Single Girl's Daughter Joins A Secret Society In College In The Sims 4 | Part 3

Single Girl's Daughter Joins A Secret Society In College In The Sims 4 | Part 3

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College is a double-edged, sword it's both really, great and also awful, kind of like life. Hey. Everybody I'm Kelsey, I'm single and we thought it would be fun if I took one of my children to college goals, for today get, in to the secret society we're. Gonna go to our first big, College. A party, and. Gallon. Our homework then we're back with Chelsey - you should just left - stinky stinky, offering, how do we make it better, she's, have any good food said he wouldn't make a good someone. Made a cake but we can't like steal someone's cake nine hours till spoiled okay we stole some cookies I just stole them just. Now all right now make an offering of the. Black and white cookies, I think this will work I think this will be better this is gonna be fine we're fine yeah. Now. She's focused, so, real focus, look look we did it I feel like she's, worn this like winter outfit so much that we may, be a little bit of a mix-up, so we're gonna change her outfit now we're, gonna do, some, they oshi just purr biking. What. Are you doing she. Gonna ride this inside she's writing what, excuse. You what. Would just happened okay. With. The sweaters nice this. One's very collegiate. Vibes, I like this one though honestly I think what, brighter color though yeah. Sure CJ likes a bright color that's fact, let's do some jeans yeah, and, get some boots some, new boots big. Blue boots, whoo love, love, this change up 1002, 10 all right let's see 15 hours she's got kitchen. Knowledge halfway done. It's our the. Guy that she's like kind of have a thing with but not really to be true oh she's. Stressed wait wait wait wait stop not doing your homework okay fine you're sleepy, all right go try to calm down in the mirror all right you weirdo. There you go please, for. The love of, all that is good finish your homework yeah she's stressed again finish, your homework my. Littles what is a we. Visit, on behalf of those who greatly, appreciate. Your generous, authoring. Of cookies, if, your, heart is pure we invite you to join us and no. Secret. Oh yeah. Buddy we are in we, are in oh yeah. She's. In wait stop stop beating, so fast, Chelsea, Junior is now in a member of the Order of Enchantment. She's. Been given an official ornament champion rope and mask for her new member status and she's just walking around into, the most public, room get out of my room I'm, tired, and in a secret, society. Once you finish sleeping for the love of all that is good please just do your homework gosh she's so tore who she's reached cooking level six that's. Awesome, good job all, right we did it now, she's asleep, wait she gotta go to class she gotta go to class she's late she's late she's late oh, my. Gosh go to class Chelsea, juniors also stopped doing the robotics, to kitchen knowledge, she's like clearly has it as a, preference, she's off to class I think, nine 30s actually hurts last time so she actually wasn't late I, was, being traumatic gotcha. Oh she, did she, missed her first class of the day that. Is awkward etienne classes, are pointless anyway no one ever goes to the hosts what is this dude doing come, on bro. She. Just got home she's gotta like deal, with this all right go take a speedy shower my darling there's nothing tomorrow, cuz it's Saturday. We're. Done with glasses it's. The freakin weekend baby yeah. What. Other things can we do for hours until the spirit, game yeah. We, got to go do that that'll, be fun. Well you got a little bit of time seach why don't you work on something submit, a term paper all right well why don't we do a term paper then, that sounds can credibly boring. But, like a thing we have to do she, no she. Would never let's, do the qu1 first since that's technically, her coursework, she's surrounded by smelly things welcome. To college I've never been more proud of my queen Wow. I wish. I was that cool like ever especially in college I was not cool in college what's 3 ah you. Know what that means. It means it's time to go to it a bit we. Gonna bring Oh should. We bring we should bring back yeah. Demitri, for the for the lulz, Trevor. Its, Umi and Nalani, have fun at the new event, first. Big, college. Party. Ok. Here, we go wait. Now Lonnie is busy right now well I guess that means she's not in the running for my heart oh my god guess who stinks. It's Dimitri. Sucker. Wait is this movie of Venice happening where are the cakes dads I, mean the party's just getting started but she came early I thought we come late you know oh here we go oh people are fighting I, love this four-eyes, oh please. Juice pong oh my gosh let's go, party. Time so. Proud of you guys you, want to play juice. Pong, oh my, here, we go just, Punk baby are you really gonna ride your bike over there okay this, is weird I love. Your bike please, stop hey you guys want to play g-spot. That's, all racked up oh, my, gosh go yes.

King. Whoa. He got it in on the first try Oh, Trevor. Missed that one he's probably nervous cuz he's playing with our CJ. She's. Making, everybody. Nervous, but. She is bonding. With Trevor. I feel compliment, and get to know him again, I need to know more about this. And then do a keg stand with, Trevor I. Want. To see it all, CJ's definitely. Winning oh wow don't cry. This. Game is not something to cry over Trevor keep your chin up Wow apparently juice, pong really takes the entire party, today, final, score four to three the game goes to Chelsea junior features Mary with a score aboard sorry Trevor, better luck next time, now you can go back over here and do a keg stand now, it's over I'm so, bud we, still need to do our tasks, though for, being a new member in, two. Hours. Learn whether you're good favorite the sprites or if they're feeling neglected, oh no we've got to figure out how to do this with the sprites okay let's travel with the gig why not. We're gonna tend to the garden we're gonna try to get favor with the sprites why, I don't know I've never been a part of a secret society before, but, we brought all of our friends along the gang's all here I'm looking over guard, and I'm pretty sure it's right here great check, in with the sprites, dig, why don't you go dig on that maybe you'll find a medal, look at her go hopefully, she gets something good for the sprites, did. You get something good for the sprites shoe she seems happy she. Dug up a time capsule that's, not at all what I wanted. I'm, like two seconds away from giving. Up one two all right, well with the party's all here let's grab some chips, oh we just got to go to our event now oh she's going over, oh there, they are sprite visitor chassis juniors being visited by sprite sprite slow a good show so make sure to entertain them with mischievious, funny, or a romantic, socials. With others since a happy sprite is a jitter spite and she certainly wouldn't want to be a bore oh my gosh she's got go fun with people well if you insist, let's introduce ourselves what. Are you doing she was gonna study the sprites, gonna be mad look at this price like you loser stop, studying I raised her too well come on sweetie hello, everyone. She says welcome I've, joined your secret society. Introduce. Yourself to everybody hello, hello, how are you hello, why don't we who are all these people I literally. Don't know do we Denix. Ken he's an elder. Kaleb. Vittor all right let's go for Kayla, let's, let's flirt with him why not he's the one that's not an elder that's kind of her age I don't even know what he looks like oh he. Liked it oh my god she's, flirting in her secret society. The sprites bestow, their good favor if you help tend to their sacred plants, or if you help give them favorite offerings I also get a good laugh out of East dropping on since mushy be as funny or romantic conversations, well let's keep doing it ask, about his day and then like give him another little flirt moment, wait is that Caleb, that's.

That's. The. Vampire, Caleb. Natalie's like hey I got a new coffin, want to break it in oh. No. We. Can't flirt with Caleb he's a creep, no no do mischievious actions, mischievious actions. Stricken. With a hand buzzer yeah. Yeah. They. Love that Caleb, did date around we, don't like that we don't need that why, did they all brought so much food she, didn't bring any food mostly. Because she's a freshman in the dorms, she, doesn't have any food to break ask, him why he joined this club. My family has served the sprites for generations. It is on duty to protect them and keep them at ease. This. Feels like a lot like less like a secret, society and, a lot more like a cult Oh weird, like doing pretty well actually we just need to keep offering food and like tend to their gardens and stuff and I think they'd like us oh now, she's mischief level two because she just keeps doing this spooky, stuff okay yeah let's go home bye I'm, dying I'm tired you. Guys have fun with those sprites whoa yeah, he's definitely a vampire okay that's yeah the tracks that tracks all right let's try to get our term papers done we got home and our homework we're gonna like just get. It all out of the way oh my gosh it's her friend oh, I. Think, we judged her a little too harshly I think she always shows up because she wants to be friends don't turn into your outfit change back change back change, back ah she's. So bad at keeping up a secret society all. Right CJ once you're done eating go to be it meat so strength is the first one so let's make sure that meats of strength is done our friend, came in our room to study with us that's key-term days left three so we have three more days of term which, means that at the end of that that's when she'll need to have all of her papers. Done I think we might be done after that and then we'll start on our firm. Papers she's hungry or anything that's not disgusting, no. She, can grab like a quick meal of like a ham, and cheese sandwich really, fast it is pretty ironic she's, a culinary, student does, not get a place to cook oh they're all watching TV she. Should watch TV with them everyone. Is cheering, something, and it's kind of spooky but now she is too is, this okay. This. Is weird are you okay is this a simulation wait. It is because, I'm, playing this all, right that's enough out of you girl, there. We go. Okay. Is she going to bed everyone, sleeping New Year's Eve was awful as expected because everyone, was watching that she shooby thing and I was interested in what that was so, I didn't have Chelsea Junior change the channel engineers or, celebrate it and back to school back to back to doing studying cash what a life she's living all, right so she's got she's, almost done with kitchen knowledge so let's finish that up wow she gets hungry really fast old our.

Microwave, Meal oh it's, two noodles. I knew, they'd have instant, noodles in this game working on your own she finished the first draft of a term paper she continued to edit it or turn it in as is, I think I'm gonna have her edit it cuz she's a. Little. Robin, I remember, when I like learned how to do Robin in the microwave, that was a big moment for me oh she, got it she's being visited by a sprite, we were is it there. It is I, think. It's just chilling, well we gotta give this sprite a show it's. Probably not that interested, in her just doing coursework, okay mister spray listen, we're not just gonna drop our, collegiate. Dreams. Whenever you decided, to darken, our door step, with, your, ambiance. Woo her papers looking good at this point further editing, will improve. It much though it may help Chelsea, junior to grasp the material better nah I think that's. Fine term paper right. Right. Term paper for robotics, okay cool all right now she's submitting, it baby's. First term paper we're, so proud of you sweetie you, did. Oh. There's. Another celebration, ritual. Happening, I think in nine hours oh my. Gosh journey is new your society, is so much work, Louie. Did. You finish your term paper oh no she's tense coz she's pestering that's right okay you know what. Be. Be a little sneak to this guy all right oh no this Brides don't like it start a preposterous rumor, oh my gosh the sprites are mad at her because because. She took me along what. Is. They're having their creativity celebration. In the quad right now let's, go to that so much is going on but she finished a term paper oh wait is this where the thing is happening she's, being like bothered, by the sprites, so we need to be more smash devious, start up our posters ruber, invite. Him to a fake party she's, just doing it for the sprites she's such a little Hufflepuff, she just wants to be everyone's friend and, these, sprites are being kind of Punk's about it you know actually it's a pleasant conversation I, think he might might. Like how mischievious, she, is why, are they law turkeys I'm, about what ready to quit these Sprint's look it's our friend. Let's. Brighten her day Oh as to Julie the spirit, core that. Sounds fun I bet she'd like that a lot more than the secret society, that she's gonna stuck in she's now a member of the bright Chester Spirit, Squad she's, been given an official bright, Chester Spirit Squad organization. T-shirt and posters let's look I mean yes. Now. She can be like we have a new member. Toilet, paper rival, statute, Arrivals, student and a yarn, bomb the rosy boo that, means she's got to go to the other school. Brooke. Confetti cuz, you're on the party now yay we're. All part of this school school spirit who. Needs sprites thank goodness, they left her I think Chelsea junior is not really, the order of Enchantment, type to be honest I think she should leave all right we're leaving it we're just a spirit, club member, also, I think having, too many clubs is gonna be too much for her she's gonna go home on, her bike get some food use. The toilet and then cause some. Ruckus, it's, like 10:30. Perfect. Time to go to the rival school now, we're. Gonna trap we're going, to, the rival.

School And. We're gonna throw down she's. Here on the other campus. Here, we go okay is this their statue, yeah, yarn, bomb that statue my girl let's, go I feel like she should be wearing your school colors but maybe she's trying to be low-key about it like no I'm just a student, at your school that's, gonna like throw, down let's, go yes. Yard. Bomb, look. At the boy. Was she knitting, like a mad, woman look at this she's just going. In. Do we see a rival, student we got a taunt one hello. A, new rival students out at 1:00 a.m. on a school night no. Wait. That's, not rebel student that's the guy that followed, us here why did you follow him here he's. Like doing his homework, that's. Odd, I wish, we'd brought our stuff, to do but I guess we could just do our homework yeah let's do our homework, for. Robotics, together. That's ironic, cuz they're at Fox 4 Institute and I feel like robotics is like a big thing here at this school finish, up your homework sweetie, and then you'll go home obviously, if this were my school, I wouldn't feel like you'd effaced it I feel, like that's a compliment. What time you got class five hours, four. Hours yeah, it's probably to have to go home soon she's almost done with. All her homework, that's it in future SHhhh man right there seals, the deal gets. In the mischief, and the, homework, term, tomorrow last day of class that. Mean we haven't done our term paper yet class in two days I'm not panicked are you panicked I'm not panicked I'm not stressed about finals at all I'm, an adult woman and I'm not stressed about finals you're stressed about finals I'm going to bed when do have school in an hour all, right go to school go to class take final exam. Okay submit a paper we did it we did it okay we're doing it we're doing a game we, are crushing, College, nothing. Can stop us now, final. Exam in an hour maybe there's still time to cram oh my, goodness oh my, goodness, oh my goodness oh my goodness we didn't study we, didn't study for our final ah and. She's stressed, look at her she's uncomfortable. Oh no the final exam is coming and she's sort of freaking out I did my homework we don't need to study right I do my homework she turned in her homework confidently when their next class one. Minute, ah man. No. She's got to go to class, she don't exam no, we're. Not doing any of that you're gonna take the exam you're gonna be great let's. All just say a little prayer for Chelsea. Junior okay. Trustin junior turn in homework confidently, it'll help her final grade okay cool so. We. Did it we took our final exam we, submitted our term paper we, have one more final exam, in two days and their homework hasn't started yet and we, have to do a term paper okay let's go and bust, out the last bit of work that we need to do she's. Gonna crush, it I already know yeah look at her go we, got one more final exam and one more term paper to do we're, halfway through, why. Do you keep pulling out random, pieces of cake that are smelly from your inventory but, she's like finding, anything, that she can do instead, of finishing this term paper I don't care if it's gross. Okay that girl's cleaning up thank goodness, for that girl finished a draft of the term paper all right let's submit it, all. Right we did it homeworks. Complete, take. Final exam we didn't do that yet though okay she's still doing her homework like, a queen should we do study how can you fit all of it it Hodge, is so hard. Oh photo great we got always a pluses, on everything. Well done me Pat's. Got. A heart I'm, crashing, this would. You like to sign up for another term yeah. Why not okay, let's, jump three, classes. And, an elective, let's go with advanced showers singing cuz it sounds fun should we stay should, we go off-campus I. Wonder if we can choose who were rooming, with oh she got another scholarship, for. Athletics, all right I guess we're moving to the house packing. Up and moving out as Chelsea gear has elected different University housing for the next term she, should take some time to pack up everything before she's moving out okay we're packing up all right so let's, take out what is that it's. A it's a camera I don't think it's ours but we're taking it where's her computer, oh we're.

In Someone else's room oh I just stole, that I feel bad I'm gonna put it back and, how it's so funny though we just accidentally, stole this first edition yeah. I'm finished backing up yeah, let's move up. To, new. House, oh. Boy. We're rooming with who's our roomie it's, a, yucca, free Gina and she's an art society member that, is so cool oh and you got like a little wait why do you have an art society, shirt is that because you're part of the cheer squad all right this is our our, house oh how cute I. Think she would want this bed actually so, I'm. Gonna assign this bed to chelsea juniors gonna put up her poster, she has a kitchen now oh she's, upgraded. Baby she's got tiny kitchen but it's a kitchen nonetheless which means we're gonna sell our, mini fridge and our. Other fridge we could rebuy them if we actually need them later well this is her new home, Chelsea, Junior Oh what are you going I guess she's going to an art event that I didn't, know is happening cool yep she is with her new roommate well this is really fun I'm gonna leave this here I'm really proud of our girl getting straight. Freshman, year we'll. See what sophomore, year has in store next. Year I think that our Chelsea junior baby is to get her first boyfriend or girlfriend, or whoever, friend, I'm not making everything I do about love you're, making everything you do about love I'll see you next time bye.

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Do an real Immigration Inspector plays Papers, Please.

Did she just say “looking for a garden” in the tune of “we just got a letter” from Blue’s Clues? I love that.

Kelsey you have inspired me to do the 100 baby challenge but I only have sims mobile so I have been working on complete the baby quests so I can start my journey.

Omg merch was on sale! Take all my money!

Rides her bike literally everywhere lol! That bicycle is her spirit animal!

CJ is flirting with Natalie’s exboyfrind

Plz make the 100 baby challenge I’m doing it and I need help from you Kelsey


For a new project can you play The Witcher?

Playing sims 4 as I watch this

Why do I like Izumi the best

I just came here from the vid when Kelsey did a starring competition with Whoever played Ron weasely and when I saw Kelsey I screamed KELSEY KELSEY ITS KELSEY

Plss bring outmarked by mike

Where is mike

Kelsey her new roomie is also in the spirit squad & that’s why they have the same t-shirt on & are going to the spirit event. Also they may be in the spirit whatever group thing housing but I’m not positive

Kelsey you give me anxiety when you don't let them sleep.

Ramen in the microwave? When my brother was in college, he took a coffee pot and threw the noods inside there, heated up the water inside and BOOM. Ramen

I wish these Lets Play Sims 4 videos were longer!

I feel like God has people doing our life like this to us

I'm still waiting for the final installment of the Detroit becomes human playthrough. I need justice

Single? BS!

Kelsey stressing about finals for CJ issa WHOLE MOOD.

why is c j now in the art club and the soccer team

wait... is Chelsea Jr. the daughter of Tom Holland and Kasey?

Kelsey finer than a KFC bucket in the hood.

the amount of trash and spoiled food has me stressed

I want Watch dogs Pls

“This is sounding less like a secret society and more like a cult” I LOLed so hard at this!

I think they were shooting at the new years count down on tv lol!

I love that Mach a Go Go Sweater ❤️❤️

I’m absolutely loving this spinoff, I hope it goes in a little longer than the others!

me: makes sims study non stop, doesn’t go to parties or join clubs, does homework days in advance; grades: A’s and C’s and D’s chelsea: joins all clubs, submits poor papers, does hw late and doesn’t go to class, doesn’t study for exam; grades: All A’s

Kelsey singing to the tune of the Blues Clues song made my day!!

Real tankers play World Of Tanks

this series gets me excited for college, and then i remember that it's not real :(

I look forward to your videos every Monday when I get to work. I was so confused when I came back to work last Thursday from vacation (thinking it was Monday & searching for your video). I was wondering why I didn't see your video lol & now I'm SOOO happy to see it! :)


**raises hand** I had 8am first aide... also, if I remember right... English.

HAHAHAHAH I was a commuter student, so 8am classes were the only way I could make sure I got parking!

my sims has been working sO HARD and didnt get straight A’s how did you DO IT if anyone has tips on getting straight A’s for your sims in university helppp

Is anyone going to tell her a semester is half of a year

I love your energy, Kelsey!

When CJ rode her bike inside, she just became that girl

You guys shoud do a electrician using redstone in minecraft

Please do “Real plumber plays Mario”

Real SWAT plays rainbow six siege let's do this

Eat like matt stonie

These vids are such a breath of fresh air. Always fun, always delightful! Thank you for all the hard work!

Next up: "Real russian mafia boss plays Hotline Miami"

Real 911 Operator plays 911 Operator

When she graduates college can we have a mini episode of her moving into “Sims Tiny Living?!”

Ok I dont know what you did with the other guys that used to "salve" mysteries but, I wanted to go to the newest video I could find so that they see this message. So if you could, would you please relay this question I have to them. Is the reason they call their channel "Buzzfeed Unsolved" is because they never solved a damn thing in any of their videos. Also, are they a couple? It just seems very likely to me. If not then ok. I was just curious.

There's no way Kelsey is single. It's just not humanly possible she's got such a nice personality!

100 baby challenge please!

Kelsey: has CJ join secret society (cult) Also Kelsey: concerned by people chanting at the TV together

DISLIKE that weird voice!


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