Single Girl Starves Six Toddlers In The Sims 4 | Ep 49

Single Girl Starves Six Toddlers In The Sims 4 | Ep 49

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I think my toddlers, can smell fear. Hey. Everybody I'm Kelsey, I'm single, so we thought it would be funny if I tried the 100, baby challenge, it's a challenge in, The Sims 4 where you have a matriarch, and they are supposed to have 100. Children all with different parents, there is a lot of rules to this challenge so if you're interested the link will be below last, time we. Had 60. Babies. I'm. Very, proud of us it's. Been almost a year and now. We're, up, against, our greatest foe, make. It through we always have in the past you might have heard of cuffing, season don't. Know her I'm talking about Cozy season, the season where you bundle up and play video games alone, because, the weather outside is frightful, and inside, there, is Wi-Fi. And. Also my quirky girl I, love, Feeny's kind of hippie look I want to lean into that more so I think I'm gonna give Phoebe a makeover, no I'm not avoiding, taking, care of my toddler's, before. I even started, the game let's, go. Plan. An, outfit. I'll. Just look at what's going on it's Todd's going to bed you should go to bed you're, going to bed you should you're, eating a salad it's a good call oh my Todd's are doing what they need well Phoebe figures, out her TEENhood, yeah I love this top part the rest, of it doesn't go so let's go into, outfit. Category, and let's look at the boho yeah, yeah okay, all that matches, so nicely, I never used this one oh we, could do it in blue oh that's cute actually I like that a lot I think these might have been kind of like what she was wearing already that's cute no just wants to, get. An elegant, in the neutral that feels very boho, oh yeah that looks cute it's got like blue and pink in it which is like kind of our headpiece let's get her some bracelets, and stuff like, a blue vibe but yep whoo I like these beads I think this is our Phoebe, our, Pheebs. Our. Future, Evil Queen there's. New clothes actually I know that there's new overalls. Let's, change this to some new clothes yeah, new overalls. Baby oh, my god yeah, this. Is a little case he's a little sporty, too I like that I'm will do like a little sporty shoe oh she's. Got a new wait are there new haircuts, oh my god case you look so good with, this, little bit oh, wow. Big case rocks that look I think that looks for another girl, yeah I like this one okay KC looks adorable he's, so cute. Okay, okay. Well thank you so much for being a part of Kelsey's extreme, sim makeover, I'm your host cozy. Kelsey okay. What. Is happening, let's see Casey looks. Like she's feeling pretty good how is she doing with her public, image she's, a half way through notable, newcomers, so I feel, like I really just want her to keep that up so add your sister, Graham story like a lot, look at her phoebo she's. Feeling. Autumn. Is, very. Sad, autumn why don't you take a nap actually, autumn, you're. Like hungry, so why don't you instead of complaining, to your mom, get. Like a nice little meal grab. A servant okay ready and break. Oh Casey's. Updating, her Sims, 2 grand followers on her latest. Babies. That she has oh my gosh. Best. Image ever good. Job Casey go, jog you for a total of two hours she's never done that if, she also has to spent 10 hours exercising, apparently. I'm kind of surprised about that but alright I think she should post. Updates. Reply. To some comments, and then I want her to maybe like begin a stream and then go jogging that'd, be fun autumn, is just a helpless. Toddler. She's, a caregiver, her caregiver spits, whoa who's this guy. Excuse. Me. Sir I mean she's already met like a ton of Fred. Jensen. He's got like such a nice head. Of hair here.

He's Got like that five o'clock shadow long, jacket. Boots. Yes King why, don't you I, mean, she's, going jogging oh my god there's her ex. So. Awkward oh she had 4000 followers good, job Casey and, she went jogging for a total of two hours and she's got a lot. Thinner. That was random Oh autumn. Is very, sad, well why don't we give a bubble. Bath to, little autumn, who else is awake, it looks like August, is awake August is gonna have like a nice little meal good, job autumn, all. Right and then after that Casey I would love it if you oh you can't potty train cuz you're too good all right well then sleep poor, August, I'm so obsessed with autumn that we really don't give all guests appreciation. He is also you. Know a somewhat, Auburn, blue-eyed. Baby he's quite cute as well oh my, gosh just, his mom got to bed, Mars, is crying all right mom get back up and August is having a great old time, that's. The key to Tod mageddon in survival, is like making sure all your Todd's are sleeping, at once and just pull one out at a time really, come on come on yeah, a little. Too good, job Oh looks. Like Connor is woken up poor mom just really can't get a break to be honest, here's, evil feeb Owen, or, a little I forget I forgot that this towel thing was backless, I actually love, this what, mom why, didn't you fix this Conner still upset he. Is from cyber life Lucian's. Hungry, feed, him, before. He dies. There. You go listen where, is Lucien Lucien is asleep come on nation he's stinking, up a lot for someone that's not quite meeting hygiene, yet Connor is still upset dude. Connor what do you want there, you go, I wanna make mom wake up and potty-trained, you can sleep when you're dead Casey oh it is very hungry as well oh no oh, and just woke up luckily. I leave a garden, salad in the Todd room there you go oh my god they're all awake at once and I'm stressing. Lucian's, getting potty-trained, Phoebe, is doing her homework which, is good she's, 50%, done she does need a skill to level 3 I feel like she.

Should Read a book, but. A special book about vampires. Just. Figured. Out potty little too proud. Of you sweetie alright now he's on level 2's on everything, so is Owen actually, babysat works complete good job Pheebs. You doing Owen he's just so sad that he's so alone in the world, it's. Okay you can chat with your brother okay unlocked vampire, tome good, job Phoebe oh my gosh it's almost their birthday are you kidding I just had those babies I am, NOT gonna have six. Todd's this, is terrible. All right we'll purchase some vampire tomes just, for you darling, and have you read it because I think you'll enjoy that I feel so. Bad for all these toddlers because, none of them are really getting all the attention that they deserve they, deserve, and need attention but unfortunately a mom is like about ready just died and Phoebe, needs to do her stuff before, school which is in four hours, but like I think I'll have needs they'll have needs oh no he's so angry oh, my. Gosh all my children, are sad Marrs. Super-efficient. Baby care and then go I think you need to cook a bunch of salads, I think we're running low anyway, she's, not super well rested but she's not dying so she's, almost a level three there she goes. Amazing. So now she's done she's just like up late at night 6:00, a.m. reading, things about vampires. He really needs attention in hygiene so poorly and solution. Also needs hygiene the, other two are asleep but it's fine everything's fine I don't think you can die from bad hygiene right, she's still reading that book I think you're good feeds like for now can you give one of your brothers a bath the really fast for me Phoebe I know you have your own needs this boy is very sad, he's just the saddest boy, Phoebe starts school in an hour, know what a good sister even. Though she's evil she protects her own you need potty why don't you just keep going potty here I just need you both to grow up I can't do six of you, I can't, I can't I can't do it I know autumns, upset, but luckily in front of her are a bunch of guards out he's sobbing, because he's so lonely all, right this. Is just really, Oh God and he's mad Oh No okay. We need to do a beauty, review but, no one's available to. Do this they all need attention and they, can't I can't give it all to them I'm, giving you attention right, now aren't I end of oh my gosh they keep finishing salads. I'm so proud oh no August, is awake August, is awake and needs attention, give all your children attention. Oh wait he's sleeping. Go to bed dude, dude why are you not sleeping oh my god everybody's, obsessed Oh No.

Kasey Can only pay attention to like a couple at a time oh, my gosh they're talking to each other oh I forgot they can talk to each other no but you need to go to bed what, are you doing up what are you all doing up you're all tired go to bed oh my gosh everyone's go to bed and they're. All asleep, Oh Phoebe's. Home she's. Just a B student but she is the smelly B student that might pass out at any moment why don't you take a brisk, shower and then go to sleep in your mom's bed who's that it's Darrell. Casey. Wake up it's. Darrell. Go. Get to know Darrell, he happened to be jogging, by your home I feel like he did that on purpose for, sure, oh, my. God she just gave him a kiss on both cheeks, give. Up cut out why don't you let Darrell, tell the dramatics are with me oh. He. Is picking. Up okay, put that Oh No, Conor man, Casey. You gotta go fix Conor what are you doing don't. Wake up your sister well you, potty-trained, Owen that's like not fun for him, but. It is like a bonding, experience that. I think he'll appreciate oh, my, gosh we, cannot have these two children aged up before I figure, out these hot no they're. All awake they're all awake oh my god, this is my own personal, purgatory. Put him to bed she, stressed out - look out ten she is I feel, your girl okay we need all hands on deck no she's. Not good either deep. Breaths and cozy, playing keys okay, autumn, also needs a bath and so. Does August but also what you could be doing is sleeping, why did you all wake up did one baby cry and they all woke up like what happened here. Oh, my. Gosh mom is just. Tired, as. Heck heck. And tired go, to sleep mom you just got get someone, out of this child phase wait, is there some outside who, was. This Greg. Not Craig Frank Knott Craig is old he looks like old Craig and then this is the son well, we never I don't think she ever had, anything with Craig not Craig why don't you know a flirty, introduction. She's. Exhausted, but you know it's, never too late at night to flirt. It up my girl all right Greg is a eligible. Bachelor you might as well know him oh it's so awkward for Logan. Logan's, like come on mom, and she's, like what, I. Heard, voices outside. Who, is up why are you up loosen wait is this Greg not Craig he what, okay Greg was just outside at Chelsea's grave that.

Is Spooky, Wow. Nobody, is okay ah Connor. Please stop talking and finish your homework there. You go that's the spirit 25%, gun that's not the spirit oh just. Take care of some stuff okay just watch watch, some TV okay. It's fine everything's fine. Chelsea's. Here oh my god she's gonna be Greg not Craig Chelsea. Ghosts Chelsea, oh she's. Haunting, that. The. Casey. Just, flirted it up with this old man wait why didn't he like why is he he that indoor was, it awkward oh he just left okay, she's, gonna pass out man, I, really wanted that to work out Oh Chelsea, was cleaning, up the tome she's, like I don't want this up people, are gonna see it there's just so much to upkeep, that I can't even do like. Funny. Things okay, pay attention to this toddler who's throwing a literal, temper tantrum he. Is enraged, uh, Phoebe. Please help, oh no, Nasim's, awake no it can't be Mars and Connors birthday today I can't. Do this I can't do this I get I can do this I can do this we're fine it's fine, Oh No. Why are there always babies, crying. Oh my gosh Casey spotlight, is fading, no ah. I. Wanted, to make her famous and, now she's even less famous, oh man, okay it's fine it's fine fine we're gonna have our post or sister grips um are you eating are. You calming, down sir, August is going to bed oh no someone's. Up uh he's. Hungry okay okay okay everybody fine it's okay you don't need to. Be sassy all right you've got a garden salad in your inventory know all. The Todd's are awake all the Todd's are waking up okay. We. Got this whoo Kelsey, how did this happen, how. Did this, sneak. Up on us so badly I have no idea it's time to go into fight or flight here like we gotta just get this and enough, okay mom you can stop posting, on Instagram for. A minute the baby's been crying for like a really long time okay autumn needs hygiene fun and attention, we can have her play it's. Getting close they're getting close they're just not there yet mom is tense so can she play with like a guy she just met that you were trying to like seduce yes play with Derril that's how you get your man to play online video games with them what she's, late for school, oh no Phoebe. Phoebe's. Late for school and, she's so look how mad she is it's. Like mom you should have woken me up, that's. My teenage daughter yeah, okay have fun at school darling, you. Better study hard, autumn. Breeze imagination. Skill level two that's so good good, job autumn Lucien, how are you doing he's fine, just keep potty when's my daughter come home oh, my gosh autumns, up now oh she's getting a bath that's right she's getting attention though oh my gosh I. Know you're super sad bro. Level. Three okay, okay, he just needs potty and thinking, and that's it oh my gosh she's so cool. Lucian. It's potty level 3 yes. Lucian you did a good job can, mom teach, you something, okay I'm gonna pause this I'm just so wrong Lucian.

Needs. Thinking. Mom teach, shapes to. Lucian right, now Phoebe's, home from school she's. Got still a B probably. Because she. Was. Leaked Auto, breached communication, level 3 good job bottom go straight. To bed Owen has reached thinking level 3 thank goodness. All right what does Owen need left just, potty all right potty potty, it up potty it up load, I don't care how much attention, you need we got this we got this we got this we got this this. Is fine everything's, fine I'm fine, it's fine so soon my darling you, will be a child, and I will have to worry about you so much just, can you just a, little, bit farther oh and a little bit farther don't be crying don't cry don't cry don't go - sweetie, sweetie it's okay August is so upset that he might be taking away well good line are you serious. But. Oh it is officially, good. Enough to be a child I am, so happy, oh my, mom needs to make a cake. For him why don't we have you go to sleep sweetie while we wake up mom autumn, why are you awake she. Can't fall asleep because she's sad just, go make a cake please please, just go bake a cake I wha what let's die. Hards. Might get me this time honestly. The todd's may, be. The death of me in this episode you'd think after 60. I'd get better at this but I'm not no, no you, are gonna add birthday, candles no. Corner. It's not about you I, know you're just a baby I'm yelling, at a baby I don't like this I didn't. Ask for this I mean I kind of did I mean I did say like I want the hundred baby challenge, like that was on me but come, on don't, get on each him up pick him up pick him up pick him up he. Wasn't even a problem to sleeping, but it's fine okay, happy birthday away. I'm so happy you're, not a toddler anymore. Ticket number one through four. Okay so he's a motor kid and he's, a klepto. Amazing. Great-great-great-great, cracker great that's one oh wait I did I was so stressed out I didn't even notice how cute Owen is he's so dapper he looks like a young Clark Kent own. Cute. One but still why. Can't you just, go back to sleep for me can you just community, that thank you I don't. Want to deal with you right now all right she's having some fun why don't we have. Her, teach, shapes. That's my good girl Pheebs, my good evil girl there you go her socials kind of issues, social going up oh my gosh. Are. You not pleased she's. Giving you attention, oh it's cuz she's evil she's. Being. Mean to him Oh. Harry. Came back and he's cleaning out the toddler, toilet, alright, he's tired now why don't you just go to sleep my buddy alright and you need to do your homework okay. You, don't need to do anything else with that kid who else do I need a job this one alright he's almost ready to go are they talking good they're talking, and your big brother's here too look. Kid aren't you happy yes oh my, gosh, Oh. Connor. In case he just became good friends good job Lucian's, having a good time, wait, this is the last one.

Lucien, Doesn't need anything, else, come on Lucien. Lose. A, little beat up, oh, my gosh oh my god will have just got rid of two kids, by. The time that we get two more what. No. Mars. And Carter just ain't up Mars. Is fussy, and Connor is silly. Oh silly. Connors, mom what are you doing can you just like help, blow. Out candles too, Lucien oh my gosh you've. So many Todd Oh. Mars. Got a cute little hat on there chatting with each other they're pretty cute they're stressful, but alcantara, cute little skirt Oh they've just hugged, each other, lucien, stop let, mom eat you up happy, birthday, Lucien. Okay Lucien needs to be fed or else will be taken away I don't care, happy, birthday Lucien. Odd. It was hungry everybody's, gonna die okay Lucien eggs duck pick a number one through four, social. He's, a social, butterfly and, he's a glutton just like his mom happy. Birthday, Lucien. Oh he looks. Okay. So we still have four todd's have two kids that. Can help her in the house, I have to like height myself up over these tots they're just they're. So upsetting, why don't you. Cook. A big. Party. Sized salad, for us everything, is dirty. Disgusting. Oh wait. I have two children now ha ha oh. Wait he can't clean that though you can mop though that's what children are for to. Help oh. It's got school for the first time he. Hasn't done any homework yet though do your homework Owen stop cleaning I know I don't mind another quick pause how's, everyone, doing his knees are all pretty good so, he can just start on playing. The same shape same, way you, find. That when I paused the game - you. Know organize my sins I don't. Feel as stressed. Okay. He's got to go to school and so does Phoebe Phoebe gotta go to school my darling I want you to get out of the house we can get pregnant speaking, of getting out of the house so you can get pregnant, Casey is very, tired but once. She's not tired she's gonna invite someone over autumn, is sad. But. They're chatting together so hopefully it's better buy flowers. For every 100. And. Bought flowers for everybody in this class and they were all really happy that's. Too sweet oh my gosh sensitive. Sweet charming, thought-provoking. These, are the few of the descriptors, kids are whispering about Phoebe in the halls she's definitely fooling. Everybody at school because she is evil some say the school bully renounced, his previous, Taxation, on school lunches the popular girls are allowing anyone to sit with them even if they aren't wearing pink I see that reference and nobody, has been stuffed into a locker today and all because of Phoebe's lovely. Card so she said for love day it's this what being a teen legend feels like possibly, oh we, missed that thing that we were supposed to do she. Had like a brand deal, ah that's. Fine that's fine so guys we gotta pick and choose your. Goals right, now our goal is 100. Babies and so. We can't do the extra stuff right, now ooh Lucian's, reach, social level - good job Lucian he's all good for school tomorrow. So we'll just have you go to sleep, they're. All asleep oh my gosh the entire, P Jewish my household is asleep except. For Kasey just woke up good, job Casey what who's calling in lab Oh in science experiment, exploded. And made a big mess, along with frightening another student we think he did it on purpose ah. Not. My own my own would, never and then she's gonna call over, Darryl. It's, time to seal that deal, with Darryl I think, that. In a couple hours, her. Daughter's gonna come home and be able to move out now do I want to move out or daughter absolutely. Not tell an unbelievable, story here we go case talk about cooking can she not eat and like chat with him she can flirt with him a little bit needed salad, no. Seriously. Why is he going upstairs no no sir you, are he's gonna go up on our computer isn't, he Casey go up and flirt with him bring, yourself she's sitting on her child's, bed, but. It's fine, ask about day and then we'll do another little flirt moment, oh and swiped an object while he was at school oh it's a C student but Phoebe's grades are up good job Pheebs.

Okay Well Phoebe and we gotta age us and mom. Is gonna just continue this flirt-fest, oh. Happy. Birthday Phoebe. I kind of love her even if she is evil and a bro, and, she's also a kleptomaniac she's, gonna make a really weird, vampire, and I'm proud of her so now my darling, unfortunately. We need to move you out she, looks so sad oh. We. Need to move her out so we're gonna have a baby I thought she'd, live with the girls yeah she'll live with the girls back into the house let's. Get, this, woman, pregnant. Where, did the guy go arias. First kiss yeah I like that our son came to visit that's kind of nice here we go first kiss baby. All. Right. He's. Like oh what, a lovely first, kiss in your child's, bedroom. Now we're. Going to, try. For a baby, but. You can try for baby in a shower that's new. I'm. Very, curious about this he's, wearing a lot of eye makeup I just noticed oh my gosh all my toddler's just got inside the house oh. This. Is new our. Ex is asking us what, Lucian, just walked in on. His mom in the shower loo, should get out of there, oh. My. Gosh Lucian. Go to sleep go to go to get out of here, autumn. Oh my gosh okay, looks, like they had some fun why. Don't you take a pregnancy test there girlie she's eating for two. Congratulations. Casey she. Is now pregnant, again she's, like good, bye this man is just like came here said, okay I really should be going Casey spotlights fading as usual, oh my gosh no Leo jr., we don't want to come over do not understand, have, stuff, going on right now no, bad. Kid. Okay. That's been it's been a minute oh my gosh he's having an emotional meltdown, what's this toddler need here oh my gosh this toddlers, making a mess to go to bed, I'll have one of my kids come clean it up Casey, please, discipline, him and then, give him a bubble bath that. Is not how you get attention in this house sir I know that the, tension is hard to come by but like it. Doesn't matter you. Are not a loud he's, happy now when. I got what I want I'm happy.

All's Quiet now, in the Peter Schmidt household. Oh our. Buddy here he's, taking care of some kid oh so now she woke up I really wish I could ask him for potty. Help but we can't have her do that well it's pretty so hard for KC to get this all done herself always, cleaning up for her at, least she has like lovely, children, like Logan, that'll come by and help clean the house he, is upset. Really, over these Todd's I don't want any more Tut's somewhere. Todd's please all autumn, is very, cranky, she, can go to bed no it shapes yeah I think the kids can actually teach, which. Is kind of cute he's gonna teach you thinking your guys are gonna hang out I'm, excited to watch this kid teach thinking, Casey just go to bed, get. Some sleep while you can Lucian's, helping he's such a good big brother he's. Teaching. How. Are you feeling August August is not getting any attention from this are you kidding me what do you mean oh my gosh and she just passed out oh my goodness go back to sleep love. Day was awful, but you had a baby on love day he needs to do is homework and everything what he needs to be in a better mood before he does it there he goes up, to level no I, was. Getting phone call Teagan, past, no. It was gonna be sad all right good job Owen. No. Not, again Archer, just passed oh my gosh everyone's, gonna die. Guys I just can't do this it won't change the game I can't auto age Fred played six they're not gonna die anymore thankfully. Oh my gosh it's so stressful no everyone's dad though welcome, to the sad era oh wait I kids up and hungry. Mars is so hungry that, he will be taken away he also as usual, say. It with me kids needs attention hygiene, luckily, mom is actually not in too bad of shape there you go she's gonna give that little baby a bath look how dapper, Lucian. Is my all-american lad. Someone. Else is wanting us to promote TV, dinner it is too late we do not have the time are, you so sad, sweetie.

It's Okay he's waking, everyone up oh my. Goodness, are you kidding me oh no. Everyone's. Awake I just I just need a break I just need a break I'm gonna travel with her and you know what I'm, trouble with. I need something to talk, to you about this, August. Is very shot hungry I hope you doesn't get taken away while we're out I just need space. For, my children talk about sending letter hey. Chelsea I think we got off on the wrong foot now your grandma, we. Were friends once I feel like Chelsea's. A little judgmental, of Casey's lifestyle, which is ironic. Because she. Looks just like, her mom she's like you you, have. More to you than taking, care of toddlers she's, like excuse. Me look, at her she's so mad, she's like I can't believe you would say something like that to me oh it's. Like your mother's a llama yeah be like oh yeah, you think my mom raised me wrong your mother's a llama, you stole my mother's face, and you don't look that good my. Mother looked awesome more than you throw, a drink in her face Casey. She. Just said something very negative, about our Casey I don't know what it was but it does it all Casey. Man. Oh, she just laughed, at Casey she was gonna give her a gift, bloody, something, for gift, ah, ha ha sucker. That's, what you get for, ignoring. My children. And making. Your way into our live. Shoving. Just threw, a drink in to take these face, honestly. She's not worth your time we're, going home boy did I stash Rohan show, Chelsea who's boss Chelsea, got off scot-free from, her age and, she just really like made Casey, upset. Look. At that she looks so pain because, she needs to pee and, it's, tired and hungry and needs some fun and woman. Is just a nightmare just saying if Chelsea doesn't step off she's gonna get what's coming to her but I wanna rise above it and maybe, there'll be a Christmas miracle, who knows we'll find out next time next, week it's episode, 50, and it's also the season finale of. Not. The series finale but, the season finale of season one, of the 100 baby challenge we're gonna take a little, break, from, the show just, for a little while I love you all so much and I'll see you guys next week bye.

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You can give all toddlers at once attention when you read a book to them. Just click on a bookshelf and choose “read story to...” and choose all toddlers. They also learn imagination while listening.

I humbly submit my own name for a girl

Hi Kelsey, For a girl: Harriet, Fae or Serena For a boy: Jacob, Reuben or Toby. Hopefully you will get some much needed respite from toddler care

Girl: Emmanuelle Boy: Jasper ( After my brother)

Sims: boho Me as an Aussie: hobo

has anyone else noticed that one of the toddler beds goes through the wall?

No there all awake this is my own purgatory

Cute baby names Alina, Eva , Izzy Andrew,Ethan,Phoenix PS love this series I don’t think I’ll survive with out it

Wait a baby died? Which one?

Baby names Girl: Kitty ( my own name) Boy: Lucas

Call a baby Julia pleeeeeease!!

Chelsea: 1. Olive 2. Brielle 3. Jamie 4. Alexis 5. Miles 6. Renee 7. Charlie 8. Hazel 9. Eric 10. Niya 11. Natalie 12. Rosé 13. River 14. Flynn 15. Cooper 16. Addi 17. Ellie 18. Dorian 19. Theo 20. Tristen 21. Willow 22. Ginny 23. Bran 25. Arya 24. Jon 26. Nova 27. Freya 28. Sirius 29. Stacey 30. Kasey [Current Matriarch] 31. Taylor 32. Tayler 33. Tegan 34. Archer 35. Blaire 36. Brooke 37. Brendon 38. Hope 39. Bella 40. Ever 41. Jake 42. Romeo 43. Caesar . Harry 44. Dustin 45. Leo Jr. 46. Logan 47. Holly 48. Hayley 49. Olivia 50. Chelsea Jr. 51. Annie 52. Ashton 53. Phoebe (Young Adult) 54. Owen (Child) 55. Lucien (Child) 56. Autumn (Toddler) 57. August (Toddler) 58. Mars (Toddler) 59. Connor (Toddler)

Give Kelsey a level 10 bed! that raises her sleep-bar a heck of lot faster!!!

“he might be taken away—well get in line”

If it’s a girl name her:violet or Lizzy If it’s a boy name him:Luke or Eddie

LUCIAN!!!!! count = 18 times

Aww, Mars looks like Bruno Mars

baby names girl violet and bionca boy lukas and william

Not sure who was most stressed out about Todmageddon, Kelsey or Kasey! Loving the series, been here since episode 1, gonna be so lost without it when you’re on a break but you really deserve it you’ve been at it for almost a year now non stop. Can’t wait to see what the series brings after the break. Baby Names Boys: Zach, Jared, Colin, Josh, Sean, Killian, David, Robin, Henry, Mike, Lucas, Will, Steve, Finn, Caleb, Noah, Joe Girls: Kelsey, Meghan, Jennifer / Jen, Ginnifer, Lana, Tiera, Rose, Emma, Mary Margaret, Regina, Kelly, Robyn, Tilly, Alice, Margot, Elle, Max, Nancy, Robin, Millie, Sadie, Natalia, Maya Thank you for creating this series, you’re doing amazing and I can’t wait to see what the future holds with it

I just want to wail here among people who understand because my toddler was literally taken away while playing happily with his grandmother, for "neglect"! He is one of the least neglected toddlers I've ever had. This is so unfair. Fortunately I managed to get him back by not saving, but I'm super scared of losing him again now!

baby names girls: Ella, Meridia, Tia, isabella Boys: Adam, Ares, Emmett

Girl name: Bailey and Adelyn (me) Boy name: reckless and Zach

Names Girl = Gemma,Roxanne Boy= Levi,Scott

*No more tods please* *SPOILER ALERT* You’re only at 59/100 baby’s

Names Girl: Elin or Molly Boy: James or Henrik

Name a baby Pandora so she can open Pandora's box


Are you taking a break from the show or the toddlers

Name a girl Joan after my granny!

Kelsey needs a break from videos. I have 4 kids. Hmmm

Anyone else waiting to see how long the toddler bed will be stuck between rooms lol

So like, can we name a baby Stitch? Is that a thing?

Kozy Kelsey

Where can I find her EA id so I can download the sims in the gallery? Can't find the Malibu barbie anywhere :(

0:49 "Oh man, that's a lot of toddlers." Was that a Maria Bamford impression?

Baby names: Girl, Elisa, Olive jr or kylie Boy: Luis, Darren or Liam

girl names: Indy ( like me haha) Nova maya boy names: max finn rox

is it just me or did it go really blurry half way through?

Is...Is a toddler bed phasing through to the baby room...?

Maja for a Girl or Adam for a boy

Hi I’m from italy Can you name same baby with italian name. Male: Carlo, Aldo, Giacomo Female : Sofia (read it like sophia) Chiara(my name , read it like Kiara) and Barbara Ps I love your videos

Baby names- Girls- Charlotte, scarlet Boys- jerome, jye

Since it's the season finale, name your next baby or babies after the seasons you don't already have kids for! Summer, Winter, or Spring. Or name them Joy, Felice, Ivy, or Mary.

Remember when you said you would never have that many todds again? What happened Kelsey

Baby names Girls: Nami, Nala, Ireka, Juli, Aylita, Anastasia Boys: Zoro, Rolli, Rene, Silver, Jack, Patrick

I think u should "train" the toddlers so like have then wake up and eat at a certain time so then they get into that rhythm Like so that she can see

Girls: Zaria, Zarina, and Zyna Boys: Zeke, and Zane

Please turn aging back on!!

Hildy (after me) But in case that's too weird here are the names of all of my friends: Rosie Hannah Ellie Esther Caitlin Katie Millie Martha Nancy Storm (Sorry if you've already had any of these I honestly can't remember)

Greek baby names : Avel Aster Darius Eros Effie Artemis

BABY NAMES: Boy: Memphis Harrison Kane Girls: Rhea (Ray-uh) Valencia Hadiya

How long the brake will be?

Isaac and Isaiah for boys

Love how kelsey still hasn't noticed the toddler bed phasing through the wall.(including toddler)

Baby names: Girl :Helen Boy:Alex Love you

A break???nooooooio

I think you should name a boy Bruno or Chase or cash and a girl mav or key or maggy

If it's a boy name it Houston so every time you have a problem you can say "Houston we have a problem" and if it's a girl then name it Candy because she is sugar sweet

Just hire a nanny

Just realised i'm watching this show for 49 weeks now.

Girl: Kylie (my name❤️) Boy: Christian

Can the toddlers not play with each other?

Hi kelsey!! Im under a lot of stress right now because of college so can you please name a baby girl Alessandra after me? and Noel for a boy. Thank you!

I wish you would use the garden more, or take the kids to the park or beach


Girl names: *skye* Brooke Lia Harriet Adriana Jill Delilah Izzy Isabella Bree Chloe Millie Evie Tehya Tia Roxy Erin Grace Gracie Maisy May Shania Rebbeca Becky

Do you need a pack to woo-hoo in the shower? If so which one?

You should get a coffee maker for kasey for times she needs a boost because the kids needs her

Baby names!! Girl: Kinsleigh or Brixlee Boy: Troy or Benjamin

Kelsey can you name a girl Sierra ❤️

I will never get tired of her saying "Greg not Craig"

Baby names- Boy : Jughead , Archie Girl : Bettie , Veronica

15:52 *60 because Harry died as either a teen or young adult (can't remember, since it was a birthday party if he already was aged up). Regardless mr. Editor, she did raise 60 toddlers, it just doesn't count into the overall number of moved out sims✌

Boy: Barron or Bear Girl: katianna or Katya

Girls: Josie and jessie Boys: ridge and reid

“Okay mom you can stop posing to Simstagram for a minute the baby has been crying for like a very long time” Mom of the year right there

Name idea! Aspen

Boy Names

You got this Kelsey! Toddlers are the spawn of evil (in the Sims

Baby names Girls - Jasmine, Oliana, Atlanta or Nell Boys - Ash, Chase, Dean or Clancy

wait, so next week is a season finale but not the series finale but you said,, see you next week so which one is it?

Girl - Molly, Polly, Grace Boy - Polo, Apollo, Blake I have watched this from the start wow

"You Think my momma raised me wrong? Well YOUR Mama is a LAMA!" I cant

Toddlers can talk to the stuffed teddy bear and their attention will go up

At first she got stress because too many toddlers, but then she wanted another baby again as soon as possible.

Ummm...the toddler bed near the potty is glitching out of the wall in 3:32

Its been a while so idk if you already named a past boy this but: here are some names that you may like. Girl: Sabrina, Aubree, Trinity, Shilo Boy: Elijha, Carson, Skylar, Hero.

Hades , Persephone

Question, because I read the rules a couple times after pausing this... why can't a toddler ask a family member not in household that they already know for flash cards or potty training? I didn't see anywhere in the rules where it wasn't allowed...

I'd like it if the next baby was Patrick, in honor of my brother who passed away recently. (Or Patty for a girl)

When I Play Bad Ice Cream 3 on hudgames I Fell Crazy Hahahahahahaha :D

I started trying the 100 baby challenge after watching Kelsey play!!!

Baby names Girl:Eliana Boy:Denzil

Girl names- Ember, Annabell, Reesie, Melody. Boy names- Coal, Chase, Duke, Wilder, Phoenix, Theodore.

Boys: Jonah, Drew, Corbyn, Austin, Jack, Brady, Edwin, Michael, Zach, Sergio, Daniel, Brandon, Erick, Nick

Who here has been here since the start? Click the like button if you have!!

Can you plz name a girl Kate or a boy Finn after my brother or i

Boy:Houston,carl,Ross,chandler,joey,Lukas,billy Girl:Emma,Rachelle,Monika,MacKenzie,rocky

if kasey has agirl can you name her Olive because she was the first baby that was born in the challenge.

Twins are the very worst thing that could happen to you during the 100 bby challenge because they won't age up fast enough and so your mom will age up >.< Learned that the hard way...

can you make a series of chelsea jr making a fam too like real Chealsea


Oh yes please do it

Name for girl is mia ,boo Name for boy is mason , nate

Baby name ideas: Girl: Kameron

When should we tell her that Darrel Charm is engaged?

Baby name suggestions: Boy: Ryker or Noah (after my nephews) Girl: Hermione or Luna Either: Blake

Baby names: Girl- Mary Boy- Keiggan

Can your next kid(s) be called: Girl: Ashlyn, April, River Boy: Jett, Samuel, Tyler Thanks!!

Names for the next set of twins: Flora and Fauna

The birth certificates look like they say Abigail, that should be a name

As sad as I am that Kelsey is taking a break, I'm also relieved. It definitely seems like she is getting burnt out in this challenge and could use a breather!! Enjoy the holiday season with no todds!!

name a baby griffin name a baby griffin name a baby griffin name a baby griffin name a baby griffin name a baby griffin name a baby griffin name a baby griffin name a baby griffin

name a baby griffin name a baby griffin name a baby griffin name a baby griffin

Name ideas: Girl: Aimee ❤️ Boy: Dalton ❤️

For a girl : Diana


Toddlers can talk to the bear stuffed animal and get there attention up and skill.

There’s a little outdoor toddler area that you never use. Why don’t you use it UGGG! Am I the only one that’s upset about this?

NAMES Girls Luna or moon or Lilly Boys Tyson or Jason

Is that toddler bed being through the wall driving anyone else crazy!?

If it's a girl named her Lucy short for Lucian

that toddler with red cap looks like Dustin from stranger things

Have a person READ STORIES to your kids. You get their fun and attention up at the same time and you can read to like 6 at a time.

What?! No breaks i look forward to these each week.

You have a Phebe, now you need a Phebo!!

Kelsey saying she's over the toddlers makes me think she would have LOVED this challenge back when Sims 4 first came out and there weren't any toddlers in the game at all lmao

Mayloni, Myka or Mickey for baby name's And I like your videos, they're fun to watch

Can you name a baby Noel for Christmas

Please name a girl Ella I have been here sense the beginning

royal family names girls- meghan (my name too), elizabeth, katherine/catherine, diana, charlotte boys- william, henry, philip, louis, george

Dose anyone remember olive

Koda for a boy Kai for a girl/boy

Does anyone else think of Phoebe from OG Charmed whenever she says Phoebe?

This is probably the best episode yet! So much many great reactions and one-liners from Kelsey XD I think she deserves a break

baby names girl: Rosabelle, Joleen, Juliette, Alissya boy: ricky, georgio, james

She had a baby with Darryl Charm not knowing he's engaged and I CAN"T

Next baby Christmas themed name! Girl: Holly Boy: Claus

You should name a baby girl Winter!

Baby names: Boy: Adam Girl: Eve Twins: Literally the same ones so the family is awkward

Boy:Paden or Mason Girl:Sienna or Louise

girl: Asia. Brooklyn. London Boy. Dakota, Thai, Chad (a country in africa, i swear) Geograhical names

Who thinks mars looks like Bruno Mars . Also baby names: boy: Harrison in remembrance of Harry Girl: Harley or Harriott

Kieran and Malachi! Key-air-in and mal-eh-kai!! Girl for K, boy for M!!!

If you put a radio in the toddler room, set it on lullaby music, and have them listen to that and get the good music moodlet before sleeping, they won't wake up with nightmares

I bet she filmed this when a bug was in the game that caused toddlers needs to decline twice as fast.

Brother sister baby name suggestion.... Monica and Ross.

Name the babies after Youtubers! Start with Jenna for JennaMarbles or Mark for Markiplier ;)

Name a girl Merisa and a boy Maddox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plzzz

Kelsey the toddlers can talk to each other for attention

Please name a baby Rain(rainbow) because of the bisexuality of mom.

Can you not say “oh my god” so much. You say it all the time.

Get hype for Percy Jackson Names Girls: Annabeth, Persephone, Athena Boys: Percy, Nico, Grover

Or for girls: piper, hazel, Rachel Boys: Leo, Jason, frank

you should get kasey a better bed!!!!

So everyone noticed the bed through the wall but not the floating bowl near the stairs in the first 5 minutes?

Baby Girl Names Mia Alexa Sasha Becky Bayley Miranda Iris Nora Kadence Kara Jaelyn (Jay-lynn) Ellamina Baby Boy Names Michael Lincoln Alexander Travis Oliver Robert Tommy William Jonas Jonah Leonard Dean Roman Seth

If you have a little girl this time can you name her Kisa? It means tiger in german.

Emma and Ellie for baby girls Samual and Sven for baby boys

anyone else notice that one of the toddler beds is inside the wall???

There has to be a baby called Baby!

I think sometimes Kelsey just needs to pause the game and breath.

How many babies there are now?

Baby Name Suggestions: Boy: Terry Jnr, Glen, Darryl, Henry or Ron Girl: Carol, Samantha, Lizard (Liz for short)

Girl: Lydia Boy: Luke

Ah that's the spirt! 25% that's not the spirit

Whoaaa, there's a season finale???

Baby names: Girl: Kira, Davina, Tyra Boy: Christer, Derek

I really like the name Damon or Dean for a boy and for a girl athena, Persephone, or you can choose my boring (but it would be cool cuz its my name) Megan❤❤ love you kelsey

Next names you can use Girl- Robyn Boy- Justin Hope you like the names Please can you use them. Love you videos.

So after 49 episodes, I am finally suggesting some names. :D Greetings from the Czech republic! ;) Girl - Caroline (my name, but in Czech Karolína), Katrin, Maria, Lydia + Barbra (Beetlejuice :D) Boy - Adam, Daniel, Peter, Simon

Have you looked into the Asylum challenge? It’s pretty fun and a good short term challenge. Love that you’ve stuck with this so long. Happy Christmas!

Girl: Belle,Caelyn Boy: Edward,Benedict

Can you please name a girl Noel for Christmas

Is it cheating to use the cheat that makes Kelseys needs full

You should name a girl Annabeth!!!!

name a girl katie!!!!

Names for girls: Tilly, Venus, Luna or Stella Names for boys: Toby, Isaac, Maxwell or Phoenix

Girl name - sophia Been watching from the start, love the series!

“ the tip is to send all the tots to sleep at the same time “ * stresses everyone once they all wake up as one *

Can you name your baby boy jem and baby girl jade

Omg Kelsey you ABSOLUTELY ROCK that blanket. And also here are some baby names.. Girl:Hannah and Lola and for girl twins Elsa and Anna for Frozen II! Boy: Josh and Nick

I love this challenge and have been watching since ep 2 thank you for your cheerfulness Also Girl: Echo, Siren, Onyx Boy: Axel, Evole, Nyx

How about April and June for a girls name

Name a girl Hannah!!!

Can you please name your kids after my brother and sister Stone and Lily!!! Thanks!!


Kelsey! If you choose read toddler book from the bookshelf, you can read to MANY toddlers at once. It's super cute, AND gives them attention and imagination skill. Like so Kelsey can see! ***

could you pleaseeee name a girls Ava (my name)

can you name your next girl ava after me, or robyn (my middle name) or kirsten, or ayla, or sienna or payton, or nadia or raven for a boy or austin, or francis, or steven/steve

Babie names : Girl: Madison, McKenzie, Paige Boy: Garret, Wolfgang, Luke Unisex: Parker

Next babies plz be Tammy Sawyer

Why don't you hire a maid. It's not like you can't afford it.

Percy for a boy and annabeth for a girl

Can you name a baby boy Carlos

If you have another girl, can you please name her Josephine? Or Josi for short? My husband and I are expecting and were going to name the babe Josephine, but we found out we’re actually having a boy. So excited to have a boy, but sad we can’t use the name.

For a girl: Riley and for a Boy: Avery

You should name your next boys after the actual band Queen ❤️ Boy: Freddie, Roger, Brian, and John

Girls: Ainsley, Sara, Brooklyn Boys: Quinn, Dallin, Daniel

Girl: Tatum, Mackinzi, Alyssa, Lynnlee, Brooklynn, Natalie Boy: Carter, Jason, Evan, Jeremiah

girls: Dália, Alice, Thaís.

Kelsey, your videos are starting to bore me a lot... I wish you finish with this challenge soon. Please, do something to catch the attention of the viewer.

Oh so sad....I loved this series but it’s pretty clear she is over it.

Can you name a girl: Allyiah or Jorge

Hi Kelsey! Because they were conceived on Love Day, Valentina or Valentino would be so cute!

I'm pretty sure if you have a toddler book you can select "read to" and read to all the todds at once. That way they all get attention.

"Deep breaths and cozy blankies"

I like how Kelsey is just forcing Kasey to geo out with Darrel Kelsey: "Why don't you like Darrel?"

Names Girl: Carrie Boy: Curtis

No breaks!!!! You may sleep when 100 babies have been achieved. Muahahah

Name a girl Lia (after me) please

Kelsey 2019: “I’m yelling at a baby”

okay but can we all agree that Kelsey needs to get custom content ONLY for Connor and find the cyberlife outfit??

Remember Olive

How aboutttt no break hmm?

Can you please name a girl Ocean

baby names Girl: Lilly- Boy: Ryan

That toddler bed sticking through the wall the past two episodes has been really bothering me.

I hope the season finale doesn’t last too long...i iteration watch these every weekend religiously!

Love the bunny slippers

All inspired from supernatural Boy Names- Sammy(sam), Dean, Castiel, Bobby, or Fergus Girls- Amara, Lilith, Rowena, Mary

Girl Cami or Dulcebella Boy Beau or Cash

When will Kelsey realize that one of the toddler's bed is also occupying a space in the baby room and it is actually funny to see though

Name a baby Quinn so you can say "YAS QUINN"plz? Lol

just the sims imagine in real life

Why is she wrapped in a towel?

Can you please name a boy or two after my favourite band Waterparks? The names are Awsten, Geoff and Otto. ❤ some girl names from another band I like called Little Mix, the names are Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jade or Jesy.

Why would u say it's season finally 28:32 BUT you just said.... See you next week

Twin Boys: Stefan or Damon Twin Girls: Bonnie and Caroline Boy and girl twins: Jo (girl) and Kai TVD Inspired

Uhm. Excuse me... a break?! Unacceptable!

I am a teacher and here is a list of the five most difficult students I have had: 1. Gavin 2. Atharv 3. Matteo 4. Mason 5. Anya

baby names girls: Izzie and Pauline boys: Ivan and Ikabod

Sooooo Girl names: Elisha, Darling, Apple, Regina (because it means queen so you can say "yaas queen"), Mary Jane Boy names: Simon, Daring, Aiden, Elijah, Charming, Johnny

Hey! Been watching since E1! Here are some baby name suggestions! Girl: Tulip, Topaz, Ryan, Anja, Lucy, Christine, Madden, Skyler, Avery, Noelle Boy: Jacob, Brady, Haden, Ivan, Afton, Tyler, Eddie, Ares And Heres the upside of having 6 toddlers, You'll have 6 teens in a few episodes

So.... Im a toddler teacher meaning , I teach five one year olds and as i was watching kelsey struggle in this episode, I felt her pain. That’s my day to day. But at the same time I can’t help but laugh at her struggle. I feel you kelsey, but its funny

Also Jane, Lisbon, Rigsby, or Cho for names

Babyname!!! Boy: Phoenix Girl: Wilma (like me) ☺️

Suggestions for baby names: If it’s a boy: Patrick, Wayne , or kimball If it’s a girl: Teresa or grace ( names from The Mentalist, it’s a great show you should definitely watch sometime)

Baby name suggestions: Girl: Rayna, Amara Boy: Cedric, Rafael

Can you name a girl Raven or Cora

Can you name a baby girl after my little sister? Her name is Cora

Is anyone noticed that the bed in the todd room is going to the baby room

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