Single Girl Sends Her Daughter To Her First Party In The Sims 4 | Part 2

Single Girl Sends Her Daughter To Her First Party In The Sims 4 | Part 2

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I think this is the most excited I've ever been about going to class that's, a lie I loved going to class I was a nerd Who, am I trying to fool. Hey. Everybody, I'm Kelsey, I'm single, and today we're trying the suits for Discovery, University, once more CJ just move in so we really hardly got anything done in the last episode, I know it, you, know it but, now we. Are starting, our, school. Season. During your break from, school so, you're welcome you can't escape it. Okay. We're back at Drake Hall with, CJ. In Peach ash May that's, her new name her real name is Chelsea jr. and that's like her birth name but like obviously she's so over me look at her face right now. Man. You, never been man. I raised. You let's. Go over a class schedule this, is fun University. Of Rochester. Degree program, culinary, oh it's GPA she just got one yet did you haven't started school so she's got class in two, days she's, gonna take a final exam and, homework, so our first class is kitchen knowledge, I then kind, of chew refining. The palette she's got a final exam a term paper and. Term. Paper for humanoid. Robotics it's just her like extra. Extra class. Why don't we just get you going on the homework I mean we want, to socialize but, like how I normally, did it in college was, that I did homework first my social I second because, then I would maximize, the time I could socialize in my opinion, because like I feel like if you socialize, first you don't know how much time you're gonna have and then you're stressed during the socialization, so you just get it done you'll, be stressed later and sometimes. That works sometimes it didn't but right now we're gonna go in guns a-blazing, as every, college student does, when they first get there I'm gonna do it perfect, this time we're, gonna do our homework, I guess we'll do it for oh my gosh we have to do wait we have to do like five classes, worth of homework I mean this sounds obvious now. That I'm saying it aloud but, like. Gosh. Alright well luckily we have two days oh my god it's winter, look, at it that beautiful, school looks like she's a freakin, Hogwarts. Oh. Oh my god we, should sort CJ. What house is she in well right now she looks like a puff but I don't know if she's it what are you CJ let me look at your personality traits you're a glutton goofball, dog lover happy, toddler, and gregarious maybe she is at all our.

Sweet, Little Oh, what. Is this, Lobster, Thermidor who. Made that Seema one, of the like what, college, kids are freaking making lobster, thermidors. In, their, college, campus, right just, a degree, program come, Marriott's, that is crazy, Seema, the roommate, is also. Doing homework across room they're gonna they're gonna study together but Seema made that lobster thermidor we're, gonna help wait you Miss a kleptomaniac, are you kidding me CJ is not opposed. To you, know knowing kleptomaniacs. You, know Brielle, is her aunt that's not really a fun quality, to have for your first roommate, will keep our laptop, in our inventory, just uh bc we. Don't trust our roommate, it's just that we don't trust, our roommate, i was just speeding through the homework that's one thing that i wish you could do in real life it's just speed through your homework I really want her to join a, secret, society let's. Go to a library to study why are we studying in the dorms, that are kind of ugly let's go out on the town let's let's travel, by yourself we want to meet new people but we're gonna go to the library first okay we're gonna be good girl and then we're gonna be a fun, girl, what, this, girl followed us here give her a compliment be, like hey you have great taste in colors. To wear I too enjoy. The yellow bright nerd a maybe, they can be steady, but is wow, there's just no, one here there's no one in the library are you kidding me. Are. They best friends, are they more what's. To say we'll find out my gosh they're studying, family. Yeah wait, how dare you who said you could leave woman, come back here I don't even know what class courses you have but you're studying this with me - girls late at night, library, just. Studying, it up oh I'm, so proud of CJ, she's already made her first friend I don't I think this might be CJ his first friend ever we're gonna be honest with ourselves her voice could have something a car like a used car salesman and then she just like was talking about herself what. Song. Bird on her hands, I can't, tell she's like trying to impress CJ, with that or like maybe it's like a study, song, maybe. It's the school's fight song and she's trying to teach CJ, see it's new to school okay she's lucious cookie level of five good, job girl, yes, Queen I, don't, know I don't know if they're meant to be I'm, just waiting for my OTP. They're just arrived on the scene all right we got class in five hours I think once she finishes this we'll take her home and let her go to bed I want to give her her, best start part of me is like nah be bad go, to go to the bar, there, but, the other part of me was like she. Should go home what is this what's. Going on over here sir, this. Guy's got cat ears I don't want to say it's a cat-tastrophe, he's. Got to be kidding me with this all right maybe, there's a tail behind this but, it's, just not perfect okay, we're gonna go to bed good. Night my darling oh. My. Baby's, first night at college, oh it says so, so fast, oh sure term oh. She. Late oh no, she'll, a Chelsea. Junior, in PG Schmid's University, term begins, today. And will last for five days. She will take a look, at her class schedule, and plan on when to do her homework and study when to eat and if there's time left with, a kick back and have some fun oh my gosh that sounds like real, college to actively, listen, take notes take.

Notes Who's, this girl she's. Also wait, it's a zoo me she's got new haircut, she looks different somehow, Chelsea, Junior turn in her homework confidently, that class and squeeze every bit of knowledge she could out that kind of effort will surely be a great help to her final grade in the course yeah. So she needs to get some fun, she's a little bit buff, organization. Events yes I want to know more about that go talk about organization. Events, my darling debate guilt, this. Is seven hours Art. Society. Spirit. Core get this box burry lobster, shaking, in their boots with, a raucous, rumble, of keg stands juice bog and slamming beats we got to go we gotta go food, that's we got to go to this, in four, days at 3:00 p.m. no, one let me forget those snow palace who's around castle, castle, oh my, gosh this is so fun okay she's. Building do, you want us. No, this. Is our off-brand. Frozen. Frozen, College. Oh it's, winter Fester's tomorrow oh my gosh she's gonna be at college during winter fest this is the friend who's gonna help us hi I'm, Chelsea, junior and I'm making a snowman yeah, this, one's going up how, cute, so. I looked up her schedule, and here we have when. When it starts that starts at 3:00 so she's got a little bit of time and then tomorrow is, Winter Fest but she also has some. Work she. Also has some two. Classes, tomorrow cool. So we got it we got to make sure everything's good to go Oh a little, rock star, look. At him what's his name Frank she's going on a bike ride they're. Gonna help your fun too it is oh, my god she's having so much fun at college sweetie. Hey you're full up on fun you know what you could do you know like you homework, for, tomorrow wouldn't. That be fun yeah, I know it, would be so, fun, is that on the bench who's. Also doing, homework. Oh it's, Hawaii who's, this, okay, know. If this is quite CJ's, type Katrina, you can stay where you are wait. Oh. Nevermind. Nevermind. No, I'm not judgmental. Of, goatees. I just think that all evil characters, cartoons, have them and I avoid them at all costs not being judgmental that's being pragmatic Wow we've. Gotta take a selfie, with this dragon okay. Pause your homework I need I need you to avoid. That professor, he looks and straight-up like a villain I love your work do you want to get a photo together yes. Please, I want to send it to my mom to show her that I'm at college, say. Chelsea, oh, we love day, oh great, times high five high five that mascot, can I give you a high five I love your work did the mascot, just reject, Chelsea. Junior, high, five oh. How. Dare, you break my little pop star like she's rudely introducing. Herself to this mascot, she's like how, flippin. Dare, you spray. With stink spray yeah. That. Mask I got on the wrong side you poke the wrong puff, yeah, now, you stink, you punk. No, you uncomfortable, now I bet you are I bet you wish you just would have high-fived, me now now, Oz honestly, though if someone doesn't wanna high-five you it's okay I don't condone this behavior. In. Real life boys The Sims hey. Just do what I want. It's so, Tim I, bet, you underneath, that mask you.

Look, Not. At all like a dragon, ooh you take that back I will, never, okay. Let's cut let's talk to our professor, let's introduce ourselves a prof, Oh we're, introducing ourselves to so many sins we need four more how many more Sims are out here how many people did we introduce she's, getting hungry boys fine who's that she's, got our hairstyle, we must friendly. Introduce, ourselves hi. I'm. Jessie. Jr. and you look literally, like my twin wait, a second. I don't. Trust. It this is, weird, oh my gosh is this like the bear trap very like find, out that their long-lost. Wins and that junior, was lied to she's a little embarrassed why, are you embarrassed, okay she had like an awkward conversation Oh class. Starts in an hour are well, we should probably get to class then she's getting to class look at her she looks so sad walk into class look at that that. Girl looks weird. Though she's probably this girl's state yay come on I have fun at school okay. She's that class now which means that I can make her make you study hard take notes when she reached robotics level - I'm proud of you sweetie Chelsea, Junior just turned in her homework confidently, that class, and, squeezed in every bit of knowledge you could get out of it yeah we're, gonna get such good grades it's gonna be in the same I am so proud so I'm gonna take a shower Chelsea Junior we're, gonna get your homework done now. We're gonna party, take a brisk, shower, oh my gosh that's so awkward I like new friend that we made a snowman with his naked next to us is that like the facts yeah, whoa. I. Don't. Remember my college having like completely, open showers she's, gonna sit and chat chat with this imposter, are we gonna like alert a handshake, and become best friends over summer camp this is happening all of our needs are so good it's like when I can focus on one sim I'm brilliant. Look. It's snowing outside. Dang. It it's 8:00 p.m. well. Parties don't start till late right that's we're gonna tell ourselves okay we're gonna keep doing going all right yeah she's get oh my god I forgot about her tattoo ooh. Look, at that because. She likes dogs there's, a party in here she needs to dance it's do me he's in there she's a finish your homework so, she can go party but, sue me just passed by and looked at her did you see that it was so fat dude does he went to bed oh nothing, is real, everything's. Pointless. Vlad. Please. Step, off why, is a, vampire, greeting. Us whoa. Vlad is here he just pooped Thanks, I hate it let's not involve ourselves in this conversation, we need to study hard so. We can go oh. My. Gosh but has to leave please, leave Louis. Are spooky I do not want your vampiric, situation, here why are you why are you why, are you here sir, sir sir get, out Chelsea, finish your homework so, I can have you do fun things thank. You. Oh No she's not having any fun well why don't you why, don't you dance go dance in there yes, this. Is not weird talk with people while you're dancing oh my god our dance moves are so bad we should have practiced these alone. We're. Gonna be some new people. We, finished all our homework hoody, and sleek oh we're. At the bar we're at the pub should we get some snacks, we. Could have peeed, I was. Trying to say pita, and hummus at, once don't. Do it it's. A trap, who's this girl she's. Cool. Who's, this girl this. Place is hoppin with ladies you know what's interesting is that I haven't been like who's this guy wait who is this guy I said that but then this guy came along oh my gosh she's gonna introduce herself to everybody, yeah. She's. Eating, food she's introducing, yourself to new Sims now she only asked her to introduce herself to like two more Sims and, she, will get to be friend of the world our little Hufflepuff is going strong she, - Chelsea. Juniors completed, the new in town of the friend, of the world. Aspiration. Now she was trying to meet someone new in three different location, this, girl's real cute but she kind of is like a little overeager, she keeps like appearing, at all the places that we're at maybe, they should just be friends maybe Chelsea's.

Like Into this kind. Of Lilith. Funky girl or maybe this guy Demetri what's Dimitri's. Whoa. Why. Are you getting a bad reputation don't, get a bad rap Josie jr. be, cool be cool be cool be cool talk, to him we start about money I don't know we're into that she's talking about a good smile though maybe you know maybe he started about getting scholarships and, maybe he's not a sigh well give him the benefit. Of the doubt Oh Josie juniors roots charisma. Level - that's. So good. Her. First college night, she's. You ordered a drink let's, earn her a drink for the squad, get. Him all the waters could you imagine, my. First, night out there you going to call it you're like I get drinks, for the group can you give us some water let's, do it a, flaming, zesty. Salt she's. Getting him for the squad this dude's doing push-ups. Hey those. Of you in your likes business this girl looks just mad I think they got beef actually, Riyadh, Chelsea junior got beef I don't know what the beef is but. They got it. Honestly. I just think everyone oh my god her friend left Izumi's, like you're nothing tension. To meet CJ and see just like back off I got a big new friend, oh nice, she's walked back in she's faking it the whole time, CJ's, ready to party. I can't wait for the party when is it again oh it's, in three days three, days were going to a party. She's waiting for a drink well they're on fire, this, girl is showy, she's like I'm gonna buy everyone. Oh. She really needs sleep who needs sleep, you. Can sleep when you're dead CJ, that's what the that scene features my motto, let's uh enthuse about dogs and, thews about dogs with this boy be. Like hey also, there there, would have the children. With the best hair I just want to point that out look, at this man's flowing, locks complement. His outfit he also is rockin, some fun jeans, I think Chelsea jr. would like that this girl looks a little bit like she, would eat Chelsea junior alive maybe, that's just how she presents though maybe she's a total softy on the inside maybe, we'll just have to get to know her a little bit it's, know her Chelsea, juniors really just making the most out of this situation, except, for Rhea, who she apparently is getting, along worse with now they're. Really oh she's a loner I don't. Know if that's Chelsea juniors vibe she wants to be a friend of the world they're definitely opposites oh oh. My God look at her gaze did, you see that, I mean I don't want to project anything but Chelsea juniors really like give it a look over here meanwhile, this girl just like standing, behind her, Rihanna. Maybe Rhea came on a date with this guy like, cuz look at her she's trying to engage in conversation, with Dimitri and Demetrius. Only got eyes for our. Little pan baby over here who, just doesn't care. Just. Like I go on vibe yo, Bri. Is really trying to get even though this conversation, we're like not, she's. Trying to talk about Oh get to know that's what I want get to know I want to know more about it I want to know like what is like. He's mean oh no, I. Was, shipping this why are you gonna do me like that Sims maybe, he's gonna be like one of those people that's like mean to other people like a Slytherin, Oh, like. Maybe he's like a Slytherin, and like he's mean but he's like mean for a good reason he, comes across he's a meanie with a heart of gold that's, a thing right. Still. Trying to make this work okay let's find out a little bit more about it maybe as a redeeming, quality, everyone's got like one bad treat right like that's okay we, could work with this if he's not mean to dogs. Don't. Be mean to me he, hasn't been mean to her yet it's. Like, it's like 6:00 a.m. oh no Chelsey jr. you've got a gold girl you got week who's this hello is.

It You we're looking. For look. At this look at this girl Oh Oh Josie, Josie, jr. stop what you're doing introduce. Yourself maybe. They. Could be best friends maybe, they, could be more we don't know yet we got to get all our options Jesse. Jr just introduce yourself to this really really, cute girl, all right just real fast hi. I'm Chelsea jr. I'm new in town it's. All I wanted to meet you because I like your hair and your smile and, your face okay we gotta go we got to go home we got to go home Jesse jr. go home go home you got to class in two hours Josie, jr. go, home you guys late got powered up we're gonna power nap. She met two people in two new Renault locations and she said she's. Well on her way for her friend of the world okay go to class go, to class sweetie I think that's the best we could have died with, socializing. Like she's decent, I really just wanted to actively, listen this time we'll see how that goes that's a good key honestly, if you really pay attention in class you, won't have to study as much that's, how I always did it Jessie jr. put in enough work to get a decent, grade out, of that class though she saw some of the students seeing you to learn more proactively. Still Chelsey jr. thinks this will help her final grade okay so so, the note-taking actually, does better oh look at her little face, she's. Like tired. Poor baby. All right we'll take care of all your needs we'll get your homework done and then we'll, maybe. Let's. Go to sleep yeah go to bed sweetie you did good you did good she's got class in two days 20, hours so we got to do kind. Of true refining, the palate when she wakes up we need her to eat and take, a shower so we'll have her take a shower when she weeks and she's. Like I smell, oh. Just. To be tree whoa. Demetri, what. Are you doing, here all, right yeah she's. Wearing that cute outfit but I love, oh. My god I'm so happy. Okay. Now she went to the toilet okay now you need to have some fun and some food. Is, that his room are we, floor. Mates intrigue. Where are they always making all this food from is, there a kitchen in here wait but for real where is the food coming from wait, hold up I think we need to buy a mini-fridge is, that a thing much suck balls, mini-fridge all. Right we don't need a hand-me-down, mini-fridge. We want a BMC. One because. My girl can have whatever, she wants and she gets a microwave, too Curtis can, you go on top yeah I literally. Had this setup in college I literally. Had a mini fridge and I literally had a, freakin, what, is that oh my god you get pizza rolls this is my college experience relive. My youth who is that that cute girls wait what are you doing here bud, Vlad. Get, oh you. Freaking, creeper. I hate. This he's. A young adult so I guess he's invited to cut all she's so cute is this, wait this is a different girl it's another girl we met before but, she's also so cute Fatima I think the team at her should at least be friends we're, gonna see, if Demetri could, be a good fit even though he also, I don't know sometimes you're first the first person you date in college isn't a keeper so could be got a 5 to everday so in the first hot second and they realize that she's better than that dude that's the plan I don't know I don't know plan but girl it's okay we're gonna do. Great job at school today really, kind. Of make some moves on some people maybe everyone, maybe no one oh my gosh go talk to him yes what, happens, if we don't do homework she's, talkative lad though why. Is he talking to Vlad I don't. That I got Vlad just cornered, him I want to see if he's got any redeemable, qualities get. To know yeah we. Got to find out, Santa's. Here of a literal, vampires, here this is a weird school he's, jealous, okay. Wow just. I think we're gonna leave that it's, cool to me tree we can just be friends how about that where did Fatima, go all right so she's not having any fun stop talking, to Vlad I don't, want to talk to glad can, you like play on your phone let's play some games on your phone lady game once you're done with your pizza rolls oh my gosh she's such a creep look at him, spring came creeping around the bathroom. What, is this game why, does he creep he's creeping on Dmitriy Odyssey. You. Know what we could do she, doesn't have to date him they could just flirt. Maybe. They should watch TV together watch like comedy. They, could just have a little fling yeah. There you go there you go fun's going up really, fast great okay great. She's, feeling playful she's feeling fantastic kind of true all right we're gonna study for kind of Choo this is really pushing me to my limit cuz I have to balance school I thought this was just gonna be a fun college romp and all fun, and parties, but no it's.

A Lot of homework and turn papers please listen can we listen to headphones well she, gonna listen to headphones while studying, that's pretty dope actually, Winterfest, was awful well, was her first Winterfest far from home also I literally, did nothing for it so she's. Like chatting, listening, to music and doing homework on was I see, your double, task and I raise you a triple. Task, and then in between classes she'll like have fun and maybe. Work on her term paper suite. Why did she just go, into Dimitri's. Room, she. Just went into Dimitri's. Room to study what, is going on between these two this, is weird. And he's sleeping, in there Chelsea. She's. Like a hustler, I'm so proud of her whoa. He. Just woke up. And. Just walked out and did not acknowledge her, at all I think they have a complicated relationship but, I kind of stand all right now she's gonna go to class bye, sweetie, have fun in class she's still got the headphones in she's. Like I don't want to talk to anyone she's, a little tired I think that's the only like thing you look at the sad Charlie, Brown, walking. In class cuz she had a bad Christmas, for, someone who's so he's just such a big family it would be really hard to like have a holiday. Alone make sure to study hard to pay attention. Granted. You, will be stressed later but that's just a risk, I'm willing to, take Wow. Apparently, going to class early pays, off who's this no one it's. That cute girl. Why. Don't we tell her funny story oh my god a waiter avoider. This girl okay she went to class good who. Also, like take out your headphones for a second I want you to like be friends with people she's like Charlie Brown and over to this cutie. Oh my gosh, goof. Around with, her why not see, if she's got a good sense of humor you got advocate sense of humor to, be able to hang with, rcj. Oh she. Did not like it oh that, was bad okay, maybe we'll shut this down who's this chick whoa, she's, pretty Wow, College is just chock, full of attractive Sam's, ten into ten oh thank, god tell. A joke about barnacles. Joke. Around see, if Becca likes your jokes if Becca, likes your jokes then then. This might be our new, best friend slash OTP, I like that like if you liked our first joke that's that's, the bar apparently. I have such a low no she didn't. Are you kidding, you know what CJ maybe maybe, romance, isn't what your will, grant it okay we'll just say this course, of true love never did run smooth, number, one chase beer number. Two CJ's. In a really bad mood I think. It was on me that. I made, the goof and trying, to make her be. Funny when she's not feeling, funny I should just let her be herself right, now so we're not gonna count out Becca yet cuz she's really cute we're also not gonna quite count out now on e she's also a Jimmy. Treat, complicated. Oh my, god there's our enemy wait, it's a different, person in the uniform, Julia, right we haven't even introduced, herself to this one yet awesome. We got time to start over ask for advice you're only sad right now why don't you ask the, dragon for some advice you know oh they're, having a heart to heart over here, she's literally, asking, life advice from the mascot, this is adorable, oh okay. You. Know maybe you're being a little too, gloomy, right now I'm a girl wait oh my gosh is the other mask guy he's like why, did have some, argument, with CJ cuz she was doing a cheer but, she's got other things in mind Trevor with the plaid pants, plaid oh look at his blazer, Oh Trevor. Get, to know Trevor. Hello combo, he's, an art lover so, far so good he's a geek, oh, okay. Okay, tell. Him a funny story, you know what maybe we shouldn't be funny right now oh oh she went there no I'm so awkward, dang, it stop trying to be funny when you're sad go to class we have, a good time, 23. Hours Oh tomorrow's. The day oh, my gosh tomorrow we're gonna go to our party we're. Gonna go to a party. She turned in her homework and she's confident, she's gonna get a good great, I'm proud of you sweetie how do I become part, of a secret society I, mean obviously if, it were a secret it wouldn't be really under university, info like I understand, that concept, alright let's go home let's get some food and then let's leave, it as an offering, and see what, happens. Oh she's, gonna travel home on her bye oh, my gosh it's the cute guy we'll see you later. We're, not gonna forget about you. Mister. With. This face put it inventory yeah put, the cookies in your inventory we love to have no we don't want to join Paragons, we, wanna join a secret society.

Keep, It together woman she's just stole oh. Gosh. I love, her okay and then make, an offering, of chocolate. Chip cookies no, one could deny her, entry, to a secret, organization. With, an offering of child, Jeff cookie, is right here she goes she's. Running over see, if this works no one's around, she made an offering, feels, pestered, there's. A constant, nagging feeling that Chelsey jr. just can't shake oh no did. You make a bad offering, shall, forbidden, words oh no what. Happened oh, my gosh she made a spoilt offering, it, wasn't spoiled when I picked it up ah negative. Leave. This here I'm, gonna fix this tomorrow, or next time next week I made some mistakes all right I'm not perfect. Chaz you just a little mad at me but. I think we made a lot of headway did we offer some, spoiled food yes, was it spoiled when I picked it up no am I gonna fix it we'll, find out next time on this. Show.

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this is so funny!! Vlad keeps appearing ahhahhaha

My fanfic loving heart says CJ has the potential for a 25k enemies to lovers with the mascot

No is talking about how creepy Vlad was. That jump scare actually got me lol. OMG GET THESE VAMPIRES OUT OF MY LIFE SIMULATOR. now excuse me while I incinerate my trash for money

Will you ever get over your old 100 baby challenge habits?

Chelsea: It's 6 in the morning, you GOTTA go home girl. also Chelsea: Wait! who is this?

dimitri is draco and vlad is snape ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


"maybe he's mean to other people, like a slytherin." me a slytherin very confused cause i'm just mean to everyone lol (and then i feel bad but thats a different issue)


DONT JOIN SECRET SOCIETY I REPEAT DONT JOIN SECRET SOCIETY!!!!!! The sprites will always be nagging for more offerings and if you don’t give them offerings then they will drain your fun, hygiene, or energy.

I want to ship CJ and Dimitri so badly!

Who else got Kelsey’s merch!!!!!!!!!!

Kelsey "6am!? Oh Chelsea JR go home!!!" Also Kelsey sees cute person "oh who is this"

Maybe demitri Is her boy bestie and they’re close enough to be in the same room when ones unconscious and he really likes this pan baby but CJs vibe is like “eh I’m cool with whatever” and it makes him jelly

Lilith is so cute and I ship this

She doesn’t get along with the girl of the bar because I guess she was the person who was wearing the dragon outfit before at the campus!

Hey Kelsey just wanted to know what sims pack I have to have to get the calendar... I've got parenting.get to work.toddler.and spa day I think.

@M_1412 ty being trying to figure it out for sooo long...tht will probably get tht pack later gonna get 3 expansion packs while there on sale

lisandra monroe the calendar comes with the Seasons pack

“If you really pay attention in class, you won’t have to study as much” girl that doesn’t apply to med school

True words.

This was great, CJ’s awkwardness in social interactions reminded me very much of my undergrad years (and currently) can’t wait to see more of this spin off!

I was waiting for the moment Kelsey realizes she has one day and three term papers that CJ hasn't even started yet... maybe next time!

Hell ya shes a hufflepuff.

I DIED AT 14:39


Why do all her characters have to be lesbians?!?!?

OMFG... watching Vlad creepin' on a mermaid and hearing Kelsey screech about it... I'm dead from laughing so hard. Thank you for that.

Have CJ get a dog that will grow up to be BIG

I wanna see you do the Disney Princess Legacy challenge on the sims 4!!!

How do you get the headphones

20:27 look at vlad and Kelsey omg

Kelsey: Ooh we could have peen- *regrets all life choices* I laughed way too hard at this part

Did anyone else notice Santa on the collage campus lol

Kelsey: We've finished all our homework, why not? *Totally forgets about her term papers*

Hi...i follow you from Portugal and I wait all week for the 100 baby challenge...what happened why did you stop it??xxx

can you imagine if CJ and Lilith got together! Ultimate Slytherpuff goals

I meant to say ria

It’s was the mascot do that is why they hade a bad relationship

I want a softgirl CJ and tough girl Lilith relationship

The blonde friend looks like Penny Haywood from hogwarts mystery

i am not a fan of CJ and Dmitri. I dont like that he's mean. Our sweet girl deserves someone who's just as caring!

Loved the Midsummer night's dream reference! Jeez im such a Ravenclaw....

When I saw Becca, I'm like oh she looks like me and then you yelled "Becca" and I'm like oh my gods what Sims this is too wild!!!!!

Wanna point out that CJ and Dimitri basically have the same hairstyle

"It's because she likes dogs!" Connor RK800 has joined the chat


Someone should make a Colonel Sanders character like from the dating simulation at the culinary school.

“Don’t do it. It’s a trap.”

You should make one of the spin offs where the matriarch gets a grand baby


Demitri & CJ are a great match! Every Slytherin needs a hufflepuff!

The first thing I did once I realized the food was communal, was buy a mini-fridge and drag fresh communal food to the fridge. Everything lasts like 3-4 days, you can be set the entire term lmaoooo. I still think it's weird that food just appears but whatever. Steal it.

Kelsey: "This guy's got cat ears. I don' t want to say its a cat-tastrophe. He's got to be kitten me with this. Maybe there's a tail behind this but, it's just not purr-fect." 5:24 Made my entire week!:)

why don't you name 1 Kasey's grandchild chelsea jr. 2

Where did Kelsey get the shirt?

13:18 guy looks like if Ryan Bergara was blond

CJ likes bad boys...jealous n mean lol....-background song- "I knew you were trouble when you walked in..."

Give CJ the thicc gf she deserves!

Kelsey I absolutely love watching all your stuff and you are definitely one of my favorite YouTubers; I have been with the 100 Baby series since day 1! But... ⬇️ Kelsey stop trying to make CJ happen...It’s not gonna happen

you look like betty cooper from riverdale :)


5:27 LOL well done, i like puns... that was purrrfect

I got my husband that shirt at urban outfitters lmao

Name the babys Henzley or hayden

“Aw, nuggets!”

Do you edit your own videos?

When Katrina came in the screen I shouted “KATRINA!!!!” Because of James Turner’s sims series lol

You get a like for those purrfect puns! Lol.

“Maybe she’s a big softie on the inside” Meanwhile Lilith is literally studying villainy at Foxbury

always count on Kelsey to make everything a lil brighter


Parties I go to generally start at 10/11

Does Chelsea Junior have air pods?! She's a freshman in college, and she is already straight flexing.

I am so glad that you said "Hey Trevor" in a seductive voice. I'm gay and that made me giddy how you said it

Nooo its "woohoo and YouTube" I demand @buzzfeedmultiplayer fixes this please like this if you agree!

Kelsey seeing Gil who looks like Chealse Jr Kelsy: They must be twins or something Me:Well she was a result of the hundred baby challenge her dad probably found someone else

13:03 i got that joke so late

Cj is our bi puff queen

Hello kelsey I have been here ever since the the very first baby! Rest in peace chealsy 3:

"I raised you!" "I RAISED MYSELF, MA'AM!"

My new party trick> “Drinks on me!” *buys everyone a water!

This borderline lust Kelsey has for Demitri is slaying me

Donate an excellent dessert to the giant white statue in between Brit and Fox as an offering then you will get a visit that night and you’re in

I love calling her cool, love that for her

I feel personally attacked as a Slytherin. :(

8:14 this bit killed me. Every person Kelsey sees in the background and she’s like “oooh who’s that?”

Love ur sweater

I’m so confused. When CJ aged up she had a snob trait not a goofball trait??

I love watching!! But I don’t like the video titles that don’t actually describe what happens in the video -_-

Vlad: *trying hard to get his culinary degree* Kelsey: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE GTFO

What pack did the headphones come in :o Well not headphones but earbuds xD

Maybe rya was the mascot

Clickbait: CJ GoEs To A PaRty Actual: runs out of time trying to find an OTP

I'm CJ and also a 'Puff...I was not that fashionable though haha

Dimitri is giving me some Tristan Gilmore girls vibes

Guys sign this petition for cc on Xbox/Ps4

is it just me or was 17:03 kelsey doing a jason mendoza impersonation?

I'm laughing so hard at Vlad's creeping around x'D


her dog tat looks like the target dog :D

Kelsey pronounces "fatima" in such a funny way, it sends

She should totally have a fling with Dmitri before finding someone she likes more :) I wanna see some DRAMA

get cj a dog

"Mean to other people, like a Slytherin." Ouch. 8D *proud Slytherin*

"Stop being funny when you're sad!" but that's my whole personality.

They should do sims mobile

Kelsey are you doing a 100 baby challenge Kelsey why you make CJ being more then friend with girls I am asking you I thing Chelsea is a girl who likes boys 100%

What if you get a boyfriend or a crush and then you would say hey guyim kelsy and its complicated lol

Ok weird coincidences all over the place. I went to culinary school. I’m pansexual. And also I met the one that got away in college. His name was Cj.... I’ll be here

can you give her a make-over please

CJ out there making depressed jokes and gets shot down. She ends up speaking to the mascot she was fighting with in the beginning. The mascot is actually pretty cool and he becomes a best friend for CJ. I ship their relationship.

I am a puff!!!

Demetri is just living his bad boy life. A lot of people want that type of relationship. Possessive bad boy that breaks the rules and does whatever he wants. It's cute for a while but CJ doesn't seem like the type to deal with that. She seems like a alpha female.

Nobody: Kelsey about literally any person she talked to: They can be friends... or mabye more

I'm team trevor! Look at that hair

My sim’s roommate also made copious amounts of lobster thermidor.

"See how Chelsea Jr. manages in the new Sims 4 Discover University pack in this 4 party mini-series." 4 party mini series. Aaaaha. I see where this is going ;)

0:47 had me dying of laughter omg! I must have replayed it a dozen times before I continued the video, lol.

Ok but I’m kinda freaked out by the fact that when that Becca sim walked on screen I was like “oh she looks kinda like me” and then you said her name was Becca

Dimitri is just like Dimitri FireEmblem

I'm CJ! Love this series and you kelsey!!

The lalalala being sang is actually the farmers in the dell kids song

BTW Nalani is a mermaid

The guy at 12:30 was checking CJ out

I feel like I'm learning more about who Kelsey was in college than I am about CJ lol

I mean how many people go to college and DON'T have a fling with a mean person who's wrong for you. All part of the learning experience!

I loved the puns

To be far, when you go through mascot training for amusement parks they teach you to avoid high fives because your fingers/wrist can break so easily

Do NOT join the the secret society you’ll regret it if you do it you’ll know why.....

Didn't anyone notice Kelsey's got an amazing singing voice?!

Love this series

The snowman is so cute! Maybe some headphones would help with the fun meter and she could potentially wear them while doing homework. Like why not be studious & have fun?

I’m really scared that the mascot is literally my name.


20:37 the way she said my name so cuteee i can't

becca is my nickname

Cj flexin her AirPods

The way she pronounced the name Fatima killed me dude.

What if Cj becomes a doctor....than she can be Kelsey's doctor

“it’s like f-“ “it’s like 6AM!” who else thought kelsey was gonna cuss? lmao

Kelsey, I think you should maybe make a nonbinary sim that CJ can date or download one from the gallery, I think it would be really cute

kelsey: maybe they could be... me: girlfriends???? kelsey: study buddies???? me: *lesbian disappointment*

Chelsea: "Maybe he's a Slytherin" Me, immediately: YOU COULD BE HIS HUFFLEBUDDY

But lilith and cj tho

Y name is Cj and I have never related more to a sim

Does it bother nobody else that she can see dirty laundry laying around and wont clean it up? Or in the 100 baby challenge when she wont take 20 seconds to mop up the floor? Like, the only time someone cleans up is when she has someone over to make a baby and they happen to clean a little.


I saw a cho ginny and luna look alike did anyone else see

How bad is it that literally after the first episode I went and bought University? I'm SO excited!


having fun at university = building a snowman and riding a bike

Izumi: *looks exactly the same* Kelsey: "It's Izumi, shes got a new haircut."

I love you, puns for life.

I'm a Hufflepuff and I personally welcome our new housemate!!

Kelsey: *sees KATRINA Caliente* “Who’s this?” Any Semaj fan: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

Maybe she’s meant to be with Vlad

I just now decided to look up what OTP meant lol

We will keep our laptop in our inventory

Ummmm, there was a naughty imprint in the snow under CJ and the mascot when things went down...

Are they always eating lobster.. because the other teams mascot is a.. LOBSTER!?

Real hacker playing grey hack (steam game) plz

Ok maybe you can name one of the boys Ryan or Shane

"you can sleep when you ars dead." flashback to Harry drowning because he was exhausted in the pool #neverforgetharry

Those puns were so punny

I stan a pan queen!

Am I the only one who like Izumi?

that vlad moment was horror film worthy honestly

I wish she could plan my life

Maybe CJ can be Demitries hufflebuddy

Slytherins are not meaaaan. We are just concentrated in what we want, don’t have stereotypes

Does Kelsey not realise that the blond girl keeps showing up wherever Chelsea jr is because they’re in a group together? Look at the hexagon above the blond girls head it means they’re in a group together. If you click on the girl, go to groups and remove from group or disband group or whatever the option is then Itzumi(?) won’t keep showing up everywhere :)

omg i love her lil nickname cj

OMG I want Kelsey’s jumper!!

Take Kasey here

Honestly, Kelsey practically forcing cj to be in a relationship is putting me off watching this. It’s kind of annoying

Kelsy you just insulted my uncle

Kesly singing Lionel Richie. Me thinking about how his grandchild goes to my school and has the same bill

She reminds me of Chelsea senyer

“...or this Lilith punk girl.” What I think of: Lilith from Clare Siobhan

When you going to do the 100 baby ?

Peeta and humus, don't try it

*Oh my god I’m so stressed* and this isn’t even my class schedule! How can you get anything done in FIVE DAYS!?!? *CRIES*

Becca and CJ = bff

Is this video gonna be copyright striked because Kelsey sang frozen lol

Demetry and CJ = accidental college pregnancy!

Aaaah! He took Kasey's hair!

Pokemon nuzloke part 4,5, and 6 please

The redhead at the pub was so hot

We love that Kelsey ships her non heterosexual game children

Since Dimitri seems more like the Malfoy type, I ship CJ and the cute punk girl at the bar. She seems like a Slytherin (but one that is soft on the inside like Snape). Slys & Puffs make really good couples since they’re opposites. I would know lol

Kelsey: that girl looks weird Her 5 sec. Earlier: OMG see looks just like cj's twin

Dimitri is like the bad boy who's gonna be the best whoohoo ever, but a huge mistake and only a fling... Then she's gonna move on to Nalani, who's gonna be sweet and puppy love! Then she's gonna date Becca, who's gonna be super organized and teach CJ about commitment and shared goals, but the pressure will be too much... Then she's finally gonna go steady with Trevor, who's easy-going, kind of dorky and has the same interests... It's college EXPLORE YOU'RE OPTIONS!!

Please make a Real miner play Minecraft

“It’s not that we don’t trust our roommate, it’s just that’s we don’t trust our roommate”- Kelsey 2019-2020

"Peen... I was trying to say pita and hummus at once... Don't do it.... It's a trap"

Do another baby challenge

DONT JOIN THE SECRET SOCITY!!!! Biggest mistake I've ever made in the sims! Heck annoying spirits will follow you the rest of your life, and will ruin your days if you don't please them like they want you to...

Kelsey was alllll kinds of hyper filming this. I love it

They bring homemade meals

2:40 I'm dying LOL

Write your term paper on the laptop!!!

I'm personally getting an asexual non binary vibe from CJ.

Kelsey, you know doing homework and studying are two different things, right?

Kelsey: "there's nobody in the library? Are you kidding me?" Time: 12:06 AM

So many of her siblings are mean/evil tho

What Hogwarts house is Kelsey?

I got a mini fridge and anytime there was food out, I would put it away so I had leftovers instead of it becoming spoiled. I didn't have to worry about missing meals after that lol

When you do the 100 baby challenge again can you name the babies Girl: Zara or Lola Boy: Mike or Zac

Marine Biologist plays Subnautica


Video suggestion : "Real Swordsman plays swords and sorcery vr"

My college experience in a nutshell.


You mean tan

Anyone else start stressing when she read the assignments that needed to be done?

Make a General play Hearts of Iron 4

I used to socialize and do homework at the same time in my freshman year, id be at parties with my tablet in a back room turning in work before I had my turn in beer pong lol

I'm 29. Haven't been out of college for 10 years. And I already don't understand this slang lingo

CJ's expressions throughout the episode XD

look up the bi manifesto and why saying “pan” is highkey offensive to trans people kelsey seriously

How about real car repairers/builders try building a car in my summer car

Girl: *Singing Farmer in the Dell* Kelsey: Maybe it’s like a fight song?

Baby girl = Ava, Abbie, Sarah, Savannah, Brianna Baby boy = Ryan, Toby, Carter, Stove, Cole

My cousin is named Dimitri

"Why is she studying in Dimitry's bedroom?" I can relate, I was always going in other people rooms to study because they had better ventilation. My room was pretty bad oriented, like no wind, sun only at 5 am and 5 pm, so I was only sleeping and shower there xD I got insulted many times for that, but everyone was getting along with me at the end, I was just "That cat that takes all the place on your couch but at least you don't leaves hairs in my room"

Fun... genes (15:39) No? Ok, I'll leave.

Omg finally a sim with my name!!

Aww nuggets!

Wow, Vlad, I screamed in surprise. And I'm on a bus!

Kelsey how did you download sims 4 do you buy it or download it because I want to get sims 4 but I don't know how to.

Lily or Draven baby name please pick me i watch all of your videoes

Kelsey: (trying to say pita and hummus) "Peen-" Me: dies

The secret society meets at a clearing in the woods, I think around midnight. It's more like a cult tho...

Hi I'm Chelsea Jr, I'm new in town and I like your hair and your eyes and YOUR FACE

im half slyhterin aND IM NOT MEAN

Hi Chelsea

Hi Kelsey

For true love name baby Cindy or Bobby

Chelsea Jr. may be Hufflepuff, but Kelsey is definitely a Gryffindor with a dark side, or a weirdly nice Slytherin

poor vlad being bullied for being weird

Video has nothing to do with Kelsey’s love life...... Kelsey:HEY GUYS IM SINGLE!!!!!!!

"maybe he is a meanie with a heart of gold... That's a thing right?" sorry all I hear is Bakugou Katsuki

Stop trying to be funny when you're sad! Kelsey 2020 Also this is my favorite YouTube video this year!

I dont like her hair...she looks old..

I think Riya might be the mascot

Dimitri and CJ, I ship it for the gorgeous hair babies!!!

I Stan Izumi and CJ

I love that Chelsea Jr is a Puff!!!! I'm a Puff!!!!!

Olivia also needs her own spin off *so bad*! Possibly something involving children and dating steadily. She's so wacko, unstable and unpredictable, I think it would be a lot of fun. And Phoebe too! Our evil queen with a heart of gold.

I ship Chelsea Jr and Suzumi so hard xD By the way the beef is because Chelsea Jr keept flirting with THE GIRL BOYFRIEND LOL XD

4 cat puns in a row. Do i hear a puny channel coming are way? No.

hi kelsey i just wanna say will you name one off your babies leah or sanna plzzzzzz

Is no one going to mention the furry or?

Next Level procrastinating is doing homework in the Sims instead of doing your homework IRL

Nobody: Kelsey: FUH TEE MUH!

The view from her dorm makes her look like she’s in the ravenclaw tower

“Vlad get out!” ~Kelsey 2020

What is OTP?

One true pair/pairing

Girl: Breanna, Chole, Boy: Lucka, Cole

Can we just have a separate permanent spin off for university? Might want to cut the classes down to 2 or 3 and not 5. :)

Nahlani is a mermaid, if I recall....

IOO BABY CHALLENGE NAMES Boy:Severus Dog:Candy Girl:Lily Cat:Cain or cane Boy:Nathen Girl:Kate

IOO BABY NAMES Kbug321 Boy:Severus Dog:Candy Girl:Lily Cat:Cain or cane Boy:Nathen Girl:Kate

How you single

To join the secret Societie you go to the book in the middle of the school and give it stuff and the people will show up and invite you to join them

Kelsey: Who's this? Me: K A T R I N A #thesimssupply

Like these spinoffs but still itching to see a continuation of the 100 baby challenge. Who is the next matriarch?

Never mess with a huffily puffily ☺️

Idk, but I think that Chelsea Jr. and Dimitri could be a cute couple despite their differences.

Melissa B so does bi, but like minus the transphobic stuff

L auren Yes but so has bi and it always has if you look up the history of bisexual people i.e. the bi manifesto. the rise of pansexuals aligned with the rise in “popularity” (acceptance, more or less, they still have a while to go) of transgender people and though pans original meaning was from Freud, meaning the love of all including animals and childers, which it clearly isn’t today but became the love of all genders but excluding transgender people as being different than cis people which is inherently transphobic

Melissa B Yes but so has bi and it always has if you look up the history of bisexual people i.e. the bi manifesto. the rise of pansexuals aligned with the rise in “popularity” (acceptance, more or less, they still have a while to go) of transgender people and though pans original meaning was from Freud, meaning the love of all including animals and childers, which it clearly isn’t today but became the love of all genders but excluding transgender people as being different than cis people which is inherently transphobic

Jo Explain, please.

Doesn't pan include non-binary though?

I wish CJ had gone for that cute punky girl at the bar...

Can you name one Tia Emma Emily or Melaina

Can we talk about the editing?! Amazing!

Oh he’s mean? Must be slytherin WOW lol

I'm single but I'm really sad

When will the 100 baby challenge be starting again. I am just curious, i am also really enjoying these spin offs! Thank you so much Kelsey!

Yeah, I thought about that too!! Lol

Did anyone else see Dimitri in a suit at 22:45 and get Draco Malfoy vibes... no just me okay

Vlad: having a crush on Cj Cj: GO HOME VLAD

Hi! I’m about to get the sims 4, I was wondering, do you have to have internet to play? I know you do to download it but to play?? Pls answer if you know and have a great day or night whichever time y’all see this!

Simflix & Chill

The editing in this vid is so good.

If your Sim has Earbuds on it'll keep there fun up when there doing homework

Kelsey out here alienating Slytherins

"We can have PEEN" -Kelsey 2019

2020 I'm still single lol I love that you're out spoken and & you give you're 1000 percent to everything lol love you're videos keep it up plus IM SINGLE

Definitely a hufflepuff; especially with the love for yellow

for the original 100 baby challenge a girl is gabriella or isabella and a boy is zach or cody (or you can do both names for twins this is a statement for girl and boy names)

This is just a guess, but I would say after this mini-series is over (it has four parts)

ginger i hope ;)

I was trying to say pita and hummus at once, don't do it it's a trap -Kelsey 2020

This series: Kelsey giving me some well-needed college advise because I’m scared and I need it.

Have her get a boyfriend.

The Chaotic energy of this episode...!

Kelsey found the true meaning of the Sims today: "I don't condone this type of behavior in real life. But it's the Sims and I get to DO WHAT I WANT."

When she said CJ’s “eating food” I thought she said eating for two

"You gotta go girl! - Oh wait, who's this?" Me when I'm in the library and the bell rings.

Anyone else here who also thought we can visit classes too?

12:57 “Can we get some snacks? Ooh! We can have peen...” LMAO i-

I love the way Vlad does that exaggerating sneaking walk everywhere.

Kelsey: they would have the children with the best hair Me: you are not playing the 100 baby challenge, kelsey

why am i lowkey shipping CJ and Dimitri no matter what his traits are

Get a keg from the school store thing then you can do a jag stand at your party

Oh my, why u give Cj 4 classes u will have sooo much work. My sim had 3 classes and she was up all night doing her hw and she finished at like 3-4 am

ur shirt IS SO CUTE

Best. Editing. Yet.


OMG I remember Becca Clarke she was my dorm roomie


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