Single Girl Throws Her First Thanksgiving In The Sims 4 | Part 47

Single Girl Throws Her First Thanksgiving In The Sims 4 | Part 47

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Who celebrates that the one time of year that I get asked by my own relatives why I'm single almost, as much as I get asked by all of you please, stop asking. Hey. Everybody, I'm Kelsey, yes I'm still single and we thought it would be funny if I tried the 100, baby challenge, it's a challenge in The Sims 4 where, you have a matriarch, and they are supposed to have 100, children all with different parents, there's a lot of rules to this challenge if you're interested, in them the, link will be below last, time we had like an amazingly. Chill, episode, I'm so, proud and we hit 55, babies, this episode, is the, Thanksgiving. Day special. I'm excited to be thankful, for what this challenge has brought me a lot of anxiety but, also all of you and invite, over all the living relatives, of the in Peter Schmidt clan probably, like half of them over to the house to have a grand meal goodness be spectacular hopefully. No one dies but no promises, no. Promises, let's get back into it with. My favorite. Family. Of, misfits. Being. Peter Schmidt Saturdays, on BuzzFeed multiplayer. But at the that's, our new theme song. Okay. So Olivia, can actually move out oh what's your goodbye to, our odd, duck, Olivia, with her glossy glossy lips, we love you even, though you are erratic, hot-headed, jealous. And dastardly. You still are responsible. And loving, and Peter Schmidt member and we, will never forget what, you've done for, this family Olivia. You, had a lot to live up to because. Your name was based off of olives, name you weren't an olive but you were your own woman and we respect that I mean you were kind of weird we're gonna go move in with the twins literally. Looking at this they look like twins Chelsey jr. and Casey, I'm like shook their, looks some. Part of me wishes that Chelsey jr. could be the next matriarch, way it's always gonna be the youngest so, let's invite someone to hang out at the current lot that isn't related to us and also hasn't, given us a baby already Knoll. Oh yeah I remember no, no have, they're like kind looks weirdly like our son it's a little weird but like I think it's gonna be okay everybody else is still at school Phoebe, our, babe our baby, Angel. Princess. Who's fuzzy but like never is actually, fuzzy like what's that about I'll do you Peter Schmidt children, act like oh I'm so fussy, but like really they never are. That's awesome, and also, Phoebe. Was really. Quiet as a baby like really, chill baby. Maybe it's also cuz she was oh my gosh the kids are home oh my god Chelsea Junior's an A student no. That. Means we probably should move jelly Junior out so we're gonna have twins I don't want to do it that, was too soon I forgot, Oh Annie's, an A student in Aston's a student sole still of teens look she came in to tell her mom and, mom so happy and proud of her oh. Good. Get you someone, who looks at you the way that Kasey is looking, at Chelsea jr. right, now I think Kasey has a favorite, child and honestly, how could she not be she is named Chelsea jr. oh my gosh, you. Know what okay okay okay okay. I'm. Going, to age her up but I'm gonna keep her in the house until like right before we have the baby maybe the third trimester and, then and then show leave she'll, stay up up until then and I think we still will get get, twins at that point let's each up everybody it's a party, baby it's a party but also we need Casey to start kind of like choosing, this boy so and vitamin. Brighten. His day, maybe. Do a heartfelt, compliment. And then it's okay and then in the New York State all right Chelsea jr. she's going in it's, birthday time, happy. Birthday, Chelsea Junior the love of my life I. Love, you she's Fred of the world he's a glutton she's, a dog, lover, and she's, a snob, I love. It I love that that's our girl let's, get that Ashton, our evil boy to blow out the candles, I should why don't you blow out the candles and Chelsea junior of course is here to celebrate him or not she just like walked away okay, and we got cheerful. What he's an evil cheerful, person that's, getting more and more like the Joker so she wants, to be a master, actor, he's evil, and he's cheerful, if he would Joker you, can't convince me otherwise I, don't, trust him. Let's blow out some candles Annie, I know she's like tired she's like I wonder go to bed. Happy birthday, her. Twin brothers welcoming, her all right she's a geek, Oh ASP.

Active, Geek I know someone else he's an active geek she's a friend, of the animals, how freaking, cute is this Queen I love. That oh. My God look at her little shoes O's and. Look at her hair. Oh wow she like, glowed, up look, at her Annie oh, my gosh what. A babe whoa. Annie is okay, Wow, well the twins are grown up let's check on Phoebe, Phoebe still, doing well oh I forgot, we had babies oh my god I forgot we had babies I forgot I forgot I forgot I forgot okay, luckily we have Chelsie jr. who's down to help around the house that's why she's here Casey's, still schmoozing this man in the freezing cold yeah, they're both hungry all right so she's feeding him but they're so quiet they didn't even cry this is so weird all right now they can now they can talk but, they're quite good friends. So Chelsea. Junior reached, parenting, level. This. Is too cute, Josie, juniors oh he's he's, family-oriented. That's pretty nice. Want to have a family with me right. Now, nibs. Ado, Annie are. You okay, she's pretty okay, all right, mom yeah, let's just get in here with this flirting, hair, whoa Emma kiss whoa there, she goes. Oh okay. First. Gets first kiss we. Oh. Now, Phoebe's upset okay sweetie go to sleep although you're so close can, you just do a little bit where Chelsea jr. is already parenting level two she's picking this up so well and there you go your level three now go to bed Oh mom is going wait. New, quick no touching, just, what, no just because, Casey's famous everyone seems to think she's straight with having her personal, space invaded. She'll not become tense with since who are her family members are though she is an intuitive relationship, with a big physical contact with her this is so bad for the challenge, what are you meeting on the flips having her boundaries respected, as where's that maybe it's sure to make her feel confident, and take on the day no you're, gonna have to be touched by people you don't know all the time Casey, this is gonna cute though there have it there they're having the baby out in the snow it's pretty cute Oh No Owens, upset Tracy jr. can you change that dirty diaper alpha Ashton's all are you done with your homework yes. Let's get a skill he wants to be an actor, so why don't you actually like practice, acting, we'll go in there you know what what let's pick a tease skills. Oh she likes being active okay well why don't we have you do, a little bit of fitness since, you like being active oh okay, I think she's done yep, she's done uh with, the whoohoo oh he's saying, he needs to get going go home go home sweetie oh it's. Cesar, invites. Cesar and give him some residents, keys and. Then take your pregnancy, test be like Cesar Wow. What timing, you have oh my god look at the freaking Annie in the background, like buggying, down we got Ashton, just like learning his acting, good boy, oh they're both like really good at learning this I think it's probably because they're oh and look junior, doing them push-ups yes. Queen go. Take your pregnancy, test oh when I know if you're pregnant yet come on come on come on if not we're inviting him back over it's 8 p.m. he'll come back over yeah we're. Eating, for two, Casey is pregnant, once again very happy for her and her family her. Growing family, that's baby 56. I believe I was Ashton, doing with his skill. Mom, came in and, walked in front oh it's not mom it's Chelsea Junior oh my god what a goof just walked right in on him in the middle of his like acting, rehearsal. He's, almost done and, then I'll let him use the toilet, there you go, part. Of the acting skill who's boxing, oh it's, just juniors boxing, it literally looked like Casey was boxing, except, for Chelsea juniors way skinny. And Casey's. Casey's. A curvy, girl which, we love for her we love that wait. We've never had anyone meditate, before maybe, Annie will be more of like a fitness. Guru in a different way I love that for her actually, we'll try that next time she didn't start the workout but I just feel like nobody, buddy buddy eager garden salad ate her guard salad while you're watching your TV there he goes he's acquired the comedy skill so, he's having fun he's, getting his hunger up and he's doing a skill building three, and one.

Freaking. Pro whoa Chelsea junior got a gaming, oh my gosh shows you junior are you literally, Casey, Lucien, Lucian's, upset super efficient baby care that baby mom hasn't actually done any baby, care yet for the new boys so we need to get that going how are you doing actually she's pretty good I'm gonna wake her up and have her finish her potty because, you're almost done and I would much rather have you not be a Tod go, practice your acting in the in the word yeah. Finish. Up that why, don't we start this dream honestly, start, a stream and then play a game yeah, she's playing with oh my god Chelsea junior came down to play games Oh mom. Just like seeing double they, even had the same eyes oh he's so close once he finishes I'll let him go to bed noise good, job buddy, Oh Casey's almost, mm, she just had two thousand followers yeah. Buddy. House Phoebe. Phoebe's, I literally. Forgot keep you is working on becoming a kid alright she's almost done I think this is the last one, she's like singing, a little song to herself and yeah that's, it buddy you're done now, she can age up our precious. Baby, Phoebe, it's Winterfest. These. Holidays are just a little off of what I was gonna celebrate, well the Winterfest day will pretend this is Thanksgiving which means that the kids are going to school today Josie, junior she's like our little reincarnation. Look, like she's like I made, a second one of me so that she can do all of my work well I do August. Smart. Mom. You. Know she still cares she still cares for sure she's just a pregnant lady she can't get it all done so motor kid are Phoebe's. A motor girl and she's, even, know. Phoebe. I can still love CDs, and if she's people, but it seems so sad. Because. A, sad, situation. He's. Got an interesting look, she's all good to go so I'm gonna have her work on her skill, we did do fitness but I almost want her to try to meditate like I want to see actually, no I wanted to do yoga tonight I'm gonna grab, a little yoga, mat for her what color would she want she's wearing green and purple, right now sure, this little green one yeah I want you to like practice, some yoga and see how that goes for you maybe you pick it up real fast but maybe she doesn't then we can go back oh wellness, so wellness is the same as as meditation, she can do both look, at her Annie. Her. Very first down dog needs a little bit of work but honestly still. A great work the morning Thanksgiving. Yoga sesh before, they all watch the parade oh that was much better of a downward dog she's, hopping on here all right she's already level two I think that this is definitely for her who she's doing like a boat hold okay, we definitely found the right thing for Annie she is so focused she's, gonna blow, this out of the water in one sitting.

No Don't go in there don't go in there and I'll get in there I messed it up ah you. Walked in on his sister while she was showering, get out get out go here practice, acting in here I don't even think he notices she noticed not yet maybe, I just noticed she's fine, they must have not noticed each other, Ashton just Breeze level 3 of acting good job Ashton. I'm glad that everybody, could get their stuff and she's literally. Loving. She's, having so much fun doing this wait it's already 6 p.m. oh my, gosh wool we got it gotta invite everybody over ok we got to do a dinner party, so let's invite Romeo, Brendon, Archer. Tegan. Olivia oh my graduate archer anteater school Bella, Dustin's, Caesar, not. Chelsey Peter Schmidt Logan, Haley, Holly Jake, hope ever Leah. Juju. Oh my. God we missed sama. Well we only miss really Leo jr. Blair that's, it that's pretty good actually we don't need it we don't need a caterer. We'll have mom do it mom, why. Don't you cook, a grand, meal, yeah I do Turkey here they all come the, aputure swings are trickling in oh my gosh, old man. Teigen, he's, like I remember, my time I can't, believe they're in a new house now evers. Here getting. On that piano. You got Haley it's Archer, we got to introduce ourselves to all of these siblings because we don't know them this is wild I hate that some of my kids don't know each other even though they're all but. I guess it makes sense everybody's bonding, and hanging out this makes me super happy doing, her time kiddos. Oh my, gosh this really does look like Thanksgiving. Look, at them all thinking about Turkey, and these two are hugging over here, oh my gosh it's Chelsey jr. and Olivia, Olivia looks, so different now, oh my gosh moving out really did something good for her I like this new top on you Olivia you look great what we used to have these events with with, Chelsea, and all of her kids and now this is like entirely, Casey's. Doing, here do we not have enough food oh my gosh you do not have enough food we got to cook something else luckily we got Chelsea Junior coming, in hot making. A garden salad for the family call everyone a meal here, as well I know everyone's coming in for garden salad yes. The, whole family's, like oh we gotta have the salad too oh, they're, all celebrating. Thanksgiving. Together yeah. Go it's kind of like the parade's on the. TV which is like my Thanksgiving you guys gotta get the parade on the TV, it, was saying it's just a party, but I think it was a great party, bye everybody, thanks. For coming. I had. A great time he said goodbye so. Slow, dad, dad that. Was a great Thanksgiving, I'm getting so much better at throwing good. At it actually, I feel like you actually, could just keep doing some acting just because that, takes a lot longer, Winterfest, was awful, what do you mean I don't I gave you a great Winter Fest y'all are just ungrateful. Like a Chelsea Greg I almost feel like this Chelsea and Greg photo should go in in, our room put the yellow frame just so that we can get, all these guys together.

There, You are that looks better I think also tomorrow when everyone's at school Casey should, do, a little bit of work but also do. A little bit of play and, invite, over the. Next gentleman to, seduce okay buy any. School. I like normal, she's wearing Uggs a little jacket, okay the dogs they're like cute boots Annie, it's my like one normal, kid besides Chelsea junior in the house these. Two our babies today okay Casey. Is, like, ready, to wake up start, her day maybe, she'll invite over a, new, friend. Could. Be different, oh no fight, teach, her to break up up, a fight between Annie and another student today Annie you were my one good kid. What should they we do haven't. Work about violence. Is unacceptable just. Straight-up violent, or not okay Brooke. Peterson. I feel like we haven't done anything with Brooke yet oh my god she's live-streaming. Herself. Seducing. Her next, baby daddy tell, an unbelievable, story flatter, him he's, feeling very flirty get, to know him maybe, do a little flirt, already. Wait, under flirty is impressed. With video game proud brownness. Oh my gosh that's me on most states compliment. Is outfit, oh he, likes the, flirting. Complements, appearance. Stream. Is, lit. Oh, my, god first kiss stream, your first kiss stream, your first kiss no don't, be low on battery get, the kiss get the kiss get, the kiss ooh. A good end of this dream she's. Almost at 3k this, is thrilling alright, you can end this dream now there. It goes oh she really needs to go though alright okay okay okay thank you for alerting me poor poor pregnant, woman's like I need. To pee woman, she made some burgers without telling. Me you grilled no, grills are forbidden, in this family, hey see keep, flirting with this guy I, love in his appearance, Sirius Black wants to know we want to go over to his house and hang okay oops. My, hand slipped, oh no, I forgot I. Forgot that James, and Remus are both here too, she's gonna break up the band okay you guys should go inside, together and, then have the first kiss I don't want him to die. Yes. Queen. Hubba-hubba. Indeed. Serious. He's, like thinking about Remus, he's like I gotta go check on Remus, Remus, is being all sad out here they're, gonna go on a walk give. Gift serious some time alone with Casey oh. Man, she's gone alright she's gonna have a snowball fight Casey, I don't think you should have a snowball fight with anyone maybe you should go home look, at that face she's like very proud. Of herself oh wait you need to take care of the baby first take care of your baby and then. Wait. The. Guy she was flirting, with is still here, oh my gosh back, to business tickle. Him. Snuggle. Him, kiss. This. Is so, funny, she literally was, called away by a different, day made, him fall in love with her then wit home to this Bay who was still hanging with her kids, this, girl. Knows. How, to balance. Boys. I, tell you what oh my goodness. Oh yeah, she's. Getting some this guy's cute, she's got the cute hair little, bunny slips ABS oh, she's. Third trimester. I don't want her to move out I love, this girl I wonder if I can just move her out and have her just, like move in next door goodbye Chelsey jr. her, time together was. Perfect. And you were the perfect 50th, baby I don't think I could have asked for anyone better to be, my 50th, 50th fishel babies ladies, and gentlemen cuz the 50th baby's moving out I think she's gonna move in with the girls I kind of want to move them in next door which one's our house this one this sounds like a to bed I think that they could actually move into this yeah, I want to move them in all they can't afford that but they can't afford this one this one's real cheap they're gonna move in nearby.

Oh. My god my girls. My girls would be right down this street and I'm gonna go over at them all the time okay that makes me feel a little bit better my heart like. It's sad, like I feel slightly heartbroken, that I'm gonna come home and, Chelsea, junior won't be a part of my household anymore it's so hard now that she's gone we're, gonna have like two, new Todd's and, two babes at once what, nope. You. Evil. Son of a gun you freaking, are eating. My cake oh that. Jerk, there was so many more leftovers that you could have had and you grabbed the cake that's how you know he's evil that's how you know I'm gonna kick you out I'm gonna kick you out as soon as we can Andy, you can stay he's gonna be out he's, gonna be out go, to school let's go to school Ashton you don't, a job I'm gonna mad at you Ashton was caught using his phone to look at the answer's no. You. Failed your quiz you do not get a second, chance Ashton. Stop being evil, it's. Not hard I bet you know me sleep until people get home I had all these plans for what you were gonna do oh and aged up and you were sleeping, he's. Clinging oh and Lucien aged up and he's a charmer. Oh welcome, to the family Owen. In motion look at these little boys I love their little matching bowl, cuts that's. Pretty cute I'm gonna have you babble. Welcome. You to the world by babbling, grades, are up Phoebe's, a B student, and Ethan a student in Ashton. Against all odds is May student, I'm proud of you both actually I'm, gonna have you cook your own freakin cake because you ate my last one, Ashton, oh my gosh his manners are going down, get. Out of my house get my house it, looks, tape what is this it looks disgusting, I've. Never, seen such a horrendous cake, I'm not feeding that to my kids put-put birthday, candles on it can't. Even do that right yeah, you celebrate, your birthday alone, mister you're an adult now get, on to my house perfect, he's, a cat lover typical. Evil people or cat lovers, not all cat lovers are evil people but. All evil, people are cat lovers let's, just be right. Tell. Me I'm wrong, yes, Queen. Happy birthday, bean and, she's family. Perfect. Add some birthday candles, Andy so, I'm gonna keep them in until, we. Have the kids I'm gonna kick out Ashton. Keep Annie as a Chelsea junior and then get pregnant and then keep Annie until okay we got it we're done okay oh my gosh Chelsea, juniors you give Chelsea junior, residents keys Chelsea Junior if you're not over at my house every five seconds. So. Happy, that she's back I'm mr. so much like they kept hugging they, missed each other so much brighten. Your day, ask. About, our future plates are you gonna do your own underhanded, challenge. Invite. Her to feel the baby, Oh, Chelsea. Juniors already, helping. Out with the boys again, like. A little boss oh my gosh Casey's in labor oh my. Gosh we, got to go have the baby's a. Baby, a hospital, we're gonna join her Chelsea, Junior's like oh right mom. She said congratulations, and that she had to bounce but that's okay it, happens, my darling, she's like had enough babies at this point she's like I know what, I need to actually get in there you know Oh her ex is here again he's always here what happened Alex our best friend doctor, delivered, all our babies what happen to her oh my god what if she died it's a girl, welcome. Baby autumn, and it's a boy so maybe we should do like another. Seasonal. Names ottoman, August welcome, to the family, we got two new babes.

Means It's time to move the frak out of my house. Our demon, child she's having a nice moment with baby autumn, all gave, her a big kiss that smelly, autumn, you're, such a smelly girl aren't you anyway, she's exhausted she's going home let's. Get. The, Joker out of our house, get on a mass so, let's move them out Ashton. I'm gonna move out into your new household alone, and we're, going back to the PJ family, possibly. A better family now, that he's left alright, why don't you call over, to and hang out of the current line one. Of your two new BAE's but, I think we're gonna go with Brooke first Brooke come on over that, means that we just hit 57. Babies. We just hit it 57. No, babies. Going, to put there. And. Get, 58. 59. Oh, my gosh then we really will hit 60 before the end of this I'm so, excited, for the 60th baby, Wow 60 so much oh my god there he is romance, what, do you mean Trevor, baby yeah go, try for baby get that baby come on Casey are we gonna get to. 5959. Babies, she's. Not pregnant no okay. Whoo Trevor baby was broke again get, him back over here hello. Sir would, you like to try a second, time don't. Mind if I do. All right great, Annie meanwhile, is over here like you have fun you two have. Fun all. Of the children are desensitized. To this type of behavior at, this juncture, no, don't, do it Annie you're so perfect. Me. And Casey's. Finishing, up over here all right check that pregnancy test again so, sleep and yes we're. Pregnant, congratulations. Casey. Oh, my. Goodness, I think I'm gonna leave this part right here I'm, very, excited, for our. Next, couple, of episodes I think we're gonna hit 60 60, babies for Christmas, which pretty much marks, our one-year, anniversary, of the 100 baby challenge December. Is when I started this challenge so Wow, big, big things come, in on the 100 baby challenge make sure to stay tuned and I'll see you next week.

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Miniseries where Chelsea Jr. goes to university

Baby names!!: Girl: Ruby (after me) Boy: Felix

Yay, I finally got a baby named after me. Baby Autumn!

Names: Josie, Joel, Jody, Jasmine, Jennifer, Jael

Girls: Xanthe (my name), Lexi, Kasey.Jr Boys: Max, Connor, Josh

Said Zanthee

Name the next baby Luna!

Who has watched since Olive (episode 1) Like if u have

Girl names: Charlotte because its my name. Matilda, Jasmyn, Lilly, Mikayla, Izybella, Shakya because there my friends names. Becca, Beth, Sarah and Raffy. Jordan and Rylie because they are my cousins names Boy names:Caleb, Ezra, Toby, Jason, Ben, Hayden, Brodie, Liam, John, Braxton, Jett, Mason, Justin Like if u think theese names are cute

Girl names: Leigha, Elodie Boy names: Isaac, Finley

I stop getting videos I’m offended

I’m really not please don’t get mad

that was a different introoo???!!!!

Do a family aspirations challenge with Chelsea Jr.!!!

Girl: savannah,Victoria,Mia,Julie, Francesca,Penelope,Kelsey,Anna,Mackenzie,Sarah,Sophie,Sophia, Sienna,Lauren,Kelly,Karen,April Boy:Isaac,Gavin,Jonathan,Lucas, Eddie,France,Apollo,Oliver,Kayden,Leo,Mason,Jake,Mike,Alex, Alexander,David,Justin

Baby Names: Neo & Trinity

i want 1.16 on a loop

Baby name- HERMIONE!! IT's part 47 and we still don't have a hermione!!

Please call a baby sascha ❤️

Still vote for Snow and Tinsel for girl names

So...I'm evil huh....( cat lover )

Can you name a little girl Chloe Or a little boy Rian For my fiancée Chloe rian? We love your show and it’s what we watch to have together time on our long distance relationship. Thanks!

Can we get a Juliet? "Hey Juuulliieeeeettt! Hey Juliet!" And every time she does something good or should do something to age up "Check YES Juliet!"

Can we get a Delilah? You can keep saying "hey there Delilah".

Girl: Jules, Aluna, Riley Boy: Aston, Lee, Eli

Talk to your squadron about bellbottoms!!!!!

Names - Hermione or Anouk for girls And Samuel for a boy

Girl: Kimberly or Kim, Elizabeth, Ivanka Boy: Aaron, Tyler or Ivan

Boy name: Chuy (pronounced like your dog's name) aka Jesus. Christmas Baby ;-)

For a girl : Lauren For a boy : Paul Me and my brother (: (:


Girls Names: Prue, Piper, and Page to go with Phoebe and they can be witches

Baby names: Girl: Ludovica, Lucienne Boy: Damiagno, Deluca

who else is waiting till kelsey says "hello everybody. my name is kelsey and i am NOT single" ??

PLEASE name one of your girls Isla or Ensley and one of your boys Wesley

my sims get stuck a lot and won't move lmao

Girl: Chloe/my name My brothers Ryan Ayden Brandon

Adult names for babies: Boys: Harold, Arnold, Benedict, Gregory Girls: Barbara, Gloria, Helga, Patricia

Girl names: MyLee, Kate, or mylah. Boy names:Mike, Lucas

Star Wars Baby names Boys Luke, Han, Anakin, Finn, Poe, Jedi, Ben, Kylo, Obi, Ezra, Kanan, Caleb, Rex. Cassian, Jinn. Girls Leia, Rey, Padme, Ahsoka, Hera, Sabine, Eisley, Amidala, Barris, Rebel, Beru, Shmi, Jyn. Unisex Falcon, Maz, Rogue


ashton looks like elon musk

Girl: Sandy Boy: patrick I love spongebob squarepants!

Please can you do Maureen or Arwen for a girl and Azrael, Damian, or Caine for boy please! Your amazing!

I understand your pain my family/friends asked me why I'm single all the time too

Space baby names with some Greek myth names Boys Apollo, Atlas, Castor, Janus, Jett, Nash, Orion, Pallas, Phoenix, Pollux, Girls Artemis, Astra, Astrid, Aurora, Celeste, Faye, Gaia, Luna, Nova, Rhea, Solstice, Starling, Titania, Vega, Vesta. Unisex Aries, Galaxy, Galexia, Halo, Shadow.

Bethany as a girl no one has my name lol or Mathew as a boy

Female name: Coraline Male name: Oscar And my name is Jayden and it's for a girl or a boy

Can we talk about how this is almost a year in progress??♥️

Name baby : Girl- heylijah Boy- Faris

can you name one of the babies Mackenzie if it’s a girl? or mac if it’s a boy?

Boy Alex girl Hannah or leah or sarah

Please name a baby girl Libby or Toni and a baby boy Samuel, Caleb or Zachary xx Love ya! ❤️

Y you beating up on Ashton he didn’t even do anything accept fro that one time

Can u name the baby ( shahidah) for girl n ( Shahrul) for boy.. ...

So, I've been with this series since episode 1 cuz I had literally NOTHING to do at that time, so finally I'm here to suggest baby's names, almost a year later. I'd love if you named a girl Cleo in honor of my gradmother who passed away a few years ago, or even Adel (from Adelaide), who was my great grandma. Both of them were like mothers to me, even though Kasey is not quite right to take as a mother's example I think is okay to have her to tribute such amazing mothers like hers was

Can you name the next baby girl Celina?


Girl name:Vanessa Boy name:Vinny

Girl: Chloe Boy: Nicholas

Names! Boy: Perry, cause it be like that (and it's like the Platypus) Girl: Katy See what I did there?

Girl:Azllyn or Emery Boy:Wyatt or Mars Please

can you a baby girl savanna

Can you name a girl Ruby or a boy Garnett? Please and 5Ann you!!!


Boys: Ryker( My brother) Or Maxx or Luke( My other brothers) Girls:Eve(my name) Mya (sisters name)or ROWANN(My baby sister) P.S Choose Eve!

Baby names Girls: Esme, Sydney. Boys: Ryley, jack.

Ruby and Max for names!!

Boy names: Tony, Steve, Bruce, Thor, Clint, Loki, Bucky Girl names: Natasha, Carol, Peggy, Pepper, Gamora

Girl: Ellise (my middle name) Boy: Shawn

Girl names: summer, Hermione, Layla Boy names: Sam , Ron, Liam

To ring in the Roaring 20s of 2020, you should do Boy: Gatsby Girl: Daisy

How were cesear's pants not mentioned? Or the fact that Chelsea jr came back with the same pants in a different color

Baby names after my two doggos Boy- Blake Girl-Joy

Can we get the house a dog named Chewy? ❤️❤️❤️

Girls names: Emma and Lily Boy names: Mason and Joevante

Can you name a boy Jonas after my BFF?

Cheddar or grilled cheese I think it’s Casey’s favorite food and because of Caesar like salad because Chelsea’s favorite food was salads

I like unique names so I have a few suggestions! Girls: Ava, Halle, Kylie. or Zadie- Boys: Ace, Henley, Kace, or Ziya (these are for twins

Name girls Anna and Elsa

Name a boy: Sean Name a girl: Cordelia or Cordy for short

I’ve got some gender neutral names for new babs! Ash/Ashe Jesse/Jessie Reece/Reese Nicky/Nicki

Baby girl name: Sadi or Mercades

Boy: Jarek or Elijah or Micah Girl: Lilith, Keziah, Everleigh

I cannot believe I've been watching this for a year. For the love of all that is good in this world please dont stop before you hit 100.

Name your girl Nia and boy Nylan!!

If you have another girl name her Sloan after me!!

You should send Chelsie jr. to university

I’m in a Mario Mood: Boys:Mario and Luigi Girls: Daisy and Rosalina OR my name Katherine lol

Could you please name a boy Chad or Chett

baby names boy: Raymond Girl: summer

Girl: danielle (dani), eden, zori Boys: matteo, rafael, jasper

Please name a child Sylvia

Boy: Peter Girl: Wendy Get them Peter Pan vibes

I've been trying since like episode 20 to get a baby named after me and I'm not ready to give up, please name a girl Amanda! (and thanks if you do)

Can you please name a girl Savanna please or if its a boy: use Cyrus

why are you still single

For girl Mia and for a boy mason! Love you Kelsey!!

Girl:Ava Boy:Evan

One of the rules should be that she must move out every young adult as soon as they age. Bring on the triplets!!!!

Girl: Aria, Jaylyn, Lucy, Miki, Hikari, Hana Boy: Jasper, Jett, Haru, Oleander, Sora

I remember when Chelsea got old and i no joke cried

Girl:Nia or mia

name suggestions: girl-carmela boy-carlo thank you!!!

For the next matriatch, go with Cassie

If girl Meeka if boy joc

Bro this challenge started dec. 20 2018

Pls name a baby girl or boy Bam❤️❤️ So that every time you he/she achieves something you're gonna say "Bam"

Can you please name a girl Faye and a boy Andrew?? I love u spool much

For a girl : leia For a boy : Luke Hahaha love uuuu

Kelsey: All evil people are cat lovers. Me: *looks at my sister's cat sleeping on my chest* Maybe so.

baby names below: 1 Eddie 2 Will 3 Oliver 4 Issac 5 Hunter 6 Alice 7 Saskia 8 Emily 9 Julia 10 Woody

Name the girl Cristina or meredith And name the boy Derek or karev

Gosh, this challenge series is nearly a year old... And there are just 40 more babies to go.... What are we going to do when it finally ends?

Girl: Rachel Boy: Johnathan

What is ‘thanksgiving’?

Please name a girl Raven.

Please call a baby Evelia for a girl (my daughter's name, who I accidentally got hooked on watching you

Evelyn for a girl named after me! Nicolas for a boy


If you get 2 girls can you name them Faith and Hope.


Name tte baby if it is girl Lily.

Baby names Boy: Valentino, Matthew Girl: Valentina (if you have twin boy and girl), or my fave Penelope

Girl-Mackenzie, Kenzie, Maddie, Madison, Darian, LaurenBoy-Johnny, John, Johnathan, Hayden, Dale

Girl-marissa Boys-fabian,eric

Can you name a girl Desiray since it is my name and it is spelled differently from Desiree

Sex with me


Can you name a girl Alexandria

Savannah for a girl and Alexander for a boy

Girl: Haretta/ Harriet Boy: Harris *named after Harry*

BOY:julian Girl: Jasmine

Girl: Ainsley, Sara, Brooklyn Boy: Jackson, Gage, Michael

For a girl: Cassandra For a boy: fillow

Can you name a girl briar

girl=mia boy=josh

When i play sims, kids don’t cry either! And don’t show when they are sleep. I think it’s a game fail

Girl: Theia Boy: Theon In dedication to my past beloved pet rats. They were our good little fur babies and we hope they will make good sims babies for you.

Boy ; Edmund Girl : Narnia Lololol

can you name girls Annalise and Annelise for boys Aidan and Aiden

Name a girl unique And the boy keston

Name a girl Thoren and a boy Thomas


BABY GIRL NAMES Kadence Yuki - Which means snow in Japanese Selena Ariel Bianca Willa Thea Aurora Evie Lonnie Jaynie Natalie Buffy Dawn Angel

Girl: Hannah or Emma Boy: hunter or noah

Baby names Girl: Sabina, Rachael, Alaska Boy: Peak, Shiloh, Brooklyn

Girl;: Elise Boy: Harold

Hello so my name is Grace and I am on my dads profile but otherwise would you please name a baby Bella because today I found out that my friend Bella who is dying of kabuki syndrome will not have very much time left.

Girl: Riley and/or Phoebo Boy: Riley and/or Phoebo POINT IS, RILEY (Phoebo AFTER Riley) Please like for PHOEBO TO LIVE!!

Girls Anne, Cordelia, marilla, or Leslie Boys Gilbert, Jem, Mathew, or Walter Yes these are Anne of green gables characters. Please like so she sees

You should name the next girl Daisy!

Girl names: Sonialyse (sown-yuh-lease) Thats my name or Amaiyah Boy names: Jackson, jax, Liam, Dimitri

Girl: lemon and lulu and Lucia and Layla Boy: Ollie and dalton and ethan and griff

Next girl Midian Next boy Morty

Could you name a baby Audrey after me please? Love the show!!

Girl: Tori or Victoria Boy: Jason or Pat

Boy names Aiden or Adric Girl names Alyss or Romana

She used my real name autumn

I love watching these! Keep up the good work. Baby Names: For a girl, Misty or Windy For a boy: Andrew or Francis

Girl: Esperanza, It is spanish for hope boy: Alfonso it means noble and prepared the prepared part for his mom

Girl:Elizabeth (after me) Boy:Eli

Friends characters Ross Emma Rachel Monica Chandler Joey Richard I can’t say Phoebe cuz we already have one

How about for twins Girls Bronwyn, Adalyn, Lauren Boy Robin

BABY NAMES from. Sidney Girls... Jules, Gabriella, Jade, Sidney, Kira, Jessica, Rose, Lindsey, Karen, or China Boys... Kaiden, Chaos, Michael, Finn, Logan, Jake Jordan, Beast, Bruno, or Jacqueline.

Can you stream Kasey in labor?

Baby names Girls: Belle, Lily, Anna, Dani, Christina, Amy, Lauren, Lisa, Valerie, Hermione, Jenny, Minnie, Mary, Hannah, DJ, Stephanie, Rose, Tammy, Shelly, Max Boys:Joan, Adam, Billy, Barry, Thomas, Terrence, Steve, Matt, Tommy, Jackson, Max, Tom, Herman Girl & Boy Twins: Mary and Max, Lily and Lincoln, Abi and Adam, Charry and Barry, Kristen and Criss Girl & Girl Twins: Lola and Lana, Lacie and Lisa, Ace and Ari, Callie and Cara Boy & Boy Twins: Danny and Manny, Simon and Sam, Brent and Trent, Tray and Dray or Ray, Joe And Moe

Hey!!! I love you and this series  I would love it if you named either a boy or a girl Brooklyn. Some other name ideas are: girl: kayla, marie, Penelope boy: percy, draco, milo

Girl: Jessica,Rebeca Boy: Robbie, Luke/Luca

Girls: Quiara, Bree, Eva, Jenna, Roxy Boys: Isac, Diego, Conner, Adrien

Baby Names . :) Girls: Gabriella and Daniella Boys: Gabriel and Daniel

Girls: Layla, Violet, Liv, or Riley Boys: Eathan, Luka, Asher, or Jonah

Name the baby Hermione if a girl and Winston if a boy!!

Could you name a girl Karis please xx

will you please please please name a girl CHLOE it would make me really happy

Baby names Boy/ girl- Elliott Boy- ace/ drake Girl- Mckenzie/ Phoenix


I love you so much and I think boys are crazy to not be with you❤️

Girl: Eleanor, Josey Boy: Louie, Evan

Can you name the next girl Julia?? I love this series and I’ve been here since olive❤️❤️❤️❤️

Can you name a boy Arreis (air-e-is) or a girl Sierra?

Please name a girl Linda after my stepmother who passed earlier this year.

Name a baby boy Maxon after the selection series

Girl: Faith, Elaina, Holly, Harper, Emilee, Kyla, Gracie, Danielle, Kelli, Pam, Boy: Colton, Noah, Jacob, Mason, Jayden, Holden

How has it been a year! I've been here since day 1 and feel like I just started watching! Names! Boy: Jay, Bruce, Ross Girl: Racheal, Kate, Rebecca

If it's a girl Maddy if it's a boy Zayne your my favorite

Ashtone reminds me of Jamie

happy thanksgiving everyone PS I'm excited for the next one

Can you name one of your children MaryAnne or maybe Sandra

Greek god and goddess names are also great

girl: rosie, hannah boy: justin, luke

Your almost done buddy!!! Best Kelsey saying ever, should b merch Love the series!

Girl : Callisto Boy : Osiris

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