Single Girl Seduces A Disney Prince In The Sims 4 | Part 48

Single Girl Seduces A Disney Prince In The Sims 4 | Part 48

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Oh. It's. Christmas. Season everyone. I, can officially celebrate. Christmas now and nobody can like, be mad at me I mean some people can but. Those people are Scrooge's. Everybody. I'm Kelsey, I'm single, and we thought it would be funny if I tried the 100, baby challenge, it's a challenge in, The Sims 4 where you have a matriarch, and they are supposed to have 100. Children all with different parents there's a lot of rules to this challenge if you are interested, in those the, link as always. Will be below it's the holiday, season so, we're gonna start getting a little bit, holiday. Esque but we won't celebrate Christmas in the in the show quite yet we got a couple episodes to, go we're like coming, up on one year, of the 100, baby challenge, and also, I've already. Gotten past 50. Babies that's crazy, but what people said I wonder, how long she'll do this for, who's. Laughing now really. Still them cuz I've been beat it yet okay. What, why is, harry. Asking. About who he is you're. Dead, i just got here and already I feel so overwhelmed, okay I'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up but all my friends who do figure it out how do I figure out myself well, newsflash. Harry, you're not growing up you're dead I'm so sorry, you've got time you've got an eternity, Harry, you're. Fine, cool, so we're back in the features my house well those. Areas. Oh. Genealogy. Tree this is. Wild. Okay so we got one, two three. To. Six or seven to 58 oh yeah that's right really cool isn't it on 60 okay welcome, back to the features my household luckily, for us it is still actually winter, but, it is the last day of winter however. Don't, you worry friends, I'm gonna get a little weather control, device and, we're gonna make it winter we're gonna give ourselves a white Christmas, and I'm gonna decorate for Christmas because, I'm in the mood oh my, gosh so much to do so much to see so much wrong with keeping in the back streets oh you. Get all festive. Oh garland. With pine. Welcome. To Kelsey's. Christmas, fantasy. I'm your host Kelsey, and today I'm making my Christmas dreams, come true by decorating, my Sims home for Christmas a little, bit oh. Look. At that oh my gosh are Casey's never been subtle in her life so I don't start now oh my gosh we could make these super big boom, dun.

Dun. Dun dun dun. Da look, at them they're. Protecting, my house I. Feel like it'd be fun to like get a Christmas, themed. Table. I think I'm going with the green theme for some reason, wait this goes in the front yard oh my god this is so cute look at this Oh. Oh. My gosh there's a holiday fireplace. Even, though fireplaces scare me it's, just too, cute look how cute that is we got to replace literally. All of the decor this is the move ladies and gentlemen Christmas, garland, everywhere, we haven't put up the Christmas tree yet this it wasn't this area wasn't it oh it's so pretty though but, the white one looks so good in the house we'll, do white Christmas, next year oh my gosh there, we can even have like a little like deers, out here they're cute oh my god they're covered in snow now okay. I think this is as much Christmas as that as the house truly, needs Casey needs to change the decor around the house hold on wow I can't wait til I have a home that I can decorate, so, Casey is gonna go here, and select our, holiday, decorations. Casey's, feeling empowered she's wearing, her Christmas, sweater as well I'm so proud of you come on I want to see the new house in, the winter oh yes. How. Cute, okay. Well this is our final, holiday, look it's, fine. I'm, excited, about the house though it's, so cute inside. It, makes me really happy let's see how everyone's doing Annie are you okay, and he doesn't have a job oh yeah and he's an adult that's awesome Phoebe you need to get a scale up and you have class in three days so we got time. Baby we, got time for, everyone. Oh yeah we have two new babies autumn. And. August. Dude come on. Why. Does he always have to keep ruining, all of our school I'm so proud wait oh that's awkward all of my, bunting. Is like through. The roof up top that's, on me, honestly. That's on me no. He's. Gonna do another thing and now the babies are crying Oh, Annie. Make, sure they're okay Annie, I think Annie's just gonna feed them I hope that's what they need, oh it's New Years Eve it's like kind of almost Christmas, but not you, know they definitely don't need that I'm gonna just like super efficient baby care that baby and you should think about college maybe Annie is, already. Busy you, know with in the, home oh they're both fine, Annie fix the problem, and I didn't even realize Phoebe. Looks great, so let's get Phoebe to do more skill, what's. Your highest skill creativity, oh my gosh Phoebe, what. A perfect, timing, to, to make some winter holiday, crafts sorry, Annie, I took Annie out of the shower she was trying to clean up and instead, I made her drop out of the shower early so she could fix some stuff August, is still upset because Kasey is still eating Kasey maybe you can eat like in a second girl thank you.

And. She's tired it's all that her you go to sleep you know who is also upset forget. August, find out what's wrong with August, August is not okay, what do you need you, complaining. Babe, do. Not so you need a bottle well I guess that's fine he's on the computer Pheebs. Get your creativity up you're. Not so level four yet you're, not allowed to, do whatever you're doing right now oh my gosh there's, a baby that's upset it's Owen Oh Wayne, is so steep wait why you're steep why are you crying going you're fine Annie why don't your potty-trained Owen do. Not go in the hot tub I just don't trust my, sleepy, sims in bodies. Of water anymore, and I think I have good reason for that look I was sad areas. Oh my gosh, Beauty keeps just like. Evilly, laughing and it's just upsetting to me she. Was such a happy toddler. What happened, to you Phoebe, what. Happened to, you my. Darling like, she's glittery. With creative. Possibilities. And, evil. Wait why is why. Are you so mad. We're. Hungry oh no I. Heard there was a new update where they can actually eat an entire garden salad and I've never been more excited about anything in my whole life no don't, you dare make a mess, eat a salad first oh my gosh there's, so many kids. Upset at once this is not the, Christmas, spirit I was expecting, all right please go to sleep my darling you, can sleep in mom's bed cos closer just. Go to bed I know I'm sorry Annie it's my fault you're not okay. Cool. Thank you oh my god she ate an entire garden, salad the bless systems, are updating, that oh and acquired the thinking skills good job oh and I'm proud, of you oh wait who's that who's here Ashton. Wait Ashton come back give him residence, keys he's like mom are, you okay she's like yeah I'm good I just, needed to come outside to tell you that I love, you, give. Me a hug, she really needs to go do, you think if she went outside then, it would freeze house Phoebe doing baby stop getting on the computer and keep doing artistic.

Things Okay, I don't need this right now we're great TVs all three of those so she's getting there Oh Ashton. Stated. He's chatting, with feed. Autumn. Is upset, back, to momming she still hasn't gotten a full night's sleep poor, woman okay everything's good go back to the bed why did she go outside, to go back inside how, my kids doing Owens doing great, Owens, learning, Lucian, is, doing. Fine, I, feel, like Lucian, needs some, learning, though needs, to learn a skill and that skill, is. Potty it's. Potty time for, Lucian okay, we're just gonna make over. And over the same craft honestly, draw draw, some shapes and he's like so, tired, she's, like can I'm not potty. Trained a toddler, for like one second, my gosh Ashton's, sitting in her like, fancy kitchen table, how. Fancy, and Christmassy this is oh hey. I met this person online and they want to meet me at the romance festival you come with me time in case they turn into a crazy version, okay. I was just about to say that she needs to go out on the town to meet some new people there's James Potter her axe darrel charm. Hello. Handsome. She. Like didn't even say hi to her, ever, oh my, god James. Gonna be mad she. Did that right in front of him throw, petals at him oh my god he is uncomfortable. First kiss you can do it already let's just go in it's very awkward I think he's gonna say no efforts, like mom you need to cool it off a little bit yeah maybe you should just chat for a minute there girl I don't think we should jump to first smooth. Apology. Yeah she's very charming I, think she could get it oh it was down he was like okay I forgive, you Evers really, trying to engage with her mom, Evers like mom, I really, just wanted to hang out like us to and, from you to protect me from this like Internet person what, if the Internet person ever was meant to meet was was, this guy and her mom just jumped in like, we Oh buddy gave us a kiss on the hand Geok, about getting, together oh my gosh wouldn't it be so funny if you and I made. Babies, number 61, and 62 oh she's really hungry no compliment, its appearance, I don't want you to eat right now oh she's only met one of two okay well let's, meet another man who else is here who's that James, Potter oh right. Let's. Go flirt with Flynn, Rider oh, my god all of my efforts, like please mom for. Just two moments can you pay attention to me and mom's like a by Flynn. Writer from tangled, is here fun, writers like good what. - what did I owe the pleasure, honestly, Casey kinda looks like a Rapunzel. After the haircut oh this is an awkward encounter oh yeah he didn't like that yeah. I, mean that. That. Track Oh No. So. Fast ask, about a day shirt, dang, it oh no everything. I could try to do floor wise with Flynn Rider is like not helping, maybe let's cool it off with the flirting part I think she's trying to balance too many things No Flynn Ryder come back he's, leaving guys we're choices friendly.

Give, A gift to give a friendly gift if you can't get anything. No he's. Gone oh no Evers like well mom and, she's like huh yeah. Oh we're, finally together I don't know who ever meant to meet up with from the internet she is quite hungry why don't we just let her have some food Oh sir, can I ask him Robin oh my god is this her ex it's, no wow. Okay see you're really you're. Really dating, the neighborhood, here just go chat with Darrell a little bit he. Seemed didn't do us share, some photos, it's. All almost automatic. Is birthday, uh they grow so fast, Jesus ma'am Eric Fisher, give a little introduction, to Eric Fisher as well can you just finish eating or just do things one. More than one thing at a time please, why, is she talking to Eric Fisher from across all, right well that's, fine I guess, wait is she chatting, with the guy that I even asked her to or did the guys keep leaving, the. Guys keep leaving that's okay we met several new people he's got a nose, ring whoa. That's. Some new stuff from the new pack oh she's really tired, we're back with Darryl and they, left again he's he nodded. Newest brighten. His day I think he's a little uh newest wait who's that guy is. That Aladdin, Aladdin ABAB. Was here. No. Forget. Darryl, we, need to hit on a ladder there's, so many two eligible men if it's cement go hit, on Aladdin, please I, want you to go I want to see this Oh Aladdin, is coming to us look, at him with, his festive. Gear yes Aladdin, friendly, introduction become, his friend. And you. A compliment. See I love, your hat, I - it, rocking, a festive, vibe mention. That it's a flirty, festival. Vibe Oh al added is coming over to our table we, could go home but why when. She's met so many who's this oh no, Brooke. Oh wait, Brooke Peterson, have we had a baby with Brooke, oh no, it's Brooke like literally, sitting here watching her get it on with someone else and being really hurt maybe we should go home this is straightening it too messy just got kind of digs in too many baskets. There's a lot of men at once it kind of stressed me out I only like focusing, on one at a time most of the time why, don't you just go to sleep sweetie my, gosh Oh both, of the babies Oh God. Look. At my children. How. Did they get to this both. Of you need to eat okay, oh my gosh I'm so stressed out right now why didn't no one take care of you Annie what, have you been up to maybe, watching, TV, oh, my gosh, and it's okay at least two are going up that's good okay. They look a lot better they really scared me I thought for a second I was gonna lose two toddlers at once Annie is okay. Enough to give baths, so I'm gonna have her, give a bubble bath to Owen and then to Lucian they look so similar Lucian. Needs, fun. Attention, and hunger what do you mean hunger did you not finish your food Owens doing better now he's, getting more attention and more hygiene oh my gosh now baby's upset figure out the baby oh my gosh this household, is not holding it together oh my gosh why is everyone. Crying I thought I'd handled, it I swear, if, you are not little before Missy you get your butt back up there and you do more arts and crafts Owen, needs. Fun, what. Do you mean at fun in detention I'm having you babble, it's not fun the end the bear gives you attention that's how that works right it is, oh it's spring Phoebe, why are you Oh Phoebe. You need to draw a vehicle, now oh that's. Crying now chase, a dirty diaper you. Can do it because you are, just watching TV yes baby, just reach level 4 for creative, skin Nacional. Creatively. Deweyville how do you sweetie why are you, doing, this the baby rube is not the proper place to be doing crunches Annie, Annie I want you to figure out how to use this change. Current weather just. Know I want. It to be snowy I want, a white Christmas, all the time look it's no. Weather. Controller, successfully, changed why they're just knowing yeah look. At that any. Play, any. Play in the snow oh. The. Weather outside, is. Frightful. But inside, it's, so delightful. Since, there's no place, to go. Eat. A salad, eat, a salad eat a salad. Oh. Holly's. Home it says hello Casey we need a celebrity partner to help remote TV dinner so we can use the video station to upload any video our ad agency will splice it together with. Love footage of you personally cooking, let's do a cooking one for more money all. Right Casey up and at her begin a recording, and then she's going to cook a grand, meal of a, Christmas. Ham, you're not getting a really a good angle drone. Okay, now it's getting the good angle oh but. Autumns upset why isn't the snow sticking, she's, done she's. Doing get, that beauty shot of the ham grab, a serving, of it really fast as you're hungry this is the shot right here thanks for tuning in please like and subscribe the.

Baby's Crying through her sign out all right let's end, the recording, here, homestyle, cookie video yeah it's. Perfect your. Juniors calling of course we're gonna chat with him she's, like hey Leo Junior, how, are you doing, thanks, for calling during the holiday season. You know how much I love hearing from you baby no we don't want to come to you Caesar mostly, Oh Oh, jr., had gossip, about Owen, you mean your child brother, I am very confused she, can edit that video, I forgot, that Holly was still here Annie go say hi to Holly tell an engaging story I can't believe this no she's not sticking I guess it's cuz it's spring oh no oh and woke up he probably heard that his older brother Leo jr. was talking, some smack about it it looks like Casey's just about to level up on her editing skills which is great, woo she's. Not with the skill of media production wait. What I, didn't know it's that fat little fly was a mastery, of that skill oh wait I forgot I have a kid okay the kid needs fun. Attention, why don't you potty train Oh in here, stop, being, on computers, are you literally, waiting for Owen to come up to you wait what what happened Owen why did no one give me attention or fine you. Know I just go. In some shapes August, needs some attention oh my gosh I'm so stressed out I don't, know what you all need Oh No. Lucian's. Up in Lucian's mad, and. Going. To be taken away if I don't feed him now I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying to eat the garden salad oh I'm stressed. Out what do you need you. Need just okay. Whoo. I cut, that baby hey see why are you acquiring, a guitar skill at a time like this your, child needs you okay. We're gonna fix this they, will not take my babies, away from me hey they're both eating and feeling, better which is good that's what we wanted why is this baby still crying Casey, can, you walk a little faster she's, like I'm trying I'm, pregnant, in heels you try walking a little faster Kelsey like Touche, okay, you need to sleep it off buddy and. You need, attention. And fun. Why. Don't you give a, bubble. Bath to. Lucian I don't care that you're tired that is your son and he. Literally, looks like Pigpen, luckily Annie's. Here to save the day because, I. Asked. Casey, to give, her child a bubble bath and she took herself to bed instead Oh. Chelsea's. Here and, Casey just woke up but, honestly you, should just go back to bed Casey all right everyone's going to bed at 1:00 a.m. on Monday let's just watch what Chelsea's. Up to our original, Chelsea. Not the faker she's, open in the oh she's, getting some is that milk, you. Got milk Chelsea she, does go upload the video really fast Casey and then you can fix your knees dang. It Oh, Lucian's. Up and he's upset oh no. Oh I think we got money, Casey's. Got footage today so our editors are really, cutting it to meet the needs of the climate don't worry I know you're gonna love it. Great okay Oh, finally. He's having attention from moms or doesn't feel so sad, he's. Getting communication, up but his imagination, still, needs some work so maybe we should have him play, and. He just prepared. Something, I totally forgot oh she's. Bonding, with Grandma. Even. Though grandma keeps making more work for her, guys. Needs. Attention. What, happened, now what, happened now oh my gosh it just moved that Chelsea, she just, fixed, it this poor girl is just trying to eat a meal and and. Her, ghost, grandmother, keeps breaking stuff and making her fix it and now August is upset again I don't know why I felt like we just took care of that oh this, family, is so chaotic I've, had so many children now real ones don't scare me as much anymore see like the sims always tells, me that they're gonna go to starving. And stuff and I'm starving my children I'm like yeah, am i wake, up KC Annie. Deserves. Some. Rest honestly, Phoebe's after school. Bye. Phoebe. Oh my gosh I didn't even get to see Phoebe off it's, Phoebe you Abby soon well maybe Phoebe will be an A student I feel like that's a pretty big joke but if anyone can do it our evil girl can hire your skills buddy I really just mean both of these Todd's to get out.

Of Being Todd's, before. Ottoman. And. August. Wake up but I really think that they're gonna die I think they're gonna stay because I've been focusing, on it she's like reading a book Wally potties, that's. A thing they can do now oh yeah, he's reached level two that's, amazing, I'm so proud of you buddy he really needs to work on his imagination, though what. I didn't. Even know she needed to go to the bathroom she wet herself on, the street in front of this man who is this man anyway can. Go and elder oh wow, this game is so sassy to me only a neat-freak would attempt to mop up a puddle on natural ground all right game oh my gosh my poor sim she. Is having a rough go of it. Kasey yeah. We want to go over to her house and, hang out let's just go to Chelsea juice house oh, we. Haven't seen her house yet she moved in down the street I'm so excited. Look. At all our girls. Chelsea's so excited, she's like mom we match oh. My gosh talk about current weather be like isn't it crazy that it's snowing I really, think that Chelsea, junior needs to go to college like I just really want to take her to college, oh we're. Gonna give a hug, to. Our. Girl Haley and, then of course Holly. Over there our, Christmas girl oh it's, a great day. I think, Casey really, needed this except for Casey's Wow exhausted. Oh my gosh is she tired wait she's gonna pass out oh no she's gonna energy, fail no, go home Casey I'm so sorry oh, you. Hate to see it I am really. Good at taking care of my sims today I was like cool I'm gonna go home but thanks, for the. Fun. Oh Phoebe's. Still a B student well wow, she really is she's really, walking, home this third trimester. Queen oh. And. Then she passed out I really don't blame her to be quite honest we're back at the hometown hero, Casey is, exhausted. So I'm gonna put it right to bed House, auntie Amy is definitely. Okay Phoebe. Is. Phenomenal. Let's have her do her homework, house. Lucien Lucian's pretty good he's, gonna go I don't know do some stuff but, let's have the, babes, actually. Get some food really fast. Oh it is level twos on everything, Lucien. Is level twos. On everything, but thinking, and potty oh my gosh your son's here Logan.

Good. To see you Logan it, just, came in didn't, tell anyone and decide to take a bath baby is hanging out with her big brother did. You do your homework Pheebs you did can you do some extra credit too good, job and then you can go to bed afterwards I feel like they just woke, up so toddlers, work they wake up stay, away for like an hour and then go back to sleep that sounds pretty accurate, honestly, yay. Phoebe. Leach level 3 of the mental skill and, it's. Extra credit complete good job Pheebs. Proud, of you listen, to him feels. Like aliens, your movement oh come. On that, wasn't even a ghost that time. That. Baby just like popped out it, was like popcorn oh. They're. So, cute. August. Is a, wild. Child and, autumn, is me. Is fussy, okay was fussy, so I guess okay can we just like appreciate, how, autumn, looks. Like Wendy, from Wendy's, she's, even wearing the outfit, okay well I guess they're hungry, so let's get them some burgers, our girl is back here no wait, I just hit me that I have for Todd no. Todd, mageddon. Is here, oh my god and I'm about to have two more babies wait speaking of which I feel like Annie should move out right wait. Okay. I'll let Amy finish this then we're gonna move Annie out before cuz I forgot it's the third trimester and, he needs to get out of there but I'm gonna let her finish fixing my thing there you go she does not look that okay but. That joke has meant, so much to me, Annie hope, you're okay out there you're just gonna move in with her sisters, oh no, there's no adults, to help anything, I don't matter oh. So. Cute how is Owen, oh it's pretty good just needs fun and attention, instead, of giving you either of those things, I'll give you shapes. Okay, everybody get your stuff oh my gosh look at this army, of stinky. Small, Todd. Walking. Into the house look at all they're so awkward. This one these two definitely, don't know how to walk yet they've just learned get. Them all first. Steps, they didn't even oh my gosh Casey didn't even see their first steps oh my gosh look at him crying all up this, is very cute but also incredibly. Horrifying. Oh Harry, just went to bed in Casey's bed over here oughta Andrea, level two that's, good enough for me why, don't you take yourself to bed my darling oh I guess it's just a helpless child learn it's very mad at me for delaying. His bedtime routine okay, you know what I'm getting into. Labor, oh my gosh, Casey no don't go play computer. Have your baby at the hospital we're gonna join her oh there's her ex Theo there's a. Good. To see you. Go, say hi to Alex, it's been a minute since we've seen Alex our best friend who's the doctor that delivered half, of our children I guess he'd never date so our ex level. There we go it's baby time, back. In that gorgeous, oh it's Alex not delivering it Oh me, and it's gonna be Theo he's, so stressed could you imagine going, to the hospital, having a doctor do that I could run like that into, that, be horriffic, good thing that I moved out our daughter oh my gosh that was just in time oh my goodness it's a boy, so, let's, go to our, previous.

Videos, And check out names, you guys have given me well I like these space inspired, ones they have leo we already have a Leo in the family but we'd all have on Mars let's. Go at Mars that's pretty cute thank you so much for suggesting it's. Another boy Oh No okay this one says Connor. As a boy named maybe, that these twins will does not go get together necessarily. So we'll have Connor and Mars, there, we go Connor and Mars welcome. Into, the. Hunter baby challenge, babies. 59. And 60, I cannot, believe, this that's nice. Oh we. Pick it up Mars, Mars. Got first touch and, now. Casey's back out all right we're back at the hometown hero we have two more babies so that means a total of 60. Children in. The challenge, Phoebe, may be getting aged up tomorrow. Or today so we're, gonna hold on hopefully, Phoebe becomes a teen and let's, focus on the Todd's here, getting them all done we need to get these kids out of the house so that she can get pregnant again, how old is Casey anyway, are we getting close to pcs. No. She's, still got like 16, days we still have plenty of days with Casey before, we have to worry about who the. Next nature, would be Phoebe. It's all on you I don't want to put a lot of pressure on you but also like you need to go to school and become, an A student so, you can help me around the house because I am stressed, and I know that you're evil so, maybe that's not exactly what you had in mind but you were born into the Peter Schmidt family and you will be an asset, gosh darn, it Casey's, potty training oh my gosh all these Todd's are getting their stuff doing baby. All my kids need, to learn learn. This. Baby factory I am, making, oh no Mars is hungry and so is Connor oh no wait. Corner, like, Connor from cyber life August, reached a level three, of communication. Good job August what's next you need to learn potty, let's breastfeed. These. Babies, oh, my. Gosh you're sad why are you sad don't, be sad, sad. About Oh. Phoebe's, really trying to help okay sweetie you, just go to school you just focus on school yes oh and, the level three let's go okay, so we've two level threes from Owen oh and just needs thinking, all right you need to keep thinking why, don't you teach, shapes. To. Lucian teach get some thinking on with the baby it's, okay you should learn oh no they're all upset why are you upset, our little fast-food restaurant, or is, hungry, why don't you eat this hamburger my darling okay it's on you Phoebe no no, pressure but like if you don't come home and I don't get celebrate your birthday I'm gonna be sad okay she's finally getting a salad look. At all this greenery I love this so. Cute, she's. Thinking, about all. The writing, appears to have faded away so she can't tell who's a first. Version forget actually speaking of birth certificates, we got some to hang up on the wall Wow sixty, there's some in here too honestly, oh it's very sad he's. Gonna wake up his momma you, do not need to wake up your momma eat it garden salad there's a baby awake. It's. Mars ah we just need to stay calm until everybody. Wakes back up oh man. Please take, care of the babies they're they're, just so. Shrill. So, finally, Connor it's, quiet so, we can send, Casey to sleep, everyone's, gonna be asleep at the same time Casey go go quick well first of all bags up go. Casey and. Sleep. Memorize this like. Braids. Are ah Phoebe. Is an A student. Whoa no. More, crying baby. Lots. Of candles is that gross cake that we all know and love who's, up it's autumn autumn why, are you awake, you're. Hungry okay oh my. God Phoebe, aged up Phoebe is a bro, evil. And pick, a number one through 12 it's eight knowledge. Pick, a number one through seven beyond series four. Five. Wants. To be a master vampire yeah Trax well happy, birthday Phoebe, I'm so glad that you're an adult yeah the interesting fashion sense, but. It's fun you, know it's funky I'm proud of you Phoebe that, you're you. Know a teen so that you can hang out with us and she's. Gonna be an evil vampire someday, and we're really proud of her I'm really stressed out from all the tellers and babies hope my evil child doesn't do anything crazy see, you in the next one bye everybody.

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“I heard there’s an update where the toddlers can eat an entire garden salad and I’ve never been more excited in My entire life” Literally me

no one: kelsey: if she peed outside do you think it would freeze?

Baby names! Boy: Ross or Oak Girl: Lilianna or Heidi

Boy : Jughead or Archie Girl : Betty or Veronica

anyone sad that all of kasey's siblings are dead. like ALL

Harry Potter themed girls names! Andromeda (Tonks), Molly, Luna

You could do Riverdale themed babies like, Boys-Jughead or Archie Girls-Betty or Veronica

Police: 911 what's your emergency? Kelsey : 23:05

Girl:Maya Natalia Sadie Priah Boy:Noah Gaten Mike

Yay Christmas!!!!!!!!! Girl, treat Kasey to a better bed for Christmas! That ones pretty but her energy goes up so slooooooowly ❤

Name ideas: penny finaly jax connor charley Charles william max sophie Sophia Ava mollie Lucas Lucy Jane Taylor Oakley James hannah lele Lee Thomas Mason ben malone evie jay please pick one Kelsey im you biggets fan keep up the amazing work

this series last longer than my relationship

Please do mine ahaha Girl: Anika, Christine, Sabine, Victoria Boy: Zach, Matthew (or Mathieu -same pronunciation), Jesus (lmaoo)

I really love your show it is amazing. Girl: Ahri, Caitlyn, Akali, Tris Boy: Garen, Darius, Jhin

Tommy, Chuckie, Lillian, Phillip, Angelica, Suzy

Baby names Girl: Gemma, Imogen Boy: Xander

Baby names: Girls: Lila, Nina, Manon, Coco Boys: Sam, Kell, Jesper, Maxon

PLEASE, we need a University spinoff series with Kasey jr!! :D Baby names: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf (since its christmas soon and we're all obsessed with Frozen 2!)

Girl: April, Crystal,Belle Boy: Brian, Daniel, Patrick

Baby Names: Girl: Erin, Sabrina, Bree Boys: Daniel, Joey

Girls: Alice Roseily Bella Esme after the twilight girls Boys: Jasper Emmet Edward Carlisle after the twilight boys

BABY NAMES!!! Girl: Kora Boy: Zuko

damn that iPhone 11 tho

Call your next babies sweetie and buddy as thats all you call the kids

Hi I’m from italy Can you name same baby with italian name. Male: Carlo, Aldo, Giacomo Female : Sofia (read it like sophia) Chiara(my name , read it like Kiara) and Barbara Ps I love your videos

Girls: Joelle or Henley Boys: Jasper or Huxley

Girl names: Clary, Izy Boy names: Jace, Alec, Magnus, Simon The Mortal Instrument series

if you get a girl name her andrea ((': !

Boy names: Theo, Hugo, Levi Girl names: Thelma, Honor, Fallon, Viki

Jess, Winston , Coth,

you know whats crazy i LOVE tangled and i cant belive someone made that person boy: flynn Jr girl: Rapunzel

Girl name: Hazel Grace Boy name: Augustus

Let’s get in the Christmas spirit Girl:Vixon, Donna, Dancer, Prancer, Noel, Ivy, Snow Boy: Dasher, Comit, Cupid, Blixon, Nick, Coal, King, I think you’ve used some of these names but hopefully there’s enough to pick from.

Baby Names: if you get twins... can you name them after me and my twin sister? our names are Lisa and Gina!

For twin girls: Elsa and Anna Because frozen 2 just came out, it’s wintery and it’s from Jane the virgin

NAMES NAMES Girl: savanna, lola, Lilith, star, sky Boy: tejay, Clinton, potter, clone

Hi Kelsey, For a girl: Fae, Serena or Luna For a boy: Jacob, Reuben or Toby

You should name two twin girls Autumn and Summer

Some Aussie name suggestions: Girls: Matilda, Adelaide, Bindi Boys: Banjo, Joey, Sydney


For the one year anniversary you should do a one hour episode ... or a 100 min one

Here are some names: Girl: Capri, Miami, Tokyo, Audrey, Lauren, Marley, Maria Neutrul: Marley, Alex Girl Twins: Marley and Maria, Ella and Ellie, Cyber and Nova Boys: Hercules, George, Ollie Boy Twins: Phineas and Ferb Please choose one of mine!

When you’re from Australia and can’t relate to a white Christmas.

Arabic girl name: Wafa (means loyalty)

Baby names: girl: Lisa, Nikki, Sophie boy: Peter, David, Daniel

Noelle, Mary, Season, Maple for girls! ❤️ Nick, Dasher, Vixen, Matthew for boys!

Toddler's fun goes up a lot faster if you use the wabbit tablet, nesting blocks or the dollhouse or if you "play" with them.

When you want to travel with Kasey, bring any teenagers or adults from your house as well (you don't have to interact with them). This way your toddlers will be sent to daycare and their needs will be steady.

I work overnight and watch this on my meal break and right when Kelsey used the weather controller to change the weather to snowing, it actually started snowing here! Crazy!

Can you name A boy: kevin, billy A girl: Billie and monika from friends

who want to participate in Give Away please, The terms and conditions are all in the video! go to Youtube Link ~>

So sad you didnt name twins Mars and Bruno :D

In honor of star wars (as it's only around the corner being realised) Girls : Rose, Rey, Liea, Jyn Boys: Finn, Ben, Han, Luke

Baby girl names: Addelyn, Serenity Baby boy names: Kyson, Lewis

Boy: Luca, or Harry jr. Girl: Moira (after me) Love you Kelsey

Please name a girl Luna after our amazing girl Luna Lovegood

Kelsey, u should change kasey bed to a better one so she will sleep faster

Can u please name a baby girl Amanda because that’s my sisters name!

Names: Seb, Lola, George.

Girl: Estelle Boy: Miguel Pleas pick these names this is how I want to name my kids later!

I’d really appreciate these genuine names that will really emphasis the child’s personality Kelsey! Boy: Christian Girl: Briar

You could call a girl Harriette after Harry

Can you name a boy Noah and a girl Darcey

Can you name a baby kielle?

Kelsey you should do a series where Annie goes to college❤️❤️❤️ Also can you name the kids: Girl:Rose, Snow Boy: Dew, Robert

Things Kelsey cares about. If Annie’s okay. Children. Children’s looks. The house. The house’s look.

One bed from the toddlers is in the wall

If Kasey has 4 more children shes got 32 kids like chalsey

Kelsey really needs to change Kasey's bed so Kasey's energy goes up faster while she's sleeping

Boy : Damon, Nick, Elijah Girl : Hope, Elena, Hayley

Christmas names: Girls: Merry, Jolly Boys: Nicholas, Nick

girl names: Luci, Lucy, Evie, boy names: chance, Evan, Rhys (reece)

Baby names Girl:Mary or merrie Boy: Chris If there are twins a boy and a girl it will sound like merry Christmas!

Girl name: Candice, Rosie, Jean Boy name: Nik, Alex, i mean, did you name one of your kids Alex, and Julien

Finn or Noah for a boy Quinn or Rachel for a girl (Gleeks if you're here

Named after Star Wars characters ⭐️ wars!!!!!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Boy- Han, Girl’s- Leia, Rey

could you name a girl:Emily,Emma and a boy: josh,max please

giving resident key to your Evil son

Baby Names for Chelsey GIRLS:April,Arianna,Alecia,Jazzele BOYS:Jackson,Levi,Mike,Nolan BOTH:Jordan,Avery,Kc

Boy names - Nolan, Ross or Elias Girl names - Rachel, Jasmin, Cynthia or Angelica

Baby names: Girls: Catherine or Madeline Boys: Steven or Henry

kelsey looks really cute this episode

PLEASE LIKE SO KELSEY SEES!!!!Here me out guys....When the sad day of the end of the 100 baby challenge guys lets see if Kelsey will do a 100 baby challenge Supernatural edition. Baby daddies and mommies have to be. Alien, Vampire, Mermaid/Mermen, Witch/Warlock or maybe also plant sim. Same rules of the challenge but supernatural partners. We will start the challenge with the matriarch of the girl born the last before thee challenge is over. MAYBE some aquatic kids will help conquer Kelsey now fear of pools in the Sims.....

Would it be worth upgrading everything to 'unbreakable' so the ghosts just haunt things without breaking them? Or do they break anyway??

Christmas names for babies Girl: Noelle, Winter, Snow, Juniper Boy: Nicholas, Chris, Noel

Girls: ophelia or delilah!! So you can always say hey there delilah

Baby names!!! Twins: girls: Meredith and Christina Boys: Derek and Mark Boy and girl: Meredith and Derek Like Gery Anatomy :)

Suggestion name babies after characters from Disney's movie Brave: Boy: Harris, Hubert or Hamish Girl: Merida, Elinor or Maudie

Boy: Tate and/or Honor Girl: Violet and/or Amber

you could name a girl after a disney princess, for example Belle Ariel Aurora Cinderella Merida Elsa Tiana

Kelsey, why haven't you revived Harry yet? It's not against the rules, right? You could be up 1 child. I like Harry...I want him to live a full life. :c Please?

Can you name one Taleisha, because thats my name and would mean the world to me Btw love this sires and love you

If you read the toddlers to sleep, it raises their imagination skill really fast! I'm 41 babies into my own 100 Baby Challenge, it's taking a long time :P

If it’s a boy: Ron If it’s a girl: Hermione, we need the whole squad!

You should really name the twins Zac and Cody

If it’s a boy: Landon If it’s a girl: London

If they are twin girls it would be cute Angel and Snow (if they are winter babies)

If it’s a girl: Victoria (after me) If it’s a boy: Hristian (like my brother) Thanks, love you

Girl: Alba or Gemma Boy: Tye

Boy names: Mark and Andy. (It's the main character and writer of the Martian, my favourite book)

Girl: Leona Boy: Lenon

Stranger Things actors names for the babiess Boy: Noah, Gaten, Finn, Caleb Girl: Millie, Sadie, Natalia

My volume was at 100% and when she said “oooohhhhhhhhh” at the start I got scared

I think these last twins are baby 58 and 59? Harry technically doesn't count :'(

Im all for unisex names *Carter *Dylan *Sammie *Jayden

Girl Natasha, Nevaeh and Winter boy Evan,Ty and Devan

Ella because that is my name and Luke because that is my brother's name

Girl : Harley Boy : Brooks

Oh for heaven's sake, just release the spirits so they stop busting your stuff.

What about some Christmas themed names? Girl: Noella, Carol or Carolle, December, Eira (Welsh meaning ‘snow’) Boy: Rudolph, Noel, Claus

Bby Names: Girl-Noel & Zarya Boy-Leon & Zion

Christmas baby names!! Tinsel and Snow!

Now that Ashton is out of the house she's ok with him

hi can you name two kids Betty and Jughead from Riverdale or Chrissanthi which is my own name. I love this series and this family.

Boy name : Kevin, Keenan Girl name: Kelly, Katie #100babychallenge #babynames

Where is that "bada buh" in the intro that we were promised Kelsey ?!?!?

Baby names Girl -Alyssa [ my name XD] Boy- Tommy [After the Green Ranger in Power Rangers!]

every time she says Lucian i think she’s saying lotion


Boy name: Alvaro Girl Name: Gissel

Twin bbyz!! Rayla and Raymond, after my favourite characters in The Dragon Prince and Brooklyn 99 respectively. Also they're both rays so its cute for twins. May they be rays of sunshine to the family :)

Girls:Ashley,Zavril Boy:Lucas

Did anyone notice that the toddler bed was half way in the other room

can you name a baby winter? the gender doesn't matter, i just feel its fitting for the current month!

Hopefully you can name a baby after me: Maydali :)

If you have twin girls can you be them Serenna and Sierra because those are me and my friend's names and people always ask if we are sisters

Girl:Kaylee (AKA me) Boy:Sam

Can you name a baby girl Allyiah or Jorge???

Boy: Nick, Klaus, Jasper, Tannon, Elden. Girl: Holly, Gloria, Noelle, Christy, Joy... Christmasy names!

You should definitely name the next baby girl Hermione after my little sister (she was named after Hermione from Harry Potter)


Girl! Ash Maddy/Madison Izzy Sydney Victoria Boy: Max Jack Jacob Tom Billy I’m from Australia btw


Please do Chistmas names Girl: Noel, Snow, Feliz Boy: Nicholas or Kris

For girls: Matilda, Charity, Cierra and Katrina For boys: Prince, Derek, Ezra and Jeremiah

Can you please name a girl Chloe or a boy Rian (pronounced Ryan) for my fiancée? We watch your videos together for bonding time in our long distance relationship. It would mean so much to the both of us.

Kelsey why don't you use cc like then it'll be less hard to suit your sim

Girl names: Roxanne, Mia, Charlotte. Boy names: Elijah, Will, James. Please use one of my names on a baby

Can you plz get a pet please

Boys: Snickers or Erols or Moores Girls:Neva or Ring or Bounty

How about harriet for a girl so we can remember harry

Girl: Kaylee Boy: Cole

Give Harry a residents key so he won’t break anything. Some baby names: Girl: Caitlin Boy: Declan

“everyone’s going to bed at 1am on a monday” as i watch this at 1am on a monday OOPS

Can you name a baby girl after me? My name is Amby, rhymes with Bambi :3

Love your videos still even a year into it... But im still waiting for you to use my names :p Teal -perfect for boy or girl they or them Indigo -"____"

Baby names Girls Britnee Britney Boys Jackson jack

Girl names: Brianna Boy name: Jonah

you should give a baby girl the name Jupiter, after my nickname! *been watching since day one btw, love it

Baby name ideas: Girl: Mira or Hosanna Boy: Joseph, Izaiah, or Josiah

Boy twins Peter and Parker

For a girl, Rayne For a boy, Rowen

There are a few updates! You can now, lock computers from certain sims.

Girl name: Jadie

Is Phoebe a girl? Or a boy? I'm confused!!

Baby girl names: Emma, Ella, kaedance, and Kassidy. baby boy names: Jackson, Eli, Jay, Colton

Boy name: Jayden (after my son) Girl name: Jessica (after me) And it'll work for twins!!

Pls name a child Iridessa or Des. Thx! Love u!

Baby names: If it’s a boy: Gilbert, Ewan If it’s a girl: Rachel, Emaline

Baby names: Ruby and Rigby works for a girl and a boy or 2 girls :)

I would die if u name a girl Nelisse !! Love you so much Kelsey!!

Name a girl Noel after me, since it's Christmas!!

if you’ve seen the Vampire Diaries girl: elena, caroline, katherine, bonnie, jenna, rebecka boy: stefan, damon, matt, tyler, jeremy, elijah, klaus, kol

Boy: Harry || Ron Albus Girl: Hermione Luna lily

Is this just the sims 4? Or the sims 4 parenthood? I’m confused

Can autumns skill please be food since she looks like Wendy?!?!

Girl Name: Karsin Boy Name: Carson

I'm ligit going to play scrooge in my school play

Evan, Duncan, or Jasper for a boy Ashley, Courtney, or Brigette for a girl

Name Ideas: Boy: Darren, Cedar Girl: Oria (means golden), Athena (means goddess of wisdom), Artemis

Christmas Name Suggestions: Girls: Noelle, Angel, Star Boys: Christian, Noël, Claude (like Santa Claus)

Girl-Moon Ash Grace zoey lilly or Dawn Boy-Max Landon Leo Taylor Raven Nick Ricky Zach Jackson Jacob. I have alot of names so yeah

Baby names Girl:Tala Boy:Boni

For a baby name I give you... Sammy!!!! :3 So it can be a girl name or a boy name too :D ( I hope you pick this one )

Sabrina for a girl or Harvey for a boy But not both, that would be weird if they were siblings lol

Girl names - Audrey, Joanne, Caroline, Rose Boy names - Cam, Noah, Isaac, Carter

Love your hair and makeup!!

Can you name a girl:Georgia, Virginia Boy:Brayden, Grayson

Baby names Girl: Angelica, Kira, Valeriea Boy: Phoenix, Brent, Eugene

Baby name Boy: Harvey Girl: Hannah She's okay?

Please name twins after my sister and I- Shyanne and Cierra. Well forgive you if you change the spellings so they start with the same letter.

Love the series. Been here from the beginning. Possible Christmas names Girl: Noelle Boy: Nicholas

Can you please name a baby girl Brigitta? That's my gf name❤ or Bridgette if it's too hard to pronounce

Baby names Boy: Klaus or Duncan Girl: Violet, Isadora or Beatrice

With the Communication toddler skill, After babbling then go try Hugging the bear, communication will go up CRAZY FAST! Like so Kelsey can see!

Kelsey you counted Harry when you were counting the children! Mars and Connor are actually only babies 58 and 59!!

Christmas themed baby names: Girls: Cinnamon, Merry, Holly, Winter, or Evie. Boys: Claus, Noel, Nicolas, Cupid, or Elfie.

It would be so funny if you could name a boy Chandler from friends. Been binge watching it.

Who's been here since the start Me:

Boy: Jasper Girl: Emmanuelle

Girl names: moon, silvester Boy names: timothy, tristan

Girl name kaelee or Clementine Boy name jathan or Eddie

11:58 “forget Daryl we need to hit on Aladdin”


Hello hello! Have some names for yooou For a boy maybe the name, Tennyson or Roberto! Love this series am going to be very sad once it ends!

Can u name a boy Harry Jr

Can you name a boy Devin A girl named Holly Kate Janiyah

Please name a girl Mio!!!

Dylan (after me) for a boy, Abigail (after my little sister that died in birth) for a girl.

Baby names : Girl: Maxine or Hope Boy: James or Michael

Live event suggestions: - NEW YEARS. - HARRY RESSURECTION WITH AMBROSIA. (Gardening/Cooking could be next matriarch's career)


If it’s a girl name it maybul if it’s a boy name it aybull

name a girl payton/ sara boy raydien/ james/

Hi Kelsey! Love your videos! If she's a girl: Jupiter If he's a boy: Saturn (I'm hoping that we can have a planet theme)

Since this was posted on my birthday can you name the next baby Kimberley. If it's twin girls can the other one be Janine in honour of my friend who shares my birthday and is literally 3 hours younger than me? Thank you!!!

Boy names William, Roman, Mark, Henry. Girl names lily, Lea, Alina, Clara.

Cordelia and Cordel, my brother and I love the vids

Name a girl after me please, Margarita.

Ok so my sister and two cousin each share names with these kids. Was there a Braden? My family is Cassie (me), Shelby (girl) Kristin (girl) Braden (boy) Taylor (girl)✔️ Conner (boy) ✔️ and my little sister Autumn. Please name Casey’s heir Cassie and if she has a twin brother name him Blake

Christmas girl's name: Alana Christmas boy's name: Alex

my top baby names!! boy names: Noah, Hudson and Harley girl names: Harper, Melody and Lyric the girls names that i put are all to do with music, i love music and i love to sing so if you would pick one of thoes names wouls be amazing

Technically the baby count is 59 because Harry doesn’t really count. But if you are counting Harry then yes, yes it would be 60 babies. Girl: Monica or Rachel Boy: Joey, Ross, or Chandler

Fitzgerald or Reginald after my two cats!

I’m gonna be so sad when this series ends

Girl:Rae Boy:James

Who else thinks that when she reaches 100 babies she should go for 200? or 1,000 you know I’m down for that lol

Baby Names! girl: Cassie, Kate, Skylar, Phoebe boy: Casey, Chandler, Levi, Elliot

Girl: Kathy, kelly, Kristen, kristy, kris, kendal, candice, scarlet, Penelope Boy: Quentin, Khole, victor, tom, zack

Kelsey if you want your children to have emotional control buy the diary so they can vent there, and if you want to raise their empathy make the children play with the doctor set. Please like this so Kelsey can see it!

You should name a baby Samantha from Frozen 2!

Name A girl snow-angel☃ and a boy gingerbread man!

Baby names : erin for girl Eris for boy

Did Olive die?

You have said “Hey everybody, I’m Kelsey, I’m single, and we thought it would be funny if I tried the one hinder baby challenge.” 48 times. I love your determination.

or jasmine after me pls

name one of the kids christmas , so you can always give him gifts

Baby name Suggestions: Boys: Luke, Liam, Petey, Gregg, Dakota, and Jakob Girls: Sofia, Brenna, Sydney, Layla, Mackenzie, Riley, Jayda, and Maddie ^These are all my friends in my friend group please pick one!

Boy- Louis or Zach Girl- Finley or Lila

Seamus. (Shay-mis) It's weird and bizarre but part of me thinks it's become fun trolling with the names. Also, my name is Casey and I got really excited when you renamed her Kasey.

Baby names: Girl: Sarah Boy: Jackson or Justin

Please name a baby girl Nia and a baby boy Toby

I hope you are an xfiles fan and consider Dana or Fox for names!

I love your videos

Raiden for a boy and Jade or Kitana for a girl

If you have a baby with Flynn Ryder can you make the baby Pascal or Maximus like in the movie

Boy or gender fluid: Jay Female: Jadel Boy or gender fluid: Hal Female Halie!! I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE SO MUCH! Thank you for pulling through!!!

Who doesn't love a good tongue twister? Boy: Peter Girl: Piper Works best for boy/girl twins

Can you name a Girl: Lisa Boy:Cesar


Names: Boy: Peeta or Gale Girl: Katniss or Prim From the hunger games!

I finally caught up. I just found this series last week.

Girl Names: Jordyn, Alex, Ivy, Teagan, Boy Names: Joy, Wyatt, Ethan, Riley,

Girl : Calalilly , Raïne , Eva (eh-vuh) Boy : Angel , Cairo , Nicholas If you get twins please use as many as you can

So I was singing along on the "let it snow" But you said eat a, salad

Plz pick my baby name I have watched from episode one and absolutely love it !! Girl:Gwen Boy:Jackson

if it’s a girl name it zoey, it’s my name! and if it’s a boy name it landon because that would’ve been my name if i was a boy

Girl names: Stephanie (after me), Parker, Lyric Boy names: Peter, Oliver, Dean

Landyn for a girl? I think so

can you please name a girl~Katelynn and a boy~Joey

Twin Baby Names- Boy- Zac and Efron Girl- Taylor and Swift

Can you name a baby either Korinne for a girl (pronounced core-in) Dominic for a boy

You should name a girl Noel for the holidays

Girl name; Charity, after me! Boy name: Robert!

You should name twin boys Michael and Jackson so it is funny and cool since Michael Jackson

Girl names: Sadie Eleven Quinn Tillie or Millie Boy names: Arrow Noah

Can you name one of the babies Raella if it's a girl or Simmon if it's a boy? They would be named after one of my D&D characters kids!!

Petition for a CHELSEA JR SPINOFF ! Also I have 3 sisters all pregnant with girls and all having them in February they’ve picked names so here’s so girl names! Lilly (Lillian) Addy (Adalyn) and Izzy (Izabell)

For a girl : Haven For a boy : Briceson this is my brother and I. our fathers name is casey so it works perfectly!!!!

My niece really loves your channel and has even gotten me into watching it so I thought it would be awesome if you named one of the babies after her! Her name is Elaina.

Oh my god, I completly forgot about this challenge , I stopped watching months ago ... came back into by recommended. Forgot how much I loved this

Emily!!! There’s never been an Emily!! Or Emmett !!

Names Boy: Ezra or Enzo Girl:Enzo or Sasha

My sons name is Connor!! My name idea for a girl would be Camryn since that’s my daughters name! ☺️

Connor from Detroit Become Human and the name Mars is the last name of the main protagonist from Heavy Rain! Both have the same devs!

Boy: Rylan Girl: Sam

Also Alyssa girl

Angelina girl +boy james aka me

Kids name

Here is some landscape inspired names: Girls: Meadow, coral, Mountain Boys: Ocean, River, Desert, Hill Both: Plateau, Cliff, Lake

Please please please name one of the kids Sherlock, and do a spinoff where he's a detective! Or name one of them Moriarty... criminal mastermind... Or name one of them Neo! Also... can you name a girl Kira... after me...

Can you please name a baby heather,jeweliet,or Brygit and some boy names are Zack,Roger,and Justin

Am I the only one that doesn’t understand the “ Annie are you ok thing”?

the OG days when Kasey was Taylor

You should name a girl Melynda and boy Randy after my aunt and uncle who died before I met them

"I've only just got here and I'm already overwhelmed" such a mood!

please name a girl : edlynne, violet or aubrey . and name a boy : presscott, asher or aydin.

For a boy Luca and a girl Lilian

Boy name: Josiah Boy name: Aaron

Hey Kelsey Will you name your next kids: Boys: Emmet, Draco, Duncan Girls: Lilly, Annabelle, Dawn Please

I can't believe Kelsey didn't name the other twin Ares. That's an opportunity gone down the sewer right there

I want the vampire girls again do more episodes pleaseeeeeee everyone who wants the girls back comment that please!!!!!!!!

Hey Kelsey! I have an idea maybe nextime you invite Aladin over you should sing : "Prince Ali! Fabulous he! Ali Ababwa!"

Will you please name a baby molly or Kasey jr.

02:35 No one... not a single soul... Kelsey:

boy: Luke girl: Carter

Baby names!! if its a girl: Sophie ( my name ) a boy: Kenai or Koda

Boy: Buzz for buzzfeed Girl: Buzz for Buzzfeed

Baby names Girl= Emma or Charlie Boy=George or Bruce

girl:Lushlii Stella Scarlett Boy:hudson kaden

BABY NAMES!! Girl: Eliza, Hunter, Jaelin :) Boy: Bleu, Dallas, Mateo! ❤❤❤

Please name one of the kids Kristina (my name)! I’ve met like 1 other person who spells it with a K! Or if it’s a boy, Hans is a unique name, at least in the US!

one year anniversary of this series is on Dec 20!!!! im excited to see what the anniversary episode is gonna be :). please name a baby makenzie btw

Boy: Alex or Benjamin Girl: Alyssa or Matilda

Baby Names Allison Abby Sophia Victoria Andrew

If you give the ghosts residence keys then they won’t brake your stuff Pls like so Kelsey can see!

Amylia or Topanga if it’s a girl. Edison or Carter if it’s a boy.

Baby names Girl: Ashlyn Boy: Ethan Both genders: Blake and Bailey

Kelsey: Oh it's new years eve Its kinda almost Christmas Me: wut?

I think when Kasey gave birth to Phoebe she also gave birth to Phoebe's evil twin but one of the babies got stollen. You thought you had phoebe... but you had the evil twin (I can't for the life of me remember her name)

Hi Kelsey! I have some names for the babies: Boys: Noah or Mason Girls: Benita or Robin

Girl: Carly, Sam Boy: Freddy, Spencer, GIbby

Boy names: Patrick, Nic, Timothy, Nixon, Jaxon,west Girl names: Stella so you can say Steeeelllaaaa , Shelagh, Nicolette, Winnie, Luna

baby name options boy- jody, braeden, liam girl- jodie, jaquelyn, kaitlyn

Boy twins: Stefan and Damon Girl twins: Josie and Lizzie Boy and girl twins: Kai and Jo TVD Inspired

Aww, my son's name is Connor

DO THE NAMES: Viki Petra Tula Kayla for girls Athen Nolan Karston For boys! Plz thx love u so much!

How about April and June

Winter or Noelle

Did we miss Kasey getting pregnant??

Can you name a boy Aragorn from Lord of the Rings...PLEASE!

Can you name a girl Ananda please!

Can you name a girl Klara after my niece Or a boy Bryan after my dad!!!

Please do a side series of taking Chelsea jr. going to college!

can you name a girl Gracelyn or a boy louie or a girl zoey

Mars and Conner go together! Both from Arnold Schwarzenegger movies

For a girl:Hailo or Harley For a boy:Hail or Harlo Please pick mine I love you so much

Please name a girl Ella

Since Christmas is coming up.... Boy names: Grinch, Nicholas(SANTA), Scrooge Girl name: Cindy (Cindy Lou), Winifred, Sarah, Dani

Can you pleas name a baby Chloe after me I have been here since episode 1

If you upgrade Kasey’s bed she will be less tired constantly because the quality is better :)

Girl:journey Boy:derrion

Please don’t say “oh my god” so much.

Baby names: Katarina, Yzma, Darius, Lee

Baby Names!! Girl: Avery, Ella, Sommer Boys: Adam, Max, Morgan, Gabe

Baby names: Girls: Eleri (my name

Cole and summer

If you have a girl please her name is Maisy If you have a boy name it Mac p.s love these videos❤❤

I’ve been watching since episode one and im always excited to watch each new episode :) Girls- Cassady (that’s me teehee) Boys- also Cassady since it’s a boys name too

Can you please name a baby after my brother and me ? His name is Jazz and my name is Danika. Love your videos !!!

Please name a baby girl Ashley! It'd make my day!!

Hmm, TOMorrow or TODay☺️ Boy names: Tom and Tod

Anyone else kinda want phoebe hair to be blonde like on friends

Babo Names: Girls- Mila(pronounced me-la) Ioana(pronounced eoana) Eve Ava Ashley Alyssa Boys- Maks(pronounced max)(he's my brother) Cuba(pronounced Ku-ba)(he's my cat that died) Ace Nick Jacob Leo Milo

Girl: Maiya (like me!) Boy: Maddox or Major

If you have a girl name it Ginger,Joy,Holly, or Gracey And if you have a boy name it Jolly,Buddy,Oden or Nicholas

If you a girl name it Ginger,Joy,Gracey, or Holly And if you have a boy name it Jolly, Nicholas,Oden, or Buddy

Baby with Aladdin should be jasmine I havent seen the whole video idk if he gets her pregs yet but when he does if they have a girl it should be named jasmine and a boy should be raja or however its spelled also newborn babies always need to be fed the moment u give birth that's why it always says they are very hungry shortly after having them

I may have miscounted but I thought Mars and Conner were babies 58 + 59?

If girl name her Desa and if boy name him Deso

Holly  Iclyn Ivy  Frost  January Jasper

Girls:crystal,Lindsey Boys:Franklin Can you change the hair back to blonde

Watch the needs increase at 25:21

And you could name a boy Nicholas

You should name a girl:Lilo from Lilo and stitch and for a boy:robin if you don’t already have kids that are named that though

Girl: Anya (on ya) Boy: Atlas

Names For a girl: Isabella or Bella For a boy: Santi or Emilo

For a boy Jace for a girl Catherine


You should name a girl= lily or Lilian Boy= gazer

The 100 baby challenge began December 20th, 2018! I started rewatching ALL of the episodes again! Girls: Darrian (My Name), Arianna, Loreley, Callista, Felicity, Kacee, Kadee, Karlee, Kelcee, Khloee (all K names are my cousins

Please name a girl Sky,or Skyla

Can someone tell me why my body presets i downloaded for sims 4 aren't in the game? i hovered my cursor over my sims body in full edit mode and nothing..

Baby names (mostly from Lord of the Rings): Girl: Eowen, Arowyn, Galadriel, Cindy Lou, Jodie, Evelyn, Mary. Boy: Frodo, Sam, Mary, Pippin, Gandolf, Smeagle, Joseph.

should have named connor, bruno haha

How do you make things bigger like she did the nutcracker?

Please name one of the girls Raquel (or Rachel), there’s nothing important about it, but is my name


You should do a disney theme with the baby names!!!!

Harry: "I don't know what I want to be when I grow up!" Us: won't ever grow up

Girl names Autumn winter

I love watching you please name one of your sims after me

Baby names Girl twins:Mallory and Maddie Boy twins:Jaden and Jayden Boy and girl twins: Mike and Molly

For the Christmas season, you should name one of the next babies a Christmassy name like... For a boy: Nickolas (or Nick for short), Noel, or Klaus For a girl: Mistletoe, or Bell

Girl names: Julia, Makenna, Hailey Boy names: Jesse, Noah, Aiden

How does she enlarge the items?? I

Bralynn a girl a Blaine a boy

Name ideas Boy Rodolfo Girl Mary Time to get in the Christmas spirit

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to make things bigger??

Kori for girl and Thomas for boy

Please choose one of these names it would make me sooo happy

Please name your girl Emma! I haven’t seen all your episodes but if you haven’t named a girl Emma please do!

If you have a girl name her Evelyn and if you have a boy name him Nolan

Can you name a girl Abby or a boy Carter

I just realized that unless one of the Tods get aged up, when the babies age up there will be 6 tods. 6!!

Boy: Mark or Lucas (my babies from nct) Girl: Aleeya or Mira

Baby boy : Luka Baby girl : Cera :D

Norse mythology expert play God of war like I wanna see that

Please give all the kids and Kasey a makeover

please name a boy child Tod and a girl Abby

Girl: Leah my name or Leonie or Ellese Boy: Elï

has anyone suggested she name one of the babies Kelsey...?

Can you name a baby after the Frozen characters? When I saw Frozen 2 and Olaf says “This is fine” I thought of your videos. “I’m fine I’m fine this is fine this is fine.”

Girl: Lillie, Elena Boy: Alex, Damon

Personally I think Courtney is a great name

My boyfriends and my name Girl: Jocelyn Boy: Orlando

Kelsey, have you done Fred and George yet??? I don't think you have... We have a Harry, we have the Marauders as fathers, we need a Fred and a George. and a Ron if we don't already have one, I honestly don't remember...

Katherine, Emma, Maggie, Julia, Miah

Disney themed names: Girls- Ariel, Jasmine, Wendy (Peter pan), Jane (Tarzan) Boys- Sebastian, Gus (Cinderella), Peter, Mickey

BABY NAMES boy:Hayden,Danilo girl:Mia,Brianna Twin girls:Alise,Amy Twin boys:Marco,Polo

Please name the babys Girls: Summer and Emma & Boys: Christian and Chris Please name one or if you have twins babys please name them!!!!!! By the way love your vids

for a girl isabele for a boy Aiden

Hi Kelsey! Do you think you could name a baby girl Ashtyn after me? I feel kinda let down by my other name sake Ashton

Names: Girl: Ayla Boy: Parker

Baby names: Girl: McKenna or Aubrey Boy: Declan or Liam

Girl-Amber cause it's my name Boy- Alexander #100babychallenge

Honestly Girl names: Elsa, Anna, Iduna, Honeymaren Boy Names: Kristoff, Sven, Patrick :p

patiently waiting for the episode to begin with “I am no longer single” hahaha

what kind of camera and microphone do you use to film these videos

Name a girl Chanukka, because no one could hold a candle to her! ; )

Name a boy Casper! So he can make friends with ghosts! :) Girl names: Maya (my name! :))

Could you name your baby Rocio which means water droplet if it's a girl and Jesus if it's a boy because of the holidays

Name your next baby Tommy after Tommy Pickles. Can you tell I watch all the buzzfeed videos?

Girl name: Fiona Boy name: Nick

For christmas names please do... Girls: Eve, Noelle, Carolle, Mary, Winter (Winnie), Joy, Holly Boys: Nickolas(nick), Joseph, Jesus (Ha-soos), Christain(chris)


please name girls: Maeve,Brooklyn, Emery, Linden | boy :Hudson, |unisex: Presley, Austin/Austen, Bailey, Charlie, Billy/Billie, Carmen, Devon, Drew, Harper, and lots more that I like but I've already given you too much. Please use at least one of them!



Hi Kelsey! If you have a girl, could you name her Ava? If it's a boy, could you name him Max? :)

should have been mars and mark !!


Baby names Boy: Percy, Nico Girl: Piper, Annabeth Also they may be Percy Jackson inspired names...


Baby names- Boys-Martin,Jakeb,Chandler,Ross,Joey Girls-Hailey,Caitlyn,Rachel,Monica Thank you!!

I'm all for detroit become human names. Girl- Kara, Alice, Chloe, North, Amanda, Traci, Lucy Boy- Bryan (Since you did conner already) Markus, Simon, Hank, Carl, Todd, Josh, Ralph, Luther, Jerry

I’m finally up to date! Love this playlist ❤️

You should use Poe for a girl or boy. Or Ezra after my niece!

Boy: buddy Girl: coco Twin names Boy:coal Girl: Clay

Cute baby girl names: Sophia, Lexi, Alexa, Tori and Caydence Cute baby boy names: Kaleb, Alex, Robbie, Xander and Dillon

Tiana for a gril

Baby girl name’s: Hailey Halo Audry Baby boy name’s: Tanner Allis Brendan

Kelsey! You should give some of your sims jobs before they move out (specifically medical careers) so they can deliver some of Kelsey's babes!

For boys you should do Stefan and Damen, then for girls Caroline and Elena from the Vampire Diaries.

Please name a baby after one of my teenage sons Chris, Jesse, Stefan, Rob, or Mike Please, it would mean so much to me

Girl-Laila,Luna,Leila Boy-Scott,Hani,Neymar

"I just got here and I'm already overwhelmed" AKA teaching in a nutshell

My babies have been non stop crying too no matter what I give them!!! Bruhhhhhhhh


I was wondering what expansion packs you have. If you can please respond to let me know. Thank you

Space related Names: Girl: Celeste, Rhea, Calixto ( Callisto), Daphnis, Ersa, Luna, Larissa, Miranda, Ophelia, Juliet, Aurora and Bianca Boy: Francisco ( Francis ), Umbriel, Ariel, Apollo, Galileo, Ceres, Prometheus

So I just started going by a new name because I've come out as gender fluid. The two names I was deciding between were Aspen and Atlas. I chose Atlas for myself. Could you give one of these names to a baby?

For baby names what if you did jayla and cayla

Names Girls~ Stella•Lily Boys~ Ron•Ivan

Baby names Girl: Amber-Rose, Abbie, Alice. Boy: Arthur, Jacob, Matthew. Love your vids ❤

What is up with the Annie okay? I don't get it

please name a girl mercedes or porscha - after me and my sister if a boy name him lincoln- after my brother love the videos!!!!!

whos been here sence day 1

Girl: Jasmine, Marieclaire, Vanessa, Skylar Boy: Willam/Will, Allen

Girl names : Laila or Darcie Boy names : Oscar or Ollie

Names for twins Girls: Addely and Arabella Boys: Percy and Gabe Girl and boy: Rosé jr and José

The next baby mama should be named CASSIE! AND BONUS! that's my name!

You should name a baby Quinn and it’s cool because Quinn can be a boy or a girl

Girls names: Miranda or Belle Boys names: Petey or Griffin These are my cats names btw

One of my teens died yesterday RIGHT BEFORE AGING UP, so now I understand the Harry pain on a spiritual level....

How about June for s name

Please please please name a baby Carolyn after me. I never could find a key chain or souvenir with my name on it, but this would be much better :) Also, bonus, it has a Christmas theme like Caroling/Carol of the bells, just saying

Girl names:Anna, Eve or Christina Boy names:Sam ,Finley or Christian

can you put for girls: mercy, harper and/or faith, because you need mercy and faith. for boy: caleb, ryan and/or ron in memory of harry THANKS LOVE YAAA!!!!!

My Name is Devin and while I didn't like my name growing up I really like how unique it is now. Please name a girl- Devin It means poet and lyrical!!

Should’ve went with Bruno and Mars

For girls: Isla, Alanna, Marcella, or Brianna. (The matriarchs from my 100-baby challenge, which you inspired me to attempt.).

Twins: Myra and Myron Girl: Violet, Virginia Boy: Luke, Campbell

Name a baby Amara!

Look my video

Boy names: Brody, Tucker (my brothers) Girl names: Grace, Elyse, Brianna (My bffs since you already have autumn aka me)

Send Chelsea Jr. to collegee!!

Baby names. My grandparents named Barbara or Diane for girls and for boys Louis or Duff

Baby names! Girl names: Eclipsa, Ava, Emily, Leah Boy names: Jay, Mike, Jackson, James Hope you like my name suggestions!

I love how she did not realize that Eric Fisher was also a Disney prince.

Boy name: Adam, Yuno Girl name: Eve, Noelle

Christmas fantasy sounds like a hallmark movie

Summer or sunshine for a girl and for a boy Chris

Christmas themed names for twins: Nick & Noelle

name: Alicia for a girl :)

Please name a Girl:Destiny or Nicole For a Boy: Brycen or Daylan

Skye for a girl

Boy name - Cosmo Gril name - Wanda ;)

You should name a boy Blake and a girl Chloe. PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!

Baby names: Girl: Moon, Luna, lizzy Boy: Venus, Hunter, Carter I hope you like them. love you♥♥

Baby names Girls - Jasmine, Oliana, Atlanta or Nell Boys - Ash, Chase, Dean or Clancy

Or a boy Poseidon and a girl Athena

But if so make there hair black

You should name Rachael Ross Chandler Monica and Joey from friends.

Girl Kelly,Lea Boy Hector,Billy

Baby names: Girl: Kira, Davina, Tyra Boy: Christer, Derek

Babynames : I hope you read this

Can you name a baby Faith because I have faith in you. Also can the next matriarch be named Theresa so she can be Mother Theresa in the sims! Ps. I love this series!!!!!

Can you try have baby at the house

Can you mane a baby June, Katelynn, Julian, Toby, Leia, Or Sam

Kelsey got a new phone! I miss the stitch sticker ☹️

if you had a boy and girl twin it would be awesome to name then Sophie and Wesley after me and my twin!

Girls=Venus,Brooklyn, Charlotte, Louisiana and Emily Boys=Brandon,Charles,

yo i forgot about this series and i stopped on the 20th episode and she is on the 48th episode whaaaattttt omg i cant watch 28th episodes in one day omg idk what to doo

Baby names: Girl: Lyrik or Carly :) Boy: Everest -My sister and I watch every Saturday together❤️

you should name your next girl Ariel!

Girl Brooklyn boy Boston

For Twins girl Meghan boy Michael

Baby names: Girls - Sabrina, Penelope, Penny Boys - Sebastian, Joey

Name a boy/girl Bam so that every time he/she achieves something... You'll say "BAM"

i love this series!!! baby names girls: noel, ainsley, candice boys: tucker, raleigh (like north carolina), and calaway

i’m so late lol

or hhave a Office themed names boy: jim, andy, dwight, michael girl:pam, angela, holly, erin

please have gossip girl themed names ! girl:serena, blair, vanessa, jenny boy:nate, chuck, dan

baby names girl: Clementine, Penny, Aero boy: Adin, Dallas, Russel unisex: Wyatt

Baby Name Suggestions : Girl ~ Alexus , Gabrielle Boy ~ Timothy, Kaidyn All of these names are my siblings names

in honor of the holidays can you name a baby Noelle/Noella for girl & Rudolph for boy

Baby Names: August and Autumn

Babo Names: Girls- Mila(pronounced me-la) Ioana(pronounced eoana) Eve Ava Ashley Boys- Maks(pronounced max)(he's my brother) Cuba(pronounced Ku-ba)(he's my cat that died) Ace Nick Jacob Milo

Elijah for a boy Rebecca for a girl

girl, lucy, iris, ava, josie, aidrey boy, lane, wess Please pick my names. I love you Kelsey/Kasey/Chelsea❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

Christmas themed baby names! girls: Noelle, Holly boys: Nicholas, Klaus

Baby names (office addition): Boy: Kevin, Michael, Jim! Girl: Angela, Kelly, Nelly, Erin, Pam!

you should name a girl trixie or lexi or a boy jackson or timmy

Girl- lily or Julia Boy- alex or jason

Girl: Katniss, Lyra

Name a girl KELSEY!!!! PLSSS

Girl: Skyler/sky, Kelsey, Izzy, Aubree, Chassis Boy: Brok, Wyatt, Colton, Noah My name, my friends name, and my bfs name✌

girl- Bev or Beverly boy- Richie or Eddie

Name twins Thomas and Jeremy aka Tom and jerry

Atticus and Edgar for twin boys! They are my dogs and are twin dogs! They have an Instagram!

Like for All Star quote

Kelsey, take care of yourself (sympathy emodji)

Girl: Kayla or Genevieve Boy: nick

Baby names: girl:Alanís or Beyonce Boys: Anthony or Bayron

girl: Jayne boy: Joshua :)

This is hilarious! My name is Mars, hearing my name in the game is awesome!! Baby names: Girl: Valentina, Naomi, Hazel Boy: Ezra, Soren, Ren

Boy: Devon Girl: Devon It’s pronounced Devin tho

I'm so happy she has stuck with this challenge... I was super worried I'd get attached to this series and she wouldn't stick through and finish it haha

Baby Names: Girl- Sue (because of reasons) Boy- Sue (because it's funny)

Can you please call a girl Beverley or a boy Bill

Girl: Alyssa, Corin, Ashley Boy: Trey, Corbin, Archie

not sure if you watch fruits basket (i really recommend it! it's a great show) but could you name a boy Kyo or Yuki, and a girl Tohru or Hana?

Name a girl Ursula to be Phoebe's evil twin (even though Phoebe is evil). Maybe it'll be the opposite of Friends

Baby names for twin boys! Leon & Noel It’s the same name just the other one spelled backwards ❣️ I always watch your show when I’m at the gym on the treadmill!!! Keeps me so motivated, time flies when you’re watching 100 baby challenge!

Girl names: Carly, gracie, Daniel Boy names: Liam, jack, able Love this! Keep it up! ❤️

Girl names: Anaya, Nalani and Mackeshia Boy names: Tyriek and Tedroy

u should name one of the girls Johanna it means god's gracious gift in hebrew

Girl names: Annikka, Nyssa, Faye Boy named: Mason, Griffin, Orion

Girl names Nola macey Delaney Boy names Chris Gary joey

My sisters and my names are: Nadia, Natalie, and Naidene. :] Do with that what you will. Lol

I have a girl and a boy name, girl names: Maegen,Jasmine,Halle. Boy names: Jason, Isaac and David. I hope you like these suggestions!

YYYoooo Pheobe is fully a non binary I CANT BE THE ONLY ONE WHO SEEs IT! Kelsey you need to give them a makeover... I mean come on...that haircut...bro personality... we all know evil is just code for gay...and the way Kelsey yelled at them on Christmas to be a contributing member of this family! I cant. Thats the most bisexual non binary trans thing ive ever seen

There’s a glitch since the new update that makes the toddler’s need go down super fast which actually sucks for anyone doing this challenge.

How are you single when you're so beautiful?! I haven't even met an ugly single girl!

Could you use the names Basil, Clementine, and Esmerelda? I love this show!

Lady, you need to take your medication. Every day. If you don't: this video.

Baby names: Girl: Ruby or Claire Boy: Ezra, Sebastian, or Jared

can you name a girl Ryan please ?!?!

PHONEBE HAS THE FASHION SENSE OF PHOEBE FROM FRIENDS Also: Elizabeth for a girl and Will for a boy

I really wanna suggest name for you: Girl: Alvina (my name) Boy: Alvin thank you:")

You should name the next boy baby Todd so he can be Todd the Todd! Also Tasha would be a cute girl name!

Twin girl names: Peach and daisy (Mario kart/party) Twin boy names Mario and luigi (Mario kart/party) Other names: leah, macy, lindsey, lia, candace, adina, Miranda, Dylan

Please can you call a baby girl Libby, Chloe or Mila Please can you call a baby boy Jace or Kai thank you

U should name a boy Barry and a girl Janice


Girl, Rosie or Rosie Boy, Dylan

Girls: Adeline, Ariel, Abigail, Averie, Aurora, Alex, Crystal, Catarina, Cambridge, Camryn, Kayleigh, Athena, Audrey, Lizzy (or Lizzie), Eliza, Liza, Harper, Layla, Ivy, Mary, Lilleigh, Forest. Boys: Noah, Lucas, Brennan, Brandon, Kodi, Cody, Luke, Michael, Mikey, Mike, Ben, Benjamin, Harold, Patrick, Pat, Darvin, Jacob, Blake, Samuel, Whitman, Brian, Andrew.

*Holliday names* Joy, Holly, Winter, Eve, Crystal, Noelle, Belle, Angel or Angelica Aspen, Snowden, Nicholas, Noel, Ember

I really like the names Luna and Cassiopeia for a girl and Vincent, James and Henry for a Boy.

Girl names: Marissa, Katy (after me and my best friend who should've been sisters) Boy names: Sean, Joe (after my brother and boyfriend) You’re the sweetest Kelsey, thank you!!

Give Harry and Chelsey a key so they don’t ruin things

Girl: Allie,grace,Lauren,kassie,Anne/Anna,Jemima,Emma *me* Boi:Grayson,Houston,Kingsley,Patrick (from spongebob) Unisex:Skylar,Rocky,Lesley,JJ,

Names: Boy: Hayden or Carson Girl: Molly or luella

Baby name suggestions!!! Since you have a lot of twins in this challenge, how about Dipper (for a boy) and Mabel (for a Girl) like from the show Gravity Falls. Or if it's two boys, Stanley and Stanford.

Girl:HannaJo Boy: Jasper

i friggen LOVE this series!! baby name suggestions are girl: Lou boy: Andy (my name lol)

How do you make your objects bigger?

Boy : Nick Girl:Hannah

Name suggestions for your babes! Girl: Lara (in memory of my auntie who passed away), Felicia, Hermione or Angel Boy: Timmy, Draco or Elijah You are such a lovely person, keep it up!

I love the names: Virgil and Patton for boys or Maddie and Ella for girls

Can we get an Allison Stone? (Named after the character you played in All Hallow's Eve)

Baby names! Girl: Lilly, Luna, Mae, Marie,Ruby, Alice, Ailis( A- Lish it's Celtic) Rowena Boy: Salem, Knight, D.J. , Jack, Casper, Rally, Crowley, Sam, Dean. Unisex: Jade, Quinn, Olivander, Onyx. Love your videos!

Baby names: Boy: rain Girl: bow I choose that because I love rainbows!!!

Can u name a baby girl leah

can you please name a girl Pluto or indigo and a boy Jax or Baxter

considering phoebe’s super masculine presentation and the whole phoebo thing i think it’d b cool if kelsey made em trans

Girl - Eleanor Boy - Elliott

Baby names: Girl: Lily Alaska Boy: Teddy Flynn

you should name your next baby if girl Olive because shes the first baby in the challenge. and if the next baby is a boy can can you call him fletcher.

Baby names Girl: Rithika (I know this name is not that common but I thought u might like it) Boy: Richard , Ringo(cuz I'm a Beatles fan)

boy names: Sam, Dean, castiel, john girl names: mary, jody, meg, ellen

Baby names: girl: Luna,Sophie,Karina. boy: Ronald,Ryan.

Boy names: Wally, Hudson, Henry, Oliver Girl names: Frances Georgia Hollis and Keira

Boy: Matteo, Laklouse Girl: Zaria, Scarlett

Baby names~ Girl:Clary Boy:Dylan Christmas baby names~ Girl:Carol or Joy Boy:Nick or Clouse or Clause Ps-i love your vids and i would love if you picked my names

“Annie are you okay?” -Michael Jackson Nah Kelsey Impicciche

“They’re proteching my houseeee”

For a girl Phoebe, Rachel, or Monica For a boy Chandler, Ross, or Joey

Boy: Wesley or Braxton Girl: Tate or Braylnn

For a boy: dustin bc thats my baby boy For a girl: Alisa-lynn or rosebell. That was gonna be my babies name if he was a girl but the middle name would have been rosebell

Pls name a girl lilly and a boy chaise

Girl: Maple or Joy or Leah Boy: Liam or Bobby

Names Girls:Claire Layla Winter Boys:Conley Seraph Brooks

If it’s a boy: Dylan, Wade, or Peter If it’s a girl: Lunella, Blair, or Diana And, if you’re interested in any gender neutral names, how about: Reilly, Jordan or Robin/Robyn

Use the name Karah or Landrie or Eden I’m such a big fan!!!

U should name ur next baby Dani so u can ask them how they feel

Can you name the next girl baby marjelise mar-ju-leas

Plz plz plz name a girl ruby sapphire galaxy or mia and boy Aaron Logan Alex or Nick plz plz plz!

Hi I love this challenge soo much Baby names Girl Arista Boy Garrett

Y'all how many kids dors she have

Please name the next girl Hannah

Baby names❤️ Boy: Chandler or Joey Girl: Ludmila or Angela

If it is a girl name it Maiya and if a boy name it Braxton

Hey Kelsey, this episode came out on mine and my sisters birthday, November 30 i just wanted to tell you how great of a birthday present this video was. Hope you have a wonderful holiday

Can you name a baby Sarabella?

Can you please name your next baby's this Girl: Bella, Alice, Victoria, Elizabeth, Renesmee Boy: Jake, Edward, Emmett, James, Aro, Marcus All from Twilight :)

Courtney,Jackson,Autumn,Logan, and Levi

So if it’s a girl I was thinking Alexis, Tammy, And it’s a boy I was thinking tanner, Holden,

You should name a baby after Christmas like Noëlle (F), Carol(F), December(M or F), or Yule (M), Nicholas (M), Klaus (M)

Hey Kelsey I have some baby name options. Girl: Brianna or Blake Boy: Brayden or Sean (my dads name)

Boy names:Daniel,Dalton,Hugo,James,Jayden,Derek,Bob,Jeffrey,Jimmy,Patryk,Charle,Dennis,Ollie,Nicky,Alex,Jesse,Joe,Danny,Leo,Felix,

names Girl: alli Boy: olli

Cutes girl names ever:Brooklyn,Payton,Amy,Evie,Lexi,Megan,Karina,Georgie,Hazel,Rosey,Olttoine,Olivia,Keira,October,August,Summer,Stephanie,Sally,Poppy ,Elsie,Ella,Daisy,Lilly,Iris,Chealsy jr jr

Plz call a baby girl Mehek my bestie is getting bullied and it will make her day shine bright

You should call a girl Paris or a boy Ollie because of olive and Paris because my name is Karis it would be the best present ever

Boy names:Trey,Jeremiah,Eugene,Andre Girl names:Natasha,Sheena,Mia,Dora

Girl:madison Abby and addison and allison Boy:jack mason and jax

Girl names: Lydia, Ada, Becca, Eylise or Elyse, sadie, Olivia, Izzy Boy names: Luke, Issaiah, Wesley, Rudy, Rusty, Levi

Can you name a baby Girl: Chloe,Penny Boy: Lucas,Peter

For a girl, I think Scarlett is a nice name, or Grace♥️

Are you going to do more spin off content on multiplayer?

Anyone else immediately get really nervous when she put the tree that close to the fireplace? Lol

Every time I scroll through my feed I have to do a double take because this Kelsey girl is in like every thumbnail and looks like my sister

Girls- Eva, Sophie, and Evangeline after me Boys- Ziv, Milo, and Hobbes Transgender- Elliot, Cori, Carrie

if its a girl: Grace or Sian and if its a boy: Ryder or Lundin.

Baby names: boy: Harrison in remembrance of Harry Girl: Harley

Baby Name: Girl Abigail,Khloe,or Sophie Boy Andrew,Kendal, or Sammy

yooo i havent seen this series in a whileeee i didnt know it was still going on omg

Girl: violet. Hayley. Molly. Rosie Boy: jack. Bradley. Jay. Jenson

Whe. Will the next video come out???? Pls

Girl:Victoria Boy:Steven

In the time its taken you to have 60 sim babies, i had one RL baby! born October 25th. so in honor of our baby achievements please name a boy Toby after my son :)

Why does Kelsey’/ hair look SO GOOD this episode!?!?!

Name a baby Alex/Alexandra it’s my name and goes with a boy or girl, or named after the doctor who delivered your babies!

60? I've listed all the babies she had to keep track of everything - I counted 59. Did I miss someone? Or was that because she included Harry?

Can you plz call your baby’s Girl: Amalia ( shameless that my name ) Or Aleen Boy: Timmur or Helmen Twins: Danyela and Danyal

Girl: Cereza Boy: Lukas

Boy: minty Girl:fenican

Plase have a baby name Emma

I have some names! Girl: Lilac or Chrystal Boy: Cecil or Malachi

if you don't mind give this name to your next child Girl : Arthuria, Nefertari, Sora (my nickname) Boy : Shun, Lucio, and Mika

What if you name a child after the Simpsons? Girls: Lisa (=me), Marge, Maggie Boys: Homer, Bart

Can you name one Kelsey

NAMES!!! Girls: Betty, Veronica, Toni, Cheryl, Polly Boys: Archie, Jughead, Kevin, Reggie, Moose, Dilton. RIVERDALE INSPIRED

For twin girls: Piper and Page or Prue (from charmed!) And for boys: Lars, Peter, Stewie or Joshua

Name "myra" for a girl it's said as my-rah.

Baby name: Girl:Amy Boy: Jonny

BABY NAMES** Boy- Kaleo, Corbin, Jarus, Coal Girl-Lindsey, Jessa, Beverly, Charlotte

Baby names: Girl: Clara, Kendal Boy: Timmy, Alex

Boy: Deck, Aster- meaning star Girl: Holly, Avery – meaning 'Christmas elf', Grace – meaning effortless beauty. If you choose my names, don't say what comment it's from.

I think the word is getting out among the guys about Kasey -- just look at them running for their lives at the romance festival!  :-D

*Look there protecing my house* Anyone else hear that it’s stead of look there protecting my house

Boy name: Caleb, Sam, David Girl name: Kara, Lacey, Charlotte

Music names: boys John. Paul ,George, or Ringo Girls: Lola, Ariana, Diana, Emmylou

Boy: Levi, Jackson Girl: Courtney, Haley Please name baby’s these names

Kelsey should send Chelsea junior to college for a mini series

U can name a boy : Holton and u can name a girl : Haily if u have twins

chelsea jr is SUCH a stunning sim. i need a college spin off with her so we can see more of her

Girl name: Kairi Boy names: Timmy or Damien

Give Steph0sims her clouttttttttt

what happened to the spin offs??? :(

My dad's childhood nickname was Mars!

Love a girl or boy with the name Paris like me !! Love from Canada

Girl Names: Kaitlyn(after me), Marie, Zoe, Joyce and Maci Boy Names: Brett, Tyler, Austin, Keegan and Gavin Unisex: Bailey and Payton

name - quyen or surely quyen

What happend with the todler bed at 29:04

Could you name a girl Julia after my girlfriend? (or Julian/Jules for a boy) Her birthday is in a couple weeks and she's a really big fan! You always brighten her day (and mine) and this has kind of become our Saturday tradition where we make tea and popcorn and watch this series in a blanket fort. It's pretty rad. Anyway, I know it would mean a whole lot to her!

Girl: Aimee Boy: Lorcan

Babynames: Girls: Elena Boys: Stephen

For a girls name I love Tara and for a boys name I love Hunter

Hi Kelsey can you please name a baby girl Cora, after me?

i love how the subtitles say "carol of the bells" when she is singing something from the nutcracker at the beginning

Love your videos Boys: Trevor, Nathan Girls: Lupe,Mia,Elyse

Girls... paige, Mia, Carol Boys.... Johnny, manny, Dallas Thanks for brightening each day with weird awkward jokes

Boy Blake Ken Kert Dan Girl Bailey Kate Karen Daisy

Baby name’s girl Lilly boy Jackson

Girl name: Elleri

Girl and Boy : Tessa and Darren Tessa backwards is asset and Darren and Tessa both have double letters! I love double letters!

Stella for a girl and Maddox for a boy

Old school baby names! Girl: Nancy, Barbara (stranger things ❤), Gail, Susan, Mabel Boy: William, Richard,

Name girl: Marley Name girl: AMINA!!! Name girl: June Name boy: Mickey Name boy: Bobby Name boy: Logan

Girl : Tessa and Alma Boy: Darren and Jadon

Omg Casey doesn’t have 60 babies!!! She only had 59 because Harry died and doesn’t count! Please like so Kelsey can see!

For a girl Aphrodite and for a boy Ares

Name the babby Christmas and spring or name kasy Jr

Baby name :jordan for boy or girl amd ashlyn for girl

Names for kids Girl: Riley Boy: Avery

Where’s the new video?

BABYYY NAMES!!!! Girl: Adria, LouLou (me) Boy: Adrian, Louis/e

Baby names Girl names Ashley, Ashlyn Boy names Asher, Ash

girl names: ophelia, artemis boy names: jeremiah, isaiah unisex: zion, jordyn/jordan

Baby names Boys: Pierce,Rhys,Noi,Leif,Asch Girls: Ava,Lorelai,Marlene Btw the names are from aphmau

Remember when Kelsey put all the teens to work?

Veronica Melia Alessia Stella or Tania for girl names or Enzo for a boy name

Now I need baby names I just found out I’m pregnant

If. It. A. Girl Sophia and If. Is a. Boy mach

13:00 that's how i got my child taken away in The Sims

Anyone else notice how fantastic Kelsey's hair is looking... So blonde and shiny!

Adding to the space kids, I would like a Pisces (after my zodiac sign.) I think it can work for both a boy or a girl


Girls: Cassidy, Sabrina, Zoe, Brittany Boy: Caleb, Stanley, Zach, Brandon

If in the game you have twins can you name them these names? Boy+Boy: Adam and Jesus/another boyish Christmas name Girl+Boy: Adam and Eve Girl+Girl: Eve and Mary

No one going to mention the toddler bed that’s in the wall?

I can’t believe we’ve been watching this for a year

Baby Names Boy: Chandeler, Ken Adam's, phoebo Girl: Janice, regina phalangie, princess Conswalla banana hammock

Elliot after my perfectly wonderful nephew

If u have a baby and it’s a girl plz name it kaydence or Madison and if u have a boy plz name it rhyker or axle

Last episode: GET OUT OF MY HOIESS!!! this episode: let me tell you I love you

Baby names : Girl : everest, eleven ❤ Boy : dustin, mike ❤

And can you name a baby Elsa

Baby names can you a baby Justin for a boy and Tyrell and Johnny for a boy can you name a girl Ana and Callie and paige and Angel and snowflake and diamond

Name a babie Charlotte rose so you can call her Charlie rose.

After you finish this challenge, you should use the same family lineage and do the Not So Berry Challenge or a proper legacy challenge!!!

Said it before, but replace Kasey's bed!! It's one of the cheap ones at the moment so takes ages to recover her energy. Girl don't have time for that! haha

Came across this...funny

Baby name girl:Alexandra Boy :Alexander

For a girl Phoebe, Rachel, or Monica For a boy Chandler, Ross, or Joey

Can’t wait until Kelsey can say she tried for a baby and is now eating for two in real life

Wasn't there a Connor before? Twin of Flynn

Can Annie be the next spin-off where she goes to college? And just a thought, but the next matriarch of the challenge should be named Kelly

Once you hit 100 babies will you still continue doing the episodes??

Girl: Tatum Mackinzi Boy: Carter Jason

“They’re proteccing my house!”

Some baby names more off the beaten path Girl: Ophelia, Amaris,Winona,Blythe Boy: Arlo,Everett,Lars,Ezra

Baby names Boy- Moon and Hero Girl- Rain and Arrow

My name is autumn

Who says Annie are you okay more, Kelsey in this series or Michael in the song?

Girl: Harriet, Holly Boy: Hugo, Charlie

You need to do another challenge like rags to riches or something after this!

Viviana Rodriguez vampire diaries

When I realize I've kept up with this Series for a wholeee year!!!

baby name girl : Kim or Neorah baby name boy : Joshua or Zachary

pick me pls

Noel's face though... lol 10:55

24:24 army

Girl name: after my own tod  Nevaeh (Nuh-VAY-uh) she is 2 and loves your videos. Boy name: Walt since you're always at Disney.


Juniper(juni)- boy Rikki- girl

NAMES: For girl-Amaris,rosè or Megan For boy-kean,jac or Owen

Why does Phoebe look like Garrett Watts

Girl Shauna Bailey and Lacey Boy Ross James Dean

My name. Is Chelsea lol

You should name a girl Zahliah it sounds nice

for boys name: jacob, edward, emitte, samuel, zach, dannick, steven, jhon for girl names: annabelle, isabella, harmoney, renesmay, rosalia, haily, Joanie, samantha, hannah gender neutral names: thunder, lightning, bolt,

phoebes give me big non-binary vibes

*I’m hungry*

Kelsey: I don't think I'm scared of real children now EVERY PARENT EVER: Oh honey the sims is easy mode

Once you’re done having babies with the sims just ask the to “just be friends” and they’ll stop being jealous !!

if ot a girl cal her April

What kinda crackass name is Mars

Can you please name one of the girls Lilly but if it is twins Lilly and lily

Almost 50 episodes and I’ve been here since day 1. I would love if you pick my baby names.

The next baby or baby’s should be called December or winter x

The toddler bed is inside of the wall

Please for babies Girls: Elsa, Anna, Emera, Iduna, Kendra Boys: Agnar Gender neutral: Bailey,Riley, Blayke, Parker Twins: Holly and Jolly, Noel and Joel ALso, which comment do you go to for baby names? Just one you like or the first one!

Girls: Anna or Ashley

baby names, boy: Carl or Daryl girl: Ophelia or Judith

Anyone else upset she didn’t name her babies Bruno and Mars

Your nails match your phone..metallic. Nice

Sims lets you know you starving real life they annoy you until you feed them

The bed is in the's bothering me

Boy Bruno ,Bentley ,chandler girl Monica Rachel Mandy Kingsley

Can you name a girl Cora or Cecelia after my sister and me?



I am doing the 100 baby challenge on my Facebook gamer page. If you would like to watch me, just search QueenButta Games on Facebook and follow that page. I stream my challenge almost everyday and my viewers have a chance to name my babies

Kelsey I'm loving this new look on you !

Boy name:Harry jr. in honor of Harry Girl name:Harley

At 23:10 both babies are in the air well the toddlers are on the ground

Has it really been almost a year!? I've been watching from the start and I cant believe its been this long already.

at 23:10 did anyone else see the baby floating in the air like there doing a backflip?

James for a girl's name! James for a girl's name! James for a girl's name!

isn't it 59 babies now????

Girl named Rare, Olivia, and Alex Boy names Carter,Alex,and Ocean

I had subtitles on and they said Piaget instead of Impiccsmay

Novis _ no not Ophelia

When she had the perfect opportunity to call Connor Comet but she follows the comment rules too hard

I spent one full day of my life on these series and kinda ok with it

For a girl Alyssa For a boy Hayden

Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends Kelsey and everyone here.


Did anyone elce see that near the end the toddler bed went through the wall

Okay but, The toddler bed clipping through the wall into the baby room.

Boy : Joe , Sal, Brian, James

Anyone else think Phoebe is actually trans...?

Baby nams josen

Aladdin daughter could be named Genine

I’m doing the 100 baby challenge on my Sims 4 game right now and let me tell you.... ITS STRESSFUL I HAVE 6 HECKING TODDLERS

Can you please name one of the babies: Nicole, Raven, River and Esmeralda (Its my birthday today)

Girl Sienna Boy Austin

You should name your next kids(Alliyah for a girl and Davonn for a boy my nam is alliyah and my brothers name is davonn)!!

Baby names Girl: Kara Boy: Berry

Definitely not how toddlers work lol they are awake way longer then an hour before going back to sleep. However new babies sleep 95% of the time...

I don’t get the “Annie are you ok” maybe it’s bc I’m just an idiot, but can someone explain

its from Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

Let it snow let it snow let it snow *randomly zooms screen in and out* ... do do dooo Eat a salad eat a salad eat a salad -Kelsey

Girl: Piper Parker Harper Boy: Darby Danny Dexter

Girl name: Lizzy,Cassie,Maddie/Madison Boy name:Nolan,Dante`, Phillip,Liam I don't rly have a reason for it lol but yh

I REALLY want her to change Phoebe's style...if it's just me, ok..

You should name boy girl twins Izzy and Isaac

Girl :Charlotte , Lilly or Lola Boy:Riley or jack


Sydney , Artemis

Baby names for Christmas Boy: Chris, Nick, Tinsel, December, Frost, Jasper, Angel, Klaus, Claus, Yule, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, or Rudolf. Girl: Joy, Miracle, Hope, Winter, Eve, Holly, Noelle, Faith, Mary Christine, Vixen, Harmony, Grace, Carol, or Clarice

Will you please name a child Girl: Rylee Cassie Angie Boy: Josh Caleb Gary

The next matriarch should be named Cassie or kassie

Autumn and August are now known as the popcorn twins.

Kathryn Hughes right, so I’m both an idiot and an uncultured swine

Michael Jackson- also the vine

hi! hope u are haveing a great day, here are some baby name ideas: girl: moira, mei boy: brick or gregory

Baby names! Girl: Winter, Sara, Clover Boy: Elliot, Marc, Lucky

Girl: Noel Boy: winter or hunter

A cute twin name is holly and molly

A Disney prince? More like 3, no? LOL Kelsey can multitask

I ducking hate buzzfeed to their absolute rotting guts but this girl is actually not bad

2:03 Never thought All Star would be mixed into the series. Especially on Christmas....

I love watching this series. Maybe 1000 baby challenge next time

Name girl: Angel Name boy : Aspen

name a baby haedyn (my name) or (my nickname)

Omfg 30 minutes of Kelsey squealing and screaming at everything because fucking ev

Just think about how much experience Kelsey is going to already have when she has kids haha

Isn't Eric Fisher the prince from The Little Mermaid?

Girl:Emma Jessica Boy:josh Deveon

can you plz name a baby chasity if girl and charles if boy

Do Alyssa, Danelle or Chloe for girls or Daniel, Joey or Shawn for boys.

Who’s watching this on New Years Eve 2019

or Anita and Kaya for girls

boy: Leo and Loyd girl: Ari and Jackie

You should have named the twin boys Bruno and Mars so it would be like Bruno Mars

If you give Harry and Chelsea residence keys, they will stop breaking things.

Name on brier or hank

Love how she names Autumn after my ex best friend and Conner after my ex love that

Girl names: Arzaylea, Baylee, or Kinzie. Boy names: Luka, Adrian, or Skylar. If twins Mary Kate & Ashley

Kasey met Flynn Rider and I met Zachary Levi Tue voice

Are we just not gonna mention the toddler bed going through the wall into the baby room (I paused at 29:10 to type this, in case it does get mentioned after haha)

You posted this vid on my b day

Girls:bailey Addyson

23:21 in this world toddlers can do backflips

Could you call twins brooklyn and bailey

I love Kelsey so much she’s such an icon btw pls name the baby girl *Dani* and a baby boy *Dan*

My names jessica, so you should name a girl Jessica or Jaslene. But if it's a boy, they should be called either Joey or Elias(my brothers) UwU

Fun Fact- 10:01 is 10:01 backwards

I'm sorry to be rude, but it bothers me when People put "Noelle" as their Christmas name. This is because In French Noël is "Christmas". Neutral Christmas Name~ Noël

August looks like season 1

"YoU WiLl Be An AsSeT gOsH dArN iT" -Kelsey 2020

Kelsey: wow I can’t wait till I have a home... Me: ?!? Kelsey: that I can decorate Me: oh

Just catching up with Kasey again. Hey. I need help. I'm keeping a list of all the babies from Kasey era and after watching this ep, why is my baby number just at 59?

PS- name a baby girl Eileen so we can say Come On Eileen to her hahaha

For a boy kohen For a girl izzabel because it is my name

Noelle looks nicer though

Phoebe is like smelly cat , You’re obviously not her favourite child.

Can you name baby’s affter me and my brother and sister girl Jillian and Anna boy Samuel and call him Sam

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