Single Girl Trains Her Daughter To Flirt In The Sims 4 | Part 46

Single Girl Trains Her Daughter To Flirt In The Sims 4 | Part 46

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Oh my gosh we, should like get it over the hill card cuz we're like over the hill of the 100, challenge. Hey. Everybody I'm Kelsey, I'm single, and we thought it would be funny if I tried the 100, baby challenge it's a challenge in, The Sims 4 where you have a matriarch, and they are supposed to have 100. Children all with different parents there's a lot of rules to this challenge if you're interested, in those the link will be below this time my kids are ready to age out of the house I can move them out and get pregnant again so we're gonna probably have 55. Babies, in this episode, we did do kind of like a bachelor. Episode, last episode, it was kind of nice cuz we like got to know all of the men all at once we can. Go. Through them you know this is not how you should treat humans we are back at the impeachment household, as usual, all the impeach ish maids are sad because there was a recent death Holly our sweet, girl that is kind of the Wednesday Addams of the family but, wants to be popular is an. Adult, now so is her twin sister Haley, who, wants, to be a witch, love, that for her olivia is still a B student, so we're gonna move out Holly and Haley, I, think I wouldn't want to move out three at once anyway, mostly, because I. Don't want to ever have triplets ever again we did that we went there we don't need to do dia I also think that one thing that I would love to do is kind of focus on Casey's, career, we're gonna make our own new house honestly, for those two girls all right we're gonna invite someone, to hang out at the girl line or you know what we could travel somewhere - whoohoo do you think the island Bluffs has a whoohoo Bush all right let's find out oh yeah there's a bush right here she's too sad no. No. What. Uh how do I fix it how do I fix it how do I fix it like immediately uh she. Just fell asleep in the bush alright. Well, this is a bust all right let's just take her home and fix her needs so that she can invite him over to woohoo, or we'll have you right.

Out And then sleep, I'll focus on everybody Chelsea jr. it's just looking so cute, you're. So cute Josie jr. totally jr. is like kinda switched up her look every, every, like age that she's had which, was cute I love that for her annie, annie. Is okay no Annie's, not okay Annie needs some stuff to do all right do your homework Amy who's calling, Olivia, Holly Oh. Holly. Wants Olivia to go to a challenge, show keys I said no though, cuz I'm a sure, it's. A Friday night oh it's a Friday night they could go out so everybody's kind of moods are better you go out okay, so we got level three of communication, already why don't we get you back on thinking thinking takes a while Annie needs. To do some. Skills, oh my gosh Logan yes please come over and hang out Logan, we'll have you do a little creative bye vibes what you're doing no, no no don't grilled tofu dogs, no grilling for you you know what you should just learn to cook a garden salad start small yes girl video-gaming, level three she's done let's have you eat. Some food and. Then we're gonna have you do your homework Chelsea Junior acquire the cooking skill oh. My. Gosh I'm having flashbacks to, Chelsea senior. Cooking. Her first garden, salad, look, at you Chelsea, you look so cute with their little socks. In, her little belly. Ashton. Once you're finished with that I think I'll have you work on your typing skills yes, Ashton, reached. Motor skill level three he just needs level four to be a teen Logan's. Home. Logan. And we give Logan a hug you give your brother a hug and tell him thank you for coming over, Olivia's. Homeworks complete good job Olivia I think olivia is all ready to go for school and then tomorrow I think Oh Josie. Senior. She's. Coming, in where are you going okay she's just like chillin on a computer, as one does I think tomorrow we got to obviously seduce a man maybe, we'll take the family out to go do something fun give yourself a pep talk until, you can have whoohoo. Chelsea, seniors like are you okay, sweetie you know death is a part of life you've had so many people die in your life you should be used to it by now in cases like I've had so many people die in my life this is sad what are you gonna feel better, 17. Hours all right we're gonna keep going eight hours okay we're getting there two hours left of sadness there it is now she's just tense cuz she needs some fun KC it's okay just go do a dance bed see now she's having fun and she's working out which are two things that she loves oh the kids are up Olivia it's, so sad, because, she wants, some social, life well why don't you go chat with Chelsea. Junior Chelsea, juniors having a garden salad our queen and one sip like 9:00 a.m. she can invite over at her secret, not, so secret lover, okay Olivia's, happy now so, it's Chelsea Junior Chelsea Junior why don't you cook, up another. Garden salad how are you doing Chelsea Junior with that skill cooking, skill ooh you're already level two that's great can you cook a little bit more oh you, need to have fun all right. Ladies. Playing, some video James why, don't you join the game buddy oh he needs to go the bathroom I guess they all do I like how the twins both need to go to the bathroom oh no Phoebe's really hungry, it's okay Pheebs cuz we, have so much, leftovers. Eat a turkey dinner Pheebs Oh Pheebs also needs a bath, really. Bad ah Phoebe, came in to eat you're a little bit of turkey leftovers with, the fear. So, cute, oh. She's, all happy they're all bonding, together this, is too cute everybody about Chelsea juniors in the living room Chelsea oh my god also Chelsea junior is wearing, the same pajamas, that Chelsea, senior, used to wear but in a different color oh wait, you should just invite over your, your lover you can now Casey all the kids are distracted, it's the perfect time I feel like you should, give Phoebe a bath, and, then where's our boy there he is honestly. Let's, just try for a baby just go for it actually I want her to try in the hot tub we haven't done the hot tub yet let's not mess around he's. Like yep oh my, gosh they did that was the first thing that she said to him why are these people kicking. What are you doing stop. Playing in my stinky leaves lady, oh, this. These two are. Having an intimate, moment oh okay, okay okay here you go good job about. Casey's, case you got a got a baby yet oh they're still going wait yes take a pregnancy test Casey all, right Casey let's go figure it out let's go find out yeah.

Casey's. Evening for two congratulations. Casey are once again pregnant, looks like Phoebe is getting. Some gonna eat some more proud, of you Pheebs for taking care of yourself Phoebe's, the only like impeached, Rashmi that's like fully, just. Great. Oh looks, like one's gonna hit out all right we got thinking, communication, we need imagination for. Sure let's. Let's finish up thinking first Casey I think that today is a perfect day for you to become a more, famous youtuber. I think she deserves it let's post some updates reply to some comments, study. Some trends. She gained 150, followers oh she almost broke up thousand followers that's. Awesome. Toy review baking, gourmet cooking vlog confident, blog, okay record, video let's. Definitely do a toy review I think she's just a toy review channel at this point Olivia's ready for school tomorrow, Chelsea. Junior's almost. There with the skill oh my gosh so close. Josie, jr. why don't you cook just like another artist Alan, yes. Wait we don't need to do it Annie needs to get to level 4 and. Ashton's. Boo mashin, are you okay. Is morning. Perry. You'll. Miss somebody wow, she's got three level 10 skills interview. Video - mom, also. News asleep it's like 5 p.m. there on a Saturday they're, all like I'm ready to go to bed honestly, a mood Haley and Pete Rashmi of course we're gonna talk to Haley we, missed you. Video. Has been successfully, edited oh now she's on the phone did. Haley Haley's probably calling, to check in and tell her how life's been what since she's moved out oh she's, so exhausted, but she's still like working a mood, we go we uploaded, let's go to bed yeah good call Olivia, what do you want to do she, just wants to play video games I guess she's like God names of the games now cuz she chose to do this how's he doing. Annie's. Just okay she's, just doing okay Annie you know I think that she should go back to working, on her, fame add to her sister Graham story a lot and maybe record, another video study. Some more Trent's oh she's, like watching Annie just struggle, through wait have you finished it you're low for a great, job Annie why. Don't you go to the toilet and please, let everyone stop, listening. To it Casey hold, Casey's, getting so close to hitting. 999. I hope she hits it she did she's. Now has over a thousand, followers good. Job case twitterviews. Are still trending, so we can do another toy review, oh no Phoebe's. Upset all right Pheebs don't, worry about it we got you okay you, go Pheebs. And a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you can also eat that you can eat two things you're still hungry are you freaking kidding me crab a serving I'm so annoyed that you're still hungry where've you video three add, transitions.

That's Pretty fun okay, successfully. Edited and, then I'm gonna upload the video oh the. Transitions, made them very professional. That's, awesome, and the video has been uploaded okay, why don't you take. Some more grams. Yo mom's. Getting close to being famous, Chelsea Junior required a Christmas go oh my gosh, young, lady you, better check, your attitude lady, all right we need your help around the house she's, like I don't want to give your daughter a bath mom while you're just taking Instagram. Photos. Oh. Her. Toy review, three-d-- did really well she's. Yeah. Buddy, notable, newcomer Casey has started down the path to, stardom she's, earned her very first fame point which is hers to keep faint points can be used to purchase fame perks under the fame info panel where their newfound fame, though she's susceptible. To developing, a, fame quirk a behavioural oddity shapes by the action she takes that's. Awesome, though she's like slightly famous, now what, it could we give her, corporate. Pop partnership. Uploads, from the video station in music station will earn Casey more fame than normal oh I do like that I think I'm gonna do that alright we'll have her go fix, all of her needs now mom's, kind of tired you know it takes a village and. Luckily. We've birthed a village remember, when I said I was gonna do something fun on Sunday for the family, but. Instead I just made all the family do whatever I wanted them to do Olivia. Why don't you calm yourself down I don't want you to be so angry oh now, she's sad just because she's erratic sometimes, wild mad thoughts enters one's head this is one of those times oh I'm, sorry sweetie why don't you crawl into bed with mom Oh looks, like Logan, came to visit yeah. Logan how, are you doing Phoebe's getting close so. Close you just need to do it one more time I think. We. Got liftoff so, now we need, imagination, more. Why don't you play with your kitty cat toy for. A little bit and then you can go to bed how about that oh she's. Dressed as OG Chelsea. I love that for her she's. Coming in checking, out her kids oh, do. You want to go on a date no remus we already you, know, dated. You babies, the imagination, level - good job Pheebs why, don't you go to bed sweetie cuz you're a little tired oh you lost. More empathy, I don't really trust this kid he seems all happy, but then he's also evil, all right Casey why don't you post some more some, stew gram stories, just. Keep up the hype you know who's here the. Girls, are here oh my gosh give residents keys to both of them go. Your daughters, or your twins are here. Oh my gosh this is so cute that they're visiting, oh. I. Love this way did you give them both their residence keys please. Here I want you to come over anytime. Thanks. Mom. Of course. I love you, and here's one for you Haley, okay, thanks, mom of course I love you we could study some more trends, see, if there's anything new we can do okay what's good piano. Beauty, reviews a veterinarian, or focus vlog let's do a beauty review yes, do that makeup review yes Queen could. Take a lot of work to get her to the next level wait did someone ruin. The. BA oh, my god she's fixing, it Haley, someone. Ruined the computer. But Haley's, fixing, it look at my good girl she just fixed, her computer, up here I'm gonna delete it immediately after. She fixes, it and get a different computer. That, won't break, unbreakable. Ashton's. Leg feeling real confident. He's. Got you, know very. Bad, empathy. Oh my gosh he's. Like nearly, insensitive. Have you been up to dude, what have you been doing, on the online oh, wait why are my kids have like very low emotional control but like high everything else oh wow, Olivia's. Doesn't, have good emotional control empathy, or conflict, resolution, but very responsible. Mom's miserable. But, doing amazing, sweetie angrily you should go to sleep after filming, this video and we'll finish the rest of it tomorrow beauty review video, yeah. Buddy alright Sunday, night you didn't do anything fun on the weekend it's, like every weekend I've ever had it's like I'm gonna do so many fun things and then just hang out around the house and get stuff done by the ladies thanks. For coming over, who's this 8th and, Doyle. Oh he's a team you know who else is a team Chelsea, Junior Chelsea junior get up and, say hi to a Dinn Doyle feel, friendly, introduction I don't think any of my teams have other teen friends, she's like hi she's, also wearing, red, weight he's feeling, flirty brighten, his day oh, my gosh is she making, friends.

Ask About woo hoo that's hilarious I want to know what he says about woo she. Like found the strange rock on the street that has also teamed be like hi, do. You know anything about sex, I mean. Woohoo always coming in with her, are. They gonna be friends she's like what I have a garden salad oh he's, leaving I mean, it is almost 11:00 but oh my gosh, Chelsea. Junior just found a friend. Classic, Chelsea move she, saw someone on the street that was male and was like I wanna meet you, Oh Chelsea. Junior just became even more responsible. Oh. Harry's. Coming upstairs, I don't know what he's up to probably gonna go play, on the computer because. That's what all of my children end up doing if he'd be so hungry she's gonna be taken away no. Don't. Take fede away not our Phoebe, all I gotta do is just grab a serving that garden salad you're gonna be right as rain Pheebs, and once you're done with that you can go potty cuz, you're a big girl now you can take care of yourself. At. Least if you're gonna haunt something haunted mirror I don't think that you, can break that in The Sims everyone's, cold I guess I need a thermometer in this house clearly, you need to set the thermostat to warmer so she's, gonna spend more money it's fine though once mom becomes super, famous with. All our videos it's gonna be great, okay now she's feeling better Oh sweetie no no why. Are you crying, mom doesn't need to wake up yet although mom could have a little leftover situation, you're okay sweetie why don't you play with some blocks okay. So. He's haunting, a toddler. Potty not what I would choose there she goes now, she's learning her movement. She's, level twos on everything, so it's just a matter of time before we get oh its certified that Stacey is the healthy, baby girl oh who was looking at Stacey's, birth. Certificate, Oh No she's hot-headed she's. Very angry and she's talking, with friends, but there aren't any friends, around Olivia. We. Love you yeah but. She's our odd Queen I really want to be friends with someone but, they don't really seem to want to be friends with me how can I make them be my friend classical, if you're trying to figure that out I would just say you can't force friendship, my darling it's okay no no no don't do that don't do that I don't want anyone using the grill even though I technically, have it outside no don't take leftovers, of the cake there's plenty, of leftovers of garden. Salads, because Josie jr. made a toe oh don't, you slam my door young, lady all right everyone's going to school by kids, have, fun at school make, good choices I. Love you, make. Sure to do your best don't make friends they're. A trap just kidding friendship, is magic, oh she. Teaching her daughter some.

Stuff, Spelling, bee aid uh no, give me your best shot do, not let, know-it-alls, try to help you cheat during spelling, bees that's what we've learned from the sex hello Casey, I need a celebrity partner to help promote a TV, dinner, completely, one of the following, options, in the next 24 hours to fulfill this contract use the video station to upload any video footage you've captured our ad agency will splice you into some stock cooking, footage and send you back up a TV dinner would like some footage of you personally, cooking if you use a drone okay, we don't have a drone that's one thing that Casey, could do but I think that Casey you since you already have a video in the inventory so we can edit and we can just upload it where's making some bang with, our toy reviews, Casey, that footage is a so our editors are already recutting it to meet the needs of the client but don't worry I know they're going to love it keep, your phone handy we'll, bring you with another opportunity, soon I'm. So, happy for you Casey I'm, glad that you made. Those necessary, uploads. Maybe we should get a drone to like show, her cooking, that'd be quite funny ooh we. Can make it purple Oh Casey would love that Casey, why don't you begin, a stream, okay, why don't you cook. A garden, salad we, got to show the people what. It's like to be her, Oh, PVD. Reach level three and blocks I'm so proud of you sweetie all right why don't you oh you need to go potty again why don't you go potty and then we'll work on your imagination cuz, that's your other lower skill, I hope it's making her more famous wish she's gained another, 125. Followers. But, it really looks like she's not gaining too much we'll, get there, I trust us, the amount of time my toddler spends like alone. In, rooms I don't, think I would ever do, that as a real parent here we are what, she gained even more why she's just gaining followers just by chillin all right why don't you go do something else what's another thing you could do oh she's gonna go play games and then they're gonna stream or playing games that's, kind of cool you a little, girl over here we're, gonna our imagination, skill all right our stream. Is low on battery why don't we end our stream well I don't think that really helped, her like, Fame levels. Oh Olivia's, an A student. Ashton's, a B student, and he's a B student, okay so it looks like Olivia's. The, only one that can actually technically, age up we don't really want to age her out but I will age her up mom still oh wow. She is not, feeling, this. Olivia. Aged up oh my gosh did she get all the weirdest traits she wants, to be a chief of mischief she's, erratic hot-headed.

And Jealous, that's our beloved. Girl we, love her. Salad bowls everywhere, oh but looks like Annie's, cleaning, up all the salad bowls, Annie you don't need to do that why don't you put those down how, is that Olivia doing I love you I can do whatever she wants don't fall asleep in the, hot tub Olivia just go to sleep in your mom's bed. Okay. Well then watch turn, on the TV then if it's not on gyoon baby sound works complete good job Annie maybe, you should do some extra, credit just for. Fun what a responsible. Children. I have even, if they are kind of evil I'm looking at you man we're still not really seeing much growth here it's, this hard or what being, famous is hard, can you do extra credit to Chelsey jr. yeah why not just selling all their school projects. For money mom of the year Monday 11 p.m. the only person up is our toddler, unsupervised. Learning. How. To be, imaginative, everything's. Okay about that what she didn't. Finish you've eaten your garden salad after you're done potty or you can eat it now and then potty how about that why are you sad what'd, you do oh she, was not very high attention why are you going outside to, put the plate down in a snowstorm this is why you don't leave your toddler's, unsupervised. You did a great job sweetie, you got it all in the potty, we're gonna just finish up this scale really fast and then we're almost there, with thinking and potty so, boom. All right go to bed I don't want you getting too tired Annie, are you okay, you're just gonna wash your hands wash your hands before you eat, that's. So good I'm so proud of you oh are you just gonna wash your hands before you play with a butterfly also. Good how's Olivia hungry. She's like I think ready to move out but I'm not ready to have her move out because I don't want triplets, even though it would make things. Go faster I don't want it you know wait why is what's. On Chelsea's. On the playing. Sims and making people woohoo in hot tubs if this isn't meta I don't know what is Annie going through a phase she's having a bit of a mean streak and feels like being more nasty, with other Sims no Annie. That's. Not okay oh my gosh she's cleaning it good. Job Joe oh. My god what a caring, mother of, now, 53. Oh my god it's winter which means Casey's in her little winter, where she. Looks so to you. I love. That for her no, Phoebe, is getting so much attention. Oh poor. Baby is, everyone going to school now so for Olivia who's feeling flirty and is just standing in the bathroom. Well if you're gonna stay out of the bathroom at least help around, there's, no video on the inventory all right why don't you go study trends she new piano, beauty, reviews, veterinarian. Or focus blog I think we're gonna do Beauty reviews again those seem to be keep doing, well I think they're in her wheelhouse, she likes makeup, Livia can you clean that up for me a job okay.

What Were you going Olivia. You can clean it up inside oh she's. Finding other stuff outside alright thank you, she cleaned it up and now a girl's got a lot of royalties the, beauty review video didn't do as well as our toy. Reviews did Oh Olivia, can you go pay the bills for us Olivia Beauty, review video too I hope this one does better he's, actually pretty decent I might wake Phoebe yet and let Phoebe get to some skill-building what oh my gosh Casey's, in labor, Casey's. In labor while she's editing a video can, you like finish I didn't even the video first though oh my gosh, Olivia's, trolling for rooms she's, become a forum, troll in her spare time come on mama, okay she's done now let's have a baby, at the hospital oh, but that means that we can move out Olivia and then get pregnant again oh. We. Don't have a new dad I'll just pick one of the many, that we were talking to maybe it'll be serious black stirred although. That's what kind of weird isn't it oh no, our doctors, our ex again it's Theo well, what's, up Theo complain, about the snow - Theo feel like it's, a wintery, whoa. Okay. See you, little heartbreaker alright, here we go she's. Going in to, have, the baby it just became better friends it's. A boy, as, usual, or going into our, latest. 100 baby, challenge, episode in, order, to find a baby name I, like this name Owen, I think that's a really cute name it also reminds me of Owen Wilson, which. Wow. Makes, me happy so we're, gonna do duo baby Owen oh and, in Petrus Manx oh and it's another boy oh we finally got two more boys okay this one says Lou. I like Lucia to know it Lucian, impeach ok impeach, Rashmi and Owen and Pete Rashmi welcome, to the family, Oh who's. She holding right now, oh she. Holding them very fast open he's got mystery, got two new boys after, having a house full of girls except, for our evil son it'll be good to have some some boys in the house, hopefully that are less evil I'm excited, next, week is going to be that Thanksgiving.

Episode I'm, very excited we're gonna try to invite over as many Peter Schmidt children to have a dinner party as possible, hopefully we're gonna get KC impregnated. And how the 56th. If not the 57th. Baby I'm just really thankful for all of you and also for not having any deaths today I'm also thankful that like nothing bad happened.

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Lucien is said Lusien

Baby names:♥️ - Jada & Jaden - Will & Willow

What about Marcus/Markus as a boys name and Kara or Alice as a girls name? Some Detroit: Become Human Fans out here?

Baby name Nico (Nica for a boy) because I lost a son called Nico to electrocution

can you name a boy Jacob or Alexander and a girl Kathryn for me and my 2 brothers

Girl name:Leah,Ashley,Amy,Anna,Abigal,Amanda,Rosie


Please name one of the babies Sade. Pronounced Jade but with an S. Please and thx luv u long time Kelsey!

My favorite girl name is Aurora!

can you please name a girl Amanda or Zachary? i find these names really cute.

Nathan or Louise. Please :3 It's me... or my boyfriend :3

Since we're over the hill you should name a girl Hilly

a boy hunter a girl evelyn

Baby name suggestions, both gender neutral. CJ or DJ for my brother and I. ❤

Sloan (my name) and some Grey’s Anatomy names like Meredith, Christina, Izzy, George, Derek, Mark.

Please tell me your next baby daddy is Clement Frost!! I always aim to do it every winterfest... love the name Snow and Santa!

Baby names Girl: Julia Elena Boy: mason Lincoln

Girls Leah Ella Kayla Layla alita Boys Lucas David Adam because you had harry do potter and make the be really good siblings

Buy basketball hoop and do some dribbling it get rid of sadness really fast


For the next episode I wish you could pick one of this names please!!!! Boys: Daniel, Hugo, Tom, Draco Girls: Sophia, Sandy, Khloé, Nina For both boy and girl: Angel

Can you name a girl Dakota plz l think that name is cute and if not name a baby girl Harlee

By the time Kelsey finishes the challenge, she’ll have a masters degree in raising children

anyone else just love the air horn music that plays whenever Kelsey accomplishes something? i always dance a little jig along with it XD

baby names! if its a girl name them luna or maggie and if its a boy name them blake or aaron tysn love ur 100 baby challenge gameplay !

you should name a girl morgana or morgause or guinevere/gwen a boy you should name Gwaine or arther or Merlin

What happened to episode 42?

Girls name: Angel (for “my sweet baby angel”) or Abigail (my name) Boys name: Stevie or Chester (boy name for Chelsey)

I would have to have you name a baby girl Caitlin or a baby boy Phillip

I think some nice names are: Nigel Thomas Lance Luke Lizzy Lucy Amelie Alice

Girl : Wynter , Helena, or Madilynn Boy: Magnus , Maverick, Phoenix

Hey gurl! I just wanted to suggest some names for your babes! Girls: Hermione (cause why not?!) , Angel , Felicia or Lara -my auntie who was killed before i got to know her and in memory of her

Ryan and Nicole

For a girl Avenica for a boy Christian

Maybe a girl should be kasey junior and then Chelsea and kasey junior can be friends

Kelsey: Phoebe's the only like impichishmay thats like fully just great! Olive: EXCUSE ME?

Perfect weekend is watching this while I cuddle my pupper, so you should name a baby boy (or girl, gender roles are a myth anyways) after my sweet baby doggo. His name is Orion! It's pronounced oh-rye-in but I've heard people say Or-ee-yun and that's pretty too. #BabyNameRequest3

Kelsey, you should name a baby girl Iris or Helena (and as Huh-lay-na please??♡♡) or a boy as Lynn, Alaric or Luka?? ♡♡♡♡♡♡ I would DIE if you named a baby any of those names, especially if it's Helena ♡♡♡

Girl: Kate, Carolina, Olimpia Boy: Ollie, Max

You should name your next kids after Friends. Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Monica since you have a pheobe

Loving this 100 baby challenge. I’m trying it in the sims 3. (Can’t afford 4) At 43 kids so far. Please use these names Girl: Sky or Lita Boy: Angelo or Bobby

isabella and stella for girls

Holly and Hailey spin off please

girl abigail boy andrew

GIRL NAME: Tesha (pronounced T-sha) BOY NAME: Lochlan (pronounced Lock-lan)

Name your next girl Linda after me or boy Neo ☺️☺️

I really want you to name a your next twins (if opposite genders) Artemis and Apolo If a single girl Persephone, Kore, Nyx, Hecate, Hera, or Aphrodite If a single boy Hades, Aidoneus, Erebus, Hermes, Eros, or Ares

Hey, just a super fun side note. You can get famous from Wahooing in public! If you have a girl please name it Noel.

Boy name- Dominic Girl name- Zoe ❤❤❤

if its a girl can you name her Hadley or Evelyn and if its a boy can you name him Cairo (pronounced Kai-Row)

Girl twins Chloe like me Clar it is a good name Boy twins Blake and Black Girl and boy twins Maria Matt Just girl Chloe Just boy Matt If you are looking at this Thame you so much I have been here the holl time So Thacker bye Chloe

Dare you to have triplets and name them after the 3 Chipmunks

03:57 repeat non stop

girl names: Charlotte Annmaree Luna Marie boy names: samuell beau Hudson Felix

sasha for a girl and marley for boy

Boys: Flint, Jack, Josh, Ryan, Julius, Cameron, Alex, Jasper, Michael. Girls: Callie, Ellie, Suzie, Ruby, Meghan, Evie, Emma, Grace, Erin.

Can you name your next babies Girl : Ashley ( because that’s my name ) Boy : Jeremiah

Could you name a girl Cocoa or a boy Quincy in honour of the two beloved pets I lost this year to old age? Or name one Kevin. Because I like that name.

I've been watching since part 1. Can you name a baby, "Rachel" after me?

Me Baby name Abbi Ivy

Please have a baby called Freddie after our true queen Freddie Mercury

Please name a child Sally after me yes I’m a bit narcissistic but I love this series

The girl - Jasmine The boy - Zaiden

Pls pick 1 or 2 of my name p.s i subscribed and watch every single vid Names for girls: Jackalyn, Mel, Melissa Names for boys: Jack, Nick, William, Danny

Boy-Matai. Cheif- in Soama Girl- Sina. Princess in Soama. My name Boy- Conner. Dog lover on Irish. Girl- Jackie. I just like it. But it Irish.

boys name: yuri girls name: Yui boys name: Randy girl name: Candy unisex: Sandy Girls name: Cindy(Cindi, Cyndy, Cyndi, Cynthia) Boys name: Cody Girl name: Viola, Korrina, Valerie, Olympia Boy name: Grant, Ramos, Clemont, Wulfric Boy: Brock, Giovanni, Blaine Girl: Misty, Erika, Janine, Sabrina Boy: Ed Girl: Jo Boy: Bensen(Benson), Harira(Tribute to Harry), Sebastian, Jesda, Ahmed, Juele Girl's name: Daisy B: Falkner, Bugsy, Morty, Chuck, Pryce G: Whitney, Jasmine, Clair Boys name:Tate Girls name:Liza B:Forrest, Salvadore, Tommy, Billy G:Yolanda, Cindy, Tilly, Suzie Boy: Ashley Girl: Elliot (BOTH UNISEX) Name a baby girl Crystal and a baby boy Enoch Girl name: YoYo(Yolanda, Yoshi, Yohanna) Boy name: JJ(Jay, JayJay, Jason, Jaysen, Jayson, Jasen, Jaden, Jayden), TomTom(Tom, Tommy, Thomas) boy name: Luke Girl name: Leia Try these names: Jake, Tricky, Fresh, Spike, Yutani, Frank, Frizzy, Lucy, Tasha, Zoe, Brody, Tony, Carmen, Roberto, Kim, Harumi, Nick, Coco, Alex, Eddy, Jamie, Jay, Mina, Rosa, Edison, Wayne, Jasmine, Buddy, Rex, Izzy, Amira, Marco, Nikos, Zuri, Mike, Jenny, Jaro, Aina, Carlos, Ramona, Lauren, Jolien, Philip, Salma, Lee, Diego, Manny, Nicolai, E.Z., Sofia, Dylan, Nina, Brandon, Scarlett, Alicia, Maia, Hugo, Rin, Ace, Kareem, Mei, Mimi, Maeko Name a baby Baby Can you name a baby boy Ted? boy: Kyle Girl: Kyla Name a girl Mei or Mei Ling because I like the dinosaur named Mei long. Boy name: Josh Girl name: Jocelyn more names: Josefina Alecia Avis Lorena Damien Teodoro Arlinda Gilberto Donald Alisia Gretchen Vanessa Raul Edgar Ailene Debra Oda Sonny Elena Adelaida Adena Lida Angla Callie Otto Natividad Maxima Sebastian Luciana Samantha Mercy Normand Ima Tami Cecila Ara Amparo Soon Felicidad Breanne Merlene Criselda Hester Christinia Merlin Beryl Elvia Ralph Clair Twanna more girls: Alda Ulrike Fernande Piper Daniele Rosita Ernestine Vena Rosann Jasmin Larue Jalisa Vertie Ladonna Helaine Rima Eliz Halley Elba Viki Dell Aurora Annabelle Pearlene Kym Gwyneth Sima Alison Kathrine Clarisa Anna Cleta Kimi Launa Lucinda Colleen Jenell Easter Essie Anissa Greta Brittani Jeanett Cammie Shea Ivy Regine Digna Laurie more boys: Ivan Jermaine Monte Florentino Homer Anthony Jamar Mac Ambrose Alberto Ahmed Rory Wendell Antione Kip Drew Alphonse Amado Prince Dewayne Douglass Elliot Emmanuel Cory Terence Milton Johnny Willis Jamison Fritz Lester Rupert Noe Darnell Dion Jerrold Hal Joaquin Valentin Jeremiah Elijah Ismael Mohammed Patrick Sherman Gilberto Robby Bernie Jonah Marlon More! Elyse Dawna Drew Janean Nicky Meta Otelia Colby Lino Lea Natashia Tasia Velia Reena Graciela Bong Ariana Amira Shante Dalene Dorthey Andree Peggy Clemencia Roselle Laree Gussie Mindy Carmon Tamar Markus Ayesha Leland Jae Samira Natalya Nikki Loma Sherly Shirly Jessia Shemika Michal Emma Fransisca Selma Eugenie Arlie Michel Ellen

i suggest Tatum

Baby names: Girl: Sienna, Izzy Boy: Hayden, Blake

Make olica look like Loki.

A girl baby name is Katie

I've always been thinking what you're gonna name the new baby mama when Kasey's done doing her round and I thought of Kaylee or Kelly, I really think one of those would work very well

been here since day 1 could you name a girl Raven or Kara?

Looking at Olivia’s traits, I immediately think of Harley Quinn! Would be cool to give her a makeover

For the girls, please name them Anna and Elsa, as Frozen 2 is coming out soon :) And for a boy - Olaf :)

Baby names: Girls: Gabriella or Daniella Boys: Gabriel or Daniel

I want you to name your kids in tribute to grey's anatomy Girls: meredith, cristina, izzie, teddy Boy: derek, mark, george

If u have 2 boys or 1 u should name them Mario and Luigi that would be so cute and funny

If you have a girl- Celeste If you have a boy -Kristian

maybe Nicholas for a boy or a Joy for a girl since December is right about the corner!

BABY NAMES: Girl: Paris and Harper Boy: Aiden and Dean

Girl: Katerina or Luciana (after my 2 girls) Boy: Alexander (after my stillborn baby.)

Would love to see a continuation of the FRIENDS names! How about Monica, Janice, Carol or Ursula for a girl and Ross, Richard, Paolo or Gunther for a boy?

For a boy: Levi For a girl: Bellamy or Scarlett ❤️

You should name a girl Harmony. I was going to suggest my name (Melody) but I thought it might be weird for me to hear you call someone else my name. (A little backstory) My sister's friend mistook my name for Harmony once and we never corrected her because I like it better

My name: Rebekah (girl) My boyfriend's name: Alec (boy)

Can you please name a girl Rosie and a boy Aiden I luv u

Girl: Kaylee Guy: Kyle

Girls- Skylar Emmy Sofie Boys-Michael Gavin Chad brad Bradley

Girl: Cinderella, Arial, Amelia, Lindsey ( for my sister she died ) ,Lillianna ( my name ) Boy: Phillip, Eric, Ryan, Adam,

If you have twins name them king and Queen. So you can say yes queen or yessss king

If it’s a boy it should be Christopher and if it’s a girl maybe Ainsley or Veronica

Reed or Alyssa

For a girl Nadine (pronounced Neigh-Dean) It's my name and doesn't get nearly enough recognition as an epic name, I'm not biased though.

Girl Names: Sharona (So you can sing My Sharona). Aurora, Jacie, Kourtney, Cyan (Or Cyanne), or Millicent. Boy Names: Buzz & Woody for twins. Luca, Bleu, Archie, Zed, or Pasquale. Bonus thanksgiving names: Boy (Harvey, like Harvest) Girl: Cornelia ( like cornucopia)

"I said no though, cause I'm a jerk..."

Baby Name Ideas: Girl: Karlee Boy: Kallum

Jessie or Victoria for a girl and Harrison or Dalton for a boy

Mackenzie for either a boy or a girl! Same with Chandler or Avery

Harry haunting the todd potty really took me out

girl: louise Boy: louis

Allyson with a y because I never get to see my name spelt correctly

i finished allllll of bad ice cream 3 on hudgames me and mybrother are so happy

Can you name a girl Ninna (after me) Other baby names: Girl: Laurel or June Boy: Angel or Elliot

Girl- alissa alysha gwen or Sophia Boy- Justin Gabriel or Anthony

You should name boy and girl twins Peter and Piper(or just Piper if just one girl, or Piper and Pepper for girl twins, not saying you have to tho. Love ya Kelsey)

Girl: Lacye, Solana, Hannah Boy: Bowdi My name and my siblings :)

I made you B-E-A-UUUUTIFULL baby daddies, please look at them in the gallery! @ambreexoxo :) LIKE SO SHE CAN SEE PLEASE, I promise you they are gorgeous

Baby names

Post these series more Plzzzzz I weight so long just for another episode

Name a baby Charlotte of Charlie

Can you please name a girl samantha and can you name a boy chase I love your videos!

I just got a puppy called Peggy which would be a cute name for a girl, or Lucy (my senior doggo)! I would say my name jennie but you had a ginnie so maybe louise?

Can you name a girl Roma or Shelbie x

Could you name the kids ebony and Harvey #kelsey100babychallenge

Could you name a girl after me?

Please name a girl Harper

Please do: Girl: Faith Boy: Francis

You should name one Matilda or Riley

Tiarna Maddi or Marlie for girls

Could you name a baby Adyn? Its a really cute name and works for both genders

How about for names you do Angelica for a girl and Chuckie for a bit after Rugrats

A boys name is: Jorah pronounced gor-a

Gril isabella bc it's my name and for boy Albert

Baby name ideas: Girl: Lily, Mary, Emma, Fiona Boy: Keoni, Mitchel, Colin, Kian

Boy: Stiles from teen wolf !!!! or Michael Girl: Karen

You need to throw a meet and greet to move up to the next level. I was stuck there for a while too.

names after me and my friends- girls- ella, grace, lucy, lora, tilda, sarah boys- kai, jayden, jasper, morgan love you Kelsey!

Boy: Billie Joe, Jorel, Danny Girl: Josie, Lainey, Cheryl

Boy: Jordan, Aaron Girl: Sophie, Aimee

I want to know what happened to Olives dog

Try looking at Chelsea's family tree to see if her other kids had kids as well. I'm doing the legacy challenge and my sim is still alive and has 5 generations under her. I used the anti-aging potion for her when she was about to turn into an adult which is why, but it's still cool. Like my whole game is full of townies who are descended from the matriarch. She outlived more than half her kids and grandkids. I can only tell who a descendant of hers is without looking at the name because I made her black and curvy, and I'' see random black curvy sims with a similar face to the matriarch. I only typed all of this because I've been avoiding a paper for a few weeks lmao :(

Or if your not feeling festive Boy: Noah or Joe Girl: Kay or Amber

Baby name for boy Jeremiah, he was my little brother who passed away a month after being born. It would be great if you name one of the baebays after him I love the series

can u name a girl Felicia so everytime she goes to school u can say BYE FELISHA

Baby names: Girl: Greta Boy:Luke

Boy name: Landon, Jake Girl names: Aubrey, Emerson Also love you

Can you please name one of kaseys babies these Girl names:Columbia, Magenta, Janet Boy names:Brad, Eddie, Rocky

BaBY nAMEs: Girl: Bea Boy: Cody

Girl name: Sarah Boy name: Jack ( from nightmare before Christmas bc Halloween just ended and Christmas is coming)

Girl: Tanya Boy: Bentley Unisex: Sage

it it a girl Violet and if it's a boy Duncan

BOYS- Jimin, Parker, Dallas Girls - SOMI SUNNI BAY ROSÉ

Can you name a girl like me tatiana pleaseee and short for tati

Baby names Girl: Caitlin Boy: Declan

If it’s a boy:Chandler and if it’s a girl: Chandler

Boy name: Austin - my boyfriend's name :) Girl name: Madelynn - my name

Omg I went to labor while I was editing a video too

Girl names: Cleo and Orianna Boy names: Benjamin and Ethan

Please name a baby after one of my four teenage sons Jesse, Rob, Stefan, or Mike

Zach and Cody? Coulda shoulda woulda for those twin boys.

For any fall and winter baby girls: Autumn, Snow, Winter ❄️ And in your honor Kelsey: Kelton, Kelvin, or Kelley

Catheryn Lawana Denver Tiffani Lovetta Vernia Berna Kiana Ignacio Nada Yang Livia Kerri Mireya Edward Ted Marceline Agustin Shaunte Numbers Veronica Nikita Cassy Letty Loan Jestine Jaunita Willian Charlsie Samira Tennille Latrice Etta Gayle Yvonne Izola Erinn Reid Audry Lovie Miyoko Kyle Jannet Peg Linnie Miranda Leonida Dottie Norma Phylicia Hayden Danika Karey Britta Zula Hermelinda Valentine Emile Kendall Herlinda Gwyneth Lovella Katharina Daniel France Lauri Cayla Meridith Ramonita Daryl Jennell Amalia Jerome Dorine Jammie Lena Maddie Lasandra Linsey Dee Shirl Janean Tari Rufina Eda Randell Sharmaine Fern Tad Temika Lisandra Ethelene Alison Kam Lynetta Elizabeth Beckie Rachelle Victoria Thurman 100 NAMES FOR KELSEY IMPICCICHE

Baby Names: Girl: Alaana, Elisa, Kirsten Boy: Jimko, Kenny, Kellen

Phoebe has a tapeworm

Hi! I would love if you could name your next girl after me. •Mary-Grace Or a boy after my best friend •Shane (Btw I’m that girl who dressed us as Chelsea for Halloween)

How about Christian for a boy and Sherriece (Cher+Reese) for a girl.

I’m suggesting Warren (boy) and Audrey (girl) after my siblings. Been watching this series since week one!

Could you name the girl Ellie and the Boy Eli?

solange for a girl and ivan for a boy

Sharpe and Ryan from high school musical for twins

Some cute Star Wars names Girl: Leia, Rey Boy: Poe, Finn, even Kylo but he might turn out evil

Girl = Tatiana Boy = Titus

and Holden, Charles, or Thomas for boys :))) :)) :)) :)

Samantha or Alana

lol name your baby after meeeeeeee lol :)

My littler sister Loren loves you and would be so happy if you picked her name ideas!! girls: Elsia, Anya, Mckenzie boys: Kristoff, Sven

Could you name a girl Gina or Regina?? Or for a boy Conner or Conrad? Those are my brothers names

Girls: Shannon, Nicole Boys: Vincent, Patrick

Oliver to reflect Olive

Boy: victor, Viggo, blake, Owen Girl: violet, amber, Alexandra, sydnee, Gabriella

Take Kasey out to socialize and she can earn more fame by being charismatic and telling deep secrets.

Olivia is Harley Quinn with all of her traits

For a girl how about Carrie and a boy Cory

Boy name: Devin (after me)

Name a baby Macey or McKenzie please!

Girl: Amelia Boy: Amelio Twins for boy and boy: Zack and Cody Twins for girl and girl: Lisa and Lena :)

Well now you have to call one Chandler! and if it's a girl, you can say "Chandlers a girl!"

Get a dog and a cat

Boy name David girl name Anika

Girl name: wings, MaryJane Boy name: chris, jake, author

46 WEEKS!! This has been so quick! We are going to celebrate a year very soon!!

You should name a baby girl Sadie! Love you Kelsey!


Boys: Michael or Jackson Girls: Billie or Jean

baby name: Sophia!

Girl: Shirley Boy: Findley

baby names you might want to use, girls: Aurora or Maire or Sarah, Kimberly. boys: Apollo or Nicholas or Tyler or Austin. I'm a big super fan of your videos. I watch every one of them multiple times. my daughter makes sure we watch it together. please please use one of our names in your next 100 baby challenge videos.

Can you name a baby Marcus,Smith and Jones for a boy and Juliet,Julie and Julia for a girl.

Samantha (after me) lol or Nora, Sarah, Elizabeth, Iris.

nAmEs: Girl: Lisa or Giselle. Boy: Dominic or Skyler

Baby Names! Girl:Brianna, Samantha Boy:Simon,Colby

A baby boy you can name it Sean,Wilson,David

If you ever have triplets again, I have a name suggestion! I and my siblings are triplets, and our names are Melody, Lydia, and Drew! Drew's name is actually Andrew, but we call him Drew for short.

can you name the next boy todd because you always call the toddlers tods:) for a girl gabriella or gabby for me!

C'mon guys we NEED a Regina and a George

Your next sim should be kenly

You should name Girl-Brie Boy-Blake Twin girls - Liv and Maddie Twin boys- Blake and Tyson

you should name a baby Flora,Betty,and Blanca

Omg, my names Casey and every time she says it I look.

Girl: Ava Boy or Girl: Ashton I love this series so much and I hope you pick my name!

Can you name the next babies Girl: Layla or Kayla Boy: Lenix or Chuck

You should make a name adreanna or neveah

Girl Janet,Allison,amanda Boy Jacob,benito,Anthony

Why is Buzzfeed in my recommended?

Hayden or Elliott or Jared

Olivia:slams door Kelsey: DONT slam my door young lady Me: ok Jeez sorry mom (My name is Olivia)

how many babys do they have in total

I can't believe she noticed the pajamas but not her everyday overalls Also Baby Names!!!: Boy - Percy, Vincent Girl - Victoria, Zoey

Name a boy Nolan and a girl Jasper

Hi Kelsey! I am a fan since day one. Continue making fun content!

you should name them Savannah or Savvy if it's a girl and Justin if it's a boy

Allyeha for a baby girl please

My birthday is the day before thanksgiving ❤️❤️

You should name a girl Mercedes and call her mercy

Baby name: Boy: Adam Girl: Damia

how is the "annie are you ok?" counter only at 17 i feel like i've heard you say it 200 times

"friendship is magic" kelsey mlp just ended this is too soon im still upset how dare you

Stranger Things actor namesss Boy: Gaten, Finn, Caleb, Noah Girl: Millie, Sadie, Natalia

For a girl - Delia , Dahlia or Nora For a boy - Nash or Dallas

I can’t thank you enough for sticking with this series! I am fully vested and feel like I need to see it through the end.

Boy: Mitchel or Danny Girl: Hermione or Sandy

Name the girl Ellen

Spinoff on witch!!!!

Boy: Azrael (after the assassinan in batman) or Steve (captain america) Girl: Azrayella (similar but for a girl) or Peggy (agent carter❤❤)

Chelsea Jr. is soooo pretty wth

hey Kelsey boy name should be Jayzio since its my name and a girl name should be emerald since I love the colour and it sounds very magical (ha ha )

Been saying this for very long but please name a girl Fleur also you should name a boy Ben/Benjamin

Please name a girl Hera or Athena And a boy Thor or Loki

Can you please name the baby Girl: Molly- Mae Boy: Tommy For us British subscribers

Girl name= Izzy Boy name= Henry

Filming videos in a swim suit, streaming in a nightie. I am also confused as to why Kasey isn't gaining much traction! Can I move to this non-objectifying Sim world?!

baby name suggestions

Girl:Chloe/my name My brothers Ryan Ayden Brandon

the drone streams are different than recording a video. when you get those career opportunities to record a video, you use that choice instead of streaming. streaming does give you a lot of followers tho!

A good boy name would be Preston or Elliott and a good girl name Erin or Lynn

Please can you make your next girl Eliza after my daughter

If it's a girl it should be named Zea because it is a cute baby name

you should name a baby a\Abby

Name a girl Vanessa please.

mj references are on point

Ronald like Ronald Weasley so you can yell at him when he does something wrong like the letter

Baby names for a boy Peeta for a girl Katness

Great job Chelsea

Girl name should be Alina Boy name should be Leo

Baby-names Girls: Annie, Harper, Alexa, Alexis, Zoe, Sabre, Adrianna, Coco, Layla, Rhianna, Piper, Clemintine, Nazzy, Sockie, Boy names: Nathanael, Noe, Ben, Levi, Chris, Christopher, Elliott. Hope this helped

Anyone else think Olivia is GORGEOUS


I love the name Lane for a little boy! Or Evelyn for a girl!

You should name a girl Mary.

Baby names: Girls: Desiree, Danny Samantha Boys: Daniel, Sam, Samuel, Ramon or Damon

Name one Russell after my cat or Pepper after my other cat.

My name is Mario but ii want a daughter Marisol. Please name your next girl Marisol! LOVE YOU KELSEY!

Boy:tray,course,walten. Girls:mia,karley layla(namedby me) and cleo

Boy: Craig (because of og Craig) and girl: Autumn

boy andy and Alex girl aly and kayla

Girl- Leila Boy- ford These are my dogs names :)

Mason or Waylon for a for a boy and Sawyer and Cali or Katelyn

Girl: Ava Boy: Mayson Btw I love the series :3

girl-grace boy-Sean

Name a daughter Sadie, Bea, Laurel, boy Mateo, Elliot, Charlie

Boy names: jace,Rocco Girl names: jade,raven I’ve been her since day one!


Aw! Milo and Ollie are my favorite baby names

Also mabye you should try for triplets again

Can you name babies Isaac, Noah, Lilly, Gwen, Cassie, Or Alex

You should name a girl Abigail. 3 of my favourite students have been named Abigail and I think the name is almost guaranteed to be an angel child

You should do Everleigh for a girl and Tanner for a boy


Girl vendetta buy regis

Please name a girl Peach Impiccishmay that's all I ask

Baby names Boy: Greyson,Elvis,Braxton Girl:Brandi,Mikayla,Kayla

Baby names Girl: Darby Boy: Austin or Walter

Boy names: Micah, Gabe, ben Girl names: Ruthie, Mia, maya

Boy- Desmond or Darian Girl- Sierra or Natalya

can u name a girl max

Girl:Claire after me Boy:John Both:Spencer or Sam

Any on from day one

Girl.Kristana Boys.james

Baby name suggestions girl: Raven, Violet, Juliet boy: Thomas, Maxwell, Dominic

You should name your next baby after one of the members of MCR in honour of them coming back!! Boys: Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray Girls: Frankie, Gee, Mykey, Rae

Girl: Felicity, Maggie(me), Araya Boy: Felix, Nick, Vince

I have some possible baby names for you Chidi if its a boy Tahani if its a girl (both are from the Good Place)

I love your channel! Girl name: Claudia (mine :D) Boy name: Ofir (it means the land of gold) (o-f-ee-r)

Name for a girl: jasmine Or Nina Boy: Mathew Nick or Nicholas

Girl: Kaylee Boy: Marcus

Star Wars Theme :) Girl: Rey, Leia, Padme Boy: Kylo, Luke, Anakin

Girls: Amelia, Meradith, Miranda, April, Teddy, Maggie, Boys: Derek, Richard, Andrew, Alex, (All these names are from Grey's anatomy)

I Binged EVERY episode to make sure you haven't used these names: Girl~ Sadie or Daisy Boy~Marco or Luke

Baby names Girl : Delanie Boy: Mikey

Anybody else pooping ?

Girl names:caitlyn Callyn Grace Boy names:ayden case

Boy: Lafayette, peter, alastor Girl: zoya, Eliza, melody

Girls names: Chandler (friends moment) Spennelli (Recess) Boys names: Scotty (cos Scotty doesn't know) Gordo (Lizzie McGuire)

Boy names:Bran and rickon Girl names : Sansa and Arya

Harry haunting a child's potty is such an homage to moaning Myrtle.

I don't do anything fun on the weekends

Girl : Alaya Boy : Levi

Can you name a girl Avery or Jane and a boy Seamus

Girl Winter Boy Kai

Baby names: Juliette and Emily Daniel and Fillip

You could name a baby girl Skyler

Girl names: Danica, Peyton and Brooke, and Hayley if not done already Boy names: Lucas, Nathan, Marvin, Keith and Jace

I think a Girl names: Sammie or Samantha, Christine or Chris Boy name Sergio

Hey Kelsey love your serie. Could you maybe make a spin-off serie with Chelsea jr and go to university with her?

Girl: Sophia Boy: Maximilian

Ouh please call your next kid(s) Sophia for a girl or/and Maximilian for a boy :)

I need more

Hello !!! Coming from part 16, here is some baby names for girls : Bengisu and/or Hilal :)

Baby Names! Girl : Jade or Alexandra Boys : Michael or Alexander

Chleo for a girl or Kay for a boy

I noticed that this and the 42nd episode are not a part of the BuzzFeed Multiplayer 100 Baby Challenge playlist. Still love this show and hope if still lasts for a while.

Lilia and Tina

I would like baby Boy name is Hardin or Scott while the girl name is Tessa from the movie of after

Boy Earl

I really want a baby girl called eevee. It's my favorite Pokémon

Good you name Girls: Maddie(me) Lauren Boys: Jonty Kevin jack

Lia, Luna, Liam, and Henry please

For a boy Hunter or Jay and for a girl Grace or Jayde

Girl : Belle Boy: Abel Please choose mine.

Hi Kelsey!!! I think you should name some kiddos after me and my sister!! My name is Hannah and hers is Elliot, but it could double as a boys name too!!



OMG you guys posted this video it's on my birthday

please name one of the kids Destinney it is a cute name please

You should name a girl Ashley or boy Ashton. Could be good twin names.

Boy: Gary Girl: Stepheni or Corina (my name

I have been a loving fan since day 1. So baby names are: Girl: Ava Boy: Buddha(my doggo)

Girl Kara or Alex like super girl and if it’s twin girl’s both!

i saw part 2 like a very long time ago… and i’m scared

Girl: katniss or Effie or primrose Boy: peeta, gale or cinna

Boy baby name Kalum. It's my son's name.

Please name a girl Marley love these videos!!!

Does anyone remember when Kelsey would send her kids to work so they could make money for the house?

boy: jeramy girl: zoe or serin

If Kasey has a girl, can you please name her Lucy or Lucille?

Boy - Jack (its so classic, and also my son's name) Girl - Nayeli (Ni-ya-lee) or Astrid

Girl Baby names for twins Ava Georgia

You should name a girl after me

You should make one room just for the baby certificates

If it’s a boy Milo and if it’s Mila

Girl:Cindy Boy:Parker Some names

You should name a baby girl Elle (my amazing sister's name) and/or a baby boy Levi or Westley (my cousin's names. they are awesome :) )

Can you name your child Girl: Sura, Vesper Boy: Garrus, Paskal, Kepler

If it’s a girl you should name her Sadie and a boy Cohen!

You should like totally name a girl Georgia Charlotte Christina Kat Kim Betty or Wenny owo and a Boy. Allen or Alec

girl: Jessie (my name) boy: Jesse (my name but boy version)

oh my god those names are amazing!

You should name a girl jayla and a boy jack

Girl: Viri (veri) after me Boy: victor

Name a girl Seneca? (pronounced Sen-eh-kuh) It's so rare for me to find someone with my name and I'd love it so much.

Have a baby named: Girl names: Narcissi, Madelynn, Bianca, Liza, Ann Mari, Sophia, Sylvia Boy names: Axavier, Lucius, Atilla, Ronan, Roman, Preston, Jack

Boy: Tobais or Zander Girl: Sasha or Kate

I have 5 sisters and no brothers! Here's all the names of all 6 girls in order from oldest to youngest: Kimmie Jenn Kelli Chrystie (me!) Stephanie Megan Hope you like one!

Name the next girl Brandy so you can say "Brandy you're a fine girl" also Brandi is my name :)

I’ve watched since the days with Olive and Brielle and I love it ❤️ Boy: Anthony Girl: Adriana

Girl: Blake or Carrie Boy: Elijah or Zach Boy twins: Zach and Cody Girl twins: Heaven and Nevaeh (Heaven backwards) Boy/Girl twins: Drew and Dakota

Names: Tempest, Nina, or Alicia for a girl Ace, Taron, or Nico for a boy

If it's a girl : Lilac or Lillian and if a boy then : Bryce or William

If it's a girl it should be Amelia and if it's a boy it should be Jackson

Liz or lizzard and then Toby or Luke

Amy in reference to the beginning, "baby army." Or Arnold, so you can constantly say, "Hey Arnold!"

boy: luz girl: luciana

Name for Baby: Robin (either boy or girl). I have always liked my name.. lol Love you Kelsey and your team for making these happen. My heart breaks everytime one of my ex's die and one of my children die. After my main became an elder and we "passed the torch", I had her marry Caleb Vatore and they "lived" happily ever after.

You better watch out doing a toy Review lol. Coppa might be watching lol. And she got famous fast as a toy Reviewer lol.

Boy: Bronson Girl: Felicia so you can say bye Felicia

Boy names Remus or Lupin Girl names Rio or Alex

Girl: Lily, Caroline, Jolene, Juliette Boy: Rhett, Boone, Russell, Beau

I like the names Serene or Athena for girls Ronny or Jacky for boys

Pleeeease pleeeease look at this comment Baby girl: Jasmine Baby boy: James

Name a boy Harry Jr.

I have a couple of baby names for you! For a girl, Calypso or Callie For a boy, Axel or Kristof I've never commented on one of these, so I'm hoping you'll see this! Huge fan of the series; been watching since it started (:

Give Chelsea Junior makeover

Girl:Tily because she is my baby girl Boy:Jack because that is her bf

And after a really pretty tree and it is a girls name Laurel

Kelsey here are some names Girl : Melody,Rainy,Sidney in honor of Skippers Girlfriend and, Selah Boy : Kyle,Caleb and,Conner P.S please pick me

Girl: Ailen or Ailu (my name) so its a bit of South America in the challenge

Louise and Louie

Since I'm obsessed with Disney Girl: Merida (also my toddlers name), Anna, Elsa, Jasmine, and Ariel Boy: Eric, Flynn, Eugene, John, and Naveen.

As a die hard anime fan I suggest the following: Girl : Katara, Robin, Serena, Azula Boy: Ace, Darian, Zuko

Baby name suggestions: Boy: Jaden, Fynn or Aleks Girl: Leah, Silvana or Anastasia

Nyssa for Gril Daniel for Boy

Could you please name a girl Estelle, after my sister?

Brooklyn 99 names~ Boy: Terry, Ray, Jake, Charles Girl: Amy, Gina, Rosa Twins- Boys=Hitchcock and Scully Girls=Cagney and Lacey

Angel and sky after my angel babys would be really cool baby names thanks

A boy Jack A girl Lizzy

girl: kennedy nina nikki erin hannah morgan bailey brooklyn boy: chase aaron adam jake jacob elliot ezra

For a boy Wesley, for a girl Wesley

What if Kelsey is a single girl until she finishes the challenge? kinda magic

can you name a girl hunter... it's my name and my great-grandmas too

Baby name: Alex, can work for boy or girl! Or Han for a boy

Name a girl Amara, after yours truely

you should name a baby boy or girl Payton

Boy: Gilbert, Ewan Girl: Hanna, Melody

bruh, I started this serie at the beginning get then stopped and forgot about, so when I found this I was like what the hell!! girl: Tris boy: Tobias

Call a boy Sam or a girl Lucy

Girl: Lea Boy: Leo

Girl: Anna- Maria, Moon,Celine,Rachel, Rose,Victoria Boy:Flynn, Jordan, Jonathan,Andrew, Zach, Troy, Ryan, Orlando, Kevin

Still waiting for baby Rebecca...

You should call a boy Finlay or Fearghas after my son And a girl Luna or Seraphina which would have bin his name if he was a girl

Veronica or heather?

You should name your next sim Rarity,Spike or Piper

Possible girl names: Kathryn, Aleena Boy names: Hayden, Peter

The island counters are facing the wrong way and now that’s only thing I can focus on

How about.... Girls: Penelope, Amelia, Charlotte, Emerson Boys: Atticus, Cornelius, Liam, Benjamin (Sorry if I accidentally put some names that you already used. Love you videos!)

I humbly submit my own name for a girl

You should name a girl: Regina Phalange And a boy: Ken Adams

Boy Moon Girl Jupiter

Girl - Zoe Boy - Zowie

you should name the girl: Alina and the boy: Armani

Oh my gosh, just stop already.

Girls- Georcelle, Lyra

can you name a boy Arthur and a girl Julia

Girl names : Faith (my middle name), Carol, Nina Boy names : Joshua, Neo, Karlo

Girl London or Maddy . Boy Zac or Cody.

Call them cleo and Emma

YOU HAVE TO HAVE TRIPLETS! Chandler Leslie And Frank Jr Jr

Pleeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee name a girl Hermione and a boy Potter! I like the idea of Harry and Potter playing. Also girl Lily (Potter and myself) or James!!! I’ve been here since the beginning of the series!

Hoping for more boys : Liam, Zen and Artur

Boy names : Archie or Jughead Girl names : Betty or Veronica Love this show

Victoria for a girl Victor for a boy

for a girl could you name one alina or lydia? and for bays maybe Kaz, Wyatt, or Kendall (like from big time rush)

i feel like Olivia has bpd...

Baby Names: Girl: Sapphire, Rose, Lily, or Juniper. Boy: Jack, Jacob, Jasper, Charlie or Hamlet

Gonna be so trying this challenge hopfully here soon lol. Love these videoz. Excited for the next one! Celena, Zoey, alicia, jude Cohen, Denton, rowan, dorian

For a boy : Jace For a girlie: Catherine

Can you name a girl Mila(pronounced me-la) , ioana(pronounced eoana), eva, or eve and a boy named Nick, leo, maks(pronounce max), or Milo

Please make a part 47 also a girl name could be Isabella and a boy name Devon

Girl: Tatum Boy: Carter

Harlow, Kennedy, shelagh, Trixie if it's a girl Patrick, Fred, Carter, Nixon if it's a boy

name lilly or laila\

girl baby names: evelyn or evie or penelope

She needs blond hair

Girl: Anne Boy: Jaxon


Love the videos, it has also inspired me to create my own sims 100 baby challenge. For a girl can you name them: Emma, Lucy Molly, or Anna after my nieces For a boy can you name them: Acetyn or Kaidyn after my nephews

Can u name a girl Sara no reason just sara

“sit in your little bear chair and have a salad” and “give yourself a pep talk until you can woohoo”

who picked chelsea jr

Please name one Haven!

Girl:Emery or Azllyn Boy:Wyatt

girl name María or Mary boy name Víkingur or Viking

You should name a girl Ashtyn and a boy Patrick I love your videos

If it’s a boy name him Samaje If it’s a girl name her Nevaeh which is my name

Fav moovie: Baby Driver. There has to be one Baby baby.

You should name a boy Rowen and if it’s a girl name her Rilynn

Girl name: Gabrielle, Jodi, or Embrey Boy name: Sawyer, Kenland, Silas, or Copper

i love your vids can you name you baby mia or mea

If it's a girl Khloe, Camilia or Ta`Kara (tu car u) Boy Haru Eric or Dominc

Whoaaaa she put some of these Sims in the Sims Gallery and there's a few kids in there we haven't met yet

Am I the only one that still gets excited when she says "she's eating for two!!"

Gorl name: Clover, after me and my big ego. Cyan, Lila, Cassidy. Boi: Levi, Hunter, Timothy

Apparently Dr Phil got a family doing the challenge IRL:

✨N A M E S ✨

Girl name : Eden

If you get a boy you should name him Lenny from grown ups or if they are twins Lenny and Adam like Adam Sandler

you should name a girl sharii but if its a boy deshawn

“hi d-do you know anything about sex.... I MEAN WHOO WHOO”

Baby names inspired by Lucifer: Boys: Lucifer, Amenadiel, Pierce, Cain, Abel Girls: Chloe, Mazikeen (or Maze), Trixie, Eve, Azrael

Baby names inspired by The Originals: Boys: Klaus, Elijah, Kol, Marcel, Vincent Girls: Rebekah, Cami, Davina, Keelin, Aurora

Thank you for clarifying that "this is not how you treat humans" lol

Girl name: Zoe

u should get a drone and do cooking reviews xD

i posted this before the request u gotten LOL

You should name boy-girl twins Bonnie & Clyde or girls Mary Kate & Ashley!

You should give all your kids residence keys when they move out!

Some girl is coping you her name is Clare dolsen

A girls name -Josie

Maybe Annalette if it's a girl... :-)

If you do ever have triplets you should name them phobe Monica and Rachel but you should also name a baby Jaidyn

please show us the simology

Name a baby girl Quinn

The name Ace after my son

Girls Rosie(me) violet. Autumn Boys jack (my brother) Bradley( my other brother)

You should name the child either: Cheyenne for a girl or Damien for a boy

name one Shrek

Girl : Billie Boy : Jacob

Is she playing this on an MacBook?

Start naming the babies after FRIENDS because you already have Phoebe So; Joey Chandler Ross Rachel Monica

For a girl Grace or Gracie ❤️

For a boy Callum or cally ❤️❤️❤️

Hi Boy : Franklin (after my husband Girl : Michaë (after myself

You can woohoo in the pile of leaves

Cobbler Penney habana

Names: Morgen, Jorden, Abby, Anthony

Name a Baby Angel, Darkness or Luna, Rose and Michaela me Sisters Name, Bianca me Name

They can get their thinking skill up faster by watching other Sims, and also the todds can learn potty faster by watching their siblings potty. It would be nice if Kelsey could see that.

name a girl Grace and a boy Lucas

Can u name a Girl:Emma And a Boy:Ethan

Baby names: Girl: Gemma or Paisley Boy: Kyler or Beck

“do you know anything about sex?.................. I mean WooHoo?”- Chelsea Imp

if its a girl can you name a baby boy Theo, or a girl Maci

Girl: Lily Boy: James

I can't get over Kasey kissing her doctor who is her ex-lover, while she's about to give birth to someone else's baby. Heartbreaker indeed.

Hey Kelsey! I love this series and I think you are so funny! I thought it would be funny if you named your next baby, Boy: Micheal or Jackson, because of Annie And maybe For a girl: Sevgi, which is love in Uzbek

For a boy do Bradley If it’s a girl do Kim Just like Kim. k

Names: Girls Sapphire Ruby Boys Quinn Emreld

You should call one of the baby's Oliver cause of olive

More baby names inspired by songs! - Delilah (so you can say “hey there, Delilah”) - Jude (so you can say “hey Jude”) Love this series! ❤️❤️

Name a baby girl Love I know it's not a proper name but that way you can say "you alright Love!" Or name a boy, Boy so you can say "oh Boy" everytime he does something wrong

I have been watching your vids sense day 1! Will you please name one to your baby girls Katie!? And if boy Jacob that is mine and my brothers name! Love your vids!

girl: Riley, Lily Boy; Connor, Mason

You should make a garden salad and grilled cheese IRL

Name a boy: Maverick (after my son)

Girl; Tatyana Boy :gaebriel

Lila or Lisa, Lilly for a girl  for a boy, make it Taylaor after his two brothers ( Who also loved the two? ) And Kelsey jr is a next! WE NEED HER!!! And how else misses how the kids used to play at the playground??


I think you should name the babies Girl: Emily Boy: Matthew

Girl: Amanda Boy: Asa or Asher

Pleasee Name a Girl Leah

Girl name:Sasha,hermione Boy name:Harry like Harry Potter or Ron

been here since day one! please consider some of the baby names i have made up Girls: Gemini Zaina and Avaleigh Boys: Axel Quintsin and Raymen

Baby names : Claire and Belinda

I know you dont want triplets ever again but I am desperate for triplet boys named Justin, Travis and Griffin

What about Amber,Amelia or Alexandra for a girl and Alexander or Adam for a boy

Baby names Emily, Jess, Sam&Ashley Matt, Chris, Micheal&Josh To see if they'll survive until and hopefully past dawn

Could you name a girl Emera (emearuh) or Bailey or Paige or Riley and a boy Liam

I think u should make a new intro

Girls: Molly or Brooklyn Boys: Marley or Elio I love your videos!!

I have two more names Girl: Kiki so you can say “Kiki do you love me” Boy: Michel so he could match with Annie

If girl: Ella, Ellie, Eve If boy: Felix, Gregory, Henry

Can you please name a Male James or Xi and for girls Cindy or Amanda.

Next time you pick out a new house it should be on the beach

Girl: Sasha, Zoila,Daphnie Boy:Jamall,Sachiel,Owen

baby girl names: sophie, olive,michelle or kacie boys names: jack,robbie,liam or oliver. keep up the good work love you by the way

I have names: Boys:Mikey or Gerard Girls: Lillie or bandit Lee

I am having a little girl in February and her name is Ruby so that's a suggestion I guess lol

Girl:Harmony Boy:Chase

Milo, Ron, or Ziv as boy names Lilo, Cori, Chloe, or Eva after me would be great Love you soo much❤️ Thx

Baby names: I love greys Anatomy sooo Girls: Meredith, Christina, Callie, Izzie, Maggie, or Lexie Boys: Derek, Preston, George, Denny, Henry or Mark

Can you name e girl Zoë end e boy Milo pls i love youre video's!!!

Name a baby Ethan and Kera from power rangers

Can you name a baby boy Timothy? I got pregnant and had my son in the time you’ve been doing this challenge and his name is Timothy

For girls: Rachel and Monica Boys: Chandler, Ross, and Joey

Can you name a baby boy nicolas or nick (my brother, he was named after nicolas cage) or name a girl alyssa or Ashley (after me and my sister)

Easton or Gunner for a boy Shaylie or Brittney for a girl

Baby names Boy: Sonny Girl: Carly or Bailey

Twin Boys or boy and girl .. Sam and Dean they can deal with ghost.

Girl: alaya Boy: Joey

Please name a girl Karen so that you can say “omg Karen, you can’t just ____” every time she does something Kasey would disapprove of

Girls : Skye or Skylar Boys : Evan or Niven

I think the next one should be named Sunshine so if CPS threatens to take them away you can say "No, don't take my Sunshine away!"

and for a boy kevin or kieth

please name a girl debbie or kiesha

For a girl hailo and for a boy hail

Girl- Jennifer, Amelia, Elizabeth, Mary Boy- Kyle, Xavier, William

Name a baby girl Mira or Sorn please❤️

Hey Kelsey! I have some baby names for Kasey: If it's a girl-Benita (after me) And if it's a boy-Noah (after my cousin)

Baby Girl Name: Audrey!

Chealsea Jr. Looks more like Kasey

Did u know that before Chelsea Craig and Charlie all had C names.

Can you name your next daughter Adara or your son Kaysar? Please btw I love your series

Girl: Mary-Jean Boy: William Gwyn Cant believe you are nearly at 60 you are smashing this challenge

You should name a girl Anthem or Hanna and a boy peter

Girl_ Millie ,lilly ,Ellie ,Kayla,Stella Boy and girl twins- Olivia and Oliver Boy- zach,Tyler,Sam,Ashton,Freddy

Who else thinks the drone she bought is cute?

Hey, can you please call a girl Tess or Amy and a boy Tim or Joshua? Love from Holland

"He's feeling flirty?? Brighten his day!"

Boy:Landon Girl:Delilah

Kyle or Flynn for boy or Eliza or Coralee for a girl

Girl:Aubrey, Hope Boy: Hudson, Chandler

For a boy Carter or Jackson and for a girl Eliana or Everest

Girl name: Emily!

Me: Yes I got married in Sims! Her: Me:...

Omg please name the next baby destiny for a girl or Ryan for a boy

Man she’s soooooooooo attractive

Baby girl Veers Baby boy Talos

Can you please name a baby girl Jessica lysm Kelsey

I love your videos can you please name a girl Emma or Zara and a boy Carson or Nate

You should of made the video called when you have kids and pregnant and want to look good

Tip: If you have a drone you get more followers and get more fame:)

If it’s a girl please make it be Brianna like my name

if a boy oliver if a girl stella

please let the final love be the doctor

ok but like Chelsey jr is so pretty!!

If it is a girl name it :Faith If it is a boy: jack Name ia jack bc I love the movie jack and the bean stock

Shes so cute and dorky wow lol i think i love her

Boy: Forest Girl: Jenny

can you name a girl chandler? (from friends!)

Lilo or ben

Monica for a girl and chandler for a boy.

Lucian is in my grade and Owen is a kindergartener in my bus ;-;

I love the shirt/dress that Kelsey’s wearing. Definitely getting Madeline cibes.

Girls:Ava or Lilly Boys:Anthony or Damien

has anyone else noticed that Chelsea Jr. is wearing variations of Chelsea Sr.'s original outfits?! this is actually so cute xx

Where’s the new episode!?!?!

you should name a boy donavin

TIL that it's the bachelor because you date in batches, at least when it's the 100 baby challenge

Names: Girl: Samantha Boy: Sebastian

A lot of times I'll watch each video at least twice. They are so fun to watch. Thumbs up!

Baby names!

Name for babies Girl:Jessica,Lili,Lexi,Zoè,Bonnie Boys:Edward,Ian,Liam,Johnny

kelsey you need to change kaseys hair blonde

Please name the next baby angel if a girl or Angelo if it’s a boy(btw love the series!!)

Name a Girl Erica after my mom!

Hey could you name a baby after me Shannon I love waching this :)

A name should be summer Love you

Could you please name a Girl: Jennifer like my name or a Boy: Bastian or Joel after my little brothers ♡

Was thinking of Faye for a baby girl and Aciel for a little boy

Can you name a girl briar

If you have girl twins can you name them Padma and Parvati like the Patil twins in Harry Potter

Ciara for a girl

Name a girl Izzy (me) or for a boy Theodore! Please can you do this, I have watched every video from day 1!

i might be the only one who thinks this but... Chelsea Jr. is genderfluid just sayin

Chelsea Jr. has like a Chelsea Senior style, but hipper.

Names: for girl cora For a boy: jayce or Casyn

Name a baby boy Boris

for a boy bailey

NAMES: Jessica, Kristen, Lauren, Connor, Calvin, Allyson

Andrew for boy (my dads name) Agatha for girl (my BFF)

Boys: James, Christopher, Ronald, Seamus, Neville, Joseph Tribbiani, Zeus Girls: Monica, Rachel, Padma, Lavender, Parvati, Hermione, Hera

Who else remembers Jamie the demon child?

Marry me ?

plz name a girl Kameron

Try Friends Characters names for the children Boys: Joey, Chandler, Ross Girls: Monica, Rachel (since there’s already a Phoebe)

Lucien as in Lucien Vanserra from ACOTAR?????

Здравей Hello

More blondes please?

Girl name: Ryan or Kori Boy name: Enzo

as an avid Sims player, I felt the disgruntled “why are you sad, what did you do?” in my SOUL

Boy name: George Georgie, Deon, Leon, Sean, Girl names: Sofia, Sophia, Alexia, Luna, Jennifer, Jessie, Pusheen, stormy Pusheen and stormy in honor of Pusheen!!! #Annieareyouok

For a boy Cole and for a girl Nicole

Lucian is my baby that is amazing

Next girl Midian Next boy Morty

21:23 awww phoebe is getting so much attention , poor baby . Like what

Girl: Cassidy, Zoey, Tayana, Hannah Boy: Caleb, Zach, Tyler, Hunter

feel kinda bad that these videos have lost a lot of viewers

If it’s a girl Marital or Anne or Cordelia or Leslie Boy Matthew or Gilbert or Owen or Jem

Girl: Abby and amber and Britney Boy: jack and Paul and Houston

"why are all my children horrible at everything other than responsibility???" *only chooses "responsible" options for any conflicts that happen to the kids at school*

Could you stream Kaseys labor?


Girls: Adeline, Ariel, Abigail, Averie, Aurora, Alex, Crystal, Catarina, Cambridge, Camryn, Kayleigh, Athena, Audrey, Lizzy (or Lizzie), Eliza, Liza, Harper, Layla, Ivy, Mary, Lilleigh, Forest. Boys: Noah, Lucas, Brennan, Brandon, Kodi, Cody, Luke, Michael, Mikey, Mike, Ben, Benjamin, Harold, Patrick, Pat, Darvin, Jacob, Blake, Samuel, Whitman, Brian, Andrew.

So, a spin-off series where Hayley becomes a spellcaster, learns dedeathify, and brings back Harry..? Yes? Yes.

This type of stuff makes me burst into laughter

I swear Olivia is like the hated child.

Simon for a boy Simone for a girl Steffan for another boy Stephanie for another girl

Remember when the teens had to get jobs because they didn't have money? Lol they're rich now

If the next baby is a girl call it Megan (my name cause I’m like that) and if it’s a boy name it Morgan (but Morgan can be a girl name as well)

For a boy: Wolf, Fox, or Sylvio after my Papa. For a girl: Sylvia or Raven

Adrianna for a girl Adrian for a boy

You should name a baby girl or boy Mountain or Aaron. Or make it a name from Friends

For a girl name: Elena, or Sabrina, or Jade For a boy name: Luke, or Jack, or Calum

You should name a child Griffin, Raven, Huff and Puff (for twins), or Salazar. *plzzzz like so she’ll see it*

Name the next baby girl or boy if it is


Girl: Mae Boy: Marcus

Boy name: Kevin Girl name: Krystal

Names ( yes I’m doing this till I’m noticed ) Girls: Briar, Lunar, Journey Boys: Alecc, Frank, Tully

❤Love it❤

because you named one baby after Owen Wilson you should name one after Luke Wilson

You should name some boys after the Ghoul Boys, Ryan and Shane

can we get a new house

Seara and Silver

"Yesh Ashton!" lol

what happend to Olive

Baby names: Leon or Eleanor


Wait! Rewatching this one and I just realized that Kasey recorded a toy review video in her bikini. Who else noticed this?

One of the kids: *makes a friend* Kelsey: Wow, didn't know they did that

You should look at all of your comment on all your 100 badies challeng


My sim has 99 badies im in alot of streest so so many badies aaaaaaa



Kelsey: "it's five pm on a saturday" Literally no one: My brain: "It's nine o'clock on a saturday..."

I will say, being famous and becoming a global superstar in the Sims is incredibly time consuming. I did it for one of my sims and she literally had to do vlogs, street performances, and acting gigs like all the time to prevent her fame meter from going down so I think it might be hard to keep up with as a matriarch who has so many kids to take care of. Wishing you the best of luck though but it's defiantly one of the most tedious tasks/aspirations in the sims to get done.

Kelsey playing the sims: Are they finished woohooing yet. Oh, no, there not. I need to leave and give them privacy Me playing the sims: Oh, there still going? I'll just stay and watch. Get it girl!

Names suggestions Girls - Madison, Luna, Lilly, Queenie Boys - Albus, Hagrid, Newt, Jacob Because... I love Harry Potter and it seems like you do too!!

For a girl you could name her after a gem like sapphire or diamond

next name can you name the baby bella and subcribe to ivanta lomeli

or may sound funny but ariana grande and for boy drake for girl rhianna

Me tooooooooooooooo

I do!

Baby Names!!! Girl: Sophie Boy: Max

If a boy: Ares or/and Atlas If a girl: Arthemis or/and Aphrodite PLEASEEEEEEE

Could you please name your next child Chandler, Ross or Joey if it is a boy? And if it is a girl Monika, Rachel or you can name her after me - Raia. Love you❤❤❤

Baby names Girl -Josephine Boy -Joshua Also I just wanted to say your hair looks awesome in this video

Girl name lily Boy name jakson

is anyone else eating a garden salad while watching this? cuz I am

her: *lets make her more famous* also her: **says lets do a toy reveiw** Kasey: **forgets to change out of her bikini and forgot to rub off the kiss marks on her face** me: *oof*

I can only assume she wants to be single, because she is grade A gf material

Almost 50 episodes, I’ve been here since day 1 and would love if my baby names get picked.

please name your next girl Ally!!

do you know she is a hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooe

4:54 "look at all the ladies playin' some video james!" XD it's alright I'm not making fun I also speak like that sometimes which is why I am laughing XD

Grayson for boy name


The girl call her Dora a boy call him Diego


"Don't make friends, they're a trap"

Can we do Huston. So we can say "Huston we have a problem"

Girl:Averly Boy:DJ Make DJ a dj

Wth soo slow game no action no nothing!??

Girl name: after my own tod  Nevaeh (Nuh-VAY-uh) she is 2 and loves your videos. Boy name: Walt since you're always at Disney.

My favorite child/demon!!!!

And hannah

If boy max, Noah, and Liam If girl, Zoe, Aubrey,and,

baby girl name: tavia

Is it just me? Or does Kasey look like Kris Jenner?

Does anyone else luv Casey’s groovy dance moves

You should do a home makeover again

If it’s twin boys Apollo and Creed


For boys- Fred, George, Ronald, Harry, Albus, Dean, Victor, Percy, Remus, Neville, Draco, James, Cormac, Lucius, For girls- Hermoine, Luna, Bellatrix, Fleur, Minerva, Siobhan, Lily, Rose, Star pllssssssss chose ar least one of these it took me ages Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chelsea Jr is rocking one of the same looks Kasey did as a teen

Name boys Gregory or Tryion

You missed the prime opportunity to name the two boys after Friends characters

I finally got this game on xbox

I have always enjoyed Chelsea's 100 baby challenge with the single girl I take a break from watching it for a while and ended up watching a movie the other night seeing my favorite YouTuber in it she did an awesome job I hope she gets more work

Boy:Rider Girl:Liz

She didn’t even care when her favourite child of all time Charlie died

For boy:craig For girl:craig For any name:craig Like thise so thise mabey can be a baby name thx

Anyone remember the AGE OF VEGAN CHILDREN?

I think because your kids that you moved out maybe they can take care of there own need when in a household by themselves so that's why they die fast

Omg I am obsessed with her shirt. She looks so good in blue

Can you name a girl selegna and a boy jack?

"So he's haunting a toddler potty. Not what I would choose."

You should name one Micheal so that Everytime he's dirty or needs to pee, you can say " Micheal I the bathroom by himself, once you potty train him lol. (only Be More Chill fans will understand)

“Look at all the ladies playing video James” that just made me laugh

Girl: Emma, Rebecca Boy: Logan Max

Name a boy Bentley

I kind of wish Chelsea jr was the new matriarch. Names~ GIRLS- Annabeth, Piper, Sally, Bianca, Hazel, Kayla, and Calypso BOYS-Percy, Jason, Nico, Frank, Will, Austin, and Lester.

add back the pool for them!!!

I don’t even play the sims and I can’t stop watching these. Why are they so entertaining?!

Boy: Phil Girl: Iris Please if you have a boy name it Phil after my grandpa

For a boy Aries

She’s getting so much attion poor baby

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