Should you CHASE THE MONEY or chase your PASSION?

Should you CHASE THE MONEY or chase your PASSION?

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Hi. Everyone welcome, to the Hallie hassle podcast, I'm Mike and I'm Tanya, and we invite you to join us in our unfiltered, conversation, about the real life hustle of being an entrepreneur, for more information, about the podcast check out how we hustle, podcast com make, sure to follow us on Instagram at how we hustle, podcast, where you'll get notable, quotes from our episodes and updates, on live new episodes, so head over to Instagram and follow us at how we hustle, podcasts, so this is a little bit of a. Follow. Up on the last episode. But, something. That was, going through my mind was, this. Difference, between, chasing. The, money and chasing, the. Purpose or the passion, and. Something. That I definitely. Grappled. With and. This. Does have to do with law with like you know social media and watching what other people are doing and feeling, inadequate is. Do. You chase the. Business, model, that promises, you the money or do, you chase. The. Purpose, you. Know gets. You out of bed excited, and and I have chased. Both. Of those before but I also found myself. Creating. A business model that is. More about this, you. Know it's about money it's about you know if, you do it this way you'll. Get to that so called six figures a month which. Everyone's talking about I don't know if I don't know people are really getting there but you. Know you I, follow. Some people. Or I have followed some people. Who. Talked about you, know how much money they're making and, the business models, that, they're using to get there whether it's. You. Know amazon. Drop. Shipping which. Is something i've never done but, other, whether it's that or its selling. Courses, or, or. Whatever it is. Do. We, mimic. Those people, and the, business. Models, that they are using, or. Is. It okay to just, you. Know do. Business our own way even if it's not going to. You know make us as much money as possible. This. Is a message that a lot of people put out there all the people that I follow or have followed, or kind of follow they. Put this message out there that. You. Know the more money the better therefore, you should create a business, model that. Maximizes. Or optimizes. The amount of money you bring in and I. Have. You.

Know, Created. My. Own business, model in ways to try and mimic those. Profitable. Models. But I don't always feel good about it right I feel like sometimes. When I do that I am. I'm. Chasing, the wrong thing and I don't feel good about it and that's what leads me to feeling, like an impostor and that's what leads me to not feeling. Inspired. Or, purposeful, or like I'm really doing what I'm supposed to be doing is because I'm chasing. The money and I'm allowing this narrative, of, money. Being the most important, thing to. To, rule the day and if, I look back on my. Entrepreneurial. Career, for, the last 10 plus. Years and. I look at the times when I was happiest. The. Times when I was happiest, is when I was. Being. Creative. And. Not. Worrying. About. You. Know how to maximize, money now it's creativity, in. Itself, does, attract, money but. I'm, focused. On the creativity, and focused. On, creating. Solutions that, help people. You. Know. Within. My. Within. My passion, space which. Is generally, for, me it's writing you know whether it's undoing one thing or another I've been, a writing entrepreneur, for ten, years and, you. Know there. Can be. You. Know for with, my book company, helping, people write books I've, tried. Lots of different business, models as an example and. I tried like the you know the webinar, model, where, I am, just. Trying to pump out and you do, sales calls and. Really unfocused. On. I'm. Trying to you. Know to make money and that takes me away from my creativity, and. When I do that I. Just. Find myself not, in the best mood anymore. But when I. Shift. My focus back, to you. Know, helping. My clients, like craft their stories, and. I worry. Less about. You. Know just making, as much money as possible or the idea of making as much money as possible right, when. It's, even, when I'm trying to make as much money as possible doesn't mean I am but and, I'm focused, on the idea of making the money over, being. Creative. That's. What I give my attention to is the, money as opposed to the. Journey or the create or like the you. Know the reason I'm doing it in the first place. That's. When, I start to get down and, I.

Guess. It's this constant, struggle between why, why. Are we doing what we're doing is it because we want to. You. Know make. Millions, and millions of dollars or. Is it because we, have a deeper, purpose and is it is it okay this. Is a question I. Struggle. With, to. Some degree internally, is is it okay, to. Be an entrepreneur, if. Making. As, much money as possible isn't. Necessarily. What. I want. Is it okay for me to watch other people make. More money than me. And, even, though I'm not doing it that way like you know I see, other people. You. Know doing, things creating, business models, that make them a ton of money and. I. Waver, between this feeling, of okay well that's fine for them good for them or I should, be doing that too because, at the end of the day money. Is everything so if I'm if they're making that, much money and I'm not and, I'm doing something wrong and, I should change. My course try and be. More like them and. When I do that that, I deviate, from what makes me happy and that's. When I started to feel sad and. I actually don't. End up, getting. The results, I want and I think the reason is is because ultimately, I'm, just. Trying to be. Someone that I'm not. So. The mic that I used to know the. Mic that I knew when I met you. Was. A guy who I used to have conversations. About how. Time made, you the richest person in the room, do. You remember that guy, and. I actually. Saw. A quote, yesterday, I actually. Got an email I'm. On Robert Kiyosaki he's email. His. Email list and he sent out an email saying. He's. Trying to sell his own things to whatever but his, email was saying. Started. Online business, now and create wealth overnight, and. I was like whoa how do you create wealth overnight, and what, he was saying was if you started online business, what. You immediately, get for yourself is, control, of your time and, he's like time, as wealth and. I love that I was like yeah, that's how you and I even started connecting was over that book when you gave me that book Rich Dad Poor Dad yeah, and he reminded, me that it's like. And, it's funny you say that because like I actually had a moment yesterday where I reminded, myself I'm like it's. Money. Is not. Everything. Time, to, me is. More. Important, and really money is just, a, tool. For. Me to optimize, my time buy back your time to, buy it and optimize it yeah so. Why. Am, I. Worried. About money. For the sake of money, when. Really deep down, I know that what I care about is. You. Know time and. A lot of these people that I'm talking about who are chasing the money they don't have time, no. They don't and the thing is at the end of the day they're selling, you their way of doing it and. That's. What makes them lots of money is that they're selling you something, that they are not that they made ones that they don't have to do anymore so. They're telling you oh you should do this too, but. What, I learned when I first started my business Mike that you actually, taught, me. Was. That like I can, try a lot of things a, lot of things can make money a lot of businesses, are, successful in, all different, areas of the world and. I. Could do drop shipping or I could have a flower shop or I could have. An app and I. Could make lots of money there are people that have done all of those things. But if I have to because let's be real whoever, says that your business is gonna happen overnight or that you're gonna be an overnight success is just telling. You a lie. That. If I was going to put in the time at the beginning that, I needed to, make money in the business it's. Very difficult, to have the motivation to do that if you're not actually. Passionate about the thing that you're doing. It's. Very hard to give, up social, functions, and sleep.

And. Invest. All of your money and take. Risks, for. A business that you don't truly believe in. Yeah. So, if you are just. Mimicking. Someone, else's suppose. It's successful, business model and the only reason you're doing it is, because. Money. That. I think, the, dot is a recipe, I want. To say the word failure but I think it's a recipe for not getting the outcomes. Yeah that they did and I also think like I, I. For one have. Realized only just this year that I'm, no longer adhering. To those kinds of things because I did that last year last year 2018. I did. Try. To build my business based, on what other people were trying to tell me and I had made my business quite successful, in, in. Very little time in, 2017. I had a lot of success, and then. In 2018. I. Decided. That I should make changes because, people other people told me that my, business would never get to a certain level if I. Didn't make these changes and I'll. Be honest I went, back to all the things that were working in my business since. Then I have dropped what other people told me and said, no you know what I can. Build my business to whatever level, I want I never started this business to. Become a billionaire, or a millionaire. Even I didn't. Start the business because of money I didn't even get paid when I first started doing it I said. I would do it for free because, I loved it and, it. Doesn't feel like work to me and it doesn't, but. Now I do get paid which is amazing. But. I. Don't. Know I think that we've bought into this. Belief. That like you, are only successful, if you hit a certain level or you should always be growing your business. But. Something, I heard last year was when. You build a house you have, a blueprint, you know what it looks like when it's done and. I. Think that that's the key is really identifying like, what is your dream business look like when it's done, what. Would your life look like and. Why. Not start building that and if something doesn't fit into that blueprint. And you don't do it just because someone, else says that this tile is beautiful doesn't. Necessarily, mean that you need to change your entire kitchen plan so that it incorporates. This tile right, just, because it works for someone else and, that style, is nice, to somebody else and that type. Of business works for them doesn't mean that it fits into your, blueprint, for your business and. I. Think that every, type, of business no matter the business model that you choose you. Can be successful at it you can make as much money as you want and, if. The key isn't about, making. Lots of money, then. Identifying. Like your deeper why I like going back to the beginning like and talking. About like your why like, I did this why. Why. Did I want to start a business I wanted to help people okay, why else because. I didn't, want to fight. Through traffic, I wanted to play golf. No. I wanted, to travel although, I did that in 2018. And I traveled myself out. But. Like what did I really want and like we can renegotiate what. You want it to look like you can make, changes, to your blueprint, along the way but. Not. Letting other people, and what they're doing sway. You away. From. The things that you want just because Society, says that. Having. A corporate job is the. Way to be successful, isn't. Something, you believe in so. Why. Allow these other people. To. Tell. You what is success, to them and. Persuade. You that that's what success should be for you. Yeah. I think that what you're looking at other people. There's. Never. You. Know there's always someone ahead of them you know what I mean so if that's what you're doing you're almost never, gonna be satisfied and, I. Was thinking about this because. I you know I I. Follow certain business, mentors, and and one, of them I follow, talks, about you. Know how he's going to make ten. Million dollars dollars. This year and he's, really at the top of his game and he's like the top of his industry. Ten million dollars like what. Would that be like, that. Would you know that's what. I'm thinking okay well if you make ten million dollars then. You. Have a lot of employees it's, so easy to, look at someone who's making like a hundred, a hundred.

I Was, watching basketball this weekend and I'm like these basketball. Players are all, making like. Exponentially. More than. The. Business leaders that I idolize so much and my point is only point. I'm trying to make here is that there's. Always people, that, are. Going to be making more and you know have, bigger, houses and, whatnot like there's really no, there's. No if. You're just trying to chase someone else's success, then. There's. Really you're never going to get, there mm-hmm. But if you just. Stop, doing that and focus, on what. Do you makes you happy, then. You. Can get there mm-hmm. And I think like even I, would, have said to you at the end of the 2017, but, like I had already achieved. All, of my dreams so I needed to make new dreams, right. But, that's. The key is that you had to decide what your dreams are like I always look at people that are making so much more money than me and think, oh god how, many employees do they have, and. Like I don't want that to my life like I don't want to manage a huge team that's that was never my dream my, dream was to help people I don't want to take myself out of my business. Like I every. Coach I've ever had told me I shouldn't be doing 101, 101 isn't, scalable, I don't, care, because. That is when something I really, enjoy last. Year somebody told me in my leap program that I needed to offer a self-study, and you, know what maybe I should offer a self-study that doesn't mean that I feel connected, to it and I don't care how much money this off study makes I don't, want to offer it because, that. Isn't aligned, with how I see my business or the business I want to run or how I want to help people I don't, want to leave people on their own you. Know I want, to, work. With people to. Help them make their business a success like I enjoy that that's where I that's. Where I do. My best work it's. Not on creating, courses though I have a great one it's, not on creating horses I don't enjoy creating. The course I enjoy, coaching. The people. So. Even. If it's gonna make me tons of money I don't really care is that how I really want to help people and. Even. Like giving yourself a goal of the money like how. Much money do you actually want. To make we. Usually view a good better best school, but. Also like not even buying into like the marketing, schemes of other people as well because I find my clients have been saying this this week they. Don't want to use the whole this, girl made this much money and yeah it works that doesn't mean that they feel aligned to that and when I said to them was if you. Are tired, of listening to that if you're tired of hearing people talk like that then. Maybe your dream clients are too, so. Maybe, if you didn't, do what other people are doing maybe if you said.

Something Different maybe if you built your business differently, that, would actually attract all the people, who. Are who, don't feel connected to the way that your. Competitors, have situated. Their programs, or their courses, and, maybe. They choose you because they don't connect with that messaging, that other people are sharing in the 10, million dollar, emails. That he sends you but. To bring it back to, chasing, the money versus. Sharing your passion I don't. Necessarily think, that you can just choose one or the other you can't have a business it's not a business if you're not making any money and you can't. Do your passion, if you. Have to also, work. At a job I mean, you might be able to do it on the side that's fine if that's how you want it to be but you. Can help more people if you're not going to a job and. I. Don't think you can chase just the money without having the passion behind it. What. Do you think make yeah. No and this is like a lesson. That it. Takes a while to figure that out and I think. That ultimately. Everyone. Who. Tries to chase the money at some. Point in some way. Realizes. That you. Can't do it that way and, I. Think. That. The money comes and, you, are doing, what you're supposed to be doing and when. You. Doesn't. Matter what it is but like that's that's, what success comes from success, comes from being in your, zone. Of genius if, you want to call it that or but. It's it's when you wake up in the morning and. Are. You. Know stoked. About, whatever. It is that you're doing that is what brings. Success, if, you, are just trying to mimic someone else's business model, then. It's. Not gonna work because. Every. Part of the process is, going. To be a drag and it's going to feel inauthentic. And. There really is no business, model, in the world that. Is easy money so. If. You. Are. Doing something you don't want to be doing or you're doing something that's not you that. Every part of it is gonna be hard even if the business model itself makes, sense. If, you're making it hard on yourself if. You are draining, yourself, if you're feeling inauthentic, that. Does, not activate. The. So called laws. Of abundance, or whatever, you know laws of attraction you. Really need to. To. Make the best of what, makes sense for you and and, build, a business model around that and at that business model isn't. Going. To bring, you I don't. Want to I don't start printin limits on it because really any business model can can. Make heaps. And heaps of money but. You. Know like. You're saying you. Know the best. Business, model for you to make money is not doing one-on-one but. You still want to do it anyway well, so, what you can still do very well you can still help. People. Enormous. Ly with one-on-one and, you can be compensated. For that help, so. Just do. It like enjoy, what you do right. We. All down, to if you enjoy what you do you don't have to work a day in your life and. The. Time that you spend. Doesn't. Even matter and, that's what we're you, know that's what I need to remind myself is enough time time. Is why I'm doing it so. It's. Not about the money what, do I care about making. Tons. And tons of money if the. Time I'm spending to make it is miserable right mmm. Otherwise you could have just stayed in it well you never had one but I could have just stayed and I do my job because, I was making tons of money then like, I'd rather, to. Me and I know to you too because that's how you and I first started talking is, because you.

Were The one that even, started. The conversation with me about time. The, person with the most time, to, me is the richest person in the room, whoever. Has the most time and, is. Able to use that time however they want to. Me that's that's wealth to. Spend time with who you want to spend time doing what you want and not. To spend time doing the things you don't want that got to me is the richest person in the room and money. Is, necessary, for some things but. Money. Flows where it has purpose and if, you have no purpose for your money and it's just to like stack your bank account, it's. Not gonna flow easily and, that's a wrap on another episode of how we hustle for, more information, check out how we hustle podcast com.

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