comes out you should do two a week cause I LOVE!!! this so much Like if you agree!!

29:28 I can’t stop laughing

How is Chelsea still skinny? My sim has had 3 kids and gets bigger with each one

Shes so pregnant it's a future with babies


Have bunk beds

Jamie is my 3 year old son's spirit animal


Name the girl Sophianne if a boy name him Sam

This is my favorite series evvverr

I WAN'T MORE PARTS!! I REALY LOVE THIS VIDEOS.. If u agree please like it

More more more ASAP! :)

Just saw another person that actually completed the 100 baby challenge, she made 173 videos/parts all 10-20 minutes long... Good luck in trying to do it

she needs to move someone out in order to have twins with craig

can olive get pregnant too? lol


You don’t have to out the food on the floor... they can get them from the counter tops... have fun with the challenge!! OH! And before I forget, your sim ages faster when they woohoo too much...

You can have sims go jogging when they are mad and they become happy, and feeding the kids cake and sugar will make them mad constantly from coming down off the sugar high! Love this series!

When you were woohooing with craige olive was awake

you should definitely name the baby river

I am here for this literally until there are 100 children

You should age up some of the kids and get olive moved out. You should also add more bedrooms like big kids rooms toddlers rooms or buy rooms and girl rooms. Please make episode six soon! Also some good baby names are girls: Rose, Hallie, June and Joelle. Boys: Alex, Liam, Sammuel, and George.

Names- Girl- briar, lily Boy- Henry, Noah

You should name a girl Teghan

I didn't like kreg

I'm sad... part 6 STILL isn't out

As the series finale (if it's allowed) Chelsea should get married to one of the baby daddies

I love sims

I got so triggered when you did Olive mean

Olive looks like Riley from inside out

Take photos of olive so when you have to get rid of her you can put a photo of her on the wall

Hey you guys I’m new to this.... Can someone be my friend? Xbox 1 “DookAntonio”

When are you taking them to the park by the house?

I've just binged-watched these 4 episodes - this series is great! You make me laugh, keep it up! xD

Mahala(pronounced mah-hay-la) is a good baby name

at 27: 23 look at jamie's mood, he is happy! who thought this day would ever come lol

With all the money she’s going to be getting for child support She’s going to be rich

I aged up my kids all to elder with the same cake

I always left my babies vrying for awhile also. I'm like my gosh!!! They are fine. Lol Also maybe have her start a garden...? Thats how i am making my money on my challenge..that an painting. Just a suggestion

Time for Kelsey to buy a kitchen table...

plz make episode 6 like if u agree.

I love u girl but the babies have green smoke coming off them when the diaper needs to be changed. baby crying and no "smoke" means its hungry! I cringe every time u no help but i love you

Put the babies in different rooms. They cry when the other one does.

I love this serie soooo much. Kelsey is so entertaining and I relate totally to her comments (*baby demons*). Keep the good work!

I literally need more. Two a week? Chelsea is killing it

Get a microwave and the kids can cook their own food

It's kind of weird, but toddlers can gain potty skill by watching other toddlers potty.


Make a part 6!

Please continue this series, it's what keeps me going through the day LOL

I need to find someone who looks at me the way Kelsey looks at Craig lol!

Hey! So if your next baby is a boy: Drew

OooOoOOo IVE GOT A NAME..... Marie

these names can work for both a girl and a boy: Ryan, Jack, and Taylor

please use one of those names. I have suggested all of those names in every one of thees videos.

please use one of those names.

if you have babies at home then you’ll have more than one at a time!

Independent toddlers can go potty on their own

can you please post your videos more often.

happy9642 These videos are 30 minutes long. Do you have any idea how long it takes to edit? Besides, if they do this too often, Kelsey could honestly get bored of this.

why is this brielle sim actually me?

name a girl lillianna

do part 6

I really love your sims

I love your videos like this one I can't what until part six every video I watch you make me smile

Molly for a girl and Foster for a boy


I'm doing this challenge too, baby number 7 is on the way!

You should randomly pick the teen jobs!

Seriously LOVE this series

Man...When you think about it Chelsie is a thot (No hate this is a joke I love Chelsie, and Kelsie and this challenge too)

Hey Kelsey! U should probs put up your birth certificates!!

Girl names Alanna, Arwen, Nova, Sarah Boy Names Adam, Khy, Louis, Kane

You should name your next child either Journey for a girl, or Elliot for a boy.



Its funny how Jahseh's son Gekyume was also born the day they released this, anyone else????

Use the name Kaya for ur next baby girl , it’s my sisters name and I love her with all my heart! It would mean the world to her! And also I do the sims 100 baby challenge and now I’m rolling in the dough bc I planted a lot of flowers! It’s a good way to victory for it!!! ;))

я непонимаю что она говорит

what i need is more episodes in this series and i need them NOOOOOOW

Charlotte killebrew

can you name one tempy if its a girl please


Kelsey I'm sorry but Brielle is wayyyy preetier and under rated

Maybe try bunk beds if you can

Girl, you need to get these sims on a rou

Can you pleaseeeee name one of the baby girls Serenity that’s my name plus I’m pretty sure that I’m your 100 baby challenge videos biggest fan!❤️dont know if that made sense but you get it

You should add another kids bedroom to the house, now that you have money

heres a tip, if your pregnant (in the sims 4) if you watch the kids channel or listen to kids radio often you have a higher chance of having twins or triplets.

idk how sims works but could you buy bunk beds? Double up beds in the room

i am OBSESSED with this series im going to be so empty when it ends. hopefully we get our Olive spinoff or our fairytale ending with Chelsea and Craig.

Did anyone else see Craig’s bunny slippers

I need more sims to watch

if you woohoo multiple times while pregnant you could get a better chance of twins

Name suggestions: Hallie, Maddie, Chloe, Reese, Lea, Anna, Sarah, James, Ken, Micheal, Leo, Ellie, Gabe, Luke, Daniel, Hannah, Nick, Allan, Austin, Trent, Lilly, Avery, Nathan, Claudia, Denver, Riley, Ben, Alex, Mia, Tiffany, Sophia, Sophie, Christina, David, Paige, Abby, Sydney, Kevin, and Miley.

Kelsey you are amazing.

Just have the kids share beds

For girl you should do stacy,Alexandra, lilly, lila and for boys jake,alex,rex,Billy and yeah


Plz do more videos and fast I LOVE them

Lydia Mcgown These videos are 30 minutes long. Do you have any idea how long it takes to edit? Besides, if they do this too often, Kelsey could honestly get bored of this.

Boy: Isaiah, George, Adam, Ben Girl: Lilah, Hazel, Sydney, Juliete

So, I've tried to watch other versions of this challenge...they're all LAME! You're the only one who is remotely entertaining lol! Please put these vids out more frequently!!!

Upload olive to the gallery

Did you have to buy the game on your computer or how did you get the app

More more more more more more more pleaseeee

Jamie-draws These videos are 30 minutes long. Do you have any idea how long it takes to edit? Besides, if they do this too often, Kelsey could honestly get bored of this.

29:48 #relatable

If you want triplets, have woohoo with Johnny Zest.

This is the best buzzfeed serious

Every episode she has a new phone case


plEASE DONT UPLOAD WEEKLY make it more often, i'm addicted



Name the next girl Paisly

Does Kelsey know that toddlers with the independent trait can potty train themselves?

Lmao at every time she said demon boy about Jamie

Can you call a girl Lily please?

Do u have Season 2 ?


If you have a boy may his name be Hamish please love your vids keep up the good work kelsey

i fucking love this series! i listen to it while im playing my sims. lol

Name the next child Diana :)

I need more of this

They don’t even talk to each other!!!

hey there kelsey, i just want to let you know that it is possible to have triplets too in this sims 4. i hope it can help you overcome the challenge, xoxo.

When’s the next videoooo more more more

chelsey looks way older compared to olive LOL

or the next boy Sage!!!

name the next girl Lily!!!

U should name the next girl Tamyra

I am sooooooo excited for episode 6!

I am obsessed with this vid , I watched it i billon times


You should name a girl shanie

A name for girl. Yasmine

or you need to get another room

you need to put ur kids in ur moms bedroom and your mom in the kids bedroom!!

*moods of the week as told by Chelsea’s kids* Monday: Jamie

Please name one Sierra

I swear i thought she was going to seduce sergio. I got hopeful.

Also a good girls name is Emmeryn, and a boys name is callem

i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed part 6. giiiiiiveee meeeeeeeeeee paaaaaaaaaaart siiiiiiiiiiiiiixxxxx

Should get to know the one girl she can woohoo with and make a baby next!!

My sister is pregnant - due late March - so this is extra hilarious to me.

Wheres part 6

Your sim household is literally the show Shameless and it is sad

Lol every time i watch your videos i want to get on my xbox and play. So far, I've had 2 sets of twins in one marriage that's slowly falling apart and in another sim story my sim got in a relationship with a vamp and was turned and later he asked her hand in marriage. So cute.

*Jaime is being a demon as usual.*

This whole thing makes me so uncomfortable and annoyed as a Sims player

I mean baby.

And name one of your dady odessa or mikayla.

You talk sooo loud like super loud

Make one verry soon i love theses videos

Btw, in case anyone is wondering, this is legit what being a mom is like.

Is this game only on the computer or is it on the game systems (Wii, Xbox & Play Station)?

You can buy your kids the teenager bed because kids, teens, and I think adults can sleep in it. Plus it saves you money in the long run

where's the next episooooooddddddeeee

I don’t think that light is a night light

my heart rate spikes every time you yell Brielle because my name has never been used for like anything

This series is my LIFE! You are so funny I want to be your friend

The eldest children are the best children.

Loving this.

NAME THE NEXT ONE PAISLEY And have a great day? It always works by always I mean NEVER

Lol he was queeen

You should put a bunk bed for more room.

Can you name a girl Treasure please that would be awesome

Please change Olives mean to nice please

This is so addictive I just accidentally click this and now I’m waiting for new episodes hahahhaa

Name it makayla please

If you click on the trash from fixing something you can get upgrade parts to make things auto clean or never break.

What a *player*

This is my absolute favorite series on yt omg. YESSSSSSSSSS I need more episodes ASAP

i've been a simmer since TS1 and i'm loving this i hope you continue this series cuz this is awesome lol

Omg Oliveeeeee

So many great moments. One of my faves though, "You know what?! We're going to uninvite you to a lot of things, sir!!!" #trashkicker

you need to post these everyday!!!!!!!!

Is it just me or did all the titles change

Lol why’d the titles of these get changed

boy names: James,tom,and Luke. girl names: Rachel, Liza, and Teddy

Use Catalina

What if olive has a baby

Make moreeeeee

I love Kelsey's personality so much!! Lol She's so naturally funny and has such a fun personality. And she's beautiful!! Whaat..I wanna befriend her so bad.

How do you change her outfits

If one of the twins is a girl can it be named Sadie because that’s my name

Dang, I feel like your babies cry a lot more than usual O.O Also, you are hilarious and I adore you xDD

Name one AVa

Get a tableee!!!!

jamie is always mad because he is the only boy in the house

She made me start playing the Sims. I need more now!!! xD

I love this so much! Kelsey makes me laugh and I love listening to her try to attend to all of her sims.

This cracks me up I have 4 kids I can’t handle it I feel like abandoning them!

Moooorrrrreee please!

You should name a baby Ava for a girl


Girl name: Mackenzie Boy name:Ezekiel

#Olive4life So amazing!!!!!!!

don't know if I should do this, but I will Names I think would awesome in this challenge Girls: Aleah, Abigail, Anna, Elena, Kaylee Boys: Christian, Damon, Shawn, Alex, Hayden

why no nanny to help with the kids?

Can you plz use the name Willo plz plz plz plz I know it’s a weird name

Never stop kkkk


I have a suggestion, BUY A VERY LOW BUDGET VET CLINIC! Buy the smallest empty lot u can find and put the cheaper exam table, a vet podium, and the least expensive garbage bin. hire 1 vet and click open and never go back to it. u earn money without doing anything!

Give Olive and Brillelle their own room

Ugh i love this so much and i'm patiently waiting for the next episode!

Y U no get bunk beds


have a baby with santa LOL

Really enjoying these! Keep 'em coming!!!

U should name one of the babies jewels or sandy

You should get bunk beds another Barbie house and a toy box is the best when I did this challenge

Ich liebe diese 100 Baby Challenge Reihe❤

Part 6

This is so funny

This is hilarious! I’m loving it, hope you don’t get too stressed playing this mother of soon to b 7

Olive is the best lmao

You are selling the hell out of this game.

New episode today????

Get one of those lights that help the children to have good dreams, then they won't wake up angry x

Wheres the next eps ? Ugh

Libby ❤️❤️

*sings* _my demon Babiiie, my demon baby_

Do you have ea account can follow you on? Love these videos!!

Got to love it when you say Alexus and my Alexa chimes up :')

Call a baby Amenita if it’s a girl

Use bunk beds

You should make another house for when you’re sims grow up

Sup boys

Our little demon, our little demon, our little demon boyyy. Just had to finish the just jingle.

For extra money, go around finding plants, fruits, and veggies and grow them and harvest them in your backyard. Also, go fishing, and digging for treasure and scavenge for parts and sell the things.

If chelsey has a girl you could call her falicity or for a boy Jacob


And i am eating popcorn right now

I don't eat

Can teen olive have kids please reply

Ideas for names:Cheryl,Jane,Mateo,Jugger

How often do you upload these videos?

19:04 OMG she sound like a mom screaming at her daughters name. just got that mom vibes and it litterally made me shiver in fear.

Can you please send another video and tell us about what happened live

I missed your live video

why don't you buy a bunk bed and save up some space

You can't have twins with this Craig.... There's too many people in the house.

Heeeeeeelp where does the hair that Brielle is wearing come from??

By them a toys box, and a book shelf!

I need more of this!!!!! xD

why you never punish your kids?


I love olive

*Real Goat* plays Goat Simulator

Please do part 6

Baby certificates!

The babies are crying all the time because they need attention. just do interactions like snuggle and make silly face.

Name a baby Jiana plsssss

Olive will NOT be mean under my protocol!

I'm hi it's 08:02 you guys should be posting the next episode right now

Ahhh! I'm dying!

Name your boy Justin and upgrade to a better toilet, oven, and sink so they stop breaking


How bout rykiel for a female

Some advice: Get a better bed for Chelsea with a higher energy score. She will not need to sleep as much which will make things easier. Try to always be pregnant. Not only will you get 100 babies faster, but being pregnant means you can't die of certain things, which is useful. Keep more food in your fridge. 8 sims will go through food very quickly and it's nice to have a lot on hand. Switch to the writing aspiration because if you earn points you are allowed to purchase reward traits that make you not have to sleep/eat/etc which will help also. I love this series! Please give Olive a makeover next time! I think it would be very fun.

Can u do more plzz

I don’t like begging but it’s hard getting packs since I’m young and my family aren’t able to get me packs because of money struggles either way I’m still thankful for them. But if you’d like to send packs my origin is Tgwarning05 And if not donate to those who need it

when are you going to make more videos

Ive been waiting for a pt.5 YAY

Pls call one Chloe

Olive is a baddie

Clarion! Clarion (Clare-E-on) is a great baby girl name and is has musical roots. It's super pretty. For twins, a girl and a boy, you could do Clarion and Chalumeau (Shall-Eh-Mo). Clarion is the upper register of the Clarinet, and Chalumeau is the lower register. So you could name the girl Clarion and the boy Chalumeau. I know, I'm a geek! I always thought twins named that would be super cute ^w^ Or you could always name one Amberlon or Amber...Or Ember. Pfft. Have a great day! Loving the series.

omg i love this soo much

I have the best idea! How about, real diver plays subnautica.

Name her Alyssa

your right olive is so hot!!!!!!

You need to make more videos lol no presser

Love you

You should take them to a park so they can have less energy and sleep more

You should name the twins Masi and Casey

You should name the next child Tinley or Ryan

You should name one of your kids Zahli

I like the name Stella for a girl and Leo for a boy but Bailey for ether please read this

If there's a girl *PLEASE* name her Marie or Mary. Either will do :D

I need more

I have names! If it's a boy Lucifer or Lukeifer and it a girl Lucy!

I don’t know why ur single ur so funny and pretty

Get a nano bin

You inspired me to play the 100 baby challenge too! Currently on baby 10 and found a great loophole: you can't hire a nanny but you can hire a gardner. I pay a gardner under $200 daily and am harvesting about $17K a day in snapdragons while still popping out the babies. It gets even easier once you can super sell

Add the birth certificate

Angel is a good name plz name one angel

can you, like, hurry it up with these episodes? lol.

oOf olive turned into a dive

Name your baby rose

and the new babys name should be sammatha

to change outfits get a dresser

Hi!! I’m a new fan and I want to try it myself too!! What extension packs did you use?

You should change her clothes !

With Brielle being a kleptomaniac, wouldnt you be able to sell everything she brings home?

When does the next one come out

*I have binged this series for nearly two hours now. I have come to the point of addiction. My thirst will not be quenched until part 6 comes out.*

Olive is cleaning not a shocker.

Or quin

What Sims is that

Hi would u want Share link to download this game

Make part 6 please!!!.

I wish Kelsey was my mom.

noooo kelsey got a new phone case

You should make a commitment to to this every week! Am I right guys?

need to get you a maid girl

You should have a baby with Santa Claus

So I've been watching your videos, and I would tell my boyfriend all about it, and how I would to like to get the game, so after a while, which was about a few days ago, we're at Walmart. He buys me the game, but for the playstation 4, has anyone else tried playing it on the playstation 4? Because it just seems a little different than from what I've seen Kelsey playing for on the computer.

Still waiting for the part 6

U should do one skylier

The older kids should get their own rooms

Make the next one I've been waiting like for ever

Can you name a baby

Can u make more episodes

Where's the next one ?

I need more of Kelsey in my life fr

so many people have said it but i'll just add BUY AN EASEL. it will be a quicker process to paint and get her more money subsequently

When is the next vid????

Real Police Chase Vehicles in

Have you mad epesod 6 yet

Hey can u name one sienna and if it is a boy hunter

wheres part 6 oh ma gowe


name for baby boy:Charles girl:Katherine

Where's part 6?!!!

Isn't there a rule that teen can find a job ONLY if their grade is 8

Where is episode 6???????? :(((

We need the next episode. Now . :)))

make a ep6

my mum has six kids

Ok guys! There won't be a part 6 this week because they are regrouping the team and they need some time. They will be back next week. Check her twitter. She posted about it 3-4 days ago.

”Die she just said: slawfish????”

FOR ANYONE WAITING FOR THE NEW EPISODE: i just found out about this, on january 30 kelsey announced on twitter that there will be no new episode this week

Wheres part 6

May i ask what patch or DLC this is? Great video, waiting for the next episode!

Malvina....If you like it!

wheres the next vid!!

Where is the part 6? It is sunday and i’m still waiting!

Where is the newiest video

Since you love Olive so much, I say keep Olive and wait until Brielle gets old enough and let her move out instead.

Where I can watch part 6?? :(

No more baby challenge?!

when are you posting the next one

Now you ONLY need 94 baby’s

There was a gohst in the backround

Pls make a part 6!

Kelsey....wheres part 6....i waited paitiently for you to continue this series....AND ITS NOT YET HERE

Hello. We need episode 6

I LOVE when you say demoned boy I laugh so much

Plz make a part 6 7 8 9 10

#olive my name is olivia

More sims???? Like twice a week all 45 min long eps???

Did anyone see that the kids were sent to daycare when she went on that date

when’s the next episode??? :((

Lol this is soo much fun to watch.. Name the next one Aimee!

where's the new video

You should name your next child or children Draco or Sirius!!! HP anyone?

Name one jasper pls boy or girl

um hello??? Saturday has done past and no part 6

Do a part six

We're is you're next episode?

It’s Saturday and I’m stalking buzzfeed for 100 baby challenge part six.. Kelsey we need you to brighten up our weekends with babies!!!!!

Where’s todays vid ????

where is part 6? I need my drug.

Question!!! So there was a set of twins... And is the challenge 100 babies with 100 dads? So do you need to have 101 babies now to have 100 dads or are twins exceptions?


That's too much money

Where's Part 6 people?!?

If it is in real life she will be like so so so exhausted

Please do another video of The Sims 4 100 babies challenge

When's the next one

Wheres the new ep for this weeek :(

for a girl name Trinity and for a boy Sebastian

Do part 10

OMG hahahahahah the long wait is overrrr

When are you going to download the video

I love how attached she is to olive.

you shoud get a pet it will be very entertaining for the kids

Saturday is almost over and still no new ep in sight?

So bummed there is no part 6 yet

Name the next baby(ies) Girls- Tyla Zoe Mia Ryann Boy- Tyler Drake Marcus Ryan Iskskakskakskslsksksksksks love this series you should make it twice a week kakskskskskskskks

Part 6 please



You should get the Nano Trash Can, it gives you money every time you throw something away

If you have a girl can you name her: May,faith,ruby,Ciara,or Bemenet. and a boy: Noah,Matt,Adam,Ali,Cole. Plz like so she can see

Best Buzzfeed series ever

Next bay should be named Amara

This had me cracking up

How about Daksh for a boy?

When’s the next one thought every Saturday

Where's the new video at?it's been 8 minutes

This is beyond entertaining


HEHDJDBDHFKSS!!!! There’s no new episode today like here was supposed to be!!!!

Where is the new episode Kelsey?!

make part 6

*flips table* Where is part 6?! I've waited ALLL day for this D:

There won't be a part 6 this week because they are regrouping the team and they need some time. They will be back next week. Check her twitter. She posted about it 3-4 days ago.

Lies... they said 8am Saturday there would be a new episode... lies.... I’m very hurt

Get some bunk beds it will help a lot.

do you know if you make the Sims woohoo 10 times you might have three babies

wheres part 6

how are you single you're so pretty and cheerful and funny!! Maybe you're single by choice

where's the new episode?

Omg this is the exact same episode as the last

Use the sims cheats for money so click shift control and c key at the same time then in the bar that pops up in the top left hand corner type money 10000000 to get lots of money

where is ep 6?!

Post moreee sims 4 . So entertaining

Part 6????

I don't know if this is against the rules but you should adopt.

Recently discovered your channel and just binge watched all 5 episodes in a couple of days (doesn't seem impressive but juggling a work life too) Part 6? :D x


when will you post the new video??????!!!!!!! PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!


YO IM HAVING CRAVINGS FOR YOUR VIDS LOL hoping you're good lovely x can't wait for the next vid

You need to add a table and more seating. Or they will try to use the bathroom counter to do homework lol!!!

you should have a baby count at the end of each video :)

Baby girl: Rosewood or Galaxy or Chloe or Amber or Diana or Pandora Baby boy: Leo or Mike or Micheal or Zach

Hello, part 6???

What extension packs do you need you lecture/ground/etc you kids and which one do you need to be able to get a job as a teen?? ☺️

Love watching these videos. I started the challenge myself and I have 8 so far. Two of them have already moved out. Keep going. Can not wait to see the next episode.

U didn't post one on sat

You should check this out for any future Randomizing of Sims Traits...

Call one jasper pls (Boy or girl)

part 6 has to be an hour long

Gah, part 6 where you at??

Im so upset that i missed the live stream

Give me part 6. Justice p


When comes part 6

Just bought the Sims bc of Kelsey and this series... it’s 2am where I live.

I swear it’s been like a month since the last video

Subscribe to me I am a new YouTuber I will be doing ganeplay

Where's part6?I've been expecting it to be this last Saturday. What happened?


baby girl names sammy ,lily or nelly . baby boy names Tyler , Samuel or Nick.

P 6 and 7 NOW NNOW

With the toddlers only need to get three skill to level 3 to age up .

when miles was sleeping in sunglasses he looked like dan the meme man

I'm a little curious but if you can only have 8 sims in a household; what will happen if she has twins? :O

where number 6

Get a bunk bed once they get to a normal bed! Save so much space!

This is a long series so they should do 2 episodes a week at least

Is anybody else dreading the day Olive moves out

Jamie is......... an interesting.... Idek what the flip Jamie is but I love him and olive so much I’m sooo sad olive is gonna have to move out

A birth control ad popped up while I was watching

Can you imagine how excited Kelsey is going to be when she has 2 teens in the house to help and bring in income?

Everything is goin to hell


I'm really upset that she gave Oilve a mean trait why couldn't choose or ask Siri for a different one

Here is a tip for more money, there is a trash can where you throw away like garbage and gives you money, but I'm not sure if you can afford it tho

Have Marshmello or a music producer make music in Fortnite creative mode using the new music blocks

I love how they announce that they will have a new episode every saturday... yet here we are. TROLLING

These always cheer me up omg

do another one






Waiting for part 6. "I neeeeeed it" -Spongebob

if girl Charlotte if boy liam

more i want more

Do more ppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeee

where is the part 6?

Upload olive !!!!


Where is the new one

Where is the part 6???

when is the next episode coming out?

Sell some fences. And outdoor decor.

26:47 he slammed the door

how is that sim still thin mine gained so much weight after one (1) baby and she like works out jfd;ahgds

im home from school watching this while sick and when kelsey said "demon child" i snorted a shitload of snot out my nose

When is the next video going to post?

When will u post part 6?

Please and I mean please!!!!! Name the twins if they are brother and sister Kelly and Keenan and this is because this is my twin brother and he died two weeks afterward we were born and I love to honor him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Also for girl names you can name them May August summer winter Lila and Skyler and four boys you can do Lucas Liam Luke mike

Plz do more vids

UGH. waiting a week for a new video was hard enough. now its been over a week, and still no video. Y'all are killing me!!!!

30:35-30:50 Yay you finally did it

Did you have to pay for sims 4 or no

Hiiiii can you name the next baby girl Lauren...or joe if he a boy❤️


I have an opinion, and a suggestion.. can you make olive a blogger please? She can make money while making videos of herself... please make this happen thanks. ❤️

18:41 olive is walking out .she spilled out the trash

you said 8 am pst which would be 11 am est. it is sunday and still no video

Zara for a baby name or Zack?

WHERES NUMBER 6!!!! I was waiting for the episode yesterday and it never came

I know it was very frustrating like what happened Buzzfeed

Jamie reminds me of Sid from Toy Story

Where's part six

I can’t wait until Brielle is a teenager

Where is part 6

Where’s the next one? I’m waiting

Come on when the heck 6 comin

Lets be honest. We're all watching these over and over untill the next one comes out

i need a new episode i waited a week please my only other option is the superbowl please i need to watch someone play video games

when's part 6 coming out??? its a day late, im impatient!

I'm waiting part 6, where is it?

Part 6 part 6 part 6 part 6

there should be a nano trash can in the shop so whenever you throw something away you get cash ;)

part 6 please kelsey please please please :( i've been waiting for it:( please please:(

Baby name suggestion .. Tris from Divergient or Catniss from Hunger Games :) for boy Tobias also from Divergiant


You can age up babies to toddlers any time you want and you don’t have to wait for their birthday

Please do part 6 so I see more of cute good parenting... not

WTF happened with episode 6??!! I thought you were going live at 8am yesterday, but no. Did you guys get rid of Kelsey too with your layoffs?!

Renee is like a mini version of alexis

Where’s our new vid that was supposed to come out yesterday!

When are uploaded more I watch all in one day #addicted

When is part 6 coming??

Get Olive pregnant too. Double down on those pregnancies!!

I like you and your cool



New episode is a must

What happened to every Saturday? Where is part 6

Part 6 Please

when is part 6

Why don’t mixed kids look mixed lol

Part 6???



Whats kelsey's sims code

I always wait for you to continue this part ...

Love this series . so funny

We need Part 6!

Oh my GOSH why are you and your videos so damn lovely

Omg I really can't wait for part 6 I really really enjoy watching your videos

It’s been over a week, where is part 6

Names Rhiannon

Please do producer creates music with music blocks in fortnite

More please!!! Im dying!



Baby names: Felicity, Holly, Lexi, Jonas, Caiden, Hannah

When will the next episode come out?

What obout making two rooms? 1. For tablers (sory, if i speled that whrong) 1. For teens and kids

Ik where’s part six it got skipped.

WHERE IS PART 6?????????? Pleaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

kelsey would be a great mum lol

If you'd buy an easel, you can paint, which increases creativity and fun. On top of that, you can earn money selling the paintings!

really wish that this series would have more episodes more often bc it’s doing well but making us wait for so long makes me uninterested to keep up w it. on the bright side, i love that the duration of the video is longer!

Post more often please

Make more of this series please it is sooooo funny and I love it! Oml best ever I love Kelsey and Chelsea !

I would just like to point out that I started playing this today and I am happily married with triplets!

When is the next video coming out

my favourite part is when they age up :)

I was wondering. Do you know if a baby aged up to a young adult is allowed to have a career and still live in the house with the matriarch? Ever since seeing your video, I'm obsessed! I'm up to baby number 15 :D

Im not going to watch another video untill u have a part 6

Is there going to be a part 6??? Plz have a part 6

Where is the part 6

Enjoying the series so far

How many kids are we in now?

Where in the world is part 6 I wait on this YouTube video every week and yall late :(

*slowly dying while waiting for part 6*

Its been a week where,s part 6 ?!?!

Will u make another vid part 6?????

Was t there supposed to be a premiere ? Lol

where is part 6???

I want part 6 this is so good

I’m so invested in this. Where is part 6?! OMG Jaime reminds me so much of Damien from The Omen. Lol

Part 6!?

Was so disappointed going to bed on Saturday night without having watched episode 6. Buzzfeed. Make another FREAKING video

make a part 6 it's Ben like 500 days since you made part 5

“Take Rene back.... I love the twins”

i need another episode!!!!

Could you pls name one of your babies rosie Fyi ur vids r AWESOME and very funny lol

Part 6

What expansions does she have in this?

R.I.P with all the kids

where is part 6 skskksks

Name the baby Arianna if it’s a girl (my name) or Jahleel! (My brothers name)

Just realised Jaime’s dad wants nothing to do with him


Plot twist: When Olive leaves Jamie becomes the new golden child

Everyone loves events that Chelsea hosts because she bangs everyone that attends?

This makes me want to play Sims again, I haven't since the original games

Wait where the heck is part6?

You should buy an easel so Chelsea can paint and you can sell them

omg just watched all 5 episodes straight, this is soo funny! even more cuz my name is Chelsea lmao. Will be back for episode 6

Don't forget to hang their birth certificates!

What are you going to do a part 6

I don’t like buzzfeed at all but this chick doing the 100 baby challenge is one of the only things bringing me temporary joy to my sad life, upload plz

Post more parts through the week

It is supposed to come out on Saturdays

Where is part 6???

Lol!! This series is sooo entertaining

Poor Brielle has a lot of expectations!!! I would skip my homework and steal stuff too hahah!!

“I don’t want renee”- my name is renee lol

25:47 hahahahahha I love olive’s sassy walk. Her face

Who else loves her channel

please make part 6

Where is part 6? You said it would come out on Saturday? It’s Monday! IM WAITING!!!

Name the next one Elaina plssss plsss pls pls pls

You should go and see other people’s house

While we are talking about part 6

You have 24 mistak

You have to start telling us when the next episode is!!! PLZZZZ

You should name a baby Savanna


Eat sleep and watch Kelsey play sims 4 100 baby challenge=LIFE

Episode 6?

I just love this. please don't stop

Where’s part 6


Plz make a part 6 I love these

When is part 6 coming out, Ive been waiting

where is the part 6

Why u pixel everything when they are without clothes ???

omfg part 6 y’all??

Sooo, can someone please help me understand this, why they don't upload on time or more episodes each week. This is a channel with over 9 mill subscribers, this video has over 3 mill views, they upload one sims episode once a week, AND this is their job; they work at buzzfeed and right now one of their tasks are to create videoes for this channel. Aaaand they still can't post the video on time. I don't understand..

Dear Diary[Buzzfeed] *Cough cough* I'm waiting all week long in suffery of thirst and hunger for the next episode of kelsey's 100 baby challenge episode 6 came up. I can't sleep. I can't eat. I can't live without it. I keep thinking about Chelsea is making a twins with the Craigs and Watch olive become an Adult. I Just wish that this series going to be released more than once in a week.. Sincerely, *the-random-person-that-loves-the-series-and-kelsey-and-craig*

Ok how to move on. Please give me some advice.

There is a girl Yammy finished this challenge took her 3 years!!!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!

*Sees Brielle stole at school* That’s our Brielle!

Where is part 6??

Make part 6

ASAN NA PART 6!!!!!!!!

Part 6, please!!!!!

This is all I could think of when miles was wearing sunglasses to bed: When you can't afford a sleep mask!

Kelsey you can change the clothes of this child because it is not against the rules but it is against the motions that, for example, you change the weight or face of it for the future ;p

Stop stalling please!!!This is my favourite series!!!

I have been totally binge watching you play the 100 baby challenge and I’ve reached the last episode!!! It’s killing me, so, when is the next one coming?? Come on episode 6!!!!!! WooHoo

The Real farmer play Farm Simulator

holy s*** you can only watch the video on twitch if you PAY FOR A SUBSCRIPTION!!! This is disgusting abuse of fandom >:(

Please do a part 6

I can’t wait to see what Brielle would look like and also the others

Where's the new video?

Eva is a girl name

oh Kelsey that potty is gross

100 dads*** so no twins technically...thankmelater

Wasn't Jamie the one with the clingy trait? That means he needs to be with his mom and spend time together a lot otherwise he'd just be cranky.


Where is itttttt I need part 6 nowwww

I have the strong urge to play sims. And make sure she never has kids. Unlike my real life Haha. I'm almost Chelsea in real life

Boy names: Quentin, Liam, Rory, Kellan, Elias Girl names: Kerry-Ann, Alyssa, Piper, Charlotte, Della Also part 6 whennn

Per the official rules, “Your matriarch may run a retail business, restaurant, or vet clinic. Teenagers may help out at these venues as an alternative to hiring employees. Your matriarch may have a work from home job but she must always choose the work from home option.” Sooooooo... Chelsea can do the political, social media, or the other city living career that I can’t remember right now, the gardener career from seasons, or fashion career from get famous, as long as she works from home. Also, I think the easel builds skills quicker and they’re faster to make a lot of money from their paintings

Jamie Will Grow Up To Be On Death Row LOL XD

part 6


Chelsea and Craig forever ♥️♥️

Where's part 6?


Get the rest out now!!!!!!

Typical Olive~ She's perfect lol

Part 6..... need...part....6..

I meant were

Where is siiixxxxxxx!!!!

We’re is part 6

Thanks for the idea Mary

I am dying to see part six I Do every single day when I get home From schoolI look to see If part sixes out I’ve been dying to see it because I just love when hundred baby challenge watching you do it is for sale on for 550 I’m gonna buy it when I have the money and sell it to buzzfeed to make a profit

Are you still making part 6

I wasn’t able to watch the stream I’m very sad bc I can’t subscribe:(

i need a part 6 please im dying

Where’s part 6?! I’m dying over her

Kelsey you are too cute! Love this series!!!

Part 6 plz???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bread plays Bread simulator

I love this

where is part 6

Moving fucking why

This is fantastic

Where the freak is part 6!

Where is part 6? I love this series, don't do this to us!


Pls post a new one I’m dying

I keep checking back for part 6. It's hilarious watching Kelsey narrate.

I want part 6 plz

come onnnnnn where is the next episode, and please upload two episodes in one week.

Some baby boy names are Kieran, Nick and Keith and girl names are Iris, McKenzie and Grace.

When will you post your next video

for a baby girl or boy you should do Zay

Hey guys I'm current;y about to start a Apocalypse challenge on my Sims stream which I do everyday on Facebook, if anyone would like to throw me some tips or just possibly hangout come join the fun!

jep, please I want to see part 6. really am loving this

I love these videos ha!

Why tf did they delete the last one? That’s why I hate buzzfeed

Honestly it's hard to wait a full week for an episode but really, it's been longer. You guys, where is it??

it's my birthday please release episode

Olive for life if you part 6

Please make the videos more frequently. It will be AGES before this would be over at the pace.

Where’s part 6? It was supposed to be up a while ago!


GUYS!!!! Make more, longer 100 baby challenges!!! And DON'T stream them on twitch!! I'm only subscribed for the 100 baby challenge and it seems like a lot of other people would say the same. I am definitely considering unsubscribeing because of these two reasons 1. You guys should be focusing on what your subscribers want (that's the only way you will earn more subscribers) and what we want is more 100 baby challenges 2. 100 baby challenge is being streamed on twitch instead of YouTube. Nobody supports this decision, and if it's because you think you can earn more money because people will pay to subscribe to you on twitch then you are much mistaken. A. Lot. Of. Us. Can't. Get. Twitch!! I understand that by getting subscribers on twitch you are getting money, but you would be way more successful by putting a stream on YouTube and saying in the description that if you donate a specific amount, then Kelsey can do a challenge of that person's choice. I know I would be willing to donate money for Kelsey to be able to hear and do a challenge of my choice. Everybody please like this comment so buzzfeed can see it, and comment on this comment strand your opinion on this matter. We might be able to get what we all want - more 100 baby challenges, and 100 baby challenges being streamed on YouTube! Btw if you made it this far on reading that long comment, thanks a lot. Let's get 100 baby challenges off of twitch and on YouTube!

Name suggestion: Demy ❤️❤️

Anyone know what song it was when olive aged up btw thx so much Kelsey for making this serie u love this

My 3 year old wakes up mad every time also

When there are teens you can have them move out that’s what I do

Here are some names for your kids Girls: London, Shelby, Nevada Boys: Layton, Mars, Aj Both: Payton, Riley

What happen with part 6 ?? No episode this Past Sunday !??


Im doing the 100 baby challenge too and I already have 4 babies 3 boys River and Michael and Conner are the twins and the only girl Eclipse I'm so tired now \(*_*)/

Come on where’s 6

Who else is waiting for episode 6

I lost it when he slammed the fridge door

I really hope part 6 comes soon. I understand that video wasn't ready on time because they edit reallyyy good or maybe something else happed. That's no problem but I just hope they didn't stop the challange.( Sorry for my bad English)

Is Kelsey okay? AT this point im like actully worried if everyones okay.

Migle Will be a good name

For a girl

Where's the next ep


Can't wait for the next episode! Have you seen the videos you have inspired from this?? Please can we make this a weekly series?

Name the next baby Paulina!!

Part 6 Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6Part 6


I made sims characters for you're baby daddies. #backstreetboys

I have some baby names Vanessa, Emma,Ashling, Marcelina please add cuz they are the names of my BFF'S and Vanessa is my name

Why can’t you just post videos on here and not on twitch?

Where is part 6??? I have been waiting 1 week. The suspense is killing!!!


Olive ageddddd idk why I'm so obsessed with watching this I want to play the game now

Name the baby Marilyn!!! Plsss

This is brilliant


It's gonna take forever at this rate! U haven't uploaded a vid in almost TWO WEEKS!!!

I can’t wait till part 6

You should get a radio for the fam!

This is so insanely entertaining!

We need Part 6

i am so sad everytime i come back they still haven't upload part 6 T____________T

omg I want part 6 to come out now anyone else think that ?

Where are the other parts?

Been waiting for the next episode for years!

How IS the Part 6??

Did y’all delete the live feed video

What package do you have?

I hate how much I love Kelsey and this series! I'm just gonna have to watch every part of this challenge now.....

Im literally in withdrawals with these videos >.< looooove them rewatching them AGAIN!!!! Please PLEASE name the next one Analisa

still waiting for part 6...

Baby names: Girl: Nova, Luna, Joan, Hope, Natalie, Lauren, Harriet Boy: Riley, Tyler, Jacob, Michael, Harry, Bailey

there better be a part 6 & 7 on saturday!

Still waiitttinnngggg for next

Please add another video soon lol

where are the babies' godmothers at!

Please name your next daughter Geneva! I died laughing and want a little piece of me to enjoy some of this adorable chaos :)

You should turn the kids beds the other way so you can fit more

At 11:49 you said "Olive should play the violen" I PLAY THAT!!!

Why do I love this

Olive is a perfect addition for you!!!

You know they can do extra credit right?


How many kids have too live in the house before u get rid of them and do I make a house for them to stay in and one more question where will they go will they live next you or far away from u.

Part 6?

Sorry to say but it kills me when I am waiting for the next episodes so can you tell me what day you post Kelsey

I love this videos and I'm waiting for a long time

Craig is the answer to pretty much everything

Part 6 part 6 part 6

Parts 6 come on

This is the best thing I have watched :)


Don’t live stream, put videos up

OMG please do more of these I love this so much!

i love thiiiis

PART 6 ?????????????

Alexis looks just like me when I was little

Wait brielle is gone be older than olive? and can you choose what they look like?

This chaos reminds me of the show Shameless.

What happened to episode 6?

I didn’t get to watch the new episode cause I don’t have twitch and can’t afford it lol

Hey can u start posting on Wednesdays and Saturdays and maybe Sundays

Next part pleasee

Girl... you got all of us addicted to your family here....... Keep up with the demand hahahahaha we need the videosssss

make like 3 per week bc this is very intertaning and to me its hard to find things like that tho im sick and laughing hurts my vocie BUT WHO CARES? BC I DON'T KILL MY VOCIE FOR ALL I CARE AS LONG AS I CAN WATCH THIS

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