Single Girl Gets A Family Home Makeover In The Sims 4

Single Girl Gets A Family Home Makeover In The Sims 4

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Hey everybody I'm Kelsey, I'm single, and today, I'm also, not. Alone I. Saw. Some trash, talk, in the, comments about my. Taste in homes and, home, decor let me just tell you I was trying to do it on the cheap though you know I'm saying I'm like that college, kid that just moved out of college or just moved into college and you're like bare-minimum, minimalism. That's my theme you know but, now we, ran into a little bit of money so I brought in a friend here, why don't you introduce yourself, I'm Ashley, I do, a, show called space, lift and I make over people's homes I'm gonna bring one strangers, digital, style to life by giving their space a makeover based, on their social media accounts. Today. We're gonna make over Kelsey's, Sims, home, Chelsea's, chose Chelsea sorry alright we're different people. But behind Lena hey I'm watching are the same person, in the end whereas me and Chelsea at Chelsea's you know a woman, that wants a hundred children I'm a woman that is single okay, yeah, great great, but you know best of both worlds still put the best of all yeah exactly. All. Together yeah, I. Just. Want to be straight, up I have not actually played The Sims myself. Which I feel like is an important note um but. I needed to venture into this world and already just looking at this I think, I need to start playing so okay let's get it yeah all right so which room do you want to stir it in is this a boy yes oh daddy, or. Known. Friends, I do. Not have out of dedication. And loyalty by, honestly, they're, worth like $200, each so we could always sell them if we were running low I see what he started this weren't door and then work our way through that door, this, is what wow that guard is like from, the front oh I, didn't build the outside, by the way I did it from. A really great simmer that put a lot of work into making something, very beautiful, and then, I went in and took. Out all of the stuff and sold, it for money, and then put cheap stuff. But, that's because, she couldn't afford it but now we can I, have a little bit of different style this person has a much, more like adult style and I have a much more pop of color fun, time style. Yeah so but I think we can choose like, a color you. Know just. Not all the colors I. Think. It looks cute and I think it looks I like. The yellow chairs I heard about the controversy with the yellow chairs but it's called my yellow chairs ugly, I thought they were cute they were my room my actual chairs of my real home I almost wished the, walls were it didn't exist I think it looks so much better when you can't see the walls I just wished on an open floor plan you know oh you wanna. Sleep. All this it'd wake each other up but. You do have a little bit the kitchen goes into there yeah I think we start with the living room very plain right now we need to keep these but I'll just put them in our inventory for, now okay, that couch almost looks like how do furniture, buddy I don't think it is but it could be oh also what's the budget we're working so our budget is a thousand, dollars I'm. A hoping hard to keep a thousand, dollars to Chelsea for you know incidentals. And. Beauty. Of it so we can sell these things and, then, replace. Them cool, with, better things I already know that this is what I'm doing even after I leave here today I. Love. This okay so, these are all the couch options here they did I get more and more expensive who are some style inspirations, for you or. For Kate Spade the. Interior, of the store Oh done. But. I don't know if that's Chelsea. I think Chelsea's, a little more less a little less like New York as a, little, more chill, but, like a chill version of that understated, Kate Spade yes okay okay so these are all our couch options, and they all come in different colors, too so there's like swatches, so if you like say if you're like oh that one's speaking, to me then, we can go in and be like oh pop. Of color Oh put, your pout pal okay. But. We also have a large family so we want to get a big, couch like, a sectional, would be better that's, not really a sectional, though that's like more of for dining yeah that looks like a restaurant but they also get expensive. And wheat and we're doing the whole hosta yeah, we are, we're doing the whole house all right we got it I can't come out of the gate too hot which is what, I always do. But. If we want to upgrade the TV oh yeah I think that TV is this, bad chief I like how it's called that could use more pillows.

Babies, A great couch I love this sense of humor of the people that make the game The Sims this one's a little community. Couch. I've. Not looked at all of it oh I. Got. Look all the way go through your outfits just watches, it really would, this one's cute if you're looking for a home, that looks more like a dining, room this, was cute if you're a vampire. You're. A vampire you. Could do a filter, on your pack, or, a style, French, country, has its own French Country, under. Contro I don't know if that's it but ha ha, ha like. I disagree Zim goodbye, the Gothic, farmhouse, what is that. Really. Yeah, I think it's like gothic like architecture, oh I. I'm, with you I was thinking hot topic but. What. About that log I'm just curious can I do law you just want to look at a log yeah oh wow that's like, everywhere. I go to watch your TV almost like this could be cool too this one and then like do that in the corner or something I don't know how beloved, sea puppy. Let's see it is it for dog oh wait, that would be a really great name for like a dog bed company puppy, let's see oh. That's. Cute cool also they have pillows of a, cat. Dog it. Is now and maybe in a week on would color upgrade, the white makes me sad fun color, I'm, really into like forest, green lately of like oh but you can't put throw pillows no. No. No. White with green accent, I like the all green I say a full, green and then but like different color. Ok so what color paint would you do at the full green couch give you the accent, wall. Yeah. How, would you feel about blue um yeah, I think you can work with that alright so we're a builder on the blue match, the wall to the couch see I don't know where the Kate Spade part comes in oh right we. Have. To parting because I'm letting people they. Decisions, for me I didn't just pull that out of my behind, that's, why we had that couch because it looked like aids babe, do we have time for like a 10, hour live shame because that's how long I was gonna take an amazing decision what, about it tan what, about smoking on here well, this is $4 so what I'm gonna go up in there but, yeah. Absolutely not. Me there's a tent over here. Okay. Can you put artem everything, cost money though my friend. Where. Did the money go where do we spend it on we spent on upgrading this couch this couch was expensive. It. Was looking at the price tag okay. Okay. Come, on that space looks bigger, it looks pretty definitely, bigger and brighter with the light wall see I was going for like whites and pops of color originally. And this, is more like an adult would pick this color you said what makes you sad try, the white maybe and then we do fun color on the wall yeah. White couches I would never have one in real life but. They make me so excited and fake life because you can't ruin them if you slipcover. A couch and white it's actually the easiest clean because you can just bleach the slipcovers, a little tidbit yeah whoa Wow. Wow look covers are not in the budget today Oh. Further. Yeah. You. Could even change the. Grain to, you could change you can make it this but they get a different Oh is there not a different color to that there's, a different order this something we're gonna sleep again this is gonna be my favorite thing ever oh I, like these yeah. That's nice these are my favorite, a bigger panel uh-huh classy. I that TV, sounds gotta go it's gotta go yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We just gave $400. Do, you get the exactly no way you get the paste value but you paid for it can you just trade stuff in here which the thrift scene like in move this, looks like a nice TV can you mount it to the wall yeah Oh. Five. Thousand, dollars though we can delete it oh. It's. Cheaper there's, a cheat to size, it up oh wait you know what I was just pressing the wrong button there it is. Coffee. Places that have like you can get a smaller. I. Think, that's right this is great it can't be mounted no, this one can't be okay so we got to get a cute TV stay under there yeah mid-century. Modern, up in here I think that looks great yeah. Yeah. I feel like you need some plants, or something some art yeah we can go into the decra. They. Took decorative. We don't need anything. What brings you joy. Wow. There are some art pieces. Mm-hmm. That's. Like hotel lobby, I think, oh it's cool yeah. Wow this is dangerous this is like Amazon Prime and you can just do the one-click shopping like, one second you, bought it you got to put it on a wall that's gonna be up cuz. Otherwise you won't even see it oh great, so in the walls are like this you're gonna see big these walls I let her get above the TV you liked it okay I don't know you tell me oh yeah. We could put like a, plant. It's, a lot of plant don't. Buy things that aren't necessary, so this is why but. This is why I brought you in because I don't like things that are no. Clutter. I like that I, think it make I think it makes it look like a home oh the.

Time Think I look like I hope you can also do like a little rugs you can pick something small like this is a bath rug but. Then you can size her up you're. Like oh it's not a bad drug anymore, it's cheap wait, that's great you. Do like a blue one I like. What. Kelsey's, helping, yes there to get her okay. That I don't even remember what it looks like before that looks great a loveseat, here and a loveseat there or even like Ottomans, or something some, kind of chair, yeah, oh I like it angled like that I like will spend all the money absolutely. I, always come in too hot to make over it and need to real myself back in yellow, chair and. That's the Gila yellow in the high I think, yellows the. Way. To. Move on to the kitchen let's get. Rid of refresh that, fridge. I love, the little like this, little icebox, boy but it's too expensive also, it looks like you like churn your own butter oh that one her own butter hey that's cute it's, expensive. But I kind of love it I kind. Of like that yeah oh I love that we're, spending a lot of money here, okay. What, do you think do you like them matching or I don't really care, do, they match or not. Those. Can stay white yeah. I, could, be saving so much time and energy if I just serve a kogo-sama since I know, I'm. Busy lugging furniture of people's walk up to people's walk-up apartment or sarrish oh yeah, there's a shelf I would have literally, not one person living in my house because I wouldn't be able to afford to keep them alive and I would just be decorating, the whole time yeah. I like the point yeah, come, on I think that's cute love cute what. Would you want on top under jars I hear, what you say no let me see if there's anything that goes on there I can don't eat mice you. Know they're still gonna bring it into the bathroom sink, okay you know they're still gonna bring their dishes in the bathroom, sink so don't pretend like they're not gonna be using that stink they're gonna be used in that sink and they're still gonna try to clean up because I have good boys and girls they treated, to be responsible.

And Unfortunately, that means that they literally wash dollars. Down the drain it's, the worst. But. Yeah we can delete that thing okay, oh maybe, we should start with flooring, and then, go back with a joker, I have an adult I want hardwood, floors, oh it's. $160. To floor, at the same I'm, that friend who's like been bit by the bag by the shoes bag, also, I like that the yellow shirt chairs, continue, into there oh that, is kind of nice okay, you. Convinced. All. Right well keep it we, need a new sink now no. They, don't want to sink at all so we'll keep no sink wait. Really yeah because the, thing is that we have this fancy trash can and every, time you put the. Trash can you get like 80 bucks so, every time they try to bring it to the sink to wash it it goes away and you don't get that money here's the closing slide there you go that's what we need to look at clutter you want a little tea guys yeah, why, doesn't an angle this way it will it just as being a but don't, be rude. Work for. Me, you, going spiritus yeah yeah oh. Yeah. I don't want it if it doesn't do what I want a bowl of fruit oh. So. Cute. Why. Is nothing going on the shelf, okay these fit on the shelf but we can't pop free we can put pictures of fruit. Fruit. Photos, up, here, yo I don't. Like it I don't spend money on that that's. Silly, yeah those are the choice dang it they all go up there books, won't even go on the show oh well what flippin goes what's the point of this shelf if nothing will go on the shelf Oh that'll. Go lobby thing is because of yeah it's going up a jar will go up so far we got one item on the shelf maybe we should arts instead of shelf what do you think yeah. Dang, I really had a vision but you know. This. Is kind of keep. My. Chicken. Back smell like. The architecture, boy that blueprint, I think that looks cool that does, look cool, very. Nice very, very nice rug. In here too or no rug bugs in the kitchen I feel like are a little impractical but I don't know how about till it has to be it doesn't have to be practical at all this, is the Internet I, don't have a good rectangle. Look that's an ugly I. Don't know what that was I, brought, you here for your opinion. All. Right be my thing this. Is where I would put my sink if I had one should we just not yeah, I think a not okay. You're cheap girl is happy about that let's see if there's a longer table. You. Really have we've, got a long way from that plane Plain. Jane. Operation. We had going on before that's, not everyone, in the family cuz it's technically a family, of eight but, it is six so I feel like we can you know that's, better time, for the kids room kids around. I think, we start with the beds is. There something like some more in the same color. Family maybe, yeah like, maybe. Just I'm breathing like I'm bright blue. And then they get lighter what, there's a pet bed, how cute. Oh no they're all cats they're all cats, I think it's apparently, they can all sleep in these big kid beds. Yeah. It's a twin bed but sick oh I've never seen that yeah that's, kind of disgusting on this side that's like too like a little, red frame flips this way I mean I like the different colors you know you, can't need the space to claim. As their own so, true but. I guess, those benefits, are not in The Sims 4, fun. Fact I like this bed a lot okay, this button let's do it it's whoa. Eight hundred dollars a, kid a bed, no thank you no, no no no no no can't do it I don't give my kids things. I. Love, this one I don't, know who would sleep there who. That before but once that one's like if I were a kid, I would want that bad yeah. I'm, not loving dark colors yeah in, rooms all, these colors are so sad I think there's there's, this like a touch of hospital, to it you know yeah, I. Don't love these beds a stress, relief bed I need a stress relief bed oh that's. A good camping, bed I don't hate this yellow yeah. I think there's a lighter yellow there. Is a lighter yellow, maybe. With a different floor could be warmer and some art I don't mind the light blue I don't mind it either it's kind of cute yeah I think let's, put some fun Kate art on the wall you're, cuter. Sending. My bunny I just, got, it in a mood to spend it off no. No no the kids and teens kind of share it okay because I'm a good mom oh, oh, I love that.

And, There's one for each case Cosi, oh I. Love that I. Like. That perfect, oh that. Was good. That. Looks pretty cute I love that window, you into I said living room but I like being able to see into there, this is a living room window, wait there's different, what's a bedroom window yeah, I think that looks so like solid reasonable, well we got these dishes. Wait. Don't sell those dishes nevermind. I'm gonna keep them so I can put them in my trash, this. Is great. That's. A kid's room good, job. Now. We're going into, Chelsea's. Room and bath master, bath the master bath got a little bit of a cleaning situation, here but you know we, can't do anything with that but this the master bath it's like fine it's fine I feel that the renovations, are just really. Difficult flashy yellow in the bed. Necessary. Waste of money. Wow. How do I only have $3,000, I know what. Those are degrees, oh those are her baby okay yeah yeah those are her baby birth certificates. I thought they were like when you go in the doctor's office see, Helen they have their degrees on the wall it's like that. Baby. I think, the bed is the first place in certain if she's got no nightstand, his blankie, I'm not like the nicest to to Chelsea, I'm, mostly baby oriented. The woman you know I actually just got this bed new. And. So I kind of like this one, okay she's so fancy she got hardwood everywhere like. Look at this girl, look. At this girl, with her fancy for, she's, chassis, impeached, Rashmi, mother of, hundreds. Thank. You for coming to. Musical. Interlude. Oh. There's. A statement and. The statement is I like circles. Oh, you. Like that you like it. Is, this a moment I think it is do we like the color of the wall or should we do it, writing, up a little bit, wears like a pinky er one yeah yeah this one's like two pinky, maybe puts, a lamp instead weird you're like a fun chandelier. That's, against, s but we could do it well you know what it's master suite it's true it's for Chelsea, and we love her, she, works hard she because, she's, gone through eight birds, could, you just imagine I. Would go through - yeah. Maximum. This, is kind of cool yeah, I would like that and, it brightens up the bed nicely, yeah that, feels like you yeah, it does feel like me I think the three three and then the one on the top no I like that it's, a, crown. Jewel. It. Would be nice to have Chelsea have a drawer. Or like a dresser, in the room yeah, because she, you, know like so she can like change her outfit, that looks like a IKEA brim knees wardrobe, that's. What is that. Roared. Ropes that are big. Like. Six they can also likes it into the wall but, you can woohoo in that so. We like expanded. Her room and did the children through and gave her a whoo cause, it that. She, could have babies, in it we could make her room bigger, and then, put the baby room in here, and put her desk in her room and then give her a whoa I. Think the idea of her roommate me that baby does not need that much no, it doesn't, this baby I mean I rated itself that bear matches that wall that's true that bear does match that wall so, now we've got a Kelsie's master Chelsea, sorry.

Master. Suite, it's. Quite large and in charge and, we like her hey oh look at Chelsea's look at her go this. Is. A modern, woman, this is a command center she will command, from, on high in the baby factory, also. She's wearing my aesthetic, see we got we got the blue wall and the pink top and yeah, and I normally wear a lot of white so it's pretty much me in a room oh I, think we've hit our, stride here, oh we've done it. That. The chamber, is. This weird I feel like this maybe we should move our bed over one I like that you're like is it weird not the big chamber but the bed is a little of all. Wait but you have two doors, oh you're, right oh you write you write you write dou saving, money on the door it was hell I was like saving floor. Space oh yeah. Yeah. I'm. Money focused cuz I work really hard for that money and. You're here to spend my money I put in a wall oh that, way you can do like, this and it accepts, into the wall so it doesn't look as weird well. Art. Do you need when you are living in this oh you. Don't mean the art because your babies, are your art Oh though maybe we should have like a little like dancing, over there yeah or some kind of art oh that's the bar that would be you know that's like next gen of Chelsea's. Life is getting the bar in the house she's not quite there yet kids, are all moved out yeah, oh wait this is actual. Thing that is sold at Anthropologie Oh done, I. Like. That that's cute, I need something above the wall art yeah, the muse like babies, or something, kind. Of like I heart babies, and you should too my. Babies are my life I don't know what that is but I like it now, last room children's, room we're, pretty much done with that thank you guys toilet. Ducking. Behind Beckett. Come, on it's. A wall it's a wall but it looks really scary so maybe I'll swap so that the bed's easier, to in-game to, look. At we'll, put a little, right here yeah yeah, it any have some privacy, yeah, oh nice privacy, wall I accidentally. Put this over here by the bed because that's apparently something that needs to be done there's, like a little cork. Board, I love, you. And a cork board $400. Card where we're not during the course I. Refuse. We'll do a calendar, of pets on the wall horrible, with a dog on it. And we're still on budget we got thousand, dollars left we freakin get it high five. Let's go to give you a tour of our house all right so. You you, arrive at the impeach ishm a him, and.

They In Chelsea says welcome, come on in you're probably a dad because this is building people she invites your home or, your her whatever, children, get into, into the phooey, and you, see Oh put your shoes here take them off stay a while and then, you go into the, brand new flippin, dope living, room full, of Art, and Culture. A. Cozy. Couch awaits, you with some stick little chairs the fam can we'll have a movie night we, walk we walk in. Everything. Is the same color so, it all moves you, know one thing yellow chair in our yellow chairs, are still freakin there we got our cute new icebox, it's super cute we love anyway I like a new, stove we. Deleted a sink by, then. We go into the kids room kids, room they love the plum Bob they love a matching, headboard, they are but they also show a little bit individuality, with their best friend and we got like some yellow to keep them nice and happy we go in to the giant, new bedroom, we got a room for living on a baby in the room we can put the baby in the corner Oh a bassinet, yeah they say dump a baby in a corner we don't care we didn't do much to the ensuite to the bathrooms, because you know they're got a pretty dope I'm already but we got her, her bed her, rug she got her a little candle to write her romance, novel slash screenplays. She's, got double, double, duty over here so she gonna she gonna have. A little, mix it up with her baby makin time then we got our baby slash. Toddler. Room depending on who's using it and then the second bathroom over here we didn't do much to but I think it's a pretty good one and then in the back we have our army I think this is perfect it's, like it's exactly it's so cute it's all the things that we loved but like in a more cohesive adult, way which I think Chelsea, needed, a bit of a glow, up how do you feel about it I love. It I am just found, my new hobby. Addiction, etc, etc I. Even just watching you click I was like I want to do this thank, you so much for being here for, having me this was so fun really this is like been such a treat yeah, and then actually if they want to find you where can they find um, Instagram. The. Nifty YouTube channel and also I have my own channel so links, in the description, yeah thanks. Thank. You so much for coming onto our knockoff, HGTV. In the Sims and episode, a sim space slip assume. Space, lift I. Love. It and and. Also, slash Kelsey's, extreme. But not that extreme but actually extreme this time because we had money Home Makeover yeah, move that bus hmm yeah.

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she literally just watched you switch out like three thing but okay

I wanted to say something about your old house but i didnt want to offend you but the house now looks 1000% better

I can't believe people hated the yellow chairs, THEY'RE DOPE YOU JUST HAVE NO TASTE.

I think the next baby name should be for a boy- jake. Girl-maddie

So adorable lmao

Why are there only 7 birth certificates?

This house still is so icky looking..

*evil roar* WE'VE CONVERTED ONE!!!!

Get cheats it is called testingcheats true

Brasil ???

'Links in the description'? Uh, guys, I think you forgot something? There is a 'credits' link that includes things Ashley did for Buzzfeed, but... no links to her youtube channels or her instagram. Promote your guest better maybe? Seems like the polite thing to do...

You can tell Kelsey is a single player cos she didn't let Ashley do ANYTHING

I feel like Ashley didnt get much of a say in this haha

Wait, if cheats were allowed you guys could have done the money cheat or you could have gone straight to build mode so your money doesn't go to waste!

"It will, it's just being a butt"

Kelsey really reminds me of Betty Cooper!!

Why is Ashley there? Lol you didn’t let her do her work..maybe next time you should be blindfolded and be surprised on how much she can change it

The kids room got made more ugly.

Baby Names: Zali, Audrey/Aubrey

Girl baby name: Scarley Boy baby name: Elis

love it! next baby could be named luna or josh depending on gender! :)

I am eating bacon

I would sell 1 closet. Move the desk over to whichever closet you sold. Move the bed & rug over. Make a bigger bathroom! Hello!? Why does Chelsea need 2 Woohoo closets if she's the only 1 that's woohooing?

Only the living looked good. LOL

My favorite part of the sims, honestly, is decorating the house lol

Maybe you can put two chairs at the ends and that we'll be 8 person table

Can you please name one of the babies these names Boy: Luca or Lucas Boy twins: ben and liam but it is pronounced leeam Girl: Esme but the E at the end is pronounced an A Girl twins: Abby and demi

Two closets is ridiculous but that’s you I suppose

The glass doors are scaring me

I like u two!

the hell does being single have to do with anything

Kelsey you aren’t good at decorating, let the pro you brought in do her job girl!!

Why doesn’t she cheat money?

Can you load this house in gallery?

The closet was a bit too much lol

Are they allowing her to do sim cheats? Ctrl shift C the use motherlode she can get 50k

Does Kelsey remind you of Lilli Reinhart

Ugly boo

I loved your house before to though!! people were complaining?? really? You know what... You’ll never make everyone happy they’ll always people who don’t like whatever your doing but do what you like!!! Love you all!

This is literally the worst sim house I’ve seen

i wish you had brought someone in who knows how to play sims so that you could have had the raise objects cheat to really put the stuff on the shelf! LOL

that was a great collab!

Chelsea:"This is a statement the statement is i like circles" I died

If it is a girl can you name her Brooke lol i almost commented this challenge my self so hard

How did she change the size?

i loved it can one of the babys name be layah?

When you burn the hot pockets = Kelsey’s face 1:22

The audio is really horrible on this video.. it sounds so muffled.

When you have art, plants, and good decoration, it makes your Sims more happier. Some times paintings can have a mood aura set. Plants matter in the Sims too. ;____;

Can you name a baby girl Bianca

I sped up this vid to see the house being build lol ;)

It's really weird because my name is Kelsea and my sister's name is Ashley... They are also named Kelsey and Ashley... I'm *tripping*

so disappointing lol

I was on edge the whole time. 10k isn’t that much of a home renovating budget in the sims

But you both are single.

what’s kelsey’s sims account? i want her to post this so i remodel it asap

Kelsey should have one of the kills of the teens to be artist cause she can sell them but also have wall art !

It’s so weird seeing this after she has all this stuff

Do a vampire spin off of the kids ☠️❤️

You should have atleast one home birth please

Press G, Press G, Press G xD

5:04 look at ashley's face thank me later

can you name your next baby Gillian or Tuesday

you should let her make a huge house for all the kids lol

How do you make things bigger? Mind=blown.

Chelsey and Kelsey and dressed up the same waaaaay ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I don't know if you take baby names from this video, but can you please name a girl Afton (AFF-ton)? Thanks!!

Kelsey was kinda annoying here you literally didn’t let her decorate

i have been waiting for this! more home decorating videos pls!

Someone make Chelsea an Instagram please

Can we do baby name recommendations on these videos?

the fact tat im just now noticing these edits its very sad

do an architect and interior designer build and decorate a house in the sims 4

i love kelsey! she's so energetic and fun to watch. she is honestly the main reason i watch this series

I used to have a friend in a different state and her parents had 12 kids

Ashley: the white makes me sad Me: everything makes me sad

It's funny how the videos from this series gets millions of views while the others get only like 100k

I have a real version of the tv stand in my treehouse

Kelsey’s rockin Chelsea’s signature outfit with the overalls

Where are all the birth certificates

full of art and CULTURE? 23:48

Did you get rid of the slip and slide??? Like if you want Kelsey to put it back

At this point to find the baby videos ( if they are not in my feed ) is go to trending

Heidi for a girl please, btw that is my name

How do you make things bigger

Girl name Khora Girl name Khorina Boy name Carter Boy name Caiden Boy name Caisen Boy name Joel

No offense but she oddly looks exactly like ryan

You are both wearing overalls


I don't understand the house looked like this the last few episodes with some change....April fool's lol Also could you name a daughter Naomi

It looks fun because I watched my sisters play it before.

Oh no

Honestly this still looks horrifying. Nothing was cohesive and really the decorator could have tied it together better. Ah well. Circus house it is.

Message for Kelsey and new Sims Designer, Ashley McGetrick, please watch MsGryphi's "SIZING OBJECTS, DEBUG, FREE PLACEMENT, & MORE!" (Tips and Tricks).

Kelsey is so funny!! LOL

I gotta stop watching these videos because it makes me want to keep designing houses in the sims i already procrastinate in playing the sims enough lol

why are there only 7 birth certificates??? arent there like 15 kids???

Wow, this is an old episode

I wished they would have put in a island in the kitchen...

Make sure she knows how to upload all of her beautiful creations to the gallery

You need more knomes

What lol

Control shift c at the same time then put BB.MOVEOBJECTS then press 9 to move objects up

is it bad that i still liked it more the other way? Not the living room and her room tho, those look sick

Hey everybody i am new on sims4 so can you tell me if you can have more then 1 family? Pls comment down below thxs

Name one Eileen, please

I love you my baby

the question is... when was this filmed? bc rn they have abouk 50.000 $ lol

Kelsey what’s the cheat your using

Please name Charlotte or Annabelle for a girl Mathew Erik or Christopher for boys

Neeeed some indoor plants

The yellow chairs aren't ugly...but they look uncomfortable...or something you sit in at public spaces like at a restaurant or something...not for the home dinner table.

My favorite color is yellow

invite her again and have her build a house (w unlimited simoleons) next to chelsea, and create a neighbor sim lol, chelsea lowkey needs friends aside from her children and baby daddies

Kelsey you got me into the Sims too! I used to play Sims 1 with my brother in the 90's but hadn't played in years, but your 100 Baby series got me to buy Sims 4

it's the future now and they have way more money. go to the gallery and get a bigger house. google how to use cheats and get some custom content. this video wasnt the best one to be honest. it's time for something FRESH you get me? like so she can see this please.

I only started playing sims 4 because of the 100 baby challenge

I made it. It took 9 hrs

This make over was a long time ago why did you upload it so late? You can tell because the toddler room has one bed and at the time that Kelsey is playing 100 baby challenge is when she has4 toddlers and also the closet was a long time ago

ThErE’s A cHeAt To SiZe iT uP!?!?! What is it!?!?!?!

I love your yellow chairs. And you're pretty awesome too! lol

“and then in the back we have our army” LMAO

ill be real i hadnt even realized the house had changed lmao


Did Not

get cc

Imagine if they had a lesbian film scene

what is she doing to make things bigger?


*-70$ in budget-*- Kelsey- "We're still on budget, we've got 1000 dollars left."

Pam from the office is that you!? (Her friend) and oml anyone with me??

Hey aren’t you the blond haired girl from Troom Troom????

wait how do you make objects bigger???

What about for a girl: Kali, Navie, Aubra, Kalyn, Jenah/Jenna, Delaney, Fayth, Kadence, Shay/Shae, Rory, and, Joyce For a boy: Beckham, Nate, Zane, Drew/Andrew, Foreman, Davis, Oliver, or even Kaden Live for the series. Thank you for your gorgeous personality and complexion. You make my day.

For girl baby names you should do Dawn or Willow

for the love of all that is holy please press G so we don't have to look at the grid!!

Kelsey: we brought you in for your opinion! Ashley: let's make it yellow Kelsey: mmmm no

low-key and no offence but that girl was literally useless

You don't need no expert you were better then the expert

Wow way to not let the actual designer do designing or talking. Logorrhea lol

I think it is better to make a bigger toddler room instead of a big room for Chelsea.


someone teach kelsey moveobjects pls everything can go on the shelf

you should have made a no wall before and after shot


costed more but looked worse????

You can use ctrl and alt to rotate objects and move frames more accurately! Like so kelsey can see it! ⭐

Noooo not yellow kitchen chairs and sofa chairs! Just in the kitchen was bad enough.

if u write in the chat box Testingcheats True and press yes when this thing pops up then go to the chat box and write Motherlode it will give you 50000 dollars and u can keep doing it just a tip p.s the testing cheats true might now be uper case

Girl Baby Name: Yeimi

My favorite room is the living room SO pretty.

if you want more money, just click ctrl, shift, c and then type motherlode. yea, I know mother load is spelt wrong but it works

My aunt has 11 children…

please press 'G' when you go in build mode! it makes me go insane looking at that grid ;)

She should put the birth certificates in the kids rooms

click and hold an objects while turning it instead of use the keys. pressing 'g' will get rid of the grid on your floors. helps you see stuff better.

There's a lady in real life in the 80s she had 69 kids and I was suoer

+Taylor Caldwell yeah I mean the 1700s

What you mean is the 1700s lmao you were way off

You should move the potty by the window so it's easier to get to without rotating. And you need a tablet!

THE HOUSE LOOKS THE SAME ( but I like the living room )

you can have it with cc

Hey boys!! Kelsey is SINGLE and ready to FLAMINGO

Simmers I have a problem in sims cas my cc hair has a weird white light on it that wasn’t there before , anyway of taking its off

Why did this come out so late tho


Can you please name a girl Tabitha after me?

I literally didn't notice the difference in the house until now...

Once you have an even bigger budget, maybe $100k you can do a really extreme makeover. Also, just an idea, but if you get an easel you can use it as a skill for the kids/teens, but also as an additional source of income.

I ship it

Kinda bothers me that the closets are like diff colors or maybe that’s just the lighting lol

Need money? Max painter skill and get like 4 easels to paint all at once. (Aspiration perks and celebrity perks can help you sell for more). I sell a single painting on average $6,000 to $8,000 (always just paint large canvas). No cheating necessary. (Painter career helps but ive done this with them never having a job. Which is nice if you have to stay home with kids)

This isn't he older version of the house , isn't it

i don't get it, you said Chelsea had 8 children when she now has 16!

Once again you yell for no reason. Please stop. You also have no style.

The red kids room might be better in light orange to match the rest of the house

You could just put the closet at the back an expand the kids room

you should bring her back and let her decorate Olive's place. And use cheat codes!

How do you change the colors on the furniture in the sims?

Loved the video and I'm so happy you kept the yellow chairs!! I like the house a lot. It looks like you and looks fitting for a biiiigg family! I'm probs alone with these opinions in the comment section but who cares xD!!!

OMG we get it you're single...

Wait can I download this house in my game? Because my house is literally a mess and I have 4 beds in the living room

Kelsey likes colour? Doesn't look like it hahaha

Kelsey! If you want to make some really easy money, run around to bushes/plants, harvest everything, and then sell what you harvested! BAM, Simoleons for days.

Awww i liked the yellow chairs

This was p a i n f u l to watch, Kelsey didn’t let her help with anything

When you bought the sims 4 game did you buy it in a pack or with an extension?I am going to buy it but I need some advice because I am just starting!Someone please help!Thank you LinnearoruA!!

The Sims 4 is an EA game so it has a base game and a ton of additional game extensions. You can play just fine without the extra games and since you're just starting I'd recomend starting with just the base and then getting more if you want to :D

Shift C and then in the bar type in motherlode and then it gives you $50,000

I thought they‘d cheat

The house is still ugly haha :(

I would prefer Kelsey to do it herself, the other woman's taste was bad.

Too many bright colors for me, I also would love to see Ashley do a video where she had full control.

They gotta help the voice n this, it was kinda muted

Please check out my gaming channel

What version of sims is this?

wait how did you resize the rugs?! Why don't i know this...

14:24 “I brought you here for your opinion” lol I thought she was remodeling your house but ok...

This was so fun! Thank you for this.


We love crag and the name Rachel Edit:I know I spelled it wrong

You looked like you had so much fun!

I really needed that size up cheat. I always forget to look for cheats : )

I've got the same lamp like in the bedroom of the new house

What was the point of the other girl being there? Kelsey took over and the other girl just went with it and agreed on everything

How does one size stuff up or down? (Kelsey did that with the rug in the living room and the picture in the kitchen) :O I didn't know you could do that

me screaming: CLICK G!!!!!!!!

i thought you werent allowed to cheat in this challenge? shes using cheat codes to size thing up!

Everyone else: Kelsey: *And then in the back we have our army*

I know it is not a 100 baby challenge video but I would love to hear some of my names in it Boys:Alan Jackson and Callum Girls : Kate Lilly Kim and Alyssa

you should name yung child gin the guy gin from hotarubi no mori e

what fruit bowl costs $250

I love how Chelsea is like - it's Kelsey, we're not the same person! Yet wearing Kelsey's main outfit

Me:gets home from the gallery. done!

If it is a Sarah if it's a boy and James


I’m not sure Kelsey is aware of the outside world...


Name yo baby anna plzzzz

How do you make the rugs and pictures larger?

For the dining room you could put two chairs at the end

make chelsea become a youtuber and names maddy gabbi Lisandre Lis-an-dre

This was posted on my birthday!!! :D

Baby names: Boy:Devon Girl:Devon

Is there an uploading shedule for the 100 baby challenge? If so, what day?

I Hannah Montana me big fan of Hannah Montana

1:25 “I have not actually played the Sims myself” Kelsey: “That’s okay” *she visibly internally freaks out*

Anyone else notice that they actually did the kids room before the kitchen?

NAMES!! Jane is a super classic name for a girl and for a boy , maybe Clay or Cayden.

Please do Strangerville!!!! It’d be so fun in the a mini series to have one of the kids like Charlie move there and solve the mystery

Ashley said she liked it but she totally hated it. LOL

"single girl" smh

Kelsey: And we're still on budget, got a thousand dollars left! Editor:

Name your next girl Nola please!!!!!!!!!! I love you!

She didn't even do anything I thought her friend was supposed to do it

As a huge sims nerd this was hard to watch in that I wanted to show you how to use move objects to put anything you want on the shelves. I can’t build without cheating to have all the money and objects available to build with. Learned something new about that trash can though

You should get a family pet. It will help with the kids fun.

You should collab with the sim supply. Total pro of staying in budget and decorating/building sim homes

"something more in the same color family?"... Lol ends up as different colors anyway. Ashley is such a saint


Mother of eight?! When was this filmed, because from what I've seen she has like, 15 kids!

call one of the girls Zareth (Zar-eth)

What is that what is that game called

why are her links not in the description

BUILD TIP: Size items down, hold alt to free move it, and press 9 to move it up or 0 to move it back down :) also! You should have Chelsea be a YouTuber using the "More Views Video Station" it's still working at home! AND they have custom content bunk beds!! And again lol for boy name Grayson! :)


You can do ctrl + shift + c then type in motherlode and get 50k every time you do it

Yeah literally she was pretty damn bossyyyyy

I’m sure I saw this video uploaded weeks ago and I added it to my watch later and then it got deleted and reuploaded a couple of days back? Unless I’m going crazy

Ashley, if you make a couple houses put them on the gallery so my family doesn’t have such a sad house

This was filmed a long ago cause there are only 8 birth certificates and she currently has 50,000 in her account

I was really looking forward to seeing what she would’ve done with the house. You pretty much took control over everything and the end result was. Cute-ish but I feel like with her being and actual interior designer it could e been awesome

I love the makeover so much!

Wait when was this filmed????? There aren’t as many birth certificates as there were in the latest episode..............

Hey I love Kelsey, she plays better then me here are some names! Christina ,Jasmine ,Mocha, James ,Julien, Jack.

*MUSLIM NAME FOR THE NEXT KIDS PLEASEEEE* _Boys_ : Mohammad, Ali, Ahmed _Girls_ : Maryam, Fatima, Zara

20 years later and we finally get this....get it together buzzfeed

Name suggestions : Maddison Preston or Paris

I have more money than you but still I love you channel

Next video idea: Real fighter pilot plays War Thunder

You should install the pet-mod so your children have a pet!!!

I swear if they don't do: "Real Lawyer *plays* (Take note, not reacts) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" then I will unsub xd

Haven't watched all of this yet, but FYI you could delete the bathroom sinks as well

Lmfao what does single have to do with playing the sims buzzfeed

this video is way too late. the makeover has been done on the series since ep9

kelsey mostly did the job

Thanks for you patience with the spin offs! We’re back at it! If you’re looking for more goofy times with me subscribe to my personal channel here!

Hiiii I ❤ you

Kelsey Impicciche please name one of ur daughters Kelsey or Peaches!!

please name next baby Helen for a girl and boy -Phillip hope you see this we love you


Please make an other vid this wek

Please name a girl Emma!

Here is my comment for you. Real Pilot plays Infinite Flight

LOL. I love the fact that you said the Kate Spade store because I work there

Hey! Can you name a child, Maya, Sophia, Max, Ellie, Sasha, Gabe, Nicole, James, Oliver, or Heather? THANKS!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Name a girl joslyn

Who said the yellow chairs were unholy you evil people

I liked this channel back in the old days, good old buzzfeedblue

For a girl Hope and a boy Jacob

Remodel the backyard

Pls do a videos again and name the girl is thumbellina

Plus I love you videos and I have been here since 100 baby challenge episode 1

Eloise for a girl and isabelle and for a boy Hudson and bailey

And then in the back we have our army. — Kelsey, 2019

You are welcome baby girl

"And in the back we have an army" you are hilarious

did anyone notice that this video came efore lots of the babies but was posted after

Ya no a cute baby name whold be carly bell or koko a good boy name whold be dean Brian or mick

You need to do more videos abawt 100 babys your of track your doing great

Can u name the next girl u have Haley after me plz and love you ❤❤

Name your next girl sapphire and next boy Josh another name for girl is ruby.

You should name one of your kids Norah, Mae, Lauren, Taylor, Lilly And or Grace for girls but for boys Denton, Luke, Owen, and or Trent.

Kelsey is so much better at renovating! love it

i love sims

Is it bad I never even noticed you redecorated lmfao

Kelsey you didn’t change the floor in the baby’s room and in Chelseys room.

Can you do a video where you ignore all your children for 24 hours plz?

You know u can do the cheat for sims to get a lot o money

I love the YELLOW CHAIRS!!!!!

Mmm, uncomfortable video here ...

TO get more money hold ctrl shift and c at the same time then surch in the white box at the top motherlode

Can you please name one of the babies Alastair please

if you have another baby few names. girls: Harmony ting Laynie. Boys: mason dock gage ethan connor

CAn you please name a girl Kailey in ur next sims video

I hope you tell Ashley about the motherlode cheat for when she plays on her own. She'll lose her mind.

Kelsey Impicciche great

Is nobody going to mention how similar they look??

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff978fc ghfugyhiukj lkm;lm/. , njbhugifucryxetdsc

Dude stop rotating so much


She’s too loud. Couldn’t get thru the video

Pls get the sims supply or deligracy to make over chealse's house. I thought this is going to be a fun vid but it's just frustrating

Here's a cheat you probably already know

you need bb.moveobjects on in your life

hey Kelsey, you're wearing Chelsey's overall outfit. LOL!

Looks exactly the same for me

Uhm, Kelsey. You should let her talk.


Will u name one Finley

You should have an upstairs

It’s Saturday morning, where is part 9

N. J. Non. N. Nnjjn. Non

And bunk beds are custom content

Get CC

Wh... why did you bring on a decorating expert and then not let her have creative control?

Hey Kelsey search up simsdom and u can get SOOOOOO many custom clothes build mode items and hairs it is simmer HEAVEN but I can't get it because ps4 dissent support it(╥﹏╥)

+Jordan Flach you're welcome!

Meg Paul thank you!!

If I'm remembering correctly, it's by pressing [ or ] which are found near the enter button!

Lol I definitely will! Shameless plug...

Can u name a girl Maddie or Madison pls :)

kelsey pleeeeeeease turn off the grid !!!!! xD

What expansion pack is that woohoo closet in

In sims 4 can you get Mony fore free you just nidd to tipe motherlode

Hey does anyone know how to size up an object? She did it w the tv

My great grandma had 8 kids

I have a feeling that she won’t be single anymore

hey ashley remember the video we did together on buzzfeed when  you gave my room a makeover

Just me or is it weird she has no slip and slide

14:55 Wow. We must be time travelers

Kelsey single?? I thought she has a fling with that tall korean dude in captain america training vid.. regardless, they both have chemistry

for a girl kelsey for another girl evalina i love your house in the sims so Evalina

I think there should be a hottub

what is the house you used sas a template called

Ialway’s see this girl when I ripe in sim like omg

If u have a girl can u name her Maddie or Madison pls :)))))))))))


If u have a girl baby can u name Her Alyssa or Sophie if twin Girls Alyssa and Sophie or if u have a boy his name should be Zac or Nic if twin Boys Zac and Nic or if u have boy and girl the Ashley Asher

Max and or Talia those are my siblings Ps frickin love you by the by

Chelsey and Maria vibes?

Kelsey, you really look like the girl in captain marvel

Hey guys I'm Kelsey I'm single so if you wanna date ya know

Why are people being mean about Kelsey and her build style? I love her building style even though it’s a bit different to mine!

I hate that fridge

ok guys,... yall are complaining that Ashley didn't get to "decorate". But what you guys are failing to think about is,... Ashley has never played. like ever. She knows décor. not sims. How frustrating do you think it would be to "decorate" but not knowing ANYTHING about how to navigate the actual game? for real xD its easier for Kelsey to navigate, and work with Ashleys ideas...PLUS there was a budget to think about :P x)

I love your new homes

Can you name one of them Kyla ?!?!

When Kelsey clapped for herself XD Me too, gurl. Me too

What's the cheat that made the objects bigger?

What commands do you use to size up objects like Kelsey is doing?

I love the yellow chairs

What was the name of the house or who builded it?

What does the upstairs look like

How about calling an ACTUAL sims designer the next time

Everyone: omg should’ve let Ashley do more Me: really? I don’t think I liked a single one of her suggestions. Especially the green couch...truly horrid

I started playing Sims4 because of Kelsey too! I usually play the free one on ipad, but it's so much more satisfying playing on the pc, even though it's a paid game. Thank you Kelsey! You 'converted' me too! ^_^

you should get them bunk beds.

Plot twist: it was an april fools and the house still looks the same in the next episode

"oh this would be cute if you were a VAMPIRE" *little does she know Natalie and Niya would soon arrive*

Kelsey Impicciche oot idiooooottiii


loved the kid's room ♥


Kelsey...I love these videos! Did you put a fire alarm in the house? I would hate to see it all go up in smoke!

17:10 Ashley's akward laugh shows how uncomfortable she was

Part 2?

Can you name a girl Anushka and a boy Ken

15:59 what happend to the chairs


The100 baby challenge videos and all of its spin-offs are actually the

i laughed so hard watching this:')

Welcome to the Simming Community! We've got spooky cookies

can u tell me what that cheat is.

“i know i’m doing this even after i leave.” “WE CONVERTED ONNNNE” “i’m never gonna sleep again, this is gonna be like my favorite thing ever” this makes me extremely happy and excited, like lowkey vibrating with happiness every time i get to those parts of the video also i cant wait until her designer friend finds out about cc i think everyone who knows how it feels to non-stop cc shop for hours and falling down a hole of gorgeous ‘related downloads’ is like “ohhhhhh nooooo.....” for everyone like this. i am one of those people orz

Didn’t you break the rules, by using the cheat for the rugs?

They NEED to add bunk beds to The Sims 4!!!

honestly, I'm 'A OKAY' with your current house but not to offend your guest, Ms. Ashley, but you should've invited someone who actually do architecture on sims like youtuber: The Sim Supply.

we badly need vampire spin offffs

yall saying Kelsey took over but she didnt. she shared her opinion she wasnt taking control

How did you do that 'hack' on the rug in the living room? it would be very helpful:)

If you have watched the Hannah Montana you know what that means

You get the limo round front

Your house was fine but now it's better.

There is a cheat to get money in the Sims 4

She's like "I've never played the Sims before" . I AM OFFENDED

Have you seen the Castlehold build? ( So epic!

How did you make the TV larger


does anyone notice that they decorated the kitchen then the teen bedroom, but if you look at the kitchen its how it was befor they decorated it and when they are decorating the kitchen, you can see the new bedroom

Ya but in the 100 Baby Challenge chests aren’t allowed it’s against the rules

"Its a statement...And the statement is,I like circles" -Kelsey

Nobody puts BABY IN THE CORNER!!

I love the yellow chairs

You did f even let the decor lady do anything

She’s kinda annoying chelsy idunno how to spell her name

What button do you press to large the mat??

How is she making things bigger? Is that just a computer thing or a cheat??

There’s a cheat to get loads of. Money Testingcheats on money .....


it is too bad that when you remove you house you dont get the money from the furniture

"And then in the back we have our army"

You should put up pictures of the kids as well

If you don’t have money use cheats

I love playing the Sims give this a like if you love watching Kelsey

Move farther winter in and then out so you get money

search motherload for 50,000$

Does anyone know if this is on the gallery?

I'll just say it about Ashley.. "One of us! One of us!" lol

I feel like I’ve been to the future

Quite the process

Chelsea has a degree in baby making

And I will do that I love your videos thank you for making them oh yeah I don't really know what single means so can you please show us where we thank you this is my big sister the girl right here is my little sister

She is not that great if a designer. . .

Not much of an improvement - next time, get @Deligracy or @TheSimSupply to help you decorate - they at least have played the Sims (thousands of hours between them) and they understand the mechanics and swatches available in The Sims.

Lmao. I have a rug under my kitchen table.

Put this on the gallery plz

I love how you don't change for ANYBODY! I just started watching your videos and your spinoffs you are awesome! Blessings to you girl.

Love how Kelsey said I work hard to make money and you're here to spend my money. Damn straight kelsey, she got her priorities on the end goal, 100, Do it!

You where in the super hero practice thingy

I made my fam too you can check it out it is the daces

Why is no one talking about how the “sup boys” wasn’t there!!!!

im single too, must becouse women cant handle me.

My name is Ashley

What is the cheat that makes things larger

.... They'll still wash them in the bathroom sinks. Lol?

14:57 big money came

I want more of olive getting famous !!!!

listen I'm sorry but I get angry watching people who play the Sims weirdly

Aren’t you supposed to not use any cheats in this challenge?

how do you make things bigger in sims 4

I mean.. I don't like it at all

"What's the point of the shelf if you can't put anything on the shelf?" Girl, you're telling ME! It kills me. KILLS ME

What the sizing cheat?

If u want lots of money click crl shift C all together then type mother Load they spell it like this mother lode it really works i tried it and i bought a huge house and made it look like i am rich try it it’s awesome

I think your house is perfect the way it is

I think your house is good looking

Kelsey is so annoying omg she won't let her guest do anything so what's point of this video??? Smh

I really love your videos ,and thanks for posting this video its amazing and so is Ashley so ya have fun posting the videos

“Alone in the world is a little CatDog”

Why can’t anybody just say “wow, that looks great. Nice job kelsey!!!”

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