Single Girl Mourns Her Child's Death In The Sims 4 | Part 39

Single Girl Mourns Her Child's Death In The Sims 4 | Part 39

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I think we're gonna hit 49 babies, today is it weird that I feel like 49. Babies, this is gonna be a major life accomplishment. Of mine like when I look back on my life later, I'll be like yeah at 49 babies in the Sims. Hey. Everybody I'm Kelsey, I'm still single so we thought it would be funny if I tried the 100, baby challenge, it's a challenge in The Sims 4 where you have a matriarch and they are supposed to have 100. Children all with, different parents there's a lot of rules to this challenge so if you're interested the link will be below last, time we. Hit. 47. BB's. I almost want to just have one baby four baby 50 just be like boom as always make sure to let me know how, you want to celebrate our 50th, baby in the comments below we could throw a party in the Xu's which we're obviously gonna have to do we, could move house again, we can give everybody makeovers. I could get a real-life, Sims, cake let me know I'll keep those all in mind for our 50. Baby. Extravaganza. Let's play all right so we're back in the apish my household, we just, aged up the, lovely, Romeo, who really, needs to go to bed go to bed Romeo and needs, to eat it's Tuesday. So he does need, to do his new, homework, and he has no skills who needs to get skill Harry is doing. Fantastic he's a beast UT Dustin, just hit up his motor skill no he'll be ready to go for a taster day and our latest young. Lad needs, to do all of it and then of course there's Logan who it was just, a baby nineties Leonardo DiCaprio, still here, she's doing great let's have her eat and then maybe do a little workout, get. Endurance, run that could be fun what are you up to a little Leo jr. he's having some cereal. Making, that yummy decisions. And, then maybe, you, should do your homework okay Leonardo. DiCaprio watch TV for a total, of two seconds before getting back up again, he's a nancy guy he's, so focused look at our focused, beam she's gonna get run, yeah, pregnant working out I know that's the thing that early in your pregnancy you're. Allowed to do for sure oh wait it's father and son I just remembered. That this is a father-and-son moment. Leo Jr's hanging out with Leo senior. This, is so cute they just became good friends and. He finished his homework this, is like one of the only dads that is like really come around he wants to be a bodybuilder.

So Maybe he should work out actually as his skill maybe finally uh Sam will actually, enjoy it he'll be like a little boxer, would that be cool Romeo, the boxer, he doesn't want to fight but, he will throw, hands if it gets real okay we're gonna definitely do that so I'm gonna have him get into the boxing, you just feeling so energized, he's like yeah I'm crashing, life as a team. I just, became a teen and I'm already the best team there ever was Casey, had, a great workout, she's feeling, amazing. It's Logan's, birthday, ah we're, gonna have a new time at least there's only one Todd you know I'm saying yes, although. Juniors. Gonna get his creativity, oh. Good. Job here, Junior, he's all ready for school tomorrow who else is not ready Dustin, what's this highest skill motor, skill right yeah he'll do that and then he'll maybe go to, get, his homework done Romeo, how you like in boxing, man oh he's loving it he's, having a good time or not it's not fun for him he, is learning the skill pretty fast though so I'm pretty proud of that how's Leo doing Leo's just still playing up a storm he's having a good time, oh wait till he goes. To level three I think yeah then we'll just let him go to bed there he goes he's level two and, he's not having, a lot of fun which, is disappointing. Why are you uncomfortable do not go outside it is freezing outside you numbskull. Okay if you're bored go upstairs and, do. A little workout okay put this in our inventory and see if he can do like the little dance workout. Like I just want to see if it's gonna be fun cuz normally Sims, do have fun doing that and it helps yeah Casey's fitness, level seven yes, girl and Harry's homework is complete good job Harry Dustin. Leo are good Harry is now good hopefully, this brings up, his fun it is it's, bringing up his fun and he's working out perfect, it's a win-win for us both oh yeah he's having fun look, at his little dance moves. Yes Romeo, oh, he's getting it dancing. Machine, over here oh oh oh look, at that yeah he's a dance machine this is perfect, for him no he. Did it heck in yeah, that's amazing oh my god I got all the kids ready for school tomorrow that never, happened, who made a mess, who did this also a good job Casey for doing this without me asking you to do it oh wait baby he's upset Casey sensed, it from all the way upstairs, she was like oh I'm coming down no no no Dustin Dustin go go sit over there there you go it's Winterfest. Oh you, know what that means buddies it means we need to celebrate. It also means none of my kids are going to scold or door even though they were all ready for school today but it's fine, so we're, gonna decorate, for. Winterfest. I'm thinking, how, are we gonna put the Christmas tree maybe here and then I'm gonna put our, Christmas. Decor up yo, our Christmas tree look so cute and, then we'll do, presents. Of course, right, here wonder, if we can choose the color purple. Presents, there you go holiday, items yeah this is kind of what I was thinking maybe put one of these over, here so, that she could kind of start cutting up decorations there you go all right Casey yeah, it's a Winterfest, her. First Winterfest in the new house were, really excited, about it we kind of like blew past the last holiday, are all the decorations, just like up oh yeah they are up and I did not get to choose them well I want different decorations so, we're, going to have some words okay, Winterfest, the eaves maybe, that one fences.

Foundation. Reese's, spandrels. We'll just make it a nice icy house, oh there, you go, okay, I like the purple where's, the rest of them okay there we go oh oh. I. Don't know if I love the purple and these ones but I do love these icicle, ones wait who's upset Leo what'd, you do, oh no, he had an accident here my children like this she's, making that nice holiday, meal which is great, did he seriously eat, breakfast, right before I was making this grand meal for everybody to have together. Excuse you sir wait, what don't leave that in there resume that no Missy. Do not burn that turkey dinner in there because you took a nap when I grow up I want to be a ninja, oh yeah, find a ninja to train you I believe in and you wanting to be a ninja man all right there we go now let's call the grand meal everybody. Let's have our Christmas lunch everyone's. Coming to have Christmas lunch with, the impeach my family, it is at 11:30 but, you know what it is what it is sometimes, we make our own rules in this house and then maybe after this they'll all decorate the tree together no I might do a quick little Christmas, renovation. Because I love, the coloring of this house I think it's really fun but I also think that for Christmas time it would be nice to have like some like neutrals, in it to kind of help, the Christmasy, stuff pop more okay, just a little hint to change their look at their family, Christmas. Meal. Look. At this this, is so cute. The. Family's, having a lovely Christmas, lunch, together I, have a bunch of boys right now so. Many boys mom. Is a probably. Gonna pass out after this to be honest I think after the meal they. Should all like. The tree and. Sing. Together baby's. Upset just, go pass out but we're gonna have her do some, super efficient, baby care and then sleep sorry mom I goofed. Food. For. Family, in the background, having, like a really fantastic Christmas. Memory, together, Casey's. Just passed. The. F out on the floor mom's, taking care of the baby thankfully, and now gonna pass out there she goes. He's. Like singing, alone all of the other siblings, bounced. Good job Romeo, you did, it he's decorating. This is so cute Oh perfect. Maybe, we should open presents, together all the boys will open presents, I wonder what presents, they're gonna get when, we get this year from Santa, Claus Harry. Just. Got a carrot, and he was really, mad about it okay what is it, my little boy Leo, jr. yet he got a gnome, and, he will treasure it, all, right what's Justin getting a sapphire. Who, said dusted a sapphire, all right Romeo your turn you got a spice, of life rat and he will treasure it ah they, all open presents, Casey only did a couple things but I think she'll be okay with that honestly I think everybody's, had an accessible holiday why don't you do some extra credit work and then what about Dustin, Dustin can you do extra credit work yeah and then go to bed, oh here, he's coming to do is extra credit at the dining, room table - I'm, getting Leo a little ahead of the game because Leo's, gonna have to be level four I think eventually anyway so might, as well just have him do it now and he has a day off Leo jr. burning the midnight oil it's, like six forty people are going to bed ooh. Casey's. Getting, some leftovers, typical, mom move I feel like oh it's level four cool all right you do whatever you want now oh this outfit so wild, with that hair it's so fun there's a lot of color I like the color so much but. I do think it's it's time to mix it up because we've. Been living that colorful life for a while now whoa not. Cool Santa. Just waltz, into my house now, Casey's, already pregnant so we can't just like seduce, Santa like everyone always wants me to do also I still think it's weird I don't care if there is a special, tree I don't care it's still weird to me Logan, aged up my Christmas angel.

Oh. So. Cute. Logan. Baby love me oh, he's, so, cute but he doesn't have pink hair oh. My god wait, what, why. Why. Did lose his pink hair can you not pink here's a little babe I'm gonna give him pink hair way younger, but he's got like reddish, hair which, is interesting he's, cute, as heck and, just ignore the fact that father Christmas has decided, to invite himself down to sit, with your mother see and he's got little purple shoes it's so much nicer to just have one Todd, at a time then, you can really enjoy the cuteness, of the time I feel like the cuteness gets overtaken, by the stress, of the talk but. So far this Todd is a perfect, baby all. Right buddy as we've learned the best way to do it is for you to start, with thinking because that's the thing you're not gonna necessarily pick, up on your own you got to be least level to KC wheat, what did you do you peed your pants. KC. What. Are you doing, clean up your pee Missy, and then go potty train your child and, then go to bed all right here we go all. My, little brunette, boys he, certainly is a love child I think Serena, definitely, left an impact on our girl so we're level ones on everything. Louis, being imagination. Highs being potty which is great I stab. Yes. King. Romeo. Was quite the dresser as a kid and, now he still is time for all my kiddos hopefully. You'll all age up yes. We. Could focus on aging. Up my baby or we. Could travel. To, a location and. Meet some new people no normally, we go out in this area but I'm kind of thinking maybe we should check out what another area, has to offer go. To like the bar by the beach, you can't really drink but she could drink juices here, she goes she's. Out here at the sandbar, Logan. Was sent to daycare oh my god it's, still decorated. From Chelsea's, wedding oh my. Gosh this is where it all started, we're looking for our 50th, parent. I'm a co-op oh my. God mokou, is an elder, now Wow. Time. Flies while, you're pregnant am I read, yeah. You're, gonna die alone mokou ah from your attitude. I'm really hoping, to run into someone that one of you guys made, we're, gonna go somewhere else and see who's around back, to Willow Creek let's go to the museums let's see how we run into who chance puts, us into the path of who's this guy whoa he looks a little mad I mean we should meet him at least whoa he's angry, I don't know if this is the right guy it's. A suggestion, of conversation. Though who else is around I'm looking for someone to stop me in my tracks and, for, me to go wait she, or he is the one all right we're gonna hop to the nightclub maybe, someone, will show up at the bar it's noon. Who's. This ken goes pretty cute a lot of old people in this town nobody, feels right I wanted to meet the man of Casey's, dreams or the woman of Casey's, dreams this evening, you know maybe sometimes, life, doesn't work out that way sometimes. You gotta go back home to your children and, just try, another day I wonder if anyone's just gonna be walking by oh my god it's so cold outside it's like a storm. How are you Logan he's playing with his blocks coz he's a perfect. Boy let's. Get you on thinking. Dustin's. Grades are up Harry's. Grades are up and Romeo's, grades are up and Leo's, grade. He's a B, student, everyone, got their grades up time to party let's, go I think I'm gonna have Romeo, blow out the candles but I'm gonna have him stay in the house he'll, be the placeholder, for the 50th. Baby he's also a bookworm, he's mean wants. To be muscular a dance machine in a bookworm, well Romeo, you're just complicated, beans okay so next, up is our, Harry. Harry, it's your turn to be birthday happy. Birthday Harry, Harry. Aged up pick. A number one through 12 one he's an animal, lover. Self-assured. And romantic. Oh Harry. That's. So, cute look, at his hair okay, Harry I see, you Wow, look. At those pants next up is Dustin. Bieber. Every. Time every time okay happy birthday, buddy, Dustin, aged up pick a number one through 12 11. So he's a nature boy pick a number one through five so, he's wants to be a freelance botanist. He's athletic and, he's outgoing Oh. Dusty. Oh, he's, also got great hair all of, the impeach me was right now have amazing.

Hairstyles. He needs a skill he already is he's. Romantic, maybe a guitarist, Harry, could kind of practice. Guitar doesn't. Hasn't done his homework yet Yoga might be a good skill for him maybe he'll pick it up fast, Logan's sad, I forgot that Logan, was doing, that eat your turkey dinner buddy I'm sorry I'm sorry you're hungry I just sat him on there he's like thinking, almost level two but not quite yet. So he still needs to do that for a while here's having a pretty good time with. The guitar I suppose he just started his homework though you didn't finish your homework Harry typical, Harry Potter not finishing his homework, oh no Casey's, gone into labor and we don't have someone new to impregnate her with ah okay. Okay okay okay everything's fine everything's fine everything's fine Wow here we go into that baby remover. 5,000, it's a girl as always we're gonna go into the comments to pick out a baby name for my latest baby. This, one's cute I like Noel and Holly for girls in Toby for a boy I'm gonna use Holly. Because. This, baby was born right after Christmas, in the middle of winter so it's kind of cute Holly and Pete Rashmi welcome to the family and we got another girl, who this one says hailey my name in my fiance's, name okay well hailey we're naming our baby after, you thank you so much for suggesting these baby names all right so we have two baby girl twins. Which, means that we have officially, hit 49, babies, she. Went back into her classic. Shorthairs. Luck with the red dress Holly and Haley welcome. Into the be Jewish my family, that's creepy, okay we need to meet dad number 50 what if I just did this and, then whatever we land on is gonna. Be the house of the next parent, all right so I'm closing my eyes I'm moving, my mouse around and, I'll, have my camera person tell me when to stop, okay. So the nearest house to this is this one hi, nice to meet me all right we're going to hi nice to meet me whoever, is the first one I'm not gonna touch it whoever's the first one that Casey interacts, with is gonna be dad. Number 50, Wow they're all thinking about snow and Casey's here in her freaking. Hospital. Gown like a champion. Who, are you gonna be at first Casey are surrounded. By cold, men and you're cold as well okay she, is immediately chatting. With Tom wait. The. Father of the 50th, baby I am, pleased, to announce is. Tom, Hall and I could. Not make this huh oh my god will this be the OTP Tom. Holland, and Casey look how much Casey's, into him she's, like raining. Flowers, and, he's like. A. Little, sweet talk it's a very awkward encounter. As only apparently, Tom in Casey could have asked, about his career be like Tom what's it like being spider-man. And also how do you feel about the recent events he's, unemployed right, now well that tracks wait they can already have their first kiss this is going really fast. It's Todd really gonna kiss her in the middle, of the snow. While. His friends, make a snowman, in the background, she just had her first kiss with Tom Holland, she's, dressed, in nothing, else but her backless. Hospital. Gown is this the most hundred, baby magical. Moment to ever happen and then after their kiss they, both run away from each other we're gonna go home Tom's, watching his friend make snow angels you do it low-key that tracks oh my, gosh okay so we. Are going to immediately, call, and invite to hang out at current lot Tom, Hollands, and move our Romeo, out of the house. Serious. Got old I'm. Unhappy okay it's Tom Holland coming over she's gonna run inside after, she calls he was gonna be right over oh my, gosh, oh, my gosh and she's running inside because it's freezing, out Romeo's, still here but he's walking out by Romeo, oh my god while Tom enters, oh.

My. Gosh welcome, Tom in here oh my god you look so cute, operation seduce tava holidays, ago oh my, gosh he is really, into, her oh my god they went outside they. Really like being in the snow apparently. I'm like seeing him through the window it's. So look. How cute they are oh, my god I kinda really ship this is that weird they. Can already try for a baby Tom he's like having a hard time getting in hurry, up Tom if this works in the first try I'm gonna be shook he also should take a photo with Tom Holland, before you oh my, gosh wait you gotta take, that pregnancy test Casey, Casey, is. Pregnant. With the 50th, baby which, is the baby of Tom Holland. She's gonna go into her room to let him know hey, Tom. Listen. I am. About to have your baby he finds it kind of charming I think oh my, god Tom sleeping, over though oh. Wait. What are they. All eight for school or something no, hi, Harry I'm calling to let you know that Bryn, and peaches may has. Passed away I thought, you might want to know I don't know if I expected, it to be brand first that's a pretty big shock they're all sad they're all immediately, sad look. At him, oh no. He's so sad Harry look, at Dustin, just doing his homework. Leo. Jr.. Even, baby Logan's, just crying to Chelsea, it's she'll be sad. Chelsea's, upset. Meanwhile, Casey's having a great, one-on-one time. With, Tom. Holland. Everything's, fine. My my, brother did not just die just, now or any big they're so cute I can just die so why don't you go, for a little jog or, something, go, workout Dustin, yeah there's no food left okay, you should definitely make a garden, salad in, honor of Chelsea, and bran it's some impeach Rashmi comfort food have you finished your homework yeah buddy he just started so he needs to finish his homework and, continue. Learning guitar house, Dustin, he's running out his sadness right, now Dustin's, a little looking worse for wear but he did just reach fitness level three so he's good to go let's get it a well-deserved. Shower for him oh no no, not again not again not again not again not again hi Casey, I'm calling, to let you know that all of them Peter Shmi has passed away. I, thought. You might want to know I. Thought. This was gonna be a celebratory, episode. But I have this horrible, feeling they're, all gonna die at once oh my, god everyone's, miserable oh no. Your souls are weak at school go to school buddy, oh no, everyone needs to go to school and they're all super, sad and, not quite ready for school the. Babies are crying this, is a nightmare. So. Cute, and actually, the baby stopped crying because. Tom Holland, cuddled it that's amazing, oh my god it tom has decided, to start cooking for us even though he's not a good cook because. We're mourning all of death at all it was our first baby oh, my god. Olive, died, the day that we conceived. The, 50th baby okay, Tom had to leave that's understandable. Dude Oh No. Brielle, passed, away, are, you freaking kidding me game you're gonna kill off all of my angel babies, no, no. More phone calls just leo, poster improvement, Leo jr., is super excited to turn it as dolphin, poster, illustrations. Photos, fun facts it has it all but all the kids are crowding, around other kids posters, which are shimmers, with every silvery, detail, Leo, jr. could save her got his gonna add more stuff at recess I think you should turn it in on time buddy no, miles. And Peter Schmiedt died too. Rene, died now. It's just becoming a sick joke Natalie, died, Natalie's, a vampire. Maybe, she faked her own death Alexis, died of god this, is hell charlie. Willow, now I think, everyone's, gonna die on the same day now. Flynn, oh my god this feels like Avengers, infinity war, now it's Rosie Theo. Eric. John how. Dare, this game try to take away the joy I had from.

Having. A baby with Tom Holland. How freaking, dare you. It's, almost like you knew you planned this you can't just let me have this one thing Sims not, just this one thing I'm fine, we're, fine everyone's. Back from school Harry's. Just got to be Leo's. Got to be Dustin's, the same Logan. Reach thinking, level two how are they doing really. Pretty miserable okay. This boy is an excellent B student, so that's good, oh he's heartbroken, KC's. Eating, the cake there wasn't any food left so, keister eat cake, ah work, nugget, ever says it's ladies night out the bar tonight let's take advantage of cheap drinks, I think, that that's a great idea for. KC I think that she needs to be around family right now and of course she's gonna be around her children. But Ivor's also one of her children but I think it would be nice for her to find a little bit of support oh my god no, more, phone calls what is it now. All. Of I kind of always expected. She would go first so. I kind of had like dreaded. It I hadn't even thought about my other kids she's, feeling, pretty happy, actually, she's been only very happy, being out with ever, oh it's my omere friend let's. Go talk to mommy share. The big news that you're having Tom Hollands, baby think, she's doing a good job I'm pretty proud of how she's handling it she's, having good night, onto the town I think taking her out when she's not just looking for a significant, other it's probably like a good call I think she needed this night out all right looks like we finished, up our night on the town night so we're gonna wrap up I don't want to even look at her family tree I don't want to look at it I don't want to look at it and see that olives not there am i okay. Whoo-hoo. I. Know we're all sad I know you're, sad I'm sad, but we got a soldier. On can't, just be a sad show why don't you go take a bubble bath Casey, so Harry you're gonna do your homework and then I think you're gonna play some more guitar what. How are you you haven't started your homework yet so why don't you do your homework as well Leo. Is, already, perfect, why don't you go do the workout dance video Dustin, because thinking is level two so, this movement his communications, leaves a little something to desire it as does his imagination, so why don't we have him play with one of the multiple, toys that we got the. Purple protector ash configure, looks good there you go it's done so he's done with school, he's. Done with school he's, done with school and now we just got to focus on Logan's skills, all right he's level two so he's level two on everything. But communication in potty which communication, kind of always happens naturally I find who her royalties, are down why, don't we start, let's study some trends, why don't you go do some work while, you're chilling record, video now. She's feeling very energized perfect so let's record a, pumped-up, vlog she's. A different woman that she was before Oh Hailey's, upset Oh her. Big Brother's really, trying to help why don't we have Dustin come over to try to bottle-feed her okay she's like making her youtube videos she got her ring light her soft boxes, she's, in her purple, work. Space how. To. Keep. Your. Chin. Up during. Tough, times it's. Not my favorite title but it's fine video has been successfully, edited that's fantastic, all right let's do, it and we'll just upload, the video well it's New Years Eve for the impede Rashmi family and they've all had a bit of a rough go of it I hate, to do this but let's just check out her, genealogy. Right now oh my god. Wow, this. Straight up looks. Like. Avengers. Just. Occurred, and it, was the big snap and, now most. Of the, family members are gone like look this is insane, so I just really think that Kacy deserves, a really lovely new year to, celebrate ah, the. Romance festival. Is in town yeah we're gonna go to the romance, festival, and I don't know a more perfect person to invite to the romance festival then Tom Holland the game just like gave me something they were like you know what we. Get it all so it looks like Kasey right now he's, like really tired and not in the mood, the rules there is no rule against, using, rewards. Store items, now I haven't, used any yet in this challenge, because I really kind of wanted to do it without any AIDS but I really just feel like we, all deserve. A nice night out and not to worry about Casey. Being. Like, miserable sleep is just the only one so I'm just gonna do the sleep replacement.

I Just really want a good night out for Casey for, her new year's resolution. So drink, it up girl, have a really fun night at the romance festival, for a New Year's Eve with Tom, Holland, so she's going in she's, oh she's like. Introducing. Herself she, why you flirtin with this person when you're on a date with Tom Holland go get some ramen ooh what, a what a great dish, to have oh yeah, that sounds so good I love Robin go, on Katie spend, quality time with Tom Holland I'm so happy that you invited me out tonight with, his cute freckles, oh my god all the lights have gone on pour. Some socrata. To gether after, she finishes I think you're done with that Robin, girl she's just shoveling, it in oh my gosh. She. Gave him a little New Year's Cheers, joke. About getting together wouldn't, it be funny, if at the end of all this we. Were together. Oh. They. Could just make out yeah sure do that oh wow, they are really going for it she's gonna make, a resolution, Oh. Raises. Skill she's, gonna make a little resolution. He's gonna support, her, wait hold up, excuse. She's, wearing what can only be described, as a lightning bolt sleeve, on top, of what is normal purple, dress yellow, shoes and a, knight's. Helmet oh my god Tom's. Family-oriented. That is so, cute no wonder he like tried to help with the baby and was successful. This, is so, cute, Casey's. Taking her first steps on her culinary journey, and, they're having a really cute moment. I. Want to count down to, New Year's together kisum. She's gonna kiss him at midnight on New Year's this, is so cute and romantic oh, my gosh oh. This. Is so cute I think, that's how we're gonna leave the night but, it was a beautiful, moment with Tom well, we are back at the Peter Schmidt household, and everybody's. Pretty sad but I think that Casey had a really lovely new years she was ripe, and nearly. Ready to have the 50th, baby so I think I'm gonna leave this here so, that we can all celebrate together, next, time and kind of separate, the 50th baby from, the, tragic. Events. That occurred, during this, episode I just want to say a big, thank you for being a part of the impe Jewish my family with me we're all gonna miss all of those siblings. Of Casey, but I promise, we'll find our, own new favorites, and people to love so, the story's not over yet it's just getting started but through, all this we can confidently say, that we're gonna have Tom Hollands baby next episode silver, lining.

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Waiting for the day when she says "Hey I'm Kelsey and I'm not single anymore"

baby names are Girl: Katy,lily,Mia,autumn or Kelsey jr Boy: kaleb,Liam,Michel,Ashley or Tom Holland jr

Girl: Riley, Kate, Parker, Lue pronounced Louie. Boy: Sebastian, deme, Drake, Logan, Ollie

I vote have a party for 50th

I feel like the challenge is becoming "let's keep Kelsey single until this is over" o.O

Is her current house in the gallery? I love the colors and style of it!

Please do a spin off where Romeo finds his Juliet

Eama for a girl Dillin for a boy

Name the 50th Baby Olivia!!!

BABY NAMES: Hazel for the girls Xavier for the boys please! i love this series so much and i would really appreciate it if you used the names. thanks

Girl: Giulia (me) Mikayla, Janette, Lily, Skai, Alex, Jordan Boy: Liam Walt, Finn, Carlos, Sammy, Dexter

Move into a new house and give mom a makeover. Do a cake at 100 tho for sure

Boy - Kyle or Daniel Girl - Nicole or Kathryn Hi I'm a fan from the Philippines.


That 50th baby has to be named Sony now.

Please move houses on 50th baby!!

Are we going to ignore Romeo slipping? HAHHAHA

I hope you watch drag race! Please name a girl Katya, Trixie, or Alaska

Girl: Lily Boy: Remus ❤❤❤❤❤❤

You should name the 50th baby Chelsea in honour of the original matriarch

How did that all happen so fast??? They were all born in different days??

Girl name: Talia Boy name: Tyler

So we just gonna at like we didnt see dude fall as tom walks in

Perfect Kelsey moment is her excitement for Tom Holland coming over... doesn't care that ROMEO just slipped and fell while moving out lol!

Have a giveaway!

This is glitching so hard that it’s stuck on the WISH advert and no matter how many times I refresh out it’s not going to the video

Next Baby Name Boy : Holland JR Girl : Kaylee

As an homage to Olive the 50th baby should be named after her! Girl: Olivia and Boy: Oliver

For a girl Taliha For a boy Sean

Girl : sage Boy :seth

I think you should give a makeover for all of your children.

Kasey is living my life with Tom Holland

I think Jacqueline or William would be great names

BABY NAMES!! Girl: Lashae (my name

Just call the 50th baby "Fifty" and be done with it, yknow?

Lol 18:20 Romeo slips on ice down the stairs and mama is only interested about gettin' it on

WOW i cant believe they just all past away at the same time :( that sucks!

Boy: Spencer, or Devan Girl: Miya (My-yuh), Brinley, or Maleah ILYSM! Those names are my friends and one of them my crush haha!

I really love this series, congrats on making it this far. For a girl could you use Mady (my name)

Can you please name a girl Moon after if it's a boy then Peter

What About Glee? Boy Kurt, Blaine, Finn, Puk Girl Mercedez, Tina, Queen, Brittany, Santana, Rachel

Why did my heart drop though when they all started to die

Kelsey, you can purchase Gym Rat which will make working out fun for Romeo

Boy name: Oliver (in honor of Olive) or Peter Girl: MJ or Parker

Girl- Amelia Boy- Zach or Elijah OMG... NO!

For the 50th baby Girl: Amanda or Ann Boy: Reece or Frank

so in the video it says part 38 but everywhere else says part 39???

Move house!

When you have another boy baby call him Ankush because that’s my crush’s name

Please name ur 50th baby-

"Clean up your pee and then go potty train your child." Do you really think someone who just peed themselves is the most qualified person to potty train someone else?

Af kajc ved Sims 4 50 beyes

Baby names: -alaska -lissy -luzy -hunter -carl -oskar

After my fav sim for ever (bran) passed away we really need a new alien abd mire special kinds like mermaid or vampires

baby boy names Lawrence, Sebastian or James !!!

If it's a girl it has to be Mary Jane!!! If it's a boy, Peter?

Name your next child... Girl:Jade Boy:Jaden

I hope you pick my names Girl: Leah(Lee-ah), millie, Lucy. Boy: Wyatt, Rufus, Frankie, Dean

I am crying

Please name the child of tom Holland: Tequilla for girl Terizla or Tigreal if its a boy

Lynnlee for a girl gunner for boy

Baby names Girls: Caitlin or Ziggy Boys: jackob or josh Love you and your vids

Can someone point me in the direction of what game bundles etc are used, I can't find details? Thanks..

Girl: Mack Boy: Eden

Girl's name: Luna- Eve Boy's name: Koah

Please could you name a boy Noah and Austin and a girl Anna and Ella. Please Please Please. Love watching this series.Actually never mind you should name a boy Peter and a girl Liz

It’s Avengers infinity war but time Holland is like the one that’s surviving this time

I laugh so hard when i see tom holland name

Omg so so soooo tragic I can't believe it PS can you please name your kids Girls: Amelia, Artemis, Serenity Boys: Cyson, Kaden, Jasper

Never get why ppl don't like the earbuds. You can have your sims turn them on and listen to music whilst they do anything else, including sleep, and their fun will go up. They're useful. Why do ppl hate them?

Name suggestions leila Luke from Star Wars or evente pronounced e-ven-Tay

Bells or bella or girl and ryan and ryder for guy

Jonathan (my name

If baby number 50 isn’t named Tony/Toni in honor of the fallen just like mr stark is it really a baby to honor all that have been lost

Baby Names~ Girls: Cerise or Haven Boys: Claude or Virgil

please name a girl HERMIONE or ECHO

Boy: Ronald Girl: Hermione

15 babies died

Hey, Kelsey, I'm actually really sad Olive is dead, since she's technically Kasey's Sister, what if you name one of the next girls Olive in tribute? Otherwise, here are some cool names: Girls: Plaxy, Layla Boys: Surge, Ayrton Keep up the great work!!

in honor of tom holland spiderman can we PLEASE name a baby girl Queen

For #50 please put all kids so far in the gallery!!

Girl Names: Toni, Morgan, Nikki, Parker, Boy Names: Harrison, Sam, Paddy, Tony, Peter, Parker

Awww when they all passed I just wanted to cry and hug you , but loved how you said game that's not ok how dear they and that it's ok hopefully there will be some more happy times to come your so sweet and love this challenge you do the challenge the best I always l

Could you please name the 50th either: Boy: Peter( cause of tom) Girl:Tara(just cause have bff with that name)

Call the 50th baby Cloudie pretty please

For a girl I say Morgan (please get this reference), or Juniper And for a boy Peter or Tony


baby names! girl: nevaeh, aurora, lottie boy: zachary, kian, rory

Can you please name a boy Caspian? Or a girl Leilani?

im like actually heart broken about the og kids. we saw the grow up and now theyre gone, what about olives dog, there will never be another party with the og kids. my heart cant handle this

Baby Girl+ Jacinta or Harlow Baby Boy+ Noah or Kayson

In honor of Tom Holland: Girl-Natasha or Wanda Boy-Tony, Peter or Loki

I think u should use the names For a girl: Emmajen For a boy: clayton


Watching this is even better than any movie episode

OMG this is insane episode, everything just really connected. i love how you really into the game, kelsey. #kelsey100babychallenge you can do it! i always waiting for the next episode

Baby Names!!!!!!! Boy: Tony or Peter Girl: May or Dorothy

I have an idea! What if you name the 50th baby after a legendary character, like Link or Zelda?

for girls josilyn or scarlett for boys frankie or stephen

Girl name: Elanise , pronounced ela-niece ! pew pew

Neutral baby name: skylar

Excuse me but Tom hollland is mine

Baby 50 in episode 40

Since the baby daddy is Tom Holland, if it’s a boy it should be Tommy or Tom. And if it’s a girl Samantha or Berlin.

Bring all of Kaseys siblings for a party (the ones that are still alive...

Tom is her Craig

oh god someone already said that

Can you name the 50th baby fifty in a foreign language?

Hey Kelsey I just want to help to name the babies Girl:Noelle or Savannah Boy:Joel or Ethan


Have a big cake

Have a big cake

Through a party and get a new pet

she missed that romeo slipped on the step heading out when tom was entering

Names!!! Girl: Chloe, Winnie, Ida, Lavender, Tate, Maureen Boy: Colton, Lloyd, Drake, Corn, Scott

Girls: gabrielle ,Zoey, esther, mealle Boys: gabe, zadin, Lukas,Jack ,Jake

Girl: Ida, after me

An episode of her downloading CC would be so cool!

I think Tom would go with a weird name for a girl like Weatherly. . ;-) (peace be with you)

Did anyone else see Romeo fall??

Lol 18:20 he slips over

Please move house in celebration of 50 Babies! There were so many big and luxurious houses made for Kasey, and I think she deserves a Mansion.

It will be awesome if you can pick one of my name suggestions Girl:Evana, Angelyah,Yarlyn,Leslie Boy:Aegean, geo, Marshall, kaden Hope you like the names love you chealse

Harry: Animal lover. Self assured. Romantic. Perfect guy.

if the baby is a girl will you please name her Maddy if not I have other names


I know I commented this on part 36 but please name girls Ashleigh or Crystal Boys: Milo or Elijah

I would love to see the Impiccishmay family get a pet for the 50 baby celebration!!

Not our sweet baby Olive!

You handled this like a champ! Please name the kiddos: Boy: Mathias Boy: Tobias Boy: Finn Girl: Melissa (my name!) Girl: Anita Girl: Rapunzel (Because there is was a Flynn) Boy or Girl: Pascal

Name a baby Avery Hope Damon Elijah or eli

Girl- Spencer Boy-Spencer If twins

please get bran's tomb stone! :(

okay this is wild I can't....


oop also olive :((

Anyone else notice that Dustin got the character trait “Eleven”

In honor of Scared Buddies, these possibly were already suggested, but: Girl: Claire, Ada Boy: Leon, Marvin

Baby names Girl: Gracie (after me),Kelsey-May,maylin, Boy:Alex,max,Troy,Marcus,kade

Love your channel here are some names Girls: Mila, Ava, Cove Boys: Luke, Theo

Suggested baby names Boy: Benjy Girl: Mayday Both are names from Spider-man in Earth-982 (comics).

You should name a girl Glory or Aaliyah Or a boy Merrit or Dominic :) I love your videos!

Olivia or Oliver in honor of Olive

BABY NAMES! Boy: Peter (as in Peter Parker) Girl: Morgan ( as in Morgan Stark)

Boy: timmy Girl:sydney

Can you name a girl Isabelle after me

girl names: ivy, eden, elise (hehe) boy names: oliver, rowan, locklyn

Tom Holland's baby NEEDS to be named Peter or Gwen. It'll be too perfect now that he's back in the MCU.

Olivia or Oliver for baby 50. Keep the legacy of baby number 1 Charlotte or Charles

Been here since day 1 and so sad to know the OG children have passed away

I have the best experience with iogames when I get to play it on Freegames66.


Boy: Constantine Girl: Victoria

Thats exactly the thing i love about SIMS MOBILE is that if you don't want your sims to leave you you CANT FREAKIN LET THEM..

For name for a girl roseline or roselina

How about Callie for a girl's name. That's my 3 year old daughter's name.

Baby names: Lilu, Lilo for girl And storm for boy!

Girl: Olivia Boy: Oliver In honour of Olive!

why do i become so attached to sims. like why did i cry.

I think moving into another house would be exciting. I mean this house is really great and I think everyone can agree, but I personally liked the last house a bit more because it just felt cozier with the brown floor and I dont like modern houses in general so ... yeah :3

Girl: Yomara (my name), Mary, Kay, Isabella, Tara, Sabrina Boy: Sabastian, Ulisses, Oscar, Edmund, Tommy, Aaron

I feel so bad for some kids that died so sad Hope you feel sad to i,m so sad and i,m Gonna have a nightmare

Well now that Tom Holland is the dad, baby number 50 has gotta be called Peter (or Peta for a girl)

The 50th baby's name should be CJ! Chelsea Junior if it's a girl or Craig Junior if it's a boy

Kelsey to every sim: no get away from the babies you're in the way Also Kelsey: Awwww Tom Holland came to help with the baby Priorities

Kelsey, I would be completely find if you retired kasey to stay with Tom Holland and have their own family and make a new baby be the matriarch

This episode absolutely crush me, especially our sweet baby angel olive, but to continue on with tradition Girl names: Melody, Abby, Athena Boy names: Buck, nash, or Christopher But since it's Tom Holland's baby, I say Peter for a boy and Mary if it's a girl

In honor of Olive, I would also name girl #50 Olivia - and she could be an actress, just like Olive and Tom Holland To be Fair, you could also name her Mary Olive (instead of Mary Jane)

Who else screamed NOT OLIVE, NOOOO

I think you should name it Winter because it was born in Winter or Mikayla named after me. Love

Daisy or Rose for girls

Romeo: *is sad, slips, falls* Kelsey:

This episode turned dark way too fast...

Well Tom Holland's baby should be named Peter right? It couldn't be anything else.

Girl Names: Tiana or Rachel Boy Names: Tamaki or Adam

I feel so sorry for you

Baby names - Girls - Claudia ( my name, ) Kate, Rebelle and Olivia (after Olive) Boys - Saul ( my bro, ) Rebel, Oliver, Lauchlan, Darren Love your vids Kelsey and Kasey


Name suggestions: Girls: Wendy, Brenda, Diana, Sophia. Boys: Scotty, Peter, Danny, Patrick.

My names are: Boy: Ron, Timothy and Lennox (my brother) Girls: Tania, Marie, Zaraa, Alisha and Avril (my BFF)

Ivy, Wren, Jax, Xavier.

girl: violet, sunny boy: clause

Hey I would love if you could name a girl: Corinna, Karina,Trinity, or Ximena Boy: Casper, Eurus, Konner, or Elliot

Thanks I have been watching every vid sense episode one please use one of my names for any of your baby

If you have a girl with Tom, could you name her after me? That way you'll have Holly, Hayley, and Hannah (if not, could you use my name for a future baby? i'd be so honored)

BABY NAMES for a girl Samantha Irene Hermione Zaily. For boys Ronald mike will

some cute names that i wanted to name my future children are: Rowan, Ivy, Thea, and Rhea

i was writhing a short story for english i named the older sister of the main character kasey after you can u name a baby ava after me

Can you name a boy Arreis (air-e-is) or a girl Sierra?

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤My Son and i love watching your show we would be really happy and Excited if you would name the 50th baby one of our name sugestions Baby Name sugestions For a Boy = Jason For a Girl = Josephyna


insert peter parker's line " Mr. Stark. I don't feel so good. I don't know... I don't know whats happening..I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go Sir, please. Please, I don't wanna go.... I don't wanna go" as all the children pass

Name one of the Sims Matalyn

Name is Matalyn

Name baby #50 Eminem aka 50 c

The 50th baby should be Quinn for a girl or Quinton for a boy (quin- means five, like quintuplets, and 50th baby) :)

For a girl: noel or nivea For a boy: keith or jackson or carson

Baby name ideas Boy : briggs (like my baby brother) Girl: Karli (like me)

New house!!!

Allison/Allie for a girl and Tony in honor of Tony Stark for a boy RIP

A girl: Rowan, Aquarius, Mary A boy: Derek, Tristian, Draco


Not Olive our sweet baby girl..

you should name a boy: Kordell or a girl: Maya

For a girl: Gwen Sophia or Noel For a boy: Gabriel or Justin

Edith for a girl and Elliot for a boy

You should name Baby #50 after Olive. Olivia if a girl, Oliver if a boy? I dunno, seems fitting.

Tom holland!!!!!

Pick a new house please

Wow! Conceive the 50th baby with Tom and lose like half of the family

Why am I behind on so many (specifically) SIMS series?!

in honour of olive, you should name a girl Livia.

BABY NAME Girl:Ava, Summer, Heather, Emily and Lotti Boy: Spencer, Henry, Tommy and Joseph

Omg so many kids died. That's so sad.

If it’s a girl can you name her Amore or Sora or Maka and if it’s a boy can you name soul Or August

If it a girl can you name it Kara or Alice and if it’s a boy can you name it Connor or Markus because of Detroit become human

Hey, I'm a Brazilian fan! Could you please name a boy Kainã or a girl Tayná. :3

Please name a baby after my doggo Andre and here are some other names girl: kamryn, jodie, eva, krista, blake boy: carter, Samuel, alex, blake

Girl: Armindy, Pim, Wren Boy: Becket, Ronan, Tripp

The girl is cringe

Boy Kriege jr Girl Kasey jr

Omfg just go for Santa!

Baby names! Girl: Tonya or Nicolette. Boy: Damian

You need to make sim Tom Holland marry Kasey when they get old like you did with Chelsea

sloane for a girl ( my name :) and peter for a boy like spiderman

Elyanna is a name I have loved forever and I think you will to

Boy: stitch Girl: lilo or dustie( In memory of my cousin)

IF IT IS A BOY Maddox If it’s a girl Name her HOLLY

I would love for you to name the 50th baby. Maya if it's a girl (that's my name) Or Raleigh if it's a boy

Can you please name a girl Katy?? And a boy Oliver or Scott???

You should call a girl bailey or lily Or a boy as noah or Charlie jr

this video is like a period... so many emotions

My name is hollie

Girls names: Luna, Nova or Nora Boys names: Felix, Dylan or Landon

Baby Names!! For boys- Matthew, Trent For girls- Layla (my name lol would be awesome), Kendall

Boy or girl name: Salem Girl name: Sabrina In honor of spooky season!! (And my bb cats lol)

Girl: Emma (my name) or Bea (pronounced bee/ what I want to name my future daughter) Boy: Henry (what I want to name my future son)

Hi girl, here is a list of names. Boy: Luke, Chase, Jacob, Michael, Lee Girl: Sandra, Makayla, Moon, Misty, Gracely I hope you pick of of these names

Scrambled the initials of the dead sibs names (sob) and have some future baby names; some could be applied to either boy or girl, your choice. Boy: Jacob, Warren, Bob, Marten, Barto, Oreo, Robert Girl: Grace, Morgan, Nora, Wren, Romance, Jem, Roberta Also, re 50th baby: Topaz (gemstone) or Violet (flower) for 50th celebrations Pre-emptory congrats on the 50th bub!

Can you please name girls paytan and October

Name the 50th baby Olivia or Oliver in honor of Olive

For baby number 50, in honor or their father: Boy: Peter or Tony (Stark) Girl: MJ/Mary-Jane or Parker Also, Tom Holland and Kasey are 10/10 OTP he is her Craig ❤️

Omg Tom is here!! Meanwhile Romeo slips in the background and goes unnoticed

Emilee for a girls name and Damien for a boys. You are getting up there. Grats in advance for baby 50. :)


With the moschino stuff pack, you should have family photos!

Also in honor of Tom Holland Girl: May Boy: Norman (also my grandfather’s name lol)


Think of this when the snap happened they all came back

Pleas name a baby colette or emily


Griffin should be the next baby or Mallory

Name baby 50 Craig or Craigette

Omg i love you and i hope you pick my name Girl: Keely which is my name Boy: Bailey which is my brothers name Thanks

Tom Holland's baby Girl:Snow,Mary,Jane or Mary-Jane Boy:Peter,Parker or Ben.FYI the name Snow because you meet Tom Holland in the snow and kept on kissing in the snow!

Please pick out a new house!! That would be fun

girl: Sky boy: hunter

So many kids died and the worst is that they pretty much all died at the same time

gwen (stacy)

Baby names!!! Girls

Boy: Osiris Girl: Tarleah

Baby name for baby no. 50! Boy: Christian Girl: Ana

Call a Girl Lola please❤️

It all because of tom Hollands!!!!


PLEASE MOVE KASEY for the 50th child!! Preferably one with less purple and blue pleeeease im begging you

Am I the only one that saw Romeo slip and fall on his butt as he left

Hi Kelsey! Could you name Tom Hollands baby after Spiderman characters? So if it's a girl: Gwen or Mary-Jane And if it's a boy: Ned or Quentin Love the series, keep it up! :)

B : Kyzer , Everett , Cole , Ashton G : Stella , Lili , Elowyn , Acacia , Briar


50th is the golden anniversary. Try doing a play on that? Female: Goldie Male: Golden

Ok ok ok....I’m going back to episode 1 byeeeeee

half of their life's work, just GONE... I was so close to tears..

can you name a gril and boy : gril: ella and imogen because it is me and my twin boy: bailey and harley because they are twins

Names: Tyson Kai Max Ray Hillary Elisa Mulan

I think you meant *Children's Deaths

Romeo is Eugene from the Try Guys

For the baby with Tom I support the idea of names Parker, Peter, or Tony for a boy. MJ, MaryJane, or Zendaya(to go with the current cast)

At about 18:20 her son slips as he leaves hahahaha when Tom arrives

29:43 "We're all gonna miss Olive those siblings of Kasey..."

Baby names! Girl: Raechel (my name), or Lyra Boy: Michael, or Aries

Please Girl-Carrigan Boy-Killian

I was mentally prepared for Olive or Brielle after reading this title, but not a Snappening. Also, aliens must just live shorter lives, Bran was way younger than the OGs

If it's a boy, it obviously has to be Tony. Or Ben. But more Tony.

baby names: boy - kareem (kuh-reem) girl - ailani (aye-lawn-ie)

Baby names: Girl: leah or donna Boy: wes or marty

You should do Dylan as a name

Please name a girl Rose and another girl Selah!

When all your fav OG babies are now dead, I need a moment.

Noah for a boy

My birthday is October 5 which is when you post your next video so please pick one of my names! Quin or Quincy Jaxon (after my nephew) Liz Zane Zander

An interesting 50th baby celebration would be having Kelsey babysit 7 toddlers irl. On another note, good baby names for number 50 would be: Baby girl: Demi Baby boy: Leath

Boys: Jason, Percy, Frank, Leo, Nico and Gleeson! Girls: Piper, Hazel, Annabeth and Reyna(which means Queen in Spanish)! BTW, LOVE THE SERIES!

I can't believe Olive and Brielle are gone☹️

My brother is coming home this saturday, can you name a boy after him. Boy - Kristopher Girl - Julie (my name) Thank you, I love this series it really gets me thru the weeks!

Hi Kelsey! Here are some names for kasey’s new babays! Boy: Sam, Christopher, Stanley Girl: May, Poppy, Ruby

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