Single Girl Gets Married In The Sims 4 | Part 28

Single Girl Gets Married In The Sims 4 | Part 28

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We're getting closer and closer to Casey's first pregnancy and I'm thrilled. To you she's, just a kid. Hey. Everybody I'm Kelsey, I'm single and today we thought it would be funny if I continued, to be 100 baby a challenge it's a challenge in The Sims 4 where you have a matriarch, and they're supposed to have 100, different children all with different parents there's a lot of rules to this challenge so if you're interested in those rules the link will be below we're, trying to get Chelsey kind of out of the house and Casey aged up Oh Chelsey can't leave the house and you know retire, fully, until, Casey is of a young adult age it's weird we know how many Todd's know, times 20 19 enjoy, this one weekend kids because, that's not gonna happen again for, long. Let's make some drama we're back in the Peter Schmidt household into everyone's, sad, because someone, died. Casey's. Dad died, oh, my gosh Casey I, am so sorry sweetie. We're gonna save and go to manage world so we're gonna move out Brea and Nova, the two twins that should have done better honestly, you could have gotten out we could have got more kids in but that's okay we're really happy with Casey Casey's, my everything, right now stacy, is also, an adult so we're gonna get them, out all right so we got one teen and three kiddos and. A. Chelsea oh my god the Chelsea move out uh pisode when is that gonna go down maybe sleep in your own bed serious. Instead, of mom's bed, all right Chelsea, will you you hungry you, make you garden, salad, girl. Killer. Sad too he. Also lost, a parent what do you mean Taylor and Taylor also lost parents. Oh my. Gosh, Taylor. Taylor also lost their dad oh my, gosh there's two oh wait there's she, doesn't even make a garden salad there's hot dogs oh, my. God everyone's. Crying, everybody. Grab a hot dog oh, they're leaving bye, honeys, I love you both thank you guys so much for doing, the. Most for me I know it, hasn't been easy serious. Where are you oh he's right here. Mortified, stop, looking at me it sometimes it just feels like you can't do anything right everyone is judging you oh serious. Is going through a little teen moods me oh, sure, sure Oh what. Oh. I. Just. Had, serious, eat meat and he's a vegetarian, that's, why that happened oh honey don't do that don't do it don't do it to me okay you know what make your own oh you've been cuckoo garden salad I'm so sorry. Maybe Chelsea should write like a memoir, Oh. Olives, over on the computer, didn't, know you were here resume writing mother of 32 she already is writing a memoir Wow, good things you set up and then forget about the rest of the kids are super pumped. Taylor's, going to wash the plates don't worry about that Taylor, okay. You just go to sleep, you sleepyhead, look at you poor bean all of my children are sad that should be Chelsea's next, book all. Of my children are mad and so am i oh my gosh Josie, this, is too sad. Cat. Girl tell me about it alright all of my children are going to bed it's a Monday, p.m., so they all actually need, to wake up and do their homework before works, Globox, oh you, need your. Skill up to creativity's. Almost, a level two so let's have you do your homework and then do. A little bit of art here, oh geez Taylor's, upset all of my children's, parent, died all, at once and Chelsea said wow everyone's, just so sad homeworks complete good job Casey okay maybe you should do some extra credit work just in case you're a these. Students, so you might actually be a teen at the beginning of this episode which is real fun Chelsea, finished her buck yo. Let's. Go good. Job Chelsea why, don't you publish that yeah, literary, digest mother. Of 32, good work everybody, how are you doing you finish your extra credit Casey, did so. Casey you deserve maybe, a little bit of extra sleep and then you can do some fun fun. Activities, we need a little bit of fun here go everybody, sad everybody, wake up at, 2:00 a.m. but. Casey to get your stuff done all the, two boys are doing, together, serious, as hell more games can play well. Poopoo piece of Easter and I think he'll age up that's just great let's have you get some food what, is that a hot.

Dog Don't eat a hot dog this, is like Tod room is so quiet I love, it 300, percent and. Look at you go yeah. Clean that up and then you're gonna draw, some shapes serious. How you feeling boy. Good. Yes. A level. Two you're. Ready to go for school I love, it, when that happens I'm, so excited for all my kiddos, Oh everyone's, going to school Casey why don't you go to school I don't want you to miss out on anything everybody's, off to school so it's just Chelsea. At the house today what could we possibly get, up to that, might cheer Chelsea, up oh we could invite Charlie over that would be quite cute Woodmont but nah we. Got bigger fish to fry. A. Bit, of a blue day. Together. He'll. Be right over Chelsea, gotta pick out a new outfit my darling change the clothes there you go you're styling now you're ready for your boyfriend to come over is it. Pretty quickly maybe, it's time to have that like. Conversation. Oh. That's. My boyfriend she's too sad, oh. Why. Don't you kind of vent to him my darling oh. He. Like just walked in the door and she's already just, unloading. On him poor bean well. I think she feels better though given residence keys oh oh can. We give him the Russian, resident soup I want you to have the cheese Frank Thank You Chelsea. Express. Admiration. Come. On Chelsea. She's get she's the flirty up in this section here, Chelsea's, finishing, up her, lunch. She's calling, Oh turn the cheetah round turn the cheetah. Round a teacher caught, Kacy looking, at another student's, test during class and sent it to their office, hey see I'm, sure it was a mistake let her retake the test, she should fail the test I think we want to raise it raise her responsibility. So, she should have failed a test which, makes me sad but, Pacey. Don't cheat don't cheat kids where did Craig go honestly, we should lock this door for anyone who's not in the household, get out, get. That passionate, kiss yes Chelsea oh we got a world to your report from Casey Casey's first vlog made a hundred dollars today and life. With 31 siblings, made, 161. Dollars unfinished assignment with Taylor gets to class he realized this is time line is do what, I was supposed to start a week ago guys the stack of papers piling up on the teacher's desk all of he needs is a few minutes alone with one does he try to copy company no no, Taylor you're, in confessed the truth you got a one-time, extension, that's. Great, see, Taylor it, does not pay to be disingenuous, all right here we go Oh. Jessie. She. Goes that's. The flu whoa. Recite. Some love poetry, it's getting even. Tell. It engages, right I really want them to become best, friend, I think, they should have that conversation okay. Here we go why are you sitting for this Chelsea yeah take a stand please, please talk to a person, person. Oh. My. God Craig is officially, Chelsea's, boyfriend this is her first boyfriend. Oh my god even even, our angry. Olive, is, smiling. Why, don't you give all of a big hug and maybe share this like, always. Craig. And I just decided to become officially. So. Good and now there oh, my great. Did. I just read that right.

It's. Almost Chelsea's. Time make the most of these final, days I, thought we'd have more time. Casey's. Not even aged up yet we're, not allowed to move Chelsea on until Casey's age does I wanted Chelsea too Mary, Craig could move out of the house and, have her retirement. Sims always messing with my plans let's not panic. It's. Fine. Maybe. We should just have the wedding soon maybe, I need to check the RULES and see if I can make Chelsea to have a few more days because that is literally. So unacceptable all in-game, rewards, from completing, aspirations. And social, events may, be used. Except. The ones that prolong, your Sims lifespan, or save them from death, everything, is, finest, you, know what let's have some wait, what, if she woo-hoos and we kill her shoes I was. About to be like let's have some fun let's have some woohoo but now I'm afraid maybe, she should just watch a movie with Craig let's not get crazy all right movie, night come, on let's, all watch a movie together. Let's. Have some fun while we still can Kelsey. Stop Frank is feeling, this and all of is skeptical, of the movie choices that her mother made meanwhile, her mother's pumped. Oh they're having a good conversation watching. A movie together this, is the cutest, thing it's like. Because. Kind of they are oh my gosh I wonder who, Casey's. OTP, is gonna be maybe, Shawn Mendes it's my other crush make Shawn Ben doesn't put him in the gallery and use hashtag Kelsey, 100 rupee challenge it may be healthy, Casey's dad, Oh. What. Is happening on this. What. It's. A bit oh my god I've never thought to be scared of a man in a bunny suit that's a lie donnie darko is the thing I forgot, about that oh this guy. What. Was that ending, she isn't a better mood at all Craig's headed out all right thigh cream I'll, have you come over later. Oh all I'm scooted, over to be closer to her mom all, I've just headed out as. Well Chelsea, now Chelsea's, alone and sad one, of the kids coming up now. Taylor. Is done with school he, did just fine and serious, his grades are up he's an A student and. Taylor. Did just fine and Casey's, an A student, we got to a jobs, a, banana. No no it's cake time because. There are no parents. To bring, over serious. Is feeling pretty confident, but pretty tired that's. Okay I'm a dude you're gonna be an adult soon look at you independent. Lad oh I. Love. This gesture, serious. Aged up and now we have a randomized, street generator, so I definitely don't have a reason, to you Siri anymore, and I'm a little sad it's the end of an era for that too but let's run it by that trait he, is a bro these. Dudes can bro hug other bros Gamecock, oh my god so he wants to be a bodybuilder he's, a vegan bodybuilder. He's, a genius. And a bro this is cool I love serious. Personality. Add some birthday candles, and then Casey why don't you come over here, and, blow. Out them candles everybody. Watch Casey I can't wait to see Casey as a teen oh my gosh okay. Casey celebrating. Here, we go happy, birthday Casey, Dean.

Casey. Aged up oh it doesn't realize the aspiration so we still get to use Siri but, guys this is the moment to, find out Casey's, aspiration. Pick a number one through 12, the answer is to two so Casey is athletic, a. Bodybuilder. Did I call it or what loves, healthier living and is a glutton okay and then we're gonna use this randomized, trait generator, to, choose what, her tree is. It's, art-lover. RiffTrax, i love it she's. A teenager. Oh. Whoa. Casey. I, feel, like Casey needs a makeover but, I'm loving, this short hair beanie vibe, at, some birthday candles, to that Oh take, that selfie Yas, oh my god Queen after my own heart, yes, Queen all right oh my gosh Casey, is, it, serious. Is good to move out say our goodbyes to serious, our sweet angel. That, is it's gonna freaking kick the world's, butt and, then there were three bye, serious, Casey. Just needs a little bit of fun all right Casey why don't you watch. The. Comedy. Channel cuz you're feeling sad and then after that you need to get a skill level three of zero skills no worries about that and you need to get your homework done Kate to acquire the comedy skill that's also a skill you can do Casey. Casey. Just gave up good, jealousy, it, looks like Casey's really into turquoise, right now and blues, I like it we're gonna have to give Casey a makeover, once, Casey, becomes the matriarch but I like the randomization. Of the outfits it kind of informs, the personality, a lot. I'm. Pretty sure one of the kids just said congratulations. To. Chelsea, oh, yeah Taylor so works complete, loop. Chelsea, what could you get up to maybe you could write up some more books you, want to make sure to chase. You on the best foot with the most money we just hit palindrome. Puns this is a playful book nah we, need a playful, book that's, sexy. Like Chelsea how to seduce the, how-to book that's, quite playful and cheeky and. Chelsea, could leave it for Casey in case Casey ever needs any aid in that there. You go, Casey's, homeworks complete really. Good job Casey, Casey's, a B student, so if we hit it just right we might be able to get Casey. Up to an A in this episode. Chelsea's finished writing good, job Chelsea she really, needs to be as usual, oh my god Casey wears glasses too bad I are glasses to read down. Casey's. Gonna be like the other version, of me I really, love it Casey go play sims that'll be your skill you're gonna be fantastic sweetie, and you're gonna have fun yes. Gain. The skill of the Sims Oh, Casey know you're starting school in about an hour, oh no Casey's, not done with all, of the skills. All. Right your level of your skill level too will, have you game more when you get home, work hard everybody Oh, Casey's. Real miserable, going to school today what a beautiful home we really started, from nothing and, now we have, this. Gorgeous home. In. Like 32, kids new, worked hard for this what you doing oh my god all I've came to visit. Raishin. That's wonderful is Craig over looks like a big, no why don't we have Chelsea just write another novel romance. Write, a romance novel Chelsea love me once this is a romance, with the. Last, love, no I know let's make it fun let's make stop, making things sad Kelsey, an ocean, of romance. And it's a book about two, mermaids. From. Rival. Clans. Fall. In, love aka. Romeo, Juliet, but with mermaids, all right grades, are up tailors of B student, fantastic. Taylor is not a B student. Casey, is still, a B students, okay we got some work to do friends oh my god this is the first time I've seen the hair without the Hat, on it's so cute yes, it looks like Casey has more wavy hair than Chelsea does wonder if we should make Casey a. Blonde. Later. We'll, see yeah you can come over Theo that's a of course, always fine Taylor, it's homework is complete who's upset, probably, everybody to be honest go get some part go, in there. Buddy, well, if he goes over hey what's up video all right why don't you uh draw. Some, a vehicle. This time, Chelsea's, reached handle this little v good job okay anger management, this is Casey sometimes, I just get so angry that I don't know what to do with myself how can I even deal with things and I can't even, duel workout which, would be good advice for kc talk, it through with someone or screaming to a pillow I think we're gonna do do, a workout, I think, that it makes sense for for KC clean up and do another one, yeah.

Casey, So homework is done, good, job Casey why, don't you sleep it off, yeah, and then after, you're done sleeping we'll have you play. Some video games which, would be good for fun and good for your. Skills you could also work out I guess but we've already done one we'll stick with one and it will adopt. Them all as Casey ages. Wow. Everyone's, sad when they wake up this is a constant. Theme place and yeah. Wow. That was really fast you really like the sims you're fun was like zero to 60, have you eat after, this and then do more, playing, of the game you can't age up in school without finishing, all of your skills I know you got an hour until school you're gonna go to school hungry you can eat at school will. Be snacks will, be fine probably, come on you can finish this before you go to school you can finish this Taylor. Stop just go up Taylors, off to school yeah. Let's. Go sorry, Casey, but, I just really, needed you to do this now you're all good Chelsey meanwhile just, crushing life still, sad why don't we have you you'd. Finish finish. Writing an ocean of romance weird, science, in lab Taylor's science experiment exploded, and made a big mess along with frightening another student we think you did it on purpose that. Taylor with a No let's raise some manners, academic, punishment, seems right. We. Like our kids, very manner phul Oh. Chelsea. Feed about Stacey because, Stacey reminds, Chelsea that she got it going on it's love day. They. Got royalties. Oh well. Good job Chelsea finished, her novel, she's gonna take asleep in the cell that to the publisher, Chelsea a few Trish Mays a long life is coming to an end this would be a good time to get her Affairs in order I think we gotta do a wedding I wanted to like do a big thing but. I honestly think the backyard might, be really cute wedding, so I guess let's plan a wedding my gosh this. One comes in pink, which. I love I'm is so cute. Well. Maybe just do a nice. Thing. Here. Let's get some flowers, behind it I feel rushed by this game and I'm not happy about that flowers. Here. But, a nice natural, flower, stuff. Oh these are quite cute he'll do like stone. Now do you like this white and. Then we'll do a, nice. Little path through marble, yeah let's just do marble, here this is an expensive, situation. And I love, it Chelsea. Deserves, to be a little bit expensive right, now it's get maybe one of these. Ones. Oh cute. They're like fireworks. We could oh wait this one's even cuter, yeah we'll do this actually. Forget. This one this was boring. And played. We want everything, fancy, for, our. Queens, special. Day here, look at a little. Water feature, going. This. Is a lot but. I like it are we done are, we not oh that's, that's, that's, I'm. Getting a little bit crazy but it's Chelsea's. Wedding, and, we, rushed, it you know like it's just like ah we. Need it to be perfect pretty. Happy with this setup the. Wedding of the century okay, well now we need to get Chelsea to, pick out her wedding outfit, Chelsea, wake up it's time to pick out your wedding outfit, and get ready for your wedding put. Your affairs in order because the Sims is forcing, my hand. But. Dang it are we getting a freakin wedding, she hasn't even proposed, to two, of you and, we already, set up the full wedding, and buying the dress let's get into the formal wear Oh. Chelsea. Could wear a suit your own wedding what. A move but let's just see what the options are, I feel like this is say yes to the dress and like why don't we see the dress we'll know you know what I mean like we'll see it on her and we'll all start crying. This. Might be the dress, it's. The white version of her red dress oh, we could have an island, wedding. That. Could be quite fun actually should, she have a.

Destination. Wedding. That. Kind of feels like a beach wedding. Look. Like no shoes you, gotta get that ring on our finger you, know I'm saying get that ring on girl, are, we doing this I think, we're doing this are Chelsea's. Getting married, supposedly, oh my god what a charang says no and we've done all of this work for nothing could, you imagine, okay so Chelsea, is all perfect, and ready to go, for the beach wedding now we just need a groom we're gonna invite over Craig and propose will, will propose in front of the little thing that we made and see how it goes actually, you know what let's maybe delete all of this and for a pose in front of this like nice little tree I like how I spent all that time doing this thing and we're just gonna like delete it but I'm really feeling, a beach wedding for our girl let's call. Over. Craig. She's wearing her seductive. Red dress which I stand, he's gonna be right over okay okay. Okay, okay okay this is not a drill I'm. So proud of Chelsea for proposing, also. Maybe. Maybe, just. Do like a nice oh she's gonna do something herself let's see what Chelsea does she's, going to welcome Craig to the home here we go yeah, Chelsea. Go get your man. Olga long. Respond. A bit, ND. You're just talking, to him why don't you guys go sit and chat under that tree together why can't I see the tree I have to be this far out to see the tree Ridge. No, that's not okay I'm who oh these, are pretty alright that's good enough all right let's do it okay amongst the flowers, under. The tree that we know is there but they don't know it there okay, Chelsea, whisper. Some sweet nothings in his ear, and then. I. Think. It's time to, look. Deeply, into his eyes propose. Propose. Cases. Great Bob Casey said a student so Casey can be the new major yard meanwhile Chelsea's proposing, this is perfect. They're. Gonna have the Eiling wedding, of our dreams, of. Meanwhile, let's age up our chillin, KC is now rising. To. Matriarchy. Chelsea's, engaged oh my. Gosh what a big episode this is I did not know all this would happen in this episode, keke. Keke wait. Does, that mean we should get KC pregnant, for the for, the wedding. KC. Aged up, all right let's randomize, the last rate it's. Bookworm. I love books, you, just can't make this up folks KC's, pretty much perfect, oh my gosh. Odd birthday candles KC's, a freakin adult I feel like we should, find. A significant. Other really fast or k seeing at KC pregnant, like now so. KC stops aging that. We can get this ball rolling let's. Just check the street is there anyone out here our first, this, is. A big deal I feel, like we, shouldn't have KC. Rush. Into this because, we, can get pregnant right after the wedding I think we should have the wedding so, KC why, don't you go, to bed not. In the hot tub it's Thursday so they do have school tomorrow the. Boys do let's get all of them kind of in a good mood, you can't possibly have a wedding with such smelly boys, but. What if we wait too long oh my god Charlie's congratulating. Chelsea, on her engagement. Charlie, our sweet baby angel, son of Craig. You. Know what I think it's time let's. Plan a wedding bride and groom obviously, Chelsea and Craig guess, Kasey, olive. Jamie. Charlie. Hazel. Will get Taylor, and Taylor Brielle. Miles. Alexis, rose' I'm, picking some of the og ones first because I want them to show up and then I'll pick some of the newer ones caterer is gonna be oh, my, god no. Yeah, NIOSH obtainer select, a place okay, we're gonna go where's, the beach we'll just get married at the sandbar, it's right next to the beach. I. Feel like this is a bigger deal than a royal wedding oh my god I did not plan this well enough it is 8 p.m. we've missed sunset. I've. Already effed up maybe it'll be beautiful maybe we'll just get this. Wedding thing over here with what should be behind them what's the best of you it's all darkness, there's, some stuff. Over here that's quite pretty I'll put it right here and then we'll put a bunch. Of lights out beautiful. Job and then we'll get some flowers, all, right I think we did it changing your outfit oh my god Craig is looking so beautiful. Oh. Give him a kiss greet, your fiance. Wait. There's like a siren, in the water oh. This. Is cute, as heck get, married to Craig let's do it, wait is poppin there he's like you know what oona a late night wedding, so. Unique, and. Unexpected. Just, like you Chelsea meanwhile, Kasey, is. Feeling, a little sad on the island, but it would be nice if we rich who is that a knight. Are. You a boy let's find out what you look like there's. A night over there could be. Casey's. Knight in shining armor wait who's this that's a dude is this.

Love. Feel. Like that mean is, this a baby daddy while we're here let's get Casey. Having. Some introductions. You know making some big, moves oh my god oh my god this is amazing, Chelsea, is, getting. Married, to. Craig this. Is not a drill, why is the night over here the night is watch there's multiple, nights is it night night why. Are there so many nights. Oh. My. God. This. Is the most magical thing. Here. They go. You can't even see Chelsea's, face because, her hair's hiding, it. No. One's watching all the kids are at the bar. Typical. Hunter baby challenge are you married, spouse, their, mayor, congratulations. Chelsea. And. Oh my gosh Wow KC's. Chatting, with a knight. Oh furious serious serious serious talk. About art go get up go get it KC KC, are you listed here someone at the reception, again you are talk this boy up on the beach he's handsome, dashing. Go and, Chelsea's. Having a lovely time oh. My. Gosh she's like so, proud, passing. Off the torch she's, new to this whole song and dance so first, time but. Wow do I ship, it ask about the day. Get to know they're, getting along okay. He's, a dance machine. Perfect. Ask about his career. What. Are you doing, living, oh no there's, a kid, making. A mess Chelsea, I think you still need to hear it that and discipline. That recent behavior, calmly asked not to make a mess, Chelsea's over here being like don't Oh Craigs cleaning up another mess with the kid made. Couple. Goals but. Was this guy who. Shot two more handsome, men haven't. Arrived, on the scene but I think where we've got eyes for the president, this one what it was named Hawaii. Hawaii is our man try, to flirt oh she's quite gloomy for it isn't she, no. No. Don't be gloomy. Deep. Conversation. Yeah, get. In there get. In there girl he's, picking, up what she's putting down it's a little bit of a slower start I feel like maybe they should go outside together this is quite loud over here isn't it feel like it's too loud in here let's get some alone time he's a dog lover how cute he's, waiting for her. On the beach at, late, at night it's 1:00 a.m. no. No no no no don't leave don't leave don't leave where are you going where are you going express your admiration, for this there's, a waterfall. In the background they'll, just stand still true together that, would be cute you, wanna make. Sculpture. With me I, think. They're gonna do it they're gonna make a sculpture, together oh my, god how cute is this Oh Kate you start I don't care Cathy don't, lay that groundwork you, know it's am thinking about diapers. You're. Gonna be a dealing with a lot of those pretty soon oh. Whoa. This is cute what do they be like oh my god are they building a, sand. Cal plant. Tell. Me you're not building a sand Cal plant Kacie I asked about day okay. Kacie, is feeling, a much, more. Fun so let's go in for our first flirt.

Baby's. First flirts, at her mom's wedding. One, less finger girl but, one missing, girl oh my god here we go here we go. He. Loved. It, he's, really, lighting, her that's gonna be single, he's, feeling. The girl, oh no she's sad again. He. Is single, Hawaii, oh, she's, like not feeling hot Oh No. Why are you so sad you let away I go, Chelsey's. Feelin fine. Dancing. Up there would weddings. Almost, over so let's focus on Chelsie a little bit more where are all the people we invited, to this wedding where's, Olive and Charlie, and, they'll. Leave I wanted, a nice thing for all of the kids and, they all left Chelsea, at her wedding, you. Know maybe they saw the event and they all had to get back because it is 4:00 a.m. this is you know the after-party went late in the all the way home we're gonna make that's the story instead of the fact that the kids all bailed passionate. Kiss Chelsea, kiss your husband, oh. We. Really should get going home, though because the kids, need probably, to do some work. You're gonna end to this wedding early, would you like to move it together now no we're gonna cancel that and we're all gonna take everybody home it was a beautiful, ceremony and. They partied, until dawn which is quite cute Craig's going back to his home separately, than the rest of the squad but will can move Chelsea out with, him and they can go somewhere nice and Chelsea didn't die haha, Chelsea, didn't die suck, it since. We're, back at the impedence my household and everybody. Needs to sleep it's, love day oh my god Chelsea got married the day before love day that's the cutest thing I think I've ever heard of oh the kids need to go to school well. You two go to school I know you're upset and you haven't done all your homework but that's fine so, I don't think I'm gonna move Chelsea out until, KC. Has. Is. Pregnant, with the first kid he's gonna kind of settle into being. The matriarch, of the house so kind of getting things done around the house you, should maybe make, KC cook something okay, so you decide to grill fruit all right, Casey that's your call look at this wall that you need to like upkeep, now that walls gonna be yours, Chelsea. Is awake, and feeling, fan-freaking-tastic. Why, don't you clean that up Chelsea, maybe you do your hygiene, look. Like a brisk. Shower. Casey's, grilling, up a storm. Okay. Casey. Just discovered, fire this is not a drill oh my god Casey you. Know what we're not grilling, we're not letting Casey grill anymore extinguish, that come on Casey you can do it both of you are, powerful, women stop. Panicking, please please. Fix. This issue all right go, No. Please just go extinguish, the fire you got this Casey. Chelsea. Has lived a long life but her time, is finally come she's done oh. My. God no. Plead for her life don't cry please for Chelsea we can bring her back we can bring her back plead please plead plead for your mother no, no don't take her away from us please. Please. Friends. People she flirted with you come on your friends, your friends no no, Chelsea, BJ's truly, gone after Casey's, Arden's appealed to death fell on deaf ears. Josie. Never moved in with Craig Casey's.

Going To go cry it out. Why. Is death just sitting around while Chelsea's, just sitting, there oh my god. Oh. My. God you. Dude. Casey. Root introduction, you, go freaking tell him off be like grim Chelsea. Was nothing, but nice to you you frickin did this are you serious, well I don't. Like your attitude grim. Yeah, make fun of him yeah after you dude no don't be friends shove him maybe we shouldn't make enemies out of the Grim Reaper but you know what I'm not feel she's mad Grimm's very sad yeah you better be freaking very sad granted. It's, just scribbs job I don't know dude just like ask him to leave Chelsea, died on love day just let that sink in oh my god I had all these plans I'm, going to delete this grill. I can't look at it anymore go. Make sure we have a funeral, well. Put Chelsea by this tree, where she proposed, to Craig oh. My. God you, can't get to it oh sorry. Hold on you need to be able to get to your mother's grave you know I knew this would happen but I didn't know it'd be so soon. This. Is so sad to watch I feel like we need an offering, here. We, can't just leave Chelsea's. Grave, like empty, I think we need some stuff on it let's really do it up we could get more daisies, here, for Chelsea's, grave I can't believe I keep saying Chelsea's, grave oh my. God maybe, like a big stack of books like these are the books that she published, while she was, alive. Oh. My god I can't believe I'm even saying all of this stuff literally. Shook Oh. What. The date one want, the single rose. I'm. Gonna put like a oh that's, nice, okay well. This. Is gonna take a while for. Casey. To being a good enough mood - woohoo now isn't it I know this is a pretty miserable point, to leave this episode but I think I'm gonna leave this here because it feels like a fitting, ending Chelsey as much as we're gonna seriously, miss her had a wonderful, life she, had 32. Fantastic. Kids. Spawned. A ton of spin-offs, made, countless garden, salads, cities, tons, of people it's, an end of an era but I'm really excited for where we're going next thank you guys for watching and I'll see you guys for a very, exciting. Fresh, fun, episode, next week don't be sad, Chelsey would have wanted it this way.

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22:44 age up our chillin'?

Baby Names (taken from another YouTuber) GIRL: Gardenia BOY: Dallas (salad spelled backwards) In Honour of Chelsea and her Garden Salads.

Tomorrow, there's a soft knock at Craig's door. He pushes himself up off the sofa, rubbing his sore hip as he does so. He opens the door and who should he see but the floating green ghost of his new bride! The tears of shock and grief come to his eyes instantly. "Oh now quit that," Chelsea says flirtatiously. "I want you to be smiling when you carry me over the threshold!"

Wow. What a twist! Live each day as if it was your last...

Could you do a spinoff where we witness Craig's death because he's also old and then Chelsea and Craig could get married again as ghosts and live together somewhere close to the Baby Factory? Just so Chelsea and Craig can still enjoy their time with each other even if they're in their afterlife.

Goodbye Chelsea

Girl: Anais, Errin, Layla Boy: Arlo, Noah, Clyde

I love you Chelsea I have watched you grow since the beginning and I will always miss you and remember you I love you

Get Casey pregnant by vampire or merman.

I am day one A one for this series. I’m ASTOUNDED that I’ve made it this far but I’m here upset that a Sim died lmao

girls name should he eden bc garden of eden and garden salad boys name should be craig

kacey can start having kids now cos she could have teen pregnancies then you can get the most kids out of her as possible

My heart

I was gonna suggest putting a candle on her grave but considering the situation fire probably isn't a good idea

You should name your child Mika

I think you should call a girl Chelsea junior in honour of Chelsea - also perhaps Chester if it's a boy.

Please makeover kacey - her outfits are horrendous and she still looks like a teen rather than a young adult

I have some names Girl: Mackenzie and Judith Boy: Jeremy and Levi

This is a gift for Samantha Kelsey please name one of your babies Samantha please

I cant wait for chelsea to come back as a ghost like the doctor

kelsey for your next monarch you should name he kesley (K-E-S-LEIGH)

Name an girl laura

How many children does she have by now btw?

Maybe Chelsea will become a ghost!

What hurts is that you can feel that through the series Kelsey was attached to Chelsea. *RIP Chelsea*

Please makeover Kasey to look more like Chelsea

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Chelsea greeted death like an old friend

32k likes for her children

I can't believe I just cried for a sim dying

What if Kasey gets the Hate Children trait?

Bittersweet. The wedding was nice. We were all looking forward to that, but then they didn't even get to move in together. Not enough time.

I'm literally crying. I can't believe that Sims hasn't created a way to have funerals so you can honor your lost ones. I use a funeral mod in my game but... aww... I don't have a grill or a fireplace at any of my house for that reason. But I have installed a sprinkler system.

Ummm don’t wear glasses to bed tho!

That ending... I'M SHOOK! Did not see that happening ( I don't scroll down to comments till after I finish the vid) :.(

Oh my god. I'm heartbroken. I could see how distressed you are and my heart broke again. It's okay, sweetie! I think she would have made it had there not been a fire. I think the spook got to her, and you know. She was...of an age. I'm glad you didn't wait for Love Day to have them get married, which is what I would have been tempted to do (but I would have been too worried since her time was coming to do that). Keep Kasey's hair brown, though, I think. Unique bohemian little bean. And also, Hazel and River need a Briar :p

I don't care how long it takes I'm dressing every sim in my save in black today because we are MOURNING. Half mast is too damn high

Why is her elder life's so short ?! She had like a week or so that's so frustrating ! I tell myself Chelsea had some sort of cancer and they quickly married before she dies bc that's fuckin romantic... And now Kelsey has to raise her two little brothers ! Life is hard man....

Can u plz name a baby girl Enya becouse it's actually my name?

Don't worry, She will be back as a ghost to haunt all of the garden salads you prepared as she pleases.


RIP Chelsea. PLEASE give Kasey a makeover!

Awww yay they got married After all. But Chelsea....she really had a heartattack. I cant

Oh crap! Such a bittersweet ending

Keep her brown hair! It's really pretty! And it's different from her mother

I'm not crying...

Its fake i know but im really sad that she died

Should've put a Not Chelsea shirt in the game. Maybe it would've confused Grim

honestly a bit weird to go to the comments and seeing a bunch of "RIP Chelsea" Also this episode was filled with so many emotions, the title definitely didn't prepare me for this!

Can you please also give kasey a makeover so give her some like seducing looking outfits and some new hair??

i started to cry after Chelsea died

Rosé XD You mean Ros?

Oh god. I was really hoping she would bring Chelsea back as a ghost. :(

Rest in peace, Chelsea

Anyone else kinda heartbroken :(

I love how Chelsea's name is similar to Kelsey's and Kasey's name is also kinda similar to Kelsey's.

I’ve been here since the beginning, and I think we should just think

Rest in Peace, Chelsea

If only Kacey made a garden salad, maybe Chelsea would still be alive

Why do i feel so sad for Chelsea's death... this is unreal.. at least move in with Craig.. so sad to be Craig

gırl - amber lıly rebbeca boy- tom jasper george

"No, let's make it fun. Stop making things sad, Kelsey." *Romeo & Juliet but with mermaids*

Pockii 57 isn’t it funny how Chelsea’s stories sometimes predict the future, I mean I know it’s not exact but they had a really fast tropical wedding and then one of them died and it’s so sad and romantic

Please move in Craig so that his grave can be next to Chelsea’s or I will cry (sorry I mean cry mOre because dude I am already weeping, this episode was an emotional RoLLeRcOAsTeR)

emotionally attached to these videos...(sigh)

Rip...I'm sad over a fictional character again!

Call mr Cameron Drabble please Lairg BBBillssaa5 Hill form Go back please help me Tee call mr Cameron Drabble you ko the Tee now A9

Are you doing a part 29?


Name a girl Dianne and a boy Khaleb please Kels ir the best

RIP Chelsea

R.I.P Chelsea, I cried jeez I'm sooooo gonna miss ya! Once again R.I.P Chelsea.

I'm pretty sure that the rules about the life spam of a sim are made for the matriarch, so technically since kesey (idk how to spell her name oof) is the newest matriarch you can use this on Chelsea bc its not making her life longer for having babies, instead you will use it so that Chelsea can have a proper retirement

Rest in paradise Chelsea ❤️ been watching since the very beginning ❤️.. ugh I can't believe she's goneee

Noooo leave Kasey as a brunette!!! Don’t make her like Chelsea let her be Kasey!!!

Hello if Kasey has a girl it should be named Athena like the greek goddess because i like that name and because that is my name but if it is a boy you should name it Archie like my twin bro and if it is twins name it Archie and Athena. i feel so bad for Chelsea.... we all Love Chelsea :3

The Sims 4 | Part 29

I was really hoping Chelsea wouldn't die in this episode. But I scrolled down to the comments right after the wedding and now I'm sad :(

_I feel bed.....I may have laughed when Chelsea died....._

I was not prepared for this emotional rollercoaster

Girl: Raven, Abbey Boy: Jasper, Monty Twins: Octavia and Bellamy Finn and Lincoln Clarke and Madi (Named after 'The 100' characters)

I love the hard progress through all stages of grief in 4 minutes. New beginnings girl

Same Kelsey!!! I'm playing along with you and my matriarch died the day after she marrried her man!

Here I was, hoping that Chelsea would go out woo-hooing with Craig...

yay thank you Kelsey I was very sad when you didn't post episode 28

This episode was a wild ride, I was not prepared, Kacey should seduce death but just toy with his emotions.

Next merch drop should seriously say Garden Salads Save Lives


Oh and the reason the fire started is because Sims with low cooking skills usually start a fire. Have Kasey make garden salads until her cooking skills are higher before she grills and makes more risky meals

not gonna lie. im sobbing. try and get her to become a ghost like gavin did. im crying so hard.

Can't believe that I'm crying over a Sims character:( But here I am. Being miserable:(

This episode had a lot in a single-part episode. Many TV series use a 2-part or multi-part episode for something so big. This must have been difficult to write. My oversized hat is off to you.

I was not ready for this!!!! Please do some spin offs! Chelseas funeral

Make her blonde!!!! Such a look

Now i'm sad

Chelsea will be missed by all of us and by all of her 32 children.

Please give Chelsea a potion so she turns younger!! I don't want that she dies

Kasey looks a lot like Barbra from stranger things

I suggest you keep Kasey's brunette hair. Kasey's Kasey and changing her hair color somehow changes her identity. Just change her clothes and a little makeup would suffice.

Make the bench under the tree yellow, in honor of Chelsea!!

i'll miss you, Chelsea

Seriously felt sad when Chelsea died.

This episode feels like a rollercoaster

Don't. Make. Kasey. Blonde!!!!!

Name one of kaceys kids Layla please

Jesus.. I'm sad.

Rest in Peace Chelsea

You should release the ghost of Chelsea so she can stay around the house

This episode escalated so quickly


omfg this episode

Chelsey’s end legit made me sad ☹️

I SWORE I wouldn't cry but i'm crying nooooooo :'(

Put Chelsea’s and Craig’s graves together

Chelsea!!! No!!!! This is so sad !!! I'm gonna miss u Chelsea!!

OMGl! Chelsea, nook!!


I'm so sad.……… I played one game to death.... I'll never do it again. lol it was awful. I was facetiming with my sister and we both cried.

hot dogs cure sadness


Please put a baby girl as “Anyssia” (Ah-Knee-C-Ah) Also, my bf and I really freaking cried in the end.

Girl: Charlotte, Izzabelle,Lynette,summer,jade Boy:Leo, Bryan, Tyler,Colin,nick Twin girls:April and may Twin boys tom and Todd Boy and girl Troy and Gabriela or jack and Jill

Us: OMG Chelsea finally married the love of her life. Now she can enjoy a happy retirement ! Game:...Hold my beer... (DEATH STRIKE) Why game ? WHHHYYYY !?

Baby name suggestion Girl: iris or lisa Boy: duncan or brody

Baby names Girl: Sydney, Lora, Camilla Boy: Adam, Lukas, Jake

I m crying !!!


It's okay I didn't need my heart Feelings? Pfft what are they?

Shouldve let her move in with Craig :')

But....but no. Why? They didn't how? I mean did they woohoo at any time and I just missed it or didn't they at all? She should have died doing that. And how dare the Sims to kill her one freaking day after her freaking wedding with the freaking best man she could have found


We all knew Chelsea as an a kindhearted 32 mother who helped all her kids from being babies to young adults. Rest In Peace Chelsea impiccishmay, we all love you❤️

The way you handled Reaper afterwards had me laughing while I was crying so thank you for that cause I was honestly in shock that Chelsea was dying. RIP Chelsea. I wasn't ready to see her go just yet.

Did ANYONE else notice she said at the start “and we thought it would be funny if I continued the 100 baby challenge”

Name a Girl: Torin Boy: Theo

Wow this really took a turn..

RIP Chelsea. Your daughter will continue your lineage. You can rest now beautiful queen

omg my heart

So did anyone else notice that the only reason Chelsea died as soon as she did is because Kasey was aged up? Every household has to have an adult and because Kasey was aged up the game was allowed to let Chelsea die.

Awww, Chelsea! This episode gave me butterflies, laughters, and tears! Funny how a 36-min episode gave me all that. I am sure Chelsea is happy.

R.I.P Chelsea Impiccishmay You were dearly loved by all fans of 100 baby challenge, Kelsey and you family. We are sad to see you go but you will always be in our hearts and memory. Goodbye Chelsea.

12:24 “and then there were three” That reference cracked me up for some reason

I am literally crying af

i am seriously crying because of a sim's death. Thank you for all the fun you brought to us, Chelsea. Rest in peace. Ruhe in Frieden (RIP in German).

Can you please name a baby girl tigy

Am I the only one that's legit crying watching this omg

RIP Chelsea ❤

And a name for a baby would be rubbe it's for a girl

When she starts having babies use the poshin fertile cause then she would have a chance of have triplets

It’s sad that Chealsea has 30++ kids but only 1 came to see her funeral

Noooooooooooooooooo not Chelsea

Rip Chelsea we love you ❤️

The phase of blondes has passed now is time for kasey and her brunettes. Do not make her blonde

After mother C produced hundreds (almost) of new life to the world, gifts for death to appease him, he finally got jealous when she decided to marry a mortal. Seeing what he could have had, eyes opened to what he really wanted, Death came to collect the only woman he ever truly loved. To the only woman who seduced death.

Omg... I miss Chelsea already... so sad she's gone! Cried happy tears when she got married to the love of her life and cried even more when she died... and thank you for making this episode the best you can to commemorate Chelsea's beautiful life! For putting every finishing touches that you can to her wedding and to her grave, it was definitely a beautiful touch and a good way to end this era of Chelsea's. She will always be remembered...

Also you can bring Chelsea back to life by creating a recipe for ambrosia but it’s a hassle to make. All you gotta do is find the ingredients to make it and then get Chelsea’s ghost to eat it so she can come back to life.

You should start giving a house key to the kids when you move them out before they walk off the lots.


I’ve never been this devastated over a sim’s death. Rest In Peace Chelsea. The OG!

RIP Chelsea

The last 10 minutes were easily the happiest and then the saddest I've ever been in this whole series.

Watch Kelsey actually not be single, but like she doesn’t want to change the intro

We'll probably have like 5 more elders with the way Kelsey is playing.. Like seriously couldn't you focus on the kids and age them up before Casey? Do the wedding before aging the kids so that Casey won't lose any unnecessary days? You complained so much about Chelsea aging up so fast then you do things like this..

RIP Chelsea forever loved

Kacey doesn't know some of her older siblings, and since Chelsey's now gone (rip to our queen), some of the kids Kacey doesn't know wouldn't call or come by. You should have them all introduced to each others again and give them key to the house.

Please do a funeral episode or make it part of an episode! And maybe move Craig in to help Kasey transition (and so we can get that grave) I'm guessing we'll get a new home soon based more on Kasey or at least a redecorating? That'd be amazing, great job on the series Kelsey!

Why am I sad?

You should turn Kasey into a mermaid


Craig lost a love on love day

It’s the end of an era!! and so begins the next chapter of this f ing challenge I can’t believe there was no way to extend Chelsea’s life that’s fucked up!!!!! But let’s hope everything works out with Casey the new matriarch! I still feel like crap about this happening!!! Anyway next twins please name Luke and Lea!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top But no actual cherry lol!

Call a girl Evangeline or a boy Canyon

Honestly, the only more fitting death that could have happened was Chelsea dying after woo-hooing with Craig.

I can’t believe I’m crying over a sim...

So sad

I think she died because the fire was too overwhelming.

Rip Chelsea

Im so sad... And also - good idea to hold Craig on your parcel till he dies! They should be together :-)

I can’t believe she’s gone. But it’s kind of perfect she died on love day since she had so much of it. Sims and poetic irony. Rest in power Chelsea. Rest in power.

nooooo this was a rollercoaster of emosh!!

I’m in tears why

Im so sad!!!!!!!

I'm gonna go eat a salad in honor of Chelsea.

"Do you wanna build a sandcastle?" . . . I LITERALLY SANG IT IN MY HEAD

Dude in episode one both Kelsey and Chelsea look Soo young

No Chelsea

i’m not crying you’re crying

maaaaan RIP Chelsea

why im crying?

Personally, I really enjoy Kasey having a different look than Chelsea. Short, dark hair really suits her and I really like it. Or even colored hair. I think she would be pretty different from her mom, she's her own person. I don't want her to be a carbon copy of Chelsea and the stuff she did.

why am i so sad

Please don’t make Kasey blonde!!!!!

You can see how heartbroken Kelsey was when Chelsea died, damn, i got seriously attached to a sim

Lowkey its probably good that you didn't get a chance to move her in with craig because now that she died at the house her grave and her ghost can stay with the family instead of being at craigs place

No why I am so sad for her if she was still living she cood of had her last woohoo :( Rip Chelsea


If you take a picture with Craig, it will be a fabulous display in the living room

I am crying because Chelsea died :(

names Claire Claire Frankie



Keep her a brunette

I know it is a bad time but If it is a girl name it: Marie If it is a girl name it: Christian or Chris

Omg. Missed a picture with Casey and Chelsea. That would of been so sweet. Or a picture of Chelsea holding Casey when she was a baby.

I have been here since Episode 1

Now I’m going to watch episode one again after this

Put Cameron Dallas in the game

Girl name suggestion Zerafia

You can make crack marry a ghost and they still be together just as Ghost

I legit thought Kelsey was gonna cry

Rest in peace Chelsey! ♡

Alexus or piper

RIP Chelsea. Now! For the new baby names! Girl: Kenia (Ken- eye- ah) or Naveah, Sara :3 Boy: Link, Tom, Steve, Dustin, Mike,

I'm not crying... you're crying...

32:57 Kelsey: No, don't take her away from us! Please don't take her away! Kelsey: Please, she's friends with you, she flirted with you!

here's to chelsea, mother of 32, lover and a great matriarch oft this series

29:12 Kelsey: Thinking about diapers!? (O_O) Kelsey: You're gonna be dealing with a lot of those pretty soon... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The ending so sad

Oh my gosh I can'tt believe that happened... this episode was such a rollercoaster... i laughed...i crieddddddd wow Kasey is goin through a lot rn lol well congrats and rip to chelsea wow (loved all the editing and music btw)

Why did I cry though....RIP Chealsey

My heart hurts... I loved her from day 1! A Queen rests upon her self-made glory. #ChelseaLives2K19

Been here since day 1 and I never thought I would cry over a SIM! Rip Chelsea you will be missed.....

28:09 what is that *chealsy* ?

This was AMAZING

I just cried for a sim.. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME

Name the baby if girl melissa if boy Alexander

I'm watching since episode 1

No one was ready for that

I have a Challenge for you It’s Name your girl or boy Paige but make a middle that is a food. I love your Channel.

Can you call kaceys baby Clementine, Clem for short

You should make Chelsea become a ghost??

I cant stop crying

I feel like im going to cry

Along with moving Craig into the household so that when he passes you can put both tombstones together, you should change the color of the bench to yellow

Please keep Kasey's natural hair color! Brunette would be a nice change

Kasey should move into a different house have a completely different look, I'm not feeling any of it


we love you chels

I volunteer at a preschool and there are a few girls and boys with names I LOVE Girls: Eden, Marlo, and Grace Boys: Asher, Maximo, and Nolan Thanks!!!

“No Chelsea!!Shes dieing!!

Please don't make Casey a blond. I like her having her own style.

I’m not crying you are

I started freaking out as soon as Kelsey decided not to move Chelsea in with Craig that Chelsea would die before she'd get round to it... welp. Also Casey is the cutest brunette!

Kelsey: I have to be this far to see the tree?! Me: Teach this girls Tab Mode for goodness grace

You should leave Kasey's hair brunette. And use the mirror to speed up Kasey feeling better.

I love that Olive got to sit with Chelsea one last time. RIP

We need a montage of Chelsea for the next episode dedicated from her kids

i cried TT

Now I want to rewatch and count all the garden salads!

I'm seriously depressed. I can't even!

Have All Her Kids Show Up One Last Time At Her Gravesite

You can put the doctors grave next to chelsea too.

RIP chesey

Will miss you Chelsea!

Fixing tk start my challenge soon! Any tips?

Also, would love to see Nicollette as a girl name

Oh no Chelsea is so iconic


Omg, I'm so sad


Here's some baby names. Girls- Analiese, Allison, Amelia, Amy, Anna, Abby, Avril, Ashton, Ashley, Amanda, Alexis Boys- Adam, Abe, Ace, Alex, Andrew, Aaron, Asher, Axel, Anthony, Atticus, Allen

cant believe i cried over a sim. but it was Chelsea so it s okay and acceptable. R.I.P to the O.G. may heaven bring you the O.G. Craig back to you

Boy name: Carter girl name: Madison

watch kelsey go through all the stages of grief in ten seconds

Thumbs up if you cried. I need to know I'm not alone.

Oh man! So sad. So sad!!

I'm crying real tears

This is just heartbreaking

Kelsy didn't you discover that earbuds made their fun level go up...

Me : ok back to episode 1 to morn Chelsea Chelsea Impechimay 2018-2019

Rip Chelsea

Ew I actually cried

RIP Chelsea

I'm crying I've been here since ep. one


Me: traps sims in rooms, takes away swimming pool ladders, places wooden objects next to fireplaces, enjoys watching chaos ensue Also me: weeps when virtual books are placed on the virtual grave of a not real person


Kelsey needs to buy the robot vacuum!!! It automatically cleans a floor, like pee puddles or messes! Like so she sees this!!!

I did not think that I would cry but here I am We are ALL here for you!

You should name a girl Eva and a boy Samuel lol IRL they are my classmates lol

I might cry

When Kelsey told Kasey to plead and said “no don’t take her away from us!!! Don’t take her away!!!” I couldn’t stop myself

To the tune of "Ryan started the fire" from "The Office". Kelsey Started the FIYAH!!!

You need to have a baby with a merman

Didn't get upset when any of my matriarchs died. Tears for Chelsea.

lol she's so dramatic sometimes

press F to send regard(en salads) bootaful

I've watched this since the beginning. She say don't be said and I'm over here trying not to cry. At least she got to marry Craig

I was NOT ready for this ending!

This really made me cry.. R.I.P. Chelsea ❤️

Y’all why am I hurt and feel like Chelsea used to be my best friend

Never cried over any of my own sims. Crying over Chelsea. Dang it. I wasn’t ready.

There was some crazy foreshadowing looking back: Chelsea finishing her memoir and Kelsey saying the next book should be called 'All My Children Are Sad', and Kelsey saying 'All my children's parents have died'.

She had created Crieg



I'm doing the challenge to and I'm currently up to 15 kids.

when kasey has kids does it continue off chelsea’s kids or no ?

Don’t change her hair color. She’s a beautiful brunette!❤️

Girl name : *Tatiana* yes my name lol Boy name : *Efrain* my bfs name lmao

I have been here since the beginning and today I realized..... my emotions were into this than I bargained for

i've never been so emotionally destroyed by a death of a sim. we all knew it was going to happen sometime, but not this soon!

Make a ghost love spinoff for chelsea and craig.

Name the girl : Brittany Boy: Craig

When you plead your pleading sim must be confident, otherwise it won’t be accepted.

Kasey should have the house made over for her own look chelsea was more modern and kasey kinda has the hip vibe

i hope her ghost appears

can everyone stooooop asking questions like ‘who’s been here since the beginning?’ it’s annoying af

I watching this at the point where this video is almost gonna hit 1 million views

I have been here since the start of the show. It is indeed a life well lived. Good bye.

I miss Chelsea already she was such a amazing person

Love the videos Can you please name one Glory, Gloria, Galixia Adren (Ad reen),

I've been here all the way through

If you have teens and children right in a diary you will stop mood swings and help you get them to do home work faster when Tens. Then you can age them up quicker and get them out of the house

Girl name: Becca, Annie, Juliet Boy: Francis, Connor, Newton

ok you've done other harry potter names so lets go golden trio: harry, ron, hermione.

Ok I'm confused isn't Taylor the youngest female so shouldn't she be the new Materach not Casey

I litteraly started crying no joke

When chelsea passed away Kelsey was crying like it was her own daughter

Make her blonde

Give Kasey a makeover

you should make all the new baby certificate frames a different color for each new mother/Chelsea

How do you get the sims 4 game do you have to have a computer, a phone, or a tablet EDIT: PLS TELL ME

omg Kelsey's reaction/faces from 32:35 - 33:15 was so intense. my heart ❤️

R I.P Chelsea If I can I have names Boy: Josh Girl: Leah

Could you please name a child newt,Thomas,or Dylan you don’t have to only if you want

Nooo I’m going to miss her so much. She’ll live on forever in our hearts.

At least she got to marry the love of her life

Why did you tempt Death so much in this video with all the sad talk and the quote "Ha!! She didn't die today!!" a couple minutes before she died

I love this part

All my sims are sad and so am I is the biggest mood

every npc guy in the series *Is this a baby daddy?*

You made me cry so it’s only fair that you name a boy or a girl ‘Mel’ to even out the scale


Anyone know where Kelsey’s phone case is from? I’ve been wanting something like that and can’t find it

Aw nooooo! You should move a different saved Chelsea into the house next door with Craig

I’m legit crying over this soo sad

RIP Chelsea

I saw Chelsea give the peace out before she passed

I am so sad I loved Chelsea

Girl:sia Boy:Benny

Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out.

I'm not gonna lie but I'm waiting for a Chelsea and Craig the afterlife spin off

Omg I am actually sad! I’m 40 something and actually sad about a video of a girl playing a sims game!

Keep Kasey brunette!!!

Rest easy Queen Chelsea! *You will truly be missed* hugs!

Please don't make Kasey a blonde! I love that she has her own personality. And us brunettes are cool too ;)

Sirius is definitely gay...just saying

Please name a baby after me or my boyfriend! Girl: Cassidy Boy: Caleb

Please name a girl baby libbie or a boy baby grayson

I think you should bame for boys Kyle Jeremiah Leo JJ Jeremiah Ihave no girl names but cany you please name a boy Ietemiah Or J.J

I’m not crying over sims rn......

Wait I’m so confused who was the guy at the computer at 16:29 ?????? A grown ginger man has trespassed???


time of death 12:45

R.I.P we all love you. You were a good mom and wife. We will miss you happy after life.

My BFF and I love your videos. Please name a girl Shenae or Angelique after us

Gotta replace those yellow chairs with turquoise chairs now XD

I didnt cry

i watched this to cheer me up bc i watch every week and then at the end oh my god

yes.. we shed a tear lol..

Im so upset cant believe it. Like I knew it was coming but seriously! Please invite Craig over and lock him in the house til he dies and put him with Chelsea! Its only fitting he does of a broken heart

OMG i got this game on sunday and had a toddler and a baby but my toddler got taken away bc my matriark would refuse to do anything

Could you please name your next baby Jordan cuz I have been asking for a while I don't want to be mean but I just really want somebody to anybody named after me

You shoud get her a pet because that whoud be super cute

Girls name bella ava jayssa Lexi dream Nicole Aaron Boy names jaxson maddox Maxwell gabe colin harry

You should definitely name one of Kasey’s girls “Chelsea” or “Chelsea II” in homage to the OG.

Cheraing= Craig. Omg I laughed so hard at that though

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but your outfit is the same from when Chelsea was created to the end of her. Also you shoud name the next child Mackenzie for a boy. Love your videos!

Maybe it'll end up like Gavin and Chelsea will come back as a ghost and just haunt the house!?

Why am I crying in the club rn

Rest in sims Chelsea

How come the lifespan of an Elder was so short! Is that the normal on Sims 4??? I am a loyal Sims 3 player but I have enjoyed your 100 baby challenge. And I look forward to every Saturday!

I'm not crying over the death of a Sims 4 are...! :'(

Omg literally am crying right now

15:26 She is possessed.

Boy names: Remus or Lupin Girl names: Rio or Ashley

OMG!! *** SpOiLeR aLeRt *** New matriarch Kasey puts out a fire while Chelsea dies while she's doing it D: !! Why is watching this much more entertaining than actually playing your own game!?! This is why i love watching this...xD

For either gender can you please do Bailey, pronounced B-A-I-L-E-Y thanks

Chelsea died whyyyy

Sophia and Sofia for twins? That would be so cute!

I think Meagan and Jessica would be good for twins. That’s mine and my sister’s names

I hope Chelsea haunts the house

New house it would be too weird for kasey to whoohoo in the same house she was made in Pppplllllllllzzzzzz



if its a girl name it bitsi               if its a boy name it biggy

I love how this series has become apart of my Sunday morning routine - 1. make a nice breakfast 2. eat nice breakfast while watching the 100 Baby Challenge.

♥♥♥RIP♥♥♥♥ chelsea we will always love you ♥♥♥

Good bye Chelsea we will miss you so much Move Craig in so when he dies he will be with her forever



I just ugly cried for a SIM. Ugh I'm so invested in this right now ,but dang why grim did you have to take Chelsea? I can't wait to see what's next.

Can you call the next kids Serenity for a girl and Jareth for a boy please?

Chelsea died on love day

Goodbye you will be missed

Knight night seems legit

Im so sorry kelsey i saw that you kind of saw her as you and you kind of lived thourgh her Kacey will be just as cool

My sister’s name is Chelsea (and also blonde). She’s really cute like you, and her nickname is Chester. So... BOY NAME: Chester GIRL NAME: Chelsea (in memory of the OG Chelsea)

Boy name: Alex Girl name: Eva

I really don’t know why I thought Chelsea was going to make it through all 100 babies

Awww rip how many kids did she have?

I didnt turn off the age thing for my other sims, like my kids, so my oldest just died and her mom just popped out the last baby.

Girl names: Peyton/ Penelope boy name Lucus/ Brody

This video was so sad but I got to keep moving on watching this series because I’ve have dedicated my life to this Can you name a girl Chloe or a boy Colton?

Kelsey, there is a little cheat thing in the sims where you can buy a fertility potion which increases yoir chances of triplets. It does cost 3,000 life point though

Oh boy. I need to catch up on the series

Chelsea will always be in my heart. (And everyone elses, right?!?)

I started laughing when u were cursing at the grim reeper but then I remembered chelsea and started crying CHELSEA U R EVERUYTHING TO US

Brianna for a girl to pay homage to Brielle!

chelsea finds the love of her life . someone calls grim phone:hey grim chelsea just got married. grim standing over her body: IF I CANT HAVE HER NO ONE CAN!!! me: you had the chance and did not take it. (RIP chelsea you started it all) also dont cry cuz its over smile cuz it happened :)

kelsy there is this new life simulator game coming out called paralife. Can u play that now

My heart can’t take it

*Sorry for the long list... Please have a look!

Kelsey can you please name one of your babies hunter, eric, emma, or Charlotte

Can you please name one of Kasey's Girls Aleah after me, Bambi after my dog or Mocha after my guniea pig?

Kasey should try to do better than Chelsea did about giving all her kids keys when they move out.

Make a little area in the yard where the kids can visit Chelsea, with flowers and a butter yellow bench

Is there any way to make sure your matriarch has twins

Can you please name a girl Melissa

Personally (and as a brunette), I love Kasey's hair as it is

Im crying so hard

This is just awful

It's ok kelsey

part 29

Tears... I had tears for a Sim.. RIP Kasey

I’ve been here since day 1 it hurts to let chelsea go, I’m not crying your crying

So sad

Im so sad.. May Chelsea can live better afterlife

Name fir girl: Cayla


Girl Name Marissa!

i’m not ok

RIP mom of 32 children!

where is the baby spinoff this week?

So sad! I don't know why, but I literally started bawling. RIP Chelsea!

the grave needs a garden salad

you should have her ghost move in with craig can you even do that?

Have you seen paralives yet?

Can you use these names Baby girl: silje Baby boy: austin Sorry if you don’t understand my name i am norwegian thats why

Me: if Chelsea dies, I won't cry. It's just a game Me after she dies: *cries* NOOOO! She cant die yet!!

This episode should have been called ‘sim died in 100 baby challenge’

change kasey hair and clothes

Please please please, name a girl Antonia, I never meet people with the same name as me!

Can you please name the next girl twins April and May It would be so cute!


RIP Chelsea

Did anyone else notice that Kelsey said "Chelsea Impicciche is truly gone" or whatever, she used HER last name! NOW WHO IS TOO ATTACHED??

Baby names girls :Emma , Lindsey , Charlotte . Boys :Dylan , Xavier and Ethan

Long live Chelsea...


You should do a bedroom makeover for Kasey since she is the new matriarch. Also RIP Chelsea, the O.G

Violet you get it it has to be violet.

*sees title* ..........fork

R.I.P Chelsea. I am really sad that you lost Chelsea Kelsey.I will miss you Chelsea

you should name a girl Everly i love that name or a boy Eli

do Delaney for a name

I like Bonnie or Isabelle for a girl and Damon or Zach for a boy


No!!!! Chelsey! Been here from the start. That was so sad! What about Craig? Where will he go back to his house after only being married for a night!

We need a whole montage of her life in the next episode in honor of her...

Name a girl Mia, Grace, Ruby Name a boy Mason, Nate, Jack

You need a fire alarm in the house! No more fires. Only terrible things happen. Please get one!

13:15 bookmark sry

name you kids maddy

7:54 I knew this bc of comments but still heartbreaking

Name a girl: Angel, Cresselia (Yes it’s a pokemon but it’s a pretty name) Kristie, Melany Name a boy: Lucifer/Lucy (from AOG) Marco, or Tony

Why.... am I crying?


Bring Chelsea back to life !!!!!!! Ambrosia make it how many chefs do you have

Hey could you please name one of your kids Serenity or Tage those are the names of my brother and I. They are kind of unique names but some other names I’m suggesting are Olivia,Nolan,Zane,Shyana,Paris,and Sarah

you should file the next video as season 2 episode 1

Can you name a girl karmella and a boy conner and a girl morgan and a boy bruce

Don’t cheat kids! Meanwhile Chelsea has had like 30 boyfriends

I was not prepared for her to go out that way ... I’m so sad now.

I love how these last few episodes where kacy isint a young adult yet is just kelsey living out her dream with craig

long live Kelsey

Who went and rewatched olive grow up

Cant wait for u to say ,,Hi Im Kelsey and Im TAKEN''

Boom! Olive! Boom! Taylor! Tayler! Such a time difference! I’m crying...

Thanks chelsea for training everyone here to be vegetarian by eating garden salads the whole time..

Ok but guys... GHOST CHELSEA

did you wear the dress you were wearing in the frist episode .. i only noticed because i just watched the most recent epiosde 28th. and the frist.... coincidence Paying homage to a great sim seems appropriate :)

me: oh yay a new 100 baby challenge ep!! also me: looks at comments my soul: WHAT!!!! NOOO!!! CHELSEAAA


Just to say you can watch Kids tv on the tv to have 3 children while you are pregnant in the sims. It wont work if your are not pregnant ;)


Any1 been here since the start

Kealsy for girl Don for boy

My matriarch got married the day of her heir's birthday and moved out...and died the next day :(. Also on my game my matriarch survives her children sometimes they age up so quick, surprised Olive is still an adult!

I am in shock right now omg :(

Name a girl Eislyn

Name a girl

Name the next girl Eislyn

Eislyn is a amazing name


Make the next girls name Eislyn

Can you please name one of the boys Chandler it would really make me happy since he's my favorite character on Friends

Eislyn is the best name for a new baby girl

You should name a girl Eislyn

Eislyn is a great name for a girl

Please name a girl Eislyn

You should name a girl Eislyn and a boy meteo

My sister failed

I was confuzzled when she said she wore glasses to sleep??

This is so sad:(

If u have twin girls name them anya and alisha

No Chelsea‘s dead

I love how that unfinished painting by Ginny is still there

Okay, so I was on IMDB and came across a picture.... It's listed as "a cosplayer as CM".... But--is it just me or it it Kelsey!? Someone let me know!! I tried looking on her Insta, but no dice--from what I looked at so far. Seriously, Kelsey, is this you!?!!?!?!?

This definitely looks like her. I don't know if it's actually her or if it's just her doppelganger, though.

You're gorgeous.

I’m gonna go watch ep.1

WAIT hang on Chelsea died?!

I really didn’t think I’d cry, but I bawled like a baby.

I was silently watching the whole series since episode 1 last year. Never thought i would be so attached to Chelsea

Spin off!! Bring Chelsea back and her and Craig can live together!!

Rip Chelsey

RIP Chelsea 2018-2019

Name one of the kids , garlic powder

Pls make kasey blonde, it’s chelseys thing!! make it for all the matriarchs



Girl millie Boy billy Billie is my nick name how sad

omg, i wish i could make a house like yours.. im so jealous! hahah

I never thought I'd be this invested in a sim that's not my own R.I.P.


Rebecca for a girl and Jacob for a boy

You should name the next girl Esperanza, it means hope, and I think after Chelsea’s death Kasey will hope to be as good a mom as Chelsea. It’s also a really beautiful name! If you agree please like so she can see!

The next baby’s name should be Boy:Lawrence Girl:Cherilyn

I’m not crying, I’m not crying!!! Why am I crying?!!!!

who else saw kelsey tear up when chelsea died dont worry i did the same rip chelsea

how many babbies are there now

You know what saw that she was wearing the same clothes when she started the changle Btw Rip Chelsea (my name)

Apparently Tayler had an extra crummy Love Day.

the sims 4 29 whan it NOW ???????

Craig should move into the house. He's their stepdad, and he should be there. He doesn't have much time left, so won't affect game play. When he dies, their graves can be together under the same tree where they got engaged.

Bye Chelsea, thanks for the memories.

That's heart breaking



When Chelsea died (that hurt to type) I just paused the video and laid on my floor to feel sad for a few minutes. Chelsea was a character that we all grew to love over these many videos. We witnessed her ups and downs of parenting all of her children. Since the beginning starting with Olive, and until the end, Chelsea was and always will be the heart of the series. R.I.P. Chelsea! (F you, Grim!) You will be missed, and we all love you!!!

I’m a small gaming YouTuber. I do sims Freeplay videos. If you’d like to check my Channel out you can. I do videos both in English and Spanish.

Is there going to be more videos of the 100 baby challenge with the new matriarch?.

Of course. :)

Dear chealsea you were a big part in our lives and you had 32 children wrote 10+ books and have so many people that love so at least you would be with Craig and would be happy

chelsea dying feels like the end of an era, it makes me sad :(

If it’s a girl Gaby and my name is Gaby and a boy Layne

RIP Chelsea. I hope you'll haunt the house and break some appliances.

Noooo not Chelsea!!!

God, I'm actually crying. I've been watching these videos with my five year old daughter and I'm devastated. Kelsey's crying, I'm crying, we're all crying.

You can just bring her back as a ghost and then move her in with Craig!

I wasn’t expecting to cry over a sim

I've been here since the begging n got attached. Tell me I wasn't the only 1 who cried when Chelsea died.

I can’t stop thinking about the fact that you wear glasses to bed. To bed!? Whilst asleep!? Whyyyy

Leyla Deuel Yeah

31:13 Hah chealsea didnt die Sims:oh really Few minutes later She dies Sims:haha RIP CHEALSEA WE WIL, FOREVER MISS YOU

Baby Anna baby fred

Pls let Kasey rock a brunette short hair look

Names boys: Madison, Daniel, Sam, Mathew Girls: Destiny, amy, chloe

RIP Chelsea She was a mother to 32 children and a wife to Craig slater she will be missed by her 32 children her husband Craig and all of her fans we only wish that Casey will be as good as a friend daughter and mother as Chelsea did before her

Here are lots of extra names. Mia Olivia (Olivia after Olive) Ava For a boy Noah Liam Ben Jake Alex

You should name one of the kids Jackie if its a boy Jack.

I have an idea for a name Carly Car-ly

I was re-watching this episode and realized...most of the older kids are orphans now

I think that Hawea is Kasey's Craig. I call it right now!!!!! PLLEEAASSEE!!!!

That moment when your bad cooking starts a fire and gives your elderly mother a fatal heart attack...

for a boy Tom and for a girl Jess boy Leo girl Mia

love the videos :) just started my own channel Would love it if everyone could watch my new video and let me know what you think..

If it's a girl maybe you can name her Chelsea? So she can remember her mom?? I'm so freaking sad right now it's ridiculous!!

Can you make the best episode a new season?

well now im sad :/

Name your next child... Girl: Jade Boy: Jaden

My heart I wasn't ready


I can't wait for Saturday to see where Kasey goes as she begins the 100 Baby Challenge!

Your Sims are like the hull family

Who else is going back to episode one to binge the series?

Is Chelsea going to die at the wedding?

I wasn't ready either :(


100 Baby Spin off coming this week??


Can't believe I'm crying

We all going to miss her.

Name suggestions just in case Kasey has a baby. Since Teagon(Spelling?) Is gonna be the girl Boy: Cash,Brady,Benji, Michael, and Toby.

Noooooo don't die

omg Kelsey you are so adorable...almost made me cry over Chelsea too. Even though it is an end of an era.

May she rest in piece

Nooooo Chelseyyyyyy!

When you read that that she's going to die later I saw that you almost cried and I almost cried too

Crying over a Sim ❤️

Doing the 100 Baby Challenge thanks to Kelsey and Chelsea

the og love of chelsea's life ... craig

After getting married to the love of her life... On love Day, Before she even moved in with her husband. Who seduced many men. And had lots of kids... we love you, Rip, Chelsea

I just realized after all of children Chelsea had, she has no grandchildren and even if they do, Chelsea wont meet them...

It cracked me up that you quickly replaced the BBQ in the middle of Chelsea’s tragic death scene.

for the next kids you should call a girl Chelsea jr a girl hermine from Harry potter or a boy Harry or you know just call a girl Holly haha

RIP Chelsea....why did she feel like a real person?

am i literally the only one who sits their every Sunday waiting for this video to upload

Plz it would mean so much if you did this. Plz but the name Autumn

For twin girls- Sofi and Saira (s-i-ra) For twin Boys- Tyrone and Timothy I have weird names but I hope you like them

What time every week is the new episode released?

I knew the moment Kelsey chose for Chelsea not to move in with Craig right after the wedding was a bad decision. RIP Chelsea you did so well.

I had a feeling that Craig should have moved in. Damn this! Chelsea had a great life and at least she was able to marry Craig. Damn all the kids just got over their fathers' death. This is just so shocking! I know that like life when one life ends, another begins. Her daughter will continue the legacy.

Kelsey: "Let's just see the wedding dress that we're all gonna cry to" Also Kelsey: *picks a normal, plain, short dress, with no shoes for the wedding of the century* Me:

Chelsea can come back as a ghost

Maybe if i crack a joke you’ll see the names

you should name a child Josephine or matilda for a girl and Jensen or Anderson for a boy

I wish we could see mermaids eventually through the series :3

I really miss her flirty out of control with guys

Make Kasey blond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you didn't cry when Chelsea died you are cold! (Sigh). #Gardensaladgang Girls: Tatum, CHELSEA, Clary, Jocelyn, Maryse,Maia. Boys:Reid, Alec,Scott,Jace,Liam, Derek,Carter, Caden, Blake

If you have a girl, would you consider Danvy (pronounced Dan-Vee) because that’s my name and I don’t know anyone who shares my name. If it’s a boy, how about Landon from A Walk to Remember. Or if it’s twins, London and Paris! Lol RIP Chelsea!

Name a baby Xena when you get there

Can I have a list of all the children and their names? Please and thank you

Im just so sad she didn’t get to move in with Craig, but she had a very happy last day and died happy


girl: sydney or lilah Boy : jake

I dont understand why you moved out the adults before she is old enough to be the matriarch? I kept all my adults in to help speed up the kids skills, clean, and also just to make money, and then I still kept them around, as many as I could when she did start having babies because it was easier to have more adults help, and also kept the house full enough so I only had one at a time (which is really preferable when you are trying to make sure you have space and always have someone ready to move out, so keeping a few young adults around was helpful)

I am a grown woman and I got teary eyed during a 100 baby challenge playthrough lmao RIP CHELSEA. And kudos to Kelsey for bringing the sims in this series to life so much, that we know we'll miss them when they die lol

1:17 never

Daaaaaang she lived 6 months! Also, R.I.P Chelsea. You will be dearly missed. And Kelsey, thank you for bringing this let's play to life and giving a video game character so much meaning and personality.

My dog is dying of cancer. :( Can you name one of your children HARLEY in honor of my pup?

Friendly Information For Kelsey: Mermaid "clans" are formally called pods. (:

Everything went so perfectly. Goodbye Chelsea! *cries*

me I have

I hope Chelsea's ghost will pop around every now and then for the rest of the series, maybe upgrading all the objects to unbreakable might be required...

(saw this idea on previous vids and think it’s funny :D) - name twin boys Gardener and Dalas as a tribute to Chelsea’s favorite dish!!

Name a girl kiarah [key ar uh]

I have nice names it's Savannah and Colby

Kasey should have her own house where all her kids get there own bedroom and lots of turquoise furniture

Kelsey: We can move Chelsea out with him later Me: *looks at time left in the episode* Oh no... Kelsey no... Kelsey: Chelsea didn't die! Haha! Chelsea didn't die! Me: Noooooo....

i've not been here since episode one i don't care to as i only came here to comment why tf do you title this let's play with Single Girl on every episode like why does that actually matter? what's its purpose? it pisses me off

Man, that was rough. I mean at least Kasey was aged up and Chelsea got to Marry Craig!

O crabberooni. I'm sowwy but Boi:Corbin Gurl:Ares(Air-eez)

R.I.P Chelsea you will be missed ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hey baby name should be Kelsey

A baby name should be Preston

A baby name should be Tiana

Boy names Christmas and four for July girl names Valentimes and Luna

Your speech at the end broke my heart

Im crying

R.I.P Chelsea

Hey baby name should be Taylar if it is a girl Charles if a boy

Ngl scrolling through the comments I was hoping the funeral was Craig and not Chelsea

I actually cried... Rest in peace Chelsea

Hey! FUN tip: you can listen to the earbuds music and your fun will go up. you can listen to any music and do among other things.

I’d totally keep watching, but all the screaming gets on my nerves. And if anyone wants to attack me just cause of this comment, don’t bother. Just leaving the comment here in the case the channel wants to know . (You know, cause that is usually how YouTube works)

You guys, I am playing the challenge and have had NINE BOYS in a row!! I do have two daughters but they’re already young adults out there aging in the world


How about Amaia for a girl (because we all know you love all your kids) or Kellan for a boy (after his grandma)? =)

I’ve been here from the beginning but I didn’t feel that sad about Chelsea death....I’m starting to question if I have a soul..


I sobbed

Sayonara Chelsea

Aurora or Dawn for a girl Xander or Chayne (pronounced cane) for a boy :-)

10:04. 32:57

Can you please name Kaseys baby's these special names I love Girls:Santana, Mercedes, Brittany and Kitty Boys:Finn, Noah, Jake, Puk Gender Neutral: Lacy, Sam, Alex And of you can, can you make Kaseys baby girl name be Terriann which is my name

Holy glee


Or Mary, Edith or Sibil if girls (Downton Abbey) Tommy, Chuck, Phill or Stu if boys from Rugrats

I need some help So I play sims 4 And I need a way to make money But I play on a PS4 so I cant use those cheats for PC any suggestions? Because I'm going broke

Lol u put Shawn Mendes I love the Senorita video

Hi from South Africa Galataya if a girl Mitchel if a boy

Would you name the next girl Melody? I've been in love with that name since seeing The Little Mermaid 2.

pls name the next episode "single girl is survived by her 32 children"

I totally got teary when she died! :(

Oh no! Chelsea!! RIP Chelsea. You were amazing. :'( On another note, please leave Kasey a brunette! I can't wait to see what she gets up to!

You forgot to mention that Chelsea DIES!!!!! AND I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THAT


Rapunzel or chole for a girl and Brodey bro-de for a boy

Can one of your baby named Madelen

There is a poetic beauty to Chelsea’s passing. It wasn’t the stress of the fire that caused Chelsea’s death, it was seeing Kacy extinguish it. Chelsea watched the new matriarch handling an emergency all on her own. Kacy is ready and so Chelsea can rest.

Baby names- Girl - Aliya or Ava Boy - Aaron or Jake I love you and this series*

Can you name a baby Twins Bailey and Kaylee

Teens can alsow get pregnent #not qicward

RIP Chelsea you will always be remembered and loved.....we will miss you

omgggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think im about to cry

I had missed a few weeks, and I had to stop after this episode cause I really started crying. I closed my computer for the rest of the night. lmao Truly heart broken. I hope you saved a picture from Chelsea's wedding, maybe you can hang that up in the house so her grandkids can see her?

Girl: jersey Boy:Wally

Rip Chelsea....


32:32 Chelsea's last breath. OMG I CAN'T.

Chelsea dies Kelsey to grim reaper: f u dude meanwhile im sobbing

that was so sad. RIP Chelsea

yess shawn mendes we stan that perfect human being

This episode is so sad! I can't even.. R.I.P Chelsea, you will be missed And for the baby name Suggestions Girl : Skyla Boy : Skyler

why am i so emotional

Okay. But her moment with telling Kasey to tell Grim to F off. Is fucking great.


Is it bad I’m crying over a sim!

I think there’s a glitch with the beach weddings. I tried twice to get family members to show up to one and it wouldn’t work either time. I even tried to invite them to hang out at the lot during the wedding and it would say they were coming, but they never did.

Girl names : Cecilia, Melinda, Agatha Boy names: Thomas, Stewart Neutral names: Conley, Robyn, Morgan

I don’t understand why Craig couldn’t move in, how sad.

kelsey:and chelshey is not dead! maxis:sike but for real tho it is realy sad

You need to make an island living spin-off of Chelsea and Craig living out retirement together!

i'm so impressed that Olive is still around (and that none of the other kids have died yet)... i'm doing the challenge also, and my sim JUST turned an elder and she lost 5 kids to old age prior to that. not sure if my life span is set differently?

Did anyone else see kasey cuss at the beginning

I like how corney her titles are, just the little things that make me happy. That is the ONLY reason why I’m Watching these episodes and have the playlists saved. Love ur content. Ur corney but funnier than my dad. You deserve every like and view you receive. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ur content. Some days I go on YouTube searching for your episodes and get mad that you haven’t made a 100 baby challenge. Supper sad about Chelsea’s death and putting your personal touch to the sim’s life. You made me immerse in your play style. I’ve never thought i would cry over the death

*Name Ideas:*

I’m sooooo sad!!!! Omg I cried

I cried...


You will be missed Chelsea

Have crege move in so when Crege dies you can put his earn next hers and they can be together even in death

33:12 that look was the best.


Augh noooooo please skill build as a teen :(

Do you know what is cuter then getting married the day before love day getting married on love day

That was so sad

Am I the only one who laughed so hard after she said F you to the Grim Reaper after he killed Chelsea?

is it knight night lksjfl

i feel like she was more sad about craig

I legit cried when Chelsea died... I don't cry often and this is the one series I've watched most and when she died I just broke. I'm still upset about it but I'm not telling anyone because they just wouldn't understand...

I can't believe Chelsea died

i actually cried so much:( i wanted to you name one of the babies emma, i commented that on ur every single video since ep 1. and she’s dead?!?! F YOU GRIM

It looks like Chelsea had a major heart attack bcoz of that dang fire, that's why she died

Pause at 3:01. Holy cow. They really did a good job of making Chelsea look like Kelsey.

Noooo!!!!!! I knew she should have said yes move in with Craig!!!

she wore this outfit in part 1.... it's been a journey

RIP Chelsea. ❤

14:42 Chelsea says my name!

I love Shawn Mendes

Sense the beginning look how much the family grew and Chelsea R.i.p. Chelsea. Who’s been here sense the beginning Edit: We will all miss you Chelsea.

i love this

baby names: Cameron (in honor of cameron boyce) Olivia Nick

This is so sad for me because I recently moved and this was the only thing that got all the pressure off of me of school leaving family Chelse had a great life and we all are going to miss her

Craig is a pencil Chelsea is a highlighter Craig drew the world Chelsea made it brighter

Am I the only one that cried

32:52....She clicked the wrong button, 1 like= 1 more day Chelsea should have lived

Omg no way that caught me off guard! No! Poor craig!

RIP Chelsea

Chelsea has had many goes. She woohooed many men even a woman! She had 32 kids and she is real trooper. Rest in peace Chelsea

Her death is on you cause you didn’t move her right after the wedding

when you almost cry when SOMEONE ELSES SIM dies,,,,

Ava for a girl please please please please please please please

Names after teagan: Simone, Simon, Edward, Abbey

FINALLY ADDED ISLAND LIVING! Yesss love this series!

No I've been here since day 1

What a sad episode. It was fun at the beginning but then Chelsea died

I hope I’m not the only who was happy she got to get married and got to be so happy in the day before her passing. BEEN HERE SINCE DAY ONE AND IM CRYING

I am crying like a real person died (not that Chelsea isn't real but you know what I mean)

There’s a gourmet meal you can cook that can bring people back to life and it isn’t a cheat!!!

I have been here sence the beginning and this is so sad rip Kelsey

Chelsey dies* My phone- 1 % shuting down

Next baby: Paige!! I’d love that!!

Leave Kasey as a brunette also who watched this wedding all the way through but not the Royal wedding

Omg why did I laugh when Chelsea died I think it was a reaction... I literally cried right after ;(

Who else had tears in their eyes

Damn I've watching since day one did i shed a fucking tear Wow

*enough to make a grown man cry*

I feel like I’m watching an episode of greys anatomy tbh

I was totally shocked...but at least she didn't die at the wedding

who wears glasses to bed, that can ruin the glasses

Can you change her hair and make it long

I have been here since Chelsea has been a human we miss and love her

I was crying when Chelsea passed. I was so upset for Kelsey when she nearly cried.

Kelsey killed Chelsea by not immediately moving her in with Craig. Chelsea had a heart attack during the fire.

When I did this challenge, my old matriarch died LITERALLY THE DAY AFTER my new Matriarch aged up to YA.

The end of an era!

What if Olive died?...


Omg Kasey's tshirt! Kasey? More like Tabitha

Oh my god

I'm literally in tears

How much is this game?

I literally started crying this episode


Baby names! Girl: Leila, Lauren or Keira Boy: Lawrence, Daniel or Nathaniel Love the series!!!

Who ele dropped a tear

I literally just started crying when Chealsy died.... rest in peace omg I miss her already

Put baby name scarlett or tommy

Full body goosebumps @ 8:04! I'm heartbroken! Too soon!

Rest In Peace Chelsea you will always be remembered!!

Is so sad you make me cry

R.I.P Chelsea. I remember day 1 when she had Olive. Now she's dead.

Why did I actually cry theres something wrong with me

Can you pls pick names or baby’s Levi lainy April or joey or gabby or Gabriela Like it

How ironic that Chelsea died on love day of all days. This is so sad I'm gonna miss her I've been here since episode one aired and she didn't know what to do. She lived a good life. Rest in peace

Girl:May Becky Boy:Even conner Peter

One of the Taylor's (I think it's Taylor with an "O") is wearing the same pajamas Olive wore as a child.

Do you want to build a sandman come on let’s go and play

You should use Siri anyway

Kelsey: “Don’t be sad..” :( Me: crying for fictional game character

Is it knight night?

I never thought I'd feel for a sim like that but it hit me in the heart strings

I am about to tear up right now because of how it is Chelsea’s FINAL DAYSSSS!!!! T~T We’ve gone through a lot Chelsea!!!!

“Yeah F you Grim”

i acc started crying omg Chelsea nooo

Kelsy could you add a Pet from Pet stuff into the household? like one of the rodents, they do cool stuff and I would like to see it

Name a baby Rylie

Why do you sleep with glasses on??

Kelsey's stages of grief: Screaming Crying Anger Sass 1.5 seconds of acceptance Crying

is anyone else crying or just me?

Can you please name your next girl Alaya or DANICA!


Who’s upset? Probably everybody lol

Also, name the next child Harry. For both a boy or a girl

Kacy lowkey looks like Harry Potter with her messy hair and glasses

Kacey gives me Halsey vibes


All the moved out children should get keys to the house. I know it was mentioned a few episodes again, but I still think it's a good idea.

May Chelsea rest in our hearts..

Been here since ep 1!!! Why do I get attached to a sim??

Omgggg i actually cried when Chelsea died and then continued to cry whilst periodically eating cake... #TrueStories Side note..... BABY NAME SUGGESTION.... SHAY (for a boy or a girl)

Definitely cried cuz Chelsea died. What an awful episode. It was perfect though..

rip Chelsey

Cant you resurrect on the sims 4? Let’s bring Chelsea back if possible!!

1216Aj | Yes, you can. If your sim gets to maximum level in Gourmet Cooking and Homestyle Cooking, and they get the required ingredients, they can cook Ambrosia, which resurrects your deceased sim. However, I don’t think you can do so for the 100-Baby Challenge, thanks to the variety of complex rules.

"yUs QuEeN"

I actually am worried if Kelsey is gonna cry when Chelsea died... rip Chelsea

Oh my god :( Chelsea i'll miss u so much

1 like = 1 pray for Chelsea

I was minutes away to the end of this video and reminded myself that there's "funeral" in the title so I totally expected it but yet so sad

I literally cried I can't

Love this series


BEST EPISODE EVERRRRRRRRRR!(but may Chelsea RIP) Kelsey got overwhelmed but I loved it!

Me watching this episode: When will Chelsea die When will Chelsea die When will Chelsea die When will Chelsea die

I made the mistake of reading the comments. I literally thought that the funeral was going to be for old Craig... I don't want to watch the rest of these! :(

#RestInParadiseChelsey I legit got teary-eyed!

Chelsea was one of my lovey now she gone

I was waiting for you to move her out cause she only had one day left and then you said I'll wait and I was like noooooo

Nooooooooooooooooo! I loved her

Why did I cry when I watched this? How did I get so attached ?!?!?

Fell asleep halfway through this video, next morning said fk it probably nth happened. Que ep. 29 - "Chelsea is dead"... WHAT

I’m so sad... But I just realised I’m crying over a robot, so...

Is that random trait generator a mod? Or is it new in the game?

Baby names: Girl: Linnéa (Linnea) Because it my name and if you google it you'll see a beautiful Swedish flower! Boy: Navrin (Because it's so beautiful!)

Actually feeling a little emotional. Been here from the beginning, it's the end of an era

When I read 7:55 I got chills down my spine

Name one of your children Tenley cause I know no one else with my name

Rip we will never forget you

when you move on, you should name a baby girl gwen and a baby boy peter

when kasey was flirting she did the same arm move that chelesa did when she was flirting

Opens up video Reads description: "I was not ready." I'm scared now Edit: AHHH NO CHELSEA

I love you Chelsea!!!!!

Kelsey: "Make Shawn Mendes and put him in the gallery" Me: "Done." You can find him under ZeldaSavage's uploads with the hashtag :)

I was not prepared to be so sad omg :( been around since episode 1!!! RIP Chelsey! You were just a sim but dang I'm sad.

I didn’t think I was gonna cry but we got attached to her yellow chair loving, garden salad making, single, baby machine gonna miss you girly.

Anyone else actually cry when she died????

anyone else hear the beat to "What Makes You Beautiful" by 1D at 20:08? I miss them :( and their 9 year anniversary is tomorrow. I'm okay.

Don’t make her a blonde!!!

Man I cried hard like damn

I fell off for a little because I’ve been busy but nooooooooooo ; Love day will never be the same

if u ever do the 100 baby challenge again and u get twice name them Mallow and Kiewa ok

That made me genuinely sad omg, we'll miss you Chelsea!

Our sweet momma chelsea ♡ we all love u

I’ve been here since 1

Am I the only one who cried when Chelsea died...just me?

Top 10 saddest anime deaths

This made me so happy, and then so sad..

I noticed 2 seconds ago OLIVE WAS AT UR HOUSE

im not crying your crying

i need therapy now lol

does craig know she died? they never lived together

wow this is depressing chelsea NOOOOO and grim wtf is wrong with you how dare you

Can we get an alternative spin off of Chelsea and Craig living with their doggos????

i love how olive is always over and no one knows LOL

i don't want to say goodbye to Nova

Hi Kelsey, I have some names for you. For girls, Hope, Haley, Rebekah, Antoinette, Keelin, Carina, Davina, Elena, Esme, Rosalise, Bella, Emma, Bonnie, Caroline, Josefina, Elizabeth, Serafina, Lily, Caitlin, and Alice. For boys, Emmett, Jasper, Edward, Niklaus, Cole, Elijah, Alaric, Vincent, Stefan, Damon, Jeremy, Jayden, Joshua, Aiden, Carlos, Kendall, Logan, James, Jacob, and Drake. Hope you like them. P.S. sorry for giving you a lot of names

Add chelsey to your family and then love her and Kreg into the house

Shawn Mendes hahahahahaha. Then suddenly there's a Camila in town who'll turn Kacey's arch enemy

‘When do the kids come home?’ LOL

I'M SO SAD. R.I.P. Chelsea. Her legacy will live on.

this is cancer

“all of my children’s parents died all at once”

Make Kasey a famous youtuber

I wasn't ready for this! RIP Chelsea :'( WAIT!!! What about CRAIG?!

so long Chelsea. rest in peace.

Why does Kelsey wear glasses to bed?

Who has been here since ep 1? | | \/

So Kelsea wants to write a happy book and makes it a mermaid Romeo and Juliet?

My new aspiring goal Is to make Shawn Mendez for the sims four for kacy

Oh my god! Im gonna miss chelsea!

There are knights in the game, what expansion pack is that? I need that for my game, I'm getting ready to move my sims into a castle

Kelsey, grow a new cow plant. Lure random Sims to eat the cake from the cow plant by staving it. When they eat the cake twice it will kill them. Then have your matriarch milk the cow plant and drink the milk, it will extend the Sims life.

How did Chelsea die before Craig?

If you have a girl can you name her after me Ky or Kyra thank you (if you do) love you sm

Been here since the beginning and I am sobbing

We will always love Chelsa

Why did I cry

Kelsey: ok so grades are up! Tayler is a b and Taylor is not a b... Lol

I almost started to cry

R. I. P

can u please name a baby girl Aliana or Hallow and a baby boy Adrian, clay or clayton

Why am I crying over the death of a fictional sim

i feel like Brielle is the forgotten child

When Kelsey forgets that Sirius is a vegetarian and not only makes him a hamburger birthday cake but feeds him hotdogs later...

RIP CHELSEA IMPICHISHSMAY mother of a bunch of kids

Can you name one of the babies Brian or Niko or both for twins Or for girls you can do Brianna and Nichole

Who else is all for the idea of Shawn Mendez

Girl names- Sawyer,Isabel,Miranda Boy names- Andrew,Simon,Dustin

It doesn't help that Chelsea died on my birthday

Why did I have an emotional reaction to this?

That freaking fire just gave Chelsea a heart attack!!! I'm drop dead crying...

It breaks my heart to see a that the great queen passed away.

Kelsey is genuinely trying not to cry and that makes me so sad. Love you Chelsea and Kelsey xx

What if... Chelsea becomes a ghost and visits them at night!

I have been here since ep1 and Chelsey will be missed...(also like did you actually tear up? no shame tho)

She says don't be sad but I'm over here about to cry :(

I'm actually so sad wtf

Kelsea: Awww everybody is sad! Me: Yea someone died in thier family... Kelsea: Everybody grab a hot dog. Me: why, just why


*sniff, wipes tears * p-put a-a g-garden s-salad next to her g-grave! Waaaaaaaa


Name a boy Chester, and he should love music.

Poor Chelsea

17:04 -17:12 hahahahah literally


Since you tend to download boys from the gallery why cant you just set the lifespans to long ?

I am so sad I remember her senses episode 1


What a weird day to be named Chelsie.

is it knight night!! lol

Am I the only one who cried?(still crying btw

I'm sad :'( We've invested 7 months tuning in to Chelsea's life. Gonna miss that woohooman :'(

omg I'm crying....ima go watch the old episodes and SOB

Just a quick prayer for Chelsea, You started at a 1 bedroom house to a mansion You made yourself known for the silliest things like being the single mom who has 32 CHILDREN , seducing a BUNCH OF PEOPLE , making money only off of writing books , make more garden salads then your CHILDREN, We hope you could have lived longer, Rest in peace, Chelsea impiccishmay

ok, still really sad about chelsea’s death, but did anyone else think that in the intro kelsey looks exactly like young chelsea? cuz


If it is a girl call it Snow White and if it is a boy call it Nigel


But has she left a worthy heir? One up to the challenge? Let's find out as the saga continues. At least Craig should visit the tomb.

i can't believe kasey killed her mom by giving her a heart attack smh my head

Been here since day one and that hit me hard

I dont even remember how Chelsey looked like when she was young girl

I'm so sad

13:07 Who wore it better? Chelsea, Kasey, or the couch?

Kelsey why not invite Maria? We loved her!

Why am I crying over the death of a Sim? Damn it! At least Chelsea got married in the end.

Bro when she was celebrating that Chelsea didn’t die I knew at that moment she jinxed herself, and after seeing those warnings twice

You should like be with the grim reaper and then when you think it’s time tell him to bring back Chelsea from the dead. But you always know that she is with you as a ghost R.I.P Chelsea

Why Are You Still Single??!

Kelsey’s attitude switch towards Grim once Chelsea was gone is what I live for

She never moved in with Craig :(((((

Chelsey’s Secret Last Book: *A Dream Daddy* - Has been with many, but only loved one

tat wos so sad I wes she do not die

I'm sorry but I just HAD to go back to part 1

Ok but honestly, olive shoulda been the new matriarch


Noooooo chealseeeee we are gonna miss her so much and she did want it to be that way

I love watching YouTube videos but please stop

Going to go make a joint


Almost crying omg.then f u dude.

Its embarrassing that I cried


I have been here since do 1

Chelsea went into the living room and changed into her red dress before going out to die.


Did u not notice if tv was broken?

Rip Chelsea.. we will miss you queen bee

i LOVE how this series has no ads. I am so happy that Kelsey and Buzzfeed have made this series. I love this so much.

The household has never been so empty

Pause Kelsey's face at 4:20 XD

Thats so sad

RIP Chelsie ☹️

Omggg this was soooo sadddd

God! Death is such a dutch!

i didn’t read the title so i only thought it was a wedding, *i was wrong*

Since Episode one


omg why did i want to cry ive been here since episode one :c

Chelsea probably had a heart attack because of the fire.

Remember the old house

Who remembers when Olive was a toddler

The past three eps I have cried like every 5 minets!

She had flip flops in her wedding

I cried real tears I know that she is just a sim but im so sad you should call one of her grand kids Chelsea jr wait how is Craig doing :o :(

why is this episode just the plot of Forest Gump though? I mean finally marrying the person you love and then dying too soon

Been here since episode 1, watched her live an amazing life, and now I have to say goodbye to this amazing woman RIP Chelsea 2018-2019

Name one chealse after her

Chelsea got married in such an ugly dress

Who has been here since ep 1 and got emotional

I didn’t come here to feel...

I’m so sad .

I will really miss you Chelsey . you were so nise to your kids and very pritty and beautiful . congratulations Chelsey

I just keep thinking that Theo looks like Shane Dawson.

Name a baby Kaidan or Ashley!

I'm honestly crying from a series about from the Sims. These pregnancy hormones

*Wispers* Omg FU death!

if you just bake a cake you can age your sims up earlier

29:46 Kelsey's faces are EVERYTHING hahah!

Me I miss her so much

"Let's just check the street"

Am I seriously sitting here crying over a sim? Yes, yes I am

boy emerik girl maude

Should kasey really be being rude to someone who can take her life in the snap of a finger

Rest In Peace

Casey can have a YouTube family lol it would be so cute, like so Kelsey can see it hurry

But isn't Craig Olive's dad

I actually cried...

Can you name one of the kids Clara after me? Also love the name Eleanor and Kenley. For boys Ridge and Jack and Pete


I'm actually still so sad

I knew this was coming, but when she said "this is such a huge episode" half way through, It really set in...... Been here since epi one, I wasn't ready

I love this episode, but it was so sad at the same time

Kacey with her short hair doing her homework kinda looks like Kelsey from high school musical

Please name one of the babes Evelia (pronounced Eve-e-lia). My 7yo daughter and I both love watching the challenge!

Wait do you actually wear glasses to bed? How?

I'm on my period, my own mother has recently passed....I was not mentally prepared for this episode. Excuse me while I go drown in my own tears

Who else thinks Grim got jelly that Chelsea got married to another man?

Olive Brielle Jamie Alexis Miles & Renee Charlie Hazel Eric Niya & Natalie Rosé & River Flynn & Cooper Addi Ellie & Dorian Theo & Tristan Willow & Ginny Bran Jon & Aria Nova & Freya Sirius & Stacey Tegan (Kasey) Taylor & Tayler

Kasey low key has the same hair cut as me and I'm living for it!

im shookethh

Ok I would watch a modern animated version of Romeo and Juliet with mermaids. Anyone else want this?


You should flirt with death

This episode was an emotional rollercoaster

I like how when enything bad happens she takes it amazingly and doesn't cuss #goals

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