Single Girl Meets Her Dead Mother In The Sims 4 | Part 44

Single Girl Meets Her Dead Mother In The Sims 4 | Part 44

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We got one, Tod two babes all kids full, hearts can't lose. Hey. Everybody I'm Kelsey, I'm single, and we thought it would be funny if I tried, the 100, baby challenge, was a challenge, in the soups more where you have one matriarch, and they're supposed to have, 100. Kids all with different parents there's a lot of rules to this challenge if you're interested, in those the, link will be below we're getting close to a year during this challenge, which is crazy, and, a lot it's gone down I feel confident. I feel ready, to go I'm a new, woman everything. Is awesome and, I'm here to play we're back on ep-3 household, Casey still doesn't have a job so I'm like making you try to feel bad game oh my gosh Logan's, tired, and, Logan just go to bed in your mom so bed you're already there Olivia. Also, tired also going to bed ha, Haylie also, taught why is everyone tired paulie's not what, a queen Chelsea, Junior is doing amazing. Sweetie look at that face looks like everyone start kind of already doing what they need to do so good, oh it's, really hot maybe they need to do a pool day it's Thursday though maybe we'll do a pool day on the weekend oh no who's, not ok it's Ashton, take care of your kid before you shower my darling you can shower in a sec there. You go lumba, and, then you guys I guess you can sleep you don't have anything better to do not like you're gonna have a baby right now you just had to look, at this wild family tree here oh my god. It's. So, big, and, everyone. But. Taylor. And Taylor, are dead, oh my. Gosh. And. Look at all of our kids I hope that Casey has more kids than Chelsea Chelsea, juniors, moving around why are you crying it your brother are you hungry I can give you food oh I can't, give you ok someone needs to make food Casey get up cocoa. Garden salad, Oh Annie got a gift wait what does that mean no. No. Oh we. Got two new toys I. Mean yay. Annie, aged up Annie is independent. Oh thank goodness, Annie is, okay, Ashton aged up and he's a charmer. Oh Annie, Nash are actually, like perfect, little beans but their eyes look, haunting. You have no skills why don't you babble, to this bear get a skill you can play on this and do, some, thinking yep. And break, but look at Annie's little hat oh they, can't get out that's right okay hold on allow access, to. Household. It's fine. Who our girl is looking at fine and, her little outfit. And Holly are a little spooky Queen when, I grew up I want to be a ninja of course she does ask a ninja to train you if you want to be a ninja you got to take it seriously blue I, shouldn't acquired the thing skill I do like, Ashton's, hair I'm not a big fan of his face I don't, know why your, dad was so hot Chelsea, Junior I know how sad you are cuz you're hungry, I have a surprise for you it's, a garden salad your.

Favorite. Oh Annie, already, elite reached communication. Level three wait is that like what we needed to get Annie to you. Gotta be threes on everything oh you're done Oh. Little. Chelsea. On that little tiny stool, that's pretty cute honestly, Casey needs some sleep, go. To bed case I'm glad you ate an entire. Salad. Just, wander around can, you I wonder. Yeah. Uh oh, you know what you know what no no no no. Okay. Now everything's, safe, go ahead Ashton's. Feeling, pretty, decent. Why don't you get back on that thinking, game oh my God look at our dancing, queen. Doo-doo-doo-doo, motors her highest skill so she's already working on skill how's Logan doing, Logan, needs. To, eat. Take a little brisk shower, maybe, cook another garden salad I think we're out now who logan acquired a cooking skills no and he's upset and he's not okay. Ashin also needs to go to bed go to bed all the Todd's are in bed bedtime for Todd our bright. Red hair, King having, a Nam he's, the child of two pink. Haired women I'm like kind of sad that he doesn't have that pink hair though oh my gosh everybody's spirit is fading away oh no I. Don't want it I don't want it he's really sad about not having. Talking, to people but it's all works complete yeah, buddy. All right have some fun with, your games are, you doing with that gaming skill buddy got to be ready to be an A student tomorrow, everybody, starts school in an hour oh my gosh Logan, you need to finish your level, three of video gaming why is this so hard. Please. Yes. He. Did it he's ready to be an A student my kids have, fun at school we. Just made it on time so that means he's gonna probably age, up when he gets home and, then it's whoohoo. -, study. Hard everybody's, that you can leave my house Casey's, like last. Home alone with my garden, salad, and my Todd's, and. My three Todd's I just remembered we had three Todd's and one just woke up and she wants to die oh no. Listen, okay we're gonna be good where everything's fine, just eat a garden salad everything's, fine they really like that stool, ever since I opened up this room they're like this stool life is my kind of life why don't you potty train a knee since, a knee is okay, now oh no two more children are up are you okay no, they're both really, hungry great see, junior you need to be level higher, levels, you're hungry why, don't we give you a little garden salad moment okay Bella wants to go to a park. We're. Kind of busy Bella sometimes. Being a mom is, saying no to doing, fun things Oh, thinking. Level two yes, buddy that means that you can think with blocks, what's Annie doing, just, moving, around, being. A boss Chelsea, juniors now feeling a lot better Annie's, feeling better Ashton. Not so much but it's just because of hunger and potty okay well we need we can fix the hunger part toddler, management. I'm just so good at it honestly, I should put this on my LinkedIn and now you should, potty-trained. Chelsea. Junior again oh they're playing oh. My gosh I never play with my Todd it's, my Todd learning. Movement. Oh that's. So cool you want to learn how to potty, Chelsea, junior is such an angel she, just said yes please oh wow look at her little pink shoes. Why don't you potty-trained. Ashton. Once he's done eating. Annie, it's just okay Hayley's grades are up she's Abby's turn it Logan today's student Olivia's would be student and Holly's a B student, whoa. Welcome, home kids, oh. My gosh Logan. You, know what time it is no, one's here to celebrate, oh no wait his little sisters are waiting. Aged. Up he, wants to be a joke star live a beachfront, property, is sporty, and it's self-absorbed, I think, he'll be in fantastic on. Comedy, Central, now that Logan is a full grown adult man it's, time for him to get out of my house, yeah. Whooping, with Tim they'll be happy to have you time to invite over read the slip'n dairy cows running.

Through The rain may, be sure, secret, and then try. For a baby oh I'm. Brokenhearted, because my son just moved out will you come for me, he's all giggly, and excited. He's. Ready, to. Have a, baby. Oh my god Chelsea, junior working on a skill that he even asked Chelsea junior to work on freakin hero take a pregnancy test, do not sleep yeah. Casey. Is. Eating. For. Two. I have some news I'm pregnant with your baby just. Like didn't my best friend. You. Not too long ago but, yay, oh. You need a skill at a level four and homework why don't you do your homework you, all need to do your homework and get your skills up House Ashton, Ashton's, fine he's. Remus. Lupin just, cleaned up a mess in, the toddling room love, when boys come over and clean up for me Ashton's too scared to sleep right now great. All right Ashton why don't you. Babble. I think you should give a bubble. Bath - and, Ashton, looks pretty miserable, Chelsea junior as usual, is literally just perfect, and digging. Into a garden salad and, what, else do you need, potty. There we go potty, go on dance buddy who's this it's, ever oh my gosh yes, give, residents keys, please, ever come over whenever you want, ever. Came. To visit. Mama. Oh. My. Gosh share, your big news with ever tell. Ever that you're pregnant Remus, is like I should go down and pretty. Much Casey does not care because. Her, beautiful. Daughter ever is here, and hanging out wow, I wish I was that gifted at making salads, how you doing, yes you're almost little three she's. Still dancing her heart away love. This for her she's almost to, level 4 boom, level, 4 you're done go to bed and then your little three cuz I got you to do creativity. Cuz I thought, ahead for, once in my life don't, get used to it wow there's a lot wait, here he's here I was like there are a lot of puddles, that's, why cuz. Our little drowned baby Harry, is home, merrier, dapper drowned boy, how. Are you doing how's the afterlife glad, he's spending some quality time with this his. Sister, Olivia. Oh. They're, hugging. Honestly. I'm like if anyone, had to be my. Child forever I'm cool with Harry being the one are we sad a little bit are we kind of happy though that he's here with us forever yeah, a little bit are you doing your social, skill I don't know if chatting, no it really does help actually you're really tired though I need to take you to bed you talk to people in the morning what, you up to sweetie, you need to get your skillet I mean I guess you need to eat a garden salad but what you could be doing is, more. Art go. Save. That salad for later that in your inventory, oh no and he's very hungry okay, okay okay okay we, just got, a salad eat that Oh Chelsea. Juniors also hungry okay okay let me let me grab the salads eat it you'll be fine and then Annie's just gonna take yourself body you're doing such a good job you're. Almost on with your creativity skill, yes. Queen Ashton's. Very hungry oh no, there's. Another one no no do not make a mess you don't need a make a mess you know why cuz I got I got a serving, of, headed, your way we need Casey to make more Gardens up you're like I just made, a garden salad not. A couple. Minutes ago Wow I wish I was that gifted, at making salads. Did. She do it yeah creativity. Level four okay, so, we got Holly and Haley are ready to go olivia, is, not, quite, ready but olivia is almost there with social actually, so maybe. You can you know get it okay excuse, you please. Resume your garden salad what is this boy doing he's, farting well, that's fine Chelsey Junior is really really hungry okay no. Problem. I. Prepped. For this eat a garden tell and then continue to go potty oh my gosh are you cleaning up. Wait Holly and Haley, are both cleaning, of one, good girl. Olivia. I think you need to like get your hex together. Here it's almost school time oh it's Saturday. Of course it's Saturday well then we, have a mall ready to go and it's a Saturday, that's okay I'll see Junior's hungry again what do you mean I, just fed you I mean I fed you a half-eaten garden salad in in, your, defense but in my defense, normally.

That Satiates. All of the Todd's Chelsea Junior each movement level three oh my gosh Chelsea Junior what else do you need you have two level threes three. Level twos all right I think we can age up Chelsea Junior very, soon trying, to get all the kids good cuz then maybe we could take them out today but nobody's all good at the same time it's like when one person is fine the next person, gets, uncomfortable. Okay now everybody's, having a good time but you're sad but, you're like fine, I think everyone's pretty good so it might be good wait, why was I saying I would take a pool day I don't know if I could do this it was gonna be such a cute look to do but now I don't want to do it no there'll be hot guys at the pool right Kelsey. For a travel, let's bring just the girls, the Todd's can go to daycare it's too much work to bring them all we're in Cuba good eye on everybody, it is the summer times we need to get over our fears. It's. Cool day buddies it looks like there's some kid already in the pool let's see what everyone's gonna go up to who's like over here. Still in the she's. Like I don't want to go to the pool mom I like, to be inside. Who's. This have I had a baby with you yet are you related, to me no neither. Leonardo. Parrish, okay. Anything. It's okay. Oh wait we've definitely already had a baby with you fitting in Leonardo, Parrish hi. Ooh. Intriguing. Why. Don't you, oh oh, oh. Is, this gonna be drama. He, is Punk'd, Oh oh, no. Finnegans. Really, jelly yeah this is so awkward. Can, you like go somewhere else with him and get away from Finnegan, she's just too much of a charmer, what can we say all the, girls are coming to sit with. Their mama. That's. Very cute darlings, but we wanted to flirt seriously. Call him over wait, a freaking. Second. I know. The back of that head anywhere oh. My. Gosh. What. This, is Chelsea, an, adult, not, even an elder. Alive. And well this is a different Chelsea in. Peach Rashmi but it is but. It's not technically. Her mother that is wild. Oh my, gosh we have to introduce ourself to. Parallel, universe Chelsea, and Pete Rashmi also, how did you what, how, did this. Even happen is, it, because I saved Chelsea in the gallery how, could you just appear in my gate oh my. Gosh. There, immediately like almost like, really good friends oh my, gosh. This. Is weird we came here to seduce men, but. We, met like our mom from a parallel, universe where, she technically, didn't birth us they're like the same age too they could be best friends are, the kids doing I'd like completely, ignored them a little bit okay she's doing great you're doing so, good why don't you brighten his day get. To know talk about school KC, rich charisma level 10. Oh my gosh good job case oh my god she left Chelsea okay, all of Olivia's, reached level, four. Yes girl oh. My gosh Casey's. Coming in. Heylia's. Backfloat like a boss yes. Queen she's. Having so much fun but her Energy's down no Haley take a nap Tim get off out of couch Olivia's, Energy's, going a little bit down but she's not in the pool so it's okay Holly, why don't you take a nap as well Oh Casey, is chatting, away need.

A Little splash have. A little fun with this guy wait. Chelsey's. Like watching. Over, them is she our guardian, angel. He's your big news oh my god did the girl leave yes make a joke that's flirty now that the girls are not in the conversation it won't be awkward oh my. Gosh yeah, sweet, first kiss do it do. It Casey will first kiss then maybe hightail, it out of there it's a 8:00 p.m. so, it's about time for the. Family to go home oh my, god right above, Chelsea, - Chelsea just. Got up Chelsea. Chelsea. Just. Applauded. Casey for, her first kiss I'm dying. They just gave a hug, Chelsea. Get, out of their business. Chelsea, you all right we need to go home we need everybody to go home we had a really positive pool, experience, I felt like this was really healing for all of us let's invite Chelsea, to come over and see if Chelsea does maybe, Chelsea can come hang out with the family we give Chelsea or a room, key even though Chelsea's technically not related to us I really think that this is an important thing that we should be doing house Chelsea, junior doing Chelsea Junior so, close on the thinking we're. So proud of you sweetie you're doing such an amazing job oh my god Chelsea be dish man we'll be right over there. She is she's, in her overalls, oh my. Gosh. This. Is so wild, wheat, this, Chelsea's, gonna age again. I can't go through this again but also give residents keys, we're, adopting you into the family even though technically you're kind of that part of the family it's fine oh wait you did it you did it your little three bow-bow. Bow-bow bow-bow, bow-bow no more thinking for you darling, next, up is, potty. Let's. Go potty, uh-uh-uh, yeah. Oh my gosh. Okay. They got very European, here you come over literally, whenever, you want Chelsea, Oh, dare. You oh, my, gosh. Stop everything. Discipline. Calmly. Ask not, to make a mess that is not how we do it here well clean that up you. Are better than this ash gin my gosh KC and Chelsea, they, really do look very similar. Now that I see their faces next to each other how is Chelsea Junior you're a little sad cuz you made a mess that's okay Josie Junior wait Junior. Needs to meet Chelsea senior. Alright. Okay, now you should, meet Chelsea senior. Look, Jesse. Jr is coming, to meet Chelsea senior. High I'm. I'm. You, what. That's not our Chelsea, our Chelsea would never walk away from Chelsea junior like that. Good. Job Annie, annie is level three of imagination. Oh my gosh you just got it now, so, it's Chelsea junior oh my god - Chelsea junior is ready - a job I'm also like really mad at this Chelsea. I don't know I'm gonna take the resident key back I don't know if I trust this woman anymore, you might be the reincarnation of my mother but you're, like kind of rude. Wait. We. Love you real Chelsea, that's our real mom oh right there let's say you drop Chelsea Junior all right, Chelsea. Juniors ready to go. Mother-daughter. Bonding. So. Cute okay come on sweetie let's H up your daughter happy, birthday. I can't. Wait to see what Chelsea junior looks like older oh my. Gosh oh my gosh. Chelsea. Junior aged up, Chelsea. Juniors a glutton, pick a number one through four. Three. So in, Chelsea, juniors little motorbeam. Chelsea junior is a little, less, feminine, actually, a lot less feminine then, Chelsea senior, ever was but I kind of love that. Little. Skater Queens. Introduce. Yourself to Chelsea senior with, your salad, she. Loved that Oh. Chelsea. Junior, is such a big fan of Chelsea. Senior, that's, so cute, all, right well all my kids are pretty much ready to roll all is quiet, and mean peach ish my house for. Now I should feel like emotionally, wrung out, Chelsea senior. Had, like, an evil twin it's, like not, cool now, we saw Chelsea senior, and Chelsea. Junior aged up and it's perfect. Chelsea, junior came into the. Todd room to hang out with her siblings, oh, my gosh and look at our perfect, hailey being the, clean queen and, her a little Halle I honestly want to give Holly a makeover so I kind of want to give her like this whole. Vibe. Like I want to extend, it cuz this is so cute and she chose this outfit, so I kind of want the rest of her vibe to be black and white like we can even just keep what she's wearing and make it black and white oh my god I love that for her yeah, and then we'll get the shoes perfect.

I Already like that let's shoot the shorts too black for dark colors yeah next, pajamas, just like black perfect. Black, slippers I don't love this let's look for colors oh my gosh could you imagine her rolling up to a party like that this, one's pretty cute maybe, this. For, hot weather wait I love that that's her hot weather, that's so funny and then they're cold oh this. Is. This. Is too, cute I love this I love all her little outfit, that, she just really likes black and white and then her sister looks, exactly the same force wearing all these like colors oh. That's. Josie junior trusty juniors doing her. Homework. The, twins are chatting why don't you two play a game together we've got some royalties, flea, markets in town it's a great it's a great Sunday oh all. The girls are playing video games together and. Chelsea junior just reached motor skill level two which is perfect, we just had a family bonding moment that also worked in my favor yeah, let's, go to the flea market with our son, I'm. Gonna say no. We. Probably should, oh, gosh it's raining, are you freaking kidding me Tegan, you brought your pregnant. Mother. Out. Into, the rain oh my, goodness she, needs to get some food let's get some on me oh my god that sounds so good he's bonding, with her son she look how miserable this girl look she's like no no. Tegan. I'm gonna go get food I'm sad, apparently, someone, died as, usual, I don't know who it was, Olivia. Reached motor skill of before oh they're, all doing amazing. Wait, is this our daughter and this is how I was about hope today this. Is so cute Oh who's that it's it's, no frit, I thought we knew no, well we don't everyone's. Being rained on look, how mad everybody, is especially these two right here they. Are upset this, is that all but. This guy Sharon is umbrella, with our KC he, kind of looks like your son but, like more, handsome, just gonna seduce everyone, Brooke Peterson, yeah yeah let's cheerful introduce ourselves, to Brooke Peterson, as well we'll. Introduce ourselves to every eligible young, man and then. Go home there you go now eat it eat. Your food eat. Your food oh did. That person. Just freakin, steal our food from us oh no oh no, you did, not sir, we just paid for that Alec, alecky. And you just freakin took our food we paid for that oh we're, gonna throw hands. Rude, introduction, you. Tell that man you, tell that man did. You just steal my food, you, food stealing, son. Of a gun, yet, your mother must, have taught you terrible. Lesson who's, that it's, Sirius Black. The. Trifecta. Well, you gotta introduce yourself to serious lack once you've done a ripping. This man a new one you are literally, a terrible, person, this woman is a pregnant. Hungry. Woman, and you just freakin stole her, $15. Dish, the nerve, of this man oh he seems pup to have met her well you know what we're gonna go home I'm sorry, my, son but I. Am and, Oh, Chelsea, peaches, may the faker is here. This is just too much sometimes when, your gut tells you to stay home you should stay home what do we need first the most maybe, have, some lunch of a garden salad this, is just so much. Three, good job Bastian, now you need movement, yeah just keep on stacking, it up how's Annie Annie some level threes on everything, but potty and thinking, honestly Casey maybe you should use the toilet and then finish up that all right her needs are getting better slowly but surely what, I, think teegan's probably, calling to apologize fine we'll accept your call Teigen she's like hello Tegan I'm sorry I left in the middle of the event but honestly it was freakin terrible, but I did meet some potential mates, so you know there's. A win there all right Casey once you do that just go to sleep.

Pass My coat we're and queen doing great, don't, you play in the bath have a little fun time Asha, and. Ashton reached level, three on. This tacky blocks. Can. You do thinking on here you can besides. Potty an imagination, Ashton it's like almost done everyone's in the Tod room hanging out together spending. Quality time could. You clean up and be a good girl for Mom, thank you darling. He's almost done with that so we'll just like have them push. Through, what's mama mom is that, third. Trimester. So. It's, it's anyone's. Guess, if these girls are, gonna age out before. Or. Not if your guess is probably, not then you'd maybe be right wait. Excuse. Me I'm, pretty sure I took back, your residence key miss wake up she's trying to hang out with your children, take your key back I don't. Want you here, now ask her to leave it like kinda breaks my heart to like kick out Chelsea. And Pewterschmidt but at the same time we, don't know you oh yeah you're done baby, level. Three you hit level three I wasn't even there for it because a freaking Chelsea, and peaches may but it's okay Ashton's going to bed Ashton only has imagination, and potty to go pretty impressive, annie has potty, and thinking to go also, impressive, everyone's. Asleep at the same time oh oh. She's thinking about a dead family member. That's. Sad, this, show got real sad grab, your salad good job and now watch. TV because your fun is really, far down who else is up Olivia. Yeah. You should get going now I thought I told you to leave that, is so spooky. Wait what she was in our house. This. Woman, has. Got to go oh I hate that, oh I'm uncomfortable. This is scary, Olivia is definitely. Casey's, mini-me, for, sure. Oh wait Chelsea juniors up no, Chelsea Junior no no no no get leftovers, you mean. Clean out spoiled food what spoiled in here the. Hamburger cake is spoiled, oh poor went out for that hamburger, cake it was a good one everyone's going to school soon that's good all right how is Ashton very, hungry amazing. There you go Ashton, just finished off that part okay Aubree what's off just school bye have, fun at school I, hope you a job why, don't you go back to Ashton. Next. Ashton, get a bath for mom and you yep, can eat that salad no Tegan we don't want to go out with you you suck at it someone else is calling kiss. And tell Olivia spent most of Reese's running around trying to kiss some of the other students, Olivia. You. Need to apologize, that's, not okay you are perfect, darling let's work on some thinking, thinking. That guy. Named. Potty wait oh he just reached a skill. Three and I didn't even ask okay, all that left just for him is for his potty so I guess I'm gonna just have KC wake, up and teach. Him potty she's so close come, on buddy once your level two of thinking you can use the blocks to think instead of this pad yeah. You. Learn to no Casey. No. That's. That's. Not what you like to see that's not how you teach a kid to potty well mom's having a rough one maybe we should just send. Him to bed and let mom kind of get her life, in order for, a minute here she's. Not feeling good how was Annie, Annie's good whoa. Logan's. Here yeah, I guess Olivia invite over a classmate, okay well wait we, should invite him in and give them some residence keys Logan's, here, that's perfect timing your, mom was kind of feeling blue ah none, of them are. A student yet we'll have them all do their homework oh they're, all in here together this. Is cute this is the friend this is Regina the friend. I mean, Olivia brought, him over did, you meet him from that kissing, incident where you're running around trying to kiss everybody mom, oh. My. Weren't you going to sleep Olivia, somewhere simply everyone saw works complete, good, job everybody going to labor oh my gosh. Casey it, just went into labor as, she, was sleeping, on the floor let's go have the baby at the hospital with her wait it's. Not a doctor. What's up Theo why are you panicking, I'm. The one having a baby no we're not going to go light fireworks we're, having, a baby, it's. Art it's our relative, oh, my gosh it's. Brooke wait, Brooke why are you here was, it Brooke here left like pretty. Recently, too. It's. Brooke okay oh my gosh this dudes panicking, it's not your baby we already had your baby okay. Baby 53. Is a girl. It's, a house full of girls, as always, I'm, gonna be looking at the comments, in these, very videos to see, what I should name my next baby this is very funny cuz. I'm also a friend's fan it says if it's a girl Phoebe, if it's a boy phoebo I, kind, of wish it was a boy so I could name it fibo we're.

Just Gonna name her Phoebe thank you so much for suggesting Phoebe Phoebe a peach Rashmi is the daughter of Remus, Oh. Little. Baby baby, baby, 53. Oh my god. I can't. Believe it we. Have another baby in the house already, 53 children is nothing, to. Sneeze at but I'm thinking, that we'll probably get, to. 55. Next. Episode thank you guys for tuning in if we should invite over all the new people that we meet and then just decide, who's. The next one, that'll, be messy.

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Annie are you okay????

Hi Kelsey I love this challenge so so much I've been here since the start and I was wondering if you had a girl you could call her Indi :) thanks so much !!

I never find my name in any of the souvenir cups, keychains, ect. Can you name a baby girl Amby? Rhymes with Bambi

Can you name a girl Allyiah or Jorge???

If you get a dollhouse and make the toddlers play them, it can easily increase their Imagination faster and if a child's aspiration is creativity, they will too increase their Creativity faster.

Baby names: Girl: Lucy or Amy Boy: Luca or Teddy

Name suggestions: Girl: Deecha, Cressett,crystal,and maxine,Ellie Boy:max , Declan,Elliot

Does Kelsey give her residence keys to every relative irl?

Kasey can you name your kids after my favourite book novel Girl

For a girl: Rachael, Leah, Lana For a boy: Wyatt, Liam, Hudson

Girl names : Millie , Sadie , Kate Boy names : Robbie , kaden , milo

And my sister Sienna

There's a lot of sibs that grew old. Who says it didn't generate kids for them making this Chelsea a niece?

Am I the only one who likes the names if its a girl, Luna or Hermione and for twin boys, Fred and George just boys would be Asher/ Ash

Baby name Blakely I’ve been here for every episode would make my life

I don't even remember what annie and ashton's father looks like.

Anyone else think Kelsey should bring Chelsea back to life

Hey these names are all named after my siblings Girl: Verity, Evie or Christie Boy: Ethan

Kelsey: it's a house full of girls!!! Ashton: am I a joke to you?

Look like recee biby in new hope club

From the Netherlands call the boy Rens Or girl Renske

Who remembers Olive?

Baby names are lily for me or jack for my brother

For the baby names suggestions: Girl: Blanca or Adela Boy: Florian or Rafa (short for Rafael) Twins: Venus(girl) and Neptune (boy) coz i have french and spanish friends who are moving away and two of whom i love watching this challenge every week with

I’d the next one is a boy call him Todd. That way you will always have a Todd (toddler)

I’ve been dying for you to name your baby Shannon

Please name the next boy phoebo

I hate that she just deleted the pool but before that she said let's have a pool day.... XD .....

Name suggestions Girl: Jade, Eve Boy: Dylan, Josh

Am I the only one who hates that Kelsey hates the pool? Lol I will not let Kacey die!!!!!!!!!!!

Alternative Chelsea Impiccishmay scares the life out of me. You kicked her out of the the house and she leaves then 2 mins later she’s upstairs trying to talk to your children. Funny enough it was Halloween 3 days ago

Names for babyyyys: Girl: Europa, Mavy, Amerika, Athena, Nikol, Brjansk Boy: Jupiter, Brjansk, Oliver

I'm watching this late, but this came out the day I found out I'm pregnant!

Girl: Nymphadora,Hermione Boy: Draco, Ron

I'm Kelsey too

How about naming a girl Kelsey or Kelsey jr bc I mean let’s be real its an awesome name and for a boy Ken or Kaiden?

BABY NAMES! girl: Dorothy and Layla Boy: Manila and Nick

i love that shirt is that going to be official merch?

How the heck did Chelsea come back into your game? Do you think it's the developers of the game who did that for you? I wanna find out more about this new Chelsea. Can you please do a deep dive and find out where she came from and if she's really legit. If she's cool then why not be friends with her. Maybe ghost Chelsea could meet new Chelsea. I need to know now!!!!!

Girl: Summer

"It's not your baby, we already had your baby" sums up this series pretty good

if you have twins, can you name them Kylie and Kendall?

Baby names (percy jackson limited edition XD) Girl: Annabeth, Thalia, Piper Boy: Percy, Jason, Nico

Lucy if it's a girl Luke if it's a boy

PLEASE USE: Girl names:Jasmine,Lacey,Isla Boy names:Jack,Isaac,Ross PLEASE NOTICE get this to the top so she can see ❤️❤️#kelsey100babychallenge ❤️❤️

NAME SUGGESTIONS: Cora for a girl and Colton for a boy!

23:47 bottom left corner

Iam on my dads iPad . Name one after me Sofia .

Please check the mailbox or wherever the gifts go! It gives me anxiety when all the kids get presents!! Also please name your next boy after my boyfriend as I force him to watch this with me, his names Luke!

baby names boy: Lance, Ian girl: Peach, Megan

please name a girl emma after me

Girl: savannah or Ryder Boy : Shane or Pedro

Makayla if a girl if a boy Jason

Holy shoot, I've been watching this challenge for a year now???????

For a girl: Sarah (Cause that’s my name) For a boy: Dakota (Cause that’s my middle name)

Hope for twins and do Mary-Kate and Ashley

If you have a girl the name Darcy could be good

Royal Baby Names. Queen, Royal, Tiara (they're different names but interesting)

Can you name a baby girl Delilah so you can say, “Hey there, Delilah!” every time you come back to the game?

Mitzi if its a girl and if its a boy Dixon

Chelsea once traveled in time to the future and there she met her unborn daughter. Now that the daughter is born and grown she meets her dead mother from the past!

If it's a girl: Kira, Ina or Davina If it's a boy: Derek or Danny :)

Name suggestions: Ember for a girl, Tobias for a boy.

Baby names!!! Jasmine - (my name but in English lol ) Mila

Hello I really like this new house and so I also downloaded it and moved my 100 baby challenge family in. Just a WARNING the lights in the pool area are candles and I didn't know that and there was a big fire and because there was pool and chairs around the fire I couldn't get to it to put it down so. Hope you see it.

says she wants lunch *its 3:00am* she wants garden salad lunch :)

names girl : alba or gemma boy: tye or mars

Please name a girl Giulia

BABY NAMES: Girl : ELLA ( in honer for my bestie Boy: Michael ( Maybe With Jackson )

Hey I have some baby names! If it's a girl can you call it Rachel? (My name) or Charlotte? Also I would love a baby called Rain! If it's a boy then Adam, Omar or Emmett!

you should have a baby with chelsy

just a tip, kids can help tods learn blocks and they learn a bit quicker

Name a girl *Tatiana* !!!!!!

girl you need a thermostat in your Sim house, your characters are miserable all year round


If it’s a girl: Ryann If it’s a boy: Ryan (They’re both pronounce the same way )

girl: lyla boy: jesse

Pls name a girl Sasha and a boy Shayne

Girl: Fiona, Eve, Claire Boy: Josh, Noah

Surprised to see our country's dish Pork Adobo being sold at the festival

We want a friends themed baby

You should name a girl either Sabrina, or Samantha

If it's a girl : Buffy, Faith If it's a boy : Xander, Spike

I have played iogames on, it’s fucking smooth there.

Can you name a girl Evie or Noelle and a boy Asher and Toby

Please name your next boy or girl Ashlee (with two e's!) to represent all people who use uncommon spelling for their name

Names! if it’s a girl: lemon, if it’s a boy: lime

I finished the 100 Baby Challenge and the single biggest tip I learned halfway through was to build a large room, put a fridge, a counter, line four or five bear chairs up in front of it, attach a bathroom with potties and a bathtub, add beds, toys and iPads, and literally lock the todds in there FOREVER. Well. Until they age up. Only the adult is allowed free access. Teens teleport in when they’re needed for slave labor. It cuts the chaos down so much. You feed them en masse, get all the plates for $$$, you send mom in to bathe and potty train en masse, and they do the rest. With nothing to destroy and no havoc to wreak on the rest of the house they get skills so fast and none of its cheated.

i love how in the beginning of all of these vids shes like sup boys. Like are u into 10yr old boys bc thats who watches these videos sweetie, also, your voice is annoying. Love you!

“Oh Annie got a gift wait what does this mean?”NOOO NOOOOOOO

name one of your girls Mila as in Mila Kunis!

Baby names: Girl: Abby, Ellie, Grace, Rosie Boy: Jacob, Max, Adam, Alex

A little food hack is that you can make multiple salads so that they can keep your family for a while..

Girl: Odette Boy: Carlo

I sneezed when she was naming the baby

Girl name: Brinneall (br-in-kneel) or Brinn or Skylar or Destiny Boy name: Spencer or Skyler or Aleksandr (Aleks for short)

boy:Tyler or Harry JR or Preston girl:Georgia or Jade or Florence Twin girls:Georgia and Florence Twin boys:Tyler and Harry JR

Girl : Shayn or Amayah Boy : Sam or Dean

You should name a girl Luna

Don't sneeze too hard or at this point you will have another baby.

the irony of mom potty training and peeing her adult pants is amazing.

Im a fan of Mkney Heist and im from the Philippines so can u name the next baby one of our cities If girl: Manila If boy: Dasma Lol hahahahaha

You really should use the headphones so your fun doesn't go down on your sim all the time. It's a life saver.

.......... ok, they got very european here DEAD

Name a baby Molly

Kelsey still has ptsd about that pool

Is no one going to point out the fact she majorly mispronounced Rogelio? Lol

For a boy you could name one Wolfgang— that name is always a hoot

If it is a boy: nicolas (my brother) If its a girl: alyssa (me)

If it's a girl, Margaret or Margie. If it's a boy, Chris or Christopher

hey!! big fan of this challenge. my little sister and I would watch this together every saturday, but can't do that much anymore because i'm away at school. I would love it if you could possibly name two twin girls after my sister and I- Megan and Erin, just to show her i'm still watching and missing her.

You should name a girl twins Ema and Emma or you should do Cleoar and eema and Ricky

Girl: Hannah, Nicki Boy: Matthew (after my little brother:)

My last name is sims lmao

Do the name Jensen for a boy and Jensyn for a girl❤

With all these different Chelseas, it reminds me of the new Netflix series “Living With Yourself” with Paul Rudd. Mind is blown.

Completely unrelated to the challenge, but Kelsey looked bomb in this episode

Baby Names: Boys: Luke, Han, Lando, Ben Girls: Leia, Padme, Rey

BABY NAME: Girl - Renesmee Boy- Edward In honor of the whole Twilight Saga being added in Netflix

Name your next daughter - Ashel, because it’s my name

can you call a girl piper please

I’m obsessed with the names macie for a girl and wren for a boy :)

You should name a boy Kieran and a girl Kylee

i would like to eat you.

Girl :EJ Erica boy : Erin please use my names lysm

Girl Names: Piper, Paige, Emma, Chloe Boy Names: Killian, Graham, Cole, Wyatt

For a girl can it be Monica For a boy can it be Ryan (Named after my friends)

If it’s a girl name her gardenia after garden salads

you should do acey as a girl and skyler/levi as a boy

My name is now in the series... I’m olivia ashton

girls: tawaii (pronounced like hawaii) boys: emery (like emerald but emereeee)

If it's a boy: Cornelius or Nikolai If it's a girl: AnnaBelle or Ariella

Hey Kelsey, love the show. Boy: Phillip Girl: Cece OR Pam I love The Office, please name them after them.

Aurora for the new Maleficent movie

Kasey met X-Chelsea. Like if you understood.

Baby~ names!! \(≧▽≦)/ If it’s a girl: Roxy and/or Ragena If it’s a boy: Cale and/or Ron (2 names in case you have same gender twin)

Love Parks and Recs! If a girl could you please name her: Leslie Knope And If it is a boy name him: Ron Swanson

Baby names! Girl- Luna, or Gwen Boy- Teddy or Arthur

If you have a girl please name her Aurelia or Kara And if you have a boy please him Aizen or Kayden

Girl name: Melanie Boy: Jerry

It’s my birthday today can the next girl be named after me? (Madeleine)

baby names: Girl : Robin or Nise Boy: Robin

NAME THE NEXT BOY DIMITRI if it’s a boy Megan (because my mom wanted a girl so bad she almost named me Megan) if it’s a girl

I love these videos they make my day and I'm emotionally attached to them lol

Chelsea Impostershmay

Wait. Would it be weird if imposter Chelsea had a baby with Kasey?

If it's a girl: Jade (which is my name) or Sammy If it's a boy: Brandon or Kevin

Wait thats crazy! ive been watching this for almost a year!

Baby names Emerald

Girl= beya pronouncements (bae -a) Boy= phillip

Girl Emma boy Julian

Can you please go blonde again?

Captain Sauce also had a parallel universe twin show up in is sims game. Although in his case, it might have been the good twin...original Emma has murdered a LOT of people. On a different topic, we haven't had a Detroit episode in a while. Is zach okay?

Name a girl Samantha and a boy Samuel.

If you have twin girls could you name them Lucy and Lisa? Those are my and my twin sister's names :)

Hi I love this series and can you plz name one of your kinds Daisy or billy

If twin girls Tane and Jasmine or if twin boys Brin and Zayne!

This is just....hilarious

I feel like Chelsea Jr has been a toddler for ever

Will you do the 100 baby challenge with WhickedWhims? But can’t change attractions on it.

can you name a girl bay or lily and a boy toby

Boys Name : Peter Girl Name : Quinzell

If its a girl: Rachel or Monica If it's a boy: Chandler or Joey. I hate Ross honestly. But i am a massive friends fan

Girl names: Ivy, Uma, or Iris Boy names: Dante or Damian

We had enough of the garden salad

Can you name one of the cuties Aspen? Aspen for girl or aspen for boy! They both work. It’s my name and also a cool fact about aspen trees is that they are some of the largest living organisms on the planet because they connect to eachother in large groups. Much like the impiccishmay household☺️☺️

If it's a girl, name it Wednesday after the one and only Wednesday Addams

Girl- Regina-Phalange Boy- Elliott

Chelsea: deletes pool also Chelsea: lets go to the pool

Please name a girl Mio! That’s my nickname and you can say Mio my!

My kids love your video's please van you name the baby's afther them? Boy: FINN Girl: NELL

Chelsea Jr can be trans and can go by CJ?

Hey Kelsey! Could you please name a baby boy Nash?? That is my son’s name, who is an actual toddler irl! As his mom, I freaking love watching you take care of all the tods bc it is so funny and sometimes scarily accur ate?! So it would be amazing to see one of your crazy toddlers share the same name as my irl crazy toddler! *So please pick NASH for a baby boy!* Here are some *other* baby names for you! GIRLS: Katie (my name!), Summer, Whitney, Hailey, Quinn BOYS: David, Gus, Elijah/Eli, Gage, Jack

If a girl: Caitlin If a boy: Wynter Love you so much, hope you pick my names xx

Boy name: Harvey Girl name: Harriet

If it's a girl: Sierra If it's a boy: Sam

Ok so in honor of birdbox If it's a girl name it girl And boy named boy

If you have a girl can you name it Tiesha or Zara

If the next one is a girl name her Jolene! So she can steal people's man's

For a girl you could use my name- Cassara its like sarah but with a cuh sound in front like Cassandra and for a boy I like silas

Triplet boys: Sam, Dean, Castiel Triplet Girls: Rowena, Charlie, Jo I also really like Amara and Lilith as names

why am I crying over the sims

Please name one of your babies Therese names as there my brothers and sisters names Girl: iliana collette belle Boy:yes hamish

Can you name your next 7 children the days of the week? Or the next 12 children after each month!

Call one of the baby’s Bella-Rose

Im dead with the drama with impostor chelsea hahaha

BABY NAMES!!! Girls: Maggie, Elizabeth, Savannah Boys: Carter, Peter, Parker

Can your next kid(s) be called: Girl: Ashlyn, April, River Boy: Jett, Samuel, Tyler Thanks!!

Did nobody else realize that one of her kids TURNED INTO THE FREAKING GRIM REAPER?!?!

Ashton reminds m of Wybie from Coraline


Name that next baby FRANKIE

You should have named Remus' baby Nymphadora! Missed opportunity!

You should name twins Jenna and Julien for Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita

Can u please name Boy: Brent and Girl: Emmie

woah this is weird but as she said “53 babies is nothing to sneeze at” , i was sneezed like 6 times.

Girl: Julia, Aluna or Riley Boy: Aston or Eli Love the series Kelsey!

You should name the next baby after me! If it's a girl, Robyn and a boy, Robin :)

names juju,meala,jalia

Plz can u name a girl carmel after my daughter :)

If it’s a girl you can name her Britney because it’s Britney B*tch

If it’s a girl: Raven after the ravenclaw house

Girl: Caraline, Monica, Rachel, Boy: Connor, Ross, Chandler, Joey

If it's a girl, please name her Gemma after me. If it's a boy, please name him Gabe. Love your show

If it's a girl Angelica or Lilith if it's a boy Dean or Sam like from supernatural

Girl: Vivian boy: Ian

Kelsey can you name a Girl- Hermia, Helena, Juliet, Ophelia, Portia, Cordelia Boy- Demetrius, Lysander, Romeo and not Shakespeare related Daniel Stephen Hosuh Joseph Judah I have a lot of names...

Love da merch

Girl name Carmen if it’s a boy dalas but spell it like that so it’s Salad backwards

If it’s a girl Liberty (that’s my name) If it’s a boy Justice (my brothers name)

please name your next daughter Chloe please please please

Hi Kelsey! I really love your videos and look forward to seeing them every week! Can you name a baby girl Noelle after my best friend who also watches the challenge?

these are all my friends names and i know they would be really happy to see their names here :)) girl names: tiffany, ariana, laurie boy names: karter, vince, aidan

Boy: Yohan Girl: Cheenee

A girl: Karley A boy: Karl love my name

Name it Lil's

Baby names Girl: Raven, after me Boy: Cory, after my fiance

Girl: Aurora

I’ve been watching this for a year now?! No way!!

Please name a girl Charlotte after my mom! Love your series!

The mystery Chelsea is just a young fully manifested spirit or was just in Kasey's imaginaty! She only spoke to Kasey, left when Chelsea Jr. came upstairs, never got in the pool, never ate, and no one else seemed to notice her.

Please name a girl Kornelia or Korenlka my name or a boy Cornelius Please

This running Annie are you ok? joke is killing me!! haha

for twins name them Wanda and Pietro

If Is a girl. Abby Boy Enzo

Boy girl twin names: Isabelle and Hudson Girl names: Izzy, Tori, Clare Boy names: Finn, Hudson, Max

Baby name Boys: Woddy, Buz, Max, Payton, Cash. Nikkie and Alex if twins Girls: Jesse, Bonnie, Rowen. Addie and Maddie if twins

Name a girl SARAH! with an "h" so she's not naked

Baby Names Boy’s: Woody, Buz, Max, Payton, Josh, Cash, Maverick. Nikkie and Alex it twin boys Girls: Jesse, Bonnie, Rowen. Addie and Maddie if twin girls

So I'm trying the challenge. I'm 9 babies in. I made a gnome happy & he dishes out seasonal packets that I can open & sell the produce. So I trapped him in a fence so he's not roaming around & continually giving me goodies ❤. Pair that with the writing & special trash can... steady money

Girl: Marcelle Boy: Marcel

Girl: Cassidy, Zoey, Brittany, Hannah Boy: Caleb, Zach, Bernard, Hunter

Boy: Elijah Girl: Elliana

Artemis, Athena, Apollo, or Aurora for twins or any names

Are we all going to ignore the fact that she ordered a banh mi, and the food she tried to take was a pork adobo, meaning that Kasey is the real thief who was thwarted in her attempt to steal food?

You should name a baby: Girl: Luna or Leila Boy: Shawn or Philip

Can you pretty please with a cherry on top name you're next girl Nani

If it's a boy named it Jason for a girl name it Yasmine

Since it’s fall you could try Autumn for a girl name

If it’s a girl, Mili or Millie (just bc thats my name) If it’s a boy maybe Milo, yea ikr so original

McKenna for a girl (That’s my name)

Girl names: caitlin Boy names: Declan

boys: eugene, keith, ned, or zach (try guys) girls: maryanne,kelsey

Please name a baby Penelope, Harlyn or Ellie.

Name a girl Katy after my twin sister! for a boy, Alex.

girl: emily, nina, keira boy: edward, nico, kian

Ok I just had a weird moment. You met parallel universe Chelsea, met real Chelsea, aged up Chelsea jr, and then I literally just had someone came to me named Chelsea too as I was still watching this video. WTF is happening.

Girl: Fiora Boy: Westley

PLEASE LOOK AT THE BABY DADDIES I MADE FOR YOU, my username in the gallery is ambreexoxo! Beautiful babies are guaranteed




Can you name a baby Debbie please

one of the babies names should be Govanni

Omg I’ve missed so many episodes! What episode did olive die!? :((((

My name is Lily. And my twins name is Lulu

Girl: Carla Boy: Carl/Carlos

Boy calub girl Kayla

Boy Cole girl cloe

Name one of your children Amanda , Jessica , Alexandra or Brook or Brooklyn

Most parents: they grow up so fast

Unisex name: July (my nickname actually) August

What I love about this series is that in the comments I always find some useful tips for the game AND great names for kiddos! :D

25:50 "Hold the Pain Kelsey"

Girl:love,Angel,queen,heaven,ocean Boy: chance,carl,lorince,king,chis Pleassssssssssssse

My Grandma’s name is Neva (Knee-vah) and I think that would be a great name for a girl! Unique! For a boy, how about Calvin or Cal?

baby name: girl: aubrey boy: Rain

Girl: Athena (goddess of wisdom) Boy: Jack

Boy twins: Zack and Cody Girl twins: Riley and Maya

Name a girl Sabrina please

Name a baby Crystal please I just binge watched all these episodes in two days!! Cant get enough of it! ❤❤

Girl : Heidi or Harlow Boy: Arlo or Winslow

Can you name a Girl Raven or a Boy Ezra

Baby Names Girl Names:Aurora,Braelyn,Kadyence(Kady) Boy Names:Arrow,Ace,Carson

For a boy Rory, August, or Apollo For a girl Aurora, Piper, or Iris (

How about these names? Girls: Marissa(my name), Mariah(my sister), Savannah, Nancy Boys: David, Bob, Andy, Drew

Love the names Girls: Reagan, Lilly, or Malory Boys: Austin, Declan, or Max

Song names: Girl: Delilah (Hey there Delilah), Caroline (Sweet Caroline)

I think you should name your son if you have one. lapr

Girl name: Garden (after garden salads) Boy name: Chester

You should name Girls:Sophia, Aleena, or Millie Boys:Arick, Atom not Adam Atom

This was a good episode! Lots of drama! Love it!

Ava and Giovanna are twins in my class, both girls. Name suggestions.

"Our little drowned baby Harry"

Did anyone else notice that tayler is the grim reaper now or????? Am I loosing my marbles??? What’s goin on

So, where do I buy the merch? This shirt and the Sup Boys shirt I really want but they arent in the link

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