Single Girl Has 2 Birthdays And A Funeral In The Sims 4

Single Girl Has 2 Birthdays And A Funeral In The Sims 4

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Halfway, babies. Hey. Everybody, I'm Kelsey, I'm single, so we thought it would be funny if I tried, to be 100, baby challenge, it's a challenge in, The Sims 4 where you have a matriarchy. Are supposed to have 100. Children all with different parents there's a lot of rules to this challenge so if you're interested, the link will be below last, time we got pregnant with, Tom Holland, and this time we're gonna have his baby back, and hit, 50, babies I thought about a lot of suggestions, of what to do to celebrate I, have. Been so, overwhelmed. I haven't, chosen a way to, do so I think next episode I would love to change house to refresh, and start, anew, so I, guess let's, have a baby oh yeah, they're all sad but Casey is, pregnant. In her third trimester so. Who, knows when a baby will pop well if you're absolutely, fine Casey, why don't you go upstairs and do a little bit of work how are you doing your, homework is, completing, your skills complete you're ready to be an A student Dustin. Also, ready to be an A student he's, sadly, staring. At a, treadmill, that's the only way to look at a treadmill in my opinion, Leo jr.. And Pete Rashmi is also, very sad, Logan's. Very sad, he clearly does know that he lost family, members Logan. So young and yet grasping. The concept, of death and then Holly, and. Hailey. Are looking, fantastic so, all right let's go. Also we need to give her a makeover cuz clearly she's. Not having purple haired children, as I want her to oh no there's a baby that's crying okay why don't you. Efficiently. Care for your child real fast there my darling oh yeah she researched stuff what did it say following our now trending Beauty reviews. Salvadorian. Culture, playful, vlog or media, production, I think we could maybe do a playful, vlog anger. Management, Harry says sometimes I get so angry that I don't know what to do with myself, how can I even deal with things but I can't even typical. Harry Potter very, enraged boy maybe talk it through with someone Harry I think if Harry Potter really, talked people maybe he would have hadn't. Been angry all, of his teenage dumb babies look like they're viewing well you. Gotta fix her bladder and her hunger what are you up to Leo, jr. he's just gonna cry in bed yeah you should definitely keep, crying it out until you feel better Casey's feeling like playful what you're, feeling playful do a playful vlog Leo juniors, on the computer, while mom's vlogging, crying.

Playing. Tetris. Leo no. Harry. Back on the guitar I love that Harry's, such a musical, boy it makes me really happy, oh my god do you think he could like give, music therapy. To animals, I don't think that's an option in this game but I'm just like in the world happy, blog video let's call this one you, won't believe. How. Funny, this, video is, this. Feel that feels like a title. That jenna Marbles, could do and totally, get away with and probably no one else babies, crying though Hayley is upset. Harry, since, you're crying why don't you change that dirty diaper Harry is now my, new caretaker. Soon dustin, why don't you go in here and just give yourself a couple pep talks i really want my kids. To be in a good mood because we need to throw a party later Casey's reach level four good. Job case hashtagging. Has become second nature to casey she cannot produce more tracks and has additional, remix options on the music station I didn't even know we had a music, station options oh wait her resolutions, complete, because she learned a new skill that's awesome, let's go to her video inventory, and, upload. Her video babies, crying mom, is just sitting on the bed mom. You okay there girl like she's just sitting on our bed staring, towards the baby but not helping, the baby leo juniors doing are you doing extra credit Leo, jr. he, is my. Angel. Why. Don't we have Dustin make, the family, a garden, salad, garden, salad party, sighs ain't. No party like a garden salad party cuz the garden salad party is healthy, no, one has sung that before and for good reason, new juniors crying in Mom's bed while mom's sleeping, take a bubble bath maybe that'll, you up always crying it is bubble bath that is super, sad doesn't even sadder than crying in the club let's, get this kid out of the bath and give himself some pep talks until he feels better, what, oh no no. No. No. Hi. KC I'm calling, to let you know that Nova, Pete rashmi has passed away I thought you might want to know we had just. Figured. Out the whole morning situation. And now they're just stuff, dying, justice. For Nova he's eating a grilled. Cheese how you doing buddy. It's spring time oh no, no. Not, another one no no it's. Freya and Pete Rashmi um I. Really wanted to have a happy episode, this episode he's really trying to give himself a pep talk but now he's got two more days Leo, jr.. He's. Having, fun swinging. But. He's very sad. KC, will. Play in your outfit we need a little bit of a fun we need a pep in our step it's, makeover.

Time, We're. Gonna go with a new, hair. I'm, thinking. Back, to her classic. Brown I also might, think maybe we should do a short, she, looks so cool, that's. Kind of nice. And. Then for her outfit, I'm thinking, we want something fun. Celebratory. You're, celebrating, 50 babies what are you wear this is unprecedented oh. My. Gosh I. Just. Got hit with a wave of nostalgia, that. I can't, even fully explain. I love this this. Is so cute I don't like this outfit anymore a new outfit I'm, like. Whoo that, was kind of fun niya wore, this tonight, I was super fun and colorful. As the youth I could see her rocking this that's definitely something I would probably wear with like some black tennis, shoes yep. That's the look okay, next, oh love that keep. It next, maybe a different top but I love the joggers, there were a lot of these kind of things I'll just go with this sweatshirt vibe, that I kind of liked before, great last one, Oh obviously. What keeping that all, right I think we're good with her makeover I'm excited, about this. This makes me so happy, let's have you. Get. A, salad. And, then we'll have them work on some skills who, Casey's, getting a garden salad too wait, Casey I just want you to like change your outfit I want you to be in the outfit I want you to be in. Now. Eat your garden, salad, sweetie, I love this, oh, my gosh. Why. Don't you work on your communication why, don't you babble a bit to this bunny while mom eats and then when she's done she'll give you about boo but he's almost at level two already good, job buddy hello would you like a bath I would. I'm glad, we're in agreement because. If we weren't in agreement I would still be giving you a bath, Harry's, crying on the computer, he. Wants to be social, why don't you and, Dustin, hang out why. Don't dust and Harry like shoot some hoops she is also quite. Sad but. It's okay give yourself some pep talks my darling how, the boys doing oh they have definitely never played basketball before look at this workout, outfit, he clearly does not know what he's doing at, least Dustin's, got like some semblance of what no. They both look like complete, joobs, Oh, Tegan. Wants us to go to a crazy party, I think, that'd be great trouble, a serious. Romeo Taylor. Cooper. Oh Cooper's, old, so, serious, ever Dorie, and Jamie Oh Jamie, okay, but. There's so many other people I want to invite okay, well we invited quite a few we're all gonna travel together it's, gonna be a mini impede rashmi reunion, at the club while.

She Is pregnant it's a PG SH man family, reunion. They're. All sad, why, don't you watch your secret. Have, some good times she's. Seen Cooper Oh Cooper. No just did a handshake. This is so cute she's having a great combo, with everybody, but now she's gonna go to the partay, who's, already here this is serious serious, is already ready to go for the party where are you going, oh, she's. Hugging, Dorian. Oh, oh there she goes oh look, I'll be a feature schmooze if I'm coming over, I wonder she can call over other, and pizza schmooze like Tristan, we. Can get Jamie Blair, Brooke, oh my god Blair and Brooke are still alive wait this is sad that I have to say that even with some dead there's, still so many in future's made alright everybody's, dancing now. They. All have similar dance, moves maybe this awkward, dance runs in the family, there's Stacy I literally, didn't, even recognize, her dance party in the darkness maybe not how I would have planned the celebration. To go but granted this isn't the celebration, this is just the the, preview, event oh she's, definitely crying. In the club right now we're all trying to bop away our pain but, they're all bonding, which is really, cute who is this who is this serious. We really need to give serious like. A hug because, honestly. He. Might not be around for much longer and, he's one of my faves oh my god she's passing out no. It's. Almost over, please stop being very sad how, are you dealing with this oh. My. Favorite, sibs. Okay, she really, needs to go home it's almost over, I think we're gonna call it how are you doing with your skills you need some more imagination, why don't we play with a toy well Casey's in labor she literally, just got home and she's now going into labor no no Casey Casey Casey Casey easy wait back up oh my god this is the 50th baby this is not a drill have a baby at the hospital yeah, we're gonna join her let's see if Jamie will come Jamie. Say, hi to Jamie, say thanks for coming, for. The fiftieth, baby Jamie. He, doesn't want to feel the baby, screw.

You Jamie oh she gave. It to him that was awkward, I didn't like the maybe Jamie does not approve of her life choices Tom Hollands, baby's, coming. This, is not a drill look. How miserable she looks oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, we're gonna hit 50 baby whoa. 50, baby. Bonanza. Where's, she doing she's just staring at a skeleton I think having all her siblings die at once really kind of messed with it why don't you go get have your baby now who doctor Alex, we're like we're four good friends with Alex because alex is delivered so many of our babies it's, a girl I'm gonna look at the comments. To see what your guys's suggestions, are for the 50th, baby oh I, really like the suggestion, this one spurts Eze you should name your next baby Olivia, or Oliver, after olive, I kind of love that Olivia. Is. Officially. 100. Baby challenge marking. Are halfway. To victory, I, freaking. Can't believe, it thank you guys so much for tuning in every week Olivia. Peter Shmi, look. At baby Lou yeah. She's. Already stinky, what the heck what's that about okay let's go home before Olivia, can cry more Olivia's crying again. But Casey's like I'm tired. I think we. Need to bolt the boys he aged out of the house so we can't get pregnant right now but we could meet a new, bed and we also need to celebrate do we have anybody that we've met, that. Isn't related to us Finnegan. I'm pretty for sure Finnegan, was a, person, that was made for Casey so we're gonna invite to Finnegan over to the lot are you sleeping, all, right fine, we, won't invite him yet. Oh wait oh we, need to put the 50th, birth certificate. Up on the wall oh my gosh that's 50 babies oh my. Gosh I think this just hit me that you had just 50 babies I mean I didn't have 50 babies, Chelsey. And Casey had 15 babies they are different. I have not had children I'm still single so I'm not gonna probably have any babies for a while how's, Logan doing, Logan's, good we, just focus on lugan, focus, on the youth because oh my god wait maybe fifties in here we're gonna have a lot of Todd's at once I don't why I don't want this I don't want this for us we need to get our tot H up okay, play, with, your toy oh it looks like olivia, is upset.

Super-efficient. Baby care that baby once, you're done eating apparently, are you really hungry like, no you're not that hungry, stop eating oh my gosh you're gonna upset the other babies Olivia. Still. In her hospital gown, this woman is too busy to change what do you mean olivia is hungry and will be taken away she's, fine everyone, else can just take care of themselves I really don't care all i care about is logan right now because for, Todd's is a lot of tots three Todd's is gonna be a lot of time oh my gosh I just want to stare at Olivia, look. At her have you ever seen a baby that's so beautiful the, other babies are like what, am I to you Logan's. Doing great he's, almost to level three on imagination, but he jumped two blocks before he, went there so why don't you play with your action figure really fast, before. You hop back on to shapes are you gonna play with that yeah get, your imagination up to level three let's. Go okay great oh the kids are off to school oh my gosh study really hard so. We can get pregnant again with our. 51st. And 52nd, baby that sounds wrong, I, love it say what when, answering a question Harry, used forbidden. Words say what it, really shocked, to the teacher oh no punish away yeah punish it Perry shouldn't be talking. Smack oh wait I just, remembered we, can invite over Oh pay, your bills girl and fix her baby and then it's, seduction. Time there. It is Finnegan, he'll be right over all right Casey you got this right, this day, be. Like hey, Finnegan. What's, it what he just walked into the house did, she just welcome him from outside and he's inside why is he so angry oh oh I'm not I'm not cool about this just give a compliment maybe we can calm him down if. This guy's gonna be too angry I will, not oh no he's he pretty chill actually when she was talking they're having a pleasant conversation now, and he's happy Wow one, word, from cases. This boy is like I'm happy now like fitting it what are you interested in I'm, interested, in child. Rearing he's, super friendly alright let's try you, know I don't want to just flirt with him in front of our front door, I want to flirt with him in front. Of our back door where, it's been a good go fitting, in what.

He's. Eating our garden, salad, excuse, you hope would like to come over obviously. Hope you can come over please, come, over oh my god Romeo's here why don't you give him some residents, keys, I want. Romeo to come over whenever he, wants oh my gosh wait Harry and, Dustin's. Grades are up aren't they yes. They are and, so is Leo's. We. Can have a massive birthday, party, oh my. Gosh. I. Think you know what that means it's. 100. Baby 50. Baby party. Time, let's. Plan. A, social. Event. Well. Everyone's sad am I gonna be like, the, Kelsey, I was before, and do it anyway, and have everyone be miserable and the party being, stressful. Or. Have. I evolved, and, I'm gonna take care of my characters, means, enjoy. The party and, be patient now I wanna party now. I'm. Thinking, birthday. Party. Birthday. Soon, it's Harry it's just it it's Leo jr., three birthdays, Sims yes, we got Leonardo DiCaprio, we got Tom Hollands, we got jamie pete, rashmi obviously. Romeo, Stacy Dorian. Cooper brooke-taylor, tristin. Ever and Taylor, Tegan hope serious. Archer no I ran. Out I. Always run out Archer, can cater next. Location. Obviously. We're gonna be at our home, okay. It's, better time baby, wait. Are you gonna go oh he, looks an unhappy. But look who's here, it's, how, Wells. Is coming it's, birthday time it's. Birthday time, Archer. Is gonna make the food oh no, Hayley. What. Do you mean why are you not changing, Kayla's dirty diaper everybody's, trying to help ever. No ever. Mom. You need to get in there there's babies howling, right now Oh No, everybody out of my room out of the room kids, go, enjoy the birthday party, please leave us alone to take care of our children, all right, oh. My. God what. The fork, no. Harry. Is drowning. To death are you freaking kidding me. No. No, no. No no, are. You kidding me are you the, birthday boy Harry, and pizzas made right, before he aged out just. Drought. What. Drown, oh my god this is messed up no it's grim No. We are we. Are going to beg we're, gonna plead for Harry we cannot that means that Olivia wouldn't be baby fifty because you have to get them all aged out of the house in order for them to count also why am I thinking about that my child, has died please. Please, please please please please, please, have mercy have, mercy on Harry. No. Oh. My. God. He's, truly gone. No. Oh. My. God. I, know someone's, passing out how. Did no, no more people in the book no, don't, you dare no right after no no I'm deleting the spool tight no. Pull for you what. The pork, I can't believe Harry just died in a pool what. Happened, to of that that occurred, oh my, god this, is the world's, worst birthday, party is it because I didn't fix his needs before this birthday party was I an Icarus that flew too close to the Sun and got freakin burned for. My impatience. Is this my, fault, that's the game so, that was a % again I can't believe we lost a baby Harry was. Perfect, he was like the best son ever he, was the one that no get out Graham can I not banish, him get out Grimm. Don't you freaking. Dare, Grammys. Oh he's, cleaning out our our. Trash, and putting. It on the floor excuse, you all right, happy, birthday Dustin I know, you're tired buddy I'm. Tired of this BS, destinated. Up look really sad I, loved. Harry my. Little musician I wanted to be a music, therapist, for animals. I'm. So attached, to my Sims no. Screw. You please. Leave Graham want, your candles, buddy happy, birthday, leo junior, ever. Is here to celebrate you, she helped raise him pick a number one through 12 the answer is three so he's creative, pick a number one through four the answer is one so he wants to be a best-selling, writer he, is an art lover and. He's active. That's. Perfect. Wait I didn't even look at how beautiful, Leo jr., is as a team okay he looks a little weird you okay bro gosh. There's. So many sad, moonlets, Dustin's, an adult he can move out now but I don't really want him to move out the second how's Logan doing, Logan so hungry. Okay well have Logan, wake, up and eat some Franks and beans here we go gonna move Perry's. Grave over, here next to Chelsea's, Harry. You were perfect, oh my god Logan so hungry he'll be taken away I can't lose any more children today Logan, oh my god, the. Oh Junior just passed out in a future I'm gonna just wait I'm, just gonna wait make sure everyone's okay before I make them do. Anything it's gonna be in mourning for two days I wonder if we can give her a pep talk, enough. For her to want to have a baby how you doing little buddy why don't you bottle. Feed change.

Diaper And bounce hey lis for me while mom tries to cheer herself up, the Peter Schmidt family is going through a really. Rough time right now Leo, jr., is our new guardian. Of the of the babies right now he's helping oh my gosh she just keeps crying in the bathroom, honestly, same I'm gonna invite, him to hang out at the current lot did. We have any even romantic interaction, with him at all we didn't I wonder, if she could maybe like drink coffee and power through I don't think we even have coffee oh he's sleeping, okay well then she just needs to sleep Olivia's. Upset, so let's get some super efficient baby care for Olivia and then go back to sleep Leo's, doing his homework like a good boy all right he's done with his homework now. He's gonna get to writing hopefully, that'll be fun for him oh she's, feeling inspired okay good I had her actually, come to terms with the way, faster, than everyone else, let's. See, if our lover can come over and impregnate, Casey he'll, be right over okay good I just want to stop my aging process, so can, you impregnate, me right now all right cool. That's. How I imagined that going here we go. Discuss interest get over there heartfelt compliment, and then we're gonna go in for a flirt we, got to get this flirty as heck. Haley, needs some attention he's, on it good job and break, everybody's, good said Logan looks really tired looks good put Logan to bed Leo juniors off to school Casey's. On a mission. Dustin's gonna go cry in his bed you go Dustin you. Study hard Leo jr. ooh he's. Into, it, first. Kiss already. There, this guy picking. Up Kasey swagger. So. Weird that like I just can't get over here right now and I'm still thinking about it I don't love that she's seducing someone right now to be honest I know it's part of the challenge though, Kasey, what's, going on Naomi. Kyle just say that she's sorry about the passing of her child I appreciate, that Romeo, Pete rashmi is calling well we're gonna have a big oh no. Her. Son's in the room. Okay. He's gonna get out real quick she waited for him to get out of the room she's like you may leave in.

The Midst of my three babies, I will now conceive, one, more for. The 50th baby, r.i.p harry, lost, but not forgotten our boy here dustin, is gonna go mourn harry right now while, in the background, casey, is, creating. A baby if this is not the most quintessential. 100, movie moment that, has ever happened then. I don't know what is all right let's find out it's Kasey is pregnant. He'll take the pregnancy test, she. Is she's, eating for two, that's. Good I'm glad that she's conceived. All right our lovers gonna go for now, Olivia's, upset, Oh No. Olivia. My sweet baby angel. We. Will protect, you, how's. Logan Logan's, like fine, Leo Jr's got a B. Oh I. Didn't realize he's a B student that's awesome good for you Leo jr. all, right why don't you go upstairs, take. A sleep our baby's upset you got to fix her baby's having, three babies at once is a lot they're not even triplets, but they kind of are I'm so shocked that Harry died but then didn't come back to life it's almost like the Harry Potter movie is not exactly. Like my let's play why don't you give yourself some Cup talks I want him to start feeling better wake, up I know he's. He's, sad he's, hungry, he, needs attention he needs to use the toilet. Oh he just used the toilet on his own what a good boy all right Casey why don't you, give. A little bubble, bath to, Logan. A bottle, feed Olivia change diaper bounce. Olivia still does, not want to have anything to do with you right now hang out with your son a little bit while. Your, other son, takes, care of this dirty diaper it's a team effort here in the impede rashmi household right now oh he's. Learning. What. A good boy, he's. Really sad but he's pretty good all right so we're getting close with all of his skills, we'll get him just to keep babbling well, he'd get there without actually, having to babble to the bunny she. Gonna finish this no, not quite yet but pretty close oh my, gosh yeah. Logan. Good. Job okay, just now we need, thinking. Let's get you back on the shapes oh my gosh, Logan is, freaking crushing everything so, proud of you sweetie it's Olivia's, birthday, oh my god what wait why is it Olivia's, birthday but it's not the other two oh it's all of their birthdays at once. That's. Weird, but also please, God age, this child, before. All the Todd's come, Logan, reach thinking, level three okay. So now we just have movement. Logan's hungry oh no I do, not want him taken away Logan, grab a serving go Logan go Leo Junior reach riding little - I'm, so proud of you Leo Junior. Oh shoot, all of his needs are real bad how, did I miss this when did that happen he's gonna go pass out ooh this, is bad this is bad this is bad this is bad, go check on your toddler, okay. Put, him to bed okay. Good night, all. Right, great how's Leo jr. doing ooh, oh he's. Go school go to school do Leo. At school time go to school are you up oh he's eating royalties, oh, my gosh how to keep your chin up during tough times it's like, $400. That's, crazy, what's Kasey up to now oh she's gonna go eat a salad she's definitely, showing which, is really cute shuffle, that salad, and girl yes, Queen we, Stan would be like. Study. Some trends, research a video how you doing buddy you happy, yet it's, pretty happy all right let's have you just like wander, kids toys review, as painting, playful, vlog okay, let's do a toy review she's, like in her nightie. Pregnant. Doing. A toy review wandering. Around there. He goes he's level three now. Okay. Open. Put. This out and have her help blow out candles to, Logan she's gonna take our baby. Logan. Who's, literally. Been an angel this whole time just done exactly what I asked, of him hasn't given any trouble, and.

Now Let's see what kind of a little boy he grows into Logan. Aids up pick a number one through four. Motor. So he's a rambunctious, camp, and he's, active, ooh. Those. Two go together really, well. Logan's got a little mohawk and he's got like red hair, is. This sort of like red haired baby Oh. Dustin's, sad and crying in his mom's closet. Leo jr., passed, out on the front, lawn. After school but he's an excellent B student so as soon as we get all of his stuff finished he will be ready to go silver lining I guess well Casey's pregnant, she's, feeling pretty good let's take her out on the town who's gonna be her next. Mystery. Person. To, impregnate, her all right we're at magnolia. Blossom. Hopefully. There'll be some, eligible. Gentlemen here. Who is this, Taylor. It peaches me definitely not eligible but definitely, a gentleman. So go say hi to Taylor how are you doing today who's. Over here oh that's an elder that we're not related to but we're gonna keep our distance because, he looks mad and gross is there anyone, around who's, single and eligible, she's just sitting alone now this, is sad, we. Gotta go somewhere else let's go back to our hometown this. Wasn't, how it was supposed to happen it wasn't supposed to be like this I was supposed to be happy, carefree. Having. The best day of my life, celebrating. My 50, beautiful. Healthy, happy, children, who's the bartender he cute Oh. Oh, hey. Oh. Hey there look, at this, strapping. Young man throw, some petals at him and make him yours ask about his day while you eat your chips, right. In this day just, work your KC magic. On this man. So strapping. How weird you know that I just walked into town I need you to pick me up and you're here who's this woman get out ask, about his career what's it like being a bartender do, you I bet you get hit on all the time actually, bet they do sorry, two bartenders out, there discussed favorite authors, my father is Neil Gaiman, that's a true fact about Kelsey, and I'm gonna assume it's a true fact about Casey as well because. She's an extension, of myself that I made in the sibs and had, as a baby and now raised to be my second baby factory. Don't think about too much it gets weird oh it's Taylor and Pete Rashmi what's, up Taylor tell. Taylor's story well he's here you know you're. Here for, business but. You could also be here for oh all. Right she went a little hard I think he got awkward now that Taylor's in the conversation, with them she looks really tired we need to get home take care of our children but we'll be seeing. Fiona. Again how's. Leo jr. Leo jr. needs to use the toilet play. Online game, with. Can. He play with Harry online, can. You play with ghosts Harry is he seriously playing with area right now meanwhile, Bros making a salad he's, already feeling a lot better having, a lot more fun playing, some video games Oh apparently.

Ghosts. Harry won the match boys, are doing homework together, I love with my Sims do homework together I hope you're not looking up answers on your phone mister. It's. Hairy. Ghost. Arias yeah, cuz, Terry, he. Just you. Know could, straight-up messed up our plumbing but we're so happy that, you're here gods Terry oh, my, gosh complain. About your problems, be like ever since you, died at your birthday party, I had to get pregnant again with the 50th baby all over again but we're so happy that you're gonna be a part of our family forever. Oh, the. Families, are united. I. Wonder if we could just bring Harry back to life and it still count I don't know I guess we'd have to find that up how you doing you're sad but you're complete you need, just one more skill level maybe we'll do what, does he's a rambunctious, scamp, and, he's athletic maybe, we'll have them play some basketball, Leo juniors homeworks complete good job leo Junior your dad would be very proud, also oh my gosh I need Dustin, Harry to reunite, give. Residents keys, we can give a ghost residence keys um yes oh my. Gosh let's, go give the ghosts residence keys please come over whenever you want I mean he already can come into the house because he's a ghost it's the principle, of the thing. It's. Already kind of sad though because. Dustin. Is already older, than. Harry because Harry died as a team oh my god my, two sides, are gone the swings together. And. Here we just said Olivia gage wait whoa. Olivia. We Olivia, aged up, before, Holly and this is glitched, there's. No way but oh my goodness. Happy, birthday, Olivia, she's aged up and she's a charmer. Our 50th, ish, baby, or 49th, baby is a charmer. Olivia, she's also very. Sad, because she lost her sibling, but it's, ok because Harry. Will be with us always quite literally because, he is a ghost this was an unexpected shake-up. In the challenge, our very first child. Loss, I'm gonna do some research as to whether or not we can rest, rectum but if not we will be having the 50th baby in the next episode, the ones we love never truly, leaves us as Dumbledore, once. Said and Harry's. Never leaving us because he's dead, in it ghosts here by.

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16:49 seeing Harry jumping into the pool out the window, i knew it was going to be BAD ...

You could name the 50th baby Cinquanta (sounds like 50 in Italian).

In honour of Harry: Boy: Harrison Girl: Harriet

Please name a child Reece after peanut butter cups

time to put the realm of magic pack to use and RESURRECT DAT BOI

Become a witch and get the spells to resurrect him!

Owen and Ayden

Names Ayden or grant

Names owen or grace

casper is a cute name for a boy and for a girl : micaela , because why not

You should try to bring Harry back to life!!! It would be so gorgeous

What a melodramatic teen move, drowning at your own birthday party. Maybe being a ghost and existing forever while his body wass nice and young still was exactly his plan.

Can you name your next child Harley? Like Harley Queen from Suicide squad and so on

You finally brought back our Kasey.

At 16:50 You can see Harry jumping into the pool through the window. We should make an exception and resurrect Harry!

i think im the only one who saw him jump into the pool in the background

Kailani or Blake for a girl Christopher or Stark for a boy

Girl names: Lizzie/Liz, Jade, Maxine/Max, Alice (have you already used Alice? I forget) Boy names: Max, Dylan, Merlin

When you realise that Harry's death is kinda like Fred's because they both left a twin alone and its so fking sad

Maybe if the new 50th baby will be a boy, you could name him after Tom Holland :)

Honestly so sad! Harry was one of my favourite boys! He needs to be resurrected!! Make Kasey become a witch and bring him back to life!!

Mason (My nephew’s name) and Emma for baby names please!

Harry drowned because he was tired while swimming in the pool. The same happened in my game to the groom at his own wedding! I just didn't save once I realised I couldn't prevent his death. Funny thing is - his grave is still there even though he's not dead...

how the heck did you end up with two batches of babies at the same time??? i thought that was impossible because a pregnancy takes longer than a baby ageing up? maybe im imagining it

In memory of harry Male - Harrison / harley Female - Harriet / harley

maybe you could make one of your sims become a with the realm of magic pack, there is a special spell that can bring people back to life :)

Maybe Dustin can become a spellcaster on a mission to bring Harry back from the dead!!

Kelsey basically if you become a spellcaster there is a spell that can bring people back from the dead!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe Sirius lost his nephew. I can’t believe Kacey lost a child. I can’t believe Dustin lost his twin brother. I can’t believe the Impicchishmays lost a sibling. I can’t believe Kelsey is sad. I can’t believe we’re all sad. Rest in peace, Harry...

With teens and adults calling the sadness hotline over and over again can shorten their mourning time to almost nothing

for some names milan, nolan nelya, maeva love

Please do one or both of these names please Girl:Georgia (after me) Boy:George (after my grandfather)

Girls: Fable, Clover, Romilly Male: Lucien, Elias, Orson

My absolutely favourite names are Boys: BJORN TOBIAS ALISTAR Girls: SKYLA YAGA LANA

Unisex names: Harper, Tiernan, Bodhi, Tanith, Micah

Girl: Adara, Camber, Diane, Kayla Boy: Harrison, Maxi, Trent, Harries, Jefro

The boy who died...

Girl name Tove - pronounced To-va it is a Netherlands word for beautiful Boy name Nokose -pronounced Na-co-see it is the Native Creek Indian word for Bear.

These are taking a turn. Has Craig Dream Daddy died? Still sad about Harry though

congrats for 50 bbys

Harry just commited suicide on his birthday oh my god

For a girl ,Kara (after me) Lucy or Margaret For a boy ,Luke ,Michel or Jackson

You should name a girl -Victoria Boy-Lucas /Luke

wait oh my god i just realised... harry playing guitar... kelsey have you by chance seen a very potter musical

Now that realm of magic is out for a while now wouldn't it be funny to name a girl Hermoine and a boy Ron?

2 birthdays and a funeral. Play on 2 weddings and a funeral. Very nice. So... No more pools? Sounds good to me. Also, RIP Olive, Harry, and everyone else that I can't think of. Please don't possess anything!

Male: peter, George, Luke or Martin Female: Samantha, Lydia, Nicole or Lory

I don’t know how you have so much patience

Guess he wasn’t the boy who lived after all... Name suggestions! Girl: Allison Boy: Milo

Even if you lost a child doesn't meαn that you dont already have 50 babies.Olivia is still the 50th child in my opinion.

i literally was gonna say olivia or hannah my sister is called olivia

Use my name :))) Girl: Sunshine Boy: sunny

I didn't even think sim kids could die. Thought only once you hit young adult that was a risk, yikes.

girl: elena boy: damon

Baby names if it’s a boy Harry JR if it a girl peace

But Harry dying and coming back alive would be pretty meta lmao

3 rd day. Plz name a baby joy or rue

Please add ghost Harry to the household, make ambrosia and bring him back to life!

You need to get a sim to learn to be a wizard and bring Harry back!

Lol yes actually it was kind of your fault. They got too tired while swimming and they drowned

Resurrect Harry! There are many ways you can do it (like cooking ambrosia or learning a high skill of witchcraft or having a resurrect-o-nomitron)

She could just not save the game. Then he wouldn't had died

If Harry is a musical boy then he's Harry from A very Potter musical!!!

Girl: Breland, Brooklyne, Paisley, Payton Boy:Iban, Reed, Remie, Liam

do you guys think if there's still time to submit house for Kasey?

RIP Nova, Freya and Harry, they died with honour.

OVERWATCH theme baby names!!! Girls: Amélie(Widowmaker), Lena (Tracer), Angela (Mercy), Hana (DVA) Boys: Jesse (McCree), Winston, Gabriel (Reaper), Jamison (Junkrat)

The next baby should be called Daniel or Danielle (after Daniel Radcliffe) in honour of Harry who very inconsiderately died on his birthday

Harry was super tired before the party, so he probably died because he passed out in the pool .

That shook me... that was so messed up For Harry name the next baby Boy: Harold, or Seamus cuz Finnigan Girl : Lily Luna cuz I love those characters

I started watching this series when I became pregnant (irl) and have since had my beautiful baby Noah. Only 98 babies to go :P

It’s been a while since I tuned into the 100 baby challenge. The last video was when Chelsea died and had a funeral. I’m still kinda team Olive and the other senior kids.... it’s sad everyone seems sooooo strange coz they are all different..

Elissa. Pronounced Alyssa !

Was my birthday the other day so girl Stephanie and boy after my brother Joseph

couldn't you delete the pool before you let Harry drown all the way??

Kelsey! You can bring back Harry! There is 5 options but the simpler way. Add ghost to family buy a Whispering Wishing Well and make Harry a wish!

Actually Harry counts, if the sim is a teen they count. Some people would move out the kids as teens instead of adults so Olivia would be #50.

Dawn or Dusk for a girl or Nick or Rick for a boy Or if you get twins 1 boy and 1 girl you should name them Apollo and Artemis after the greek gods

If you have a girl please name her malorie after my cousin

Name sugestions! Girl: Lola, Ruby, Molly Boy: Nemo, Elliot, Tio

Names for babies❤❤ Boy: Ashton/ Ian Girl: Charlotte/ Penelope

Am I the only one that remembers it was my boy Sirius that said that and not dumbledore?

Kelsey: haha nahhh I'm not gonna take care of my sims' needs I want a party NOW. Harry: Is too tired, drowns in the pool. Dramatic irony, or something? (I love the little 'yes' the video gives for "is this my fault?" haha)

Names: Marionette, Adrian, Alya, Avery, Artemus, Rex, Quinn, Aurora, Eugene, Thusia, Mason, & Hayes

for a girl or boy the name Teddy

After R5 Boys: Ross, Riker, Rocky, Ratliff, Lynch Girl: Rydel

If it’s a boy he should be called Harrison or Harriet for a girl in memory of Harry ❤️

Names for girl - Celestia or Galexia Names for boy - Cosmo or Orion. I hope you'll like them ^w^, love the series~

To forget about past childeren: Ella, Mikaela, Marilyn

Girl: Jules, Riley, Aluna Boy: Jai, Eli, Aston Love the series xxx

Next girl plsssss nameee herrr teidra please

And for a girl Olivia in honour of olive. You need to make a video with montages f all the dead children

Name your next girl Tatiana

Baby names Girl: Bailey, Mae, Sierra Boy: Matt, Hayden

Olivia still the 50th Also other siblings are dead, but not for this are less

For a girl can you name them Sophie and for a boy name Sage


You could bring Harry back to life with a wishing well

For a girl Ashleigh, Lilian or raven and for a boy Michael , Luke or Tim

KASEY, with the new hair, LOOK LIKES CLAIRE DUNPHY FROM MODERN FAMILY!!! name recommendation: Claire

You can see Harry at 16:50 jump into the pool

For a girl : Roma or Shelbie For a boy : Tyler or Luke

Would mean a lot if you picked me as I watch these episodes every Saturday when I get home from work with my partner :)

Boy: Ben, Jackson, Jayden, Colton Girl: Pheobe, Mae, Addison

Bree In the honor of Brielle for a girl James in the honor of Jaime For a boy And another girl names is Brittany which is my name

Pleaseee name a girl hariotte, in honour of harry.

baby names girl- Sophia boy- Oscar

Olivia the 50th-ishPiccishmay :P

hey kelseyyyy if you have a girl can you please name it alex and if you have a boy you could name him noah ❤️

This episode really got me. I didn’t think I was this attached, but wow that was sad. Can you name a girl either Cleo or Ciara? And a boy either Collin or Chase?

my name is Olivia and I love the name

When the Sims 4 is a bigger emotional roller coaster than my life And it's not even close

girl names : Melanie, Amelia, Amelie, boys names: Adrian, menno, will, jack

Baby names I'm a big shadowhunter fan so please name the babies after my favorite ship MALEC Boy Alec or Magnus Girl Clary or Izzy

Baby names: rename the baby if boy Harry 2.0 and girl Harriet

In of Harry Harriet

In honor of Brielle; Boy: Brian Girl: Bree

Tanner for a boy or Suraya for a girl.

Hey I would love if you could name a girl: Corinna, Karina,Trinity, or Ximena Boy: Casper, Eurus, Konner, or Elliot

man i expected the funeral to be for a former lover or something, NOT ONE OF THE KIDS!!!


Name suggestions- Girl: Jacqueline Boy: Jacques

Girl: Sunny Boy: Lucas

If you have a girl you should call it Stephanie or Stephan for a boy

Is anyone else getting bored with this challenge...?

Girl: Kelsey or Chelsea Boy: Willie or Brent

I guess Harry's not the boy who lived. . . . . :(

This one was a roller coaster see y’all next week.

Here are some names Girl:Jade Boy:Dylan

name the next boy not harry but harvey

Hey Kelsey I love your videos I was wondering if you could name your next baby/babies after my sisters Zoe , Allie , Rebekah

We will miss you harry

Next name for a boy: Potter In memory of her son Harry

mad that Young Leo is now an elder

NAME SUGGESTION - GIRL: Demi means “half” (half-way to 100). - BOY: Curtis James after 50 Cent.

Baby names Boys:Damon, Stefan, Alaric, lorenzo(aka enzo) Girls:Elena, Bonnie(aka bon bon), Clarissa (aka clarie), or Malani named after me Sorry im in love with vampire diaries

Honor Harry by naming his new brother/sister Ron or Hermione!

Cool baby name ...babe or baby in honor of all ur babies. makes sense ? I hope so lol

Baby Names Girl: Lorelei Boy: Clark or Harvey

I think Harry had gone suicidal..

I love your videos so much! It made me so sad when majority of Chelsea kids died :( but anyways, the names I really love are Boy: Brantley Girl: Briella

Can you name a boy Arreis (air-e-is) or a girl Sierra?

My kids would like there name to be on it So girl zara And boy Tommy

Baby name suggestions. Rowyn, Rowan, or Rowen. Boy or girl. Also, Aurora and Dawn.

Kelsey should make one massive family graveyard. so that everyone can visit together

Girls: Sydney ( my name ) or Callie ( my daughter) Boy: Wyatt , or Jace

Omg. Plot twist. #RIPharry

Omg i would die if you choose my comment Girl: Keely which is my name Boy : Bailey which is my cute baby brothers name who has cerribal palsy Thanks so much i love you !

PLEASE name a girl Clairese (Claire-Reese) and a boy Zuko or Kovu I will comment this again and again (like I have been) till you do

Can you please use these names

Is kasey still a young adult

Girl name: after my own tod Nevaeh she is 2 and loves your videos. Boy name: Walt since you're always at Disney.

Yeah those other 2 babies def glitched. They should have been tods for a while now.

Can you name one of your babies Julia cause that’s my name or lia for a boy can you name them felix or Phoenix

“Harry Potter... the boy who lived... come to die”. Oh but what a coincidence...

Why is no one talking about the floating baby at 31:55??


So Harry got so depressed that he killed himself... who would know that this could happen at The Sims looool R.I.P Harry

Name baby #50 Harry or Harriet in his honour!

Harry died bc his energy level was too low and he passed out in the pool and drowned. So yeeeeeeeah shoulda fixed those needs

Shannon Roulston that’s what I was thinking the whole time. He legit fell asleep while swimming

20:00 “mmmmmkay he looks a little weird. You ok bro?”

The rules don't say anything about bringing kids back from the dead!! Bring him back with Ambrosia!!!

Girl name. Jadie

For the rest of the episode I've been so upset I cannot even focus on the challenge. I'm not okay.

For twins, PLEASE name them Ella & Edmund

Name the next boy HP or Arry

Girl: Lydia, Allison, Anabeth, Minerva, Hermione Boy: Stiles, Isaac, Scott, Derek, Percy, Grover

You should have a mermaid child

We are going to stay away from him As he looks mad and gross!!! Hahaha this hit my giggle spot so hard... that’s the type of males that are around me...

Could you name a girl Raven please?

Girl: Charlotte boy: Jacob


Can you name a baby after me? I have an Italian name

Can you name a baby Elina pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeee

Harry died because his sleep need was really low. So he fell asleep while in the pool and this obviously caused him to drown. This would also happen in the ocean.

10:27 lol

Kelsey: Gives Harry house keys Wonders if she has given Chelsea house keys, too

For baby 50 u should name the baby Harry jr for a boy and for a girl harrie in honor of Harry

Dustin should bring Harry back to life

peta riley zoe darrin

um do louisa

You should name a girl cherry and a boy Irwin

Which part is this?

Pls call the next girl Sophie after me :3

The Olivia thing is a good idea! maybe name your next children: Girls: Belle (Brielle) Jamie or Jackie (Jaime) Charlie or Chanel (Charlie) Boys: Brent (Brielle) James (Jaime) Charles (Charlie)

In honor of Harry the baby names should be Girl: Hermione Boy: ron

Name suggestion Boy:Camryn Girl:Kamryn

You should name the next baby either Ron or Hermione for Harry! Love you! ❤

Can you call one Violet bc of your Violet hair or Kelsey so when you do the Kasey *not Kelsey it would be funny. Like if u agree

I love Leo Jr's tiny, tiny face :D

NAME SUGGESTION: Boy: Keahu Girl: Moana


You can revive him by asking him to come over anywhere

Thank you for naming your 50th baby Olivia because it is my name thank you.

Please name a child KARMILLA, it's never used. And also RILEY after my son. WE LOVE WATCHING


Hey Kelsey, when you upload a video, make sure you have edited it properly. Transitions and effects give it some more quality making you earn more money. Hope she sees this! Greetings from the Netherlands, Evelien

Ehm. I mean upload a video in the Sims!! Lol that looked as if I was criticizing your actual YouTube video. Which. I was not.

2 things. 1. YOU CAN RESURRECT HARRY CHECK OTHER COMMENTS 2. I would love it and be honoured if you would call your next child Nina (girl) or Ariel/Ari (boy) after me and my brother. Love you

she said pregent and not pregnant. lol 27:36

This was morbid......... So much death all at once that Harry just let himself go.

16:50, you can see Harry jump into the pool

So it is the day after i wrote my request for you to name a sim Bailey after my brother who has cerribal palsy well tthat night while i was asleep my brother passed away so I would love it if you named a sim after my brother Ps he loved watchi g yoyr vids Thanks Kelsey

50th baby has to be memorable! Cloudie for a boy or a girl :) xx

Girl names: Rachel, Quinn, Santana, Brittney, Tina, Mercedes or Claire Boy names: Finn, Mike, Noah, Jesse The more you edit videos that Kacey makes before uploading it, the more money it makes If you do school projects that the kids bring home from school, then they get more extra credit

Girl name: Lauren Boy name: Liam ♥

16:50 in the background you see Harry take his final moment of life, jumping into the pool. It is totally the games fault. Sims are so bad at taking care of their own needs. Like the boy was exhausted, filthy, hungry and all of the above. Why would you wanna go swimming? Haha. I mean it’s a little 50-50. Our Sims need our direction, is true lol

1:01 Joey, is that you?

It's ironic cuz Harry basically got killed by a deatheater! *laugh cries*

Is no one going to talk about how she has been single for a year? She definitely deserves a boyfriend at this point ❤️

Harry probably died from over exhaustion in the pool. Baby names : Zodiac, Harrison [in memory of Harry], and Nora

I am so devastated by these last 2 episodes. I shouldn't be because it's just a game but I'm so attached to this family. Press F guys.

who doesn't want this series to end??

Please name a baby Kamryn. That’s my daughter’s name!!!

/GIRL: Luna, June ,Stella,Mae and for the remberence of olive the name Olivia /BOY:Harley,Haven,Harston,Henley,Heartly for the remberence of Harry that died

For boys: Albus, Severus (name of harry potters child) For girls: Ginny In honor for harry

NAME SUGGESTION girl: Santana Boy: Santana

Name SUGGESTION /GIRL:Embery because it was the 50th presdient's daughter's name /BOY:Tommy Jr because of his dad and it is my dead dads name!!!

Just got the Get to Work expansion pack (yeah, I know I am late to the game on the expansion pack) and was soo excited when my sim went into Labor I was lik "yea, birth certificate time" lol

And therefore, Harry was not "the boy who lived"...too soon?

He was so depressed that’s why

Name suggestions for the new baby, in honor of Harry- Girl: Harriett Boy: Harrison Loving the series. The last couple of episodes have been bi-polar.

My daughters name is Amelie (Pronounced Amalie) Faye. If we had a boy his name was going to be Jericho

For boy names: zack & Cody Girls: Mary-Kate & Ashley

Lmaoooooo "Nah i wanna party now"

Girl name Elisabeth


I think a cute baby name for a boy is Grayson! My girl name suggestion was Aria but you already have one of those lmao

This is SUCH a long shot but can you name your baby Aaliyah after me if it’s a girl?! :) we love you Kelsey Celebrating 50 babies! can’t believe we’re already at the 50th baby time flies by so fast i love this series so happy I came across it ❤️ Edit; 49 babies (RIP)

I enjoy iogames on Freegames66 even more than my math lessons.

I’ve been waiting for her to kill her children with her neglectful and forgetful parenting since day one! And here we go, she let him pass out while swimming, what a day

My bed is literally the same canopy but in white wood

Wheres our next video of Detroit become human!!!! No rush I know you guys are busy but please just don't cancel it we want to know what happens! Love you and hope you're staying hydrated and rested. (Detroit becomes human tho)

In honor of our sweet Harry: Boy: Harrison Girl: Harley, Harriet

Name a baby Emaleigh after me because it’s uniqueeeee

Quin/Quinn is a genderneutral name and sorta means five (as in fiftieth child) Penta/Pentos also for five. And Semi means half so ... Semie? Sammy for a half way point

I'm just watching the latest episode. I have no time to catch up. I don't think I ever will catch up

Boy: Zachariah Girl: Anastasia

he was super tired and die if their sleepy and go to pool it die

Kelsey should make a graveyard for all the kids so they can visit the Ghost Family

No i'm not crying, are you crying? Why would you think I would be crying?

Kelsey: should I help my kids needs before the party, no *30 seconds later* Kelsey: what he died! How could this happen!

Maybe you should have named them Fred and George instead of Harry and Dustin. I’m sorry to soon

hey Kelsey!!! i love these videos so much they got me into sims and now i’m obsessed!! you should name a baby Heather because it’s my name and my grandma’s favourite flower!!!

Please name a girl Izzy (me) or Violet, for a boy Theodore! I love your videos by the way, you inspired me to do my own 100 baby challenge, sometimes I even pretend to be u!

If it’s a boy name it Reese after your favorite childhood cereal Reese’s puffs

Okay okay I have 2 names it is my moms middle name and my great grandfathers middle name who recently passed away. There’s Monroe who’s good for a girl or boy and Leigh (Pronounced Lee ( I didn’t think you would get it wrong but I wanted to make sure))


Finally having a name twin even as a Sim

BABY NAMES...let’s get some mythology up in here Girl: Venus (god of love, fertility and desire), Athena (god of wisdom, art, trade), Juno/Hera (protector of women), Diana (god of moon and birth and the hunt) Brighid (god of healing and crafts) Boy: Apollo (god of music and truth), Mercury/Hermes (god if mischief and communication), Lugh (god of craftsmen), Tali (Taliesin is deity of bards and poets)

My matriarch and my toddler had a joined birthday party.... only for my little toddler to age up and drown too. I haven’t played in about a week. Still grieving. RIP little Jared Gilmore :(

Name suggestions: Girl: Kayla, Rain, Sophie, Tessa. Boy: Sky, Luke, Jake. P.S. I love you!

Can you please name a baby sabrina please I really won't you to name one sabrina

For a girl Madeline or Maddie for short For a boy: Xavier

50th baby name ideas: If it's a girl Chelsea Jr in honor of Chelsea

50th baby name ideas: Harold or Harriette in honor of Harry

Harrison after Harry rip we all love and miss u rip

How about Grace and Halo for a girl and Chantler and Marcus for a boy or Cristian for a boy or girl as in honor of my son and nieces and nephews

If the next baby is a girl, can we name it Harriet? For Harry’s memory

Name a girl Vanessa please.

Girl names Jasmine because my twin sister loves to watch your videos but she wants a baby named after her

You can make Ambrosia to bring him back

Kelsey pleases name a baby after me Brianna or Bryce after my brother or my cousin Kadence

Nooo dont move again

These are family names and it would mean a lot if you chose one! Girls: Parker or Flower or Gussie Boys: Henry or Warren or Joseph

Voldemort Strikes again and this time doesnt fail

you have to name a baby James , lily, lily luna, albus, alubus severus, james sirus. In Harrys memory those are the names of his kids and parents or do harry jr please

All of these baby names are based off book characters!! Girls: Edaline (Keeper of the Lost Cities) or Piper (Heroes of Olympus) Boys: Warren (Fablehaven) or Huck (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)

You should name the girl keyonte' or Kamiya and the boy Jashawn or Kasiya

It's so sad that Harry died when he still was consider a child

I think Finnegan is a merman so for baby names: girl- Merina or Ariel boy- Triton or Sebastion

Names : Girl:kinsey , helayna Boy:nester, German you probably won’t see this but ily!!!!!

Name suggestions! Boy: Bastian Girl: Willow

after Birdbox, GIRL and BOY for girl and boy names. C'mon!!!!

You should name two of the girls Molly or Caroline and two of the boys Colton or Cooper

harry was my favorite


can you name a girl Mal Evie or Matilda

Im so anti-social that I couldn't even pull of a social life in the sims.

Kelsey, I’m so sad! I spent 8 hours making a house for Kasey but my game won’t let me connect to the gallery so I can’t share it with you.

Girls: Lena, Kierah, Kianna, Katy

A girl jewels A boy DJ

Names- Girls- Ruby, Sandy and Juliet Boys- Austin, Hayden and louis

Names for babies So that we all remember Harry, y not name the children after him! Boy : Herald / Harrison Girl : Harriot / Hermia.

Baby names Girl: Molly or Elizabeth Boy: Jude or Judah Gender Neutral: Morgan

Baby name: Harry Jr. (too soon?)

Kelsey: -invites a bunch of elder sims to party- Me: “Someone is going to die....” Harry: -dies- Me: -genuinely shocked-

NAME THE 50TH BABY DEMI, which means half !! cause you're half way through the challenge

If you get Kasey to Level 10 Cooking Skill, and she gets all 3 ingredients, Kasey could make the Ambrosia recipe, and bring Harry back to life!

Cassidy or Skipper (from Barbie) for a girl Matheo for a boy

Baby name: Neville, the only one that could replace Harry...

Girl: Xiomara, Frida Boy: Enrique, Alejandro To diversify the names!!

RIP Harry :( Boy: Harrison Girl: Harriet

Baby name: Borgia

Hey Kelsey! 91st baby name suggestion. Why for the 91st ? because we’re both born in 91. Name: Mymy after me! I never see this name around anywhere in life. Spelt the same way. Phonetically pronounced at Me me. For either gender coz why not! If you can’t save it for the 91st baby. Please call someone Mymy.

In honor of the election Girl Names: Kamala, Elizabeth Boy Names: Bernie, Joe

Baby names Boy for Harry I think you should name if it’s a boy Ron or Harrison

if you have a son can you please name him James in honour of Harry!

Baby names Girl : pepper , raven , Ava , Roxy Boy : Daniel, Nathanial, Disco

Tom Holland baby names : Boy : Girl : pepper



¿Can you name one of your girl babies Marcela? It’s my name and it’d be an honor ✨

It’s be awesome to bring him back!! The next video you should do Sophie or Ash

I once had a sim randomly drown in the pool right after getting his wife pregnant. I was shocked.

Heather for a girl Henry for a boy In memory of Harry

Girl:Josephine Boy:Cj or Cody

Dont you do it. DONT DO IT!!! Now you have to subscribe to my channel

this video was a mix of emotions for me

It’s funny (but also sad) that for so long we were short one birth certificate, finally get the right number and Harry dies. Now there will be one extra!!

Omg my names Olivia. like so she can see

"Im glad we are in agreement, because if we werent in agreement I would still be giving you a bath." -Kelsey 2019 R.I.P Harry

Name a baby after one of mine! My son is Anders and my daughter is Edelynn (pronounced similar to Evelyn but with an Ed). ❤

Isn't the challenge over becuase a child died???

Name suggestion: Girl: Ariel, Boy: Trident (after me Ariel I like the under the sea vibe)

Hey chel! I have been watching from baby #1 sweet baby olive! My suggestion is to name the next girl after me? Ariel?

Pls pick these Girl alana megan morgan elena julia samera zoe charlote alexia natalia skye gianna ellen

Name boy girl twins; Phil & Lil after the characters from the Rugrats

For the 50th baby name! Boy: Harold (after Harry) Girl: Harriet (also after Harry RIP)

Name the baby Harriet celebrate the 50th child and to honor your lost boy

after this sims 100 baby challenge can you do another one called Sims4 100 baby challenge series 2

Have one of the kids learn Untamed Magic so that you can get the Dedeathify potion/spell and bring Harry back!!!

Kelsey: “let’s hit 50 babies” Interesting.

GIRL: Macey (named after kacey) BOY: Terrance (thats my name)

What a birthday

Could you please name one of the girls Ella I would appreciate it sooooo much!!!

GIrls: Harriet (for Harry) or Brandy (for Bran) Boys: Harrison or Brandon

Girl:Lexi or Macy Boys:Max or Finn

I'm gonna shamelessly name-drop myself... but... Girls: Megan (Meg) or Nicole Boys: Nick

Is this just me or 40th episode with the 50th baby anyone see a concidence ............. anyone ok just me

please name kids luke or leia!!!

LMFAOOOO im sorry but Grimm cleaned out the fridge after he took his life. but nah this challenge is getting outta hand sheesh

For the 50th baby Boy: ZERO (After MEGAMAN & Code GeAss), AZRAEL (Angel of Death), AZAZEL, Goku (Dragon Ball Z) Girl: XENA (Xena Warrior Princess), SAILOR MOON (After Sailor Moon), KIMBERLY (Original Pink Ranger)

Louraine for a girl and Steven for a boy.

for your next baby, girl: Bliss Boy: Isaac

He died because he was so tired that he passed out in the pool. And he drowned

You should put his birth certificate next to his grave. I feel soo bad!

No offence, but steph0sims does it better

Hey Kelsey! Boys: Ocean, Cameron Girls: Iris, Sky

The Rules for the 100 baby challenge say that you cannot extend the life of your Matriarch. It says nothing about not being able to resurrect your children. Besides Harry was one step away from aging out of the house. You already put all the work needed into raising him, he just didn't blow out his candles. I think it would be a fitting 50 baby celebration to resurrect Harry because it is not against the rules. To revive him you could either make ambrosia Wich can be a tricky process, Have Harry wish for life at the wishing well, or turn Dustin into a wizard and spell Harry back to life. If you choose to use the wishing well, make two or three of the largest donations possible to the well in a row before you make your wish this will drastically increase the likely hood of your wish being granted. The book of Life cannot be used to resurrect Harry because it was not linked to him before he died. PLEASE REVIVE HARRY. HE IS THE BOY WHO LIVED NOT THE BOY WHO DIED.

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