Should You Buy EOS Now After All Time Highs?

Should You Buy EOS Now After All Time Highs?

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What, is going on snipers 90ml a baby here I hope you're all enjoying your date today let's go to just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency, content. And analysis for, today, sorry, for not being online for quite some time I am, in the process of fixing, my setup right now with my computer and my microphone I'm getting a new mic and things of that nature as well as conferences. That I'm going to be attending I wanna be talking about some, of that soon and some, of the conference's you guys can actually attend with me but let's go ahead and talk about gos. Bitcoin. And some, other trade, setups that I'm watching in the market right now for potential, breakouts, as we, are seeing a very bullish mark right now if we pull a bitcoins. Relative, strength index here you can see her in the 1-day chart we have finally, went above, that, sixty that we've been watching for quite some time now I actually go ahead and make this a little bit bolder for you so you can see what I'm talking about but you can see how we've actually went right back above sixty which is a level we've been watching for quite some time knowing. That any level, over 60 is bullish, this is a very healthy sign for this market not only that if you actually go on this one-day chart and actually zoom out a little bit even on the one-week Trump is actually a better way to look at it you could see it looks like we might have an inverse. Head and shoulder, forming, here which would be extremely, bullish. For Bitcoin, in the long term knowing, that on the weekly chart that's an extremely, strong chart there and if you don't know what an inverse head and shoulder is I'll actually show you exactly, what that looks like here it's pretty much a breakout, pattern in which you have these, neck, lines that, form on top where, that's the resistance, that you're facing and you have a left and right shoulder we're at that right shoulder on the right hand side you see where that breakout occurs and that, is a very possible, scenario here for a Bitcoin if we're not actually go ahead and look at this chart a little bit more in-depth you can see here a clear. Overview, of what that head and shoulder could look like right here with the neckline forming. Right around. 9800. It's pretty. Much where we saw our Bitcoin. Price peak out recently and obviously, we saw a little bit of that consolidation. To form, the, finalization, of that shoulder so that's gonna be an exciting, thing to watch here, and you can also see here with the RSI, even, on this one-day chart knowing, that we dip below it just wasn't, able to stay, that low it went right back up to these bullish levels and then we look at some of these other major coins, like, like coin they're also forming, these extremely bullish patterns, this right here a beautiful. Rounding, bottom which, as we, know is a breakout pattern as well if you don't know what a rounding bottom looks like you can actually look at this, right here by the way this is our discord, it's a free resource that link is in the description, we're actually going to be transitioning, this into. An awesome, platform with analysts, and things of that nature with, premium, education, coin reports VIP chats and stuff like that so it's gonna be awesome if you guys are not on our discord link is in the description, but this is the rounding bottom that I'm actually watching here with litecoin very excited, to see where this one heads as well so let's, take some questions from the live audience who do we have on live today, is my mic working fine today let's. See drew talati, says by xdn. Everybody's. Just shouting, out their coins that they probably have the majority of their portfolio and so. They, could get their, coins. Up bread effli, set sold my eos at $22, hopefully it wasn't a mistake all we're gonna talk about cos. Really, soon transitioning. To their main net in june that's going to be a big, deal, understand. That whenever a coin launches. A main net it brings, the intrinsic value a lot higher because now they have actual use case right so, brandon Combe it says icx analysis, please we will take some requests, soon, somebody.

Says Bro credits, CS. What about credits, wesley there's. No question, dane, curry says sell a OS everybody, is saying to sell OS, well, we're going to talk about trailing. Stop losses and how that could help out with. Coins, like a OS when they see all this exuberance. If you don't know what a trailing stop loss is it's pretty much a stop loss that will trail the price up and then, if the price starts to drop any sort, of levels. Beyond. What your trailing stop loss is set at it will sell that for you so you can initiate your profits, and something. That you OS is following you can see how it forms, these bull flags along the way up if you don't know what a bull flag is it's pretty much a pennant, in which, the resistance, levels, are descending. And the support. Levels are ascending you can see how it form multiple, pennants and it's forming another one right look, at that you see this rising. Resistance level that's descending, or is it up or I'm sorry rising, support descending, resistance that's a very bullish pattern right now so this could just very well be another bull, like and, understand, why yo s is seeing this exuberance, it is in my opinion one of the real competitors. To, etherium and if you look at a theorems market cap right now market. Cap in regards, to. Bitcoin. Versus altcoins all coins have now hit all-time highs at 27%, that. Is a big, deal, we're starting to see projects. Come, out of the woodwork, projects. That people have been excited about for quite some time coming out and seeing use, case I actually had one of my mentors. Recently. Reach out to me and he was telling me about a project that he's working on and I've never, had a mentor, of mine reach out to me about a blockchain project, yet other than yours, on who had jibril that when he wasn't even really. Sharing. So much of that with me more so just answering, my questions, but my friend neil patel i don't know if you guys know about him I'll actually show you him gonna show you his project he's actually hosting, a webinar, this. Upcoming. May and I highly recommend you guys check this out so they're pretty much actually giving away a gold. Bitcoin, bracelet, a silver, Bitcoin bracelets, and 100 treasure wallets, in this webinar but this is actually one of my mentors they're doing a free webinar and I actually reached out to them I was able to get a sponsorship, for all of you guys to go ahead and visit. This webinar I'm gonna have the link in the description below but you can see in the o Patel's and be speaking at 10:30 a.m. I'm extremely excited to watches he's actually building. This project called kind ads it's pretty much putting, ads on a blockchain cutting out the middleman you can check out the website if you want the link is in the description, as well it's actually already launched, there's already a, pretty. Much MVP. Minimum Viable Product, out and you, can actually look at what they're doing here and he's actually one of the number, one marketers.

In The world and he's. A mentor of mine and you know I've been to conferences watching him speak so I'm, gonna be extremely excited to watch this summit here on May 4th I highly recommend you guys get there it's Pacific, Standard Time I'm gonna put that link in the description, but these, projects, that are coming out of the woodwork like kind, ads like iOS right, Brock Pierce and Dan. Lehrman I mean these projects, are the ones that we're gonna see more intrinsic, value build upon and if you look at gos this chart here will actually zoom in to. This chart here on the 15 and 30 minute here in the 30 minutes hour you can see that pennant clearly forming, here so that's an indicator, of another potential, breakout and you were starting to see that strength here finding support right, along the ascending, support. Level so we, can very much still, see some further highs here for us and a matter of fact this run. Up here for EOS is very similar to what we saw with Bitcoin, USD, here in December, and what's, interesting is if we were to compare these two run ups what, you'll notice is right, now with AOS we could very well only be seeing this, aspect. Of the run up right now there, could very well be a lot. More. Exuberance. Left for EOS however, the, question is how do you play this properly, without risking, too much right the. Best way in my opinion to play any sort of exuberance. Is number. One have long term hold setup right for me personally I have an EOS, portfolio. That I'm not ever gonna touch no matter what because, I've decided, to invest in this project for. The long term so that's, a holding. That I will not give up no matter what regardless of how high or how low it goes because, I believe in it intrinsically but for, your swing, traders, that love, to get profits in and out of coins, entry and exits the best, possible. Way to play this in my opinion and there, are many different ways to do it this is it the one and B all correct.

Way But it's to set up trailing stop losses there's, actually a program called three commas I'm gonna actually show you that right now and I'll, put the link in the description for three commas as well but three commas pretty much allows, you to set up trailing, stop losses and trailing. Take, profits, consecutively. For exchanges, like BitFenix. By Nance bit trick screw coin and all of these other exchanges, and if you don't know how to do that just click video guide and there's an awesome guide on how to do this and I would highly recommend using, a program like that or any other program that allows you to set these trailing stop losses because what, this means is as the, OS is going up let's say you did get a position in very early on let's, say you, got a position right around you, know let's say a hundred, or. Sixteen, thousand, four hundred satoshis and now it's all the way up to, 21,000, Satoshi's you could set up that trailing, stop loss to. Be right around nineteen, thousand Satoshi's for example under the Fibonacci retracement, where you know there's potential support, so that if it does start to correct, you're able to exit, before a major correction like, we saw with rip one bit coin already when they saw their exuberance, so understand. With Bitcoin like when I got out of Bitcoin it was around eighteen thousand five hundred and I never saw any lower price levels and it lose much money because of the fact that I had trailing stop loss is set up knowing that bitcoins saw this huge amount of exuberance, so hopefully, that helps out Russ, McLennan, says so funny that John Oliver was dissing, us in particular. A couple, months ago he OS is a great project in my opinion I mean you, understand, the founder of or. The co-founder of bitshares is involved, with it and the co-founder, of steam I mean these, are some of the most successful use, cases of blockchain technology, so iOS is just another. Revolution. Of their technology, and their projects that are looking to produce. Here a Kree. Says is there a cup and handle forming on XRP from beginning, of March till today, we, can definitely check that out hopefully.

That Helped out with iOS did that help out yes, or no or. Said. Yup. Dan, so. Let's, take a look at X RP and see, what's happening here so looking. At this chart you can see we've obviously got a little bit of that consolidation, occurring, right now at these higher highs and this is in comparison to what we saw back here from that major correction if, we're actually going this one, day chart first we can actually take a look at this RSI, very. Very very bullish here look at that we're actually bouncing off of around 55 which is in the neutral zone right before, this bullish, area but we can very well enter, this bullish area knowing that we've finally, found some support right along that level what I would be watching at this point is this very very known support, level here with this RSI, which was previous resistance right around 54, and if, you can watch that level, in my opinion if it starts to head down that could be forming a mountain. Which pretty much means it's gonna head down but, it could very well start to head right back up bounce off 57, into that 60 that's what I would be watching here for coin like XRP knowing, extra P is starting to get all of these great partnerships, under its belt it's, really, becoming more of an intrinsically valuable coin, than ever before right at first they were so targeted, on banking, institutions, but now they're working with companies like Apple, and Walmart and to me that's a big deal right they weren't really working with these type of companies a year ago whereas now they, are partnered with MoneyGram and things of that nature so fundamentally, I think that rip it does have some potential at this point and you can also see that we. Have pretty, much found its bottom starting this reversal, here and the, uptrend like the majority of the coins in the market so somebody. Says credits. Will give higher ROI than a OS at this price danger-close, yeah. You can definitely, do that understand, what the market you can check here here are some of the coins that I'm watching right now personally, in the market I've got a lot of them highlighted here and these are some of the coins that have not yet seen the exuberance, that the majority the market has seen so like, coin number one like we talked about forming, that beautiful rounding bottom definitely, a coin to watch right now I think light coin definitely has that potential, especially. In the next couple of weeks ripple. Only. Down, negative, 1.7. Percent after that huge, amount of exuberance, which is extremely bullish knowing that it's able to maintain its number three spot I think that's gonna be interesting I haven't feeling iOS is gonna catch up to Bitcoin cash just to be quite frank with you so understand. That there's also an, analysis, I can be done based, upon market caps right so yo, s you, have to ask yourself, well if it's got four billion dollars. In volumes, surpassing. All of these coins right now does. It deserve a spot in number four number three very, well could be right so if marking caps only at 16 billion right now it, wouldn't be surprising to see another 10 billion come in to e OS allowing. It to go ahead and take Bitcoin cash as spa and then even possibly taking ripple spot now in order to take aetherium spot I think that would take a lot more use case cuz a lot of this speculative. Value, value. For EOS is all based, upon, speculation. It's not necessarily the use case yeah right they haven't even launched their main net yet but. There's, high speculative. Value for it right now which is a way to make a lot of money but also lose a lot of money if you don't set up this trailing stop losses so I highly recommend doing that and so, other, than that iota, and Manero both great. Or actually Manero being a great project iota in my opinion I've never been a fan of because of the tangle Network and how they built that themselves whereas, it's kind of you know it's. Not typically. Normal, to do that in this sphere, you want to typically use something, that's approved by MIT you know sha-256. Or something like that but, both of them are extremely down, right now iota recently had a partnership with a electronic.

Car Company, which is interesting to see their use case. Involved with that so that, was interesting to see I mean I'm still not really a fan of it I don't hold iota but it's, cool to know that they're doing that Manero for sure I mean an awesome privacy coin down seven, percent, right now and then if we go down you can see verge obviously. We've been talking about verge I am still expecting, a huge. Ball run for verge soon, knowing, that it's completely, oversold, right now you can even go into the RSI let's pull up verges, technical, analysis, because it's actually interesting I think it's at forty right now which is a very low RSI, level especially in the market that we're in right now and knowing, that we've got a buyers market I'm, very very bullish on this at this point you can see we pretty much found bottom. Here right around. 640. Satoshis, and we bounced off of that forming a little bit of that reversal, there and now if we actually zoom into this one-hour chart you can see we're, starting to see that consolidation. But what's, interesting is, most, people aren't realizing this but if you've got some ascending, support, levels forming and some, descending, resistance levels forming that pennant, and we're getting tighter and tighter along that pen if you don't know what a pennant is once. Again kind, of like what I said a descending. Resistance, level in an ascending support level and there's typically a breakout at the, apex, of the penet which is the end of the penet so xvg. Looking extremely bullish in my opinion and you can also argue that we've got an ascending, triangle forming, here too right so if we were to actually draw a triangle you, can see here it even looks like a triangle pattern is forming here where, you've got these, three levels here, I actually will draw this pretty. Much like that and. Oh, I did do that wrong I did. That wrong let me just draw it out with my.

Line Tool so, you can see here we've also got that ascending. Triangle for me on a larger timeframe very. Very bullish levels, for, virgin, my opinion, so it's, gonna be interesting to see what happens and when verge breaks out I am still holding my verge at these, lower levels so I can take advantage of this, and I also am, going, to be doing the interview soon, I know if somebody asked me about that recently. So we're gonna be doing the interview with the CEO verge and that, was delayed just a little bit but we still have all those questions, saved and we're gonna be asking him those questions, if you guys aren't. Aware of that sushi. Temp, says do you think Elektra name is dead no they just had a major announcement, I don't think electrum is dead I think that there's gonna think a little bit more time, to settle in but I still, have my bags of electroni I'm very bullish on that long term Steven, says encashed forming, ascending triangle on one our chart can you confirm, yeah. Let's do it why don't we confirm, some, trades, so and cash. Let's. See here doesn't, look like an ascending triangle or you, know I guess, you could consider that an ascending China on a shorter time frame so you do have somewhat. Of a rising support. Level you, do have these. Equal. Resistance, levels so just forming an ascending. Triangle there this actually does look like a good setup Wow let's actually pull up this one-day chart, yeah. This actually does look really good oh yeah, that does look good bouncing. Off of neutral are sized zones heading. Back up if this. Passes the resistance, right here I would, definitely put a position in to end cache watch this RSI effects or passes 54, heads into that 55 range that's, very bullish there it's gonna definitely start heading up and we could possibly see that test these bullish so it's about 60, so I'll be watching the RSI their MACD, is also looking good starting to curve we got rid of all the sellers on the one day so that's a good thing that curve, right there it's gonna initiate that price break out what's going a 4-hour and see if that can confirm, what, we're seeing starting. To see a little bit of that more buyer, sentiment, there with this, positive. Divergence so, yep. Very very bullish here for in cash so. I would definitely keep. Watch of that so you've got that ascending. Support. Level forming, that positive divergence alongside. With ascending triangle with. Bullish RSI, setups. You. Can't go wrong with that so the, whole markets, looking bullish guys this is exciting, Oliver. Holger says please check Neil let's, do Neil let's. See what's going on here with Neo saw. A little bit of a huge run-up we talked about neo for the past couple of weeks we, knew was gonna see a breakout soon it was completely oversold, right. Now you can see we're. Seeing that large, state, of exuberance, looks like we have quite. A bit of way to go so if you do want to make some quick profits, I'm sure this RSI is definitely gonna go ahead and pass 70, so looks like we do have some room to go and then I would start taking profits right around that seventy seven and then, maybe, even set up a dollar. Cost averaging strategy, up from 77, to 84, knowing that these are the two resistance levels for the RSI so very. Very good set up here as well we, can see here BAM MACD, crossover, look. At that fast. Length went right under the slow length and then crossed right back over very, very bullish here when it up went right back up so very, bullish air with neo looks, like it has a long way to go so understand. Neo is also a blockchain, application, platform, so it's also a competitor, to aetherium right, and that will, eventually translate, as a competitor, to eos as well so. Interesting. Right let's take some more requests man we're killing. It here you're very welcome Oliver says thank you. David, says if you read this look up bat. And wax. Let's, do bat real, quick basic, attention. Token let's see if you got a setup here, looks. Like we're forming a little bit of a flag here after some known exuberance, I wouldn't, trade this way, too high an RSI in my opinion right now so this, one already saw its run up. Kevin. Barber says Tron. Let's do Tron BTC. Let's see what's going on with Tron here, definitely. Showing some exuberance are a side way too high in my opinion of approaching, known resistance levels.

So. If you've got your bags of Tron wait, for this our side to head up to these known resistance levels start. Getting those profits, I don't like heading I don't like looking at trades with over 70 RSI it's way too exuberant. For me especially, on a one day chart I mean that just screams. Potential. Danger unless you're setting up trailing, stop losses look at us look how far that is above, all. Of it's our sight levels so obviously. A huge. Amount of exuberance, there, somebody. Says. Want. Change add Phillip, let's. Do one chain here. Bouncing. Off of nope. Just had, just, headed back down so. A little, bit too high there let's, look at something that doesn't have a high RSI, OMG, BTC, and music oh very very very beautiful project, this, looks a lot better look at that wow. That. Is a beautiful. Beautiful, cup, and handle and we. Are just in the midst. Of a breakout so, I think this is going to be the next breakout look at that BAM. Handle. Forming, in the. Process Reiko this is a perfect time to get a position we really broke resistance, levels look at that oh. Man. I'm expecting, a big breakout. For oMG I can. Already tell I mean I've seen enough charts in my life look, at that MACD, bounced, right off that fast link buyers still, in the market Wow. Let's, pull up this for our really quick look. At that we've already ascended. Beyond, the, known resistance level, very, very bullish we retraced a little bit no big deal. Beautiful. Beautiful trade. Right here so you've got this ascending, support. Level as well for me so, we're kind of getting more contracted. Here I think, we'll see a pretty big breakout here volume, is starting to increase look at that check. This out look at, this volume big. Big volume coming in so. Just, like we saw the volume coming here and then we saw a continued breakout, we're, gonna continue to see more of a breakout in my opinion go, to the four-hour yep look at that we haven't seen that much of volume in quite some time, very. Very very bullish here look at that I think that's the biggest by. Volume, we've, ever seen for oMG that's, extremely, bullish the, RSI not even above 70 yet, that's. Some good stuff like. That bounced right off of 60, still. In that bullish zone looking. Great. Gab. Can, shimmy says it got pumped by fake giveaway. Vitalic. Boycotted. Agra. Failed says what about xlm. Let's, look at xlm. Let's. Do xlm BTC, and check this out. Man. We're getting so many requests, if, you. Want if you want your requests taken like this video how about that we. Had 200, likes will continue to take requests if not we'll, just end the stream here and. That's. It. It's. A given again right so this, is awesome look, at that you've, got this beautiful rounding, bottom forming, here so, you've got this descent right. Actually. Let's go ahead and add an arrow to this so that it looks better BAM. So you've, got this descent. Here this continued, descent so, that. Rounding bottom is starting to form here, we're. Gonna start seeing resistance. In my opinion, we've. Got an own resistance level right here if, we see resistance, I think that would be the most bullish, scenario. Here and, as. A, matter of fact actually, we. May not see resistance, because look, at this if we actually zoom, in here we've, already formed, a handle. Theoretically. And, it may have just been so understand. With rounding bottoms and Cup and handles, the. Top. Could, also be, a little, bit. Slanted. So, I'll show you an example of, this check this out we're to Google a. Rounding. Bottom. Pattern. I think I didn't smell that right you can see it's not always gonna be a straight, top. There's gonna be curves like, this one right here you see how this one is slightly slanted. So. It's the same thing that we're seeing right now with this chart here so you see how there's always a slight slant. So. We'll. Pull up another example, here just so that you have a better idea of what I'm talking about but. Anytime, you see a rounding bottom of a cup and handed with the the top could be slanted, and that's completely normal. Sometimes, it's actually more bullish right with a head. And shoulders sometimes you want the, left or right shoulder to be higher or lower than the other shoulder and so. Having, that that. Correlation, is extremely, important. But. Yeah, I mean these are all different examples of, rounding bottoms so knowing. That we are slanted, and we are seeing this rounding bottom in my opinion, this, hand already formed we are in the mode, of breakout so I think. We're gonna definitely see some further highs. Knowing. Stellar, fundamentally. As a project is a great project we have a lot of room to go here with the RSI still looks a little bit overbought but.

At, The same time the pattern is confirming. That, we're, still heading up and seeing higher price levels I definitely. Think there's still more profit to squeeze out here so you, know our site is a bit high I think that you'd have a better chance of getting more profits with a coin, like OMG. Because. OMG if you go back to it you see, with oMG not, as overbought. Yeah so try. To get the coins that aren't as overbought, you're. Very welcome Agra. Russ. Machlin, nan said hit the like we're at 154. You. Guys sure, so. He says are you gonna be at the webinar yes I'm gonna be at the webinar you guys better be at this webinar, my mentor, Neil Patel is gonna be there if you're, not there that's fake. This. Is gonna be the webinar. So. I highly, recommend you guys come, I'll actually put the link in the description, right now so. I'm gonna put webinar. May. 4th. All, right I just put that in the description so. I definitely want to see you guys there and it's. Gonna be exciting I may be talking about crypto currencies giving away a hundred treasure wallets, and a. Gold Bitcoin, bracelet. Isn't that awesome a Yad. Al committee, asset how far could Excel M go good, question well, knowing, X L M let's, go ahead and pull up a bit. Rick's chart because we have more history you, can see how we've, had some pretty. High highs here in the historic sense, peeking. Out right around. 6339. Satoshi's, / excellent, coin and you. Can see how we're forming this beautiful, rounding. Bottom like we talked about we're now seeing the break out to the surrounding bottom the, next known resistance is really gonna be, 56. 83, will. Do a Fibonacci retracement. If you guys don't know if it but not your Trey sermons help you with support and resistance levels now. We'll just do it to what we see what we've seen so far here, with this breakout it's, like that we've also entered a new, 0.618. So, look at that I would. Get a position in stellar right now, we've. Already crossed, the 0.618, that's, extremely, bullish and that, means that will most likely go although at least up to around. Fifty four thousand sixty Satoshi's and then we might see a little bit of consolidation, but, if that does happen it's, actually going to confirm, the. Larger, cup and handle so this. Is the larger cup and handle that we're actually seeing here so there's also a cup and handle forming where you got the, breakout, the cup and then if it does see resistance, at that point 6 1 8 which is very likely it. Will form that handle find a resistance, on the point 6 1 8 and then, possibly. See all-time highs so. Very. Very bullish setup here in my opinion. I'm liking, xlm. So, somebody.

Says, Dave's. Sydney, what happened to BCC. Let's, take a look at BCC I know we did an alert for, BCC I don't think anything is happening I think it's just doing, what it's supposed to do let's go on three hour chart and see. Here all, right nothing's. Happened so far it's just consolidating. But. You've got this beautiful, beautiful. Formation. Here these, rising support, levels these, descending, resistance, levels so, remember. Very bullish setup I I. Still, see some looks. Like we'll see some higher highs here with Bitcoin cash knowing, that it's consolidating, quite well at these higher levels anytime you see exuberance, you want to find consolidation. For accumulation, it's. Very important. Mark. Says do you think we're gonna have another leg down soon I just. Don't see it the whole market showing bullish setups I'm not seeing another leg down. There's, not really much more, of a, worry, for me knowing that we've surpassed, the, 9,000 mark we've found support we're, gaining accumulation. I think, that we're well, on our way past 10,000. You know that's just my opinion. Everything. Is just matching up with that opinion to fundamentally. And technically. James. Zhang says now you can we do B&B let's. Do B&B brother let's, do B&B, let's. Check out what's happening here with B&B, oh, man. Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful. Ascending. Triangle, look. At that baby, oh my, gosh. Look. At that whoo. You've. Got the, sorry. You've got the rising. Support, levels the. Resistance. You. Don't know how an ascending triangle looks like BAM. This. Is an ascending triangle right here and. It's. A very bullish pattern, so I'm expecting some big big breakouts, with b and b soon b. And b and ver joe's are the two coins I'm expecting some breakouts for very soon and. The reason I say that is not, only is it forming an ascending triangle on the technical sense but even on a fundamental, sense I mean, they're gonna be burning coins every quarter and just, knowing that bench. Value VNV is just gonna continue to go up I mean they recently, added that dust feature are you guys enjoying that dust feature what. Do you guys think, yes. Or no do. You guys enjoy that dust feature I love it I think that's huge, you know that brings more intrinsic value to their coin we. Obviously, saw, a reversal, here from this drop. So we're. In an uptrend and in, my, opinion yeah look people are saying I love the dust feature so I'm. Telling you I mean intrinsically. This coin is gonna be used more and more RSI. Look. How bullish is RSI looks you got this positive divergence form here with extreme. Peak, nasai means it's extremely, sharp like. That's an amazing, setup here MACD. About, to cross over right now as we speak we, got rid of all the buyers or. All the sellers already so the sellers are pretty much exhausted now. That the sellers offices were seeing this MACD, starting, to curve.

Everything. Is looking bullish and this. Setup, so. Very. Excited, for BnB and OMG. And verge so far. Somebody. Says can only hear half of it what, do you mean. There. Shouldn't be any lag everything. Should be good. To go, somebody. Says. Silica. Breakout, yeah. We called, out the silica breakout let's do a silica technical analysis here and then, unless we hit 200, likes we're gonna end a video after this technical analysis, because I have to go I have a lot of work to do we're setting up the discord, right now it's gonna be amazing. Check. This out just leave you guys a sneak peek here, we're. Gonna have premium. Education, here awesome, stuff, posted daily we're, gonna have coin reports, quick tips, short-term. Targets I mean look at these targets, here I mean isn't this just. Awesome, you've got all these great targets, here I think, like today, I mean look, at this MTL, pull. The interactive. Chart here look at this breakout leave. This breakout we call BAM. I'm. Telling you guys are sleeping on our trade alerts so we're. Gonna keep this open for now but, we're student transitioning, all of our patreon members onto this we. Got some awesome medium-term, setups, Bitcoin, analysis, technical analysis, fundamental, now. We're, gonna have chit. Chats here for educational, questions market, speculation. Use. Your technical submitted, analysis, when. I have all these coin chats this is gonna be sick, and awesome. Matthew. Said past 200 likes so I got to do another request. Alright let's, finish the silica though. Silica. Heading to all-time high levels in my. Opinion you should already have your position in silica because at this point we've got all this room to go here with our sigh it's definitely, overbought, but when, a coin has exuberance, like this based on fundamental, analysis you just can't predict the magnitude, right you have to just have those trailing, stop loss to set up it's, the safest way to play these bets but, you, know to do a technical analysis, year would be I wouldn't say redundant. But. You. Know on the three our reforming, this cup, and handle that's for sure look at that BAM. Poised. For in a whole nother breakout so. These. Fractal, patterns are awesome I love these fractal patterns very very predictable, and. It looks like we're well on our way if you want to buy this breakout what I would do is wait, forward to past. 1191. Satoshi's to confirm the breakout and then go, ahead and initiate position, from there if, you look at the risk and reward setup, here awesome. I mean you've barely got any risk here you've, got this known support, here right around, 1116. You've. Got the, moon of upside, so. I think, that's a great setup. There. Somebody. Says your whatsapp chat is loud AF. Sorry, about that. Freeman's. Krypton versus your eye net work. Joe. Says a DA and Ven, let's do a DA BTC. See. What's going on here we've, got a super chat sony says credits is legit bro Wesley. I you, know credits, is one, of the more speculative, projects about, like, like, for, example this project, here like, kind, ads I know the, you, know I know Neil Patel so I know this is a great project like, you. They already have use, case they have a minimal, Viable Product out I. Know. That's legit a project, like credits. You just you you know it's hard to tell they the best thing to do is look at the team right like who's involved like understanding. You've got the CEO of I, mean look at that crypto vest calm, CEO. Of polymath. Involved. In this neil, patel right like that's legit. In my opinion that's that's the type of stuff you want to see when, you see it's like you, know it's, like a prominent. Figure having. A, project. You, you, just can't go wrong that's why the telegram i feel really so much money for no reason, somebody. Says dropo big things, coming, drill, pill is. That even a coin euro pill I, don't.

Think That's a coin uh-huh. Let's look at a da because a da is interesting. You can see if we pull this one day, we're. Forming, wow look, at that, check. This rounding bottom out how that broke out remember. That rounding bottom we talked about look. At that rounding. Bottom. Resistance. Handle, and breakout so. That's what we're expecting for litecoins, soon. But. With a da I mean I think that there's better trade setups I think like oMG for example would be a better trade set up right now or even, B&B. But, I still think we have a little bit more ways. To go knowing, that the highest this our site has been in the past is around 87, we're, already in the bullish zone so we're already overbought, you. Know there's, still that potential we just bounced off the slow length we have all this room to go with MACD, so I, you know I still, expect further highs for a coin like this but. The question is how, do you play this right and trailing. Stop losses is the best way to play something like this in my opinion Jamal. Said let's get 300, likes people, you. Demand says I love round bottoms. Stephens. L-'alamin says hello. Randy. Says ppt please. Dijon. Says i've. Been on a deserted, island for half a year how, is my bit connect investment, looking man I love Carlos, seems. Like, he's such an honest dude to, the moon. Leadville. Areas, balkan, Bergen then we already do ETH I'm pretty sure we did ETH right they, do ETA, jus D we didn't do ETH USD, alright, let's take a look at ETH USD, wow this. Is actually looking really good, check this formation. Look. At that we've. Got this beautiful rounding, bottom here there's, gonna be a big break out for aetherium soon man the whole markets, looking good look at that rounding. Bottom. Resistance. Handle. Breakout. How. Do you play this well, this. Is how you play this we. Know where the resistance level is that right, so, the resistance is right here. At. 736. US dollars, we're. Currently sitting right around 600. And we're. Forming this handle at this point honestly I mean you can start dollar-cost averaging, your position into aetherium in my opinion. It's. Looking, really bullish, here look. At that that's. What, 3%. So if, you were to buy the breakout you'd only be risking, 3%, this is a very. Nice setup in my opinion so, I'm. Telling you the. Market's going to, a trillion, dollars and we're, gonna see all-time high soon and the, difference is this, time we're gonna see it with more, altcoins than just Bitcoin and that's my opinion. Diego. Says look it up as drop. Drop. He. Wants to do drop D ROP, BTC, it's. Not pulling up man sorry. About that it's. Not pulling up so. Bellman. Says boron, is coming yes. The. Markets looking great so any questions, before we wrap things up let's. See if we can find some good. Questions here before, you wrap this baby up, Liam. Says iOS is gonna take PCH by the end of this week I believe. Vos, should, be ahead of Bitcoin, cash. Andrew. Saladino. Says can you be in please is it a good time to sell time, to add to my position, let's, do ven. BTC. Them and their Thor Network. Um. I wouldn't. Sell just yet no. Look at that RSI, is not yet become. Overbought, there's still some room to go here, MACD. Just had a crossover. Where. We've, got really no resistance, levels up until. 61,000. Satoshis and which we're currently right around 50,000, so. I wouldn't say it's a time to sell I think this is a time to hold if. You go on a three-hour chart you can see we're starting to see an increase in volume so very. Bullish setup here for V and I wouldn't. Say it's the time to sell Andrew I would, say that we, have a long way to go in this market at least in the short term things, are looking very bullish and in, the long term as well knowing the fundamental, aspects Ronon, Ryan says do you think litecoin is due for a major breakout I'm aware of the trade alert but it seems to have been sleeping for quite some time yes run and I do think litecoin is due for a major break now it's forming a very nice rounding bottom and let, me show you check this out so this, is the rounding bottom for litecoin right, and then. So. Check this out so you've got this beautiful rounding, bottom here for.

Litecoin. You. Can even call. That like a cup and handle the same thing right and then, this is the result, so. This is ata, look. At that. That's. The result of what a rounding bottom is gonna do so. Once that rounding bottom completes, itself, sorry. So. Once that Ronnie bono kill completes, itself breakout so. I'm expecting very similar price, action here with litecoin as well. Somebody. Says anyone, here like to answer if yo s was said to buy or not help, us. We talked about yo s what, you want to do the OS is set up trailing stop losses this. Could very well just be a short. Aspect, of its real bull, run that's to come right this could be the. This. Could be the equivalent of this run up that we saw with Bitcoin that eventually turned into the major run-up right. This right here could. Be the depiction of what we're seeing right now so, don't be, fooled by, all-time. Highs right, you never can determine the magnitude but you have to be able to play it correctly and the, way you play correct leaves by setting up trailing stop losses Jake. Says you never talk about cute, um well. I'm not gonna talk about it even more that you mentioned I don't talk about it, you have to be polite brother Joseph. Says cute some will rise right. Allamanda. Says did you talk about TRX. Man. People are getting rude now now, that people are getting rude we might have to just end this crypto. My Estero says let's give name 300, likes before he goes, let's. Show him support, guys. Yes. Thank you. Mark. Normand. Says awesome, things i did you get myself more and stop-loss. Why. He says neo neo please we did neo neo, is due for a nice. Run up it's another blockchain application, platform against etherium great, project. Somebody. Says signed, up loving, the discord, Thank You Daniel, awesome. Yes that should be completed soon I'm still handling, some stuff with getting. Those roles set up but once that's done we'll be set, Mohammed. Ibrahim, said, Bitcoin, beard at 300, likes. What. Are we at right now, 277. Uh I. Don't know about that that's way too close.

I'll, Do it for 400. S. XE fitness and wisest discord, is amazing. Thank you brother I appreciate that yes we're gonna be making, this thing the. Best community. In the world we're gonna have so much value there I'm, hiring some new analyst by the way I'm hiring analysts. So. If you're an analyst, you know technical, analysis, and you're, the type of person that would like to get on our discord, and post. Technical. Analysis, we, do have a hiring event coming soon all, you need to do is prove to me that you can predict breakouts, and you, need to have eight out of a 10, score. Which means eight trades go right out of ten which i think is reasonable if you're you, know if you're trying and. And. I, mean we'll talk about the process but if you are technical, analysts, send me a message and, we'll. Go art says I'm an analyst of food. But. Yeah I am looking to hire more analysts, God's. Servant says great work as always my brother thank you brother god, bless ya Sunday, right I just looked at my watch that I don't have on. SSC. Fitness's lifetime, membership, is a win and win for both of us. Sergey. Says where can we learn technical, analysis, well, we're actually doing a premium education. Channel. Here on our district it's gonna be a new channel here we're gonna post very, frequently, premium. Education, so here's, like a lot of different ways to get. Better at trading right so this is gonna be available for, the, sapphires. And above. Actually, this is gonna be for rubies and above and then sapphires, and above I'm gonna be getting the coin reports which are pretty, much like reports, of different coins like for example everybody's, investing in Icahn but do you really know what Icahn is like do you understand what. I currently do you know what the co-founder did prior to his role at ICON like know most people don't right but you need to understand stuff like that if you're investing you, know coming from traditional, markets if you were to make an investment in a traditional market you know everything, about that company right, so, Jamal. Says I'll becoming a patreon when my next paycheck arrives, awesome. Well, at least do, it before we raise the prices because if you, already have a membership, then we won't raise your price but once. We release the Dischord we are gonna be raising prices because, I mean, we're gonna be you, know hiring, a lot of analysts, and we're gonna make sure this thing is poppin daily so that you guys don't need anything but, the discord, to do everything you need. Brandon. And do you have a date I think it'll be in the next it, will be soon I just, can't I don't wanna give a specific date I don't know yet, Andre. Says ethos sell, or buy. Ethos. While. We check out ethos really quick just a quick view oh it's, not even pulling up here, I don't, forgot the symbol, screw those. Tony. Says thank you for your quality polity. Podcast, night just keep the good work coming thank you brother art, says I'm a patreon, member best decision, ever that, makes me feel a lot better thank you that is awesome thank you our nice, is what's the word on EOS we, talked about it let's. See. All. Right it looks like we've covered a lot so. Far so. Luck. Want a bush says love you man I love you too man any, other questions, any other any other questions, that you guys, want to cover here's. One name I accumulated, a OS within the five to eight dollar range I'm think. Now would be a good time to take some profits thoughts, would be a good buy back level great, question Michael so if. Were you with, us Michael, and you purchased around five or eight dollars right so let's do us USD. Since you're trading it against the US dollar, understand. That. Now, that you've seen all of these profits, you. Have a decision to make you have to either, decide whether or not you want to take profits or you want to hold long term to, be really.

Honest With you Michael if I were you and this, isn't financial, advice we don't get financial aid we give perspectives. Right so. If I were you I would hold the crap out of that having. A position at such a low cost like that with, a coin that has now seen the exuberance, that it's seen you, can't go wrong with it right it's like if you were to buy X star P at 25, cents, when it was just hovering at 25 cents for so long and then, it saw its major rally even after the correction it, was still a good time to hold right if you were to bite rip. What these prices, no, matter what you're always gonna be at a profit, and I think that's a good place to be as a buyer, right like, it's as, a, buyer you want that confidence, knowing that I got the best prices ever on this and I'll hold this relation to my life if this ends, up being worth. $1,000. Or only $50, right regardless. You're at a profit so I would just say hold you, know there's, no there's no point of trying to take profits when you've entered a position that. Early because that is rare right, that is unique that in my, opinion is a. Blessing. And you, don't want to just, you. Know pull, the seeds out of the ground that you've planted and. That's. What I would say silver. Goldman, says bet bad advice take profit and only hold a small percentage of initial entry I don't know about that silver gold mint I think, a OS is going to be the net the biggest blockchain, application. Platform, or, at least one of the biggest so it's. Like so go why, don't we talk so gold silver, gold man. We've. Got a traditional investor, you probably invests in silver and gold so. You're. Telling me silver, Goldman that if you, were to buy gold at five. Dollars and it's worth five hundred dollars now that. You wish you would have taken profits, along the way or you. Would continue, to hold your gold right understand. That the. Best way to make money in real estate and. You. Know for the majority of the. Lifetime. Of our equity Marcus, is by holding on to investments, like, Warren Buffett is a value, investor he doesn't sell. A lot of his holdings, because he, believes in value, investments, so, in, my opinion you, know not. To bring you down or anything but I think holding, is a great idea if you've got in at that price right, like if you got Bitcoin in at less, than $1,000. There's no point of selling why. Would you want to sell right, you know that you've. Got your position in and you don't ever have to worry about that ever again. So. You. Guys can say whatever you want if you want to be sellouts then sell out on your own technology, then. All. Right now he's gonna go off alright so. We're. Gonna go rookie. Says love your channel just tuned in please advise XRP, Buy Now or sell. We've. Talked about that somebody. Says I agree sniper's Brock. Addison's to stop ignoring me man. Some people are really really. Really. Narcissists, they think the world revolves around them they're like man this guy's doing the live Smith 400 people why is he ignoring me. You. Need you need some help brother. All. Right well. We're done for the day now, we're getting all the the, weirdos out so, thank, you all for tuning in and until. Our, next show. I look forward to seeing some of you at this. Webinar coming up but. Thank. You all for tuning in I guess, we'll just go.

From Here snipers. Out.

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EOS is one of the only coins to have surpassed its January high and is continuing to double its market cap every other week. With this much exuberance, many traders ask whether it’s still a good time to buy in or not. Today we talk about trailing stop-losses and how you can take advantage of this exuberance but also manage your risk along the way. ►WEBINAR: MAY 04 ►Sponsored by ►3Commas (Consecutive Stop Loss/Take Profits/Trading Bot/Copy Trading): Subscribe for more knowledge! Like if you enjoyed! ►Become a Patron! (Trade Alerts & Masterminds) ►"ASK ME ANYTHING" With VERGE CEO: enter #T818 to submit questions! Got any questions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments below! Also connect with us on any platform you prefer for non-stop action! Video Timestamps: 00:01 - Intro 00:35 - Bitcoin Technical Analysis 02:11 - Lite coin Technical Analysis 03:37 - EOS Technical Analysis 05:18 - Free Webinar KIND ADS 09:44 - XRP Technical Analysis 11:28 - Coins that I'm watching in the market 13:42 - Verge Technical Analysis 15:48 - NCASH Technical Analysis 17:16 - Neo Technical Analysis 18:30 - Bat Quick Technical Analysis 18:48 - Tron Quick Technical Analysis 19:31 - WAN Quick Technical Analysis 19:42 - OmiseGo Quick Technical Analysis 21:30 - XLM Technical Analysis 26:49 - BCC Technical Analysis 28:04 - BNB Technical Analysis 30:15 - Zilliqa Technical Analysis 32:54 - ADA Technical Analysis 35:35 - ETH Technical Analysis 37:33 - VEN Technical Analysis 38:33 - LTC and ADA Quick Technical Analysis 39:12 - Q&A

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